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William Lindsey collection — 1939 NYT headlines

May 1939
Date Headline Page
05/01/1939 Poles Considering Counter Demands In Reply To Hitler 1
05/01/1939 Paris, London Seek Danzig Compromise 12
05/01/1939 Peace Key Is Held By Foes, Nazis Say 13
05/01/1939 Japanese Back Hitler In ‘Warmonger’ Issue 13
05/01/1939 6,080 Refugees Aided (By Hsias) 14
05/01/1939 Arabs Ready To Sign Accord On Palestine-Concession From Britain Sought To Save Face 14
05/01/1939 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Attacks War ‘Control’ Plans (By Roosevelt) 17
05/01/1939 Defense Plan Sped By Congress Heads-Group For Limiting Defense Force 17
05/01/1939 Comintern Urges Drive On Fascism 19
05/01/1939 New Law Framed By Italy On Jews 23
05/01/1939 President (Roosevelt) Scored By (German-American) Bund Speaker (William Kunze At Camp Nordland, N. J.)-1,000 Hail Statement 42
05/02/1939 Hitler Assails U.S. Boycott; Appeals For Internal Unity-Foes Are Warned 1
05/02/1939 Poles Weigh Danzig Claim 1
05/02/1939 Protectorate Idea Offered (By Poles) On Danzig (Similar To German Protectorates Of Moravia & Bohemia) 1
05/02/1939 (Armament) ‘Cash-Carry’ Law Died At Midnight 7
05/02/1939 (Hungarian) Bill On Jews Is Modified (Anti-Semitic) G
05/02/1939 Polish Envoy Here (Count Jerzy Potocki) Says Hitler Erred 10
05/02/1939 Britain Expels Germans 10
05/02/1939 ‘We Love To Fight,’ Says Voroshiloff 11
05/02/1939 (British) Firmness Expected In Palestine Policy 11
05/02/1939 (Robert Emmet) Sherwood Winner (Pulitzer Prize) For Second Time 20
05/02/1939 Both Sides Sum Up In (False U.S.) Passport Trial 28
05/02/1939 Goebbels Scorns Culture Of U.S.-Nazis Far Ahead, He Says 48
05/03/1939 British Oust Spies And Nazi Writers 1
05/03/1939 Senators (Hiram Johnson, California & Tom Connally, Texas) Fight To Hold Congress During Crisis Lest The U.S. Be Involved 1
05/03/1939 Reich Press Trains Full Fire On Poles; Showdown Is Seen 1
05/03/1939 3 Are Found Guilty In (U.S.) Passport Fraud-Mystery Over Spy Unsolved 1
05/03/1939 WPA Costs Here 2½ Times Those Of Private Builders, Experts Say 1
05/03/1939 Byrd Denounces New Deal On Taxes 1
05/03/1939 De Valera Warns Britain On Draft 8
05/03/1939 (General George C.) Marshall Is Going To Visit Brazil-General’s Trip Is Result Of Hitler’s Invitation To Brazilian Chief Of Staff 10
05/03/1939 Balk Delay Move On Neutrality Act 10
05/03/1939 Poland Is Seeking Closer Soviet Tie 11
05/03/1939 Anti-German Riots Flame In Slovakia 11
05/03/1939 Chamberlain Asks Patience On Soviet-British Are Optimistic 12
05/03/1939 $27,106,000 In Gold Here From Britain 39
05/03/1939 Future Of Judiasm Topic At Meeting (Women’s League Of The United Synagogue Assemblies) 48
05/04/1939 (Maxime) Litvinoff Quits Soviet Post; Molotoff Foreign Minister-Relieved Of Post At Own Request 1
05/04/1939 Britain For Pledge To Reich-Chamberlain Says He Is Ready For Joint Vows Of Non-Aggression 1
05/04/1939 Landon Supports Roosevelt’s Moves To Preserve Peace 1
05/04/1939 Baltic States Get German Pact Bids 1
05/04/1939 Poland’s Pavilion At The (World’s) Fair Dedicated By Count Potocki 1
05/04/1939 (German-American) Bund Uniform Ban Offered (As Law) In Albany 1
05/04/1939 Jews’ Future Weighed-Schaap Says It Depends On Status Of Nations 2
05/04/1939 WPA Charges Anger (Lt. Col. Brehon B.) Somerville (N.Y. City Administrator) 5
