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William Lindsey collection — 1948 NYT headlines

July 1948
Date Headline Page
07/01/1948 British Accept Risk Of War; U.S. Also Firm On Berlin-Marshall Asserts U.S. Will Remain 1
07/01/1948 Tito Also Demands Balkan Block 1
07/01/1948 Last British Unit Leaves Palestine 1
07/01/1948 West Is Set To Call German Assembly 1
07/01/1948 Nazi Steel Boss (Hermann Roechling) Guilty Of War Crimes Charges 9
07/01/1948 (General ‘Mickey’) Marcus Body Here On Special Plane (From Palestine Where He Was Accidentally Killed Commanding Jewish, Not American Troops 10
07/01/1948 Anti-Semitism In U.S. Held Unprecedented 10
07/01/1948 (James G.) Mc Donald Gets Post In Israel 10
07/02/1948 U.S. To Take Over Voice Of America 1
07/02/1948 Germans Postpone Calling Assembly 1
07/02/1948 Arabs Said To Bar (Count Folke) Bernadotte’s Plan 1
07/02/1948 Soviets Withdraw From Allied Body Governing Berlin 1
07/02/1948 The West’s Proposal To Germans (‘Self Government’) 2
07/02/1948 (General Lucius) Clay Admits Situation In Germany Is Serious 2
07/02/1948 Support Of Israel Asked Of Fall Jews (World Jewish Congress-Rabbi Stephen S. Wise And Rabbi Joseph Prinz) 3
07/02/1948 (Thomas E.) Dewey Calls Zion Good World Omen 3
07/02/1948 Bernadotte Faced With Attack In U.N. (Arabs And Russian) 3
07/02/1948 Plasma, Drugs Sent To Israel By Plane (U.S. Hadassa Organization) 3
07/02/1948 West Point Honors (General ‘Mickey’) Marcus At Burial-Dewey Leads In Tributes 22
07/02/1948 Israel Aims To Buy A Merchant Fleet 41
07/03/1948 British Call Upon Russians To Open Berlin Land Links; Huge Air Fleet Feeds City-Bridge Of Planes Assembling 1
07/03/1948 Allies Debate Crucial Move To End Deadlock On Berlin 1
07/03/1948 Arabs Reject Plan On Palestine Split 1
07/03/1948 (Trigve) Lie For Extending Truce In Palestine 4
07/03/1948 (World) Jewish Congress Splits On Control (U.S. Jews Or Others?) 4
07/04/1948 Arabs Offer Peace Plan But Abdullah Talks Of War 1
07/04/1948 Berlin Ban Stands As Russian (Gen. Sokolovsky) Rebuffs Western Leaders 1
07/04/1948 Peace With Justice In World All U.S. Asks, Says Truman 1
07/04/1948 Clay Discusses Purpose 2
07/04/1948 Berlin Issue Tied To Western (German) State 3
07/04/1948 Palestine (Bernadotte) Plan Scored (Bartley C. Crumb, ‘Americans For Haganah’) 6
07/04/1948 Truman Urges Role Of Israel In Un 7
07/04/1948 Default By British Charged By Israel (Elizer Kaplan) 7
07/04/1948 Truman Sanctions War Claims Bill 10
07/04/1948 State Gets Papers Of The War Of 1776 20
07/04/1948 The European Battleground E-1
07/04/1948 The Strange Career Of J. Broz (Marshal Tito) E-5
07/04/1948 He Holds The Berlin Bridge-Drew Middleton Mag. 6
07/05/1948 Mediator Offers Jerusalem To Arabs In His Peace Plan 1
07/05/1948 Text Of Bernadotte’s Proposals For A Palestine Settlement 2
07/05/1948 Guns In Jerusalem Flare For 12 Hours 2
07/05/1948 Nazi Whisper Drive Perils U.S. Zone (Jewish) DP’s (Report From World Jewish Congress-Rabbi S.S. Wise) 2
07/05/1948 Bernadotte To Visit Both Sides 2
07/05/1948 Nanking’s Forces Said To Lack Unity-Henry R. Lieberman, Pieping 7
07/05/1948 God’s Order Held American Base 18
07/06/1948 Bernadotte Asks Truce Extension, U.N. Police Guard-Arabs Consider Proposal 1
07/06/1948 Carole Landis, 29, Is Found Dead With A Suicide Note 1
