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William Lindsey collection — 1948 NYT headlines

August 1948
Date Headline Page
08/01/1948 Vishinsky Challenges West To Agree On Danube Or Quit 1
08/01/1948 Krupp And 10 Aides Are Guilt In (Nuernberg Telford Taylor Tribunals) Case 1
08/01/1948 Clay Sees Policy On Germany Firm-To Push Western (German, U.N. Puppet) Regime 4
08/01/1948 Economic Control By Germans Urged 4
08/01/1948 West Plans Check On German Regime-Creation Of 3-Power Control Expected To Be Difficult 5
08/01/1948 (Count Folke) Bernadotte Sets Talks With Arabs 21
08/01/1948 Expansion By War Held Israel’s Aim (Dr. Virginia Gildersleeve, Henry Sloan Coffin, Rabbi Morris Lazarone And Others) 45
08/01/1948 High Drama Is Enacted Amid Rubble Of Berlin-Edwin L. James E-3
08/02/1948 General ClayAsserts State Department Determines U.S. Position On Affairs In Germany 1
08/02/1948 Berliners Reject Soviet Food Offer 1
08/02/1948 U.S. Guard Set Up At Spandau Prison (For German Ex-Governmental Officials) 2
08/02/1948 Aim To Oust Jews Pledged By Sheikh 4
08/02/1948 U.N. To Meet Today On Refugee Issues 4
08/02/1948 German Women Back From Russian Mines 7
08/03/1948 Western Envoys See Stalin For More Than Two Hours; Easing Of Tension Indicated 1
08/03/1948 Israel Fears War Over Truce Abuses 1
08/03/1948 Russians Offer Pact Providing For Eastern Rule 1
08/03/1948 (Abba) Eban Will Sit Again As Israeli (U.N.) Delegate 3
08/03/1948 $2,0000,000 DP Aid Asked By Truman 4
08/03/1948 Bizonal Germans Get Peak Rations (1,990 Calories/Day) 4
08/04/1948 Two Hiss Brothers Deny Red Charges 3
08/04/1948 Sketches Of 4 Former New Deal Officials Linked To Pre-War Communist Underground 3
08/04/1948 (Count Folke) Bernadotte Meets Egyptian Premier 8
08/04/1948 New German State Is Big Four Factor 5
08/04/1948 4-Power Control Of (I. G.) Farben (Industrie) Ended 5
08/04/1948 Britain Says Israel Violated Flag Of U.N 6
08/04/1948 (Claude) Pepper For Aid To Israel 6
08/05/1948 U.S. Will Oppose Russia On Danube 1
08/05/1948 Alleged Red Kept In U.S. Jobs 4 Years Despite Protests-Navy Overruled 1
08/05/1948 Communists Call (Congressional) Inquiry A ‘Circus’ 2
08/05/1948 Dp (Entry Into U.S.) Limit Of 40,000 In First Year Seen (By Ugo Carusi))-New DP Bill In House 6
08/05/1948 Hopes On (Four Power Conference On) Germany Qualified In Paris 9
08/05/1948 3,681 Tons Flown To Berlin In Day (Drew Middleton) 10
08/05/1948 West Warns (Bizonal) Germans-Must Relax Business Curbs 10
08/05/1948 Israel Would Prod Britain On (Jewish Refugees On) Cyprus 12
08/05/1948 Abdullah Relaxes Palestine Stand 12
08/05/1948 (U.S.-Trained) Israeli Girl Flier (Bomber Pilot) Killed 12
08/06/1948 Truman Calls (Congressional) Spy Hearings A Republican Red Herring; House Votes Credit Curbs-President Attacks Congress For Ignoring His Price Plans-President Is Blunt 1
08/06/1948 (Berlin) Blockade End Due As Russians Free Berlin City Funds 1
08/06/1948 Israel Asks Arabs To Discuss Peace At Direct Parley 1
08/06/1948 Budenz Says Reds Plotted Civil War 3
08/06/1948 (Syngman) Rhee Aims To Keep U.S. Force In Korea 4
08/06/1948 French Area Tied To Bizonal Agency 5
08/06/1948 (Dr. Heinrich) Bruening Is In Germany 5
08/06/1948 Greek Army Rips Communist Lines 6
08/06/1948 More Food For Germans Is Urged By Nutrition Experts After Survey (Daily Intake Should Be Raised From 2,200 Calories To 2,540 Calories) 6
