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William Lindsey collection — 1948 NYT headlines

September 1948
Date Headline Page
09/01/1948 State Department Rift In ‘44 On Soviet Policy Told By Berle-Hiss Wanted To Appease Russia (He Continued In This At Yalta, Supported By Roosevelt And Again At The Formation Of The United Nations Organization At San Francisco!) 1
09/01/1948 4 Powers Confer In Berlin On Control Of Currency; Lifting Of Blockade Studied 1
09/01/1948 U.S. Is Reviewing (German) Reparations Policy 1
09/01/1948 Poles Hold Priest On Open Charge 5
09/01/1948 Western Germans Vote Berlin Aid On Eve Of Parliamentary Assembly 6
09/01/1948 Bavarians Regain Treasure Custody 7
09/01/1948 North Will Demand Rule Of All Korea 7
09/01/1948 Carusi Will Speed Visas To (Dp) Refugees (205,000) 8
09/01/1948 (David) Dubinsky Sets Up Unit To Aid Truman 16
09/01/1948 Dr. Alice Salomon (Picture) Dies In Exile At 76 23
09/01/1948 Way Open To Send Funds To Germany 33
09/01/1948 Picture: Robert H. Jackson, U.S. Prosecutor At Nuernberg And Felix Frankfurter (Both Supreme Court Justices) 48
09/02/1948 Governors Extend Parleys In Berlin To Traffic, Trade 1
09/02/1948 U.N. Spy Charges Called Baseless 4
09/02/1948 100,000 Are Sought For British Guard 7
09/02/1948 Arabs Counting Refugees 7
09/02/1948 Dispute Is Avoided By Church (World) Council (Of Churches, Amsterdam) 7
09/02/1948 Germany Organizes Assembly In West (Dr. Konrad Adenauer) 8
09/02/1948 Schacht Is Freed By German Court-Decision Must Be Approved By U.S. 9
09/02/1948 Arab Plan Splits Jerusalem In Two 11
09/02/1948 Clay Bars Shifting Costs Of U.S. Gifts (Information Centers, Etc.) To Germans 11
09/02/1948 Red Cross Gets Plea For Near East Jews 20
09/02/1948 (Professor) Charles A. Beard (Picture) Is Dead 23
09/03/1948 Truman Calls A Lie Charge He Shields Reds In U.S. Posts-’Red Herring,’ He Says 1
09/03/1948 U.S. Presents Plan On Money Control At Berlin Parley 1
09/03/1948 German (Dr. Konrad Adenauer) Predicts Success In West 6
09/03/1948 Israeli Army Women Here To Aid Appeal ($250,000,000-Chairman, Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) 8
09/03/1948 (Dr. Hjalmar Horace Greeley) Schacht Is Released From German Camp 9
09/03/1948 (Hermann) Goering ‘Enemy Of War,’ His Widow Tells (U.S. War Crimes) Court (At Her Trial) 10
09/03/1948 Truman Accepts Endorsement Of Liberal Party-Picture With (Columbia Univ. Professor) Adolf A. Berle, Jr. & Chairman Alex Rose 14
09/03/1948 German Girls (Now) Join (Girl) Scout Movement 22
09/04/1948 (Czech, Dr. Eduard) Benes Dies In Coma (Stroke) At 64; Czech Cabinet Meets Today (Picture P. 7, Vita) 1
09/04/1948 Communists Seize Berlin City Hall; 4 Party Talks Again 1
09/04/1948 (Leftist U.S. Prosecutor, O. John) Rogge, (Albert E.) Kahn Defend (Breslau) Intellectual Parley 4
09/04/1948 Jerusalem Talks Bring No Decisions 5
09/04/1948 Picture: Israeli Heroes Welcomed By Consul Here 5
09/04/1948 Red Cross To Lift Arab Refugee Lot 5
09/04/1948 Displaced Persons (1,800) Strike In Germany 6
09/04/1948 (Alleged) Nazi Diamond Loot In War Exhibited Here For Sale (6,000 Carats-Turned Over To Iro) 6
09/04/1948 All German (Metal) Scrap Is Now Allocated 19
