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William Lindsey collection — 1947 NYT headlines

February 1947
Date Headline Page
02/01/1947 Germans (‘Denazification’) Gives Fritzsche 9 Years; Hitler’s Photographer Receives 10 Years (Picture) 1&5
02/01/1947 Group (Jewish Labor Committee) Plans Help To Europe’s Jews (‘At Least 1,500,000 Jews Must Remain In Europe And Be Integrated Into Its Economy.’ Jacob Pat (Polish-Born), Executive Secretary-Urges Free Immigration) 2
02/01/1947 Plan To Let Balts And Poles Settle In Alaska Is Held Up By Immigration Barriers 2
02/01/1947 (United Nations) Allies Moderate Control Of Italy 4
02/01/1947 Community War On Bias Favored (Law Not Enough!) 12
02/01/1947 (U.S.) Wartime Experiments Showed 3 Drugs Were Effective Fighters Of Malaria (National Research Council) 17
02/02/1947 Oswiecim (Auschwitz) Lad Of 7 Coming To America-Sole Survivor Of 20,000 Berlin Children-Rejoins Mother (!?) 2
02/02/1947 Migration Called Solution For DP’s (By U.S. State Department) 3
02/02/1947 Nazi (Ss) Prisoner Slain In Break (At Dachau By Polish Guard) 7
02/02/1947 Greek (War Relief) Fund Opens $12,000,000 Drive 7
02/02/1947 18 Nations Decry Reparations Lag (‘Insignificant Volume Of German Industrial Equipment’ Distributed To Them) 9
02/02/1947 Ravensbrueck (Concentration Camp, (‘Devil’) Doctor (Dr. Adolph Winkelmann) Dies (Of ‘Heart Attack,’ ‘Escaping A Probable Death Sentence’) 17
02/02/1947 Jewish Leaders To Meet (National Directors Of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee To Discuss Problems Of 1,500,000 Jews Surviving In Europe) 25
02/02/1947 Nazi Artists Left To (U.S.-Convened) German Courts 26
02/02/1947 Explosion Wrecks Office Of Von Papen (‘Denazification’) Jurist 26
02/02/1947 Religious Leaders Aid (Council Of) Common Cause-Catholic, Jewish, Protestant Clergy And Laity Join To Fight Totalitarianism 46
02/02/1947 Nazi Capitalists Face U.S. (Nuernberg Tribunal) Charges (Telford Taylor Tribunals) E-5
02/03/1947 (U.S. Gen. George C.) Marshall Pledges Aid (Of U.S.) To Europe’s DP’s 1
02/03/1947 (United Nations) Allies Dissolve German Oil Trust (Made Sorely-Needed Lubricating Oils For German War Effort) 7
02/03/1947 Army Education Chief (Col. Edward J. Glavin) In Germany Fears Cut In Funds By Congress 8
02/03/1947 Weizmann Scores Zionist Terrorists (Mostly Condemns British White Paper And Restrictions On Unlimited Immigration Of Jews To Palestine As Real Cause Of Jewish Terrorism) 8
02/03/1947 Boycott (Of British Goods) Is Proposed (By Judge [‘Scottsboro’] Samuel S. Leibowitz) In Palestine Dispute (Thomas E. Dewey And Robert Wagner Mentioned) 9
02/03/1947 (Anti-Hitler Pastor Martin) Niemoeller Called ‘Unfit’ As A (German) Leader (By Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver) 12
02/03/1947 (U.S. War Department) Opens Mails To Germans (Restrictions As To What May Be Sent Through The Mails, U.S. Censorship Implied-It Was In Fact The Case!) 12
02/03/1947 Germans Shipping Finished Cottons 30
