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William Lindsey collection — 1939 NYT headlines

September 1939
Date Headline Page
09/01/1939 German Army Attacks Poland; Cities Bombed, Port Blockaded; Danzig Is Accepted Into Reich-Hitler Gives Word-Accuses Warsaw Of Appeal To Arms-Free City Is Seized-Hostilities Begun-British Mobilizing-(Map) 1
09/01/1939 Daladier Summons Cabinet To Confer 1
09/01/1939 Hitler Calls The Reichstag ‘Bomb Will Be Met By Bomb’ (Text Of Speech, P. 3) 1&3
09/01/1939 Soviet Ratifies Reich Non-Aggression Pact; Gibes At British And French Amuse Deputies 1
09/01/1939 16-Point (Peace) Proposal Made By Germany-Offer ‘Rejected’ By Poland 2
09/01/1939 Soviet Aid To Reich Held To Be Limited (London Report) 2
09/01/1939 Paderewski Asserts War Guilt Is Hitler’s-Broadcast To American People Asks Sympathy For Poles 2
09/01/1939 German Statement On (Polish) Negotiations 2
09/01/1939 Britain Mobilizes; Limits Food Buying-Censorship Established-Full Naval Strength And Army And Air Force Reserves Are Called To Colors 3
09/01/1939 Picture: A Lesson In War Condition For Children In Berlin (Children Wearing Gas Masks) 3
09/01/1939 Reich Proclaims Penal Code In War-Soap Severely Rationed-Housewives Advised To Save It By Having Family Wash In One Kitchen Basin 4
09/01/1939 (U.S.) Telephone Service To Europe Cut Off (By British)-All Cables Are Censored 4
09/01/1939 American Legion In Paris Offers War Aid (Ambulance Service, Driving Munitions Trucks, Or Any Other Assignment By French Authorities) France 4
09/01/1939 Premier (Abe) Says Japan Will Keep Reich Ties 4
09/01/1939 Conscription Age Set At 17 In Russia 5
09/01/1939 (Polish) Republic Is Menaced-By Jerzy Szapiro 5
09/01/1939 Tokyo Doubts Soviet Can Be Reich’s Ally-It Is Held Russia Will Benefit By War Only If She Stays Out 5
09/01/1939 Pictures: Poland’s Citizens Answer Call To Arms To Meet The German Threat Of Invasion (In Warsaw-Copy Of Polish Mobilization Poster-So Soon?) 5
09/01/1939 Washington Views The Crisis Gravely 6
09/01/1939 Pope Said To Urge Peace Conference-Pius Again Makes Appeal-Message Presented To Envoys Of European Nations And The United States 6
09/01/1939 Polish Consulate Sees Calmness Here-100 Men Seek To Enlist (In Polish Military Service) 6
09/01/1939 Canadian-U.S. Talks On Defense Sought (By Canadians) 6
09/01/1939 (N.Y. Governor, Herbert Lehman) Bids Jews (Address To National Council Of Young Israel, On Rosh Ha-Shanah) Be Thankful (‘We American Jews Have Cause For Heartfelt Thanksgiving For The Blessings Of Peace And For The Privilege Of Living And Working In A Land Which Guarantees Religion And Civic Equality To All Its Citizens.’-Jews Of This Country Should Give ‘Help And Encouragement’ To Their Persecuted Brethren Abroad) 6
09/01/1939 U.S. Voters Favor Poland (87%) In Survey (Gallup Poll-87% Of U.S. Voters Believe Hitler’s Claims Against Poland Are Not Justified) 7
09/01/1939 Slovakia Demand Poles Return Land (Taken By Poland In Previous September) 7
09/01/1939 ‘Peewee Hitlers’ Found In America (By Martin Dies Committee) 7
09/01/1939 21 Arriving On The American Clipper Tell Of Feverish Preparation For War Abroad (Picture: Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.) 7
09/01/1939 Our Aviation Rules For War Are Ready-Bar Outfitting Raiders (Unless The Are British!) Ocean Services Are Expected To Continue-Clippers Get Permit For Bermuda Stops (For The Purpose Of Allowing The British To Censor U.S. Mail To Germany!) 8
09/01/1939 Roosevelt (Family) Party Back From Europe (Aboard ‘Washington’) 8
09/01/1939 Reich Completing Round-Up Of Its Ships (The ‘Bremen’ Too?) 9
09/01/1939 Spy Net Tightened By Federal Men (But They Ignored ‘Intrepid’) 9
09/01/1939 Rfc Can Finance Buying By Europe-Export Bank Ready To Aid Export Of Our Surpluses As (Jesse) Jones Sees No Ban In Law-No Munitions Of War 10
09/01/1939 Navy Will Build Alaska Air Bases-Move Long Advocated (By Navy) 10
09/01/1939 Japanese Fliers Land In Seattle (On Good-Will Flight)-Hostile Banners Raised-Fifty Demonstrators Appear Across Road From Airport, Demanding Boycott (The Text Relates Further That 3,000 Were There To Cheer The Fliers) 11
09/01/1939 War Movie (‘Gone With The Wind’’) Scored By G. A. R. Veterans-Story Called ‘Distorted View’-Theater Boycott Urged 15
09/01/1939 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt, Picture) Names The Liner America 19
09/01/1939 War Threat Shock Partly Cushioned-Warnings Plain For Year 12
09/02/1939 Britain And France Send Ultimatums; Warsaw Calls On Allies; Italy Neutral; Germans Attack Poles On 4 Fronts-London Threatens-Chamberlain Pins Guilt On Hitler-France Mobilizes-8,000,000 On Call-Poles Hold Fast, Warsaw Reports-Reich Closing In-Cities Bombarded 1
09/02/1939 Roosevelt Pledge-He Promises Efforts To Keep U.S. Out Of War-Thinks It Can Be Done-Will Address Nation 1
09/02/1939 ‘War Industries’ Buoy The Markets Here; Stocks And Commodities Up, Bonds Slump 1
09/02/1939 Germany Is Seeking Soviet-Tokyo Pact 2
09/02/1939 Erin Mobilizing; Wants Neutrality 2
09/02/1939 Full Mobilization Ordered By Swiss 2
09/02/1939 Picture: Germany’s Army Head (Col. Gen. Walther Von Brauchitsch) Arrives To Lead The War Against Poland 2
09/02/1939 Miss (Dorothy) Thompson Cut Off (Criticizing Hitler & Expressing Personal Opinion) 2
09/02/1939 Pictures: German Invasion Of Poland 3
09/02/1939 (All) Consulates Put In Busy Day (Many Attempting To Enlist) 3
09/02/1939 Poles Accept War With Great Calm-End Of Fortnight Of Crisis Is Not Unwelcome-Action Of Allies Held Assured 3
09/02/1939 Slovak Minister (To Poland) Shares Polish View On Protest (To Germany) 3
09/02/1939 British Censorship Slows (U.S. News) Despatches-Cables And Radiogram Service Function, But Air Phone Virtually Is Cut Off 3
09/02/1939 Westerplatte (Polish Fortress Near Danzig) Is Strong-To Withstand Long Siege (Can Bombard Danzig In Conjunction With Naval Ships) 3
09/02/1939 Sober View Taken By French Who Accept War News Without Cheering 4
09/02/1939 War Threat Finds Paris Courageous (But Not Enthusiastic!)-Many Reservists Leave 4
09/02/1939 Cheering Commons Backs Chamberlain 4
09/02/1939 London Likened To Besieged City 4
09/02/1939 Viennese Are Resigned 4
09/02/1939 Roosevelt Pleads For Bombing Curb-Britain And France Agree-Poland Endorses Stand But Says Germany Is Attacking Open Towns From Air 5
09/02/1939 Death In Reich For Telling ‘False’ (Sic) Foreign Radio News 5
09/02/1939 Statement Of Prime Minister Chamberlain To The House Of Commons 5
09/02/1939 Hitler Is Expected To Reject (Anglo-French) Terms (Ultimatum)-’Little War’ Is Nazi Aim (Maybe ‘Police Action’) 6
09/02/1939 Nazi Efforts Centered On Preventing Spread Of Conflict To The Rest Of Europe 6
09/02/1939 Quick Nazi Victory Seen In Yorkville (By ‘German Language Population’) 6
09/02/1939 Poland Resolute, Envoy To U.S. Says-Asks For Our Sympathy-Reveals Offers By Americans For Military Service 6
09/02/1939 Roosevelt Delays On Congress (Special Session) Call-Awaits Developments Of Next Few Days In Europe Before Deciding On Extra Session 6
09/02/1939 Picture: Hitler Tells The Reichstag He Has Moved Against Poland 6
09/02/1939 Map: German Advances In Poland 6
09/02/1939 Soviet Pact Signing Held German (‘Go Ahead’) Signal (For War, In Paris) 6
09/02/1939 Steps To Protect (N.Y.) City In Event Of Any War Emergency Taken By Mayor-Laguardia Pushes War Safeguards 7
09/02/1939 Canada Is Placed Upon War Footing 7
09/02/1939 Picture: Berlin Recruits Men And Women For (Civil) Defense 7
09/02/1939 Polish Organizations For A Council Here-350,000 Members Represented At Unification Meeting 7
09/02/1939 Pictures: Executives In Washington Confer On Crisis (Hull & Sumner Welles-George Marshall & Harold Stark) 8
09/02/1939 Picture: A German Refugee (Arnold Bernstein) Joins His Family (Total Number Of Four) Here 8
09/02/1939 British White Paper On Correspondence With German Government Over Poland (Total Text Printed!-Rather Quick Printing Job!-See German White Book, Sept., 6, 1939, P. 20)9 Europe’s Turmoil Reflected At (World’s) Fair 10
09/02/1939 U.S. Broadcasters Aim At Neutrality-Radio Becomes A Weapon (Compare William L. Shirer, Eric Severeid, Edward R. Murrow, Quincy Howe, Hans V. Kaltenborn, Etc.) 17
09/02/1939 War Excitement Invades (Williamstown) Institute (Of Public Relations) 32
09/02/1939 War Tension Felt On Clipper Flights 32
09/03/1939 Britain And France In War At 6 A. M.;-To End Oppression-Premier Calls It ‘Bitter Blow’ That Efforts For Peace Had Failed-Demand On Reich To Withdraw Army From Poland Ignored (Text, P. 1) 1
09/03/1939 Chamberlain Calls Empire To Fight 1
09/03/1939 Hitler Won’t Halt Attack On Poles-Nazis Report Gains 1
09/03/1939 Paris Authorized War Declaration-New Ultimatum Being Drawn 1
09/03/1939 21 Civilians Killed In Raid On Warsaw-Women And Children Die As Bomb Hits Workers Apartment-State Of War Decreed 1
09/03/1939 Bulletins On European Conflict 1
09/03/1939 Soviet In Warning (To British & French)-British-French Action (To Support Poland) To Bring (Russian) Western (Polish) Border Revision Berlin Hears 1
09/03/1939 More Power In ‘40 Is Asked By South 2
09/03/1939 Roosevelt Lists Labors ‘‘Blessings’ (Under His Regime)-Holds He Aided Workers 5
09/03/1939 Grain Value Here Enhanced By War-300,000,000 Bushels Of Wheat And Corn Under (Government) Loans, Go Up $12,000,000 In Day 8
09/03/1939 (Nova Scotia) Bars First Lady’s (Eleanor Roosevelt’s) Effigy (In Show) 8
09/03/1939 (Institute Of Human Relations) Open 3-Day Drive At Williams-Town-To Stress Common Aims-Must Work Together 9
09/03/1939 City Bars (‘At This Time’) Crowds At All Consulates-Laguardia Says Battles Will Be ‘Fought In Europe Not In Streets Of New York’-Ready For Emergency 9
09/03/1939 Outlook For War Aids (U.S.) Foreign Trade-July Total To Europe Up 10
09/03/1939 Throngs (600) Apply At Reich Consulate (Many Were Citizens Of Germany Registering As Required By German Law) 10
09/03/1939 (Benevolent & Protective Order Of Elks) Will Fight Propaganda 10
09/03/1939 Germans Rush Gaily To Army, Believing Poland Will Be Crushed In 10 Days 12
09/03/1939 Germans Mobilize In Festive Spirit-Expect To Crush Poland In 10 Days 12
09/03/1939 Canada Confident On British Course-Radio Censorship Imposed 12
09/03/1939 Hitler’s Tactics Stiffen British 12
09/03/1939 Voters Are Divided On Neutrality Act (Gallup Poll-50% Of Voters Support Change In Neutrality Act) 12
09/03/1939 Map: Germans Report Success In Penetration Of Polish Front 12
09/03/1939 Germans Do Not Believe Attack On Poland Will Lead To World War, Journalist (Virginia Cowles) Reports 12
09/03/1939 Parliament Irked Over Delay As Chamberlain Reported (French) Hitch In Fulfilling Pledges-London Delayed Action On (Polish) Pledge-No German Reply Seen (From Berlin To London In Answer To British Ultimatum) 13
09/03/1939 Speeches By Chamberlain-Opposition Statements 13
09/03/1939 Neutrality Is Asked By Steuben Society-French-British Propaganda Inquiry Also Urged 13
09/03/1939 Berlin Stays Calm Under War Curbs 13
09/03/1939 (Henry) Morgenthau (Jr.) To Fly Home (From Halifax, Nova Scotia) 13
09/03/1939 Roosevelt And Hull Delay Decision On Proclaiming A State Of War In Europe-U.S. Defers Move On Neutrality Act-President (Roosevelt) Speaks Today 14
09/03/1939 London Kills Zoo Snakes Lest Air Raid Free Them 14
09/03/1939 Hitler Promises Limited Bombing 14
09/03/1939 Closer Japanese Tie To U.S. Prophesied (In Tokyo) 14
09/03/1939 M’adoo Sees Long War-Thinks United States Is Likely To Become Involved 14
09/03/1939 Plea To People For Reich-German-American League (Cleveland, Ohio) Asks Them To ‘Defeat Hitler’ 14
09/03/1939 Stock Boom Goes On; Values Are Up 1 To 6 14
09/03/1939 Neutrality Voted By Dail At Dublin 15
09/03/1939 Map: Probable Location Of (Belligerent) Ships At Sea Of Nations ‘In Crisis’ 15
09/03/1939 Elliott Roosevelt Urges We Be Calm 15
09/03/1939 Paris Is Stripped And Ready For War 16
09/03/1939 Text Of Premier Daladier’s Address Before The Chamber Of Deputies-Text Of Lebrun’s Message 16
09/03/1939 (New York City] Rabbis Denounce Nazi Aggression-Anti-Semites Ridiculed-German-Soviet Pact Viewed As Disproof Of Jewish Link With Communism 17
09/03/1939 Portugal Will Try To Remain Neutral 17
09/03/1939 Departure Of Hastily Camouflaged Ships For European Ports Continues Here 17
09/03/1939 (Indiana Representative, Louis) Ludlow To Fight To Keep U.S. Our (Of War)-(War) Referendum Author To Press For Amendment-Mayor (Laguardia) Eulogizes (Polish) Stand 17
