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William Lindsey collection — 1939 NYT headlines

October 1939
Date Headline Page
10/01/1939 Reich Threatens To Sink British Ships On Sight; Holds Defensive Guns Make Them Warships-Vessels Cautioned (By British) 1
10/01/1939 (Count) Ciano (Mussolini’s Son-In-law) Is Invited To Berlin; Reichstag Called-Italy To Get Role 1
10/01/1939 (Polish President) Moscicki Resigns-Sikorski Is (Appointed) Premier (By Allies)-Regime Set Up In Paris-Allies Will Grant It Recognition 1
10/01/1939 Committee Holds Arms Ban Repeal Vital To Our Peace 1
10/01/1939 Both Sides In War Attacked By Quill-Chamberlain Just As Bad As Hitler 5
10/01/1939 Jews Mark Theme Of Loyalty Day-Pleas For Brotherhood Areare Heard In Synagogues And Temples Throughout (New York) City 18
10/01/1939 Neutrality Held Vital For Spain 22
10/01/1939 Vandenberg Risks Much On Embargo (Stand-Presidential Candidacy) 25
10/01/1939 3D Term Sentiment Increased By War (Gallup Poll-52% For Roosevelt) 26
10/01/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn (German-American Bund) Bail ($50,000) Stands; Sent Back To Jail (Accused Of Stealing $14,000 From Bund) 27
10/01/1939 Forum Will Hear President (Roosevelt) On War-Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt To Speak 29
10/01/1939 Canadians Intern Scores Of Germans (At Calgary, Montreal & Halifax) 31
10/01/1939 Asks Davis Ban (On German-American Bund) 31
10/01/1939 Coal Lack Checks Reich Industries-Venezuela Claims Loss (Of German Supplies) 32
10/01/1939 Bermuda Awaits U.S. Act-Barring Of (U.S.) Ships And Planes Held Blow To Tourist Trade 32
10/01/1939 Spy Menace Laid To Reds And Nazis 33
10/01/1939 War Board Set Up For The Americas (At Panama Conference) 34
10/01/1939 Reich Intensifies Drive In America 35
10/01/1939 Remaining German Autos To Use Vapor Gas; Fuel Is By-Product Of Synthetic Gasoline (And Charcoal Gas [Carbon Monoxide] Will Also Be Used) 35
10/01/1939 (German) Pact (With Russians) Amazes Japanese (15,000,000 Poles Given To Russians-See Katyn Massacre) 36
10/01/1939 Senate Minority Report On The Neutrality Bill 37
10/01/1939 Law Guild Urged To Aid Neutrality Change 37
10/01/1939 Taft Sees Safety In Cash And Carry-Calls New Deal Failure 37
10/01/1939 (War) Profiteers Inquiry Asked By President (Roosevelt) 38
10/01/1939 (U.S. Att’y. General, Frank Murphy & J. Edgar Hoover, FBI) Declare U.S. Ready To Run Down Spies (See: A Man Called Intrepid) 38
10/01/1939 Pope Is In Tears Consoling Poles-Warns The New Masters (Of Poland) 40
10/01/1939 Ambulance Aid Voted By Legion In France 40
10/01/1939 Early Peace Seen As Real Prospect (Col. Frederick Palmer) 41
10/01/1939 Public Backs Voluntary Military Training For CCC By Wide Majority (American Institute Of Public Opinion) Survey Shows 41
10/01/1939 French Stand Firm To Bar Nazi Peace (Offer) 42
10/01/1939 Rail Diners Require German Food (Ration) Cards (Restaurants Also!) 44
10/01/1939 Poles Here Map Crusade 44
10/01/1939 Methodists For Embargo 45
10/01/1939 British Singing ‘Adolf’ (By Annette Mills) 48
10/01/1939 Picture: German Wounded At Stettin Returned On Liner Stuttgart 48
10/01/1939 Nazis Oil Paucity Held Fatal Defect-Substitutes Are Costly 49
10/01/1939 Washington Notified Poles Will Fight On (By Count Jerzy Potocki) 49
10/01/1939 German Economy Held To Be Weak 51
10/01/1939 Exile Dentists A Problem Here-Fall Short Of U.S. Standards D-7
10/01/1939 All Groups Voice Fear Of War Boom F-1
10/01/1939 Traders Expect Bigger British Blacklist If Change In Our Neutrality Act Is Passed F-9
10/01/1939 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
10/01/1939 Hitler,, Poles Crushed, Would Halt War Now-Allies Expected To Stand Pat (Against A German Peace Offer) E-3
10/01/1939 Both Sides Are Evading Real Neutrality Issue-Bulwark In Equipping Allies E-3
10/01/1939 Pan-Slavism Talk Heard In Balkans (Map) E-4
10/01/1939 Picture: General John Metaxas Of Greece E-4
10/01/1939 British Watching Action On (U.S. Arms) Embargo (To The Belligerents) E-6
10/01/1939 The Americas Test Their Democracy (Picture: Sumner Welles) E-6
10/01/1939 Canada Preparing For Long Warfare E-6
10/01/1939 The Nations Cartoonists Enter The Debate On Neutrality And War E-7
10/01/1939 Nation Spreading Its Net For Spies (See: A Man Called Intrepid) E-7
10/01/1939 Peace Mail Floods Capital E-7
10/01/1939 U.S. Executive Branch Nearing 1,000,000 (‘Government’) Jobs E-10
10/01/1939 War: Machines, Men, Machines Mag. 1
10/01/1939 Churchill Takes Up Where He Left Off (In World War I) Mag. 3
10/01/1939 The World’s Toughest Job (Roosevelt’s) Gets Tougher Mag. 4
10/01/1939 Gandhi At 70 Mag. 10
10/01/1939 War Pictures Roto.
10/02/1939 Churchill Bars A Hitler Peace-Britain Confident-Says Hitler Must Yield (Text Of Speech, P. 6) 1
10/02/1939 Britain Conscripts 250,000 More 1
10/02/1939 Embargo Debate Will Open Today; May Last A Month-Pittman Leads Off 1
10/02/1939 (Alfred E.) Smith Makes Plea To Lift Arms Ban-Asks Nation To Stand Behind President (Roosevelt-Text, P. 10) 1
10/02/1939 Afl Council Calls Role Of Mediator Best We Can Offer (See Oct. 8, 1939, P.1) 1
10/02/1939 New Data Clarify Westwall Layout (Map) 2
10/02/1939 (Exiled) Czechs (Benes, Premier Also Appointed By Allies) Ask Allies For Right To Fight 3
10/02/1939 Germany Protests (Elected Polish President) Moscicki’s Action (Resignation To Allow Appointment Of Sikorski By Allies) 3
10/02/1939 Prolific Mothers Honored By Reich 3
10/02/1939 Urges This Country Bar Armed (Allied) Ships-Cites (British) Flag Ruse (Abuse Of U.S. Flag By Allies) In ‘14-’ 184
10/02/1939 Red Army In Poland Has Women’s Forces (Picture) 4
10/02/1939 Refugees (In U.S.) Reported Providing Many Jobs 4
10/02/1939 Diplomat Vanishes; Poles In Russia Irked 6
10/02/1939 (Yale University President, Charles) Seymour Foresee Peril (To U.S.) If Nazis Win 8
10/02/1939 Polish Government Now Blamed For Nation’s Military Collapse-Jerzy Szapiro 8
10/02/1939 British Radio Waves Invaded By Germany 8
10/02/1939 (Opposing) Senators Present Sides On Embargo 9
10/02/1939 Gannett Asks Curb On The President (Roosevelt)-He Holds That Roosevelt’s Powers Are ‘Shocking’ 9
10/02/1939 (Social Democratic Federation) Backs President’s (Roosevelt’s) Stand 9
10/02/1939 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Hails ‘Victory’ 9
10/02/1939 Army Recruiting At Peacetime High 10
10/02/1939 Thomas Mann Urges Federation In Europe (Modeled After Ours) 10
10/02/1939 (Episcopal Bishop William T.) Manning Asks Aid For Allies In War 12
10/02/1939 (Rev. Dr. Harry Emerson) Fosdick Sees Duty Of U.S. To Shun War 12
10/02/1939 ‘It Is Our War Now,’ W. C. T. U. Is Told (By Clinton N. Howard Of International Reform Federation)-No Security In Isolation (Says Methodist Bishop Oxnam) 17
10/02/1939 (David Dubinsky) Asks Wage Rises In War 18
10/03/1939 Senate Opens Battle Over Embargo With 60 Believed Favoring Repeal-Pittman Sees Peril (If British Lose)-Borah Angrily Differs 1
10/02/1939 Afl Urges Repeal Of Embargo; Holds It Will Keep Us Out Of War 1
10/02/1939 Germany Warns American Shipping-Halt And Search-Lights Must Be Shown-Note Says Vessels Are Not To Be Convoyed Or Zig Zag On Course-And Radio Must Not Be Used If Reich Warship Is Sighted 1
10/02/1939 Latvia Gets Delay On Moscow Terms 1
10/02/1939 Strain On Rome-Berlin Axis Seen As (Count) Ciano Hurries Home; Peace Moves Are Delayed 1
10/02/1939 Poland Continues To Exist Legally In Opinion Of U.S.-Hull Recognizes Authority Of Its (Angers, France) Government, Now In France, And Ambassador (Potocki)-Affirms Policy On Force 1
10/02/1939 (Sparce) French Advances Mapped In Detail (Map) 2
10/02/1939 Flight Over Berlin Related By British-Germans Ridicule Story-Squadron Of Bombers In Full Moonlight Reported To Have Made The Trip Undetected 3
10/02/1939 Padrewski Backs New Polish (Sikorski) Regime (In France) 3
10/02/1939 British War Aims To Be Given Today-Scorn For Nazi Threats (And Peace Plan) 4
10/02/1939 Britain’s First War Ditty Is Played In (London) Night Clubs 4
10/03/1939 Typhus (Epidemic) Feared In Poland-German Army’s Chief Task Now Is To Prevent An Epidemic 5
10/03/1939 Pole (On Sikorski Regime’s Staff In Paris) Lays Defeat To Dearth Of Arms-Cites Blunders Of Staff-Jerzy Szapiro 6
10/03/1939 (August) Cardinal (Hlond) Assails Reich And Russia (From The Relative Safety Of Rome) 7
10/03/1939 Americas Set Up Sea ‘Safety Zone’-Neutrality Draft Voted 8
10/03/1939 (Polish) Consul (In Canada, After Visit To Warsaw) Describes Warsaw Bombing-Lauds (Anthony J. Drexel) Biddle And Wife-Asserts Poland Is Still In The War 8
10/03/1939 Text Of The Declaration Of Panama 8
10/03/1939 Nazis In Warsaw; City Still On Fire (Picture) 8
10/03/1939 Plans Laid To Help Jews In Europe-American (Jewish) Congress Reviews 1917 Activity In Move To Upbuild Relief 10
10/03/1939 Dr. Angell (President Emeritus Of Yale University) Warns Of Regimentation (In U.S.)-Many Liberties Gone Now 12
10/03/1939 (William Allen) White (Emporia, Kansas) Fights Embargo (Later, He And Clark Eichelberger Would For The ‘Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies’) 12
10/03/1939 Nationalists In India Get Gandhi’s Report (Whether India Will Support The British In The War Or Not) 13
10/03/1939 Appeal Made By (Nevada) Senator (Key) Pittmann (Supporting The Amendments To The Neutrality Act Favored By Roosevelt) 14
10/03/1939 (Idaho) Senator Borah’s Argument (Against Roosevelt-Supported Amendments To Neutrality Act) 14
10/03/1939 War Lifts Demand For Machine Tools 31
10/03/1939 War Dislocates Trade Of World 32
10/03/1939 Wheat Sells Off On War (Peace) Situation-Prices 1½ To 1¾ C Lower (Possible Acceptable German Peace Offer) 33
10/03/1939 Cotton Declines Despite Covering 41
10/04/1939 Chamberlain Bars Hitler Pledges; Says Threats Will Not Sway Allies-Prime Minister Retorts To Lloyd George’s Plea For Peace Parley-Bans ‘Mere Assurances’ (Text, P. 4) 1
10/03/1939 Nazis See In Talk Chance For Truce-Hopes Rise In Reich-90-Day Armistice Hinted-Britain Seen Ready To Listen To Reasonable Offer, But Nazis Push War Plans 1
10/03/1939 (Senator) Norris Denounces Embargo And Asks Aid For Allies-Red-Nazi Peril (Norris Voted Against A Declaration Of War Against Germany In 1917) 1
10/03/1939 (German) Sea Raider Called ‘Pocket Battleship’ 1
10/03/1939 Army Buys 329 Speedy Tanks At $6,000,000 1
10/03/1939 War In The West Found Leisurely-German Dead Brought In 2
10/03/1939 Picture: ‘Back To The Country’ For German City Girls 3
10/03/1939 Tokyo Admits Defeat By Soviet; Calls Mongol Battle ‘Disastrous’ 3
10/03/1939 Trotsky Says U.S. Will Join Conflict-Asserts Only Washington Can Get Russia To Shift From Supporting Germany (Article By Leon Trotsky [Lev Bronstein]) 5