02/03/1947 ‘Saturna’ Bringing 1,560 Passengers (Piraeus And Genoa-’Vulcania,’ Sister Ship Previously Also Used) 39
02/04/1947 Jews In Palestine Receive Ultimatum (From British) In Fight On Terror 1
02/04/1947 Jewish Units In U.S. To Seek $300,000,000 (Welfare For ‘Here And Overseas’) 3
02/04/1947 Hesse (Stolen) Jewel Trial Airborne To U.S. 6
02/04/1947 U.S. Would Broaden (‘Re-Educated’) German Youth Role 6
02/04/1947 Yugoslavs (Tito) To Try Nazi Chief (General Herman Von Loehr) 7
02/04/1947 (U.S.) Occupation Army Stresses Courses-Education Role In Germany Grows 7
02/04/1947 11 Nazi (Ravensbrueck) Camp Aides Sentenced To Hang 8
02/04/1947 Von Papen Weeps (Broke Down) At Inability To Proffer Defense In German (U.S.-Convened) Denazification Court 8
02/04/1947 Dachau Sergeant (Ss Sgt. Hermann Zisch) Doomed (U.S. Army Tribunals, Dachau) 8
02/04/1947 Kaiser’s Widow Robbed (In Frankfurt A. D. Oder) 8
02/04/1947 Poland Sentences Partisan Colonel (Jan Rzepecki, Home Army-This Was The ‘Underground Army’ The Polish Government-In-Exile In London Bragged About During The War) 9
02/04/1947 500 Prominent Americans (Such As Albert Einstein, Helen Gahagen Douglas (Richard Nixon’s Nemesis, Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Lewis Mumford, Sumner Welles, Etc.) Are Invited To Discuss Germany 10
02/04/1947 Posse Saves (Negro) Killer, Lunch Rope On Neck (In Osawatomie, Kansas-How Fitting!-Site Of John Brown’s Operations) 14
02/04/1947 Picture: (Dumping U.S. Surplus Potatoes In North Dakota) 20
02/04/1947 Allows Direct Deals Of German Goods 40
02/05/1947 (Gerhart) Eisler Held Here As Enemy Alien; Once Called ‘Brains’ Of Communists 1
02/05/1947 U.S.-Soviet Clash On Austria’s (400,000) DP’s 4
02/05/1947 Nazi Resurgence Forecast By (U.S. General Lucius) Clay 5
02/05/1947 Von Papen Arrested As Perjurer In Midst Of (‘Denazification’) Trial In (U.S.-Convened) German Court 6
02/05/1947 Two Jewish Groups (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee And ‘Ort’) To Unify Activities 6
02/05/1947 G. E. (General Electric) Seen Seeking To Buy Siemens 35
02/06/1947 Jews In Palestine Reject Ultimatum On Help To British (Against Jewish Terrorists) 1
02/06/1947 Dr. (Rabbi Abba Hillel) Silver Assails British Ultimatum (Against Jewish Terrorists) 3
02/06/1947 Von Papen Says No More-Refuses To Testify (At ‘Denazification’ Tribunal Convened By U.S. Occupation Army) 7
02/06/1947 Picture (Juan Peron And George S. Messersmith) 9
02/06/1947 Yugoslavs Try Germans (Officers) 12
02/06/1947 Federal Council Scores Race Bias 20
02/06/1947 (U.S.) Maritime Records Called ‘Deep Dark’ (By Chairman Of House Merchant Marine, Rep. Bradley) 47
02/07/1947 (Stolen) Diamonds ‘Legitimate Souvenirs’ ($210,000) Says Colonel Ordered (Returned) To Japan 1
02/07/1947 Draft Rules To Curb Mexicans’ Migration (Into U.S.) 2
02/07/1947 (U.S. Army Col.) Durant (Hesse Jewel Thief) Flies To Washington 2
02/07/1947 Picture (Gerhart Eisler’s Sister Testifies Against Him) 3
02/07/1947 France Seeks 40,000 (Lorrainers And Alsatians) ‘Missing’ In Russia (Former Members Of The Wehrmacht) 4