09/05/1948 (Dutch Queen) Wilhelmina Giver Rule To Daughter (Juliana) 1&35
09/05/1948 4 Powers Achieve Further Progress In Berlin Parleys-Action By Sept. 15 Seen 1
09/05/1948 Inquiry Demanded On Texas (Voting Irregularities In Lyndon Baines Johnson-Coke Stevenson Democratic Senatorial) Primary 5
09/05/1948 Hunger Strikes Begun In Camps (Dachau And Allach) In Germany 15
09/05/1948 Germans Protest (Plant Dismantling) Restitution Plans 19
09/05/1948 14 Nations To Aid Palestine Exiles-(Count Folke Bernadotte Appeal) 26
09/05/1948 U.S. To Dispatch Jews In Europe, Other Than Fighters For Israel 26
09/05/1948 Jerusalem Rivals Quit Disputed Zone 27
09/05/1948 Cracow’s Children Still Pay For War 30
09/05/1948 Situation Is Grave In Southeast Asia 31
09/05/1948 Forrestal Foresees A Lifetime Of Tension 33
09/05/1948 Commission Named (By N.Y. Mayor O’dwyer) To Help DP’s Here 35
09/05/1948 Southern States Again Political Battlefield E-3
09/05/1948 Europe Needs Food Despite Big Crops E-4
09/05/1948 First Teach The Teachers-Paul Klapper Mag. 14
09/05/1948 Flynn, John T., The Roosevelt Myth, Devon Adair Col, N.Y Book 3
09/06/1948 Pope Says Church May Face Battle To Live In (Occupied) Germany 1
09/06/1948 Arab Leader Asks A Palestine State 4
09/06/1948 Rift Over U.S. Aid Referred To Clay 5
09/06/1948 (West) Germans To Study 4 Charter Drafts 7
09/06/1948 Shortage Of Steel For Months Seen-Gray Market Still Unchecked 19
09/07/1948 Red Mob In Berlin Seizes City Hall, Drives Out Council 1
09/07/1948 U.S., British Rebuff For Russia Likely On Parley Project 1
09/07/1948 (Ugo) Carusi And 6 Aides Flying To Germany 2
09/07/1948 New Trade Policy On Germany Voted 2
09/07/1948 Revisions By Clay In Aid Claim Likely 14
09/07/1948 Israel Blames U.N. For Peace Failure 15
09/08/1948 Fighting Disrupts Jerusalem Truce 1
09/08/1948 Russians Free Then Kidnap West Zone Police In Berlin 1
09/08/1948 (Ugo) Carusi Will Speed DP’s Here By Oct. 3 2
09/08/1948 (Picture: Konrad Goebbels, Brother Of Dr. Joseph Goebbels)Convicted As A Nazi 2
09/08/1948 Pictures In Germany: A Troubled Area And Scene Of An Attempt To Unite Her People (Konrad Adenauer) 3
09/08/1948 ‘War Games’ In Germany (U.S. And Britain) 3
09/08/1948 Negroes Propose A 7-Point Plan To Stop (End) Segregation In (U.S.) Services 15
09/08/1948 Education Called Help To Freedom (Columbia University Men’s Faculty Club) 27
09/08/1948 ‘Phantom’ Orders For War Goods Set-$1,000,000,000 43
09/09/1948 Marshall Urges Firm Stand Against Pressure In Berlin 1
09/09/1948 Berlin Rift Grows As U.S. Protests Violence By Reds 1
09/09/1948 (David) Dubinsky Asks Aid To German Unions 3
09/09/1948 Germans Report Abuse By Soviet-Edward A. Morrow 3
09/09/1948 Picture: Col. A. J. Drexel Biddle, Pre-War U.S. Ambassador To Poland 4
09/09/1948 Britain Cling To Dismantling (Of German Factories To Be Rebuilt In Britain); Opposes Change In (U.N.) German Policy 10
09/10/1948 Russians Fire On Defiant Berliners As 250,000 Protest Assembly Coups (By Reds) 1
09/10/1948 Truman Says U.S.Will Stay In Berlin Despite Pressure 1
09/10/1948 Hecklers Interrupt Bonn Charter Debate 2
09/10/1948 German Is Shot Defying Russians 3
