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William Lindsey collection — 1947 NYT headlines

March 1947
Date Headline Page
03/01/1947 (John J.) Mc Cloy Is Elected World Bank Head 1
03/01/1947 Britons Hit Plan Of (Dp) Refugee (Forced) Labor (In Germany-Of Original 3,000,000 In British Zone, 2,750,000 Repatriated, 300,000 Remain) 4
03/01/1947 German Atom Expert (Werner Heisenberg) Kept From (Work In Argentina (By British) 5
03/01/1947 Pope’s Ban On Naziism Cited At Tiso Trial 7
03/01/1947 (James W.) Gerard Finds Value In Hoover Report 31
03/02/1947 Marshall, Patterson Urge Iro Link In Senate Unit To Cut Refugee Cost 1&18
03/02/1947 Rabbis Assail Bevin On Palestine Charge: Truman Plan Termed ‘Humane And Just’ 2
03/02/1947 (UNRRA) Relief Office In Paris (UNRRA Expected To End By June 30) 10
03/02/1947 Round-Up Of Nazis Called Start Only (By International Committee For The Study Of European Questions) 14
03/02/1947 Denazification Trials In Germany Slowed By Cold Weather And Poor Transportation 14
03/02/1947 Reich Kin Join (German Rocket) Scientists (Von Braun Et Al.-’Operation Paper Clip’-At Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas) 17
03/02/1947 Albany Marchers Ask Anti-Bias Bill 38
03/02/1947 (Mrs. F. D. Roosevelt) For Easing Immigration (Of DP’s To U.S.A., Speaker At Temple Beth-El, Detroit) 54
03/02/1947 3 Jewish Groups Protest-Urge Veto (U.S.) Of Restitution Laws By Austria (World Jewish Congress, American Jewish Conference, & American Jewish Committee) 62
03/02/1947 $5,937,000 In March For Overseas (Jdc) Relief (For March, A Total Of $23,691,000) 63
03/02/1947 Hias Convention On Today 63
03/02/1947 Nazi Medical Horrors Revealed At New Trials E-4
03/03/1947 Polish Underground Dying, Amnesty Wins Forest Bands 1
03/03/1947 Wide Jewish Areas In Palestine Ruled By Martial Law (British Officers’ Club Bombed) 1
03/03/1947 U.S. Asked (By Hias) To Set Refugee Quotas (Open Palestine To Unrestricted Jewish Immigration-Member Nations To Open Themselves To Jewish Immigration) 3
03/03/1947 527 (Illegal, Immigrant) Jews Reach Cyprus 3
03/04/1947 Warsaw Ex-Chief (Ludwig Fischer, Former Governor Of Warsaw Along With Joseph Meissinger & Max Daumb) Doomed (By Poles In Warsaw) 9
03/04/1947 Kesselring Cites Italian Betrayal (Of Ally-Military Law Permits Reprisals) 12
03/05/1947 Marshall And Byrnes Urge Ratification Of 4 Pacts (Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, & Rumania) Now 1
03/05/1947 Declares Russia ‘Raids’ U.S. Patents (Rep. J. Parnell Thomas) 5
03/05/1947 Tojo Judge (Australian, Sir William Webb) Bars (American Defense) Lawyer (American Defending Japanese Says Court Unduly Curbed Him) 8
03/05/1947 Mizrachi Secedes From (Vaad Hatzalah] Relief Group 15
03/06/1947 Secretary (Marshall) Doubts Big Four Can Get German Pact Now 1
03/06/1947 Jobs Are Set Up For Jewish DP’s-Small Manufacturing Plants Are Being Established In The U.S. Zone in Germany (By Jdc Dr. Joseph J. Schwartz, European Chairman Of Jdc) 15
03/06/1947 Power Of Dnieper Put To Work Again (After More Than 3 Years Of Labor, Partial Operation Only, Turbine Made In Newport News, Va.) 28