07/06/1948 (World) Jewish Congress (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise & Nahum Goldmann) Adds To Executive 2
07/06/1948 Abdullah Prefers Soviet To U.S. ‘Knife In Back’ 2
07/06/1948 Change Of Tactics In Germany Urged (By J. P. Warburg) 5
07/06/1948 Greek Regulars Foiled By Fierce Defense On Kleptis Heights, Major Rebel Position 8
07/06/1948 Berlin Reds Back (Gerhart) Eisler 9
07/06/1948 Vandenberg Wins (Liberals’) Freedom Award 12
07/07/1948 U.S., Britain, France Protest To Russia On Berlin (Blockade) Crisis; Soviet Fliers In Cargo Lane-End Of Curbs Asked 1
07/07/1948 (3,000 Eduard) Benes Supporters Clubbed In Prague 1
07/07/1948 Yugoslav Defiance Of Cominform Raises A Basic Communist Issue 4
07/07/1948 119 (Germans) Lose A (Deportation) Battle To Remain In U.S. 5
07/07/1948 Bernadotte Acts To Prolong Truce 7
07/07/1948 Trucks Given For Israel (U.S. Organization, ‘Trucks For Israel, Inc.’) 8
07/07/1948 Wide Aid To Israel Mapped By Zionists 9
07/07/1948 (World) Jewish Congress (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise & Nahum Goldmann) Adds Two Offices 10
07/08/1948 Un Appeals To Israel, Arabs To Prolong Cease Fire 1
07/08/1948 Morgenthau Cheered By Talk With Truman 2
07/08/1948 (Pastor Martin) Niemoeller Enters Soviet Zone 2
07/08/1948 Anti-Semitism Rise In U.S. (German) Zone Denied 2
07/08/1948 Irgunists (Irgun Zvai Leumi) Kidnap 4 Britons As Spies 3
07/08/1948 Plaint On Germany By Poles Rejected (Text Of U.S. Reply) 4
07/09/1948 Electricity Is Cut In Western Berlin To Conserve Coal 1
07/09/1948 ‘War On Again’ Bernadotte Asserts; Arabs Bar Truce, Reported Attacking; U.S. Warns Them Of U.N. Sanctions 1
07/09/1948 Messages To U.N. From Bernadotte And (Moshe) Shertok 2
07/09/1948 Jerusalem (Supply) Curbs Laid To U.S. Aide (William Burdett) 3
07/09/1948 Nanking Paper Is Suppressed For ‘Propagandizing For (Chinese Red) Rebels’ 6
07/09/1948 First Of New DP’s To Land (In U.S.) In August 35
07/10/1948 West Offers Berlin Parley If Russians Lift Blockade; Will Not Yield To Pressure 1
07/10/1948 Arab-Israeli War Gains Momentum; Tel Aviv Is Bombed 1
07/10/1948 Western Germans Approve Establishment Of A Regime (Under Western U.N. Powers) 1
07/10/1948 Bernadotte Asks New 10-Day Truce-Arab Reply To Mediator’s Plan-(Map) 2
07/10/1948 First Passengers Land At Idlewild (Air Field) 28
07/11/1948 Israeli Offensive Wins Key (Lydda) Airport And Big Arab Base 1
07/11/1948 Arab League Head (Abdul Rahman Azzam Pasha) Rejects Ten-Day Truce In Palestine 1
07/11/1948 Jewish DP’s From German To Join Israeli Army (Transit To Palestine Via Munich And Marseilles, France) 9
07/11/1948 New Israeli Guns Fired In Holy City 11
07/11/1948 Aid To Palestine By U.S. Jews Listed 12
07/11/1948 Israel Accepts Truce Appeal 14
07/11/1948 West Disappointment At (West) Germans’ Stand (On West-Organized Regime) 17
07/11/1948 Halt In Palestine War Depends On Big Powers (Map) E-5
07/11/1948 U.S. Will Expand ‘Voice Of America’ E-7
07/12/1948 Arabs Encircled At Vital Highway, Surrender At Lydda 1
07/12/1948 Berliners Pledge ‘Stalingrad’ Stand Against Russians-Drew Middleton, Berlin 1
07/12/1948 (War Surplus) B-17 Carrying 10 Believed Flying To Israel After Mysterious Take-Off In Winchester 5
