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William Lindsey collection — 1947 NYT headlines

September 1947
Date Headline Page
09/01/1947 U.N. Group For A Palestine Of Jewish And Arab States Allowing 150,000 Refugees 1
09/01/1947 Issue In Palestine (Balfour Declaration) Now 30 Years Old 2
09/01/1947 Summary Of Recommendation By U.N. Committee On Palestine 2
09/01/1947 (U.S. Red Cross) Surplus Materials Make Clothes For Refugees (Picture) 3
09/01/1947 France Recruits Miners Among DP’s (Jews Restless, Awaiting Visas To U.S. & Other Countries-Jews ‘Not Interested In Working In The Mines’-Interest In Palestine Groups Wanes) 3
09/01/1947 Two Transports Bring 1,531 From Europe (‘Marine Lynx’ & ‘Marine Flasher’ Including 15 Brides And 9 Children-Ships From Genoa And Le Havre Respectively) 28
09/02/1947 German Ex-Soldiers Guard Jews’ (From ‘Exodus-1947’) Camp (Poppendorf And Amstau In British Zone, Barbed Wire, Search-Lights, Watchtowers Containing Machine Guns Surround Camps-Processing Described) 3
09/02/1947 Picture: Mrs. Golda Meyerson ‘Speaks For Zionists’ 3
09/02/1947 Todt’s Widow Convicted (Berchtesgaden ‘Denazification Tribunal’) 8
09/02/1947 Aid To Negro Seen As Help To Nation (By Dr. R. O. Johnson, Of U.S. Office Of Education-Formerly Of Education Dept., Morris Brown College, Atlanta, Ga.) 24
09/02/1947 Farm Group (22 Iowans) Backs Aid-To-Europe Idea (You Sell More Corn At Government-Supported Prices That Way!) 25
09/03/1947 Moscow Rebuffed By U.S. On Germany (Industrial Revival) 1
09/03/1947 The British Fail To Destroy A Nazi Shelter (Zoo Bunker) In Berlin (Picture With Slogan ‘Unser Ehre Ist Treue’) 3
09/03/1947 Iro Aims To Resettle 96,500 In 3 Months; Tuck Seeks End Of Problem In Three Years 7
09/03/1947 Hoover Thinks U.S. ‘Provoked’ Japan-He Believes We Could Have Kept Out Of World War II (See Later Controversy) 13
09/03/1947 I. G. Farben’s Gifts (Contributions) To Nazis Are Listed 15
09/04/1947 Bevin Asks U.S. Gold Reserve Be Redistributed To World 1
09/04/1947 India’s Refugees Put At 2 Million 3
09/04/1947 Germans Protest Clay Refugee Ban (Evicted Germans Fleeing The Russians & Attempting To Enter U.S. Zone Of Occupation) 10
09/04/1947 14 Germans To Die In Fliers’ Murder (‘Tracked Down To The Last Man’) 10
09/04/1947 Yugoslavs Report High Crop Yields 14
09/05/1947 Mrs. Durant (Hesse Jewel Thief) Wins Conviction (5 Years) Repeal 2
09/05/1947 Lists Help Sent Abroad (Mrs.Isaac Gelman, Supplies For Overseas Survivors-Sos-Collection Of Jdc Sent 4,000,000 Lbs. In First 8 Months Of 1947-Bigger Plans For Future) 3
09/05/1947 Women (International Council Of Women) Will Back Individual Rights 13
09/06/1947 Zionist Abduction Of Jews (200 Children To Send To Palestine) Alleged (By British) 5
09/06/1947 Iro Gets Treasures Of German’s Victims ($1,000,000 Value-Tons Of Jewelry, Precious Metals, Etc.) 9
09/06/1947 Race Issue Solved By Student (National Student Association) Group 10
09/07/1947 Jews (From ‘Exodus-1947’) Ships Reach Germany; Leaders Reported Isolated 1
09/07/1947 Bias Law Jails Man In A School Race Row (Gary, Indiana) 14
09/07/1947 Schuschnigg Here ‘To Live Quiet Life’ (Picture Of Family, Aboard ‘Saturnia’ From Italy Presumably-1,517 Passengers) 29
09/07/1947 Spain Still Haven For Fugitive Nazis 31
09/07/1947 Jews (Morgenthau) Open Drive For $170,000,000 (Fall Campaign, $105,000,000 Already Spent This Year) 43
09/07/1947 America’s Census (1950) Drops Race Color 50
09/07/1947 Stress Social Responsibility As Factor In American Life (Dr. James B. Conant) E-1
09/07/1947 Quarrels Among Allies Wreck Aims In Germany E-5
09/07/1947 Two Million War Prisoners Still In Hands Of Victors E-5
