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William Lindsey collection — 1947 NYT headlines

July 1947
Date Headline Page
07/01/1947 214 Germans Listed In Genocide Cases (Indictments, Nuernberg, Telford Taylor Tribunals) 2
07/03/1947 Immigration Called Jews’ Aim In Europe (James M. Mead) 3
07/03/1947 Marshall Denies U.S. Backs Chiang (Kai Shek In China!) 3
07/03/1947 Lehman Supports 400,000 DP Influx (Into U.S.-Ed Gossett Says Stratton Bill ‘Originated With And Has Been Largely Sustained By A Number Of Prominent Jewish Organizations.’ Celler Says Those Coming To U.S. Don’t Want To Go To Palestine) 7
07/04/1947 May Is Convicted With The Garssons Of Wartime Graft 1
07/04/1947 18 High Nazis (Ss Officers) Face Trial (Telford Taylor, Tribunal Nuernberg) 1
07/04/1947 500 Europeans (Jews) Were Interned By Japanese In Shanghai (Arriving West Coast Under Immigration Quotas) 5
07/05/1947 Kesselring Death Penalty Commuted (By British) To Life Term 2
07/06/1947 Garner Bans Memoirs-His Letters And Data Burned 12
07/06/1947 U.S. Aid For DP’s Backed-National Parent-Teacher Board Drafts Legislative Program (Chicago) 18
07/06/1947 Top Nazis (Nuernberg, Robert H. Jackson Tribunal) Will Go Into Grim Prison (Spandau) 33
07/06/1947 Picture: Heart Of Dresden Mag. 8
07/07/1947 Britain Exploits Jews, U.N. Is Told (By Eliezer Kaplan, Treasurer Of Jewish Agency Of Palestine Executive) 1
07/07/1947 Germans Ask Iro Aid To Expelled Persons (Germans From The Sudetenland And Eastern, Former German Territories-Presently Specifically Excluded From Such Aid) 2
07/07/1947 Germany’s Output (Of Coal) Cut 30 Per Cent-Soviet Increases Mining Hours-Harriman Visits Ruhr 2
07/07/1947 21 Poles Killed In (Terrorists ‘Win’) Raid Near Lublin 9
07/07/1947 Immigration Changes To Aid World Urged (By Dr. Ira De A. Reid, N.Y. University At N.Y. Inst Of International Relations, Colgate Univ.) 15
07/07/1947 British Try To End German (Shipping) Registry 33
07/08/1947 Poland, Rumania, Yugoslavia Shun (Paris Peace) Parley, Moscow Says 1
07/08/1947 Emergency Methods (Ddt, House-To-House Inspection) Fight Haifa (Bubonic) Plague (Fourteen Cases Identified, One Death-’Flea Carrying Rats Getting Off Filthy Ships’ Carrying Refugees) 11
07/08/1947 (Fritz) Kuhn To Be Tried In Germany (‘Denazification Court’) 11
07/08/1947 Text Of Truman Message On Admission Of DP’s To U.S. 16
07/08/1947 (U.S.) Army To Force Shift Of Jews In Austria (Against Their Will-Rabbi P. S. Bernstein Agreed To Closing Franz Joseph Camp-To Be Sent To Reidenberg Camp) 20
07/08/1947 Zionist (Ben-Gurion) Gives U.N. Board A Pithy View Of Haganah (Not Sure It’s Legal, Hopes It’s Armed) 20
07/09/1947 11 German Generals (Nuernberg Telford Taylor Tribunals) Deny Mass Killings (Charles Wennerstrum, Iowa, A ‘Judge’) 3
07/09/1947 Picture: Not Satisfied With Their Lot In Hungary (Geza David & Family After Arrival In U.S.-5 Persons) 4
07/09/1947 U.S. Investments In Germany Denied (Charged By Russians) 7
07/09/1947 Soviet Aids Mothers-Will Spend 5,900,000,000 Rubles To Encourage Births 11
