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William Lindsey collection — 1939 NYT headlines

December 1939
Date Headline Page
12/01/1939 Finns. Cabinet Resigns As Soviet Bombs Cities; New Government Expected To Seek A Truce; Russia Seizes Port And Islands; 200 Are Killed 1
12/01/1939 Roosevelt In Plea 1
12/01/1939 Moscow Receptive To Armistice Talk 1
12/01/1939 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Visits Dies Committee To Hear (Communist-Oriented American) Youth Congress (Joseph P. Lash A Leader) Defended (Picture, P. 25 1
12/01/1939 Two British Destroyers And A Submarine In Norwegian Port For Repairs After Battle (‘City Of Flint’ ? 1
12/01/1939 Japan Insistent On Blockade Gap-Neutral Rights Invoked 2
12/01/1939 7 U.S. Ships Abroad Will Return (From London) Loaded 2
12/01/1939 China Supplies Cut By Loss Of Nanning 2
12/01/1939 Spread Of Conflict Feared In Balkans 4
12/01/1939 Map: Russo-Finnish Border 4
12/01/1939 British Denounce Russian Invaders-Stand Of U.S. Is Debated 8
12/01/1939 Hoover Calls Attack On Finns ‘Butchery’ 8
12/01/1939 U.S. Fuel Held Used By Soviet Bombers-Own Supply Insufficient 10
12/01/1939 Official Text Of The Molotoff Talk 10
12/01/1939 Fighting In West Is (Unfortunately) At A Standstill 12
12/01/1939 Paris Air Minister Hails Aid From U.S.-Personnel Is Praised 13
12/01/1939 Britain Will Ship Wool Needed Here 13
12/01/1939 Alien Curb Voided (By Federal Court) In Pennsylvania 18
12/02/1939 Soviet Sets Up Red (Finnish) Regime On Finnish Border; Finns Rally, Report Sinking Of An Enemy Cruiser; Roosevelt Condemns Russian Attack-President (Roosevelt) Is Stern 1
12/02/1939 Russia Quits (N.Y. World’s) Fair 1
12/02/1939 Finns Are Fighting Russians In North Fighting Is Intense 1
12/02/1939 Finns’ New Cabinet Says It Will Fight 1
12/02/1939 (Joseph Lash, Executive Secretary And Rumored Lover Of Eleanor Roosevelt) Denies Red Sway In (American) Student Union But Lash Says Communists Hold Important Posts Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Takes Notes (See Lash’s Franklin And Eleanor, Published In The 1980’s) 1
12/02/1939 Stranded (German) Seamen Slip Back To Reich (From U.S.-General Tone Of Disappointment) 2
12/02/1939 Map: Russo-Finnish Front, Lake Ladoga 2
12/02/1939 200 Navicerts (Certification By British That A Ship Is Not Carrying Anything Regarded By Them As Contraband To Germany) Asked (By U.S. Shippers) As System Starts 2
12/02/1939 Declaration By Finnish Red Regime (Set Up By Russians) 4
12/02/1939 (George Bernard) Shaw Says We (U.S. & Allies) Bear Guilt In New (Russo-Finnish) War 4
12/02/1939 Britain Calls Up 300,000 More Men-Total Registered 750,000 5
12/02/1939 Stand On Finland Avoided By Japan 6
12/02/1939 Two New (U.S.) Cruisers (‘Cleveland’ & ‘Columbia’) To Be Fast, Heavier 6
12/02/1939 Mexico Indicates (U.S.) Oil Firms’ Loss (Of Expropriated Oil Properties In Mexico) 8
12/02/1939 (John G.) Winant Sees Unity At (Havana) Labor Sessions 8
12/02/1939 Nazis Air To Drive Britain (British Influence) From Europe 8
12/02/1939 Levy On Processor (Value-Added Tax ?) Urged By (Henry Agard Wallace 10
12/02/1939 City Seizes $1,000 Of (Fritz) Kuhn Bail As Fee (For ‘Handling’ The Bail Money) 10
12/02/1939 Influence Of War On Trade Here Cut-Few Large Orders Placed 28
12/03/1939 Finns Report Soviet Drive Halted; Red (Finnish) ‘State’ Meets Moscow Terms (Demands); Roosevelt Bars Planes To Russia 1
12/03/1939 (U.S.) Oil Firms Beaten In Mexican Court (On Regaining Their Expropriated Oil Properties) 1
12/03/1939 Rout Of Russians (By Finns) Reported In North 1
12/03/1939 ‘Moral Embargo’ Of Soviet By U.S. (Declared By Roosevelt) 1
12/03/1939 Fraud On Pwa Laid To 13 In Louisiana 6
12/03/1939 WPA To Add 5,000 Now On City Relief-Increase In Rolls To 115,000 9
12/03/1939 Havana Talks End On Solidarity Note-War Refugee Plan Rises 31
12/03/1939 Need To Avoid War Held Vital In U.S. (Gallup Poll-47% Consider Staying Out Of War Country’s First Problem) 42
12/03/1939 Palestine Group (National Conference For Palestine) To Meet 42
12/03/1939 German Prisoners (Of War) Remain 100% Nazis 44
12/03/1939 Groups Here Back Embargo On Soviet 46
12/03/1939 Poland Protests German ‘Horrors’-Plea Made To Halifax 48
12/03/1939 (Anthony) Eden Views This War As Decency Crusade-Denounces Methods Of Enemy As ‘Reversion To Barbarism’ 48
12/03/1939 Britain Combats Boredom At Front 49
12/03/1939 Pictures: Gen. Alexander D. Lektionoff & Admiral Nikolai Kunetsoff-Lead Soviet Forces Against The Finns 51
12/03/1939 Nazi (Karl Hermann Frank) Gives Czechs A Stern Warning-Says ‘Illusions’ Must Go 52
12/03/1939 (U.S.) Ambulance Units Merge In France-Deliveries To Be Speeded-26 Drivers Being Trained In Field Work-Each Pays His Own Expenses 52
12/03/1939 (Paris-Soir) Reports 12,442 Executed (By Germans) 52
12/03/1939 Text Of The Moscow-Terijoki (Red-Finnish) Treaty 53
12/03/1939 Reich Gains Firm Hold In Rumanian Oil Fields 53
12/03/1939 War On Finland (By Russia) Scored By (N.Y. City) Rabbis 55
12/03/1939 (U.S.) Embassy Refuge Picked (In France In Case They Must Flee Paris) 55
12/03/1939 Attack On Finland Approved In Reich (An Example Of A Translator’s Statement Being Changed By The Newspapers-Berlin Said Finland Refused To Recognize The ‘Geographical Imperative’ Of Her Position Relative To Russia. This Does Not Indicate Approval; It Means Finland Had No Other Choice) 56
12/03/1939 900 Refugees Here (On ‘Rotterdam’) Fleeing Germany (Nationalities Not Given, But From The Names, Many Were Probably Jewish) 57
12/03/1939 War Relief Work Praised By Lehman-Address Read By Governor’s Wife Before (American) Jewish Joint (Distribution) Committee-Cites Aid To All-Without Regard To Creed 57
