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William Lindsey collection — 1947 NYT headlines

December 1947
Date Headline Page
12/01/1947 British Soldiers Join Jews For Celebration In Palestine (U.N. Vote For Partition Of Palestine) 1
12/01/1947 Berlin DP Camps Acclaim U.N. Vote (Jews) 5
12/01/1947 Stratton (Immigration) Bill Backed (By Rabbi Philip S. Bernstein) 7
12/01/1947 Hitler Beheaded American Woman (Member Of Harnack-Schulze-Boysen ‘Anti-Nazi Organization’) As A Personal Reprisal (Mildred Fish Harnack-Body Cremated) 12
12/02/1947 Eva Braun’s Father Fined 2
12/02/1947 Prosecution Rests In I. G. Farben Trial (Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg) 11
12/02/1947 Jews In Germany (‘About’ 150,000 In U.S. Zone) Set To Emigrate (Louis B. Leventhal) Exodus Passengers First On List Of 150,000 To Palestine) 12
12/02/1947 Europe’s Socialism Accepts Germans (At Antwerp Conference) 19
12/03/1947 Marshall Rebuking Molotov, Cites Small Allies’ War Role 1&16
12/04/1947 Arms For Zionists Held World’s Job (By Mrs. Samuel W. Halprin, President Of Hadassah) 4
12/04/1947 (Ralph) Bunche Is Named (By U.N.) To Palestine Post 7
12/04/1947 2 Germans Sentenced To Death (Bratislava) 8
12/04/1947 German Emigrants Average 69 (7,000 Since End Of War From Bremen) 8
12/04/1947 Court (Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg) Denounces Hitlerite Judges 12
12/04/1947 U.S. Urged (By W. C. Schroeder, U.S. Bureau Of Mines) To Start Synthetic Oil Plan (At Atlantic City-American Society Of Mechanical Engineers) 34
12/05/1947 (Leftist O. John Rogge) Warns Of Fascist Trend (In U.S.) 6
12/05/1947 U.S. (Military Government) Fund Provides ($4 Million) German Textbooks (‘Re-Education’-Brainwashing Program) 8
12/05/1947 4 German Judges Get Life Terms (Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg) 9
12/05/1947 Rabbi (Meyer) Berlin Urges Russia To Ease Curb And Let Jews Help (Number Not Mentioned) Rebuild Palestine (Joseph J. Schwartz, Pres. Mizrachi, Morgenthau, John Hilldring, Mc Narney Present) 13
12/05/1947 174 (Jewish] Refugees Foil Palestine Barrier 13
12/06/1947 U.S. Signs Accord On (Disposal Of) German Assets 4
12/06/1947 Taft Would Admit DP’s Now 5
12/06/1947 Germany Will Lose Her (3) Buna (Synthetic Rubber) Factories (To Whom Is Not Stated) 6
12/06/1947 (Tom C.) Clark Condemns Race Property Ban 10
12/06/1947 Equality Of Races Is Urged In Church 16
12/07/1947 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Is Dead Of Pneumonia At 85, (Vita) 1&75
12/07/1947 Germans Dubious About Democracy 5
12/07/1947 Youth Forum Favors Acceptance Of DP’s 19
12/08/1947 Fund Aid Stressed By Zionists Here-Kaplan Says 1,000,000 Jews Are To Be Taken To Palestine In The Next 10 Years 2
12/08/1947 (Jewish) DP Determination Cited (By Louis E. Leventhal, Clay’s Advisor) 5
12/08/1947 Germans Appoint Peace Delegation 13
12/08/1947 Krupp Trial On Today (Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg-Son On Trial Instead Of Father Who Is Senile-This Was Attempted By Robert H. Jackson At Nuernberg, But He Was Blocked By The Judges!) 19
12/08/1947 Educator (N. M. Butler) Leader Of His Generation 21
12/09/1947 Germany To Share In Marshall Plan 1
12/09/1947 Krupp’s War Guilt Affirmed To Court (At Nuernberg By Telford Taylor) 10
12/09/1947 19,899 Resettled Biro (Birobidian, During October) 12
12/09/1947 Durant Sentence Confirmed (15 Years-Hesse Jewel Thief-Wife, An Accomplice, Released On Bond) 25
12/09/1947 Europe’s Displaced Children (Sorrowing Letter) 28
12/10/1947 Jewish (Haganah Blames Others) Units Fire On British Police 1
12/10/1947 Court Denies Krupp Plea For An American Lawyer (Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg) 15
12/10/1947 UNRRA Supplies Spur Recovery Of Poland (Some Recovery!) 22
