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William Lindsey collection — 1947 NYT headlines

January 1947
Date Headline Page
01/01/1947 Truman Declares Hostilities Ended-51 Statutes To Die 1
01/01/1947 Soviet Lining Up For German Unity In Moscow Parley 1
01/01/1947 (Vito) Marcantonio Seat Is Unchallenged 3
01/01/1947 De Lesseps Is Arrested (Collaboration With Germans) 12
01/01/1947 U.S., Britain Plan Vast German Aid-Pump Priming 26
01/01/1947 Germans Propose Ruhr Bonus Plan 27
01/01/1947 (U.S. To) Fight Luxembourg’s Demand (For Saar Territory) 27
01/01/1947 Iro Constitution Signed By Liberia 28
01/01/1947 Mrs. Roosevelt Hits Scheme For (Rebuilding) Germany (As A Buffer To Russia) 31
01/01/1947 Future Brides Of GI’s Will Need New Visas (After End Of Hostilities) 37
01/01/1947 Training To Ease Racial Bias Urged (By Urban League) 48
01/02/1947 (Irgun Zvai Leumi Terrorist) Sentenced To Hang 1
01/02/1947 All Germany Open To Parcel-Post Aid 4
01/02/1947 (Lt. Gen. Sir Frederick) Morgan (Formerly Of UNRRA) Retired By British Army 10
01/02/1947 U.S. To Break Up Big German Plants 13
01/02/1947 DP’s Now Assuming Control Of Camps (500 000) 13
01/02/1947 Picture (Evicted Berlin Couple, Belongings In Handcart, Seeking Place To Live This Could Be Seen Often From 1945 Onward But Few Of The United Nations Press Bothered To Photograph It Or Publish It!) 13
01/02/1947 Meader’s Report (On Refugees) Criticized As Unfair (By Isaac L. Asafsky, Executive Director For Hebrew Sheltering And Immigrant Aid Society-Just Back From A 10 Week Study Tour Of Europe) 13
01/02/1947 Two Million Dutch Want To Emigrate (U.S. Canada, Australia, And South Africa) 16
01/02/1947 $58 500 000 Spent For Jewish Relief (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee In 1946. Nearly 1 Million Jews Aided, Edward M. M. Warburg, Chairman, Claims. Joint Distribution Committee Founded ‘32 Years Ago’) 25
01/03/1947 Republicans Decide To Bar (Mississippi Senator, Theodore) Bilbo 1
01/03/1947 Palestine Swept By Terror Revival 1
01/03/1947 700 (German) Enemy Aliens (In U.S.) Facing Ouster At Early Date Under New (Judge Simon H. Rifkind) Ruling 8
01/03/1947 House Report Criticizes Military On Occupation Policy In Germany-’Vast Majority’ Of Troops In Black Market 11
01/03/1947 Polish Visas Speeded (Non-Quota And Preferred Status Residents Of Poland Desiring To Enter The U.S.) 11
01/03/1947 (Myron C.) Taylor Urges Rise In Relief To Italy 11
01/03/1947 U.S., British Map German Recovery 12
01/03/1947 Berlin Unification Urged By Germans 12
01/03/1947 Secret Talks Held In France On Jews-London Says Paris (Leon Blum) Connives At Flow Of Illegal (Jewish) Refugees (To Palestine)-U.S. Abets French View 13
01/03/1947 New Berlin Paper Berates (Composer Richard) Strauss 16
01/03/1947 Schuschnigg’s Book (Austrian Requiem, G. P. Putnam & Sons, N.Y. 1947) Tells War Secrets 19
01/03/1947 Morgenthau Gets (United Jewish Appeal) Fund Post ($170,000,000 Goal)-’To Save From Despair And Destruction The Pitiful Remnant Of Jews Who Remain Alive In Europe.’) 44
01/04/1947 (John Roy) Carlson, Author Of Under Cover (About Subversive Groups In The U.S.A.) Beaten By Three Men In Brooklyn 1
01/04/1947 Palestine Warned Of Drastic Curbs 5
01/04/1947 Ben-Gurion Sees Grave Tests (Many Others) 5
01/04/1947 U.S. German Zone Faces Coal Crisis 5
