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William Lindsey collection — 1934 NYT headlines

January 1934
Date Headline Page
01/01/1934 La Guardia Takes Office (As N.Y. City Mayor, A Devoted Disciple of Roosevelt Disciple, Serving Very Often As One of His ‘Mouthpieces’ Or ‘Testers’) To Give City A New Deal 1
01/01/1934 Soviet To Rebuild Railroad System On American Plan 1
01/01/1934 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President of Columbia University, Chairman of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace, One of The More Avid ‘Interventionists’) Urges World Gold Pool 6
01/01/1934 Full Navy Force Urged In Report (By Admiral F. B. Upham & Rear Admiral William D. Leahy [One of Roosevelt’s Most Trusted Supporters, Later U.S. Ambassador To Vichy France]) Building Plan Praised 12
01/01/1934 (Col. Fulgencio) Batista (Chief of Staff, Cuban Strong Man Supported Strongly By Roosevelt Un ‘Unifying’ Latin America, Subverted After The War When No Longer Needed) Inspects (Cuban) Troops 14
01/01/1934 Germany Strives To Grow Stronger World Waits For 1934 To Show Whether The Nazis’ Reich Means Peace Or War Business Gains At Home Militant Unity Is Intensified Hitlerites Make Good On Promise None Shall Starve Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 16
01/01/1934 Hirota Hopes New Year Will Link Japan To U.S 16
01/01/1934 France Is Gloomy In Reviewing 1933 All Business Declined 17
01/01/1934 Ask London To Act With Us For Peace British Liberal Groups Urge Seizure of Opportunity In Roosevelt Arms Plan But No Change Is Seen 18
01/01/1934 Soviet Holds 1933 A Year of Victory Walter Duranty, Moscow 19
01/01/1934 Austrians Retake (NSDAP) Prince Who Fled 25
01/01/1934 Steel Operations Holding Steadily Shipments Still Heavy 35
01/02/1934 (William H.) Woodin (U. .S Sec. Treasury) Quits Post; (Henry) Morgenthau (Jr.) Made Head of Treasury 1
01/02/1934 Cardinal Faulhaber, Munich) Assails ‘Myths’ About Old Teutons; Notes They Kept Slaves And Were Slothful 1
01/02/1934 London Darkened By Densest Fog In Years 1
01/02/1934 Lynchings Rose 180% In Nation Last Year (NAACP Report) 8
01/02/1934 Carolina Indicts Four For Lynching 8
01/02/1934 Morgenthau Made Far Aid Record Studied To Be Architect 9
01/02/1934 Hindenburg Lauds Hitler’s Efforts Reich President Says Rebirth of Germany Is The Result of Chancellor’s Leadership Equality Issue Stressed Guido Enderis, Berlin 14
01/02/1934 Nazi Ousted Teacher (Dr. Melchior Palyi) Gets Post In (University Of) Chicago (Rockefeller Supported College!) 14
01/02/1934 Envoy Gives Reich French Arms View 14
01/02/1934 (Journalist) Says (Unfavorable) Article (On Hitler) Caused Ousting From Reich 14
01/02/1934 $1,301,654 Is Raised (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee [Jonah B. Wise]) To Aid German Jews 14
01/02/1934 Germans Laud (Jewish Banker, Dr. Carl Joseph) Melchior (Jewish Telegraphic [News] Agency Report) 14
01/02/1934 France Imposing 250 More (Import) Quotas 15
01/02/1934 Financial Outlook For 1934 27
01/02/1934 Germany Hopeful Despite Hitlerism 27
01/02/1934 Chronological Survey of The Outstanding Financial Events of The Past Year 30&31
01/02/1934 Increased Demand Is Seen For Steel 48
01/03/1934 Italians Call Japan’s Naval Policy A Menace 1
01/03/1934 Germany To Delay Her Reply On Arms 12
01/03/1934 Catholic Editor Sentenced In Reich (Sedition!) 12
01/03/1934 Eugenics Courts Formed Eighteen Are Set UpIn Thuringia 12
