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William Lindsey collection — 1948 NYT headlines

December 1948
Date Headline Page
12/01/1948 British Drop Bernadotte (Palestine Partition) Aim; Back Our Palestine Proposals 1
12/01/1948 Chiang (Kai-Shek) Prepares To Shift Capital And Head Army 1
12/01/1948 Communists Form (Pro-Russian) Regime In Berlin As Election Nears 1
12/01/1948 Mme. Chiang (Kai-Shek) In U.S., Silent On Mission 2
12/01/1948 Text Of Letter (To Marshal Vasily D. Sokolovsky) By Clay 4
12/01/1948 Israel Rally Gets Pledge Of (Truman’s Continued) Support (From Rabbi Stephen S. Wise & Walter White [NAACP]) 5
12/01/1948 Federal Inquiry Into (Irgun Zwai Leumi Terrorist Chief, Menachem) Begin Sought-Washington Judaism Group 6
12/01/1948 Vishinsky Warns (U.N.) Veto Must Stand 8
12/01/1948 High Post Is Given Sir William Strang 9
12/01/1948 Master Plan Made For West Defense 13
12/01/1948 Catholics Assail ‘Nazi’ Gibe At (Immigrant) DP’s 15
12/01/1948 Justice To All Jews Urged By Dr. (Rev. Richard) Niebuhr (Yale University) 22
12/02/1948 Mme. Chiang (Kai-Shek) In Washington (Picture); Reception For Her (By Former ‘Friends’) Is Modest 1
12/02/1948 U.N. Body (Assembly) Approves Genocide Text Ban 1
12/02/1948 West Implies Step To Curb Soviet Bid For All Of Berlin 1
12/02/1948 Abdulla (Jordan) Named ‘King Of Palestine;’ Fatal Riots In Syria, Cabinet Quits 1
12/02/1948 Forrestal Urges West Europe Aid (In Rearming) 1
12/02/1948 U.S. Acts To Return Baltic (84 Estonian) Refugees (To Russia)-Celler Fights (Their) Deportation 4
12/02/1948 Communists Fight Berlin Socialists 5
12/02/1948 Soviet Children Held By U.S., Moscow Says 5
12/02/1948 French Plan For Control Of The Ruhr Accepted In Part By U.S. And Britain 8
12/02/1948 More Top Germans Flee Soviet Zone 9
12/02/1948 Pro-Partition Bid On Palestine Fails 13
12/02/1948 Palestine Problem Debated By Forum 13
12/02/1948 Rift Seen Ending In Palestine Fund 14
12/02/1948 (Menachem) Begin’s Hosts Here Assail His Critics 14
12/02/1948 (Dr. Chiam) Weizmann Defines Jerusalem Claims 16
12/03/1948 Suchow Claimed By Chinese Reds; Airfield Is Fired 1
12/03/1948 U.N. Council Delays Action On Israel’s Membership Bid 1
12/03/1948 Soviet Pledges Aid To Berlin Regime In Eastern Sector 1
12/03/1948 French Assembly Condemns U.S. And British Plan On Ruhr 1
12/03/1948 West To List Bars To Berlin Accord 1&4
12/03/1948 Russians Use Yule Trees To Woo West Berliners 2
12/03/1948 Germans Fearful Of Food Collapse 3
12/03/1948 Educator (Dr. Karl W. Bigelow, Columbia University) Gets National UNESCO Post As Representative Of Christians And Jews 4
12/03/1948 Lobbying Marks U.N. Bid By Israel 5
12/03/1948 (Dr. Albert) Einstein Assails Begin (‘Freedom’) Party 5
12/03/1948 (U.S.) Mail Service To Israel 5
12/03/1948 U.S. Brands U.N. Veto As Threat To Peace; Warns Russia Situation May Get Out Of Hand 6
12/03/1948 Czechs Get Pact On German Trade 8
12/03/1948 Chinese Miners Prefer Red Rule To A Nationalist ‘Scorched Earth’ 10
12/03/1948 Truman Will See China’s First Lady (Mme. Chiang Kai-Shek)-No Statement On Promising More (Or Any) U.S. Aid (It Surely Wasn’t Like The Good Old Days!)-She Visits Marshall 10
12/03/1948 Labor Output Aim Applied In Japan 12
12/03/1948 Abolish Negro Ban, U. Of Missouri Urges 19
12/03/1948 Jewish Leaders Ask DP Act Amendments (American Jewish Congress-Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 19
12/04/1948 End Of Racial Segregation Asked By (Federal Council Of) Churches’ (Of Christ In America) Council 1
12/04/1948 Rio Defense Pact, Americas’ Alliance Becomes Effective 1
