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William Lindsey collection — 1948 NYT headlines

November 1948
Date Headline Page
11/01/1948 U.S. Will Caution Americans To Quit North China Area 1
11/01/1948 Israel Claims Rout Of Arabs In North; Peace Talks Seen 1
11/01/1948 Erp Official (Irving Ross) In Vienna Slain; Witness Accuses 4 Russians 1
11/01/1948 Palestine Delay Opposed In London 2
11/01/1948 Israel Dissolves Palmach (Socialist-Inspired, ‘Elite’ [Sometimes Suspected Of Bernadotte’s Murder Etc.] Services 3
11/02/1948 Ross Death Inquiry Blocked By Soviet 1
11/02/1948 (Dr. Ralph) Bunche Says Truce Rules In Palestine; Israel Rebuffs U.N 1
11/02/1948 Israel Rebuffs U.N. On Lebanon Action 13
11/02/1948 Abdulla (Jordan) Pledges Arab Peace Unity 13
11/02/1948 Turkey Puts New Ban On Emigration To Israel 13
11/02/1948 (Harry) Montor (Executive Vice-President, United Palestine Appeal) Quits Post In Palestine Fund-Charges Money Raised In U.S. Is Used To Change Social Structure In Israel 14
11/02/1948 Irgun (Zwai Leumi) Chief (Menachem Beigin Or ‘Begin’) Asks U.S. Visa 14
11/02/1948 Morgenthau Sees Israel Soviet Free 15
11/02/1948 Urgent Plea Made For Arab Refugees 15
11/02/1948 U.S. Prestige At New Low Among Arabs; Political Fight Is Acontributory Factor 15
11/02/1948 Germans Opposing Soviet Zone Police 17
11/02/1948 Germany’s (Industrial) Output Climbs, Clay Says 20
11/02/1948 Britain Repudiates Robertson’s Suggestions For Withdrawal Of Troops From Germany 21
11/02/1948 Living Like A King, DP Here Declares 27
11/02/1948 Hanging Of Nazis Opposed (By Joseph Cardinal Frings, Koeln) 29
11/03/1948 Truman Leads Dewey In Late (Election) Returns 1
11/03/1948 Rule Here Of Aid For Israel Denied 23
11/03/1948 Britain Will Try Germans (Von Rundstedt, Von Mannstein & Strauss) In March 32
11/04/1948 Truman Wins With 304 Electoral Votes (21,000,000 To 19,500,000 Popular Votes) 1
11/04/1948 Japan Held Guilty Of Aggressive War (By U.S. War Crimes Tribunal) 1
11/04/1948 Truman Votes Disappoints Nanking; Hope For Full Aid From Dewey Gone 1
11/04/1948 Germans Hopeful Over Vote In U.S. 20
11/04/1948 Arabs Are Upset By Truman Result 23
11/04/1948 ‘Politics’ Hit In U.N. On Palestine Issue 26
11/05/1948 U.N. Orders A Withdrawal In Negeb (Desert), Shelves Sanctions 1
11/05/1948 (‘Imt’ [U.S. Military War Crimes Tribunal, Tokyo Tribunals) Court Holds Army Led Japan To War-Tojo Dozes In Dock 1
11/05/1948 Bevin Says British Serve With Arabs 10
11/05/1948 Israeli Attack Reported 10
11/05/1948 Vienna Reds Accuse U.S. In Ross (Killing) Case 12
11/05/1948 West Will Project Germans’ Charter (‘Constitution’) 14
11/06/1948 (John Foster) Dulles Says U.S. Is Rearming Because Of Fear Of Russia 1
11/06/1948 Israeli Rejection Of U.N. Order Seen; Egyptians Retreat 1
11/06/1948 Germans Cancel Schacht Release (From Custody In War Crimes Charges) Pending New Study Of Nazi Ties 1
11/06/1948 Truman Gets Plea By Hadassah Head (Mrs. Samuel W. Halperin) 2
11/06/1948 Zionists Denounce U.S. Action In U.N 4
11/06/1948 U.N. Unit Backs Aid For Arab Refugees 4
11/06/1948 Isolated Egyptians Withdraw From El Majdal Toward Gaza 4
