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William Lindsey collection — 1939 NYT headlines

March 1939
Date Headline Page
03/01/1939 War Referendum Revived In Senate-(North Dakota Senator Gerald P.) Nye Demands A Halt In Aid To Democracies 1
03/01/1939 Morgenthau Asks Continued Power To Control Dollar 1
03/01/1939 Picture: Roosevelt And Admiral William D. Leahy 5
03/01/1939 Rioting Poles Ask Firmness To Nazis-Documents Are Burned (In Danzig) 6
03/01/1939 68 Jews Forced Back (From Argentina To Uruguay) 6
03/01/1939 (Dr. Henry S. Leiper, Secretary, American Committee For Christian German Refugees) Denies Refugees Displace (U.S.) Workers-Describes Camp Abroad (Inmates Face Fate Worse Than Death) 7
03/01/1939 Curfew Is Imposed (By British) In Jerusalem Zone 11
03/01/1939 Asserts New Deal Invades Education-Federal Control Scored (American Association Of School Administrators) 15
03/01/1939 Court Denies Writ In Hitler Book Row (Refuses To Bar Edition Of Mein Kampf, Pirated By Stackpole Sons) 17
03/02/1939 Stunning Secrets On Foreign Policy Hinted By Senator-(Minnesota Senator Ernest) Lundeen Says People Would Be Shocked If They Knew What Was Said At White House-Hull Opposes War Vote (Referendum)-Roosevelt’s Remarks On Jan. 31 Still Secret) 1
03/02/1939 Chamberlain Aide Warns Nazis Anew 6
03/02/1939 Mexico Will Deport Baron Von Holleufer 6
03/02/1939 New Group (Quakers) To Aid Refugee Children 10
03/02/1939 Goering Says Reich Will Keep Air Lead 11
03/02/1939 Vienna Jails Jews Who Delay Flight — German Plan Is Accepted 11
03/02/1939 Jews At (London Palestine) Talks Get New British Offer-Chamberlain Takes Hand 14
03/02/1939 Picture: Eleanor Roosevelt, Harry Hopkins & Laguardia At WPA Show 18
03/03/1939 Pacelli Elected Pope On 63D Birthday 1
03/03/1939 Reich Is Reserved Over New Pontiff 1
03/03/1939 Petain Appointed Envoy To Burgos (Spain)-He Was Franco’s Teacher 2
03/03/1939 City Sifting (German-American) Bund; (Fritz) Kuhn Subpoenaed-But Wider Quest Is Seen 8
03/03/1939 Colonial Demands Stated By Poland (Overseas Possessions !)-New Incident In Danzig 8
03/03/1939 Reich Rejects Onus For Armament Race 8
03/03/1939 Schuschnigg Liberty Seen Soon 8
03/03/1939 Our Foreign Policy Puzzles (Senator H. Styles) Bridges-(New Hampshire) Senator Says President (Roosevelt) Took Different Stands On Jan. 31 And On Feb. 3-Agrees With Lundeen 11
03/03/1939 (Massachusetts Senator, David I.) Walsh Condemns Giving Aid Abroad — (California Senator, Hiram W.) Johnson, Recalling 1917, Hits Washington ‘Trigger Men’ Creating Fear Psychosis 14
03/03/1939 (Harvard Professor Percy W.) Bridgeman’s Ban (On Axis Students) Assailed (By Columbia University Dean Carl W. Ackerman-Amounts To ‘Individual Declaration Of War.’) 14
03/04/1939 Gandhi’s ‘Fast Unto Death’ Starts In Rajkat 1
03/04/1939 Evian Plan Action Decided In Berlin 2
03/04/1939 Zionists Adamant In Palestine Row-Rabbi (Stephen S.) Wise Sails Today-1916 Mc Mahon Letters Made Public-Arab Claims Up For Consideration 2
03/04/1939 Danzig Expels Jews; 500 Put On Trains-Destination Believed Palestine 2
03/04/1939 (Idaho Senator, D. Worth) Clark Denounces Move For Arming-He Urges Senators To Resist Campaign To Make The Country ‘War Conscious’-German Strength Sifted 6
03/04/1939 (German-American) Bund Heads Heard In City Tax Inquiry-Testimony Kept Secret 13
03/04/1939 WPA Drops 4,300 As Non-Citizens-Some To Be Reinstated 17
03/05/1939 Roosevelt Scores Return Of Religious Persecutions-We Will Not Stand Silent While Tyranny Rises, Says President-Democracy ‘Still Lives’ (Text: P. 44) 1
03/05/1939 Egypt Again Seeks Palestine Accord 30
03/05/1939 Mexico Says (German) Spies Operated In U.S. 31
03/05/1939 Cubans Concerned Over Sugar Prices 32
03/05/1939 Leipzig Trade Fair Will Open Today-No Jews Will Be Exhibitors 35
03/05/1939 Danzig Jews Made To Finance (Own) Flight 36
03/05/1939 (Lawrence) Steinhardt Named Ambassador To Moscow (Vita) 38
03/05/1939 (Capt. Fritz) Wiedemann Here To Fill Reich Post 39
03/05/1939 London, Paris Hail Roosevelt Speech-German Paper Annoyed 46
03/05/1939 War Fear Dominates Palestine Discussion E-5
03/05/1939 Hitler’s Book (Mein Kampf) Nets Millions E-5
03/05/1939 End Of War In Spain Opens A New Struggle E-6
03/05/1939 Cartoon: One Of The First Mussolini Monkey Cartoons E-6
03/05/1939 George, David Lloyd, Memoirs Of The Peace Conference, Yale University Press, 2 Vols., New Haven (A Defense Of Versailles) Book 1
03/05/1939 Six Years-And The Fourth New Deal-Arthur Krock Mag. 1
03/05/1939 Der Fuehrer’s ‘Big Four’-Hess, Goebbels, Goering, And Himmler (Pictures) Mag. 6
03/05/1939 Six Years With Roosevelt Roto. 2
03/06/1939 Goebbels Warns British On Trade 1
