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William Lindsey collection — 1947 NYT headlines

April 1947
Date Headline Page
04/01/1947 Marshall Bars ‘Ultimatum’ By Soviet On Reparations; Rules Out A German Slum 1
04/01/1947 Palestine Taxed For $1,000,000 Fire-Government Official Says Jews Should Pay Cost Of Terror-Refugees Battle (British) Troops 1
04/01/1947 Germans To Study Democracy Here-Austrians Included 6
04/01/1947 Soviet Spies Infest UNRRA Briton (Lt. Gen. Sir Frederick Morgan) Says 7
04/01/1947 Refugee Delegation To Poland Planned (Sponsored By UNRRA To Get Poles To Return To Poland) 11
04/01/1947 Zionists Said To Plan Palestine-’Crusade’ (125,000 In U.S. Zone And 15,000 In British Zone Jewish Agency Report) 13
04/01/1947 (R. R. Nathan) Hails Palestine Advance (At Least 1,100,000 Jews Could Be Absorbed By Palestine) 18
04/02/1947 Eight Germans Get Death 9
04/02/1947 Franz Seldte, 64, Nazi Labor Chief (Dies Awaiting Trial) 27
04/03/1947 (Lehman Urges) Assign Unused (U.S. Immigration) Quotas To The Victims Of Naziism 11
04/03/1947 Italy’s Need Emphasized-Economy Would Collapse Without Aid 11
04/03/1947 4,000,000 Murders Doom (Rudolf) Hoess (Kommandant In Auschwitz) To Hang (Claims It Was Only 2,000,000) 14
04/04/1947 Picture: Two New Yorkers (Wallace Litwin & Robert Levitan, Crewmen Of ‘Abril’) Released From Palestine Jail (Accused Of Aiding Illegal Jewish Immigration To Palestine) 9
04/04/1947 Passover Appeals Urge Refugee Aid (1,500,000 Jews Survived) 21
04/04/1947 (Dr. Nehemiah Robinson, World Jewish Congress, Confidant Of Nahum Goldmann, Advisor On Nuernberg War Crimes Trials) Asks ($8 Billion) Restitution (From Germany) 25
04/04/1947 United Jewish Appeal Advertisement, Full Page ‘But Didn’t Our Side Win?’, Morgenthau, Chairman 44
04/05/1947 Time Bomb Blasts 2D Palestine Ship (Liberty Ship, ‘Empire Rival’, One Of Six Ships Used For Deportation To Cyprus) 6
04/06/1947 Studies Alien Farm Aid 13
04/06/1947 Passover Sermons Urge Aide For DP’s-Israel’s Mission Stressed 19
04/06/1947 Afghan Jews (In India) Win Respite (300 ‘Refugees’ On Way To Palestine, Nehru Intercedes) 28
04/06/1947 Most Jews (80,000 Of 90,000) Plan To Leave Poland 52
04/06/1947 Jdc Aide Explains Work In DP Camp 52
04/06/1947 Our Vichy Gamble-William L. Langer Book 1
04/07/1947 Nazi Minister Of Food (Herbert Backe, Awaiting Trial) Kills Himself In Prison 9
04/07/1947 Our Vichy Gamble, William L. Langer (See Above, Another Idea) 21
04/08/1947 Funds To Aid Jews Overseas (Jdc-$6,117,000 During April) 20
04/09/1947 Signs Of Pellagra Found In U.S. Zone (Among Germans) 4
04/09/1947 750,000 DP’s Face Crisis In 80 Days (UNRRA Ends) 12
04/09/1947 Immigration Bars In World Easing (Ilo Report) 22
04/10/1947 Schacht Boasts Of 4 Plots Against Hitler, Defies Court To Prove Him A ‘Major Nazi’ 2
04/10/1947 2 Doomed Germans Suicides In (British) Prison 5
04/10/1947 Jewish Veterans Turning To Farms (100,000 Jews On U.S. Farms) 10