03/06/1947 Why Poland’s Case Should Go To U.N. 30
03/07/1947 25 Terrorists Held (By British) In Palestine; Linked To Stern Gang And Irgun (Zvai Leumi) 4
03/07/1947 57,000 DP’s To Register (In British Zone) 4
03/07/1947 Convincing Germans Of Guilt Held Futile (By Brig. Gen. Telford Taylor) 5
03/07/1947 (Rabbi Brickner, Cleveland) Wants U.S. To Take Lead (In Resolving DP Status-Now!) 5
03/07/1947 Clay Ousts Nazis In Berlin Offices 7
03/07/1947 Program Drafted For German Peace-Meeting Here Called By Mrs. (F. D.) Roosevelt And E. A. Mowrer, Urges Morgenthau Ideas (185 Other Sponsors, Albert Einstein, Helen Gahagen Douglas, Henry Morgenthau, Lewis Mumford, & Sumner Welles) 11
03/07/1947 French Statesman (A. Champetier De Ribes) Dies In Paris At 64 (Vita. In Kz Two Years. At Nuernberg) 26
03/07/1947 State Tax Of $45,992 On Roosevelt Estate ($1,065,614.11) 27
03/07/1947 J. P. Morgan Left Net Of $4,642,791 1&46
03/08/1947 Poles Execute Three Nazis (Fischer, Meissinger, & Daumb) 4
03/08/1947 Frankfurt (A/M.) Helps Jews (Special Privileges — Money, Jobs, Loans, Unemployment Allowances — 60 Jews) 6
03/09/1947 Terrorists Battle Troops In Tel Aviv As Violence Grows 1
03/09/1947 U.S. Zionists (Led By Guy H. Gillette, Iowa) Fight (British) Seizure Of Vessel (‘Abril’ American League For A Free Palestine, Inc.) 5
03/09/1947 (57) Austrian Nazis Captured 7
03/09/1947 Buchenwald Guards To He Tried (By U.S. At Dachau) April 11, Prince Josias Von Waldeck Also To Be Tried) 8
03/09/1947 (Ex-Premier, Dr. Kazys V. Grinius) Asks Aid To Lithuania 16
03/09/1947 ‘Mein Kampf’ Hard To Find (By U.S. In Germany) 22
03/09/1947 Influx (Of Germans) From East Disturbs Germans (In Spite Of ‘Strong Warning’ From Clay. 9,000,000 Expelled) 24
03/09/1947 German War Prisoners Present Complex Issue E-4
03/09/1947 The Man Who Will Speak For Us At Moscow (Marshall) Mag. 7
03/10/1947 Big 4 Parley Opens Today;-Marshall Reaches Moscow, Confident Of Agreements-Soviet Dominated Germany Believed To Be Moscow Aim 1
03/10/1947 U.S.-Manned Refugee Ship (Possibly ‘Cytherea’) Seized At Haifa With Crew (Of 23, Believed Americans) 1
03/10/1947 ‘Betrayal’ Of DP’s Seen (By Ira A. Hirschmann, Inspector General Of UNRRA & Special Envoy Of Roosevelt To Turkey) 7
03/10/1947 Half Million Spent By U.S. In German Aid (Since End Of War, Mc Narney) 13
03/11/1947 3 Nazis Sentenced To Die (By U.S. At Dachau) 9
03/11/1947 UNRRA Ends Training Of Foreign Experts 11
03/11/1947 U.S. Denies Pledge On Yugoslav Food 13
03/11/1947 21 Americans (Mostly Jewish From Ship ‘Abril’) Held For Trial In Haifa (By British-S.S. ‘Ben Hecht’, 900 Jewish Refugees Aboard) 14
03/11/1947 Immigration (To U.S.) Found To Create Jobs And Improve Standard Of Living (Says National Committee On Immigration Policy, Earl G. Harrison, Head. Lehman & Others Sponsors) 19
03/11/1947 Full Page Uja Appeal Tear Jerker ($170,000,000) ‘Could You Refuse Them If They Stood Before You?’ 56
03/12/1947 Iro Link Is Voted But Senate Group Bars Rise In Visas 1
03/12/1947 Germans To Pray For Big 42
03/12/1947 Murderer Of 4,000,000 (Rudolf Hoess) Is On Trial In Warsaw (By Poles-Picture) 6