09/10/1948 Western War Pool Nears In London; Announcement Awaits Our Election 4
09/10/1948 Gun Duel Shatter Jerusalem Peace 9
09/10/1948 Israel Ties Under Study, Truman Says At Parley 9
09/10/1948 Negroes Besought To Back President (Truman) 16
09/11/1948 U.S. United To Bar Any Aggression, Vandenberg Says-Russia Is Warned 1
09/11/1948 Bevin Gives Data On Berlin Crisis 6
09/11/1948 Record Berlin (Air) Lift Thwarts Russians 6
09/11/1948 Stern Group (‘Gang’) Kills 10 Arabs In Village 7
09/11/1948 Rules Made For DP’s To Become Residents (In U.S.) 13
09/11/1948 Gen. (Hugh A.) Drum Resigns As N.Y. Guard Head 30
09/11/1948 Jew’s Training Seen As A Survival Issue 30
09/12/1948 Russians Got Data On Bomb, Vail Says; Quotes An Officer 1
09/12/1948 Marshall Confers With Vandenberg, Briton On Berlin 1
09/12/1948 Russian Talk Adds To Berlin Tension 2
09/12/1948 Deadline (For Entry Into German Camp) Removed On Refugees Care (By Iro) 25
09/12/1948 Britain’s Liberals Hit Trial Of Nazis (German Generals) 30
09/12/1948 Sales Of Nazi (Alleged) Loot (By Iro) Resume This Week 56
09/12/1948 Battle For Berlin (Map) E-1
09/12/1948 Socialists Strong In Israeli Regime E-5
09/13/1948 Communists Fail To Rally Berliners Against The West 1
09/13/1948 Southern Revolt (Against Desegregation), Gaining Strength, Aids Republicans 1
09/13/1948 German (Dr. Kurt Schumacher) Cautions West On East Mark 3
09/13/1948 War Is Justified Only To Defend Our Way, Eisenhower Tellscentennial Fete 6
09/14/1948 Hyderabad Resists 3 Prong Invasion By Army Of India 1
09/14/1948 No War Peril Seen By German Editors (Eugen Kogon, Buchenwald ‘Survivor’ And Numerous Others Visiting Columbia University’sjournalism Seminar) 2
09/14/1948 Berlin Confidence In Air Lift Rising 8
09/14/1948 U.S. Britain Clash On Europe’s Trade 15
09/14/1948 Israel Told (By Count Folke Bernadotte) To Let 8,000 Arabs Enter (‘Re-Enter’ Territory Taken By Israelis) 17
09/14/1948 (Jewish) Iraq Merchant To Die For Aid To Palestine (Israelis) 17
09/15/1948 West’s Envoys See Molotov To Break Deadlock In Berlin 1
09/15/1948 Big 4 Fail To Agree On (Disposition Of) Italy’s Colonies 1
09/15/1948 Germans Ask Cut In Sentences On 5 (Sentenced By Russians) 6
09/15/1948 Israel Swears In A Supreme Court 16
09/15/1948 Neumann Warns On Israel’s Future 16
09/16/1948 Marshall Doubts Talks In Kremlin Will Bring Accord 1
09/16/1948 Israel Quarters Fear Arab Attack-Julian Louis Meltzer 4
09/16/1948 Clay Says Berlin Is Not ‘Putschable’ 15
09/16/1948 (Fritz) Thyssen Is Convicted As A Minor Nazi 15
09/16/1948 Britain To Revive Wartime Defense 17
09/16/1948 Dr. Zvi Wachsman, Jewish Journalist (Advisor To Czech Jan Masaryk, A Zionist Agent) Dead 29
09/17/1948 U.S. Soldiers Foil 3 Russian Forays Into West Berlin 1
09/17/1948 Molotov Calls On (Marshal Vasily) Sokolovsky To Answer Western Charges 1
09/17/1948 Heavy Gun Duel Rocks Jerusalem 2
09/17/1948 Picture: William Hallam Tuck, Director-General Of Iro 2
09/17/1948 Eastern Germans Begin Smuggling-Edward A. Morrow 5
09/17/1948 German Art Here To Go Back Today (At Least Some Of It!) 5
09/17/1948 Stalin Said To Have Called A 3 D World War Inevitable (Allegedly In Eduard Benes’s Notes) C. L. Sulzberger 10