01/04/1947 Nazis Sent To U.S. As Technicians (‘Project Paper Clip’) 6
01/04/1947 11 Insolent Germans On Trial As Plotters (Allegedly Bombed ‘Denazification’ Courts) 7
01/04/1947 Dr. Stephen S. Wise Quits Zionist Group In Protest Over ‘Imperiling’ Leadership (Zionist World Congress, Basle) 17
01/05/1947 American Aid Vital (For Italy-De Gaspari) 24
01/05/1947 French Bar Papers Entering Saar Zone 25
01/05/1947 Nazi Justice Aides Indicted For War Crimes; 16 To Face U.S. Mllitary Court In Nuremberg 37
01/05/1947 Iro Faces Great Problem Of War Refugees In Europe-Must Provide For Future Of 1,000,000 DP’s (Some 222,000 Are Jews) E-5
01/05/1947 Camp 91, Darmstadt (Interned Germans Awaiting U.S. Trials) Mag. 8
01/06/1947 Army Asks Ouster Of 2 UNRRA Aides (Joe Buda And Mr. Korn Involved In Black Market Activity) 2
01/06/1947 Role Of Germans On Peace Studied-U.S. Aides Ponder Whom Allies Will Call To Moscow To Sign Treaty 3
01/06/1947 U.S. Urged To Admit 100 000 Jewish DP’s (By National Coordinating Committee Representing 190 Jewish Organizations) 3
01/06/1947 Indicted German (Karl Westphal) Commits Suicide 3
01/06/1947 Dr. (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Criticized For Quitting Post 4
01/06/1947 Book On U.S. Jews In War (2 Vols., American Jews In World War Ii)21 Dutch Need Seen For German Trade 27
01/07/1947 (General George C.) Marshall Is Summoned By Truman For Report On His Efforts In China 2
01/07/1947 UNRRA Aid (Joe Buda, A Polish Civilian) Denies Black Market Charge; Insists U.S. Troops Beat Displaced Jews (Landsberg Camp) 4
01/07/1947 Nazis Seen In Power In U.S. German Zone (By Capt. Harry N. Sperber, U.S. Chief Interpreter At Nuernberg. Sperber, Born In Germany, Naturalized U.S. Citizen) 10
01/07/1947 Sweden To Receive 1,500 Germans Soon (Possible Nazis Easily Got Rid Of. ‘The [United Nations] Allies Have Always Been Willing To Relieve Us Of Unwanted Persons.’) 10
01/07/1947 Britain (Foreign Office) Says Funds Of U.S. Abet (Palestine) Terror-Advertisements Asking For Money For Palestine (Jewish) Causes-2 London Temples Suffer-Ben-Gurion Fears Violence May Lead To Fratercidal Strife-11 Britons Are Hurt (By Terrorist Grenades) 12
01/07/1947 Bias Seen On Wane By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt-Young PeopleWorking For Equal Rights 13
01/07/1947 Dr. Henry Plotz, Expert On Typhus (Dead) 27
01/08/1947 (General George C.) Marshall To Succeed Byrnes (As Sec. Of State) 1
01/08/1947 Marshall Report On China Calls Liberals Only Hope 1
01/08/1947 Palestine Reports Terror Truce; 2 Groups Accede To Haganah Plea 1
01/08/1947 (Barnard) Baruch Lauds (General George C.) Marshall2 Marshall Famed As Administrator 3
01/08/1947 Britons Invite German (Jakob Kaiser) 4
01/08/1947 Un Refugee Plans Still Await Britain 6
01/08/1947 75% Of DP’s Non-Jews-American Jewish Committee Aide (Irving Engel) Reports On Three Zones (200,000 Jews Out Of 800,000) 9
01/08/1947 (Palestine) Terrorists’ Fund Is Issue 9
01/08/1947 (General John) Hildring Warns War Can Be Lost (By Failure To Carry Out (Draconian) Policies In Germany And Japan Already Decided Upon 11
01/08/1947 German Export Mark Has Varied Values ($0.20 To $0.39) 11
01/09/1947 (General George C.) Marshall’s Association With Roosevelt Expected To Add To Prestige In Russia 2