08/06/1948 More (Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Funds For Refugees 7
08/06/1948 Arab Refugee Case Placed Before U.N 8
08/06/1948 Record Gem (Allegedly German Loot) Sale (By Iro) Set To Help DP’s 8
08/06/1948 Israeli Aide (Maj. Reuven Dafni) Tells Of (Jewish) Mass Migration 8
08/07/1948 Molotov Confers With Three Allies On Germany Again 1
08/07/1948 ‘Strings’ To Soviet Money Bid Lead West To Give Berlin Aid 1
08/07/1948 New (Western) German State Is Big Four Factor 5
08/07/1948 4-Power Control Of (I. G.) Farben Ended 5
08/07/1948 2 Germans Jailed For (Assisting Russian) Kidnappings 5
08/07/1948 German Cabinet Quits-Object To French (Reparation) Demands 5
08/07/1948 Egyptians Reject Direct Peace Talk (With Jews) 6
08/07/1948 (Andrey) Vishinsky Assails U.S. Danube Draft 6
08/07/1948 Greek Red Regime Reported Abroad As Government Troops Push Ahead 6
08/07/1948 Britain Says Israel Violated Flag Of U.N 6
08/07/1948 (Senator Claude) Pepper For (U.S.) Aid To Israel 6
08/07/1948 (U.S.) Churchmen Leave For World (Council Of Churches) Parley (In Amsterdam-Picture, Dr. David De Sola Pool) 17
08/08/1948 (Trygve) Lie Bids Big Four Agree On Germany In Or Out Of U.N 1
08/08/1948 3,000,000 Homeless In Chinese Floods 24
08/08/1948 U.N. Relief Expert Asks Aid To Arabs 28
08/08/1948 (Arab) Refugees Are Still Fleeing (Palestine) 28
08/08/1948 Jerusalem Sniper Wounds U.S. Guard 29
08/08/1948 Gifts In U.S. Helped 50,000 To Israel 31
08/08/1948 Soviet Increases Berlin Pressure 43
08/08/1948 The News Of The Week In Review (House Committee On Un-American Activities) E-1
08/08/1948 Israel Rapidly Gaining Unity And Confidence E-4
08/09/1948 U.S. To Back Israel As U.N. Member At Paris Meeting 1
08/09/1948 Poles, Czechs Plan Rival (Kattowitz Ostrava) Of The Ruhr 1
08/09/1948 Chiang (Kai-Shek) Advantage Declines In China 10
08/10/1948 3 Western Envoys See Molotov Again In Critical Session 1
08/10/1948 Jerusalem Water Assured By Arabs 4
08/10/1948 Iro Shuns Problems Of Arab Refugees 4
08/10/1948 Palestine Stalemate I (First Of A Series) 4
08/10/1948 Irgun (Zvai Leumi) Held Anti-Marxist (‘Nazi Britain’) 4
08/10/1948 Bias-Free Germany Held 20-Year Job (For U.S. By Rev. Henry Noble Mac Cracken, International Council Of Christians And Jews) 5
08/10/1948 Israel Gets Flour As Foe Rains Bombs 6
08/10/1948 500,000 Leave Jobs In German Protest (French Dismantling German Factory) 9
08/10/1948 Negroes Vote Today In S. C. Primary Test 15
08/11/1948 Voice Of America Girds For (Propaganda) Battle 1
08/11/1948 Funds To Aid Victims Of Nazis Held Low (By Iro) 6
08/11/1948 Arab League Bars Direct Peace Talk (With Zionists) 10
08/11/1948 U.S. Now Studying Closer Israeli Tie 10
08/11/1948 Ship’s Arms Trip Related 10
08/11/1948 Israel Releases 3 (Of 5) Seized (By Begin And Irgun Zvai Leumi) Britons 11
08/11/1948 Palestine Stalemate Ii 11
08/11/1948 (Peter Kook) Bergson Case Postponed 11
08/11/1948 30,000 Negroes Vote In S. C. Primary 46
08/12/1948 (Count Folke) Bernadotte Bars Firing In Holy City 1
08/12/1948 ‘Voice Of America’ Being Beamed To Every Vital Part Of The World 6
08/12/1948 Germany Seen Hit By U.S. Aid Delay 9
08/12/1948 Increase In Entry Of Refugees (Into U.S.) Urged 14
08/12/1948 U.S. Court Modifies Four Nazi Sentences (Judge Musmanno Mentioned) 14
