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William Lindsey collection — 1948 NYT headlines

February 1948
Date Headline Page
02/01/1948 London Insists Communists Here Bound For Palestine 1
02/01/1948 Social Ills Seen As Research Field (By Dr. Stanley P. Davies) 13
02/01/1948 Russia Keeps Prisoners (Of War-1,000,000 Still At Forced Labor) 25
02/01/1948 German (Konrad Adenauer) Assails Rations-Charges (Willful) Standardized Famine Exists In Western Zones 34
02/01/1948 Bias Charged To Britain-’Weighing Of The Scales’ Against Jews 39
02/01/1948 Refugee Deadline Now Disturbs Iro (Maybe It Was Too Strict) 49
02/01/1948 The Communist Manifesto 100 Years After Mag. 6
02/02/1948 Arms And U.S. Jews Urged For Palestine (By Joseph R. Apfel) 5
02/02/1948 (Gerhart) Eisler Is Seized Here, May Be Held Till He Serves Time Or Is Deported 1
02/02/1948 Anti-Allied Wave Rising In Germany 6
02/02/1948 750,000 In Germany Quit Jobs For A Day 7
02/02/1948 Poland Would End Jewish Emigration-Sets Up Passport Barriers To Further Outpouring-Wants To Use Their Skills (Claim 90,000 Of 3,500,000 Remain) 12
02/04/1948 1,500,000 Germans Strike Over Food In Biggest Protest 1
02/04/1948 U.,S. Held Callous Toward Refugees (By Philip Auerbach-During The War They Were Treated Like Jews And After The War ‘They Were Treated Like Germans.’) 10
02/04/1948 157,000 DP’s Need Only Ships To Aid ($135/Person Per Year Could Be ‘Saved’ If Ships Were Available-William Hallam Tuck, IRO) 11
02/04/1948 Niemoeller’s Stand Condemned By Clay (Now He Opposes ‘Denazification’) 13
02/04/1948 Charles A. Beard (Picture) To Receive Gold Medal Of Arts, Letters Institute 25
02/04/1948 Isidore Ginsberg (Gray Marketeer) Sued-(Accused By Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, Wisconsin) 25
02/05/1948 Fritz Kuhn Mysteriously Escapes From Dachau As He Awaits Trial (As ‘Stateless Person’) 1
02/06/1948 O’dwyer Assails Jewish Arms Ban 1
02/06/1948 Drive Is Planned On Race Prejudice (By Advertising Council, Inc.-Intends To Make ‘Racial Prejudice’ As Popular As ‘B. O.’ [‘Body Odor’]) 5
02/06/1948 Germans Warned To Collect Food (By British Lt. Gen Sir Brian Robertson) 13
02/06/1948 (Field Marshal) Blaskowitz Leaps To Death In Jail Before Start Of War Crimes Trial-Suicide Is Ninth At Nuremberg (Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg) 13
02/06/1948 Jews (Chicago) List Plans For Social Action 20
02/07/1948 Ex-Nazi Chief In Paris (Gen. Otto Von Stulpnagel) Takes Life Day Before War Crimes Hearing (Hanged Himself-Sounds A Little Like The Gerstein ‘Death’) 4
02/07/1948 Germans Are Cool To State Industry 4
02/07/1948 German Massacre Of Russian (Politruks) Cited (Nuernberg Telford Taylor Tribunals) 4
02/07/1948 U.S., Britain To Get Looted Nazi Gold ($110,000,000 From German Salt Mines) 26
02/07/1948 Germans Criticize Bizonal Program-(Dr. Kurt) Schumacher Rules Out Any ‘Foreign’ Ideology 28
02/07/1948 Many Austrians (45,000 Missing) Still In Russia 45
02/07/1948 Anti-Occupation Spirit Developing In Germany E-4
02/07/1948 I Saw Poland Betrayed, Arthur Bliss Lane, Bobbs-Merrill Book 10
02/09/1948 Marshall Opposes End To Dismantling Of German Plants 1
02/09/1948 Petain Seeks New Trial 9
02/10/1948 Aquitania To Revert Soon-Now In Emigrant Service (To Canada) 47
02/11/1948 CIO Will Oust Its Officials Opposing National Policies 1
02/11/1948 Estonian Wife Tells Of Eluding Russians 10