07/12/1948 Israel Denounces Mediator’s (Count Folke Bernadotte’s) Stand 7
07/13/1948 Curb Arabs, Count (Bernadotte) Bids Un; Israeli Force Wins Ramleh 1
07/13/1948 More High Posts Going To Ex-Nazis (In Germany) 14
07/13/1948 Swiss Ask (Neutral) Ruling On German Assets 15
07/13/1948 British Withhold Abdullah (Jordanian) Subsidy (L500,000) 16
07/13/1948 Israeli Officials Deny Link To (War Surplus) B-17 16
07/13/1948 Record Relief Sent To Jews In Europe (‘Sos,’ 5,433,000 Lbs) 16
07/13/1948 Bernadotte Lands (At N.Y.) Full Of Optimism-Mediator’s Conclusions 17
07/14/1948 Truman-Barkley Slated As (Democratic) Ticket 1
07/14/1948 U.S. Would Invoke Sanctions To Halt War In Palestine 1
07/14/1948 Israeli Push Wins Vital Ras El Ein 1
07/14/1948 Dewey Asks Easing Of DP’s (Entry) Laws To State Group To Aid Them 1
07/14/1948 (Pope) Pius (Xii) Gives Warning Of 3D World War 17
07/14/1948 Arms For Israel Urged (Leo Isacson) 17
07/14/1948 Excerpts From Count Bernadotte’s Statement To U.N. 18
07/14/1948 U.S. Palestine Resolution 18
07/14/1948 Israel-Irgun (Zvai Leumi) Fight A Sham, Arab (Jamal Et Hasseini) Says 19
07/15/1948 Truman (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Named By Democrats — President Will Recall Congress July 26 1
07/15/1948 South Beaten On Race Issue As Rights Plank Is Widened 1
07/15/1948 Soviet Backs U.S. On Palestine Edict 1
07/15/1948 Moscow Rejects Parley On Berlin To Break Impasse 1
07/15/1948 Hitler Aide (Baron Alex Freiherr Von Doernberg) Freed With Allies’ Help 12
07/15/1948 New Israeli Drive Aims At Nazareth 14
07/15/1948 Move Against Arabs Urged Upon Truman (By Rabbi Irving Miller) 14
07/15/1948 West Anticipated Reply Of Russians 17
07/15/1948 ‘Gray Marketeer’ (Isidore Ginsberg) Gets 1 To 5 Years 46
07/16/1948 Un Council Orders Truce In Palestine Within 3 Days (Text, P. 8) On Penalty Of Sanctions 1
07/16/1948 (General John J.) Pershing Of A.E.F. (Wwi) Is Dead 1
07/16/1948 Voting By Negroes Tripled In South 4
07/16/1948 New Delay Arises On West Germany (Self Government) 6
07/16/1948 Bernardotte Opens New Task Swiftly 8
07/16/1948 Azzam Gives Plan To ‘Cure’ Palestine-Cordon Sanitaire 9
07/16/1948 Irgun (Zvai Leumi-Menachem Beigin Or Begin) Is Still Said To Hold 5 Britons 9
07/16/1948 Cairo Is Bombed By Israel Flier 9
07/16/1948 Bombs Hit Jerusalem 9
07/16/1948 German Teachers (Future ‘Educators’) Arrive (In U.S.) For Study (At U.S. Teacher Training Schools) 14
07/17/1948 Both Sides Accept Jerusalem Peace; Israel Backs Truce-Nazareth Gives Up To Israeli Forces 1
07/17/1948 First Loan Made On Marshall Plan 3
07/17/1948 Churchill At Cardiff Suggests It Is Time To Return Germans To European Family 3
07/17/1948 Fighter Planes For Israeli Army Reported Shuttled From Prague-Are Of Messerschmitt (Me-109) Design 4
07/17/1948 Picture: Presenting Ambulances For Shipment To Israel 4
07/17/1948 (War Surplus B-17) Flying Fortress Returns To Halifax (Attempting To Join Haganah In Palestine)-Irgun Gives Up Briton 4
07/18/1948 Prague Seizes 71 As Agents For U.S. 1
07/18/1948 Jerusalem Truce Halts Israeli Push To Retake Old City 1
07/18/1948 Mediator Fans Peace Hope For Palestine As He Leaves 1
07/18/1948 U.S. Britain Clash On German Steel 9
07/18/1948 Group (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Plans Aid For 8,000 Abroad 23
