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William Lindsey collection — 1948 NYT headlines

October 1948
Date Headline Page
10/01/1948 Montgomery Defense Chief For Western Union Powers 1
10/01/1948 Republicans Are Not Bound By (Marshall’s Favorable) Stand Onbernadotte (Palestine Partition) Plan 1
10/01/1948 Clay Says Merger Of 3 (Western German Occupation) Zones Is Near 1
10/01/1948 (Thomas E.) Dewey Praises Poles 2
10/01/1948 Leftists Take Over Chamber In Berlin 2
10/01/1948 U.N. Postpones Action On Genocide Problem 3
10/01/1948 Stern Group (‘Gang’) Chief (Nathan Friedman-Yellin), Aide (Matithyahu Schmuelowitz) Are Arrested 4
10/01/1948 (Chiam) Weitzmann Arrives By Plane In Israel 4
10/01/1948 Bernadotte’s Driver Arrives Here To Rest 4
10/01/1948 Picture: Lawrence A. Steinhardt & Family 5
10/01/1948 Lack Of Exhibit Saved Frau (Ilse) Koch-Trial Records Court Was Unable To Get Album Reported Bound In (Human) Skin (No Evidence To Support Allegations!) 11
10/01/1948 South’s Negro Vote Is Seen For Truman 22
10/01/1948 Appeal Made For Truman (Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr.) 22
10/01/1948 Aid To DP’s To Top $50,000,000 In (N.Y.) City 23
10/02/1948 Palestine Situation Worse, Truce Officials Inform U.N. (Excerpts P. 2) 1
10/02/1948 Vischinsky Says U.S. Errs In Its Claim To Atom (Bomb) Monopoly 1
10/02/1948 De Gaulle Assails West’s Army Plan-Says France, Not Britain, Must Be Base 1
10/02/1948 Weizmann Seeks Ties With Britain 4
10/02/1948 (Frau) Ilse Koch Hearing Set-(U.S.) Senate Committee 4
10/02/1948 (Philip S.) Jessup To Handle U.S. Case On Berlin 5
10/02/1948 Blocked Accounts On Germans Freed 5
10/02/1948 Africa Again Asks Skull Of Mkwawa From Berlin 6
10/02/1948 Angelo-U.S. Pact Set On German Scrap 30
10/03/1948 (Marshal Vasily) Sokolovsky Ready To Resume Parley On Berlin Impasse (Excerpts Pp. 3 & 4) 1
10/03/1948 Imminence Of War Doubted By Leaders At U.N. Session 1
10/03/1948 (Andrey) Vishinsky Changes Atomic Ban Stand; West Is Skeptical 1
10/03/1948 Frenchman (General Alphonse-Pierre Juin) Refuses To Head Armies Of Western Europe 1
10/03/1948 U.S. Zone Germans Favor Self-Rule 2
10/03/1948 German Gain Seen In Freezing Marks 3
10/03/1948 Russian Sees ‘War’ In U.N. Rights Pact 6
10/03/1948 Britons Fear War Is Getting Closer 10
10/03/1948 Arab Refugees Get Aid 14
10/03/1948 Arabs Seek Votes In U.N 14
10/03/1948 Big Scrap Exporting Opposed By Germans (The Need It Themselves) 15
10/03/1948 Abdulla Accused Of Splitting Arabs 20
10/03/1948 (Fritz) Thyssen Convicted As Minor Nazi Aide 27
10/03/1948 Picture: Mr. & Mrs. Cordell Hull 32
10/04/1948 Russia Asks German Talks By Big 4 Foreign Ministers; Lays Blockade To West-U.N. Rights Denied (Text, P. 3) 1
10/04/1948 Israel Protests Bernadotte Plan In Report To U.N. 1
10/04/1948 Chief Rabbi (Of Palestine, Dr. Isaac Halevy Hertzog) Asks Unity For (‘All Of’) Israel 2
10/04/1948 Visa Snarl Called New Block For DP’s 2
10/04/1948 British Skeptical Of Soviet Offers 3
10/05/1948 West Bars 4-Power Talk On Germany; Presses U.N. To Study ‘Peace Threat;’ Vishinsky Says Russia Won’t Be Party 1
10/05/1948 (Russian) Yak Fighters Dart At 2 British (Air) Craft 4
10/05/1948 Abdulla (King Of Jordan) Bids Gaza Quit 5
10/05/1948 President Orders Scrutiny Of DP’s-Dp Sailing Delay Is Cut 10
10/05/1948 Inspiration Seen In State Of Israel 23
10/06/1948 U.S. Seen Pressing For Single Role Of 3 Zones To Cut (Occupation) Costs 1
10/06/1948 Soviet To Boycott U.N. Berlin Debate; Truman Recalls Marshall For Talks 1
10/06/1948 Berlin Unaffected By Soviet (Para-) Chutists 2
