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William Lindsey collection — 1947 NYT headlines

June 1947
Date Headline Page
06/01/1947 (399) Jews From (North) Africa Seized At Haifa (Haganah Ship) 12
06/01/1947 Picture: Hauling UNRRA Relief Supplies To Chinese Communists 16
06/01/1947 Germans Slow Up Reparations (Plant Dismantling) Plan 29
06/01/1947 More Nazis’ Wives Jailed For Trials 33
06/01/1947 Jewish Aid Agency (Jdc) Spent $58,516,000-Gave Help To Nearly Million Overseas Last Year, Relief, Resettlement, & Reconstruction) 53
06/02/1947 Refugee Agency (American Christian Committee For Refugees) Disbands (Served 17,000 Refugees) 7
06/02/1947 Germans ‘Misused’ (By Reckless World Politicians, Dr. Kurt) Schumacher (Sozial Demokrat) Says 11
06/02/1947 (Dr. Salo W. Baron, Columbia University) Says World Role Rests On U.S. Jews 16
06/02/1947 $500,000 Is Pledged To Mizrachi Fund 17
06/03/1947 Jodl’s, Streicher’s Widows Head New List Of Major War Criminals’ Wives To Be Seized (By German Puppets) 6
06/03/1947 200 Jewish Leaders To Confer (UNRRA, Overseas Needs, & Palestine) 6
06/03/1947 Plight Of Jews Abroad Is Told 7
06/03/1947 Germany Gets 36 Deported (Germans) By U.S. 13
06/05/1947 Cunningham Hits Palestine Jews; British Leaders Get Letter Bombs (Jewish Terrorists) 1
06/05/1947 Jewish Group (National Conference Of Jewish Social Welfare) Asks Aid For Displaced (Survivors Of KZs & Extermination Camps Number Only 29,000-Partisans Comprise A Still Larger Group-’But By Far The Largest Group Are The Repatriates From Russia.’-Leo W. Schwartz, Recently Returned From Europe) 18
06/05/1947 Ship (‘Colony Trader’) Fire At Gibraltar 18
06/05/1947 Immigration Bill Meets Opposition-(Cong. Ed) Gossett Says At House Hearing U.S. Is Not Responsible For Direct Maintenance Of DP’s 19
06/05/1947 Surrogates Free Refugees’ Funds 27
06/06/1947 Yalta Breach Seen 1
06/06/1947 Beven And Eden Get ‘Letter Bombs’ (Jewish Terrorist) Stern Gang Asserts It Sent Them 1
06/06/1947 Russian Refugees Appeal For Help-Fight Enforced Repatriation 6
06/06/1947 Slovak Underground Problem For Prague (Czechs) 7
06/07/1947 School Days (Landeshut, Bavaria) Of A Nazi, Or Lessons In Torture 4
06/07/1947 Raczkiewicz Dies: Led (London) Poles In Exile (After ‘Death’ Of Gen. Wladyslav Sikorski) 13
06/07/1947 (F. D.) Roosevelt Estate Put At $1,943,888-Ruling On (Sequestered Private) Papers Sought 15
06/08/1947 6 Croat Traitors Sentenced To Die (By Tito) 10
06/08/1947 Chetniks In Italy Sent To Germany 29
06/08/1947 German Accuses Soviet (Says Socialists Now Held In Buchenwald) 32
06/08/1947 $115,000,000 Raised (Of Desired $170,000,000) By (United) Jewish Appeal-Morgenthau, Leaders Consider Plight Of 250,000 Refugees Cut Off From UNRRA Aid 36
06/08/1947 Pro-Immigration Cartoon: ‘Land Of The Free’ E-8
06/08/1947 Voices From The Nazi Rubble Pile Book 1
06/09/1947 (Hartley) Shawcross Scolds Women Of Britain (As Selfish-Should Accept Necessary Privation) 5
06/09/1947 U.N. Is Asked To Bar Jewish State By American Council For Judaism 10
06/09/1947 Socialist Session (International Conference Held In Zuerich) Rejects Germans (As Delegates, Schumacher Included) 13
