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William Lindsey collection — 1948 NYT headlines

June 1948
Date Headline Page
06/01/1948 Haganah Opens Twin Drive On Jenin 1
06/01/1948 Abdullah Facing Loss Of L1,660,000 (British Subsidy) 12
06/01/1948 Feisal (Saudi Arabia) Asserts Most In U.S. Support Arabs 12
06/01/1948 Full Page Advertisement For Haganah (Look Like Castro’s Troops) ‘Americans For Haganah, Inc.’-Herbert Lehman, Sen. Robert Wagner, Sumner Welles, Wm. O’dwyer, Philip Murray, Eddie Cantor, Edward G. Robinson And Others 19
06/02/1948 Trans-Jordan Capital Raided By Israeli Bombing Planes 1
06/02/1948 Soviet Dismantles 19 Plants In (East German) Zone 10
06/02/1948 (Presbyterians) Will Assist DP’s If Admitted To U.S. 18
06/02/1948 Change In DP Bill Barred By Senate Vote, ‘Place Of Origin’ Stays Against IRO Plan 20
06/02/1948 Paderewski Kin Tangling Estate-Pianist’s Half-Brother (Josef), Believed Dead Is Found In Poland 31
06/02/1948 James Forrestal Supports UJA (Full Page) 60
06/03/1948 DP Bill For Entry Of 200,000 Is Voted By Senate, 63 To 13 1
06/03/1948 German Strikers Get Ration Cut Warning (Clay & Robertson) 10
06/03/1948 7 Germans Hanged For Medical Tests (U.S. Army, Landsberg) 12
06/03/1948 British Hold Arms To Arabs Help Immigrants At Cyprus 1
06/03/1948 Typhoid Hits 600 Germans (12 Died In Last 3 Weeks-50 Miles North Of Munich) 2
06/06/1948 Pope Gets Charges Of Damage (Of Holy Places) By Israel 5
06/05/1948 Haganah To Shoot Looters On Sight 6
06/05/1948 $36,389,700 Allotted By Jdc For Relief (In First 6 Months Of 1948) 26
06/07/1948 Mediator’s (Bernadotte, U.N. Mediator) Ruling For Immigration To Israel Is Seen (Favors Letting In Men Of Military Age But Bans Mobilization) 1
06/07/1948 History Study In Berlin Approved (To Be Resumed) With Ban On Glorification Of War 5
06/07/1948 Russian Guard (In Berlin) Attacked (By 5 Americans) 7
06/08/1948 Benes Resigns In Prague; (Klement) Gottwald Likely Successor 1
06/08/1948 Israel Says Arabs Fortified (Christian) Shrines 3
06/08/1948 Haifa ‘Blockade’ Decried (By U.S. Zionists To Geo. C. Marshall) 3
06/08/1948 U.N. Refugee Group (Iro) Upset By House Cut (Stipulates $70,000,000 Not To Be Used Until Calorie Intake Of Refugees Is Reduced To That Of The Country’s Nationals) 8
06/08/1948 Text Of Communique On The Six Power Conference On West Germany 14
06/08/1948 League (Of Nations) Assailed By Nazi Diplomat (Von Weizsaecker Says It Killed Weimar Republic) 16
06/09/1948 Noted Composer (Richard Strauss) Cleared By Denazification Court 2
06/09/1948 Haganah Prison Camp In Jerusalem Visited (Int’l. Red Cross-Captives 15-60 Years Of Age) 2
06/09/1948 Jews, Arabs Recruit In German DP Camps 6
06/09/1948 Poland Grants DP Aid (Affects 10,000 In DP Camps) 6
06/09/1948 Many DP’s Hope For Teaching Jobs In U.S. Priests Tour Camps To Survey Candidates 8
06/09/1948 Baruch Stresses U.S. Role In War (We Built More Than Half Of All Allied Munitions) 18
06/10/1948 Britain To Modify Death Penalty Act 3
06/10/1948 Special Mail To Israel (Palestine Emergency Deliveries, Inc.) 8
06/10/1948 150 Jersey Farmers Give Blood To Israel (Red Mogen David Blood Bank) 10
06/11/1948 British Issue Ban On German Travel (Bar Interzonal Permits) 1
06/11/1948 Dp Bill Is Debated 5½ Hours In House 3
06/11/1948 (Int’l. Ladies Garment Workers Union-Af Of L) Will Lend $1,000,000 To Israel 10