11/06/1948 14 Nazis Executed (By U.S. Army At Landsberg Prison) For War Murders 6
11/06/1948 U.S. Protest On (Czech) Arms To Palestine Barred 6
11/07/1948 U.N.’s Truce Chief (Gen. William E. Riley, Usmc) Reported To Hold Israelis Have Won 1
11/07/1948 Israel To Charge Britain Aids Arabs 1
11/07/1948 Clay Is Confident On Winter Air Lift 1
11/07/1948 Hadassah To Build Hospital In Negeb (Desert) 1
11/07/1948 (James G.) Mc Donald Visions A Strong Israel 1
11/07/1948 (Rabbi Israel Goldstein) Assails ‘Intrigue’ Against Israel 3
11/07/1948 Egyptians Retire Gain In Palestine 5
11/07/1948 Israel Maps Case Against Britain 5
11/07/1948 Abdullah (Jordan) Moves For Peace Denied 5
11/07/1948 German Editors (Columbia Univ. ‘Seminar’-Eugen Kogon Included) Depart 5
11/07/1948 Austrians Attack Russian Seizures (Of Austrians) 13
11/07/1948 Conference To Aid Jews 17
11/07/1948 Western Germans (Labor Union) Plan Price Strike 17
11/07/1948 Military Aid To Europe Is Next Step For U.S. E-8
11/07/1948 Bizonia (British And U.S. Zones Of Germany) Enjoying Boom, Soviet Zone Far Behind E-12
11/07/1948 ‘If We End The Occupation In Germany’-German Problem Still Exists-Max Beloff Mag. 9
11/08/1948 Russian Took Ross Into Custody Before He Was Slain In Vienna 1
11/08/1948 Timoshenko (Katyn) Urges Soviet To Be Alert To Protect Peace 1
11/08/1948 Soviet Moral Deteriorates In Germany, U.S. Aide Says 1
11/08/1948 Arab Peace Offer Told Of By Israeli 1&10
11/08/1948 Nanking Prepares Suchow Defenses 2
11/08/1948 German Reds Ask Backing Of Police 6
11/08/1948 U.N. Role Changed, Israel Aide (Dr. Nahum Goldmann) Says 9
11/08/1948 (Jacob) Javits Asks Truman Move-Loan To Israel And (Full) Membership In U.N 9
11/08/1948 British Data Link Israel To Russia 10
11/08/1948 Peace Bid By Major Arab Country Reported 10
11/08/1948 Israel Marks Time On U.N. Negeb Plan 10
11/08/1948 Hadassah Backs Arab-Israeli Talks 11
11/08/1948 39 (Jewish Survivors) Refugees Arrive From Europe By Air 23
11/09/1948 New Compromises Drafted To Settle The Berlin Crisis 1
11/09/1948 U.S. Said To Retract Support For Plan To Punish Israel 1
11/09/1948 Montgomery Sees Generals In Germany In West Parley 1
11/09/1948 Seoul Is Dismayed By Chiang (Kai-Shek) Losses-Wonder About (Lack Of Promised) U.S. Aid 3
11/09/1948 The Peril Of A Red China 4
11/09/1948 All-Out War Held Japan’s Plan In ‘40 5
11/09/1948 Picture: Rabbi Leo Baeck, Ex-Chief Rabbi Of Berlin, Spent Entire War In Germany-Sent To Thereseienstadt Shortly Before The End Of The War 7
11/09/1948 Israel Applies A Curfew To Detain All For Census 7
11/09/1948 Fall Of Gaza Predicted 7
11/09/1948 Hadassah Aide (Michael S. Comay) Asks Firm U.S. Policy 8
11/09/1948 (Dr. Horace Greeley Hjalmar) Schacht Eludes Search 8
11/09/1948 802 DP’s Sail For U.S. 8
11/09/1948 Red Front Party Set Up In Berlin 9
11/09/1948 French Have Fear Of West Germany 10
11/10/1948 Atlantic Defense Pact Talk Likely To Begin Next Week 1
11/10/1948 Israel And Egypt In Secret Talks, Arab Source Says 1
11/10/1948 Israel Asks Inquiry On British Troops (Serving With Arabs) 1
11/10/1948 Japan Held Guilty Of Aggressive War (By U.S. War Crimes Tribunal) 2
11/10/1948 Nanking Held ‘Desperate’ In U.S. Committee On Aid Program 2