06/10/1947 (Pierre) Cardinal (Gerlier, France) Relates Nazi Murder Plot 29
06/11/1947 Yugoslav Charges Plot To Retain DP’s 16
06/11/1947 Paris Pressing Bid For German (Pow) Labor 18
06/11/1947 U.S. Holds ‘Anti-Nazis’ In Dachau For Months Without A Hearing 18
06/11/1947 Germans Annoyed By Denazification 18
06/11/1947 Doctor Shortage Is Faced By Army 24
06/12/1947 (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Says ‘Jewish Nation’ Has ‘Indisputable Title’ (To Palestine) 10
06/12/1947 (U.S.) Veteran (Martin J. Papula) Listed Dead, Is Alive In France; Lays Blacksmith Role To Amnesia Attack (Martin J. Papula, Asn. 33,606,683, Awol) 12
06/13/1947 Coercion At Camps By UNRRA Denied By UNRRA (By Lowell W. Rooks-None Forcibly Repatriated) 8
06/13/1947 (Dr. Stephen S.) Wise Says Negroes Need Job Openings 28
06/14/1947 (Owen J.) Roberts And (William) Green (Af Of L) For Refugee Entry (Into U.S.) 4
06/14/1947 Food To Balk Reds In Germany Urged (By H. C. Petersen) 7
06/14/1947 Klan Surrenders Georgia Charter 30
06/15/1947 Nazi Camp (Auschwitz) Now A Museum (‘4,000,000 Killed There’) 12
06/15/1947 Big German Banks Tied To Nazis’ Rise 18
06/15/1947 (Senator) Ferguson Demands Secret Nazi (Von Ribbentrop-Molotov) Papers (But Not Secret Roosevelt Papers!) 24
06/16/1947 Displaced Persons Get (Cardinal) Spellman Aid (Supports Bill To Admit 400,000 DP’s From Europe) 7
06/17/1947 Pictures: From Inside Russian Occupation Zone-Expellees And Plant Dismantling For Russian Reparations 3
06/17/1947 Jewish State In ‘47 Predicted By (Dr. Stephen S.) Wise 6
06/18/1947 (German) Legislators Join Strike In Germany-Over Low Food Rations 2
06/18/1947 Russian Printing Of (Occupation) Marks Goes On 3
06/18/1947 (Air Marshal) Milch’s Life Term Confirmed (By Maj. Gen. Frank A. Keating) 5
06/18/1947 Saukel’s Widow Guilty 7
06/18/1947 (U.N.) Pessimism Decried By Mrs. (F. D.) Roosevelt 11
06/18/1947 Jewish Life Described (By Rabbi Max Kirshblum, Exec. Vice President, Mizrachi Organization Of America) 13
06/18/1947 U.S. Army Transfers Jews’ Vienna Havens (To Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Jurisdiction) 14
06/19/1947 Aid For Germans Rises (From U.S.)-June Shipments Of U.S. Grain Greatest Since (Beginning Of) Occupation 11
06/20/1947 Belgian Inquiry Clears Leopold On Surrender To Nazis In 1940 1
06/20/1947 Philadelphia Judge (Louis E. Levinthal) To Aid (General) Clay In Jewish Affairs (In Germany-Replaces Rabbi Philip S. Bernstein) 6
06/20/1947 Bavarian Official (Dr. Rudolf Zorn) Excoriates DP’s-Hub Of Black Market 10
06/20/1947 Roosevelt’s Views Of Aides Disclosed (By James A. Farley) 14
06/21/1947 (Rabbi) Munk Is Back In Berlin (Fled 1938, 500 Jews Now In Berlin) 7
06/21/1947 (Ante) Pavelitch Not Executed (Not In Yugoslavia) 7
06/21/1947 U.S. To Admit 30,000 Pole Soldiers Who Aided Allies And Eschew Homeland 9
06/22/1947 More Aid Is Planned For Europe’s Jews (Jdc Claims ‘Large Numbers’ Need Help; Numbers Not Given) 25
06/22/1947 Fear Is Expressed For Polish Jews (By Joseph Winiewicz, Polish Ambassador Between 100,000 & 180,000 Of 3,500,000 Pre-War Polish Jews Remain) 25
06/22/1947 100,000 DP’s (Balts) For Britain 30
