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William Lindsey collection — 1939 NYT headlines

November 1939
Date Headline Page
11/01/1939 Molotoff Lays War To Allies-Berates Us; Talk Angers Finns-Soviet Backs Reich (Text, P. 8) 1
11/01/1939 U-Boat Attack Reported Off U.S.-Sos (Allegedly From ‘Coulmore’) Is Heard From Here-U.S. Coast Guard Cutters Rushing To Aid Of British Ship-Other American Vessels Also Believed To Be Answering Call(See Nov. 3, P. 8-A Hoax) 1
11/01/1939 Mussolini Drops Pro-German Aides 1
11/01/1939 Britain Suspends Plan To Resettle Refugees 1
11/01/1939 Canada Liquidates German Concerns 2
11/01/1939 Jews (Unclear As To Whether These Are Austrian Jews Or Stateless Jews) Must Leave Vienna By March 1-Authorities Set Final Date As 4,000 Move From City To (Lublin) Reservation-Property Is Confiscated 2
11/01/1939 (War) Gas (Allegedly Used Against Germans) Again Denied-British Cite New Evidence They Did Not Supply Poison (Gas) To Poles (From A Detailed British Examination Of Records Of The Materials They Sent Poland Before The War) 2
11/01/1939 Black Tom Awards (By Owen J. ‘Pearl Harbor’ Roberts) Opposed In A Suit-Hull And Morgenthau Cited As Defendants By New York Group 4
11/01/1939 U.S. Balks Soviet As Purchaser For Nazis; Roosevelt Warning On Exports Linked To Bid 10
11/01/1939 (Australia) Looks To U.S. For (War) Planes 10
11/01/1939 Reich Press Sees America (U.S.) Divided 11
11/01/1939 Mayor (Laguardia) Asks Unity Against Dictators-And Yet Keep Us Out Of War 12
11/01/1939 President (Roosevelt) Hails (Madison Square Garden) Refugee Show 12
11/01/1939 Arrests (By Russians) In Poland Alarm Labor Here (Henrich Ehrlich And Victor Alter, Both Socialist, Polish Jews Later ‘Liquidated’ By Russia-Caused Relatively Mild Protests Here See Katyn Massacre 7 Vynytsia Massacre)13 Advertisement: Stop The War Now-Peace House 14
11/02/1939 Army’s Hand Seen In Tokyo Reversal On Talk With U.S.1 White House Accuses Molotoff Of Meddling In U.S. Embargo (Amendment) Fight-Moscow Is Chided 1
11/02/1939 No Trace Found Of Attacked Ship (‘Coulmore’) 1
11/02/1939 Mexicans Bar Return Of Seized (U.S.) Oil Lands In Platform Drafted For Dominant Party 1
11/02/1939 Finns Defy Soviet; Mine Hangoe Port 1
11/02/1939 40 Russian Tanks Are Sent To Vilna-(To Stop)Anti-Semiticriots-50 Jews Badly Injured 2
11/02/1939 Pro-German Poles Reject The Premiership Of Puppet Protectorate In Central Districts-Jerzy Szapiro 3
11/02/1939 (City Of) Flint To Be Spared (By British) To Avoid ‘Incident’ 4
11/02/1939 Nazis Scuttle Ship In Caribbean When Stopped By British Cruiser (No Mention Made That The British Cruiser Was Apparently Operating Within The 300-Mile ‘Safety Zone’) 4
11/02/1939 Reich Will Fight Alone, Says Press 6
11/02/1939 British To Ration Butter And Bacon 6
11/02/1939 Correspondents Meet (Duke Of) Glocester In A French Cafe Near The Front-Brother Of King George V-Takes An Active Role (Just Call Him ‘Salt Of The Earth Glochester!’) 6
11/02/1939 Schuschnigg Loses Hope-Ex-Chancellor Said To Despair Of Leaving Hotel (Metropole) Prison Alive (Report From Paris) 6
11/02/1939 Picture: German Immigrants From Latvia 7
11/02/1939 New Drive Starts Against Intolerance (George C. Battle, William Allen White Plus Representatives Of Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Negro & Others) 9
11/02/1939 Shipping Disruptions (British Blockade) Ends Parcel Post To Germany 9
11/02/1939 Soviet Embraces Western Ukraine-Poles Held Oppressors 10
11/02/1939 3 Victims Of Siege Of Warsaw Arrive-One Describes Bombing 12
11/02/1939 Soviet Held Aiding War-Aim To Weaken Both Combatants Seen In Yugoslavia 12
11/02/1939 Willkie Attacks (Representative Martin) Dies Procedure 14
11/02/1939 Labels 28 Leader Of N. M. U. As Reds 14
11/02/1939 Dewey Is Upheld On (Denying Documents Seized From Bund) Kuhn Records (For His Defense) 15
11/03/1939 House Dooms Arms Embargo, 243-181; $1,000,000 In War Orders Expected-Opponents Routed-Majority Size A Surprise (Vote Tally, P. 2) 1
11/03/1939 Berlin Sees U.S. Taking Side Of Allies-Vote Angers Reich-Embargo End Held To Mean Direct Support To Foes Of Nazis-In Germany, Sinking Of Many Ships Dragging Us Into War Is Predicted 1
11/03/1939 Allies To Buy 7,800 (War) Planes Here; British Mission (Arthur Purvis) Is Expected Soon-Rush Of Orders Is Foreseen Within A Few Weeks-Trucks, Clothing, Foodstuffs 1
11/03/1939 British Gratified (At Congressional Action), Await Our Arms-Means Sharp Cut In Imports Of Other American Goods 1
11/03/1939 Japanese Declare Peace Asked By U.S. In East Impossible-Washington’s Aims Also Held Undesirable As Seeking To Perpetuate Inequality-Risk To Trade Pact Seen-Tokyo Is Expected To Abandon Renewal Rather Than Give Up Claims In China 1
11/03/1939 Vatican Reports Lwow Archbishop Killed By Russians, Whose Invasion He Opposed 1
11/03/1939 Murphey Is Ready For Sabotage War-Protection Plan Set Up 3
11/03/1939 Embargo Repeal Is Hailed In Paris As Reinforcing ‘Diplomatic War’ 3
11/03/1939 Liason Of Allies (In France) Is Found Improved (Over 1914-17-Pictures) 4
11/03/1939 German Charge (That British Secret Service Started Rumor That The U.S. Was Joining The War On The Allied Side) Denied-British Call A Lie Assertion They Said U.S. Was Entering War (Apparently The Rumor Was Circulating In Berlin And Causing Fear To The People There) 4
11/03/1939 Czechs Threaten A General Strike Over Independence Day Arrests 6
11/03/1939 Chamberlain Reply Made To Molotoff 8
11/03/1939 ‘Coulmore’ (Reported Torpedoed Off U.S. Coast Earlier) Is Safe; U.S. (Ships) Ends Search 8
11/03/1939 White Russia Zone Joined To U.S.S.R. 9
11/03/1939 British May Curb India’s Provinces (Independence Moves) 10
11/03/1939 (Col. Francis C. Harrington) Warns War Boom Won’t Employ All 11
11/03/1939 U.S. Urged To Fight Alien Ideologies (N.Y. Chamber Of Commerce) 12
11/03/1939 Common Aims Held Key To Tolerance (National Conference Of Christians & Jews) 13
11/04/1939 Norway Interns German (Prize) Crew, Frees (City Of) Flint-American Captain Gains Command As Neutrality Breach Is Charged (Norway Claims City Of Flint Sailed Too Close To Norway-Ship Reported On Way To Manchester) 1
11/03/1939 Russo-Finnish Crisis Near-Russians Angered-Poles’ Fate Is Cited 1
11/03/1939 Embargo Repealed-Congress Is Swift-Becomes Law Today 1
11/03/1939 (Joseph C.) Grew Threatens Economic Pressure On Japan-U.S. Warns Tokyo-Envoy Tells Nomura This Country Insists On Its Full Rights In China-Asserts Japan Must Act Soon To Avoid Possible Risk Of An Embargo 1
11/03/1939 France Is Financing Plane Plants (Pratt & Whitney And Curtiss-Wright Engines) Here 1
11/03/1939 Reich And Soviet To Shift Peoples 2
11/03/1939 British Trick Seen (By Germany) In (Phoney) Coulmore’s Sos-Blame Put On Churchill-He Is Accused Of Trying To Pursuade Us U-Boats Were Operating In Safety Zone (As Was The Case, Previously Reported Of A British Cruiser) 2
11/04/1939 (300) Jews In (Bruenn) Sudetenland Deported To Poland 2
11/04/1939 (British-) Seized Contraband Totals 560,000 Tons 2
11/04/1939 Allies Now Expect Long Winter Lull 3
11/04/1939 Duration Of War Put Up To Neutrals-(French Editor) Suggests U.S. (Franklin D. Roosevelt) Take Lead 4