10/03/1939 Hungary Cuts Jews’ Jobs 5
10/03/1939 Taft Scores (Americas’) ‘Safety Zone’ 7
10/03/1939 British Plan Pact For Sweden’s (Iron) Ore (Germany’s Main Supply)-Diversion From Germany Held First Object Of Trade Talks With Scandinavian Lands (See Invasion Of Norway In 1940) 7
10/03/1939 (Exiled) Poles Say Leaders Hesitated Too Long-Army Chiefs Criticized-Jerzy Szapiro 9
10/03/1939 President (Roosevelt) Ignores Military Budgets-He Orders Army, Navy To Push Present Expansion; With Congress To Approve Later 10
10/03/1939 Picture: August Cardinal Hlond 10
10/03/1939 ‘War Jitters’ Felt In South America 11
10/03/1939 Franco Offers Aid To Restore Peace-Says ‘This War Is Absurd 11
10/03/1939 Allies Can’t Lose, Hoover Asserts-Advises Us To Keep Out 12
10/04/1939 (New, Appointed) President Of Poland (In Paris Exile) Issues Manifesto-Urges Citizens To Join Allies 12
10/04/1939 (Harvard University, President, James Bryant) Conant Hits Curb On Sales (Of Arms) To Allies-Writes Views To (Alf M.) Landon 13
10/04/1939 Neutrality Law Termed Immoral (By Clyde Eagleton)-Allan W. Dulles Calls For Lifting Arms Embargo (To Belligerents As Part Of U.S. Policy 13
10/04/1939 W. C. T. U. Demands Peace Above All 52
10/05/1939 Turkey Resisting Russian Pressure For Dominant Role In The Balkans 1
10/05/1939 (Texas Senator, Tom) Connally Assails Embargo In Clash With Vandenberg (Connally A Strong, Reliable Roosevelt Lieutenant) 1
10/05/1939 French Rout Nazis In Battle Of Tanks 1
10/05/1939 Soviet To Get Ships For Allies Trade 1
10/05/1939 Recruiting Of British Here Is Postponed 2
10/05/1939 Skill And Courage Of French Army Impress Visitors On The West Front 3
10/05/1939 Daladier Rejects An Imposed Peace (Offered By Germany) 44
10/05/1939 Halifax Rules Out Peace By ‘Threats’ (Offered By Germany) 4
10/05/1939 Two Nations (Turkey & Sweden) Reject Partition Of Poland 4
10/05/1939 (Polish) Jews Agitate In Berlin-Women Demand Aid For Kinsmen In Concentration Camps (German Rabbis Embarrassed By Polish Jews) 6
10/05/1939 Soviet To Increase Purchases In U.S.-Nazi Exports Inadequate 8
10/05/1939 Polish Foreign Debt Held Largely In U.S. 8
10/05/1939 In Palestine Illegally-6,323 Unauthorized Immigrants Reported In Three Months 9
10/05/1939 Poles Still Fighting Says Reich Command 9
10/05/1939 Argentine Envoy Lauds U.S. Policy-Medal Awarded To Hull 10
10/05/1939 Americans Study Polish Relief Plan (See Earlier Article) 10
10/05/1939 Avoid War Zones, Hull Advises Ships-Legality ‘Not Recognized’12 Belligerents Told Of Sea Safety Belt (Around Americas)-No Word Sent To Poland (From Pan-American Conference At Panama!) 12
10/05/1939 Hull Reveals Plans For Atlantic Safety Belt; Information On War At Sea Set As Patrol Aim 12
10/05/1939 Digest Of Two Senate Talks (Connally & Vandenberg) On (The Amendments To The U.S.) Neutrality Bill 14
10/05/1939 (Bainbridge Colby, Secretary Of State Under Wilson) Warns Of Powers Given Roosevelt 15
10/05/1939 (Herschel) Grynszpan (In Jail, Awaiting Trial For The Murder Of Ernst Vom Rath) Seeks Release To Kill Some More Nazis 15
10/06/1939 U.S. Refugee Ship Will Be Sunk, Reich Says Implying Allied Plot (To Blame Germany)-Warships Sent Out-American Craft To Guard Iroquois-White House Skeptical 1
10/06/1939 Hitler’s Peace Terms Forecast (Refusal Implied) 1
10/06/1939 Passport Regulation For Bermuda Dropped 1
10/06/1939 Latvia Signs Pact, Soviet Gets Bases 1
10/06/1939 British Submarine’s Crew, Bombed All Day At Bottom Of Sea, Passes Time By Betting 1
10/06/1939 Pole (Marian Chodacki, Former Polish High Commissioner To Danzig) Charges Torture (At The Hands Of The Germans) 2
10/06/1939 British Indignant Over Raeder Tale (That British Intend To Sink U.S. Refugee Ship) 3
10/06/1939 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Statement On Iroquoi 3
10/06/1939 Nazis Seek Trade (Especially Iron Ore) Of Scandinavians 4
10/06/1939 Rain Halts Action On Western Front 4
10/06/1939 Hitler In Warsaw, Cites It As A Warning 5
10/06/1939 Mayor Of Warsaw (Stephan Starzynski) Reported A Suicide 5
10/06/1939 Vatican Is Anxious On Catholic Poles-Lwow Primate Said Held (By Russians) 6
10/06/1939 Spurt In Food Orders To Aid Germans Seen 6
10/06/1939 Only Hitler’s Retirement Seen Influencing France 7
10/06/1939 France Gets American, Canadian Fliers 7
10/06/1939 Refugees In Britain Likely To Stay There 8
10/06/1939 Text Of The Soviet-Latvian Mutual Aid Treaty 9
10/06/1939 Belgium Fearful Of German Attack 9
10/06/1939 Nazis Honor 3 Britons Killed In Air Battle 10
10/06/1939 Mrs. (Herbert) Lehman Gives A Democracy Creed 11
10/06/1939 Embargo Debate Is In Calmer Tone 13
10/06/1939 Excerpts From Speeches On Neutrality (Amendment) Bill 14
10/06/1939 Lack Of Candor Seen In Embargo Dispute 14
10/06/1939 Stimson Attacks ‘Foolish Embargo’ 15
10/06/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn (German-American Bund) Case Witness Committed To Jail 17
10/06/1939 95% Of U.S. Public Opposes Any A. E. F.-16% For Idea Month Ago 19
10/07/1939 Hitler Demands His Peace Or A War Of Destruction; Allies Forecast Rejection; But Are Studying Terms-Nazi Favors Truce-Closes Polish Issue-British Find Flaws (In Offer) 1
10/06/1939 Russia Aloof, Reported Planning To Fortify Border-Russia Will Not Enter War 1
10/06/1939 Borah Peace Move On Neutrality (Amendment) Bill Is Coolly Received-IsolationistsAccept ‘Cash And Carry’ If Embargo Is Retained 1
10/06/1939 Daladier Rejects Hitler Proposals 1
10/06/1939 Truce Proposal From Roosevelt Would Be Accepted, Berlin Hears 1
10/06/1939 Nazi Force In West Is Put At 1,400,000 1
10/06/1939 Hitler Bid Futile, Senators Believe 2
10/07/1939 Roosevelt To Guard Ships At Need, Denies Reversing Convoy Policy 2
10/06/1939 British Admiralty Denounces Raeder 2
10/06/1939 Ludlow Demands A Total Embargo 2
10/06/1939 British Hold League (Of Nations Is) Dead 3
10/06/1939 (Eduard) Benes Confers In Paris (Appointed, Czech Government-In-Exile) 3
10/06/1939 Soviet Reported Killing Anti-Japanese Plotters 4
10/06/1939 Hitler Is Said To Favor Jewish Colony (Reservation Like The Indian Reservations In The U.S.) In Poland 5
10/06/1939 Britain’s View Of (Hitler’s) Speech 6
10/06/1939 Hitler’s Speech Likened (By British) To Reich’s ‘16 Peace Note (Also Rejected By Allies) 6
10/06/1939 Poles Seeking Relatives-Two Generals (One Jewish) Reported Killed 7
10/06/1939 Text Of Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s Address On His War Aims Before The German Reichstag (Picture) 8&9
10/06/1939 (Count Johann Heinrich) Von Bernstorff Is Dead In Geneva 17
10/08/1939 Roosevelt Cool To (Peace) Mediation Role (Compare With Earlier Notes To Hitler & Mussolini From Roosevelt): Might Act Later If Sure Of Success-President (Roosevelt) Silent-Authorizes Statement He Has Nothing To Say On Berlin Bid-Poland Seen As Obstacle 1
10/06/1939 Britain Expected To Outline Terms-Allies Plan Reply-War Aims To Be Listed 1
10/06/1939 Army Manoeuvres, Record For Peace, Set To Open Oct. 25 1
10/06/1939 Germany Watches New Soviet Moves 1
10/06/1939 Finland Is Invited To Moscow Talks 1
10/06/1939 23,000 From WPA Get Home Relief 4
10/06/1939 Revolt Of Czechs Gains Says Benes-Confers On New Regime (-In-Exile) 27
10/08/1939 Troops Of Britain Take Place In Line-Held Waiting For Winter 28
10/08/1939 Poles (Diplomats) Wait In Russia For Missing Consul 29
10/08/1939 Germans In Latvia Claimed By Hitler 30
10/08/1939 Oil Expert Holds Russia Cannot Supply Enough Fuel To Fill Hitler’s War Needs 30
10/08/1939 Canada Fits Life Into War Pattern-60,000 Men Recruited 30
10/08/1939 U.S. Aid To Canada In War Is Backed (73%-Gallup Poll) 31
10/08/1939 Red Cross Here Aids American Refugees 31
10/08/1939 (Sir Ernst Mac Millan) Pictures Hitler Apeing Lohengrin 33
10/08/1939 Roman Catholic Tax Is Ordered In Austria 33
10/08/1939 War Guilt Is Hitler’s, Tokyo Paper (Yomiuri) Asserts 34
10/08/1939 Paris Sees Hitler Anxious For Truce 35
10/08/1939 London Will Fete (Appointed) Mission Of Poles-Exiles To Be Conscripted 35
10/08/1939 Anti-Nazi Movie Shown In Moscow 37
10/08/1939 (Dutch) Fear A Second Munich 37
10/08/1939 Leaders Endorse Embargo Repeal (Favored By Roosevelt-Part Of William Allen White’s ‘The Non-Partisan Committee For Peace Through The Revision Of The Neutrality Law’-Robert Sherwood [Roosevelt’s Speech Writer], Rabbi Stephen S. Wise & Others Mentioned In Committee-The Forerunner Of ‘The Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies’) 38
10/08/1939 White House Will Bid Enemy Envoys To Fete; War However, May Cause A Cancellation 39
10/08/1939 Reich Due To Score Lifting Arms Curb-1915 Precedent In Point 39
10/08/1939 (Louis Ruthenberg, Servel) Calls On U.S.To Stay Out (Of War) 39
10/08/1939 (George Wharton Pepper) Says ‘Cash-Carry’ Violates Neutrality 39
10/08/1939 Widow Makes Gift Of Wilson Papers (To Library Of Congress)-Covers The League (Of Nations) Fight 41
10/08/1939 Ukrainians Accused (‘Hungarian Reports’) Of Polish Slaughter 43
10/08/1939 (Anne O’Hare McCormick) Writer Sees Nazis Leaving (Allies) No Choice (But To Fight)-Reich’s Doom Forecast 44
10/08/1939 (Julian Bryan) Tells Of Calmness Of Warsaw Mayor (Earlier Reported A Suicide) 44
10/08/1939 Neutral Protests Rejected By Reich 46
10/08/1939 War Foes Plan Meeting 46
10/08/1939 Doom Of Tyranny Is Seen By (N.Y. City) Rabbis 47
10/08/1939 Roosevelt Protected In Talks To Envoys By Radio ‘Scrambling’ To Foil Spies Abroad 47
10/08/1939 Dies Inquiry Turns To Refugee Drive 47
10/08/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn (German-American Bund) Is Set Free On Bail Of $50,000 47
10/08/1939 War Jolts Trade Of Latin America F-1
10/08/1939 Fading Peace Hope Bolsters Markets F-8
10/08/1939 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
10/08/1939 Senate Bored By Duel Of Neutrality Orators-Administration Wall (Pro-Roosevelt Coalition) Holds E-3
10/08/1939 Major Events Of The Fifth Week Of The European War, Oct. 1-7, 1939 E-4
10/08/1939 Nazi Propaganda Fails Among Arabs E-5
10/08/1939 Churchill Awakens Britons-’The Master Builder’ (A Strongly Pro-Churchill Cartoon) E-5
10/08/1939 How The Map Of Europe Has Changed Since 1914 E-5
10/08/1939 Principles In Embargo Act Debate E-6
10/08/1939 Business Revival Stirs In New England E-7
10/08/1939 War Disrupts Overseas Mail (German Causes For Disruption Maximized, British Blockade Not Mentioned) E-10
10/08/1939 Russia’s Revolution And Stalin’s Part In It Book 5
10/08/1939 Stalin’s Russia: World Enigm Mag. 1
10/09/1939 Soviet Agrees To Rush Good To Reich As German Delegates Meet Molotoff-Russia Tells Plan 1
10/09/1939 Paris Sees Hitler’s Peace Misfiring-Nazis In ‘Dilemma’ 1
