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William Lindsey collection — 1947 NYT headlines

October 1947
Date Headline Page
10/01/1947 Polish Bishops Assail Curbs On Catholics 12
10/01/1947 Lidice Children To Tell How Germans Took Them (Alleged Abduction Into Germany) 14
10/01/1947 (Dr. Judah L.) Magnes Is Disputed By Jewish Agency 16
10/01/1947 Picture: Former Secretary Of State (Hull) Works On Memoirs (At Bethesda Naval Hospital) 18
10/01/1947 Poles Making Over East Prussian Life 20
10/02/1947 Clay Will Force (German) Plant Removals (Threatens To Stop Flow Of Food To Germans) 8
10/02/1947 Poland Asks Britain To Aid Repatriation (Return London-Poles) 22
10/03/1947 Palestine Division Is Accepted In U.N. By Jewish Agency 1
10/03/1947 1,200 DP’s A Week Now Enter Britain (26,600 Since April 21-May Eventually Reach 200,000-No Mention Of Race) 13
10/03/1947 Refugees From East Fleeing To Austria 13
10/03/1947 2 (Jewish) Refugee Brothers Join Family Here (Via Siberia And Kobe To Shanghai-Mother And 3 Brothers Killed At Auschwitz) 13
10/03/1947 Poland Moves 1,200 (Germans) From East Prussia 13
10/03/1947 2 Refugee Craft Seized By British 21
10/03/1947 Worst Crisis Seen For Europe’s Jews-DP’s May Get Priority (1,500,000 Surviving European Jews, Moses W. Beckelman, Jdc) 22
10/03/1947 The Boyhood Letters Of Franklin D. Roosevelt (‘Life’, Oct. 6, 1947) 52
10/03/1947 U.S. Refugee Quota Of 250,000 Urged (By William H. Tuck, Iro) 5
10/03/1947 U.S. Zone Modifies Denazifying Laws 6
10/04/1947 (Gov.) Bradford Rejects Sacco (-Vanzetti) Memorial 30
10/05/1947 Poor Health Held Big DP Problem (By Dr. Jacob J. Golub Of JDC) 4
10/05/1947 Rabbi (Baruch) Korff (Leaflet Bombardment Of London) Out On Bail 40
10/05/1947 New (Polish) East Prussia Resents Red Rule 40
10/05/1947 Max Planck Dead; Noted Physicist, 89 68
10/05/1947 Yardstick For A Presidential Candidate-Henry Steele Commager (Admired T. Roosevelt, W. Wilson, & F. D. Roosevelt) Mag. 7
10/06/1947 Reds Of 9 Nations Revive Comintern (Text & Pictures P. 3) 1&3
10/06/1947 Religious Gifts Sent To Aid Ukraine Jews 4
10/07/1947 (Ilya) Ehrenburg Calls U.S. World Menace (Likens Americans To Cannibals-Ready To Drop Bombs On Old World) 12
10/07/1947 Lawyer (Thomas) Allegretti Seized (By U.S. Army-’In American Zone Without Authority’-Had Criticized U.S. Army Trials Of Germans) 12
10/07/1947 U.S. Orders Selling Of 8 German Firms 18
10/08/1947 (Ugo J. A.) Carusi (Former Commissioner Of The Immigration And Naturalization Service A La Earl G. Harrison) Reaches Germany (On Iro Mission For Truman) 2
10/08/1947 Ruling On (Restitution For) Nazi Seizures (To Be Made By U.S. Alone) 11
10/09/1947 Rabbi (Aron Ohrenstein) Sees (Michael Cardinal) Faulhaber (And Dr. Philip Auerbach, Bavarian Minister For Political And Racial Persecuted Persons) 5
10/09/1947 Weizmann Backs Palestine Split 10
10/10/1947 Writer (Alexander Stevens Alias Alexander Goldberger) Arrested, Faces Deportation (Back To Czechoslovakia As A Communist) 2
10/11/1947 Allies Return $25,000,000 In Gold U.S. Found In Italy (To Italy) 1
10/11/1947 14 Plead Innocent In Lidice Murders 4
10/11/1947 War Criminals Aid Laid To Us By (Yugo-) Slav 4
10/11/1947 Soviet To Speed Germans’ Output 6
10/12/1947 U.S. Supports Partition Of Palestine, Asks International Constabulary 1
10/12/1947 Lehman In Plea For Food Warns On Chaos In Europe 1
10/12/1947 U.S. View Gratifying To Zionist Body (American Zionist Emergency Council) Here 25
10/12/1947 Aid Set For Jews Abroad (Jdc Appropriated $5,241,000 For Month Of October, 1947 $64,465,000 For First 10 Months Of 1947) 26
10/12/1947 (Bulgarian Premier, Georgia) Dimitrov Defends (Nikola) Petkov Execution 40
