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William Lindsey collection — 1947 NYT headlines

November 1947
Date Headline Page
11/01/1947 Europe’s Collapse Called Complete (By Sen. H. A. Smith) 7
11/01/1947 Spain Pressed (By U.S.) On Germans 8
11/02/1947 Krupp Heads’ Trial Set In Nuremberg (Telford Taylor Tribunals) 31
11/02/1947 11,000 Immigrants Aided (To Enter Palestine Legally-Irwin Rosen, Jdc, This Year At A Cost Of Over $1,000,000) 37
11/02/1947 Germans Jail (Helen Schwaerzel, Goerdeler’s) Betrayer 38
11/02/1947 Clay’s Aides Fear Propaganda Curbs-War On Communists In U.S. May Impede New Program 45
11/02/1947 Germans Ordered (By Occupation Authorities) To Increase Fats 48
11/02/1947 Chairman Chides U.N. Refugee Unit 56
11/02/1947 Pope Suggests U.S. Should Admit DP’s 60
11/02/1947 Iro Will Ask Members To Accept DP Quotas (Quotas Listed-Estimates Total Of 1,661,000 DP’s In Europe-1,073,500 in Germany, Austria, And Italy) E-5
11/02/1947 This Is Pearl (Harbor), By Walter Millis (Touts Accepted Version) Book 4
11/02/1947 U.S. To Use Drama (Radio & Theater) To Court (‘Reeducate’ Or ‘Propagandize’ Or ‘Brainwash’ The Occupied) Germans 16
11/02/1947 Hitler Diplomatic Deputies Indicted (At Nuernberg Telford Taylor 17
11/02/1947 Picture: Gerhart Eisler At Civil Rights Congress Reception (Broadcast Attacks Congressional Inquiry-Names Of Many Prominent Persons Demanding The House Un-American Activities Committee Be Abolished) 19
11/02/1947 Truman Affirms ‘Debt To Judaism’ 24
11/02/1947 John G. Winant Kills Self; Was Ex-Envoy To London (Was Suffering ‘Mental And Physical Fatigue’) 1&17
11/02/1947 4 Nazis Get Death As War Criminals-Pohl to Hang 12
11/05/1947 Tydings Sees Peril In Woe Of Germans (Occupation Armies Must Remain However) 13
11/05/1947 Lithuanians Ask Help (Minister, P. Zadeikis, Informs U.N. That Extermination And Deportation By Russians) Is Proceeding 17
11/05/1947 Winant Funeral To Be Held Today (After Nervous Breakdown) 21
11/05/1947 Clay Sees Germans On Rise By Spring-Expects ‘Destructive’ Phases Of Occupation To End, Then A Rapid Recovery 22
11/05/1947 Mikolajczyk Sees Terror For Poles 24
11/05/1947 Bill To Abolish Flogging And Hard Labor Highlights Penal Reform Plan In Britain 24
11/05/1947 Racial Harmony World Food Aid Backed At Girl Scout Convention 32
11/05/1947 Stocks Looted By Germans In The War Now Listed For Brokers By The (U.S.) Treasury 45
11/06/1947 Parley On Germany Opening (London) 1
11/06/1947 (Dr. Kurt) Schumacher Asks Divided Germany 10
11/06/1947 37 Ships (Carrying Illegal Jewish Immigrants To Palestine) Seized By British (In 2 Years) 13
11/06/1947 Bilbo’s Successor (John Cornelius Stennis) Liked By Negroes 21
11/06/1947 Winant Funeral Held In Concord 27
11/07/1947 $1,400,000 Is Asked To Aid Lithuanians (About 15,000 DP’s-$750,000 For Them) 8
11/08/1947 Refusals To Work Do Not Disqualify Relief Recipients 1
11/08/1947 Russian Presses (Bitter Over Repatriation Of) Refugee Charges 6
11/08/1947 U.S. War Potential Deceived Hitler 7