12/04/1948 Conciliation Plea For Palestine Rift Prepared By U.N 1
12/04/1948 Eastern (Pro-Russian) Berlin Mayor (Friedrich Ebert) Bows To Russia As ‘Only Authority’ 1
12/04/1948 (Gen. William E.) Riley (Usmc) Sees Peace Near In Palestine 2
12/04/1948 Israel Withdraws UNESCO Application; Use Of Spanish Is Heated Issue At Parley 2
12/04/1948 (Syngman) Rhee Sees U.N. Delay As Blow To (South) Korea 2
12/04/1948 Jewish Non-Zionists Clash In Rumania With Zionists 2
12/04/1948 Military Control Rules In Damascus 2
12/04/1948 (American Jewish Congress [Rabbi Stephen S. Wise]) Asks Full Israeli Status-De Jure U.S. Recognition 2
12/04/1948 Ruhr Curb Pushed By French Envoy (Henri Bonnet) 3
12/04/1948 U.S. To Encourage New German Shops 3
12/04/1948 West To Use Only (U.S.-Issued) Deutsche Mark In Berlin Sectors Before Jan 1 3
12/04/1948 Nazi Plane-Maker (Dr. Claude Dornier) Freed 3
12/04/1948 U.S. And West Form Air Defense Link 4
12/04/1948 U.S. Role In The World 4
12/04/1948 Mme. Chiang (Kai Shek) Sees Marshall 4 Hours 5
12/04/1948 Microfilm In Pumpkin At The Chambers Farm (Alger Hiss Investigation) 5
12/04/1948 (Gen. Joseph T.) M’narney Predicts 10,000 Mile Missile 6
12/05/1948 Palestine Conciliation Body Is Voted By U.N. Committee 1
12/05/1948 5,000 In Berlin Defy Pro-Soviet Regime On Eve Of Election 1
12/05/1948 China Requesting 3 Billion In U.S. Aid 1
12/05/1948 Briton (Adrian Liddell-Hart) Fears Rise Of (Traditional) German Clique 2
12/05/1948 Dismantling (Of German Industry) Halt By U.S. Protested (By England, Norway, Belgium & Greece) 9
12/05/1948 Europe Continues To Hamper Itself 16
12/05/1948 Easing Of U.S. Laws For DP’s (Immigration) Is Urged (Carl Levine, Field Worker For American Friends) 25
12/05/1948 Chiang (Kai-Shek) Held Ready To Go To Formosa (Exile) 40
12/05/1948 Picture: American Marines Return From Palestine Duty 62
12/05/1948 Former Hitler Yacht (‘Grille’) Is Offered For Sale (By The American And Overseas Chartering Corporation) 66
12/05/1948 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
12/05/1948 Israel Now Appears Moving Ahead Surely-Edwin L. James E-3
12/05/1948 Only Real China Help Held To Be Self-Help-Henry R. Lieberman E-5
12/05/1948 The Atlantic Alliance: Major Problems And The Gods-Hanson W. Baldwin E-5
12/05/1948 Proof For Vishinsky: There Is An Iron Curtain-Edward Crankshaw Mag. 7
12/06/1948 86.4% Berlin Vote Defies Soviet, Backs Democracy; Three Powers Warn Russia (Text, P. 5)-Polling Is Orderly 1
12/06/1948 (Sumner) Welles Studies (Hiss-Chambers) Spy Papers 1
12/06/1948 Germans ‘Boycott’ British Over Plant Dismantling 3
12/06/1948 Arab World Feels First Tremors Predicted After (Their) Palestine Defeat 8
12/06/1948 U.S. Navy Vessel To Take Blankets To Refugee Arabs 8
12/06/1948 Stern Group (‘Gang’) Chief (Nathan Friedman-Yellin) Brought To Trial (Related To Bernadotte’s Murder) 9
12/06/1948 Zionist Band In City (Founded By Vladimir Jabotinsky, ‘Revisionist’ Zionist And Father Of The Irgun Zwai Leumi) Reviewed By (Former Irgunist Chief, Menachem) Begin 9
12/06/1948 U.S. Aid To Chiang (Kai-Shek) Scored In Tientsin 11
12/07/1948 Nanking’s Armies Reported Trapped 1
12/07/1948 (Under-Secretary Of The Army, Robert P.) Patterson Is Head Of Freedom House (Begun And Supported Journalist By Dorothy Thompson [Mrs. Sinclair Lewis]) 4
12/07/1948 Double Airlift Asked For Berlin 5
12/07/1948 Picture; (Pro-U.S. Mayor Of Berlin) Ernst Reuter 5
12/07/1948 U.S. Is Seen Winning ‘Propaganda’ War (Against Former Ally, Russia-Douglas Schneider, State Department’s World Wide Information Program) 6
12/07/1948 U.S. Hails Courage Of Berlin Voters 8
