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William Lindsey collection — 1947 NYT headlines

May 1947
Date Headline Page
05/01/1947 IRO Session Opens In Lausanne Today 4
05/01/1947 Ghetto Hero In Palestine-’Antek’ Zuckerman, Who Aided In Warsaw Uprising, Is Settler (Along With Wife) 4
05/01/1947 Germans Blamed For Crisis In Food (By British General) 6
05/01/1947 (Col.) Durant Gets 15 Years And Is Cashiered For Role In $1,500,000 Hesse Gem Theft 6
05/01/1947 (Fritz) Kuhn Evidence Sought (For Prosecution In Germany As Member Of NSDAP) 8
05/02/1947 U.S. Would Allow Zionists U.N. Voice 1
05/02/1947 Arabs Lose Again; Assembly Rejects Move On Palestine 1
05/02/1947 Lehman Asks Aid For Jews Abroad (Help European Bretheren)-Morgenthau Lauds Aides 3
05/02/1947 Iro Needs (Is ‘Short’ One) Member And (Still Needs) 1% Of Budget (Before It May Assume Active Status) 3
05/02/1947 DP’s In Italy Appeal-Jewish Refugees Urge U.N. To Open Gates To Palestine (Some 20,000 Survivors Reported) 3
05/02/1947 Canada Revising Laws To Raise Immigration (‘Some Thousands’ Of DP’s) 3
05/03/1947 Zionists Lose 8-3 Plea For Hearing In U.N. Assembly 1
05/03/1947 Bid To Irgun Leader (Menachem Beigen) Is Urged On U.N. By J. C. Baldwin, Political Action Committee For Palestine) 5
05/03/1947 Truman Will Get (Some) Roosevelt Papers (Deemed Pertinent To Saudi Arabian Oil Commitments, Etc. By Someone-Maybe Roosevelt’s Confidential Secretary, Grace Tully) 15
05/04/1947 24 (I. G.) Farben (Industrie, A. G.) Leaders Are Indicted By U.S. As War Criminals (Nuernberg Telford Taylor Tribunals) 1
05/04/1947 $35,000,000 Allotted By Jdc To Aid Abroad (In First 5 Months Of 1947) 26
05/04/1947 $15,000,000 For Relief-Church World Service (In First Year Of Its Existence-Aid To 29 Countries In Europe And Asia) 26
05/04/1947 U.S. Will Speed (Nuernberg, Telford Taylor) Trials 29
05/04/1947 Hamburg’s Crisis Worse-British Zone Ration May Go To 700 Calories (Per Day) This Week 35
05/04/1947 Rabbis Stress Aid For Europe’s Jews (1,500,000 Survivors Claimed) 36
05/04/1947 Senators Petition Truman On Jews 43
05/04/1947 Zionist Prisoners (Of British) Face Jail In Kenya-2,000 Slated To Go 43
05/04/1947 3 Jews Killed, 4 Injured In Haganah (Military) Maneuvers (Carried Out In Secret N. E. Of Haifa) 43
05/05/1947 Bombing Frees 251 In Palestine Jail; 15 (14 Jews, 1 Arab) Slain In Battle 1
05/05/1947 Clay Will Retain German-Born Help (Employees) 5
05/05/1947 Warsaw Jews Meet Here (N.Y.C., 250 Delegates Representing 200,000 American Citizens With Warsaw Backgrounds) 12
05/06/1947 U.N. Votes To Hear The Jewish Agency Before (U.N. Political & Security) Committee (U.N. For, Turks And Arabs Against) 1
05/06/1947 Clay Warns (Critical, U.S.) Lawyer On Acts In Germany (Earl J. Carroll, Army Critic & Lichfield, England, Prosecutor) 8
05/06/1947 UNRRA Goods ($38,000,000) Due Yugoslavia 12
05/06/1947 Czechs Back Again To Judicial Trials (As Opposed To ‘Peoples’ Courts’) 16
