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William Lindsey collection — 1948 NYT headlines

April 1948
Date Headline Page
04/01/1948 Figl Protests Slaying (Of Austrians By Russian Soldiers) 2
04/01/1948 Saar Linked (Economically) To France Today 6
04/01/1948 Jews Held In Kenya Protest Conditions (Gilgil Kenya Colony) 13
04/02/1948 German Proposal For ($2,236,180,000) Aid Rejected (Too High) 4
04/03/1948 U.S. To Avoid Provocation But Will ‘Sit Tight’ In Berlin 1
04/03/1948 Pickets Fail To Halt Soviet Ship Loading (Russian Freighter ‘Volga’, By Amvets) 3
04/03/1948 Dr. S.S. Wise Warns U.S. And The Soviets-They Have No Right To Convert The World Into Battlefield 7
04/03/1948 (Fulbright) Would Hold German Art (Until A German Government Is Formed) 10
04/03/1948 Jobs In U.S. Await 5,000 DP Tailors (Harry A. Cobrin) 12
04/03/1948 V-2 Weather Rocket Fired Into Upper Sky (White Sands, N. M.) 27
04/04/1948 M’narney Urges Admission Of DP’s-(U.S.) Industry Could Use The Skilled Workers 27
04/04/1948 Nuremberg: The Facts, The Law, And The Consequences, By Peter Calvocoressi (See Colliers, ‘The War Criminals’ Series) Book 7
04/06/1948 Paul Hoffman To Head ERP 1
04/05/1948 Krupp Acquitted Of Plotting War (Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg) 3
04/05/1948 Entry For 200,000 DP’s Urged (By Senate Judiciary Committee) 4
04/05/1948 U.S. Asked To Admit (5,000, The Last Of A Colony Of 16,000 European Refugees) Shanghai Refugees (Not Mentioned As Jews) 7
04/05/1948 Educational Gains Set For Germans 7
04/06/1948 Soviet Publishes Book Of Secret Hitler Talks (Documents And Materials Relating To The Eve Of The Second World War-Nov. ‘37-Dec. ‘38) 7
04/06/1948 Europe’s Industry Nears 1938 Level 8
04/06/1948 Dp Morale Sinks To Lowest Level-Jewish Welfare LeadersMakes Reports 12
04/06/1948 Full Page Advertisement, U. J. A., ‘Hold These Citadels’-Jerusalem, DP Camps, Negev, Cyprus 48
04/06/1948 German Partition Is Believed Near 1
04/06/1948 Palestine Called Good U.S. Market (By Dr. W. Feilchenfeld) 1
04/06/1948 Six Britons Slain, Armory Looted In Irgun Raid On Camp Near Haifa 1
04/06/1948 Admission Of Reds To U.S. To Be Aired 4
04/06/1948 Ben-Gurion Urges Zionist Set-Up Now 15
04/08/1948 Irgun Vows Fight Against U.S. (Peace-Keeping) Force 9
04/08/1948 Britain Is Gloomy On Palestine Acts-Bitter Condemnation Of JewsIn House Of Lords 9
04/08/1948 Joint Distribution Committee-Helped 5,500 To Emigrate (Claimed 45,000 Since 1946 This Year 2,384 Entered Palestine Under Quota & 1,303 Entered U.S.A. Under Truman Directive) 11
04/09/1948 Morgenthau To Speak-Moshe Shertock Also To Address Emergency Parley 8
04/09/1948 Recovery For Jews In Europe Described (250,000 Once Again Productive) 10
04/09/1948 An Informed, Responsible VoiceEdward R. Murrow (Cbs) 46
04/10/1948 Clay Indicates Cessation Of Joint (Allied) Rule In Germany 1
04/10/1948 Quisling’s Widow Goes Free 5
04/10/1948 200 Arabs Killed, Stronghold Taken-Irgun And Stern Groups Unite To Win Deir Yassin-Kastel Is Recaptured By Haganah 6