12/07/1948 Allies Weigh Rift On (Their Dismantling Of) German Plants 9
12/07/1948 Israel’s U.N. Bid In Council Today 14
12/07/1948 Terror Predicted In Arab Countries 14
12/07/1948 (Dr. Albert) Einstein Is Assailed By (Irgunist) Menachem Begin 14
12/07/1948 Mme. Chiang (Kai-Shek) Hopes For A World Peace-Aid To China Is Lagging (‘Lacking’ Is Better!) 18
12/07/1948 20,000 Refugee Nationalist Soldiers Jam Into Tientsin And Tangku To Beg And Loot 8
12/07/1948 (U.S. Chief Prosecutor At Nuernberg Tribunal) Justice (Robert H.) Jackson’s Statement Explaining Vote For Hearing Of The Japanese War Crimes Appeals 21
12/07/1948 High (Supreme) Court Calls Bermuda Base U.S. ‘Possession’ For Wage Act (To Settle Claims Of Wages Of Wartime Workers Employed, By U.S. There), (Robert H.) Jackson Warns Of Critics Abroad 26
12/07/1948 Maryland Paying Negroes’ Tuition (A Number Of Southern States Paid Tuition For Their Negro Student’s Who Chose, For One Reason Or Other, To Study Outside The Existing Negro Educational System Set Up For Them Within The State) 29
12/08/1948 Berlin Workers Flee Soviet Area At Risk Of Lives-General Exodus Growing 1
12/08/1948 U.S. Advises Austria It Is Ready To Reopen Peace Treaty Talks 1
12/08/1948 Clay Says Man Flee Soviet Zone 4
12/08/1948 Dr. (Paul) Heller, Citizen; Long Nazi (Buchenwald) Captive 4
12/08/1948 Third (Dr. Hjalmar Horace Greeley) Schacht Trial As Top Nazi Ordered (By Lower Saxony Denazification Council) 4
12/08/1948 Dismantling (Of German Industry By Victors As War Booty) Accord For Germany Closer 6
12/08/1948 Paris Looks To U.S. For More Aid In ‘49 7
12/08/1948 Picture: The Free University Of Berlin Formally Opened (In Berlin’s Titania Palast-To Compete With The Established Humboldt University In The Russian-Controlled East Sector) 8
12/08/1948 (James P.) Warburg Attacks Our Foreign Policy 12
12/08/1948 British Blow Up (German Torpedo Testing) Ranges 12
12/08/1948 Egypt’s Tanks Hit (Attacked) In New Negeb (Desert) Fight 17
12/08/1948 Truman To Seek $16,000,000 Fund To Aid Refugees Of Palestine War 18
12/08/1948 Iro Hopes To Place 800,000 In New Homes 18
12/08/1948 Rabbi (William F.) Rosenblum In Appeal To Pope 18
12/08/1948 Israel’s Admission By U.N. Is Receding 19
12/08/1948 U.S. Set To Defend Shanghai (U.S.) Colony 19
12/08/1948 Mme. Chiang (Kai-Shek) To Be Guest Of The Trumans At Tea 20
12/08/1948 (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Funds For DP’s At High-Budget Is 70 Million 20
12/08/1948 High Court (Japanese War Crimes) Ruling Puzzles Japanese-Raises Issue Of Jurisdiction Of 11-Nation Tribunal 21
12/09/1948 Chinese Will Urge Appraisal On Spot By High U.S.Officer 1
12/09/1948 Britain Wants U.N. To Enjoin Israel 1
12/09/1948 New U.S. Supplies Arm Chiang (Kai-Shek Suchow) Forces 11
12/09/1948 Threats By Sternists (Stern Gang) To Bernadotte Aired 12
12/09/1948 New Negeb (Desert) Thrust Is Costly To Egypt 13
12/09/1948 Gaza Regime Bars Rule By Abdulla (Jordan) 13
12/09/1948 3 Czechs Testify At (Frau Ilse) Koch Hearing (Dr. Paul Heller, Dr. Paul Zenki & Dr. Kurt Sitte) 18
12/09/1948 (Germans) Fear Ex-Nazi Control-Edward A. Morrow 19
12/10/1948 U.S. Abandons Plan To Deconcentrate Industry In Japan 1
12/10/1948 Mme. Chiang’s (Kai-Shek) Trip (To U.S. To Obtain U.S. Military Supplies) Held To Be Failing (Map, 21) 1
12/10/1948 Bevin Says Russia Has Seriously Hurt Berlin Amity Hope 1
12/10/1948 Text Of Proposed Constitution For State Of Israel 6
12/10/1948 Ancient Law Seen In Israel Charter 7
12/10/1948 3 Nations Soften Plan On Israel 8
12/10/1948 (Edward M. M.) Warburg Sees Economic Security In 3 Years For Europe’s Jews; Gain Already Reported 8