10/12/1947 Germans Accused (By U.S. Army) On Rule Of Camps-Many Interned Persons Said To Have Escaped Since U.S. Army Ended Control 48
10/12/1947 Negroes (NAACP) To Bring Cause Before U.N. 52
10/12/1947 (Dr. A. H. Silver) Hails U.S. Support Of (Palestine) Partition Plan 61
10/12/1947 Text Of U.S. Policy Statement On Palestine 64
10/13/1947 Pole (Wladyslav Gomulka) Accuses U.S. Of Hitler Plan 5
10/13/1947 Arab Group (The Palestine Higher Committee) Calls U.S. Its Enemy No 18
10/13/1947 Non-Zionists (Jews) Back (Partition) Step ‘In Principle’ 11
10/13/1947 Shall We Submit To Blackmail Diplomacy? Full Page, American Zionist Emergency Council 26
10/14/1947 Jerusalem (Arab) Mob Blasts U.S. Office-Russia Endorses Palestine Division 1
10/14/1947 British Editor Held For Articles On Jews (Opposed Them!) 3
10/14/1947 Nazi Jurists’ Trial Nears End (Nuernberg, Telford Taylor Tribunals 5
10/14/1947 (George) Messersmith Cites Movements Of ‘Revolt Against Failure Of Traditional Parties’ (In Americas) 16
10/14/1947 Ukraine Accuses U.S. Of War Criminal Aid 17
10/14/1947 House Group On DP’s Asks Fast U.N. Action (Penn. Rep. James G. Fulton & N.Y. Rep. Jacob K. Javits) 17
10/15/1947 North Dakota Group Avoids DP Stand 9
10/15/1947 Hoax Leads Germans To Offer Eyes To Gi’s 10
10/15/1947 Palestine Court Decision Why Help 20,000 Jews (There Illegally!) 12
10/15/1947 British Seek Rise In German Output (Italy Reduced Plant Removal For Reparations) 14
10/15/1947 Germans Aid Exodus Refugees 14
10/15/1947 Entire Adult (German) Population In (Czech) Town Seized In Foundry Explosion (All Accused Of Sabotage) 19
10/15/1947 Recreation Is Seen As Vital To Nation (Dr. William F. Russell, Teachers’ College, Columbia) 20
10/16/1947 Belgium Orders 24 (Flamands) Executed 14
10/16/1947 Ben-Gurion Ready For Jewish State 16
10/16/1947 Nazi Prince (Ferdinand Von Schoenaich-Carolath) Appeals (‘Denazification’) Case 19
10/16/1947 Poles Report A New Mass Grave (40,000 Russians At Deblin-By Extraordinary State Committee) 22
10/16/1947 Einstein Sends Message (To American Memorial To Six Million Martyred Jews Of Europe, Inc.) 30
10/17/1947 U.S. Gives Paris 31 German Ships, Most Craft Will Aid Civil Economy 7
10/17/1947 682 German Plants (Remaining) To Be Dismantled-60% Reduction In Prior Plan 8
10/17/1947 France Assured On German Coke (To Receive Enough!) 8
10/17/1947 (American Aid To) Jewish Exit (From Germany To France) Still Studied (And Confirmed!)-U.S. Trucks Used To Transport 840 Jews) 9
10/17/1947 Ben-Gurion Urges One Zionist Force (Under His Command Alone) 11
10/18/1947 Zionist Army Set, (Moshe) Shertok Testifies 1
10/18/1947 Haganah Calls Up Jews 2
10/18/1947 France To Receive 104,000,000 Gold-Allies Allocate German Loot 3
10/18/1947 German Sees No Evil In Murder Factories (Ss Gen. Eric Nauman) 3
10/19/1947 (Gen. George C.) Marshall Assails History Teaching (‘Dull;’ ‘Inadequate’) 12
10/19/1947 UNESCO Drafts Plan For ‘Truth’ Exchange 15
10/19/1947 Slave States Lose (War Criminal) Repatriation Case 34
10/19/1947 To Help Trace Persons (Red Cross Agency Set Up-Arolsen) 35
10/19/1947 Austrian Held As Traitor-Man Raised By Hitler’s Parents (Johann Mayrhofer) Will Face Trial Soon 42
10/19/1947 Lehman Says U.S. Needs DP Services-Cites Lack Of Labor In Farm Belt (Speaking To National Council Of Jewish Women) 56
10/20/1947 Cornerstone Set Here For Memorial To 6,000,000 Jews Killed By Nazis (40,000 Defenders Of Warsaw Ghetto) 1
10/20/1947 Southerners Balk On Helping Europe 4
10/20/1947 (20,000 Ukrainian) Refugees Oppose Repatriation (To Remain In Belgium As Miners) 6
10/20/1947 Panama Asks Data On Refugee Ships (Carrying Jews To Palestine Under Panamanian Flag) 45
10/21/1947 Rationing Needed (In U.S., James P.) Warburg Asserts (For Foreign Aid) 5
10/21/1947 High Court Takes Segregation Issue 6