10/06/1948 20 U.S. Groups Map Palestine Relief (For ‘Jews And Arabs’) 5
10/06/1948 (Moshe) Shertok Outlines Aim To Marshall (Was This The Real Reason For His ‘Recall?’) 5
10/06/1948 Marshall Denies Prodding France 6
10/06/1948 Churchill Asserts Asia’s Frontier Is On The Elbe At Present 12
10/06/1948 Hirohito Holds First ‘Press Conference,’ But Lets Reporters Do All The Talking 14
10/06/1948 Nisei (Tomoya Kowakita, An Interpreter In A Japanese Pow Camp) Is Ordered To Die For War Treason 15
10/07/1948 U.S. Sets Lifting Of Berlin Blockade As Price Of 4-Power German Parley; Russians Present But Take No Part-Vishinsky Is Silent 1
10/07/1948 Soviet Organizes 400,000 Into German Peace Force 1
10/07/1948 Soviet Bloc Army Is Put At 5,200,000 1
10/07/1948 Care Says (Gen. Lucius) Clay Blocks German Aid 2
10/07/1948 Anti-Red Front In Berlin Broken 3
10/07/1948 Soviet Authorities In Germany Call On U.N. To Assist Children In Its Occupation Zone 8
10/07/1948 (Moshe) Shertok Supports Direct Arab Talk 10
10/07/1948 Palestine Deal Charged-Soviet Writer Hits Mediator’s (Bernadotte’s) Plan As Anglo-U.S.-Inspired 10
10/07/1948 Clemency For Nazis Facing Death (As A Result Of U.S. Army War Crimes Tribunals) In Report To (Sec. Of Army, Kenneth C.) Royall (Simpson Commission Study Of Character Of U.S. Tribunals In Germany) 15
10/08/1948 West Bars Arms Reduction Without Inspection As Basis 1
10/08/1948 White Book Of Poles Offers (Its) German Plan 7
10/08/1948 3 Powers To Link German Exports 10
10/08/1948 More Czechs And Others Flee From East To U.S. Camps, Refugee Officials Report 11
10/08/1948 Bizonal Plant Aid Sought By Peron-Argentina Needs Parts To End Paralysis Of Factories Seized From Germans (As War Booty) 12
10/08/1948 Berlin Blockade Lifted For (New) Soviet Guillotine 13
10/08/1948 Israel Sees Egypt Hits Negeb Route 17
10/09/1948 West To Raise Berlin Ration With Food Brought By Air 1
10/09/1948 Egypt In Security Council; Israel Assails U.N. Choice 1
10/09/1948 Truman Blocked In Move To Send (Fred M.) Vinson To Stalin 1
10/09/1948 Israel Signs Pact With Oil Concerns 2
10/09/1948 New Group Will Aid Palestinian Refugees 2
10/09/1948 (4) Israeli Men Give Blood (‘Thank You Donation’) 2
10/09/1948 Germans Take Step To Avoid Inflation 3
10/09/1948 German Unions To Merge 3
10/09/1948 U.N. Defers Debate On Berlin Dispute 3
10/09/1948 (Re-) Trial Of (Frau) Ilse Koch Urged (By Eugen Kogon, Editor Of Frankfurter Hefte, Now At Journalism Seminar Being Held At Columbia University Press Institute For German Journalists-Kogan A ‘Survivor’ Of Buchenwald, Author Of Numerous ‘Holocaust’/Anti-NSDAP Books ‘Depositions,’&Articles) 3
10/09/1948 U.S. Sends 72 Men To Speed DP Work 4
10/10/1948 Truman Drops Moscow (Vincent) Mission; Marshall Sees Him, Denies Rift-Situation Cleared 1
10/10/1948 Keep Atom Bomb, Churchill Says-Briton Warns U.S. (Text, P. 4) 1
10/10/1948 Sternists (Stern Gang) Escape From Jaffa Prison 1
10/10/1948 (Philip S.) Jessup Suggests Berlin Solution 2
10/10/1948 Germans To See U.S. (Political) Campaign (‘To Learn’ Is Implied-No Mention Of L. B. Johnson Texas Vote Fraud) 7
10/10/1948 Briton (Sir Hartley Shawcross, British Chief Prosecutor At Nuernberg Jackson Tribunal) Denounces Soviet Arms Plan 8
10/10/1948 Russians In Berlin Seize Truck Goods 9
10/10/1948 Grosvenor Square Is Key U.S. Center 10
10/10/1948 U.S. Frontier Is Issue-Hanson W. Baldwin 13
10/10/1948 Marshall Defines (U.S.) Policy As To Spain 14
10/10/1948 New Trial Of (Frau) Ilse Koch Promised By Bavarian (Dr. Philip Auerbach, Former Auschwitz Inmate, ‘Opfer Des Faschismus’ Figure-Later Committed Suicide While Awaiting Trial On Charges Of Submitting False Claims For Other Jews And Thereby Enriching Himself) 19