12/10/1948 Picture: Raphael Lemkin-’Genocide’ And Axis Rule In Occupied Europe: Laws Of Occupation, Analysis Of Government, Proposals For Redress 12
12/10/1948 U.N. Votes Accord Banning Genocide 12
12/10/1948 Russians Tighten Berlin Blockade 17
12/10/1948 U.S. Studies Berlin Press (Forrestal Final Authority!) 19
12/10/1948 (Lack Of U.S.) Aid To China Explained-Help Will Not Be Military 21
12/11/1948 Churchill Favors Ties With Israel, U.N. Seat For Spain (Excerpts, P. 4) 1
12/11/1948 China Under Martial Law; Truman Hears Mme Chiang (Kai-Shek) 1
12/11/1948 U.S., South Korea Sign Eca Pact For $300,000,000 1
12/11/1948 7 Countries Confer In Capital For Atlantic Pact (Picture, P. 6) 1
12/11/1948 U.N. Delays Action On Palestine Pact 1
12/11/1948 German Future Causes Rift In Relations Of U.S., France 6
12/11/1948 Paris Jeopardizes Marshall Plan Aid 6
12/12/1948 (Egyptian King) Farouk Denounces Palestine Merger (Under Jordanian King) Abdullah 1
12/12/1948 12 Spy Papers Disclosed, One Held Written By Hiss; Inquiry Here To Get Films 1
12/12/1948 U.N. Creates Commission On Palestine Conciliation; U.S., France, Turkey Named 1
12/12/1948 M’arthur Warns U.S. On China Trend 1
12/12/1948 Big Nanking Army Said To Disappear 3
12/12/1948 Greek Army Acts In Peloponnesus 12
12/12/1948 War Diary (Gen. Franz Halder) Proves Nazi (England) Plan 19
12/12/1948 Clay Says Blockade Reaches Saturation 20
12/12/1948 New Israel Program Listed By Histadrut 43
12/12/1948 Exports To Soviet In Berlin An Issue-Edward A. Morrow 44
12/12/1948 Duty To DP’s Cited To All Localities (By Raymond M. Hilliard) 45
12/12/1948 Movement Of DP’s To U.S. Still Lags 47
12/12/1948 Firm U.S. Policy Seen As China’s Great Need-Clayton Knowles E-5
12/12/1948 Inflation Problem Hits West Germany-Edward A. Morrow E-5
12/12/1948 Refugees Create Big Arab Burden E-5
12/13/1948 Abdulla (Jordan) Warned By Moslem Reds 1
12/13/1948 China’s Reds Flank Defense Of Pengpu With Rail Thrusts 1
12/13/1948 Seoul (Syngman Rhee, ‘South Korean,’ Pro-U.S.) Government Recognized By U.S. 3
12/13/1948 Israel-Arab Union Stressed By (Abba) Eban 4
12/13/1948 Israel’s Chief Rabbi (Dr. Isaac Halevi Herzog) Honored By Yeshiva 4
12/13/1948 Britain S Leaning To Tie With Israel 4
12/13/1948 Arab States Face Crisis 4
12/13/1948 Nazi-Soviet Deals Described In Diary (War Journal Of Gen. Franz Halder) 5
12/13/1948 ‘All German’ (Pro-Russian) State Is Projected For Russian Zone By April 5
12/13/1948 Communists Assail Zionists In Rumania 6
12/13/1948 American (John Jay Mc Cloy [Long Tom Sabotage Charges From World War I & Similar Charges Against Germany Between The Wars]) Is Made Patron Of German Town (Rothenburg Ab Der Tauber, Hardly A Military Objective) He Saved (Halted The Intended, Impending Aerial Bombardment [Probably A La Dresden] Of The Ancient City) 8
12/13/1948 Mme. Chiang (Kai-Shek) Is Hailed (By Methodists) 9
12/13/1948 (Wagnerian Soprano, Kirsten) Flagstad Cheered At Recital Here-Is Scored By Crowd Of Pickets (Husband Accused Of ‘Collaboration’ In Norway!) 19
12/14/1948 (Paul G.) Hoffman Pledges Aid To A Coalition With Reds In China 1
12/14/1948 Western Nations Seek U.S. Deputy 1
12/14/1948 Merging Of (U.S.-British-French) Sectors In Western Berlin Is Asked By (Pro-U.S.) Mayor (Ernst Reuter) 1
12/14/1948 Union With Arab Palestine Approved By Trans-Jordan 1
12/14/1948 Alger Hiss Offers To Resign His Job 3
12/14/1948 Picture: Representative Richard M. Nixon 3
12/14/1948 Nazis Misjudged Russian (Military) Strength (Gen. Franz Halder’s War Journal) 7
12/14/1948 West Germans (Konrad Adenauer) Ask Free Hand To Rule 8