12/03/1939 German Ship (‘Columbus’) At Veracruz, Mexico) Is Watched (Presumably By Mexico-Does It Also Mean The U.S.?) 57
12/03/1939 Immigrants’ Lot Topic Of Study (Of Women’s Institutes In 24 Cities) D-4
12/03/1939 Industrial Profit Up 448% In Year F-1
12/03/1939 Exporters To Seek Neutrality ChangeAsk To Be Allowed To Ship At Own Risk F-8
12/03/1939 Dry Goods Jobber In Strong Positions F-8
12/03/1939 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
12/03/1939 New Polish Army Fast Taking Shape (Under Sikorski In France)-Czechs Also In Training E-4
12/03/1939 Estimated Losses (On Both Sides) In Three Months Of War E-5
12/03/1939 Allies Gain Power By Economic Unity E-5
12/03/1939 Gold Reserves E-6
12/03/1939 Echoes Of War In Our Neutral Capital Mag. 9
12/03/1939 Our Plane Industry Spreads Its Wings Mag. 10
12/04/1939 Finns Ask For Peace Negotiations; Say Mines Killed 1,000 Russians-Move By Helsinki-Finns Holding Foe 1
12/04/1939 Move For U.S. Break With Russia Gains-Roosevelt And Hull Watch Situation 1
12/04/1939 Russian Hesitancy In Campaign Seen 1
12/04/1939 British Airplanes Raid Helgoland-Hits On Reich Base Claimed In London 1
12/04/1939 Britain Starts Blockade Of Reich Exports Today 1
12/04/1939 Ryti Denies Help Was Assured Finns-Still Ready To Negotiate 2
12/04/1939 Attack On Finland Held (By British) Long Planned 3
12/04/1939 West Stalemated; Training Is Kept Up-Frontal Attack Avoided 8
12/04/1939 British Use Armed Merchant Ships For Important Blockade Duties 8
12/04/1939 Anti-Nazi Program Marks (N.Y. City) German Day (‘Culture Distinguishes Germans From ‘Nazis’’) 8
12/04/1939 (James G. Mc Donald, Chairman Of Roosevelt’s Advisory Committee On Political Refugees) Says Refugee Aid Gains World Heed (Before American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, N.Y. City)-Sees Jewish Vindication-Judaism-Red Link Disproved By Events, He Tells Joint Distribution Session-Says Official Interest Grows 10
12/04/1939 Hias Pledged To Aid European ‘Rescues’-2,000 At Convention Agree To Help Emigration Problem (Newbold Morris) 10
12/04/1939 Japanese Worried By Rice Shortage 10
12/04/1939 Jewish Group (United Synagogues Of America) Acts To Energize Faith 16
12/04/1939 Prayers For Peace Asked By (British-Born, Episcopal Bishop Of New York, William T.) Manning 20
12/05/1939 Russia Refuses Peace, Spurns League (Of Nations); Finns Czech Invasion, Fortify Islands 1
12/05/1939 U.S. Now Avoiding Break With Soviet 1
12/05/1939 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) ‘Clears’ (American) Youth Congress (And Joseph Lash Of Communism Charges) 8
12/05/1939 Reich Uses Danube For Soviet Imports-Neutrals Hamper Scheme 14
12/05/1939 Total Blockade On To End Nazi Trade-Neutral Shipping Warned 17
12/05/1939 Allies Cooperate 100%, Simon Says-Troops In France Only The Vangard Of (Promised) British Aid 17
12/05/1939 Britain Asks Canada For Big Bacon Supply-4,480,000 Pounds Weekly Will Be Bought In Dominion 18
12/05/1939 300 Polish Hostages Reported Executed (In Gdynia) 19
12/05/1939 Justice Held Passe In New Reich Ideal (Reported Said By Hans Frank Talk Via Berlin)-Formal Rules Discarded 20
12/05/1939 Unit Formed To Send (Soldiers’) Kits To Maginot Line (By Duchess Of Windsor & Lady Mendl) 24
12/05/1939 Hull Will Confer On Mexican Oil (U.S. Oil Property Expropriated By Mexico) 41
12/05/1939 Oil (Expropriated U.S. Property) Suit Charges ‘Double Dealing’ 48
12/05/1939 War Spurs Output Of New Chemicals 49
12/05/1939 Fifty Exporters Receive (British Blockade) Navicerts 49
12/06/1939 Finns On Offensive, Raid Enemy Bases; Swedes Call Troops, Mine Sea Coast 1
12/06/1939 U.S. Would Join (American Republics) In Denouncing Russia-Joint Step Sought 1
12/06/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn Is Sentenced To 2½ To 5 Years As A Common Thief-Judge Wallace Emphasizes That His Role As ‘Dispenser Of Hate’ Is Not A Factor (Alleged To Have Misused $500 Of Bund Funds-Picture, P. 18) 1
12/06/1939 Hoover Will Organize Relief For Finland; Red Cross Appeals For Funds For Its Help 1
12/06/1939 United Americas Safe, Says (Adolf A.) Berle (U.S. Assistant Secretary Of State) 2
12/06/1939 Offices Ready For Allies’ Purchases (First Time Noted That British Purchasing Agent, Arthur B. Purvis Is Mentioned) 3
12/06/1939 Paris Billets U.S. (Ambulance Driver) Unit 3
12/06/1939 U-Boats Go Into Mass Production As Nazis Strain To Increase Them 5
12/06/1939 (Canadian) R. B. Bennett Here Sees War As ‘Duty’-Liner ‘Stalendam’ Brings In 800 German Refugees Among 1,166 Passengers 6
12/06/1939 Rumania Is Asked (By Britain) To Cut Reich Trade 7
12/06/1939 Hiding American Income Sends German To Prison 7
12/06/1939 1,402,588 In Britain Still Without Jobs 10
12/06/1939 (Father Coughlin’s) Christian Front Faces New Attack (By Clerics) 19
12/06/1939 (Federal Judge, Arthur J. Tuttle) Scores Nazi Seeking To Become (U.S.) Citizen (Must Now Hire A Lawyer To Prosecute His Case) 19
12/06/1939 Book That Praises Hitler Is Out Here (European Jungle) 28
12/07/1939 Nazi Consulate Aid (Dr. Walter Engelberg) Here Beaten To Death In Home (Picture, P. 3-See Dec. 22, 1939, P. 10) 1
12/07/1939 Dewey Urges U.S. To End ‘Defeatism’ As National Enemy 1
12/07/1939 Red Organ Calls On Rumania For Pact Similar To Those With Baltic States 1
12/07/1939 Britain Is Sending Arms To Finland 1
12/07/1939 Moscow Reports Break In Finns’ Line 1
12/07/1939 Force Of Blockade Admitted In Reich 1
12/07/1939 (Joseph P.) Kennedy Arrives (Picture) To See President (Roosevelt 3
12/07/1939 Clothing Is Sought For War Victims 3