12/10/1947 Hull Cited In Tokyo Trial-Japanese Admiral (Shigetaro Shimada) Says That He (Hull) ‘Forced’ The Pacific War-Cites Hull Note Of Nov. 26, 1941 As Major Threat To Japan) 26
12/11/1947 U.S. Due To Invest More In Germany 2
12/11/1947 Trial Documents Krupp Conspiracy (Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg-Hitler Depicted As A Tool Of Krupp) 4
12/11/1947 Colony Of 30,000 (Jews) Planned (By Freeland League In Surinam) 25
12/11/1947 Mrs. Stephen Wise, Rabbi’s Wife, Dead 33
12/12/1947 Opponents Of Aid To Europe Scored (By CIO) 3
12/12/1947 Krupp Data Show Early Work Of V-1-Picture: Alfred Krupp Under Interrogation 8
12/12/1947 $158,032,729 Spent By Jewish Appeal (Overseas Relief, Rehabilitation, Settlement, & Reconstruction Of Palestine, And Aid To Refugees In U.S.) 14
12/13/1947 Hias Officials (Arrested On Currency Exchange Violation Charge In Paris) Freed 4
12/13/1947 German Navy Seen Helped By Deceit (Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg) 5
12/13/1947 Catholics To Spur Admission Of DP’s 6
12/13/1947 (United) Jewish (Appeal) Fund Sees $395,367,000 Need 6
12/13/1947 ‘Goering Coins’ (Personal Collection) Found In Bavaria (Confiscated) 7
12/13/1947 Lists 2 Vital Cargoes Sent Russia Recently (Dec. 4 & Nov. 19) 31
12/14/1947 Refugees’ Flood Is Ruhr Problem (3,000,000 In North Rhein-Westphalen In British Zone-About ¼ Of Regular Population) 3
12/14/1947 U.S. Book Printing In Zone Stepped Up 4
12/14/1947 Dachau Courts Fix Closing (Dec. 31, 1947-Since End Of War, No Fewer Than 1,660 Kz Guards Etc. Were Tried) 4
12/14/1947 Are We Making Headway In Germany?-There Is Little Evidence To Show That Our Efforts To Instill Democracy Are Successful-Raymond Doneell Mag. 7
12/14/1947 Miss (Rebecca) West Considers Some English Traitors Of World War Ii (Joyce [An American!], Amery & Others-Picture Of Amery) Book 3
12/15/1947 Record $250,000,000 (‘Minimum’) Set As Goal In 1948 By United Jewish Appeal (Henry Morgenthau, Jr., General Chairman-800,000 Jews In Eastern Europe Alone) 1&5
12/15/1947 Aid To Survivors Planned (United Service For New Americans-$13,600,000 Program In 1948-Edwin Rosenberg, President) 7
12/15/1947 Germans Drafting Federation Plans (According To U.S. [Simon Rifkind] Instructions!) 10
12/16/1947 Big Four Parley Ends In Failure But Unites West (Against Russia) 1
12/16/1947 Partition Regimes Seen For Germany 2
12/16/1947 Plight Of Finns Depicted-Tells Of Hunger 7
12/16/1947 Heidelberg (University) Held Failure In (U.S.) Policy-Reactionary Elements Have Taken Over Old University Some Critics Declare 13
12/16/1947 Knut Hamsun (Nobel Prize Winner) Faces Norse Trial (As A Collaboration With Germans) 21
12/16/1947 Jewish Plea (For Aid) Made To All Americans (By Uja-No Mention Of Number Of Jews Needing Help) 22
12/16/1947 Germans’ Evasions Of War Curbs Cited (Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg) 25
12/16/1947 Negro Firemen Upheld By Supreme Court In Victory Against Discrimination In South 40
12/17/1947 Germans In West Draft Plan Giving Them Added Powers (Of Self-Government At The Pleasure Of The Occupying Powers) 1
12/17/1947 Knut Hamsun Tried For Aid To Germans (In Norway) 6
12/17/1947 (Edward) Corsi Asks Change In (Existing Immigrant) Quota System 7
12/17/1947 Plans Are Already Drawn For West German Capital 8
12/17/1947 German (Industry) Dismantling Is Eased By The West 15
12/17/1947 Frau Schirach Fined As Nazi 15
12/17/1947 Plaque Honors (6,000,000) War Dead (Jews)-Will Tour U.S. 23
12/18/1947 (Jewish) Veterans To Back (Anti-Discrimination) Bill 14
12/18/1947 Philip Of Hesse Freed (By Denazification Court) 17
12/18/1947 6 Hungarians Sentenced To Die 19
12/18/1947 100 At Columbia (University) Hear Communist 26
12/18/1947 Mrs. (Stephen S.) Wise’s Will Filed 32
