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William Lindsey collection — 1939 NYT headlines

August 1939
Date Headline Page
08/01/1939 3-Power Military Talks To Begin Now In Moscow; Spur To Political Accord-Chamberlain Firm 1
08/01/1939 Britain And Japan Agree On Policing 1
08/01/1939 Poles To Try Nazis By Court-Martial-Aimed At Western Area-Fear Is Struck Into Germans There By The Move-Arms Surrender Is Ordered 4
08/01/1939 British Idleness Shows A Big Drop 5
08/01/1939 12,000 Reservists Join British Navy 5
08/01/1939 Japanese Envoy (Horinouchi) Talks With Hull 6
08/01/1939 Nazis Said To Hold American Woman (In Dachau-Lili Harrison Lein) 7
08/01/1939 Czechs Defy Reich On Language Law 8
08/01/1939 World Seen Saved (By Interfaith Gathering) If Religions Unite 15
08/01/1939 Federal Theater (WPA) Ends Its Existence 17
08/01/1939 Sugar Quotas Set By World Council (In London) 36
08/02/1939 Lending Bill Is Killed In House, 193-166; Roosevelt Sees Recovery Retarded-Blow To President 1
08/02/1939 Britain To Order More Naval Ships As Check To Reich-New Worry Over Danzig 1
08/02/1939 ‘Flying Fortress’ (Boeing B-17) Here With Record 3
08/02/1939 Danzig Says Poles Cripple City Trade-Nazis Threaten To End The Customs At East Prussian Line As Food Is Banned-Warsaw Scoffs At Talk 10
08/02/1939 Japan Thinks U.S. Is Playing Politics 12
08/02/1939 Poles Cause Shift In German Tactics 12
08/02/1939 Nazi Stake Abroad Is 5 Billion Marks (In Investments, Securities, Etc.) 12
08/02/1939 U.S.-British Unity In Far East Charged (By Germany’s Deutscher Nachrichten Dienst [‘Dnb’]12 (Czech) Jews Defy A Nazi Order 12
08/02/1939 Gibraltar Spain’s, Says Franco Press 13
08/03/1939 (Harry) Bridges Admits Communist Help, Denies Party Link 1
08/03/1939 Halt In Payments By Reich On Bonds Seen In Sec Move 1
08/03/1939 Army Air Corps Sends 1,500 In Air-Pioneer Pilots Honored 3
08/03/1939 Assaults In China Protested By U.S. 8
08/03/1939 Japanese Warned By British Again 8
08/03/1939 Nazis To Replace Czechs By Purge Of Police Force 8
08/03/1939 American Wounded In A Palestine Bus 8
08/03/1939 New Clubs On Jews Published By Italy 8
08/03/1939 Reich Is Boastful In Recalling 1914 10
08/03/1939 British Navy Adds 180 Small Vessels 10
08/03/1939 Picture: Polish Students And Teachers Here For Tours Of Country 11
08/03/1939 Picture: Henry Morgenthau, Jr. & Wife (Seen Off On Trip By Eleanor Roosevelt) 21
08/04/1939 Halifax Foresees A ‘Critical’ Period; Urges Confidence 1
08/04/1939 Japanese Discuss Closer Axis Ties 1
08/04/1939 (H. G.) Wells Sees In U.S. Hope For Mankind 3
08/04/1939 Reich Is Held Safe From Sea Invasion 5
08/04/1939 Two Radio Aides (Jewess & Arab) Die In Palestine Blasts 6
08/04/1939 Mexico’s Oil Offer (For Expropriated U.S. Property) Held Inadequate 7
08/04/1939 Warsaw Protests Danzig’s Boycott 7
08/04/1939 Roosevelt Appoints Six New Generals 7
08/04/1939 Wider Rights Seen In Cuba-U.S. Treaty 9
08/04/1939 Sos Called A Hoax After Day’s Search 9
08/05/1939 Chamberlain Says Britain May Send Fleet To Far East 1
08/05/1939 British Negotiator (William Strang) To Leave Moscow Without Accord 1
08/05/1939 Reich Is Skeptical Of Tokyo Alliance 4
08/05/1939 Poles Offer To End Danzig Trade War 5
08/05/1939 Reich Gets Control Of All Idle Czechs 5
08/05/1939 3 Chicago Deaths Blamed On Nazis (Suicide & Murder) 6
08/05/1939 Winterton Praises (Evian Intergovernmental Committee For Refugees) Refugee Progress 6
08/05/1939 Britain Will Begin U.S. Flights Today 17
08/06/1939 WPA Will Resume Lay-Offs This Week 1
08/06/1939 Peace Plea Marks Lutherans’ Fete-Neglect Of Poor Decried 3
08/06/1939 French Hail Hitler For Uniting Them 4
08/06/1939 Mimic (U.S.) Wars Open Vast Manoeuvres 5
08/06/1939 Reich States Case In Bond Conversion 5
08/06/1939 (British-French) Mission To Soviet Sails For Parleys (In Russla-(William) Strang Will Fly (Home) Tomorrow 6
08/06/1939 Demand By Poland On Reich Foreseen-End Military Moves In Danzig (Smigly-Rydz) 7
08/06/1939 U.S. (English) Cotton Barter Scored At Zurich 7
08/06/1939 Czech Unity Front Defies Reich Drive 9
08/06/1939 New U.S. Protests Made To Japanese-Priests Arrested In Peiping 11
08/06/1939 Japan Is Speeding Korean Education 12
08/06/1939 Austrian Church Faces New Blow-Nazis Will Bar Any Religious Teaching Except By Lay Instructors 16
08/06/1939 Goering Picks Aid (Paul Walter) To Rush Coal Mining 18
08/06/1939 British Air Mail To U.S. Is Started 19
08/06/1939 Elliott Roosevelt Sees Mexican Crisis-Warns Of ‘Wide Unrest’ Leading To U.S. ‘Policing’ Again 20
08/06/1939 Hoover Demands Apology By (Robert M.) Hutchins (President Of University Of Chicago Because Of Statement By Drew Pearson) 21
08/06/1939 Picture: Senator Key Pittman (Nevada) 26
08/06/1939 Columbia (University) To Honor Baldwin, Herriot 33
08/06/1939 Schools In War On Propaganda D-5
08/06/1939 Germany Reduces U.S. Lead In Auto (Manufacture) F-7
08/06/1939 Cartoon: Uncle Sam States A (Military) Comeback (Against Japan) E-2
08/06/1939 Italy Opposed To War, Busy With Own Affairs-Bound To Fight If War Comes E-3