01/03/1934 To Tighten Nazi Boycott (Non Sectarian Anti Nazi League For Human Rights Speakers, Samuel Untermyer, Founder And President of League, Bernard S. Deutsch Representing La Guardia, James W. Gerard, Former Ambassador To Germany, Victor J. Dowling, And Arthur S. Tompkins, Presiding) 12
01/03/1934 Washington Acts On Reich Debt Cut (Anti German Ambassador Dr. William E.) Dodd Protests Transfer Slash By Schacht As One Sided And Discriminatory 27
01/03/1934 $50,000,000 Spent For Foreign Gold Price Remains At $34.06 27
01/03/1934 Keels Laid Down For Four Warships (One Heavy Cruiser & Three Destroyers 41
01/04/1934 Fight On Morgenthau Threatened By (Louisiana Senator Huey P.) Long (Later Prosecuted By Robert H. Jackson!) 3
01/04/1934 Our Debt Protest To Reich Held Vain We Sell More To Germany Than We Buy Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 10
01/04/1934 Aid For Refugees Asked of Non Jews (By League High Commissioner of Refugees From Germany, James G. Mc Donald, Former Chairman of ‘Foreign Policy Association’) 10
01/04/1934 German Bishops Press Nazi Chief (Bishop Ludwig Mueller) 10
01/04/1934 Germany Compiles Incurables Census 10
01/04/1934 (Non Sectarian Anti Nazi League For Human Rights Samuel Untermyer Et Al.) Find Nazi Labels Evading Boycott 10
01/05/1934 Group (Non Governmental!) To Survey Our World Policy Roosevelt Favors Plan Rockefeller Fund Will Back Study of Foreign Trade And Monetary Plans (‘Commission of Inquiry On National Policy In International Economic Relations’ Robert M. Hutchins of The University of Chicago [Rockefeller Supported Institution], Chairman) 1
01/05/1934 Schacht Prepares Refusal On Debts Arbitrary Cut Is Upheld Stresses Sound Currency Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 10
01/05/1934 Reich Sterilization of (Hereditary Defective) Children Planned 10
01/05/1934 Nazi Plea Spurned By Violin Prodigy (Yehudi Menuhin) Balks At Ban On Jews 10
01/05/1934 Anti Hitler Nazis Are Tried In Vienna 10
01/05/1934 Fighting Is Heavy In Southern China Hallett Abend, Shanghai 11
01/05/1934 Il Duce And Simon Reach Arms Plan Reich Equality Is Backed 13
01/05/1934 Navy Fares Well In Budget Figures 17
01/06/1934 Mussolini Charts 3 Step Peace Plan, Simon Favors It 1
01/06/1934 (Herbert) Lehman Warns La Guardia He Asks Too Much Power; Rejects A Dictatorship 1
01/06/1934 Picture: To Study United States International Economic Policy (Principals) 3
01/06/1934 Reich Press Warn On Debt Protest Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 4
01/06/1934 Bishops Give Way At Hitler’s Wrath Drop Secession Scheme 4
01/06/1934 Nazis Jail Priests On Sedition Charge 4
01/06/1934 Nazis Ordered To Wear The Storm Troop Dagger 4
01/06/1934 Nazis To Aid Ex-(Concentration Camp) Prisoners Goering Tells Those Freed From Camps They Are Not Outlaws 4
01/06/1934 Stay of Writ Averts ‘Seizure’ of Europa (Gold Bond Controversy) 31
01/07/1934 Transit ‘New Deal’ Aim of La Guardia 1
01/07/1934 La Guardia Ready To Fight For Powers of Dictator 1
01/07/1934 (Bishop Ludwig) Mueller Assumes Dictatorship; German Protestants To Defy Him 1
01/07/1934 Nanking’s (Chiang Kai-Shek’s) Forces In Sweeping Gains Foochow Fears Attack 1
01/07/1934 Says (War) Debt Solution Waits On Our Moves (After The Price of Gold Has Settled Down) 2
01/07/1934 Lehman Is Praised For Curbing Mayor (La Guardia) 3
01/07/1934 Jews Open Campaign For Coordinate Aid Leaders In Social Work (National Council of Jewish Federations And Welfare Funds) Meet In Chicago To Plan Relief For German Refugees (Not Polish!) 12
01/07/1934 Ousting of Jews Curbed By (Franz) Seldte (Reich Minister of Labor) 28
01/07/1934 Finland Hits Back At German Embargo 28