10/09/1939 Nazi Chiefs Score (German) Peace Step Rebuff (By Allies) 1
10/09/1939 Finns Said To Seek Nazi Aid On Soviet 1
10/09/1939 Quill Repudiates Labor Party Stand-Anti-Communist Resolution Was ‘Designed To Create War Hysteria,’ He Charges 1
10/09/1939 British Down Nazi Plane At Sea, Aid Rescue; Patrol Photographs (German) Westwall From 100 Feet 1
10/09/1939 (Allied) Patrols Increase Pressure In West-Surprise Move (By Germans) Ruled Out 2
10/09/1939 (August) Zaleski (New ‘Polish’ Foreign Minister Appointed In Paris By The Allies) Predicts Revival Of Poland 2
10/09/1939 (Playwright, Robert) Sherwood (One Of Roosevelt’s Speech Writers-See Roosevelt And Hopkins) To Aid Canada (Served With Canadian ‘Black Watch’ In 1917-1919) 2
10/09/1939 War Issue Barred In Swiss Election 2
10/09/1939 Britain And Belgium In Trade Deadlock-Negotiations On (British) Blockade Are Halted For More Study 2
10/09/1939 Soviet Sees Gag In Paris 2
10/09/1939 Episcopalians Study War-Stand Of Church Likely To Be Discussed At Church Council Session (Bishop, Right Reverend Henry St. George Tucker, An Active Interventionist-’Fight For Freedom’) 2
10/09/1939 Roosevelt Studies War Issue Effects-Talks To Hull And Others By PhoneHolds To Silence On It 3
10/09/1939 Italy Offers Pacts For Balkan Peace 3
10/09/1939 Australians Deride Hitler ‘Blustering’ 3
10/09/1939 Soviet Oil Supply For Reich Doubted-Inferior (Russian) Grades Noted-Berlin Is Forced To Drop Plan For Self-Sufficiency In Motor Fuels By 1942 4
10/09/1939 Justice Held Needed For 9 (Racial) Minorities In U.S. (By ‘Committee On Religious Rights And Minorities:-Includes: Herbert C. Hoover, Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler Of Columbia Univ., Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Most Rev. Joseph Schrembs, Henry Morgenthau, Sr. & Dr. Frederick H. Knubel) 4
10/09/1939 Germans Depart In Baltic States-Russians March Nearer 4
10/09/1939 Pictures: The End Of Polish Land-And-Air Resistance 4
10/09/1939 Czech Said To Have Killed 67 Germans And Himself (Paris Report) 4
10/09/1939 Report 16,855 Poles Have Just Given Up 4
10/09/1939 (‘Women’s National Committee To Keep The United States Out Of War’) Urge Funds For Defense 4
10/09/1939 Mystery Vessel Seen Off Maine-It May Have Been A (?) Submarine 5
10/09/1939 Dutch Ship Sunk Near English Port (Implies A German Mine Or Torpedo) 5
10/09/1939 Iroquois (See Earlier Entries) Is Met At Sea By U.S. Destroyers Which Will Accompany (‘Convoy’) Liner To New York 5
10/09/1939 (Polish General Consul To Canada, Just Back From Warsaw, Victor Podoski) Predicts Revolution In Reich And Russia-Declares Allies Will Win 5
10/09/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn At (German-American) Bund Rally 5
10/09/1939 (U.S. Ships, ‘American Importer’ & ‘American Banker’) To Pick Up U.S. Refugees (In Europe) 5
10/09/1939 Cudahy Warns Americans (To Leave Europe) 5
10/09/1939 France Arrests 35 Red Deputies 6
10/09/1939 London Due To Ask Nazi Withdrawal (From Polish Territory) 6
10/09/1939 (Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) Condemns War As Evil 6
10/09/1939 Duplessis Hits Ottawa (Wants Larger Role For Quebec, Not So Pro-English) 6
10/09/1939 $80,000,000 (War) Planes Rushed (By U.S.) For Allies 7
10/09/1939 Peace Failure (In Europe) Forecast (By Japanese) 8
10/09/1939 (Rear Admiral Russel Wilson) Says Arizona Faced Ruin Of Its Engines (Sabotage Of Vital Oil Lines Implied-’Certain Machinists’ Under Surveillance) 8
10/09/1939 Send Embargo (Maintenance) Pleas (To Washington, Father Charles E.) Coughlin Asks Again 9
10/09/1939 (William R.) Castle Asserts War Is ‘Not Our Quarrel’ 9
10/09/1939 U.S. In Peace Role Is Plea Of (Rev. John Haynes) Holmes-We Can Stay Out Of War If We Have The Will To Serve Humanity, He Asserts-Against Embargo Repeal (Favored By Roosevelt)-Pastor Blames Britain And France For Failing To Aid Democracy In Reich 13
10/09/1939 State ‘Supremacy’ Over God Scored (Presbyterian Church-Germany More Or Less Implied 13
10/09/1939 U.S. Held To Share Responsibility For War; Dr. (John Sutherland) Bonnell (Presbyterian, Urges Nations To Repentance 13
10/09/1939 (Bible) ‘Quotation Gospel’ (As Opposed To Testimony From Experience, Presumably The Pastor’s) Scorned By (Very Rev. Milo) Gates (Cathedral Of St. John The Divine) 13
10/09/1939 (Presbyterian Rev. Dr. Andrew R. Osborn) Sees Peril Of Paganism 13
10/09/1939 Bible From (George Vi) Royalty Occupies Roosevelt 14
10/09/1939 (Methodist, Rev. Dr. Howard Mc Grath) Denounces (Father Charles E.) Coughlin And Christian Front 19
10/09/1939 Warburg Memorial To Start (In Palestine) Tomorrow (A Memorial To An American Jew) 19
10/09/1939 Wheat Cheapest Since War Began (On German Peace Offer) 27
10/09/1939 Germany Tightens Internal Economy 27
10/09/1939 British Markets Now Readjusted 27
10/09/1939 Auxiliary Monies Aiding Reichsbank 27
10/09/1939 (U.S.) Steel Production Continues To Rise-Steel Exporting Changed (U.S. Portion Increased) By War 27
10/10/1939 Roosevelt Names Used By Red Chiefs, Says Dies Witness 1
10/10/1939 Germans In Baltic Rush Repatriation 1
10/10/1939 Finland And Russia Massing Troops-Helsingfors Firm-Soviet Troops Enter Estonia 1
10/10/1939 Sweden Sees Threat (From Russia), Mans Defenses 1
10/10/1939 British Navy Fights Off Air Bombers-No Ships Damaged-Reich Squadron Scurried For Cover Upon Being Sighted By A British Patrol 1
10/10/1939 Congress Recess Suggested To Let President (Roosevelt) Meditate-Senate Majority Chiefs Give Little Chance To Plan To Seek Peace In Europe-Administration Denies (Peace) Bid 1
10/10/1939 Reich Ships Wait (In Buenos Aires) With Grain Loads 2
10/10/1939 U-Boat, 2 Tankers Seen Off Key West-Planes Hurry To Area-Any Submarine Refueling Near Our Shores Might Bring Up 300-Mile ‘Belt’ Dictum 2
10/10/1939 Iroquois (U.S. Refugee Ship) Lane Patrolled (By U.S. Navy) 2
10/10/1939 1,200 Tons Of Toys Here From Reich 3
10/10/1939 Finns Ready To Resist The Soviet ‘Request’ On Aland Islands 3
10/10/1939 Britons (Consular Officials) Free Of Nazi Jail 3
10/10/1939 30 Americans Listed As Lost On Athenia 3
10/10/1939 Nazi Peace Backed In Moscow-Assails Allies’ War On Hitlerism 4
10/10/1939 Soviet Editorial On Hitler Peace 4
10/10/1939 Experts Belittle Reich-Soviet Deal 4
10/10/1939 Viceroy Hears Views Of Factions In India (Gives ‘Audiences’) 4
10/10/1939 Envoys Cheer Poles On Leaving Soviet Posts 4
10/10/1939 Allied Aims Clear, Chamberlain Says-No Early Peace Is Seen 5
10/10/1939 Hopes For Peace Persist In Britain-Hitler Talk (German Terms) Discounted 5
10/10/1939 Picture: Arch Duke Otto (Von Hapsburg) Offers To Form (Pro-Allied) Austrian Legion 6
10/10/1939 Daladier To Insist On A Free Europe 7
10/10/1939 May Speed Arms Orders 7
10/10/1939 Major Reich Drive Expected Shortly (Report From A Paris Correspondent) 8
10/10/1939 Red Cross Requires Clothing For Poles (Names Of Camps Used By Germans For Polish Officers-Some Officers Have Orderlies-Compare With Katyn Massacre) 8
10/10/1939 Poles In Paris Start A Nightly Broadcast (To Poland) 8
10/10/1939 W. R. Davis Denies Reich Oil Project (See A Man Called Intrepid-Davis Allegedly Carried A Peace Offer To Roosevelt From Hitler & Was Allegedly Murdered By ‘Intrepid’s’ Organization) 9
10/10/1939 Nazis Base Chance On (Allied Peace) Counter Offer-Shelve Hopes For Roosevelt’s Mediation-Stress Readiness To Hear Allies’ Terms-Tender By Oslo Reported 10
10/10/1939 Picture: Hitler & Goering-Drivers Of The Nazi War Machine 10
10/10/1939 Nazi Restrictions Hamper Traveler-Lacking (Ration) Cards For Meat And Bread, He Cannot Buy These Even In Restaurants-Germans Refuse Marks (In Payment For Fare On Swedish Ferry) 11
10/10/1939 Spokesman Admits Japanese Retreat-Chinese Are Celebrating 12
10/10/1939 Woodrum Attack Stirs House Clash-Virginian Asks Investigation Of ‘Propaganda’ By Fish’s Keep-Out-Of-War Committee (Von Ribbentrop Had Loaned Rep. Hamilton Fish A Plane To Fly From Berlin To Oslo. Woodrum Implies It Was Payment For Fish’s Opposition To Roosevelt) 13
10/10/1939 Roosevelt Urges Wide Charity Drive (Text)-(‘To Extend A Helping Hand To All Who Suffer Privation Or Want Within Our Borders’) 25
10/11/1939 Daladier Bars Peace On Nazi Terms-France Skeptical-Premier Cites Broken Pledges As Proof Of Nazi Insatiability-He Insists On Security-Europe Must Be Made Safe Against ‘Surprises Every 6 Months,’ He Says (Text, P. 5) 1
10/10/1939 Finland Mobilizes Her Baltic Fleet, Sends Civilians From Border Towns 1
10/10/1939 Hitler Reiterates His Cry For Peace-Germans Learn For First Time From His Speech That War May Last All Winter (Text, P. 4) 4
10/11/1939 Best Reich Troops Thrown Into Line-Regulars Replaced By Reservists 1
10/11/1939 Roosevelt Wins First Senate Test On Embargo (Amendments Which He Desires), 65:26 (P. 14) 1
10/11/1939 Hull Says Nation Bends Its Energy To Avoiding War-Roosevelt Message Read 1
10/11/1939 Hoover Proposes A New Neutrality Plan Prohibiting The Sale Of ‘Terrorizing’ Arms 1
10/11/1939 British And French Troops Are Chummy; Poilus ‘Decorate’ Aviator Who Is Shot Down 2
10/11/1939 Soviet Aid To Reich Thought Difficult-Danube May Be Used To Take Fuel To Germany 2
10/11/1939 (U.S. Publisher) Seeks Churchill Assets (To Satisfy A Libel Suit) 2
10/11/1939 600,000 Army Likely-President (Roosevelt) Calls Johnson’s Figure ‘Not Far Off’ 2
10/11/1939 Britain To Delay Retort To Hitler-Chamberlain’s Report Put Off Until Tomorrow-No Sign Of Weakness (Compromise) Observed-(Allied-Appointed) Polish Minister (-In-Exile) In Parley 3
10/11/1939 Picture: The British In France And On The Way Over (Look Out Germany! [No.2]) 3
10/11/1939 Swiss Are Told To Hide When Planes Are Heard 3
10/11/1939 Italians Abandon Hopes For Peace-Vatican City Fears For 9,000,000 Catholics In Russian Poland (Katyn Massacre) 4
10/11/1939 Armistice Rumor Cheered In Berlin-Officials To Deny That British Government Had Been Forced To Resign-Blame (For The Armistice Rumor [A Hoax]) Placed On London-Nazis Say Secret Service Gave Out Story That Had Public Hysterical With Joy (The British Secret Service) 4
10/11/1939 Roosevelt Denies Mediation Moves (By Him In European War)-Implies He Takes Little Stock In Press Reports Of Nazi Hints That He Intervene-Door Not Entirely Shut-President (Roosevelt) Indicates It Is Not The Idea He Opposes But The Way It Is Broached 5
10/11/1939 Poles Get More Time-Rumania Defers Restrictions On Refugees Until Feb. 2 5
10/11/1939 India To Have Voice In Dominion’s Talks 5
10/11/1939 337 (Enemy Aliens) Interned In Britain 5
10/11/1939 Text Of The Soviet-Lithuanian Assistance Pact 6
10/11/1939 Nazis May Accept (Russian) Coup In Bessarabia (Washington Report) 7