12/14/1948 Nazi Aide (Field Marshal Albert Kesselring) Reported Free 8
12/14/1948 German Aid Goods To Have U.S. Label 9
12/14/1948 Outlook For Meet Gloomy In Britain 12
12/14/1948 Iro To Study Aiding Israel Immigrants 18
12/14/1948 Britain (Hector Mc Neil) Says Israel Got Czech Planes (Messerschmitts, Built In Skoda Works) 19
12/14/1948 Australia Plans Centers To Clear DP Adoptions 21
12/14/1948 China’s Reds Push Closer To Peiping 24
12/15/1948 Key Chinese Body Calls On (U.S.) Congress For Greater Help 1
12/15/1948 Palestine Arabs Defy Their Allies (Arab League) 1
12/15/1948 (Adolf A.) Berle Alters View On Red Peril Here 1
12/15/1948 U.S. Army Court In Germany Denies Jury Trial To Wife In Soldier Death (Constitution Left Behind [In U.S.A.]) 1
12/15/1948 Peace Talk In China Gaining Momentum As Result Of The Reds’ Threat To Peiping 4
12/15/1948 Peiping Prepares For Red Assault 5
12/15/1948 U.N. Group Fears New Java Clash 5
12/15/1948 Japanese Question U.S. Tactics In East 6
12/15/1948 Enthusiasm For U.S. Dwindling In Japan As Intellectuals Bemoan ‘Onion Economy’ 6
12/15/1948 Urges U.S. Aid Arabs 7
12/15/1948 German Army Plan Denied By (Kenneth C.) Royall 10
12/15/1948 U.S. Fails To Sway France Over Ruhr 11
12/15/1948 Israel Alleges Britain Supplies Arms To Arabs (But Certainly No Spitfires Or Messerschmitts!) 11
12/15/1948 Erp German Help Totals $68,9845,000 15
12/15/1948 Kesselring Back In Jail 18
12/15/1948 Soviet Hits (Dr. Herman J.) Muller As Science Betrayer (Trofim D. Lysenko Genetics Controversy) 20
12/15/1948 Hope Of 85 Estonians (‘DP’s’) To Stay In U.S. Grows 22
12/16/1948 (Alger) Hiss Indicted For Perjury In Communist Spy Inquiry-New Jury To Meet Today-Theft Of Norden Bomb Sight For Russia In 1938 Reported 1
12/16/1948 No Expanded Help To China (From U.S.) Indicated 1
12/16/1948 Russia To Return 31 Naval Vessels (‘Loaned’ By U.S. In War) 1
12/16/1948 U.S. Aides Question (Irving) Ross Death Witness (In Vienna) 11
12/16/1948 Trade Pact Links Austria, Germany 12
12/16/1948 Reds Aim To Rule All Berlin In 1949 14
12/16/1948 Israel Asks Talks At High Level Only 17
12/16/1948 3-Way Barter Deal Looms In Europe 47
12/17/1948 New Spy Documents Show 1937 Nazis (A Sincere Trade Pact!)Overtures To Us 1
12/17/1948 Egyptian Charge (Negeb [Note Change In Spelling] Desert) Attack By Israel (Map, P. 4) 1
12/17/1948 German (News) Papers Get New Lease On Life (With U.S. Approval And Right Of Censorship Naturally!) 2
12/17/1948 West In Deadlock On German Terms 3
12/17/1948 (Pro-Us) Berlin Assembly Strips Nazis (Hitler, Goering, Goebbels, And Frick), Red (Wilhelm Pieck) Of Honor Roll (Honorary Citizens Of Berlin) 3
12/17/1948 Quaker To Handle Aid To Arab Refugees 4
12/18/1948 Council Rejects U.N. Bid By Israel; 5 Nations Abstain 1
12/18/1948 U.S. German Units To Join Western Unions In Crisis 1
12/18/1948 Peiping Like A Doomed City; Nanking Outpost Withdraws 1
12/18/1948 U.S. (Occupation) Personnel Free Of German Law 3
12/18/1948 (General Hideki) Tojo Hearings End In (U.S.) Supreme Court 5
12/18/1948 Giving China To Reds (As The U.S. Seems To Be Doing) Suicidal, Says (Pro-U.S. President Of ‘South Korea,’ (Syngman) Rhee 5
12/18/1948 Freedom Urged For West Germans-(American) Civil Liberties Union Would Elect To All Benefits Enjoyed By American Citizens (‘Roman’ Citizenship?) 6
12/18/1948 Germans Divided On Constitution-(Konrad) Adenauer’s Leadership May Be Affected 6
12/18/1948 (Berl) Locker Calls For Aid To Israel Program 6
12/18/1948 Third Of Surviving Jews (4,100) In Yugoslavia (Go To Israel) 6
12/19/1948 Dutch Open Blows On Indies Republic; Bomb Hits Capital 1
12/19/1948 Russians Willing To Discuss Austria 1