09/07/1947 German Peace Terms (No Legal Continuity, No Succession-Hans Kelsen) E-10
09/08/1947 London Air Defense On Alert Over Stern Band (‘Gang’ Terrorist) Bomb Scare (Rabbi Baruch Korff Arrested In Paris) 1
09/08/1947 Irgun (Zvai Leumi) Steals U.S. Arms (At Munich) 5
09/08/1947 More Cash Sought By Jewish Appeal (By Lehman For Jews In Southern & Eastern Europe) 6
09/09/1947 Token Fight (Against British) Waged As Jews Of Exodus Begin Debarkation (At Hamburg-Pictures) 1&3
09/09/1947 French Holding 9 In Stern Band (‘Gang’) Plot (Rabbi Baruch Korff, Russian Born) 2
09/09/1947 Palestine (British Authorities) Frees 3 (Americans) In Exodus Crew 2
09/09/1947 Jewish Fund (Sos-Jdc) Seeks Clothes Donations (1,700 Bales In 90 Days) 4
09/09/1947 330 Nisei (Held At Crystal City, Texas & Bridgeton, N. J. Camps) Ordered Freed 13
09/09/1947 Trial Of Skorzeny Completed By U.S. 16
09/09/1947 Text Of Report On Palestine By U. N Inquiry Committee 33-40
09/10/1947 Hoses, Truncheons Rout Exodus Jews In Battle On Ship (Pictures, British Military Police & Jews) 1&3
09/10/1947 Admission Of DP’s Is Opposed By Vfw 4
09/10/1947 Athens Orders Halt In Rebel Executions As Cabinet Approves Plan For Amnesty 8
09/10/1947 Clay States Policy On (German) Socialization 10
09/10/1947 German Red (Emil Carlbach) Sees Clay 10
09/10/1947 ‘Screening’ Sought (By Senator H. A. Smith, N. J.) For (700,000) DP’s In Europe 11
09/10/1947 U.S. Population Up 8% Since ‘40 (‘About’ 143,311,000 By April ‘47 According To U.S. Bureau Of The Census) 17
09/10/1947 Truman Lauds (David) Dubinsky (Jewish Labor Committee) 21
09/11/1947 Futile U.S. Appeal On Exodus Bared 1
09/11/1947 Exodus Head (Mordecai Rosman, A Former Polish Guerrilla) Calls Battle (With British Military) A Mistake (Pictures) 3
09/11/1947 Lehman Assails British (On ‘Exodus’ Incident) As Brutal 3
09/11/1947 900 Million Spent For Bi-Zone Food (By U.S. And British-$916,114,000, $600,000,000 Bread Grains And Flour Since End Of War For Germans In The Zones Hope To Raise Workers From 1,550 Cal./Day To 2,000 Cal./Day 5,000,000 Tons Of Flour And Grain) 6
09/11/1947 U.S. Jails Two Germans (Policeman, Ordered By Russians In Marienburg, Saxony To Kidnap Hans Grassman, Uranium Mining Engineer 6
09/11/1947 Warsaw To Execute 9 Poles, Jail 7 Others For Giving Secret Data To Foreign Nations (Gen. Anders & Other Pro-London Poles) 8
09/11/1947 Mrs. Durant (Hesse Jewel Thief) To Be Freed ($5,000 Bond) 8
09/11/1947 Advertisement: American Jewish Labor Council: Outlaw Anti-Jewish Propaganda (Buckley Bill, H.R. 2848) Finance Rehabil-Itation Of European Jews, Support Zionists 24
09/11/1947 Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Project, Eastport, Maine 38
09/11/1947 (Liberal) Scholars Outline UNESCO Problems 54
09/11/1947 200 Enemy Aliens Held On Ellis Island (Att’y. Gen. Tom C. Clark Has Full Charge. 10,000 Confined During War. 6,000 Deported; 45,000 Left Voluntarily. Some Transferred Here From South America. Mass Deportation Began May, 1945) 55
09/12/1947 (Henry A.) Wallace Warns Of Wall St. ‘Rule’ 1
09/12/1947 (I. G.) Farben Aides Plead They Curbed Hitler 6
09/12/1947 Rumanian Generals Held 7
09/12/1947 Greek Plight Laid To Overcrowding (Too Many Persons Per Arable Acre) 9
09/12/1947 Drive Is Reopened For Jewish Relief (U. J. A. Of Greater N.Y., $65,000,000 Coal) 12
09/12/1947 Advertisement By The United Zionists-Revisionists Of America (Against Partition Of Palestine) 12
