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William Lindsey collection — 1939 NYT headlines

February 1939
Date Headline Page
02/01/1939 Roosevelt To Help Democracies Arm; Puts Our Defense Frontier In France; Tells Senators Of Danger Abroad-Conference Secret 1&7
02/01/1939 President (Roosevelt) Backs Democracies 1&8
02/01/1939 Chamberlain Firm (With Germany)-Asks ‘Concrete Evidence’ (Text, P. 10) 1&11
02/01/1939 Inquiry Into WPA Fraud And Graft Asked By U.S. Grand Jury Here 1
02/01/1939 Germany Is Proud Of Hitler’s Power-Otto D. Tolischus 1
02/01/1939 War Risk Scheme Set Up By Britain 1
02/01/1939 Roosevelt Orders (Judge) Manton Out (Wilson Favorite) Feb. 7; U.S. Inquiry On Here 1
02/01/1939 (U.S. House) Backs Funds To Sift Claims On Mexico (Expropriation Of U.S. Oil Properties)-Mexican Oil Curb Enjoined By Court 4
02/01/1939 (Permanent) CCC Block Planned On Lines Of (American ?) Legion-Political Impact SeeN-234,747 On Rolls And 3,000,000 Ex-Members 6
02/01/1939 (Governor Herbert) Lehman Asks Fight On ‘Enemies Within’ (To Protect Civil & Religious Rights In U.S.) 6
02/01/1939 Reich Push To East Is Found Checked (By British) 7
02/01/1939 Nazis Found Losing In South America; (Rev.) Dr. Sheehy (Catholic) Belittles Effect Of Propaganda 8
02/01/1939 Japanese Vexed On Hitler’s Talk 8
02/01/1939 Britons In Survey Favor A Third Roosevelt Term (As President) 9
02/01/1939 Vienna Nazi Leader (Odilo Globocnik-See Lublin-Majdanek) Out 9
02/01/1939 $10,000 For (Jewish) Refugees (Women’s Division, American Jewish Congress) 9
02/01/1939 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Talks Of Jobs-Thinks Calling WPA Workers ‘Employed’ Would He Helpful 12
02/01/1939 $75,413,000 Of Gold Arrived Last Month 29
02/01/1939 U.S. Steel Earns Net Of $4,397,454-$7,755,914 Deficit In 1938 29
02/02/1939 Secrecy In (Roosevelt) Defense Policy Causes Stir In The Senate-War Fears Voiced-Open Hearings Sought 1
02/02/1939 Hoover Sees Peril In (Secret Roosevelt) Foreign Policy (Text, P. 6) 1
02/02/1939 Germans Attack Roosevelt (Reported Statement)-Berlin Is Amazed 1
02/02/1939 Mexico Will Fete (Cuba’s Col. Fulgencio) Batista Lavishly 2
02/02/1939 State Department Queried (By Congressmen) On Mexico (Concerns Expropriation Of U.S. Oll Properties) 4
02/02/1939 ‘Pre-Nazi’ Exhibit (Of Germany) At (Worlds) Fair Abandoned (By Laguardia, Dr. Frank Kingdon, Marshall Field, Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, Et Al.) 5
02/02/1939 Swiss Warn League (Of Nations) On Moving (From Switzerland) In (Case Of) War 6
02/02/1939 Foreign Press Comments On President’s (Roosevelt’s) Stand Supporting Democracies (See Feb. 4 Entry For Denial) 7
02/02/1939 Bermuda Governor (Gen. Sir Reginald Hildyard) Says Hitler Links U.S., Britain 8
02/02/1939 Cuba To Check On Aliens 8
02/02/1939 12,000 In (Pro-Spanish Loyalist) Protest Paralyze 5th Ave-Shout Pleas On (Lifting Arms) Embargo 9
02/02/1939 Czechs Will Expel Majority Of Jews 10
02/02/1939 Chamberlain Sets Palestine Talks (In London)-Foes Of Mufti Admitted 11
02/02/1939 Refugee Plan (Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees, Rublee Negotiations In Berlin) Delayed 11
02/02/1939 Roosevelt’s Power On Currency Fought 27
02/03/1939 12 Dictators To Rule Britain In War, Each In A Self-Contained Region 1
02/03/1939 President (Roosevelt) Pressed (By Congress) To Clarify Policy On Sales Of Arms (‘To Democracies’) 1
02/03/1939 Premier Spaak Beaten By Belgian Veterans Protesting His Honoring Of A War Convict (Convicted Of Treason In Wartime!) 1
02/03/1939 Roosevelt Remark Confirmed By Paris-Embassy Reports He Said (U.S.) Frontier Would Be In France 2
02/03/1939 Roosevelt Called Dictator By Nazis 3
02/03/1939 Hitler Is Disputed By Vatican Organ 3
02/03/1939 Reich Announces A U-Boat Increase 3
02/03/1939 Roosevelt Warning Divides Netherlands 3
02/03/1939 Refugee Talks (Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees, In Berlin) End On Optimistic Note-Rublee To Sound Nations-Otto D. Tolischus 4
02/03/1939 Reich Loses Suit Over A Debt Here-(Jewish) Owners Of A Shop Seized In Austria Are Entitled To Money (From U.S.) Court Rules 4
02/03/1939 Truth Urged As Weapon (By Czech Dr. Jan Masaryk) 4
