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William Lindsey collection — 1947 NYT headlines

August 1947
Date Headline Page
08/01/1947 Incensed Britons Kill 5 In Tel Aviv To Avenge Hanging (By Irgun Zvai Leumi-British Bodies Mined) 1
08/01/1947 Pictures From Von Ribbentrop Album 3
08/01/1947 Migration (From Puerto Rico-Vito Marcantonio) Spontaneous (Say Officials) 3
08/01/1947 Decreasing DP Aid Held Health Peril (Dr. Joseph J. Schwartz, Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 4
08/02/1947 Elliott Roosevelt Caused Overruling Of Air Staff To Give Hughes Contract-(Gen. ‘Hap’) Arnold Aided Him 1
08/02/1947 5,724 DP’s Schooled By Ort In Germany 5
08/02/1947 Swastikas, Anti-British Slogans Are Daubed On (British) Consulates In U.S. 1
08/02/1947 (U.S.) Army Harshness (With Own Troops) Found (In Germany) 19
08/02/1947 Anti-Semitic Acts Spread In Britain 34
08/02/1947 (‘President Warfield’-’Exodus 1947’-Ship Purchased With Baltimore Money) 35
08/02/1947 Only Unfit (For Work) Germans Freed By Russians, U.S. Army Says 1
08/02/1947 Bishop (Dr. Anton Scharnagl, Catholic) In Bavaria Faces (‘Denazification’) Trial 7
08/02/1947 German (Otto Skorzeny) Describes Mussolini ‘Rescue’ 8
08/02/1947 Study Disproves ‘Hell Ship’ Charge (By Jews-Jews Ate Better Than Guards-’Exodus-1947’ Passengers) 9
08/02/1947 (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Hits (U.S.) Immigration Inertia 15
08/05/1947 Elliott Roosevelt Denies Some Of Meyer Gift Items; Sees Plan To Smear Father-Parties Admitted 1
08/05/1947 Japan’s War Plans Revealed In Trial (Resolved To Seize Oil It Deemed Vital To It) 8
08/05/1947 Railway ‘Old Age’ Hampers Germany 13
08/05/1947 Germans Anti-Semitic-U.S. Has Not Changed Them (Dr/ Sterling Brown) 13
08/05/1947 (British) Mob Attacks On Jews In Britain Continue; Liverpool Police Active To Halt Outbreaks 17
08/05/1947 U.N. Gets Appeal For Zionist State-Displaced Jews’ Committee Present Plea 17
08/05/1947 Celler Says British Inspire ‘Scare’ News 19
08/05/1947 2 Bombs Explode In A Vienna (Sacher) Hotel-Two Americans Seized By Ansbach Jews 19
08/06/1947 Assembly To Study Code On War Guilt 3
08/06/1947 Anti-Jewish Acts Recur In Britain (Picture) 4
08/06/1947 (Gen.) Clay Raps German (Dr. Rudolf Zorn, Bavaria) Who Assailed DP’s 9
08/06/1947 Gipsy (Rodney) Smith Dead; Noted Evangelist 23
08/07/1947 Frau Frick’s Freeing To Be Investigated 7
08/07/1947 Mass Trial In Germany (Of Nordhausen Camp Personnel-V-2 Factory-At Dachau) 8
08/07/1947 Deadline Planned On War Criminals (By. U.S.) 9
08/08/1947 Germans Spurred To Try ‘Big Nazis’ 4
08/08/1947 Germans Oppose Women In Politics 7
08/08/1947 Franklin (Roosevelt) Jr. Is Named Counsel For Upholsterers’ Union 34
08/09/1947 Communal Losses By (European) Jews (As A Result Of Germans) Surveyed 4
08/09/1947 Soviet Asked To Let (3,000 Jewish) DP’s Go To U.S. Zone (Bulgarian & Rumanian Jews Believe Request Came From Austrian Source But Not Certain Of Who Asked) 5
08/09/1947 Germans (Prisoners Of Russians In Oranienburg Kz) Concede Slaying Russians 6