12/19/1948 U.S. Arms Help To China Set At 2 Billion Since V-J Day 1
12/19/1948 (British Chief Prosecutor At Nuernberg Tribunals, Sir Hartley) Shawcross Declares Starvation Is Greatest Peril Facing World 1
12/19/1948 New (Secret U.S. State Department) Papers (Documents From John C. Wiley, U.S. Consul, Vienna) Tell Pressure (Against Austria) By Nazis 4
12/19/1948 World DP Problem Work Of (United Jewish Appeal) Convention 15
12/19/1948 Israel Says Egypt Sabotaged U.N. Bid 16
12/19/1948 Non-Nazi Papers Get Plant Leases (From U.S. Military Government-Gen. Lucius Clay)-Edward A. Morrow 22
12/19/1948 (Western U.N.) Squabbling Hurts West German Plan 25
12/19/1948 (Swedish Count Folke) Bernadotte Widow Here 34
12/19/1948 Negro Unity Yet Lags For South Africans 36
12/19/1948 The News Of The Week In Review E-1
12/19/1948 Scant Chance Is Seen For (Red-Chiang Kai-Shek) Coalition In China-But If One Is Formed, It Is Likely To Be Dominated Bycommunists E-4
12/19/1948 Europe Finds Erp Plan Difficult To Achieve E-5
12/19/1948 Israel-Abdulla (Jordan) Treaty Approached With Caution E-5
12/20/1948 Dutch Take Chiefs And Java Capital; U.N. Body Is Called 1
12/20/1948 Nehru Denounces Dutch Java Action 1
12/20/1948 Problem Of Order Faces U.S. In Japan Under New (Mac Arthur) Decree 1
12/20/1948 Palestine War Ended, (Ralph) Bunche Says; Final Solution Held ‘Well On Way’ 1
12/20/1948 Rome Seeks Arab State In Libya That Would Collaborate With Italy 1
12/20/1948 German (‘Voice Of America’) Broadcasts Set 4
12/20/1948 Morgenthau Asks (Jewish) Refugees Be Freed (From Camps On Cyprus-Head Of United Jewish Appeal) 8
12/20/1948 Egyptian Defeats Exposed By Amman 10
12/20/1948 Austrian (Oskar Helmer) Assails (Black Market) Traffic To Israel 10
12/20/1948 U.S. Loan To Israel Urged On Truman 11
12/20/1948 Dp Act Assailed (By Harry N. Rosenfield) As Discriminatory (Against Jews) 11
12/20/1948 Gaullists Advise New German Plan 20
12/21/1948 (U.S.) Supreme Court Denies Plea Of Japanese War Criminals(‘Convicted’ By Alleged International Tribunal, Controlled By U.S. Army 1
12/21/1948 Rival Mufti For Jerusalem Named By King Abdullah (Jordan) 1
12/21/1948 U.N.’s Java Group Assails The Dutch (Text, P. 6) 1
12/21/1948 Communists Seize Nanking Generals 3
12/21/1948 Cabinet For China Formed By (Dr.) Sun Fo 3
12/21/1948 Indonesians Urge U.S. Halt Dutch Aid-British Are Annoyed 7
12/21/1948 Dutch Army Races In 2 Indies Drives (Map) 8
12/21/1948 Pleas To Asia Made By Java Republic 9
12/21/1948 Curb On Licensing Pleases Germans 10
12/21/1948 Change In U.S. View Toward Axis Seen (William J. Dickman) 10
12/21/1948 Israel Leader (Menachem Begin, Former Leader Of Irgun Zwai Leumi Terrorists) Here 10
12/21/1948 Cartels Revival In Germany Shown 11
12/21/1948 Russians Accuse French Of Thefts (Of Cattle In Berlin) 12
12/22/1948 U.S. Will Demand Dutch End Attack On Java Forthwith 1
12/22/1948 West Establishes A 3-Power Regime To Rule In Berlin 1
12/22/1948 Ruhr Conferees Agree In Principle 1
12/22/1948 562 Groups Listed As Red Or ‘Fronts’ 4
12/22/1948 (Gen. Sir Brian) Robertson Denies Rumors About Rearming Germany 4
12/22/1948 Surakarta Taken By Dutch Forces 5
12/22/1948 Indonesian Sees Long War In East 5
12/22/1948 Japan Apathetic On (U.S.) Court’s (War Criminal) Ruling 9
12/22/1948 Occupation Keeps Pressure On Japan 9
12/22/1948 549 More DP’s Land After Rough Trip 14
12/22/1948 Hope Dwindles In Germany For Return Of 1,000,000 Missing, Mostly (POW) In Russia 16
12/22/1948 Buchenwald Aides Saved-Clay Commutes Death Sentences 17
12/22/1948 Abdullah (Jordan) Resists Arab Pressure To Renounce Palestine Union (Annexation) Aim 18
