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William Lindsey collection — 1939 NYT headlines

June 1939
Date Headline Page
06/01/1939 Russians Balk On Pact; Ask Anglo-French Pledge For All Baltic Neighbors 1
06/01/1939 Roosevelt Pushed Neutrality Action 2
06/01/1939 Reich Hails Troops Home From Spain 15
06/01/1939 Fear Suicide Wave On (Jewish) Refugees’ Ship (‘St. Louis’) 16
06/01/1939 Jews In Palestine Seized En Masse (By British) 17
06/01/1939 Neutrality Bill Is Asked Of Hull 18
06/01/1939 Educators Stress Aid To Alien-Born 27
06/01/1939 Flow Of Gold Here Slackened In May 45
06/02/1939 Cuba Orders Liner (‘St. Louis’) And Refugees To Go (917 Jews Aboard) 1
06/02/1939 (British) Palestine Program (Opposed By Zionists) Held Appeasement 3
06/02/1939 Britain Confident Of Aid From Soviet 4
06/02/1939 Envoys In Moscow See Hope Of Pact-Few See Trend To Reich 5
06/02/1939 Italy Adopts A Bill On Jewish Surnames 6
06/02/1939 President (Roosevelt) Greets Our New Citizens 11
06/02/1939 ‘Deficit In Babies’ Called Alarming-Russia’s Contrast Cited 25
06/03/1939 Statesmen Assure Pope They Intend To Maintain Peace 1
06/03/1939 Navy Starts To Work On 24 War Vessels 1
06/03/1939 907 Refugees (Jews) Quit Cuba On Liner (‘St. Louis’) 1
06/03/1939 ‘Terrors’ Of Nazis Related By (Czech) Benes 4
06/03/1939 Hull Policy Is Laid To Skoda Seizure 4
06/03/1939 12 Die As Palestine Terror Wages; Bomb Kills 5 Arabs In Jerusalem 4
06/03/1939 Japan Is Accused Of Big Opium Sale 4
06/03/1939 Exports Hold Hope For Guiana (Jewish) Refuge 5
06/03/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn Loses Fight To Get Jury Data 5
06/03/1939 Japan Dedicates Pavilion With 1,000 Year-Old ‘Flame Of Friendship’ 6
06/04/1939 Air Base In Bolivia Acquired By Reich In Arms Exchange 1
06/04/1939 Picture: President’s (Roosevelt’s) Son (Elliott), A Broadcaster 3
06/04/1939 Jews Of Austria Seek Quick Exodus 34
06/04/1939 Danzig Boycotts Polish Officials 34
06/04/1939 (United Jewish Appeal For Refugees And Overseas Needs) Drive Will Aid Refugees 36
06/04/1939 Czech Resistance Disturbs Germans-Emigres (Benes Etc.) Keep Hope Alive 37
06/04/1939 50 Child Refugees Here From Vienna 38
06/04/1939 Cuba May Relent On 907 (Jewish) Refugees (On St. Louis) 39
06/04/1939 A Catholic Truce Is Sought By Nazis-Protestants Are Weary (Picture, Pastor Martin Niemoeller, Dahlem) E-5
06/04/1939 Hull Injects New Life Into Neutrality Fight E-6
06/04/1939 (Fritz) Kuhn’s Arrest Climax Of (German-American) Bund’s Hectic Life E-10
06/04/1939 America As A Great Sea Power Book 1
06/04/1939 Two Nations (U.S.-Britain)-Two Friends Mag. 1
06/04/1939 Evolution Of A Cabinet Member (Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) Mag. 3
06/04/1939 Hitler Defiant Of Britain On ‘Encirclement Policy;’ Likens Her Aims To 1914-Reich Held Ready 1
06/04/1939 Roosevelt Appeals To World To Join In Moral Rearming 1
06/05/1939 Refugee Ship (‘St. Louis’ With 907 German Jews) Idles Off Florida Coast 1
06/05/1939 Quiet Mobilization Started In Britain 1
06/05/1939 Text Of Speech By Chancellor Hitler 4
06/05/1939 5,000 To Take Part In Refugee (United Jewish) Appeal (For Refugees And Overseas Needs-Edward M. M. Warburg) 4
06/05/1939 Daladier Denies Encircling Policy 5
06/05/1939 Less British Gold Being Sent To U.S. 27
06/06/1939 Cuba Opens Doors To 907 (German-Jews) On St. Louis-Asks Bond Of $500 Each 1
06/06/1939 Isolationists Lose Neutrality (Act Amendment) Test 2
06/06/1939 War Materials Bill Passes Both Houses 2