04/11/1948 14 Officers Of SS Sentenced To Die (Otto Ohlendorf Et Al.) 9
04/11/1948 $73,341,500 Spent (By Jdc) In ‘47 To Aid Jews-$98,000,000 Needed In Europe (To Furnish Aid To 800,000 European Jews, Nearly Half The Surviving Population-Prices Have Risen) 21
04/11/1948 Inquiry In Germany (Amg Policy On Cartels) Urged (By 43 Writers, Clergymen, And Other Citizens) 44
04/11/1948 Elliott Roosevelt Asks Aid To Russia 56
04/11/1948 Split-Up Of Germany Moves Rapidly Nearer E-5
04/11/1948 Question For Iranians Is: Will U.S. Aid Come? E-6
04/11/1948 Bitter Fight Over DP’s Coming Up In Congress E-7
04/11/1948 President Roosevelt And The Coming Of The War, Charles A. Beard-Reviewed By Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr Book 4
04/12/1948 ‘Massacre’ (-N.Y. Times Quotes-Of Deir Yassin By Jews) Is Denounced 1
04/12/1948 Dr. (Jonah B.) Wise, In Europe Asks U.S. Aid Jews 8
04/13/1948 Petain’s Release Sought 3
04/13/1948 Reds More Oppressive Than Nazis, Say Czechs Who Escaped To U.S. (By Plane) 5
04/14/1948 Bias Widely Fought By Interfaith Group (National Conference Of Christians & Jews) 5
04/14/1948 First Erp Buying Done By Germans (Request Scaled Down To $1,960,000,000 From $2,236,180,000) 15
04/14/1948 On Active Service In Peace And War, H. L. Stimson & Mc George Bundy, Harper 25
04/15/1948 Picture: Young (Jewish) Immigrants Arriving At The Port Of Tel Aviv 7
04/15/1948 (Ernst) Heinkel A ‘Nominal’ Nazi (Aircraft Manufacturer, Fined Rm 2,000) 17
04/16/1948 Beginning Of Churchill’s The Second World War Series, Vol. I 1
04/16/1948 Clay Expels Hungarian Mission After Rift On Looting Of DP Train 1
04/16/1948 Air Alien Smuggling Charged, 4 Arrested-(Brought In 19 Chinese And 4 ‘Europeans’ From Cuba) 5
04/16/1948 Forgive Germany Pope (Pius XII) Urges World 10
04/18/1948 U.S., Britain Clash On German Timber (British Claimed To Be Cutting Too Much Of It) 18
04/18/1948 $17,500,000 Spent (By Jdc) For Polish Jews-Has Aided 100,000 Survivors Since V-E Day 27
04/19/1948 Germans (Radio Commentators To-Be) To Study Here 2
04/19/1948 Warsaw Ghetto Battle Recalled (By Central Committee Of Polish Jews-Claim 500,000 Perished) 4
04/19/1948 (Albert Einstein) Greets Jews Of Poland (Warsaw Ghetto Ceremony) 6
04/19/1948 Russian Seizures In Germany Ended (Sokolovsky Order) 10
04/20/1948 6,000 Arabs Leave Tiberias To (8,000) Jews-All-Zionist Regime Set Up 1&7
04/20/1948 Warsaw Unveils Ghetto Memorial (20,000 Died In Warsaw Battle, 3,500,000 Polish Jews Died In War, Few Survivors Attended Ceremony) 10
04/20/1948 3 Russians Caught (By U.S. In Vienna) In Bid To Kidnap DP (Elsa Pfeffer) 11
04/21/1948 Fritz Kuhn (German-American Bund) Gets 10 Years (In Munich), Property Is Confiscated (No Defense Offered) 7
04/21/1948 Waterway (Canal) Traffic In Germany Tied Up (By Russians) 10
04/21/1948 Book Review: The Goebbels Diaries, By Louis Lochner-Reviewed By Orville Prescott ‘Dr. Joseph Goebbels, The Little Limping, Rat-Faced High Priest Of Nazism, Was One Of The Most Completely Evil Men Of The Twentieth Century.’ (See May 24, 1948 Entry For Prescott’s Description Of Cordell Hull-Quote Is Typical Of Prescott’s Objectivity) 25