08/06/1939 Cartoon: When Great Britain’s Strong Men Go Into Action (Heroic British Propaganda) E-3
08/06/1939 Europe Again In Arms As In The World War (I) E-4
08/06/1939 Germans See 1914 Parallels E-4
08/06/1939 Sweden Studies Her Role In War-Reich Must Have Her (Iron) Ore (Norwegian Invasion!) E-5
08/06/1939 Mayerling Still A Mystery E-5
08/06/1939 Shepardson, Whitney H. & Scroggs, William O., The United States In World Affairs In 1938, Harper & Brothers, N.Y.-A Trenchant Survey Of America In World Affairs Book 1
08/06/1939 Napoleon’s Road To Empire Was Paved By Appeasement Book 3
08/06/1939 Ford, Guy Stanton, Dictatorship In The Modern World, University Of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis Book 4
08/06/1939 Cartoon: Anti-German-Blames Germany For Endangered Peace Book 8
08/06/1939 Big Berthas (Propaganda Weaponry) Of The ‘White War’-Harold Callender Mag. 1
08/06/1939 (Usaac) Wings Over America Roto. 1
08/07/1939 Europe’s Armies Rising To 8,000,000 For Crisis Period 1
08/07/1939 Pole (Smigly-Rydz) Warns On Use Of Force In Danzig (Text, P. 8) 1
08/07/1939 Japanese Destroy Two British Ships In Raid On Yangtze 1
08/07/1939 Roosevelt Plans To Renew Battle For (His) Beaten Bills 1
08/07/1939 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Columbia University President & Head Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Pleads For ‘Moral’ Peace-’Free People Must Fight Peril Of Nations’ Selfish Scheming For Gain, He Asserts 1
08/07/1939 Chicago U. Apology Is Made To Hoover (For Statement By Drew Pearson) 2
08/07/1939 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Demands Farm Debt Relief 4
08/07/1939 Italy’s (Anti-Semitism Racism Stressed (By National Institute Of Fascist Culture) 6
08/07/1939 Czech’s Boycott Irks Nazi Leader (Konstantin Hoess-Refers To ‘Czech Terror’) 7
08/07/1939 Text Of Address By Smigly-Rydz (Picture)-Speech Impresses London 8
08/07/1939 British Legion In France 8
08/07/1939 Common Good Held Democracy’s Test (Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick) 16
08/07/1939 Steel Ingot Output Remains Near High-Makers’ Profits Small 23
08/07/1939 Stores For Wheat Filled In Germany (Germany Will Buy No More) 23
08/07/1939 Army Units Move In ‘War’ Area Today 32
08/08/1939 Danzig Proposes Poland Talk Over Customs Dispute-Foerster Flies To Reich 1
08/08/1939 Italy’s War Games End Abruptly-French Believe ‘Lightning War’ Theory Exploded In Manoeuvres 1
08/08/1939 Roosevelt Claims Victory On Courts Despite Congress (Text, P. 4) 1
08/08/1939 Sir John Reith (Picture) British Airways Head, Here; Sees European War In Near Future Unlikely 6
08/08/1939 Polish Peasantry Steals Nazi Barbed-Wire Lines (Cross Border At Night, Use Wire To Fence In Farms) 7
08/08/1939 (U.S. Major Albert W.] Stevens Off To Aid Fliers In Poland 8
08/08/1939 Picture: Count Jerzy Potocki 8
08/08/1939 British Planes To Go Over France At Night 8
08/08/1939 Roosevelt Felicitates (Dictator-President German Bush Of) Bolivia 8
08/08/1939 Poles Fire On Nazi Plane Crossing The ‘Corridor’ 8
08/08/1939 Nazis Close (Salzburg Catholic) University 9
08/08/1939 Japanese Emperor Will Oppose Any Attempt At War With Britain 10
08/08/1939 (War Department) Plans Army Orders For $300,000,000 (Largest Since World War I) 11
08/08/1939 Exiled Reich Art Put On View Here 19
08/08/1939 Steel Ingot Output Increased In July 25
08/08/1939 British Stake Big In Japanese Trade-Big Annual Sales (Of Raw Materials) Cited 32
08/08/1939 Army Renews Rank Of Lieut. General (Four Named, Each A Head Of At Army) 37
08/09/1939 Pope’s Peace Key Is Renunciation (Both Sides Blamed) 1
08/09/1939 Angry Reich Press Threatens Poland With Mailed Fist 1
08/09/1939 Roosevelt Depicts His Congressional Foes In Gamblers’ Role-Fears ‘Neutrality’ Crisis-They Risked World Peace 1
08/09/1939 Paris Sees A Storm Brewing In Europe-Beckly Off For France 8
08/09/1939 Reich Orders All From 5 To 70 Registered To Supply Basis For Wartime Assignments 8
08/09/1939 Danzig Tension Persists 8
08/09/1939 1,300 (British) Planes Up In (Defense) Tests 8
08/09/1939 German Menu Asks Patience In Scarcity 9
08/09/1939 Picture: Members Of British-French Mission Starting For Moscow 9
08/09/1939 Soviet Gathering Butter Harvest 9
08/09/1939 Soviet Welcomes New U.S. Envoy (Lawrence A. Steinhardt) 9
08/09/1939 Germans Are Urged To Overthrow Hitler (By Heinrich Mann, Speaking In Paris) President Of Committee Of Action Of The German Opposition)9 Reich Takes Title To Czechs’ Forests (Wood Shortage) 11
08/09/1939 Totalitarians Bar Pacts (Assistant Secretary Of State, Henry F.) Grady Says-Aggression Held Basis 11
08/09/1939 Reich Film Shows ‘Invincible’ (‘Westwall’) Forts 11
08/09/1939 Churchill Sees War Depending On Hitler-Scoffs At Axis ‘Liberations’ 11
08/09/1939 French Seize 2 (Jewish) Refugee Vessels (To France From Italy) 11
08/10/1939 Reserve Warships Reviewed By King (George Vi) 1
08/10/1939 Yugoslavia Bars Axis Plan To Use Her Material In War; Danzig ‘Plebiscite’ Tonight 1