02/11/1948 Russia Asks Refugees-She And Poland Again Move To Regain Youths In DP Camps 16
02/11/1948 Poland Protests On Bbc (Anti-Polish Government Broadcast From ‘Voice Of America’) 18
02/11/1948 Soviet Statement On Publication By U.S. Of (Russo-German, 1939) Diplomatic Documents (Captured In Hartz Mountains By U.S. Troops-Among Them The ‘Potocki Papers’) 20
02/11/1948 Education Division Set Up In Germany (Under Military Government, By Herman B. Wells, Indiana University-Special Advisor To General Lucius Clay) 21
02/11/1948 ‘Saved From MurderCondemned To Death’-Full Appeal By Earl G. Harrison In Support Of Stratton Bill For Increased Immigration-List Of Sponsors 32
02/12/1948 Jewish Body (American Jewish Congress-Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Assails Restricting Aliens (Wishing To Visit U.S.) 48
02/13/1948 British Deny Soviet Charge Of 1938 Deal With Hitler (They Were Trying To Work Out A Deal With The Germans At The Expense Of The Poles!) 1
02/13/1948 10,000,000 More Voters Are Eligible This Year (U.S. Census Bureau) 2
02/13/1948 71 Billion (Dollars) Penalty Seen By Germans (As Having Been Already Exacted From Them In Reparations) 11
02/13/1948 Hanns Eisler Ordered Deported 12
02/13/1948 Joint DP Council Is Organized Here (‘Homeless Of All Faiths’) 17
02/14/1948 U.S. Abandons War Trials Of 20 More Top Japanese 2
02/14/1948 Germans Request Fund For Imports (Need $400,000,000 To Buy Goods) 4
02/14/1948 Poles Attack U.S. For ‘Voice’ (Of America) Talks 4
02/14/1948 Picture: Marshal Vasily D. Sokolovsky (Clay’s Buddy) 4
02/14/1948 The Memoirs Of Cordell Hull (18 Th Installation-Over 1,000 French Killed At Oran By British In 1940 Attack) 15
02/15/1948 German Aluminum Output Ordered (Decreed) By U.S., Britain Despite Potsdam (Agreement) 1
02/15/1948 Communists Revising Darwin 5
02/15/1948 I Saw Poland Betrayed, Arthur Bliss Lane Book 1
02/16/1948 U.S. Training (German POW) Held Help To Germans 10
02/17/1948 Nazi Chief (Hermann Roechling, Iron Industrialist) Faces Second War Trial (Tried By French In 1919-Now Charged With Looting Properties Appropriated By Germany During War) 11
02/18/1948 Nazi Industrialist (Hermann Roechling) Linked To Saar Vote 5
02/18/1948 Britain Asks Help Of All On Refugees (Has Accepted 250,000) 8
02/18/1948 The Memoirs Of Cordell Hull (21 St Installment-U.S. Hears Of German Invasion Plans And Warns Russia) 29
02/18/1948 (James A.) Farley Traces (International) Foe To Roosevelt (Secret) Pacts (In 3 D & 4 Th Terms) 31
02/18/1948 Jewish Units Plan 18-Vessel Service (For Palestine) 55
02/18/1948 Advertisement: ‘Is He Worth $9 To You? This Jewish Child In Europe Will Be Hungry This Passover Unless You Feed Him All 8 Days For Only $9’ (No Mention Of How Many) 56
02/19/1948 Conant Urges U.S. Aid To Schools To Help Us Survive In Grim World 1
02/19/1948 Ban On (Dr. Johannes) Semmler Upheld-Clay Quickly Rejects Election Of Discharged German 3
02/19/1948 Lehman Asks End Of Arms Embargo (To Jews In Palestine-Seconded By Eleanor Roosevelt) 6
02/19/1948 Civil Rights Fight For All Pledged (By Leo Cherne) 13
02/19/1948 Memoirs Of Cordell Hull (22 Nd Installment: Grew Cabled Hull That Japanese Intended Attacking Pearl Harbor, Cabled On Jan. 27, 1941) 25
02/20/1948 Clay Reorganizes Set-Up In Germany 16
02/19/1948 (Field Marshal) List Gets Life Term In Hostage Killing (In The Balkans-Others Sentenced, Nuernberg Telford Taylor Tribunals) 17