04/23/1948 Jews Seize Haifa In Furious Battle (80,000 Jews Among 140,000 Total Inhabitants-Arabs Agree To Leave Haifa) Thousands (Of Arabs) Flee To Acre 1
04/23/1948 Jewish State Sure May 16 (Abba Hillel) Silver Says 4
04/23/1948 Truce On Palestine Is Urged By (Non-Zionist) Magnes 6
04/23/1948 El-Khouri Charges Massacre In Haifa 6
04/24/1948 Haganah Imposes Own Rule In Haifa 4
04/24/1948 British Won’t Aid Arabs (In) Fight (With) Jews 4
04/24/1948 D. A. R. Opposes Quotas Above U.S. Quotas (Already Established By Congress) 10
04/25/1948 German Castles (In Russian Zone) To Go (Be Torn Down) 10
04/25/1948 Medical Men (World Medical Association) Plan War Crimes Stand 37
04/25/1948 Berlin-City Of Ruins, Doubt And Fear Mag. 7
04/25/1948 Can We Win The Battle For The Mind Of Europe-Stephen Spender Mag. 15
04/25/1948 Book Review: The Goebbels Diaries, ‘A Brilliant Distorted Mind Book 1
04/25/1948 The Buried Are Screaming, Waren, Helen (Russian Jewish Descent) Novel-6,000,000 Martyrs-H. Waren Prevailed Upon Sympathetic U.S. Officers To Aid In Smuggling Jews Through Italy Bound For Palestine On Underground Railway) Book 21
04/26/1948 Jerusalem Jews Plan Street Fight 3
04/26/1948 Poles Can Join Britain (30,000 Poles Still In British Uniform May Become British Citizens) 3
04/26/1948 Censorship Move Is Denied By Clay-Directive Misinterpreted, He Says 7
04/26/1948 California Scientists Study (South) African Bigotry 8
04/26/1948 Bulgaria Creating Collective Farms (Washington OfficialSays Movement Is Voluntary) 10
04/26/1948 Passover Sermons Urge Ending Of Bias (Rev. Dr. Louis C. Gerstein) 20
04/27/1948 Cabinet For Palestine Picked By Jewish Council (In Tel Aviv) 2
04/27/1948 (86 U.S.) Scientists Protest Convoy Massacre (By Arabs-76 Killed Or Wounded No Mention Of Deir Yassin Massacre) 4
04/27/1948 2 Nazi Saboteurs Freed By Truman (Testified Against 6 Others Who Were Executed-To Be Deported To Germany) 9
04/27/1948 146,000 Germans Fled Russians (Into U.S. Zone In 15 Months) 10
04/27/1948 Death Sentence Imposed On 11 (Former Gov’t. Officials) After Yugoslav Trial 12
04/28/1948 Shertok Declares Jews Are Braced For Arabs’ Armies 1
04/28/1948 Captured German Art Treasures On View At Metropolitan May 18 1
04/28/1948 Bavaria Burdened By Refugee Influx (One-Third Of Bavarian Population Of 9,258,400 Is Refugees-Being Increased Weekly-Includes Some German POW Released By Russians) 6
04/29/1948 U.S. Ousts German Mayor (Swaebish-Gmund) 12
04/29/1948 Increase Reported In Jewish Farms (In U.S.) 15
04/29/1948 UNRRA To Impound Some Secret Files 15
04/30/1948 Clay Notes Signs Of Rising Nazism (In Germany) 8
04/30/1948 (Martin) Bormann’s (Martin, Jr.) Son To Be Priest (Munich) 8
04/30/1948 Group (House Committee) Would Let 200,000 DP’s Enter 9
04/30/1948 Citizenship Right Restored To 2,700 (Japanese Who Renounced Their Citizenship In Camp At Tule Lake) 16