02/03/1939 (John G.) Winant Is Sworn In As (International) Labor Office Head (In Geneva) 5
02/03/1939 Japan’s Military To Seize Industry-Oil Is Greatest Need 6
02/03/1939 Reich Trade Loss With Us Is Heavy-432,400,000 Mark Deficit In 1938 Largely Accounted For By United States-Cash Payment Painful-Nazis Are Exasperated By Our Failure To Respond To The Plea By Hitler 25
02/04/1939 Roosevelt Calls France Story A Lie; Denies Change In Policy; Attacks The Press; Secret Parley To He Aired In Senate Debate-President Stirred-No Entangling Alliances (See Feb. 1 & Onward!) 1
02/04/1939 Some Senators Insist He Put Frontier In France At Conference-Say Import Was To Help Democracies So Far As Possible Without War (!) 1
02/04/1939 (Cuba’s Col. Fulgencio) Batista, In Mexico, Urges (American Hemispheric) Solidarity 1
02/04/1939 Bermuda Plans To Ban Undesired Publications 1
02/04/1939 ‘Civil Rights’ (Sic) Unit Set Up By (U.S. Attorney General, Frank) Murphy 2
02/04/1939 (General Maurice) Gamelin To Retire From French Army 4
02/04/1939 Roosevelt Denial (Of ‘Frontiers In France’) Late, German View 5
02/04/1939 British Will Study Guiana As (Refugee) Refuge (Budapest Jews Bombed) 6
02/05/1939 President (Roosevelt) Pushing His (Personal) Archives Plan (For Fdr Library At Hyde Park) 4
02/05/1939 Concert To Aid Refugees (Ort) 29
02/05/1939 U.S. Urged To Join Anti-Hitler Bloc (By Friedrich Stampfer, Former Editor Of Berlin Daily, ‘Vorwaerts’) 32
02/05/1939 Thanked For Czech Aid (Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, Chairman, American Committee For Relief In Czechoslovakia-$12,000) 32
02/05/1939 Roosevelt Attack (‘U.S. Frontier Is In France’) Continued In Reich 33
02/05/1939 Picture: 93 U.S. Volunteers (‘Abraham Lincoln’ Brigade-International Brigade Serving With Loyalist Spanish Army) Returning (On President Harding) From The War In Spain 33
02/05/1939 Drives In 800 Cities Urged For Refugees (Jonah B. Wise And Abba Hillel Silver, United Jewish Appeal For Refugees And Overseas Needs) 33
02/05/1939 Loyalists Still Get Arms Abroad; Ships In Traffic Use French Ports 35
02/05/1939 Dr. Wright (Catholic Professor) Praises (U.S. Arms) Embargo On Spain 35
02/05/1939 Roosevelt Studies Mexican (Oil Property) Seizures 36
02/05/1939 Britain Increases Plane Buying Here-Orders 250 More War Craft For Total Of 650, And Large French Purchase Is Hinted-Curtiss Ships In Paris 37
02/05/1939 U.S. Warned Of War By Tokyo Newspaper 37
02/05/1939 Roosevelt’s Delay (In Answering The ‘U.S. Frontier In France’ Allegation) Amazing To French-Second Stand Welcome 38
02/05/1939 Strong U.S. Stand Is Liked In Brazil 38
02/05/1939 Roosevelt Denial Stressed In Rome 38
02/05/1939 (Matthew Woll, President, American Wage-Earners Protective Conference) Says Nazis Obtain War Supplies Here 39
02/05/1939 (Admiral William D.) Leahy May Stay As Navy’s Head 39
02/05/1939 Economic Buffer For War Is Urged 39
02/05/1939 New Rise In Funds For Army Possible 39
02/05/1939 Earnings In Steel 99.4% Down In 1938 F-1
02/05/1939 The News Of The Week In Review-(U.S.) Frontier-Where? E-1
02/05/1939 Foreign Policy Mix-Up Follows (Roosevelt’s) Secret Moves E-3
02/05/1939 Canadians Differ On Ally (Role To England) In A War E-6
02/05/1939 The (American) Republican And The Nazi Revolutions In Germany Book 3
02/05/1939 A New Chapter (As ‘Teacher’) In The Stirring Life Of (Eduard) Benes Mag. 3
02/05/1939 Premier Of Americanism-Hull Urges Bar To Dictators-Cardinal’s Home Stormed In Munich-Reich Mobs Wreck 10,000 Shops-Roosevelt Against Rising Menace Of Dictators Roto. 2
02/06/1939 France Opens Her Border To Fleeing (Spanish) Loyalist Army 1
02/06/1939 ‘Munich Mentality’ (Sic) Remains A Factor In Britain’s Policy 1
02/06/1939 War On Hate Urged As American Duty (By Miss Virginia Gildersleeve, Dean, Barnard College-Associated With Columbia University-Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler) 3
02/06/1939 Palestine Parley (In London) Opens Tomorrow-Immigration A Main Issue 6
02/06/1939 Hitler ‘Pacifism’ Called Delusion (By James G. Mc Donald, Chairman Of President’s Committee For Refugees-Roosevelt’s) 6
02/06/1939 (U.S.) Arms Sales Policy (Embargo) Adopted In 1923 7