12/07/1939 Bazaar Aids Czech Refugees 3
12/07/1939 Utmost Aid By U.S. Planned For Finns 5
12/07/1939 Picture: A German Prisoner (Of War) Ponders A French Question 5
12/07/1939 2 500 Finns Here Thank Roosevelt 7
12/07/1939 Yule Mail To Europe Must Go This Week (None Accepted By Post Office To Germany) 8
12/07/1939 U.S. Will Reserve Blockade Rights-Reich Warns Neutrals 10
12/07/1939 Jewish Reservation In Poland Is Scored-Declared Barbarous Concentration Camp In Protest (By World Jewish Congress In Paris Meeting) 12
12/07/1939 Picture: Haiti’s President Welcomed To Washington (By Sumner Welles. U.S. Under-Secretary Of State) 16
12/07/1939 4 Without Country Here As Refugees (On ‘Vulcania’) 11
12/07/1939 Effect Of The War On U.S. Is Analyzed 21
12/07/1939 Picture: The Gates Of Sing Sing Open For The Bundesfuehrer (Fritz Kuhn) 23
12/07/1939 Kuhn Is In Sing Sing; Is A Little Upset 23
12/07/1939 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt, American Youth Congress) Book Sponsor 31
12/08/1939 FBI Acts In Slaying Of Nazi Aide Here; Spy Angle Traced 1
12/08/1939 Russians Blockade Finland; Balked At Mannerheim Line 1
12/08/1939 French Complete New Forts In West 1
12/08/1939 Allies’ Resources Here Found Large-Germany’s Cash Position In U.S. Put At 160 Millions 2
12/08/1939 Three Beheaded In Germany (One Traitor And Two Spies-Walter Israel Becker & Herman Stetefeld) 3
12/08/1939 U.S. Ships Seeking British Charters 5
12/08/1939 Britain Declines To Act On Finland 11
12/08/1939 Rumanians Rebuff Germany On Trade-Exports To Reich Delayed 11
12/08/1939 (Cuba) To Expropriate Refugees Bonds (Jews In Cuba Overstaying Six Month Period Originally Granted Them) 12
12/08/1939 Nazi Debt Claim Rejected By (U.S.) Court 13
12/09/1939 Hull Protests (British) Blockade On Exports As Affecting U.S. Trading Rights 1
12/09/1939 (Ambassador) Kennedy Presents To President (Roosevelt) Plan To Use Idle Ships (To Routes Vacated By England)-Strong For Third Term-Envoy Declares Roosevelt’s Experience Is Needed To Keep Us Out Of War (Picture, P. 3) 1
12/09/1939 Drive To Aid Finns Opened By (Herbert) Hoover 1
12/09/1939 Finns Report Foe Hurled Back Anew On Karelian Front-Moscow Tells Of Gains 1
12/09/1939 Peace Groups Urge (U.S.) Envoy (Lawrence Steinhardt) Stay In Russia-Also Ask Roosevelt To Send Ambassador (Hugh R. Wilson) To Reich Again 3
12/09/1939 Polish Bands Fight Nazis, Paris Hears 4
12/09/1939 Goering Kin (Nephew) To Aid Finns 4
12/09/1939 U.S. Note On (British ‘Order In Council’ Of Nov. 28) Blockade 4
12/09/1939 U.S. Moves To Indict 5 As Foreign Agents 5
12/09/1939 (Admiral James O.) Richardson Named Fleet Commander (By Roosevelt-Was Subsequently Succeeded By Admiral Husband Kimmel) 6
12/09/1939 Police Hunt Boxer In German’s (Dr. Walter Engelberg’s) Death-Hoover Back In Capital 7
12/09/1939 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Gets U.S. Mothers’ Pledge (To Observe Democratic Principles) 7
12/09/1939 Col. (Frank) Knox Urges U.S. To Buy West Indies-Caribbean Held Our Lake 8
12/09/1939 Employees Renew Opposition To War 10
12/10/1939 Finns Hurl Back Russians In Attacks On Wide Front-Soviet Sees Gains 1
12/10/1939 Third Red Leader Is Seized By U.S. In Passport Case 1
12/10/1939 Mosquito Fleet Ordered By Navy For Shore Defense 1
12/10/1939 Soviet Publicizes Reich Aid To Finns 1
12/10/1939 Labor’s War Role Mapped By Union 26
12/10/1939 Survey (By Magazine ‘Social Work’) Disputes Immigrant Menace-Figures On Influx Quoted-Says U.S. Built Power By Ability To Assimilate Aliens 42
12/10/1939 238,585 More Listed For British Army-Third Conscription 54
12/10/1939 War Shifts Japan To American Trade 56
12/10/1939 Jews’s Plight Held Critical In Poland-Merchants’ Goods Seized-Epidemics Delay Transfer Of 160,000 To New Ghetto 56
12/10/1939 Arrest Thought Near In Engelberg Slaying 57
12/10/1939 Fights Reich Propaganda-One Of Syracuse Recipients Of Letters (From Germany) Appeals To Police (Mrs. Margaret Hansen) 5
12/10/1939 War Profits Remote For U.S., Expert Says 58
12/10/1939 U.S. Red Cross Aid For War $500,000-Added Volunteer Work 59
12/10/1939 Opposes Entry In War-’We Cannot Police World’ 60
12/10/1939 Renaissance Seen For Our Colleges-Critical Thinking Urged (By Dr. Frank Kingdon, Columbia University) 61
12/10/1939 Educators To Sift Affairs Of World 61
12/10/1939 Maccabean Spirit Is Urged By (N.Y. City) Rabbis (The Weak Against The Majority) 70
12/10/1939 Neutrality Backed At Queens College D-6
12/10/1939 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
12/11/1939 U.S. Gives Finland $10,000,000 Credits; Helsinki Appeals To World For Help 1
12/11/1939 Finland Stresses She Has Right To Help From ‘Civilized World’ 1
12/11/1939 ‘Old Moore’s’ (British Almanac) Sees End Of War In 1940-Dictatorships To Decline 2
12/11/1939 ‘Keep Out Of War,’ (Ambassador) Kennedy Advises-He Warns Against Any Talk That We Can Make Things ‘One Whit Better’ 2
12/11/1939 Gandhi Bars Stabbing Of Britain In Back-But He Also Urges India To Show No Enthusiasm For War 4
12/11/1939 Killing (Of Two German Customs Officials) Laid To Czech 6
12/11/1939 German Ship Reported Destroyed By (Allied) Submarine 10
12/11/1939 (Cuban) Presidential Race Opened By (Col. Fulgencio) Batista 10
12/11/1939 Moscow Protests Blockade Of Reich 10
12/11/1939 U.S. Athletic Union Scores Aggression 11
12/11/1939 Rumor Reich Peace Drive 11
12/11/1939 Japan Sees U.S. Forcing Soviet Tie (To China) 12
12/11/1939 Nazi (Ss) Guards ‘Lynch’ Two For Attempting To Escape (From An Unnamed Concentration Camp) 12
12/11/1939 Rabbi Glazer Links Judaism, Democracy 12
12/11/1939 (Francis Beverley) Biddle Is Reported Choice For Solicitor (Robert H. Jackson To Be U.S. Attorney General) 13