10/11/1939 Former Minister (Marcel Deat) Indicted In France (Signed A Peace Appeal) 8
10/11/1939 Unrest In Croatia Laid To Nazi Tales (Geneva Report) 8
10/11/1939 $24,062,696 Orders Assigned By Army 8
10/11/1939 (Josephus) Daniels Optimistic For Oil Settlement (Mexico’s Expropriation Of U.S. Oil Property) 8
10/11/1939 Writers Off To Front (With British Expeditionary Force In France) 8
10/11/1939 Britain Martials Empire’s Air Power-Buying In U.S. Hoped For-’Overwhelming’ Force Planned 12
10/11/1939 Shippers Assail Neutrality Plans-Harm Seen For Industry-Adopts Resolutions Against Roosevelt Proposals 13
10/11/1939 (British) Blockade Seizures Soar 13
10/11/1939 Blow To Shipping Feared In New (Neutrality) Bill 14
10/11/1939 Refuses Role Of Prophet-Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt Urges Democracy As Way To Keep Out Of War 14
10/11/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn (German-American Bund) Is Ordered To Stay In (N.Y.) State 16
10/11/1939 Text Of Herbert Hoover’s Statement (On Neutrality Act Changes) 16
10/11/1939 ‘Totalitarianism’ Laid To Oil Firms 17
10/11/1939 (John L.) Lewis (C.I.O.) Urges Nation To Stay Out Of War 20
10/11/1939 ‘Red Tea’ Explained By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt-She Has She Has Never Inquired As To The Politics Of Her Guests, She Declares-(Martin) Dies Committee (On Un-American Activities) Assailed 29
10/11/1939 U.S. Begins To Get More Latin Orders (Many Of Which Went Formerly To Germany) 40
10/11/1939 U.S. Export Trade Gained In August 41
10/11/1939 Easy Money Policy Hit By Parkinson 41
10/11/1939 Bonds Strengthen As Peace Hopes Ebb 44
10/11/1939 Renewed Demand Develops In Grains 48
10/12/1939 U.S. Finland Joining 3 Powers In A Plea To Russia On Finland-Moderation Is Aim-60,000 Flee Helsingfors 1
10/12/1939 Anglo-Soviet Trade Pact Signed-Barter Announced-Deal Held Blow To Reich-Moscow Remains A Free Agent 1
10/12/1939 Clark Contends Drive On Embargo (Act-For Its Revision) Is Warlike Move 1
10/12/1939 Reports Red Spies In Our Army, Navy 1
10/12/1939 Paroled British Aviator (Who Broke His Parole) Must Return To Iceland 1
10/12/1939 Germans Discount British Sea Power 1
10/12/1939 Japanese In China Hold A U.S. Marine-Seized In Wounding Of 2 Police (One Japanese) In Tientsin Row-Repercussions Feared 1
10/12/1939 Iroquois (U.S. Refugee Ship) Arrives Safely In Port (See Earlier Entries) 1
10/12/1939 Lindbergh To Talk Again On Repeal Of Embargo 1
10/12/1939 Navy Asks Large Fund For Ships; Peak Peacetime Budget Expected 1
10/12/1939 Bomb Reich Or Quit, Is Advice Of (George Bernard) Shaw-(Socialist) Writer Accuses Britain Of Pulling Punches In Keeping Promises To Poland-An New Order Held Vital-Julian Huxley Says Allies Must Provide For A Substitute For Destroyed Hitlerism 2
10/12/1939 Map: Soviet Russia’s Push To The West 2
10/12/1939 Lithuanians Cheer Recovery Of Vilna-Soviet Fleet In Estonia 3
10/12/1939 (U.S.) Consul At Warsaw Commended By U.S.-Was Detained By Soviets 5
10/12/1939 Britain Has Sent 158,000 To France-Classless Army Pledged 4
10/12/1939 Picture: The British Navy On Patrol And Contraband (Blockade) Duty 4
10/12/1939 Germans Charge British Sold Poles Mustard Gas (Which They Then Used Against The Germans!) 4
10/12/1939 Foreign Minister Of Finland (Elias Erkko) In Statement Says Nation Will Reject Any ‘Dictated’ Pact 4
10/12/1939 Soviet Acclaimed Baltic’s Protector (By Pravda)-Germany Praises Action (Gives Rather Unenthusiastic Assent Is Better!) 5
10/12/1939 War Over Finland Held Unlikely (By English); Soviets Believed Unwilling To Fight-James B. Reston 5
10/12/1939 (Eduard) Benes Sees Revival Of Czecho-Slovakia 5
10/12/1939 Old Rum Runners Said To Assist (German) U-Boats-British Admiralty Charges Vessels Carrying Metals To Reich Halted In Blockade In Last Five Days 6
10/12/1939 Albania To Supply Iron (Asbestos, Chrome, Copper & Tar) 6
10/12/1939 Germany Testing Defenses In West-No Prisoners Captured-La Chambre Says That Pursuit Planes Of Allies Have Proved Superior To The (German) Enemy 7
10/12/1939 Big Offensive Held Unlikely In West-French Doubt Germans Can Launch Any Large-Scale Attack Before Spring-Move Viewed As Suicidal 7
10/12/1939 Britain To Separate Two News Functions-Propaganda And Censorship To Be Conducted Independently 7
10/12/1939 New Polish Official (Appointed By Allies) Received In London (Polish Foreign Minister, August Zaleski) 8
10/12/1939 Killing Of Priests (‘Liquidation’ By Russians) In Poland Related (By ‘Bezbozhnik’ In Moscow-See Katyn Massacre!) 8
10/12/1939 High Officers (Marshall & Stark) Urge Preparedness Aim 10
10/12/1939 5,600 Planes And 4,600 Pilots By 1941 Planned For U.S., Air Corps Chief (General H. H. [‘Hap’] Arnold) Says 10
10/12/1939 ‘Hysteria’ In News On Radio Fought (By Women’s National Radio Committee 11
10/12/1939 Vatican Asks Allies To Aid Polish Church 11
10/12/1939 U.S. Business Man (Charles B. Mc Daniel) Acts As Courier For (U.S. Ambassador To France & Roosevelt Confidante, William C. Bullitt; Carries Confidential Letters To The President (Roosevelt) 13
10/12/1939 Jews (Refugees) Flee From Poland (‘Many Thousands’ To Russia-Moscow Report-Population Of Bialystok Almost Doubled By Them) 13
10/12/1939 Foreign Traders Score Shipping Ban (Of Arms To Belligerents) 14
10/12/1939 (Sumner) Welles Stresses Benefit In (Naval) Patrol-Saw Our Planes At Work-Under Secretary Of State Holds Legislation Is Not Needed To Carry Out Our Plans (Picture) 15
10/12/1939 (Arms) Embargo Repeal Bill Assailed At (Non-Interventionist) Meeting 16
10/12/1939 Condemn Exporters Of Defense Supplies (Navy & Army) 17
10/12/1939 Laguardia Pays Tribute To Poland 18
10/12/1939 Hoover Predicts Poland’s Rebirth-15,000 Poles Hear Him (Hoover Pictured With Potocki) 19
10/12/1939 A. F. L. Is Against Any Joining In War-Boycott Includes Russia 20
10/12/1939 Economic Alliance Of Americas Urged 38
10/12/1939 Gold Imports Rose Sharply In Month 41
10/13/1939 War In Earnest Unless U.S. Acts, Berlin Says, After Chamberlain Rejects Hitler’s (Peace) Terms-Nazis Want Talks-Hitler Aide (Dr. Otto Dietrich) Says U.S. Can Save Chamberlain From ‘Most Gruesome’ War-’Total’ Blow Is Ready-Official Warns Allies Of ‘Annihilation’ 1
10/12/1939 Prime Minister (Chamberlain) Says Bar To Peace Is The Present German Government-Tells Parliament Britain Cannot Honorably Make Up With Nazis, Whose Word Is Not To Be Trusted-Speech Is Cheered (Text, P. 4-A Result Of ‘Iron’ Shoved Up Chamberlain’s Backside By Roosevelt?) 1
10/13/1939 Reich Liner (‘Cap Norte’) Seized (By British) Near The Bahamas 1
10/13/1939 First-Line Fighting Is Intense In West 1
10/13/1939 French To Bar (German) Crossing Of Rhine 2
10/13/1939 Canada Floats War Loan ($200,000,000) 2
10/13/1939 (U.S.) Refugee Lists Reduced 2
10/13/1939 Roosevelt Urges War Relief Unity-And Thus Avert Waste (Text) 3
10/13/1939 Priest Denounces ‘Crime’ Of Russia 3
10/13/1939 The Hague Alert To War ‘Incidents’-Sentiment Is Pro-Ally-But Protests On French, British Planes Violating Strict Neutrality Are Strenuous 4
10/13/1939 Allies’ War Stand Clear, French Say-Chamberlain’s Declaration Is Seen As Completing Reply To Present Reich Regime (And Their Peace Offer)-Armies Ready For Action 4
10/13/1939 Chamberlain’s Defiance (Of German Peace Offer) Is Well Received; Britons Now Expect Sirens To Sound Any Time 4
10/13/1939 Truce Now Unlikely Is Washington’s View-Chamberlain’s Speech Much As Expected In Capital Circles (Again, Iron Shoved Up Chamberlain’s Backside By Roosevelt) 4
10/13/1939 War Hurts Swiss Trade 4
10/13/1939 Italy Feels Door Is Open To Peace-Holds Chamberlain Does Not Exclude Negotiations To Settle With Reich 5
10/13/1939 Berlin Orders Strictest Blackout; Least Infraction To Bring Arrest 5
10/13/1939 (Dutch Premier) Colijn Sees Peace Hope 5
10/13/1939 Picture: A United States 16-Incher (Field Piece) In Action At Aberdeen Proving Ground 6
10/13/1939 New Guns Blast Tanks, Pillboxes As Army Displays Latest Weapons-Giant Tnt Bombs (1,113 Lbs.) 6
10/13/1939 British Deny (Mustard) Gas Charge-Germans Had Accused Them Of Supplying Vapor To Poles (Which The Germans Said They Used In The Battle At Jazlo, Poland) 7
10/13/1939 Lithuania Wants Return Of Memel 8
10/13/1939 Polish Prisoners And Civilians Work Reich Farms And Factories 8
10/13/1939 Germany Blocks Finn’s Talk To U.S.-War Regulation Pleaded 9
10/13/1939 Doubt Col. House (Huis) Wrote Letter Ascribed To Him (Planned For For U.S. To Become An English Colony Again) 10
10/13/1939 (U.S.) Marine (Marcel Szymanski, Lorain, Ohio, In Shooting Incident) Freed (By Japanese) In China (At U.S. Insistence) 10
10/13/1939 War Viewed (By Taft) As Aid For Republicans-Voters Will Not Be ‘Fooled’ Again As In 1916, He Holds-(He) Favors Embargo Repeal 12
10/13/1939 (Herbert C.) Pell (U.S. Minister To Portugal) Offers To Give His Home To Newport 25
10/13/1939 Big War Boom Here Is Held Unlikely-Expects Brief Conflict 32
10/14/1939 U.S. Ignores Nazi Mediation Plea-President (Roosevelt) Is Firm-Stresses Again That He Cannot Take Notice Of Unofficial Plea-Formal Bid Is Required-Hull And Other Officials Have Contended All Belligerents Must Join In Appeal 1
10/14/1939 Berlin Asks Soviet-Italian Talks 1
10/14/1939 British Sink Three More U-Boats-London Is Jubilant 1
10/14/1939 (John Nance) Garner Suggests Tactics To Speed Vote On Embargo (Repeal)-Repeal Urged By Taft 1
10/14/1939 Lindbergh Favors A Split Arms Ban (Offensive Weapons Vs. Defensive Weapons, Text, P. 10) 1
10/14/1939 70 Evacuated Children ‘Lost’ In British Transfer 1
10/14/1939 Nazis (Peace) Bid (Rejection By Allies) Invokes (Axis) ‘Common Defense 1
10/14/1939 Italians Resigned To Continue War-Desertion Of Axis Seen (Predicted) 2
10/14/1939 British On (American) Neutral Zone 2
10/14/1939 Treasury (Department) Considers Poland’s New Status 2
10/14/1939 (Representative Buell Snyder, Pennsylvania) Says Submarines Lurk In Caribbean-Roosevelt Warns On Reports 2
10/14/1939 (Finnish) Plea By U.S. (To Russia) Made In Personal Note (No Mention Of Official Request For Such A Note) 3
10/14/1939 Moscow Defends Reich Baltic Step 4
10/14/1939 Lloyd George Bloc Demands (Allied) War Aims (Chamberlain’s Statement Considered Insufficient By Them) 5
10/14/1939 Rumanian Oil Export To Reich Slowed Up 5
10/14/1939 (U.S. Att’y. General, Frank) Murphy Pledges Liberties In War 6
10/14/1939 Civil Rights Cases Before High Court 6
10/14/1939 (American) Red Cross Grants $1,000,000 (For Allied) War Aid 6
10/14/1939 Gandhi Asks Of India Care As To (Allied) War Aid 6
10/14/1939 Japan Gets Apology From U.S. Marines (Japanese Policeman Wounded By U.S. Marine) 6
