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William Lindsey collection — 1948 NYT headlines

January 1948
Date Headline Page
01/01/1948 A. C. Grzesinski, 68, Foe Of Hitler In ‘31 (Dead In N.Y. City) 23
01/02/1948 Overseas Progress Of Jews Is Hailed-Warburg Of Jdc Says Program Is Moving Now From Relief To Reconstruction Task 6
01/02/1948 60,000 Aided In Year By Jewish Appeal (30,000 Resettled In Palestine, 25,000 In U.S.A., & 5,000 In Other Countries Spent $158,000 In 1947) 6
01/02/1948 500 Jews Spirited Ashore From Ship-11,000 Reach Cyprus (‘Pan York’ And ‘Pan Crescent’ See Dec. 28, 1947, P. 8) 7
01/02/1948 Iro Study Shows Youth Of Refugees-87% Under 45 Years Of Age 12
01/02/1948 (Hartley) Shawcross Sees No War Unless Lunatics Prevail 4
01/02/1948 Tojo Links Policy To Fall Of France-He Also Says Fear Of U.S. War Entry Spurred Tightening Of Ties With Axis Powers 28
01/02/1948 Big Tnt Cargo For Tel Aviv Is Found On Freighter Here (Labeled As ‘Used Industrial Machinery’) 1
01/02/1948 Truman Praises Jewish Aid Group (Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 2
01/02/1948 Palestine Needs Listed ($283,156,000 For 1948) 2
01/02/1948 Dr. (Rabbi) Leo Baeck Due Today (By Plane) 5
01/02/1948 Living Documentation Of Germany’s Military Mistakes And (Un) Re-Education Program For The Reich Book 6
01/06/1948 Yugoslavs Insist U.S. Release (Their) Gold 1
01/05/1948 German Violation Of (Versailles) Treaty Shown (Nuernberg, Telford Taylor Tribunals) 8
01/07/1948 British Condemn Haganah ‘Murders’ (Activities Of Terrorist Jews Reported In Quotation Marks!) 1
01/07/1948 21 Of Nazi ‘Elite’ Derided In Court (By Telford Taylor At Nuernberg Tribunals) 10
01/07/1948 German Charges Allies Loot West (Germany) 15
01/07/1948 Asks High Court End School Segregation 23
01/09/1948 50,000 Pounds Of Explosive Seized At New Jersey Farm (Guess Its Destination!) 1
01/09/1948 Senators To Ask Morgenthau Data (Grain Dealings With Henry A. Wallace) 3
01/09/1948 Dr. (Rabbi Leo) Baeck (Former Chief Rabbi Of Berlin) Visits Truman 15
01/09/1948 Germans Warned (Threatened) On Food Supplies (By Clay) 17
01/09/1948 Richard Tauber, Noted Tenor, 55 (Dies, London) 21
01/10/1948 (More Than Half) Stalingrad Houses Rebuilt 7
01/10/1948 Need To Assist The DP’s Is Cited By Service Head (Edwin Rosenberg, Pres., United Service For New Americans-Picture) 9
01/11/1948 ‘Legal’ Buying Of Munitions (From U.S.) Admitted By Jewish Agency 1
01/11/1948 (Charles E.) Salzman (Ass’t. Sec.Of State For Occupied Areas) Urges Admittance Of DP’s (To U.S.-100,000 Annually For 4 Years) 5
01/11/1948 Partisan Uniforms Prohibited (By U.S.-Britain) In Trieste 17
01/11/1948 Britons Plead For Eisler (Hanns-’Forced In 1936 To Take Refuge In The United States From The Hitler Oppression’) 23
01/11/1948 Jewish (Supplies For Overseas Survivors-’Sos’) Relief Drive A Rise Of 77% 50
01/11/1948 Plenty Of Arms In The Holy Land E-5
01/11/1948 The U.S. Army In World War Ii (99 Vols.-U.S. Army Publication) Book 1
01/12/1948 Truman Hopeful On Admitting DP’s 2
01/12/1948 (Jewish) M-3 Buyer Tells Of Official (U.S.) Help-Pictures 3
01/12/1948 Ouster Of (Dr.Johannes) Semmler Sought In Germany (For Criticizing U.N. Occupation) 4
01/12/1948 Greeks To Try 90 Germans (Officers) 7
01/12/1948 Resettlement Of DP’s (Still 1,000,000 In Germany, Austria, & Italy-Mc Narney) 18
01/13/1948 High Court Admits Negro To School (Oklahoma) 1
01/13/1948 Marshall Identifies Russia As Threat To World Stability 1
01/13/1948 Plot To Smuggle Aliens Into Canada Uncovered (Via England On Forged Passports) 3
01/13/1948 Plans Nearly Set Up For Jewish State 4
01/13/1948 Nazi Doctors Offer Plea (14 Appeal To U.S. Supreme Court From Nuernberg Telford Taylor Tribunals’ Verdict) 7
01/13/1948 Hitler Ultimatum Detailed By Czech 9
01/13/1948 Farben Board Chairman (Karl Krauch) Defends Company As Peaceful But Oppressed By Nazi Party 10