01/07/1934 Socialized Banks Favored By (Prof. Adolf A.) Berle (Later To Become U.S. Ass’t. Sec. of State) 28
01/07/1934 Hull (After Visiting Chile) Sails From Chile 29
01/07/1934 Navy Chooses 31 For Pacific Flight (To Pearl Harbor) N-2
01/07/1934 India And Japan On Barter Basis Hugh Byas, Tokyo N-11
01/07/1934 Germany’s Arms Demand Remains Acute Problem E-1
01/07/1934 Curb Aggressor Or Fight, British Diplomat (Sir Esme Howard) Warns E-1
01/07/1934 ‘More Abundant Life’ President’s (Roosevelt’s) Final Goal Arthur Krock E-1
01/07/1934 Reich Would Cut City Population E-2
01/07/1934 Britain Impelled To Act In Europe Arms Issue An Example Augur, London E-3
01/07/1934 Nazis Insist Reich Be ‘Race Minded’ E-3
01/07/1934 Two Great Capitals of Change (Washington & Moscow) Walter Duranty Mag. 1
01/07/1934 Mrs. (Carrie Chapman) Catt, At 75, Still Faces Forward (Picture) Mag. 3
01/07/1934 Picture: Lotte Lehmann X-8
01/08/1934 Soviet Envoy (Alexander Troyanovsky) Here (U.S. Ambassador To Moscow, William Christian) Bullitt Arrives With Him (Says World Peace Is Paramount Aim.) Finds Purposes Linked (Picture,P. 3) 1
01/08/1934 6,000 Reich Pastors Defy Nazis (Bishop Ludwig Mueller), Saying They Will Not Be Muzzled 1
01/08/1934 La Guardia Tells Lehman He Plans No Dictatorship Text, P. 2, 1
01/08/1934 Legality of La Guardia Bill Is Doubted; Fight By Ousted Employees Held Certain 1
01/08/1934 (Adolf A.) Berle (Jr.) Tells Why La Guardia Needs Power; Payrolls Depend On Quick Cuts In Budget 2
01/08/1934 (London Times) Hails Roosevelt Courage 4
01/08/1934 Nazi Building Up Propaganda Here American With Great Success In Manipulating Opinion Is Seen As Directing Genius Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 9
01/08/1934 Harvard Anti Nazis Ejected From (Methodist) Church 9
01/08/1934 Sees Japan As Victor In Any War With Us 11
01/08/1934 Nanking’s (Chiang Kai-Shek’s) Forces Nearing Foochow 19th Army Is Trapped Hallett Abend, Shanghai 11
01/08/1934 Sterilization Plan Is Ready For Britain 11
01/08/1934 Filipinos Launch A Fascist Party 12
01/08/1934 No Dictatorship Here, Says Rabbi (Stephen S. Wise ‘The President [‘Boss’] And His Critics; Shall We Follow Him Or Them?’) 15
01/08/1934 Aid For Germany In Easier Credit 27
01/09/1934 Borah Hails Rise of (U.S.) Nationalism Senator Warns of ‘Surrender of Freedom’ By Political Commitments Abroad Must ‘Unite Own People’ (Speech Before ‘Council On Foreign Relations’) 1
01/09/1934 Gov. Lehman Again Rejects La Guardia ‘Dictator Plan’ 1
01/09/1934 France And Britain Add To U.S. (Trade) Quotas 1
01/09/1934 Schieffelin Group Backs La Guardia 2
01/09/1934 Roosevelt’s ‘Scientific Cabinet’ To Shape His Technical Policies 4
01/09/1934 Morgenthau Gets Senate Approval 6
01/09/1934 Austria Increases Fascist Patrols Socialists Are Fearful 13
01/09/1934 Reich Protestants (‘Pastors Emergency League) Fight Nazi Bishops (Ludwig Mueller) Guido Enderis, Berlin 13
01/09/1934 U.S. Diplomat Is Robbed In Chinese Train Hold Up 13
01/09/1934 More Data Sought By Reich On Arms London Is More Hopeful 13
01/09/1934 Japan Will Not Attack Russia (Japanese) Officer Insists 13
01/09/1934 (Maryland Senator Millard E.) Tydings Asks Plea To Reich On Jews Precedents Are Cited 13
01/09/1934 Foochow In Panic As Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Gains Compromise Is Expected Hallett Abend, Shanghai 13
01/09/1934 Reich Reverses Ban On Jewish Students Those Whose Fathers Fought At The Front May Take Examinations For University Degrees 13
01/09/1934 New Soviet Envoy (Alexander Antonovich Toyanovsky) Makes Peace Plea 15