12/12/1939 League (Of Nations) Calls On Russians To End War And Negotiate 1
12/12/1939 Finns Hold Back (Russian) Invaders 1
12/12/1939 Moscow Publishes Reich Arms (For Finland) Denial 3
12/12/1939 Lapps Round Up Reindeer As Meat Supply For Finns 3
12/12/1939 U.S. Doubts Talk Of (European) Peace Sincere-Just Trick, Berlin Says 4
12/12/1939 Finns’ ‘White Book’ Clarifies Position 5
12/12/1939 Reprisal By Japan On (Allied) Blockade Seen 8
12/12/1939 Ship Survivors Say 3 Torpedoes Missed, Then Angry U-Boat Captain Fired Shells (‘Showed Us No Mercy’) 8
12/12/1939 (Senator Burton K.) Wheeler (Montana) Boomed As (Presidential) ‘Liberal’ Hope 13
12/12/1939 Picture: Mary Averell Harriman-Betrothed To Dr. Shirley Fisk (Is This The Daughter Which Was At Katyn?) 35
12/12/1939 Warns Exporters To Use Aski Marks 42
12/13/1939 Russia Rejects League (Of Nation) Demands, Presses Drive In Central Finland 1
12/13/1939 Bremen Eludes (Allied) Foe, Dashes Home (Via N.Y.-Murmansk) 1
12/13/1939 Nazi Ships In Ports Of Latin America 2
12/13/1939 (U.S.) Penalty On Danzig Goods (High Tariff) 5
12/13/1939 Roosevelt Denies Neutrality Shift-Ban On War Aid Is Hinted-President Is Not Specific On Munitions, But He Looks For No Change In Law 8
12/13/1939 Reich Impedes Shipments To Finns, British Declare 10
12/13/1939 Nazi White Book Accuses British-482 Documents Published-Data Date Back To 1919-Documents Relative To Events Leading Up To War-344 Pages 11
12/13/1939 New Aid For Refugees (Establishment Of Dominican Republic Settlement Association, Inc.-Organized By George L. Warren, Executive Secretary Of The President’s Advisory Committee On Political Refugees, James N. Rosenberg, Arthur M. Lamport And Others) 12
12/13/1939 Mexico Not Listed In U.S. Oil Benefits (No Separate Quota) 14
12/13/1939 Reich Uses Danube To Full Capacity 15
12/13/1939 200 Mizrachi Women Meet (Condemn Jewish Reservation In Poland As ‘Barbarism And Inhuman Measure’) 16
12/13/1939 Boycott Extended To Russian Goods (By Dr. Mary E. Woolley, American Boycott Against Aggressor Nations) 17
12/13/1939 French Doom German Spy (Wilhelm Andre Maurer) 17
12/13/1939 (Myron C.) Taylor Is Honored (American Hebrew Medal) For Refugee Aid 31
12/13/1939 Job Shortage Held Chief U.S. Problem 50
12/14/1939 British Defeat Nazi Raider In All-Day Fight; She Runs To Montevideo With 36 Dead, 60 Hurt-Prey Of 3 Cruisers (‘Graf Spee’ Against ‘Exeter,’ ‘Ajax,’ & ‘Achilles’) 1
12/14/1939 British Peers Urge New Peace Moves 1
12/14/1939 Russia Condemned 1
12/14/1939 Seizing Of:U.S. Mail (By British) Described By Crew-British Took 700 Bags Bound For Germany From Ship At Gibraltar, Men Reveal-Master’s Protest Futile-Similar Cases Are Studied In Washington 2
12/14/1939 Bremen’s Master Assails U.S. Action-Ahrens Believes Ship Was Held Up Here To Permit Allies To Catch Her 3
12/14/1939 Germany’s Jobless Decline To 126,000-Skilled Labor Shortage Is Still Serious War Problem 3
12/14/1939 Ruling On (Graf) Spee Is Up To Uruguay & Safety Zone Issue Raised-It Must Be Decided Whether Extent Of Damage (To Graf Spee) Justifies Stay Beyond 24 Hours (Pictures: 10,000 Tons Vs. 22,000 Tons) 4
12/14/1939 (British) Sea Fighter (Commodore H. H. Harwood), A Veteran 4
12/14/1939 Air Corps To Train 400 More Cadets 5
12/14/1939 Allies Order 470 More Bombers Here; British Sign $20,000,000 Contract For 200 (Hudson Bombers, Lockheed) 5
12/14/1939 Duff Cooper (Churchill’s Minister Of Information) Is Picketed (Introduced By Rooseveltian, James G. Mc Donald) 5
12/14/1939 (Mexicans) Say U.S. (Warship) Halted (And Searched Mexican) Ship (Off Veracruz) 5
12/14/1939 Allies’ Delay (In War) Laid To Disparity In Air 10
12/14/1939 Americans’ Funds Aiding Victims Of War In Belligerent Countries-151 (Organizations) Are Helping Poland 10
12/14/1939 (Count Jerzy) Potocki Makes Plea For Polish Relief 10
12/14/1939 Assurance To U.S. Made By Japanese 13
12/14/1939 (Admiral William H.) Leahy Gets Third Office (Head Of Puerto Rican Reconstruction Administration) 13
12/14/1939 Lawyer For (Fritz) Kuhn Censured By Court 18
12/14/1939 Warning Sounded On (Communist) ‘Witch-Hunting’ 18
12/14/1939 Dies Report Scored By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 19
12/14/1939 Paderewski Takes Post (In Sikorski Exile Regime) 20
12/14/1939 Borah In Warning On Foreign Policy 23
12/15/1939 Uruguay Lets The Spee Stay For Repairs As British Mass Warships Off Montevideo-British Rebuffed-Hull Hints Consultation 1
12/14/1939 Finns: Report Gains; League (Of Nations) Drops Russia-Geneva Unanimous 1
12/14/1939 Nazi Injured Show No Traces Of (Mustard) Gas 1
12/14/1939 62 Britons Freed Tell Of Sea Battle 1
12/14/1939 British Sea Might Centering On Spee 1
12/14/1939 Danube Is Closed To Rumanian Ships 2
12/14/1939 (William R.) Castle Sees Peril Of War With Japan 2
12/14/1939 (Lehigh Valley) Presses Black Tom Claim (Against Germany) 3
12/14/1939 Americas To Scan Data On Sea Fight-Neutral Zone (Map) 4
12/14/1939 Berlin And London Broadcasts Give Versions Of The Sea Battle 4
12/14/1939 Battle Witnesses Laud British Skill 5
12/14/1939 Pictures: Damage To The Graf Spee 5
12/14/1939 Leading Poles Killed (In Russian Zone) 6
12/14/1939 British Jubilant On Naval Victory 7
12/14/1939 (German) Liner Columbus Slips Out To Sea 9
12/14/1939 Chamberlain Puts Nazis First As Foe-Main Target Hitlerism 10
12/14/1939 France To Give Us Order For Tools 10
12/14/1939 Soviet Admits Refugees (From Poland) 10
12/14/1939 Reich Prize Court Hears First Cases-Swedes Lose Two Ships 11
12/14/1939 Russia And Germany Ratify Two Treaties-Polish Frontier And Amity Pacts 12