11/04/1939 Nazi Paper (Boersen Zeitung) Accuses Mrs. F. D. Roosevelt (Of Creating Fear In The U.S. Of German Attack) 5
11/04/1939 Germans Execute American Citizen (Joseph Sadowski, For Having A Concealed Weapon-Apparently He Also Concealed His Citizenship) 5
11/04/1939 Text Of The Joint Resolution On Neutrality As It Was Voted Finally By The Congress (Final Vote Tally, P. 7) 6
11/04/1939 No Force Implied (By U.S.) In Sea Belt Setup 7
11/04/1939 U.S. To Enter War, Rome Writer Says-Roosevelt, Hull, Morgenthau, Intellectuals, Bankers And Jews Want Us In, He (Luigi Bargini) Asserts 7
11/04/1939 American War Planes Win In Every One Of Fights 7
11/04/1939 Patriotic Session Ends-Daughters Of 1812 Urge U.S. To Keep Out Of War 7
11/04/1939 Roosevelt Rejoices In Repeal Of Embargo As Restoring Our Historic Neutrality Stand 8
11/04/1939 China Hails U.S. Vote Against The Embargo 8
11/04/1939 (British Supply Minister) Says (Embargo) Repeal Opens (U.S.) Arsenal To Allies 8
11/04/1939 Revolt In German Foreseen By (Former U.S. Ambassador To Belgium, Hugh) Gibson 8
11/04/1939 Canada Prepared To Buy Our Planes 9
11/04/1939 Avila Comacho Named By Mexicans Of Cardenas’s Party For President (Picture) 9
11/04/1939 Report Of Reich Collapsed Cause (Premature) Czech Outburst (In Prag-Report From Paris) 9
11/04/1939 Case Against (Fritz) Kuhn To Be In Two Parts 9
11/04/1939 (Jan) Smuts Avows War Stand (He Was Criticized For This By J. B. M. Herzog Whom He Recently Replaced Under Strange Circumstances) 9
11/05/1939 Roosevelt Establishes Combat Area; U.S. Nationals And Ships Barred In It-Trade Bans Set Up-Vessels Excluded From Europe Except In Arctic And Mediterranean-President (Roosevelt) Signs Arms Embargo Repeal Act 1
11/05/1939 Reich Protests To Norway On (City Of) Flint-Oslo Stands Firm 1
11/05/1939 $1,300,000,000 Bill For Navy Will Ask 95 New Warships 1
11/05/1939 Woman (Mrs. Dorothy Steeves) War Critic In Canada Warned 23
11/05/1939 Underground War On Hitler Is Bared-Social Democrats Are Still Active 24
11/05/1939 Netherlands Prints ‘Orange Book’ On War (Opposes The Allied Blockade) 24
11/05/1939 Warning To Japan Is Denied By Grew 26
11/05/1939 Jews Still Trying To Leave Germany-Mass Transports To Poland 30
11/05/1939 U.S. At Peace Seen (By Former U.S. Ambassador To Belgium, Hugh Gibson) As Hope Of Allies 38
11/05/1939 Joint Buying Here Mapped By Allies (Arthur Purvis) 42
11/05/1939 Neutral Nations Bid For American (War) Planes 42
11/05/1939 Map: Combat Area Set Up By Roosevelt’s Decree (Text, P. 44) 43
11/05/1939 War Orders Flood Aviation Industry 44
11/05/1939 Domestic Issues Studied By (N.Y. City) Rabbis 44
11/05/1939 Job Boom From War Is Declared Unlikely (By U.S. Labor Dept.) 44
11/05/1939 The News Of The Week In Review (Map) E-1
11/05/1939 Cartoon: British, Anti-German E-3
11/05/1939 The War Guilt Issue: The German And British Cases Summed Up E-6
11/05/1939 John Dewey On Democracy Book 1
11/05/1939 H. G. Wells (British Socialist Writer) Is Proposing A New World Order Book 5
11/05/1939 ‘Ten Commandments’ Of Democracy (By Mrs. Herbert Lehman) Mag. 9
11/06/1939 Mussolini Orders Increase In Army 1
11/06/1939 India (Independence) Talks Fail, Viceroy (Marquess Of Linlithgow) Discloses 1
11/06/1939 U.S. Lines Seeking New Flag (Like The Panamanian!) To Stay In European Trade 1
11/06/1939 Norway Rejects German Protest Over (City Of) Flint Action (Text, P. 2) 1
11/06/1939 Ship Here After Two Rescues In Six Hours; Saved 300 From Torpedoed British Vessels (There Were So Many Pictures Of British Ships Making Their Final Plunge Which Were Taken From U.S. Ships & Rescues Of Victims From British Ships By American Ships Within Minutes After The Sinking That One Might Be Led To Believe The Ships Were Travelling Together-Maybe Even A Sort Of Convoy) 1
11/06/1939 Allied Convoys From America Are Planned; Churchill Arranges War Supply With French 2
11/06/1939 Goebbels Instructs Young In War Duties-Ridicules British Propaganda 3
11/06/1939 Reich Veterans For U.S. (Does That Mean For The Allies?) 5
11/06/1939 Britons Break Up (Sir Oswald) Mosley Meeting 6
11/06/1939 Jews Said To Face Famine In Poland-1,500,000 In The German Held Areas Are Reported To Have Been Condemned To Starve-Flight To Soviet Barred (French Report) 7
11/06/1939 Palestine Group (National Labor Committee For Palestine) To Seek $1,000,000-Post-War Migration Seen-Convention Hears At Least 3,000,000 Will Leave Poland (Three To Four Million) 8
11/06/1939 Refugee Education PlaN-21 Philanthropic Groups Aid 9
11/06/1939 Picture: Germans Aid War Winter Relied Fund (Collecting Donations On The Street For The Poor) 10
11/06/1939 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt ‘In Dark’ (About Her Husband’s Third Term Plans) 11
11/06/1939 (Father Charles Eugene Coughlin) Predicts (U.S. Military) Aid To Allies 11
11/06/1939 Bible Group Hears Dictators Assailed 16
11/06/1939 Clergymen Upheld In Discussing War 16
11/07/1939 French Claim A Victory-Reports Nazi Rout 1
11/07/1939 Reds (In Moscow) Urge World Revolt, Include Reich As Capitalist 1
11/07/1939 U.S. Weighs Plan To Shift 8 Ships To Panama’s Flag-To Avoid War Zone Ban 1
11/07/1939 U.S. Envoy Confers With (City Of) Flint’s Crew (In Bergen, Norway) 11
11/07/1939 Nazi Propaganda Mailed To Jersey-Britain Target Of Attack-FBI To Investigate 12
11/07/1939 British Blockade) Shipping Seizures Go To (British) Prize Court 15
11/07/1939 Reich Will Increase Amount Of Rations (Meat Increased From 250 G./Week To 375 G./Week) 16
11/07/1939 The Address Of Premier Molotoff 18
11/07/1939 Gandhi Talk Hints At ‘Disobedience’ (Of British Rule In India) 19
11/07/1939 British Attack Plans Laid In ‘36, Nazis Say-Press Cites ‘Startling’ Documents Taken From A Plane (Shot Down On German Soil) 19
11/07/1939 Map: 7 Invasion Routes Indicated In West (French Ready!) 20
11/07/1939 Berlin Questions Embargo Motives 21
11/07/1939 Polish ‘Trusteeships’ Created By Germany 21
11/07/1939 Australia To Buy $25,000,000 More 21
11/07/1939 Glasgow Jews Victims 21
11/07/1939 Hull Issues Rules For Ships Travel-War Refugees (Within Combat Zone Not Barred) 22
11/07/1939 War Not A Factor In Wheat Planting 45
11/07/1939 War Buying Rush Fails To Develop-Machine Guns Ordered 51
11/08/1939 Holland, Belgium Ask Peace; Acceptance Held Unlikely-Good Offices Are Again Offered To Enable Talks By The Belligerents (Belgium’s Leopold Especially Active) 1
11/07/1939 Halifax Declares ‘Rule Of Law’ Is Aim-Britain Fights To End ‘Insane Armed Rivalry’ And Bring ‘New World,’ He Asserts (Text, P. 2) 1
11/07/1939 Roosevelt Halts Transfer Of Ships To Panama’s Flag 1
11/07/1939 Polish Warships Aid British Navy 3
11/07/1939 Embargo Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt, Mussolini’s Paper Urges 3
11/07/1939 Pictures: As The Allies (Strategically) Withdraw From German Territory 3
11/07/1939 France To Confer On 2 Neutrals’ Bid 4
11/07/1939 Britons Are Firm On Terms Of Peace (Roosevelt Must Have Shoved A Lot Of ‘Iron Up Chamberlain’s Backside,’ Indeed!) 5
11/07/1939 Berlin Surprised By (Neutrals’) Peace Proposal-Interest In Plan Hinted 6