07/18/1948 Bbc To Step Up Relay Of (U.S.’S) ‘Voice (Of America)’ Broadcasts 23
07/18/1948 The Men Who Fight For Israel (Heroic Treatment)-Gene Currivan Mag. 6
07/19/1948 New Palestine Truce Begun; Time Limit Asked By Arabs; Major U.N. Victory Is Seen-Council Is Praised 1
07/19/1948 (War Surplus) B-17 (Illegally On Way To Palestine To Join Haganah) Defies Canada, Flies On To Azores-Breaks Pledge 1
07/19/1948 Highway Network Planned By Israel 2
07/19/1948 Control By Germans Of DP Camp (In Germany) Barred (Camps Are Under U.S. Army Protection) 3
07/19/1948 New Group (‘Americans United For Israel’) To Aid Israel 4
07/19/1948 Restitution Talks Refused By Swiss 23
07/20/1948 Truman Confers On Berlin 1
07/20/1948 (U.S.) Army Wins Praise (From National Geographic’s Editor, Frederick Simpich) On Job In Germany 2
07/20/1948 Ruhr Steel Output Largest Since War 3
07/20/1948 West Germans Bid For A Peace Treaty-Text Of The German Counterproposal On A (‘Self-Governing’) Western State 4
07/20/1948 Israel Puts To Death A Convicted (Unnamed Russian-Jewish) Traitor 6
07/20/1948 Bomb-Load Found On (U.S. Surplus) B-17 In Azores (Bound For Palestine To Aid Israelis) 7
07/20/1948 Bernadotte Bars (Palestine) Truce Time Limit 8
07/20/1948 Weakening Of Arab League Likely As A Result Of Truce 8
07/20/1948 West European Union Finds Solidarity On German (‘Self Government’) Course 1
07/20/1948 Palestine Truce Breaches Go On; Israeli Units Close Latrun Trap 1
07/20/1948 Clay, Murphy Called Home To Confer On Berlin Crisis 1
07/20/1948 Germans Restate Regime Proposals 4
07/20/1948 Recall Of Forces Urged By (James P.) Warburg 5
07/20/1948 Goering’s Widow Denies Nazi Roles 8
07/20/1948 Arabs Are Depicted As Bowing To (Un) Force 10
07/20/1948 Scottsboro Man Escapes (Custody) 16
07/22/1948 West Willing To Discuss All Germany If Russians Recognize Berlin Rights 1
07/22/1948 German-Soviet Tie Declared April (By U.S. Trade Union Mission) 4
07/22/1948 Frau Goering Gets Year But Is Freed-Court Also Confiscates 30% Of Her Property And Bars Her From Stage 5 Years 7
07/22/1948 Bernadotte Urges Fairness On Aides-Says Palestine Truce Must Benefit Neither Side (Briefing In Rhodes) 16
07/22/1948 Newman Scores New Jewish Group-Asks Non-Support For Israel Aid Organization Replacing Americans For Haganah 16
07/22/1948 (David) Ben-Gurion (Competitor Of Menachem Begin) Bans (Palestine Jewish) Immigration Curb 16
07/23/1948 Israel Weighs Step For A Big Exchange Of Minority (Arab) Groups (A La Un)-50,000 Moslems Involved 1
07/23/1948 Germans To Accept (Semi-Autonomous) West State Offer (Of U.S. Et Al.) 3
07/23/1948 Bernadotte To See Arabs Tomorrow-Beirut Is Scene Of New Talks 4
07/23/1948 (Latvian) Refugee Ketch In Boston 34
07/24/1948 (General Lucius) Clay Is Confident Of Berlin Supply Till Impasse Ends 1
07/24/1948 Serious DP Clash Is Avoided In Berlin (Black Market Raid-2,000 Jews And 70 German Police At Dueppel Center) 2
07/24/1948 Arab Assails Idea Of Minority Shifts (In Palestine) 3
07/24/1948 Iro Receives $5,000,000 From Swiss Regime In Delayed Advance On German Asset Sales (In Switzerland) 3
07/24/1948 136 Berlin Refugees (Bound For Palestine) Flown To U.S. Zone 4
07/24/1948 (Congressman Leo Isacson) Demands Truman Give Israel Arms 7