08/09/1947 Princess Hermine (Widow Of Kaiser Wilhelm Ii) Is Dead In Germany (Russian Zone) 13
08/10/1947 Admission Of DP’s Opposed In Jersey (American Legion) 16
08/10/1947 U.S. Press Barred At DP Camp Survey (Landsberg) 41
08/10/1947 Needs Of DP’s Rise Morgenthau Says (1,400,000 Jewish Survivors In Europe) 43
08/10/1947 Pictures: I. G. Farbenindustrie Defendants At Nuernberg (Telford Taylor Tribunals) Mag. 12 & 13
08/11/1947 Last Of 8,010,007 Captives (German) Freed In Germany (By U.S.) Clay Says 1
08/11/1947 Poison Suspected In (German Princess) Hermine Death (Robbed) 1 U.N. Austrian Study Lists 34,500 Jews (31,400 In Camps) 3
08/11/1947 Groups In Capital To Fight Race Bias 16
08/11/1947 Salzburg Ovation To Furtwaengler 17
08/12/1947 Hermine Gem Case Dropped By (U.S.) Army 1
08/12/1947 U.S. Returns Dachau Unit (Back To ‘German’ Hands) 2
08/12/1947 Tuck Takes Iro Office 5
08/12/1947 Four (Jewish) DP’s To Be Tried (Assaulted Two U.S. Soldiers-U.S. Court) 7
08/12/1947 Picture: Germans, Prisoners Of The Russians At Oranienburg 12
08/13/1947 G. I. In Germany Seen As Prey To Bigotry-Instruction In Democracy Is Being Shelved, Dr. Slawson Declares 12
08/13/1947 31 Of Buchenwald Convicted By U.S. (At Dachau, Prince & Frau Ilse Koch Among Defendants) 14
08/13/1947 Girl War Orphan (Steffie Nussbaum) Ends Nine-Year Flight German Refugee Here From Shanghai (Aboard ‘Marine Adder’) 15
08/13/1947 DP’s In U.S. Zone Reduced (From 3,000,000 At War’s End To 513,898) 15
08/13/1947 U.S. Army Still Has Hermine’s Jewelry ($3,000,000 Value) 17
08/13/1947 Refugees Flowing To San Francisco 21
08/14/1947 Clay Sees A Limit To DP’s In Germany (Fears Anti-Semitism) 11
08/15/1947 Pictures: At Camps For Displaced Persons In Germany-Jewish Children At Duppel Center, Berlin & Auschwitz Survivors At Bergen-Belsen In Vocational School 3
08/15/1947 21 Farben Heads (Directors) Deny War Guilt 5
08/15/1947 2 Nazis Will Die For (Buchenwald) Prison Crimes (Ilse Koch To Die, Prince Josias Zu Waldeck Receives Life Sentence) 5
08/15/1947 Picture: Ilse Koch 5
08/15/1947 Australia Seeks (12,000) DP Immigrants 8
08/16/1947 U.S. Indicts Krupp For War Crimes (12 Executives-Telford Taylor Tribunals, Nuernberg) 2
08/16/1947 U.S. Population Reached 142,656,000 Jan. 1, 1947 (Census Bureau) Increase Of 10,986,725 Since 1940 6
08/17/1947 Research Is Begun On Race Relations (University Of Chicago) 4
08/17/1947 Curb On Jews Seen-Hias Official Says Australia Obstructs Passage By Ship 28
08/17/1947 Picture: (Germans) Combing The Fields Of Germany In Search Of Scarce Potatoes 29
08/17/1947 9,226 Immigrants Assisted By-Hias (During First 4 Months Of 1947 Other Than Germany-2,375 More From Germany And Austria In 6 Month Period Hias Has 49 Offices In 18 European Countries) 31
08/17/1947 Irgun Condemned By Zionist Chiefs 40
08/18/1947 Part Of Nazi Loot To Be Sold Here (N.Y.) For Benefit Of Displaced Persons ($4,000,000 In Stones, Gold Teeth, Rugs, Antiques, Etc.-To Help ‘Unrepatriatable Refugees’-Under Auspices Of Abel Schmalz & Hyman Smolar Of Iro) 1