10/10/1948 Education As Weapon Urged On Democracy (By Irvin R. Kuenzli, American Federation Of Teachers) 24
10/10/1948 Big Egyptian Drive In South Reported 26
10/10/1948 Israel Sends U.N. List Of Violations 27
10/10/1948 Hull’s (Reciprocal) Trade Plan Backed By (John W.) Snyder 28
10/10/1948 Uncertainty Seen Over Civil Rights (Aclu) 65
10/10/1948 The U.N. Still Trying On Berlin Compromise-Edwin L. James E-3
10/10/1948 Texas Senatorial (Vote Fraud Fight) Has Wide Implications-Arthur Krock E-3
10/10/1948 Western Europe’s New ‘Chief Of Staff’ (‘Monty’) Mag. 13
10/10/1948 Joughin, G. Louis, And Morgen, Edmund M., The Legacy Of Sacco And Vanzetti; Harcourt Brace & Co. Concerns The Story Of The Liberal Cause Celebre Of The 1920’s (M. Musmanno) Book 6
10/11/1948 Recovery Is Sharp N West Germany 1
10/11/1948 Big Powers Weigh Berlin Compromise 1
10/11/1948 Chiang (Kai-Shek) Apologizes To His Nation For Failures To Drive Out Reds 1
10/11/1948 Vandenberg Tells Europe More Help Hinges On Its Unity (Text, P. 2) 1
10/11/1948 Leaders Invited To Defense Talks 3
10/11/1948 Stern Group (‘Gang’) Ends Rebellion At Jail 5
10/11/1948 (Col. David ‘Mickey’) Marcus (U.S. Citizen, West Point Graduate & U.S. Army Officer Secretly Fighting With The Israelis In Palestine, Apparently With Full U.S. Knowledge And Support) Honored In 3 Ceremonies-(N.Y. Mayor) O’dwyer And Truman Laud Him 5
10/11/1948 New Zonal Policy Near For French 9
10/11/1948 Catholic Campaign For DP’s Described (By Msgr. Edward E. Swanstrom) 12
10/11/1948 Far East Traders Fear Japanese Rise 36
10/12/1948 West Again Bars Parleys On Berlin During Blockade 1
10/12/1948 Marshall Off (To France), Asserts U.S. Is United On World Policies 1
10/12/1948 Britain Asks U.N. To Censure Soviet 1
10/12/1948 French Red (Benoit Frachon) Scores West’s Arms Union 1
10/12/1948 Clay, (Gen. Sir Brian) Robertson Praise Ruhr Gains 2
10/12/1948 Yak (Russian Fighter) Buzzes British Plane 2
10/12/1948 Britain Disputes Soviet On Berlin 3
10/12/1948 Bernadotte Plan Upheld By (Ralph) Bunche-Arab Refugees To Get Food 4
10/12/1948 Truce End Looms Over Negeb (Desert) Fight 4
10/12/1948 Symposium Of Notable Persons Sees Hope Of Avoiding Warfare 5
10/12/1948 Austria’s Police Curbed By Russia 8
10/12/1948 (John Foster) Dulles Vilified In Berlin 10
10/12/1948 Dual U.S. Role Seen In European Trade 11
10/12/1948 Chinese Reds Win Big Port, Menace 2 Gate Cities, Nanking Force Seizes Yingkow, Gate To Mukden (Map) 15
10/12/1948 Yoshida Lining Up Votes In New (Japanese) Diet 16
10/12/1948 10,000 (Volunteers) Seek Funds For Jewish Agencies 27
10/12/1948 Jurist From South (Fed. Judge J. Waties Waring) Assails Prejudice 31
10/13/1948 Eisenhower Takes Office At Columbia (University); Stresses Freedom (. 21) 1
10/13/1948 (Paul G.) Hoffman Is Reported Asking German (Industry) Dismantling (By Victors) Delay 1
10/13/1948 (Warren) Austin Indicts Soviet Policy As Preventing Cuts In Arms, Vishinsky For Cooperation (Text, P. 56) 1
10/13/1948 (Italian Communist) Palmiro Tagliatti Warns Of A New Revolt 1
10/13/1948 42 Smuggled Aliens (From British West Indies) Are Seized; Rings’ Head Got False British Papers 1
10/13/1948 Iraq, Egypt Back (Arab) Gaza Government-Refugee Plight Shown 3
10/13/1948 Liberal Editors Told They Are Civilizers (Liberal International, Manchester Guardian) 3
10/13/1948 Israel Holds 2,500 War Captives In (Tent) Camp (Jail) Close To Mediterranean 3
10/13/1948 Germans Ask Steel Output Rise 3