03/06/1939 Germany Drafts Jews For Work; Sets Them Apart From ‘Aryans’-Tolischus 1
03/06/1939 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Says Nazis Will Yield To Papacy 2
03/06/1939 (Former German Chancellor, Heinrich) Bruening Appointed To Harvard Faculty 2
03/06/1939 (Rev.) Schieffelin Praises (Jewish) Anti-Nazi Boycott 2
03/06/1939 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Aids Refugees (Is Honorary Chairman) 2
03/06/1939 Senators Debate War Referendum 3
03/06/1939 Poland And Rumania Weigh Moves On Jews (To Encourage Emigration) 5
03/06/1939 Jews Will Triumph (Rabbi Samuel H.) Goldenson Predicts 10
03/06/1939 Roosevelt Sends Purim Greetings 10
03/06/1939 Picture: Jewish Paraphernalia Received From Vienna 10
03/07/1939 Stimson Supports U.S. Foreign Policy (In Letter To The N.Y. Times, P. 16) 1
03/06/1939 Hebrew Medal Given Roosevelt 5
03/06/1939 Influence Of U.S. Strongest In Cuba 10
03/06/1939 Culture Of Jews Seen Moving Here-Haven Offered To Exiles 11
03/06/1939 Palestine Parley Gets New Schemes 13
03/06/1939 German Jews Face Hard Work, Low Pay-Labor Ministry Says Most Will He Put At Outdoor Work 13
03/06/1939 (German-American) Bund Isolated In Chicago 13
03/06/1939 (Adolf A.) Berle Urges Us To Aid Britain And France 14
03/06/1939 Roosevelt Confused, Reich Press States 16
03/08/1939 President (Roosevelt) Against Neutrality Laws 1
03/06/1939 (Kentucky Senator ‘Dear’ Alben W.) Barkley Outlines The Foreign Policy Of Administration-Neutrality Revision Seen 1
03/06/1939 Mexican General Scores Oil Policy-Hits At Communistic And Fascistic Methods 1
03/06/1939 (Bernard O. Schonegevel) Sees War If Reich Insists On (Return Of Overseas) Colonies 7
03/06/1939 Gandhi Ends Fast As He Wins Point 7
03/08/1939 Steady Rise Noted In Jewish Farmers 3
03/06/1939 Jews Will Ask Britain For Palestine Plans 8
03/06/1939 Voters Still Back War Referendum-58% Approve The Idea (Gallup Poll) 10
03/09/1939 Britain To Put 300,000 Men In France In Event Of War; U.S. To Study Neutrality Act (Hore-Belisha’s Speech, P. 14) 1
03/09/1939 For Immigration Inquiry-(N.Y. Representative, Samuel) Dickstein Says $50,000 Will Be Needed For Study Of Laws 3
03/09/1939 Brazil To Receive $20,000,000 Credit-Roosevelt Welcomes Envoy 9
03/09/1939 British To Impose Plan On Palestine 13
03/10/1939 Czech Head (Hacha) Ousts Slovak’s Premier (Tiso) 1
03/10/1939 (Former Director, Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees, George Rublee Is Hopeful On Refugee Plans-Believes Reich Will Aid 5
03/10/1939 State License Denied For Refugee Doctors 7
03/10/1939 World ‘New Deal’ Hailed By (Brazil’s Oswaldo) Aranha 9
03/10/1939 Dr. S.S. Wise Back, Scoring Britain-New ‘Appeasement’ Seen 11
03/10/1939 Democracies’ Unity Held Way To Peace (By Clarence Streit)-G. E. Sokolsky Disagrees 13
03/11/1939 Germany Prepares To Act On Slovak Appeal For Aid As Prague (Hacha & Beran) Dusts (Slovak) Premier (Dr. Joseph Tiso) 1
03/11/1939 Stalin Says West Seeks To Foment Soviet-Reich War 1
03/11/1939 (Nevada Senator, Key Pittman, Chairman Of Senate Foreign Relations Committee) Asks U.S. To Build Latin Warships 2
03/11/1939 Roosevelt Happy Over Brazil Pact 2
03/11/1939 Japan Is Angered By (U.S.-British) Help For China 7
03/11/1939 Nazis Grumble On Coffee (Shortage) 7
03/11/1939 Nations Skeptical Of Arms (Limitations) Meeting 8
03/11/1939 Alien Jews Ordered From Italy Tonight G
03/11/1939 (Spanish Republicans, Communists) Refugees Termed Peril To France 9
03/11/1939 Libel Dismissed In Fritz Kuhn (German-American Bund) Case-(Magistrate, George H. Folwell) Calls Him ‘Root Of Evil’-Rally Speeches Not Illegal 34
03/12/1939 Sidor (Replacing Tiso) New Premier In Slovak Cabinet; Reich Radio Active 1
03/12/1939 Florida Senator (Claude Pepper) Backs WPA Program 2
03/12/1939 (Montana Senator, Burton K. Wheeler) Fears Abdication Of Congress Power 6
03/12/1939 Germany’s Barter (Trade Plan) Assailed As ‘Trap’ (By Eugene P. Thomas, President Of National Foreign Trade Council)-(U.S.) Pact With Brazil Hailed 24
03/12/1939 (Military) Aid To Old (World War I) Allies Favored In (Gallup) Survey-Study Indicates Willingness Here To Send Munitions-But Would Bar Troops-Swing To President’s Policy Is Seen 25
03/12/1939 Some Aliens In WPA Are To Be Deported 25
03/12/1939 Indian Ultimatum (To England) Loses At Meeting-British Policy (Leading To International Anarchy) Assailed 26
03/12/1939 Value Of The (U.S.) Navy Nears Four Billion 28
03/12/1939 British And French To Get More (U.S. War) Planes-No Permits For Japan (More Credits To China) 29
03/12/1939 Berlin Attache (Col. Truman Smith) Warned (U.S.) Of (German) Air Might 29