05/06/1947 Ort Plans To Train 30,000 In DP Camps (In Austria, Germany, And Italy) 22
05/06/1947 Marshall Is Excused (As Witness) By (Rep. Andrew J.) May (Of Kentucky) Trial (For Fraud In War Contracts) Judge 31
05/07/1947 55,277 Surrendered In Polish Amnesty (Underground, Partisans, Forest Gangs, Etc. Remnants Of ‘Home Army’) 1
05/07/1947 Britain Dying Of Starvation (2,100 Calories/Day Instead Of 3,000 Deemed Minimum) Expert On Nutrition (Dr. Franklin Bicknell) States (Worst Fed Nation In Western Europe-Including Germany-See May 4, P. 35) 1
05/07/1947 (Field Marshal Albert) Kesselring To Die For War Crimes-Milch Appeals (Life Sentence) 10
05/08/1947 Germany’s Hunger At Peak; Food Crisis Seen In Britain (In Merged Zones, 200-300 Calories/Day Short Of 1,550 Calories/ Day Minimum Only 750 In Dusseldorf & Some Ruhr Cities) 1
05/08/1947 Marshall Is Ready To Run Occupation-Hilldring Brought Aides Along 1
05/08/1947 Iro Sees 1,345,902 Displaced By War-879,950 Of Them In Europe And Mid-East 6
05/08/1947 Little Peace Seen For Europe’s Jews (By Uja, Seeking $170,000,000) 8
05/08/1947 U.S. Zone To Release Interned Germans (About 45,000 Held By U.S., Small Portion To Be Released) 11
05/08/1947 Clay, (Catholic) Bishop (Theophil Wurm, Stuttgart) At Odds On Occupation Gains (Wurm Viewed U.S. As ‘A Most Cruel Tyrant’) 13
05/09/1947 Text Of Jewish Agency Representatives Speech Before U.N. 4
05/09/1947 Aid To U.N. Urged On Carnegie (Endowment For International Peace) Group (Alger) Hiss, President Of Foundation 5
05/09/1947 Clay Ready To Use Army In Food Crisis-Troops Will Seize Germans’ Hoarded Food Unless It Is Yielded, He Says 8
05/09/1947 Roosevelt Estate Bars Hunt In Files (Grace G. Tully, Confidential Secretary To Roosevelt Allowed Access To 40-45 Tons Of Personal Files) 17
05/10/1947 120,000 In Hamburg (800 Calories/Day) Call For Food; Soviet Zone Also Hit By Shortages 1
05/10/1947 (O. John) Rogge (Leftist Defense Counsel) Asks Clearing Of ‘Anti-Fascists’ 3
05/10/1947 Stalin Applauds British Socialism 4
05/10/1947 Generals Say (Kentucky Rep. Andrew J.) May Assisted Garssons 7
05/11/1947 12 Nazi Generals Are Indicted For Inhuman Deeds In War Role (Nuernberg Telford Tailor Tribunals) 1
05/11/1947 Poles See Britain Approving (Oder-Neisse) Border 5
05/11/1947 Rabbi (Israel Goldstein) Sees Integrity Of U.S. On Trial (In Palestine Immigration Issue) 25
05/11/1947 (860) Refugees (DP’s From Germany & Austria) Enroute To Brazil 32
05/11/1947 Supplies For Jews (Jdc) Reach Record Total (Foodstuffs Largest Item-14,000,000 Lbs. In April, 29,500,000 For 4 Months To Europe, Cyprus, Shanghai 139 Sailings, & Sometimes As Many As Five Ships Sailing Per Day) 53
05/11/1947 Review Of Two Books About The July 20, 1944 Assassination Attempt On Hitler-Pictures Of Court, Etc Book 3
05/12/1947 Germans’ Hunger Menaces U.S.-British Bi-Zonal Policy 1
05/12/1947 Pictures: UNRRA In Kiev, Minsk, & Odessa 3
05/12/1947 Iro Unit For Jews Asked (By Jewish Agency For Palestine-About 440,000 Jewish DP’s And Refugees Throughout World) 3