11/08/1947 Denazification Seen Sparing (German) Generals (Classes Of Offenses Given) 9
11/08/1947 (O. John) Rogge Says Clark Plans ‘Witch Hunt’ 10
11/09/1947 Nazis’ Stolen Art On Exhibit (In Rome) Today-1,500 Items Still Missing-Damaged In Salt Mines 5
11/09/1947 Germans Ban Restitution (?) 13
11/09/1947 Dash To Palestine By 12,000 (From Rumania) Indicated 15
11/09/1947 Britain Absorbs 30,000 Displaced (Expect 100,000 Total By The End Of The Year) 16
11/10/1947 Clay To Remove (Dismantle) 104 Arms Plants 8
11/10/1947 Resettling Of Jews To Cost $400,000,000, Session Of Joint Planning Board Is Told (150,000 European Jews Involved Over Next 2 Years-Who Will Pay?) 11
11/10/1947 Jewish Aid Group (Jdc) Sets New Record (Used $69,591,000 In 1947 For Needy Overseas) 11
11/11/1947 Baruch Says United Nations Must He Made To Succeed (Text P. 22) 1
11/11/1947 (Ex. Maj. Gen. Bennett E.) Meyers Asked Loan Hughes Declares 1
11/11/1947 British Diet Drops Below 1933 Level (2,700 Calories/Day) 12
11/11/1947 Russia Still Gets Lend-Lease Goods 16
11/11/1947 Restitution Is Set For Nazis’ Victims-(American) Military Government Decree Outlines Steps On Claims To (German) Assets Seized In U.S. Zone 24
11/11/1947 Picture: Dr. Gyorgy Donath Waiting For The Hangman In Hungary 24
11/12/1947 Words Cited By Vishinsky Spoken By Truman In ‘41 (Allow Russia & Germany To Destroy Each Other) 11
11/12/1947 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley Advocates Admission Of DP’s 13
11/12/1947 Paris Lists War Crimes-Germans Shot 29,600 In France As Hostages, Ministry (Of Justice) Says (No Mention Of Those Killed By ‘Maquis’ And Ffi After The War As ‘Collaborators’) 19
11/13/1947 Berlin Epidemic (Of Infantile Paralysis) Seen Ended (2,298 Became Ill, 213 Died) 8
11/13/1947 Death Of Rommel Now Called Suicide 10
11/13/1947 Jewish DP’s Support Agency On Palestine (140,000 In Germany) 15
11/13/1947 2,000 DP Tailors Picked For Canada (From Germany & Austria) 15
11/13/1947 Schumacher Calls German Unity Aim 16
11/13/1947 3 Allies To Yield Reich (Foreign Office) Documents (Captured And Now Being ‘Edited’ By Them For Publication) 16
11/13/1947 Ecuador Bans 28 (Jewish) Refugees (In Belgian Plane) 19
11/14/1947 Palestine Gunmen Slay Five Britons 10
11/14/1947 (Japanese) A-Bomb Survivors ‘About Normal’ 16
11/15/1947 Dp Solution Linked (By William Tuck, Iro) To Marshall Plan 7
11/15/1947 Rocket Test Kills (Dr. Johannes Schmidt) German Rocket Scientist (Working In England-English Paperclip?) 28
11/16/1947 Aid For Jews (Abroad) Doubled (By Jdc-Double 1946) 12
11/16/1947 Picture: Aid Reaches Displaced Persons At A Camp In Germany (Sos-Jdc At Neu-Freiman Center) 18
11/16/1947 2 Immigration Ships Approach Palestine (From Constanta, Rumania) 19
11/16/1947 U.S. Aides Criticize Laws Of Germans 25
11/16/1947 U.N. Refugee Group (Iro) To Expand Services 41
11/16/1947 U.N. To Adopt (Translation) System Used At Nuremberg (Military Tribunals) 46
11/17/1947 Furtwaengler Gets Mauling In Vienna (50 Former Kz Inmates) 1