02/06/1939 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Hits Aiding Britain And France 7
02/06/1939 Iron Exports Held A Danger To Nation 7
02/06/1939 Du Pont Sales Off 17 Per Cent In Year (1938) 21
02/07/1939 Chamberlain Gives Pledge To Resist Threat To France 1
02/06/1939 ‘Secrecy’ Attack Blockaded In Senate (Charges Against Roosevelt On ‘France As U.S. Frontier’ To Be Squelched) 1
02/06/1939 WPA Ponders Cut Of Million April 1 7
02/06/1939 Rublee (Of Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) Presents Plan On Refugees (In London Where Palestine Conference Is In Session) 10
02/06/1939 Czechs Called Firm To Reich’s Pressure 10
02/06/1939 Refugee Centers Urged (By Metropolitan Synagogue Committee For Refugees) 10
02/06/1939 Roosevelt Blamed Again 10
02/06/1939 Weakness Abroad Hits Wheat Here-Corn Also Loses Ground 27
02/06/1939 $3,995,000 Of Gold Here From England 31
02/08/1939 Parley On Palestine Opens (In London) With Arab Factions Split 1
02/08/1939 5,500 Planes Blll Speeded To House; Hull Inquiry Lags 1
02/08/1939 Reich Weighs Plan To Drop Sudetens-Heavy Economic Burden 1
02/08/1939 U.S. And Canada Seen Aiding.Britain In War (Toronto Editor, Floyd S. Chalmers) 12
02/08/1939 President (Roosevelt) Assails Arms Secret Leak-Denies Key Sales Abroad-He Says Anti-Aircraft Devices Sought By England Were Of Antiquated Type 13
02/08/1939 Negro Group (Negro Committee To Aid Spanish Democracy) Urges Lifting Of (U.S. Arms) Embargo 14
02/08/1939 Text Of Addresses Delivered At Opening Of Palestine Parley (In London-Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Chaim Weizmann, Isaac Ben Zvi & Others) 17
02/08/1939 Morgenthau Sees Debt Of $50,000,000,000 31
02/08/1939 $18,000,000 In Gold Comes Here In Day-Source Said To Be Dutch 35
02/09/1939 Britain To Answer Reich U-Boat Rise 1
02/09/1939 Wang Urges U.S. Back ‘The Cause Of Justice’ (Cease Supporting Chiang Kai Shek) 4
02/09/1939 Three Reich Pastors Suspended By Church 4
02/09/1939 U.S. Lists New Cases In Protest To Reich (Cases Involving The Treatment Of U.S. Jews In Germany) 4
02/09/1939 Palestine Haven (For Jews) Urged On London-WeizmannCalls For Admittance Of 100,000 Jews As He Cites Refugee Issue 5
02/09/1939 Roosevelt Hails Boy Scout Ideals 23
02/10/1939 Pope Pius (Xi) Is Dead 1
02/10/1939 Arabs Ask Britain To End Mandate (At London Meeting) 9
02/10/1939 U.S. Asked To Fight Fascism In Mexico 10
02/11/1939 Mexico And Reich Arrange New Deal For Bartering Oll 1
02/11/1939 Jury Is Divided In (Curtiss-Wright) Neutrality (Act) Case 2
02/11/1939 (Harold Leclaire) Ickes Again Scores Press Of Country (Text) 2
02/11/1939 New Fighting Plane (Lockheed P-38) Shows Power In Test-Probably World’s Best 2
02/11/1939 (Joseph P. Kennedy) Sails For London (Ambassadorial) Post 3
02/11/1939 Reich Students Here Are Linked (By ‘Providence Bulletin) To Nazis 4
02/11/1939 (Sumner) Welles Calls On (Brazil’s Oswaldo) Aranha 4
02/11/1939 (Senator) Chavez (New Mexico) Relatives Freed In WPA (Fraud) Case (See P. 32) 16
02/12/1939 Germany To Permit Jews To Re-Enter Trade Fields Until They Can Emigrate-Rublee (Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) Has Offer 1
02/11/1939 Reich Seeks Trade With Democracies 1
02/11/1939 (N.Y. City) Rabbis: Sermons Extol Lincoln Aim-Dictators In Contrast 6
02/11/1939 (U.S.) Mail Pilots Held A War (Bomber Pilot) Resource (In The Event Of War By W. W. Howes, First Assistant U.S. Post-Master General) 13
02/11/1939 ‘Liberals’ Losing Surveys (Gallup Poll Etc.) Indicate-Trend To Conservatives 24
02/11/1939 (Wisconsin Senator, Robert M.) La Follette Says We ‘Parallel’ 1917-Secret Moves (By Roosevelt & Government) Decried 25
02/11/1939 (Vermont Governor) Aiken Fears War Made By Seekers (Washington War Mongers) 32
02/11/1939 U.S. On Road To War, Says (Socialist) Norman Thomas 32
02/11/1939 Dictators Accused Of Stifling Science (By Robert S. Lynd, Professor Of Sociology, Columbia University Et Al.) 34
02/11/1939 War Not Averted, Dr. Benes (Czechoslovakia, In U.S.) Warns-He Sees Hope In America 35
02/11/1939 (Professor Dr. Carlton J. H Hayes, History, Columbia University) To Speak On Dictators 35