01/09/1947 British Watchful Of Marshall Aims (It Was Because Of The British That Eisenhower Instead Of Marshall Was Named Chief Of The Western United Nations Forces!) 3
01/09/1947 UNRRA Aid To China In Its Biggest Job 4
01/09/1947 Germans Request Captives (5,000,000 German POW) Return 5
01/09/1947 British Will Ban German Cartels (But Not British Cartels) 5
01/09/1947 Re-Education Held Germans’ Big Need (By Kathleen Mc Laughlin, N.Y. Times Correspondent) 7
01/09/1947 Refugee Exit Viewed (Clandestine Entry Into Palestine) 7
01/09/1947 32 In (BegiN-1ed Irgun Avai Leumi) Terror Group In Palestine Held (By British) 8
01/09/1947 (N.Y.) Bill Would Curb School Prejudice 18
01/10/1947 True Hunger Edema Seen Scarce In Vienna 3
01/10/1947 (Cordell) Hull Congratulates (General George C.) Marshall 4
01/10/1947 Disposal Of (German War) Material In German Near End (Me-109’s Given To Jews In Palestine For Weapons) 4
01/10/1947 Germans In Doubt About Powers Of Their New Council Of State 8
01/10/1947 13 Nazi Officials Ousted In Bavaria 8
01/10/1947 Bars Seen To Exit Of Europe’s Jews (By Dr. Max Gottschalk, Director Of Foreign Affairs Department Of American Jewish Committee-’Hundreds Of Thousands’ Involved) 8
01/10/1947 Hershey Gives Praise To Jewish Veterans 11
01/11/1947 Nazi Euthanasia ‘Illegal’ (Dr. Karl Brandt And Three Others At U.S. Nuernberg Physicians Trial-Telford Taylor) 2
01/11/1947 (General Lucius) Clay Diverts Coal (From Industry) To German Homes 4
01/11/1947 U.S. Warns France On (German) Plant Seizures 4
01/11/1947 Austrian Attacks On Jews Forecast (B Ira Hirschmann, ‘If U.S. Troops Leave. Population Vengeful.’) 5
01/11/1947 500 Jews (Which Have Been Living In China, European Refugees) Sail To New Homes (Australia, Canada, Latin America, And U.S.-Aided By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee And UNRRA) 5
01/12/1947 Poles Resist Transfer (Forcibly Removed From One U.S. Camp In Germany To Another) 24
01/12/1947 Unity Advocated In German Relief 40
01/12/1947 Germans Processing Products For The World (As A Vassal Nation, Deprived Of All Means To Resist, Should?) 40
01/12/1947 Freezing Germans Loot Coal Trains 41
01/12/1947 Von Papen To Be (Re-) Tried (‘Denazified’-He Was Never A Party Member!) 44
01/12/1947 1919 War Warning (About Post-War Germany, Declassified, 1947) At (Paris Peace) Parley Is Bared 48
01/13/1947 Haifa Blast Ends Palestine Truce; Kills 4, Injures 142 11
01/13/1947 $500,000 Relief Fund For Germans Sought (Relief Of German Needy, Inc.) 2
01/13/1947 Iro Meeting Set For Geneva, Feb. 11 4
01/13/1947 Lasting Aid Urged For Europe’s Jews (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Et Al.) 5
01/13/1947 Saar Food Crisis Disturbs (Leon Blum) French-Fear Drop In Coal Productions (By Germans) 5
01/13/1947 France (Leon Blum) Suspicious On German (Peace) Treaty-Demands That The Saar, Ruhr, And Rhineland Be Made Independent 6
01/13/1947 European (Jewish) Refugees In Shanghai Preserve Some Old World Gaiety 10
01/14/1947 Ben Gold (CIO) Says Their (Communist’s) Expulsion Would Destroy Labor Group 5
01/14/1947 France’s (Leon Blum’s) Demands On Germany Eased 13
01/14/1947 U.S. Handicapped In Ruling Germans (Not Firm Enough For Some!) 14
01/14/1947 Himmler Aide (Oswald Pohl Plus August Frank And H. K. Fanslau) Indicted (At U.S. Nuernberg Tribunals-Telford Taylor) 17