10/13/1948 Soviet Brands Churchill As Hardened Enemy 5
10/13/1948 Russian In U.N. (Alexei Pavlov) Hits Racial Laws Here 6
10/13/1948 Germans Urged To Form Free Government In Preamble To Constitution For West 6
10/13/1948 U.S. Berlin Information Units Need Funds To Combat Russian Propaganda In Germany 8
10/13/1948 Indonesians Say Dutch Hold U.S. Flier (Bobby Freeberg), Known As Republic’s ‘One-Man’ Air Force 9
10/13/1948 Kol Nidre Sermons Urge Forgiveness-Pleas For Eradication Of Hate 26
10/13/1948 Peace Solidarity N Americas Urged 27
10/13/1948 Relatives Warned Of Racket On DP’s 45
10/14/1948 Soviet Won’t Drop Blockade Unless U.N. Case Is Halted And Mark (Currency) Pact Recognized 1
10/14/1948 Britain Advances On Recovery Road New Envoy Holds 1
10/14/1948 Council In Berlin Quits Soviet Area 3
10/14/1948 Exodus (Of Refugees) Continuing From East Europe (Hungarian And Czechoslovakian Jews) 3
10/14/1948 Reds In Soviet Zone Lose Ground N Blockade, Western Officials Say 3
10/14/1948 Excerpts From (Sir Hartley) Shawcross (Chief British Prosecutor At Nuernberg Tribunals) Reply To Vishinsky 4
10/14/1948 (Paul G.) Hoffman Presses (German) Dismantling (By Victors) Halt 6
10/14/1948 Arabs, Israelis Seek Support From U.N. Delegates In Paris 12
10/14/1948 Two U.N. Meeting On Palestine Set 12
10/14/1948 Recognition (Of Arab Palestine) By U.S. Is Denied To Arabs 13
10/14/1948 China Gets No Military Supplies As U.S.Purchases Are Delayed 14
10/14/1948 New York Is Pagan, Mission Head (Rev. Kenneth E. Miller) Says 31
10/15/1948 Israel Is Assailed By British, Chinese On Count’s (Count Folke Bernadotte’s) Killing-Bunche Hits Negligence 1
10/15/1948 U.S. Tightens Curb On Trade With Soviet Zone In Germany 1
10/15/1948 Palestine Accord Foreseen In Israel 2
10/15/1948 (U.S.) Arms Uncovered In Haifa Will Be Returned To U.S. 2
10/15/1948 Ex-Prosecutor Sees ‘Error’ In (Frau Ilse) Koch Case (Leon Alexander, Chicago) 3
10/15/1948 51% Of Berliners Favor (U.N.) Troop Exit 4
10/15/1948 DP’s Leave Camps For Voyage To U.S. (1,070 From Bremerhaven) 10
10/15/1948 Isacson (Election) Methods Scored (‘Committee For The Support Of Israel Through The Reelection Of Lev Isacson’) 16
10/15/1948 German (Steel) Scrap Due To Arrive Oct. 25 39
10/16/1948 Briton (Christopher Mayhew) In U.N. Lays Slavery To Soviet-Charles E. Egan 1
10/16/1948 Vishinsky Rebuffs U.N. Neutrals’ Bid For Data On Berlin 1
10/16/1948 Israelis In (Military) Action After Cairo Blow; End Of Truce Seen (Map) 1
10/16/1948 Total Public Payroll Up 12% Since 1947 1
10/16/1948 German Red (Wilhelm Pieck) Asks Inquiry In Party 1
10/16/1948 U.S. To Streamline German Exports 1
10/16/1948 Britain, U.S. Fuse Airlift Command 2
10/16/1948 Morgenthau (Henry, Jr.) Goes On Palestine Tour 3
10/16/1948 Plan To Rob Israel Of Lands Charged-Bernadotte Assassination Used As Subterfuge, Dr. (Moshe) Sneh, Ex-Head Of Haganah Says 3
10/16/1948 (German) Reparations Study Sped By (Paul G.) Hoffmann 4
10/16/1948 4th Party Barred By West In Austria 5
10/16/1948 Careful Placing Of DP’s Is Urged (‘National Catholic Rural Life Conference’) 16
10/17/1948 Truman Orders Reserves Strengthened And Trained, But His Peace Hopes Gain 1
10/17/1948 Marshall Arrives In Athens To Lift Greece’s Troubles 1
10/17/1948 Israel Turns Down Cease Fire (Order) Of U.N.; Raids Nageb Town 1
10/17/1948 West (Victors) Will Maintain (Joseph A. Panuch) Control Of German Democratization-Drew Middleton 1
10/17/1948 West Still Spurns Parley On Berlin 2
10/17/1948 Reparations Lag In East Germany 3