09/03/1939 Sympathy In Crisis Cheers Poles’ Day (At N.Y. World’s Fair) 18
09/03/1939 Ties Between American Nations Stressed In (Pan-American Union) Exhibit At The (World’s) Fair 18
09/03/1939 Foreign Study Is Upset By War d-5
09/03/1939 Educators Plan Aid To Teachers D-6
09/03/1939 Runaway Market Held Possibility (Of War) F-7
09/03/1939 U.S. To Push Trade With Latin America (To Take Over Large German Market There) F-7
09/03/1939 The News Of The Week In Review E-1&2
09/03/1939 Vast Powers Put In Hands Of President (Roosevelt)-Policy And Commerce Controls Vested In Him By Law Can Guide Nation Out Of Conflict Or Into It-Democracies Can Be Favored E-3
09/03/1939 Big Problem Is Raised By Italian Neutrality-Question Of Oil Is Important E-3
09/03/1939 Can The United States Keep Out Of The War E-3
09/03/1939 Cartoon: Anti-Hitler, ‘One American Idea Of An Address By Hitler’ (87% Of The Americans’ Ideas) E-3
09/03/1939 Map: The Continent Of Europe Becomes Again The Theater Of War E-4
09/03/1939 Germany’s Hope Seen As The Fait Accompli E-5
09/03/1939 Who Started The War? The Answer Of Events-Harold Callender E-5
09/03/1939 The Propaganda Of War (German, Ww-Ii & Allied, Ww-I) E-5
09/03/1939 Maps: The Reich Map Through Two And A Half Decades (1914, 1919, And 1939-Showing That Present-Day Germany With Austria Has More Territory Than Germany Had Alone In 1914) E-6
09/03/1939 ‘Better Get It Over’ Londoners Say E-6
09/03/1939 Hitler Strikes Again At Versailles Treaty-His Attack On Poland Aimed At Final Destruction Of A Document That Has Been Much Revised Since 1919-John C. De Wilde E-6
09/03/1939 Picture: Japanese Premier Nebuyuki Abe E-6
09/03/1939 Hitler’s Life Has Been A Relentless Struggle E-7
09/03/1939 British Cartoon: After ‘Siegfried’ Comes ‘Goetterdaemmerung’ E-7
09/03/1939 Cartoons: (Virulently Anti-Hitler), (5) Steps On Hitler’s Road To War E-7
09/03/1939 Tension Of Today Recalls 1914 Bolt-World Caught Off Guard E-7
09/03/1939 British Cartoon: Utter Despair (Of Civilization) E-7
09/03/1939 Picture: Rudolf Hess (Nazi No. 3-After Goering) E-7
09/03/1939 Letters: (U.S. Gov’t.) Control Of Education E-8
09/03/1939 The Nazi Threat To The World-Two Books (Also Anti-German Cartoon) Book 1
09/03/1939 Benes, Eduard, Democracy Today And Tomorrow, Macmillan Co., N. Y Book 3
09/03/1939 Churchill, Winston, Step By Step, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, N.Y.,-Winston Churchill Retraces The (British) Road To Disaster Book 9
09/03/1939 The Enigma Of Germany And Russia-Walter Duranty (Paris) Mag. 1
09/04/1939 British Liner Athena Torpedoed, Sunk; 1,400 Passengers Aboard, 292 Americans; All Except A Few Are Reported Saved-Hit Off Hebrides-British Navy Acts-It Cuts Off Entrances To The Baltic, North And Mediterranean Seas (Establishes The British Blockade Of Europe-List Of American Passengers On ‘Athena’)-(U.S.) Capital Is Shocked (Over Sinking But Apparently Not Over The Establishment Of The Blockade) 1
09/04/1939 Roosevelt In Plea-Calls All To Unity-’Even A Neutral’ May Judge, He Says (Text, P. 6-Picture) 1
09/04/1939 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Aide (Secretary, Steven Early) Notes Liner (‘Athena’) Had Refugees (Canadians & Americans) Not Munitions 1
09/04/1939 Hitler With Army On Eastern Front 1
09/04/1939 Poles Charge Aerial Gas Attacks On Cities As Germany Agrees To ‘Humanize’ (Sic) The War 1
09/04/1939 Poles Report Gain-Shell German Area-But (German) Invaders Announce Wide Advances 1
09/04/1939 Text Of Hitler’s Reply To British Ultimatum 2
09/04/1939 Hitler’s Appeal To Nation 2
09/04/1939 Proclamation To German Troops 2
09/04/1939 Hong Kong Germans Interned By British 2
09/04/1939 Berlin Is Soberrd By War Situation 3
09/04/1939 Reich To Respect Irish Neutrality 3
09/04/1939 British Note Made War Declaration-Formal Statement Handed To German Envoy In London By Foreign Office Executive 3
09/04/1939 Franco Asks Foes To Localize War 3
09/04/1939 U.S. Envoy’s (A. J. Drexel Biddle’s Summer) Home (On Outskirts Of Warsaw) Bombed In Warsaw (Incendiaries) 3
09/04/1939 Picture: Flame And Wreckage Mark The Advance Of The German Army In Poland 3
09/04/1939 Reich ‘Blitzkrieg’ Is Now Ruled Out (By British And French) 3
09/04/1939 General Pershing Silent As He Studies War News 3
09/04/1939 Pictures: How Londoners Received The News That A Crisis Had Ended And A New Great War Had Begun 4
09/04/1939 Raid Alarm Halts Chamberlain Talk 4
09/04/1939 All Civil Forces In France Ready-Police Detain Suspects 4
09/04/1939 Germany Agreed In 1935 To Keep Submarine Rules (Of London Naval Treaty, Regardless Of Whether The Other Powers Agreed To Do So Or Not!) 5
09/04/1939 Ex-Kaiser Follows War With Aid Of Pins On Map 6
09/04/1939 Canada Declares Automatic Entry (Into European War) 6
09/04/1939 Australia At War, Resolved To Win-Reviews Hitler’s Record 6
09/04/1939 Russia Refuses Reply On Position-Neutrality Is Indicated 6
09/04/1939 Britain Tightens Up On Resident Aliens-Germans Must Report To Police 6
09/04/1939 Chamberlain Talk Announcing War 8
09/04/1939 Daladier Rallies France To Combat-Faith Is Placed In Army (Text, P. 8) 8
09/04/1939 (Winston) Churchill Heads British Admiralty-(Lord Maurice) Hankey Is Also Chosen (Picture-’The Man With A Thousand Secrets’) 8
09/04/1939 Commons Accepts War Confidently-Churchill Stirs House-Lloyd George Supports Stand Of Government-Only Two (George Lansbery, A Pacifist, & John Mc Govern, A Socialist ?) Members Voice Dissent (Text Of Speeches By Churchill & Lloyd George) 8
09/04/1939 Map: Poles Report Fighting On Foe’s (Germany’s) Soil (North Of Breslau) 9
09/04/1939 (American) Legion Head Asks Full Neutrality (In War)-Landon Pleads For Unity-La Follett Upholds Our Embargo On Arms (To All Belligerants) 11
09/04/1939 Churchill A Foe Of Hitler Since ‘33-(Lord Maurice) Hankey A Valued Adviser 14
09/04/1939 Links With Europe Still Functioning-Cable And Wireless Facilities Remain In Operation Here Despite War Outbreak 14
09/04/1939 Bulletins On European Conflict 14
09/04/1939 Balkans Planning Neutrality Bloc 15
09/04/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn (German-American Bund) Says Hitler ‘Can Lick World’ (What He Said Is Not Clear. He May Have Said England And France Instead Of ‘World.’) 17
09/04/1939 World Federation Is Urged By (Columbia University’s Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Also Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace)-Wants U.S. To Take Lead-Only Hope Of Ending War Lies In Abandoning National Sovereignties, He Says 19
09/04/1939 (English Presbyterian, Rev. Dr. Donald) Davidson Views Hitler As Doomed-Britain’s Stand Upheld (In N.Y. City Sermon At 5th Avenue Presbyterian Church) 20
09/04/1939 Propaganda Called Major Peril To U.S. (By Rev. Walton E. Cole, Unitarian Church) 20
09/04/1939 Dr. Fey (Of Disciples Of Christ) Criticizes ‘Force’ Doctrine-God Is On Neither Side In The Present Struggle, He Says 20
09/05/1939 French And British Attack Germans On Wide Fronts (In Drive On West Wall)-2 Reich Battleships Hit In Air Raid On Wilhelms Haven; Stories Of Athena Rescue Told, U.S. Curbs Travel 1
09/05/1939 British Raid Fleet-Leaflets Dropped And Chamberlain Speaks To German People 1
09/05/1939 Hull Issues (Travel Curtailment) Order-Neutrality Edicts 1
09/05/1939 Bombs Drop On Neutral Denmark (Unknown Plane, Possible Allied) 2
09/05/1939 (German-American League For Culture, Cleveland, Ohio) Ask Wiedeman Recall (Wiedemann, A Consul In U.S. Was Former Commanding Officer Of Adolf Hitler And An Advisor) 2
09/05/1939 (Eduard) Benes Pledges Czech Aid (To Britain) 2
09/05/1939 Many Here Seek To Serve In France 3
09/05/1939 Reich Subscribed To Curb On U-Boats (London Naval Treaty Of 1930) 4
09/05/1939 (J. P.) Morgan Indicated As British (Purchasing) Agent (As In World War I)-Avoids Flat Statement 5
09/05/1939 Control Of Aliens Applied In Britain 6
09/05/1939 Chamberlain’s Speech To Germans 6
09/05/1939 South Africa Rent Over (Pro-British) Stand In War 9
09/05/1939 Special (Anti-Sabotage) War Squad Set Up By (N.Y. City) Police 9
09/05/1939 (German Veteran) Ends Life (In Jersey City) Over War (By Use Of Poison] 9
09/05/1939 Trotsky Condemns German-Soviet Pact 10
09/05/1939 (Polish President Ignace) Moscicki Thanks Britain For Help 10
09/05/1939 Germans Cut Off Polish Corridor-Warsaw Concedes Loss Of 2
09/05/1939 Key Cities (Bromberg & Graudenz) There 12
09/05/1939 Incidents In European Conflict 12
09/05/1939 Franco Proclaims Strict Neutrality 13
09/05/1939 Neutrality Voiced By 3 Balkan States 14
09/05/1939 Urges German Revolt (Because Of ‘Monsterous Crime Against Peace And Humanity’) 14
09/05/1939 All Americas Act In Concert On War-Neutrality Is Key Policy (In Western Hemisphere) 15
09/05/1939 Sale Of Munitions Opposed By (Massachusetts Senator, David I.) Walsh (Chairman Of Senate Naval Affairs Committee) 17
09/05/1939 Text Of Hull’s Travel Restriction Order 17
09/05/1939 Polish Legion Here Stands By Roosevelt 18
09/05/1939 War Is Held A Spur To Gold Flight Here 19
09/06/1939 Germans Shell Warsaw, Residents In Flight-Nazi Drive Is Swift-Government Flees The Capital In Face Of A Land-Air Blow-Front Reported Broken-Army Chief (Smigly-Rydz) Is Said To Offer To Quit 1
09/05/1939 U.S. Neutrality Proclaimed; Arms Embargoed; Ban By Roosevelt-President (Roosevelt) Separates His Counsel To Citizens From Arms Ruling (Text, P. 2) 1
09/05/1939 Markets Here Rise-War Stocks Boom-Heaviest In History As Investors Rush For Bigger Profits 1
09/05/1939 Athenia Was Shelled-Rescued Say Submarine Fired On Them After Torpedo Blast (Berlin Denied Attack-Suggested Mine Or British Submarine)-44 Of Ship Missing 1
09/05/1939 Serious Disorders Reported In Reich (French & Swiss Reports) 1
09/06/1939 France Attacking (Germany) To The Northeast (Mosel Area) 1
09/06/1939 South Africa Votes Break With Germany; Gen. Smuts Succeeds (‘Replaces’) Hertzog As Premier 1
09/06/1939 Text Of President Roosevelt’s Proclamation On American Neutrality 2
09/06/1939 Text Of The President’s (Roosevelt’s) Proclamation Placing An Embargo On The Shipping Of Arms (To Belligerents) 3
09/06/1939 Britain And Reich Lose Ships At Sea (From Naval Action) 3
09/06/1939 Roosevelt Puts Our Ships In Open-He Decides On Plain Marking As Warning To Attackers 4
09/06/1939 Americans (From ‘Athena’] Whose Fate Is Known (List) 4
09/06/1939 Survivors Certain About Torpedoing 5
09/06/1939 Britain Continues Leaflet Bombing 5
09/06/1939 Argentines Discard Sympathy For Reich 5
09/06/1939 Germans Report Control Of Silesia-Driving Toward Cracow (Map) 6
09/06/1939 German Group (German Labor Delegation In The United States-Many Former Social Democrats From Germany) Here Joins Fight On Hitler 7
09/06/1939 Map: ‘All Quiet On The Western Front’ 7
09/06/1939 Reich Troops Hit At Polish Snipers-Act To Round Up All Civilian Males Behind Their Lines After Deadly Shooting-One City (Czestochowa) ‘Cleaned Up’ (Report Of American Journalist-’Sudden Burst Of (Polish) Gunfire’) 8
09/06/1939 Messages In Code Still Sent To Reich 8
09/06/1939 How Polish Names Are Pronounced 8
09/06/1939 Egypt Is Now Placed On Full War Footing-Germans Taken Into Custody 10
09/06/1939 Morgenthau Adds Advisors (To Expanding Treasury Department Functions) In Crisis 11
09/06/1939 Picture (In Front Of French Consulate In N.Y. City): They Seek To Fight For France 11
09/06/1939 300 Citizens Of U.S. Volunteer In France 11
09/06/1939 Many Volunteers Visit Consulates (Mention Of German Citizens Only In Regard To Their Obligation To Register At Their Consulate-Enthusiasm For Allies!) 11
09/06/1939 Scan War Effect On World Cotton 12
09/06/1939 Britain Lists Contraband (For Blockade-Absolute & Conditional) 13
09/06/1939 50,000 In Palestine Volunteer For War-Jews Ready To Assist Britain 13
09/06/1939 Propaganda Curb Is Urged (By Elliott Roosevelt) For Radio-Elliott Roosevelt Asks Head (National Association Of Broad-Casters) To Put Matter Before The F. C. C 14
09/06/1939 Japan Tells Envoys Of Neutral Stand 14
09/06/1939 Inspection Set Up (On Basis Of Order By Roosevelt) At Panama Canal-All Cargo Ships Covered 14
09/06/1939 Incidents In European Conflict-Germans Deny Partition Plans With Russia 16
09/06/1939 Reich Commissars Of Defense Named-Goering Fills New Posts 17
09/06/1939 Gandhi Reveals He Made Personal Plea To Hitler (Supports Britain According To Article) 17
09/06/1939 Philippine Germans Held Anti-Hitlerite-Fear Of Reprisals Keeps Them Silent-Quezon Stands By U.S. 18