06/06/1939 Poland’s Position Is Termed Strong (By Polish Ambassador To U.S., Count Jerzy Potocki)-Warsaw Cool To (German) Notes 7
06/06/1939 United Jewish Appeal (For Refugees And Overseas Needs) Opens Special Week 10
06/06/1939 (Eduard) Benes Sees Defeat Of Dictatorships-Former Czech President Under Guard In Swarthmore (College) Talk 16
06/06/1939 Rabbi (Julius,Bach, Vienna] Here As Exile 17
06/06/1939 War A Probability (Admiral Harold R.) Stark Says At M. I. T 20
06/06/1939 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Tells Of War Threats 21
06/06/1939 Picture: Anne (O’hare) M’cormick Is ‘Woman Of 1939’ 25
06/06/1939 Pact With Russia In Europe Scored 27
06/06/1939 $34,100,000 In Gold Comes Here In Day 35
06/07/1939 WPA Witness Says Soviet Trained Him In Street Fighting 1
06/07/1939 Hitler Hails Deeds Of His Men In Spain As Lesson To Foes-Admits He Sent Troops 1
06/07/1939 Cuba Recloses Door To (German-Jewish) Refugees (On ‘St. Louis’); 48-Hour Limit On Offer (To Admit 907 On $500 Bonds) Expires 1
06/07/1939 (Admiral William D.) Leahy Appointed Puerto Rico Chief (Appointed Governor By Roosevelt) 2
06/07/1939 (Archibald) M’leish Is Chosen For Library (Of Congress) Post (By Roosevelt-Vita) 5
06/07/1939 President (Roosevelt) Greets Two New Envoys (Oumansky, Russia & Cardenas, Spain) 5
06/07/1939 Tel Aviv Cut Off (By British In Punative Step); 14 Arabs Are Slain (By Jewish Terrorists) 7
06/07/1939 All French Forces Put Under Gamelin (Picture) 10
06/07/1939 8 (German-Jews) Try Suicide (By Poison) Off Egypt-Barred In 3 Lands 11
06/07/1939 (Peace) Plea Of Roosevelt Lauded By (Sumner) Welles-Our Influence (In World Affairs) Held Vital 17
06/07/1939 Text Of Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler’s Address At Columbia (University) Exercises (‘Moral Law Is Sovereign’) 19
06/07/1939 Spurt Is Foreseen In Anglo-U.S. Trade 42
06/08/1939 Britain Is Sending Expert (William Strang) To Moscow To Hasten Accord 1
06/08/1939 (English) King Enters United States; Hull Greets Him At Niagara-Border Is Festive 1
06/08/1939 Cuba Again Asked (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) To Admit (German-Jewish) Emigres (On ‘St. Louis’)-$500,000 Bond Deposited For 907 On The St. Louis-Case Closed, Says Havana 1
06/08/1939 ‘Right To Work Congress’ Hails First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt); WPA Union Gives Her Honorary Membership 1
06/08/1939 (Archibald) M’leish Assailed In Debate In House (As Communist ‘Fellow Traveler’) 2
06/08/1939 Credits Recovery To (Roosevelt’s Government) Reorganization 6
06/08/1939 Alleges WPA Runs Unionism School 7
06/08/1939 Immigration Curb Is Urged In (Chamber Of Commerce, N.Y.) Survey 9
06/08/1939 (Foreign Affairs) Committee Halts Neutrality Move 10
06/08/1939 Germany Deports More Polish Jews (‘Several Hundred Driven Over The Border’) 10
06/08/1939 Paris-London Plan For Unity Is Ready 10
06/08/1939 Estonia And Latvia Sign German Pacts 11
06/08/1939 Spain Is Arresting Many (Communists-Loyalists) As Killers 12
06/08/1939 Reich Bids To Build Road In Paraguay 13
06/08/1939 ‘Refugee Facts’ Issue By Quakers-Friends Service Group Calls (Immigration) Program ‘An Opportunity For Enriching American Life’-Seeks To Dispel (American) Fears 14
06/08/1939 Palestine Fight Is Fatal To 1 (Arab); 7 (6 Jews) Hurt 15
06/08/1939 Hull Welcomes (British) Sovereigns To U.S. (Picture, Hull & Wife) 16
06/08/1939 (U.S.) Utilities Called Equal To Warload (By Gen. Charles Keller) 39
06/09/1939 King And Queen Guests At The White House-King Toasts Peace 1
06/09/1939 German Policeman Slain Near Prague; Nazis Punish Area 1
