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William Lindsey collection — 1948 NYT headlines

May 1948
Date Headline Page
05/01/1948 Jews Attack At Jerusalem, Capture Southern (‘Katamon’) Suburb (Occupied By Christian Arabs) 1
05/01/1948 (General John) Hilldring Handles (U.S. Palestine) Policy 2
05/01/1948 Gen. W. (Ritter) Von Thoma, Nazi Tank Expert (Dies, Heart Attack) 15
05/02/1948 (Idaho Senator) Glen Taylor Seized, Finger Printed As He Flouts Alabama Segregation (Laws) 1
05/02/1948 Attlee Calls Reds Ruthless As Nazis 9
05/02/1948 Few Aristocrats In Poland’s (New Red) Army (No Reference To Katyn Or ‘Home Army’) 6
05/04/1948 Anti-Negro Pacts On Realty Ruled Not Enforceable (By U.S. Supreme Court, Vinson [From Georgia] Chief Justice) 1
05/04/1948 Bavaria Asks Trial Of Himmler (In Order To Confiscate His Property) 11
05/04/1948 Polish Church Leader (Archbishop Dionysus) Deposed (By Polish Government) 13
05/04/1948 Mayor (William O’dwyer) Declares Jews Earned Zion 50
05/05/1948 Jewish DP’s (In Germany) Switch On Palestine Entry (80% Now Wish To Enter U.S. And Specifically Do Not Want To Go To Palestine-This Disputed In Later Reports) 1
05/05/1948 Hypocrisy On DP’s Is Laid To Nations (By W. H. Tuck, Iro) 17
05/05/1948 Palestinians (Living In U.S.) Sail: Will Join In Fight (Haganah Enlistments) 17
05/05/1948 28,065 Cases Left For Trial As Nazis (375,000 Cases Disposed Of) 20
05/05/1948 (Hugo L.) Black And (Robert H.) Jackson Clash In Nazi Case (Black Opposes Deportation From U.S. After End Of War) 26
05/05/1948 Sarona (Near Tel Aviv) Prepared As Zionist Capital 4
05/05/1948 Wide Fight Urged (By B’nai B’rith) On Anti-Semitism 5
05/05/1948 (Jewish) Officials Deny Most Jewish DP’s Seek Admission To U.S. Instead Of Palestine 8
05/06/1948 Germans Scolded (By George E. Hughes, British Food Chief In Germany) For Food Strikes (Problems Are Of Their Own Making) 13
05/06/1948 U.S. Troop Morals In Germany Lauded (By O. J. Taylor, A Lawyer Employed By The U.S. Army To Investigate This Subject) 17
05/06/1948 Treasury Gives Claimants $6,000,000 More In Black Tom And Other World War I Cases (John J. Mc Cloy) 21
05/07/1948 Weygand Cleared Of Collaboration; Rights Restored To Vichy Minister 12
05/07/1948 Methodists Widen Their Negro Work 16
05/08/1948 (25,000) Jews In Italy Await Entry To Palestine (Have Been ‘Waiting In Italy Throughout The Post War Period’) 4
05/09/1948 Brazil Will Admit (Unlimited Number Of) Refugee Families 4
05/09/1948 145,000 DP’s Aided (In 3 ) Years Since End Of War In Finding New Homes In Palestine, U.S., And Other Places) 5
05/09/1948 Hitler’s Power In 1939-U.S. Army’s Study Of His Military Production Conflicts With Churchill’s (Hitler Not Fully Mobilized In 1939-Peak Of Production Not Attained By Germany Until 1944) 16
05/09/1948 Spain, Allies Agree On Disposition Of) Germany’s Assets-$80,000,000 Will Be Expropriated And Divided Among Nations 20
05/09/1948 Looted Gold Marked Out (Gold Cached In Spain By Germans Yielded By Spanish To U.N. Allies-See Immediately Above!) 20
05/09/1948 (Norman) Thomas Will Head Socialist Ticket (For President-6 Th Time) 45