12/19/1947 I. G. Farben Lawyers Deny All Charges 15
12/19/1947 (Lazar M.) Kaganovitch Appointed Vice Premier In Moscow 15
12/19/1947 2 Congressmen Bid Us Send To Palestine All Jewish DP’s In Our Camps Before Oct. 1 (210,000 Jews In Camps In Germany Plus 15,000 More In British & French Zones-Costs $153/Year Per Person For Keep Or $75/Person For Transport To Palestine-Refugee Costs!) 21
12/19/1947 $4,750,000 Rayon Plant In Palestine To Rise, Registration With Sec Reveals (1 Million Jews To Enter Palestine Over Next 10 Years) 44
12/20/1947 Krupp Loses Fight To Obtain U.S. Counsel; Tribunal Terms (U.S. Attorney) Carroll ‘Alleged Attorney’ (By Judge H. C. Anderson, Jackson, Tenn.) 3
12/20/1947 Text Of Truman’s Message To Congress Asking $17,000,000,000 To Finance Marshall Plan 6
12/20/1947 Hamsun Fined $85,000 (By Norwegian Tribunal For Collaboration With Germans) 9
12/21/1947 Brotherhood Of Man Stressed By Rabbis 4
12/21/1947 Nazi Ex-Diplomats Are Placed On Trial (Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg) 12
12/21/1947 Dutch Will Revive (Territorial) 17
12/21/1947 Luftwaffe’s End Traced By Report 18
12/21/1947 Russians Return (German) War Prisoners (About 9,000/Week) 33
12/22/1947 Rundstedt On Yule Leave To Visit Critically Ill Son 4
12/22/1947 Hitler’s Blindness To Weaknesses Aided Defeat, German Data Show 6
12/22/1947 Tojo Says He Wrote Reply To Roosevelt 8
12/22/1947 Ort’s Aid For DP’s Hailed By Truman 12
12/22/1947 World Aid Urged For Jewish DP’s (By Samuel A. Telsey, Pres. Of Hias-Has 102 Offices And Cooperating Committees In 52 Nations) 12
12/23/1947 Worst Food Crisis Seen For Germans 4
12/23/1947 28 More Plants In Germany Allotted (To Be Dismantled) 5
12/23/1947 Vitamins Rushed To Germany (‘Nutritional’ Starvation!) 5
12/23/1947 German Poll Prefers Nazis To Communism (What A Surprise!) 8
12/23/1947 German Magnate (Flick) Guilty, Sentenced (Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg) 11
12/23/1947 Poles Sentence 21 To Death (Cracow, Artur Liebehenschel & Hans Aumeier) 11
12/23/1947 Speedy Aid To DP’s Is Urged Upon U.S. (By Ugo Carusi) 12
12/25/1947 Berlin Ball (Annual U.N. Social Dance) Called Off 18
12/26/1947 Picture: Directors Of Krupp On Trial (Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg) 32
12/27/1947 Stimson’s Biography Criticizes Roosevelt On Leadership In War 28
12/28/1947 2 Ships (‘Pan York’, & ‘Pan Crescent’ Both With Panamanian Flag) Leave Bulgaria With Jews (Bound) For Palestine 8
12/28/1947 (Branko) Karanovitch, (Serbian) Chetnik, Doomed (By Tito Tribunal) 16
12/29/1947 Two Ships (See Dec. 28 Above) Carry 11,951 Jews For Uncertified Palestine Entry 10
12/29/1947 Bigotry Is Viewed As Basis Of Strife (By Walter White, NAACP) 15
12/30/1947 Wallace To Run (For President); Pledges 3 D Party To Bar War Policy (Marshall Plan & Other Truman Decisions Which Destroyed The Wartime U.N. Coalition) 1
12/30/1947 (Dr. Abba Hillel) Silver (Cleveland) Asks Army To Help Palestine 7
12/31/1947 Taft Doubts Value Of Marshall Plan 1
12/31/1947 King Of Rumania Abdicates; ‘Peoples’ Republic’ Set Up 1
12/31/1947 Germans Must Alter Program On Schools (To Suit Victors, J. R. Sala, Chief, Education Branch, U.S. Military Government) 6
12/31/1947 Jewish Agency Seeks To Sidetrack 2 Ships (Want Them To Go To Cyprus) 7
12/31/1947 13 Nazi Generals Deny War Crimes (Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg) 9
12/31/1947 Dachau Trials End, Germans Get Camp (Hans Moeser, SS Lt., Commandant Of Nordhausen, Last Man Sentenced To Death-Tribunal Gave Out 425 Death Sentences-See Later Simpson-Van Roden Report On Dachau Proceedings) 9
12/31/1947 UNRRA Ends Work With Note To China 10
12/31/1947 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley In Germany To Scan Dismantling 11