08/10/1939 6 Civilians Named For Mobilization Of War Resources (Chairman, Edward R. Stettinius, Jr. Of U.S. Steel) 1
08/10/1939 Japanese Military Threaten Britain On Parley Delays-Americans In Difficulty 1
08/10/1939 (Federal Departments) Ask Funds To House Roosevelt Papers (At Hyde Park) 1
08/10/1939 Roosevelt Plans New ‘Must’ Bills 2
08/10/1939 La Follette Reply Hits At (U.S.) Arms Sale-Roosevelt-Hull Neutrality Program Risked Peace Of United States 3
08/10/1939 Panama Canal To Get New Locks At Once (‘Largely A Defense Measure’) 3
08/10/1939 6 Killed, 4 Wounded In Palestine Attacks 7
08/10/1939 Japanese Cabinet Shuns New Axis Tie 8
08/10/1939 Polish Envoy (Count Jerzy Potocki) Finds Peace Outlook Dim-Doubts Hitler Can Delay-Only A Miracle Can Provide A Solution To Europe’s Problems-Believes Alliance Will Be Too Strong Unless Reich Strikes Soon 10
08/10/1939 Rear Admiral Charles E. Courtney, New Commander Of The Mediterranean Squadron, Leaves To Assume Command (Picture) 10
08/10/1939 (Belgian, Paul) Van Zeeland Gets Refugee-Aid Post (Executive President Of The Coordinating Foundation Formed By The Evian Intergovernmental Committee For Refugees, Stationed In London) 11
08/10/1939 Herriot Cannels His Visit To U.S. (For Honor By Columbia University) 11
08/10/1939 (Assistant U.S. Secretary Of State, (Adolf A.) Berle (Jr.) Asks End Of Name Calling (Of Roosevelt & Adherents) 19
08/11/1939 Reich Aim To Get Hungary Now Seen (London Report) 1
08/11/1939 $85,000,000 Orders For Army Planes 1
08/11/1939 (Albert) Foerster Lashes Poland, But Speech Is Milder Than Anticipated-Union With Reich Urged 1
08/11/1939 U.S. Group Rejects Mexican Oil (Property Expropriation) Plan 2
08/11/1939 Roosevelt Warns Navy Is Essential 3
08/11/1939 (Polish Col. Jozef) Beck Feels Peace Is Still Possible 4
08/11/1939 England Has Greatest Black-Out Since The War With London Dark 4
08/11/1939 Planet (Asteroid No. 1,419) Found By German Takes The Name ‘Danzig’ 4
08/11/1939 Gibes At Roosevelt Resumed In Germany (Deutsche Diplomatisch-Politische Korrespondenz-Accuses Roosevelt Of Attempting To Incite Poles Against Germany) 4
08/11/1939 297 (Jews From Austria & Czecho-Slavakia) Row Into Palestine 4
08/11/1939 Tokyo Sees British Awaiting U.S. Word (Before Proceeding In British-Japanese Negotiations) 6
08/11/1939 U.S. Experts To Aid Transport In China 6
08/11/1939 Picture: Senator Claude Pepper, Florida 10
08/11/1939 Preliminary War (Games) Held At Manassas 36
08/11/1939 Troops Massing For Up-State (N.Y. War) Games 36
08/12/1939 Ciano And Ribbentrop Meet 1
08/12/1939 President (Roosevelt) Ready To Call Congress If War Threatens 1
08/12/1939 Japan Gets Very Few U.S. Planes Since ‘Moral Embargo’ A Year Ago 2
08/12/1939 Part Of Shanghai To Exclude Jews (About 12,000 Jews Already In Shanghai-5,000 From Japanese-Dominated Areas) 2
08/12/1939 Jews In Bratislava Are Attacked By Mob 2
08/12/1939 Danzig Won’t Act Till Hitler Calls 3
08/12/1939 Reich Holds U.S. Seamen (For Currency Smuggling) 3
08/12/1939 (Polish President) Moscicki Greets (James A.) Farley 15
08/13/1939 Young Democrats Cheer Call To Draft Roosevelt (For 3D Term); Endorse All His Policies 1
08/13/1939 Tokyo Resistance To Axis Tie Grows 1
08/13/1939 Hitler Ciano To Continue Conference A Third Day 1
08/13/1939 Resolution Voices Faith In Roosevelt 2
08/13/1939 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Debt Data False, Says Hoover 2
08/13/1939 Thinks Spies Hold ‘Lost’ (U.S.) Passports-Many In Moscow, Perhaps (1,500 Given Up By Americans Joining The Spanish Loyalist-Communist Army) 3
08/13/1939 U.S. Held Enriched By German Exiles (By Dr. Charles) Browne, U.S. Bureau Of Chemistry And Soils In Report To Acs) 4
08/13/1939 Anti-British Plans Voted By Mizrachi (Non-Cooperation To Be Submitted To World Zionist Congress To Be Held In Geneva In One Week-They Want Palestine!) 4
08/13/1939 More (Anti-Jewish) Bratislava Raids 4
08/13/1939 Hope For (Jewish) Refugees In Ethiopia Offered (By Italy) 4
08/13/1939 (N.Y. Representative, Hamilton) Fish (In Berlin) Says France Expects War Soon-Scores (U.S. Ambassador To Germany) Wilson’s Absence (From His Post In Berlin) 5
08/13/1939 Paris Sees Hitler Using Old Tactics-Burckhardt Role Hinted 5
08/13/1939 American Held By Reich Named (Currency Smuggling-’Minor Offense’) 5
08/13/1939 Yugoslavs Resent Nazi Penetration-Neutral Course Steered Demands Of Croats Reported Rejected 6
08/13/1939 Pope Acts To Save Austrian Accord-Treaty Violated By Nazis 8
08/13/1939 China Assails (British-Japanese) Tientsin Accord 12
08/13/1939 U.S. Exports To Japan (Scrap Iron & Copper Are Exceptions) Continue To Decline 12
08/13/1939 (Sumner) Welles To Confer On Mexican (Oil Property Expropriation) Issues 13
08/13/1939 Forums To Reveal Propaganda Aims 31
08/13/1939 275 Foreign Loans Found In Default (36.7% Of Total Debt) F-1
08/13/1939 Get British Queries On War (Heavy Cotton) Fabric Here F-7
08/13/1939 Cartoon: Anti-German-’One Version Of The Way It Is Done In Germany’ E-2
08/13/1939 Danzig Case As Argued By Germans And Poles E-4