02/11/1939 (Mrs. Israel Sieff, London, President Of Woman’s International Zionist Organization) Halls Palestine Refuge-Answer To (Jewish) Persecutors 36
02/11/1939 Reich Gets Protest On Czech (Government) Attitude-(500,000) Germans (Still Under Czechs) Object To Prohibition Of Streicher’s (Der) Stuermer 36
02/11/1939 Milwaukee Families Returning To Reich-Skilled Workers 36
02/11/1939 (Col. Fulgencio) Batista Promises (Cuba’s) Nationalization Aim 38
02/11/1939 Swedish Courts Hold Exiled Jews Can Collect Debts (From Germany) 38
02/11/1939 Refugee And Sister Meet (In New Jersey) After 45 Years 39
02/12/1939 Schools Fight Racial Hatred-Huge City Experiment Tries To Check The Spread Of Foreign Bigotry D-10
02/12/1939 Rome-Berlin Axis Gets Russian Oil-Laid To Munich Parley F-1
02/12/1939 (U.S.) Trade With Reich Barred By Barter F-8
02/12/1939 Rift With President (Roosevelt) Reopened In Senate E-3
02/12/1939 Business Hopes Rise For Peace With Roosevelt E-3
02/12/1939 Germans Attack Roosevelt (Interventionist) Stand (In Europe) E-4
02/12/1939 Palestine Conference (Jewish Immigration) Makes Little Heading E-6
02/12/1939 British Seek Colonial Nazi Curb E-6
02/12/1939 Pictures: Matthew Woll, A. F. Of L. & Dr. James Bryant Conant, President Of Harvard University E-12
02/12/1939 Shall The South’s Poll Tax Go? By Virginius Dabney Mag. 9
02/13/1939 (Henry A.) Wallace Ridicules Reich ‘Aryanism’ In Talk On Lincoln 1
02/13/1939 18 New (U.S.) Destroyers Are Delayed By Defects Revealed In Turbines 1
02/13/1939 Refugee Officials Favor Reich Offer-London Committee To Take Up Plan On Jews Today-Rublee (Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) Ready To Quit As Director 1
02/13/1939 Hull Warns World In Plea For Peace-Says We Will Resist Attack On (Our) ‘Vital Interests’ 1
02/13/1939 General War (In Europe) Held Last Loyalist Hope (French Opinion) 2
02/13/1939 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Says Pope (Pius XI) Was Europe’s Savior 2
02/13/1939 Inquiries Pushed On Loyalist Acts (By Franco) 2
02/13/1939 New Mexican Move Beclouds Oil (Expropriation Of U.S. Oil Property) Issue 5
02/13/1939 Senators Debate Defense Secrecy 8
02/13/1939 ‘Democracy Union’ Is Urged By (Clarence K.) Streit (N.Y. Times Correspondent)-Cites The ‘Lincoln Law’ 10
02/13/1939 Masaryk (Czechoslovakia) Greeted At Czech Church (In U.S.)-He Praises America 11
02/13/1939 Church Held Wall Against Dictators 11
02/13/1939 (Walter) Gieseking (Playing In U.S.) Repeats Solo 16
02/13/1939 Reichsbank Turns To Flexible Policy-Inflation Is Ruled Out 23
02/13/1939 Some Pessimism Creeps Into Steel 23
02/13/1939 Wheat Recedes; Continues In Rut 23
02/13/1939 Midwinter Halt In All Markets-Gold Pours In, Wall Street Watches Washington 23
02/13/1939 British Steel Output Increased In January (811,700 Tons Over 655,700 Tons In December) 23
02/13/1939 Trading Dull In Berlin 23
02/13/1939 Bearish Outlook Rules In Corn Pit 27
02/14/1939 Orderly Migration Of Germany’s Jews Envisaged In Plan-Rublee (Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) Presents Proposals To 32-Nation Evian Group In Hopeful Session (Summary, P. 12) 1
02/14/1939 Hull Sees No Hope Of Arms Race Curb 1
02/14/1939 Mexico Takes Land Of U.S. Sugar Firm-Expropriates 50,000 Acres 1
02/14/1939 Hoover Warns New Deal Invites Inflation Danger-Ex-President Sees Way Opened For Dictator By ‘Hallucination’ (Text, P. 14) 1
02/14/1939 Mercy Death Law Ready For Albany 2
02/14/1939 (Utah Senator Elhert D. Thomas) Proposes To Name (Brand) Aggressor Nation-To Alter Neutrality Act (Give Roosevelt Even More Power) 4
02/14/1939 Industry Is Urged To Line Up For War (By Rear Admiral Clark H. Woodward) 5
02/14/1939 Nazis Think Hull Spoke Moderately-Says We ‘Incite Mistrust’ 6
02/14/1939 Australia Speeds War Plane Fleet-New Squadrons Formed 6
02/14/1939 Britain To Appeal To Jews (On Palestine Problem) At Parley-Warning Issued By Iraq-Dr. S.S. Wise Makes Plea 10
02/14/1939 (Franco) Will Exile Hostile (Loyalist) Spaniards 10
02/14/1939 U.S. Farmers Seek Barter With Reich-Large Deal Is Involved (Lard For Machinery-U.S. Packers Not Interested) 11
02/14/1939 German Plan For The Jewish Refugees-Sir Herbert Emerson, New Director Of Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees (Replacing Rublee) 12