11/07/1939 Pilots To Fly (U.S.-Built War) Planes To Europe Sought-$4,000 A Trip Is Reported 7
11/07/1939 Gen. Gort (Hero Of Dunkirk) Is Confident Of Victory, But Admits Germans Are Strong 8
11/07/1939 French Now Doubt Reich’s Air Might 9
11/07/1939 U.S. Unable To Supply Enough Aid To Save Allies, Germany Declares 10
11/07/1939 British Designate Group To Buy Here (Arthur Purvis) 11
11/07/1939 Senators Condemn (U.S.) Transfer Of Ships (To Panamanian Flag)-Hull Reverses Attitude 12
11/08/1939 Pictures: Berlin & London At Night (London Well-Lit By Comparison) 12
11/08/1939 L100,000 Aid To Poles Granted By Britain 12
11/08/1939 Independent India Barred By London 15
11/08/1939 Japanese Stirred By U.S. Naval Plans 15
11/08/1939 Americas Called Hope Of Ill World (By Laguardia & Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, Univ. Of Columbia) 27
11/08/1939 Wheat Rise Stayed By (Neutral’s) Peace Appeal 38
11/09/1939 Hitler Escapes Bomb Explosion By 15 Minutes; Six Killed, 60 Wounded In Munich Beer Cellar; $200,000 Reward Offered For The ‘Instigators’-A Time Bomb Set-Britain Is Accused 1
11/08/1939 (Hitler’s Talk Raps British-London ‘Wants War’-Dictator ‘Regrets’ Paris Is In The Service Of Those Seeking Conflict 1
11/08/1939 Neutrals’ Position Perturbs French 1
11/08/1939 Victory In Sea War Seen By Churchill 1
11/08/1939 Neutrals Blamed (By Berlin) For Peace Failure-Sabotage Laid To London 2
11/08/1939 British Admit To ‘Secret’ Weapon To Match Germany’s ‘Surprise’ (Shades Of Dunkirk & Sedan!) 2
11/08/1939 8 Efforts (Enumerated By British) To Kill Hitler Reported-Two Attempts In Vienna (London Report) 3
11/08/1939 Polish Relief Is Pushed 3
11/08/1939 French Skeptical Of (Neutrals’) Peace Effort 4
11/08/1939 British Withhold Reply To (Neutrals’) Peace Bid 4
11/08/1939 Belgium And Netherlands Reported Preparing For Pact Against Nazis (London Report) 4
11/08/1939 (John G.) Winant Off For Cuba 4
11/08/1939 Reich Organizing Polish Territory 5
11/08/1939 Jews Suffer On Ships Off Rumania (On Way To Palestine) 5
11/09/1939 Churchill Admits Royal Oak Neglect-Crew Thought It Air Raid 6
11/09/1939 Young Britons Eager To Show Their Prowess With New Arms 8
11/09/1939 (West) Coast Plants Hum Producing (War) Planes (For Allies) 9
11/09/1939 Britons Are Eager To Man Our Ships 10
11/09/1939 War In South Seas Predicted In Japan-Jeers At U.S. Strength 12
11/10/1939 Fatal Border Clash (Venloo Incident) Stirs Dutch; Defense Measures Are Rushed-Firing At Frontier-Nazi Customs Men Rush Across Line-Kidnap Several In Fight (Two British Agents Accused In The Munich Bombing, Captain S. Payne Best And Major R. H. Stevens Captured-See Affidavit Of Alfred Naujocks At Nuernberg Tribunal Of Major War Criminals) 1
11/09/1939 Major Nazi Offensive Forecast-Germany Is Tense 1
11/09/1939 U.S. Ships Reopen Service To Norway Avoiding War Zone 1
11/09/1939 Chamberlain Sees Little Peace Hope-Defers Formal Reply To Offer Of Good Offices Believing Hitler Will Reject It 1
11/09/1939 Hitler’s Attitude Found Desperate-Held (Bombing) Act To Unify (German) People (Paris Report) 2
11/09/1939 Hull Awaits Full Report Before Cabling Hitler (To Congratulate Him On His Escape At The Munich Bombing) 2
11/09/1939 Munich Rounds Up Many As Suspects-Two Americans Detained 3
11/09/1939 Chamberlain Is Abed With A Gout Attack (To Die Of Cancer Shortly) 3
11/09/1939 Picture: Munich Hall After Explosion 3
11/09/1939 French Sees Nazis In Split Over Policy; Lay Munich Incident To Party Strife 3
11/09/1939 London Skeptical On Munich Blast-Reichstag Fire Recalled-Nazi Charge That Bombing Was Work Of British Secret Service Held Ridiculous (As Was Geoffrey Keyes’ Attempt To Kill Rommel In North Africa?) 4
11/09/1939 Map: Venloo Incident Location On German-Dutch Border 4
11/09/1939 Diplomatic Move By Germans Seen-Concessions Sought (By Neutral Low Lands) 5
11/10/1939 Dr. Hu Asks U.S. Aid For China Victory 7
11/10/1939 Japan Told To Get Oil Of South Seas 7
11/10/1939 Picture: Constantine A. Oumansky, Soviet Ambassador To U.S. Arrives 8
11/10/1939 (King) Carol (Of Rumania) Backs (Neutrals’) Peace Plea 10
11/10/1939 France Is Pleased By U.S. Neutrality-Outlines Aims Of Allies-’No Material Profit’ Sought, He Asserts Only A Lasting And ‘A Total Peace’ 11
11/10/1939 Ship Sale To Allies Put Up To Capital 12
11/10/1939 War Aims For U.S. Denied By (Secretary Of War, Louis) Johnson 14
11/10/1939 Labor Group Opens Refugee Fund Drive 16
11/11/1939 Lowlands Tense, Foreigners To Leave-Dutch Ask Inquiry-Nazis May ‘Strike At Any Moment’ 1
11/11/1939 Nazis Are Baffled By Munich Blast 1
11/11/1939 Finland And Russia Are Deadlocked-Helsinki Anxious 1
11/11/1939 Aides Depict (Fritz) Kuhn As Czar Of (German-American) Bund 1
11/11/1939 Not All Nazis Bad (Sir Nevile) Henderson States-Some Aspects Approved 2
11/11/1939 India (Independence) Pledge Now Is Held Impossible (By The British) 3
11/11/1939 Press For Speed In Shipping Plans 3
11/11/1939 Polish Senate Dissolved (By Exiled Poles In Paris)-Smigly-Rydz Loses Posts-Decree Cites Reform Failure 3
11/11/1939 French See Errors In Peace Of 1918-Rhine Control A Factor 4
11/11/1939 Rumania Cautious On Balkan Clash-Shuns Break With Soviet 4
11/11/1939 Neutrality Held Our Duty To World (By Senator Burton K. Wheeler) 5
11/11/1939 City Will Observe Armistice Today-Laguardia And British And French Officials Will Be Heard At Eternal Light (No Germans!) 5
11/11/1939 Church Alliance Fights (U.S.) Ship Shift (To Panamanian Registry-Appeals To Roosevelt) 6
11/11/1939 Pictures: Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Selects Her Gowns For The New Social Season 17
11/12/1939 New, Better Peace Asked By President (Roosevelt) 1
11/12/1939 Pius XII Criticizes Lack Of Religion In Schools Of U.S. (Text, P. 42) 1
11/12/1939 Nazis Boast Army Fills Entire West Ready For Attack-No Netherlands Pledge 1
11/12/1939 Calm Maintained By Low Countries In ‘War Of Nerves’ 1
11/12/1939 All Reich Mourns (Munich) Explosion Victims-Workman Suspected Of Complicity 1
11/12/1939 Modern Teaching Termed Confusing-Propaganda Seen In It (By Dr. Mortimer J. Adler, University Of Chicago) 24
11/12/1939 Catholic Students Against (U.S.) War Entry 28
11/12/1939 Free Speech Vital Now (U.S. Attorney General, Frank W.) Murphey Finds-Teachers Asked To Help 29
11/12/1939 Forum (American Women’s Association) On Propaganda 29
11/12/1939 6,000 U.S. Horses For (French Forces In) War 30
11/12/1939 President (Roosevelt) Issues Red Cross Call (Text) 30
11/12/1939 New Nazism Urged By Tiso In Slovakia-Christian Principles 33
11/12/1939 Britain Denies Aim To Starve Germans-Shorter War Held Goal 34
11/12/1939 Nazis Execute Ex-Mayor (Leon Barceazewski) Of City (Bromberg) Seized In Poland (‘Bloody Sunday’ Massacre Of Germans) 34
11/12/1939 San Diego Plants Wait (Allied) Plane Orders-Boom Atmosphere Noted 35
11/12/1939 (Capt. Fritz) Wiedemann (German Consul General In San Francisco, Hitler’s Former Commanding Officer In World War I And And Confidante) Admits Note 35
11/12/1939 2 War Planes Sink With Barge At Pier-Bombers For Britain Go To Bottom 36