10/17/1948 New (Frau) Ilse Koch Trial Up (Requested By Auschwitz Survivor, Dr. Philip Auerbach, Bavarian Commissioner For Racial And Political Persecutions-Later Committed Suicide Rather Than Face Charges Of Extortion In Connection With His Position) 38
10/17/1948 Summary Of European Aid Report 4
10/17/1948 Soviet Seeking Extinction (‘Extermination’ ?) Of Kulaks In Its Sphere 13
10/17/1948 Russians Enraged By ‘Slave’ Charges-’Its A Lie,’ Delegate Shouts 16
10/17/1948 Students To Aid DP’s 17
10/17/1948 Jewish Body (American Jewish Committee, Irving M. Engel) Hears DP Admission Plea 24
10/17/1948 Palestine Report By (Ralph) Bunche Scored 27
10/17/1948 Integration In Israel Praised By American (Maurice Margulies, Executive Committee Of Committee For Progressive Zionism) 27
10/17/1948 Aid Arab Refugees (Stanton) Griffis Urges U.S. 28
10/17/1948 Says (Arab) Homes Are Occupied (By Jews) 28
10/17/1948 Crisis In Belgium Looms Over King (Leopold) 30
10/17/1948 Russians Free (German Pow) Train Halted Near Berlin 30
10/17/1948 U.S. Abandons Move To Keep Mexicans Our (Of U.S.) 33
10/17/1948 Many Ex-Nazis Re-Enter German Political Life E-4
10/17/1948 U.S. Policies At U.N. Disturb Small Powers E-5
10/17/1948 Hart, B. H. Liddell, The German Generals Talk, William Morrow & Co., N.Y Book 5
10/18/1948 Dulles In Berlin Declares Airlift Beyond Politics 1
10/18/1948 Israel Army Gains; Shertok Approves 3-Day Cease Fire-(Ralph) Bunche Seeks New Halt 1
10/18/1948 U.S., Britain To Ask Arab Refugee Aid 1
10/18/1948 Homes For 443,000 By June Is DP Goal 2
10/18/1948 Proskauer (American Jewish Committee) Urges Fairness To Israel 4
10/18/1948 Delay On Israel (‘De Jure’ Recognition) Scored-U.S. Non-Recognition Violates Rules, (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Warns Truman 4
10/18/1948 DP’s Aided To Observe Festival Of Succoth 5
10/18/1948 Morgenthau Urges U.N. Act On Palestine 5
10/19/1948 U.S. Studying Plan To Arm Austrians For Their Defense 1
10/19/1948 Israel Victorious In Nageb (Desert) Battles, Asks Direct Talks (With Arabs) 1
10/19/1948 Soviet Arming New Police As German Defiance Rises 1
10/19/1948 Child Fund Plans New Palestine Aid (‘U.N. International Children’s Emergency Fund’) 3
10/19/1948 War In Palestine Delays (Weizmann) Institute 3
10/19/1948 President Asks For Data On The (Frau) Ilse Koch Case 3
10/19/1948 Succoth Sermons Stress Israel Aid 4
10/19/1948 Blankets Needed By Arab Refugees 5
10/19/1948 Ruhr Steel Output Set Record In September 5
10/19/1948 Press As Guardian Hailed By (Chief U.S. Nuernberg Prosecutor, Robert H.) Jackson 6
10/19/1948 Steel Man Scores German (Anglo-U.S.) Scrap Pact 39
10/20/1948 U.N. Orders A Halt In Palestine Fray; Israel To Accept (P. 4) 1
10/20/1948 Dismantling (Of German Industry By Victors) Halt In Germany Is Set 1
10/20/1948 Dr. (James Bryant) Conant (Harvard) In Plea For U.S. Leadership 1
10/20/1948 Catholics Urged To Welcome DP’s (National Catholic Rural Life Conference) 2
10/20/1948 28 Nations Favor Iro As U.N. Agency 2
10/20/1948 Commission (Welfare) Plans For First DP’s Here 3
10/20/1948 Changchun Taken, Chinese Reds Say 3
10/20/1948 High Japanese (Officers) Indicted (By U.S.-’War Crimes’) 3
10/20/1948 800 DP’s Listed For U.S. 3
10/20/1948 Bernadotte Plan Laid To (U.S.) Pressure (By Emanuel Celler) 5
10/20/1948 (Von) Brauchitsch Dies Of Heart Attack 7
10/20/1948 Soviet Paves Way To Leave Germany-Turning Over Controls To (German) Communists 8
10/20/1948 Democracy Plea Is Made By Rabbi (David H. Panitz) 33
10/21/1948 Small Powers Ban Censure Of Soviet In Berlin Dispute 1
10/21/1948 Soviet Charges U.S. Lags On Palestine 1
10/21/1948 Soviet Sets Terms For Berlin Voting 5