08/13/1939 Italy Stays Calm, Certain Of Peace E-4
08/13/1939 Nazi Propaganda Going Full Blast E-4
08/13/1939 Oil: Major Factor In Another War-Germany And Italy Would Start At Disadvantage E-4
08/13/1939 Fate Of Japan Hangs On A German Triumph E-5
08/13/1939 ‘Terms’ Drafted For Berlin (By London) E-5
08/13/1939 Eden, Anthony, Foreign Affairs Book 3
08/13/1939 What Was At Stake Before Munich Book 4
08/13/1939 Has America Come Of Age-James Truslow Adams Mag. 1
08/13/1939 Now They Listen To Churchill-Harold Callender Mag. 3
08/14/1939 Ciano Wins Delay On Danzig From Germany, Rome Hears 1
08/14/1939 Parts Of Danzig And Gdynia Rivals In Dramatic Race To Bring In Arms 1
08/14/1939 Reich Envoy Quits France In A Hurry 1
08/14/1939 Shell Kills Six At Fort Knox, Ky. (U.S. War Games) 1
08/14/1939 (Lieut. Gen, Hugh A.) Drum Tells Need For The War Game 3
08/14/1939 (Massachusetts Senator David I.) Walsh Would Bar U.S. Army Abroad 3
08/14/1939 2,000 At Volksfest-Stars And Stripes Flies Above Swastika In Jersey 8
08/14/1939 Blast Rocks Jerusalem 8
08/14/1939 Work On (Danzig To East Prussia) Bridge Is Begun 8
08/14/1939 Hull-(Sumner) Welles Split On (Mexican) Oil (Expropriation Of U.S. Property) Issue Seen-Secretary Held To Favor Firm Stand(With Mexico) 9
08/14/1939 American ‘Dogma’ Assailed By Funk-Says U.S. Has Hampered Trade For Political Reasons-He Desires ‘Adjustment’ 13
08/14/1939 U.S. Urged To Seek New Tie To Russia (Appeal Signed By 400 Leaders In Education, Arts & Sciences-Partial List) 15
08/14/1939 Roosevelt Defeat (On Law Chances He Favored) Hailed In Germany (By Press) 24
08/15/1939 Roosevelt To Move (Date Of) Thanksgiving 1
08/15/1939 Berlin Hides Aim-(Dr. Carl J.) Burckhardt (League Of Nations) Back In Free City 1
08/15/1939 Danzig Issue First-Poles Not To Be Invited (To Parley) 1
08/15/1939 (Sumner) Welles Fears Rift With Mexico On (Its Expropriation Of U.S.) Oil (Property); Urges Settlement (Text, P. 11) 1
08/15/1939 World Leaders (Congress On Education For Democracy, Sponsored By Teachers’ College, Columbia University) Meet Here Today To Aid Democracy (A U.S.-Allied ‘Love Feast’-Charles A. Beard In Attendance) 1
08/15/1939 Picture: Dr. Carl J. Burckhardt 8
08/15/1939 Peace Talk Rumor Grows In Warsaw 8
08/15/1939 Slovakia Claims Polish Territory 9
08/15/1939 Mizrachi To Fight (British) White Paper (Curtailing Immigration Of Jews To Israel-To Recommend Non-Cooperation With England At World Zionist Congress, Geneva) 9
08/15/1939 Reich Reports On Poles (197 Desertions To Germany-143 Poles) 9
08/15/1939 Palestine Admits 653 (Jewish) Refugees 9
08/15/1939 Shanghai Settlement Bans More (Mostly European Jewish) Refugees (15,000 Already Living There) 10
08/15/1939 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Host To Lord Baldwin 20
08/15/1939 (Belgian, Paul) Hynans Here, Puts Peace Up To Hitler 21
08/16/1939 Axis Warns Danzig Issue Must Be Faced Promptly; British Bar New ‘Munich’-Showdown Is Seen-Lndon Stresses Conditions Now Different From Those Of Last Year-Any Compromise Is Barred 1
08/16/1939 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Warns We Must Act Now To Save Democracy 1
08/16/1939 Shift (By Roosevelt) In Thanksgiving Date Arouses The Whole Country 1
08/16/1939 Hamilton Fish (Representative, N.Y.) In Oslo Fears An Early War After Talking With Ribbentrop In Germany 1
08/16/1939 Turn In Tide Seen (By ‘Dear Alben’ Barkley) On Neutrality Bill-For President’s (Roosevelt’s) Policy 2
08/16/1939 Cuba Admits 52 (Jewish) Refugees (Arrived On ‘Iberia’) 2
08/16/1939 Britain Is Girding For Violent Crisis 5
08/16/1939 Poles Repudiate (Carl J.) Burckhardt Move (League Of Nations)-He Consults Nazi Chiefs 6
08/16/1939 Germany Closes Border That Faces Polish Silesia (Rybnik) 6
08/16/1939 Washington Sees Gains For Hitler-Poles’ Stand Emphasized 7
08/16/1939 Japanese Blamed In Slapping (59 Year-Old U.S. Widow) Case 8
08/16/1939 U.S. Wins Release Of 20 (Americans Who Had Served With Spanish Loyalist-Communists) Held In Spain (At Least One Had Been Sentenced To Death For Unspecified Reasons) 9
08/16/1939 Millions In U.S. Held Uneducated (By Dr. Frank P. Graham, President Of North Carolina University)-Urges More Federal Aid 16
08/16/1939 Picture: Congress On Education For Democracy At Columbia University (Program-Sponsored By Teachers’ College) 16
08/16/1939 Columbia (University) Praises Britons As Friends 17
08/16/1939 Zionists Convene At Geneva Today (Over 600 To Map Plans And Strategy For World Zionist Congress Due To Convene On August 17, 1939) 17
08/17/1939 Italy Warns Poles Not To Fight Reich 1
08/17/1939 Germany Reveals Demands On Poland; Now Wants Both Corridor And Danzig; Press Asks Area Lost At Versailles-Price Is Increased-3 Border Incidents-Polish Soldier Is Killed By Danzig Guardsman-(Versions (Of Incident) Differ-German Leader (Senator Rudolf Wiesner, Kattowitz) Arrested (By Poles) 1
08/17/1939 Lord Baldwin Bids Democracy Fight To Save Its Ideals (At Congress On Education For Democracy, Columbia University-Text, P. 8 & 9) 1