03/12/1939 Churches Warned Of Reich’s Threat (By Rev. Joseph D. Ostermann At Hunter College Symposium)-Issue Held Not Racial 30
03/12/1939 Italy’s Ultimatum To (6,000) Jews (For Expulsion) Extended 31
03/12/1939 Goering Visits France 31
03/12/1939 Reich Skeptical On Disarmament 32
03/12/1939 Reich To Demand Czech (Slovak) Showdown 34
03/12/1939 Pacifists Denounce ‘War Policy’ Of U.S.-200 At Conference 34
03/12/1939 European Balance Is Sought By (Polish Foreign Minister, Col. Jozef) Beck 35
03/12/1939 Lady Astor’s Name Booed By Women 39
03/12/1939 Palestine Parley Still Is Deadlocked (Between Jews And Arabs) 40
03/12/1939 Latin (War) Ship (Construction) Plan Backed By (Sumner) Welles-Would Underbid Europe 41
03/12/1939 Germans Teaching Argentina’s Army 42
03/12/1939 Bolivian Oil Ruling (Expropriation Of U.S. Funds) Studied By (Summer) Welles 42
03/12/1939 Snag In (U.S.) Oil (Property Expropriation) Faced By Richberg 42
03/12/1939 New Deal Diehards Fight For Survival-(Harry L.) Hopkins A Target As Convert E-3
03/12/1939 Britain’s Rearmament Brings Up Peace Plans-Stalin Sympathetic To Reich E-3
03/12/1939 Nazis Censoring Private Morals (Condemn Drinking, Smoking, Face Powder, Rouge, & Lipstick) E-4
03/12/1939 Foes Of Fascism Feeling Stronger-Firm Stand Of Democracies Including America Has Improved The Outlook E-4
03/12/1939 Czecho-Slovak State Is Tested By A Crisis-Prague Tries To Teach A Lesson To The Slovaks Who Are Quick To Call Upon German Aid E-4
03/12/1939 Pessimism Grips Palestine (Jews)-Zionist Settlers See Little Hope For Their Demands E-4
03/12/1939 Our Relations With Soviet Put On A Friendlier Basis (Lawrence A. Steinhardt Named Ambassador To Ussr, Picture-By Harold Denny-Roosevelt’s Prestige (In Russia) High E-5
03/12/1939 Gandhi’s Victory (Against British) Aids Local Reforms In India (But Britain Claims It’s Defending Rights Of The People) E-5
03/12/1939 Japan Gives A Push To World Naval Race E-6
03/12/1939 Cartoon: Hitler & Mussolini Treed By ‘European Democracies’’ Bull E-9
03/12/1939 Mein Kampf In Unabridged Form-Issued By Reynal & Hitchcock (Licensed From Houghton-Mifflin, Copyright Holders) And By Stackpole (Pirated Edition)-Translation By Impressive Scholars On Reynal & Hitchcock (Authorized Edition)-Reference To A Review Of An Earlier Abridged Edition By WW-I U.S. Ambassador To Germany, James W. Gerard, N.Y. Times, Oct. 15, 1933 Book 2
03/12/1939 Johnson, Alan Campbell, Anthony Eden, Ives Washburn, N.Y., ‘Young Mr. Anthony Eden Up To Now’ Book 9
03/12/1939 Advertisement, Full Page: ‘Mein Kampf’ (Reynal & Hitchcock, Profits To Go To Refugees) Book 27
03/12/1939 Austria Resists The Vise Of The Nazis-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 1
03/12/1939 ‘Phraseological Fullback’ (Harold Leclair Ickes, Secretary Of The Interior-Supported Theodore Roosevelt In Bull Moose Party) Mag. 7
03/13/1939 Hitler’s Support Of Slovak Cause Is Seen By Prague (Czechs) 1
03/13/1939 Pius XII Crowned On Balcony (Picture, Pp. 2 & 3) 1
03/13/1939 WPA Is Spending $250,000 Of Its Funds For Exhibit Building At The World’s Fair 1
03/13/1939 (Columbia University’s President, Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Criticizes Democracy On War-Demoralized By Fear-(Report Given As Chairman Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) 4
03/13/1939 Plea By Zionists To British (To Modify Jewish Immigration To Palestine) Futile 4
03/13/1939 Reich Needs Peace Says Naval Chief (Admiral-General Erich Raeder) 6
03/13/1939 Picture: As Slovaks Prepared To Battle Czechs In Bratislava 6
03/13/1939 German Economy Is Found Strained (By U.S. Foreign Policy Association) 6
03/13/1939 (John Haynes) Holmes (Community Church) Sees Wane Of Dictator States 11
03/13/1939 Jewish Homeland Urged (By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise-’The Revolt-Ing Arabs Are Being Aided By ‘At Least Two Dictators.’’) 11
03/13/1939 U.S. Steel Loss Due To Light Demand 25
03/13/1939 Amsterdam Finds Dictators Weaker-Reich Held Worst Off 28
03/14/1939 Warship, Gun Sale To Latin America Moved By (Nevada Senator, Key) Pittman (Chairman Of Senate Foreign Relations Committee) 1
03/14/1939 Reich Ultimatum (To Czechs)-Berlin Moves To Form A Protectorate 1
03/14/1939 Hungarians Turn To Poles In Crisis 1
03/14/1939 British Hold Aloof From Czech Affair (As Do French) 1
03/14/1939 Stalin Is Praised As Red Historian-Also Called A Scientist 3
03/14/1939 Central America Is Dictator-Ridden-Only Costa Rica Preserves The Substance As Well As The Form Of Democracy 5
03/14/1939 (U.S.) Pact With Brazil Assailed In Senate-(Kentucky Senator, ‘Dear’ Alben W.) Barkley Upholds Move 5
03/14/1939 British Draft Plan For Palestine Rule 5