10/21/1947 Lidice Massacre Detained At (Nuernberg, Telford Taylor) Trial 13
10/21/1947 Picture: War Orphans From Czechoslovakia And Poland (Charles Karo & Irena Gutman, Met In N.Y. By Mrs. Magda Bierman) 19
10/22/1947 (David E.) Lilienthal Sees U.S. Ready To Stake All For Way Of Life 1
10/22/1947 UNRRA Aid To Reds In China Unsettled 2
10/22/1947 New Children’s Haven Founded In Palestine (‘Rasnana’) 15
10/22/1947 Exodus Refugees To Be Moved (Near Emden & Wilhelmshafen) 15
10/22/1947 Nazi Aim To Germanize U.S. Prisoners Revealed (At Nuernberg Telford Taylor Tribunals) 16
10/22/1947 More Refugee Havens Urged (By Lro-1,600,000 In Europe) 19
10/22/1947 Intelligence Aides Ousted In FBI Check 58
10/23/1947 Vishinsky Adds Forrestal, Harriman To ‘Warmongers’ 1
10/24/1947 Morgenthau Scores U.S. ‘Career Men’ (For Opposition To Aid To Jews-Colliers Magazine Article) 2
10/24/1947 Farben Seizure (Of Polish Dye Works) Recalled 7
10/24/1947 Cyprus Jews Offer Quota (Certificates) To Exodus ‘47 Refugees (Internees In Germany) 8
10/24/1947 (U.S.) Industrialists Got Nazi War Secrets 17
10/25/1947 (U.S. Col. William D.) Denson (U.S. Dachau Trial Prosecutor) Leaving Germany (Prosecuted Cases Involving Dachau, Mauthausen, Flossenberg & Buchenwald)-Robert F. Maguire Of Portland, Oregon, Appointed Nuernberg Judge-Telford Taylor Tribunals) 5
10/25/1947 Right To Palestine Cited To Hadassah (By Guatemala’s Ambassador To U.S.) 20
10/25/1947 (Assembly) Hall Denied To (Gerhart) Eisler (In Trenton, N. J.) 32
10/26/1947 Mikolyczyk Flees Abroad With 2 Aides, Warsaw Says 1
10/26/1947 Iro To Urge Quotas Of DP’s On World 1&7
10/26/1947 Palestine Is Held Main DP Solution (By Rabbi Philip S. Bernstein-Estimates No More Than 60,000 Jews Wish To Come To U.S. Out Of The 100,000 To Be Allowed Under The Stratton Bill Says No More Than 17,000 Have Come In The Last 2 Years) 6
10/26/1947 Nazis Tested Poison (On Inmates For Effective Suicidal Agents) 7
10/26/1947 Turkish Ships Suspected (Bringing Visa-Less Jews To Palestine) 10
10/26/1947 U-Boat War On U.S. Condoned In 1941 (By Germans After Roosevelt Sept. 11, 1941 Speech) 25
10/27/1947 U.S. Releasing Germans-War Crime Suspects To Face Trial By Own (Un-Appointed) Countrymen 5
10/27/1947 Irgun Threatens War On Haganah 8
10/27/1947 Iro Seeks Special Aid For DP Intelligentsia (Jdc Actively Helping In This Effort) 13
10/27/1947 Pepper Asks Fight To Save Liberties-People Will No Longer Retreat From The ‘Crypto-Fascists’ 22
10/28/1947 Frau (Emmy) Goering’s Trial Delayed (Lack Of Witnesses) 4
10/28/1947 Visas For 17 Estonians 13
10/28/1947 U.S. Citizen Charges Soviet Forced Labor (Thousands Caught In Poland By The War-Frank Sielski) 13
10/29/1947 Picture: Germany: The Search For Food Leads To A Disposal Dump In Frankfurt 4
10/29/1947 Iro Trend Scored By Welfare Body (Jdc Says Agency Seeks To Unload Refugee-Dp Burden) 12
10/29/1947 Britain To Return DP’s (Labeled Fascist By Tito) To Yugoslavia 18
10/29/1947 (General Pfeiffer) Says Bullet Hit (Admiral) Kimmel (At Pearl Harbor Attack) 22
10/29/1947 Ort Women’s Division Gets Plans For Year 24
10/29/1947 Jewish Interests Plan (Shipping) Line To Haifa 55
10/30/1947 Guardians For Civil Rights Proposed By Truman Board; Report Asks End Of Biases 1
10/30/1947 (Samuel) Goldwyn Is Eager For Inquiry (On Communist Influence In Hollywood) Call 4
10/30/1947 Catholics (Bishops) Protest (Russian) Arrests In Germany 12
10/30/1947 Ilse Koch Has Baby 16
10/30/1947 Dr. Magnes Accuses The Zionists Of The Tactics Of ‘Totalitarianism’ 18
10/31/1947 Good Food Outlook In Germany Seen (Col. Hugh B. Hester) 4
10/31/1947 Austria Rebuked (By U.S. Col. Charles S. Miller) For Plaint On DP’s 15
10/31/1947 France To Recruit German Labor 15