01/13/1948 Standard To Push Synthetic Oil (From Natural Gas & Coal) 35
01/14/1948 Nazi Woman (Sofie Nietzsche) Sentenced (To Death In Prague, Guard At Auschwitz Woman’s Camp-Four Others Sentenced To Prison) 3
01/14/1948 Germans’ Unrest Over Food Grows 7
01/15/1948 Five (U.S. Jews) Surrender, Five Sought In Sending TNT To Palestine-Pictures 1&7
01/15/1948 Dutch Woman (Ans Van Dijk) Executed (‘Member Of Dutch Gestapo’-Responsible Allegedly For Killing Jews-Execution Secret, Geesien Bleeker Also Awaiting Death) 3
01/15/1948 Second Awaits Firing Squad First Maintained Defiant Attitude ‘Til End) 2
01/15/1948 Many Immigrants Entering Argentina (Many Italians, Poles, & Yugoslavs) 12
01/16/1948 Haifa Torn By Sniper Fight; First Zionist Planes In Action 1
01/16/1948 (Dr. Johannes) Semmler’s Ouster In Germany Seen (Criticized U.S. Occupation & General Lucius Clay) 5
01/16/1948 German (Protestant) Pastors Aided (1,200 In 1947 Pastors And Families ‘Saved From Actual Starvation’) 12
01/16/1948 Jewish Leaders To Meet (Gen. Omar N. Bradley, Tom C. Clark, & Others To Speak) 19
01/17/1948 Lady Astor Here, Talks Of Germany 3
01/17/1948 6 Krupp (Defense) Lawyers Jailed By (Nuernberg, Telford Taylor Court (Contempt) 8
01/18/1948 Refugee Aid Urged By (British Bernard) Cardinal Griffin (Westminster, Over 130,000 Admitted To Britain Already) 16
01/18/1948 U.S. To Release Gold Belonging To Greece 24
01/18/1948 World Challenge Stressed To Jews-Judaism Council Head Says Cohesion As American Comes First 28
01/18/1948 Mrs. George Creel Dead In California 60
01/19/1948 Few Jews Remain In Iro Campsites-Refugees Stirred By New Hope, Stream Toward Palestine By Clandestine Routes (Underground Railroads Through Italy & Marseilles, France, In West & Constanta & Burgos In East) 2
01/19/1948 Yugoslavs (Tito) To Execute Priest (Former Royal Yugoslav Army Chaplain, Rev. Fodor Tripunovitch) 6
01/20/1948 (U.S. Group) Protests Removal Of German Plants (For Reparations-Foreword By Herbert Hoover) 2
01/20/1948 Krupp (Defense) Lawyers Freed, Contempt Ruling Due (Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg) 2
01/20/1948 (Dr. Oskar) Lange Denies Saying That U.S. Is Enemy (Reporter, Sidney Gruson, Persists That He Did!) 3
01/22/1948 Seized Nazi Papers Show Soviet Aims In 1939 To Grab Land And Divide Europe (Excerpts, Pp. 18-20-Where Were These Papers When Requested By Ribbentrop At Nuernberg?-Plan Not Unlike That Proposed At Tehran, Yalta & Potsdam By Un) 1
01/22/1948 German Food Unrest Grows; (U.S.) Troops May Seize Produce 1
01/22/1948 Nazi (1939) Files (Above) Were Found In Chateau In Harz Mountain By First Army (Along With Most Of The Other German Official Documents, Including The Papers Involving Pitocki And Roosevelt’s Off-The-Cuff Promises To Poland If They Would Stand Up To Germany!) 18
01/23/1948 Million In Bavaria Quit Work For Day Over Cuts In Food (Picture Has Banner: ‘Wir Fordern Die Einheit Deutschlands’-Does This Mean West Deutschland, Mittel Deutschland And Ost Deutschland Or Just West And Mittel Deutschland?) 1
01/23/1948 Soviet May Send Grain To Germans (At This Time The Soviets Were Not In A Position To Feed Themselves!) 3
01/23/1948 German Food Rations Cut (From 1,550 Calories/Day To 1,400 Calories/Day-Some Receiving Only 1,200 Calories/Day) 3
01/23/1948 Funk’s Wife Sent To Hard Labor 3
01/23/1948 (Henry F. Pringle) Assails (U.S.) Suppression Of War Documents (Russo-German Pact-See Above!) 8
01/23/1948 Iro Plans To Resettle (Umseideln ?) 400,000 Refugees In ‘48 (Tuck Supported Strongly By American Jewish Committee) 13
01/23/1948 Additional Excerpts From The Captured Documents On Nazi-Soviet Relations, 1939-1941 (Obviously Withheld From Nuernberg Tribunal By Those Who Captured Them!) 18-19
01/24/1948 Germans Set Stiff Penalties For Persons Hoarding Food 1
01/24/1948 German Official Sought By Poles (For Trial-British Refuse To Honor Polish Request For Extradition) 5