09/06/1939 U.S. Plan To Use World War Ships-Reconditioning Of 116 Obsolete Destroyers To Enforce Neutrality Is Studied (Some Of These May Have Been Given To England By Roosevelt Later) 18
09/06/1939 British Provocation Of Germany Alleged 18
09/06/1939 Zionists Back Britain (Chaim Weitzmann, ‘The Jews Will Stand By Great Britain And Will Fight On The Side Of The Democracies.’ 18
09/06/1939 Britain Corners Australian Wool-London To Buy Whole Clip 19
09/06/1939 (German-American) Bund Here Called Agency Of Reich (By Warner Brothers Pictures Brief-In Reply To Suit Against Them By Fritz Kuhn) 19
09/06/1939 White Book Issued To Justify Hitler-Polish Terror Charged-Responsibility For Starting War Ascribed To Britain’s Unwilling-Ness To Parley (Text Not Published! See Full Text Of British White Paper, Sept 2, 1939, P. 9) 20
09/06/1939 Orders For Steel Pour Into America-Japan Offers Shunned 33
09/06/1939 Japanese Switch (Truck Factory) Order From Reich 31
09/07/1939 Poles Hold Germans In Battle For Warsaw-Poles Halt Tanks-Thrusts Of Foe Beaten Off-But Battle Rages On 1
09/07/1939 French Invade Reich; Blow At Westwall-Advances Of 7 Miles In Several Sectors Are Reported By Paris-600 Tanks Are Used 1
09/07/1939 British Land In France (Surely Now Something Will Happen!) 1
09/07/1939 Roosevelt Plans Early Congress Session-A Neutrality Step-President (Roosevelt) Sees Need Of Fast Revision In Ban On Sale Of (U.S.) Arms (To Belligerents) 1
09/07/1939 Five (U.S.) Banks Attach Reich Assets Here 1
09/07/1939 First Nazi Planes Approach England 1
09/07/1939 Nazi Army’s Speed Seen As A Surprise-In Less Than A Week German Forces Have Reached Gates Of Poland’s Capital 2
09/07/1939 Westerplatte (Polish) Defenders Repulse Attacks From Sea, Air And Land-70-200 Polish ‘Suicide Groups’ Shatter Two German Attempts 2
09/07/1939 Pictures: The German Chancellor At The Front With His Troops In Poland 3
09/07/1939 Paris Expects Policy Of U.S. To ‘Evolve’-Views Neutrality Arms Embargo As A Matter Of Present Law (Apparently Changeable) 3
09/07/1939 Sees (German) Advance Slowed-Ex-Warsaw Correspondent (M. M. Nowinski) Says Germans Face Bad (Polish) Roads 3
09/07/1939 French See Reich Invaded This Time-Evil Dreams Of Bombing Raids At Outset Are Dispelled-British Aid Immediate-News From The Front Assures Man In Street That Army Is Not On The Defensive-Air Defense Is Stressed 4
09/07/1939 Map: Start Of Operations On The Western Front 4
09/07/1939 Map: German Armies Drive Deeply Into Poland 4
09/07/1939 New ‘Leaflet Raid’ Is Made (Over Germany) By British 4
09/07/1939 Nazis Place Honor Guard At The Tomb Of Pilsudski (In Cracow) 4
09/07/1939 U.S. Mails To Europe Will Be Continued (German Mail To Be Routed Through The British Blockade To Amsterdam) 4
09/07/1939 125 On The Athenia Not Accounted For 5
09/07/1939 U.S. Airmail Link Sought By Japan 5
09/07/1939 Red Cross Will Aid Arriving (‘Athenia’) Refugees 5
09/07/1939 U.S. Assigns 4 Ships To Aid Evacuation-Other Vessels To Assist 6
09/07/1939 Reich Peace Move In West Is Hinted (Berlin Report)-Nazis Mild Toward Paris 6
09/07/1939 Hitler ‘Reported’ (By Professor Harry C. Steinmetz, Social Psychologist) As Mentally Ill-Professor H. C. Steinmetz Says This Statement Was Made By A (Unnamed) ‘Leading Physician’ 7
09/07/1939 All Local Offices Called To Spy Hunt-President (Roosevelt) Asks Nation’s Police And Sheriffs To Help Fight On Espionage And Sabotage-Reports To Be Given FBI (See Stevenson, William, A Man Called Intrepid) 8
09/07/1939 White House Parley On (Intergovernmental Committee For) Refugees Stands-(Myron C.) Taylor (U.S. Delegate), After Seeing President (Roosevelt), Says Meeting Will Be Held 10
09/07/1939 German Casualty Rate In Poland Given As Low 10
09/07/1939 Washington Undecided On Course If Our Neutrality In War Is Violated-Officials Prefer To Await Specific Acts By Belligerents Rather Than Fix A General Rule-Two Cases Already Studied 12
09/07/1939 Capital Clarifies Neutrals’ Status-They Must Convince U.S. Army Purchases Are Not To Be Sent To Belligerents 12
09/07/1939 U.S. Coast Patrol Swings Into ActioN-116 Old Destroyers Used-Presence Of Belligerent Craft In Our Waters To Be Reported By Scouting Fleet 13
09/07/1939 Bermuda Excepted In (U.S.) War Travel Ban-U.S. Citizens May Also Go To West Indies On Combatant Ships 13
09/07/1939 4 Child Refugees (Jews) Here From Austria-At (Hias) Immigrant Shelter-They Are On Way To Join Their Guardian (Max Rosenberg) In California 15
09/07/1939 Japan Seen Joining Anti-German Block (By The Chinese) 15
09/07/1939 Panama Canal Put Under (U.S.) Army Rule 15
09/07/1939 Roosevelt Bars Censorship Here 16
09/07/1939 Polish Consulate Bars Enlistments-20 American Youths Offer To Enlist But Are Refused On Neutrality (Act) Grounds 17
09/07/1939 ‘What’s Use Of Goering?’ Offered As A (British) War Song 17
09/07/1939 (German Consul, Fritz) Wiedemann Out Of Club (After Protests In U.S.-Wiedemann Had Been Hitler’s Superior In World War I And Was Still His Good Friend And Confidant) 17
09/07/1939 Reds Here Predict Hitler Downfall-Pact Viewed As Anti-Hitler-But Fuehrer Is Not Booed 18
09/07/1939 (Leon) Trotsky Sees New Order-Predicts World Reorganization After ‘Imperialist’ War 18
09/07/1939 Fate Of Woman Scientist (Dr. Emmy Kleineberger) Worries Colleagues Here (At Waldorf-Astoria-They Fear She Was Sent To A Concentration Camp) 21
09/07/1939 Doctors War Role Praised As Heroic 27
09/07/1939 Student Exchange Blocked By War 27
09/07/1939 Government Buys Its Falling Bonds 37
09/08/1939 Germans Rush Troops West To Meet French-Saar Is Attacked-Large Tanks Lead Drive 1
09/08/1939 Polish Army, Intact, Still Defends Warsaw-Nazis Press Poles-Berlin Is Talking Peace-Poles Declared To Have 47 Divisions Still Intact 1
09/08/1939 Submarines Sink Four British Freighters 1
09/08/1939 Reich Submarines Raid Allies’ Ships-Liner Washington In Rescue 1
09/08/1939 Canada Considers ‘The State Of War’ (With Germany) 1
09/08/1939 ‘Suicide’ (Polish) Troops Surrender Westerplatte (Impregnable Polish Fortress) To Germans After Heroic Six-Day Siege 1
09/08/1939 (British) Raid On Nazi Fleet Called Big Victory-Polish Heroism Praised-Chamberlain Reports To House On Events (Text, P. 2) 2
09/08/1939 Incidents On European Conflict-Poles Again Report Air Raid On Berlin 2
09/08/1939 Lack Of War News Stirs London Ire 3
09/08/1939 Hitler Peace Plan Foreseen In Paris-Press For Firm Policy 3
09/08/1939 Mexico Sees A Boom In Export Of Metals-Despite Loss Of Sales To Reich 3
09/08/1939 Pictures: At The Front With The German Army Advancing Against The Poles (U.S. Reports Always Use Polish Place Names!) 3
09/08/1939 Map: Rich Polish Provinces Over-Run By German Invaders (Must Of It Had Been German Territory Prior To 1918) 4
09/08/1939 Polish War Plans Seized With General (Janusz Gasiorowski), Nazis Say (Gen. Gasiorowski Was An Associate Of Pilsudski) 4
09/08/1939 Polish Tactics Vex Nazis-Defenders Accused Of Arming Civilians For Guerrilla Acts 4
09/08/1939 (Dr. Heinrich) Bruening Fixes War Guilt (On Lack Of Constructive Statesmanship-On Both Sides) 5
09/08/1939 Czechs Slovaks (In England) Forming Legions-Benes Leads Move In Britain While Envoy Calls Upon His Countrymen In France-Would Overthrow Hitler 5
09/08/1939 British (Torpedo) Gunboat Studied (At Groton, Connecticut) 5
09/08/1939 Iraq (Controlled By Britain) Deporting All Germans5 5
09/08/1939 Germany Extends Her List Of Crimes-Violation Of New Decrees Are Punishable By Long Prison Sentences Or By Death-All Britons Must Report-French Citizens Not Mentioned In Order 6
09/08/1939 Commercial Credits To Europe Allowed-President (Roosevelt) Warns They Must Be Of Peace-Time Variety 6
09/08/1939 War Booms Mine Orders 6
09/08/1939 Map: Where French Have Crossed German Border 8
09/08/1939 (U.S. Judge) Bids New Citizens Shun Foreign Ties 10
09/08/1939 Link German (-American) Bund To (U.S.) Army Officers 10
09/08/1939 Athenia Survivors Demand A Convoy-Distrustful Of Germany 14
09/08/1939 Japanese Occupy Tientsin Ymca 15
09/08/1939 Japanese Suggest Powers Quit China 15
09/08/1939 Jewish Emigration From Reich Ceases-Only A Few Leave For The United States And South America 15
09/08/1939 Argentina’s Markets Again Opening To U.S. (‘Formerly Imported From European Nations At War.’) 15
09/08/1939 Radio Men (Executives Of U.S. Networks) Ponder Coverage Of War (Sarnoff, Paleg, Lohr & Mc Coaker) 16
09/09/1939 Germans In Part Of Warsaw, Poles Are Resisting-Confusion In City-Warsaw Radio Station Suddenly Silent After German Broadcast 1
09/08/1939 U.S. Proclaims Emergency To Protect Neutrality-100,000 More Men-Under Peace Limit 1
09/08/1939 French Drive On, Report Saarbruecken Surrounded-Advance In West-Pillboxes Are Taken-Retreating Germans Blowup Bridges 1
09/08/1939 Britain Proclaims Virtual Blockade 1
09/08/1939 Nazi Submarine Barnacled, Crew Unkept; Attacker Of Olivegrove Believed Long At Sea 1
09/08/1939 Polish Atrocities Charged By Nazis-25 Mutilated Bodies Said To Be Germans Seen In Bromberg By Correspondent (Frederic C. Oechsner Of U. P. Staff)-Total Of 8Oo Is Alleged-Poland Held Unprepared For War (By Germans) 2
09/08/1939 Map: Warsaw’s Fate In Doubt With Germans At Its Gates 2
09/08/1939 King (George Vi) Confirms (British) List Of War Contraband 2
09/08/1939 Gestapo Arrests Many Ex-Socialists 3
09/08/1939 Benes Declares War For Czech People-Jan Masaryk, On London Radio Announces Action 3
09/09/1939 Reich Calls Prayers For Victory In War 3
09/09/1939 Nazi Plot Is Bared (In London) To Seize Rand (South Africa) Gold-Neutrality Scheme In South Africa Spiked By (Jan) Smuts’ Success, Seen As Basis 4
09/09/1939 Pictures: Type Of French Soldier And Tanks Facing Germans Japan Perplexed By War’s Inaction 4
09/09/1939 Britain Prepares Rationing Of Food 5
09/09/1939 Rye, Wheat Flour Rationed In Reich 5
09/09/1939 British Forbid Pictures By Radio Service To U.S. 5
09/09/1939 Emergency Proclamation (By Roosevelt)-’Limited National Emergency’) 6
09/09/1939 Roosevelt Follows War With Maps On Office Wall 6
09/09/1939 U.S. Plane Orders Reach 3,000 Total 6
09/09/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn Says British Sank The Athenia-War Laid To Plotting 7
09/09/1939 Findings Reported In Athenia Sinking 7
09/09/1939 Russia Reinforces Western Frontier-Fear Of Germans Revives 8
09/09/1939 Picture: Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt Greets A Friend (Mr. & Mrs. Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) Returning From Europe 8
09/09/1939 (Herbert Lehman & Senator James M. Mead) Plead To (N.Y. American] Legion For United Nation-Sterling Warns Of Peril 8
09/09/1939 Mexico’s Oil Hopes Now Hinge On Allies 8
09/09/1939 U.S. Ships In Bermuda Run Asked (By British) To Replace British (Ships) 8
09/09/1939 Von Papen Has A Reason For Opposition To War 8
09/09/1939 German Group (The Roland German-American Democratic Society Of Greater New York, Inc.) Here Gives Pledge To U.S.-Local Society Hopes Nazi Form Of Rule Will Vanish 8
09/09/1939 (Sir Oswald) Mosely Urges Peace (England Could Withdraw From The Conflict At Any Time With Her Empire Intact And Her People Safe) 8
09/09/1939 Free Poland Trip Is Prize For Essay-2-Year Option On Award 10
09/09/1939 Faith Needed Now, Roosevelt Says-War Must Not Dim Spiritual Values 20
09/10/1939 Germans Try To Sweep Around Warsaw Defenders-Poles Holding City-End Near Nazis Say-They Hold Main Force Of Foe Is Trapped 1
09/10/1939 Main Polish Force Held Not Yet Used (By Edward W. Beattie) 1
09/10/1939 French Advance Again; Goering Makes Bid To Paris-Wood Won In West 1
09/10/1939 British Cabinet Preparing For A Three-Year War-Answer To Goering 1
09/10/1939 Russians Alarmed At Reich Advance 1
09/10/1939 British Can’t Win Goering Asserts-Adds Paris Was Agitated Into War By London-Frontiers Of ‘14 (For Eastern Boundary Of Germany) Held Reestablished 1&16
09/10/1939 Negro Regiment Ends Busy Week-Governor (Lehman) At Camp Today 15
09/10/1939 State (American) Legion Asks Strict Neutrality (In European War) 17
09/10/1939 Red Cross To Send Supplies To Poles 18
09/10/1939 Public Is Colder To Vote (Referendum) On War (Gallup Poll-51% Favor. Earlier, 61%) 19
09/10/1939 Sees War’s End In A Week-Vienna Confident Russia Will Give Poles Coup De Grace 19
09/10/1939 (Roosevelt’s) Neutrality Steps Meet Law In Full 20
09/10/1939 German Industry Pressed 20
09/10/1939 Japanese Premier (Abe) Holds Peace Hope 23