02/07/1947 Bulgarian Jewish Aid Called A Bright Spot (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 5
02/07/1947 Anti-Prejudice Aid Asked-School Program Outlined For American Jewish Committee 5
02/07/1947 Art Theft Trial On In Berlin (Capt. Norman T. Byrne, Hollywood, California-Pictures And Porcelain) 6
02/07/1947 (Kurt) Schuschnigg (Picture) Asks For New German Union 7
02/07/1947 (German) Flier Accuses Von Papen 7
02/07/1947 (U.S. General) M’narney Favors Palestine Entry (For Jews-165,000 In U.S. Zone-95% ‘Want To Go There.’) 8
02/07/1947 (Polish) DP’s In (Wildflecken) Camp Mob ‘Soviet’ Aides 9
02/07/1947 3 Sect (Jehovah’s Witnesses) Chiefs Doomed (Yugoslavia) 10
02/07/1947 (Kirsten) Flagstad Lauded In London Concert 29
02/08/1947 British Will Clear Million Of Naziism (‘Denazification’ A La Anglaise)-Will Offer Political Amnesty To All Germans In Zone Except Dangerous (As They Define ‘Dangerous’) Elements 1
02/08/1947 (Lt. Gen. Sir Frederick E.) Morgan (Former Head Of UNRRA In Germany) Urges Aid To Refugees Now 4
02/08/1947 $28,000 And 2 Quarts Of (Stolen) Hesse Jewels Dug Up On Side Of A Virginia Highway (Worth $1,500,000-U.S. Col. Jack Durant) 4
02/08/1947 More Stowaways (700) Reported By U.S. 29
02/09/1947 German Steel Men Indicted (By U.S. At Nuernberg Tribunals) For Crimes ‘On A Vast Scale’ (Telford Taylor Tribunals) 1
02/09/1947 Ignorance Is Seen (By Study Group) As Source Of Bias 11
02/09/1947 Charges Of Crimes Against Humanity Made Against Three Directors Of Siemens In Berlin 42
02/09/1947 U.S. Records Prove Hitler Barbarism (Documents Selected By Robert H. Jackson, Chief U.S. Prosecutor At The United Nations Nuernberg Tribunal) 42
02/09/1947 Rabbi Asks Rebirth Of Lincoln’s Ideals 50
02/09/1947 (Harold L.) Ickes Condemns U.S. Immigration (Advocates Open Palestine And Open U.S.) 52
02/09/1947 Gen Franz R. Von Epp (Bavarian Chief Of Frei Korps, Dead, 78) 61
02/09/1947 (650 Unauthorized Immigrant) Jews Fight (British) Troops On Arrival In Haifa 1
02/10/1947 ‘Conscience Fund’ Has Passed $1,000,000; Some Ex-Gi’s Say They Had Sticky Fingers 2
02/10/1947 Poles, Tito Oppose Pope (Pius XII) On (Child-Apprentice) Refugees (Claims U.S., Britain ‘In The Middle’) 5
02/10/1947 Children To Plant Grove For Truman In Nazareth (Eleanor Roosevelt Promotion-To Commemorate 1,000,000 Jewish Children Allegedly Killed In War) 6
02/10/1947 Relief Shipments Announced (By Dr. Robert S. Marcus, American Jewish Congress [Rabbi Stephen S. Wise]-3,000,000 Lbs. Of Supplies 6
02/10/1947 U.S.-German Trade Now Practicable 11
02/10/1947 (U.S.) School System Being ‘Wrecked’ By Stampede Of Teachers To Other Jobs, Study Revealed 20
02/11/1947 3 More (Jewish) Terrorists In Palestine Get Death Sentences (Jews ‘Tortured’ By British) 1&12
02/11/1947 High Court Blocks State’s Right To Run Parochial Busses 1
02/11/1947 5 Treaties Signed In Paris Ceremony (Italy, Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria, And Finland) 1&3