06/09/1939 Picture: George Vi With J. P. Morgan At British Embassy Fete In Washington 2
06/09/1939 Picture: Roosevelt & Royalty 3
06/09/1939 Note Of U.S.-British Unity Is Given In Senate Prayer 5
06/09/1939 My Day, By Eleanor Roosevelt (The Beginning Of A Series Of Such Articles) 8
06/09/1939 Nazi Economy Move Hits Nation’s Shoes 11
06/09/1939 Way To Negotiate Open, Halifax Says 12
06/09/1939 (German-Jewish) Refugee (Mrs. Bertha Seligman, 62) Ends Life Here 15
06/09/1939 New Emigre Talks Opened In Europe (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 21
06/09/1939 Daughter Of (Czech, Thomas) Masaryk Arrives From Europe (Picture) 24
06/10/1939 1,000 Czechs Jailed By German Police; Killing (Of German Policeman) Draws Fine 1
06/10/1939 Reich Warns (Martin) Niemoeller Of Loss Of (Dahlem) Pulpit; Family Would Be Evicted From (State-Owned) Parish House 1
06/10/1939 Roosevelt, George (Vi) Scan World Scene-But President Says Any Talks On Momentous Affairs Are Of No Significance (See Disposition Of Papers At His Death) 2
06/10/1939 King To Be Guest Of Columbia (University) Today 6
06/10/1939 Reich Press Scoffs At Royalty’s Visit 6
06/10/1939 Gov. Vanderbilt Urges (Religious) Tolerance 8
06/10/1939 (Foreign) Jews Ordered Out Of Reich Seek Aid 9
06/10/1939 Haven Still Sought For 907 On St. Louis 9
06/10/1939 Chamberlain Lists His Peace Efforts 10
06/10/1939 (Pierre) Laval Questions (French) Pact With Soviet 10
06/10/1939 New Record Seen For British Steel (Production) 31
06/11/1939 Czech Policeman Slain By Germans In A New Incident 1
06/11/1939 League (Of Nations) Acts On Benes Note 2
06/11/1939 Sons Of Zion Convene 2
06/11/1939 Reich Asks Harvest Aid 2
06/11/1939 Jews To Farm In Bolivia (199 From Germany At Villa Sacaba) 2
06/11/1939 Reich To Let American Youth (William Barwell Curts Who Killed A German Citizen In Berlin) Go (Without Prosecution) 3
06/11/1939 (Lehman) Signs Bill Aimed At Discrimination 6
06/11/1939 Britain Will Scatter Offices If Attacked 6
06/11/1939 Nation’s Property Down 24 Billions 11
06/11/1939 (New York City) Synagogues Offer Prayers For King 39
06/11/1939 Welcome To King Is City’s Warmest 39
06/11/1939 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler, Trustees, Faculty Extend Warm Welcome At Columbia University 40
06/11/1939 The Czechs Resist E-1
06/11/1939 Hitler Sounds A Note Of Deepening Impasse E-3
06/11/1939 Many Jews Doomed To Stay In Reich (Estimated 550,000 Out Of Pre-1933 Estimate Of 700,000) E-5
06/11/1939 Small, Major Abner R., The Road To Richmond, Berkeley, Univ. Of California Press-’A First-Hand Record Of The Civil War’ Book 4
06/11/1939 Elliot, George Fielding, Bombs Bursting In Air, Reynal & Hitchcock (This May Be The Publisher Pirating Mein Kampf). N.Y., (The Germans Don’t Have A Chance Against The British & French) Book 4
06/11/1939 The Czech Epic-Will History Repeat (Pro-Benes) Mag. 1
06/11/1939 A Scholar (Dr. Hu Shih) Pleads For China (‘China Will Fight On’) Mag. 9
06/11/1939 George VI & Roosevelt Roto. 1
06/11/1939 First Ladies Roto. 1
06/11/1939 Picture: Mrs. Claude Pepper & Others (‘Attending Royalty’) Roto. 3
06/12/1939 Neutrality First On Congress List 1
06/12/1939 Pope (Pius XII) Sees Rescue Of ‘Christian Real’ By Franco Troops 1
06/12/1939 Conduct Of (Federal) Relief Declared A ‘Mess’-WPA Set-Up Is Denounced 2
06/12/1939 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Links Kings Visit To Clash (War) Abroad; His Right To Speak As A Priest Is Challenged (By John A. Lapp-’Father Coughlin Is A Hero In Nazi Germany,’) 2