06/11/1948 Haganah Orders Halt In Shipping Recruits From Europe, North America During (Palestine) Truce 10
06/11/1948 (Hadassah) Not Linked With Magnes (Because Of His Lack Of Enthusiasm For Zionism) 10
06/11/1948 Hitlerite Leanings Noted In Germany (By Lord Vansittart, A Life-Long Germanophobe, & His Associates) 11
06/12/1948 House Votes 289-91 To Take 202,000 DP’s In Next Two Years 1&16
06/11/1948 David (‘Mickey’) Marcus Dies Leading Haganah (Picture P. 3) 1&3
06/11/1948 Slow British Shift On Israel Is Seen (Recognition ‘A Question Of Time’) 3
06/11/1948 Sharing U.S. Riches Proposed (By Dr. Arthur H. Compton) At M. I. T. 4
06/11/1948 Farben Attorney (Dr. Walter Siemers) Condemns Allies 5
06/11/1948 Jobs Plentiful In Brazil 6
06/13/1948 (Polish August Cardinal) Hlond Backs (Oder-Neisse) Boundary 8
06/13/1948 Confidence Is Urged For German Youth (By U.S. Military Governor Of Bavaria At International Youth Congress, Munich) 12
06/13/1948 War Guilty (Suspected German Sympathizers) Freed By South Africans (Veterans Indignant) 14
06/13/1948 All (Palestinian) Fronts Felt Marcus’ Influence (‘Best Man We Had’-Dewey Shocked And Grieved-Marcus An American Citizen And West Point Graduate, An Officer In U.S. Reserve) 15
06/13/1948 950 Sail For Israel (From Marseilles-La Ciotat, 25 Miles West Of Marseilles, On ‘Altalena’, A Landing Craft And A Schooner, ‘Marie Annie’) 18
06/13/1948 Sumner Welles On Palestine (He Suggests A ‘Common-Sense Solution’) We Need Not Fail-(Arabs Have No Real Or Moral Claim On Palestine-Balfour Declaration A Legitimate Charter Of Jewish Rights In Palestine-Houghton Mifflin) Book 1
06/14/1948 Russia Diverts Rivers (Pechora) To Preserve Caspian 2
06/14/1948 Marcus To Be Buried In West Point Grave (Graduated 1924) 4
06/14/1948 German Prisoners (24,000 Out Of 400,000) Settle In Britain 7
06/15/1948 Bernadotte (U.N. Palestine Mediator) Plans U.N. Watch In Ports (To Check On Shipping And Immigration To Israel) 17
06/15/1948 Memory Of Marcus Honored In Brooklyn-Marcus’ Death Ascribed To Israeli Sentry’s Error 18
06/15/1948 Peace Bid (By Germany To Roosevelt Via Vatican In Late 1944) Claimed By Weizsaecker (Contacts With Allies) 20
06/15/1948 Belgium Executes (Firing Squad) Seven (Rexist Duquesne Gang) 22
06/15/1948 Acceptance Of Bias Is Hit By Lehman 25
06/16/1948 U.N. Planes (Bernadotte) Patrol Palestine’s Coast 24
06/16/1948 Refugee Problems Of Europe Growing-Care Of 900,000 DP’s Rests On Iro Another Year) 26
06/17/1948 (J. P.) Warburg Opposes Divided Germany 11
06/17/1948 Denmark Tries ((4) Top Nazis 16
06/17/1948 Dp (Sally Zeve, A Male Lithuanian) Gets Two Years In Army Truck Fraud (May Be Paroled After 7 Months On Payment Of Fine) 18
06/17/1948 70 Hebraic Christians Are Sent To Britain (From Palestine-’In A Precarious Position’ In Palestine) 20
06/18/1948 Haifa Via Air, Regularly Scheduled $604 One Way, $1,087.20 Round Trip, Paul Tausig & Son 8
06/18/1948 Fritz Kuhn Is Recaptured In French Zone As He Tries To Open Chemical Laboratory (Picture) 11
06/18/1948 Dp Bill Approved; 4 Refuse To Sign (Celler Claims All Jews Excluded) 13
06/18/1948 American Zionists Warned On Tactics (By Committee For Justice, Peace In The Holy Land) 15
06/18/1948 Dr. G. A. Soper Dies; Fought Epidemics (Ordered ‘Typhoid Mary’ Confined) 23
06/19/1948 New German Mark To Be Introduced In West (Germany) Tomorrow 1
06/19/1948 (Martin) Bormann Is Sentenced (Given 10 Years Inabsentia In Order To Confiscate His Property) 5