02/11/1947 Drive For Revision Of (Above) Treaties Begins 3
02/11/1947 U.S. And Britain Ban (Competitive) Cartels In Germany 3
02/11/1947 (American Officer) Says Russians Owe Berlin (100,000 Tons) Coal 3
02/11/1947 22 (Prefabricated) Churches Shipped To Germany (Apparently To Replace Those Blown Up By The U.S.) 5
02/11/1947 Vote For Germans Urged By Russians 6
02/11/1947 Stalin Gets A 100% Vote In His Moscow District 6
02/11/1947 Big 4 Joint Report On (United Nations) Occupation Due 6
02/11/1947 Dulles Urges U.S. Match Soviet Zeal 6
02/11/1947 (Feld Marschal Albrecht) Kesselring Trial Off For Week 6
02/11/1947 75 Pickets (Austrian Refugees) Protest (Kurt) Schuschnigg Talk 7
02/11/1947 Seized Stamps (From Michael Brisk, Refugee) Returned 7
02/11/1947 Germans Cynical About Democracy (As Demonstrated By The United Nations Occupation) 9
02/11/1947 Trade Union Talks Begun In Germany 9
02/11/1947 Woman U.N. Ex-Aide Admits Bringing Part Of (Stolen) Hesse Gems To U.S. Under Immunity Law 9
02/11/1947 Un Refugee Group To Met In Geneva ($115,000,000 For Iro In First Year’s Work) 10
02/11/1947 (General George C.) Marshall Unifies Intelligence Units 10
02/11/1947 Un Urged To Base Pay On Living Scale-Allowance For Children 11
02/11/1947 Arabs And Zionists Spurn British Plan 12
02/11/1947 Palestine Arab Unit Rallies Middle East 12
02/11/1947 (Dr. Israel Goldstein) Heads United Palestine Appeal 12
02/11/1947 (British Military) Court Officials Threatened (In Palestine By BegiN-1ed, Terrorist, Irgun Zvai Leumi) 12
02/11/1947 (Jewish) Refugee Adopted In Place Of Dead (Jewish) Soldier Arrives Today To Begin His New Life 14
02/11/1947 Polish Envoy Sees U.S. Misinformed (Polish Underground To Be Pardoned By Communist Regime) 15
02/11/1947 3 German Paintings Confiscated By U.S. 16
02/11/1947 House Group Asks Action On (Gerhart Eisler By U.S. Att’y. Gen. Tom Clark) 22
02/11/1947 (Louis Dembitz) Brandeis University To Open In Fall Of ‘48 25
02/11/1947 Discrimination Hit In (State) Mortgage Bill 30
02/11/1947 (Abraham Teichman) Arthur Murray’s (Dancing Instructor’s) Father Dies 30
02/11/1947 Banks To Hold Off On Aid To Germany 43
02/12/1947 U.S. Coal To Britain Urged By (UNRRA-Herbert) Lehman (The British Have ‘Nationalized’ Their Coal Mines) 4
02/12/1947 2,000 Write (Gen. George C.) Marshall, Hail Politics (Presidential Aspirations Disclaimed) 7
02/12/1947 1944 (Alleged German) Massacre (In Bratislava) Described (Witness) 8
02/12/1947 Estonian Refugees Reach Spain 8
02/12/1947 Un Body To Study Greek Executions (Of Left-Wing Guerrillas) 9
02/12/1947 Un Women Balk At ‘Equal Rights’ With Men, Saying These Are Sometimes Not Enough 10
02/12/1947 Nazi U-Boat Ideas Aid (U.S.) Navy 10
02/12/1947 West (United Nations) Acts To End (Competitive) German Cartels 12
02/12/1947 Bulgar Accuses U.S. Of Reneging On Pact 12
02/12/1947 Dutch Decry (‘Nationalization’) Plans For Ruhr Industry (By British, Sozial Democrat Kurt Schumacher’s Plan Scored) 13
02/12/1947 (U.S. Army) Still Seeks Hesse Gems (Courtsmartial For Col. Jack W. Durant) 14