05/12/1947 Farmers Stripped Of Grains By Tito 6
05/12/1947 12,000 Germans Held By Poland (Awaiting Polish Tribunals) 7
05/12/1947 Pleas For Socialism (By Vera M. Dean, Director Of Research For Foreign Policy Association) Is Made At Vassar 27
05/13/1947 Ruhr Unions Issue Food Ultimatum (Unrest Hereford, Berlin) 1
05/13/1947 Rosenwald Urges U.S. To Take D. P.’S 8
05/13/1947 Texts Of Arab & Zionist Spokesmen Before U.N. Committee 12
05/13/1947 (Adolf A.) Berle (Roosevelt Aide) New Head Of Liberal Party 20
05/14/1947 Iro To Begin Work Helping Refugees (Responsible After July 1) 4
05/14/1947 Schacht Will Ask For A Third Trial (Convicted In Second Trial) 8
05/14/1947 German Paper (Bremen) Stopped (By Occupation Authorities)-Had Charged Polish Brutality (Against Germans In Polish Concentration Camps-Occupation License) 15
05/14/1947 Five Germans (One Woman Doctor) Doomed (By U.S. At Dachau) 16
05/14/1947 Maritime Day Noted By Palestine Jews (Regular Runs Between Marseilles, France & Haifa By Jewish-Operated Passenger Ship Announced) 51
05/15/1947 British Zone In Germany Bars Iro; UNRRA Scrapes, Politics Linked 1
05/15/1947 (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Pleads For DP’s 10
05/15/1947 Negro (Marion Sweatt) In Texas Suit 21
05/16/1947 Jew Disputes Syrian On Khazars’ History 2
05/17/1947 Germans Warned Of Death Penalty-(By) U.S. Governor In Hesse (James R. Newman) Says He Will Punish Strikers Or Rioters For Food 1&7
05/17/1947 German Scientists (‘Operation Paperclip’) Said To Save Us 10 Years (Salaries $5-10 A Day-Slave Labor?) 2
05/17/1947 First 404 DP’s Here Now In 23 States (Edwin Rosenberg, Pres., United Service For New Americans-Service Has Already Brought A Total Of 4,304 Into U.S. ‘On Its Corporate Affidavit’ Largest Of 3 Agencies Empowered To Use Its Affidavit In The Case Of Jewish Refugees-No Up-To-Date Figures Available-Why?) 4
05/17/1947 Austria Urges U.S. To Oust DP’s (1,400 Jews) At Spa (Bad Gastein) 4
05/17/1947 Clay Sees Nazi (Nuernberg Telford Tailor) Trials Taking Several Years 6
05/18/1947 British Take 1,000 From Zionist Ship (‘Hatikvah’-’Hope’ At Haifa) 1&21
05/18/1947 Roosevelt (Correspondence) Items Given To (Fdr) Liberty (By National Education Foundation) 17
05/18/1947 Trujillo Is Gloomy On (Jewish) Refugee Colony (‘Sosua’ In Dominican Republic)-Lost 450 Of Colony, 90 Recently Arrived From Shanghai-Agriculture Colony-Built For 5,000-10,000 DP’s From Yugoslavia 38
05/18/1947 ‘Get Tough’ Policy In Germany Begins 42
05/18/1947 Nazi Rocket Base (Peenemuende) In Complete Ruin-Russians Open Up Peenemuende For First Time 45
05/18/1947 1,400 New Citizens (In N.Y. City) Attest Allegiance 53
05/18/1947 Three Who Shaped The ‘Truman Doctrine’-Marshall, Truman, & Vandenberg (A Republican Who Had Been An ‘Isolationist’) E-1
05/18/1947 Repple Depple In Germany (For Indoctrinating U.S. Occupation Troops In Germany) Mag. 13