11/12/1939 Call (War) Planes Sales A Political Issue-Linked With Our Defense 36
11/12/1939 ‘No Dictated Peace’ Called Allied Aim (By Sir Edward Grigg, Ministry Of Information, London) 36
11/12/1939 Nazis Fear Limits On Aid From Soviet-Metals Surplus Small 37
11/12/1939 German Propaganda (Letters From Darmstadt) Again Sent To Jersey 37
11/12/1939 Germany Annexes Lodz (Litzmannstadt) 37
11/12/1939 Brazil Sees Trade With Reich Halted-U.S. Commerce Growing 38
11/12/1939 50,000 Germans To Move (From Russian Poland Via Lithuanian Railroad) 38
11/12/1939 Appeal Made To U.S. To Aid Jewish Colony-$50,000,000 Needed To Finance Lake Tana (Ethiopia) Settlement (International Committee To Aid Jewish Emigres-30,000 To 40,000 Settlers Involved) 39
11/12/1939 Gestapo Blamed For Venloo Clash (Report From Venloo) 40
11/12/1939 (U.S.) Soldier Of 1917-18 Is Called No Fool-Louis Johnson (U.S. Ass’t. Secretary Of War) Hits Scoffers, Saying Men Knew Exactly What They Fought For-Theirs Was A ‘Just Cause’-Liberty, Democracy And Freedom From Molestation, He Tells A Legion Group 40
11/12/1939 Reich Land Gains Counted (316,600 Square Miles) 40
11/12/1939 We May Send Men, Says Col. (William J. [‘Wild Bill’]-O. S.S.) Donovan-Warns Against Giving Impression America Is A ‘Sissy’ (In Buffalo-Before The ‘Fighting 69th’) 41
11/12/1939 British At Front Mark Armistice 43
11/12/1939 Calls Reich A Bar To Orientalism-(Patrick) Hurley, Ex-Secretary Of War, Appeals For Peace To Save Western Civilization-For British-German Unity 43
11/12/1939 Puerto Rico Marks End Of World War-Gov. (Admiral William H.) Leahy Stresses U.S. Aims To Keep Peace Here 43
11/12/1939 89 Citizens Of U.S. Sail For Europe (Italian Liner ‘Rex’) 43
11/12/1939 (Henry Agard) Wallace Says Bias Is Menace To Nation 44
11/12/1939 (Lord) Tweedsmuir (William Buchan) Calls For A ‘True Peace’ 45
11/12/1939 (General John F.) O’ryan Hails Allies At Duffy Sq. Service-Defends Role Of U.S. In Last War 45
11/12/1939 Britain Held Bar To U.S. Invasion (By British Consul General In New York City, Godffry Haggard) 47
11/12/1939 (British-Born Episcopal Bishop, William T.) Manning Implores Speedy End Of War-Urges Righteous Peace 47
11/12/1939 Peace Pleas Made By Rabbis In (New York) City 47
11/12/1939 Meddling Abroad Hit By Col. T. (Son Of Theodore) Roosevelt 47
11/12/1939 Europe Assured Of Oil Transport-Shifts In (U.S. Ship) Registry Loom 51
11/12/1939 Business Index Higher 51
11/12/1939 Movement Of Gold Reversed From ‘14-Metal Now Flowing Into U.S. 51
11/12/1939 Will Seek (British) Ruling On (British) Seizure (In British Port)-(U.S.) Goods Not Contraband 53
11/12/1939 Herr Dr. Goebbels Hat Zu Schnell Vergessen-But In 1915, Germans Started It E-3
11/12/1939 The Munich Bombing: A Many Sided Mystery-BothExplanations Fail To Satisfy Observers On Spot E-3
11/12/1939 (U.S.) Ship (Registry) Transfers Revive Basic Neutrality Issue E-3
11/12/1939 Cotton Gluts New Orleans E-6
11/12/1939 Cartoon: Some American Business Firms Have Heavy War Orders ‘Of Course, It’s A Bit Risky’ E-6
11/12/1939 371 Registered As Propagandists-State Department Lists E-7
11/12/1939 Picture: William Allen White (Book) Book 1
11/12/1939 The Real Threat: Not Bombs, But Ideals-Lin Yutang Mag. 1
11/12/1939 Portrait Of The German Soldier-Percival Knauth (Berlin) Mag. 3
11/12/1939 (Joseph C.) Grew: He Jolted Japan Mag. 8
11/12/1939 Picture: Belgian Extension Of Maginot Line (Copied After French) Roto. 1
11/13/1939 Britain And France State War Aims-George Says Aggression Must Stop; Le Brun Insists Nazis Return Spoils-Allies Inform (Queen) Wilhelmina And Leopold A Durable Peace Must Result-Await Hitler Proposals (Texts, P. 2) 1
11/12/1939 Churchill Taunts Hitler To Combat-Briton Sees Enslavement If Allies Lose With U.S. Alone Guarding Rights Of Man (Text, P. 4) 1
11/12/1939 Belgo-Dutch Talk On Defense Held 1
11/12/1939 Britain To Remove Nor China Force; Japanese Pleased 1
11/12/1939 Denmark Hears Germans Behead Crown Prince (Wilhelm-See Later Entries) 3
11/12/1939 Yugoslavs Offer Metals For Arms-Germans Bid For Supply 3
11/12/1939 French General Is First Of Rank To Die In War 3
11/12/1939 Nazi (Governor General, Hans Frank) Warns Poles Of Helot Status 4
11/12/1939 Says Polish Relief Will Not Be Diverted-Mc Cracken Allays Fears That Materials Might Go Astray (To Germans, In Answer To Letter From Col. William J. Donovan, Chairman Of N.Y. State Committee Of Commission For Polish Relief, Inc.-Also The Organizer Of The War-Time Office Of Strategic Services) 4
11/12/1939 Jews’ Pay Rights Curbed (Prague Report) 4
11/12/1939 ‘Old Stuff’ Berlin States (About Churchill Speech) 4
11/12/1939 Poland Consulted On Peace Proposal-Britain And France Observe All Amenities Toward Paris (Polish) Regime (-In-Exile) Of Republic-Position As Ally Is Clear (Up To The Curzon Line, That Is!) 5
11/12/1939 (Soviet Ambassador To U.S.) Oumansky (Formerly Of Ogpu) Inquiry Is Demanded Of U.S. 6
11/12/1939 Soviet Envoy (Oumansky) Encounters Coolness On His Homecoming To Washington 6
11/12/1939 Local Spy Hunts To Get No U.S. Aid-Woodring, Hoover And (O. John) Rogge Assure Civil Liberties Union 6
11/13/1939 Boeing (Aircraft) Production Hums At Seattle 8
11/13/1939 U.S. Keeps Secret Many (Military) Air Devices 8
11/13/1939 23 U.S. Plants Work On Military Planes-Monthly Capacity In Nation Now Put At 1,250 8
11/13/1939 Cost Of Our Entry Into War Figured (By National Economy League)-Financial Ruin Is Feared 10
11/13/1939 Jesus Conscripted By Christians As Dodge To Justify War Participation, Says Fosdick 12
11/13/1939 Pacifism Assailed (By Presbyterian, Rev. Paul Austin Wolfe) As Bar To Peace-No Place For Sentiment 12
11/13/1939 (Methodist Bishop, Francis J.) M’connell Pleads For World Honor 12
11/13/1939 Hitler Held Only Symbol 12
11/13/1939 Women Patriots Salute The Flag 16
11/13/1939 (116) Jewish Charities Launch Joint Plea (1,200 Leaders) 21
11/13/1939 France Unworried On Funds For War 29
11/14/1939 Finns Quit Moscow As Soviet Refuses To Ease (Territorial) Demands 1
11/14/1939 Dutch Put Faith In Reich Pledge; Premier Denies Nation Is Menaced 1
11/14/1939 Reich To Reply ‘No’ To Peace Proposal; Assures Neutrals (A Prediction!) 1
11/14/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn Paid Bills Of Woman Friend From Bund Fund, Sent Her Kisses (Spent $717 Of Bund Money) 1
11/14/1939 Nazis Sink 2 Ships To Avoid Seizure 1
11/14/1939 Ireland Protests (U.S.) Ban On American Ships (From Entering Their Ports); Country Is Neutral, Minister Declares 1
11/14/1939 Ex-Kaiser’s Grandson Is On Parol After Internment By The British-Nazis Deny Beheading His Father 2
11/14/1939 Paris Thinks (Peace Offer) Onus Is Now Upon Nazis-Reich Unrest Held Rising 4
11/14/1939 Nazi Press Warns (Allied) Passenger Ships-Queen Mary Is Included (Lists Armed Allied Auxiliary Warships) 6
11/14/1939 British Liner Sunk By Singapore (British) Mine 7
11/14/1939 ‘Sea Zone’ Critics Scored By (Sumner) Welles-Points To Declaration 9
11/14/1939 Germany Promises Not To Molest (City Of) Flint (On Its Way From Bergen To U.S.) 9
11/14/1939 Picture: First Photograph Of Great Britain’s War Cabinet 10
11/14/1939 Seek Mystery Man As Munich (Feldherrn Halle) Bomber 11