10/21/1948 German Labor (Union) Men Here (Guests Of American Federation Of Labor) 6
10/21/1948 Briton In Germany Over Dismantling (Of German Industry By Victors) 7
10/21/1948 Morgenthau Says U.S. Backs Israel 8
10/21/1948 3-Month Food Drive For Israel Started (Zionist Organization Of America) 8
10/21/1948 Israeli Ministers Discuss Cease Fire 9
10/21/1948 Turkey Helps Jews To Emigrate To Israel; 2,000 Receiveauthorization Within 3 Days 9
10/21/1948 Rearming Decided By British Empire 12
10/21/1948 813 Refugees Sail For The U.S. Today 13
10/21/1948 U.S. Denies Opening (Its) Border To Mexicans 14
10/21/1948 Belgian Senate Bars Plebiscite On King (Leopold Iii) 14
10/21/1948 Yoshida Opposes (U.S.) Occupation’s End 16
10/21/1948 Contest Of Isacson And Dollinger A Matter Of Who Is Best ‘Zionist’ 24
10/22/1948 Israelis Capture Beersheba, Sever Egypt Supply Line (Map, P. 6) 1
10/22/1948 West Backs U.N.’s Berlin Compromise, Still Awaits Decision By Moscow; Clay Sees Erp Cracking The Red Front 1
10/22/1948 All-German Communist Rule Aim Of East (German) Zone’s (Russian) Charter 1
10/22/1948 Germans (Workers) Going To Britain (‘Slave Laborers’ ?) 2
10/22/1948 Clay Stands Firm In (Frau) Ilse Koch Case-Says Much Evidence Against Her Was Hearsay 5
10/22/1948 Plans Of U.S. (Propaganda) Radio Station In Germany Near Soviet Union Ended For Lack Of Funds 5
10/22/1948 Hoffman Hast End German Inventory-Expects Dismantling (By Victors) Guidance In 90 Days 5
10/22/1948 Increase Forecast In German Exports 6
10/22/1948 Joint Appeal To Aid Holy Land Refugees 6
10/22/1948 Hadassah May Ask U.S. Nageb (Desert) Stand-Israel Plans Housing 7
10/22/1948 Negeb Cease Fire Ordered (Again) By (Ralph) Bunche 7
10/22/1948 Dr. (Ralph) Bunche Attacked (By Emanuel Celler) 7
10/22/1948 Refugees Start On Voyage For U.S. (Aboard ‘General Black’) 14
10/22/1948 Church Group (Church World Service) Meets To Widen Aid To DP’s 14
10/23/1948 Vishinsky Obtains Time To Consider U.N. Plan On Berlin 1
10/23/1948 Death To Foil (Capture By) Nazis Held Churchill Plan 1
10/23/1948 Paris Calls Army To Quell Strikers; 2 Killed, 38 Shot 1
10/23/1948 Cease Fire In The Negeb (Desert) Put In Force By Israel And Egypt 1
10/23/1948 Text Of Berlin Proposal 2
10/23/1948 Eisenhower Calls For Wartime Unity 2
10/23/1948 Sale Of U.S. Jets Abroad Allowed (By U.S. Government) 2
10/23/1948 Red Charter Asks Unity Of Germany 2
10/23/1948 (Dr. George N. Schuster, Hunter College) Sees (Occupation) Failure In Germany-Says Resentment Of People Kills (U.S.) Denazification 2
10/23/1948 Paris Ort Visited By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 3
10/23/1948 (Greek) Peloponnesus Put Under Martial Law 3
10/23/1948 Army Shows Films On Nazi Murders-Narrator (Unnamed) Declares (Frau) Ilse Koch Had Ordered Lampshades Made From Human Skin 4
10/23/1948 U.S. Now Favors Credits To Israel 4
10/23/1948 10 (Germans) Hanged In U.S. Flier’s Death 4
10/23/1948 Israeli Aide Seeks Telephone Supplies 4
10/23/1948 Support Israel Day Set 4
10/23/1948 Italian (Anti-British) Film (‘Exodus’) 9
10/23/1948 (August) Cardinal Hlond, 67, Is Dead In Warsaw (Vita) 15
10/24/1948 Palestine Battle Spreads To North; Truce Endangered 1
10/24/1948 Soviet Threatens 6 Berlin Officials 1
10/24/1948 Pope (Pius XII) In Encyclical Urges An International Jerusalem 1
10/24/1948 Chaing (Kai-Shek) Is Urged To Take ‘Vacation’ (In U.S.) As Communists Win 2 More Cities 1
10/24/1948 German Reds Ask Soviet Ruhr Voice 2
10/24/1948 Europeans Stress Russian Rearming 3
10/24/1948 Rabbi (William F. Rosenblum) Sees ‘Pattern’ In Lenience To Nazi (Cases Of Frau Ilse Koch & I. G. Farbenindustrie, A. G.) Defendants 3