11/10/1948 Arab Treasures Strained By War 4
11/10/1948 Picture: Girls Accused As Members Of Stern Gang In Palestine 4
11/10/1948 Death Asked For 21 Of Nazi Diplomats (By Robert M. W. Kempner, Former Robert H. Jackson Assistant And Himself A Refugee, Nuernberg, Telford Taylor Tribunals) 9
11/10/1948 Figl Assures Jews Of Role In Austria 9
11/10/1948 Mass Negro Education Is Pushed 25
11/10/1948 Lord Bearsted (Walter Horace Samuel), 66, (Jewish) Leader In Oil Field (Chairman, Shell Transport & Trading Co.-Vita) 29
11/10/1948 Aide To Japan Asked In Paying Own Way 43
11/11/1948 Nanking, Shanghai Get Martial Law; Suchow Is Flanked 1
11/11/1948 German Ruhr Industry Rule Ordered By U.S. And Britain 1
11/11/1948 Soviet Threatens To Down Aircraft Outside Lift Lanes 1
11/11/1948 Court Finds Envoy (Saburo Kurusu) Knew Tojo (Pearl Harbor Attack) Scheme 2
11/11/1948 Torture Tied To (Japanese) Army 2
11/11/1948 (Admiral King) Modifies (Kimmel-Stark) Blame For Pearl Harbor-Were Guilty Only Of Errors In Judgement (In Not Reacting Properly To Information Which Existed In Washington But Of Which They Were Not Made Aware?) 3
11/11/1948 U.S. Warned By (Bulgarian Georgi) Dimitrov (Reichstag Fire Figure, Now Not So ‘Heroic’) 6
11/11/1948 Israeli Requested To Explain Arrest (Of U.N. Truce Officer) 10
11/11/1948 Israel Financing Stresses Housing 11
11/11/1948 To Aid (500,000) Arab Refugees 13
11/12/1948 (General Hideki) Tojo Condemned By (U.S. War Crimes Tribunal) Court To Hang; 24 Others Guilty-6 More Are Doomed 1
11/12/1948 Millions Of (Trade Unionist) Germans Stop Work In Protest Against Cost Of Living 8
11/12/1948 U.S. Said To Favor New Israel Plan-Would Save What Is Left Of Bernadotte Project 10
11/12/1948 Cairo Reports Arab Decision To Fight On If Israeli Forces Do Not Retire In Negeb (Desert) 10
11/12/1948 Stern Band (Gang) Threatens 11
11/12/1948 More Jews Leave Turkey 11
11/12/1948 Last Relics Of Hitler Being Razed By Soviet 17
11/13/1948 Marshall Brands Soviet Peace Drive Propaganda Move 1
11/13/1948 Israel Confirms Direct Arab Talks; 2 States Involved 1
11/13/1948 Dooming Of (Gen Hideki) Tojo (By U.S. War Crimes Tribunal) Impresses Japan 1
11/13/1948 Marshall Silent On Bernadotte Aim 7
11/13/1948 Independents (Committee Of Contributors And Workers) Map Own Aid To Israel 7
11/13/1948 15 Germans Hanged (By U.S. Army At Landsberg Prison) For Torture Killings (Alleged At Mauthausen Concentration Prison) 9
11/13/1948 Chinese General Lays Defeat To Corruption (Gen. Fu Tso-Yi-What! No ‘Mickey Marcus For The Chinese?’) 9
11/13/1948 (British) ‘Red Dean’ Urges East-West Peace 32
11/14/1948 Israel And Egypt Get (Ralph) Bunche Order To Retire In Negeb 1
11/14/1948 Evatt And Lie Call On Big 4 To Hold Talks On Berlin 1
11/14/1948 Vishinsky Sees U.S. War Plot 1
11/14/1948 Germans To Hear U.S. Railroad Men (Edward Adams, Pennsylvania Railroad) 2
11/14/1948 Russians In Berlin Restate Pact Hope 6
11/14/1948 British Bar Talk During Blockade 7
11/14/1948 Germans Criticize French Investors 10
11/14/1948 Israel Will Speed Negeb (Desert) Colonizing 12
11/14/1948 Aid For Refugees Sought 12