03/12/1947 Two New Villages Begun In Palestine (Maagan Baruch & Yakum) 10
03/12/1947 (Behavior Of Americans) Aides In Germany Curbed (By U.S. Army) 13
03/12/1947 Germans Complain Belgians Evict Them (‘Operation Transplant’-21,000 Evicted, 11,000 Remain And Are Still To Be Evicted By The Belgians) 15
03/13/1947 Truman Acts To Save Nation From Red Rule 1
03/13/1947 UNRRA Buying Cut To Pay Food Relief 18
03/13/1947 Hadassah’s Health Plan-Special Services To Be Set Up For Palestine Immigrants 24
03/13/1947 Negroes Seen Restless (By Winthrop Rockefeller) 54
03/14/1947 Looted Gold’s Return (270 Tons) Is Studied By Allies 6
03/14/1947 (Abba Hillel) Silver Sees U.S. Helping Zionists 7
03/14/1947 German Miners Use Bonus To Get Food 11
03/14/1947 U.N. Lends $60,000 To Help Iro Organize 12
03/14/1947 German Prisoners Get French Option (From U.S. Army-’Lent’ To French-May Stay On In France Under Contract Or May Be Repatriated) 13
03/14/1947 Budenz Outlines Trotsky Murder 21
03/15/1947 Russia Asserts She Holds 890,532 German Captives-More Than A Million Have Been Sent Back To Germany 1
03/15/1947 Izvestia Compares U.S. Aim To Hitler’s 4
03/15/1947 Finland And Austria Thank UNRRA For Aid 4
03/15/1947 (Erhard) Milch Angered At (Nuernberg) Trial (‘Hang The Lot Of Us And Please, Start With Me.’-’The Majority Of The German People Are Good Hearted And Treated Other People Well.’ (Field Marshal Milch Called ‘Jewish’ By Robert H. Jackson At Nuernberg) 4
03/15/1947 Voluntary Relief For Europeans In January Put At $14,084,653 (Advisory Committee On Voluntary Foreign Aid Of The United States Government) 5
03/16/1947 Plea To Jews In Germany (By Dr. Philip Auerbach, Bavarian Commissioner For Racial & Political Persecutees-Estimates 110,000 In Bavaria; 30,000 Live Outside Camps-Auerbach, A ‘Survivor’ Of Auschwitz, Later Committed Suicide To Avoid Prosecution By The German Government For Falsifying Claims For Money And Submitting Them For Payment To Himself) 3
03/16/1947 Clay In Command Of Army In Europe (Mc Narney Retires) 3
03/16/1947 $7,000,000 For Lutheran Relief (Relief & Rehabilitation In Europe) 14
03/16/1947 $40,000 More For Czechs Ask 20
03/16/1947 Belgian Escapes Soviet Slave Camp (3,000 Other Allied Civilians Held At Reist, With Conditions Worse Than Under Germans-Alois Danneels, 27 Years Old) 21
03/16/1947 Isolationism Urged As Best For Britain (By R. H. S. Crossman) 24
03/16/1947 Flick, 4 Aides Arraigned (Nuernberg-Telford Taylor Tribunals) 30
03/16/1947 Singer (Kirsten Flagstad) Says Norwegians Treated Her Badly 53
03/16/1947 Picture: Kurt Schumacher E-5
03/16/1947 The Real German Problem Is The People (Raymond Daniell) Mag. 11
03/17/1947 6,000 German Girls To Enter U.S. (War Brides) 2
03/17/1947 Emigration (Of Germans To France) Proposal Explained To France By Bidault) 5
03/18/1947 Goering’s Body Cremated In Guise Of An American (In U.S. Uniform-Cremated At Muenchen) 4
03/18/1947 Picture: Where British Detain Jewish Refugees (Cyprus-More Primitive Than Majdanek, Birkenau, Auschwitz, Dachau, Or Mauthausen-Otherwise Same Basic Idea-Cabins Worse Than German Barracks-Two Rows Of Barbed Wire And Watch Towers Surrounding) 14