08/17/1939 Japanese Occupy Hong Kong Border 1
08/17/1939 Mexicans United For (U.S.) Oil (Property Expropriation) Showdown 2
08/17/1939 (Sumner) Welles Step Held Cause Of (U.S.) Oil (Property Expropriation By Mexico) Break-Says Door Is Still Open 2
08/17/1939 (Michigan Senator, Arthur H.) Vandenburg (Non-Interventionist) Speech Is Cheered And Booed 2
08/17/1939 (North Dakota.Senator, Gerald P.) Nye, Isolationist (Non-Interventionist) Assails President (Roosevelt) 3
08/17/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn (German-American Bund) Near Blows At Dies Hearing (Picture-’Don’t Call Me A Liar!’) 4
08/17/1939 Chiang’s Son In Germany 4
08/17/1939 Religion Is Vital To Democracy, Leaders Of Three Faiths Agree 9
08/17/1939 (Congress On Education For Democracy, Sponsored By Teachers’ College, Columbia University) Seminars Draft Citizenship Course 9
08/17/1939 Czechs Push Drive To Crack Fascist-Reich Action Is Feared 10
08/17/1939 British Are Calm Under Axis Threat-War Census Is Advanced 11
08/17/1939 Reich Army Ready On Polish Border-Many Troops Reach Border (Near Gleiwitz) 12
08/17/1939 (Polish Envoy, Count Jerzy) Potocki Sees Reich Heading For War-’Another Munich’ Denied 13
08/17/1939 (World) Zionist Congress Opens At Geneva-Tension Curtails Session 15
08/17/1939 U.S. (Maritime) Board Orders Five More Vessels-Firm At Kearny Wins ContractFor Transatlantic Trade-New Craft 41
08/18/1939 Reich Sees Polish Rebuff In Ignoring Of Its Terms; ‘Action’ A Matter Of Days-Issue Held Grave-Press Intensifies Tales Of Anti-German Terror In Poland-Reports 1,000 Arrested 1
08/17/1939 Democracy Fight Made Permanent (By Congress On Education For Democracy, Teachers’ College, Columbia University] 1
08/17/1939 Palestine Policy Of Britain Scored By Mandates Body (Report Text, P. 7) 1
08/17/1939 Britain Rules Out A 4-Power (European) Parley-Calls Idea Propaganda In ‘War Of Nerves’-Interests Of Poland Held Foremost 1
08/17/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn (German-American Bund) Admits Order (From Him) To Destroy Papers-Leader Shouts Defiance And Asserts He Is Not Being Treated With Fairness 3
08/18/1939 (General John J.) Pershing Back (From Europe), Silent On Outlook For War 3
08/18/1939 200 French Planes ‘Attack’ British Cities 3
08/18/1939 Germans Prepare In Czech Regions 4
08/18/1939 (German) Refugees (In Poland) Held Desperate (In ‘Der Angriff’) 4
08/18/1939 (War Resources Board, Edward R. Stettinius,Of U.S. Steel) Maps First Steps On War Resources 5
08/18/1939 Roosevelt Gets State Department Reports Indicating Europe Faces A Showdown Soon 5
08/18/1939 South Tirol Priests Are Barred By Reich 5
08/18/1939 Hibernians Favor Isolationism (Non-Intervention On The Side Of The British) For U.S. 5
08/18/1939 Poles Deny Tales About Atrocities-Nazi Tactics Assailed 6
08/18/1939 Picture: Senator Rudolf Wiesner, Kattowitz Released By Poles 6
08/18/1939 Poles To Continue Drive (Against German Espionage And Subversion) 6
08/18/1939 Chodacki (Polish Representative) Back In Danzig 6
08/18/1939 Britain To Press Palestine Plans 7
08/18/1939 Reports Of (Sixteen) Directors On Problems Of Democracy-Congress For Education On Democracy, Teachers’ College, Columbia University 9
08/18/1939 Young Democrats Favor (52%) Third Term (For Roosevelt-Gallup Poll) 20
08/18/1939 (Sumner) Welles Is Hopeful Of New (Mexican Expropriation Of U.S.) Oil (Property) Talks 23
08/18/1939 Lockheed’s (Aircraft) Profit At A 6-Month Record 23
08/18/1939 Bank Credit Rises $54,000,000 In Week 23
08/19/1939 Reich Takes Over Slovakia; Puts Military In Control-Arms Pact Signed 1
08/19/1939 New Finance Plan Of Reich A Failure 1
08/19/1939 Britain Rules Out Talks With Japan On Economic Issue 1
08/19/1939 (German-American) Bund Youth Unit Denounced By Girl (Helen Vooros) For Immorality (Picture; P. 4) 1
08/19/1939 Rumania Stops Deliveries Of Petroleum To Germany 2
08/19/1939 Japanese Angered By British Decision-Duplicity Again Charged 2
08/19/1939 U.S. Backs Britain In Dispute In China 2
08/19/1939 (Admiral Harry Ervin) Yarnell, Back In U.S., Is Reticent On Orient 2
08/19/1939 French Now Plan 8,000 War Planes 3
08/19/1939 Danzig Held Preliminary To Reich Showdown With Britain 3
08/19/1939 Reich Holds Time For Words Is Past 3
08/19/1939 Reich Atrocities Charged By Poles 3
08/19/1939 Picture: Anthony Eden Returns To Army 3
08/19/1939 Reich Move Likely, London Informed (By British Papers) 4
08/19/1939 Force (By British) In Palestine Decried At Geneva (At World Zionist Congress)-Ben Gurion Says, However, Jews Will Support Britain In The Event Of War 4
08/19/1939 Group (American Christian Emergency Council) Asks Baldwin To Aid (Jews) On Palestine 4
08/19/1939 (A. F. Of L.) Asks Government To Bring Recovery 5
08/19/1939 World Peace Or War In Hitler’s Hands Alone, Earl Baldwin, On Visit To The (N.Y. World’s) Fair, Declares 7
08/19/1939 (American) Bar (Association) Group Score For Color Barrier 15
08/20/1939 Reich Army Calls Slovak Troops To Army On Polish Border; British Ministers To Meet-War Moves Go On-Tiso Demands Lost Lands (From Poland) 1