07/09/1947 Ships Hunted In Haifa (Bubonic) Plague 13
07/10/1947 Catholic And Jewish Groups Join Labor Office, CIO To Back DP (Admission To U.S.) Bill 1
07/10/1947 Russian Menace Like German May Mean War, De Gaulle Says 3
07/10/1947 2,000 (Interned) Germans (Regensberg) Loaf In Internment Camp (Awaiting U.N. Trial) 8
07/10/1947 Picture: (General Clay) Addressing The Rabbinical Conference In Munich 9
07/10/1947 (George S.) Messersmith In U.S. 13
07/10/1947 (Kansas City) Vote Fraud Inquiry Blocked By (Republican Senator) Langer 22
07/11/1947 Truman Scandal (Pendergast Link In Kansas City) Held Threatening 2
07/11/1947 18,366 Yugoslavs Home (Since End Of War-Repatriated) 5
07/11/1947 (German) Refugees Report Yugoslav Terror (Death, Expulsion, Etc.) 6
07/11/1947 Frau (Ilse) Koch Disavows Buchenwald Crimes (In Toto, At Dachau) 6
07/12/1947 Anti-Fascists’ (Refugee Committee) Lose Plea (Contempt Trial-Leftist, O. John Rogge Acting As Defense Counsel) 26
07/13/1947 Dutch Nazis’ (25 Imprisoned & Awaiting Trial) Confession To Be Read In (Dutch) Churches (‘Ravaged Holland, Killed Thousands Of Compatriots’) 10
07/13/1947 Chetnik Aide (Borovoj Pantelitch) Doomed (By Tito’s Court, Belgrade) 17
07/13/1947 Allied Ownership In Ruhr Advocated 21
07/13/1947 Briton’s Heroism At Pole Recalled-Scroll Left By Shackleton Aides In Antartic 30 Years Ago Found By U.S. Sailors 38
07/13/1947 Picture: A German Plant Dismantled By The Russians Mag. 8
07/13/1947 Picture: Germans Expelled From East Prussia Mag. 44
07/14/1947 (Hidden) ‘Sternist (Jewish Terrorist) Leader’ Interviewed Here 3
07/14/1947 30,000 Germans Flee From Russian Zone (Placed In Transit Camps, Dachau) 7
07/15/1947 Marshall Urges U.S. To Aid Western Europe To Avoid Drift Into Russian Sphere 1
07/15/1947 Athens Announces A Second (Guerrilla) Invasion Of Greek Frontier 1
07/15/1947 Allies To Enlarge German (Reparations) Payments 8
07/15/1947 Yugoslav Refugees (Expelled Germans) Pour Into Austria 9
07/16/1947 3 Germans Hanged (At Landsberg) 6
07/16/1947 Text Of New U.S. Instructions To General Clay On Military Government Policies In Germany 8
07/16/1947 11 German Generals In Nuernberg (Telford Taylor) Trial 11
07/16/1947 Refugee Relief Unit Set Up In Hollywood 27
07/17/1947 Marshall Says DP Exit Would Ease U.S.-Russian Friction In Europe (Supporting Stratton DP Immigration Bill) 6
07/18/1947 Russians Press Bid For German Steel-Want Seven Mills In West Dismantled And Shared-Imply Accord On Output 1
07/18/1947 U.S. Ousts 811 As ‘Disloyal’ Army Lists 158 Communists 1
07/18/1947 Jews In Europe Aided (‘Sos’-Jdc-Over 3,000,000 Lbs. In First 6 Months Of 1947 Sent To 14 European Countries) 3
07/18/1947 Negro And White Children At Same Camp To Test Theory No Bias Exists In Youths 19
07/19/1947 3 Slain On Zionist Vessel (By British-’President Warfield’ Renamed ‘Exodus 1947’ By Haganah) As Refugees Fight British 1