05/04/1939 Child Refugees Opposed 6
05/04/1939 (WPA Worker) Denounced As WPA Thief 6
05/04/1939 Palestine Jews Open 2 New Settlements (Jewish National Fund) 7
05/04/1939 (House) Moves To End Jam On Neutrality Act 7
05/04/1939 Roosevelt Rejects A ‘Chat’ On Europe-Hands Off Neutrality-Would Avoid Risk Of Rebuff 7
05/04/1939 Hungary Adopts Anti-Jewish Law (Limits Participation In Business And Professions) 9
05/04/1939 (Maj. Gen. Frank B.) M’coy Asks Study Of Our War Ability 10
05/04/1939 35,000-Ton Warship (‘Prince Of Wales’) Launched By British-Built In Two Years, Carries Ten 14-Inch Guns 10
05/04/1939 Six Britons (Journalists) Ordered To Leave Germany 11
05/04/1939 Washington Finds Soviet Move (Litvinoff’s Replacement) Grave 12
05/04/1939 Polish Issue Stressed-Soviet Army Said To Have Opposed Litvinoff On Accord 12
05/04/1939 Reich Sees Litvinoff Ousted For Failures 12
05/04/1939 Litvinoff’s Health Was Undermined When Eluding The Czarist Police 13
05/04/1939 Poles Ask Backing In Danzig Dispute-Firm Stand Is Expected 14
05/04/1939 Sudeten Chief Put Over Czech Police 15
05/04/1939 Hundreds Killed In Chungking Raid 16
05/04/1939 Japan Charges U.S. Plan To ‘Invade’ The Pacific 16
05/04/1939 Arita Pledges Japan Not To Hound Jews 16
05/04/1939 Pictures: New Gowns Fitted By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 25
05/04/1939 Picasso’s Mural On Bombing (‘Guernica’) Hung 28
05/05/1939 Russia Switches Her Policy; Drops Collective Security; Foreign Capitals Puzzled 1
05/05/1939 Reich Tie (To Russia) Unlikely 1
05/05/1939 Two Bills To Curb Racial Bias Passed (In Albany) 2
05/05/1939 (Dr. Clarence Pickett, Quaker, At Women’s International League For Peace And Freedom) Asserts Refugees Create Many Jobs 5
05/05/1939 (American) Legion Group Hits Refugee (Immigration) Measure 5
05/05/1939 Britain Accepts U.S. Barter Talks (Rubber & Tin For Cotton & Wheat) 8
05/05/1939 New Bill Revives ‘Cash, Carry’ Plan (For U.S. Munitions) 9
05/05/1939 $375,000 Given To Poland-Americans Of Polish Ancestry (Chicago) 12
05/05/1939 Geneva Discouraged By Shift In Russia-Litvinoff, Staunch League (Of Nations) Friend 12
05/05/1939 Daladier Pledges Check On Germany 13
05/05/1939 Reich Housing Law Segregates Jews 13
05/05/1939 Chile Bars All Immigration 13
05/05/1939 Argentina Finds Nazi Menace Real-Naturalization Is Banned 14
05/05/1939 Britain Is Worried By Moscow Move 15
05/05/1939 Rumanian Gateway To Palestine Banned-(Jewish) Refugees In Bucharest Hit By Illegal Entry Ordinance 16
05/05/1939 (Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For World Peace, Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Sees Navy As Force For Peace-Urges U.S. To Lead Combined Fleets Of The World To Guard International Amity 20
05/05/1939 New Key Is Found To Atomic Energy (U-235) 25
05/06/1939 Beck Rejects All Of Hitler’s Demands But Would Negotiate On An Equality-Reply Held ‘Final’-Poles Say Berlin Must Decide Whether There Will Be Peace 1
05/06/1939 Germany’s Anger At Poland Mounts 1
05/06/1939 Washington Pomp Welcomes (General Anastasio) Somoza (President Of Nicaragua-Picture, P. 3) 1
05/06/1939 Forced Loan Bill (Up To 75% Of ‘Net Worth’) For A War Put Before Senate 1
05/06/1939 Text Of The Polish Foreign Minister’s (Col. Beck’s) Speech In Reply To German Proposals 2
05/06/1939 France Applauds Beck’s Calm Tone 3