09/10/1939 Picture: Japanese Good-Will Fliers Here On Round The World Trip 23
09/10/1939 1,500 Americans Remain In Berlin 24
09/10/1939 Poland Unyielding, Envoy Tells Britain 24
09/10/1939 Canada Puts War Beyond All Doubt-Shuts Off U.S. Munitions 27
09/10/1939 Hail Roosevelt Policies-North Carolina Young Democrats For Cash And Carry Plan (To Sell Armaments Made In U.S.A. To ‘Belligerents’-Meaning Allies) 27
09/10/1939 Britons (Flying Over Neutral Belgium) Captured By Belgian Fliers-London Speeds Apology 29
09/10/1939 800-Pound Bombs Blast Poles’ Line 29
09/10/1939 U.S. Will ‘Be Along Later’ Goering Tells Inquirer 29
09/10/1939 Nazi Secret Police Help Subdue Poles 30
09/10/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn (German-American Bund) Pleads Guilty To Speeding Charge-Fined $10, The Maximum Penalty 30
09/10/1939 (New York Poles) Vote A Day’s Pay Weekly To Poland 31
09/10/1939 Argentina Fights (British Blockade) Contraband Rules 35
09/10/1939 Nazis Free 77 Children (To Go To Palestine-Sponsored By Hadssah Zionist Organization) 35
09/10/1939 Permanent Parley Of Neutrals Asked (By National Peace Conference)-Asks World Government 36
09/10/1939 Modern Weapons Receive Real Test 36
09/10/1939 Germany Expects (British) Blockade To Fail 38
09/10/1939 (Sumner) Welles Is Delegate To Americas’ (Panama) Parley 38
09/10/1939 Asks Nazi Boycott Go On-Dr. Tenenbaum (Chairman Of Joint Boycott Council Of The American Jewish Congress & Jewish Labor Committee & Federation Of Polish Jews In America) Calls It Urgent To Assure Hitler Defeat 38
09/10/1939 Slovaks Regain Region (Lost Shortly Before To Poland-Munich) 38
09/10/1939 Pictures: Surrender Of Polish Westerplatte Fortress (By Polish ‘Suicide’ Troops-Polish Commander Allowed By Germans To Keep His Sword) 40
09/10/1939 British Proclaim Mastery Of Seas (By Their Fleet) 43
09/10/1939 Reich Radio Ruse Charged (By Paderewski-Unfair Trick) 43
09/10/1939 Incidents In European Conflict-Polish Legion Is Created In France 45
09/10/1939 Mexican Labor Chief Urges Entering (European) War-Destroy Fascism 45
09/10/1939 Polish Radio Thanks Nazis For Razing Ugly Buildings (In Warsaw) 46
09/10/1939 Summary Of Marshal Goering’s Speech To Reich Munitions Workers (Picture) 46
09/10/1939 Ort To Continue Aid To Jewish Refugees 47
09/10/1939 Swedish Traveler Finds Germany Sad 47
09/10/1939 Appeal Mein Kampf (Copyright Ownership Vs. Piracy) Suit 43
09/10/1939 Gitlow Says Ogpu Faked Our Money 50
09/10/1939 Loss Of U.S. Citizenship Is Urged For Volunteers (In European War By Head Of American Legion) 50
09/10/1939 The News Of The Week In Review (Map) E-1
09/10/1939 Anti-German Cartoon E-2
09/10/1939 Germany Is Off Again On A War Of Conquest-Edwin L. James E-3
09/10/1939 German Gains In Poland Add To Task Of Allies E-4
09/10/1939 Map: The Two Fronts E-4
09/10/1939 Cartoons: Anti-German E-4,5,&7
09/10/1939 Roosevelt Seeks Unity Before Congress Acts-Expected Swiftly To Lift The Ban On Arms (Shipments To Allied Belligerents) E-7
09/10/1939 Grimly, Britain Tackles & Grim Task Mag. 1
09/10/1939 Can Civilization Survive A World War? Allan Nevins, Columbia University Mag. 3
09/11/1939 Poles Repel Attacks On Warsaw-Capital Battered-Foes In Street Fighting 1
09/11/1939 Poles Need Planes Moral Is Strong-Casualties No Greater Than Expected-Fall Of Cracow Shortens (Polish Defense) Line 1
09/11/1939 Nazis Report Trapping Of 2 (Polish) Armies 1
09/11/1939 French Shift Their Drive In West-Allies Make Gain 1
09/11/1939 Soviet Preparing For Threat In West-Official Statement Says War Is More Menacing 1
09/11/1939 Canada Proclaims War On Germany-First Declaration In History Of Dominion 1
09/11/1939 Incidents In European Conflict-German Mass Desertion Reported In Paris 2
09/11/1939 Hitler Makes Flight Over Eastern Front; Follows Route Of Retreating Polish Force 3
09/11/1939 Picture: Mayor Of Warsaw 4
09/11/1939 Westwall Break Is Held Possible 5
09/11/1939 Irish Sympathies Lie With Britain-Chamberlain Is Cheered 5
09/11/1939 Nazis Wage Radio War; Use Polish Wave Lengths (Kattowitz) 5
09/11/1939 Polish (Legion) Recruiting Begun In Paris (By Polish Ambassador) 5
09/11/1939 Units Of Empire Rally To Britain 6
09/11/1939 Picture: Fortress Of Westerplatte 6
09/11/1939 Australia Ready To Aid (Britain) 6
09/11/1939 Canadian Proclamation (Of War On Germany-Text-As Of 10th Sept. 1939) 6
09/11/1939 President (Roosevelt) Puts Ban On Arms To Canada (Text) 7
09/11/1939 (Rev.) Dr. Poling Urges Shift-Baptist Leader Says United States Must Aid Democracies 7
09/11/1939 Military Training Proposed For CCC (By ‘High Administration Officials’)-Not Prohibited Bylaw-Strictly Voluntary Basis Is Stressed By Officials Considering Plan 8
09/11/1939 U.S. Ties To League (Of Nations) Found To Be Close (By Carnegie Endowment For International Peace Headed By Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler Who Is Also President Of Columbia University-John G. Winant Of International Labor Organization Mentioned) 8
09/11/1939 5 Liners Due Today With 2,500 Aboard 8
09/11/1939 Ex-Kaiser Enters Denial (Did Not Send Telegram To Hitler As Reported, Warning Him To End The War ‘Since The Disaster Threatening Germany Now Is Greater Than In 1918’) 8
09/11/1939 Germans Warn Czechs-Enlistment In Any Foreign Army Will Be Regarded As Treason 8
09/11/1939 26 From War Zone Arrive On Clipper 10
09/11/1939 (Social ?) Scientists Gather To Study America (In Lima, Peru) 10
09/11/1939 British Trade Pact Called A Benefit (To U.S. By U.S. ‘Trade Experts’) 11
09/11/1939 London Prays For Peace 11
09/11/1939 Conference Held On Turks’ War Plans-Weygand (France) Meets Army Leaders 12
09/11/1939 Americans Warned Of Being Like Pharisee And Denying Kenship With Nations At War (Rev. C. Everett Wagner, Methodist) 14
09/11/1939 Civilization Safe Moldencke (Lutheran) Says-Teaching Hate Scored 14
09/11/1939 God On Both Sides In War (Rev. J. W. Sitt, Presbyterian) 14
09/11/1939 U.S. Jewish Youth Form New Group (‘American Jewish Youth’)-Affiliates Of (Jewish) War Veterans Pledge Loyalty To Nation; Back Neutrality Stand-’Isms’ Are Denounced-Resolutions Call For Attack On Communism And Fascism 20
09/11/1939 Shortage Doubted In Wheat Supply 27
09/11/1939 Dutch See Revision Of (U.S.) Neutrality Act 27
09/11/1939 Reich’s Economy On Full War Basis 27
09/11/1939 Domestic Orders Rush Steel Mills-Foreign Bookings As Result Of War Still Are In Stage Of Active Negotiation-Inventories Are Factor 29
09/11/1939 Peace Urged On U.S. By Jewish (Synagogue) Council 38
09/11/1939 Advertisement (American Home): Hitler Threatens Europe-But Betty Haven’s Husband’s Boss Is Coming To Dinner, And That’s What Counts 38
09/12/1939 (Idaho Senator William E.] Borah Opens Fight Over Neutrality (Act Changes To Please Roosevelt) 1
09/12/1939 Poles Halt Enemy On Wide Front; Warsaw Fights On 1
09/12/1939 French Continue To Gain In West; Gained Areas Held-Counter Thrust Broken-Major Battle Is Expected Soon 1
09/12/1939 Poles Unprepared For (Assault) Blow So Hard 1
09/12/1939 Reich To Intensify Shipping War-Berlin Announces Counter-Blockade 1
09/12/1939 American Ship (‘Wacosta’) Is Halted And Searched By U-Boat 1
09/12/1939 Stocks Go Higher; U.S. Bonds Are Sold 1
09/12/1939 Radio Nets Agree On War Coverage-Pledge Temperate And Responsible Broadcasting Of News (Text) 1
09/12/1939 Government To Build 20 More Cargo Ships (13,900 Tons Displacement Each) 1
09/12/1939 $100,000,000 (Canadian) Voted By Canada For War 2
09/12/1939 Reich To Ration Bread 2
09/12/1939 Australia Pledges Support (To Britain) 2
09/12/1939 Allied Diplomats Seek Balkan Peace 3
09/12/1939 Soviet Seen Ready To Disarm Poles-Reich Success Expected (About Here The Newspapers Begin Taking The Approach Of Showing How Heroic The Polish Defense Was Against Overwhelming Odds Rather Than The ‘Just Wait Until The Poles Start Fighting’ Approach) 4
09/12/1939 Map: Poles Reported Resisting Invaders ‘On All Fronts’ 4
09/12/1939 (U.S.) Socialists Oppose War (Norman Thomas, Chicago) 4
09/12/1939 Sniping Poles Irk German Invaders-Dire Reprisals Intimated For Civilians Who Take Part In Defense Of Homeland-Nazis Broadcast Warnings 5
09/12/1939 (British Press Photographer, Eric Calcraft) Saw Warsaw Bombed Hourly For 4 Days-Says Nazi Fliers Returned Like Clockwork) 5
09/12/1939 Map: French Continue To Advance East Of The Saar River-Four (German) Towns Reported Taken 5
09/12/1939 Netherlands Anti Hitler-Official Neutrality, However, Is Observed 5
09/12/1939 Neutrals Scan (British) Blockade 5
09/12/1939 War Shelves Plan For Federal India-Undertaking Is Suspended Until Victory Is Won 6
09/12/1939 Pictures (German): Damage At Radom (Market Square) And Cracow (Railroad Station) 6
09/12/1939 Deceived By Own Radio, Four Nazis Are Captured (Made The Error Of Believing Inflated German Claims About Their Advance Instead Of The Polish Claims Which Were True And Drove Foolishly Into An Area Held By The Poles] 6
09/12/1939 Rumanian Troops Move To Frontier 7
09/12/1939 Picture: German Wounded Brought Back To Berlin From The Front (By Red Cross Train) 7
09/12/1939 Incidents In European Conflict (A Daily Series) 7
09/12/1939 Reich Submarines Sink 4 More (British) Ships (Such Reports Were Printed Almost Daily)-Netherlands Ship Is Lost (Unless One Reads Further That The Ship Was Hit By A Mine In The North Sea, Where England Also Sowed Mines, One Is Tempted To Believe It Was Torpedoed By A German Submarine) 8
09/12/1939 Picture: (German Battleship) Schleswig-Holstein Bombarding Gdynia 9
09/12/1939 Business As Usual Is (U.S.) Treasury (Morgenthau) Goal 10
09/12/1939 Long European War Is Forecast In Tokyo 11
09/12/1939 Pan-American Action Backed In Columbia (By ‘Tiempo’ One Of Their Newspapers) 11
09/12/1939 ‘Bomb’ (Rubber Balls) Tosser (A British Pacifist] Is Jailed (4 Weeks At Hard Labor, London) 11
09/12/1939 Expatriate Czechs Forming Own Army (By Stefan Osusky, Czech Minister In France-Says Expatriates Have Declared War Against Germany 12
09/12/1939 Recruiting Drives Are Started Here-Plan Poster Campaigns 12
09/12/1939 Be Neutral, Mayor (Laguardia) Warns Public Men-Urges Aid For President (Roosevelt In His Endeavors) 13
09/12/1939 Neutrality Demand Is Strong In Mexico 13
09/12/1939 Congress Members Back From Europe (On ‘Kungsholm’]-Three Of Six Are For Neutrality Changes (Easing Of Restrictions For Exporting Arms To Belligerents To Repeal Of Entire Act) 14
09/12/1939 Hitler And Goering See Army At Work In Poland 14
09/12/1939 Americans Open Hospital (In Paris For French Soldiers-Will Eventually Hold Perhaps 1,500 Beds) 14
09/12/1939 Reich Ship Lines Drop Staffs Here 15
09/12/1939 Picture: Stanley & Joan Rustin Arrive On ‘American Trader’-Father English, Mother Named Rosenthal, From Bronx 15
09/12/1939 Spain’s Neutrality Signified To France 15
09/12/1939 League (Of Nations) Is Held Shy Over Intervention (By Geneva Officials) 16
09/12/1939 War Held Roosevelt Aim-(John J.) O’connor) Warns Of Forgetting Partisanship In Emergency 16
09/12/1939 Picture: Hitler In Front Of Pilsudski’s Bust (Kielce, Poland) 16
09/12/1939 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Takes Over Puerto Rico Post (As Governor Appointed By Roosevelt) 17
09/12/1939 Britain Bars Peace Until Hitler Goes-Eden Pledges Long War (Text) 18
09/12/1939 Earl Browder (U.S. Communist) Defends (Russian) Pact With Nazis-Neutrality Is Endorsed-18,000 At (Madison Square Garden Rally 23
09/12/1939 Fresh Rise Scored In Cotton Market 37
09/12/1939 Zinc Advances ¼ C To Best Level Of Year 37
09/12/1939 Britain’s Control (Blockade) Hits Our Exports-Increased British Purchases Predicted Of Our Goods For Military Use 45
09/12/1939 Business Prepared For War This Time (As Opposed To 1914) 45
09/13/1939 Nazis Say Warsaw Is Encircled-Warsaw Cut Off-Two Drives On Lwow Gain; Poles Assert Foe Is Hurled Back 1
09/13/1939 French Drive On Saarbruecken-Gain Made In West 1
09/13/1939 Roosevelt Pledge To (Defend) Canada (Against Attack) Stands 1
09/13/1939 Chamberlain Flies To French Meeting 1
09/13/1939 Japan Asks Amity With Soviet Union 1
09/13/1939 W. & J. (Washington And Jefferson College, Washington, Pa.) Starts Courses On ‘Second World War’ (President, Ralph C. Hutchison) 3
09/13/1939 Berlin Meat Ration Is Again Cut Down-Now A Pound A Week, Including Sausage-New Cards Ready 3
09/13/1939 Map: The German Pincers Close On Poland 4
09/13/1939 (Asst. Secretary Of State & Administration Spokesman Adolf A.) Berle Warns Boom Is Temporary-After War, Need For Economic Revision Remains, He Says 4