07/19/1947 7 Nazi Chieftains (Nuernberg, Robert H. Jackson Tribunal) In Berlin Prison (Individual Cells, One Visiter For 15 Minutes Every 2 Months, Work 9 Hours Per Day, One Letter Every 4 Weeks, Punishment For Infractions Of Rules Bread, Water, Darkness In Cell-May Speak To Each Other Only With Special Permission From Jailers) 3
07/19/1947 (Hermann) Goering Steel Works (Salzgitter) Will Be Dismantled (To Go To British And Russians) 4
07/19/1947 (Att’y. Gen. Tom) Clark Urges U.S. To Take Refugees-Discounts Illegal Entries (Fewer Than 2,000 A Year Except Mexico Which Has 15,000/Month) 5
07/20/1947 Lutheran World Aid To Go Before Synod (World Relief About $2,200,000 For 1947-48-Compare To Jewish Relief!) 4
07/20/1947 School Prejudices Laid To Textbooks-Dr. (Whit) Brogan (Bureau For Intercultural Education) Asks Revisions To End Bias (At Chautauqua, N.Y.) 13
07/20/1947 4,980 Germans Slain In (July 20, 1944) Hitler (Assassination) Plot Purge (According To British Admiralty) 20
07/20/1947 26 (Jewish) Refugees In (Haifa) Hospital (From ‘President Warfield-Exodus 1947,’ A Former Chesapeake Bay Excursion Ship, Capt. Bernard Marks Of N.Y. And Ohio, Master) 22
07/20/1947 (Jewish) Relief Goods Flow At A Record Level-44,000,000 Pounds With $9,730,000 Value Sent To Needy Jews Abroad In 6 Months (Edward M. M. Warburg, Chairman Jdc-Greatest In Any Six Month Period Sent To Europe And Shanghai) 24
07/20/1947 Belgrade (Tito Court) Sentences 14 Germans (12 To Death) 29
07/21/1947 Roosevelt (War Contract) Papers Asked In (Senate) Subpoena 1&18
07/21/1947 Jews Shipped Back To Port In France (Sete, Near Marseilles, France) Palestine Reports (4,500 On ‘President Warfield’ Renamed ‘Exodus 1947’-Jews Angry At British) 1
07/21/1947 U.S. Haven (For Jews) Urged (By Earl G. Harrison) For 400,000 DP’s 6
07/22/1947 Roosevelt Files Are U.S. Property Not Part Of His Estate, Judge Rules 1
07/22/1947 Ex-Army Aide Tells Of Finding Frau Bormann Dying Of Cancer (Bormann’s Last Telegram: ‘Everything Is Lost. I Will Never Get Out Of Here. Take Care Of The Children.’-Alexander Raskin) 11
07/22/1947 Anti-Fascist (Refugee Committee) Unit Praised By (Leftist, O. John) Rogge 16
07/23/1947 U.S. Held Infested With Soviet Spies (According To V. A. Kravchenko, Formerly Of Russian Purchasing Commission) 1
07/23/1947 Picture: Spandau 5
07/23/1947 Help Now To DP’s Is Urged By (Att’y. Gen. Tom C.) Clark 8
07/23/1947 Deportation (Of 4,500 Illegal Jews On ‘Exodus 1947’ Back To France) Protested (By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 10
07/23/1947 (James A.) Kilean (Lichfield, England Replacement Depot, Promotion) Blocked Again 16
07/23/1947 Lady Iris (Montbatten) Is Cleared Of Fugitive Charge 25
07/23/1947 Jewish Refugees Train In England (Ort Group) 26
07/24/1947 Pictures: Jewish DP’s (400) Who Will Become Citizens Of Norway 3
07/24/1947 $2,500,000 (Authorized By Synod) To Start Lutheran World Aid 3
07/24/1947 Omg Educational Staff In Germany (50) Called Entirely Inadequate (By Dr. L. Thomas Hopkins, Columbia University) For Needs Of 23,000,000 (Germans) 5
07/24/1947 (Fritz) Kuhn-Seized By Germans 5
07/24/1947 Durant’s Sentence (Hesse Jewels) Cut (From 15 To 10 Years) 7