08/20/1939 Coup Fear Takes Halifax To London 1
08/20/1939 (British-Japanese) Parley Suspended In Tokyo As Army Urges Final Break 1
08/20/1939 Czech Tongue Barred In Talks With Reich 2
08/20/1939 Lord Baldwin Holds War Is Up To Hitler 3
08/20/1939 Canada Held Sure To Back Up Britain 3
08/20/1939 Germany Adamant On Polish Question 4
08/20/1939 Pro-Nazi Leaders Flee (Poland) 4
08/20/1939 76% Here Fear U.S. Would Enter War (Gallup Poll) 6
08/20/1939 Briton Kills Two (Japanese) In Shanghai Fight 8
08/20/1939 Zionists (World Zionist Congress, Geneva) Advised To Shun (European) Conflict 15
08/20/1939 Business Is Better U.S. Chamber Finds 19
08/20/1939 Barton Predicts Jobs In Industry 20
08/20/1939 Save Democracy Teachers’ Theme d-4
08/20/1939 Study Teaching Of Democracy D-5
08/20/1939 The News Of The Week In Review-’Polens Eroberungsplaene Schwartz Auf Weiss’-Nazi Propaganda-Threat To Peace E-1
08/20/1939 Herr Hitler Is Testing Europe’s Nerves Again E-3
08/20/1939 Cartoon: ‘England Never Wins A Battle Except The Last One’ E-3
08/20/1939 Three Routes Link China With World E-5
08/20/1939 The Fighting Strength Of The Lending Powers Book 4
08/21/1939 Poles Rush Troops To Face Germans; Pope Sends Peace Envoy To Warsaw; Berlin And Moscow Sign Trade Pact-Peace Hopes Wane-Axis Slams Door To A Solution 1
08/20/1939 Vatican Takes Step As Rome Fears War 1
08/20/1939 Reich, Soviet In 7-Year Treaty 1
08/20/1939 Japanese Leaders ‘Take Grave View’ Of Shanghai Fight 1
08/20/1939 Vote Row Disrupts (World) Zionist Conference-Geneva Session Stormy 2
08/21/1939 Foerster Declares ‘Our Hour’ Is Coming (Danzig) 4
08/21/1939 British Firmness Disappoints Reich 4
08/21/1939 M’nutt Opposes Quiescent Nation 4
08/21/1939 Italo-Reich Parleys Now Going On Seen As Determining Peace Or War 4
08/21/1939 Morganthau In Finland 5
08/21/1939 Move Against U.S. Reported In Tokyo 6
08/21/1939 U.S. Stand Held Aid To British In China (By Washington) 6
08/21/1939 ‘Ism’ Groups Face Courts, (Congressman Martin) Dies Says 6
08/21/1939 U.S.-Mexican Amity Is Aim Of Almazan (Present Opposition Candidate In Mexico) 11
08/21/1939 London Discounts Possibility Of War 21
08/21/1939 Net Gold Export Listed By Britain 22
08/21/1939 Demand For Steel Continues To Rise 25
08/22/1939 Germany And Russia Agree On Non-Aggression; Ribbentrop Going To Moscow To Draft Pact; Berlin Sees Quick Showdown With Poland-Germans Elated 1
08/22/1939 News Of (Russo-German) Pact Hits Rome Like A Bolt 1
08/22/1939 Poland Unshaken, Still Would Fight 1
08/22/1939 Belgium Summons Neutrals’ Parley (Small Nations) 1
08/22/1939 Reich Book Offer To College Told (Considered German Move To Plant German Propaganda In U.S. Schools-The Officials Showed Typical American Objectivity In Refusing Any German Offer) 5
08/22/1939 Envoys In Moscow Shocked By (Russo-German) Move 8
08/22/1939 Reich Troops Jam Routes To Poland-Gleiwitz On Border, Bristles With Guns 8
08/22/1939 Rapallo Is Recalled By Nazi-Soviet Move-Signed Treaty Behind Allies’ Backs In 1922 8
08/22/1939 Washington Fails To Show Surprise-Aggressive Aim Doubted 9
08/22/1939 Picture: Leopold Of Belgium 10
08/22/1939 Lawyers Lay Basis For Danzig Return 10
08/22/1939 German Spy Stole Diplomatic Bag Which Caused Rumanian’s Suicide 10
08/22/1939 ‘Peace With Honor’ Declared U.S. Aim (By Louis Johnson, Acting U.S. Secretary Of War) 11
08/22/1939 Zionist Bloc Bolts (World Zionist Congress, Geneva) In (Dispute Over British White Paper, British Support, Etc.) 17
08/22/1939 Leibowitz Asks Truce Of Negroes And Jews-Appeals For End Of ‘Growing Anti-Semitism’ In Harlem 19
08/22/1939 Refugee From Reich (Dr. Kurt Rosenmeyer) Ends Life By Hanging (In N.Y. City-Worried About Gentile Wife Left In Germany) 20
08/23/1939 Britain And France Stand By Pledge To Poles; Rush Plans For War; Warsaw Regains Firm; Elated Germans See Victory In Russian Pact 1
08/23/1939 U.S. Officials Act On Europe’s Peril (To Bring 100,000 Americans Home From Europe) 1
08/23/1939 Poles Doubt Help To Reich In Accord 1
08/23/1939 France Prepares To Stop Germany-Will Fight To Protect Poland If That Ally Resists Attack 1
08/23/1939 (German) Embargo Move Wins (Public) Approval In Britain 2
08/23/1939 Many Zionists Quit (Geneva Would Zionist Congress) Parley In War Fear 3
08/23/1939 Roosevelt Appeal On Peace Doubted 3
08/23/1939 Czechs Decry British On Russo-Reich Pact 3
08/23/1939 Free City (Danzig) Statute Held Null And Void (By German Lawyer, Dr. Hans Frank) 4
08/23/1939 ‘Shuttle’ Bombing Raids May Face Reich In War; British Held To Have Plan For Polish Bases 4
08/23/1939 Axis Bonds Rise; Poland’s Decline 5
08/23/1939 Poland Has Suffered Partition 4 Times In A Checkered History (Map) 6
08/23/1939 Soviet Denies (German) Pact Is Bar To Alliance-Blow At British Is Denied 7
08/23/1939 German Westwall Thirty Miles Deep 8
08/23/1939 Palestine Ready In Crisis 8
08/23/1939 (Henry D. Allen) Links (German-American) Bund Effort To Reich Embassy 9
08/23/1939 Roosevelt Found 1% Less Popular (Now, 56.6% Of The U.S. Public Favors Him) 10