03/14/1939 Pope’s (Pius XII’s) ‘Admiration’ Won By Roosevelt-Pius Repeats Peace Plea 7
03/15/1939 Troops Of Four Nations Contend For Ruthenia As Hitler Dissolves Czecho-Slovak Republic And Makes Bohemia-Moravia A Protectorate-Hacha Sees Hitler 1
03/15/1939 Invasion No Shock To British Leaders-ChamberlainSays No ‘Unprovoked Aggression’ Has Yet Taken Place 1
03/15/1939 Tiso Asks For Backing Of Slovaks In The U.S. 1
03/15/1939 (Senate) Speaker (Alabama, John H. Bankhead) Endorses Congress Pension 4
03/15/1939 (U.S.) Public Found Cool,To (Disarmament) Arms Parley (Gallup Poll) 10
03/15/1939 War Brings Riches To Chinese Banks 12
03/15/1939 The Hitler (Czecho-Slovakian) Proclamation 16
03/15/1939 11 Held As Nazi Hecklers 16
03/15/1939 Textual History Of Pledges To Czechs 17
03/15/1939 Pictures: Count & Countess Bernadotte 18
03/15/1939 (Admiral Magnes Von) Levetzow (Jutland) Dies, 68; German Admiral 23
03/16/1939 Chamberlain Sees Munich Flouted 1
03/16/1939 Germany Grasps Rich Czech Booty 1
03/16/1939 Hitler Follows His Troops Into Prague; Czechs Jeer Nazis 1
03/16/1939 Decision Held Off On Neutrality Act-Senators Study Warship Aid To Latin America 8
03/16/1939 (Methodist Bishop Francis J.) Mc Connell Calls D. A. R. ‘Mothers Of Fascism’ (Before American League For Peace And Democracy-A Result Of The Eleanor Roosevelt Affair Supporting Marian Anderson Against The D. A. R.) 8
03/16/1939 14 Navy Officers Take High Command (Harold R. Stark, Thomas C. Hart, J. O. Richardson, & John H. Towers-Stark Replaces Admiral William D. Leahy-Vita) 9
03/16/1939 Both Sides (Arabs & Jews) Reject (British) Palestine (Jewish Immigration) Scheme 10
03/16/1939 Britain Builds Up Attacking Force-’Terror’ Aim Is Disclosed 10
03/16/1939 Brother Describes Primo’s (And Other) Executions (By Spanish Loyalist-Communists) 11
03/16/1939 New Peace Group Is Organized Here (American Union For Concerted Peace Efforts (Clark M. Eichelberger, Chairman-Also National Director Of The League Of Nations Association-Advocating Review Of The Neutrality Act-Later Head Of Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) 11
03/16/1939 Czechs Lose Aid Of Tariffs Here-U.S. ‘Blacklist’ Awaited 14
03/16/1939 Lithuania Is Warned By Memel Germans 14
03/16/1939 French Fatalistic On German Stroke (In Czecho-Slovakia) 16
03/16/1939 Picture: Konrad Henlein 16
03/16/1939 (Czech, Eduard) Benes Forecasts Disordered Europe 16
03/16/1939 Eden Quotes Mein Kampf To Enlighten Commons 16
03/16/1939 Hitler Has Picked Up 62,150 Square Mlles And 18,000,000 Population Since Saar Vote (Map) 17
03/16/1939 ‘Nazi’ Group Held In Philadelphia 18
03/16/1939 Nazi Speech (Dr. Colin Ross) Gives Laguardia Theme 20
03/16/1939 Britain Is Seeking Nazi Foes’ Release (In Czecho-Slovakia) 20
03/16/1939 Roosevelt Plans For Defense Aided (By German Occupation Of Czecho-Slovakia)-(His) ‘Wisdom’ Now Is Shown 20
03/16/1939 Reich Press Points To Laws Of Nature (Regarding Czecho-Slovakia) 20
03/16/1939 Ittleson To Head Refugees (New York United Jewish Appeal For Refugees And Overseas Needs) Appeal 24
03/17/1939 Laguardia Urges Stand By America To Check Hitler (Text, P. 14) 1
03/17/1939 Slovakia Now Hitler ‘Protectorate’-Britons Indignant 1
03/17/1939 Inquiry Into WPA Is Asked In House 1
03/17/1939 Part Of German Text Concerning Czecho-Slovakia-Signatures 2
03/17/1939 Abstract Of Decree For Protectorate Over Bohemia-Moravia 4
03/17/1939 U.S. (Sumner Welles) Gets Reports On European Crisis (In Czecho-Slovakia) 6
03/17/1939 Comment In Foreign Press On German (Czech) Conquest 8
03/17/1939 $1,000,000 Campaign For (Spanish Loyalist) Refugees Planned (By U.S. Liberals) 11
03/17/1939 Jews Unite To Bar (British Immigration) Plan On Palestine-Group Vote Is Unanimous 12
03/18/1939 Hitler Demands Trade Control Of Rumania; Chamberlain Bitter, Drops Appeasement (Text, P. 4); (Sumner) Welles Condemns ‘Wanton Lawlessness’-U.S. In Firm Stand (Text: P. 2) 1
03/18/1939 Dictator’s Powers Asked By Daladier 1
03/18/1939 Hitler Is Cheered By Vienna As Hero 1
03/18/1939 (Czech President) Hacha Bids Czechs Work With Reich 1
03/18/1939 Mexican (-U.S.) Oil (Property Expropriation) Talks End In A Deadlock 1
03/18/1939 Czecho-Slovak Mail Is Suspended By U.S. 2
03/18/1939 Czech Envoy (Hurban, In Washington) Finds Hacha Act Illegal 3
03/18/1939 Czech Goods Ruled As German By U.S. (Treasury Department, Morgenthau)-Tariff Concessions Lost-Move Follows The Receipt Of A Letter From (Sumner) Welles Giving Official Point Of View 3
03/18/1939 Germans Defiant Of Foreign Critics 3
03/18/1939 Picture: Hitler And Hacha 3
03/18/1939 Text Of U.S. (Sumner Welles) Statement (Refers To Military Aggression) 3
03/18/1939 (Eduard) Benes (In Chicago) Asks Powers To Combat (German) ‘Crime’ 4