02/14/1939 World’s Fate Seen (By Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, President Of Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Up To Universities-Most Fight Against Ignorance And ‘Cruel Brutality’-’Hard Facts’ Held Needed 21
02/14/1939 (Dr. James Bryant) Conant (President Of Harvard) Demands New Medical Plan-Care Of Poor Is Stressed 21
02/15/1939 500 More Planes Bought By French 1
02/15/1939 Democrats Ask Roosevelt To Solidify Party For 1940 By Working With Congress 1
02/15/1939 Company To Steer German (Jewish) Refugees (‘A Private Inter-National Corporation’ Established By Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees, Robert T. Pell, Assistant Director To Sir Herbert Emerson Who Replaced Rublee-Myron C. Taylor Was U.S. Delegate!) 4
02/15/1939 Reich Seeks 800,000 To Work On Farms 4
02/15/1939 Links To Dictators Charged In France (By French Socialists-Hitler And Mussolini Mentioned But Not Stalin) 5
02/15/1939 New Zoning Plan On Palestine Seen-Mac Mahon Correspondence On Talks In Arabia In 1915 To Be Revealed 5
02/15/1939 New Deal Theories Seen Losing Favor (Gallup Poll)-Democracies Are Divided 9
02/15/1939 Only 400 (Of 39,000) Face Risk In Bank’s Closing (Leo T. Crowley, Chairman Of Fdic-Later, After Morgenthau, Custodian Of Seized Alien Property) 24
02/16/1939 Britain To Build 2 New Battleships; Matches 3 Powers (Germany, Italy,& Japan Combined!) 1
02/16/1939 House Votes 3,000 More (War) Planes By 367 To 15 As War Is Pictured 1
02/16/1939 Communists Plead For Mexican Unity-Fascist Menace Is Cited Publicity Curbed On French Planes (Sales By U.S.) 9
02/16/1939 Imredy Quits As Hungary’s Premier, Anti-Jewish, He Finds He Is Jewish 10
02/16/1939 Nazis Widen Plan For Forced Labor-Some Will Go To School-Germany Has Acute Shortage Of Bricklayers And Carpenters In Vast Building Program 11
02/16/1939 Reich Increasing Fuel Oil Imports-Buying From Soviet Fell 11
02/16/1939 More Of Big Penalty (1 Billion Mark Fine Against Jews For Vom Rath Murder) Paid By Reich Jews 11
02/16/1939 6 Germans Employed By U.S. In Stuttgart (And Dismissed By U.S.) Are Then Arrested (For Visa Irregularities!) 11
02/16/1939 (Brazil’s Oswaldo) Aranha Sees Roosevelt 12
02/16/1939 New British Plans (For Palestine) Alarm Jews More-Talk Of Revolt Is Heard 12
02/16/1939 Churchmen Weigh (Roosevelt’s Social) Security Proposal (To Include Church Employees In The Federal Program) 22
02/17/1939 Morgenthau Aide (Wayne C. Taylor) Quits Over Policy 1
02/17/1939 (Clarence K. Streit, N.Y. Times Correspondent) Says Democracies Could Abolish War-And Not He ‘Super-State’ 9
02/17/1939 ‘Aryan’ To Be Dropped By Reich Law Text (Because Of Foreign Resentment)-’Europe-Racial’ Will Replace It And ‘German Blooded’ 9
02/17/1939 Britain Submits A Plan (For Palestine) To Arabs 10
02/17/1939 Deep (Air) Raid Shelters Demanded In (House Of) Lords 10
02/17/1939 Oil Firms To File New Suit In Mexico-British And American Concerns Attack Inventory Of Their Expropriated Holdings 11
02/17/1939 (Brazil’s Oswaldo Aranha, After Visit To Roosevelt) Bids Americas Join To Repel Invasion-Unpreparedness A Lure (To Dictator Nations & Aggressors) 12
02/17/1939 Berlin Deplores British Arms Plan 12
02/17/1939 British Ships To Join French In War Games 12
02/17/1939 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Urges World Role For Us-Predicts Trouble Abroad-We Must He In Lead In Solving Problems Or Risk End Of Civilization She Holds-’Appalled’ By Those Who Think America ‘On The Moon: 22
02/18/1939 Roosevelt Order For French Study Of (U.S.) Plane Revealed-Air Board Not Consulted 1
02/18/1939 (Italian) Fascist (Gayda) Perturbed By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 2
02/18/1939 Air Force Deaths In Britain Mount-Training Held Too Swift 2
02/18/1939 Hitler Urges Rise In Auto Production-Sets Speed Limit At 50 3
02/18/1939 Rublee (Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) Steps Out (Relieved By Sir Herbert Emerson), Success In Sight-’Distinctly Encouraging’ Outlook 3
02/18/1939 (Wayne C.) Taylor’s Step (Resignation) Stirs Treasuries Critics 4