02/12/1947 (Electric) Power For Germany Debated By Austria 14
02/12/1947 (United Nations) Allies In Berlin Settle Union Vote 14
02/12/1947 (Herbert) Hoover Hears (German) Food Plea 15
02/12/1947 Tel-Aviv Reports Inter-Zionist Fight 16
02/12/1947 Zionists Prepare To Quit London With Palestine Issue Unsolved 16
02/12/1947 Rabbi (Barnett R.) Bricker (Cleveland, Ohio) Asks Huge (235,000 To ‘Half Of 1,500,000 (Surviving) Jews Now Living In Continental Europe Outside Russia’) U.S.) Quota Increase (?) 16
02/12/1947 700 German ((Hamburg) Coal Thieves Seized 16
02/12/1947 New (Jewish) Settlement (In Palestine) Staked (Fourth This Month) 16
02/12/1947 2 Soviet Republics (Ukraine And White Russia) Face Wheat Crisis-Have Been In Trouble Before And Came Through All Right 17
02/12/1947 UNRRA Locomotive Presented To China (First Of A $15,000,000 Fleet) 18
02/12/1947 5-Year Ban Urged On Immigration (Into U.S., By Senator Elmer Thomas, Of Oklahoma) 26
02/12/1947 (Senator) Ferguson Tells Senate Law Is Clear On Making (Henry) Morgenthau Return (Treasury Department) Data (Taken By Him When He Left Office!) 27
02/12/1947 400 Alien Industries Given As Seized Here (Alien Property Custodian, Assets $288,000,000) 38
02/13/1947 Russians’ Seizures Of Germans Freed In U.S. Zone Indicated 15
02/13/1947 U.S. Orders Germans To Aid Repatriates 16
02/13/1947 Moses Gomberg, 81 Scientist (Chemist) Is Dead 24
02/13/1947 (U.S. Business Men) Hit Army Meddling In German Economy 36
02/14/1947 (Henry) Morgenthau Will Give Back Any ‘Official’ Items In Diary (He Took When Leaving The Treasury Department) 1
02/13/1947 Nazis’ Rocket Called American Invention (By J. F. Mc Allister, G. E.) 5
02/13/1947 Lack Of Funds Curbs U.N. Refugees Studies 6
02/13/1947 Germans Lose Appeal-Argentine Court Refuses To Stay Deportation Of 22 (To Germany, As Demanded By U.S.) 8
02/13/1947 Two British Boats Attacked (By Haganah Divers) In Haifa (One Sunk) 12
02/15/1947 Benjamin Franklin Fields Jailed For Contempt Of House In Surplus (U.S. Government Property) Investigation 3
02/15/1947 Palestine Seals 3 Death Penalties 5
02/16/1947 Chiang (Kai-Shek) Blames U.S. (General George C.) Marshall For Continued (Chinese Civil War) 1
02/16/1947 U.S. Said (By Russians) To Seize German Patents 3
02/16/1947 Picture (Hitler’s Photographer Goes To Jail) 14
02/16/1947 Captive (German POW) Use Urged (By Anti-German Lord Vansittart Group) To Rebuild Europe 15
02/16/1947 (U.S. ‘Friends’) Quakers To Build German Centers 16
02/16/1947 Germans Resist Ruhr Mine Draft 17
02/16/1947 Chemistry Of War Serves Peace Too-Edgewood (Arsenal) 26
02/16/1947 (400) To Confer On Aid To Jews (Henry Morgenthau, Jr. Et Al.-$170,000,000 Appeal) 4
02/16/1947 Anti Bias Measure Is Urged By Rabbis 46
02/17/1947 Yugoslavia Dooms 6 German Generals (Von Loehr To Be Shot, The Others Hanged) 1
02/17/1947 Jews Hurt In Fight On Refugee Vessel (Ben-Gurion’s ‘Haganah,’ Under-Ground Guerrilla Army) 7
02/17/1947 Californians Map Aid To Minorities (Mrs. Greta Isenberg Of Palo Alto, California, Fair Play Committee) 13