03/18/1939 Czech Industry For U.S. Is Urged-Jobs For 50,000 Are Seen-Boycott On All German Goods Is Proposed 4
03/18/1939 Nazi Trade Deficit Continues To Rise-Exports To U.S. Decline 6
03/18/1939 Palestine Parley Ends In Discord; Britain Drafts (Jewish Immigration) Plan To Be Imposed 6
03/18/1939 Democracies Lead In Warships 2 To 1-Tonnage Of The United States Swells Total For Non-Dictator Nations To 2,658,740 6
03/18/1939 Foes Of WPA Fund Drop Delay Plans 6
03/19/1939 (French) Deputies Accord Daladier Powers 1
03/19/1939 U.S. Raises Duties 25% On German Imports-Washington:S Penalty On Goods Is Ordered Because Of Subsidy-Firm Note Being Drafted 1
03/19/1939 Britain And France Protest Czech Seizure-Will Ask U.S. Help-Sends Berlin Stiff Note 1
03/19/1939 (Nevada Senator, Key) Pittman (Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee) For Sale Of (U.S.-Made) Arms For Cash-Asks Amendment Of Neutrality Act(Text, P. 35) 1
03/19/1939 Germany Stunned By (Tariff) Action Of U.S. (Treasury Department-Morgenthau)-Retaliation By Reich Seen As Certain 1
03/19/1939 Garner Says Nation’s ‘Good Faith And Honor’ Require That It Pay The Debts That It Incurs 1
03/19/1939 Germany Rejects Protests By Powers (On Czecho-Slovakia) 1
03/19/1939 (Rev.) Gerald (L. K.) Smith Sues Over ‘Libel’ In Film (‘March Of Time’) 5
03/19/1939 Jews In Palestine Hope Despite (New British Immigration Control) Plan 24
03/19/1939 Americans ‘Adopting’ Spanish (Loyalist Refugee) Children (Supported By U.S. Liberals) 24
03/19/1939 Defects Found In A German Diesel-Noise Is One Complaint-Mechanical Flaws Cause Lay Ups-Type Used InOur New Submarines Is Poor 29
03/19/1939 (William R.) Castle Cautions On Drift (Of U.S.) Into War 31
03/19/1939 Rebuke By (Sumner) Welles (On Czech Crisis) Endorsed By (Ohio Senator, Robert) Taft 33
03/19/1939 Conquest Of U.S. Seen As Planned (By Fascist States According To Lewis Mumford) 33
03/19/1939 Prague (Jewish) Children Get Palestine Permits 36
03/19/1939 Death Blow Seen To German Trade (By U.S. Shippers As A Result Of U.S. Treasury Tarlff On German Imports) 37
03/19/1939 (U. S, Att’y. General Frank) Murphy Upholds (Morgenthau Tariff) Penalty On Reich (Imports To U.S.-Details Of Order) 38
03/19/1939 Germany Denies Any ‘Ultimatum’ (To Rumania) 38
03/19/1939 Nazis Bar Violence On The Czech Jews 39
03/19/1939 U.S. Pacts Opposed By Col. (Theodore) Roosevelt 40
03/19/1939 Ban On Germany Urged (Break Relations!-Ohio Representative, George H. Bender) 40
03/19/1939 Nazi Flag Is Flown On West Point Staff 41
03/19/1939 Rump (Czech) Regime Plan Ascribed To Benes-Ex-President Will Set Up Government In U.S.-Former Executive Asks That Article X Be Invoked On The German ‘Crime’ 41
03/19/1939 Hurban (Former Czech Envoy To U.S.) Will Get Moral Aid Of U.S.-Precedent Set In Wartime 42
03/19/1939 China’s Efficiency Bolstered By War 43
03/19/1939 Chiang Asks Arms Ban (Against Japan) 43
03/19/1939 Fight Propaganda By School Course G-3
03/19/1939 The News Of The Week In Review (Map)-Hitler Drives On E-1
03/19/1939 Cartoons: As Hitler Pushed His Way Across Europe E-3
03/19/1939 Germany Marches On, Expands With Impunity-Had Promised Not To Do It-Going Beyond ‘Mein Kampf’ Formula-By Edwin L. James E-3
03/19/1939 Hitler Opens The Nazis’ ‘Era Of Imperialism’ E-3
03/19/1939 Washington Hardens In Facing The Dictators-Neutrality Revision Pressed E-3
03/19/1939 What Is Hitler Up To? Britain Is Now United To Meet Nazi Threats-(Maps, 1914 & 1919 Boundaries Of Germany & Today-1914 Boundaries Of Austria Ignored) E-4
03/19/1939 Nazi (Czech) Coup Adds 500,000 To Army Of Persecuted E-5
03/19/1939 WPA Knit Into Nation’s Life E-6
03/19/1939 Cartoon: German ‘Broken Promises’ E-9
03/20/1939 Rumania Accepts Hitler Trade Pact; Britain Is Sounding World Powers; Soviet Note Denounces (German) Czech Seizure 1
03/20/1939 Neutrality Fight Nears In Congress Over Easing Law 1
03/20/1939 Reich Hails Hitler As Empire Builder 1
03/20/1939 Nazi Coup (And Resulting U.S. Tariff Penalty Against Germany By Morgenthau) A Boom To U.S. Shoe Trade 2
03/20/1939 Poles Now Eager For British Deal 2
03/20/1939 Soviet Note To Germany (On Czech Crisis) 2
03/20/1939 (Nevada Senator Key) Pittman (Chairman Of Foreign Relations Committee) Expounds (Anti-German) Stand On Europe-(Idaho Senator, William E.) Borah Opposes Pittman Plan 3
03/20/1939 Nazis Spur Action At Danzig Fete 3
03/20/1939 Memel Nazi Celebrators Cry For Union To Reich 3
03/20/1939 (Czech, Eduard) Benes Warns Us To Be Prepared-Cites Peril To Freedom-Says America Has ‘Great Role To Play’ In Coming Battle Of ‘Spirit Against Sword’ 6
03/20/1939 366 Sign Pledge To Boycott Nazis 6