10/24/1948 Human Relations Theme-Conference Of Christians, Jews 4
10/24/1948 Palestine Action Delayed In U.N 10
10/24/1948 Carusi Sees Need To Raise DP Visas 12
10/24/1948 Argentine Beef To Israel (2,500 Tons) 12
10/24/1948 French Still Fear (German Industry) Dismantling Halt 17
10/24/1948 Sherwood, Robert E., Roosevelt And Hopkins, Harper & Bros., N.Y.-’Franklin Roosevelt’s Alter Ego’-Henry Steele Commager Book 1
10/25/1948 Truman Reaffirms His Israel Stand In Reply To Dewey-Some Conflict With Marshall’s (Earlier) Backing Of Bernadotte Proposals Observed 1
10/25/1948 Palestine Fighting Spreads In North 1
10/25/1948 French Reinforce Troops To Counter Wide Strike Today 1
10/25/1948 Truman On Palestine (Map) 2
10/25/1948 5,000 Join Parade For Israel Action-Call For Rejection Of Bernadotte Plan 2
10/25/1948 German Reds (Under Russian Charter) End Three-Day Parley 7
10/25/1948 Wallace Proposes New German (Occupation) Plan 18
10/25/1948 Franz Lehar Dies In Tyrolese Home 23
10/26/1948 Russia Vetoes Call In U.N. To Lift Berlin Blockade; Western Parley Set Today 1
10/26/1948 Charges By Egypt Before U.N. Today 1
10/26/1948 President Likens Dewey To Hitler As Fascists’ Tool 1
10/26/1948 France Uses Army To Capture Mines Seized By Strikers 1
10/26/1948 Gen. Clay Halts Executions Of 45 Germans (Condemned By U.S. Army As War Criminals) After Getting Appeal Of (German) Church Leaders 2
10/26/1948 (Paul G.) Hoffman Outlines Dismantling (Of German Industry By Victors) Shift 3
10/26/1948 Russian Demands Ignored In Berlin 6
10/26/1948 Israeli Loan Data Asked By U.S. Bank 6
10/26/1948 50,000 Arabs Live In Peace In Israel-Are Content To Be Part Of New State 7
10/26/1948 Mosely Band Tries To Stop (Leftist Trade Union) ‘Peace’ Session;(Konni) Zilliacus (Extreme Leftist) In London Meeting His Laborites (Praises ‘Red Dean,’ Dr. Hewlett Johnson) 11
10/26/1948 Truman’s Strategy Centered On Racial And Religious Plea-James Reston 20
10/26/1948 Dr. J. J. Stam Of Netherlands ChurchUrges Steps To Aid New Immigrants (Into U.S.) 36
10/27/1948 Dulles Says Russia Incites Strife To Dominate World (Text, P. 4) 1
10/27/1948 Russians Disavow Berlin Air Rules 1
10/27/1948 5 Western Powers To Ask U.S. To Join Atlantic Defense (Statement, P. 2) 1
10/27/1948 Nazi Loot Sales Scheduled (By Iro) 2
10/27/1948 U.N. War ‘Stopwatch’ Irks Israeli Officer; He Says Cease Fire Halted Gaza Capture (By Israelis) 6
10/27/1948 Taft Hits At Truman On Palestine Course (‘Uncertain And Wavering’) 6
10/27/1948 Berlin (‘Free’) University Planned To Offset The Communists (Who Control Humboldt University) 8
10/27/1948 U.S., Britain Split On Zonal Property-Edward A. Morrow 8
10/27/1948 Stocks Wipe Out Preceding Losses 39
10/28/1948 Bizonal (German) Recovery Program Drafted; 300 Reparations Plants (Scheduled To Be Dismantled By Victors) Held Up 1
10/28/1948 British Chieftain (Gen. Sir Brian Robertson) In Germany Leans To Occupation End 1
10/28/1948 13 Top German Officers Acquitted On Charges Of Plotting Warfare 6
10/28/1948 Israelis Counter With Withdrawal Plan 7
10/28/1948 Picture: Henry Morgenthau & Curtis Roosevelt Boettiger In Palestine 7
10/28/1948 Jewish Colonies Man (Their) ‘Burma Road’ (Military Supply Line From U.S.) 7
10/28/1948 Policy On Israel Seen As Strategic; (Dr. D. Harry) Gideonse (President, Brooklyn College) Says Aim Is U.S. Security 8
10/28/1948 Aid To DP’s Mapped At Meeting Here 8
10/28/1948 (Dr. Nahum Goldmann) Asks Aid In Arab Areas 8
10/28/1948 French Dismantling 38 (German) Plants 10