05/19/1947 Scientists See U.S. Vulnerable To Germ Warfare (Indicates U.S. Effort In This Area] 1&11
05/19/1947 Help For Displaced Seen Now Developing (By Samuel A. Felsey, Pres., Hebrew Sheltering And Immigrant Aid Society Concerned Only With Jews) 4
05/19/1947 CIO Pledges Support On Jewish Palestine 4
05/19/1947 German Self Pity Assailed By (Thomas) Mann 7
05/19/1947 German (Dr. Kurt Schuhmacher, Sozial Demokrat) Assails Allies’ Policies 7
05/20/1947 Oberammergau Permitted To Stage ‘Passion’ In 1950 (Most Present Actors, Including ‘Christ’ Are Members Of NSDAP) 2
05/20/1947 Refugees (166 Rumanian Jews) Dodge Train On Border Bridge As Both Austria And Hungary Bar Entry 3
05/20/1947 Palestine To Admit 1,125 (‘Ss Latrun’ Passengers) From Cyprus 6
05/20/1947 Allies To Publish (Captured) Papers Of German Foreign Office 7
05/20/1947 Real Fight On (Racial) Bias Urged On Publishers (At National Council Of Christians & Jews) 23
05/21/1947 (Gen. Mark) Clark Tells Of Losing Pants, Gold In Icy Surf In Escaping Africa (Secret Pre-Invasion Mission To North Africa In 1942) 1
05/21/1947 UNRRA Set To End In Europe June 30-Work Is 98% Complete 8
05/21/1947 2 German Generals Die (Greek Firing Squad-Each Before Execution, Said Death To Be Avenged By Germany) 13
05/21/1947 Bands In Palestine (Haganah Terrorists) Admit American Aid 16
05/21/1947 German Baron (Gottfried Von Mumm) Sentenced (Disturbing A Denazification Tribunal By A Disrespectful Vocal Outburst) 17
05/22/1947 Roosevelt’s ‘Personal’ File Shut By His Memo In 1943 (Text, To Be Classified By Those He Appoints In Case Of His Death, Some Never To Be Made Public, Some Sealed For Time He Suggests) 1&7
05/22/1947 Haganah Attacks Arab ‘Brigands’ 18
05/23/1947 Immigration (Into U.S.) Is ‘Lawless Torrent’ Head Of (American) Legion Tells The D. A. R.-Ten ‘Sneak In’ For Every Legal Newcomer 3
05/23/1947 French Offering Jobs To (1,350,000) Displaced (600,000 Being Repatriated At Rate Of 20,000/Month) 10
05/23/1947 25,000 Jews Left Homeless In Italy-Displaced Persons Unprovided For When UNRRA Expires At End Of Next Month (Jacob I. To Be, Italian Operations Director, Joint Distribution Committee) 12
05/23/1947 American Labor Demands A Jewish Palestine-William Green & Philip Murray 16
05/24/1947 Clay Sees No Rise In German (Food) Ration 5
05/24/1947 8 More Nazi Spies Deported By Peron 6
05/24/1947 Nazi Dies By Poison To Avoid Deporting (To Germany From Ireland) 6
05/25/1947 Communist Threat To Refugees Seen-UNRRA Record Deplored 5
05/25/1947 Food (From U.S.) For Germans Cost 163 Millions (First 4 Months Of 1947, 46,000,000 Germans, 1,500,000 Tons Of Food Plus Other Materials) 8
05/25/1947 Summer ‘Invasion’ Of Palestine Denied (By Jewish Agency For Palestine) 19
05/25/1947 (399) Jews (Jdc Refugees) Arrive In Norway (200 More To Follow Shortly) 21
05/25/1947 11 Belgians Executed-Crowd Applauds As Each War Crimes Prisoner Is Shot 24
05/25/1947 Synthetic Blood Plasma-’Periston’ (Polyvinylpyrolidone) Used By Germans In War, Chemists Are Told 42