02/18/1939 Plane Sale (To French) Legal Says Roosevelt-Silent On Craig Report 4
02/18/1939 Farmers Warned Of Fascist Peril (By Chester G. Davis Of The Federal Reserve Board & Aaa And Paul G. Hoffman Of Studebaker Motors At Des Moines, Iowa Meeting) 5
02/18/1939 Brotherhood Week (Christians & Jews) Will Open Today 6
02/18/1939 Aid By Y. W. H. A. (Young Women’s Hebrew Association) To Refugees Rises (Report By Mrs. Felix M. Warburg) 30
02/18/1939 Mayor (Laguardia] To Permit Big (German-American) Bund Meeting-Many Protests Sent Him 30
02/19/1939 Roosevelt Warns Dictators To Stay Out Of Americas-Hits ‘Ugly Truculence’ 1
02/19/1939 Madrid Regime Asks Peace On Sole Basis Of Clemency 1
02/19/1939 (North Dakota Senator Gerald P.) Nye Warns Of War From Ties Abroad 1
02/19/1939 Euthanasia Opposed By Catholic Group 5
02/19/1939 Roosevelt Trend Found Unchanged-(His) Backing Is Put At 58% (Gallup Poll) 8
02/19/1939 Government Careers Urged By Roosevelt 16
02/19/1939 Back Democracy Teachers Urged (By Dr. Frank Kingdon, Newark University)-Best Antidote For Dictators’ Propaganda 23
02/19/1939 (Spanish) Refugee Problem Debated In Paris 31
02/19/1939 Big Army Increase Planned By Japan 31
02/19/1939 Reich Battleship (‘Bismarck’) Is Held Peerless-British Seen Outclassed 32
02/19/1939 T. Roosevelt Gives Warning On War-Calls For Open Decision (Country Should ‘Refuse To Let Itself Be ‘Stampeded’ Into War.’) 33
02/19/1939 Reich Jails Inebriates-Himmler Uses Concentration Camps For Their (One Week) ‘Education’ 33
02/19/1939 ‘Crisis’ May Hasten Roosevelt Return (From Vacation)-Borah Critical (Of Roosevelt-Talks Often With Bullitt & Kennedy By Telephone) 34
02/19/1939 Nevertheless We Sell Those Planes (Legality Question Under The Neutrality Act) To Paris-Britain Is Also A Big Buyer E-3
02/19/1939 Reich Plan Brings Refugee Aid Near-Rublee (Former Director Of Evian Intergovernmental Committee For Refugees) Wins High Praise E-4
02/19/1939 Palestine Compromise Aired-British Suggest Plan Which Neither Zionists Nor Arabs Seem Likely To Accept E-4
02/19/1939 Sea Power Of Nations Evaluation E-5
02/19/1939 Reich Tests Out Russian Temper E-5
02/19/1939 Reich Heeds ‘Export Or Die’ E-5
02/19/1939 Supreme Court Altered Greatly In Two Years (By Roosevelt) E-6
02/19/1939 Streit, Clarence K., Union Now, Harper & Brothers, N.Y Book 1
02/20/1939 Roosevelt’s Fears Mystify Europe; London Disturbed-Rome Sees ‘Theatricals’-Berlin Suggests The President’s (Roosevelt’s) ‘Ominous Reports’ Aim At Spurring Arms Market 1
02/20/1939 Big Fleet Attack Starts (U.S.) War Game 1
02/20/1939 Anti-Semitism Laid To Social Insecurity (By The Union Of American Hebrew Congregations)-Annual Temple League Convention 3
02/20/1939 $10,000 Aid Pledged Jews (Needy Jews In Poland, Federation Of Polish Jews In America-Z. Tygel, Executive Director, Joseph Tenenbaum President) 3
02/20/1939 Jewish Educators Meet 3
02/20/1939 $4,000 Sent To Palestine (By Junior Hadassah) 3
02/20/1939 Manuscripts Bring $5,000 For Refugees (From Germany) 3
02/20/1939 Laguardia Backs (U.S.) War Plane Sales (To Our ‘Friends’)-Cut Prices To ‘Our Friends,’ He Says 4
02/20/1939 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Lays Woes To ‘Internationalism’ Roosevelt Keeps ‘Crisis’ Vigil At Sea 5
02/20/1939 U.S. Fortifications Assailed In Japan-Warns Of Antagonism 7
02/20/1939 Reich Demands Seen Forcing (Czech) Syrovy Out (Pro-Benes) 7
02/20/1939 Democracy Fight Ask By Dr. (Paul D.) Moody (Middlebury College) 10
02/20/1939 Religion Held Key To Liberty In U.S. (By Presbyterian Dr. A. E. Kugivin) 10
02/20/1939 A Yiddish Theater Revived 12
02/20/1939 1,300 Will Police Big (German-American) Bund Meeting 18
02/20/1939 Rangoon Now Port For China Cargoes (U.S. Burma Road Supplies To Chungking, China For War Against Japanese) 33
02/21/1939 22,000 Nazis Hold Rally In (Madison Square) Garden; Police Check Foes 1
02/21/1939 Roosevelt Enters Zone Of (U.S.) War Game 1
02/21/1939 (War) Plane Sale (By U.S.) Curb Put In Bill Form; Guam To The Fore 1
02/21/1939 WPA Begins Alien Check (Of 173,200 Recipients) 2
02/21/1939 Nazis Influential In El Salvador-But U.S. Has Trade Key 4
02/21/1939 Nazi Official (Alfred Rosenberg) Scores Jews And Catholics 4