08/24/1939 Germany And Russia Sign 10-Year Non-Aggression Pact; Bind Each Other Not To Aid Opponents In War Acts; Hitler Rebuffs London; Britain And France Mobilize-Quick Action Seen (Text) 1
08/24/1939 U.S. And Argentina Plan Trade Pact, (Sumner) Welles Discloses 1
08/24/1939 Poles Doubt War; Warsaw Is Calm 2
08/24/1939 Officers Frown On Travel Abroad 3
08/24/1939 Neutrality Steps Are Readied By U.S. 3
08/24/1939 Appeal For Peace Issued By Leopold (Of Belgium, Text, P. 5) 5
08/24/1939 Czechs Cautioned Against Sabotage (In Case Of War) 7
08/24/1939 Roosevelt Greets Jews (National Council Of Young Israel) 10
08/24/1939 Bolivian Dictator (Lt. Col. German Busch) Dead Of Shot At 35 (Picture) 11
08/25/1939 Hitler Lays Plans With His Close Aides For The Partition Of Poland 1
08/25/1939 Hitler Acts To Take Danzig, Orders Army To Be Ready; Chamberlain Gets War Powers; London, Paris Dark; Roosevelt Appeals To Germany, Poland And Italy (Text, Pp.L & 7) 1
08/25/1939 Poland Accepts Roosevelt Offer 1
08/25/1939 U.S. Fiscal Plans Ready For Shock (European Hostilities) 1
08/25/1939 Frenchmen Pour Into Frontier (Maginot) Line 1
08/25/1939 Reich Troops Mass On West Frontier 2
08/25/1939 Danzig Soidiers March To Border-Frontier Partly Closed 2
08/25/1939 Liberal Weeklies (In U.S.) Score Soviet Pact (With Germany) 2
08/25/1939 British Say Russians Demanded Control Of Parts Of Poland In Any Defensive Plan (Curzon Line?) 3
08/25/1939 War Preparations Find-London Calm 3
08/25/1939 French Still Think Peace Is Possible 6
08/25/1939 Zionists (World Zionist Congress) End (Geneva) Parley As Result Of Crisis 7
08/25/1939 Elliott Roosevelt Urges A Truce Here-Says President (His Father) Would Die In Defense Of America’s Way 8
08/26/1939 Hitler Reported Willing To Ease Demands On Poland; London Gets Terms Today; Britain And France Firm; Roosevelt Addresses New Peace Appeal To Germany 1
08/26/1939 Poles Are In State Of Full Readiness-All Frontiers With Germany Are Fully Manned And Some Border Areas Evacuated 1
08/26/1939 Japanese Protest Hitler-Stalin Pact 1
08/26/1939 French See Hitler Skirting Disaster 2
08/26/1939 Germans In Britain Get Order To Return At Once 2
08/26/1939 Inner Circles Of Nazis Cool To Roosevelt; Press Says He Is Too Late With His Appeal 2
08/26/1939 Picture: Cheering Danzigers Welcome German Battleship In Their Harbor 4
08/26/1939 Text Of British-Polish Treaty 4
08/26/1939 German Ship (‘Koenigsberg’) Is Seized (By Canadians) 4
08/26/1939 U.S. Volunteers Sought In France-Similar To Steps In 1914-Men Will Sign Up In Canada To Avoid Conflict With Laws Enforcing Our Neutrality 5
08/26/1939 Canada Summons Militia To Duty-Only Volunteers Sought 5
08/26/1939 Roosevelt Works On War Measures 6
08/26/1939 Roosevelt’s Note To Hitler 6
08/26/1939 Raid On Frontier (By ‘Nazi Gangs’) Charged By Poles-Berlin Paper Alleges (Polish) Slayings 7
08/26/1939 Incidents Irritate Inflamed Borders (Map) 7
08/27/1939 Hitler Demands Britain Abandon Polish Alliance; London And Paris Reported Rejecting Nazi Terms; Mobilization Still Rushed; Nuremberg Cancelled 1
08/27/1939 Poles Don’t Expect An Immediate War-Hitler Is Seen Trying To Shift Blame For Any War On The Shoulders Of Others-Jerzy Szapiro 1
08/27/1939 Japan’s Army Men Back Policy Shift 1
08/27/1939 Upper Silesian Press Fulminates At Poles 25
08/27/1939 New Munich Seen As Reich’s Demand 26
08/27/1939 (Rabbi Jonah B. Wise) Finds Jews Loyal To The Democracies 27
08/27/1939 1,000 Attend Benefit For Jewish Refugees 27
08/27/1939 Soviet Explains’ Break With Allies 28
08/27/1939 Nazi Photo Of ‘Terror’ (In ‘Neueste Nachrichten’) (Allegedly) Shows Snow In August 28
08/27/1939 British Carefree In Shadow Of War 29
08/27/1939 Nazis Block Rhine To Own National 29
08/27/1939 Elliott Roosevelt Sees Reich Conquest 29
08/27/1939 Big Army In Danzig For An Offensive 30
08/27/1939 (Martin Dies Report) Says Propaganda Would Embroil Us (In War) 30
08/27/1939 Liner St. Louis Cancels Sailing; Reich Ship Is Here Indefinitely 31
08/27/1939 Reich To Respect Neutral Borders 32
08/27/1939 Incidents Inflame Polish Frontier 32
08/27/1939 Oil Supply In War Held Big Problem F-1
08/27/1939 The News Of The Week In Review-Seven Days That Shook The World (Populations, Armies, Air Forces, & Navies Of Nations) E-1
08/27/1939 Totalitarian Aim Is To Reorganize The World-Otto D. Tolischus E-3
08/27/1939 Poles Determined To Defend State (Map, The Partitions) E-4
08/27/1939 Small (Neutral) Nations Hit Hard By The Crisis E-5
08/27/1939 Hitler’s Record Of Treaty Pledges-John C. De Wilde E-5
08/27/1939 Our Economy Involved Deeply In War Crisis E-6
08/27/1939 Japan, Deserted, Vows To Carry On E-6
08/27/1939 Ribbentrop Is Key In New Nazi Policy E-6
08/27/1939 Will Alaska Be Opened To European Refugees E-7
08/27/1939 Cartoon: The Gorilla (‘Totalitarianism’-Germany Understood) Again E-9
08/27/1939 The Army Behind Hitler Mag. 1
08/27/1939 Principals Of European Countries Roto. 1
08/28/1939 Paris Awaiting Blow By Germans 1