09/13/1939 Nazis Hint ‘Purge’ Of Jews In Poland-Group Europe’s Largest-3,000,000 Population Involved-’Removal’ From Europe Viewed As Benefit 5
09/13/1939 Map: The French Push On Into The Saar 5
09/13/1939 Nazi Air Defenses Called ‘Appalling’-British Report Leaflet Raids Show Weakness Of Detectors, Searchlights And Batteries-(British) Approach (To German Targets) Not Registered 7
09/13/1939 (Victor J. Sudman) Says British Seized (U.S.) Ship 7
09/13/1939 German Engineers Arriving In Russia-Populace Shows Fears 8
09/13/1939 (Norman) Thomas Sees U.S. Being Led Into War-Roosevelt’s Policies Will Bring About False Prosperity, He Says-Wall St’s. Part Scored 8
09/13/1939 Pictures: Damage Caused By German Bombs In Poland 8
09/13/1939 Poles Resistance Is Held Stiffening 9
09/13/1939 (Christian Endeavor Delegates) Back Roosevelt On Peace 9
09/13/1939 Three Phases Give Allies Hope; Moral Cause Adds To Strength-By Jules Sauerwein (Paris-Soir) 9
09/13/1939 (H. G.) Wells Looks To America-Writer Sees Main Hope Here For A Better Post-War World 9
09/13/1939 Curfew For Prague Jews 10
09/13/1939 Poles Erect Bulwark Of Hatred To Resist German Juggernaut-Guerrilla Warfare Behind Front Said To Cost Most Nazi Casualties-Invaders Admit Policy Of Ruthless Retaliation-Otto D. Tolischus 11
09/13/1939 Franco Bars Spanish Ships From Trade With Any Of The Belligerent Countries 12
09/13/1939 Drastic War Taxes Imposed In Canada 12
09/13/1939 Incidents In European Conflict 13
09/13/1939 (German) Rule In Austria Scored (By Austro-Hungarian War Veterans In U.S.-Reaffirm Loyalty To U.S.) 13
09/13/1939 Picture: Himmler Is Appointed Deputy Reich Official (Heads All Police In Germany) 15
09/13/1939 Torpedoes Eluded (British, Omitted In Headline) Ship Brings In 441 (Including Joseph Pulitzer, 3D-Picture With Wife) 15
09/13/1939 Airlines Abroad Suit Latin America-War Leaves United States Alone In Flights And Sales Of Planes To That Area 15
09/13/1939 New Zealanders Enlist 15
09/13/1939 (German) Envoy (Dr. Hans Thomsen) Denies Reich Seeks World Rule-Asserts Poland Is Not Being Invaded To Force His Nation’s Supremacy-Says Britain Caused War-Terms Danzig And Corridor ‘Sentimental Objectives’-Potocki (Polish Envoy) Is Confident 16
09/13/1939 Reich Gives Warning To Neutral Nations-Says Countries Not At War Must Remain Fair 16
09/13/1939 (27th International) Congress (On American Matters) Opens In Lima (Peru) 16
09/13/1939 Berlin Churches Curbed (Publications Curtailed Because Of The Paper Shortage) 16
09/13/1939 Three Peace Topics For Panama Parley (Neutrality, Protection Of Peace Of The Western Hemisphere And Economic Cooperation) 17
09/13/1939 Just Peace Urged By Jewish Leaders-Support For Palestine Asked By Rabbis-Prayers To Be Said For Democracies-Rosh Ha-Shanah Messages Express Hope For Defeat Of Dictatorships 19
09/13/1939 Bail Of (Fritz] Kuhn Aide (German-American Bund) Increased $5,000 19
09/13/1939 Hull Felicitates Jews (On Rosh Ha-Shanah) 19
09/13/1939 (‘Expatriate’) Czecho-Slovaks (Col. Vladimir Hurban, Former Czecho-Slovak Envoy To Washington) Give Medal To (N.Y. Mayor) Laguardia 22
09/13/1939 Roosevelt Holding Favor Of Democrats (Gallup Poll) 30
09/13/1939 7,000,000 Jobs Seen In 15 War Months 45
09/13/1939 Germans Bombing Open Towns-Germans Blame Poles-Announce Aerial And Artillery Penalties In Guerrilla War-Halifax Issues Warning (Text, P. 8)-Britain Threatens To Retaliate 1
09/13/1939 Nazi Offensive Gains In Poland-Lwow Is Menaced-Warsaw Is Fully Ringed, Berlin Says, But Defenders Tell Of Beating Off All Attacks 1
09/13/1939 Russia Recalling Ships (Bound For England), Paris Hears 1
09/13/1939 Congress Called To Meet Sept. 21 On Embargo (Amendment To Suit Roosevelt) Issue (Proclamation Text, P. 14) 1
09/13/1939 Chamberlain Bars Peace With Hitler-Menace ‘Must Be Destroyed’-Also Would Free Czechs 1
09/13/1939 German Artillery Is Active In West-But French Report Continuing Advances 1
09/13/1939 Britain Warns That Reich May Try To Build Submarine And Air Bases In Latin America 1
09/13/1939 Map: The Saar Basin, Goal Of French Armies 2
09/13/1939 Allies Deny World Court Juridical Role In War 2
09/13/1939 Y. M. C. A. To Go To Front (In France To Aid British Expeditionary Force) 2
09/14/1939 (General John J.) Pershing Urges Full Peace Army 3
09/14/1939 Poles’ Hopes Fade Reports Indicate-Observers Fear Rout Of Army 3
09/14/1939 Map: Heavy Fighting Reported In Poland 4
09/14/1939 Half Of Warsaw Reported Razed In Siege; Polish Radio Says People Refuse To Yield 4
09/14/1939 Polish Army Communique (From Lwow) 4
09/14/1939 (American Legion Head, Stephen J.) Chadwick Warns On (U.S.) War Eagerness 5
09/14/1939 Chamberlain’s Report On Progress Of The War 6
09/14/1939 Britain Searches (‘Several’) U.S. Merchantmen-Blockade Delays (Over 100) Liners 9
09/14/1939 Anti-Semites Watched (By N.Y. City Police) 11
09/14/1939 First Of (‘Athenia’) Survivors Here On A Liner (Many Other Interesting Articles!) 12
09/14/1939 Reich Owes Mexico $6,000,000 Oil Bill 15
09/14/1939 (Allied) War Buying Pool As A Price Check 15
09/14/1939 British To Broadcast Foes (German) Dead (In Attempt To Get Germans To Listen To Bbc To Hear Their Propaganda] 15
09/14/1939 Eleven Polish Officials Are Said To Be In Rumania 15
09/14/1939 U.S. Is Main Refugee Hope 15
09/14/1939 Humane Education Urged By (Herbert) Lehman-Essential In A ‘World Of Force, Cruelty And Injustice’ 24
09/14/1939 Nazi Greed Scored On Rosh Ha-Shanah 26
09/14/1939 (Marriner) Eccles Says Large Excess Funds Assure Indefinite Continuation Of Easy Money 33
09/14/1939 $259,933,867 Gold Received In Month-Below The July Total 38
09/15/1939 Russia Threatens Poland As Her Defense Crumbles-Partition Revived-Germans Think Soviet Will Enter Poland In Few Days-Germans Rout (Polish) Foe 1
09/15/1939 French Capture Prisoners-French Push Nazis Back Upon Forts 1
09/15/1939 Step Toward War Pictured By (Idaho Senator, William E.) Borah If We End (Arms) Embargo (To Belligerents, Text, P. 12) 1
09/15/1939 Poland Requests More British Aid 1
09/15/1939 Hull Warns World On Neutral Rights-Stands On International Law 1
09/15/1939 Pope Begs Powers To Humanize War-Pleads With Belligerents To Spare Civilian Population From Gas And Other Horrors 2
09/15/1939 Paris Paper Reports ‘Our First Death’ 2
09/15/1939 15 Reich Universities Closed 2
09/15/1939 British Fliers Tell Of Kiel Base Raid 2
09/15/1939 Pictures (German): Fighting In Poland 3
09/15/1939 Poles To Send Gold Out Of Country 3
09/15/1939 U.S. Aviator In Action (With French Forces, Steele Powers Of Atlanta, Georgia) 3
09/15/1939 Neutrals Act For Foes (U.S. For England & France; Sweden For Poland) 3
09/15/1939 Ruins Mark Line Of Nazi Advance-Survivors Hide In Woods-Towns So Completely Burned Even Their Names No Longer Can Be Deciphered-German Minorities Jubilant 4
09/15/1939 Map: The German Legions Sweep On Through Poland 4
09/15/1939 U.S. Again May Aid In War Stalemate-Situation Likened To ‘17-American Help A Possibility If Allied And Nazi Force Are Deadlocked In The West-Col. Frederick Palmer 4
09/15/1939 Netherlands Decides To Bar All Refugees (Including Jews)-Step Is Taken ‘With Regret’ 4
09/15/1939 (Prince Ernst Ruediger Von) Starhemberg (Presently In Nice, France) Would Lead Austrians Against Nazis 4
09/15/1939 Cargo Of U.S. Ship Taken (Confiscated) By British (Phosphate Rock On ‘Warrior’-Already Paid For By Germany And U.S. Has No Further Interest In It) 5
09/15/1939 (Godfrey D. N. Haggard) British Consul (General In N.Y.) Here Gives Views On War-Denies His Country Seeks To Drag U.S. Into The Conflict 5
09/15/1939 Stalin Triumph Seen In Nazi Pact; Vast Concessions Made By Hitler (London Report-Apparently Hitler Offered More Than The English!) 5
09/15/1939 Map: The War In The West-The French Push Into The Saar 6
09/15/1939 (U.S. Ambassador To Poland, Anthony J. Drexel) Biddle (Jr.) Reaches Rumania 6
09/15/1939 Germans Worried By Latin America (Conference) 7
09/15/1939 Public Backs Curb On War Shipping-Strong For Neutrality 8
09/15/1939 Veterans Demand Wide Conscription-Would Deport 3,000,000 (Illegal Aliens Already In Country) 9
09/15/1939 Nazis Cease Church War 9
09/15/1939 Poll Shows Senate For Embargo End; Majority Of 55 To 60 Is Forecast 13
09/15/1939 Reich Paper (Deutsche Diplomatisch-Politische Correspondenz) Calls Roosevelt Unfair (To Protect Canada From Attack When It Is At War With Germany)-Calls This ‘Unneutral’ 14
09/15/1939 Hull Neutrality Statement 14
09/15/1939 Arms Trade Shows Effect Of Embargo 14
09/15/1939 Britain And France To Do Own Buying Here; (J. P.) Morgan Held Not To Be Their Agent Again (As He Was In Ww I) 15
09/15/1939 (Barnard) Baruch For Arming To Peace-Time Limit 16
09/15/1939 Catholic Women Ask Early Ending Of War 16
09/15/1939 Paris American Club Cheers Polish Envoy (To France)-U.S. Urged To Support Allies With War Supplies 16
09/15/1939 First Reich Ship Seized Was In Dock At London 18
09/15/1939 Ships Sunk By U-Boats In Two Wars (A Daily Account Of Sinkings) 18
09/15/1939 U-Boat That Sank Ship (British ‘Firby’) Sent Sos To Admiralty 15
09/15/1939 (German) Anti-Nazis (In U.S.) Plan Rally 19
09/15/1939 Jews At New Year (Rosh Ha-Shana) Study Role In War-Sees Hitlerism Checked (And Palestine Theirs-Mass Flight Of Polish Jews) 20
09/15/1939 Texas Wool Towns Scored By Buyers 47
09/16/1939 Russia And Japan Agree On Armistice In The Orient-Threat To Britain, U.S. And Nationalists Feared 1
09/16/1939 Large Scale Battle Developing On Western Front-Saar Drive Goes On 1
09/16/1939 Drive In The East Is Slowed-Polish Resistance Firm In 2 Battles 1
09/16/1939 British Sink Submarines 1
09/16/1939 Sinkings (Of Ships) Indicated As Off This Coast 1
09/16/1939 Japanese Bid Seen For U.S. Friendship 1
09/16/1939 Congress Limited-President (Roosevelt) Wants Quick Session Confined To (Repeal Of Arms) Embargo Issue-A Hint On Blockade 1
09/16/1939 Plea By (Henry L.) Stimson (Letter)-Former Secretary (Under Hoover) Assails, Neutrality Of Borah-Urges (Arms Embargo To Belligerents) Repeal-(President Of Columbia University And Director Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace, Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Fights (Arms Embargo To Belligerents) Law 1&8
09/16/1939 Lindbergh Urges We Shun War-Tells Nation That If We Fight For Democracy Abroad, We May Lose It Here (Text, P. 9) 1
09/16/1939 Diplomats In Poland Ask Their Governments To Protest German Air Raids On Open Towns 1
09/16/1939 Map: Poles Fight On Within The Closing Jaws Of The German Trap (Germans Almost Solidly On Bug, Across Near Lwow) 2
09/16/1939 Washington Fears Tokyo-Moscow Pact 2
09/16/1939 (Polish) Prisoners (Of War) ‘Lent’ To Reich Farmers 2
09/16/1939 Hitler Assailed (By Germans) Here 2
09/16/1939 Poles’ Losses Laid To Nazi Air Might-Reveal ‘Franco Tactics’ 3
09/16/1939 Nazis Reveal Wrath At Report By (Anthony J. D.) Biddle-Say (U.S.) Envoy (To Poland) Is Trying To Involve U.S. 3
09/16/1939 Rules For Pronunciation Of Polish (Language) Are Explained 3
09/16/1939 Map: The French Continue Their Slow Push Into The Saar Basin 4
09/16/1939 French Prepared If Poles Collapse-War Is Seen As Crusade 4
09/16/1939 Factor Of Attack On Belgium Posed-Basic In Reich Strategy 4
09/16/1939 U.S. Austrians (Conference Of Austrian Associations) Denies Homeland Is At War 4
09/16/1939 Says Poles Dropped Arms-Finnish General Quoted By Reds Tells Of Desertions 4
09/16/1939 Diplomats Cross The Polish (Rumanian) Border-Beck’s Wife Is In Party6 Reich Jails Soap Hoarder-Man Gets 18 Months For Having Laundry Supplies (Valued At 70 Marks-Present Regulations Allow One Stick Of Shaving Soap Every 5 Months & ¼ Pound Of Laundry Soap Per Month) 6
09/16/1939 Hitlerism Is Laid To Moral Lapses (By N.Y. City Rabbis) 7
09/16/1939 (Sam) Rayburn Hopes For Peace-Favors Repeal Of (Arms) Embargo (To Belligerents) 8
09/16/1939 Picture: Under-Secretary Of State Sumner Welles And Wife Sailing For Panama Conference On ‘Santa Clara’ 9
09/16/1939 (Sumner) Welles Stresses Aims Of Americas 9
09/16/1939 (Herbert) Hoover Restates Humane War Plea 9
09/16/1939 Mexico Proposes Hemisphere Unity-But Each Nation Would Be Free To Intervene In Europe If Need Arises, Statement Says 9
09/17/1939 Nazis Demand Warsaw Give Up Or Be Shelled-Order Gives Poles 12 Hours To Leave 1
09/17/1939 Soviet Troops Marched Into Poland At 11 Pm-Reich Ministry States That Invasion Has German Sanction-Soviet Pleads Need To Aid Minorities, But Claims Neutrality 1