05/10/1948 Haganah Attacks To Clear Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Road 1
05/10/1948 Egypt Allots $16,000,000 For Army Near Palestine 15
05/10/1948 Zionists To Float A $20,000,000 Loan (‘The Arabs Have Virtually Fled Every Important Part Of Palestine, With The Exception Of Safed’ And Parts Of The Negev-Ben Gurion) 16
05/11/1948 28,000 Jews Wait Release In Cyprus 17
05/11/1948 Jews To Proclaim State Despite U.S. 19
05/12/1948 Rabbi (Israel Mattuck Of London At New York City For Visit) Sees Peril In Jewish State (600,000 Jews In Palestine & 167,000 Jews In European DP Camps) 15
05/12/1948 Rise In (U.S.) Population Sets 20-Year Mark-Births (!) Soar To 4,000,000 (For 1947) 29
05/13/1948 Jaffa Surrenders To Haganah Rule 1
05/13/1948 Girl From Abroad Wins Essay Award At Barnard (Nani Lengyel, Born In Transylvania, Lived In Paraguay & Mexico Before Coming To U.S.) 2
05/13/1948 New Refugee Bill Offered In Senate (Admits 200,000 In 2 Years-Minimum Restrictions) 10
05/14/1948 Immigrant Blockade (Of Palestine By British) Ends-(‘Andria’ Flying Panamanian Flag Arrives From Cyprus Carrying 360 Jews-25,000 Jews On Cyprus) 5
05/14/1948 British Hold 3 Nazi Marshals (For Alleged War Crimes) 5
05/15/1948 Zionists (David Ben Gurion) Proclaim New State Of Israel; Truman Recognizes It And Hopes For Peace 1
05/15/1948 Spellman Plans For (Over 100,000) Catholic DP’s 30
05/16/1948 Arab Armies Invade Palestine 1
05/16/1948 Clay Pledges Assistance To DP’s Who Seek To Emigrate To Israel (About 100,000 In Camps & 15,000 Living Outside Of Camps In Germany) 1&6
05/16/1948 1,700 Immigrants Land In New State 1
05/16/1948 Rally Here (Polo Grounds) Marks New Jewish State (Mention Of Truman Stirs Boos-Gromyko Cheered) 17
05/16/1948 Ben Gurion Thanks U.S. For Recognizing Israel (Paul Robeson, And Many Notables And Well-Wishers Present) 17
05/16/1948 New Cholera Drug Is Developed Here (Columbia University) 36
05/16/1948 Clay Eases Curbs On Correspondents (After Three Years Of German Occupation With Tight Censorship!) 41
05/16/1948 700,000 Jews Listed In Palestine E-4
05/16/1948 Cartoon: ‘Not Like Dachau, Is It Herr Mufti?’ (Valiant Jew With Sword Confronting Scurvy Arab) E-4
05/16/1948 Palestine Chronology: 1882-1948 E-4
05/17/1948 U.S. Urged To Free Arms For Israel 3
05/17/1948 Group (Hias) To Aid Passage Of The DP’s To Israel 3
05/17/1948 Berlin DP’s (5,000 In Dueppel Center) Mark New State’s Birth 4
05/17/1948 Chicago University Head (Rob’t. M. Hutchins) Takes Plane For Germany 9
05/19/1948 IRO Suspends Help For DP’s To Israel 3
05/19/1948 IRO To Transport Refugees (To Canada & Venezuela) By Plane 3
05/19/1948 High Court (U.S. Supreme) Denies (Bulge) Germans A Review 9
05/20/1948 Increase In Rations Of Germans Urged (By Common Cause) 11
05/20/1948 Germans Running Up Debt For Allied Food 11
05/20/1948 (Robert M.) Hutchins Assails Education In U.S. 12
05/21/1948 Count (Folke) Bernadotte Of Sweden To Be Mediator In Palestine 1
05/21/1948 Israel Uses Fliers (Fighters And Bombers) To Strike (Arabs) In North 1
05/21/1948 Major (Aubrey-’Abba’ ?) Eban To Act For Israel At U.N. 5
05/22/1948 Vast Loot Of Nazis Will Be Sold Here To Aid Hitler’s War Victims (Appears To Be Predominantly A Jewish Operation) 1