11/14/1948 Solution Is Seen For Jewish DP’s (By Dr. William Haber, Palestine) 14
11/14/1948 Austrians Held Grateful For Help, Feel Occupation Slows Recovery 27
11/14/1948 Guilty Japanese (Found ‘Guilty’ By U.S. War Crimes Court) Bar Clemency Bid 30
11/14/1948 Dr. Julius Curtius Dies In Germany (71) 77
11/14/1948 Israel Sees Peace If Big Powers Permit It (Map) E-4
11/14/1948 President And Conscience Of Israel (Dr. Chaim Weizmann) Mag. 10
11/14/1948 A China Crisis Is A Crisis For Us Mag. 12
11/14/1948 Palestine Solvent Mag. 20
11/15/1948 Israel Balks At U.N. Order For No Man’s Land In Negeb (Desert) 1
11/15/1948 (British) ‘Red Dean’ Predicts Peace With Russia 2
11/15/1948 More Delays Seen On Israel Borders 4
11/15/1948 Fund Of 2½ Billion (Dollars) Sought For Israel 4
11/15/1948 Truman Asked To Aid Demands Of Tel Aviv (Mizrachi) 4
11/15/1948 Israel Sanction Fared (By Emanuel Celler)-Celler Says They (The Jews) Would Turn To The East (Russia) 4
11/15/1948 Israel Plans Plea For Mideast Jews (Map) 5
11/15/1948 Israel Called Aid To Jews’ Culture (Salo Baron, Columbia University) 6
11/16/1948 U.S. Warns Citizens To Get Out Of China As Red Troops Gain 1
11/16/1948 Murdered Eca (Economic Cooperation Administration) Agent (Irving Ross) Sifted Soviet Acts 1
11/16/1948 Druse Sharpshooters Add To Woe Of Israel By Offering To Join Up (With The Jews) 1
11/16/1948 Five Leaders Quit Palestine Appeal 2
11/16/1948 (Marshal) Zhukov Seen Replaced As Odessa Commander 2
11/16/1948 Picture: The United Nations Comes To The Rescue Of Arab Refugees 3
11/16/1948 Bar To Jewish DP’s (Into U.S.) Cited (By Hias) 3
11/16/1948 (U.N.) Resolution On Palestine 4
11/16/1948 War Supplies (Still) Sent By U.S. To Russians 4
11/16/1948 Soviet Disperses Army In Germany 5
11/16/1948 West Redefining Germans’ Status 7
11/16/1948 Ruhr Assurances Offered By British-French Ask Ruhr Body 7
11/16/1948 Show (‘Night Of Stars’) Nets $110,000 For Jewish Appeal 24
11/17/1948 Truman Bars 4-Power Talk On Berlin During Blockade; Soviet Urges Chiefs Confer 1
11/17/1948 Palestine Armistice Ordered By The (U.N.) Security Council, 8-1 1
11/17/1948 Extreme Rightists Gain In Germany 2
11/17/1948 Bizonal Financing (Of British & U.S. Zones In Germany) By Army Opposed 3
11/17/1948 3 Powers Advance West German Plan 3
11/17/1948 U.N. Refugee Budget Set ($2,500,000) 3
11/17/1948 3 Countries In Fao Would Bar Israel 4
11/17/1948 Warrants Out For 9 (In Miami, Florida) For Israeli Smuggling 5
11/18/1948 Israeli-Arab Talks Collapse; U.N. Move Blamed (By Jews) 1
11/18/1948 West Stands Firm For Blockade End Before Big 4 Talk 1
11/18/1948 De Gaulle Assails U.S. Policy On Ruhr 1
11/18/1948 Amg Aide (Mrs. Lorena Hahn) Urges Help For Germans 2
11/18/1948 French Give Plan For Ruhr Control 3
11/18/1948 (Gen Sir Brian) Robertson Chides German Officials 3
11/18/1948 U.N. Halts, Waiting Plan On Palestine 5
11/18/1948 Drop Negeb (Desert) Order, Jewish Body (Union Of American Hebrew Congregations) Urges 6
11/18/1948 Sumner Welles Honored-A Citation At Dinner Of American Jewish Congress (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Spoke) 6
11/18/1948 Churchwomen Ask Protestant DP Aid 6
