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William Lindsey collection — 1948 NYT headlines

March 1948
Date Headline Page
03/01/1948 30 British Soldiers Die In Palestine As (Stern Gang) Mines Rip Train 1
03/01/1948 Soviet Seeks Rule Of Berlin Schools 5
03/01/1948 Taft Pledges Gop For Civil Rights 12
03/01/1948 War Claims Closed In Manila (1 Million Applications) 12
03/01/1948 Memoirs Of Cordell Hull (31 St Installment) Roosevelt Declared Firm Belief That Russia Was Friend 25
03/02/1948 Soviet Loses In Vote On (Return To Russia Of) Refugee Children 4
03/02/1948 8 (German) Generals Freed, Two Found Guilty (Those Freed Were Cooperating With U.S. Army In Writing Its History Of World War Ii-Frankfurt A/M.) 5
03/02/1948 (Labor) Unions (Apparently Jewish) Urge U.N. Aid Jewish State 10
03/02/1948 Commons Bitter Over Palestine (Terrorist Attack); Curb On Jewish Agency (By British) Hinted 11
03/02/1948 Wallace To Seek Negroes’ Support (In His Presidential Campaign) 16
03/03/1948 File Of Condon (Of Nat’l. Bureau Of Standards) Loyalty Test Demanded By House Inquiry (Wallace Defends Condon, P. 16) 1
03/03/1948 British Guns Back Haganah In Fight (Against Arab Positions) 1
03/03/1948 (International) Pact Is Agreed On For Migrant Labor (Geneva) 6
03/04/1948 $3,750,000,000 U.S. Loan Now Exhausted By Britain (Since July, 1946) 1
03/04/1948 German Recovery Foreseen By (Gen. Lucius) Clay 10
03/04/1948 Princess (Pauline Of Wuerttenberg, 70 Years Old) Indicted For Helping Nazis 12
03/04/1948 480 Applications For (U.S. War-Built) Ships Denied 51
03/05/1948 Party Of Haganah Is Ambushed By Arabs While Mining Road 1
03/05/1948 Abdullah (Trans-Jordan) Lays Arab Anger At U.S. To An ‘Injustice’ Done By A ‘Friend’ 10
03/05/1948 $35,000,000 Donated (United Jewish Appeal, Morgenthau) To Help Jews Abroad (Contributed In Less Than 2 Weeks) 11
03/05/1948 Memoirs Of Cordell Hull (35 Th Installment) Resigns Because Of Health (‘Dear Cordell’ Letter From Roosevelt) 25
03/06/1948 Zionists (Abba Hillel Silver) Vow (Palestine) Fight Even Without U.N. 2
03/06/1948 Synthetic Fuel Aid Of Billion Urged (By P. C. Kieth) 10
03/07/1948 Arms For Zionists Captured In Paris (Many Arms Parachuted Into France During War By The U.N. Now Available To Zionists) 2
03/07/1948 Six Top Nazis Ill In Spandau Prison 6
03/07/1948 Dismissed Czechs (Former Gov’t. Officials Before Russian Coup) To Work In (Czech) Mines (Assigned Work By Communists) 7
03/07/1948 German Paintings (Brought To U.S. In 1945 ‘For Safekeeping’) Will Be Sent Back (After Hanging Another 3 Weeks In The National Gallery Of Art, Washington) 36
03/07/1948 Job Discrimination Scored By Dulles 53
03/08/1948 Haganah To Draft American Citizens-Claims Right To Induct Them (See Later Entries) 1&7
03/08/1948 U.S. Files Protest On Haganah Draft (Throw U.S. Passports Into Harbor To Prevent U.S. Jews Departing Palestine) 7
03/08/1948 Arrival Scheduled: From Berlin Via Frankfurt A/M.-10:45 Am (American Overseas Airlines) 37
03/09/1948 Haganah Accord On Irgun Reported (Agree On ‘Co-Ordination’ Of Action But Not On Merger) 3
03/09/1948 Zionists Said To Declare Americans Free To Leave (Palestine Without Being Inducted By Haganah) 3
03/09/1948 Doings In Germany To Come Into Open (After Three Years?) 11