03/20/1939 Cardenas Hopeful Of Oil Agreement (Mexican Expropriation Of U.S. Property)-New (U.S.) Investments Desired 6
03/20/1939 Great (U.S.) Army Looms In Defense Plans-Force Of 730,000 Men-9,000 Airplanes Planned 7
03/20/1939 Hoover Warns On Force 7
03/20/1939 Fusion Of Hitler And Stalin Feared (By Msgr. Fulton J. Sheen) 11
03/20/1939 Rublee Exile Plan (Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) Is Held Hopeless (By James L. Houghtelling, U.S. Commissioner Of Immigration At Hias Convention)-Backs ‘Liberal’ U.S. (Immigration) Laws (For Refugees)-Wagner Bill Endorsed 17
03/21/1939 Note (From Sumner Welles) Scores (German Czech) Coup 1
03/21/1939 Britain Seeks Anti-Hitler Compact; Russia Proposes Nine-Power Parley 1
03/21/1939 U.S. Won’t Recognize Czech Seizure-Reich, Lithuania Confer On Memel 1
03/21/1939 Reich Hints At End Of British See Pact 1
03/21/1939 W. O. Douglas Is Nominated For Seat In Supreme Court (By Roosevelt) 1
03/21/1939 Cabinet Of Unity Urged In Poland 2
03/21/1939 Reich Gets Rights In Oil In Rumania 3
03/21/1939 Canada Pledges Defense Of Britain (By Mackenzie King) 3
03/21/1939 Hitler’s Drive East Is Held Irresistible (By Poultney Bigelow, Kaiser Wilhelm Ii’s Biographer) 6
03/21/1939 Intensified Boycott Of Nazi Goods Sought (By Jewish And Christian Groups) 7
03/21/1939 Goebbels In Press (‘Voelkischer Beobachter’) Hits Democracies 7
03/21/1939 Reich Held Too Poor For Prolonged War (By Louis Domeratzky, Harry Hopkin’s Aid In Bureau Of Foreign And Domestic Commerce) 8
03/21/1939 Picture: Reich Refugee (Hermann Leopoldi, Vienna) Hails U.S. Soil With Kiss,9 Months In Nazi Camps (Dachau & Buchenwald) 8
03/21/1939 Einstein In Radio Talk (United Jewish Appeal For Refugees And Overseas Need) 8
03/21/1939 Jersey Ice Dealer Arranges Exchange With Jewish Family (In Germany-To Exchange Places) 8
03/21/1939 Quits As Architect Of Reich Embassy (In Washington)-Offend American Ideals 9
03/21/1939 Foreign Securities Called In By Reich 9
03/21/1939 U.S. Urged To Lead World In Liberty (By National Conference Of Christians & Jews) 10
03/21/1939 Hong Kong Defense Rushed By Britain 10
03/21/1939 Purges’ Excesses Told At Moscow 12
03/21/1939 Jews In Palestine Bow To Moderates (General Strike Called Off) 12
03/21/1939 Air Pilot Training Sped In Congress 12
03/21/1939 No Inflation Near Morgenthau Says 33
03/21/1939 Our Reich Credits Now Endangered-Export Loss Expected (Because Of Punitive Tariff Leveled Against Germany By Morgenthau) 41
03/22/1939 Lithuania Yields Memel To Hitler-Nazi Demand Bared-Kaunas Recalls Troops 1
03/22/1939 Britain Presses For 4-Power Action-Anglo-French Vow-Bids To Soviet And Poles 1
03/22/1939 50 Senators Back 3% To 99% War Tax On Incomes Of All 1
03/22/1939 Memel Corridor Old Trouble Spot 2
03/22/1939 British Rush A Bill To Hold Czech Gold 2
03/22/1939 Hitler Is Weighing Anti-British Plans 3
03/22/1939 Hacha Dissolves Czech Parliament 4
03/22/1939 Hungary Confident Of Germany’s Word 5
03/22/1939 U.S. Sumner Welles) Note Terms (German) Conquest (Of Czechoslovakia) Illegal (Text) 6
03/22/1939 British And Poles End Trade Talks 7
03/22/1939 Czech Rally Bids U.S. Pledge Arms-Dictators Are Censured 7
03/22/1939 Ousting Of Nazis Urged (In Panama) 8
03/22/1939 Benes Backs Paderewski 8
03/22/1939 Moscow Adheres To Parley Offer 8
03/22/1939 Food Curb For Austria (Fats Rationed) 8
03/22/1939 Reich Shrugs Off U.S. (Sumner Welles) Note On Coup-Annexation Is Defended 9
03/22/1939 Paper Says Czechs Fled With 1,000 War Planes (Which Would Have Gone To Germany) 9
03/22/1939 Einstein Asks Aid For Persecuted (Sponsoring United Jewish Appeal For Refugees And Overseas Needs)-(Germany) Challenge To Civilization 10
03/22/1939 Cuba (Senate) Honors Roosevelt (‘Eminent Citizen Of America’) 10
03/22/1939 Text Of Neutrality Bill Introduced By (Nevada) Senator (Key) Pittman In The Senate (Chairman Of Foreign Relations Committee) 12
03/23/1939 Senate Votes Bill On (Government) Reorganization With (Montana Senator Burton K. Wheeler) Curb Dropped 1
03/23/1939 Hitler Sails For Triumph In Memel As Lithuania Signs Surrender Treaty; Poles Block London Four-Power Pact-Warsaw Is Insistent On Guarantees-Anglo-French Talks Held 1
03/23/1939 WPA Investigation Put Up To The House As The Committee Supports It By 7 To 4 1
03/23/1939 Map: Former German Territory 2
03/23/1939 Danzig Nazis Hail Return Of Memel-Poland Is Calm Over Memel 3
03/23/1939 Iceland Air Base Held Reich’s Aim (Danish Communist Paper Report) 4
03/23/1939 Otto (Of Hapsburg) Foresees End Of Hitler Regime 4
03/23/1939 Text Of The Agreement On Memel (Picture Of Signatories) 4
03/23/1939 ‘Stop Hitler’ Drive Is Derided By Nazis 5