01/14/1947 Aid To Jews Urged An All Americans (By Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) 20
01/15/1947 Italy Gets $100,000,000 U.S. Loan; Six Grain Ships (50,000 Tons) Also Diverted There 1
01/15/1947 Dutch Ask League Of German States 11
01/15/1947 Nazi Plot Is Found Growing In Europe (United Nations Report) 13
01/15/1947 Nazis’ Retention Laid To 2 Groups 14
01/15/1947 Two Women (German Physician, Dr. Hilde Wernicke And Nurse, Helene Wieczorek, Guillotined) In Berlin (For United Nations Euthanasia Convictions) 14
01/16/1947 Truman Asks Move To Check Bigotry 1
01/16/1947 Deputies Wrangle On (Moscow) German (Peace) Treaty 15
01/16/1947 (Re-) Training Of Youth In Germany Lags 20
01/17/1947 Auriol Is Elected French President-’Old Guard’ Socialist 1
01/17/1947 UNRRA Summarizes Latin-American Aid 3
01/17/1947 U.S. Outlines Aims For German Radio (Under Its Occupation) 4
01/17/1947 (James) Byrnes Regrets His Inability (As Former Secretary Of State) To Have (German) Captives (POW) Released (By French And Soviets) 4
01/17/1947 Germans Indict Schacht As Nazi (‘Denazification’ Court) 4
01/17/1947 Socialists To Run German Economy 5
01/17/1947 Aid To Jews Urged By Rumanian Rabbi-400,000 Left By Nazis (Rabbi Alexander Shafran Says 400,000 Still In Rumania) 9
01/18/1947 Reparations (Of Germany’s Former Allies) Total $1,330,000,000 (Exchange Rate Not Mentioned) 1
01/18/1947 Soviet Lists Names Of 6 Foes (White Russians And Germans) To Be Hanged 3
01/18/1947 Court Hearing Set For Ex-Nazi, Wife (Before Judge Simon Rifkind) 4
01/18/1947 Mystery Ship Seen As Exile’s Haven (800 Ton, 2,000 H. P. Yacht Built 1931, Flying Honduras Flag, Formerly ‘Cythera,’ Now ‘Abril.’ Owners Unknown; Left N.Y. Dec. 1946 Quietly. Underground Operation Supported With U.S. Funds-Connection With Guy Gillette’s Group) 5
01/18/1947 Germans Will Direct Ruhr Coal Output Under New Plan Announced By British 5
01/18/1947 U.S., Britain Due To Order Rise In German Industry 5
01/18/1947 Jews Arrive From China (200 Rabbinical Students From Poland Via China Arrive, Via San Francisco-’More Than 200’) 5
01/18/1947 German Film Growth Decried By U.S. Aide (Irving Mass) 10
01/18/1947 (Anti-Hitler Pastor, Martin) Niemoeller Scheduled In City 13
01/18/1947 Jews Ask Big Four To Stay In Germany (By World Jewish Congress-[Rabbi Stephen S. Wise]) 24
01/18/1947 Texts Of First Five Peace Treaties (For Germany’s Former Allies) Of World War Ii 25
01/19/1947 Czechs Continue Magyar Transfer 26
01/19/1947 Russian Says Pope (Pius XII) Shields Fascists 27
01/19/1947 3 German Zones Sign Trade Pacts 30
01/19/1947 German Exports Pushed 30
01/19/1947 Paderewski (Secret Papers Releases 1947 From 1919 Paris Peace Conference) Urged A March (Attack) On Russia 32
01/19/1947 Soviet Is Adamant On Polish (-German, Oder Neisse) Frontier 32
01/19/1947 Baldwin (Former U.S. Congressman) Supports All-Jewish (Palestinian) State 41
01/19/1947 Stone, I. F., Underground To Palestine, Boni And Gaer, N.Y., 1947 Book 20
01/20/1947 UNRRA Sees Allied Bar To Repatriation; Complains Of Activities In Refugee Camps 2
01/20/1947 Michener (Michigan) Advocates Immigration Caution 12
01/20/1947 Interhandle Case Explained By Swiss 29
01/20/1947 End Of Hate Urged By (Self-Flagellating, Anti-Hitler Pastor Dr. Martin) Niemoeller 35