10/14/1939 (Roosevelt) Plans Gold Loans To South America-Hits At Foreign Foothold (Invariably Means German) 8
10/14/1939 Von Rintelen Freed In Britain; Kaiser’s War Spy Here Offers Aid (To British) 8
10/14/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn (German-American Bund) Loses Move To Stay Subpoenas-’Persecuted’ His Plaint 8
10/15/1939 U-Boat Sinks British Battleship (In Scapa Flow); 396 Of 1,200 On Royal Oak Rescued-Navy Loss Is Heavy-Captain Saved (U-Boat Captain, Lt. Commander Guenther Prien) 1
10/15/1939 Soviet-Finnish Accord Held Near-Parley Is Halted 1
10/15/1939 Big Navy Shake-Up Follows Discovery Of Faults In Ships-Three Admirals Shifted 1
10/15/1939 Blockade Doomed, Elated Nazis Say 1
10/15/1939 Lindbergh Speech Assailed In Senate (By Interventionists, Key Pittman, ‘Dear Alben’ Barkley & Tom Connally) 1
10/15/1939 Berlin Guns Roar To Fight Off Plane 1
10/15/1939 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler To Open (Columbia University’s) Science Institute-(Speakers: Alfred Duff Cooper, Future Minister Of Information Under Churchill And Other Virulent Anti-German Types-H. L. Mencken Seems To Be An Exception) 10
10/15/1939 Duff Cooper To Lecture Here (Churchill’s Minister Of Information) 23
10/15/1939 Misuse Of Machine (By Germans Against Poland, By Implication) Decried By (N.Y. City) Rabbis-Human Values Stressed 25
10/15/1939 Nazis Pursuit Flying Lags, French Declare 27
10/15/1939 (William M. Jeffers) Urges (U.S.) Blocking Hitler 27
10/15/1939 Says Americans Act As Ogpu Spies 28
10/15/1939 Army Sets Plants For War Operations-125 In Los Angeles Area Held Ready For Ordnance Making (For Whom?) 28
10/15/1939 Army Formulates Profiteering Curb 29
10/15/1939 Mobilization Plan For 1,000,000 Ready 30
10/15/1939 Nazi ‘Blood Bath’ Is Awaited Calmly-Expert (Col. Frederick Palmer) Stresses An Offensive Against Maginot Line Would Be Extremely Costly 30
10/15/1939 Anti War Group (National Committee On The Cause And Cure Of War [Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt!]) 31
10/15/1939 Fighting In West Impeded By Mud 33
10/15/1939 Paris Lists Flaws In German Forces-(German) Peace Offer (By Hitler) Believed Result Of Conscious Weakness-General Battle Doubted 33
10/15/1939 Picture: Col. General Wilhelm Keitel, West Front Leader 33
10/15/1939 Trade Unions (International Federation Of Trade Unions) Back Allies 33
10/15/1939 Occupation (Of Poland) Completed 33
10/15/1939 Nazi Persecution Of Fritsch Bared (London Revelation) 34
10/15/1939 British Study Poland For Air Raid Lessons 36
10/15/1939 New Reich Weapon May Be Dust Bomb-He (Hitler) Holds To Theory That War Should Be Waged As To Demoralize Civilians 36
10/15/1939 Picture; (Rail) Roads Preparing For Big Business (In U.S.) 36
10/15/1939 Erkko Declares Finland Is Firm-Hails Moral Aid Here 36
10/15/1939 Royal Oak Sinking Stirs U.S.Navy 38
10/15/1939 War Seen As A Munich (Affair)-Shiratori Thinks Roosevelt Would Like To Join The (European) Conflict 38
10/15/1939 Aid To Nazi Craft Hinted In Mexico 39
10/15/1939 Danzig Nazi Demands Ousting Of All Jews (Albert Foerster At Bromberg) 39
10/15/1939 Nazis And Russians Clash In (Trade) Conference (At Moscow) 40
10/15/1939 (William Allen) Neilson Sees Hitler In Perilous Position-Educator At Smith, Says Allies; Task Is To Destroy Nazi Policy 41
10/15/1939 Reich Turns East To Protect Economy 41
10/15/1939 Wider Task Faces Refugee Session (Roosevelt’s International Conference On Refugees-Evian Intergovernmental Committee For Political Refugees) 41
10/15/1939 Poland Will Not Die, (Cardinal) Spellman Asserts-Eventual Triumph Seen 42
10/15/1939 Roosevelt Is Asked (By N.Y. State Polish Clubs, Possibly Associated With William J. Donovan) To Plead For Poles-Conference Of Clubs Protests Against (Russian) Killing Of Polish Clergy (See Katyn Massacre) 42
10/15/1939 (‘Allied’) Poles Recognized By Brazil 42
10/15/1939 Eight More Register As Foreign Agents-G.S. Viereck Is One Of Those With German Principles (See: A Man Called Intrepid, Sir William Stephenson) 43
10/15/1939 Lindbergh Thesis Disputed By (Interventionist Maj. Gen. John F.) O’ryan 45
10/15/1939 Prediction Of (U.S.) War Entry Recorded By (Isolationist Senator, Arthur) Vandenberg (Around The Middle Of Jan. 1940, If Embargo Act Is Repealed As Roosevelt Wishes) 45
10/15/1939 Embargo Repeal Is Expected Soon-Compromises In Offing 45
10/15/1939 Repeal Of Embargo Favored In (Gallup) Survey 45
10/15/1939 (Vice Pres. Henry A.) Wallace (And Others) Assails Race Prejudice 48
10/15/1939 (Racial) Tolerance Can Be Taught, Schools Of New York Show D-8
10/15/1939 Opposition To War Held Rife In Reich (Letter Reports By Friends Of German Freedom) F-3
10/15/1939 Britain Expected To Buy Pork Here F-8
10/15/1939 War To Key Sales In Farm Equipment F-8
10/15/1939 England (Again) Expands Trade Blacklist-No U.S. Concerns Included (At This Time) F-9
10/15/1939 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
10/15/1939 Cartoon: U.S. Cartoonists Idea Of German Vs. British Peace Offers (Guess Who Wins!) E-2
10/15/1939 Germany’s Blitzkrieg Rather Slow Starting E-3
10/15/1939 Berlin And Moscow Tie Looks Unstable E-4
10/15/1939 Strategic Map Of Northern Europe E-4
10/15/1939 Refugee Problem Changed By War E-5
10/15/1939 Aspects Of American Neutrality Yesterday And Today-Books By C. A. Beard, A. W. Dulles & H. F. Armstrong Book 3
10/15/1939 Pictures: Russians In Poland Roto. 1
10/16/1939 Submarines Sink Three Allied Ships; Shelled Without Warning; 15 Lives Lost 1
10/16/1939 Turkey Rebuffs Moscow Balkan Moves 1
10/16/1939 Roosevelt To Ask (Congress For) Funds To Continue (World’s) Fair Exhibit In ‘40 1
10/16/1939 Senate Chiefs Push For Embargo Vote 1
10/16/1939 Nazis Collect War Winter Relief As Berlin Walks To Save Gasoline 2
10/16/1939 Report Prince’s (Ruprecht Von Wittelsbach’s [Bavaria]) Murder (By The Ss-A Report From Paris) 2
10/16/1939 French Still Wait For Reich’s Attack 3
10/16/1939 Berlin Is Puzzled By Quiet In West 3
10/16/1939 British Discount Nazi Mass (Airplane) Flights-Feel They Would Cost Germany More Than Any Damage She Could Inflict On Allies-Britons Eager For Battle 4
10/16/1939 Reich Held Beaten On Economic Front (By Prof. J. Anton De Hass Of Harvard Business School) 4
10/16/1939 Army And Navy Add Billions To Plans 6
10/16/1939 Refugees Passports Urged-Proposal Made To Group That Will Meet President (Roosevelt-Evian Intergovernmental Committee For Political Refugees-’Nansen’ Type Passports Suggested) 6
10/16/1939 (Mgr. John A Ryan & Prof. Charles G. Fenwick) Reply (In Opposition To Father Charles E.) Coughlin On Neutrality Act (Amendment Desired By Roosevelt)-Peace Plan By Coughlin 7
10/16/1939 Lindbergh Scored By Press In London-Hitler’s Medal Has Gone To Colonel’s Head 8
10/16/1939 Senators Question (American) Neutral Zone Idea-(Sumner) Welles To Explain Plan 9
10/16/1939 Picture: Myron C. Taylor-His Aid To Refugees Win American Hebrew Medal (1939 Medal For The Promotion Of Better Under-Standing Between Christian And Jew In America-Awarded By The American Hebrew Magazine) 11
10/16/1939 Fosdick Sees Duty To Keep Out Of War 15
10/16/1939 Church Unity Held Need In War Crisis 15
10/16/1939 Advertisement: Copies Of The British War Blue Book (Excerpted From Life Magazine) 17
10/17/1939 Nazis Bomb (British) Navy Base In Scotland, Hit Cruiser, Kill 15, Lose 4 Planes 1
10/17/1939 Germans Gain In Moselle Thrust-Heavy Losses Reported 1
10/17/1939 Hungarian Police Balk Nazi Putsch 1
10/17/1939 Reich Police Order French To Register (The English Had Been So Ordered Much Earlier) 2
10/17/1939 Allies Are Gaining In Building Planes 3
10/17/1939 ‘Sacrifice’ Of Poland By Allies Is Denied-Warsaw’s Contribution Outlined By British War Office 3
10/17/1939 Repulse Damaged, Says U-Boat Chief-(British) Admiralty Denies Loss (Germans Say ‘Lie, Thy Name Is Churchill’) 5
10/17/1939 Autonomy For India Urged Upon Britain 6
10/17/1939 Russian Oil Pressure On Iran Revealed-Britain Has Stake There (Oil) 7
10/17/1939 Warsaw Reviving, Reich ‘Mayor’ (Dr. Helmut Otto) Says-Water Partially Restored 8
10/17/1939 Sven Hedin (Swedish, Jewish Ancestry) Confers With Hitler 8
10/17/1939 Germany Is Buying Barrels In Mexico-Credence Given To Rumor Of Plan To Refuel Ships At Sea 11
10/17/1939 990 Arrive Here On 2 Armed (Allied) Liners 12
10/17/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn’s Associates Forced To Testify-Comply On Judge’s Order 15
10/18/1939 Nazis Attack With 100,000 On West Front-French Fall Back 1
10/18/1939 Planes Raid British Fleet And East Coast-Navy Base Bombed 1
10/18/1939 Turks Reject Soviet Terms, End Parleys 1
10/18/1939 (Soviet President, Kalinin) Reassures President (Roosevelt) On Finns (Texts, P. 10-Here Again Roosevelt Apparently Did Not Need A Formal Request To Initiate Exchanges Which Might Lead To His Acting As Mediator!) 1
10/18/1939 Mediator ‘Feeler’ By Sweden Hinted-Berlin Views Hedin’s Call On Hitler As Forecasting Plea To Roosevelt Or Mussolini (Hedin Was Partly Jewish) 1
10/18/1939 Hitler Held Duped By His Propaganda (By Sir Nevile Henderson, Recent English Ambassador To German) 1
10/18/1939 Britain Preparing For A ‘Blitzkrieg’-(General Viscount) Gort (Commander-In-Chief Of The British Expeditionary Force Who Later Covered Himself With Glory At Dunkirk) Toasts Roosevelt 2
10/18/1939 France Expecting Real Test Of War-But (German Bluff Is Suggested 2
10/18/1939 German Crew (Actually Chinese Members Of Crew) Mutineers At Order To Quit Columbia (On Ship ‘Helgoland’) 2
10/18/1939 President (Roosevelt) Doubts Naval Adequacy 3
10/18/1939 New India’s Status To Wait War’s End 3
10/18/1939 London Hears (Haj Amin El Husseini, Mufti Of Jerusalem-Picture) Has Escaped To Baghdad (From British Captivity) 3
10/18/1939 British Attempt To Bomb Emden (Holland)-Dutch Planes Under Fire 4
10/18/1939 Hugh Gibson (Former U.S. Ambassador To Belgium) Here, Sees War A Riddle 4
10/18/1939 Reich Seeks Dutch Trade 4
10/18/1939 Menzies (Australia) Views War As A Quest For Peace 4
10/18/1939 Germany Jubilant Over Her U-Boats 5
10/18/1939 Capture Coverage In War Risk (Insurance) Voided 5
10/18/1939 Royal Oak Raider Dared Scapa Flow (Naval Anchorage) 6
10/18/1939 Churchill Report On Royal Oak 6
10/18/1939 Athenia Reported To Have Had (Cargo Of) Guns (Aboard, Bound For Canada) 6
10/18/1939 Poles Still Resisting (In Polesia Swamps & Bealoweiza-Both Swampy Areas Taken By The Russians) 6
10/18/1939 Vilna Occupation Slated (By Russia) 6
10/18/1939 German Catholics Defy A Nazi Order-Soviet Pact (With Germany) Condemned 7
10/18/1939 Canada Describes Wide War Activity 10
10/18/1939 Pope’s Encyclical Will Avoid Politics 10
10/18/1939 Jan Smuts & Supporters) Fights Reich Propaganda 10