08/13/1948 Blast Laid To Arabs Razes (Water) Pumping Station At Latrun 1
08/13/1948 British Donate Aid To Arab Refugees 5
08/13/1948 Tel Aviv Hails U.S. Envoy 5
08/14/1948 West Is Excluded From Danube Rule By Vote At (Belgrade) Parley 1
08/14/1948 Bizonal Tie Urged In West Berlin 1
08/14/1948 Israel Bids U.N. Set Truce Limit, Demands Peace Or Freedom To Act 1
08/14/1948 Clay Expects Halt In Plant Razing (Dismantling Of German Plants) 2
08/14/1948 Other Media Supplement The ‘Voice’ (Of America) In Telling ‘American Story’ Abroad 3
08/14/1948 Holy City Fights On As Zionists Balk 4
08/14/1948 (Reuben B. Resnik) Scores Congress On DP’s 4
08/14/1948 Picture: Ugo Carusi 5
08/14/1948 World Assembly Of Churches Near (Cadman, Leiper, John Foster Dulles, Etc.) 14
08/15/1948 Three Powers Ban Separate Treaty In West Germany 1
08/15/1948 Soviet Increases Berlin Pressure 5
08/15/1948 Eden Denounces Soviet Seizures (In Western Zones!-No Booty For England From The East!) 10
08/15/1948 El-Hasseini Warns On Aid To Zionists 18
08/15/1948 250 Jews Reported Cairo Riot Victims 22
08/15/1948 Nations’ Use Of Quota Bars DP’s, Says Priest 26
08/15/1948 Arab Refugee Problem Threatens A New Crisis (Map) E-5
08/16/1948 Israel Says Arabs Wage New Attack Around Jerusalem 1
08/16/1948 Many DP Children In Germany Are Too Old To Qualify For Immigration To United States 2
08/16/1948 Arab Sheikh Asks Peace With Jews 6
08/16/1948 Exodus 1947 Jews Shift (Germany To Marseilles) 7
08/17/1948 Israel Issues Own Currency Today (‘Pound’) 1
08/17/1948 Fritz Thyssen On Trial As A Backer Of Hitler (Nuernberg Telford Taylor Tribunals) 2
08/17/1948 200,000 DP’s Facing Life Stay In Camps, U.N. Group Is Warned 4
08/17/1948 (Count Folke) Bernadotte Asks Aid For (Arab And Jewish) Refugees 6
08/17/1948 Israel Says Arabs Slash At Highways 6
08/17/1948 Saudi Arabia Spurns Loan From U.S. As Pro-Jewish 6
08/17/1948 (Arab) Refugees Put At 700,000 ($8,000,000/Month Required) 6
08/18/1948 H. (Harry) D. (Dexter) White (Weit) Accused In Spy Inquiry (Henry Morgenthau’s ‘Brains’) Dies (Heart Attack-Picture, P.5) 1
08/18/1948 Alger Hiss Admits Knowing Chambers: Meet Face To Face 1
08/18/1948 Germans Are Ordered To Dissolve New Cartel For Steel Scrap Export 6
08/18/1948 Economic Revival Spurts In Germany 6
08/18/1948 Mass (German) Graves Discovered 6
08/18/1948 (Count Folke) Bernadotte Bids U.S. Aid Refugees-Plea To Marshall 10
08/18/1948 Unity (Church) Move Made By Church Parley 10
08/18/1948 Arabs Report Push By Israel Foiled 11
08/19/1948 (U.S. State Department) Sets Up German Office (In Washington) 3
08/19/1948 Dp Refugees Here For Teaching Jobs 4
08/19/1948 Official Records Reveal Germans Freely Accepted Western Regime (Sponsored By Western Powers) 4
08/19/1948 (Trofim Denisowitsch) Lysenko (Of The Soviet Extraordinary Committee To Investigate German Crimes) Crushes Geneticists In Russia; Gets Party (Stalin’s) Backing For His Theories 5
08/19/1948 U.S. Technical Aid For Europe Urged 5
08/19/1948 Israel, Arabs Heed U.N. Truce Warning 7
08/19/1948 U.S. Team (Observers) Fired On 4 Times By Arabs 8
08/19/1948 (Peter Kook) Bergson Plans Hunger Strike (An Irgunist) 8
08/20/1948 Russian Police Fire On Germans In Berlin Streets 1
08/20/1948 Arabs, Israel Get Stiff U.N. Warning (As A Result Of An Appeal From Count Bernadotte) 1