06/12/1939 Reich Editor Gibes Roosevelt On King-Predicts New ‘Coup’ Move 3
06/12/1939 Eleven Faiths Join In Prayers For King, Each Invoking The ‘Ruler Of The Universe’ 5
06/12/1939 President (Roosevelt) For War (N.Y. Representative, Hamilton) Fish Charges Here 6
06/12/1939 (St. Louis) Refugees Make New Plea (Asylum In England) 6
06/12/1939 Jerusalem Homes Of Jews Searched (By British Trying To Stop Terrorism) 7
06/12/1939 Protestant Leader In Reich Push Fight Against Official Move To Link With Nazis 8
06/12/1939 British Plane Output Said To Near Reich’s 8
06/12/1939 (British Palestine Immigration) White Paper Assailed (By Dr. Solomon Goldmann, President Of Zionist Organization Of America) 8
06/12/1939 Catholics In Fight On Anti-Semitism 9
06/12/1939 Soviets (World’s Fair) Pavilion Hails Arctic Feats 10
06/12/1939 Home Orders Sustain I. G. Farben Activity 27
06/13/1939 President (Roosevelt) Asserts Our Zeal For Peace Hides No Weaknesses (Text, P. 18) 1
06/13/1939 Netherlands To Take 194 Of Liner’s (St Louis’s Jewish) Refugees; Belgium And France May Admit Rest Of 900 1
06/13/1939 O’connor (Victim Of Roosevelt Purge In Democratic Party) Offers Aid To Fight Roosevelt 4
06/13/1939 Convicted Of WPA Fraud 4
06/13/1939 Ambassador (To France, William C.) Bullitt Here For (‘Shoulder’) Treatment (Expects To Confer With Roosevelt) 6
06/13/1939 Jewish Girl Gets Palestine Life Term-Convicted Of Trying To Place Bomb In Jerusalem Prison (A Death Penalty Was Possible) 6
06/13/1939 Synod Votes War On Anti-Semitism-Approve Liquor Control 6
06/13/1939 3,000 Foreign-Born Warned (Of ‘Native Lunatics’) By (Harold Leclaire) Ickes 6
06/13/1939 Isolationists Drop (Neutrality Act) Committee Battle 8
06/13/1939 British Arms Order $13,000,000 In Canada 8
06/13/1939 League (Of Nations Article XVI, Which Eduard Benes Wished Invoked Against Germany) Assailed In Oslo 8
06/13/1939 Berlin Concedes (U.S.) Acclaim For (British) King 10
06/13/1939 Hungary Planning To Take Jews’ Land 11
06/13/1939 Suspects Seized In Czech Slaying 12
06/13/1939 Japan’s War Toll (In China) Is 864,500, Ho Says 14
06/13/1939 Closed Economies Attacked By Hull (Without Naming Germany & Italy) 41
06/14/1939 House Gets Neutrality Bill Favored By Administration; Arms Embargo Is Dropped (Text Of Bill, P. 10) 1
06/14/1939 247 More Arrested By Franco Agents-Torturer Faces Garroting 1
06/14/1939 Paraguay Obtains Washington Loans 1
06/14/1939 Chief Of Gestapo (Heinrich Himmler) Arrives In Prague; Unrest Continues-Hundreds Cross Into Poland To Join The Anti-Nazi Legion-Total Now Put At 18,000 (‘Czech Lion’ Terrorists Active In Bohemia) 1
06/14/1939 Roosevelt Likes Navy’s Quick Work (In Building Ships) 5
06/14/1939 Refuge Is Assured For All (German-Jews) On Liner (‘St. Louis’ By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, In Holland, Belgium, France & England)-Bond Of $500 Each Posted 11
06/14/1939 (Pastor Martin) Niemoeller (Dahlem) Parish Defies Nazi Threat 13
06/14/1939 Hull Asks Rumania To Make (War) Debt Bid-Hungary Pays Tomorrow 14
06/14/1939 Soviet Is Insistent On Baltic Pledges (By British) 15
06/14/1939 Refugees Sweep Into Poland (From Czechoslovakia) By Jerzy Szapiro 15
06/14/1939 British News Plan Arouses Germans-Agency For Lying Is Seen 16
06/14/1939 F. G. Tinker, War Flier In Spain Kills Self (Graduate Of Annapolis, Former Naval Aviator, Trained At Randolf Field-Loyalist Pilot Known As ‘Francisco Gomez Trejo’) 17
06/14/1939 Rabbis Hear Plea For War On ‘Isms’ 17