08/18/1947 U.S. Turns Back Germans (Trying To Enter U.S. Zone From Soviet Zone) 3
08/19/1947 Goering’s Half Brother (Dr. Heinrich Goering) Fined (Rm. 2,000 As NSDAP ‘Follower’) 6
08/19/1947 2 Dachau Judges (Col. Andrew G. ‘Hanging’ Gardner, President And Lt. Col. Ottmar W. Eichmann) Win Court Backing (Challenged By Lt. Col. Robert D. Durst,-Springfield, Mo. As Prejudiced And Harsh-Skorzeny Trial-U.S. Prosecutor, Col. A. H. Rosenfeld) 8
08/19/1947 Niemoeller Joins With Marxists (Kurt Schumacher) To Combat Influence Of Vatican 9
08/19/1947 Ferdinand (Von Schoenaich-Crolath, Princess Hermine’s Son, Stepson Of Kaiser Wilhelm Ii) Arraigned (By British As Pro-Nazi) 12
08/20/1947 Truman Shuffles Aides To Spur DP Issue Solution 1&12
08/20/1947 Hitler’s Doctor, 14 Others Guilty In Medical Experimentation Trial (Judges Named) 1&9
08/20/1947 Fines To Help Defray Allies’ Cost In Japan 3
08/20/1947 Talks On Germany Will Open Friday (In Paris) 6
08/20/1947 $250,000 Sent To Palestine (By Hadassah For Care Of 985 Children) 8
08/20/1947 Mr. (Ugo) Carusi And The DP’s (860,000 DP’s Still In German, Austrian, And Italian Camps And Villages) 20
08/21/1947 ‘Slave Labor’ Disclaimed In (U.S.) ‘Quaddy’ Plan For DP’s (To Be Brought To U.S. To Work In Factories) 1
08/21/1947 Priest (Wladyslaw Mlynik), Rabbi (David Waldner, 39, Of Chernof, Poland) Recall 5 Years Under Nazis-Arrived In U.S. From Bremerhaven On ‘Earnie Pyle’-Waldner Interned 5 Years, Reunited With Wife After 20 Months, Avoided Crematories By Bribing Storm Trooper With 2 Watches) 2
08/21/1947 Five Nazi Doctors, Two Others To Die (By Hanging, Nuernberg Telford Taylor Tribunals) 3
08/21/1947 43 Million In Aid Going To Austria (June Through Sept., 1947, 1,000,000 Tons Supplies, 102,486 Long Tons Of Wheat) 3
08/21/1947 Segregation Ban Adopted In Jersey 25
08/22/1947 Bilbo Dead At 69 Of Heart Ailment 1&10
08/22/1947 Exodus Refugees Get An Ultimatum (From British-Must Land In France Or Go To Germany-Zionists Bitter) 1
08/22/1947 Italy And Austria Barred From U.N. By Russian Vetoes Americans Linked To DP’s By Truman 1
08/22/1947 4 Nazis (Mauthausen Officials) Sentenced To Death (At Dachau Tribunal By U.S. Army) 2
08/22/1947 Nazis Hunted In China (By U.S. State Department) 2
08/22/1947 Clay Wants Speed On German Output 3
08/22/1947 Dp Problem Seen Solved In 2 Years (By Arthur J. Altmeyer, Formerly Of Iro) 4
08/22/1947 295 German Jews From Shanghai Return To Resume Life In Berlin 4
08/22/1947 Hope For (Pasama-) ‘Quoddy’ Seen In DP Plan (Bay Of Fundy Tidal Power Project) 5
08/23/1947 Exodus Refugees Begin Forced Trip To German Camps (On British Orders) 1
08/23/1947 DP’s Held Vital Factor (For Jews-230,000 Jewish DP’s In Europe) 6
08/23/1947 Fascist Symptoms Held Wide In U.S. (By Wright Patman) 11
08/23/1947 Famous German Dinner Wares (Rosenthal Porcelain) Returns In Pre-War Designs 16
08/24/1947 To Die For Mauthausen Crimes (U.S. Tribunal, Dachau) 5
08/24/1947 Reich Scientists Here (Dayton, Ohio) Hate Russia 15