03/09/1948 School Insularity Blamed For Biases (By J. Curtis Dixon, President Of Southern Education Foundation) 19
03/11/1948 Masaryk Killed, A Suicide, Reds Say (Jumped 3 Stories From Apartment) 1
03/11/1948 ‘Reign Of Terror’ (In Czechoslovakia) Seen By Marshall 1
03/11/1948 Statement (By Dr. Jan Papanek, Former Czech Delegate To U.N.) On The Recent Communist Coup In Czechoslovakia 2
03/11/1948 More Than Meets The Eye In Masaryk Death, Says Friend 2
03/11/1948 Masaryk Escape Foiled By Police 3
03/11/1948 Molotov Sends Regrets On Death Of Masaryk-Gottwald Sends Condolences 4
03/11/1948 8 SS Officers Found Guilty Of Killings (Nuernberg Telford Taylor Tribunals-Allegedly Directed Mass Exterminations Of People In Twelve ‘Inferior Nations Overrun By The Nazis’) 10
03/11/1948 Equal Rights Urged For American Women 25
03/11/1948 German Film Men Told To Split Up (U.S. Zone Decartelization Law) 34
03/12/1948 Marshall Urges Calmness To Solve Crisis In World 1
03/12/1948 Reds Quit Nazi (Munich ‘Denazification’) Trials 10
03/12/1948 (Gerhart) Eisler’s Wife (Hilda) Held As Illegal Visitor (In U.S.) 19
03/12/1948 500,000 Books Sent To (German & Other) Youths Abroad (By ‘Books For Europe’) 21
03/13/1948 Clay Orders Halt In Decartelizing Germany’s Trusts 1
03/13/1948 Germans (Bavarians) To Try Hitler (Step Needed To Aid In Confiscation Of His Property) 7
03/13/1948 Colleges Warned On Bias By Lehman 8
03/14/1948 Moscow Food Crisis Seen; Throngs Line Up For Bread 1
03/14/1948 Goebbels’ Diaries Mirrored Nazism (The Goebbels Diaries) 5
03/14/1948 Hitler War Plant Making Jewelry (Evicted Sudetens Working In Former Smokeless Powder Plant) 7
03/14/1948 His Diary Explodes The Goebbels Myth (By H. R. Trevor-Roper, Lord Dacre) Mag. 9
03/15/1948 Goebbels’ Diary Discloses Early Worry Over Defeat (First Installment Of A Series) 1
03/15/1948 900 Ex-Vichy Aides (Barred From Holding Public Office In France) Urge ‘Christian’ Rule 4
03/15/1948 Picture: Adolph C. Glassgold To Direct Relief Work For Jews In Shanghai (Succeeds Charles Jordan As Jdc Director-7,000 Jews Still In Shanghai Under Jdc Care-Glassgold Was With UNRRA As Director Of Landsberg Center In Bavaria, Largest Jewish DP Camp In U.S. Zone) 8
03/15/1948 Full Page Advertisement: ‘Save The United Nations’-Liberal (Many Many Jewish) Supporting The Organization 18
03/16/1948 (Maj. Gen.) Myers Gets 20-Month-To-5-Year (Prison) Term 2
03/16/1948 (Jewish) Orphans To Quit (Bergen-) Belsen (461 Leaving For Palestine Via Marseilles By Special Train Under Jdc Auspices) 6
03/16/1948 70 Refugee (Jewish) Orphans To Farm And Study (Judaism) On Million-Dollar (Robert S. Brewster) Estate In Winchester 29
03/16/1948 Full Page Advertisement, Uja: ‘After Seven HoursHe Died With A Stone In His Hand’ (Heart-Rending Story Retold By Golda Myerson Showing Bravery Of Jewish Children In Palestine-250,000 Jewish DP’s In Germany, Austria, Italy, & Cyprus Morgenthau) 56
03/17/1948 Italy Gets 29 Ships In U.S. Amity Move (14 Returned After Seizure As Booty Plus 15 Liberty Ships!) 3
03/17/1948 German Ration Is Raised (From 1,550 Calories/Day To 1,560 Calories/Day-Imports Used To Vary Diet-1,560 Calories/ Day Had Been ‘Target’ Not Actual Diet) 13
03/17/1948 Goebbels Traces Goering’s Decline (3 D Installment Of Goebbel’s Diaries) 14
03/17/1948 (Seized) Art From Germany On View In Capital (National Gallery Of Art) 27