06/14/1939 Librarians Open Fight On (Archibald) M’ Leish (Roosevelt’s Appointment For Librarian Of Congress) 25
06/15/1939 British Consider Reprisals For (Japanese) Blockade At Tientsin; All (British Chinese) Concessions At Stake 1
06/15/1939 Goebbels Says Germany ‘Faces Difficult Times’ 1
06/15/1939 West Point Area To Be Enlarged 3
06/15/1939 Reich Envoy (Von Moltke) Renews Contact In Warsaw 10
06/15/1939 Palestine To Admit 7,850 Jews By Oct. 1 11
06/15/1939 Reich Frees U.S. Youth (Wllliam Bardwell Curts, Without A Trial) 13
06/15/1939 St. Louis Emigres Head For Antwerp 14
06/15/1939 Reich Is Put At Top In Plane Research (By Dr. George W. Lewis) 15
06/15/1939 Reich Sets Job Record-Students Must Help With Harvest 15
06/16/1939 Black Tom Verdict (By Owen T. Roberts-See Pearl Harbor Investigation Later) Blames Germany; Fraud Is Charged (Against Germany By Owens In Addition)-(German) Embassy Assails (Owen’s) Ruling (Text, P. 16) 1
06/16/1939 Tokyo To Force Showdown On Concessions In China-Britain Is Defied 1
06/16/1939 Ousting Of 70,000 On WPA Here Been 1
06/16/1939 Four Federal Agencies Start Drive On Spies As Senate Gets Bill To Stiffen Penalties 1
06/16/1939 (Chester) Nimitz Becomes Head Of Navigation Bureau (Navy) 4
06/16/1939 907 (German-Jewish Refugees) On Liner (St. Louis) Radio Thanks For Refuge 5
06/16/1939 Prague Is Calmer But Still Worried-Pan-Slavlsm Gaining 5
06/16/1939 Japanese Boycott Favored In (Gallup) Survey 6
06/16/1939 U.S. May Mediate Tientsin Deadlock (Japanese-British) 7
06/16/1939 M’donald Defends (British) Palestine Policy 7
06/16/1939 Spain To ‘Purify’ Newspaper Men (They Must Report What They Wrote In Support Of The Loyalists) 7
06/16/1939 Roosevelt Confers With Mexican Envoy (On Expropriated U.S. Oil Property) 10
06/16/1939 Picture: Rear Admiral Harold R. Stark To Get Admiral William D. Leahy’s Post 11
06/16/1939 Firm Jewish Stand Urged By (Rabbi Louis I.) Newman-Asserts Right To Haven-He Declares Palestine Cannot Be Closed (By British) 18
06/16/1939 Totalitarian Aims Scored By (Att’y. General John J.) Bennett 21
06/16/1939 ($11,000) To Aid Christian Exiles (American Committee For Christian German Exiles-Campaign To Raise $600,000) 26
06/16/1939 Hitler Takes Over The Reichsbank (New Reorganization Law) 35
06/17/1939 Britain Plans ‘Active Steps’ If Tension In Orient Grows; Warships To Run (Japanese) Blockade 1
06/17/1939 U.S. Defers Taking Stand On Tientsin 2
06/17/1939 ‘Boycott Japan’ Move (In U.S.) Gets New Impetus 2
06/17/1939 2 Germans On Trial In Death Of Czech (Policeman) 4
06/17/1939 Black Tom Ruling (By Owen Roberts) Rejected By Reich-Decision Is ‘Monsterous’-Roberts Held Biased 4
06/17/1939 Von Cramm (Playboy-Tennis Star), States U.S. Bars His Entry (As Refugee) 5
06/17/1939 Picture: Rev. Dr. Henry Smith Leiper (Holder Of Many Offices) 11
06/18/1939 British Hold Off Japanese In Clash At Shanghai Post-Tension Increases 1
06/18/1939 New Fight Looms On Foreign Policy-Bill On War Risk Insurance Backed By Administration Up For House Hearings 1
06/18/1939 907 (German-Jewish) Refugees (Aboard St. Louis) And Voyage In Antwerp (‘Can’t You Get Me Into America?’) 1
06/18/1939 Danzig Shift Sure Goebbels Asserts 1
06/18/1939 (Atlantic) Clipper 30 Aboard Flying To Europe (On The Initiation Of Regular Service) 15
06/18/1939 Aid Of Christians Buoys (N.Y. City) Rabbis’ Hope 20
06/18/1939 (Jewish) Haven In Poland (A Lublin Reserve?) Asked (By Federation Of Polish Jews In America, Benjamin Winter, Pres., Resolution Introduced By I. M. Katz, Emanuel Celler To Speak) 20