01/24/1948 $700,000,000 Urged For German Food (For Next Year-To Increase Food To 1,885 Calories/Day) 5
01/24/1948 To Retain (150,000 Jewish Survivors) DP Children (Of Estimated 1,700,000 In Europe-10 Organizations To Do This Under Jewish Board Of Guardians) 10
01/24/1948 $250,000,000 Sought For Jewish Relief (Overseas Needs) 13
01/25/1948 Hull Urges ‘Time, Patience’ In Building World Peace 1
01/25/1948 Consignee (Foundry Associates, Inc., 41 East 42 Nd St.) Demands (Return Of) Seized (M-3) Explosives (Obtained From U.S. Ordnance Depot, Seized Because Of Palestine Destination) 23
01/25/1948 Buchenwald Held A Camp Of Misery (Horrors Still Reported Under Russian Management) 29
01/25/1948 Army Sells (Surplus) To Germans 30
01/25/1948 Refugee Problem Put Ahead Of Erp-Need To Rehabilitate 800,000 Displaced Persons (In Europe Now-1,500,000 Jewish Survivors In Europe Now, Only 50% Self-Supporting-Need About $1,250,000,000-Harold Glasser Says 200,000 Of 800,000 DP’s Are Jewish) 38
01/25/1948 German Cardinal (Joseph Cardinal Frings, Koeln) Likens (U.N.) Occupation (Of Germany By Un) To Nazism 41
01/25/1948 Times To Publish Goebbels’ Diaries (March 8, 1948) 43
01/25/1948 Reproduction Of Aug. 23, 1939 Russo-German Signatures E-1
01/25/1948 The Hitler-Stalin Drama As Revealed In The Secret Nazi Documents (Captured By U.S. Army In The Harz Mountains) E-5
01/26/1948 Memoirs Of Cordell Hull (First Installment Of A Series) 1
01/26/1948 Zion Envoy (Mrs. Golda Myerson-’Golda Myer’) Urges Cash Aid At Once ($25,000,000) For War 11
01/26/1948 Syphilis Target Of Polish Drive 12
01/26/1948 Marshall Plan Urged By Ymca Leaders 14
01/27/1948 Austria Asks War Trials For Papen And Shirach 4
01/27/1948 Colonizing Funds To Aid DP’s Asked (Jewish DP’s In Austria To Pay Their Own Keep) 5
01/27/1948 Henry L. Stimson’s Memoirs In Ladies Home Journal-Jan.-April, 1948 16
01/28/1948 $170,000,000 Art Taken From Dresden By Russians 1
01/28/1948 (Dr. Johannes) Semmler, Bizonal Economic Chief, Ousted For ‘ Malicious Opposition’ (To Occupation Authorities) 4
01/28/1948 2D General Strike In Ruhr Is Feared 4
01/28/1948 U.S. To Shift Rule In Germany July 14
01/28/1948 (N.Y. Supreme Court Justice, Meier) Steinbrink (National Chairman Of B’nai B’rith) Assails U.S. Policy On DP’s-’Derelict In Duty As A World Leader’ (?) 7
01/28/1948 26 (Jewish) Leaders Leave On Trip To Europe-Will Study Needs Of DP’s-To Visit Palestine 24
01/29/1948 Clay Calls Strikes ‘Healthy’ Displays-Show Impatience Of Germans With Own Food Officials, He Says 16
01/29/1948 U.S. Will Keep Ban On Palestine Arms 19
01/29/1948 Rabbis Ask Truman Aid-New York Board (Of Rabbis) Would Lift Palestine Arms Embargo (By U.S.) 19
01/29/1948 Europe’s Children Need Peace Hope (By Robert P. Patterson) 26
01/30/1948 U.N. Board To Help Form Jewish Militia In Palestine 1
01/30/1948 Germans Get Data About Democracy (From Clay) 6
01/30/1948 ‘Rubble’ Churches Plan For Germany 6
01/30/1948 Bavarians Protest-On School Reform-Think Clay’s Demands Are Too Extensive Cardinal (Faulhaber) Calls For More Self Rule (By Germans) 7
01/30/1948 Victims Of Nazis Win Swedish Help (Given To Jewish Agency) 8
01/30/1948 Soviet’s Dresden Booty In Art Was $17,000,000 8
01/30/1948 Displaced Person (Jew) Slain (Bayonetted By U.S. Soldier Whom He Had Struck In A Raid On Counterfeiters At Heidenheim-Stuttgart) 16
01/30/1948 Five Of 21 Germans Hanged (By British At Hameln) 16
01/31/1948 Ghandi Is Killed By A Hindu 1
01/31/1948 Iro Sets Deadline On Status Of DP’s-Refugees Leaving Countries Of Origin After Sunday (Feb. 1, 1948) Will Not Be Eligible For Aid) 4
01/31/1948 China To Distribute Old UNRRA Supplies 6
01/31/1948 Germans Accused Of Fraud On Food (By U.S.-British Officials) 6
01/31/1948 Premier Of (Hanns) Eisler Work (Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copeland, And Many Others Listed As ‘Sponsors’) 13