03/23/1939 Reich Troops Move Into Memel Zone 5
03/23/1939 ‘Stop Hitler’ Parade To Be Held Saturday (Organized By The American Council To Combat Nazi Invasion, Supported By U.S. Liberals, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Newbold Morris, And H. V. Kaltenborn & Others) 5
03/23/1939 4 Hounded (Hungarian) Jews End Lives In Sea (Jumped Overboard, Had Been In Germany, Austria & Italy) 6
03/23/1939 (Clarence K. Streit) Bids Democracies Unite (Against Germany) 6
03/23/1939 Peril To Minorities Seen In Nazi Drive (By Rabbi J. B. Wise, United Jewish Appeal For Refugees And Overseas Needs) 6
03/23/1939 Moscow Now Sees Change In Britain 7
03/23/1939 (Experts) Say Reich Builds Better Aircraft-Country (U.S.) Is Put Fourth 8
03/23/1939 U.S. Won’t Join (European) War, (Montana Senator, Burton K.) Wheeler Insists-Old Lesson Remembered-But J. P. Warburg Urges Us, To Line Up With Democracies To Curb Fascist Powers 9
03/23/1939 (Pennsylvania Democrats) Push (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt For President 9
03/23/1939 Moves For Peace Gain In China War 12
03/23/1939 Both Sides Attack On Chinese Fronts-Airplanes Bomb Invaders (Map) 12
03/23/1939 Anti-Fascist Front Set Up In America (By Congress Of Democracies At Montevideo, Uruguay)-Will Work For Peace 14
03/23/1939 German Body Here Assails (Morgenthau) Duty Rise (On German Goods Imported By U.S.) 22
03/24/1939 Chamberlain Firm On Reich ‘Threat’ 1
03/24/1939 Hint His Program Is Ended Is Cut From Hitler’s Speech-Alter Memel Text-Three Pacts Concluded 1
03/24/1939 Poland Favoring Anti-German Bloc 2
03/24/1939 Schuschnigg Is Failing (‘Grey-Haired And Feeble At 43’) 2
03/24/1939 Hitler Takes Over Memel In Triumph (Pictures & Text Of Speech) 3
03/24/1939 Old Italian (Jewish) Family Here As Refugees (On Liner ‘Rex’) 3
03/24/1939 (German-American) Bund Leader (Fritz Kuhn) Fined Again (Speeding, $10) 1
03/24/1939 (Germany) Not Seeking Iceland Base 3
03/24/1939 Picture: Myron C. Taylor 5
03/24/1939 British Join The Rush To Send Gold To U.S. 6
03/24/1939 Growing Espionage Met Says (U.S. Att’y. General Frank) Murphy 8
03/24/1939 Dr. (John R.) Brinkley On Stand (Dr. Morris Fishbein) 15
03/25/1939 Slovakia Calls On Hitler For Help Against Hungary 1
03/25/1939 Poles Bar 4-Power Accord 1
03/25/1939 Reich Create ‘New Financial Plan’ With Supplementary Fiat Money 1
03/25/1939 Hull Adds Voice To Reich Censure (Second To Sumner Welles?) 4
03/25/1939 Britain Foresees Continued Crises 5
03/25/1939 Poland Suspicious Of Anti-Nazi Bloc-Wants A Clear Guarantee From Britain And France In Any Such Move 6
03/25/1939 War Risk Insurance Rates Leap; Advance Here And In London 6
03/25/1939 ‘Stop Hitler’ Parade To Be Staged Today (American Council To Combat Nazi Invasion) 6
03/25/1939 Japan Envisages Free Hand In East 7
03/25/1939 Huge Gold Cargoes Being Shipped Here 21
03/26/1939 Hitler Assures Mussolini Of Reich’s Strong Support; Duce Defines Policy Today 1
03/26/1939 Poles Arm Border Of Danzig District 1
03/26/1939 ‘Stop Hitler’ March (American Council To Combat Nazi Invasion) Draws City Throng (20,000) 1
03/26/1939 Harlem Women War On Race Prejudice 8
03/26/1939 Roosevelt Backed By Latin Liberals 21
03/26/1939 Divide Six Ways Over (U.S.) Neutrality 29
03/26/1939 Gomez Lays Crisis In Cuba To Batista 29
03/26/1939 Stop-Hitler March (American Council To Combat Nazi Invasion) Decried (By N.Y. City Rabbis) As Futile (And Too Little) 31
03/26/1939 Churchmen (Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) Fight (Existing) Curb On Refugees 31
03/26/1939 New Bulletin Here (‘Kulturkampf’) Will Combat Nazis (Clergy-Supported) 31
03/26/1939 Reich Seen Near Revolt (Says Anti-Nazi Prince Humbertus Zu Loewenstein At Buffalo, New York) 31
03/26/1939 (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt Is Host To Lebruns (President Of France) 31
03/26/1939 (‘Non-Aryan’) Refugee Tide Rises As Hitler Expands-Many Received By Britain 36
03/26/1939 Criticism Of Reich Initiated By Hull-Dictated Strong Words 37
03/26/1939 Vote (Referendum) By People On Draft (Ludlow Plan) Favored 37
03/26/1939 Calls (‘Stop Hitler’) Parade Childish 37
03/26/1939 Anti-Jewish Laws (Like Nuernberg Code) Speeded In Prague 37
03/26/1939 (Halifax, Nova Scotia) Students Burn Hitler In Effigy 37
03/26/1939 Dinner Tonight Told Aid (United Jewish) Appeal For Refugees (And Overseas Needs) G-6
03/26/1939 Pictures: Stalin, Smigly-Rydz, Daladier, & Chamberlain E-1
03/26/1939 The News Of The Week In Review-Hitler Marches On, Can He Be Halted? E-1
03/26/1939 Europe’s Armed Camps Nearly Equal In Power E-4
03/26/1939 New Lands Of Germany Do Not Help Autarchy E-5
03/26/1939 Czech Resistance Is Organized Here (Picture, Eduard Benes) E-5