03/17/1948 Defy Southerners ‘Liberals’ Advised-Clark Foreman Tells City Group Of 300 Not To Be ‘Intimidated’ By ‘Reactionaries’ At Resorts 29
03/18/1948 3 Germans Jailed (By U.S.) In Kidnap Attempt (By Russians To Get A German ‘Anti-Communist’) 17
03/18/1948 Massacre Of Poles (Katyn) Used By Goebbels (4 Th Installment Of Diary Series) 23
03/19/1948 Mme. Joliot-Curie Detained At Ellis-Island On Her Arrival (On Lecture Tour For Anti-Fascist Group Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee) 1
03/19/1948 New Bill For Entry Of DP’s Is Foreseen (Stratton Bill-200,000 DP’s) 12
03/19/1948 (Brig.) General (Telford Taylor) Escapes In Parachute Leap (In Berlin, With Wife C-47 Developed Engine Trouble, Landed At Gatow) 13
03/20/1948 U.N. Frees Mme. Joliot-Curie Without Explaining Detention 1
03/20/1948 (Telford) Taylor Has Back Injury (From Parachute Jump In Berlin, See Above) 4
03/20/1948 Few Germans (Left) In Poland-Only 100,000 Left In Eastern Area, Warsaw Reports 4
03/21/1948 Celler Sees Shame In Palestine Act-Gossett Of Texas Calls Step Statesmanlike 6
03/21/1948 Mme. Joliot-Curie Guest Of Dr. Einstein 7
03/21/1948 Kenya To Keep (To Refuse Exit To) 300 Jews 12
03/21/1948 U.S. Backs Easing Of Denazification 26
03/22/1948 ‘De Facto’ (Jewish) Regime Exists, Jewish Agency Contends 1
03/22/1948 Allies Say Ruhr Needs More Food (Normal Consumer Receives Fewer Than 1,400 Calories/Day) 3
03/22/1948 Override Truman, Dr. S.S. Wise Urges 13
03/22/1948 Refugee Problem (DP’s) Held Key To Peace (By Lt. Col. Dayton H. Frost In Speech Before Hias Telsey Says 800,000 Jewish DP’s Live Outside The Camps) 26
03/23/1948 Socialism Called Base Of Europe (Marshall) Aid (By Hugh Dalton, British Delegate To International Socialist Conference, Sanderstead, England) 9
03/24/1948 Nazi Princess (Pauline, Wuerttemberg) Fined By (U.S.) Military Court 12
03/24/1948 Anxiety Of (Jewish) DP’s Seen Rising (By George Backer Of Ort) 14
03/24/1948 Galleries To Sell Letter Written By Lincoln To Explain His Emancipation Proclamation (Had No ‘Purpose To Enslave Or Exterminate The Whites Of The South-It Is Too Absurd’) 23
03/25/1948 Warplane Engines Shipped To Russia; Truman Ban Near 1
03/25/1948 (Gerhart) Eisler Gets 1 To 3 Years For Hiding Red Links 10
03/25/1948 Nazi Edifice Control Shifted To Germans 18
03/26/1948 Allies Order (Robert) Bosch (Firm) To Drop 20 Branches 14
03/26/1948 Three Nazi Killers Meet Death (Prof. Paul Nitsche, One Of His Male Nurses, Unnamed & Ernst Schmidt-At Dresden-Russians) 14
03/27/1948 4 Seized In Export Fraud Bared On Illegal Licensing (To Italy) 1
03/27/1948 2 Roosevelt Sons Support Move To Run Eisenhower As Democrat 7
03/27/1948 (Walter) Damrosch Resigns Arts, Letter Post 8
03/28/1948 4 Zionist Planes Bomb Arab Forces Attacking Convoy 1
03/28/1948 Clay Ends Trial For Lesser Nazis 1
03/28/1948 President (Truman) Scored In Rabbis’ Sermons 10
03/28/1948 Birobidjan Group Here Denies (Russian) Area Lags; Challenges (N.Y. Times, Feb. 15, 1948) Report On Soviet Jewish Colony (Is A Thriving And Beautiful City) 12
03/28/1948 DP’s In America: ‘We Have Become Alive’ Mag. 12
03/31/1948 Arabs, Jews Accept Geneva War (Conventions) Code 1
03/31/1948 Palestine ‘Minister’ Is Named By Britain 2
03/31/1948 U.S. To Deny Visas In Palestine Clash 3