05/06/1939 Beck’s Speech Finds Favor In Washington 3
05/06/1939 (Dr. Henry Smith) Leiper (Secretary, American Committee For Christian German Refugees) Says Nazi Mask Persecutions (Christians, Not Just Jews Persecuted) 4
05/06/1939 Japan Seen In Move To Find New Friends 4
05/07/1939 Peace Move By Pius XII Reported As His Nuncios Consult High Officials 1
05/07/1939 British And Turks In Mutual Aid Pact 1
05/07/1939 (Nicaragua’s President, Gen. Anastasio) Somoza Visit Tied To Solidarity Plan 1
05/07/1939 Myron C. Taylor Honored (For Evian & Refugee Work By Phi Beta Kappa) 3
05/07/1939 Roosevelt Lags In Popularity Test (56.1%-Gallup Poll) 10
05/07/1939 29 Americans (Volunteers To Spanish Loyalists) Here From Spain Camps (Names) 26
05/07/1939 American (Richard Rosson) And Wife Seized By Germans (Photographing Military Fortifications) 32
05/07/1939 (North Carolina Senator, Robert R.) Reynolds Warns Of ‘Danger Within’-Opposes Refugees’ Entry (Fritz Kuhn Attended) 34
05/07/1939 Polish President (Ignaz Moscicki) To Get Wide (Emergency) Powers 35
05/07/1939 Reich Held Seeking A Pact With Russia (Berlin Report) 36
05/07/1939 Soviet Said To Plan Baltic Occupation-Perturbed Over Poland (Washington Report) 37
05/07/1939 (Michigan Senator Arthur) Vandenberg Asks Neutrality Stand 39
05/07/1939 Neutrality Balks Congress Closing-Factions In Bitter Mood 39
05/07/1939 G. W. Pepper Urges Neutrality (Act) Repeal 39
05/07/1939 Physicists Ponder 2 Rare Substances (C-13 & U-235) G-4
05/07/1939 Hitler Is Likened In Sermon To Cain (Presbyterian, Rev. Dr. George A. Buttrick In Synagogue Appearance) G-6
05/07/1939 The News Of The Week In Review-Poland Speaks-Salute To Somoza E-1
05/07/1939 Anti-Hitler Cartoon E-2
05/07/1939 Herr Hitler Says Yes And Col. Beck Says No E-3
05/07/1939 Nazis Demand ‘Living Room’ E-4
05/07/1939 Czechs See Hope For Peace In War E-4
05/07/1939 Map: Poland 1939 F-6
05/07/1939 Chile Hopes To Get Large Soon In U.S.-Borrowing Is Authorized F-6
05/07/1939 Buell, Raymond Leslie, Poland, Key To Europe, (Map) Book 3
05/07/1939 Miller, Alphonse B., Thaddeus Stevens, The Sinister Patriot, (Who Did More Harm Than Good), Harper & Brothers, N.Y Book 4
05/07/1939 Padover, Saul K., The Life And Death Of Louis Xiv, D. Appleton-Century Co., N.Y Book 5
05/07/1939 Germany’s Celebrated Refugees (Klaus & Erika Mann) Book 9
05/07/1939 Religion And Democracy Are Linked In The Dictator’s Attack Mag. 1
05/07/1939 When Germany Wrote A Peace (Brest-Litovsk) Mag. 4
05/08/1939 Reich And Italy Announce Plan For A Military Pact 1
05/08/1939 Pope Urges Peace To Ease Anxiety Troubling Nation 1
05/08/1939 Berlin Sees Blow To Encirclement 1
05/08/1939 Warsaw Awaiting Further Pressure-Policy Remains Unchanged 2
05/08/1939 Stronger,Boycott On Reich Demanded (By Jewish Groups)-Send President (Roosevelt) Request (Boycott Should Include Latin America) 3
05/08/1939 U.S. Pact With Soviet Or Its Allies Fought (By Catholic Rev. Joseph H. Thorning) 3 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Sees Drive To Enmesh Us In War 4
05/08/1939 Refugee Mass Said At German Church 12
05/09/1939 Pope Asks Five Nations To Confer In Vatican City (U.S. Not Invited) 1
05/09/1939 Reich, Britain Woo Russia 1
05/09/1939 Deal With Stalin Sought By Hitler (Berlin Report)-Otto D. Toleschus 1
05/09/1939 Picture: President (Samoza) Of Nicaragua Addresses The U.S. Congress 3