10/18/1939 Reich Trade Pledge Given To Yugoslavia-Nazis To Deliver Barter Goods Before Taking Supplies 12
10/18/1939 New Ship Clauses To Push Arms Bill 12
10/18/1939 House Forecasts Embargo Repeal-61 Democrats Under Fire 13
10/18/1939 Pleas To Aid (Fritz) Kuhn (Of German-American Bund) Shower The Nation 14
10/18/1939 German Sea Trade Taken By Italians 14
10/18/1939 Big Migration Reported-100,000 Polish Refugees Said To Be On Way To Vilna (By International Red Cross) 14
10/18/1939 Tents Of Talks By President Roosevelt, Hull And Lord Winterton (At Evian Intergovernmental Committee For Refugees’ Talks) 16
10/18/1939 Long Range Plan For Refugee Care-For Study Of New Areas-(Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) 17
10/18/1939 Defends Colonel House (Declares Earlier Entry Into The Congressional Record Is A Forgery) 22
10/18/1939 War Held Bullish For Business Here 44
10/19/1939 Roosevelt Bars War Submarines (And Commercial Submarines) From Using U.S. Ports And Waters-3-Mile Zone Closed-U.S. Avoids Mention Of 300-Mile Limit Voted At Panama 1
10/18/1939 Scandinavia Weighs Aid To Finns 1
10/18/1939 Red Army Experts Fly To Help China 1
10/18/1939 Plane-Ship Battle Seen In North Sea 1
10/18/1939 Germans Massing To Renew Assault 1
10/18/1939 President Roosevelt’s Submarine Proclamation (Commercial Submarines Also Forbidden To Use U.S. Waters) 2
10/18/1939 British Tell India To Develop Unity-Change Held Impractical 2
10/18/1939 Berlin Hails (U-Boat) Crew That Sank (British) Warship (Royal Oak, Lt. Commander Guenther Prien) 4
10/18/1939 Text Of Chamberlain’s Report To Commons On War 4
10/18/1939 Defenses Hold Says Chamberlain Despite Increasing Nazi Attacks 4
10/19/1939 U.S. Vessel Saves 300 From 2 Ships 4
10/19/1939 Gun Carrying Denied By Athenia’s Owners 4
10/19/1939 German’s Advised To Leave Finland 5
10/19/1939 Illegitimacy Up In Reich (Wireless Report From Berlin) 6
10/19/1939 Estonia Cut Off, Red Troops Enter 7
10/19/1939 Roosevelt Backs Nordic (Scandinavia) Peace Aims (See Later Entry On What These Aims With Respect To Finland Are) 8
10/19/1939 Red Army Is Urged To Hunt Polish Spies-Agents Provocateurs(Katyn Massacre) 8
10/19/1939 Picture: When The Soviet Army Marched Into Poland 8
10/19/1939 Pope Will Defend Christian Europe (Text) 10
10/19/1939 Shortage Feared (In England) Of Scotch Whiskey 10
10/19/1939 Data On Resources Given To President (Roosevelt)-Oil Supplies Are Pledged 11
10/19/1939 Picture: Neutrality Huddle By Democratic Members Of Foreign Relations Committee (Mostly Interventionists) 14
10/19/1939 (Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) Urges Refugee Aid In Neutral Lands-Calls 60,000 In Straits 25
10/19/1939 Isolationists (Anti-Interventionists) Hit As Reducing (American) Jobs 41
10/20/1939 Turkey Signs 15-Year Treaty With Allies; Berlin, Moscow And Rome Are Perturbed-Military Compact-Nazis Warn Turks 1
10/20/1939 Scandinavians Urge Finns To Compromise-No Nordic War Aid (In Case Of War With Russia, Text, P. 6) 1
10/20/1939 Germany Annexes Section Of Poland-Districts Lost In World War Reincorporated In Reich-Rest To Serve As Buffer 1
10/20/1939 Warning By (U.S. Ambassador) Grew Jars The Japanese 1
10/20/1939 London Audience Cheers Lampooning Of Lindbergh 1
10/20/1939 First Phase Of War Ended, Nazis Claim 1
10/20/1939 Italy Fears Pact Adds To Her Peril 1
10/20/1939 Germans Organize Positions In West 2
10/20/1939 Soviet Bidder Offers War Ore (Manganese) To Our Army 2
10/20/1939 Mutineers (On German Ship ‘Helgoland’ Were Chinese 2
10/20/1939 (German Consul General, Hans) Borchers Defends German Strength-(Tells) Reich Nationals Nation Is Not Near Collapse-Makes Attack On Britain-Suggests Peace Campaign When He Speaks Of War Of ‘Moderation’ Without Hatred 3
10/20/1939 U.S. Now Studying Armed Cargo Vessels 3
10/20/1939 British Air Chief (Sir Kingsley Wood) Visits France; Finds His Force Superior To Nazis 3
10/20/1939 Seizures By Britain (In Blockade) Total 338,000 Tons (In Six Weeks) 3
10/20/1939 Treaty Between Allies And Turkey (Text) 5
10/20/1939 Chamberlain On (Turkish) Accord 5
10/20/1939 Setback To Russia In New (Turkish) Pact 5
10/20/1939 (U.S.) Play (Clare Boothe Luce’s ‘Margin For Error’) Offends Germany 5
10/20/1939 Poll Shows Shift On Entering War (Gallup Poll-29% Would Send Aid Now If Allies Were Losing) 7
10/20/1939 Map: Area Formerly Part Of Poland Annexed By Germany (And Russia) 8
10/20/1939 War Complicates Refugee Financing-Earl Winterton Praises Roosevelt’s Aid (Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) 9
10/20/1939 War Stirs Clash Of Presbyterians-Prayer Would Ask God To ‘Eliminate Adolf Hitler’ 9
10/20/1939 50,000 Spanish Refugees Aid France In Factories (Presumably While Living In The Camps Built For Them When They Left Spain-Slave Laborers’ ?) 9
10/20/1939 Roosevelt (Desired) Curbs Proposed In House 10
10/20/1939 Text Of Neutrality Amendments 10
10/20/1939 Plans For Rationing Speeded In Britain 10
10/20/1939 Hitler Is Insane, Specialist (Dr. William Brown, Director Of The Institute Of Experimental Psychology At Oxford) Holds (Diagnosis At A Distance) 11
10/20/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn (German-American Bund) Champions Nazi-Soviet Pact-Denies That He Is A ‘Nazi’ 14
10/20/1939 ‘My Day’ (Eleanor Roosevelt’s Syndicated Column) And Lindbergh (Opposite Positions!) 15
10/21/1939 Berlin Says War Is On To The Finish: Hitler Calls Three Envoys To Confer-Germans Angered-Denying New Peace Step, The Reich Has ‘Taken Up Gauntlet’ 1
10/20/1939 Allies Plan For Expected Nazi Drive 1
10/20/1939 Roosevelt Warns Our Sea Frontier Expands With Need-Three-Mile Submarine Limit Does Not Fix Territorial Waters, He Emphasizes-Cites (U.S. Sponsored) 300-Mile Patrol-Navy Ready To Enforce Ban On Submersibles-Surface Craft In Separate Class (For Now!) 1
10/20/1939 Japan Defies U.S. To Curb China War 1
10/20/1939 (Michigan) Senator (Prentiss M. Brown) Condemns Lindbergh Speech 1
10/20/1939 Hoover Calls His Plan Feasible; Stresses Our Moral Duty On Arms 1
10/20/1939 Finns Are Ready For Russian Talks 2
10/20/1939 (U.S.) Mail For Germany Will Go Via (Gibraltar, British Censoring Station To) Italy (Thence To Germany, After Being Duly Censored By British) 1
10/20/1939 Belgium Feels Pinch Of (British) Blockade Policy 2
10/20/1939 Polish (Silesian) Coal Aids Reich-Used Instead Of Machinery To Balance Slovak Trade 2
10/20/1939 Equador Fixed (U.S.-Supported 500-Mile) Sea ‘Belt’ (After War, Still Insisted On It To Keep Out U.S. Fishing Craft) 2
10/21/1939 Nazis See Proofs Of Athenia Charge (American’s Affidavit) 3
10/20/1939 (Exiled Or ‘Allied’) Poles Bar Cession Of Any (Former Polish) Territory (By Germany Or Russia) 3
10/20/1939 Nazis Plan To Begin Gas War, British Say 3
10/20/1939 Coordination Group On Refugees (‘Immigrants’ Conference 1939’) Formed (Composed Of Jews & Supportive Non-Jews) 4
10/20/1939 French Army Orders 2,000 Big Trucks Here 4
10/20/1939 Unity Mitford Ill In Reich (Suicide Attempt) 4
10/22/1939 Nazi Planes Attack Convoy, 4 Downed; Hitler Orders A New Drive On Ships; Calls Party Men-British Save Ships 1
10/22/1939 Russia Warns Turks-Soviet Backs Nazis 1
10/22/1939 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Is Blocked In (Roosevelt-Inspired) Effort To Limit Neutrality (Act Amendment) Debate 1
10/22/1939 Big Allied Credit To Turks Reported 1
10/22/1939 Mrs. Morrow (Lindbergh’s Mother-In-law) Differs With Col. Lindbergh On Arms Ban, Joins (Pro-Roosevelt) Group Seeking Repeal 1
10/22/1939 (Dr. Charles A.) Beard Warns U.S. To Guard Heritage 17
10/22/1939 Argentina Keeps Curb On U.S. Trade 19
10/22/1939 College Youths Sought As (Military) Pilots (Many For Britain) 21
10/22/1939 Democracy Urged As Teaching Aim (Prof I. L. Kandell) 22
10/22/1939 (Exiled Or ‘Allied’) Poles Deny Yielding Territory To Soviet (By Any Agreement) 24
10/22/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn (German-American Bund) Accuses Dies Of Breaking Faith 26
10/22/1939 $25,000 Given Outright Toward (Fritz) Kuhn Bail; Defense Contributions Rise After Appeal 26
10/22/1939 Refugee Proposal (By Roosevelt) Irritates Allies-Point To Their War Aims 26
10/22/1939 Pope Orders Protest (To Berlin) On Acts In Poland 26
10/22/1939 Refugee Aid Criticized-Zionist Publication (‘The New Palestine,’ Published By The Zionist Organization Of America) Asks Why Jews Are Not Sent To Palestine 26
10/22/1939 Refugee Question Is Topic Of (N.Y. City) Rabbis-Neutrality Is Weighed 27
10/22/1939 Refugee Problem To Be Studied Here-Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt To Speak 27
10/22/1939 Use Of Force Is Voted To Defend Church Here Against The Inroads Of ‘Militaristic Atheists’ 27
10/22/1939 Soviet Plebiscite Today In Former Polish Zones (Which They Have Just Annexed) 29
10/22/1939 Rationing Halves Nazi Staples’ Use-Meat And Butter Quotas Cut To 50% Of Pre-War Sum 30
10/22/1939 Basic Fear Of War Found In Surveys-84% For Allied Victory (Gallup Poll) 31
10/22/1939 Warsaw Raids Cited Against Hoover Plan-General O’ryan Holds Poles Needed Planes Not Guns (Or Prayers) 32
10/22/1939 Brazilian President Redefines Neutrality 32
10/22/1939 38 War Reporters Search For A War (Apparently Disappointed At Not Finding One They Had Hoped For) 33
10/22/1939 Churches Act For Peace-Federal Council (Of Churches Of Christ In America, Of All Organizations) Ask President (Roosevelt) To Indicate U.S. ‘Terms’ (‘Terms’-Apparently ‘Terms’ Is, Indeed, Proper For The U.S.’ Position Rather Than The Position Of A Mediator By A Neutral Nation) 33
10/22/1939 Germans Ordered To Speed Sea War 34
10/22/1939 Britain Sees Nazis Checked By Russia (Did They Know Something Already That We Didn’t?) 35
10/22/1939 215,231 More Sign For British Army 35
10/22/1939 Berlin Denounces Our Submarine Ban (Military & Commercial)-Accuses Roosevelt Of Bias To Guard Arms Cargoes (To Allies) 35
10/22/1939 Nazis Plan State For Ousted Poles-Jewish Center (Reservation) Likely (Near LubliN-2,000 Jews From Vienna Already Sent) 36
10/22/1939 Kermit Roosevelt (Son Of Theodore) Gets British Army Commission (Later Part Of Donovan’s Oss) 36
10/22/1939 (150,000) Refugees Throng Vilna 36
10/22/1939 Armed British Ships Load Wheat And Oil In Rumania 37
10/22/1939 Ship Fumigation (With Hcn, ‘Zyklon B Gas’) Less Dangerous (U.S. Patent 2,176 462) d-7
10/22/1939 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
10/22/1939 Czechs Baffle The Nazis By Tactics Of Resistance E-5
10/22/1939 America’s (U.S.’S) Might At Sea Roto. 1
10/23/1939 Roosevelt Hears Prayer For (British) King And His Victory-He Bows His Head As Hyde Park Rector Invokes Divine Aid Against George’s Enemies-(Pastor) Read From Canadian (Prayer) Book 1