11/18/1948 (Capt Fritz) Wiedemann (Friend, World War I Commander, San Francisco Consul, And Confidant Of Adolf Hitler) Is Fined As Nazi In Name Only 9
11/19/1948 Israel Informs U.N. She Stays In Negeb (Desert); Some Troops Out 1
11/19/1948 Quick Aid By U.S. Sought By Chiang (Kai-Shek); Truman Retreat 1
11/19/1948 Truman, Forrestal Discuss Europe, Delay China Talk 1
11/19/1948 Our Policy In China Is ‘A Mess,’ Max Eastman Tells Afl Meeting 1
11/19/1948 Handling Of Nazis (By U.S.) Scored (By John J. Posner) 2
11/19/1948 Texts Of British (Palestine) Resolution And (Ralph) Bunche Letter 8
11/19/1948 British Move Plan To Split Palestine 9
11/19/1948 Jewish Bodies Get UNESCO Parley Bid 10
11/19/1948 Nazi Woman (Gertrud Scholz-Klink) Is Jailed (18 Months) 12
11/19/1948 Berlin Assembly Defies Russians 13
11/19/1948 German Financing Declared Faulty 14
11/19/1948 Ruhr Output Rule Pushed In London 14
11/19/1948 Danish Professor After Survey Finds Norse Were Here (In U.S.) First (‘Kensington Stone’) 29
11/20/1948 Israel And Egypt Asked To Confer On Peace Borders 1
11/20/1948 French Ruhr Plea Made To Marshall 1
11/20/1948 50-Year North Atlantic Pact Is Drafted By Western Bloc 1
11/20/1948 802 Joyous DP’s Debark At Boston 2
11/20/1948 All-Out Fight To Curb Anti-Semitism Here Is Urged As Necessary To Preserve Israel 2
11/20/1948 (Menachem) Begin, Former Irgun (Zwai Leumi) Head Coming To U.S. For Funds 2
11/20/1948 U.N. Refugee Help In Palestine Voted 2
11/20/1948 Larger U.S. Force In Germany Urged-Edward A. Morrow 2
11/20/1948 Picture: Wedding Picture, King Farouk & Farida (Divorced, See P. 1) 5
11/20/1948 15 Germans Executed (By U.S. Army At Landsberg Prison) For Crimes In War (Total Of 73 Executions In Last 6 Months) 6
11/21/1948 U.S. Bars Frontier Changes Without Israel’s Consent; Insists On Additions Be Offset-Urges Entry In U.N. (Text, P. 3) 1
11/21/1948 Full Aid Or None For China Is Urged (By D. Worth Clark, Idaho) 1
11/21/1948 Israeli Heads Hail New (Pro-Israeli) Stand Of U.S. 2
11/21/1948 Child Fund To Aid All German Zones 4
11/21/1948 Rabbi (David H. Panitz) Urges Action On (Palestine) Partition Plan 5
11/21/1948 Terrorist Group Arrested In Cairo 5
11/21/1948 Lebanese Actions Scored At UNESCO 6
11/21/1948 (Dismantling (Of German Industry) Feared By French 10
11/21/1948 China Policy Needed-Hanson Baldwin 29
11/21/1948 U.S. Troops Ready To Go, Korean Says 30
11/21/1948 Rule On Patents Asked For Japan F-1
11/21/1948 Berlin Airlift Working Despite The Weather E-4
11/21/1948 Questions Of The Ruhr Divide Western Powers E-4
11/21/1948 U.S. Stake In China Is Political, Not Military-Walter H. Waggoner (And In Korea And Viet Nam?) E-5
11/21/1948 ‘(Winston) Churchill Vs. (Aneurin) Bevan-An Olympian Feud’ Mag. 7
11/21/1948 Eisenhower, Dwight D., Crusade In Europe, Doubleday & Co., N.Y Book 1
11/22/1948 Israelis Declare Egyptians Extend Lines In The Negeb (Desert, Map P. 12) 1
11/22/1948 Chinese Reds Warn U.S. Military Aid Is Aggression 1
11/22/1948 Stand On Britain By Arabs Shifting 11
11/22/1948 Food For Israel Sought 11
11/22/1948 Israelis To Start Picking (Arab-Planted) Citrus 11
11/22/1948 Israel Influx Set At 120,000 In Year 13