05/09/1939 Roosevelt Son (James) Back From European Trip (War Is Not Imminent) 4
05/09/1939 Equality Of Peoples Held False By Nazi (Alfred Rosenberg)-Sees Danger In Emancipation Of Negro 8
05/09/1939 Complaint Is Filed On (Fritz) Kuhn As Citizen 10
05/09/1939 2,500 Homes In U.S. ‘Open’ To Refugees (Children) 13
05/09/1939 Senators Revive Ludlow War (Referendum) Vote 14
05/10/1939 Powers Cool To Pope’s Plea; Danzig Showdown Expected 1
05/10/1939 Britain To Be An Armed Camp-British To ‘Sleep On Haversacks’ 1
05/10/1939 Bolivia Offers Oil To Reich In Barter 1
05/10/1939 Kindergarten Opens For (40) Child Refugees 16
05/10/1939 Poland Skeptical Of Mediation Plan 17
05/10/1939 Paris Lukewarm To Pope Pius’ Idea 17
05/10/1939 Zionists Dedicate A Medical Center (Mt. Scopus, Palestine) 19
05/10/1939 La Follette First In War (Referendum) Vote Move 19
05/10/1939 Disown Dictators Is (Lin Yutang) Plea To Writers 20
05/10/1939 Methodists Back War ‘Objectors’ 24
05/10/1939 Paganism Scored In Refugee Appeal (By Episcopal Bishop William T. Manning) 25
05/11/1939 Russia Is Assured She Need Not Fight Until Britain Does 1
05/10/1939 Oumansky Named Soviet Envoy Here (Picture, P. 20-Vita) 1
05/10/1939 British Hope For Jewish Haven In Guiana; Curb On Immigration To Palestine Expected 1
05/10/1939 Refugee Problem In U.S. Held Slight (By Dr. John Lovejoy Elliott, Head Of Ethical Culture Society) 10
05/10/1939 Service (In Kansas City) Proclaims United Methodism 11
05/10/1939 German (And French) Experts Doubt War Deaths Will Rise (‘We Don’t Think That Any Country Is Going To Bomb Civilian Populations.’) 16
05/10/1939 Poles Ban German Beer 17
05/10/1939 Beck And Potemkin Study Cooperation 19
05/10/1939 Book Taught German Troops Czech Phrases For ‘Where Is Money?’ And ‘You Will He Shot’ (Prague Report) 19
05/10/1939 Britain’s Position Weak, Nazis Insist 20
05/11/1939 Chile Expects To Ask U.S. For 2 Cruisers 20
05/11/1939 Two Baltic States Balk At Nazi Pact (Estonia & Latvia) 21
05/11/1939 (Scandinavia) Against Hitler Pact 21
05/11/1939 New Alignment Made In U.S. Fleet-(Gen. George C.) Marshall Off To Brazil 22
05/11/1939 Authors (World Congress Of Writers) To Fight For Human Ideals 23
05/12/1939 Chamberlain Warns Nazis Force In Danzig Means War-British Stand Firm 1
05/12/1939 Daladier Warns Of More Arming 1
05/12/1939 (North Carolina Senator Robert R.) Reynolds Denies Pro-Nazi Charges (Fritz Kuhn Attended One Of His Speeches) 7
05/12/1939 Poland And Soviet Better Relations 8
05/12/1939 Munich Expecting Return Of Danzig-War Is Called Unlikely (Roosevelt Involvement Mentioned) 9
05/12/1939 Vatican Foresees No Immediate War 12
05/12/1939 30,000,000 In Russia Still Held Religious (Moscow Report) 12
05/12/1939 (Jewish) Palestine Exhibit Seen At A (World’s Fair) Preview 18
05/12/1939 Yale Scholar (Dr. Franklin Edgerton) Quits Bavarian Academy (Because Of German Purge Of ‘Non-Aryans’) 23
05/13/1939 Mayor (Laguardia) Halts Issuance Of Passports To (Fritz) Kuhn And Two Bund Aides After One Slips Away 1
05/13/1939 (Admiral William D.) Leahy To Succeed Governor Winshlp (Puerto Rico-Picture, P. 5) 1
05/13/1939 Nazi Policy Guided By A New Caution 1
05/13/1939 British And Turks Proclaim Pledges To Each Other 1
05/13/1939 Pilsudski Tribute Barred By Danzig (Senate) 2
05/13/1939 Map: Anti-Aggression (Encirclement) Front Is Widened 2