12/22/1948 Mrs Paul Ehrlich (Dead At 84), Widow Of Noted Scientist (Came From Germany Six Years Ago) 24
12/23/1948 Chiang (Kai-Shek) Exit Urged Within His Cabinet 1
12/23/1948 (Gen. Hideki) Tojo And 6 Others Hanged By Allies As War Criminals 1
12/23/1948 U.S. Arms To China Urged By Dr. Tsiang 3
12/23/1948 The Official Report Of The Japanese Execution (By U.S.) 6
12/23/1948 Careers Of Men Hanged In Japan (By U.S. Army) 7
12/23/1948 Tojo And Hirota Left Memorials 7
12/23/1948 Tokyo (War Crimes) Cases May Go Before World Court 7
12/23/1948 Germans (POW) Get Tito Bid 10
12/23/1948 (U.S.) Immigration Law Assailed At Forum-(Edward) Corsi Urges Changes 12
12/23/1948 Israel To Get 2 (Douglas C-47 Transport) Planes 12
12/24/1948 (Former Assistant Sec. Of State, Francis B.) Sayre Identifies Stolen Spy Papers As From His Office-Adds Only 4 Had Access (To Them-Trial Of Alger Hiss) 1
12/24/1948 U.N. Says Israelis Launch Negeb (Desert) War By Land, Sea, Air-Attack On Gaza Reported 1
12/24/1948 Class A’ Tokyo War (Criminal) Cases Ended; Mac Arthur Frees Rest Of Top Men 1
12/24/1948 (Gen. Hideki) Tojo Cried ‘Banzai’ Awaiting Gallows 2
12/24/1948 Germany To Keep (Exchange) Rate ($0.30 Per Mark) On Currency 4
12/24/1948 Lags In German’s Food Deliveries Bring Stern Warning By U.S. Aide 4
12/24/1948 Refuge In Germany Is Like Boys’ Town (‘Usa’ ?) 4
12/24/1948 7-Day Week For Ruhr Is Weighed As Move To Bolster Steel Output 4
12/24/1948 Yule Service For 7 (Spandau Prison) Nazis (Leave Solitary Confinement-How Very Very ‘Christian!’ Or Was It ‘Hanukkah?’) 4
12/24/1948 Mme. Chiang (Kai-Shek) Continuing Mission (To Get U.S. Military Aid) 4
12/25/1948 Fighting In Negeb (Desert) Ends After A Day 1
12/25/1948 Kalgan Won, Chinese Reds Report; New Threat To Nationalists Seen (Map) 2
12/25/1948 Seven Nazis In Spandau Prison At Service; Hess And Others Together For First Time (Since Incarceration By Un) 8
12/25/1948 U.S. ‘Voice’ (Of America) To Tell World How We Mark Christmas 8
12/25/1948 Mrs. (Etta Kahn) Shiber Dies; Nazi Foe In War (Wrote Best Seller Paris Underground 18
12/25/1948 Israeli Securities To Be Traded Here 21
12/26/1948 Dutch Take Last Of Major Cities In Java Fighting (Map, P. 38) 1
12/26/1948 Full Blackout For Israel Ordered After Air Raids 1
12/26/1948 Communists Name Chiang (Kai-Shek) A War Criminal 1
12/26/1948 Troops For Israel Trained By Czechs-600 RecruitsEnroute To Palestine-1,500 Await Passage 19
12/26/1948 Ibn Saud (King, Saudi Arabia) Opposes Palestine Merger 20
12/26/1948 Dozen Parties Dot Politics In Israel 22
12/26/1948 Germany Seen A Frontier-Boundary Of Democracy (Peter Fraser, New Zealand) 26
12/26/1948 German Doctors Assisted By West 30
12/26/1948 New West German (Pro-U.S.) State Encountering Big Delays-Edward A. Morrow E-4
12/26/1948 The News Of The Year In Review: Outstanding Trends And Events E-8
12/27/1948 (Sumner) Welles Stricken, Lies In Field For Hours In Icy Weather 1
12/27/1948 Negeb (Desert) Fight Rages In Air And On Land; Tel Aviv Area Hit (Map, P. 4) 1
12/27/1948 (U.S.) Senators Propose ‘Bestial’ (Frau) Ilse Koch (Estranged Wife Of Buchenwald Commandant, Otto Koch) Stand New Trial-Finds No Doubt Of Guilt-Would Avoid Double Jeopardy By New (Ex Post Facto) Charge To Army Or German Court (Excerpts, P. 12) 1
12/27/1948 Gen. Fu Yields Kalgan Intact; Link To Purge List Rumored 1
12/27/1948 Jerusalem Arabs Endorse Abdullah 4
12/27/1948 Zionist Groupings Are Active In U.S. 5
12/27/1948 Jewish Group (World Jewish Congress-Rabbi Stephen S. Wise & Dr. Nahum Goldmann) Tells U.N. Of Persecution By Arabs 5