09/12/1947 (U.S. Mil. Gov’t.) Plan Indemnification Of Nazi Camp Victims (According To Dr. Philip Auerbach, Bavarian Minister Rm. 10 Per Day Of Confinement-As A Former Inmate Of Auschwitz, He Was Certain To Benefit From This-Finally Committed Suicide Rather Than Face Trail For Submitting Fraudulent Claims From Which He Benefitted Immensely) 14
09/12/1947 (Gov. Earl) Warren Assails World Gangsters 19
09/13/1947 Poland’s Rebuilding Amazes U.S. Experts 6
09/13/1947 U.S. Berlin Official Ousts German Pianist (Walter Gieseking) 6
09/13/1947 $1,512,000 Is Spent (By Lara) On Food For Japan (5,000,000 Lbs. In 18 Months) 14
09/14/1947 End To (‘Ancient’ Anglo-Saxon) Sentencing (Of Convicted U.S. Criminals) Urged (By Dr. Paul L. Schroeder Of Univ. Of Illinois-Prof. Of Psychiatry & Criminology) 19
09/14/1947 German Gems (Princess Hermine’s, Held By U.S.) Divided (By Heirs) 31
09/14/1947 Rabbi (Baruch Korff Of N.Y.) Held In Paris (Leaflet Bombing Of London] Weakens As He Fasts 32
09/14/1947 Britain Will Force Screening Of (Exodus) Jews (Mordecai Rosman Refuses French Offer Of Temporary Residence) 40
09/14/1947 Dp Tailors Held Needed (In U.S. By State Department-To Act Prompt Admission) 43
09/14/1947 The Members Of The United Nations (& Population) E-1
09/14/1947 165 000 Jewish DP’s Still Wait In Germany E-4
09/15/1947 (John G.) Winant Ascribes Peace Unity To Roosevelt-Churchill Bond 1
09/15/1947 Liquidation Of Nazi Funds Halted In Switzerland, Financiers Report-U.S. Declared To Have Lost Interest 6
09/15/1947 Germans (Expellees From East) Pressing U.S. Zone Border-54,000 Try To Enter In One Month 7
09/15/1947 Sermons Of (U.S.) Rabbis Stress Aid Abroad-Message Sent To DP Camps In Germany 17
09/17/1947 ‘Repatriation’ (Of British-Held, Pro-London Poles) Bar Arouses Warsaw (Poland Needs Skilled Manpower Badly) 14
09/17/1947 Refugee Problem Stressed (By Robert Moses U.S. Zone Holds 350,000 Of The 800,000-900,000 DP’s Outside The Russian Zone All But The Jews Will Go Anywhere-Jews Under Constant Prodding & Indoctrination Of Zionists) 14
09/17/1947 (24 Estonian) Refugees Miss Storm (43 Foot Fishing Sloop, No Facilities Crossed Atlantic, Seek Sanctuary) 28
09/18/1947 Jewish Agency (For Palestine) Hails Marshall’s Remarks 8
09/18/1947 Vichyites Meeting Arouses France 11
09/18/1947 U.S. Acts To Limit Denazifying Curbs-Fines Would Free Many 14
09/19/1947 Vishinsky Accuses Americans Of Seeking War 1
09/19/1947 Gen. Clay Asked (By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) To Postpone Action On (Denazification) Token Fines 3
09/19/1947 Poles Fear (Coal) Mines Will Break Down 10
09/19/1947 4 (U.S. Citizens) Of Exodus Crew Arrive By Plane (Names, Organizations, Etc. Of Sponsors-Welcomed As Heros) 10
09/19/1947 Zionist (David Horowitz) Sets Goal At Million Influx (Into Palestine Over 7-10 Years-Would Include All Of The 250,000 European Jewish DP’s Who Wish To Immigrate To Palestine Plus ‘Large Numbers’ From Eastern Europe Excluding Ussr And Another 300,000-400,000 From Arab Countries 11
09/19/1947 Parley To Settle DP Problem Urged (Stratton Bill-James G. Fulton-Supporting-Says, Of The DP’s ‘I Never Saw Such A Bunch Of Capitalists’) 11
09/19/1947 UNRRA Funds Are Shifted (By Lowell W. Rooks) 13
09/19/1947 (Gen. John H.) Hilldring Reported As Palestine Advisor (To Marshall) 17
09/20/1947 Schools Set Up For DP’s Abroad (Ort-For 3,000 Jews In Germany & Austria) 5
09/20/1947 Venezuela To Press Rise In Immigration (Present Population: 4,000,000) 8
09/20/1947 Four Germans (From Dachau And Mauthausen) Are Hanged (At Landsberg By U.S. Army) 8
09/20/1947 Germans (Supported By Kurt Schumacher) To Oppose Loss Of Factories 8
09/20/1947 Nuremberg Trials Held Moral Signpost (By Federal Judge Florence E. Allen Before Nat’l. Ass’n. Of Women Lawyers) 10