11/22/1948 Israel Seen As Leader (By Robert R. Nathan) 13
11/22/1948 Zionist Group Aids Appeal Dissidents 13
11/22/1948 Dr. Sizoo Suggests New U.S. Slogan (‘Make Democracy Safe For The World!’) 16
11/22/1948 Berlin (Air) Lift Costs Put At $100 A Ton 43
11/23/1948 Soviet Asks U.N. Set Peace In Palestine On Partition Plan 1
11/23/1948 Reds Take Paoting; Peiping Is Uneasy 1
11/23/1948 Red Infiltration Found In Religion 5
11/23/1948 Drive For Israel Urged (By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise-American Jewish Congress Etc.) 10
11/23/1948 Makes Plea For Israel-Head Of Mizrachi (Leon Gellman) Urges ‘Full De Jure Recognition’ By U.S. 11
11/23/1948 Nanking’s Exodus Is Still Growing 21
11/24/1948 U.S. Urges Borders Of Israel Be Fixed On Two-Plan Basis (Text, P. 4) 1
11/24/1948 U.S., Britain Agree On Italy’s Colonies 1
11/24/1948 (Syngman) Rhee Implores U.S. To Remain In Korea 3
11/24/1948 West Gives Reply On Berlin Money 5
11/24/1948 Berlin Blockade Costly To Soviet (At $100 Per Ton, It Cost Us A Little Too!) 5
11/24/1948 Egypt Threatens To Leave U.N. If Membership Is Given Israel 5
11/24/1948 Truman To Talk To Fao Today-Saudi Arabia Becomes Member-Application Of Israel Sent Back To Council 6
11/24/1948 Seized Austrian Called Spy Of U.S. 8
11/24/1948 Austrian Report U.S. Aid Pressure-Eca Calls Choice Free 8
11/24/1948 German (Konrad Adenauer) Asks (West) German Federation 8
11/25/1948 U.S. Wants 5 More Nations To Join (Atlantic) Defense Pact Plans 1
11/25/1948 Marshall Says U.S. Studies What Help To Give To China 1
11/25/1948 Marshall Asserts Ruhr Plan Stands; Reassures France (Text, P. 2) 1
11/25/1948 Civil Rights Plan Facing New Delay 1
11/25/1948 (German) Ex-Ruhr Officials Regain Old Posts 2
11/25/1948 3 Western Powers Split Over Berlin 3
11/25/1948 German Reds Urge Big 4 Peace Talk 3
11/25/1948 Israel, Arabs Fix First Truce Lines 5
11/25/1948 Lebanon Pleads For Aid 5
11/25/1948 Five Fined In Britain On Palestine Arms 6
11/25/1948 (Menachem Begin) Irgun (Zwai Leumi) Head Scores Bernadotte Plan (Denounces Britain As ‘Still The Number 1 Enemy’-Picture) 7
11/25/1948 British To Counter Palestine Motions-Aimed To Bolster The Bernadotte Report 8
11/25/1948 U.S. Denies Charge Austrian As (U.S.) Spy 23
11/25/1948 (Berl Locker) Will Address Histradrut 23
11/26/1948 British Back U.S. On Palestine Plan (Text, P. 6) 1
11/26/1948 Recovery In Ruhr Is Far From Goal 1
11/26/1948 U.S. To Help Plan Europe’s Defense When Atlantic Pact Is Completed 1
11/26/1948 (Abraham) Multer Says Withdrawal Of Arab Forces From Israel Is Key To Palestine Peace 7
11/26/1948 Junior Hadassah Gets Israeli Plea 7
11/26/1948 Work In Germany By UNESCO Scored 8
11/26/1948 Molotov To Insist On Polish (‘Oder-Neisse’) Border 9
11/26/1948 (German) Drydock Is Blown Up (By British At Wilhelmshafen) 9
11/27/1948 West Bids Germans Avid Centralization In Charter (‘Their’ Constitution) 1
11/27/1948 Big Four Replies On Berlin Lessen Chance Of Accord 1
11/27/1948 Truman Bars Invitation To Chiang (Kai-Shek); Generalissimo’s Wife Plans Visit 1
11/27/1948 Picture: Former Irgun (Zwai Leumi) Leader (Menachem Begin) Hailed In The Garment Center 5