04/11/1947 Marshall Favors Integrating Saar In French Economy 1
04/11/1947 Duty Of U.S. To Remain Strong (Gen. Courtney H. Hodges) 10
04/11/1947 Hitler (Postage) Stamps Banned (Must Be Destroyed Within 2 Weeks) 11
04/11/1947 Exiled Jews Seek New Resting Place (Eli Rock, Berlin Head Of Jdc) 17
04/11/1947 Britain Asks Italy To Help Stop Jews (Stop Clandestine Embarkation Of Jewish Immigrants Trying To Reach Palestine-France Would Try, But After Emigrants Left France, They Were Beyond French Control) 17
04/11/1947 Roosevelt Aim In ‘41 (Roosevelt Letter To Pope, Sept. 3, 1941) Was Soviet Survival (U.S. Had Heard 6 Months In Advance Of Plan To Attack Russia And Had Notified Moscow-Survival Of Russia Judged By Roosevelt As Less Danger To Religion Than The Survival Of The ‘German Form Of Dictatorship’) 18
04/11/1947 Advertisement, United Jewish Appeal ($170,000,000) ‘We Want To Rejoin The Human Race’-Full Page 46
04/12/1947 31 (Guards And Doctors) Of Buchenwald Placed On Trial (U.S. Army, At Dachau) 5
04/12/1947 Jewish Memorial (Tomb For The Unknown Jew) Urged (By Rabbi William F. Rosenblum-6,000,000 Jewish Victims) 7
04/12/1947 Blum, Reynaud Write Roosevelt Tribute 8
04/13/1947 Two German Issues Settled (Land Reform & Disarmament, Moscow) But Big Points Balk Parley 1
04/13/1947 (Economics) Research Urged On Ills Of World (By Dr. W. C. Mitchell, Columbia University) 26
04/13/1947 (Rudolf) Hoess (Commandant Of Auschwitz) To Be Hanged Tuesday (At Auschwitz, By Poles) 29
04/13/1947 12 Former SS Guards Executed (In Brussels) 29
04/13/1947 Flick Tribunal Named (By Gen. Lucius D. Clay, Berlin) 46
04/13/1947 Italy Heeds Britain On Stopping Jews (Replies Still Awaited From France & Sweden. U.S. Returns 270 Jews To Munich Enroute To Marseilles & Then Palestine Left 8 Days Earlier) 47
04/13/1947 Appeal For (Willem) Mengelberg (Dutch Conductor, By Edward Van Beinum) 54
04/14/1947 Anti-German Pact Before Big 4 Today (At Moscow) 1
04/14/1947 Expelled Germans (Refuse To Accept U.N. Expulsion As Final) Stir Czech Border 3
04/14/1947 Palestine Gun Girl (Geulah Cohen, 21, Stern Gang) Escapes (British) 2 D Time 9
04/15/1947 Germans Gloomy, Sink Into Apathy-In Western Zones, The Sense Of Hope Has Died-In East, Fear Of Russia Prevails 5
04/15/1947 Czech Official (Dr. Peter Zenkl) Cites Buchenwald Crimes 8
04/15/1947 Poles To Resume Ouster Of Germans On Sunday 8
04/15/1947 Pressure Revived On U.S. Zone DP’s-Britain To Move Yugoslavs (153,000 Poles ?) 8
04/15/1947 Increase Urged In Refugee Quota (Dr. Maurice R. Davie, Sociology, Yale University) 16
04/15/1947 George Rublee Elected Head Of Harvard (Class ‘90) Alumni; Picture (Law Firm Of Covington, Burling, Rublee, Acheson (?), And Sharp-Washington) 26
04/16/1947 Marshall Calls On Stalin As Big 4 Deadlock On Pact 1
04/16/1947 Gruner (Irgun Zvai Leumi) And Three Others Hanged; 400,000 Palestine Jews Penned In 1