01/09/1934 New Reich Policy On Debts Is Seen Creditors Get Invitation Clarence K. Streit, Basle 29
01/09/1934 Reich Bonds Lead Foreign Issues Up 33
01/10/1934 France And Soviet Sign Trade Accord Debt Question Ignored French Chiefly Want Peace Step Toward An Alliance Against Germany And Japan Is Seen Frederick T. Birchall, Paris 1
01/10/1934 Bill For 149,700 Tons of Warships For Treaty Navy Introduced By (Georgia Representative) Vinson 2
01/10/1934 Roosevelt Continues Reduction In Pay For Federal Employees Until Next June 5
01/10/1934 Big Russian Trade Forecast For U.S. (By Leo Chintchuk, Soviet Ambassador To Germany, Berlin) 10
01/10/1934 More Nazi Bombs Answer Austria Four Bombings In Vienna 11
01/10/1934 Nazi Party Asks (NSDAP) Orators To Lecture While Abroad 11
01/10/1934 Protestants’ Ire In Reich Mounts (Bishop Ludwig) Mueller Silent On Plans 11
01/10/1934 Threat By Dutch Got Reich To Pay Full Payment Followed 11
01/10/1934 Borah Speech (Before ‘Council On Foreign Relations,’ N.Y. Time, Jan. 9) Held Attack On Hitler Loss of Liberty Assailed 11
01/10/1934 Finland Fights Reich With Trade Embargo 11
01/10/1934 Mrs (Carrie Chapman) Catt Honored On 75th Birthday 19
01/10/1934 North German Line Loses Court Test Plea For A Moratorium Is Denied In Ruling of Justice (James S.) Watson Here Victory For Bondholders 31
01/10/1934 Reichsbank’s Gold Increases In Week 33
01/11/1934 Six (U.S.) Naval Planes 755 Miles At Sea In Hawaii (Pearl Harbor) Flight 1
01/11/1934 Van Der Lubbe Dies On Nazi Guillotine (Picture, P. 9) Reichstag Incendiary He Goes To Fate Silently Otto D. Tolischus, Leipzig 1
01/11/1934 Roosevelt Will Review Whole Fleet Here In June When Ships Mass From Two Coasts 1
01/11/1934 Britain Protests On French Quota 2
01/11/1934 Curb On Immigration In Palestine Scored (By Zionist Organization of America & Jewish Agency of Palestine) 2
01/11/1934 Outrages By Nazis In Austria Spread One Is Shot Dead Twelve Bombings In Vienna 9
01/11/1934 (Bishop Ludwig) Mueller Rebuked By Von Hindenburg Ymca To Combat Ban Ywca Also 9
01/11/1934 German Idle Rose 343,000 Last Month Totalled 4,058,000 On Dec. 31 9
01/11/1934 Sweden Bans Nazi Office 9
01/11/1934 Japan Seeks Way To Cultivate Us Hugh Byas, Tokyo 10
01/11/1934 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Is Warned By Japan On Drive Foochow Now Menaced 10
01/11/1934 Creditors Confer On German Bonds Retaliation Is Unlikely 14
01/11/1934 Soviet And France To Equalize Trade Frederick T. Birchall, Paris 31
01/12/1934 Six Naval Planes Reach Honolulu (Pearl Harbor) In Record Record Flight Take Less Than 25 Hours 1
01/12/1934 Police Raid Homes of German Clergy Who Resist Nazis 1
01/12/1934 (William Christian) Bullitt Confirmed As (First U.S.) Envoy To Soviet Senate Acts 2
01/12/1934 French Back Move On German Debts Frederick T. Birchall, Paris 3
01/12/1934 Reich Fast Buying Bonds It Weakened 3
01/12/1934 Our Fliers Exceed Mark of Italians (Set Earlier) 4
01/12/1934 Washington Proud of Record Flight 4
01/12/1934 Huge Gain In Gold Shown By Britain 10
01/12/1934 French Royalists Attempt A Revolt 13
01/12/1934 Austrian Hanging Sets A Precedent Tried By Court Martial 13
01/12/1934 Dutch Envoy Protests (Van Der Lubbe’s Execution) 13
01/12/1934 Rebel Army Near Collapse In China Nanking’s (Chiang Kai-Shek’s) Heavier Artillery (From Where? Is Factor Hallett Abend, Shanghai 14
01/12/1934 Peru Greets Hull; Aid On Debt Urged Text of Hull’s Speech At Lima 15
01/12/1934 Franco Soviet (Trade) Pact Is Signed In Paris 15