05/25/1947 Palestine Notebook (Picture Of British Internment Camp For Jews At Cyprus-Looks To Me To Be Worse Than Auschwitz-Birkenau, Majdanek, Or The Others I’ve Seen) Mag. 26&28
05/26/1947 Finland Will Try Sovietized Farms 1
05/26/1947 Senators Get Part Of Roosevelt (Ibn Saud & Arabian Oil) File 2
05/26/1947 Furtwaengler Gets Ovation On Return (To Berlin) 4
05/26/1947 Iro Job In Europe Facing U.S. Army-1,457 Jews Landed In Cyprus 5
05/26/1947 Mrs. Brandeis’ Ashes Buried Near Jurist’s 21
05/26/1947 German Secrets Net U.S. $1,500,000 (Technical & Scientific Inventions) 35
05/27/1947 Hoover Demands Early Peace Pacts With Former Foes 1
05/27/1947 Picture: Austrian POW Released By Russians (In Berlin) 5
05/27/1947 Penalty Of Death Banned By Russia 7
05/28/1947 Secret Jewish Migration Hopes To Help 1,000,000 (European Jews To Reach Palestine Illegally) 4
05/28/1947 Palestine Terrorists Said To Enlist Non-Jewish DP’s As Mercenaries 4
05/28/1947 Gibraltar Detains Vessel (‘Colony Trader,’ Costa Rican Flag, Suspected Of Transporting Illegal Jewish Immigrants To Palestine-Captain Cristos Panos, Said To Be Greek) 4
05/28/1947 Army Executes 22 For Crimes In War-Mass Hanging Of Mauthausen Guards And Officials Sets Mark (Record)-27 Die Today (At Landsberg, Germany, Official U.S. Execution Center) 7
05/28/1947 U.S. Bars German Mark Reform Because Of Distrust Of Russians 8 Gen. (Evans F.) Carlson (Marines) Dead-Led Raiders (A Commando-Type Force) In War (Visited By Henry A. Wallace) 25
05/29/1947 Pro-Red Films (In Hollywood During War) Declared Made At White House Behest In War 1&16
05/29/1947 Evidence Of Fraud In Kansas City Vote Is Stolen From Safe 1
05/29/1947 20,000 DP’s (Balts & Poles) Expected In Belgium As Miners 3
05/29/1947 Von Papen (69) Injured-Beaten By Another Inmate 3
05/29/1947 26 More (Germans) Executed By U.S. In Germany-Ex-Gauleiter Of Upper Austria Is Among Those Hanged For Crimes At Mauthausen-(Very Bitter Men-Died Protesting Innocence-Mess Sergeant Given Stay, Demands To Know Why He May Not Die With His Comrades) 6
05/29/1947 Nazi General (Lt. Gen. Franz Boehme) Tries Suicide (Death Reported Next Day, Nuernberg-Telford Taylor Tribunals) 6
05/30/1947 Goering Widow Seized (By Un-Empowered German Authorities), Awaits Trial As Nazi, Germans To Demand Maximum Prison Term 7
05/30/1947 (George S.) Messersmith Is Praised (By Kurt Von Schuschnigg-Messersmith Had Told Him, ‘Hitler-Germany Is A Very Dangerous Enemy, But An Even More Dangerous Friend’) 8
05/30/1947 (Ben) Hecht Repudiates British Interview (Appealed To Palestine Terrorists To Kill British Soldiers-Active In American League For A Free Palestine) 10
05/30/1947 U.S. Seizes Treasure Of German Family (Sachsen-Weimar Eisenach) 11
05/31/1947 500 Yugoslavs To Go Home (From Canada & U.S.) 2
05/31/1947 More Nazi Chiefs Are Going On Trial 5
05/31/1947 3 Top Nazis’ Wives Ordered To Trial (Puppet German Authorities) 14