02/21/1939 Czechs Still Wait For (German) Guarantees 4
02/21/1939 Roosevelt Target Of German Press-War Incitement Charged 5
02/21/1939 Pictures: Scenes As German-American Bund Held Its ‘Washington Birthday’ Rally Last Night (Fritz Kuhn And Gustav Elmer) 5
02/21/1939 (Dr. Clyde R.) Miller (Secretary Of Institute Of Propaganda Analysis) Assails (German-American) Bund On ‘Americanism’ 5
02/21/1939 (Jewish Group, American Jewish Committee) Backs Nazis’ Right To Meet 5
02/21/1939 British Approach Soviet On Trade 7
02/22/1939 (Georgia Representative, Carl) Vinson Says Our Interests Link Us To Britain, France-Dictators Warned 1
02/22/1939 President (Roosevelt) Widens Fleet War Games 1
02/22/1939 (William R.) Castle Warns Of Danger Of Stirring War Sentiment By (Roosevelt) Administration’s Policy-Deplores Attack On Dictator States-Cites Washington’s Lack Of Tact 2
02/22/1939 Picture: President’s (Roosevelt’s) Wife On Visit To Jewish Hospital Of Brooklyn 2
02/22/1939 Nazis Getting Flat Feet In Drills Erika Mann (Daughter Of Thomas) Says 3
02/22/1939 Roosevelt Stirs Italian Ire Anew-Sees (War) Peril Exaggerated 4
02/22/1939 (Ex-German Chancellor, Dr. Joseph) Wirth, Exile Arrives (In U.S.) 4
02/22/1939 Roosevelt Urges Unity To Preserve Liberties; Barton And (Al) Smith Back His (Christian & Jew) Brotherhood Plea 5
02/22/1939 (German-American) Bund Foes Protest Policy Of Rally-Charge (Police) Brutality 6
02/22/1939 Hermann Ullstein (Jewish Publisher From Berlin) Arrives (Was Paid $10,000,000 For Property) 8
02/23/1939 Mystery S O S Tells Of (Atlantic) Torpedo Attack 1
02/23/1939 Japan Threatens Action In Shanghai 1
02/23/1939 Hitler Conveys To Chamberlain Pained Surprise At British Arming 1
02/23/1939 France To Resist ‘Threats Of Force’ Daladier Asserts-Roosevelt Acts Praised-Bullitt Tells American Club We Are ‘Not In The Habit Of Starting Wars’ And Stresses ‘Starting’ 1&5
02/23/1939 Educators Stress Aiding Democracy-Progressive Teachers Urged To Demonstrate Its Strength And Efficiency (In Detroit Convention) 4
02/23/1939 Fresh War Crisis Near Paris Fears 5
02/23/1939 Arab-Jewish Talk Planned In London-Deadlock Still Unbroken 7
02/23/1939 Reich War Planes Reported On Sale-Even France Could Buy Them 8
02/23/1939 Anti-Nazi Germans Hold Tribute Here-1,000 In Bronx Hear (Newbold) Morris Say U.S. Would Go To War To Preserve Democracy 10
02/23/1939 Education’s Flaws Scored By Leader’s-Emery Asks Labor’s Aid 16
02/23/1939 2,000 At Luncheon Of (N.Y.) Jewish Teachers (Dr. Soloman Goldman, President Of Zionist Organization Of America, Guest Speaker) 16
02/23/1939 Dr. (James T.) Shotwell (Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Warns Of Demagogue Peril (Attacks Father Charles E. Coughlin) 16
02/23/1939 (German-American) Bund Meeting Were Called Traitorous (By Colorado Representative, John A. Martin) 17
02/24/1939 New Bill In House For (Government) Reorganization On Roosevelt Plan 1
02/24/1939 Halifax Warns Axis Powers The Democracies Will Resist 1
02/24/1939 Physicist (Professor Percy W. Bridgeman Of Harvard) Shuts (High Pressure Research) Laboratory To Subjects (Students) Of Dictators (Picture, P. 12) 1&12
02/24/1939 Reich Orders Jews To Cede Valuables-Compensation To Be Set 3
02/24/1939 Daladier’s Praise Of U.S. Irks Reich-’Painful Impression’ In View Of ‘American Attacks’ 3
02/24/1939 Senate Group (Hiram Johnson & Borah Leaders) Hits ‘War Propaganda’-Plan Outline For Public 4
02/24/1939 Arabs Still Urge A Free Palestine (Free From England) 7
02/24/1939 Reich To Send Out Nazi Culture Envoys 7
02/24/1939 (Progressive) Educators Pledge Aid To Democracy 8
02/24/1939 Christians Study Jewish Problems-Peril To All Faiths Seen 8
02/24/1939 Picture: George S. Rublee, Former Director Of Evian Inter-Governmental Committee On Refugees 9
02/25/1939 (Secretary Of Commerce, Harry L.) Hopkins Declares Recovery Now Sought By Government With ‘All Vigor And Power’-Asks Business Aid-New Deal’s Emphasis No Longer On Reforms, He Tells (Des Moines) Iowans-’Private Jobs’ Is Goal (Text, P. 2) 1
02/25/1939 Report Bill To Buy Materials Of War 1
02/25/1939 Hungary Dissolves Nazi Unit But Signs The Anti-Red Pact 1
02/25/1939 Palestine Parley Still Deadlocked 6