01/12/1934 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Pres. of Columbia Univ. & Chairman, Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Charges We Betray Peace Failure To Join World Court Is Called Most Discreditable Thing In Recent History (U.S.) Naval Building Assailed 25
01/13/1934 Roosevelt Claims Power To Capture Reserve Bank Gold Cummings (His Appointee, Att’y. Gen.) Gives Ruling 1
01/13/1934 (Arthur) Krock Apparises New Deal Program 2
01/13/1934 Big Neutral Force Turns To Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) 6
01/13/1934 Heimwehr Leader (Count Johann Alberti) Caught With Nazis (In A Police Raid) 7
01/13/1934 Berlin Hails Goering On His 41St Birthday; Celebration Is Like Those For The Kaiser 7
01/13/1934 Reich Church Fight Is At Crisis Today 7
01/13/1934 Reich Won’t Give Up Van Der Lubbe Body 7
01/14/1934 Capital of Rebels (Foochow) Seized By Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Japanese Force Is Landed 1
01/14/1934 French Now Dread Dollar Stabilization; Warned It Means Flow of Capital To Us 1
01/14/1934 Heavy Gold Buying Laid To Americans (London Report) 1
01/14/1934 Bond Group Sends Agents (Laird Bell & John Foster Dulles) To Berlin Reich Proposals Decried 7
01/14/1934 War Claims Body (Black Tom & Kingsland Charges From Ww I) Is Without Funds (John S. Parker & Owen J. Roberts) 7
01/14/1934 (Idaho Senator) Borah Joins Fight On Debtor Nations Holds (U.S.) Government Lax 12
01/14/1934 State Bishops Give Mueller A Truce Pastors Continue Fight 19
01/14/1934 Saar Reds Won Over To Hitler By Visit 19
01/14/1934 Austria Deports German Diplomat 19
01/14/1934 Britain May Meet Default By Reich With Trade Curb Augur, London E-1
01/14/1934 Future of Saar Basin Worries Nazi Germany E-1
01/14/1934 140 Nazi Bombings In Week In Austria G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna E-1
01/14/1934 Palestine Allows Arabs To Parade E-2
01/14/1934 ‘German Greeting’ (‘Heil Hitler’) Made Rule In Reich Schools E-2
01/14/1934 League To Fix Date For (Plebiscite) Voting In Saar Sentiment Is Pro German Frederick T. Birchall, Paris E-3
01/14/1934 Birth Rate of Jews Drops In Germany Guido Enderis, Berlin E-3
01/14/1934 (Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) Financial Guide For Our Recovery Task ( No Mention of Harry Dexter White [Weit!]) E-3
01/14/1934 The Nazi Economic Program; Promises And Performance XX-2
01/14/1934 Cartoons; XX-2
01/14/1934 Fifteen Years After Versailles; Europe’s New Crisis (The Allied Victory Is No Longer So Sweet!) XX-3
01/15/1934 (Pres. Dr. Ramon) Grau (San Martin) Quits Cuba At Junta’s (Col. Fulgencio Batista’s) Order 1
01/15/1934 President (Roosevelt) Will Ask Power To Take All Monetary Gold As Step To Revalue Dollar 1
01/15/1934 White House Statement 1
01/15/1934 Rothermer For Fascism To Save Britain; Asks 1,500,000 Readers To Back (Sir Oswald) Mosley 1
01/15/1934 Nazi Sets Up Own Rule In Saar Terrorism On Increase Frederick T. Birchall, Paris 6
01/15/1934 (Franz Von) Papen (Catholic) Holds Nazis Honor Papal Ideas Asks Catholic Support Guido Enderis, Gleiwitz 6
01/15/1934 Germans Fix Quotas For French Imports 6
01/15/1934 Austria Seizes 60 Nazis 6
01/15/1934 Suspicious Fire Burns Radio Tower In Leipzig 6
01/15/1934 U.S. Naval Force Lands In Foochow New War Begun In China 7
01/15/1934 (U.S. Jewish) Drive On Nazis Pressed American Jewish Congress (Founded By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Board (Rabbi Wise, Founder And Head, Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, of The Federation of Polish Jews In America & Later Head of The Joint Boycott Committee, Nathan D. Perlman, Et Al.) Lay Plans At Meeting Here 7