08/20/1948 Clay Names Judge William Clark Appeals Court Chief In Germany 2
08/20/1948 U.S. Will Restore Radio (Controlled By Occupation Forces) To Germans 2
08/20/1948 $750,000 More Given By (Hias) To Help Move DP’s 2
08/20/1948 Egyptian Threat Defied By Israel 5
08/20/1948 (David) Dubinsky, 9 Bishops Arrive From Europe 6
08/21/1948 Russians Abduct Five Berlin Police In U.S. Sector Raid 1
08/21/1948 U.S. Orders Soviet Consul (Jacob M. Lomakin) To Depart; Cancels Paper On Abuse Of Rights 1
08/21/1948 ‘Axis Sally’ (Mildred E. Gillars) Returning (To U.S.) 3
08/21/1948 Clay Disputes Soviets-Denies He Told French To Stop Taking German Resources (Dismantling Factories For Shipment To France) 4
08/21/1948 Refugees Will Get Help-Marshall Tells Bernadotte 5
08/21/1948 Israel Makes Bid For U.N. Admission 5
08/21/1948 (Arthur Garfield) Hays (Reichstag Fire Figure) Goes To Germany-To Make A Civil Liberties Survey 6
08/22/1948 600 U.S. Soldiers (M. P.’S) Halt Soviet Raids On Berlin Sector 1
08/22/1948 Britain Is Held Opposed To Israel U.N. Bid 1
08/22/1948 U.S. ‘Ready’ In Air (Gen Carl) Spaatz Declares 1
08/22/1948 West Germans Bid East (Zone) To Assembly 2
08/22/1948 Civil Rights Study For Germany Near (Arthur Garfield Hays) 4
08/22/1948 Jerusalem Is Host To Zionist Council 5
08/22/1948 2 Closed Hearings To Seek (Alger) Hiss Data 13
08/22/1948 Russian Pressure On Finns Reported 15
08/22/1948 ‘Axis Sally’ Here For Treason Case (Mildred Elizabeth Gillars) 16
08/22/1948 Big Labor Library (Deutsche Arbeitsfront) Returns To Germany 29
08/22/1948 Women’s American Ort Names (Mrs. Serge Jarvis) Membership Chief 31
08/22/1948 Negro Backed At U. Of Alabama 37
08/22/1948 West Europe Expects Prolonged ‘Cold War’ E-3
08/22/1948 U.S. Faces Dilemma On Berlin Or Trizona E-4
08/22/1948 Israeli Fight For Control Of State (Begin Vs. Ben Gurion) E-4
08/22/1948 East European Aliens Pose Problem For U.S. E-8
08/22/1948 Lindbergh, Charles A., Of Flight And Life, Charles Scribner’s Sons, N.Y Book 6
08/23/1948 World (Council Of Churches) Assembly Of Churches Opens 1
08/23/1948 Mrs. (Alger) Hiss Hear On Secret Inquiry On Spy Testimony 1
08/23/1948 American Seized By Soviet’s Police In Eastern Berlin-Drew Middleton 1
08/23/1948 Eastern Bloc Split Laid To Tito Policy Of War Neutrality 1
08/23/1948 Germans Propose Federal Republic-Kathleen Mc Laughlin 2
08/23/1948 New Kremlin Talk On Berlin Delayed 2
08/23/1948 Greek Army Fights To Close Frontier (With Albania) 3
08/23/1948 Israel Again Asks Talks With Arabs 4
08/23/1948 Federation Plan Backed By (Dr. Judah L.) Magnes 4
08/23/1948 German Children Eager For Studies 13
08/23/1948 Christians Urged To Work Together (Rev. Altman K. Swihart, Carthage College, Dutch Reform-World Council Of Churches) 15
08/24/1948 3 Envoys Again See Stalin In Longest Moscow Parley-New Hope Aroused 1
08/24/1948 U.S. Refuses A Visa To (British) ‘Red Dean’ (Very Rev. Hewlitt Johnson) As Guest Of A Subversive Group-Clifton Daniel 1
08/24/1948 Churches (‘Delegates’) Create A World Council (Of Churches)-All Major Christian Sects Except Catholics Form Body At Amsterdam 2
08/24/1948 (N.Y.) Times Writer Barred From Breslau Talks (World Congress Of Intellectuals) 2
08/24/1948 Germans Dubious Of Moscow Talks 4
08/24/1948 Trade Role Urged For German Area 4