01/21/1947 Pictures ‘A Railroad Station In Germany Is A ‘Hotel’ For Homeless Seeking Refuge In Winter’ 3
01/21/1947 German Steel Rise Seen If Saar Is Lost 3
01/21/1947 (Pastor, Dr. Martin) Niemoeller Tells Of Fight On Hitler-Sees Anti-Semitism Ended 8
01/21/1947 Jews Threatening War On (Palestinian) Terrorists 9
01/21/1947 (General Robert E. Wood) Assails Roosevelt On War Plan Delay 13
01/22/1947 (U.S. General) Mc Narney Urges End Of (Wartime U.S. Trade) Blacklist 4
01/22/1947 Belgium Sets Out Claim On Germany 4
01/22/1947 (Robert D.) Murphey (In Moscow) Suggests Peace Statute Be Forced On Divided Germany 4
01/22/1947 (Feld Marschal Albrecht) Kesselring’s Trial Set 5
01/22/1947 U.S. Zionists To Aid ‘Illegal’ Entrants (Into Palestine) 8
01/22/1947 French Use Of (German) POW Seen ‘Breeding’ War 15
01/22/1947 Forum On Bias Gets Views Of Students 20
01/23/1947 (Herbert) Hoover Accepts Economic Mission To Germany 1
01/23/1947 Germany, Austria Face Huge Claims (Made By Victors) 1
01/23/1947 Emigrants Seeking Entry Into U.S. Are Facing Delays Up To 10 Years (Germany’s Quota Of 25,957 Kept Open During War For ‘Qualified’ Refugees) 4
01/23/1947 Scholars (Names) To Publish German (Foreign Office) Documents (Captured By U.S.) 6
01/23/1947 Disease Rate Rise In U.S. German Zone 9
01/23/1947 (U.S. General Lucius) Clay Emphasizes War On Nazi Spirit 10
01/23/1947 Loose Federation Of Germany Urged (By Dutch) 11
01/23/1947 Germans Set Back (Government) Seizure Of Mines 11
01/23/1947 Jewish Group (American Jewish Conference Asks German ‘Confession’ (For Her ‘Shameful Guilt, For Her Monstrous Crime Against The Jew’) 17
01/24/1947 French Would Cut Might Of Germans 6
01/24/1947 U.S. To Bid Russia Speed German Captives (POW) Return 9
01/24/1947 Hamburg (Germany) Schools Hit (No Coal) 9
01/24/1947 (General Lucius) Clay To Seek 50,000 To Aid Ruhr Mining 10
01/24/1947 Germany And Japan Are Barred As Participants In ‘48 Olympics 25
01/24/1947 (Maritime) Commission List 204 Vessels Sold 41
01/24/1947 (Congressman Bradley) Calls On British To Return (‘Lend-Lease’) Ships (To U.S.) 41
01/25/1947 Argentina Will Buy 60 Concerns Once Owned By Axis Nationals 1
01/25/1947 Russians Hit West On Reparations (Dismantled Factories Etc.) Lag (From Germany) 2
01/25/1947 Iro Delay Seen Saddling Armies With Care Of Europe’s Refugees ($151,060,500 Budget) 4
01/25/1947 Anti-Semitism End In Germany (Claimed By Niemoeller Above) Denied (By Rabbi Brickner-National Jewish Welfare Board) 4
01/25/1947 (Von) Papen Is Rebuffed At His (‘Denazification’) Trial Opens 4
01/25/1947 Legal Curb On War Is Hope Of (U.S. Chief Prosecutor At United Nations Nuernberg Tribunal, Robert H.) Jackson 4
01/25/1947 Dp ‘Passports’ Are Put In Force By Britain; Cards Ease Travel Bans, Aid Resettlement (Equivalent To Pre-War Nansen Passports; ‘Hundreds Of Thousands Of Refuges’) 4
01/25/1947 650 Jews Quit Sweden (On Honduran Ship ‘Ulva’ Bound For Cuba) 6
01/25/1947 Bbc Is Accused (By Conservatives) Of (Socialist) Bias 6
01/25/1947 Women Demand Equal Rights Law 18
01/26/1947 U.S.-Peron Harmony Aided By (U.S. State Department) Edict On 60 Nazi Firms 1
01/26/1947 (U.S.) Task Force ‘Frigid’ Tests Endurance Of Men And Machines In The Arctic 3
01/26/1947 (Rev. Dr. Lyford P. Edwards) Holds Colleges’ Obligations Is Guidance To One World 4
01/26/1947 Supplies To Hungary Up (600 Tons Total Shipped-Dr. Stewart Herman 14