06/19/1948 G. I.’s Who Lost Up To 31 Pounds In (Army) Test Of Survival Ration Regain Weight Fast 18
06/20/1948 Senate Approves Admitting 205,000 Within Two Years 1&10
06/20/1948 Part Of (Captured) Nazi Loot On Sale (In N.Y.) This Week (Proceeds To Go To Victims Of Hitler Regime) 36
06/21/1948 Israel Is Acclaimed As Victor In War (By Moshe Shertok) 11
06/21/1948 Neumann Says Israel Opposes Concessions 11
06/21/1948 Maud, Lady Mosley, Aided Son’s (Oswald) Groups 21
06/21/1948 (General Omar N.) Bradley Condemns Harsh Army Discipline, Promises Liberal Treatment Of Draftees (Ask Also About [Negro] Segregation In Army) 14
06/21/1948 Haganah Battles Irgun Over Truce (Haganah Prevents Landing Of Irgun Weapons By Sea) 19
06/21/1948 Sale Of Nazi Loot Has Brisk Opening (Considered Iro Assets-Bracelets, Rings, Un-Set Stones, Diamond Broaches, Etc.) 27
06/23/1948 Irgun Ship Afire In Tel Aviv Battle With Israeli Army (Haganah) 1&24
06/23/1948 10 Scientists Win War Aid Medals (Names & Fields) 17
06/23/1948 Chicago Jews Raise $2,376,000 (For U. J. A.) 18
06/23/1948 Land Buying (From Arabs By Jews) Held A Big Israel Need (By Morris Rothenburg, President, Jewish National Fund ‘During The Next Ten Years, 1,500,000 Jews Would Enter Palestine.’ Need $880,000,000) 24
06/23/1948 Truman Appoints Mission To Israel 24
06/23/1948 Sale Of (German) Loot (Captured By U.N.) Tops All Expectations 25
06/24/1948 Israel Arrests 70 In Irgun Round-Up; 2 Ministers Resign 1
06/24/1948 (Rabbi Bernstein) Says Israel Puts U.S. Jews On Own 15
06/24/1948 (London Paper) Weighs Marcus’ Status (Killed In Palestine, A ‘Regular In The Reserve’ Of The U.S. Army) 15
06/25/1948 Clay Declares U.S. Won’t Quit Berlin Short Of Warfare 1
06/25/1948 Leaders Of NAACP Will Push Rights Plan In All Parties But Will Omit Endorsements (Of Candidates In Elections) 6
06/25/1948 Draft Is Assailed By Norman Thomas (Socialist Presidential Candidate) 7
06/25/1948 Irgun Denounced By Morgenthau 13
06/25/1948 (Captured) Nazi Loot Brings $31,520 ($152,850 For Week) 16
06/26/1948 President Scores DP Bill But Signs 1
06/26/1948 Mrs. (Golda) Myerson Is Named Israeli Envoy To Moscow (Born In Ukraine, 1895) 5
06/27/1948 Text Of Summary Of The New Law (‘Edict’) In Western Germany For The Conversion Of Currency 4
06/27/1948 Palestine Gifts Listed (U. J. Appeal) 4
06/27/1948 33 Sentenced In (Bucharest 1941) Pogrom 4
06/27/1948 Navy Adds To Unit Aiding Bernadotte (In Policing Palestine Truce As U.N. Mediator) 12
06/27/1948 U.S. Group (League For A Free Palestine-Allied With Irgun) Charges Israeli Treachery 13
06/27/1948 Javits Would Aid (200,000) More DP’s 17
06/27/1948 Truman Is Criticized By Rabbi On DP Bill 20
06/27/1948 Admission Of DP’s Beset By Intricacies Of Law (Because Of Immigration And Neutralization Service) E-10
06/28/1948 New Israeli Army Vows Allegiance (To Haganah-Pulmach Still In Doubt) 1
06/28/1948 New DP Measure Called Unworthy (Of U.S. By Earl G. Harrison’s Citizens’ Committee On Displaced Persons) 5
06/28/1948 Maj. Gen. (Julian) Lindsey Of Cavalry Dead (77) 20
06/29/1948 City Calls For The Dismissal Of All Communist Teachers 1
06/30/1948 King Farouk Called Nazi Collaborator (By Freda Kirchweg) 8
06/30/1948 (‘Mickey’) Marcus Body Due Today (Burial At West Point) 10
06/30/1948 Two Japanese Officers Sentenced (By U.S.-Death By Hanging) 12
06/30/1948 Anti-Lynching Bill May Be Gop ‘First’ 16