08/24/1948 Greek War Flares In Mourgana Area-A. C. Sedgewick 5
08/24/1948 Churchill Asks Caution 8
08/24/1948 Sternists (Stern Gang) Seize U.S. Aide (George F. Paro) 10
08/24/1948 Jews Petition (International) Red Cross-1,000 Jews Reported Detained 10
08/24/1948 Israel Acceptance By U.N. Held Basic 11
08/25/1948 (John Foster Dulles) Tells (World Council Of Churches) Churchmen (Amsterdam) Force Won’t Check Reds (Text, P. 4) 1
08/25/1948 Russia Closes Consulates In U.S.-Facts Challenged 1
08/25/1948 Hiss, Chambers Meet Openly At House Spy Hearing Today 1
08/25/1948 Russian Recants Bourgeois Science; Accepts ‘Party Line’ (Lysenko, Extraordinary Soviet Committee) On Genetics 1
08/25/1948 Text Of Soviet Denial Of U.S. Charges 3
08/25/1948 Germans Must Pay For Reorientation (Own ‘Reeducation’ By Un)-Kathleen Mc Laughlin 5
08/25/1948 U.N. Compiles Laws On Human Rights 9
08/25/1948 Arab, Israel Talk Doubted In London (Pictures Of The Destruction In Palestine) 10
08/25/1948 U.S. Protest On Paro To Be Sent To Israel 10
08/25/1948 Early (Peter Kook) Bergson (U.S. Born Irgunist) Release Seen 10
08/25/1948 Zionists Discuss ‘Double Loyalties’-Julian L. Meltzer 11
08/25/1948 Greece To Press Drives On Rebels-40,000 More Called Up-A. C. Sedgewick 12
08/25/1948 U.S. Will Prepare Troops For Korea 14
08/25/1948 Truman Is Urged To Defer Teachers 16
08/25/1948 150,000 DP’s Found To Have Key Skills 16
08/25/1948 (Henry Agard) Wallace Appeals For Negro Support 20
08/25/1948 Federal School Aid Is Called Dangerous 52
08/26/1948 Jerusalem Repels Egyptian Attack 1
08/26/1948 Pause In Parleys At Moscow Is Sen; Berlin Talks Near 1
08/26/1948 U.S. Takes Lightly Consular Break With Soviet Union 1
08/26/1948 Hiss And Chambers Meet Face To Face; Clash In Testimony (Picture P. 2) 1
08/26/1948 Urges School Aid In World Outlook (National Education Association) 4
08/26/1948 (Robert H.) Jackson Discusses (‘His’) Nuremberg Trials-Says Russia Wished To Define ‘Aggression’ As A Crime Only For Axis Powers 4
08/26/1948 256,000 Repatriated By Iro During Year 4
08/26/1948 Soviet Scores U.S. At Breslau (Germany, World Conference Of Intellectuals) Parley 5
08/26/1948 ‘Tokyo Rose’ In Custody (Mrs. Iva Toguri D’aquino, U.S.-Born) 6
08/26/1948 Alfred Krupp Fights (Nuernberg, Telford Taylor Tribunals) Sentence 6
08/26/1948 Currency Parley Reported (In Germany)-Marshall Keeps Silence 6
08/26/1948 Climax Seen Today In Berlin Council 7
08/26/1948 U.S. Investor Gets Rights In Germany-Edward A. Morrow 8
08/26/1948 Germany Rejected As Trading Equal-Michael L. Hoffman 8
08/26/1948 Planes (A-20 Bombers) For Israel Seized (In Miami) 10
08/26/1948 Truce Breach Laid To Israel (By Count Folke Bernadotte) 10
08/26/1948 DP’s Due Here Soon Called High-Grade-They Are The Cream Of Refugee Stock, Msgr. Ligutti Tells Catholic Aide Group 11
08/27/1948 Communists Storm Berlin City Hall Halting Assembly (Pictures, P. 3) 1
08/27/1948 Soviet Gives Plan To Settle Dispute On Berlin Marks 1
08/27/1948 Communists Held Hiss To Be Member, Budenz Testifies 1
08/27/1948 Baden Chiefs (Minister-President Leo Wohleb & Colleagues) Quit Over (U.N.) Dismantling (Of German Factories) 3
08/27/1948 U.N. (Count Bernadotte) Hit On Truce By Israeli Officer (Col. Moshe Dyan-Fifty-Two Arab Violations Listed) 4