03/18/1947 Henry Wallace Answers President Truman (Full Page) ‘Progressive Citizens Of America’-’Change Cannot Be Prevented’ 19
03/18/1947 Says (Assassin’s) Bullets Missed Minneapolis Mayor (Hubert H. Humphrey) 28
03/19/1947 All Arabs Oppose More Jews’ Entry (Into Palestine) 10
03/19/1947 Refugee Projects Found Successful (By Charles J. Liebman, Pres., Refugee Economic Corporation) 11
03/19/1947 Mayor (O’dwyer) Asks Workers To Aid Jewish Appeal 21
03/20/1947 Marshall Warns Against A Revival Of German Power 1
03/20/1947 (Spruille) Braden Denounces Fascism In Any Hue-Black Or Red, It Blocks March Of Civilization And Should Be Exterminated, He Says 5
03/20/1947 (Leon) Blum Joins Critics Of Truman’s Policy 7
03/20/1947 Picture: (Rudolf Hoess At Warsaw Trial) 7
03/20/1947 Palestine (Jewish Immigration) Quota Under Pressure 10
03/20/1947 Palestine Jews Minimize Arabs 11
03/21/1947 U.S. Bars Grain To Yugoslavs; Finds Others In Greater Need 1
03/21/1947 U.S. To Insist Pacts On Germany, Japan Protect Liberties 1
03/21/1947 Henry Garsson Indicted 3
03/21/1947 Billy Rose Plans To Bring 250 Orphans From Europe’s Camps And Rear Them Here 8
03/21/1947 Ecuador Assures Jews (No Bar To Admission Of Immigrants-’The Doors Of Ecuador Continue To Be Open’) 15
03/22/1947 Marshall And Bevin Offer Plans For German Regime 1
03/22/1947 Ss General (Juergen Stroop) Will Die For Killing U.S. Fliers (Actually, To Be Sent To Poland For Further Trial By The Poles) 5
03/23/1947 Food Expert (George M. Mardikian) Asks Aid For Displaced (Soup Kitchens For 3,500,000 Children & 1,000,000 Aged In U.S.-British Zones, Cites Jewish Success At Appeals) 4
03/23/1947 Emigration Seen (By Leo Schwartz, Jdc) As DP’s Only Hope 25
03/23/1947 Germans’ Illness Rises 30
03/24/1947 Treasury Drops 1,000 Workers; U.S.-Canada Border Wide Open 1
03/25/1947 Jews In U.S. Zone Send Plea To Big 4 (Over 100,000 Jews) 5
03/25/1947 Senate Fight Due On Iro’s Charter 8
03/25/1947 Drottningham Here After Rough Voyage-Picture: Attempted To Blast Nazi (Auschwitz) Camp (Girls Attempted To Dynamite Crematory-Irena & Serina Fogel, Nieces Of Abraham Wollberg, Yonkers, N.Y.-Claim To Have Obtained Dynamite From A ‘German Soldier’ & Planted It In The ‘Gas Chamber’ At Auschwitz-Dynamite Failed To Go Off!) 11
03/25/1947 Full Text Of Potsdam Agreement Plus Agreements Reached At Yalta Parley Of Big Three Before Germany’s Defeat 14&15
03/25/1947 Zionists Mark End Of Link To Britain 17
03/25/1947 Peril To Relief Seen In Jewish Split Here (200,000 Jewish School Aged Children In German Camps Being Neglected) 28
03/25/1947 Advertisement: Uja ($170,000,000 Goal)-Jewish DP’s In Camps Have Trebled In One Year 85,000 At Beginning Of 1946 To 250,000 In 1947 (Jdc, United Palestine Appeal, United Service For New Americans) 52
03/26/1947 Statements By Marshall (Concerning Small U.N. Countries, What Was Desired Of Them In War And Supporting Their Participation In The Peace Treaty Conferences) 2
03/26/1947 Reparations Paid To U.S. Disclosed (Less Than $275,000,000) 3
03/26/1947 Admiral Leahy’s Role (In Europe) 4