09/18/1948 Nizam Surrenders To Indian Invasion; Orders Cease Fire 1
09/18/1948 (Swedish Count Folke) Bernadotte (U.N. Mediator On Palestine) Is Slain In Jerusalem; Killers Called ‘Jewish Irregulars;’ His Car Ambushed (In Israeli Area)-French Aide Dies-(Both) Shot At Point Blank Range (An Obvious Assassination) 1
09/18/1948 Stern Group (‘Gang’) Threatened Slaying; It Boasted A Record Of Terrorism 1
09/18/1948 Arabs Say Death Is A Loss To Peace 2
09/18/1948 Shock Voiced Here At News Of (Bernadotte) Killing 2
09/18/1948 Bernadotte’s Life Devoted To Others-Was High (Head Of Swedish) Red Cross-Himmler Sought His Services In Asking Peace With The West Near End Of World War-Sought Relief For Refugees (Vita) 3
09/18/1948 Arab Stern Group (‘Gang’) Leader (Scheikh Yushef Abu Gosh) Promises Killing Of British 3
09/18/1948 Germany, Austria Receive DP Quotas 4
09/18/1948 U.S. Will Bar (Further) Curb On German Radios-Edward A. Morrow 6
09/18/1948 Leniency For Nazi (Frau Ilse Koch, Wife Of Kommandant Otto Koch, Buchenwald & Majdanek) Arouses Germany 6
09/18/1948 Germany Shipping Scrap Metal Here 21
09/19/1948 Israel Jails 200 In Round-Up, Seizes Leading Sternists (Stern Gang); Troops Alerted For Strife-Jerusalem Sealed 1
09/19/1948 3 Western Envoys See Molotov Again On German Issues 1
09/19/1948 7,000 Tons Of Goods Flown Into Berlin In 24-Hour Record 1
09/19/1948 India Takes Over All Of Hyderabad 39
09/19/1948 Bernadotte’s Aide Describes Killing (Gen. Aage Lundstroem) 52
09/19/1948 Jewish Welfare Head Denounces Slaying; Calls Death Of Bernadotte A Loss For Peace 52
09/19/1948 World Expresses Sorrow At (Bernadotte’s) Death 55
09/19/1948 Israel Is Blamed (For Bernadotte’s Murder) In Note By (Ralph) Bunche-Charge Held Unwarranted (In Israel)-Israel Disputes Charge 56
09/19/1948 Palestine Tragedy E-1
09/19/1948 U.S. Air Lift Educates Germans And Russians E-4
09/19/1948 Palestine Poses Grave Problems For Big Powers E-4
09/20/1948 2 Sternist (Stern Gang) Chiefs Reported Fleeing; Israel Bars Gangs-Julian Louis Meltzer 1
09/20/1948 Russia Announces (Her) Troops Will Quit Korea By January 1
09/20/1948 Full Berlin Rule Now Held Chief Soviet Aim In Germany 1
09/20/1948 Marshall Reports Situation Critical; Departs For Paris (Picture) 1
09/20/1948 Reds Seize Papers Of West Berlin 2
09/20/1948 Arabs Hopeful For Consideration By U.N.; Hold Slaying (Of Count Bernadotte) Has Set Back Israel’s Position 3
09/20/1948 (Bernadotte) Slaying Menaces Israel Peace Talk-C. L. Sulzberger 4
09/20/1948 Blow At Israel Seen-Rabbi (Stephen S.) Wise Says Bernadotte Slaying Was ‘Deepest Folly’ 5
09/21/1948 Arabs Set Up Palestine Regime; Abdulla Bars It, Claims Country 1
09/21/1948 Bernadotte Urged An Imposed Peace Based On Recognizing State Of Israel 1
09/21/1948 Big 3 Discuss Berlin 1
09/21/1948 Soviet Plans German Force Of 100,000 Men In Its Zone 1
09/21/1948 Britain Is Held Set To Veto Israel (U.N.) Bid 2
09/21/1948 Text Of The Conclusions By Bernadotte In The Report On Palestine (Jews Would Receive Much Less Than They Later Got By Continuing War) 4
09/21/1948 Israeli Envoy Arrive (In U.S.) 6
09/21/1948 Terror Penalties Enacted By Israel 7