02/18/1947 (Justice Robert H.) Jackson (U.S. Chief Prosecutor At United Nations Nuernberg Tribunal) Attacks (U.S. Supreme Court) Colleagues 1
02/18/1947 Bias Survey Announced (By American Jewish Congress [Rabbi Stephen S. Wise]-Ives-Quinn Law In New York) 14
02/18/1947 American Zionists Demand U.N. Action (On Palestine) 14
02/18/1947 Advertisement, Full Page: ‘Born Branded’ (With ‘Dp’)-United Jewish Appeal 52
02/19/1947 98 Refugee Children Arrive From Europe (On ‘Earnie Pyle’) 9
02/19/1947 Six Vessels Are For Sale (3 Freighters And Former Navy Craft) 51
02/20/1947 U.S. Returning Gold Looted From Austria (By Germans) 14
02/20/1947 German Red Cross Accused Of Abuse-Local Officials In U.S. Zone Said To Have Diverted Aid To Interned SS Troops 15
02/20/1947 French End Reichsbank 15
02/20/1947 Mrs. F. D. Roosevelt Aids Jewish Drive 17
02/20/1947 (William) Green (Of Af Of L) Urges U.S. Admit Refugees (Admit 400,000-600,000) 17
02/20/1947 Torture Charges (By BegiN-1ed, Terrorist, Irgun Zvai Leumi) Denied By British 17
02/20/1947 U.S. Constitution A Model (For Baden) 18
02/20/1947 UNRRA Chief Denies Implication Of Black Market In China Plan 19
02/20/1947 (Henry R.) Luce Heads Drive Of Urban League 20
02/20/1947 High Court To Get Alien Seizure Suit (Alien Property Custodian’s Property) 37
02/21/1947 (Terrorist) Irgun (Led By Manachem Begin) Attacks Raf, Cuts Oil Pipeline 1
02/21/1947 Nazi Spies In Orient Being Repatriated (According To United Nations Wishes) 5
02/21/1947 British Itemize Issue Of 3,000 Jews Visas 6
02/21/1947 British Tell DP’s To Work Or Leave (Berlin) 7
02/21/1947 (40) Collegians (Williams College) Fight Jim Crow Barber 40
02/22/1947 Truman Asks $350,000,000 For Relief Abroad By U.S. 1
02/22/1947 British Rise Likely In Palestine Quota 1
02/22/1947 Columbia (University) Confers Degrees In Tribute To Leadership In War (Not Academic Achievement!) 1&5
02/22/1947 (U.S. General) Mc Narney Says (United Nations) Allies Have Failed In Four-Power Rule Of Germany 6
02/22/1947 (U.S. General Lucius) Clay Reorganizes Set-Up In Germany 6
02/23/1947 United Jewish Appeal Sets Goal Of $170,000,000 On Eve Of Drive 1
02/23/1947 Puerto Rico Seeks To Curb Migration (9,000 Arriving In New York Every Month, Only 6,500 ReturN-1eonard Sussman) 20
02/23/1947 9 U.S. Educators Assisting Germans (In ‘Re-Education’-Names) 36
02/23/1947 Czechs Follow U.S. In School Reform 36
02/23/1947 German Self-Pity Declared Growing-Edward A. Morrow 37
02/23/1947 Rising In Europe By Displaced Seen (By Rabbi Brickner) 44
02/23/1947 Picture: British Halt Vessel (‘San Miguel’) Attempting To Enter Palestine (Illegally) 44
02/23/1947 Propaganda In U.S. Mapped By Arabs 45
02/24/1947 Round-Up Thwarts Biding Nazi Plot For War On Soviet 1
02/24/1947 Eisenhower Applauds Aim In Opening ($170,000,000) Jewish Appeal (‘For European Jews.’ Wants Immigration To Palestine And U.S. Eased, Size Of Contribution) 1
02/24/1947 Britain Held Facing Poverty Unless New (U.S.) Outlook Arises 1