09/17/1939 Fierce Battle Is Raging On Western Front-Germans Set Back 1
09/17/1939 Merchant Convoys Set Up By Britain 1
09/17/1939 2 Senators Blast (Arms) Embargo Repeal As Leading To War (Clark Of Missouri & Vandenberg Of Michigan) 1
09/17/1939 Committee (Organization Of The Good Neighbor Committee On The Emigre And The Community) Formed To Adjust Emigres-Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Is Honorary Chairman-Seeks To Unite All Races-Dr. J. L. Elliott (N.Y. Society For Ethnical Culture) Is Chairman-Society Is Outgrowth Of Session Last 15
09/17/1939 (Young Republicans) Oppose Our Going To War 16
09/17/1939 Omaha Gets Nazi (Pro-German) Appeals 17
09/17/1939 Vast Armaments Urged By (Barnard) Baruch-Quick Action Seen Need 20
09/17/1939 (Mutual Radio) Asserts (Apologetically) Lindbergh Spoke Own Views 22
09/17/1939 U.S. (Roosevelt) Felicitates Mexico 22
09/17/1939 Germans Execute (Shoot August Dickmann, 29, A Jehovah’s Witness) Objector To War (Execution Announced By Heinrich Himmler, A Saboteur Is Also Shot) 26
09/17/1939 Nazis Charge Foes With Inhumanity-Use Of Mustard Gas Is Laid To Poland And ‘Hunger Blockade’ To British Sea Power (Text In English) 27
09/17/1939 U.S. War Sentiment Still In Balance-But It Will Grow Sharply If Allies Seem To Be Losing, Gallup Survey Finds-Nazi Defeat Is Expected (By 82% Of Those Questioned) 28
09/17/1939 Trip Shows Chaos Left By Air Raids-Jerzy Szapiro 28
09/17/1939 Bomber Raids Here Discounted In War-Col. Frederick Palmer 29
09/17/1939 Methodists Oppose War (In Letter To Roosevelt) 29
09/17/1939 Reports Wide Call For Arms (Embargo) Change-Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt Is Amazed At Growth Of Sentiment For Revised Neutrality Law-World Aspect Stressed 29
09/17/1939 Kaiser’s Grandson (Prince Oskar) Is Killed In Action-One Of Eight In Service 33
09/17/1939 Picture: Germans (Mired) In Poland After The Rains Came 34
09/17/1939 Reich Red Cross Silent (No Reply To American Red Cross Inquiry) 37
09/17/1939 Vandenberg Backs Neutrality Law (Text, P. 38) 38
09/17/1939 Cutting Off Supplies (To Germany) Stressed By British 38
09/17/1939 Poland’s Despair Saps Resistance 40
09/17/1939 Map: German Armies Continue Wide Flanking Advances In Poland 40
09/17/1939 (Liner) Rex Brings 1,820 On Special Trip (James H. R. Cromwell, Husband Of Doris Duke And Later Extreme Pro-Allied U.S. Minister To Canada) 41
09/17/1939 Map: French Continue Their Saar Attack At Three Points 42
09/17/1939 Germany Extends Lo-Hour Work Day (To Women And Workers Between 16 & 18 Years Of Age) 43
09/17/1939 Nazi Use Of Tanks Reveals Strategy 43
09/17/1939 Map: Western Front 43
09/17/1939 Hitlerism Is Held Concern Of World (By N.Y. City Rabbis) 44
09/17/1939 Pictures: Bomb Damage In Warsaw 44
09/17/1939 Gandhi Urges Britain To ‘Liberate’ India 44
09/17/1939 (U.S.) Army Division Cut To 10,000 Men Each 44
09/17/1939 Third Of Reich Doctors For Army 44
09/17/1939 WPA Adjusting To War 44
09/17/1939 Aquitania Arrives Armed With 2 Guns 45
09/17/1939 British Arrest 2 On (Dutch) Liner As Spies 45
09/17/1939 Edith Cavell Quoted At Athenia Funeral 45
09/17/1939 Pictures: In Warsaw At Beginning Of Hostilities (Jubilation) And After Bombardment 46
09/17/1939 Germany Pins Hope On Neutral States 47
09/17/1939 (Dr. Alice V. Keliher) Urges Schools Fight For Peace-Appeals For Closer Study Of Propaganda D-7
09/17/1939 Cuba To Govern Price Of Sugar-Chief Source Of Supply F-1
09/17/1939 Farmers See War Easing Surpluses (Of Farm Products) F-6
09/17/1939 The News Of The Week In Review (Map German Gains In Poland) E-1
09/17/1939 Map: Minorities In Poland (Poles, Ukrainians, Germans, Lithuanians, White Russians & Czechs) E-1
09/17/1939 Germans Take Big Lead In Their War Publicity (Successes) Germans Control More Than Half Of Poland E-3
09/17/1939 The Theater Of Military Operations On The Western Front E-5
09/17/1939 Europe’s War Cuts Mexican Oil Trade (Expropriated From U. S,) E-6
09/17/1939 Trade Links Japan To Democracies E-6
09/17/1939 Can We Stay Out Of The War Mag. 1
09/17/1939 The Men (Generals) Who Lead The Armies (Allies First, Of Course) Mag. 5
09/18/1939 Russians Drive 40 Miles Into Poland, Defense Weak-Soviet Push Swift-Towns Are Shelled-People’s ‘Jubilation’ Is Noted 1
09/18/1939 Polish President (Moscicki) In Rumania-Leaders In Flight 1
09/18/1939 Warsaw Holding Out 1
09/18/1939 Moves By Soviet Give Roosevelt ‘War Act’ Question 1
09/18/1939 Germany Shifting Troops Westward 1
09/18/1939 Soviet ‘Neutrality’ Stressed In (Polish Invasion) Move 1
09/18/1939 Soviet Neutrality May Be Accepted 3
09/18/1939 Retreat Of Poles Changed To A Rout 3
09/18/1939 Picture: Russian Troop Airplane (Troops Under Wings-Another Shows A Russian Tank) 3
09/18/1939 Poland’s Army Now Faces Invading Forces On Two Fronts 4
09/18/1939 Map: Nazi Drive In East Yields 3 Key Points 4
09/18/1939 Pope Pius Horrified By Russian Invasion; Changes From Aloofness, However, Not Likely 4
09/18/1939 (Berlin Paper) To Spread Nazi ‘Truth’ (Sic) 4
09/18/1939 Moscicki Protest Sent To Roosevelt (Claims Germans Inhumane-Picture Of Moscicki) 5
09/18/1939 Thousands Of Poles Join Army In France-Others Will Be Mobilized (Sic) For Own Force In West 5
09/18/1939 Australians Rush To Enlist In Army 5
09/18/1939 Texts Of Molotoff Talks Explaining Military Action (In Poland) 5
09/18/1939 Paris Sees Stalin In Betrayer Role 6
09/18/1939 Map: French Repulse Two Strong German Counter-Attacks 6
09/18/1939 Polish Coal Area (East, Upper Sllesla) Strengthens Reich-Germany Has Captured Big Fuel, Ore Reserves-Exploitation Is Speeded 7
09/18/1939 (Martin) Dies Urges ‘Purge’ Of Reds And Bund 8
09/18/1939 Warning To America Voiced In Germany-Congress Is Advised Of Peril In Altering Neutrality (Act) 8
09/18/1939 Challenges (Idaho Senator William E.) Borah On Isolation (Repeal Of Embargo On Arms To ‘Allied’ Belligerents) Stand-Robert R. Reed Tells Senator Destruction Of Hitlerism Is Vital To Our Liberty-Britain And France Alone Can Hardly Hope To Halt Dictators, He Holds 10
09/18/1939 Arms Ban (To Belligerents) Upheld By (Senator) Hiram Johnson-Californian Asserts This Is The One Way To Maintain American Neutrality 10
09/18/1939 (Chamber Of) Commerce Heads Urge (U.S.) Peace Stand 10
09/18/1939 U.S. Religious Press Against Involvement (In European War) 10
09/18/1939 Bids Labor To Be Neutral-Executive Of Hosiery Workers Relates Peace To Democracy 10
09/18/1939 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Asks (‘Peace Army’) March (On Washington, D. C.) 10
09/18/1939 Neutrality Urged By Steuben (Society Of America) Chief 11
09/18/1939 (German-American) Bund Bars Visitors At Fete In Jersey 11
09/18/1939 Picture: British Troops Off For The Battlefields Of Europe 11
09/18/1939 List 28 Americans In Athenia Missing 11
09/18/1939 Nation-Wide Appeal (By American War Relief Committee) To Aid Allies’ (Only) Needy (George Gordon Battle, President) 11
09/18/1939 Japan Now Drives For China Victory 13
09/18/1939 Neutral Ships In Mine-Infested Baltic Tell Of Aid From Germans In Dangerous Areas (Picture) 13
09/18/1939 (Admiral William D.) Leahy (Governor Of Puerto Rico) To Assume WPA Task At Once (For Defense Projects) 14
09/18/1939 War Forms Topic In Many Pulpits-’America Needs A Bomb Dropped Upon It.’ 14
09/18/1939 Reich Gathers Polish Laborers 14
09/18/1939 Peace Unit Ended By Carnegie (Endowment For International Peace) Fund (Headed By Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, President Of Columbia University) 14
09/18/1939 Business Upswing Found In Survey-Tens Of Thousands Called Back To Jobs 27
09/19/1939 British Pledge Fight To The Finish Despite Soviet Move On Poland 1
09/19/1939 Soviet And Reich Forces Meet, Map Polish Partition-Officers In Parley 1
09/19/1939 500 Lost On British Airplane Carrier Sunk By U-Boat-Courageous Among The Most Useful Craft In Submarine War-Sank In 20 Minutes 1
09/19/1939 French Advance Within Outworks Of The Westwall-British Join Drive 1
09/19/1939 Moscow Outlines Polish Partition 1
09/19/1939 Japan Warns U.S. On Naval Policy 1
09/19/1939 (Alf M.) Landon And (Frank) Knox Called (By Roosevelt) To Attend Embargo (Repeal) Parley 1
09/19/1939 Vatican City Paper Terms Russian Invasion Of Poland Cowardly Act On A False Pretext 1
09/19/1939 Map: French Line Of Saar Attack Is Now Defined 2
09/19/1939 Lone British Flier Sinks A Submarine 2
09/19/1939 Courageous Began As ‘Hush Hush’ Ship (Picture) 4
09/19/1939 8 Hohenzollerns In War 4
09/19/1939 Irish Veterans Of U.S. Denounce (Fritz Kuhn, German-American) Bund Head 5
09/19/1939 Map: Double Steam Roller Enclosing The Polish Defenders 6
09/19/1939 Poles In Great Distress 6
09/19/1939 Moscicki Asserts Polish Authority-Mass Flight (Of Poles) In Progress 7
09/19/1939 Allies Prepare To Reject ‘Peace’-Britain And France Working To Line Up States In East To Help Fight Hitler (Peace) Plan 8
09/19/1939 Poles Used Gas Is (German) Charge (Germans Claim Two Of Their Engineers Were Working At A Bridge At Jaslo, Poland, Sept. 8, 1939 When Mines Set By The Poles Exploded Killing Two And Injuring 12 With Mustard Gas. The Injured Are In A Hospital) 10
09/19/1939 Russians Bolster Nazis’ Confidence 11
09/19/1939 Night Brings Home War To Berliners-Luxuries Are Dwindling 11
09/19/1939 Reich Denies Bombing (Of Open Cities, Etc.)-Says Only Military Objectives Have Been Attacked By Nazis 11
09/19/1939 Embargo Act Held Against Precedent 13
09/19/1939 (Idaho Senator, William E.) Borah Sees Allies ‘Pulling Punches’-Idaho Senator Contends There Is ‘Something Phoney’ About The European War 13
09/19/1939 Red Warship Deal Tied To Democrats (By Witness, Sam Carp, The Brother Of Molotoff’s Wife) 14
09/19/1939 (William) Green (Af Of L) Urges Neutrality 16
09/19/1939 German Broadcaster Warns Americans Of British Propaganda To Draw Us In War 16
09/19/1939 Faith In President (Roosevelt) Urged By (Sidney) Hillman-Tells Hosiery Workers That Roosevelt Can Be Trusted To Keep Us Out Of War, He Declares (See Later And Earlier Entries) 17
09/19/1939 Poland Will Rise Again, Says Envoy (Potocki)-He Tells Polish Jews Ravages Of Land Will Bear Witness To Invaders Savagery 18
09/19/1939 Tweedsmuir Sees Long War, Victory 19
09/19/1939 Russians Oppose Nazis U.S. Attache (At Cernauti, Rumania) Is Informed (By Commander Of Russian Tank) 19
09/19/1939 32 From Torpedoed Freighter Brought Here; U-Boat Captain Gave Them Gin, Cigarettes 20
09/19/1939 Only One German Ship In U.S. Port Now; 83 In ‘17 23
09/19/1939 U.S. Army Declared Unready For Defense 23
09/20/1939 Hitler Tells Allies It Is His Peace Or A Finish Fight-Fuehrer At Danzig-Says Britain Forced War 1
09/20/1939 Britain And France For War Till Hitlerism Is Ended 1
09/20/1939 Allied Chiefs Meet-British To Hold Belgian Line-Invasion Is Feared 1
09/20/1939 Russian Navy Reported Blockading Estonian Coast-Baltic Grab Seen 1
09/20/1939 1,000,000 In Warsaw Defy Nazi Bombing 1
09/20/1939 President (Roosevelt) Drafts Embargo (Repeal) Message 1
09/20/1939 Russians Push On Rapidly In Poland-Vilna Taken 1
09/20/1939 (Lee) De Forest Sees Radio As A Weapon In War 2
09/20/1939 Map: Raids And Outpost Actions In The West 2
09/20/1939 (Former President Eduard) Benes Asks Czech Revolt 2
09/20/1939 Poles’ Main Oil Well Falls To Foe Intact 3
09/20/1939 Poles Freed By Russians Told To Join Communists (At Kaunas, Lithuania) 3
09/20/1939 Map: The Last Stand In Poland-Germans And Russians Converge 4
09/20/1939 Soviet Takes Vilna As Defenders Flee-Terror In City Is Ended-Mobs Looted And Plundered 4
09/20/1939 10,000 More Poles Flee To Rumania-Entire Cabinet Is Reported To Have Crossed The Border-Jerzy Szapiro 4
09/20/1939 Few Of 600 Fleeing Czechs Escape Poland; Many Slain, Most Still Wander In Country 4
09/20/1939 Poles Resist Siege On Gdynia Heights-Make Heroic Stand Against Hopeless Odds-Some Expect British Aid 5
09/20/1939 English City (Hastings) Orchestra Bans Works Of Wagner 6
09/20/1939 Courageous’s Toll Now Believed 578 8
09/20/1939 5 Nations In North Join In Neutrality-Trade Rights Defended 8
09/20/1939 Treachery Laid To Russia (By Polish Ambassador To France, Julius Lukasiewicz) 8
09/20/1939 Columbia Is Urged (By U.S. State Department) To Oust Nazi Pilots 9
09/20/1939 Japan Bars Arms For German Ships 10
09/20/1939 Canada Prepares For War Overseas 11
09/20/1939 5 Representatives (Knutson, Fish, Mc Millan, Rabaut & Short) Urge Neutrality-Warn On Propaganda 16
09/20/1939 Women Form Group To Keep Out Of War 17