05/13/1939 Bolivia’s Oil (Barter) Deal (With Germany) Menaces U.S. Trade 3
05/13/1939 Guiana’s Interior Offered For (Refugee) Jews 3
05/13/1939 Louis Rothschild Freed By Nazis After 13 Months In Vienna Prison (Metropole Hotel With Kurt Schuschnigg) 3
05/13/1939 Roosevelt Orders Argentine Beef-And Costs Less Than Half 5
05/13/1939 $1,000,000,000 A Month Held Spent On Armaments (By Everybody Together-Swiss Report) 5
05/13/1939 Mexican Ambassador Foresees Oil (Expropriated U.S. Oil Property) Accord (Sumner Welles Contacted) 5
05/13/1939 Officials (Lehman, Laguardia, & Al Smith) Acclaim (Jewish) Palestine Exhibit (At World’s Fair) 8
05/14/1939 Program For U.S. In War Provides For 500,000 Men In The Aircraft Industry-60,000 Asked Now 1
05/14/1939 Ex-Officials Guilty Of Frauds In WPA 2
05/14/1939 Chileans Disagree On Loan From U.S.-Our Motives Questioned 15
05/14/1939 Reich Air Service (‘Lufthansa’) To U.S. Must Wait 20
05/14/1939 Czechs Must Toil Faster For Nazis-Exports Will Be Pushed 21
05/14/1939 London Completes Evacuation Plans 23
05/14/1939 Poland Protests On Danzig’s (Senate) Curb (Of Pilsudsky Celebration) 26
05/14/1939 Poles Warn Germany 26
05/14/1939 Miss (Helen) Hayes Pleads For (Children’s) Refugee Haven (In U.S.A ‘Convert’ To Refugee Program) 27
05/14/1939 Dictators’ Tenets Called ‘Criminal’ (By Dr. Etienne De Greef, Of Louvain Belgium) 28
05/14/1939 Britain Is Warned By Zionist Leader (Ben Gurion)-(Goldbloom) Accuses Britain Of Betrayal (On Balfour Declaration Promises) 30
05/14/1939 Livestock Groups Assail Roosevelt (For Purchase Of Argentine Beef 34
05/14/1939 War Loans Abroad Opposed In Survey 37
05/14/1939 Many Groups Hit Curbs On Aliens (Want Immigration To U.S. Made Easier) 37
05/14/1939 Somoza (President Of Nicaragua) Honored At Military School 37
05/14/1939 Prejudice Scored (By Dr. E. George Payne, N.Y. University, School Of Education) As Bar To Culture G-5
05/14/1939 Role Of Mothers In Peace Stressed (By N.Y. City Rabbis) G-6
05/14/1939 The News Of The Week In Review-What Will Russia Do? E-1
05/14/1939 Hitler Is Giving Europe A New Breathing Spell E-3
05/14/1939 Berlin Flirts With Moscow E-4
05/14/1939 Japan Is Feeling Economic Strain E-5
05/14/1939 Chamberlain Holds On, But Policies Are Eden’s (And Churchill’s) E-5
05/14/1939 The Czechoslovakia That Was Book 1
05/14/1939 Our New Army Chief (Gen. George C. Marshall) Mag. 4
05/14/1939 The German System Of Conquest Mag. 6
05/15/1939 Mussolini Declares War Unnecessary 1
05/15/1939 Roosevelt Studies Economic Parley-President (Roosevelt) May Act 1
05/15/1939 (British Palestine Immigration) White Paper Faces Fire Of Arabs, Jews 1
05/15/1939 Text Of Mussolini’s Speech At Turin 2
05/15/1939 Germans Critical Of (U.S.-British) Barter Proposal (Empire Rubber & Tin For U.S. Cotton & Wheat-Called War Manoeuvre) 2
05/15/1939 Polish War Chief (General Tadeus Kasprzycki Leaves For Paris Britain Called Betrayer (Of Zionists By Dr. Bernard Revel) 3
05/15/1939 Protests In Poland (Polish Jews Estimated At 4,000,000) 3
05/15/1939 Mothers’ Training Is Termed Vital 8
05/15/1939 Barbara Stanwyck And Robert Taylor Wed (Picture) 14
05/15/1939 Subtle Peril Seen In Aping Dictators (Interventionist) 17
05/15/1939 Benefits Of WPA To City Extolled (By Mayor Laguardia) 19
05/16/1939 Italy Wants Peace Mussolini Repeats 5