07/24/1948 Bernadotte On List For Religious Post (With World Council Of Churches) 16
07/24/1948 Picture: James G. Mc Donald 27
07/24/1948 27 (Latvian) ‘Pilgrims’ (Refugees From Latvia) Go Ashore (Death Sentence From Russia If They Return) 27
07/25/1948 (I. G.) Farben Liquidation Mapped (By United Nations Victors); New Concerns Are Planned-U.S. And British Officials 1
07/25/1948 (Henry Agard) Wallace Accepts (Presidential Nomination Of Progressive Party) Calling On (Un) Allies To Give Up Berlin 1
07/25/1948 Pilot Of Mystery (War Surplus) B-17 (Loaded, Bound For Palestine To Help Israelis) Arrested After Crew Is Flown From Azores 1
07/25/1948 Arab Refugee Tide Burdens (Arab) Economy 6
07/25/1948 Israel Protests Consul’s Charge (U.S.-French-Belgian Commission)-Denying Breach Of War Rules 7
07/25/1948 (U.S.) DP (Entry) Act Denounced By Jewish Groups-9 Organizations (Listed) 7
07/25/1948 Aid To Israel Urged (Sidney Stein) 7
07/25/1948 6,000 Dead (Germans, Of Malnutrition) Laid To Russia 9
07/26/1948 Eden Sees Germans Moving Toward A Freed (Western United Nations Approved) Democracy 1
07/26/1948 West Germany Held Ready For German Talks By Chiefs Of Big 41
07/26/1948 Arabs Are Held Resigned On Israel, But Trying To Keep New State Weak 6
07/26/1948 Arab Demands Set On Palestine Plan 6
07/26/1948 Refugees Strain On Arab Towns 6
07/27/1948 U.S., Britain Bar Rail Traffic With Russian German Zone; Soviets’ Police Chief Ousted 1
07/27/1948 Western German Leaders Agree To Launch New (Satellite) State 1
07/27/1948 Israel Claims Rule In Jerusalem; Will Name Governor Of New City 1
07/27/1948 Truman Orders End Of (Racial) Bias In (Armed) Forces And Federal Jobs (Text, P. 4) 1
07/27/1948 Britain To Surrender 19 Belgrade Exiles (Allegedly Cooperated With Germans) 10
07/27/1948 Israel’s Birth May Cause U.S. To Shift Middle East Policy 12
07/27/1948 Israeli Aide Bars Arab League Plan 12
07/28/1948 World Court Step On Palestine Fails-U.N. Security Body Rejects Syrian Bid For Opinion 1
07/28/1948 Doubled DP Quota Urged In New (U.S. DP Entry) Bill 1
07/28/1948 Negro Gets $2,000 For Jim Crow Arrest; Southern Railway Settles Out Of Court 5
07/28/1948 (Satellite) State Plans Started By Western Germans 9
07/28/1948 U.S. Demands Egypt Explain Mob Killing Of (Stephen Haas Of Philadelphia); View ‘Most Serious Incident’ With Gravity 15
07/28/1948 Israeli Veterans Mark ‘Nation Day’ 16
07/29/1948 West To Urge Big Four Talks, Include All European Issues 1
07/29/1948 Arab States Study Levy On Jews To Aid (Arab) Refugees 7
07/29/1948 Israel Officially Opens Consulate Here; Dr. (Abba Hillel) Silver Gets First Passport-Gratis 8
07/29/1948 Bevin Balks Questions On Recognition Of Israel 8
07/29/1948 Earlier Peace Aim Laid To Abdulla (Jordan) 8
07/29/1948 Jobs Are Offered For DP’s In State 9
07/30/1948 (I. G.) Farben Aides Free On Warfare Count 5
07/30/1948 Israel To Demand Wider Territory 9
07/30/1948 Irgun (Zvai Leumi-Menachem Beigin Or Begin) Seeks All Palestine And Trans Jordan For Israel 9
07/31/1948 13 (I. G.) Farben Aides Sentenced; Judge (Paul M. Hebert) Protests (The) Acquittals 1
07/31/1948 (U.S. General Lucius) Clay Acts To Free Foreign Holdings 6
07/31/1948 Christians, Jews (International Council Of Christians And Jews, Dr. Everett R. Clinchy, N.Y., President) Adopt Charter For World Body 16