08/24/1947 Sacco Manifesto Attacks Tyranny (Signed By Many Liberal Notables) 16
08/24/1947 Jewish Appeal (Under Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) Sets ‘Remembrance Days’’ (To Remember 6,000,000 Killed By Germans Sept. 15-24-1,500,000 Survivors) 31
08/24/1947 Palestine Group (Irgun Zvai Leumi) Held In Garroting (Of Two British Sergeants) 32
08/24/1947 Jews Aided In Italy (Hias Has Sent 1,803 Jewish DP’s Out Of Italy And Resettled These In 38 Countries ‘Throughout The World’-According To Leon D. Fisher-Latin America Included-This Since Jan. 1, 1947) 36
08/24/1947 Clay Orders Curb On German News (Tightest Since End Of War-To Prevent Leaks Of Secrets) Liberal News Viewed Curbed 47
08/24/1947 British Will Push War Guilt Trials (Hereford) 47
08/25/1947 German (First Student) Accepted For Study In U.S. (Hermann Nickel, Berlin) 12
08/25/1947 Sacco ‘Murdered’ Socialists Assert 18
08/26/1947 Action By U.N. Urged (By David Rosenstein, Ort Chairman) For Resettling DP’s 10
08/26/1947 U.S. Officer (Lt. William J. O’neil, Los Angeles, California) Tells Of Finding Germans In Garb Of Our Army (Allegedly Found 5 Dead Germans In U.S. Tank And In U.S. Uniform-Another Allegedly Had German Uniform On Under U.S. Uniform) 12
08/27/1947 Canada Receives Many Immigrants-10,000 From DP Camps Authorized 9
08/27/1947 (Sumner) Welles Is Called In Inquiry On Reds-(George) Messersmith Also Summoned (Could Be Called As Witness Here But Needed To Submit Any An Affidavit At Nuernberg!) 17
08/27/1947 Letter: ‘Cost Of Freeing Germany’ (Jan. 1-Aug. 1947, $300,000,000 Spent) 22
08/28/1947 U.S. Red Cross To Aid Germans; Surplus Going To Children, Needy 1
08/28/1947 Announcement Of George S. Messersmith’s Retirement, Picture 5
08/28/1947 (I. G.) Farben (-Industrie) Is Accused (By Telford Taylor At Nuernberg) Of Duplicity In U.S. 12
08/29/1947 $2,500,000 In Gems Returned (By U.S.) To Dutch (From Germany) 1
08/30/1947 Poles Here (Pro-London Poles) Back Admission Of DP’s (To U.S.) 2
08/30/1947 Charges Modified By Farben (Nuernberg) Defense (Afraid It Was ‘Impugning The U.S. Government’) 5
08/30/1947 French Jews Are Accused Of Transporting Explosives 8
08/31/1947 Loser At Stalingrad (Von Paulus) Returns To Germany (Berlin) 1
08/31/1947 Civil Rights Group (Civil Rights Congress) Called Red ‘Front’ (By House Unamerican Activities Committee) 2
08/31/1947 Surplus Is Feared Of American Food 5
08/31/1947 Miners Are Cool To Plea To Save British Economy 6
08/31/1947 Chief Of Gestapo (Charley Schmidt) Seized In Pieping 12
08/31/1947 Jewish Youth Unit (Agudath Israel Council) Hailed By Truman 15
08/31/1947 Will Discuss Jewish Aid (Announced By Henry Morgenthau) 1,500,000 Survivors 18
08/31/1947 Many (‘Exodus-1947’) Refugees Seasick (To Be Put Into Two DP Camps Near Luebeck-’Looks Like A Concentration Camp’-Norbert Wilheim, Jewish Spokesman For 60 Jewish Communities In British Zone) 19
08/31/1947 Hungary Gets Food (From U.S.-Part Of Hoard Captured From Germans-Two Years Ago?) 19