03/26/1947 (U.N.) Trustees Chosen For (I. G.) Farben (Industrie) Units 11
03/27/1947 Drop U.S. For Russia, British Labor Urges 10
03/27/1947 Jews Start Farming In Plains Of Sharon 13
03/27/1947 Remarks By Gen. Marshall (At Moscow. ‘Mexico & Others Wished To Send Troops But Were Requested Not To By U.S.) 16
03/27/1947 Goering Assets Found (By British, But Not Hitler’s) 22
03/27/1947 New (Jewish) Settlements Go On In Palestine 23
03/27/1947 Abraham Herman Hias Leader Dies (69, Hias Leader 21 Years) 27
03/27/1947 Interracial Work In Schools Studied (By Dr. Elias Liberman) 32
03/27/1947 An Advertisement By The Communist Party, U.S.A. (Full Page) 34
03/28/1947 Civilians In ‘46 Sent 296 Million Abroad ($143,800,000 To Europe) 1
03/28/1947 Lidice Killers On Trial (At Prague) 5
03/28/1947 Czechs Free Goering’s Brother (Albert) 5
03/28/1947 British To Disband Corps Of Germans 6
03/28/1947 Irgun Zvai Leumi Tells Objective (‘Hebrew Republic’ On Both Sides Of River Jordan) To American In Secret Conference (With Menachem Beigin, Vladimir Jabotinski’s Successor)13 (Willem) Mengelberg (Conductor) Loses Medal From Dutch (Barred From Dutch Music For Life For Behavior During German Occupation) 27
03/29/1947 India Asked To Aid (Afghan) Jews (300 ‘Refugees’ On Way To Palestine) 2
03/29/1947 Allies Criticized By (Adolf A.) Berle On DP’s (‘The Brutal Fact Is That Displaced Persons Are Not All Victims Of Nazi Brutality’-Against Pushing Populations Out Of One Country For The Benefit Of Another-Supports Earl G. Harrison-Wants 400,000 DP’s Admitted To U.S.) 4
03/29/1947 Trial Of 22 (Anti-Russian) Finns Begins 7
03/29/1947 8 Ex-German Vessels Sold To Bidders Here 31
03/30/1947 Cyprus To Double Capacity For Wave Of Refugee Jews-Camps For 20,000 Planned-British Seize Migrant Ship With 1,600 Aboard (‘Moledeth’)-Fleet Of ‘Flimsy Ships’ 1&49
03/30/1947 German Aviatrix (Hanna Reitsch) Free 22
03/30/1947 Poles Speed Drive To Root Out Bands (Of Armed ‘Home Army’ Etc. Partisans, Armed By United Nations, Left Over From The War) 37
03/30/1947 Iro Takes Over July 14 1
03/30/1947 Polish Jews To Get $8,000,000 From U.S. (Jdc) 46
03/30/1947 (Austrian) Jews From Russia Charge Hardship-350 Arrive In Vienna In Rags, Suffer From Lack Of Food And Forced Labor (Were In Kazakistan) 47
03/30/1947 (16) Displaced Persons Seek Relatives Here (Sponsored By Unitarian Service Committee) 48
03/31/1947 Cyprus Internees Resent Laxity Of British To German Prisoners (‘From Dachau To Cyprus’ Reads Sign Across A Camp Building) 4
03/31/1947 Picture: Walter Audisio, Mussolini’s Killer. ‘I Had The Impression Of Shooting An Inferior Being’ 5
03/31/1947 Film Sent Marshall (In Moscow) On German (Industry) Dismantling 6
03/31/1947 German (Kurt Schumacher) Upbraids Allies In Food Lag 6
03/31/1947 Flagstad Gets (Guild) Permit-But Music Guild Votes Against Restoring Her Membership 25
03/31/1947 Lehman Asks Haven For 200,000 Jews (In Palestine, U.S.A., And Latin America-1,300,000 Would Remain In Their Homes In Europe) 26
03/31/1947 (William L.) Shirer Quits CBS At Last Broadcast (Remarks By Edward R. Murrow) 38