05/16/1939 Argentina Bans Foreign Parties-German Nazi Organization Forbidden-Alien Support Forbidden 6
05/16/1939 German Fort (Siegfried) Line Held Impregnable) 6
05/16/1939 Free Vote Is Urged On Palestine Plan (By Jewish Leaders)-Arab Claim (On Palestine) Decried 11
05/16/1939 Roosevelt Plans Reply To (California Senator Hiram) Johnson-President (Roosevelt) Is Expected To Say That His Policy Will Keep This Country At Peace 14
05/16/1939 Says WPA Project Hit Excess Costs-Lays Order To (Harry) Hopkins 17
05/16/1939 Picture: Anastasio & Senora Somoza (From Nicaragua) 25
05/17/1939 Hull View Sought On Neutrality Act (By N.Y. Congressman, Sol Bloom) 12
05/17/1939 ‘Cash Carry’ Idea Urged On Planners 12
05/17/1939 Guilty Of Smuggling Arab Into Country-Said To Have Brought In 25 Men 12
05/17/1939 Hull, Denying ‘Addiction To Secrecy’ Says Telling All Would Alienate Half The World 12
05/17/1939 Germans Get No Cream With Berries This Season (Because Butter Is Rationed In Germany) 14
05/17/1939 Columbia Bars Refugees 15
05/17/1939 Reich And Costa Rica Agree On Aski Marks 15
05/17/1939 German (Language) Study Cut 35% In Five Years-French Is Most Popular 17
05/18/1939 (English) King And Queen Welcomed In Colorful Quebec Rites-Empire Unity Is Stressed 1
05/18/1939 U.S. Lands A Force At Amoy And Sends Rebuff To Japan (Text, P. 40) 1
05/18/1939 (German-American) Bund Tax Evasion Charged; Mayor (Laguardia) Asks Dewey To Act-Prosecution Of (Fritz) Kuhn And 7 Aides Is Urged 1
05/18/1939 British Issue Plan To Make Palestine Independent By ‘49-Zionists To Fight Policy (Text, P. 4) 1
05/18/1939 Twenty-Five Hurt In Palestine Riot (Jews & British) 2
05/18/1939 Palestine Policy Of Britain Scored 2
05/18/1939 Plan Intolerable, Say Zionists Here 3
05/18/1939 Pro-Palestine (Jewish) Group In Plea To Roosevelt 3
05/18/1939 Washington Silent On The (British Palestine Immigration) White Paper 3
05/18/1939 ‘Territorial Ghetto’ Seen In (British) Palestine Plan; Jewish Agency Holds Britain Breaks Faith (Balfour Declaration Promises) 5
05/18/1939 Lindbergh Favors Swift War Planes 5
05/18/1939 3 (Scandinavian) Nations Reject Reich Pact Offer 6
05/18/1939 Bolivia Held Near Adherence To Axis-Oil Squeeze Is Foreseen 7
05/18/1939 Poles Threaten Cut In Food Sale To Reich 8
05/18/1939 Brien M’mahon Quits; President (Roosevelt) Regretful (O. John Rogge To Succeed Him) 16
05/18/1939 (Russian Ambassador To U.S.) Offers Soviet Friendship 22
05/18/1939 Exports From U.S. To Far East Down 39
05/19/1939 (Congressman Dies) Sees (Retired Maj. Gen. George Van Horn) Mosely Aid To Anti-Semitism-Mosely Critical Of New Deal 1
05/19/1939 One Dead, 180 Hurt In Palestine Riots Over British Plan 1
05/19/1939 Somoza (President Of Nicaragua) Welcomed To Philadelphia 2
05/19/1939 Roosevelt Urged To Act For Jews-(Dr. Solomon Goldman) Cites Brandeis Analysis-Betrayal Of Jews (Promised By Balfour Declaration) 6
05/19/1939 Zionists In London Plan League Plea 7
05/19/1939 Reich Orders Ouster Of (1,000) Stateless Jews (Or They Will Be Sent To Dachau) 7
05/19/1939 Dewey Calls (Fritz) Kuhn In Inquiry On (German-American) Bund 10
05/19/1939 (Indiana Congressman, Louis Ludlow) Denies War Poll (Referendum) Slurs Roosevelt 10
05/19/1939 Thomas Mann Gets Degree At Princeton 22
05/20/1939 Jews In Palestine Warned Of Force (By British) 1
05/20/1939 (U.S.) Labor Chiefs Unite In (Pro-Jewish) Palestine Plea 2