05/22/1948 Extra Food Given Bavarian (Political) Leaders 4
05/22/1948 UNESCO To Spread Aims In Germany 5
05/23/1948 Raf Shoots Down 4 Egyptian Planes (Palestine) 1
05/23/1948 U.S. Consul (Thomas C. Wasson) Dies Of Wounds From A Sniper In Jerusalem (Haganah Blames Arabs-Another American Wounded, Dies Later) 1
05/23/1948 900 Jews Land At Haifa (‘Providence’-Panamanian Flag-Many Aboard Eager To Aid Jewish War Effort) 9
05/23/1948 Nuremberg Judge (Capt. Michael Angelo Mussmano) Comes Back To U.S. (Had Won Fame As Being Hard On Drunken Drivers-A Liberal Champion Of Sacco And Vanzetti) 14
05/23/1948 One World Or War Called Our Choice (By Dr. Quincy Wright, University Of Chicago) 59
05/23/1948 As West And East Prepare To Establish Two Germanies E-5
05/23/1948 The Memoirs Of Cordell Hull, 2 Vols, Macmillan Book 3
05/24/1948 Growth Of Israel To Be Aided Here-500 Leaders Pledge Support Of Resettlement Of 120,000 Refugees This Year (Picture: Golda Myer & Henry Morgenthau) 2
05/24/1948 Picture: Displaced Jews (Zeilsheim, Germany) Off For Israel 3
05/24/1948 Claims Of Israel (To Represent All Jews) Challenged Here (By Judaism Council) 4
05/24/1948 60,000 Russian Graves Found (Czestochowva, Chelm, & Radom, Poland) 4
05/24/1948 The Memoirs Of Cordell Hull, Macmillan, Reviewed By Orville Prescott-’A Faithful Reflection Of Mr. Hull’s Own Dignified, High-Minded Character.’ (See His Review 21 April, 1948, P. 25) 17
05/25/1948 34 (Jdc) Refugees Arrive (By Plane-Aoa) On Czech Passports 11
05/26/1948 Truman Requests 75 Cent Minimum Wage And Education Aid 1
05/26/1948 Weizmann Visits Truman; Loan And Arms Indicated (For Israel From United States) 1
05/26/1948 B’nai B’rith Asks Lend-Lease Aid For Israel; Urges Congress To Admit DP’s Of All Faiths 2
05/26/1948 Jews Leave Austria In A Steady Stream (Still 20,000 In Camps In U.S. Zone) 2
05/26/1948 U.S. Asserts Russians Kidnap Germans To Mine Uranium Ore 3
05/26/1948 U.S. Will Ignore Arabs’ Blockade (Of Palestine) 4
05/27/1948 New Seized Nazi Data Published By Soviet (Alleges German-British Alliance In August, 1939 In Which Poland Was Abandoned By British-True According To Later Reports) 7
05/28/1948 Senate Lifts Bans, Admits 200,000 DP’s 1&10
05/28/1948 President Stands On Anti-Bias Order To Armed Forces 1
05/28/1948 $75,000,000 Needed For Israel By Aug. 1 (For Immigration & Defense) 5
05/28/1948 End Of Jews’ Camps Linked To Aid By U.S. 10
05/28/1948 54 German Paintings (Worth $30,000,000) Returned (To Germany-Brought To U.S. From Germany After War ‘For Safekeeping’) 10
05/28/1948 Discrimination Ban Is Sought By Russia 19
05/30/1948 Sermons Of Rabbis Urge Aid To Israel 1
05/30/1948 Israel Assures Supplies Of Oil By Rumanian Deal 6
05/30/1948 U.S. To Watch Vote On Ex-Nazis Today (Philip Auerbach Fearful) 8
05/30/1948 72,000,000 Of Us Are In FBI Files E-8
05/30/1948 The Palestine Crisis Seen From A DP Camp (127,000 In The 3 Western Zones, 95% Of These Want To Go To Palestine) Mag. 8
05/31/1948 New ‘Scapegoat’ Groups For Germans Noted; Negro, Russian Replacing Jew In Racist Hate 8
05/31/1948 Unity Mitford Dies 19