10/22/1939 French Quit Warndt Forest; Hold Only A Few Out Posts-Off German Soil-Say Ruse Fooled Nazis-Strategic Manoeuvre 1
10/22/1939 British Rout Air Raiders-One Of Nazi Planes Downed Over Sea 1
10/22/1939 Tokyo Sees Talks With Grew On Rift (Between U.S. And Japan) 1
10/22/1939 Lull On West Line Stirs Berlin Hope (For Peace)-Neutral Diplomats Again Look For Intervention That Might Result In Mediation-No Push At France Seen 1
10/22/1939 Italy Reaffirms Reich Friendship-Allies’ Writers Warned-Hint Of Italian Intervention On British-French Side Called A ‘Dream Opinion’ 2
10/22/1939 Allies May Buy (U.S. War) Planes (Bell Xfm Bombers & Vultee V-12) 2
10/22/1939 (Alfred) Duff Cooper (Churchill Supporter & Confidant & Later His Minister Of ‘Information’ [Propaganda]) Sees (German) Revolt Ending War-Ex-Lord Of British Admiralty Here Predicts Conservative Insurrection In Reich-Holds Monarchy Likely-Otto Von Hapsburg May Rule(Picture) 3
10/22/1939 Argentina Moves To Gain Falklands (See Action In 1982) 3
10/22/1939 British Irk French On Bombing (Of Germany) Issue-Patients Over Raids Finds No Sympathy-Hore-Belisha Lauded 3
10/23/1939 Pope Urges Prayers For Peace In Europe 3
10/23/1939 (Paris, Exiled) Poles Deny Use Of (War) Gas (Against Germany) 3
10/23/1939 Reich Issues Ship Rules (Scandinavian Traffic, Westbound Must Use Kiel Canal) 3
10/23/1939 Goebbels Attacks Churchill As ‘Liar’ 4
10/23/1939 Affidavit (Of U.S. Citizens, Gustav A. Anderson Of Evanston, Illinois) On The Sinking Of The Liner Athenia (Athenia Was Armed, Had Naval Guns Hidden Under Piles Of Burlap) 4
10/23/1939 Legion Head Pledges Fight To Avoid War 4
10/23/1939 Russians Solicit Estonians’ Favor-Polish Elections Held (In Area Occupied And Annexed By Russia) 6
10/23/1939 German Churches Filled 6
10/23/1939 Hitler Not Only Foe Australia Is Told (German People Are Enemy)-Premier Says Fight Must Be Carried On Till Nazi System Is Ended 7
10/23/1939 Peace Group (‘American League For Peace And Democracy’) Balks At Scoring Soviet-Educator (Dr. Le Roy E. Bowman, U.S. Office Of Education & United Parents Associations In N.Y. City) Reveals Action-Says He Will QuitUnless Policy Is Is Reversed (Presumably No Big Ideological Problems For Him) 10
10/23/1939 (Communist, Harry) Bridges (CIO) Blocks Red Ban (In Maritime Union Which He Heads) 10
10/23/1939 Advertisement: ‘We Who Do The Dying Speak’-’We Have A Right To Live’ 11
10/23/1939 Bishop (Frederick Bethune Bartlett, Methodist) Finds U.S. Pagan 16
10/23/1939 United Church Front For Democracy Urged (Episcopalian, Rev. Dr. Paul Sargent) 16
10/23/1939 Jews To Honor Pius XII And (Chicago Cardinal) Mundelein-Rabbi S.S. Wise (American/World Jewish Congresses) Lauds Their Fight Against Anti-Semitism 16
10/23/1939 (Unnamed!) Inter-Faith Group Is Formed (To Combat Anti-Semitism) In Bronx (S.S. Wise, Rev. William C. Kirnan, Episcopal, Rev. [Father] F. C. Campbell) 16
10/23/1939 A (Jewish) Refugee Success Story (In U.S.-The Jewish Agricultural Society-Jews Brought Into U.S. & Placed On Farms) 17
10/23/1939 Germany 1914 And 1939 18
10/24/1939 Nazis Seize U.S. Ship City Of Flint, Sailing Her To Murmansk, Russia (Originally Bound For England, Carrying Contraband Of War); Soviet Interns German (Prize) Crew 1
10/24/1939 (North Dakota Senator, Gerald P.) Nye Castigated (By The Supporters Of Roosevelt’s Embargo Changes) In Embargo (Repeal) Debate 1
10/24/1939 Allied War Motives Attacked In Moscow (By Pravda) 2
10/24/1939 (W. H.) Shepardson (N.Y. Director Of The Council On Foreign Relations) Calls Lindbergh Arrogant (In Montreal Speech) 3
10/24/1939 Correspondents (Finally) Find War In West, But It Took Place In April 1914 3
10/24/1939 Patrols In Action On Western Front 3
10/24/1939 Blackout Is Eased In Parts Of France-Soldiers To Get Leave 3
10/24/1939 French Buy Army Clothes (In U.S.) 5
10/24/1939 (Heinrich) Himmler To Direct Repatriation (Of 130,000 Germans Being Repatriated From The Territory Occupied By Russia) 3
10/24/1939 Britain Suggests U.S. Shipping Aids (To Expedite Their Blockade Searches And Seizures) 7
10/24/1939 (Roosevelt Stalwart, Admiral William D.) Leahy Gets A Third Post (From Roosevelt-Appointed Head Of Puerto Rican Cement Corporation-Already Governor Of Puerto Rico & WPA Administrator) 10
10/24/1939 Japan Sees Need For Negotiations (With U.S.-Tokyo Report) 11
10/24/1939 (Martin) Dies Urges Action Against Reds, Bund 12
10/24/1939 Peace League (American League For Peace And Democracy) Head Says Reds Back It 13
10/24/1939 (‘Blue Ribbon’) Jury Data Denied (Fritz) Kuhn (For His Defense) 13
10/24/1939 Hadassah Meets Tonight (Messages From Roosevelt & Weizmann) 21
10/24/1939 Allied Meat Call Held Not On Way Upsurge (In Orders) Here Is Seen 32
10/24/1939 $17,010,033,770 In Gold, A Treasury Record; Total Of $3,000,000,000 Added In Year 33
10/24/1939 Picture: William Allen White (Later ‘Head’ Of ‘Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies’) 38
10/24/1939 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Gets Parents’ Medal-Women Must Help Solve Our Peace Problems And Word For Democracy, She Says 46
10/25/1939 U.S. To Demand Soviet Release Ship (‘City Of Flint,’ Taken As Prize For Carrying War Contraband To England)-Hull Seeks Facts 1
10/25/1939 Finns Halt Moscow Negotiations-Russians Are Firm-Border Forts Are Involved 1
10/25/1939 Ribbentrop Assails Britain As Foe-War Guilt British, Ribbentrop Avows 1
10/25/1939 Communist ‘Front’ Attacked By (Martin) Dies, Will List Members (House ‘Committee On Un-American Activities’) 1
10/25/1939 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Makes Plea For Liberty (At Pro-Roosevelt, Interventionist Love Feast) 1
10/25/1939 Rapid Sovietizing In (Russian-Occupied-Annexed) Poland Told (See Katyn Massacre)-Nazis Delay Jewish Plan 2
10/25/1939 Says Nazis Use Atomite (‘More Potent Than Tnt,’-Discovered By Americans) 2
10/25/1939 Balts’ Exodus To Reich Is Puzzle; Real Reason For Move Is Hunted 2
10/25/1939 French Expecting Change In Tactics-Preparation (On The Western Front) Increased 3
10/25/1939 Russians Promise 1,000,000 Tons Of Fed (Sic) To Germany Soon Under Trade Accord 3
10/25/1939 Excerpts From The Address By Foreign Minister Von Ribbentrop At Danzig 4
10/25/1939 Kermit Roosevelt (Son Of Theodore, OSS Agent) A (British) Major 4
10/25/1939 Ribbentrop Speech Derided By Allies-Reich’s Confusion Seen 5
10/25/1939 Curtiss (Aeroplane Division Of Curtiss-Wright) To Expand (Buffalo, N.Y.) Plant 5
10/25/1939 Expert Justifies (City Of) Flint Treatment-Precedents For Protest 7
10/25/1939 Keep Out Of Wars, Hoover Warns U.S. 10
10/25/1939 Hitler Youth (Boys 16 To 18) To Get Military Training 10
10/25/1939 Belief Rising Here U.S. Will Shun War (54%-Gallup Poll) 10
10/25/1939 More Publicity (‘Propaganda’) Here Is Sought By Britain (Read A Man Called Intrepid)-Commons Assured Of Effort To Counter Nazi Propaganda 10
10/25/1939 Germans Warn Congress (On Roosevelt-Initiated Changes To The Neutrality Act Favorable To Allies) 10
10/25/1939 Poland (Allied-Supported Government-In-Exile [France]) To Recruit Troops In Britain-Premier Sikorski Visits Unit 11
10/25/1939 French Sympathetic To Monarchy In Reich 11
10/25/1939 Athenia Owners Deny Armament Affidavit (Given By U.S. Citizen On Ship) 12
10/25/1939 Picture: Officials In Attendance At Hadassah Convention (At Manhattan Center) 13
10/25/1939 4,000 Open Session Of Hadassah Here-Convention To Deal With The Emergency Needs Of Jewish Communities In Europe-Roosevelt Message Read-Dr. Solomon Goldman Calls On Democracies For Unreserved Help To The Jews 13
10/25/1939 Factories Take On 700,000 Workers 35
10/26/1939 American Crew Safe On City Of Flint; Russia Frees Germans, Holds Ship-Cargo Is At Issue-Internment SuspectedNature Of Vessels’ Freight (Admitted Contraband Of War) 1
10/26/1939 Soviet Challenges Britain’s Blockade-Contraband List Declared To Be Illegal-(Text, P. 7) 1
10/26/1939 Nazi Press Urges Bombing Of Britain-Reich Again Warns 1
10/26/1939 (Lord) Lothian Asks Unity In Democratic Aims-Collaboration (Allies & U.S.) Against Threat Of Totalitarian War Urged To Enforce World Peace (Text, P. 4) 1
10/26/1939 (Henry Agard) Wallace Says War Means Third Term For The President (Roosevelt-See Later Comment By Stephen Early) 1
10/26/1939 Senate Supports Roosevelt Power In Neutrality Bill-Attempt To Penalize Foreign Ships Flying Our Flag Shows Progress To Final Vote 1
10/26/1939 563 Federal Aides Put In ‘Red Front’ (By Dies’ Committee) 1
10/26/1939 (Hugh) Gibson (Former U.S. Ambassador To Belgium) Is Puzzled By ‘Curious War’ Foresees Reich Uprising-People Are Discontented With Hitler Regime, Writers’ Group (Overseas Press Club Of America) Is Told (‘Anti-Jewish’ Excesses Mentioned As A Cause)-It Probably Will Be Won On Diplomatic (Roosevelt ?) Front, Asserts Former Ambassador 2
10/26/1939 Commons Ignores Ribbentrop Talk-Halifax Held Optimistic (He Believes Germany Will Be Beaten Easily By Allies) 3
10/26/1939 Ex-Polish Area (Occupied & Annexed By Russia) Are Vote Announced By Soviet (Favors Russian Annexation! Imagine That!) 3
10/26/1939 Anti-German Riot Staged By Czechs-Several Persons Hurt (Report From Prague) 3
10/26/1939 War’s Lag Irksome To British Fliers-Pilots Eager For Any Combat-Hope For ‘Clean’ Fight-Would Welcome Nazi Policy Of Sparing Civilians, But Want To Smash Foe 5
10/26/1939 U.S. Warned By Japanese (About Military Aid To Chinese) 5
10/26/1939 China To Get Poles’ Arms (Report From Paris) 5
10/26/1939 Churchill Ridicules U-Boat Chief’s (Guenter Prien’s) Story-Nazi Version Of Royal Oak Loss Inaccurate, He Tells House (He Says Prien Knew Nothing About It) 6
10/26/1939 Reich Freezes Wages For Duration Of War 7
10/26/1939 Complain Of U.S. Prices-Central Americans Doubt We Can Hold Former German Markets (Which We Took Upon The Outbreak Of The War) 7
10/26/1939 (Allied) War Aim Statement Urged By (Socialist Writer) H. G. Wells 9
10/26/1939 Quiet Winter Seen On Western Front-Allies Are Held Better Able To Stand Strain And Repair Economy Than Is Reich-Inactivity Is Not Feared 9
10/26/1939 Plea For Clothing For Warsaw Made-Seige Toll Put At 50,000 (American Commission For Polish Relief-Jews, 30% Of Total Population Which Was 1,300,000 [?] Before The War) 10
10/26/1939 Dominicans Open Doors To Refugees (Use Of U.S. Credits Not Mentioned!) 11
10/26/1939 Negro Spirituals Sung By Chamberlain To Rest (Perhaps, ‘No Buddy Nose De Trubble Ize Seen’) 11
10/26/1939 (Anthony) Eden Sees Difficulty After Victory Is Won (‘Closer European Unity’ Will Be Necessary) 11
10/26/1939 Quota Of $500,000 For (Jewish) Exiles Back (Laguardia To) Hadassah 11