11/14/1939 Bars Negroes, (Is) Fined $200 (Greenwich, Conn.) 11
11/14/1939 30 U.S. Poles Back With Tales Of War 12
11/14/1939 Picture: Secretary Of Treasury (Morgenthau) On A Holiday 12
11/14/1939 Dr. Angell (President Emeritus, Yale Univ.) Warns On Nationalism-Calls It A Religion 16
11/14/1939 (Secretary Of Labor Frances Perkins) Puts Gain Of Year At $1,250,000 Jobs 17
11/14/1939 War Spurs Trade At Free Ports Here 25
11/14/1939 U.S. Finance Found Weak For New War-Debt Ten Times Higher 31
11/14/1939 (Montana Senator, James E. Murray) For New Changes In Neutrality Act 38
11/14/1939 Picture: John G. Winant, Back From Europe (On Dixie Clipper) 45
11/15/1939 Roosevelt Hints Veto Of Transfers Of Ships To Panama-Reluctant To Put Sister Republic In Neutrality Position Differing From Ours 1
11/15/1939 Soviet Plane Reported Shot Down In ‘Incidents’ On Finland’s Border 1
11/15/1939 Nazis Turn Down Peace Proposal-Hold Allies Rejected The Offer First-Lowlands Continue To Seek Amity Basis 1
11/15/1939 Japanese Attack (Chinese) Near Indo-China 1
11/15/1939 (Fritz) Story False Lawyer Declares 1
11/15/1939 (Allied) Armed-Ship Peril Stressed By Nazis 2
11/15/1939 Group Formed (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee-Morris Troper) To Aid Refugees In France-Body Including Jews, Catholics And Quakers To Coordinate Work (30,000 To 50,000 Refugees In Poland-About 1,200 Already Sent To Palestine Since Start Of War) 2
11/15/1939 Neutrals Face Seizures-Britain Studies Problem Of Cargoes Shipped From Germany 2
11/15/1939 U.S. May Subsidize Airplane Engines 3
11/15/1939 First Soviet Troops Move Into Lithuania 3
11/15/1939 Czech Jews To Lose Real Estate Income (Prague Report) 3
11/15/1939 (500 Illegal, Jewish) Refugees (Mostly From Poland) Arrested (By British) Near Tel Aviv 3
11/15/1939 Germans Speed Output In Poland 6
11/15/1939 Picture: (British) Historian (Philip Guedalla) Here, Sees Same Germany At War 7
11/15/1939 (Sumner) Welles Will Head Pan American Body-War Is Chief Problem 9
11/15/1939 Lehman Condemns War Profit Greed 10
11/15/1939 New Polish Premier (General Wladislaw Sikorski, Appointed By Allies) Is Greeted In London 11
11/15/1939 Picture: Lord Lothian, Dean Virginia C. Gildersleeve & Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler At Hotel Astor Dinner-Barnard (College) Jubilee Is Marked By 1,400 (Text, Lothian Address, P. 13) 12
11/15/1939 Borah Wants Voice In Party Councils 14
11/15/1939 Polish Refugees Aided (Rubinstein & Kiepura-Col. William J. Donovan, Chairman Of The N.Y. Committee Of The Commission For Polish Relief,Later Organizer Of The Office Of Strategic Services, Spoke Outlining Commission’s Work) 14
11/15/1939 (John G. Winant) Calls World Labor (International Labor Organization, Geneva-Winant The Director) Agency For Peace 16
11/15/1939 (Montana Senator, James E. Murray) Calls Neutral (-Ity) Act A Great Surrender (To Pacifists) 32
11/16/1939 Roosevelt Assails Dictator Rule, Hailing Way Of ‘Average Opinion’ 1
11/16/1939 Germans Threaten To ‘Show’ British; Warn Of Surprises 1
11/16/1939 Russians Berate Helsinki Leaders; Finland Is Calm 1
11/16/1939 War Alters Plan Four Our Cruisers (Construction) 1
11/16/1939 Building For Peace Is Urged By Lamont-U.S. Should Keep Out Of War But Sell (Armaments) To France And Britain 1
11/16/1939 British Censorship Aids In War At Sea 4
11/16/1939 Merchant Ships Sunk In War (A Running Account) 6
11/16/1939 Bermuda Subsidizes U.S. Ship (‘The President Roosevelt’) For Service (To Bermuda) 6
11/16/1939 Allied Naval Lead Stressed In Book (Jane’s Fighting Ships) 7
11/16/1939 Japanese Sharpen Anti-British Drive 8
11/16/1939 Berlin Considers (Neutrals’) Peace Plan Dead-Ribbentrop Tells Belgians And Dutch Envoys Allies’ Stand Dictates Reich’s View 10
11/16/1939 Liberty To Live Held French Soldier’s Aim-Ministry Of Public Works Indicates War Will Be Short 10
11/16/1939 U.S. Army Planes Welcomed In Rio (Good Will Visit) 11
11/16/1939 Nicaragua (President Anastasio Somoza) Signs For (U.S.) Loan 11
11/16/1939 (Sumner Welles) Assures Americas Of Our Cooperation-Says Capital Is Plentiful 12
11/16/1939 Draft Opinion Bars Oil (U.S. Property Confiscation) Plea In Mexico-To Get Back Investment 12
11/16/1939 Assam Ministry Out In Anti-British Move 12
11/16/1939 U.S. And Argentina Open Trade Parley 12
11/16/1939 Scapa Flow Raid Is Described Here-American Woman Says Nazi Bombs Did Not Vitally Damage The City (Gdnya, Poland) 13
11/16/1939 Evil Acts Charged To (Father Charles E. Coughlin’s) Christian Front 14
11/16/1939 Economists Weigh War Efforts Here-Boom Is Held Unlikely 17
11/17/1939 Poles Set War Aim Of United Europe 1
11/17/1939 End Of Britain As A World Power Is Proclaimed As Germany’s Goal 1
11/17/1939 Belgium Is Assailed By German Press-Transshipment Of Goods From Neutrals To Britain Hinted 1
11/17/1939 Furness Will Shift (Merchant) Fleet (From Caribbean) In (To) Atlantic-Prince Group Will Carry Food And Possibly War Supplies To England 4
11/17/1939 (Sir John) Simon Praises Aid Given By U.S. Law 4
11/17/1939 Picture: Germans, (POW), Britain’s Guests Until End Of War 5
11/17/1939 Message Alleges Misery In Germany-Revolt In Time Pledged-Rations Insufficient, Says Note Reputedly Smuggled To Britain By Socialists-Rebel Cells Said To Exist In Army 5
11/17/1939 (Major General Sir Ernest Swinton) Tells Nazis Two Can Play At Gas And Air War Game 5
11/17/1939 Ask U.S. Shun War Lures 5
11/17/1939 (U.S. State Department) Instructs Shippers On Cash-And-Carry 5
11/17/1939 Czechs Again Riot; Regime Assailed 7
11/17/1939 Vienna Jews Ask The Pope To Help Curb Exilings 7
11/17/1939 Polish Envoy (Count Jerzy Potocki) Thanks U.S. 7
11/17/1939 (Anthony J.) Drexel Yacht To Be British (Sale) 9
11/17/1939 Picture: Morris C. Troper (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee-Vita) 12
11/17/1939 Oil (Property Expropriation) Plea In Mexico Gets Further ‘No’-Statement By (Sumner) WellesLikely To Have No Effect 12
11/17/1939 Warning Shot (From Canadian Vessel) Halts (U.S.) Ship 15
11/18/1939 9 Czech Students Executed-1,200 Held By Nazis 1
11/17/1939 U-Boats Seen Aiding Russia, Set Up Blockade Of Finns (Allied Opinion) 1
11/18/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn’s Friend Says She ‘Spied’ On (German-American) Bund 2
11/18/1939 Paris Recognizes Czechs (‘Government-In-Exile’) 2
11/18/1939 400 Training Planes Ordered By Britain 3
11/18/1939 London Hears Of Serious Split Between Hitler And German Army 4
11/18/1939 Italian Ship Brings German Refugees (‘Saturnia’) 4
11/18/1939 French Sees Hitler Forced To Attack 4
11/18/1939 Nazis’ (Territorial) Conquests On U.S. Blacklist-Roosevelt Proclaims Tariff Ban In Announcing New Pact With Venezuela 4
11/18/1939 Americans To Give First Ambulance (To French) 4
11/18/1939 Italian Ship Delays Charged To British (Blockade)-29-Day Detention (At Gibraltar) Is Cited-Cargo Deterioration Alleged 4
11/18/1939 Picture; Liner’s (‘Lancastria’) Radio Protected Against U-Boat Shells (May Be Hiding Instead A Naval Gun-U-Boats More Likely To Use Torpedoes) 4
11/18/1939 U.S. Asking Allies To Buy (U.S.) Farm Goods 5