12/27/1948 6 Treaties Signed In Western (Pro-U.S.) Zones 12
12/28/1948 Truman Says Some Russian Leaders Want ‘An Understanding With Us;’ Charges Soviet Violates Its Pledges 1
12/28/1948 (Joseph) Cardinal Mindszenty (Budapest) Seized By Red Regime In Hungary 1
12/28/1948 New Israeli Push Is Said To Cut Off Large Cairo Force 1
12/28/1948 Chinese Reds Urge U.S. Firms To Stay (In China) 1
12/28/1948 Israelis Accused In Report To U.N. (Text & Map) 4
12/28/1948 (Former Irgun Zwai Leumi Terrorist Chief, Menacham) Begin Returns To Tel Aviv 5
12/28/1948 Europeans Want More U.S. Troops 6
12/28/1948 (Frau Ilse) Koch Finding (By U.S. Senate Demanding A New Trial) Praised (By Rabbi Irving Miller) 6
12/28/1948 Dp Baby Born At Sea Hailed As American 6
12/28/1948 Nazis Spurned Idea Of Atomic Bomb-Dr. (Werner) Heisenberg Says Germans Were Far Advanced But Lacked Hitler Support (The Also Lacked The Heavy Water For Moderation Which The British Commandos Destroyed In A Raid On Norway) 10
12/28/1948 Russia Uses 30,000 Women At Slave Labor In Uranium Mines, Escaped German Says (Map) 10
12/28/1948 Pressure Is Kept On Chiang (Kai-Shek) To Quit 12
12/28/1948 Guerrilla Attack Reported In Java 14
12/29/1948 Egyptian Premier (Mahmoud Fahmy Nokrashy Pasha) Is Slain By Cairo Student Terrorists 1
12/29/1948 U.N. Calls On Dutch To Free Prisoners; Sets 24-Hour Limit (An Ultimatum?) 1
12/29/1948 6-Power Ruhr Pact Sets Up Authority To Rule (German) Industry (Text, P. 6) 1
12/29/1948 Israeli Bombers (Type And Origin Not Mentioned) Launch Gaza Blow 1
12/29/1948 Move By Clay Spurred Row Leading To Accord On Ruhr 7
12/29/1948 France Satisfied On Ruhr Security 8
12/29/1948 Plan For Ruhr Control Authority (By Occupation Powers) Is Bitterly Assailed By Germans 8
12/29/1948 Poles Seek Curb On German Claims (For Revision Of Oder-Neisse (Roosevelt-Stalin Polish-German Boundary) 8
12/29/1948 9 More Japanese Sentenced (By U.S.) To Hang 10
12/29/1948 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Sees Israel’s Right In U.N 10
12/29/1948 Negeb (Desert) Cease Fire Urged By Britain 12
12/29/1948 Truman Chooses (Joseph B.) Keenan (Formerly Of Japanese War Crimes) For Palestine Commission 12
12/30/1948 U.N. Orders Halt To Negev (?) Fighting; Israelis Exodus 1
12/30/1948 Dutch Rebuff U.N. On Cease Fire Now, Will Comply Soon 1
12/30/1948 Chiang (Kai-Shek) Summons Generals To Talk 1
12/30/1948 Forrestal Seeks Greater Authority To Rule Armed Forces And Aid Allies; Truman Asks Unified Foreign Program 1
12/30/1948 Refugee Children Get Education Aid 3
12/30/1948 (Robert A.) Lovett Hits (Chinese) Reds On Chiang (Kai-Shek) ‘Crimes’-Assails Chinese Communists For Labeling Top Nanking Officials War Criminals 3
12/30/1948 Negeb Goals Won, Israelis Indicate 4
12/30/1948 Eisenhower’s Book (Crusade In Europe) Is Assailed In Berlin 4
12/30/1948 British Are Cool To Complaints From Germany On (Occupation Powers’) Ruhr Authority 6
12/30/1948 Communists Urge Big Ruhr Protests 6
12/30/1948 Britons Envy Germans-Get More Food Than They Do 11
12/31/1948 Nanking Anxiously Awaiting Chiang’s (Kai-Shek’s) Message On Course 1
12/31/1948 Fighting Continues In Southern Negeb (Desert); U.N. Order Delayed 1
12/31/1948 No China (Military) Aid Now, Truman Indicates 4
12/31/1948 Allies Plan Talks On German Issues 5
12/31/1948 Germans Discuss Rebuilding Army 5
12/31/1948 U.S., Germany Planning Exchange Visiting-’Plant Seeds’ Of Democratic Action 5
12/31/1948 End Of Soviet Zone Plans For (Pro-Russian) Regime Is Indicated In Statement By (Lifelong German Communist, Wilhelm) Pieck 5
12/31/1948 German Protests On Ruhr (Control By Occupation Powers) Rejected 5