04/16/1947 Truman’s Message (Text) Asking Neutrality Act Change To Control Export Of Arms 6
04/16/1947 (U.S.) Reeducation Held Hardest In Italy 11
04/16/1947 (Rudolf) Hoess (Commandant Of Auschwitz) Dies At Oswiecim (Last Request To Send Wedding Ring And Letter To Wife And 5 Children In Farewell-Hoess Was Captured And Tortured-Deposed At Nuernberg In English-Yielded To Poles For Final Disposal-During Wait For Death, Was Forced To Write ‘Memoirs’) 12
04/16/1947 Refugee Germans (From Sudetenland) Huddle In Castle 13
04/16/1947 U.S. Justice (Robert H. Jackson) Warns Of German Perils 13
04/16/1947 Open Door To Jews In Palestine Will Be Asked Of U.N. Agency 15
04/16/1947 UNRRA Chief (Maj. Gen. Lowell W. Rooks) In Yugoslavia 15
04/16/1947 Polish Jews (15,000 In U.S. Zone) Talk Of Returning Home (To Poland Apparently!) 16
04/16/1947 U.S. Act Last Hope Of Refugee Body (Iro) 16
04/16/1947 Truman Decorates Hull At Navy Hospital; He Calls Him ‘Father Of The United Nations’ 16
04/16/1947 (Father) Tiso (Prague) Found Guilty, Doomed As Traitor (By Czechs) Picture 17
04/17/1947 Texas City (Explosion) Disaster 1
04/17/1947 British Alert For Palestine Reprisal: Time Bomb Found In London Office 1
04/17/1947 (Air Marshal Erhard) Milch Is Convicted (Nuernberg, Telford Taylor Tribunals) Receives Life Term (U.S. Judges: Toms, Phillips, Musmanno) 4
04/17/1947 U.S. Refugee Policy In Europe Criticized (Letters By Rebecca West, Dorothy Thompson, & David Martin To Truman) 5
04/17/1947 Clay Halts Entry To Refugee Camps-Prohibits Further Admissions At State Department Bid-Move Linked To Palestine (Immigration) 6
04/17/1947 Picture: Alexius, Orthodox Patriarch Of All Russia 6
04/17/1947 As Of March 15, There Were 353,696 Jewish DP’s In U.S. Zone 124,453 Of These Lived In DP Camps, Army Figures) 6
04/17/1947 (O. John) Rogge Says Greek Aid Cloaks Mid-East Oil 12
04/17/1947 Assets Of Nazis (Nuernberg Defendants) Found (Itemized) 12
04/17/1947 E. M. Warburg (Jdc) Honored (By Joseph Winiewicz, Polish Ambassador-Warburg Predicted Poland Will Again Become The European Center Of Jewish Culture-With No Jews In Poland?) 15
04/17/1947 U.S. Zone Gives Soviet 96% Of (German Reparations) Shipments 16
04/17/1947 19 In (S.S. Ben) Hecht Crew (Smuggling Illegal Jews Into Palestine) Back In Port Here 55
04/17/1947 Advertisement, Full Page, Uja, ‘What Promise Blooms In This Desert?’ 56
04/18/1947 (Count) Sforza Attacked By Roman Mob Demonstrating For Work And Food 1
04/18/1947 2,000 DP’s (In Munich) Protest Palestine Deaths 15
04/18/1947 (Pole Oskar) Lange Aide Booed At Jewish Rally 15
04/18/1947 (George) Messersmith Is Accuser (Of Guido Schmidt, By Affidavit Of Course!) 17
04/18/1947 (James S. Martin) Pushing Break-Up Of German Cartels 31
04/19/1947 Marshall Accuses Soviets Of Aiming At Puppet Austria 1
04/19/1947 Hanging Reprisals Stir Palestine, 3 Attacks Launched, Briton Slain 1