11/18/1939 Churchill Denies Slurring The (U.S.) South 5
11/18/1939 Reich Beheads 4 Spies 5
11/18/1939 Oil (Expropriated U.S. Property) Debate Rages In Mexican Court 6
11/18/1939 (Sumner) Welles Stresses U.S. Rights In China 7
11/18/1939 Fight For (U.S. Government) Oil Lands (Elk Hills, California) Is Ordered By Ickes 9
11/18/1939 Despots Pictured Against The Ages (William L. Lawrence-This Article Is Written To Guess Who’s Disadvantage) 18
11/19/1939 Mine Sinks Dutch Liner In North Sea; 140 Lives Lost, 260 Rescued 1
11/19/1939 Nazis Impose Martial Law In Prague-More Czechs Shot 1
11/19/1939 10-Hour Work Day Imposed In Reich-No Compensation Planned For 2 Extra Hours-Move Held Aimed At Labor Shortage 1
11/19/1939 3 Bombs Rock Heart Of London In Blackout, But No One Is Hurt; Irish Extremists Blamed 1
11/19/1939 World Labor Role Won By The C.I.O. (From Roosevelt) 4
11/19/1939 Democrats Still Lead In (Gallup) Poll 14
11/19/1939 Parents Criticize ‘Newer Education’ (John Dewey’s) 17
11/19/1939 Baruch Appeals For Lasting Peace 27
11/19/1939 Emulate Puritans, Nation Is Told (By Rabbi William F. Rosenblum) 28
11/19/1939 Broad View Urged By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 29
11/19/1939 Japanese Says U.S. Stiffened British (Against Them-More Of Roosevelt’s ‘Iron’ Up Chamberlain’s Backside!) 30
11/19/1939 $12,834,105 Engines Ordered For Planes (By U.S. Government) 32
11/19/1939 British Take Mail From U.S. Vessels 34
11/19/1939 ‘Positive Stand’ On War Is Urged (By Dr. Harry D. Gideonse, Brooklyn College) 34
11/19/1939 Germany Reviews (Armed) ‘Ship List’ Warning-Blame Laid To London 35
11/19/1939 Gandhi Warns British Against Long Delay (In India’s Independence) 36
11/19/1939 British To Release Cargoes From U.S. 36
11/19/1939 War Travel Rules Made More Rigid (By. U.S.) 36
11/19/1939 Benes Sees Signal In Czech Killings 37
11/19/1939 American Bishops Pledge Polish Aid 37
11/19/1939 Cartoon: ‘The Nazis Don’t Like Winston Churchill’ E-5
11/19/1939 Nazis Make Science Of Propaganda E-5
11/19/1939 British) Lag In Propaganda Disturbs British E-5
11/19/1939 After The War What? (H. G. Wells, G.B. Shaw & Julian Huxley) Mag. 3
11/19/1939 Pius XII: Militant Power For Peace Mag. 9
11/20/1939 Mines Sink Five More Ships, Four Owned By Neutrals; British Plan To Sweep Sea 1
11/20/1939 Czechs Abandon Protest Strikes, Nazis Threaten More Executions 1
11/20/1939 Idle (U.S.) Youth Called Spur To War Entry 1
11/20/1939 Nazi Ship Still Foe If Sold, Says Paris 1
11/20/1939 Canadian Cardinal (Villeneuve) Urges We Avoid War 2
11/20/1939 High Moral Seen In Allied Troops-Position Thought Strong 3
11/20/1939 Visit To Maginot Line Reveals Strength That Astounds British 3
11/20/1939 Nazi Exile (Otto Strasser) Lays Munich Blast To Gestapo; Strasser Sees Revolt In Reich Next Spring 4
11/20/1939 Place To Poland On Baltic In (Allied) Aims-Allied War Purpose Of Free Democratic State Between Reich And Soviet Seen-Sikorski Gets Support 6
11/20/1939 Pole Links Soviet And Nazi Seizures-Premier Sikorski Not In Accord With British View Of Invasion As Given By Halifax (Will Not Accept Curzon Line As Poland’s Eastern Boundary) 7
11/20/1939 Warsaw Jews Restricted 7
11/20/1939 Billion Urged For WPA-Negro Federal Employees Also Call For Salary Rises 8
11/20/1939 (Rev. Dr. Everett R. Clinchy, Executive Director Of National Conference Of Christians And Jews) Urges All-Out War On Anti-Semitism-Hate Viewed As Poison (Speech To Union Of American Hebrew Congregation) 10
11/20/1939 Rationing To Aid German Textiles-Supply 25 To 33% Normal 29
11/21/1939 Reich Liner Quits Africa As Raider; Windhuk Disguised As British Ship 1
11/21/1939 6 More Ships Sunk; British Weigh Ban On Reich Exports 1
11/21/1939 (Sumner) Welles Reasserts Americans’ Right To Trade In China 1
11/21/1939 Ex-Kaiser’s Son Denies Nazi Rift; Opposition To War Held Untrue-Denies (Munich) Bombing Connection 2
11/21/1939 Pictures: The Camera Catches Members Of Britain’s War Cabinet In Informal Poses (Gort & Churchill) 3
11/21/1939 Polish Seamen (‘Batory’) Problem (To U.S.) 6
11/21/1939 Reich Seen Uneasy Over Soviet Aims 7
11/21/1939 Pole Is Condemned To Death By Nazis-21-Year Old Youth Is Charged With Complicity In Lynching Two Germans Sept 39
11/21/1939 (‘Saturnus’) Taking (1,000 Jewish) Refugees To Palestine (Belgrade Report) 10
11/21/1939 Avoidance Of War Heads Legion Aims 11
11/22/1939 Britain To Seize Reich Exports-London Hits Back (Text, P. 6) 1
11/22/1939 Cruiser (‘Belfast’) Reported Hit By U-Boat 1
11/22/1939 Two Britons (Agents Best & Stevens) Held In Munich Plot (They Were Captured In The Venloo Incident & Survived The War!)-German (Georg Elser) Called Bomber (Text Of German Statement In English, P. 2-Picture: Georg Elser-Later Executed) 1
11/22/1939 Argentina Limits Buying To Allies (Britain And France [& U.S.]) 1
11/22/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn Takes Stand, Denies The Theft Of A ‘Single Cent’-Defends Sum To Woman 1
11/22/1939 Nazi Mine Denials Discounted Here 3
11/22/1939 Roosevelt Forbids Transfer Of Ships (To Panamanian Registry) 3
11/22/1939 Britain To Certify Ship Cargoes Here-’Navicerts’ Will Pass Goods Through (British) Blockade Without Visit To A Control Port-(Sumner) Welles Emphasizes U.S. Is Not A Party-Reserves All Neutral Trade Rights-(Navicert) Accord Is With Shippers 3
11/22/1939 French Sign Posts Bring To Mind American Exploits In Last War-Harold Denny 4
11/22/1939 Scandinavia Is Annoyed By British Mail Seizures 4
11/22/1939 Picture; Son Of A U.S.President (Kermet Roosevelt, Later In The U.S. Office Of Strategic Services) Teaches British How To Fight 5
11/22/1939 War Plant Tax Cut To Aid Expansion 5
11/22/1939 War Aims Discussed By Kermet Roosevelt (Soon To Become A British Citizen And Member Of Donovan’s O. S.S.) 5
11/22/1939 Gandhi Warns British On India’s War Role 5
11/22/1939 Problem Of Refugees Will Be Discussed 5
11/22/1939 Violation Laid To British 6
11/22/1939 British Regard Hitler As Outlaw Who Has Broken All Rules Of War 7
11/22/1939 Nazis See ‘Piracy’ In British Seizures 7
11/22/1939 Nazis In Prague End Martial Law 8
11/22/1939 Jewish Women’s Work For Exiles Praised-Refugees Better Off Now Than In 1917, Council Hears (Mrs. Emil Baerwald, N.Y. Section Of National Council Of Jewish Women) 8
11/22/1939 British Women Shout For Peace (In House Of Commons) 8
11/22/1939 (William R. Castle) Opposes U.S. Loans To South America 9
11/22/1939 Congressmen In Managua-Entertainment At A Banquet By President Samoza 9
11/22/1939 Polish ‘Republic’ (In-Exile) Will Be In Angers (France)-Envoys Already There 9
11/22/1939 Lesson To Europe Seen In Americas-War Avoidance Stressed 10
11/22/1939 Union (International Ladies Garment Workers Union-David Dubinsky, President) Gives $235,000 For Refugee Relief (Largest Portion To American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 10
11/22/1939 Alien Registration Protested By Women (& American Committee For Protection Of Foreign Born)-Sees ‘Regimentation Threat’ 12
11/22/1939 (Earl ) Browder (U.S. Communist) Is Chided By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt-Suggests He Go There (Russia) 13