06/22/1947 New Peenemuende Rises On Rio Grande’s Banks (U.S. Rocket Installation With German ‘Paperclip’ Scientists) E-7
06/22/1947 Entry Of DP’s Urged (Letter By Nathaniel Phillips, National League For American Citizenship-850,000 Homeless In Germany, Austria, & Italy Now) E-8
06/23/1947 (Rhodes Trustees) Ban German Students (From Rhodes Scholarships) 3
06/23/1947 Iro To Be Started On An ‘Iou’ Basis (About 250,000 Jewish DP’s Others Balts, Poles, Ukrainians, & Yugoslavs) 9
06/23/1947 Jewish Aid Groups To Get Relief Guide (By Council Of Jewish Federation And Welfare Funds) 23
06/24/1947 (Lehman) Warns On Jews’ Crisis (Says U.S. Should Take 100,000 Jewish Refugees) 10
06/24/1947 Soviet Said To Like Aid Of UNRRA Type 13
06/24/1947 General Mc Narney’s Report On The Crisis Facing The Jews Of Europe-Full Page Advertisement, United Jewish Appeal (For $170,000,000) 48
06/25/1947 Eisenhower Made Head Of Columbia (University) 1&8
06/25/1947 Poland’s Head (Boleslav Beirut) Hailed For Help To Jews 5
06/25/1947 Clubwomen Hear Plea To Help DP’s (General Federation Of Women’s Clubs) 12
06/25/1947 Ss Officer Who Rescued Mussolini In 1943 (Otto Skorzeny) Is Arraigned As Torturer Of U.S. Troops (Col. Alfred Rosenfeld, Chief U.S. Prosecutor. Denigrating Article Implies Skorzeny Was A Thief And Stole From Himmler, His Chief) 15
06/25/1947 8 (Austrian) Prison Camp (Mauthausen Sub-Camps) Officers To Die (U.S. Tribunal, Dachau] 17
06/25/1947 7,000 Will Migrate To Canada By Plane (From British Isles-Not Clear Who Includes Craftsmen For Ontario Factories Flights Paid By Provence Of Ontario) 51
06/26/1947 Clubwomen Defy Leaders, Vote To Bar DP’s From U.S. (General Federation Of Women’s Clubs-See June 28, P. 1) 1
06/26/1947 War Trial Judges Named-Truman Appoints 2 U.S. Jurists To Tribunals In Germany (Nuernberg-Edward Francis Carter, Nebraska & Curtis Grover Shake, Indiana-Telford Taylor Tribunals) 4
06/26/1947 Frau (Winifred) Wagner Called A ‘Fanatical’ Nazi (By Un-Appointed Puppets, At Her ‘Denazification Trial’ In Bayreuth) 7
06/26/1947 400 Rabbis Criticize New U.S. Labor (Taft-Hartley) Law (Vetoed By Truman, Overridden By Congress) 8
06/27/1947 (James A. Farley) Says Roosevelt Banned 3 D Term 4
06/27/1947 (George Sylvester) Viereck Convicted In War, Is Paroled 6
06/27/1947 $15,000 Fraud Profit (By Rabbi Joseph Yarmesh, 32 Year Old Rabbi Without A Congregation) Given To Relief Fund (To Avoid Jail Sentence) 7
06/27/1947 Rabbis Urge Entry For 400,000 DP’s (Support Of Pending Stratton Immigration Bill) 12
06/27/1947 Zionists Show U.N. A Desert (Palestine) In Bloom 13
06/28/1947 Clubwomen Reverse Stand And Endorse Stratton Bill (‘Unprecedented Move’) 1
06/28/1947 Nazi Victims Testify To Free Frau Wagner 2
06/28/1947 (Eberhard Dietrich) Von Ascheberg (Resident Of Staten Island & Held On Ellis Island By U.S. Gov’t.) Loses Citizenship Appeal (Before Judge Phillip M. Kleinfeld) 4
06/29/1947 U.N. Refugee Body (IRO) Faces Shifts In Taking Over Tasks Of UNRRA 4
06/29/1947 Rabbis Again Bar Mixed Marriages (Montreal Central Conference Of American Rabbis) 30
06/29/1947 State Department Chain Of Command (Under Marshall) E-5
06/30/1947 UNRRA’s End Tonight Finds Many Nations Still In Need 1