02/24/1947 Soviet Said To ‘Buy’ (German) Atom Men (Werner Heisenberg) 1
02/24/1947 Prussia Dissolved Under (United Nations) Allied Law (‘Edict’) 1
02/24/1947 Ban On Anti-Red Articles Urged In Czechoslovakia 3
02/24/1947 Federalists Join In A World Body 3
02/24/1947 Russians Claim Credit-Say Their Army Needed No Aid In Vanquishing Germany 3
02/24/1947 Bavarian Refusal Of Food (For British Zone) Stirs (U.S. General Lucius) Clay 7
02/24/1947 British Seize Hundreds (Of ‘Die Hard Nazis’) 7
02/24/1947 Expulsion Plans Imperil 20,000,000 (Opposed By Liberals, Dr. John Dewey, Dorothy Thompson, And Others-17,000,000 Germans, 3,000,000 Poles. 3,000,000 Already Dead) 12
02/24/1947 6 California (College) Girls Here To Study Bias (Pearl S. Buck And Eleanor Roosevelt Supporters Of The Program) 13
02/24/1947 (John Bitter Of N.Y.) To Conduct In Dresden (Germany) 16
02/24/1947 Dr. (Moshe) Sneh Here From Jerusalem 17
02/24/1947 Emigration From Germany-Lack Of Vessels Seen Building Up An American Concentration Camp (German Annual Quota 25,957) 18
02/24/1947 Synthetic Rubber Held Vital To U.S. 26
02/25/1947 Truman Requests Congress Put U.S. In Refugee Body (‘Iro’) 1
02/25/1947 Von Papen Sentenced To 8 Years By (U.S.-Convened) German Court As Major Nazi (He Had Never Been In The Party-Picture, Hard Labor In Labor Camp-Austria May Seek Trial Of Von Papen-The U.S. Had Been Furious With Von Papen Since World War I) 1&5
02/25/1947 Schooling (‘Vocational’) Planned For Europe’s Jews (150,000 In Europe) 6
02/25/1947 Germans To Hang For (3 U.S.) Fliers; Deaths 7
02/25/1947 (Feld Marshall Albrecht) Kesselring Surprise (South Africa Contributes Defense Fees For Dr. Hans Laternser’s Defense Of Kesselring) 8
02/25/1947 Deputies End Work On 2 Treaty Drafts 8
02/25/1947 Eisenhower Asks Full Arms Funds (Text Of Speech Printed) 10
02/25/1947 Advertisement: American Relief For Italy, Myron C. Taylor, Chairman Of Board Of Directors-’Give Generously, MillionsWithout Food, Clothing’ 22
02/25/1947 Iro, A Moral Obligation 24
02/25/1947 $325,000 Is Donated (To United Jewish Appeal By N.Y. Women’s Coat And Suit Industry-Other, Smaller Donations Listed For American Relief For Italy; $12,5000) 28
02/25/1947 Enemy Goods (Personal Property, Rings, Furs, Diamonds, Paintings, Etc.) To Be Sold (By Custodian Of Office Of Alien Property In Sealed Bids) 30
02/25/1947 Lists 101 Vessels In Registry Shift (101 To Panamanian And Honduran) 51
02/25/1947 Advertisement, Full Page: Eisenhower And United Jewish Appeal-Picture (Jewish Population In DP Camps Has Trebled In One Year, 85,000 At Beginning Of 1946 To 250,000 In 1947. $65,000,000 ‘Must Be Raised In Metropolitan Area.’ $170,000,000 Nationwide Goal-Haven In U.S. 52
02/26/1947 Bevin Accuses Truman Of Wrecking Palestine Talks In 1946 Campaign 1
02/26/1947 Truman Silent On Bevin’s Charge; Bloom And Celler Denounce Britain 1
02/26/1947 Blow At Nazi Coup Ends (Operation ‘Selection Board’) 23
02/26/1947 German Officer Held (By British) 3