09/20/1947 Stowaway (William K. H. Wenzel) Tells Of Nazi Slave Life 30
09/21/1947 La Guardia Is Dead 1
09/21/1947 Aid For Jews Rises To Record $60,759,000 (Jdc-First 9 Months Of 1947) 33
09/21/1947 (German) Refugee Plan Offered-British Want To Reapportion (Evicted) Germans Among Four Zones 42
09/22/1947 Jewish Farm Life In U.S. Stressed 5
09/22/1947 Episcopalians Hear Rabbi Of Emanu-El 5
09/22/1947 Fight On (Racial Or Religious) Bias Planned (By Non-Sectarian, Anti-Nazi League (Founded By Samuel Untermyer) 12
09/23/1947 Secretary Says Lloyd George Refused Position In (Churchill) War Cabinet (Favored Negotiated Peace With Germany) 5
09/23/1947 Jews (1,000) Sail From Italy (For Palestine, At Night In Small Boats To Run British Blockade-From DP Camps In Germany-Left Cellole Near Salerno Before Dawn-Arrived At Debarkation Site In Trucks) 6
09/24/1947 (Nikola) Petkov Is Hanged (In Bulgaria) 1
09/25/1947 (Johannes) Eisler (Brother Of Gerhart) Plea (To Enter U.S. From Cuba) Made By Mrs. Roosevelt To Sumner Welles (Copies Of Letters-’Dear Eleanor’ & ‘Dear Sumner’) 1&19
09/25/1947 (Joseph C.) Grew Affidavit (For Defense Of Japanese) Barred (At Tokyo Tribunal) 23
09/25/1947 Ives Says Bias Law (For U.S.) Would Help Nation 24
09/25/1947 24 Baltic Refugees Sailing To America (1,400 Fled To Sweden) 32
09/26/1947 (George S.) Messersmith Also Backed Eisler Appeal For Entrance (Into U.S.-See Sept 25, 1947-’Grant Visa Unless Red Link Is Proved’) 1
09/26/1947 Quotation On War (Alleging Japan Was Provoked By U.S.) Is Denied By Hoover (But Reaffirmed By Sidney Shalett) 2
09/26/1947 Irgun, Haganah Forces Wage Gun Battle (In Palestine) 10
09/26/1947 Find Jews ‘Absorbed’ (85% Of 60,000 Jews In Czechoslovakia-Dr. Jan Papanek In Address To Uja Crisis Dinner In N.Y. C.) 10
09/26/1947 U.S. Bars Swiss Aid (German Assets) On Refugee Funds 11
09/26/1947 Exodus Jews Ignore Bid To Go To France 11
09/26/1947 Picture: George Messersmith Testifying On Eisler (See Sept. 25-Eisler Called ‘Liberal’) 18
09/26/1947 Johnson Explains Actions On Eisler (Brother Of Gerhart) 18
09/26/1947 Picture: German Leader (Kurt Schumacher) (Urges German Reparations To Jews) 24
09/27/1947 British Ready To End Palestine Rule 1
09/27/1947 Illegal Immigrant Ship Said To Near Palestine (Haganah Reports 450 Aboard) 2
09/27/1947 (Fritz) Kuhn Liable To Denazification 2
09/27/1947 Three Germans Hanged (By U.S., 2 From Dachau) 7
09/27/1947 (Henry) Morgenthau Tells Of ‘37 Gloom Days (In Colliers Magazine-Diaries) 22
09/28/1947 British Move To Quit Palestine; Refugee Slain As Ship (‘Afal Pi Khen’) Seized 1&38
09/28/1947 Educational Help For Europe Urged (By Sir Kenneth Lindsey) 29
09/28/1947 Berlin Bunker Stands (Second Explosive) Shock 30
09/28/1947 Strike Is Ordered On German (Plant) Razing (By Union)-Clay Warns Germans-(Joseph) Cardinal (Frings, Koeln) Urges More Food (For Germans) 37
09/28/1947 Government Claims Farben Case Victory 53
09/28/1947 Shylock Re-Interpreted-Palestine Author Discusses His Version Of The ‘Merchant’ (Of Venice) X-3
09/28/1947 ‘Real Lloyd George’ (Seemed To Admire Hitler) E-2
09/29/1947 Two More Ships Seek To Get To Palestine (From Turkey-Gave Destination As Havana, Cuba 3,596 Aboard) 2
09/29/1947 Jewish Students (In U.S.) Reported Curbed 8
09/29/1947 Hebrew University To Seek $3,900 In ‘48 (Leo Schwartz, Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 12
09/30/1947 Slur On Truman Protested (Likened By USSR To Hitler) 1
09/30/1947 (‘Dear Alben’) Barkley (Feted At Bucharest) Suggests U.S. Aid 3
09/30/1947 U.S. Lawyer (Thomas Allegretti Who-Offered To Help Defense) Stirs Farben Row (With U.S. Army Ordered To Leave Germany) 7