02/25/1939 Polish Students Beaten (By Uniformed Nazis) In Danzig 6
02/25/1939 Shanghai Assassinations Laid To Chungking; China Believed To Seek To Get Others In War (Against Japan) 7
02/25/1939 Japan’s Trade Off One-Third With Us 7
02/25/1939 Educators Praise (Professor Percy W.) Bridgeman Act (Excluding Axis Students From Studying With Him At His Laboratory) At Harvard) 13
02/25/1939 Bernstorff’s Wife Again U.S. Citizen (Bernstorff Was German Ambassador To U.S. In WWI) 13
02/26/1939 100 Jews Each Day Must Leave Reich-Violates The Recent (Rublee, Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) Refugee Compact 1
02/26/1939 Ban On Munitions Urged To End War 14
02/26/1939 Fresh Basis Sought In Palestine Talks-Hope Is Not Abandoned 15
02/26/1939 Catholic Women Ask Peace Stand-Persecution Is Scored 16
02/26/1939 Science Is Called To War On Bigotry (By Princeton’s Dr. Edwin Grant Conklin) 21
02/26/1939 New Zionist Policy Urged-More Forceful Methods Needed Says Dr. Maurice Rose (President Of New Zionist Organization Of America-Is This General Maurice Rose, Old ‘Gravel Voice’ Who Was Shot Resisting Capture In Europe? 21
02/26/1939 Rumania Seeking Accord On Jews 22
02/26/1939 German Embassy (In Warsaw) Attacked By Poles-New Outbreak In Danzig 23
02/26/1939 Uruguay Excludes 68 (Jews) On Ship (500 En Route) 23
02/26/1939 Nazis Foes Blind Goebbels Charges-’Enemies Of Peace’ Listed (‘Voelkischer Beobachter’)-Puts Bullitt First And Kennedy Next-Laguardia Runner-Up 24
02/26/1939 Slaying Of Bishop (By Loyalists) Stirs Franco Spain 28
02/26/1939 (U.S. Oil Firms To Make Mexico New Offer 30
02/26/1939 Italians See War In Enemies Arming-Warns A Conflict Would End British And French Empires And Redivide World 30
02/26/1939 (Unitarian Minister) Calls (Father Charles E.) Coughlin ‘National Menace’ (At Progressive Education Association Conference) 37
02/26/1939 Peabody Resigns From Groton Post-Notables (Roosevelt Included) Among Alumni (List) 37
02/26/1939 Reich Denies Link To (German-) American Bund E-4
02/26/1939 German Pressure On Czechs Strong-Jewish Curbs Are Limited E-4
02/26/1939 Chains Tighten About A Captive Democracy (Czechoslovakia-Ask The Slovakians!) Mag. 7
02/27/1939 Senate To Allow 6,000 Army Planes 1
02/27/1939 Arab-Controlled Palestine Projected By The British-Zionists See Betrayal, Threaten To Bolt (See P. 4) 1
02/27/1939 Chicago Law Group (National Lawyers’ Guild) Fights All ‘Ism’s’ 2
02/27/1939 Reich And Britain Facing Showdown-No Meeting Of Minds Yet 4
02/27/1939 Anti-German Riots Continue In Poland 4
02/27/1939 Rumanian Threat To Jews Assailed 4
02/27/1939 (Emanuel Celler) Warns On Measures To Admit Refugees-Celler Says Opposition In South And West Is (Now) Too Strong 4
02/27/1939 Argentina Bars 68 (Jewish Exiles From Uruguay-See Feb. 26, P. 23) 4
02/27/1939 Responsive Press Tied To Democracy (By A. H. Sulzberger) 12
02/28/1939 Plan On Palestine Rejected By Jews At London Parley-Ready To Quit The Talks 1
02/28/1939 (Michigan Senator Arthur H.) Vandenberg Fights ‘World Police’ Role 1
02/28/1939 Nazi Ship (Shark Catcher, ‘Ecuator’) Is Reported Filming Our War Game (Boarded And Searched By U.S.-No Film!) 1
02/28/1939 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Indicates She Has Resigned From D. A. R. Over Refusal Of Hall To Negro (Marian Anderson For Concert) 1
02/28/1939 Cardinals Discuss A Policy On Jews 6
02/28/1939 No Retreat On Oil (Property Expropriation From U.S. Companies) Cardenas Pledges 7
02/28/1939 Nation-Wide Drive To Aid Jews Begun (United Jewish Appeal For Refugees And Overseas Needs-Homeless Jews In Central And Eastern Europe) 8
02/28/1939 Palestine Scheme Is Assailed Here-’New Great Betrayal’ Seen By American Jewish Congress Which Urges U.S. To Act 8
02/28/1939 Passports For Jews Rushed By Germany (As Per Roblee Evian Intergovernmental Committee For Refugees Agreement) 8
02/28/1939 British Fleets Mass For Combined (War) Games (U.S. War Games Going On Concurrently-Coordination) 8
02/28/1939 Fresh Danzig Rlot Inflames Warsaw 9
02/28/1939 28 Arabs Killed By 2 Explosions 9
02/28/1939 Arms Profiteering Charged In Britain 11
02/28/1939 Krupskaya, Widow Of Lenin, Dies 70, (In Moscow, Picture) 19