06/18/1939 Lord Rothmore For More Appeasement; Urges Rumania To Meet Hungary’s Claims 20
06/18/1939 Germany Extends Brazilian Airlines-Future Control Feared (By U.S.) 22
06/18/1939 Uranium (235) Is Sought As Coal Substitute 23
06/18/1939 Plight Of Britain Amuses Germans 25
06/18/1939 Ban On Arms Sale To Japan Is Urged (By U.S. Clerics)-But Boycott Is Opposed 26
06/18/1939 American Admiral (Harry E. Yarnall) On Way To Tientsin (To Test Japanese Blockade) 27
06/18/1939 Japan Is Strained By Economic War 29
06/18/1939 Japan Tries To Slap British ‘Face’ In China E-3
06/18/1939 How WPA Rolls Have Fluctuated 1935-1939 E-6
06/18/1939 Picture: Ben Hecht Book 7
06/19/1939 Danzig Fete Draws Disguised Tourists (‘Nazis’ & Poles) 1
06/19/1939 Dr. (Wellington) Koo Bids Powers Call Japan’s ‘Bluff’ 2
06/19/1939 Anti Refugee Move Is Met In Antwerp (‘Rexists’ & ‘Pro-Nazis’) 4
06/19/1939 (The League For Industrial Democracy) Urges A New Party In War On Fascism 7
06/19/1939 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Is Urged (By Norman Thomas) To Curb His Aides 8
06/19/1939 Dodd (President Of Princeton University) Sees Nation Lacking In Unity 13
06/19/1939 Rabbi (Stephen S.) Wise Urges A United Jewry-’All Must Be Mobilized’ To Solve Refugee And Palestine Problems-B’rith Abraham Meets 15
06/20/1939 Japanese Put Charged Wire Around British At Tientsin; Hull Defines Our Concern 1
06/20/1939 President (Roosevelt) Insists On Neutrality Bill (Amendments To His Liking) 2
06/20/1939 Lists ‘Hoover Deficit’ Against ‘Roosevelt’s’ 5
06/20/1939 Boycott Pledged On Nazi Products-Communism Denounced 6
06/20/1939 Urges Suppression Of Un-Americanism 6
06/20/1939 Mizrachi Women Meet-Mrs. Shapiro Says A Homeland Is Vital To The Jewish People 6
06/20/1939 $5,000,000 Sought (By Friends Of Democracy, Inc.) To Aid Democracy-’Battle Fund’ To Combat Nazi, Fascist And Red Agitation-Aims Held Non-Political6 6
06/20/1939 Britain With Holds Retaliatory Acts (Against Japan) 8
06/20/1939 Bomb Blast Kills 18 Arabs At Haifa 9
06/20/1939 Danzig Will Defy Poland This Week-Invites Reich Naval Troops 10
06/20/1939 Laguardia Assails Critic Of WPA 12
06/20/1939 Austrian Refugees Open Show Tonight 24
06/20/1939 Ask Ad Men To Lead In National Unity-Roosevelt Greets Body 38
06/21/1939 Hull Protests To Japan On Kulangsu And Bombing; Action An Aid To Britain 1
06/21/1939 Roosevelt Warns Of Neutrality Snag 10
06/21/1939 Axis Backs Arabs In Freedom Fight 11
06/21/1939 China Plans Colony For 100,000 (German-Jewish Refugees) 11
06/21/1939 British Still Wait,For Japan To Halt 12
06/21/1939 Mexican Confers Will Hull On (Expropriated U.S.) Oil (Property) 13
06/21/1939 Aid To Reich’s Poor In Will Is Blocked (By Court) 15
06/21/1939 Princeton (University) Praises Heroism Of (Former Czech President, Eduard) Benes-He Hails Wilson’s Ideals 17
06/22/1939 Japan Orders U.S. Warship And Others Out Of Swatow; (U.S. Admiral) Yarnell Reported Refusing 1
06/22/1939 Reich Curbs Jews In The Czech Area On Trade Dealings 1
06/22/1939 $600,000 Is Raised In Palestine Drive (National Labor Committee For Palestine) 7
06/22/1939 Churchill Pledges Chamberlain Aid 9
06/22/1939 U.S. Asks Respect Of Tientsin Rights 10
06/22/1939 Poland Answers Pope’s Peace Plea-Outlook Appears Gloomy 12
06/22/1939 Reich Asks Recall Of British Consul (In Vienna For Spying) 12
06/22/1939 2,700 Cheer Benes Getting Yale Lld 14
06/22/1939 Canadians Ask Us To Lead The World-Americans Hit Fascism 23
06/23/1939 U.S. Ships Ignore Japanese Demand; Hull Backs Stand-(U.S. Admiral) Yarnell’s Note Is Released 1