10/28/1948 Ballots In Texas (Stevenson Vs. Lyndon Baines Johnson For U.S. Senator) Reported Burned-Burning (Of Ballots) Is Laid To A Mistake 19
10/28/1948 Dr. Judah (Leon) Magnes Dead At Age Of 71 (Picture & Vita)-A Staunch Pacifist 29
10/28/1948 Total War Mapped On Totalitarianism (‘Association Of National Advertisers’) 45
10/29/1948 Stalin Asserts West Aims At ‘Unleashing A New War;’ Charges Promptly Denied 1
10/29/1948 Truman In Strongest Plea For Israel, Backs Boundaries Of First U.N. Plan; Crowds In City Streets Welcome Him (Text, P. 4) 1
10/29/1948 Wallace Assails Truman On Israel 6
10/29/1948 Israel Forum Held By (American) Jewish Congress (Rabbi Stephen S. White) 6
10/29/1948 Peace With Egypt Pursued By Israel 14
10/29/1948 Galilee Archbishop Asks (Arab & Jewish) Refugee Return 15
10/29/1948 German Reds (Chartered By Russians) Say Soviet Maps Exit 17
10/29/1948 112 German Officers (Condemned By U.S. Army As War Criminals Atnuernberg Telford Taylor Tribunals) Get Prison Terms 17
10/29/1948 West Eyes Sole Use Of Berlin ‘B’ Mark 17
10/29/1948 Swiss Scientist (Dr. Paul Mueller) Who Developed Ddt Spray Wins The 1948 Nobel Prize For Medicine) 22
10/29/1948 (Jewish League Against Communism) Protests ‘Red Dean’ Visa Issued By U.S. Government) 22
10/30/1948 U.S. Switches On Palestine, Won’t Consider Sanctions (Against Either Party) On Palestine-Comment Refused 1
10/30/1948 Army Reorganizing Nov. 15 To Be Ready For ‘Peace Or War’ 1
10/30/1948 President (Truman) Renews Civil Rights Plea 1
10/30/1948 U.N. Deliberations Assailed By Israel 2
10/30/1948 (U.N.) Child Fund Votes Aid For Palestine 2
10/30/1948 (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Urges Truman To Direct (U.S.’s U.N. Delegation 2
10/30/1948 9 Germans Executed For War Atrocities (By U.S. Army At Landsberg Prison-Executees Unnamed) 3
10/30/1948 Berliners To Get Home Coal Ration 3
10/30/1948 Israel Gets Afl Promise 4
10/30/1948 Wisconsin (Medical) Board Bars DP Doctor 10
10/30/1948 Former Nazi Wants U.S. Rights Returned 21
10/31/1948 Israelis Capture Position In North In Major Attack (Map, P. 26) 1
10/31/1948 U.S. City Welcomes Ship With 813 DP’s, 1 St Under New Act 1
10/31/1948 Manchuria Is Lost By Chiang (Kai-Shek) Regime; Mukden Fall Near (Map) 1
10/31/1948 Russians Insist Pact Was Broken (By U.S. And Britain) 1
10/31/1948 U.S. Rejects Claim By Soviet In Japan 2
10/31/1948 Aid For Scholars In Europe Is Urged-Fear Civil War, Occupation And Slavery 3
10/31/1948 Black Marketeers Rise In Germany 7
10/31/1948 Curfew Follows Riot In Stuttgart 9
10/31/1948 Delay Until ‘49 Seen On Atlantic Pact-Plan Is Credited To U.S. (Not Requested By European Nations? See Above!) 15
10/31/1948 (R. T. Schaeffer, Red Cross) Named To Aid Palestine 26
10/31/1948 Arab Refugees Increase 26
10/31/1948 Belgians Condemn 3 German (Officers) 26
10/31/1948 Israeli Laws Rule In Army-Held Land 27
10/31/1948 Britain Accused By Israel On Negeb 30
10/31/1948 Aid Offered Palestine (By World Health Organization, By U. N If Requested) 30
10/31/1948 Aid To Jews Urged In Eastern Europe (By Monroe Goldwater)-Thousands In Rumania And Hungary 31
10/31/1948 (Private) Gift Parcels To West Germany 31
10/31/1948 DP’s Rise In Dark For Sight Of (N.Y.) City 41
10/31/1948 (Nathaniel L.) Goldstein Is Set For Voting Frauds 57
10/31/1948 Oil Shortage Seen In Event Of War F-1
10/31/1948 Stalin Twists Record As The West Reads It E-3
10/31/1948 Russia Finds Germans Are Hard To ‘Sovietize’ E-7
10/31/1948 Israel Sees New Hope For Negotiated Peace (Plus Land Gains, Map) E-10
10/31/1948 Chiang’s Government Is In Serious Situation E-10