11/22/1939 Roosevelt Trend Halted (Gallup) Survey Finds; Interest In Domestic Issues A Factor (62.7% Approve) 14
11/22/1939 Banks Here Press Germany For Pact 31
11/23/1939 Mine Sinks British Warship (‘Gipsey’-A Destroyer), 40 Lost-Blown Up At Port 1
11/23/1939 French Craft Destroys Two U-Boats 1
11/23/1939 Netherlands Halts All Ship Sailings-Dutch Fear Mines 1
11/23/1939 Nazis Justify Laying Of Mines In Ship Lanes Without Notice 1
11/23/1939 (U.S.) Envoys To Return To Give Roosevelt Views Of The War 1
11/23/1939 Pictures: British Agents Stevens & Best (Venloo Incidents Resulting From Munich Bombing 2
11/23/1939 39 Drifting Mines Seen Near England-U.S. Navy Issues Warning Received From (U.S.) Cruiser (‘Trenton’-Flagship Of U.S. Squadron In European Waters-Relayed Messages Broadcast By Belligerent & Neutral Governments) 2
11/23/1939 Nazis Confiscate Thyssen Holdings 3
11/23/1939 Britain To Charge $2 For Navicerts-15 Questions Presented 7
11/23/1939 France Adds Ban On Reich Exports 8
11/23/1939 Briton Explains Ark Royal Sinking Reports Ship Unscathed (The ‘Real Story,’ Berlin Informed) 11
11/23/1939 Reich Still Gaining In Air Arms Race 12
11/23/1939 (U.S. Catholic) Hierarchy Praises Our Policy On War 12
11/23/1939 Britain Now Trains 1,000,000 Soldiers 17
11/23/1939 Tokyo Trade Talk Denied By (Sumner) Welles 19
11/23/1939 46 (German-Jewish) Refugees Here On Liner Georgic 19
11/23/1939 (Jewish) Prisoner Of Nazis Asks Ransom Here 19
11/23/1939 Somoza Offers 40,000 Soldiers To U.S.; Says Nicaragua Would Aid Us In Any War 20
11/23/1939 U.S. Trade Benefit In Argentina Seen 20
11/23/1939 Mexican Oil Sales May Advance Here-War Cuts German Deals 21
11/23/1939 Exchange Of Scholars Between Americas To Improve Relations Is Dr. Leland’s Goal 23
11/23/1939 Army To Organize Scouting Regiment-Horses To Go On Trucks 23
11/23/1939 Roosevelt Applauds Havana Labor Parley 30
11/24/1939 Report Nazis Drop Mines From Air; 9 Ships Sink-Mines Parachuted 1
11/24/1939 Allies Down 13 Planes 1
11/24/1939 Rumania Names Pro-French Premier-Talarescu At Helm 1
11/24/1939 E.(Lliott) Roosevelt Says Labor (Union) Is In Peril 1
11/24/1939 Nazis Lay Pre-War Ship Sabotage To British; Arrested ‘Agent’ Is Said To Have Confessed 1
11/24/1939 Kennedy Explains Call To See Hull-Calls Not From Roosevelt 3
11/24/1939 Thyssen Seizures Denied (In Germany)-See Earlier Entry) 3
11/24/1939 Industries In Ruhr Forge Nazi Sword-Area Well Camouflaged 6
11/24/1939 (Czech President, Eduard) Benes Is Optimistic For Western Europe 8
11/24/1939 India Declaration Bid For Talks 8
11/24/1939 Immigration Study By Americas Urged (At Havana) 10
11/24/1939 Our Law Lenient, Canadians Decide-Cite Plane Buying Rules 11
11/24/1939 War Perils Erased, Says (George S.) Messersmith (In Boston)-’Only Unendurable Acts Of Violence’ Can Now Get Us In,He Tells New England Council (Picture) 13
11/24/1939 Grange Demands Farm Role In War 17
11/24/1939 Roosevelt Hopes For Spring Peace (Picture With Eleanor, Carving Turkey) 18
11/24/1939 Education Problems In War To Be Studied 20
11/24/1939 (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Links Zionist Aims To Democratic Way-Praises Hadassah Work (At Hadassah Annual Convention, Honoring Henrietta Szold, Founder)-Calls On Jews Of This Country To Endorse Palestine Settlement 42
11/25/1939 Mines Forced London Port To Close, Holding Ships Outside Till Cleared 1
11/25/1939 Italy Joins Protests On (Allied) Blockade-Japan Is Also Protesting 1
11/25/1939 Roosevelt Plans $500,000,000 Rise In Defense Cost-Total Bill $2,250,000,000 1
11/25/1939 Nanning Captured, Japanese Report; New Push Awaited 1
11/25/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn Is Cleared Of 5 Of 10 Counts 1
11/25/1939 Admiralty Admits Damage To Cruiser (‘Belfast’-Picture, P. 2) 1
11/25/1939 President (Roosevelt) Drops War (Resources Board) Plans Board 2
11/25/1939 President (Roosevelt) Explains Ambassadors’ Move (Back To U.S. For Consultation) 2
11/25/1939 (Lord) Lothian Stresses Value Of Navicert-Credits Idea To American (Consular Official From World War I) 3
11/25/1939 Picture: An American Ambulance Goes Into Service In France 4
11/25/1939 Picture: Otto Strasser-Exile Declares The Chancellor Is Bloodthirsty Somnambulist Who Wants Power And Who Holds Masses Are Blind 5
11/25/1939 Polish Professors Deported To Reich 5
11/25/1939 (About 5,000 Jews Must Leave Kattowitz) 5
11/25/1939 Autarchy Is Urged For All Americas (At Havana) 7
11/25/1939 Reich Rejects Plan To Restrict Bombing (Paris Report-Cities Were Not A Factor In The Plan) 7
11/25/1939 Junior Hadassah Joins Youth Group 8
11/25/1939 Harvard Men Writing Our History For Radio (Project Started By Archibald Mac Leish) 32
11/25/1939 ‘Shared Thinking’ Urged On Educators (By Dr. Frank Kingdon, University Of Newark, New Jersey) 32
11/26/1939 Navy Is Prepared Toward Off Foe, Edison Declares 1
11/26/1939 Japan Threatens Blockade Reprisal-Other Neutrals Protest 1
11/26/1939 Nazis Bomb British North Sea Fleet; Report 4 Ships Hit, London Denies It 1
11/26/1939 U-Boat Sinks Q-Ship Designed For (U-Boat) Trap-Disguised As Dutch Freighter (Originated By Lord Kitchener In World War I-It Was For Such Reasons That U-Boats Dared Not Surface To Halt Vessels. They Were Forced To Attack Without Warning) 1
11/26/1939 (Nevada Senator, Key) Pittman (Chairman, Foreign Relations Committee)Opposes ‘Appeasing’ Japan 1
11/26/1939 War Seen Doubling Duty Of Teachers (By Rev. Dr. Robert W. Searle) 26
11/26/1939 (Fritz Wiedemann, Hitler’s Former Commanding Officer In World War I & Confidante, Now Consul General In San Francisco) Dislikes (German-American) Bund In A Democracy (Advises Germans To Avoid It) 32
11/26/1939 1,000 (Jewish) Refugees On Vulcania (From Genoa, Hope To Settle In U.S.) 33
11/26/1939 To Discuss Refugee Aid (Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt To Be Principle Speaker) 33
11/26/1939 Family Of Ex-Kaiser Sends Many To Front (Son And Eleven Grandsons) 34
11/26/1939 Polish Ex-Envoy (Count Alfred Clapowski) Is Reported Slain (Allegedly Executed By Germans) 34
11/26/1939 Americans To Man War Ambulances (In France)-Will Assist French Army-Carried 500,000 Wounded In 1914-17 35
11/26/1939 Inquiry In Rumania Finds 700,000 Jews-Estimate Was 1,500,000 When Count Was Ordered 36
11/26/1939 Gain To U.S. Foreseen In Tighter (Allied) Blockade-Neutral Trade Diversion From Reich Expected 37
11/26/1939 British Are Firm On Nazi Blockade-Envoys Offer Protests 38
11/26/1939 Fight On Prejudice Praised By (N.Y. City) Rabbis-Hitlerism Is Assailed 39
11/26/1939 Neutrals Expand Arms Buying Here-China Becomes Big Factor 41
11/26/1939 (Junior Hadassah) Insist British Keep Palestine Pledges-Condemn The ‘White Paper’ Plan 41
11/26/1939 Czechs Exhibit Art As Sign Spirit Lives-(Col. Vladimir Hruben, Former Czech Envoy To Washington) Deplores Nazi ‘Hatred’ 44
11/26/1939 Volunteer (‘Education’) Group To Aid Refugees D-6
11/26/1939 Sufficient Supply Of Wool Held Here F-1
11/26/1939 106 U.S. Flag Ships Shifted In Year-List Is Headed By Panama (See Preceding Roosevelt Order Forbidding More Such Changes) F-9