09/21/1948 Czechs Accuse U.S. Of Training Spies (‘Cic’-I Saw Germans Being Trained As Spies In Heidelberg In 1946 When I Was Coming Back From Switzerland With Lt. Gene Trausch) 16
09/22/1948 Marshall Backs Bernadotte’s Plan For Palestine Compromise Solution 1
09/22/1948 West Sending Moscow New Proposal 1
09/22/1948 Irgunists Disband, Join Israeli Army (Haganah) 1
09/22/1948 High Arabs Spurn Bernadotte Plan 3
09/22/1948 New Drive (‘Sos’ Of The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Is Opened To Aid Jews Abroad 4
09/22/1948 Picture: Dr. And Mrs. Ralph Sockman (Methodist-Returning From World Council Of Churches, Amsterdam, Holland) 5
09/22/1948 New Pattern Seen For Ruling Berlin-Edward A. Morrow 6
09/22/1948 Bizonal Germany Awaits Own ‘Rfc’ 6
09/22/1948 3-Power Pact To Spur Trizonal Merger 6
09/22/1948 U.S. Expected To Grant Visa To Red Dean As Educators, Bishops, Authors Back Visit 8
09/23/1948 Bevin Says West Is Firm Intention To Stay In Berlin 1
09/23/1948 Three Western Powers Ask Clear-Cut Russian Reply On Berlin Currency Issue 1
09/23/1948 Arabs Trap Convoy At Latrun, Kill 4, American Is Victim 1
09/23/1948 Bernadotte Plan Backed By Bevin 4
09/23/1948 Israel Counters Bernadotte Plan-Protests U.S. Proposal To Adopt It In Its Entirety 5
09/23/1948 U.S. Ready To Release Supplies To Refugees In Near East 5
09/23/1948 Soviets Put Curb On Berlin Trading 6
09/23/1948 Britain Setting Up Big Reserve Force 7
09/23/1948 Soviet Scoffs At Allied War Aid (U.S. Rebuttal) 11
09/23/1948 Soviet Widening Scientists Purge (Lysenko-Michurin Theories On Genetics) 14
09/24/1948 U.S. Bars Compromise On Basic Issues But Does Not Wish To Raise Tension, Marshall Tells Soviet In U.N. Speech 1
09/24/1948 Clay Explains Cut In (Frau) Ilse Koch Term (Sentence)-Tells Army Department That Evidence Did Not Warrant Life Sentence Imposed (By U.S. War Crimes Tribunal) 3
09/24/1948 Latest Notes To Moscow Designed To Show West’s Desire To End Rift 3
09/24/1948 Gang Curb Upheld By Israeli Council 8
09/24/1948 Iraq Hangs Wealth Jew For Arms Aid To Zionists 8
09/24/1948 Red Mogen David Aid Pledged By Truman 8
09/24/1948 Dr. Silver Attacks Marshall On Zion-Imposition Of ‘Iniquitous’ Terms On Israel 9
09/24/1948 (U.S.) Immigration Laws Called Inflexible 9
09/25/1948 Stalin Aide Sure Of War With U.S. 13
09/25/1948 Picture: David Dubinsky 14
09/25/1948 Soviet Threatens Berlin (Air) Lane By Anti-Aircraft Maneuvers-Seven Hour Drill 1
09/25/1948 British Seek Speed On Palestine Issue 5
09/25/1948 Marshall, Bevin Confer On Berlin 5
09/25/1948 Arab Gunfire Halts Israeli Traffic; ‘Burma Road’ Shelled For First Time 5
09/25/1948 26 Sternists (Stern Gang) Flee Jail; 25 Back One Hour Later 5
09/25/1948 War Threat Seen By British Lords 6
09/25/1948 Texas Vote Writ Stands-(Lyndon Baines) Johnson’s Appeal In Senate Contest To Go To Circuit Court 7
09/26/1948 West Cool To Bid By Soviet On Arms 1
09/26/1948 Vishinsky Asks 5 Powers To Cut Arms By Third; Says U.S. Aides Plot Attack; Moscow Outlines Position To Berlin 1
09/26/1948 Figl Says Russians Bar Austrian (Neutrality) Pact 6
09/26/1948 West Berlin Shuns Communist Rally 10
09/26/1948 Columbia Installs Eisenhower Oct. 12 (As President) 79