04/19/1947 (Msgr.) Tiso In Long Prayers Before His Execution (Hanging-Tiso Was A Slovakian Priest Who Headed The Slovakian State Under The German Occupation-Slovakians Had Always Resisted Czech Dominance-After German Defeat, The Czechs Hanged Him) 4
04/19/1947 Acheson Emphasizes U.S. Zone Admits Jews 8
04/20/1947 Steel Chiefs Face Court In Germany 35
04/20/1947 Warsaw Jews Honored (5,000 Honor 700,000) 36
04/20/1947 Vatican Newspaper Regrets Tiso Death 43
04/20/1947 Clay Explains (Refugee) Camp Curb (Budget Limitation, See Acheson, April 19) 44
04/20/1947 400 (Slavic Refugee) Displaced Persons Arrive In Belgium From Germany To Work In The Coal Mines 45
04/20/1947 Germans Absolve Dr. Furtwaengler 54
04/20/1947 Fate Of Refugees Still Unresolved-Nations Have Not Signed Up With Iro E-5
04/20/1947 A ‘Barometer’ To Warn Of Racial Tension-Detroit Experiments With A Novel System Of Constant Vigilance. ‘It Has Been Working Well.’ Mag. 17
04/20/1947 Stalingrad: A Turning Point And A Symbol Of Triumph (The Year Of Stalingrad, Alexander Werth-After The Rostov Rout Of The Russian Army, Stalin Signed An Order To Shoot All Russian Soldiers Found Behind The Front Without Orders) Book 3
04/21/1947 Allies Will Write War Onus Clause In Austrian Pact (German Treaty To Have Authentic Text In English, French, & Russian Only) 1
04/21/1947 Picture: Protesting Appearance Of Kirsten Flagstad Here (Henry A.) Wallace Implies Arms Lead To War 8
04/21/1947 50 (U.S.) Leaders Endorse Yugoslavia Relief 12
04/21/1947 Picture: Illegal Immigrants To Palestine On ‘Theodor Herzl’ 15
04/21/1947 (Post-War Idyllic) Promises (Made By Roosevelt) Not Kept, Morgenthau Says 15
04/22/1947 Refugees Aided In Search For Kin-Location Index Here-United 15% Of 1,000,000 Listed DP’s With Their Families (15-20% Jews Plus Goys) 9
04/22/1947 (Ilya) Ehrenburg Bitter On (U.S.) Help To Greece 19
04/22/1947 First ‘Dp’ Workers (Balts) Arrive In Britain 19
04/22/1947 Schacht Tells Court He Fought Nazis In ‘36 19
04/22/1947 Hesse Jewels Identified 19
04/22/1947 UNRRA For Austria Used 90% For Food 23
04/22/1947 Jews Here Invited To Join Resistance (Boycott British!) 23
04/22/1947 (U.S.) Refugee Bar Effective 23
04/22/1947 ‘The Testimony Of Our Nation’-American Zionist Emergency Council (Statements By Wilson, Harding. Coolidge, Hoover, Roosevelt, & Truman Supporting Zionism) 24
04/23/1947 Palestine Terrorists Kill 8 In Bombing Of Troop Train 1
04/23/1947 Acheson Insists Russia Get ($17,000,000 Lend Lease) Goods 2
04/23/1947 Von Kleczkowskis Lose Refuge Fight (Before Judge Simon H. Rifkind) 4
04/23/1947 (1,000 Regensburg) DP’s Protest Execution (Of Palestine Terrorists) 11
04/23/1947 (Unorthorized) Refugee Ship (Unnamed, 800 Aboard) Boarded (By British) 11
04/23/1947 Stepinatz Aides (Defense Lawyers) Reported Jailed 13
04/23/1947 (Stench) Bombs And Boos Fail To Silence Flagstad (Philadelphia) 27
04/24/1947 (Msgr.) Tiso Execution Deplored (By Slovak League Of America) 2