02/21/1948 Iro Group Asks Funds To Speed Resettling (150,000 Ready) 4
02/21/1948 Find Stauffenberg Gems (Stolen By U.S. Troops) 5
02/21/1948 Typhus Rises In Rumania (No Zyklon B Available!) 5
02/22/1948 Fake Dollar Ring Active In Europe-By Dr. Nerin E. Gun 9
02/23/1948 DP’s Value To Nation Held Unappreciated (By Walter H. Lillard) 3
02/23/1948 Prosecutor (Telford Taylor) Scores War-Crimes Judge (Charles F. Wennerstrum Of Iowa) 5
02/23/1948 Bavarian (Dr. Josef Baumbartner) Criticizes 3 Occupation Powers 9
02/24/1948 U.N. Palestine Force Urged By Mrs. Roosevelt, Welles 1
02/24/1948 DP’s (In Germany) Warned On Crime-Getting Bad Reputation 11
02/25/1948 Judge (C. F. Wennerstrum, Iowa) Stands Firm In War Trial Case (Against Telford Taylor & His Nuernberg Tribunals) 10
02/26/1948 Benes Bows To Communists 1
02/26/1948 Czech Crisis May Impel U.S. To Publish Secret Documents 1
02/26/1948 (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Sees Surrender By U.S. To The Arabs 5
02/27/1948 (Czech, Eduard) Benes Accused (Czech Premier Klement) Gottwald Of ‘Talking (‘To Me’) Like Hitler’ 2
02/27/1948 13 Gestapo Men Die For Killing Of Fliers (Attempting To Escape) 3
02/27/1948 Germans Destroy (I. G.) Farben’s Records (Prosecution’s Accusation At Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg) 4
02/27/1948 Haganah And Irgun Clash In Tel Aviv 5
02/27/1948 Action On DP’s (Stoddard Bill) Now Urged On Congress (By Msgr. Edward E. Swanstrom) 10
02/28/1948 (Russian) Satellites Barred From German (London Peace) Talk 1
02/28/1948 Wallace Blames U.S. In Prague (Pro-Russian) Coup 2
02/28/1948 Russians End Denazifying Units, Declaring Fascism Is Thwarted 4
02/28/1948 Zionists Protest That Export Ban-Leader (Rabbi Jerome Unger) Assails U.S. For Failure To Set Quota For Palestine As Food Crisis Nears 5
02/28/1948 Jewish Agency Assails U.S. Plan (To Use International Constabulary) As Danger To Palestine Partition (Moshe Shertok) 5
02/29/1948 East’s Refugees (From Russians Et Al.) Outnumber Nazis’ 4
02/29/1948 ‘Slave’ Labor Held Threat To World-Two Former Inmates (Janina Konar & Vladimir Litvinski, Both Of Poland) Of Soviet (Labor) Camps Tell Of Experiences 7
02/29/1948 Paper (Chicago Tribune) Scores (Telford) Taylor On German Dispatch (Interception Of Reporter Hal Foust’s Interview Of Judge Charles F. Wennerstrum) 10
02/29/1948 (German Defense) Attorneys (At Nuernberg Telford Taylor Tribunals) Appeal To Truman 10
02/29/1948 111 Nazi Generals Escape War Trial (‘Nearly Half Are Alive And At Large’) 14
02/29/1948 Germans (Selected POW And Civilians) Trained In British School (At Wilton Park, England-Over 4,000 In 6 Weeks Courses) 16
02/29/1948 Bomb In Car Kills 5 Arabs, Wounds 25 (Jerusalem)-British Seize (Haganah) Refugee Ship (‘Builders And Fighters’), 1,000 Aboard 31
02/29/1948 Professors (American Association Of University Professors) Back Right To Be Reds 52
02/29/1948 (Hanns) Eisler (Brother Of Gerhart) Selections Played In Tribute (Presumably To ‘Hanns’-L. Bernstein, A. Copeland, Diamond, Sessons, Harris, Piston, & Thompson Listed As Sponsors) 64
02/29/1948 Six Nations Plan Germany’s Future E-4
02/29/1948 For (Racial] Equality Of Opportunity Book 1
02/29/1948 The Real Nazi Criminal (Albert Speer) Mag. 7
02/29/1948 The Army Called ‘Haganah’ Mag. 10
02/29/1948 ‘Aunty Ana’ (Pauker, Rumania) Mag. 20