11/17/1947 Welfare Program Outlined For DP’s (By Irvin Bettmann, Sr., St. Louis Chairman, United Service For New Americans $13,664,000) 2
11/17/1947 German Fate Tied To Marshall Plan 3
11/17/1947 Small Ship Lands 200 (Jews) In Palestine-Eluding British Patrol Are Dispersed 6
11/17/1947 Jews Weigh Plan To Unify Activities 7
11/17/1947 Full Page: Committee For The Marshall Plan, Henry L. Stimson, National Chairman 11
11/17/1947 War To Cost U.S. 700 Billions By ‘72 12
11/17/1947 Lehman Stresses Spirit Of Religion 18
11/17/1947 A New Report On The DP’s (1,300,000 Of These Unlucky People In The U.S. Zone) 20
11/18/1947 Text Of Taft’s Speech Attacking Truman’s Economic Plan As Inconsistent 6-7
11/18/1947 (Continuing) Shipments To Russia Hit 9
11/18/1947 Krupp And Aides Plead Not Guilty 16
11/18/1947 Blum And Reynaud Divided On Cabinet 17
11/18/1947 Picture: Polish Leaders Who Flew Communists Reunited In England 24
11/19/1947 Army To Release All Data On War (Well Maybe Not Really All!) 1
11/19/1947 Taft Asks Refugee Aid-Says We Should Admit As Many As Fail To Come On (Existing) Quota 3
11/19/1947 Tojo’s Brother (Kikuo) Jailed As Thief 12
11/19/1947 British Jews Ask Law-Want Incitement To Religious Hatred Made Punishable 12
11/19/1947 ‘Selling’ U.N. Urged By Mrs. Roosevelt 14
11/19/1947 Picture: Frau Franziska Braun, Mother Of Eva Braun, Denazified In Bavaria 16
11/19/1947 ‘Emergency’ Influx Of Jews (Into Palestine) Proposed (By Lewis Neikrug, Director General Of Hias For Europe, Arriving From Europe On ‘De Grasse’-500,000 Wish To Migrate To Palestine From Europe) 20
11/19/1947 UNRRA Job In China To Go To Trustees 21
11/19/1947 (I. G.) Farben ‘Approval’ Of Oswiecim (Auschwitz) Cited (By E. E. Minskoff, Of N.Y., Ass’t. U.S. Prosecutor-Much Obtained From Interrogation Of Defendants) 23
11/19/1947 4-Year German Aid (Exclusive Of Food) Put At 2.2 Billions (By General Lucius Clay) 23
11/20/1947 S.S. B. T. Washington Lowers Her Colors (Capt. Hugh J. Mulzac, First Negro Master Of U.S. Merchant Ship) 7
11/20/1947 Russians Ask Trial Of (Primarily U.S.) ‘War Incendiaries’ 19
11/20/1947 (Lt. Gen.) General (Hubert Lang, Nuernberg Defendant, Telford Taylor Tribunals) Testifies He Defied Hitler 19
11/20/1947 Ruhr Coal Placed In Germans’ Hands 20
11/20/1947 Picture: (Germans) Hauling (Scavenged) Fuel For The Coming Winter In Europe 20
11/20/1947 Book: Letter From Grosvenor Square, John Gilbert Winant-Knew Japanese Convoys Were On The Prowl The Day Before Pearl Harbor And So Informed U.S. State Department) 27
11/21/1947 (Leon) Blum Takes Post As Paris Premier; Faces Test Today 1
11/21/1947 SS Protest (About Auschwitz Conditions) Cited On Farben Camps 7
11/21/1947 ‘SOS Week’ Is Proclaimed (For Needy Jews) 24
11/22/1947 Blum Is Rejected As French Premier By Narrow Margin 1
11/22/1947 (Oswald) Pohl Changes Story At I. G. Farben Trial (Retracts Statements Implicating Several Directors-Nuernberg Telford Taylor Tribunals) 7
11/22/1947 French Drop Case Against U.S. Rabbi (Baruch Korff-Leaflet Bombardment Attempt Of London) 7