09/20/1939 Text Of Chancellor Hitler’s Speech At Danzig Professing His Desire For Peace 18
09/20/1939 Paris Denounces (Hitler’s) Speech As Lying-French Government’s Answer To Hitler 19
09/20/1939 Text Of The British Official Statement Replying To Hitler’s Speech 19
09/20/1939 (American) Ambulance Plans (For France) Pushed 19
09/20/1939 ‘Remember Panay’ Called Navy Toast Against Japan 21
09/22/1939 Says Soviet Aides Swayed (U.S.) Cabinet-’Big Chief’ Is Mentioned-This Was Roosevelt, Testifies Carp Agent, Whose Files Yielded Unsigned Paper 22
09/21/1939 Nazis Concentrate Forces In West-Troops Pouring In 1
09/21/1939 Britain Reports Czechs In Revolt (See Benes Appeal Earlier)-’Rioting’ In Prague (See German Report Later)-Wide Sabotage Follows Czech-Nazi Clashes, London Hears 1
09/21/1939 Brauchitsch Arrives From Poland (Was In Command) 1
09/21/1939 Russians Advance To Take Grodno 1
09/21/1939 Pledge To Be Kept, Says Chamberlain 1
09/21/1939 14 Leaders Urge President (Roosevelt) Not To Drop Neutrality Act; Cash-Carry Plan To Fore 1
09/21/1939 Allied War Council Shapes Plan In Paris; French Promise ‘Reparation’ To The Poles 1
09/21/1939 Pope Acts To Aid Polish Catholics (Cardinal Hlond Mentioned) 2
09/21/1939 Map: ‘Strategic Waiting’ Along Western Front 2
09/21/1939 U.S. Warships Quit French Base (Villefranche) Hastily-Navy And State Departments Unable To Explain Move 2
09/21/1939 Reich Oil Supply Found Still Short (With Polish And Baltic Production)-U.S. Output Is Far Greater 3
09/21/1939 Errors In Tactics Of Poles Admitted-Defense Plan Criticized (In Paris Report)-Nazis Outnumbered Forces Of Defenders 3 To 1-Material Strength Even Greater 3
09/21/1939 Map: Warsaw Still ‘Endures’-But Poland Is Crushed 4
09/21/1939 Our Extra Session (Of Congress) Worries Germans 4
09/21/1939 German Officers Arrive In Moscow 5
09/21/1939 Reich Thinks Onus Shifted To Britain 6
09/21/1939 Defiant Warsaw Still Repels Foe 6
09/21/1939 Picture & Albert Foerster In Danzig 6
09/21/1939 Refugees Swarm To Neutral Lands-Smigly-Rydz Is Interned (In Rumania) 7
09/21/1939 Polish Leader (Alexander Prystor) A Suicide 7
09/21/1939 The Text Of Chamberlain’s Report On War To The Commons 8
09/21/1939 Paderewski Hails Poland’s Sacrifice 11
09/21/1939 Germans Honor Slain Son Of Ex-President Of France (Lt. Louis) Paul Deschanel, Killed Near Saarbruecken) 11
09/21/1939 British Capturing (Confiscating) More Contraband (With Blockade) 12
09/21/1939 U.S. Sponsors Sale Of Ships To Brazil (Financed Up To 65% By Money From Washington) 12
09/21/1939 Reich’s Supplies Still Restricted 13
09/21/1939 (Polish) Witness Described (German) Air Raid On Civilians 13
09/21/1939 Germans In Rumania Said To Plan Putsch 13
09/21/1939 Mauretania Here, Armed; Brings 698 (Picture) 14
09/21/1939 Hull Says (U.S.) Refugees Being Returned 14
09/21/1939 Comments By Readers Of The (N.Y.) Times On Proposed Changes In (The U.S.) Neutrality Act 17
09/21/1939 (Dr. Charles A.) Beard, Who Quit Columbia (University), Is Back (Says Reason For Leaving Is Ancient History) 25
09/22/1939 Roosevelt Asks Congress To Repeal Arms Embargo; He Calls For Unity; A Solemn Message; Hard Fight Indicated As 24 Senators Map Resistance 1&14
09/22/1939 The President’s (Roosevelt’s) Address 1
09/22/1939 Rumanian Premier (Calinescu) Assassinated (By Six Iron Guards); Nazi Coup Foiled 1
09/22/1939 War Prelude Told-Hitler’s Frenzied Course Revealed By British In Blue Book-Secret Notes Given-(German) Envoy (Sir Nevile Henderson) Heard Month Ago Russia Would Share ‘Polish Spoils’ 1
09/22/1939 Roosevelt’s Plea Splits Party Lines 1
09/22/1939 Germans Continue To Mass At Aachen 1
09/22/1939 Calinescu Known As Foe Of Fascism (Photo-Wanted ‘Peasant’s Funeral’) 2
09/22/1939 Nazis Lay Calinescu Slaying To Britain; Frenchmen Asserts It Is ‘Signed Hitler’ 2
09/22/1939 British Labor (Party-Herbert H. Elvin) Lays War To Versailles 2
09/22/1939 Britons Restless In ‘Stand-By War’ 3
09/22/1939 Polish Submarine At Sea And Armed 4
09/22/1939 Reich Embassy Aide Has Liberty Of Paris 4
09/22/1939 Calinescu Death Laid To Reich Aim To Outreach Russia In Rumania (London Report) 4
09/22/1939 Threat To Liberty Is Seen By Herriot 4
09/22/1939 Pravda Revives Ire At British Killings (Of 26 Baku Communist Commissars After World War I) 5
09/22/1939 Map: ‘A Calm Day’ In The West 5
09/22/1939 Poles Still Resist Nazis In 4 Sectors 6
09/22/1939 Gestapo On Alert For Czech Revolt (A Revolt Predicted Some Days Earlier By The British) 6
09/22/1939 Ukrainian Bands Battle In Poland-Entire Villages Looted 7
09/22/1939 Rumania To Intern Moscicki And Beck (Polish President & Foreign Minister Respectively) 7
09/22/1939 British Can ‘Out-Horror’ Nazis in The War, Noted Scientist (Professor A. M. Low) Retorts To Hitler Threat 7
09/22/1939 (Biblical) ‘Ten Commandments’ Bid Germans Rebel-(Clandestine) Radio Station In Reich Broadcasts Means Of Opposition 8
09/22/1939 (U.S.) Destroyer Hastily Leaves Boston Yard Following Rumors Of A U-Boat Off Coast 8
09/22/1939 Red Army Occupies Vilna-Lwow Line 11
09/22/1939 Texts Of The Chief Documents In The British Blue Book On The Developments Leading Up To War 12&13
09/22/1939 Text Of Present Neutrality Law As Put In Force By President’s (Roosevelt’s) Signature, May 1, 1937 15
09/22/1939 Reich Sees Danger In U.S. Policy Shift 16
09/22/1939 Heavy Guard Kept Around Roosevelt 18
09/22/1939 Britons Pin Faith On Roosevelt Plan 18
09/22/1939 ‘Cannot He Neutral’ Frankfurter Holds 18
09/22/1939 U.S. Neutrality Urged By Hosiery Workers (Despite Pleas To The Contrary By Sidney Hillman) 18
09/22/1939 President (Roosevelt) Speaks In A Solemn Scene 18
09/22/1939 Editorials Back President’s (Roosevelt’s) Plea (To Change Embargo Of Arms To Belligerents) 18
09/22/1939 Roosevelt Nears 1936 Popularity (Gallup Poll Says 61% Now Favor Him, 62.5% Favored Him Then) 18
09/22/1939 ‘Real Neutrality: Is Asked By Hull-(Embargo) Act Called Unworkable 20
09/22/1939 Senator Taft Backs President’s (Roosevelt’s) Appeal (To Change The Neutrality Act) 20
09/23/1939 Cash-Carry Plan Mapped In Senate; Foes Press Fight-Step By Pittman 1
09/23/1939 Dutch And Belgians Open Dykes Seeing Threat In German Moves-Allies Flank Aided 1
09/23/1939 Poland Partitioned By Invaders-Big Slice To Soviet 1
09/23/1939 Americas To Guard Safety, Says Hull 1
09/23/1939 Submarines Seen Off Our Coasts (Roosevelt Report) 1
09/23/1939 Defense For Peace By Armed Might Urged By (Herbert) Lehman 1
09/23/1939 ‘Mutiny’ On Batory In Hudson Averted 1
09/23/1939 Scores Executed In Rumanian Plot 1
09/23/1939 Mayor Of Warsaw Describes Slaughter Of Civilians And Destruction Of Capital (By German Bombardment) 1
09/23/1939 No Elections During War Britain’s Parties Agree 1
09/23/1939 Allied War Chiefs Meet In England-Supply Plans Approved 2
09/23/1939 Hull Condoles Rumania 2
09/23/1939 ‘Hitler’ In Play By (George Bernard) Shaw 2
09/23/1939 German Casualties In East Put At 150,000; French Stress Reich Economic Loss In West 2
09/23/1939 French More Optimistic 2
09/23/1939 Canada Sets Rules For Censorship 3
09/23/1939 Swiss Fire On (French & German Planes 3
09/23/1939 Reich Takes Most In Dividing Poland-Population Evenly Split-Germans Get 90% Of Coal And Chief Industries-Farms And Swamps For Russia (Map-Compare This Map With The Actual Division Of Poland Officially Announced On Sept 29, 1939, Pp. 1 & 4) 4
09/23/1939 Landlords Seized (By Russians) In Polish Ukraine-Soviet Trials (Of Landlords) Planned 4
09/23/1939 Nazi Grip Closing On Life In Poland 4
09/23/1939 Future Of Poland Worries Vatican-Churches Ruined In War 5
09/23/1939 Soviet Atheists Now Back Orthodoxism 5
09/23/1939 Chile Gets U.S. Credit 5
09/23/1939 Isolationists Map ‘Vigilante’ Drive 6
09/23/1939 Rations In Reich Cut To New Low Levels-Measure To Foil British Effort To Starve Out Germany’ 6
09/23/1939 War (Censorship) Curbs Weather Data 6
09/23/1939 French Use Pigs To Blast Mines In Way Of Advance 6
09/23/1939 Britain Cautious On Our Neutrality-Both Chance To Buy Munitions Here And Moral Support In War Factors For Allies 7
09/23/1939 Officials At Prague Scouts (British) ‘Revolt’ Story 7
09/23/1939 (‘Several Hundred’) Americans Ask To Enlist (At French Consulate) 8
09/23/1939 Nazi Press Praises President’s (Roosevelt’s) Speech-Terms It ‘Skillful Attempt’ To Reconcile Desires For Peace And For Profit-But Differs With His View-Belief Is That Any Change In Law (Neutrality Act) Would Give Neutrality Conditional Interpretation 8
09/23/1939 For Neutrality (Act) Revision-State League Of Women Voters Follows Lead Of National Body 9
09/23/1939 Text Of Hull’s Speech At The (World’s) Fair 10
09/23/1939 Chileans Endorse Roosevelt’s Views-Press Believes U.S. Neutrality Act Is Unsafe As It Stands 10
09/23/1939 Mexico Barters Oil To Italy For Rayon 11
09/23/1939 Noted (British) Evangelist (Rev. Gypsy Smith-Picture) To Conduct Services Here 21
09/23/1939 Britain Gives List Of Banned Imports (Luxuries) 29
09/23/1939 Chicago Expects War Trade Boom 30
09/23/1939 Plan Is Disclosed (In Washington) To Draft Industry-Leaders Would Get Ranks 30
09/23/1939 Canadian Army Seeks 500,000 Blankets Here 30
09/24/1939 Senators Prepare First Draft Of Bill To Kill Arms Ban (To Belligerents) 1
09/24/1939 Dr. Sigmund Freud Dies In Exile At 83 (Near London-Picture) 1 & 44 Nazi Aims Decried At Panama (Conference) Session 1
09/24/1939 French Repel 3 Counter-Attacks-Nazis Hurled Back-(French) Advance A Mile In Sierck Sector 1
09/24/1939 Mussolini Would Halt War Now-Rome Silence Ends 1
09/24/1939 Final Victory Won In East, Nazis Say-Lwow Claimed-Poles Still Hold Out In Warsaw 1
09/24/1939 Von Fritsch Killed On Warsaw Front-Was Leading A Reconnaissance Patrol (Later, Rumors He Was Killed On Hitler’s Orders) 1
09/24/1939 War Labor Peace Main A. F. L. Topics-Neutrality Is Put First 10
09/24/1939 100,000 U.S. Groups To Study The War-Aimed At Propaganda-Y. M. C. A. Council Outlines A Program To Counteract The ‘Emotion And Heat’ Here 11
09/24/1939 (N.Y. City) Rabbis Here Pray For Peace Abroad-Pleas For Justice Made-Placing Our Own House In Order By Unmasking False Leaders Called A Vital Duty 13
09/24/1939 Army Is Creating New Mobile Corps 14
09/24/1939 U.S. Chamber Tells War Boom Dangers 15
09/24/1939 Educators Debate (Neutrality) Law (Changes Desired By Roosevelt) 15
09/24/1939 Nazi-Soviet Drive On Congress Bared 16
09/24/1939 Foreign Coal Orders Are Coming To U.S. (From Scandinavia And Latin American Countries) 16
09/24/1939 44 Senators Back (Roosevelt-Favored) Embargo Repeal-20 Oppose The Change 17
09/24/1939 Group To Widen Aid To All War Children 17
09/24/1939 Poles Not Accepting Scheme Of Partition 19
09/24/1939 (U.S. Ambassador, Josephus) Daniels Is Hopeful On Mexican (Expropriation Of U.S.) Oil (Property) Case 22
09/24/1939 Gen. (Smedly) Butler Urges Ironclad (U.S.) Defense 24
09/24/1939 Bar To Study Neutrality 27
09/24/1939 (U.S. State Department) Tightens Scrutiny Of Foreign Agents-Exemptions Curtailed (See A Man Called Intrepid) 29
09/24/1939 Change Favored In Neutrality Act-Cash Basis Also Backed (Gallup Poll) 30
09/24/1939 Visits Of (German) U-Boats In 1916 Recalled (To Upset U.S.) 31
09/24/1939 U.S. Cruiser (At Lisbon, Portugal) Gets Sos; Sends Aid (A Destroyer) To British Ship 32
09/24/1939 (Rabbi Julius Gordon) Traces Biblical Phrases In Roosevelt’s Address 33
09/24/1939 Search For U-Boats Off New England-Naval And Coast Guard Ships Aided By (Armed,U.S.) Planes, Join Patrol (With Orders To Intercept Any Craft From U.S. Ports Carrying Oil To U-Boats) 33
09/24/1939 Warsaw Neutrals Escape From City-50 Americans In Group 34
09/24/1939 Reich Air Strength Put At 16,000 Planes-7,000 First-Line Craft In 480 Squadrons 35
09/24/1939 ‘Crisis’ Duty Laid On Yale Freshman (By Yale President Charles Seymour) 36
09/24/1939 Italy Is Declared (By Rev. Dr. Joseph F. Thorning) ‘Cashing In’ On War-Is Engaged In ‘Scandalous Profiteering’ Venture 37
09/24/1939 Czech Disorders Denied By Hacha-Prague Is Found Quiet (The British Had Reported Open Revolt) 38
09/24/1939 German’s Disguise Fails (In France, Sent To ‘Concentration Camp’) 38
09/24/1939 German Air Thrust In West Predicted (By Col. Frederick Palmer)-Allies Believed Ready 39
09/24/1939 40 (Jewish) Refugees Held On Nazi Ship In Vigo (Spain) 39
09/24/1939 Picture: British Guns Move Through French Countryside On Way To The Front 39
09/24/1939 Pope Deeply Anxious On Polish Situation 39
09/24/1939 Refugees Include Many Titled Poles 41