12/14/1939 (Herbert) Hoover Takes Hold Of Relief Campaign 12
12/15/1939 War Relief Story Denied By Hoover-Statement By (Stephen) Early Says President (Roosevelt) Had Tried In Vain To Get Predecessor To Accept Task 13
12/16/1939 Spee Must Go By 6:30 P. M. Tomorrow-Uruguay Sets Time-Orders Reich Warship To Leave Or Be Interned 1
12/16/1939 Finns Report Soumussalini Retaken 1
12/16/1939 Nazis Drop Charge Of Poison Shells (Used Against Graf Spee) 2
12/16/1939 American Nations Consult On (British German Naval) Battle 2
12/16/1939 Picture: German Wounded On Graf Spee Deck And Captain Hans Langendorff 2
12/16/1939 36 Graf Spee Dead Buried In Uruguay (Picture) 3
12/16/1939 London Gets News Of Sea Fight Loss 3
12/16/1939 Spee Was ‘Between Devil And Deep Blue Sea,’ Says Captain, As Result Of British Tactics (Spee Was Nearly Out Of Fuel) 3
12/16/1939 German Says Spee Eluded (17) Torpedoes 3
12/16/1939 (U.S. State Department) Adds Two Metals To Moral Embargo (Niobium And Aluminum) 6
12/16/1939 Demand Adoption Of Equal Rights 9
12/17/1939 Spee Still In Harbor At Daybreak Although Ready For Dash To Sea (No Fuel Loaded)-Warship Repaired Reich Presses For Stay-Reinforced Allied Fleet Awaits Her 1&41
12/17/1939 Americas For Bar To Warring Craft 1
12/17/1939 Women Demand Equal Rights Vote 2
12/17/1939 Students Oppose Our Entry Into War 28
12/17/1939 (Congress) Approves Garand Rifle 28
12/17/1939 Drive To Boycott Nazis Intensified (American Boycott Against Aggressor Nations) 32
12/17/1939 Doom Of Dictators Is Seen By (N.Y. City) Rabbis 32
12/17/1939 German Poland Divided (Lublin Section Contains The Area Intended To Become The Jewish Reservation) 35
12/17/1939 Rumanians Resist Pressure Of Nazis-Oil Supply Is Limited 28
12/17/1939 Attack On Rumania Now Held Unlikely 28
12/17/1939 Seized Nazi Vessel (‘Duesseldorf’) Is Escorted To Chile (By British Cruiser, ‘Despatch’) 40
12/17/1939 (British Cruiser) Exeter Seen, Badly Hit (By Graf Spee), Heading For Falklands 40
12/17/1939 U.S. Ship Service To Bermuda Begins 41
12/17/1939 Career Of Raider (‘Graf Spee’) Lasted 4 Months (At Sea When War Broke Out) 41
12/17/1939 Mauretania Here; Likely To Remain (6’ Gun Aft Plus Two Antiaircraft Guns) 42
12/17/1939 3 Men Indicted As Foreign Agents (See A Man Called Intrepid) 43
12/17/1939 A Minorities Map Of Rumania E-5
12/17/1939 Allies Feel War May Spread E-5
12/17/1939 Inside Germany: The Mark Of War-Otto D. Tolischus Mag.1
12/18/1939 Captain (Langsdorff), On Hitler’s Orders, Sinks (Graf) Spee Off Montevideo After Debarking CrewRaider Blown UpFires Mine In Magazine-Decision At Berlin 1
12/18/1939 72 Britons Killed In Graf Spee Fight 1
12/18/1939 Government Plan To Bar War Is Told-Morgenthau Proposed In April ‘Cornering’ Material To Foil Aggression-Cost Killed Idea 1
12/18/1939 Finns Report 20,000 Russian Strapped 1
12/18/1939 Britons In Accord To Top Reich In Air 1
12/18/1939 Scuttling Of (Graf) Spee Seen As Defeatism (Hanson W. Baldwin) 2
12/18/1939 6 British Warships (‘Renown,’ ‘Ark Royal,’ A Cruiser And 3 Destroyers) Get Supplies In Rio (The ‘Graf Spee?’) 2
12/18/1939 Text Of Capt. Langsdorff’s Protest (About The Time Limit Allowed The Graf Spee In Montevideo) 2
12/18/1939 Picture: Last Trip Of Graf Spee 3
12/18/1939 (Mustard) Gas Charge Renewed In Case Of Graf Spee 3
12/18/1939 Uruguay Receives German Protests-Langsdorff Note Added 3
12/18/1939 Envoy Kept U.S. Informed 3
12/18/1939 Graf Spee Incident Gives Latins Unity 4
12/18/1939 (Graf) Spee’s Sinking Eases War Encroachment 4
12/18/1939 Mail Of U.S. Ship (‘Black Condor’) Seized By British 10
12/18/1939 Many Prisoners Die In Soviet, Pole Says-Officer Who Escaped Tells Of Scurvy And Typhus Victims 10
12/18/1939 Brodelsky Heads Jews (The Board Of Deputies Of British Jews Is Already Member Of Executive Committee Of The Zionist World Organization) 11
12/18/1939 British In France Have First Losses 12
12/18/1939 Aggressor Powers Denounced Here 18
12/18/1939 Pork Is Plentiful, Say Meat Packers 40
12/19/1939 Graf Spee’s Crew Will Be Interned 1
12/19/1939 Canadian Troops (100 U.S. Volunteers Included) Arrive In Britain 1
12/19/1939 U.S. Navy Yields 40 Fast Planes To Finns 1
12/19/1939 Russians Capture Finn’s Arctic Strip 1
12/19/1939 Nazi ‘Divine Right’ To Rule Asserted (By Dr. Robert Ley)-Would Wipe Out Britain 3
12/19/1939 Nazis Span Pacific On Wood And Sail 3
12/19/1939 Picture: End’ Of Graf Spee 5
12/19/1939 Reich Is Expected To Drop (Graf) Spee Case (Complaint) 5
12/19/1939 Neutrals Analyze Behavior Of (Graf) Spee 5
12/19/1939 Sanctions Urged To Aid Neutrality 5
12/19/1939 Captain Says Graf Spee Sailed For A Time Disguised As Renown 5
12/19/1939 Churchill Praises British Sea Deeds 6
12/19/1939 (Miami Paper) Reports The Columbia (German Ship) 6
12/19/1939 India’s Fate Tied To War By (British) Viceroy 8
12/19/1939 Poles Hear Hitler Plans Buffer Zone-Jewish ‘Reservation’ Appears Also Dropped-Ousting Of Jews Deferred 9
12/19/1939 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Denies Imputed War Talk-Possible ‘Duty To Resist’ 20
12/19/1939 Boy Refugee (Erich Hirschberg) Wins In Essay Contest (‘Why I Should Be Loyal To The United States’) 28
12/20/1939 (German) Liner Columbus Scuttled Off U.S.; Nazi Freighter Flees To Florida-Luxury Ship (‘Columbus’) Burns-British Destroyer Near (Picture, P. 5) 1
12/19/1939 (Sumner) Welles Ridicules Red Slur On Cuba 1
12/19/1939 Nazi Vessel (‘Arauca’) Flees To Florida Harbor (Chased By British Cruiser-Picture, P. 4) 1
12/19/1939 Allies Will Give Some Aid To Finns 1
12/19/1939 Americas Proposed To Force (Graf) Spee To Sea; Incident Seen As Aiding Hemisphere’s Unity 1