04/24/1947 British Plan Plea On (Illegal Immigrant) Palestine Ships 8
04/24/1947 12 Rabbis Injured In German Fracas (With U.S. Mp’s) 11
04/24/1947 (Gerhard) Eisler Says Release On Bail ($20,000) Proves Case 14
04/24/1947 Advertisement: UJA ‘How Many More (Children) Will You Save?’ 52
04/25/1947 Big 4 End Moscow Meeting; Set Fall Session In London 1
04/25/1947 Czechs Execute 6 For Lidice Murder 3
04/25/1947 Marshall Plans Review Of Policy 3
04/25/1947 Jews In Germany (211 Jewish Camps; Committee Representing Most Of 160,000 Jews In U.S. Zone) Beg U.N. Help 4
04/25/1947 (Rabbi Philip S.) Bernstein Reports On Plight (Of Jews-Says 153,000 In U.S. Zone. 16,000 In British Zone, And 3,000 In French Zone) 4
04/25/1947 New Policy Staff Will Aid Marshall Frame His Plans 4
04/25/1947 Haven For Homeless Is Offered By Dutch (To Dr. I. N. Sternberg Of Freeland League, Surinam, Dutch Guiana) 6
04/25/1947 Jews (2,000 Rabbis And 5,000,000 Jews) To Pray For Aid 6
04/25/1947 Munich GI Faces Trial (Invaded Vaad Hazalah Meeting-See April 24, P. 11) 8
04/26/1947 Five Britons Slain Near Tel Aviv; Police Post Razed, Guard Fooled 1
04/26/1947 Pictures: April In Stalingrad; German Prisoners Of War ‘Helping’ To Remove Rubble 7
04/26/1947 Non-Zionists Fight Jewish Agency Bid 8
04/27/1947 Study Of German (Language By U.S. Military Government Officials) Decreed (Must Understand More Than ‘Bitte’ Or ‘Dankeschoen’-This After Two Years Of Occupation!) 39
04/27/1947 Colony For Jews (30,000 In South America) Will Be Weighed 46
04/27/1947 Palestine March Fails In Germany 47
04/27/1947 The Major Factors In The Palestine Problem (Present PopulatioN-1,800,000-1,200,000 Arabs & 600,000 Jews, Map) E-5
04/28/1947 Continued Terror Pledged By Irgun (Zvai Leumi) 3
04/28/1947 Picture: Buchenwald Defendants At Dachau Marched To Tribunal By U.S. Mp’s 5
04/28/1947 Segregation Rules (Of ‘Upper South’) Tested (By Fellowship Of Reconciliation, On Buses) 23
04/28/1947 Economic Revival Of Germany Urged (By National Foreign Trade Council In Letter To Acheson, Harriman, Vandenberg, & Eaton) 33
04/28/1947 UNRRA Ships (1,050) Tractors (To Greece, Poland, China, & Philippines) 36
04/29/1947 Full Study For Jews’ Haven By Select U.N. Panel Urged (By ‘Reliable Sources’) 1
04/29/1947 Check ‘Americans’ In Poland (100 Held In Polish Jails Claim U.S. Citizenship) 2
04/29/1947 British (Government) Brutality Charged By Rabbi (Uri Miller, Baltimore) 8
04/29/1947 (Col.) Durant’s Trial Ends-He Was ‘Mastermind’ Of Hesse Gem Theft 14
04/29/1947 Yugoslavia (Tito) Gets (6-9) Croats (From British-Slashed Their Own Wrists In Suicide Attempts) 18
04/30/1947 (Rabbinical Council Of America) Bid U.S. Back Move For Free Palestine 6
04/30/1947 Furtwaengler Cleared-May Resume Podium At Once 9
04/30/1947 German Reparations (Rusting On Sidings Between Berlin & Moscow) 12
04/30/1947 24 (I. G.) Farben (Industrie Chiefs Will Be Indicted 13