09/24/1939 Text Of Germany’s Review Of The War In Poland 41
09/24/1939 Text Of Mussolini’s Speech 42
09/24/1939 What War Does To Children Shown In Refugee Colonies D-8
09/24/1939 Soviet Good Held Little Aid To Reich-Decree Weakens Pact F-8
09/24/1939 The News Of The Week In Review (Map) E-1
09/24/1939 ‘Neutrality’ Is Symbol Of A Confused Debate-Issue Is One Of Security (By Arthur Krock) E-3
09/24/1939 Partitioned For The Fourth Time, Will Poland Rise Again (Maps) E-4
09/24/1939 Cartoons: British, Anti-German (‘I’ll Carry On Where You Left Off, Dad.’) E-4
09/24/1939 Large Map Of Europe-Military & Political Highlights E-5
09/24/1939 Allies Gird For War’s Fourth Week E-5
09/24/1939 British See Germany Checked In The East E-6
09/24/1939 Stalin’s Real Aim Is Not Yet Clear E-6
09/24/1939 Doubt Suddenly Arises On Arms Embargo Fate E-7
09/24/1939 Hitler Discusses American View (Letter From American Who Has Spoken With Hitler) E-8
09/24/1939 Must We Go To War? (Letter) E-8
09/24/1939 Arms Embargo Regarded As An Error Of Congress (Letter) E-9
09/24/1939 Cartoon: ‘The Picket’ (Anti-German) E-9
09/24/1939 Butler, Nicholas Murray, Across The Busy Years, Vol. I, Charles Scribner’s Sons. N.Y.-’America And President Butler’ (Vita-Picture) Book 1
09/24/1939 The Poilu (French Soldier) Is Back At His Old Job Mag. 1
09/24/1939 The Fundamental Issue-The Englishman Says, ‘We Failed To Finish The Job Last Time, And We’ve Got To Do It Over.’ The German: ‘England Is Trying Once More To Encircle And Check The Reich.’ Mag. 3
09/24/1939 Hitler’s Heirs (Goering & Hess) Mag. 4
09/24/1939 Thunder In The Senate (Anti-Interventionists) Mag. 10
09/24/1939 Conquest Of A Nation (Poland) Roto. 1
09/25/1939 New Draft Ready Of Neutrality Act; Ends Ban On Arms-Terms More Rigid 1
09/25/1939 Legion Exhorted To Protect Nation For Role In World-Neutrality Stand Varied 1
09/25/1939 Nazi Guns And Planes Razing Warsaw; Half Of City Is In Flames, 1,000 Slain-Poles Fighting On-Report City ‘Practically In Ruins’-Hospitals And Churches Hit 1
09/25/1939 British Expect New Reich Peace Drive-Await Hitler Bid 1
09/25/1939 3Oo-Mile Sea Limit In Americas Urged (At Panama Conference) 1
09/25/1939 (A. J. Drexel) Biddle Says Nazis Used 5,000 Planes-Eleven Bombs Dropped Near His House Outside Warsaw-(U.S.) Flag Attracted Fliers 2
09/25/1939 Niemoeller Volunteers For U-Boat Service; Nazis Reject Imprisoned Pastor’s Offer 2
09/25/1939 Cites Dictators’ Aid-Dr. R. M. Hutchins (University Of Chicago) Says They Have Driven Educators Here 2
09/25/1939 Map: Shells And Bombs Devastate Warsaw 2
09/25/1939 British Now Ready To Go Into Action (Look Out! Everybody!)-Picturesque Touch Given 3
09/25/1939 Attack Is Resumed By French Patrols 4
09/25/1939 Goebbels Repeats Pledge To Neutrals (Germany Will Strictly Observe The Rights Of Neutrals) 5
09/25/1939 German Soldiers Rallied By Churches 6
09/25/1939 Nazis Cite Power Of Reich Industry-Plane Output Is Needed 6
09/25/1939 Americans Back Aid To Polish Refugees 6
09/25/1939 Reports Palestine Rush (Baruch Zuckerman, Vice President Of The World Zionist Organization Says 1,200 Or More Illegal Immigrants Per Week Are Arriving In Palestine. British Have Modified Their Attitude And Refugees Are Being Taken To ‘Concentration Camps’ But Almost Immediately Freed Again) 7
09/25/1939 Shortage Of Butter Admitted By Britain 7
09/25/1939 President (Roosevelt) Hurries To Arms Ban Fight 8
09/25/1939 Lifting Embargo Seen Step To War (By Nevada Senator, Patrick A. Mc Carran At Peace Rally) 8
09/25/1939 Congress Is Urged To Stay In Session (By Women’s Committee To Keep U.S. Out Of War) 8
09/25/1939 (Norman Thomas) Asks Arms Ban On Soviet 8
09/25/1939 Poles In France Called (To Volunteer For French Army) 9
09/25/1939 Fight On (War) Profiteers Is Pledged By (A. F. L.’s William) Green 9
09/25/1939 (Episcopal Bishop, William T.) Manning Assails Reich And Russia 10
09/25/1939 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Urges Embargo (Retention) 10
09/26/1939 Cash-Carry Plan On All War Trade Ready For Senate 1
09/26/1939 Dies Group To Ask (Fritz) Kuhn Indictment As False Witness 1
09/26/1939 American Nations Would Ban Search Of Coast Shipping-U.S. Offers Assistance-(Sumner) Welles Proposes Loans To Develop) Resources And Stabilize Currencies 1
09/26/1939 French Shell Reich Forts On Rhine As Nazi Troops Mass Near Basle; Fire On New Front-French Win Air Combat 1
09/26/1939 Soviet Army At Estonian Frontier-Activity In Moscow 1
09/26/1939 Germans Expect Added Soviet Aid 3
09/26/1939 Palestine Aids British-Enrollment Of 120,000 There For Defense Is Reported 3
09/26/1939 Poles Still Fight As Warsaw Burns 4
09/26/1939 Nazi Soldiers Get Copies Of ‘Ten Commandments’ (How They Must, As Soldiers, Behave) 4
09/26/1939 Paderewski Urged As Poles’ New Head-Americans Aid Refugees 5
09/26/1939 British Denounce Reich White Book (See Earlier Entry)-Attempt To Fake Pictures-Vital Omissions Charged 9
09/26/1939 New Leaflet Raid Staged By British-Blockade Warning Given (German-American) Bund Holds Meeting As ‘Patriotic Club’ 12
09/26/1939 Dr. Sheehy (Catholic) Favors Ending Embargo 13
09/26/1939 President (Roosevelt) Rejects Appeal To Public (On The Repeal Of The Neutrality Act To His Satisfaction)-Stands On His Unity Plea 14
09/26/1939 Text Of Measure To Repeal Arms Ban And Substitute ‘Cash And Carry’ 15
09/26/1939 Text Of Address By (Sumner) Welles Before Inter-American Parley At Panama 16
09/26/1939 Spellman Warned On (Father Charles E. Coughlin’s) Christian Front 24
09/26/1939 British ‘Blacklist’ Is Received Here-Nearly 300 Names Cited-No U.S. Firms Included 40
09/27/1939 Russo-German Pact To Dominate Balkans Seen In Moscow Parley-2D Ribbentrop Trip 1
09/27/1939 Repeal Foes Limit Issue To Embargo; Hit Proposed Bill-(California’s Senator Hiram] Johnson ‘Expects To Win’ 1
09/27/1939 France Puts Ban On Communism-Paris Hushes Reds 1
09/27/1939 Churchill Reports U-Boats On The Run (Text, P. 4) 1
09/27/1939 French Artillery Pounds West Wall 1
09/27/1939 (Alfred E.) Smith Backs Roosevelt On Neutrality Change 1
09/27/1939 Foreigners Taken On West Wall Trip-1,000,000 Troops Massed 3
09/27/1939 German Labor Corps Drafts 60,000 Girls-Most Of Them Will Replace Soldiers In Farm Tasks 3
09/27/1939 Text Of Chamberlain’s Report On The War To House Of Commons 5
09/27/1939 Warsaw Stormed By Nazi Besiegers 5
09/27/1939 Propaganda Here Barred By Briton (See A Man Called Intrepid 5
09/27/1939 Bermuda’s Role In War 5
09/27/1939 Russians Advance To Land Nazis Won 7
09/27/1939 Underwriters Weigh Risk In (British) Blacklist 7
09/27/1939 (K.L M.) Airliner Passenger Is Slain Off Germany (Berlin Regrets Attack) 8
09/27/1939 United Fight Urged On Alien Ideologies (By Sons Of America) 9
09/27/1939 British Crew Sends Beef To German Ship (Both In Boston Harbor) 10
09/27/1939 Britain And Germany Alive On Contraband (Germany Reciprocates) 10
09/27/1939 Polish Treasure Saved (By 60 Trucks [U.S. Gold?]) 11
09/27/1939 War Propaganda Meets Skepticism-Most (U.S.) Faith In Allies 14
09/27/1939 (12) Refugee Jews Here; Five Weeks On Way 14
09/27/1939 (Harvard University President, Dr. James B.) Conant Confident World Will Go On 15
09/27/1939 Republicans Back Roosevelt (Neutrality Act Amendment) Stand-Upholds Cash-Carry Plan-Warns Against Joining War 16
09/27/1939 No Lasting Good Seen In War Boom 37
09/28/1939 Mediation By U.S. Suggested In China 1
09/28/1939 (Nevada Senator, Key) Pittman Predicts ‘Cash-Carry’ Law; Support Growing 1
09/28/1939 Warsaw, A Shambles, Surrenders (To Col. Rommel)]-20-Day Siege Ends-3,000 Slain In 24 Hours-Blazing Capital Faced Famine And Pestilence 1
09/28/1939 British Taxed 37½% Of Income For War 1
09/28/1939 Nazi Planes Raid The British Fleet 1
09/28/1939 Slovaks Will Get Land-Parliament Prepares To Force The Jews To Sell 4
09/28/1939 First British Envoy To Ireland Is Named 4
09/28/1939 Poland Is Feudal Says Lloyd George 5
09/28/1939 (Sumner) Welles For Loans To Latin Americas 8
09/28/1939 Asks Lifting Of (U.S. Army) Embargo 8
09/28/1939 France Buries First Dead (Sgt. Clement Sarantyn) 9
09/28/1939 (Allied) Blacklist Protest By Americas Urged (At Panama Conference)-Map Of Proposed Neutrality Patrol Of Americas 9
09/28/1939 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Urges Repeal Of Arms Embargo; Holds Neutrality And Third Term Unrelated 11
09/28/1939 (Columbia University’s President, Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Also Head Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Puts Issue Up To Reich Public-It Alone Can Save World By Wrecking Its ‘Mad Tyrant’ (Text) 14
09/28/1939 Legion For Arming To Stay Neutral 15
09/28/1939 Armed (Allied) Ships Here Viewed As Danger 16
09/28/1939 Brazil To Transfer Gold In Britain To This Country 17
09/28/1939 WPA Head Warns Against Boom Hope 18
09/28/1939 National Group Formed Here For Polish Relief (‘Commission For Polish Relief, Inc.’-Headed By Dr. Henry Noble Mac Cracken-Picture) 27
09/29/1939 Reich And Soviet Join For Peace Or War; No Buffer State; New Pact Warns Allies-Thereafter ‘Steps’-(Polish) Frontier Is Fixed (See Reported Boundary Sept. 23, 1939, P.4)-Russia Agrees To Give Germany Supplies On Extended Time (Texts, Pp. 1 & 4-Map) 1
09/29/1939 Estonia Gives Moscow Sea And Air Bases-Tallinin Gives Way 1
09/29/1939 Last Warsaw Fort (Modlin) Yields To Germans 1
09/29/1939 British Flying Boat Escapes From Iceland; Danes Protest, Alleging Breach Of Parole 1
09/29/1939 German Attacks In West Repulsed 1
09/29/1939 Hamilton Opposes ‘Partisanship’ Bar (As Desired By Roosevelt) 1
09/29/1939 Reich Denies Part In Estonian Move (By Russia) 4
09/29/1939 (General Wladislas) Sikorski Heads Poles’ Recruiting In France-Former Premier (Essentially Living In Exile) Hopes To Raise From 6 To 10 Divisions 5
09/29/1939 Tells Shortage Here In Five War Minerals 6
09/29/1939 (A. J. Drexel) Biddle ‘Talk’ Gets Berlin’s Attention-Purported Phone Conversation From Rumania With Bullitt In Paris Is Published-Bullitt Calls It False-Bullitt Charges Inventions-’News’ To State Department 8
09/29/1939 Text Of Senate Committee’s Neutrality Bill (As Amended) 10
09/29/1939 Repeal Foes Plan Strategy For Fight 12
09/29/1939 Nazi Press Differ On U.S. Neutrality 12
09/29/1939 Survey Finds (63% Of) U.S. Fears Nazi Attack (If British & France Lose-Gallup Poll) 13
09/29/1939 (Membership) Rolls Of Bund Demanded By Dies 13
09/29/1939 Kelly, Legion Head Opposes War Entry-Reds, Bund Condemned 14
09/30/1939 Britain And France Spurn Nazi-Soviet Peace-London Shuns (Peace Offer) Bait 1
09/30/1939 Formal Offer By Mussolini Now Expected-Germans Jubilant-Russians Worried-Italians Display Growing Anxiety 1
09/30/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn, Bail Now $50,000 Jailed; (German-American) Bund Leader Said To Plan Fight 1
09/30/1939 Reich Guns Active At Saarbruecken-No Major Action Likely 3
09/30/1939 Nazi Withdrawal In East Continues 3
09/30/1939 Map: How Poland’s Neighbors Divide Her 3
09/30/1939 Casualties At Front Slight For French (And English!) 3
09/30/1939 Reich Grain Imports Total 10,000,000 Tons 3
09/30/1939 Blunt Paris ‘No’ To Foe Expected (On Possible Peace Proposal From Germany) 6
09/30/1939 Picture: General Wladislas Sikorski 6
09/30/1939 Amnesty Is Offered French Army Deserters And Service Evaders Who Register Here Now (No Mention Of Such Courtesy Being Extended To The German Government!) 6
09/30/1939 Poles Will Form Cabinet In (Paris) France 6
09/30/1939 Rich German Heir Killed (On Polish Front, A Prince) 6
09/30/1939 Kaiser Is Reticent On European War 6
09/30/1939 (Polish) Jewish Camp Set Up (By Germans At SachsenhauseN-2,000 Men, Women Left At Liberty) 6
09/30/1939 ‘Inevitable War’ Decried To W. C. T. U 7
09/30/1939 (Communist, William Z.) Foster Refuses Aid If U.S. Enters War 7
09/30/1939 Reich Chief Gainer In Polish Division 7
09/30/1939 Pope Will Address Poles Today; Hopes For End Of Nazi Occupation 7
09/30/1939 War Stirs (Paper, Wood) Pulp Demand 7
09/30/1939 Won’t Enter War, President (Roosevelt) Repeats-No Ideas On Peace Moves 8
09/30/1939 Secrecy Ordered On (U.S.) Warship Moves-Censorship Is Avoided 8
09/30/1939 German Ships Hunted-British Warships Patrol West Coast Of South America (Report From Bogota, Columbia-They Are Apparently Operating A Flotilla Out Of Columbia-Inside The Declared ‘Neutrality Zone.’) 8
09/30/1939 British Receiving No U.S. Newspapers-Trouble Is Laid To Difficulties Of Transport Rather Than A Bar 8