12/19/1939 (Major General) O’ryan Stresses Duty Of U.S. In War-Holds We Must Prepare 3
12/19/1939 Argentina Interns Graf Spee’s Crew 4
12/19/1939 12 Ships At Least, Scuttled By Reich 5
12/19/1939 Columbus’ Crew To Be Housed Here-News Shocks Germans 5
12/19/1939 Canadians Elated By Progress Of War At Home And In Europe 8
12/19/1939 Text Of (Anti-Russian Address Delivered By Sumner Welles 10
12/19/1939 Polish Row Ended By Nazis And Army-Elite Guards Stir Hate 12
12/19/1939 Poles Plan Next (Post-War) Regime (In Angers, France-A Government-In-Exile) 12
12/20/1939 Coal Helps British Produce Gasoline (Hydrogenation & ‘Carbonization’) 14
12/20/1939 (University Of Newark’s Dr. Frank) Kingdon Makes Plea To Jewish Refugees (Hias-Eleanor Roosevelt, Henry Morgenthau, Sr. And Others Present-Refugee Problem Is Christian Problem) 15
12/20/1939 Japan Optimistic On (Trade) Pact With U.S. 16
12/20/1939 Boxer (Ernie Haas) Confesses Killing (Dr.) Engelberg 19
12/20/1939 (Montana Senator Burton K.) Wheeler To Enter Presidency Race 20
12/20/1939 Denies Misquoting Mrs. F. D. (Eleanor) Roosevelt (On War Views)-Letter Cited In Support 23
12/20/1939 Holds War Shows Industry Prepared 38
12/21/1939 Columbus Crew Held At Ellis Island-577 German Survivors(Picture, Pp. 4 & 5) 1
12/21/1939 Captain (Langsdorff) Of Graf Spee Kills Himself 1
12/21/1939 Tanks And Airplanes Attack Finns-Fierce Battle On 1
12/21/1939 ‘Moral Embargo’ Extended (Again!) By Hull-Hits Russia And Japan 1
12/21/1939 (Captain) Langsdorff Ends Life With Shot 1
12/21/1939 U.S. To Ask Reich To Heed Sea Zone-Strong Washington Note 1
12/21/1939 Smuts Says Plan By Germans For Annexation Of Southwest Africa Was Nipped Last Spring 1
12/21/1939 Langsdorff Error In Uruguay Seen 3
12/21/1939 (Captain) Langsdorff (Master Of Graf Spee) Veteran Of German Navy; Fought At Jutland During The World War (I) 3
12/21/1939 Picture: U.S. Heavy Cruiser Tuscaloosa Bring Crew Of (German Liner) Columbus Ashore 4
12/21/1939 Liner (‘Columbus’) Defenseless Her Skipper Holds 6
12/21/1939 Fugitive Nazi Ship (‘Arauca’) Attached In Suit 7
12/21/1939 Berlin Jews Forced To Most Menial Jobs 10
12/21/1939 Allies Recognize Czech (Exile) Committee 14
12/21/1939 France And Reich Seen In Coal (-Iron Ore) Deal 14
12/21/1939 Japanese In Hurry To Talk With U.S. 14
12/21/1939 Funds To Britain Led Postal List 16
12/21/1939 President (Roosevelt) Obtains Data On China War 16
12/21/1939 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace), Dr. (John) Dewey Honored By China 20
12/22/1939 Paris Yellow Book Charges Hitler Gave Czech President ‘3D Degree’ 1
12/22/1939 Russian Retreat In Arctic From Finns, Cold And Snow-Reported In Flight 1
12/22/1939 Relief Rolls Cut 1,000,000 In A Year Harrington Says 1
12/22/1939 Hitler Felicitates Stalin On Birthday 1
12/22/1939 Britain Seizes 10% Of Reich Imports-Britain Now Cautious 3
12/22/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn Jury Held Unbiased (By Judge James G. Wallace) 5
12/22/1939 Rumania Concedes Price Cut (In Oil & Grain) To Nazis 7
12/22/1939 Reich Thanks U.S. For Aid To Crew Of The Columbus 8
12/22/1939 Indicted As Nazi’s Slayer-(Ernest) Kehler, Boxer, Charged With Murdering Dr. Engelberg 10
12/22/1939 Germans Protest Argentine (Internment Of Graf Spee’s Crew) Action-langsdorff Buried In Buenos Aires 10
12/22/1939 Americas’ Protest On Sea War Ready 10
12/22/1939 (Col. Charles A.) Lindbergh Quits National Air Post; (Brig. Gen.) Kilner Is Named (By Roosevelt) To Succeed Him 12
12/22/1939 Stupid (‘German’) Lying (‘On Principle’-Editorial) 18
12/22/1939 (Steamship) Companies To Pay Year-End Bonuses 27
12/22/1939 Wheat’s Condition At A Record Low 27
12/22/1939 France Eases Curbs On Belgium’s Trade 35
12/22/1939 Dock Contracts Let For Pearl Harbor-Awards Total $6,259,268-Completion In 3 Years Will Make Base Strongest In The Eastern Pacific 39
12/23/1939 Roosevelt Plans To Build Hospitals For Needy Regions 1
12/23/1939 Finns Press Retreating Foe; Rome Hears Of Peace-Pope’s Peace Bid Awaited 1
12/23/1939 65,000-Ton Ships For Navy Studied 1
12/23/1939 Big Soviet Losses Learned In Russia (On Finnish Front) 2
12/23/1939 Finnish General (Lt. Gen. Villio P. Neonen) Asks War Aid Here-Fears Superior Manpower 2
12/23/1939 Fleeing Russians Seen Abandoning Northern Offensive For The Winter (Map) 2
12/23/1939 30 Finns Off Today To Fight Russians 2
12/23/1939 Mannerheim Thanks Americans For (Medical) Help (They Need Arms) 2
12/23/1939 U.S. Doctor To Confer On Finn Aid In Paris 2
12/23/1939 Uruguay Holds Up Action On Tacoma-Plans To Intern German Ship (That Supplied Graf Spee) 3
12/23/1939 Columbus Inquiry Completed Here 3
12/23/1939 100 (U.S.) Refugees (Plus 340 German-Jewish Refugees) On Liner (Veendam) 4
12/23/1939 Reich Stakes All On War’s Outcome 4
12/23/1939 Those Serving U.S. Abroad Are Hailed (By Roosevelt And Hull)-Praise For Men At Sea 4
12/23/1939 France Approves Biggest War Bill-Help To Finland Pledged 4
12/23/1939 Peace Move By U.S. Urged On Roosevelt (By 10 U.S. Pacifist Groups) 4
12/23/1939 Captured Reich Ship (British Prize) To Use Panama Canal 4
12/23/1939 U.S.-Cuba Trade Pact Is Effective Today 6
12/23/1939 (Exiled) Poles Warn Land Buyers-Exile Government (At Angers, France) Invalidates Sales Of Seized Property 6
12/23/1939 Jobs Key Sought In Local Action 7
12/23/1939 Roosevelt Urges Hunt For Saboteurs 7
12/23/1939 Rumania And Germany 14
12/23/1939 Peace Talk Starts Selling In Wheat 23
12/24/1939 Reich Rail Strain Shown In Wrecks 1
12/24/1939 (Myron C.) Taylor (Episcopalian) Named Peace Ambassador By Roosevelt To Work With Pope-Call To All Faiths-Protestants And Jews Asked By President (Roosevelt) To Help Seek Amity-Envoy Without Portfolio (Text, P. 6) 1