11/27/1948 News Curb Over (General Hideki) Tojo Hanging 7
11/27/1948 Houses Of DP’s Asked (Atlantic City, N. J.) 7
11/28/1948 (Dr.) Sun Fo (Chinese Prime Minister) Says China Needs A M’arthur As Adviser In War (A ‘Mickey Marcus?’) 1
11/28/1948 Navy Plane To Fly Mme. Chiang (Kai-Shek) Here 1
11/28/1948 U.S. Promises Help For Arab Refugees 1
11/28/1948 Israel To Defend Negeb (Desert), Says Envoy (Eliahu Epstein) 3
11/28/1948 Politics Held Key To Berlin Accord 9
11/28/1948 Soviets Hold Up Reparations Debt 10
11/28/1948 Allied ‘Suggestion’ Provokes German Ire 12
11/28/1948 Russians Reduce German Current (Electricity) 12
11/28/1948 French Ruhr View Backed In Britain 13
11/28/1948 7 Cagoulards Doomed (Pre-War Cagoule, Alleged ‘Semi-Fascist’Rightists) 13
11/28/1948 148,000 Refugees An Iro Challenge 20
11/28/1948 Shifts Are Forecast In Germany’s Politics E-4
11/28/1948 Cartoons: The Ruhr Question: Two Views E-4
11/28/1948 Arab Amity Seen As Israeli Goal E-5
11/29/1948 Washington Will Set Terms Governing Role In West (Atlantic Defense) Pact 1
11/29/1948 Germany In Team With Europe Is Aim-Clifton Daniel 12
11/29/1948 Discontented Men Mine Ruhr Coal: Under-Fed, Ill-Clad, Badly Housed 12
11/29/1948 Clay Boasts Airlift Beats Weather; Berlin To Get Special Coal Bonus 13
11/29/1948 Israelis And Arabs In Jerusalem Talk 16
11/29/1948 U.S. Recognition Of Israel Urged (Edward Corsi) 17
11/29/1948 Repudiation Urged Of Ex-Irgun (Zwai Leumi) Chief (Menachem Begin)-Coffin, Father John La Farge And Rabbi Morris Lazaron Hold Menachem Begin Flouts The U.N.-Terroristic Acts Cited 17
11/29/1948 News Watch Set Up On (General Hideki) Tojo’s Execution (For Alleged War Crimes By U.S. Tribunal) 17
11/29/1948 Mme. Chiang (Kai-Shek) Flying To U.S. To Get (‘Request’) Help 18
11/29/1948 Picture: American Citizens Being Evacuated From North China 18
11/29/1948 Interhandel Move A Puzzle To Swiss (Un Attempts To Get Hands On I. G. Farbenindustrie Assets) 34
11/30/1948 Israel Files U.N. Application; Support By U.S. Is Foreseen (Text, P. 4) 1
11/30/1948 (Texas Senator Tom) Connally Cool To China Aid; Wants Chiang (Kai-Shek) To Take Field 1
11/30/1948 Big Nanking Force Is Quitting Suchow For A New Stand (Map, P. 14) 1
11/30/1948 Berlin Reds Move To Set Up (Pro-Russian) Regime In Russian Sector 1
11/30/1948 Condemned Japanese Reprieved Pending (U.S.) Supreme Court Action 1
11/30/1948 (Texas Senator Tom) Connally Expects Early Berlin Pact 1
11/30/1948 Differences Block West Rule 3
11/30/1948 Small Businesses Bloom In Germany-Enterprising Shopkeepers 3
11/30/1948 Both Sides Order Jerusalem Truce 4
11/30/1948 Abdulla’s (Jordan) Plans Worry Arab Lands 4
11/30/1948 New Berlin Talks Put Up To Powers 4
11/30/1948 ‘Smear Campaign’ Charged By (Irgun Zwai Leumi Chief, Menachem) Begin-Deir Yassin Battle (Massacre!) Described 5
11/30/1948 Former Irgun (Zwai Leumi) Leader (Menachem Begin) Sees Palestine Unity With Brotherhood Among Jews And Arabs 5
11/30/1948 Inflation A Threat To ERP In Germany 6
11/30/1948 (Sumner) Welles Assails (U.S.) Military 16
11/30/1948 (Japanese Emperor) Hirohito Blamed (But Never Tried By U.S. Military Tribunals!) For War 16