05/20/1939 U.S. Jews Appeal To British People 2
05/20/1939 (Siegfried Line) Forts Invincible Hitler Declares 5
05/20/1939 O. J. Rogge Is Named To M’mahon Post (Rogge From Illinois-Vita) 7
05/20/1939 (Mischa) Elman Presents Fund ($41,000) To Refugees 10
05/21/1939 Germany Suffers Drastic Trade Cut (Berlin Report)-Otto D. Tolischus-U.S. Duties Effective 12
05/21/1939 Reich Can’t Wait (For Colonies) Goebbels Asserts-Military Might Stressed-Danzig A German City 14
05/21/1939 Our Reich Emigres Cut ¾ Under Nazis 15
05/21/1939 Plot To Kill Benes Reported In Paris 19
05/21/1939 Nazi Boycott Is Hailed (By Joseph Tenenbaum, Chairman Of Joint Boycott Council Of The American Jewish Congress And Jewish Labor Committee) 24
05/21/1939 Rabbis Denounce (British) Palestine Policy-’Betrayal’ (Of Balfour Declaration Promises) Is Charged 26
05/21/1939 Palestine Protest Sent By U.S. Clergy (In Support Of Zionists) 26
05/21/1939 (Anti-Japanese) Lawyers Urge End Of Sales To Japan 30
05/21/1939 (German-Jewish) Couple 87 And 85 Are Refugees Here (Sold Farm In Germany And Came Here With Money) 33
05/21/1939 Russian Aid Expected If Germany Opens War E-4
05/21/1939 (British) Palestine Plan Irks Both Arabs And Jews E-5
05/21/1939 Pictures: Charles A. Beard & Mary R. Beard Book 1
05/21/1939 Pilot Of Poland’s Ship Of State (Col. Jozef Beck) Mag. 7
05/21/1939 Doughty Foe Of Isolation (Nevada Senator Key Pittman, Chairman, Of Senate Foreign Relations Committee) Mag. 12
05/22/1939 Pole Kills German In Danzig Disorder; Both Sides Protest 1
05/22/1939 Mayor (Laguardia) Urges Jews Not To Lose Hope (On Palestine) 1
05/22/1939 Peaceful Trade Our Basic Policy, Roosevelt Says 1
05/22/1939 New ‘Pump-Priming’ Indicated As Aim Of Administration 1
05/22/1939 Reich Mothers Get Awards For Offspring; Symbolically Present Children To Hitler 1
05/22/1939 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Marchers Fight Foes In Street 2
05/22/1939 (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt Pins Faith On Paris For Peace (Text) 4
05/22/1939 Peril In Smugness, Dr. Sockman (Methodist) Warns 8
05/22/1939 Federation Urged (By Part Of Peel Commission) As Palestine Plan 13
05/22/1939 Assail Zion Repudiation 13
05/22/1939 Germans Discord Thoughts Of War 27
05/23/1939 Axis Powers Sign Ten-Year Alliance To Remake Europe 1
05/23/1939 Picture: Kansas City’s Pendergast In Court For Sentence 6
05/23/1939 Blatancy Of Axis Causes Doubting 9
05/23/1939 Exports To Russia Set Record In ‘38 10
05/23/1939 Roosevelt, Somoza (Nicaragua) Sign Trade Terms-$2,000,000 Credits Given (Picture) 11
05/23/1939 Palestine Policy Made (British) Party Issue-Churchill Speaks Today 12
05/23/1939 Hull Completing Palestine Study-Plea Cites U.S. Interest-Rabbi S.S. Wise Speaks For 250 Leaders From 26 States 12
05/24/1939 Squalus Sinks 1
05/24/1939 Parliament Backs (British Immigration) Plan On Palestine 2
05/24/1939 Jews Set Up 6 Colonies-Defy Palestine Settlement 3
05/24/1939 U.S. Oil Ships In War Held Vital To France 6
05/24/1939 200,000 Expected At (Jewish) Palestine Fete (At N.Y. World’s Fair) 13
05/25/1939 Joint British-French War Games Predicted; Paris Refuses To Confirm Or Deny Report 4
05/25/1939 Poles See A Need For British Pact-Get Loan From French 5
05/25/1939 Many Make Pleas For Refugee Youth 12
05/25/1939 Immigration Plot Exposed In Bolivia-Consular Officials Ousted For Selling Entry To Jews 13