09/26/1948 The Two Main Plans For Partition Of Palestine (Besides Benardotte’s-How Soon They Forget!) E-5
09/27/1948 Berlin Issue Goes To U.N. Council; 3 Powers See A Threat To Peace 1
09/27/1948 U.S. White Paper Indicts Russia-Stalin Is Assailed (Text P. 6-9) 1
09/27/1948 Keep Powder Dry, President (Truman) Urges In Plea For Peace 1
09/27/1948 U.N. Seen Facing Its Worst Crisis 1
09/27/1948 (Ralph) Bunche Demands Halt To Shooting (In Palestine-’Acting U.N. Mediator’) 2
09/27/1948 Migration Of DP’s To Israel Urged 2
09/27/1948 DP’s Urged To File Names (By Hias) 2
09/27/1948 Soviet Bid For Berlin Air Control Was First Proposed By (Marshal Vasily) Sokolovksy (General Clay’s ‘Friend’) 3
09/27/1948 Kiev Pravda Reports Lwow Bishop Slain 3
09/27/1948 British Doubt War Over Berlin Issue-Vienna Road Blocked 4
09/27/1948 Washington Firm On Berlin Air Run 5
09/27/1948 ‘Voice’ (Of America) Will Beam Stand On Germany 5
09/27/1948 Course In U.N. Set By Marshall 10
09/28/1948 Bevin In U.N. Warns Russia Britain May Turn To Blocs; Lays Alone Guilt To Soviet 1
09/28/1948 End Of Occupation Urged By Germans (Berlin City Council)-Edward A. Morrow 1
09/28/1948 Moscow Envoy Sees Truman; Takes Grave View But Doubts War 1
09/28/1948 Britain Gloomy Over West’s Stand On Berlin; Press, Public Worried About Plans Of U.S. 7
09/28/1948 Western Officials Worried Over (Air) Lift 8
09/28/1948 Tel Aviv Admits Fatal Air Attack (On Arab Plane) 12
09/29/1948 (Thomas E.) Dewey Bars Any Compromise Of Our Principles On Berlin 1
09/29/1948 Western Europe Forms Military Body-Defense Objective 1
09/29/1948 Goods Of Russians Seized In Berlin 1
09/29/1948 Israel Held Ready To Consider Splitting Jerusalem And Negeb 1
09/29/1948 Gi Abuse Charges In Germany Backed 2
09/29/1948 3 Notes On Berlin Are Ready For U.N 2
09/29/1948 Soviet Rights Hit By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 4
09/29/1948 (Ralph) Bunche Declares Israel ‘Negligent’ 6
09/29/1948 Senate Explores Frau (Ilse) Koch’s Case (Sentence) CommutationIs Under Formal Investigation 4
09/29/1948 U.S. Asks Russia To Negotiate Debt 14
09/29/1948 City Communists Bar The Bernadotte Plan 21
09/29/1948 Texas (Lyndon Baines Johnson Voting Fraud Writ) Is Stayed By (Roosevelt Appointed Justice Hugo L.) Black 22
09/29/1948 Foreign Investing In Japan Urged 49
09/30/1948 U.S.Protests Soviet Buzzing Of Planes Going To Berlin (In The Assigned Corridors-Text, P. 4) 1
09/30/1948 Israel Governor (Dr. Bernard Joseph) Says (Ralph) Bunche Errs 2
09/30/1948 Israel, Arabs Glad U.N. Delays Debate 2
09/30/1948 U.S. To Keep Peace, Sullivan Asserts 5
09/30/1948 Bernadotte Plan Scored (By Morris Rothenberg) 6
09/30/1948 U.S. Scientist (Prof. H. J. Muller) Quits Moscow Academy 11
09/30/1948 Senate Body Seeks (Frau Ilse) Koch Case Details 11
09/30/1948 Doomed Buchenwald Aid (Herman Pister) Dies (Hanged By U.S. Army At Landsberg Prison) 11
09/30/1948 Return Of More Ships (To U.S.) Demanded Of Russia 12
09/30/1948 (Roosevelt Appointee, Justice Hugo L. Black) Orders (Lyndon Baines) Johnson Name Put On Texas (Senatorial) Ballot 19
09/30/1948 Oklahoma (University) Is Told (By Federal Court) To End Negro Ban 25
09/30/1948 Light On (Frau Ilse) Koch Case 26