02/26/1947 More Nazi Leaders Facing (U.S. Nuernberg Tribunal) Guilt Trials (Telford Taylor-Kempner Tribunals) 4
02/26/1947 Czech Restitution To Jews Is Lagging 8
02/26/1947 (Senator Arthur) Vandenberg Acts To Speed Iro Link (They Need U. $. Dollar$!)-No Immigration Obligation 14
02/26/1947 Jewish Groups Ideas On Treaties Advance (Submitted To General George C. Marshall, Dean Acheson And General John Hilldring) 15
02/26/1947 400 Jews Quit Palestine (Mostly Czechs-Flown By UNRRA To Egypt, Thence To Native Country-Secrecy Because Of Jewish Underground’s Hostility To Jews Leaving Palestine) 15
02/26/1947 Industry Revival In Germany Urged (By German-Hating Rex Stout, Liberal Pantheon Polled!) 23
02/26/1947 State To Ban Bias Seen 27
02/27/1947 China Reds Report ‘Biggest Victory’ (Against Chiang Kai-Shek) 2
02/27/1947 ‘Shadow Palestine’ Leadership Sought For Use In Emergency 4
02/27/1947 American Zionists Denounce Bevin 4
02/27/1947 Aid For Refugees Asked (By The International Rescue And Relief Committee) 4
02/27/1947 Von Papen Taken To Hospital (From Langwasser Labor Camp) 6
02/27/1947 Coal Production Up In Western Germany 7
02/27/1947 600 (Germans, Including 12 Women) Sent (By U. S) To Poland (From U.S. Army’s Dachau Trial) For Trial (In Poland!) 10
02/27/1947 Barber Fined $50 (By Judge Israel Ruby) For Bias After Charging Negro Student At William (University) $3 For A Haircut 25
02/27/1947 500 Foreign Ships Fly Panama Flag 45
02/28/1947 (Herbert) Hoover Urges $475,500,000 To Put Germany On Feet 1
02/27/1947 300,000 Tons Of Potatoes (U.S. Surplus) In Sight For Germany At (Herbert) Hoover’s Urging (Shipping Potatoes Now Suddenly Seems Feasible!) 1
02/27/1947 (Russian General) Sokolovsky (Berlin Associate Of General Lucius Clay) Urges German Unity Now 8
02/27/1947 Bevin’s Blunder (Washington Post, Reference To Earl Gray Harrison Report-’Jewish Betrayal’-’Truckling To Arabs’) 10
02/27/1947 Education (Or ‘Re-Education’) To Cure World Ills Urged (By Dr. Ernest O. Melby) 11
02/27/1947 Restitution (For Jews) Law Due In Germany (Konrad Adenauer-Nahum Goldmann Accord, A Prior Requirement For Any Degree Of German Self Government) 12
02/28/1947 U.S. Urging Speed In Palestine Crisis 12
02/28/1947 Germany May Get Foreign Financing 12
02/28/1947 Bevin ‘Uninformed’ (Herbert) Lehman Declares 12
02/28/1947 Jews’ Ship Interrupted (‘Haim Arlosoroff’ [Namesake Allegedly Killed By Associates Of Vladimir Jabotinsky, The Founder Of The Terrorist Irgun Zvai Leumi, Now Commanded By Menachem Begin]-1,350 Aboard From Europe In Northern Palestine Waters-No Immigration Certificates For Palestine!) 12
02/28/1947 Text Of (Herbert) Hoover Mission In Findings On Food Requirements Of Germany (25% Of Food Produced In Area Overrun [‘Annexed’] By Poland, ‘East Germany’) 13
02/28/1947 Food, Fuel Crisis Laid To Germans (By Bryan Robertson, Deputy British Military Governor) 15
02/28/1947 Russians Spur German Farmers With Offers Of Large Seed Loans 15
02/28/1947 Picture: The German (Ship) ‘Horst Wessel’ Now The ‘American Eagle’ 25