05/25/1939 Hull Bans Talks About Neutrality 14
05/26/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn Is Arrested In Theft Of $14,548 Of (German-American) Bund’s Funds (Picture, P. 24) 1
05/26/1939 U.S. To Push Trade In Latin America 1
05/26/1939 German Police Jail Czech Officials 9
05/26/1939 Berlin Jews Are Warned (About Living In Aryan Houses) 10
05/26/1939 Plots Laid To Nazis In Brazil, Equador 11
05/26/1939 Drastic Trade Cut In Reich Confirmed 11
05/26/1939 British Industry Faces War Curbs 12
05/26/1939 Japanese Defiant On Stopping Ships (Supplying Chinese) 13
05/26/1939 House Group Asks Palestine (Pro-Zionist) Protest 15
05/27/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn Out On Bail On Theft Charge (Picture, P. 5) 1
05/27/1939 Soviet Army Chief Invited To Attend British War Games 1
05/27/1939 Hull Bars Critics At Neutrality Talk 1
05/28/1939 Hull For Repeal Of Arms Embargo; Drafts U.S. Policy (Text, P. 17) 1
05/28/1939 Dr. Einstein Urges Patience On Jews (In Palestine Problem) 13
05/28/1939 Hitler’s Mind Held Danger To Europe (By Sir Willmott Lewis) 14
05/28/1939 Most Nationalists In Europe Found Loyal To Their Regimes-Germans Back Nazis, But Unquallfied War Support Is Doubted 15
05/28/1939 700 Jewish Refugees Await Fate Off Cuba (‘St Louis’) 15
05/28/1939 Japanese Accuse U.S. Missionaries 16
05/28/1939 New Allies Favored If Axis Chooses War E-4
05/28/1939 Poland Receptive To Nazi Proposals-Caricature Of Beck E-5
05/28/1939 All Races, All Colors, And All Americans Book 6
05/28/1939 Picture: James H. R. (Interventionist) Cromwell Roto.
05/29/1939 Hull Denounces Isolation As Way To Regimentation (Text, P. 2) 1
05/28/1939 Tribunal Is Urged In Mexican Seizure (Of U.S. Oil Property) 2
05/28/1939 Cuba Bars 104 Refugees (On The ‘Flandre’ From Le Havre) 3
05/28/1939 (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt Defends A Resort To Arms-Cites Duties To Friends 4
05/28/1939 Pacifism Assailed At Memorial Rites 5
05/28/1939 (Czech Genera) Prchala In Poland To Form Czech Legions; Units All Over Europe To Act In Case Of War 5
05/28/1939 Jews Are Warned (By Henry Monsky, B’nai B’rith) On Wasting Effort 18
05/28/1939 (N.Y. Representative, Sol) Bloom Explains Neutrality Plan 32
05/30/1939 (U.S. Ambassador To France, William C.) Bullitt Promises Faith To War Dead 2
05/28/1939 Neutrality Plan Offered By (N.Y. Congressman Sol) Bloom-(Nevada Senator Key) Pittman Expects To Win 6
05/28/1939 (German-American) Bund Sympathizer Sails 6
05/30/1939 (Free Sons Of Israel In Atlantic City) Promise Aid To Refugees 8
05/30/1939 18 Refugees (From ‘St. Louis’) Enter Cuba 9
05/30/1939 Attacks On Arabs Disturb Palestine 11
05/30/1939 Hull States View On Palestine Issue 11
05/30/1939 Zionist Slate (To World Congress) Allocated 11
05/31/1939 Nazis Seize (Salzburg) Palace Of Reich’s Primate 1
05/31/1939 (Father Charles E.).Coughlin Denounced At (Bishop) Duffy Monument 2
05/31/1939 German-Americans Acclaim Democracy 2
05/31/1939 (Senator Robert) Taft At Arlington Asks No War Talk 3
05/31/1939 Jewish War Dead Of 1776 Extolled 3
05/31/1939 (John G.) Winant Says Arms Threaten Poverty 10
05/31/1939 Arabs Retaliate As Bus Is Fired On (Presumably By Jews) 10
05/31/1939 Poles Bar Danzig Demand 10
05/31/1939 France Is Surprised At (U.S.) Isolation View 11
05/31/1939 Reich, Italy Bare War Roles In Spain 13