06/23/1939 $3,860,000,000 Recovery Fund Is Proposed By Roosevelt (Text Of Letter, P. 4) 1
06/23/1939 Japanese Warned Of British Steps 1
06/23/1939 (British Police Officer, Harry Goddard) Guilty In Palestine Of Smuggling Jews 7
06/23/1939 Call Dictatorship Foe To Man’s Faith 9
06/23/1939 Japan Is Warned By U.S. And Britain 10
06/23/1939 Nazis Take Power To Draft Czechs 12
06/23/1939 Goebbels Reiterates Warning To Britain 12
06/24/1939 U.S. Gets British Rubber In Trade For Our Cotton; Seeks Deal With Belgium 1
06/24/1939 German Press Holds (U.S. Admiral Yarnell, In Swatow, China) Is ‘Agitator’ 2
06/24/1939 Nazis Say Poles Receive Munitions On U.S. Ship (The ‘Mormacport’ Unloading At Night At Gdynia) 4
06/24/1939 Germans Chide U.S. For ‘Barter’ Deal (With British]-See Belated Vindication Of Their Compensation Methods 4
06/24/1939 Democrats Split On Neutrality Bill (On Amendments Wanted By Roosevelt) 5
06/24/1939 Text Of Anglo-U.S. Accord On Trade 5
06/24/1939 52 Jews To Be Sent By Cuba (Back) To Germany 5
06/25/1939 Chamberlain Warns Reich Of British Military Might; Bars Japanese ‘Dictation’-Assails (Japanese) Suspicions 1
06/25/1939 Brazil Will Admit German Refugees-Bars Lifted To Allow Prompt Entry Of 3,000 Catholics Of Jewish Ancestry-Request Of Pope Is Cited-(No Mention Of U.S. Credits) 22
06/25/1939 (Pastor Martin) Niemoeller Held Christian Symbol (By Rev. Dr. Henry Smith Leiper, Executive Secretary Of The Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) 23
06/25/1939 (Junior Chamber Of Commerce) Demand We Stay Out Of Any Foreign War 23
06/25/1939 Czechs Are Active In Opposing Reich-Underground Activity 25
06/25/1939 Roosevelt Hails Zionist Progress (To Zionist Organization Of America) 26
06/25/1939 Nazi Press Gloats At Britain’s Plight-’Proud Albion’ 29
06/25/1939 U.S. (Navy) Ship To Help Salvage Of (French Submarine) Phenix 30
06/25/1939 Catholic Editors Denounce Racism 31
06/25/1939 The News Of The Week In Review: Tientsin Blockade (By Japanese) E-1
06/25/1939 New (Roosevelt) Lending Program Faces A Political Test E-3
06/25/1939 Japan Hits At ‘Empire’ Of British Investments E-4
06/25/1939 Reich Piles Up Arms For An Autumn Crisis E-5
06/25/1939 Germans Enjoying Summer-People Are Now Confident Of Peace, But Officials Are Hurrying Harvest E-5
06/25/1939 All Is Ready (For France & Britain) On War Front-France And Britain Cannot Be Caught Unprepared Again If Germany Should Attack E-5
06/25/1939 Two Bullets (At Sarajevo)-And 8,000,000 Dead (Picture Of Princip) Mag. 1
06/26/1939 Reich Opens Drive Of ‘Rights Or War’ Britain Is Taunted-Goebbels Derides British 1
06/26/1939 Nazi Acts Viewed As Prelude To War 1
06/26/1939 Japanese Undress A British Couple (For Search); London’s Ire Rises 1
06/26/1939 Gamelin Attacks ‘Appease Dictators’ Groups 1
06/26/1939 Picture: Naval Chiefs Who Represent Five Countries In Troubled Waters Of Orient (Yarnell Included) 2
06/26/1939 Japan To Search Ships Entering Swatow; Will Bar All Except Those Carrying Food 2
06/26/1939 Danzig Fete Held Without Incident-No Demonstrations Held 2
06/26/1939 U.S. Could Bar War Bonnet Tells Rally (U.S. Should Join Allies!) 3
06/26/1939 Picture: Goebbels In Danzig 3
06/26/1939 Zionists Exhorted (By Rabbi Moshe Blau, President, Palestine Agudruth Israel) To Temper Policy-Believes In Cooperation 4
06/26/1939 Hitlerism Blamed For Palestine Woe (By Dr. Solomon Goldman, President, Zionist Organization Of America)-British Stand Denounced-Jewish Homeland Never Was An Arab State, He Tells 1,000 At (Annual) Zionist Meeting 4