11/26/1939 Poland In Exile (Angers, France) E-1
11/26/1939 Cartoon: Anti-German E-2 & E-3
11/26/1939 British Change Their Minds On America’s Role E-3
11/26/1939 Map: The Fourth Partition Of Poland E-5
11/26/1939 ‘German Master Race’ To Dominate Poland-Otto D. Tolischus E-5
11/26/1939 We Approach A Decision In Our Role In The Far East (Sumner Welles-Picture) E-6
11/27/1939 Soviet Charges Attack By Finns Who Defy Demand To Quit Border-Sees Leningrad Menaced (Text, P. 3) 1
11/27/1939 Know Mine Secret, Says Chamberlain-Sets ‘New Europe’ As Aim After Hitler Defeat (Text, P. 2) 1
11/27/1939 Hungarian Nazi Defeated 2
11/27/1939 Germany To Rely On Balkan Goods 3
11/27/1939 (Rear Admiral Chester Nimitz) Asks War Manning For The U.S. Fleet 6
11/27/1939 Respite Granted To Teschen Jews-Reich Allows Two Weeks More Before Mass Transport Of Thousand To Poland-Program Is Being Pushed-Ultimate Goal Set For April Of Next Year, Means Moving 2,000,000 Into New Pale (Of Settlement) 7
11/27/1939 (Sons Of Zion) Urge Britain Open Palestine To 50,000-More Unity Here Asked-Jewish Culture Must Now Be Guarded By Americans, Dr. Soltes Declares 9
11/27/1939 Britain On Defensive In Sea War, Nazi (Dr. Otto Kriegk) Says 9
11/27/1939 Lone Fight In China Is Expected By Abe-Admits Chiang’s Power 10
11/27/1939 2 Groups Formed For Allied Relief 10
11/27/1939 Seizures By Japan Believed Difficult-U.S. Role Held Important (Washington Report) 11
11/27/1939 Patriotic Groups Hold Joint Service 14
11/27/1939 ‘Saving The Peace’ (When The Conflict Ends) Held Duty Of U.S. (By Presbyterian, Rev. Dr. John Sutherland Bonnell) 14
11/27/1939 Junior Hadassah Remains Miss Ziff-Condition In Reich Told Gisela Worbey Says Refugees Are Pushed Back And Forth Over Borders 36
11/28/1939 Finns Offer Parley On Withdrawal (Text, P. 6) 1
11/28/1939 Soviet Urges Revolution In Helsinki 1
11/28/1939 Plea To (Fritz) Kuhn Jury Charges Politics 1
11/28/1939 British ‘Lies’ Lured Poles On, Nazis Say-Treacherous, Two-Faced Game Is Held Revealed In London Blue Book On War’s Origin 1
11/28/1939 Finns Indignant At Soviet Charge 1
11/28/1939 Allies Embargo German Exports-Ban Takes Effect Today 2
11/28/1939 Hoover Says War Would End Liberty; Cautions On Effects Of Our Involvement 2
11/28/1939 Goebbels Warns Of German Ordeal 3
11/28/1939 (Allied) Peace Aims Urged By British Labor 6
11/28/1939 Germany Supports Attack On Finland (Germany Actually Said It Was Impossible For Finland To Defy A Great Power [Russia]) 8
11/28/1939 (General George C.) Marshall Pushes Defense Fund Plea 9
11/28/1939 $250,000 Aid To Poles Is U.S. Red Cross Plan 10
11/28/1939 Reich Fuel Plant (From Coal) Begun (Near Stettin) 10
11/28/1939 Voice In Peace Pact Urged For Labor (At Havana)-Justice Held Essential 12
11/28/1939 (N.Y. Representative Hamilton) Fish Issues Threat To Seek Presidency 18
11/28/1939 Hitler Is ‘Greatest’ In Princeton (University Freshman) Poll 23
11/28/1939 War Fails To Slow Our Foreign Trade 39
11/29/1939 Russia Scraps Pact With Finland; Three Border Clashes Reported 1
11/29/1939 Chamberlain Bars ‘Vindictive’ Peace-ButHe Can’t List Final Terms 1
11/29/1939 Cruiser (‘Repulse’) Claimed As U-Boat Victim 1
11/29/1939 Nazis Killed (Ernst) Thaelman (German Communist), London Paper Declares (Actually, He Was Killed In An Allied Air Raid On Buchenwald Near The End Of The War) 1
11/29/1939 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Charges Intolerance Drive Against Refugees And Seeks Fund Sources 1
11/29/1939 British Place Ban On Reich’s Exports-Chamberlain Defends It 2
11/29/1939 Reich Statement In Reply To British Blue Book 4
11/29/1939 Relief For Poland Aided By Germany (American Red Cross) 4
11/29/1939 Ship Board To Lift Curbs On Sailing 5
11/29/1939 Picture: From Ship To Air Under The Protection Of British Guns 5
11/29/1939 Japanese To Ease Tientsin Blockade 6
11/29/1939 Hoare Warns That War May Prove Long One; Calls Hitler’s ‘Knockout Blow’ A Failure 6
11/29/1939 Text Of New Note From Russia To Finland 8
11/29/1939 Washington Is Alert To Finland’s Peril; Observers Doubt Soviet Wants To Fight (Map) 8
11/29/1939 Warning To Soviet (On Finland) Issued By British 10
11/29/1939 Huge (British) Export Sales Send Wheat Up-Europe Also A Buyer 31
11/29/1939 Says Our New Law Spurred Warfare-Urges Use Of Navicerts 39
11/30/1939 Russians Start Their Invasion Of Finland; Planes Drop Bombs On Airfield At Helsinki; War Starts As U.S. Move For Peace Is Made 1
11/30/1939 Hull Acts Quickly-Offer Of Good Offices In Ending Dispute Sent To Finland And Russia-Helsinki Likely To Agree 1
11/30/1939 Reich Oil Situation Viewed As Critical-Germany Isolated From Great Sources Of Supply-Imports From U.S. Virtually Ended 1
11/30/1939 Finland Is Blockaded In (U.S.) Mediation Plea (Text, P. 5) 1
11/30/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn Found Guilty On All Five (Remaining) Counts; He Faces 30 Years 1
11/30/1939 Japan May Seize Cargoes Of Allies-Studies Plan For Reprisals 1
11/30/1939 War Guilt Denial (By Germany) Fails, Says Britain-New Light On Polish Case 2
11/30/1939 2 American Ships Held In England-13 Previously Inspected 3
11/30/1939 Nazis Back Soviet On Finns’ ‘Threat’-’Benevolently Neutral’ Stand In Berlin Viewed As Intent To Keep Hands Off 4
11/30/1939 Americans In Europe Face New (U.S.) Scrutiny 4
11/30/1939 British Bid Soviet Accept U.S. (Good Offices) Offer 6
11/30/1939 German Propaganda Arrives ‘Via Siberia’-Leaflets Charge Polish Atrocities And Attack Britain (Issued By H. R. Hoffmann, Starnberg, Bavaria) 6
11/30/1939 Soviet Press Assails U.S. 6
11/30/1939 Stalin (Picture) Blames Allies For War; Denies Wanting It To Continue 6
11/30/1939 Rome Press Lends Sympathy To Finns 7
11/30/1939 French Soldiers Hope That Nazis Will Try To Test The Maginot Line-They Are Confident Of Their Position 8
11/30/1939 Briton Tells Of Plight Of Spanish Refugees-French Said To Have Caused Great Hardship In Camps 8
11/30/1939 (General Wladislas) Sikorski Calls Nazis Barbarous In Poland-Premier In Paris Says They Add ‘Terrible Page’ To History 8
11/30/1939 Author Of Tract Denies Race Bias-H. W. Brooks (Picture-Distributed By Anti-Refugee Circulars) Who Wrote Creed Assailed By Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt, Says He Is Pro-American 10
11/30/1939 Immigration Body In Americas Urged (By Somebody Unnamed At Havana Conference) 10
11/30/1939 (Germans) Say (Ernst) Thaelmann (German Communist) Is Alive (Killed In W. W. II By Allied Bombs At Buchenwald) 10
11/30/1939 (Jewish) Writer In Lithuania Faces Deportation (According To ‘The (Socialist) Jewish Daily Forward Of New York’) 11
11/30/1939 (Joseph P.) Kennedy Sees (William C.) Bullitt (In Paris) 11
11/30/1939 (U.S. Department Of Justice) Ready To Prosecute Alien Agents In U.S. (See: A Man Called Intrepid) 12
11/30/1939 Picture: The Jurors Who Found Fritz Kuhn Guilty 12
11/30/1939 (Philipp) Scheidemann Dies; Ex-German Leader-First Chancellor Of Post-War German Republic(Said The Hand That Signed The Treaty Of Versailles Should Wither) 21
11/30/1939 Churchmen Award Goes To First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) 23