03/26/1939 Whole Neutrality Issue To Be Fought Out Again (Picture, Nevada Senator Key Pittman, Chairman, Foreign Relations Committee) E-6
03/26/1939 Stunned Nations In The Nazi Shadow-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 1
03/27/1939 Reich Is Rebuffed By Poles On Danzig-Rejects Berlin’s Bid To Talk Over Free City’s Status 1
03/27/1939 (U.S.) National Income Above 1938 Level 3
03/27/1939 British Hesitate On Firm Measures (Against Germany) 6
03/27/1939 Jewish Group Aid Refugees’ Drive (United Jewish Appeal For Refugees And Overseas Needs)-5,000 (Jewish) Fraternal Societies Start Fund Campaign Ahead Of The United Appeal 7
03/27/1939 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Denounces ‘Mongerers Of War’ 7
03/27/1939 Czecho-Slovak Drive Begun In Pittsburgh 7
03/28/1939 Germany Pressing Poland 1
03/28/1939 WPA Investigations Ordered In House By 352 To 27 Vote 1
03/28/1939 Bill To Curb Nazis Filed By (N.Y. Assemblyman) M’naboe-Penalty Up To Ten Years 3
03/28/1939 Prague To Register ‘Non-Aryans’ Holdings 5
03/28/1939 American ‘Crashed’ Hitler Parade In Munich With Station Wagon And Commutation Ticket (Harold O. Voorhis) 6
03/28/1939 Says Boycott (Of German Goods By U.S.) Is Effective (William Loeb, Chairman, American Boycott Against Aggressor Nations) 6
03/28/1939 Boycott Of Reich Urged By (Newbold) Morris (At Women’s Division Of The American Jewish Congress Luncheon-Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Present) 7
03/28/1939 (600 Jews) Leave Reich (Frankfurt A/M) For (New Homes In) Far East 8
03/28/1939 100 More War Planes Ordered Here By France (Glen L. Martin-Bombers) 9
03/29/1939 Madrid Yields, Ending War; Victors Enter Unresisted; Republican Leaders Flee-18,000 Leave Jails 1
03/29/1939 Chamberlain Bars Conscription Now; Eden Leads Revolt 1
03/29/1939 New Proposals (By Nye, Clark, & Bone) On Neutrality Act-Would Limit Authority Of The President (Roosevelt) 9
03/29/1939 Madrid Fall Ends 32 Months Of War 10
03/29/1939 Nationalists End Hiding In Madrid 10
03/29/1939 Peace Is Welcome To Losers In Spain 11
03/29/1939 Hitler Felicitates Franco On Victory 12
03/29/1939 Prague Moves Ban Jews 12
03/29/1939 (Two Jews) Imprisoned In Vienna (For Failing To Register Of Property Located In Palestine As Required By Law) 12
03/29/1939 Nazis War Poles On ‘Foreign Sirens’ 13
03/29/1939 Nazi Organ (‘Schwartze Korps’) Bids Britain Join With Germany To ‘Dictate Peace To The Entire World’ 13
03/29/1939 Himmler Warns Danzig Nazis (No Show Down With Poland Now) 13
03/29/1939 Columbia (University) Students (And President Nicholas Murray Butler) Rally For Refugees 15
03/29/1939 Germany To Push Argentine Barter (Rail Woods For Meat, Wheat, Cotton, Etc.) 15
03/30/1939 Franco Completes Conquest Of Spain; Last 10 Cities Bow 1
03/30/1939 Poland And Reich Confer On Danzig 1
03/30/1939 Britain To Double Territorial Army-Will Increase It To Nearly 500,000 Men 1
03/30/1939 Somoza Induction Today-8 Year Term 2
03/30/1939 German (Dr. Hans Thomsen) Assailed By Czech Minister (Col. Vladimir Hruban)-Sees Insult To America 5
03/30/1939 Apology To Belgium For Reich Broadcast (Moresnet-Eupen-Malmedy) 5
03/30/1939 German (Von Neurath) And Czech (Hacha) Appeal For Unity 6
03/30/1939 Slovaks Ask Reich To Curb Hungary 6
03/30/1939 Memel (Under German Control) Denies Revenge Taken (Against Lithuanians & Poles) 6
03/30/1939 Berlin Caustic On (U.S.) Cotton Plans-Our Penalty (Against German Imports) Cited 10
03/31/1939 Britain And France Decide To Defend Poland With Armed Power If Germany Attacks Her; Act On Massing Of Reich Troops On Border-Danzig Excluded 1
03/31/1939 WPA Is Denounced As Wasting Funds 1
03/31/1939 Kin Of Hitler (William Patrick Hitler), Here, Are Cool To Fuehrer; Nephew Calls The Chancellor ‘A Menace’ 2
03/31/1939 Frick Hints Poles Abuse Minorities 3
03/31/1939 Chamberlain Seen Losing Popularity (In England-Gallup Poll)-But Still Stands High 4
03/31/1939 Picture: Morris C. Troper, Chairman Of European Executive Council Of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee-Reports Growing Needs (For Financial Support) 4
03/31/1939 250 Rabbis (Led By Dr. David De Sola Pool) Pray For Oppressed 4
03/31/1939 New Prague Regime Warns Agitators-Bids Them Stop Telling Czechs Democracies Would Save Them 4
03/31/1939 Memel Treaty Ratified 4
03/31/1939 Aid To Child Exiles In U.S. Is Mapped (By Quakers) 4
03/31/1939 Belgians Will Speed Fort Construction 4
03/31/1939 (Ex-Republican Spanish Premier) Negrin Reported Landing In Mexico (Arrived On A Yacht In A Most Mysterious Manner) 6
03/31/1939 Somoza Inaugurated As Nicaraguan Head 8
03/31/1939 Held In WPA Job Fraud 11