08/28/1939 Hitler Tells Paris He Must Get Danzig And Corridor; Berlin Thinks Door Is Left Open To Peaceful Solution; British Answer Today To Insist On Rights Of Poland-Fuehrer Insistent 1
08/28/1939 Poles Dig Trenches And Watch Soccer 1
08/28/1939 Reich Fliers’ Garb Common In Danzig 1
08/28/1939 Britain To Utilize Securities Abroad (To Help Pay Costs Of War) 1
08/28/1939 German Liner (St. Louis) Slips Away From New York Empty; British Admiralty Takes Over All Shipping 1
08/28/1939 Polish Made Easy For Reich Troops-Gleiwitz Fears Raids (Booklet Allegedly Given German Troops With Phrases Such As ‘If You Lie You Will Be Shot’ Etc. Seen To Contain The Same General Phrases As Those In A Booklet Allegedly Given The German Troops When They Went Into Czechoslovakia In The Spring) 2
08/28/1939 ‘Time To Stop Him’ (Hitler), Says London Cabby 4
08/28/1939 Two Liners Bring 1,556 From Europe (Including Erika Morini Who Is Part Jewish) 5
08/28/1939 Buchman Denies Sacrifice In Crisis-Assails Versailles Pact 9
08/28/1939 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Denounces ‘Anti-Christ’ (Russo-German) Treaty 9
08/28/1939 (Dr. Niebuhr) Warns Democracy Of Idolizing Form 19
08/28/1939 Policy Of Isolation (Non-Intervention) Is Urged By (Norman) Thomas 20
08/29/1939 Hitler Gets British Note And Will Make Written Reply; Berlin Finds London’s Stand ‘Not Wholly Negative;’ Tension Is Eased But Europe Remains Poised For War 1
08/29/1939 Poles See Berlin Unsure Of Allies-Atrocity Stories (Alleged By Germans) Denied 1
08/29/1939 French Frontiers With Reich Closed 1
08/29/1939 (U.S.) Arms Ban Assailed (By Louis Johnson, Acting U.S. Secretary Of War Along With U.S. Ambassador Hugh R. Wilson, U.S. Ambassador To Germany) As Breeder Of War 1
08/29/1939 Soviet Fails To Act On Pact With Reich 1
08/29/1939 Netherlands Mobilizes To Check Any Attack; Belgians Follow Suit 1
08/29/1939 U.S. Delays Bremen-She May Get Away Today 1
08/29/1939 U.S. Ships Cancel Sailings To Reich 2
08/29/1939 Passengers Tense On Bremen Voyage 2
08/29/1939 British Securities To Be Aided In U.S. 3
08/29/1939 Gen. Abe Appointed Japanese Premier 4
08/29/1939 Original Daladier Note To Hitler (Text) 5
08/29/1939 Pinch Of Rationing Is Felt In Germany 6
08/29/1939 U.S. Tankers Drop German Employees 6
08/29/1939 Poles Here Offer Lines And Money (To Poland) 7
08/29/1939 Danzigers Expect ‘Big Event’ At Once 9
08/29/1939 Dr. Shotwell (Of Columbia University) Holds Hitler Defies Codes (Also A Director Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) 10
08/29/1939 Canada Assumes Control Of Ships 11
08/29/1939 Slovaks Warned (By Tiso) Of Reich Occupation 11
08/29/1939 Propaganda Aims In Crisis Scanned-Radio’s Work Defended 12
08/30/1939 New Hitler Note Keeps Negotiations Open; Berlin Hopeful For Peace, Slows War Moves; Commons Cheers Pledge (By Chamberlain) To Resist Force (Text, P. 2)-Chamberlain Firm-Germany Is Milder 1
08/29/1939 Bremen Searched (By U.S. Officials); Due To Sail Today-Roosevelt Would Prevent Any Privateering 1
08/29/1939 Poland Protests Moves In Slovakia 1
08/29/1939 Russians Massing Soldiers In West 1
08/29/1939 Roosevelt Decries ‘Neutrality’ Effect-As Encouraging Hitler 3
08/29/1939 Roosevelt Phones Ambassadors In Europe 3
08/29/1939 (Federation Of Polish Jews In America) Would Fight For Poland 3
08/29/1939 Germany Restores London Air Service 3
08/29/1939 Roosevelt Sets Policy On Bremen 4
08/29/1939 Wide U.S. Control Over Ships Named-World War Law Gives President Autocratic Powers In Time Of Emergency 4
08/29/1939 Soviet Pact Blunder By Nazis, Says Eden 4
08/29/1939 French Now Think Hitler Is Worried 5
08/29/1939 Switzerland Puts Services On War Footing 6
08/29/1939 Atrocity Tale (Incriminating Poles) Repeated (By Germans) 6
08/29/1939 Germans Occupy Slovak’s Capital 9
08/29/1939 Poland Welcomes Mediation Proposal (Of Small Neutrals) 9
08/30/1939 (Martin Dies Un-American Activities Committee) Acts To Hold (Fritz) Kuhn (German-American Bund Head) If He Trys Flight 11
08/31/1939 British Reply To Hitler Narrows The Issue To Free Negotiations With Poland Or War; Reich Organizes National Defense Council (With Goering As Head)-London Note Blunt 1
08/31/1939 Bremen Quits Port, Normandie Stays 1
08/31/1939 Poles Mobilizing Army Of 2,500,000 1
08/31/1939 Hitler Is Yielding, Washington Hears 1
08/31/1939 President (Roosevelt) Sounds Call To Peace In Welcome To New British Envoy (Lothian) 1
08/31/1939 4 Northern (Small) Nations Discuss Neutrality 2
08/31/1939 Danzig Traffic Cut Except To Germany 2
08/31/1939 Hitler Held Curt On Canada’s Note 3
08/31/1939 French Say Nazis Desert Over Rhine 3
08/31/1939 (Sir Oswald) Mosely Parade Is Booed (In England) 3
08/31/1939 Germans Prepare Against Blockade 4
08/31/1939 Columbus Resumes Trip 4
08/31/1939 Everything Ready, French Just Wait-Contrast To Last War 5
08/31/1939 Japan Is Fearful Of Russian War 6
08/31/1939 Picture: U.S. War Resources Board Confers With President (Roosevelt-Edward R. Stettinius Of U.S. Steel Chairman) 8
08/31/1939 Army, Navy Speed War Supply Buying 8