10/26/1939 Embargo Cut Off $78,908,525 Arms (To Allies)-Figure For Reich Is $49 12
10/26/1939 Hoover Urges U.S. Prepare For Peace (Stay Out Of War To Insure A Final Just Peace Settlement) 12
10/26/1939 British Anger Nazis By Seizing (German) Patents (The French Established A More Gentlemanly Procedure-The U.S. Utilized An ‘Executive Order’ Later) 13
10/26/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn Names His ‘Heir’ As Leader Of (German-American) Bund (G. W. Kunze) 15
10/26/1939 Dr. (Arthur H.) Compton Urges World Community-’Outworn’ Rules (Often A Euphemism For Non-’New Deal’ Rules) Blamed 17
10/26/1939 Government Costs Scored At (N.Y. Herald-Tribune) Forum 17
10/26/1939 British Friendship (With U.S.) Stressed (By Lord Lothian At (N.Y. World’s) Fair 18
10/26/1939 (Walter S. Mc Cloud) Heads Pest (Control) Fighters 19
10/27/1939 City Of Flint, Freed, Quits Murmansk; German Crew Reported In Command-Blunder By Russia Seen 1
10/27/1939 Roosevelt Scores ‘Fake’ Talk Of U.S. Getting Into War-’Boys Of American Mothers’ Won’t Go Abroad He Says 1&14
10/27/1939 U.S. Presses Soviet Strongly On (City Of) Flint-Demands Immediate Reply 1
10/27/1939 Dies Asks Murphy Indict Peace Group (American League For Peace And Democracy) 1
10/27/1939 (Father) Tiso Chosen As First President Of Slovakia; Vatican Frowns On Priest As Head Of State 1
10/27/1939 German Warship Raider In Atlantic 1
10/27/1939 Soviet Polish Role Excused By British-No Protest Planned-(Boundary Is Essential The ‘Curzon Line’ Which Britain Laid Out And Sanctioned In World War I)-Chamberlain Replies To War Guilt Charges (By Germany) 2
10/27/1939 Text Of Chamberlain’s War Report 2
10/27/1939 British Digging In On Western Front (‘Look Out!’ No. 3) 3
10/27/1939 Spirit And Environment Of 1914 Enfold British Army In France 3
10/27/1939 Czech Jews Are Sent To Poland By Reich-Entire Community Of Moravska-Ostrava Transported 3
10/27/1939 Hoar Sees Peril (For Britain) In India’s (Independence) Tactics 4
10/27/1939 (Evian Intergovernmental Committee On Refugees) Plans Wide Study On Refugee Sites (For Jews)-Post-War Problem Denied 5
10/27/1939 Lindbergh Speeches Attributed To Horror Of A Stalemated War 5
10/27/1939 Alsatian Leader (Dr. Karl Roos) Condemned As Spy 5
10/27/1939 2 (W. R.) Davis Oil Cargoes (From Mexico As Barter For German Goods-Norwegian Tankers Used) Captured (Confiscated) By British ($250,000 Value-William R. Davis Is Also Supposed To Have Carried A Special Peace Offer From Hitler To Roosevelt! For This And Other Activities, Sir William Stephenson, The ‘Intrepid’ In A Man Called Intrepid Implies His British Spy Organization, Operating In The U.S. With Roosevelt’s Blessing, Had Him Killed In The Summer Of 1941 And The Investigation Of The Murder By The FBI Quashed By The U.S. Government) 6
10/27/1939 Rumania Receives Tanks Of British-Warning By Reich Envoy 8
10/27/1939 Roosevelt Insists On Stronger Navy-As Step To Stay At Peace (Admiral Harold Stark Active) 9
10/27/1939 Hadassah Asks U.S. To Aid Palestine-Government Urged Also To Use Influence After War To Get Justice For Minorities 11
10/27/1939 Minority Problem Of U.S. Reviewed 12
10/27/1939 (Henry Agard) Wallace Rebuked (On Third Term For Roosevelt Statement) By White House-Timing Bad, He (Stephen T. Early, White House Secretary) Implies (See Oct. 26 Entry, P. 1) 12
10/27/1939 Roosevelt Gains Now At 5-Year Peak (64.9% Approve-Gallup Poll) 13
10/27/1939 (Frank) Murphy Acclaims Dies Group For Aid (But Pursues No Indictments!)-Bars ‘Red Raids’ As In ‘17-Threats Against Jews Studied 13
10/27/1939 Roosevelt’s Address To Forum Here 14
10/27/1939 (Lord) Lothian Sees Clue To New (World) Order 14
10/27/1939 (Educator-Professor) John Dewey’s Aims Held Un-American (By National Catholic Alumni Association) 14
10/27/1939 WPA Ousts 80 Writers As ‘Incompetent;’ Others Must Turn Out 300 Words A Day 25
10/28/1939 President (Roosevelt) Assails Issue Of ‘Red List’-’Sordid Procedure,’ He Says 1
10/28/1939 Pope Condemns Dictators, Treaty Violators, Racism; Urges Restoring Of Poland-First Encyclical (Text, Pp. 8 & 9) 1
10/28/1939 Repeal Of Arms Embargo Wins In The Senate, 63 To 30-Quick House Action Likely-Final Vote Swift-La Follette Plan To Put War To A Referendum Beaten 73 To 17 (Vote Tally, P. 3) 1
10/28/1939 Indignant Protest By U.S. On (City Of) Flint Made In Moscow 1
10/28/1939 People Of Allied Capitals Rejoice In Passage Of Neutrality Bill (Changes Desired By Roosevelt-Text, P. 2) 1
10/28/1939 Activity General On Western Front 1
10/28/1939 British Seize Metal Cargo On The Saturnia; Italian Liner Refuses To Sail It To England 1
10/28/1939 Japan Would Open Parleys With U.S. 1
10/28/1939 Western Ukraine (Formerly Poland) Votes (To Accept) Soviet Rule 4
10/28/1939 (Allied) Blockade Held Aimed At The German Army 4
10/28/1939 (Utah) Senator (William H.) King Praises Work In Palestine 4
10/28/1939 War Boom In Foods Collapses In Nation 5
10/28/1939 Mexicans Search (German) Ship (‘Havelland’-With U.S. Gunboat, The ‘Erie,’ Standing By In Harbor) 6
10/29/1939 Soviet Insists (City Of) Flint Sailed 1
10/29/1939 Czechs Riot, Many Are Held-4 Reported Killed In Prague Clashes 1
10/29/1939 Poletti Extols Our Way 1
10/29/1939 E. (Lliott) Roosevelt Opens Radio To (Father Charles E.) Coughlin 13
10/29/1939 (John Foster) Dulles Outlines World Peace Plan (To National Council Of Ymca)-Insists We Should Lead-Secretary Hull Lauds The New Ymca Program Of Education On War Issues 24
10/29/1939 Hadassah To Aid Democratic Ideal 25
10/29/1939 Spiritual Drive Urged On America (By N.Y. City Rabbis) 25
10/29/1939 Exile Haven Here Rivals Palestine 26
10/29/1939 President (Roosevelt) Accused Of Enmity By (Representative Martin) Dies (Of House Committee On Un-American Activities) 27
10/29/1939 U.S. Voters Found For Peace Parley (Two-Thirds-Gallup Poll) 29
10/29/1939 Plight Of Poland Is Told In Report (Commission For Polish Relief, Inc.) 30
10/29/1939 (Exiled) Poles (In Paris) Plan To Oust The Baltic Germans If Allies Win And Nation Is Restored 32
10/29/1939 Nazis Show Anger At (U.S.) Senate’s (Pro-Allied) Vote (On Neutrality Act Amendment) 34
10/29/1939 Picture: Getting Ready To Ship American Bombers To England 35
10/29/1939 Senate Vote Wins Acclaim Of Allies 35
10/29/1939 Minimize Effects Of Embargo Repeal 35
10/29/1939 Youths Back, Tell Of Warsaw’s End 36
10/29/1939 U.S. Statement On (City Of) Flint 36
10/29/1939 Democracy Tried In British Forces 38
10/29/1939 Lithuanian Army Enters Vilna City 38
10/29/1939 Emotion Overcomes (Eduard) Benes At Czech Rally In London 38
10/29/1939 Anti-German Roots Lie Deep In France 39
10/29/1939 War Held Smoke Screen-Roosevelt ‘Hides’ Failures 39
10/29/1939 Treasury (Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) Orders U.S. Manganese As Precaution For Emergency (And To Supply Allied Weapons Needs) F-1
10/29/1939 Allies May Soon State Their General War Aims (Finally Succeeded In Doing This At Yalta!) E-3
10/29/1939 Cartoon: Typical British Anti-German Cartoon-Alleges Germans Have Best Propaganda Machine E-3
10/29/1939 Passport Frauds Held World Wide E-6
10/29/1939 Post Office Rises Above War Snags-Officials Devise Roundabout Routes To Beat (British) Blockade, And Air Service Helps (Germany Reached Via Sweden-See Entry, Nov. 2, 1939, P. 9-Normally, The U.S. Worked Hand-In-Hand With The British-Reports Such As This Were Intended As A Cover-Up) E-6
10/29/1939 Propaganda: An Explosive Word (Pertains Mostly To Germans) Analyzed Mag. 3
10/29/1939 Au Revoir To Democracy’s (World’s) Fair Mag. 9
10/30/1939 (Virginia Senator, Carter) Glass Sees Hitler Sole U.S. War Peril 1
10/30/1939 Latvia Is Entered By Soviet Troops 1
10/30/1939 British Expecting Russian Peace Bid 1
10/30/1939 Finns Stand Held Vital To West As Barrier To Bolshevist Advance 2
10/30/1939 Germany’s Needs In Oil, Iron (See Invasion Of Norway, Spring 1940) Vital 3
10/30/1939 Japanese (People) Learning Of American (Chinese) Claims 3
10/30/1939 British Soldiers Stage Shows While Awaiting German Attacks 4
10/30/1939 Our Future Army Is Being Reorganized (By Gen. George C. Marshall) 4
10/30/1939 U.S. Is Condemned In Moscow Press-Neutrality Act (Roosevelt-Desired Amendment By Congress) Is Issue 6
10/30/1939 (Father) Coughlin Broadcast Stresses Arms Ban (To All Belligerents) 7
10/30/1939 Advertisement: Stop The War Now-Peace House, Mrs. J. Sergeant Cram 10
10/30/1939 Mrs. Poole Chosen To Lead Hadassah (Picture)-New Head Urges Organization To Do All It Can To Make Palestine A (Jewish) Homeland 14
10/30/1939 Peace League (American League For Peace And Democracy) War Declared On (Representative Martin) Dies-Would Defend (Roosevelt’s) New Deal 19
10/31/1939 City Of Flint Sails From Norway Port En Route To Reich 1
10/31/1939 Black Tom (World War I Sabotage Allegations) Losses Put At $50,000,000 (By Owen Roberts-See Later ‘Roberts’ Pearl Harbor Investigation) As Reich Protests-Hull Upholds Roberts 1
10/31/1939 Nazi Torture Detailed By Britain; Concentration Camp Horrors (Dachau & Buchenwald) Told-White Paper Says Practices Recall ‘Darkest Ages’-Diplomats’ Reports Give Data On Flogging And Killings (Of Jews) By Guards (This Is Typical World War I Bryce Committee Propaganda!) 1,4&5
10/31/1939 Japan Denies Plan To Talk With U.S.-(Japanese) Press Shifts Ground 1
10/31/1939 U.S. Opens New (German-American) Bund Inquiry Here; (Fritz) Kuhn Aide Balks, Then Testifies 1
10/31/1939 British Guard Against Parachute Attacks; Troops In Rear Await Nazi Suicide Squads 2
10/31/1939 25,000 War Pilots To Train In Canada 2
10/31/1939 Arbiter’s Role For U.S. Hinted (In Finnish-Russian Dispute) 2
10/31/1939 Germans Lay Fate Of Poles To British-Jews Worst Sufferers-PotockiSays Annexation Of Territory By Reich Is ‘Null And Void’ (And That Of Russia?) 3
10/31/1939 Baltic Germans Arrive In Danzig-More Than 2,000 From Latvia And Estonia-Most To Stay In Corridor 3
10/31/1939 (Columbia University’s President, Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Also Heads Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Asks Peace Move (By U.S.) 3
10/31/1939 British Angered At Nazis In Boer Atrocity Charges (See P. 1 For British Charges Against Germans!) 4
10/31/1939 British Note Gives Denial (Of American’s Affidavit Charging Camouflaged Naval Guns) On Athenia 6
10/31/1939 Roosevelt To Try Latin Debts Plan-Loan Council Is Scored 7
10/31/1939 British At Front Living In Comfort While Waiting For War To Begin 8
10/31/1939 Federated (‘United States’ ? Of) Europe Hinted (By Allies) After War 9
10/31/1939 Dr. Hu Gives Terms (Actually, None Given) For Peace In China 11
10/31/1939 Reich Scores Vote On Arms Embargo (Changes By Congress) 12