12/24/1939 Finns Victors On Central Front-Report Two Routs 1
12/24/1939 Berlin Continues Peace Move Talk-But Denies Inspiring Steps In Washington To Sound Out Opinion On Mediation 1
12/24/1939 U.S. And Twenty Other Republics Protest Safety Zone Violation (Of All Belligerents) 1
12/24/1939 Italians Recall Reich’s 1914 Guilt 2
12/24/1939 Another $100,000 Sent To Finland (Through Finnish Relief-Supported By Kirsten Flagstad, Picture-Countess Folke Bernadotte) 2
12/24/1939 Hitler Eyrie (Berchtesgaden) Held Mentality Symbol (By French Yellow Book, Just Issued) 2
12/24/1939 Finns Review ‘Successes’-250 (Russian) Tanks Destroyed In Halting Invasion, Leaders Assert 2
12/24/1939 Cardinal (Faulhaber Of Muenchen, In Rome) Asserts Right Of Free Will 3
12/24/1939 Nazis Encourage Unwed Parentage-Head Of Police (Himmler) Stresses That Children Born Out Of Wedlock Will Receive State Aid 3
12/24/1939 South Africa Aids Finns With Planes 3
12/24/1939 Picture: The (British) Airplane Carrier Ark Royal (Alleged Sunk By Germany) At Rio De Janeiro (Taking On Fuel And Supplies-Not Treated As The Graf Spee!) 3
12/24/1939 200 Refugees (Some Jewish) Here On The Pennland 4
12/24/1939 Poles Warn Germans To Expect Reprisals-Exiled Regime (In Angers, France) Would Avenge Mass Executions If Allies Win 4
12/24/1939 Paris Yellow Book Lies, Germany Says-Berlin Peace Move Cited 5
12/24/1939 Spellman Hails Roosevelt’s Move (Myron C. Taylor To Vatican!) 6
12/24/1939 Envoy To Vatican (Myron C. Taylor) Ends 72-Year Gap 6
12/24/1939 Wide Business Association Put (Myron C.) Taylor Close To Many Diplomats 6
12/24/1939 Buttrich Pledges Churches’ Backing (Of Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America-Picture Also Of Myron C. Taylor And Rabbi Cyrus Adler) 6
12/24/1939 Taylor Is A Member Of Episcopal Church, Serving As St. Bartholomew’s Vestryman 6
12/24/1939 Peace (After 1812) Celebrated By Canada And U.S. 7
12/24/1939 Culture Held Able To Survive War 8
12/24/1939 Unrest Reported In Reich Business 8
12/24/1939 Stronger (U.S.) Defense Called Paramount 8
12/24/1939 (Pastor) Niemoeller Unable To Get 3 Days’ Freedom In Germany For Parents’ Golden Wedding 8
12/24/1939 Japanese Push Into Indo-China Seizing Chinese War Supplies 9
12/24/1939 Japanese Rejoice At U.S. ‘Concession’ 9
12/24/1939 Status Of Russia To Be Weighed At Geneva Meeting Of The I.L.O. (Picture Of John G. Winant, Director Of The International Labor Organization) 10
12/24/1939 Roosevelt Sends Greeting To CCC 13
12/24/1939 (N.Y.) Harbor Equipped For War Demands 16
12/24/1939 35 Groups Back Study Involving Career Wives D-4
12/24/1939 Merchants Predict Sales Gains In 1940 F-7
12/24/1939 Business Editors Foresee Good Year F-8
12/24/1939 Pro-British Cartoon E-2
12/24/1939 Die Rather Than Yield, Nazis Teach Germany E-5
12/24/1939 The Life And Death Of The Admiral Graf Spee (More Pro-British Cartoons) E-5
12/24/1939 Americas Find The War Uncomfortably Close E-6
12/24/1939 Letter: Dr. (Nicholas Murray Butler’s (Pro-British) Christmas Card Seen As American Message E-9
12/24/1939 Picture: German Liner ‘Columbus’ Sinking, ‘Graf Spee’ And ‘Arauca’ Roto. 1
12/25/1939 Finns Drive Ahead On Three Fronts 1
12/25/1939 Pope Offers 5 Bases Of ‘Just Peace;’ Urges ‘Right To Life’ Of All Nations-Pius (Xii) Warns Europe-For A World Institution (Text, P. 2) 1
12/25/1939 War Capitals Strive To Be Gay On First Blacked-Out Christmas 1
12/25/1939 Hitler At Front; Aides Rally Reich 1
12/25/1939 (Rabbi Cyrus) Adler Accepts Bid To Aid Peace Move 2
12/25/1939 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Plea Linked To Pope’s In Calling All Believers In God 2
12/25/1939 Pope’s Call To Peace Is Studied In London 2
12/25/1939 Asks Rebuke To Russia-Jewish Veterans’ Head Urges Roosevelt To Withdraw Envoy (Lawrence Steinhardt From Russia) 4
12/25/1939 Borah Asks Trade With Japan Go On 4
12/25/1939 Battle (In Finland) Is Marked By Frozen (Russian) Bodies 7
12/25/1939 Stalin Stresses Soviet-Reich Ties 12
12/25/1939 (Polish) Refugee Gets ‘Gift’ As She Lands Here (From The ‘President Garfield’ From Marseille-Said Soviets Greeted In Poland As Saviors-Shades Of Katyn!) 15
12/25/1939 Friends Of Finns Condemned Here (By Supporters Of Spanish ‘Loyalists’) 17
12/25/1939 Today’s Dictators Likened To Herod (By Rev. Dr. Joseph R. Sizoo) 27
12/25/1939 ‘Nazi Spy’ Picture Best Of The Year 28
12/25/1939 Concert Given Here By (Jewish) Refugee Group 28
12/25/1939 New Plan Studied (By Roosevelt) To Use Idle (U.S.) Ships-On Atlantic For Rescue And Weather Data Service 39
12/26/1939 (Harry L.) Hopkins Reports All-Round Gain In Our Economy 1
12/26/1939 De Valera Urges Warring Powers To Confer Now On A Settlement 1
12/26/1939 Finns Push Battle Over Foe’s Border; Menace (Murmansk) Rail Line (Supplying Russia From England & Usa) 1
12/26/1939 Nazi Protest Halts Prize Ship (Held By British) At (Panama Canal 1
12/26/1939 Japanese Claim Vast Booty Of War Goods; Tell Of Capturing Fuel And Arms In Kwangsi (Source Of This Not Mentioned!) 1
12/26/1939 Allies May Double Plane Orders Here-French Buy Pursuit Ships 3
12/26/1939 Pictures Of End Of Graf Spee 3
12/26/1939 French Call Steps For Peace (By Roosevelt’s Letter To The Pope) A Help 4
12/26/1939 Japanese Pushing Propaganda Work 10
12/26/1939 Tokyo To Consult Army On U.S. Policy 10
12/27/1939 Finns Repel Foe In Karelia; Viborg Again Is Bombarded-700 (Russians) Slain On Lake 1
12/27/1939 Church And Public Hail Peace Move Of-The President (Roosevelt)-Words Of Praise Pour In-Telegrams 99% Favorable (Propaganda Coups For Pro-Rooseveltians) 1&4