11/23/1947 Schuman Premier As Paris Assembly Backs Him, 412-184 1
11/23/1947 Marshall Plan Born In Plane Last Spring 6
11/23/1947 Civil Rights Laws Asked Of Truman (By Civil Rights Congress) 21
11/23/1947 Reform Judaism Gain In U.S. Is Reported 27
11/23/1947 Rule Of Germany Declared Failure (By International Chamber Of Commerce) 32
11/23/1947 Population Drop Seen In Germany 33
11/23/1947 (Samuel A. Telsey, President Of Hias) To Discuss DP Problem 40
11/23/1947 Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Early Letters (To Lucy Mercer?) Book 5
11/23/1947 Letter From Grosvenor Square, J. G. Winant Book 5
11/23/1947 Mr. (George) Creel Breaks Some Lances, Rebel At Large, G. Creel (World War I Propagandist For Woodrow Wilson) Book 6
11/23/1947 Advertisement: Jan Valtin’s Castle In The Sand Book 47
11/24/1947 Britain Honors Aliens-Memorial Is Unveiled (By Lord Reading) To Men Who Died In (British) Labor (Corps) Camps (Was This ‘Slave’ Labor?) 2
11/24/1947 Unify Germany, U.N. Aide (Francis B. Sayre) Advises 3
11/24/1947 Lehman Deplores Bars To Education 9
11/25/1947 Britain’s Descent To Poverty Marks New Turn In History 1
11/25/1947 Poles Open (Krakow) Trial Of Nazis (Auschwitz-Germans Accused Of Killing 300,000 Prisoners) 3
11/25/1947 Farben Is Accused (Nuernberg) In Typhus Tests (Telford Taylor Tribunals) 6
11/25/1947 Helen Winkler 70, Aided Immigrants (Head Of Immigrant Aid Service Of National Council Of Jewish Women) 32
11/26/1947 German Bread Is Assured 2
11/26/1947 Prosecution (Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg) Finishes Evidence On Farben 3
11/26/1947 2,000 At Weizmann Dinner (Nyc) Cheer ‘First President Of Jewish State’ 6
11/26/1947 Rebuild Germany Kersten Advises 46
11/27/1947 Making Of Gas Laid To Farben Leaders (Zyklon B-Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg) 7
11/27/1947 UNESCO Seeks To Aid German Re-Education (‘Brainwashing!’) 17
11/27/1947 Allies Criticize Japan’s Schools-Council Virtually Unanimous In Condemning Textbooks And Other Failings 20
11/27/1947 Dutch Influx For Canada-100,000 Farmers To Migrate 40
11/28/1947 Population Here (N.Y. C., N. J., & Conn.) Rises By Million Since 1940 1
11/28/1947 U.S. Army Indicts 13 Nazi Generals (Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg) 1
11/28/1947 Bavarians Ignore U.S. School Policy-Professor Haefner (Univ. Of Iowa) Says U.S. Neglects Rebuilding Of Education In Germany 5
11/28/1947 Former DP’s (250 Arrivals) Mark 1 St Thanksgiving (Earl G. Harrison Says More Must Be Admitted) 19
11/28/1947 Lehmans Give Party At Home For Aged (Jews) 20
11/30/1947 Molotov Insists On (Central) Regime Before Treaty On Germany 1
11/30/1947 Sound Waves Kill In Tests By Army (Burn Experimenters) 14
11/30/1947 Emigration Right Urged (By U.S.) At Geneva 34
11/30/1947 U.S. To Offer Plan For German Unity (London) 50
11/30/1947 Director Of Hias Arrested In Paris (Louis M. Neikrug, European Director, On Currency Exchange Violation) 59