06/26/1939 (Young Israel Council) Would ‘Adopt’ Refugees 4
06/26/1939 Job Bar To Wives Held Fascist Step (By National Women’s Party) 15
06/26/1939 Many On Relief Not Employable 17
06/26/1939 Germany’s (Export) Trade Improved In May 23
06/26/1939 Trade Recovery Begun In Britain 25
06/27/1939 Roosevelt Control Of Dollar Voided-Rebellion Is Spreading 1
06/27/1939 Britain Advances Navy Manoeuvres To ‘Danger Period’ 1
06/27/1939 Plan To Drop Part Of Neutrality Bill 9
06/27/1939 Two British Ships Barred At Swatow-Ban Made More General-One Vessel A Week Will Be Allowed (To Enter Harbor) 10
06/27/1939 Dr. Koo Sees Yielding By British To Japan 10
06/27/1939 Goering Demands Vast Wood Output-Tells Of Pressing Needs (Orders A 50% Rise In Wood Production)-Less Wood Used As Fuel 11
06/27/1939 Protector Warns Czech Politicians 12
06/27/1939 Washington Frigid To (‘Join Us Allies’-Plea By Bonnet 12
06/27/1939 (Hungary) Limits Jews In Schools 12
06/27/1939 Zionists (Zionist Organization Of America) Re-Elect All Their Officers-(British Immigration) White Paper Condemned 13
06/27/1939 German (Major Von Zeska) Discounts British War Steps 14
06/27/1939 Roosevelt Chided At Anti-War Rally-(Representative Hamilton) Fish Challenges President To Name A Probable Foe 14
06/27/1939 Refugees To Bolivia Set At 250 Monthly 14
06/27/1939 American’s Winners Called World’s Best (By Sir William Crawford) 15
06/28/1939 Roosevelt Denounces Ban On Money Devaluating Power; Says It Aids Wall Street-Sees Defense Hit 1
06/28/1939 Poles Shoot Down German Plane Over Naval Base Facing Danzig 1
06/28/1939 War Danger Marks Neutrality (Act Amendments Favored By Roosevelt) Debate 1
06/28/1939 French Plan To Buy War Supplies Here 3
06/28/1939 Nazi Press Defiant 20 Years After War-’Never Again Versailles’ 8
06/28/1939 Army Call (For German Citizens) Issued By Germans Here 9
06/28/1939 Quaker Denies Franco Aides Seize Food Sent In For Child Refugees 9
06/28/1939 Protector (Von Neurath) Makes Laws For Czechs 9
06/28/1939 Zionists (Zionist Organization Of America) Here Get 3-Point Program (From Palestine Jewish Agency) 10
06/28/1939 Wide Drive To Fight Prejudice 19
06/29/1939 Nazis Pouring Into Danzig From Reich To Join ‘Army’ Young Poles Also Active (Report From Warsaw) 1
06/29/1939 No ‘Encirclement’ British Tell Reich 1
06/29/1939 Ocean Air Service Begun By Clipper 1
06/29/1939 Roosevelt To Fight For Money Power (To Devaluate Dollar Further) 4
06/29/1939 Churchill Appeals To Hitler To Pause-Bids Nazi Leader Consider A Single Rash Act May Rule His Life’s Work-’Act Tough,’ Eden Urges 9
06/29/1939 Attack On An Arab Shuts Jews’s Shops (Penalty Levied By British)-Case Flagrant 10
06/29/1939 Turners (In U.S.A.) Put Ban On Nazi Army Call (Of German Citizens In U.S. For German Army) 11
06/29/1939 Barton Sets Limit For Arms Embargo-But Will Support (Sol) Bloom 12
06/29/1939 Japan’s Warning Rejected By U.S. 13
06/30/1939 Britain Is Ready For War, Halifax Warns Germany; Poles Would Resist Coup-Talk Stiffest Yet (Text, P. 4) 1
06/30/1939 Embargo Injected In Neutrality Bill (Amendments Favored By Roosevelt) By Sudden Move 1
06/30/1939 British Stalling, Russian Charges (Text, P. 3) 1
06/30/1939 Dollar (Devaluation) Power Vital To Business And Farmers, Morgenthau Warns 1
06/30/1939 Poland Must Keep Sea Corridor And Danzig, Moscicki Declares 2
06/30/1939 Germans Condemn British Naval Note 2
06/30/1939 13 Arabs Are Slain In Day Of Violence-Leaders Deplore Terror 3
06/30/1939 Somoza Promises Nicaraguan Canal (Pacific To Atlantic) 5