07/24/1947 Film (‘Last Night We Attacked’) On Palestine Shown 26
07/25/1947 Flagstad Returns Under Quota Visa 3
07/25/1947 Iro Body Votes To Aid Volksdeutsche (In Austria-Attacked By U.S.-U. K.-Called 5 Th Columnists) 6
07/25/1947 20,504 Left Germany For U.S. (15,638 Emigrants & 4,856 Repatriates During Last Year-Emigrants Used ‘Unused Immigration Quota’ Which Developed During War-Saved For The ‘Persecuted’ By The U.S. State Department) 7
07/25/1947 20 Refugee Vessel (‘Return To Zion’ With 400 Aboard) Nearing Palestine 8
07/25/1947 Honduras To Cancel (Jewish) Refugee Ship (Registration) Rights 8
07/25/1947 250 Jews Leave Paris (In Busses For Marseilles, France) 8
07/26/1947 Lincoln Papers Opened, Studied At Capital As Secrecy Ban Ends (15,000 To 20,000 Documents Sequestered By Son, Robert Lincoln For 21 Years After His Death) 1
07/26/1947 (Baron) Von Weiszaecker Held For Trial In Nuernberg (Telford Taylor Tribunals) 5
07/26/1947 Picture: (Fritz Kuhn) Former German-American Bund Leader In Munich Jail 5
07/26/1947 Four Nazis Hanged In Vienna 5
07/27/1947 Lincoln’s Papers Hailed By Scholars As Big ‘Find’ (82 Years Too Late!) 1
07/27/1947 Irgun Implicates Haganah In Blast-Says King David Hotel Blow Was Planned In Concert 11
07/27/1947 (Jewish) Refugee Orphans To Learn Farming (In U.S.) 11
07/27/1947 Scientists Assail Bacteria Warfare 12
07/27/1947 Indifference Of Germans Viewed As Peace Threat 23
07/27/1947 Texts Of 10 Lincoln Papers Chosen From Collection Sealed By President’s Son (More Secrecy!) 32
07/27/1947 The Danger Of A Neo-Nazism-H. R. Trevor-Roper (Lord Dacre) Mag. 10
07/28/1947 Mikhailovitch Honored (Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, N.Y.) 13
07/28/1947 ‘Nazi Victim’ Status Denied To Niemoeller (By Pres. Hans Mayer, German Society For Victims Of The Nazi Regime-Niemoeller Said To Be Anti-Semitic) 17
07/29/1947 Reds, Pro-Nazis Clash At A German Meeting (Dr. Philip Auerbach Mentioned As Speaker) 11
07/29/1947 5,000 (Boys Showing Leadership Qualities) Vanished In Soviet Zone (Of Germany), U.S. Clergymen Heard In Berlin 14
07/30/1947 4,500 Jews (‘Exodus 1947’) Refuse To Land In France 1
07/30/1947 Picture: The ‘Exodus 1947’ In Haifa Harbor And Some Of Her Passengers 3
07/30/1947 (Jewish) Relief Programs To Be Integrated 3
07/30/1947 2 Priests Sentenced To Death In Belgrade (By Tito Court, For Sabotage) 6
07/30/1947 Woman Who Kept Maid ‘Slave’ For 30 Years Received Suspended Term And $2,500 Term 16
07/31/1947 (British) Hostages Hanged Irgun Announces 1
07/31/1947 (Douglas) Chandler Gets Life For Treason In (‘For’) Wartime Talks On Nazi Radio 1
07/31/1947 Aid To North China Held Up By UNRRA 4
07/31/1947 U.N. Palestine Unit To Visit DP Camps (In Germany & Austria) 7
07/31/1947 Experts To Pick Area In Surinam For (30,000 European) Jews (Dr. I. N. Steinberg, Sec. Gen. Freeland League For Jewish Territorial Colonization) 8
07/31/1947 Photographs: ‘Exodus 1947’ 8
07/31/1947 Kilian (Lichfield, England Commanding Officer-Abuse Of U.S. Soldiers In Detention) Withdraws Suit For Promotion) 14