08/27/1948 Israel Releases (Peter Kook-’Bergson Boys’) Bergson And 4 Other Irgunists (Co-President Of Hebrew Committee Of National Liberation & U.S. Representative For Irgun Zvai Leumi [Vladimir Jabotinski Zionist Faction]) 4
08/27/1948 15 Germans (List) Here To Study Our Press-Editor-Publisher Delegation; All Strongly Anti-Hitler, Wishes To Learn Democratic Methods (Columbia University [Eisenhower President!] Sponsoring American Press Institute-Eugen Kogon Of Frankfurter Hefte, An Attendee, Wartime Buchenwald Inmate-Professional ‘Holocaust’ Author) 23
08/27/1948 Advertisement: Did FDR’s Hunch About Stalin Lose Us The Peace?-’Yes’ Says Roosevelt Confidante William C. Bullitt,Life Magazine 36
08/28/1948 New Kremlin Talk Lasts For 3 Hours; Vishinsky Present 1
08/28/1948 U.S. For Assembly Of Western Europe 1
08/28/1948 Denies Palestine Rift Of Truman, Marshall 3
08/28/1948 Reds Again Halt Berlin’s Assembly 4
08/28/1948 Four Of Hitler Top Commanders Face War Crimes Trial By British (Von Rundstedt, Von Mannstein, Von Brauchitsch [Pictures] & Adolf Strauss [Also Albert Kesselring]) 4
08/28/1948 U.S. Accuses Russia Of Curbing News-Michael L. Hoffman 4
08/28/1948 11 Catholics Held By Czech Police 16
08/28/1948 (Wisconsin) ‘Deluged’ With Potatoes-44 Per Cent Above Normal (Harvest) 17
08/29/1948 Communists Trying To Rule All Berlin By New Maneuver 1
08/29/1948 House (Un-American Activities) Body Says Spy Rings Till Exist In (U.S.) Government 1
08/29/1948 2 French Observers Killed On U.N. Palestine Air Duty (Jews Say Gaza Arabs Were To Blame) 1
08/29/1948 Israel Names A Consul 4
08/29/1948 Greek Army Faces Top Rank Shake-Up-Border Fighting Grows 6
08/29/1948 U.N. Council Called In Palestine Crisis 12
08/29/1948 Jerusalem Reviving, Appeal Leader (Rabbi Israel Goldstein) Finds 12
08/29/1948 (Czech. Government) Helps Jews To Emigrate (To Palestine-500 Per Month) 13
08/29/1948 Communism Held ‘Christian Heresy’ (Dr. Reinhold Niebuhr, World Council Of Churches, Amsterdam, Holland) 15
08/29/1948 (‘West’) Germans Pave Way For Parliament 23
08/29/1948 4 Powers To Meet On Money In Berlin-Harold Callender 29
08/29/1948 Armament Orders Getting Under Way F-1
08/29/1948 Problem Of 30’s Revived By Cotton F-1
08/29/1948 The Big Four And World Peace E-1
08/29/1948 West German Regime Slowly Taking Shape (Map)-Jack Raymond E-5
08/29/1948 Tito Purges His Party In The Stalin Manner E-5
08/29/1948 Arabs Trying To Unite For Action In Future-To Meet The Challenge Of Israel E-5
08/30/1948 Dp Movement To U.S. Stalls; Our Visa Policy Is Blamed (205,000 DP’s Involved) 1
08/30/1948 25-Year Olds Register Today For Second Peacetime Draft 1
08/30/1948 Israel And Egypt Agree To Quit Jerusalem Red Cross Zone 1
08/30/1948 Truman And (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Endorsed By Ada (Leon Henderson, National Chairman) 10
08/30/1948 (Lyndon Baines) Johnson Leads (717 Votes) In Texas (‘Landslide’ Over Coke Stevenson) 11
08/31/1948 Army Issues Call For 10,000 Youths, November Quota 1
08/31/1948 Equal Rights Held Present Barrier To Berlin Accord 1
08/31/1948 (Adolf A.) Berle Testifies In Chambers Case 4
08/31/1948 All-German Trade Called Soviet Aim-Drew Middleton 6
08/31/1948 (‘West’) German Assembly Opens Tomorrow 7
08/31/1948 Positions Are Kept In Jerusalem Zone 8
08/31/1948 Dr. (Jan) Masaryk (Was) Slain, (Dr. Jan) Papanek Charges 11