12/27/1939 Canal Zone Sifts (German) Prisoner’s Status 2
12/27/1939 Exeter Fought Spee Till Dusk, New Reports On Battle Reveal (Map) 2
12/27/1939 (Rev.) Dr. (Daniel A.) Pauling Offers (U.S.) World Peace Plan 4
12/27/1939 Rumania Appeals For Neutral Unity-Offers To Collaborate 7
12/27/1939 Reich Will Transfer 80,000 Galician Jews-Group To Be Exchanged For Germans In Soviet Poland 7
12/27/1939 (American Red Cross) Pictures Europe Full Of Migrants 9
12/27/1939 Roosevelt Holds Popularity Gain-63% Favor Him 12
12/27/1939 Franco-German War Trade (In Iron And Coal Still Going On) 20
12/27/1939 $9,000,000 Of Gold Here From Aliens 34
12/27/1939 Wholesale Sales 8.8% Ahead For ‘39-Gain Rose Each Quarter 37
12/28/1939 Finns Gain Cross Border, Imperil Russian (Murmansk) Railroad; Soviet Calls More Troops-Finns Repulsed In North 1
12/28/1939 Dr. Buttrick (Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) And (Rabbi Cyrus) Adler Call On President (Roosevelt); Two Peace Leaders See ‘All In Agreement’ 1
12/28/1939 Finns Seek To Get New U.S. Weapons-Those Types Not Surplus 3
12/28/1939 Picture: As A British Destroyer Ended The Career Of A Nazi U-Boat 3
12/28/1939 Attacks Upon U.S. Renewed In Tokyo-Japan Cannot Yield Further, It Is Held, And So Blame Must Rest Upon Washington 4
12/28/1939 French Still Work On Maginot Line 5
12/28/1939 Strong (U.S.) Air Force Urged By (Secretary Of War) Woodring 6
12/28/1939 City College Class Takes Poll On War 6
12/28/1939 Munitions Orders Reach A New High 7
12/28/1939 Argentines Reject Nazi Plea On Spee-Reich Ships Held In Port 8
12/28/1939 Puerto Rico Made (U.S.) ‘Island Gibraltar’ 8
12/28/1939 Washington Silent On (German Liner) Columbus Crew 8
12/28/1939 Moscicki’s (Polish President’s) Freedom (In Rumania) Stirs Nazis’ Protest 9
12/28/1939 (Columbia University’s Dr. W. C. Mitchell) Calls Scientists To A New Service-Preservation Of Civilization The Aim 12
12/28/1939 Free Port Jammed By (U.S.) War Supplies & Booked 6 Months Ahead (For Finland?) 37
12/29/1939 Gain On Soviet Soil Reported By Finns; New Red Drive On 1
12/29/1939 Policy Shift Puts Immigration Ban On (Czech) Bata Shoemen 1
12/29/1939 Russia Puts Gen. Stern In Charge Of Invasion; Reinforced Army To Aid Him Against Finns (Picture, P. 7) 1
12/29/1939 Army Is 25% Ready Marshall Declares-Better School Histories Needed To Guide Opinion, He Says 2
12/29/1939 Adds 52 Squadrons To Army Air Corps 3
12/29/1939 British To Ration Meats And Sugar 4
12/29/1939 Army Aid To Finns Barred By Norway 4
12/29/1939 Nazis And Allies To Trade Interned Civilians; Plan Bars Those Of Military Age; U.S. Aiding 4
12/29/1939 Roosevelt Sanctions 203 Navy Promotions 4
12/29/1939 Wilson Doctrines Held Still Alive (By Exiled Czech And Polish Envoys To U.S.) 6
12/29/1939 (Breckinridge) Long Says Mankind Not Wilson Failed 6
12/29/1939 Japanese Justifies Policy In Orient-Sees Parallel In United States Moves In South America 7
12/29/1939 Many U.S. Engineers Leaving Soviet Union 8
12/29/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn Wants Protection (In Prison) 8
12/29/1939 Paul F. Warburg To Join J. S. Bache (Helped Start Federal Reserve Board) 23
12/30/1939 3,000 Russians Die As Finns Beat Off Karelian Attacks 1
12/30/1939 Landis Absolves (Harry) Bridges Of Charge Of Red Affiliation (Pictures, P. 4) 1
12/30/1939 Roosevelt Widens Bid To Churchmen-He Welcomes All Creeds 2
12/30/1939 Reich Says Allies Violates Mandates (In Middle East) 2
12/30/1939 Ice Closes Danube To German Supplies 2
12/30/1939 Vatican:(‘Yellow Book’) Reveals Its Help To Jews-Migration Is Facilitated 3
12/30/1939 Silver Shirt (League-Anti-Semitic, Chicago) Group Gets Prison Terms (‘Malicious Mischief’-1-10 Years) 3
12/30/1939 Japanese Denies Shanghai Beating (Of American Woman) 4
12/30/1939 Galician Prelate (Szeptycki) Is Reported Alive (Was Believed Killed By Russians) 4
12/30/1939 Quotas For Sugar Fixed By (Henry A.) Wallace 25
12/30/1939 U.S.Status On Sea Better Than In ‘14 29
12/31/1939 Finns Drive Russians Back Over Border For Third Time-Invasion Slows Up 1
12/31/1939 Hitler Asks For Sacrifices-Nazi Aim Revealed-Victory Is ‘Guaranteed’-But ‘Heaviest Battle Is Still To Come’ (Text, P. 4) 1
12/31/1939 Goering Threatens Terror For British 1
12/31/1939 Allies Show Unity On Western Front 4
12/31/1939 Poland’s Scientists Suffer Under Nazis 5
12/31/1939 Nazi Documents Charge ‘Massacre’ Of German Nationals By The Poles (Pictures Of Bromberg And Posen) 8
12/31/1939 Outbreak Of War Tops News Events-Embargo On Arms Next 8
12/31/1939 Roosevelt’s Call (To Clerics) Hailed By (N.Y. City) Rabbis-He Is Called A New Moses 10
12/31/1939 (British) Cruiser Ajax (Shot Up By Graf Spee) Seeks Repairs In Uruguay 10
12/31/1939 Japan Still Merits (U.S. Trade) Ban Says (Senator Key) Pittman 11
12/31/1939 Case On (Harry) Bridges Scored By Landis 11
12/31/1939 (American) Student Union (Supported By Eleanor Roosevelt And Joseph Lash) Boos Question Of Russia 11
12/31/1939 Profits Up Sharply For Stores In 1939-Gains Seen Continuing F-7
12/31/1939 Japan Is Expected To Ask New (Trade) Treaty (With U.S.) F-7
12/31/1939 Pope Works Constantly For Peace E-5
12/31/1939 Our Policies Weighed By The Powers At War-Germans Look To Us For A Peace Move-Germans Hazy About Us E-5
12/31/1939 War Strain In Reich Cuts Labor Efficiency E-5
12/31/1939 Cartoonists’ Views In 1931 (Anti-German, Pro-Allied) E-7
12/31/1939 Main Currents Of The Year-Chronology Of 1939 E-7
12/31/1939 Three Possibilities Of War And Peace Are Suggested (By Ernst Wilhelm Meyer, Former Counsellor To German Embassy In U.S.-Resigned, Anti-NSDAP) E-8