01/26/1947 (American) Jewish Committee Aids Bigotry Study 19
01/26/1947 Russo-Polish Line Of 1919 Explained (Recently Released U.S. State Department Papers, Secret Until Now) 24
01/26/1947 Aid To DP Emigrants Urged By Two Rabbis (‘A Population Of 130,000,000 Can Easily Absorb A Few Hundreds Of Thousands Of Not Only Jews But Displaced Persons Of All Races And Creeds’) 25
01/26/1947 UNRRA Bars (U.S. Surplus) Potatoes-Refrigeration Or Dehydration’Too Costly’ 29
01/26/1947 UNRRA Aid Tonnage Totals 20,000,000 (Tons, $2,325,000,000 Value) 30
01/26/1947 Germans See Rise Of Anti-Semitism 33
01/26/1947 Tells Of (Protestant) Relief Abroad (12,000,000 Pounds) 33
01/26/1947 Boris M. Joffe (Former Executive Director Of National Wage Stabilization Board, Appointed!) Jdc (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Aide 35
01/26/1947 Japan Will Retain (Only) Old (Pre-1931) War Statues 36
01/26/1947 $1,000,000 Will Aid Zionism Publicity 44
01/26/1947 (Kirsten) Flagstad Applauded By Audience In Paris 46
01/27/1947 5 (BegiN-1ed) Irgun Zvai Leumi) Terrorists Take Briton From Home In Mid-Jerusalem 1
01/27/1947 Belgium To Take 20,000 Displaced (As Coal Miners) 7
01/27/1947 Swedish Ship (‘Drottningholm’) Bringing Last 2 Survivors Of Jewish Family 39
01/28/1947 Return ‘Diary’ To Treasury (Department), Snyder Asks Morgenthau 1
01/28/1947 Eisenhower Calls Occupation Vital 2
01/28/1947 4 Major (U.S. Nuernberg) Trials In American Zone (Telford Taylor) 17
01/28/1947 (Herbert) Lehman Begs Aid To Feed Children-Estimates Jews Number 200,000 Of 800,000 28
01/29/1947 German (Sozial Demokrat,Kurt) Schumacher Opposes ‘Too Hard Peace’ (For Germany) 14
01/29/1947 New Screening Plan Set Up For Germans 14
01/29/1947 Britain To Take 500,000 Refugees, 80,000 Jews To Aid Her Economy 14
01/29/1947 Britain Awaits U.S. On Refugee Group-Fatal Blow To Iro Seen 17
01/29/1947 Repatriation (Of Yugoslavs) Is Planned 17
01/29/1947 Picture (Refugees Who Sought Shelter From The Nazis In China Watch ‘Marine Falcon’? Sail With Repatriates From Shanghai, China) 21
01/30/1947 Britain Decides In Principle On Partitioning Of Palestine 1
01/30/1947 (Maj. Gen. Patrick) Hurley Holds (General George C.) Marshall Move In China Is Surrender (To Chinese Communists) 3
01/30/1947 Picture (German POW Clear London Streets Of Snow) 5
01/30/1947 20,000 Missing Jews Located Last Year 5
01/30/1947 Post-UNRRA (Itemized Refugee) Needs 8
01/30/1947 U.S., Britain Plan To Evaluate (German) Mark 8
01/30/1947 Immigration Racket Seen (By Congressman A. L. Miller) 11
01/30/1947 Dr. Morris Cohen Is Dead In Capital-Wrote ‘Faith Of A Liberal’ 25
01/31/1947 Negro To Be Named To Federal Court 2
01/31/1947 Hearing Ordered On White (Georgia Democratic) Primary 2
01/31/1947 Communism Spread Noted In Germany 8
01/31/1947 U.S. Scans Revision Of Polish (German-Oder-Neisse) Borders 10
01/31/1947 Truman Due To Ask Funds ($70,000,000) To Aid DP’s 12
01/31/1947 Refugee Vessel Detained-French (At Le Havre) Hold Honduran Ship Carrying 600 Jews (Bound Not As Reported Jan. 25, P. 6, For Cuba But For Palestine) 13
01/31/1947 (Thomas E.) Dewey Urges U.S. Open Gates To DP’s (At Meeting Of Jewish Labor Committee) 13
01/31/1947 New Quota Sought For War Refugees (By The Citizens Committee On Displaced Persons, Earl Gray Harrison, Chairman) 15