01/15/1934 Our Soviet Claims Put At $623,000,000 Interest Is Not Figured 9
01/15/1934 Moscow Reds Urge Outbreak (Of Violence) In America 9
01/15/1934 Press Restrictions Deplored In France 10
01/16/1934 President (Roosevelt) Plans 50 To 60 Cent Dollar And $2,000,000,000 Equalization Fund From Profit of Impounding of Gold (Bill, P. 2, Text of Statement, P. 3) 1
01/16/1934 British Put Hope In A World Accord 1
01/16/1934 Morgenthau Sees Managed Currency 1
01/16/1934 Civil War Threat In Havana As Hevia Takes Presidency Clash Between Col. Batista And Guiteras Expected To Split Armed Forces 1
01/16/1934 Hull Says Europe Fails As (International) Leader (On South American Tour) 9
01/16/1934 Japanese Admiral Assails Our Navy 10
01/16/1934 British Creditors To Go To Germany Discrimination Is Seen 12
01/16/1934 France Bids Reich Join In Saar Talks Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 12
01/16/1934 French Send Reich Trade Ultimatum 12
01/16/1934 Nazi Leader (Grebe) Sent To Austrian (Concentration) Camp (At Woellersdorff) 12
01/17/1934 German Code Ends Old Labor Rights Employer To Fix Wages Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
01/17/1934 (Winston) Churchill Praises Roosevelt’s Spirit Admires The Way He Tackles Obstacles Reserves Opinion On His Ideas Asks Bigger Air Force 12
01/17/1934 New Police Force For Saar Is Urged Threat By Nazis Is Seen Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 13
01/17/1934 American Beaten By Nazi Trooper, A Tenant; Is Victim of Hitlerites For The Second Time (See Entry, Jan. 18, 1934, P. 8) 13
01/17/1934 Mother Asks Reich To Free (Georgi) Dimitroff But Offers Little Hope 13
01/17/1934 Germany Will Curb Returning Fugitives (Those Returning To Germany) 13
01/17/1934 Heimwehr (Under Prince Ernst Rudiger Von Starhemberg) Plots With Nazis Go On 13
01/17/1934 Roosevelt Or Ruin (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Asserts Praises (Roosevelt’s) Gold Program 14
01/18/1934 Gold (Seizure) Bill Constitutional (Att’y. Gen) Cummings (Roosevelt Appointee) Tells Senate; Early Passage Expected 1
01/18/1934 Mendieta Accepts Cuban Presidency 1
01/18/1934 Terrorism In Saar Charged In Saar Nazi Violence And Political Intervention Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 1
01/18/1934 Ex-Crown Prince Under Nazis’ Fire 8
01/18/1934 Nazis Deny Holding 215,000 Party Foes 8
01/18/1934 France Urges Reich To Join Arms Parley 8
01/18/1934 Two Beheaded By Nazis 8
01/18/1934 Nazi Sentenced In Attack (On American) 8
01/18/1934 Palestine Arabs Parade Quietly The Turnout Is Small Joseph M. Levy, Jerusalem 9
01/18/1934 Hull Is Acclaimed Champion of Peace (In Panama City) 10
01/18/1934 Hegemony In East Held Japan’s Aim (By The ‘Foreign Policy Association’) 11
01/18/1934 Attorney General’s Opinion On The (Roosevelt) Gold (Seizure) Bill 14
01/19/1934 President (Roosevelt) Cordial To La Guardia Aim 1
01/19/1934 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Spends Hour With President (Roosevelt) He Is 20 Years Ahead of His Time On Sociological Ideals, Priest Says (Turned Into A Great Enmity!) 7
01/19/1934 Sterilization Urged For Britain’s Unfit 7
01/19/1934 Danzig Nazis Get A League Warning Papers Were Suppressed Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 10
01/19/1934 (Raymond) Moley Urges Refuge For Nazi Victims Here 11
01/19/1934 French Want U.S. To End Neutrality Chautemps Hopes Roosevelt Will Go Beyond Wilson Day Talk On Aggression He Defines Arms Policy 12
01/19/1934 Japanese Consider Migrations To Chile 12
01/19/1934 Text of Morgenthau’s Statement On The Gold (Seizure) Bill 14
01/19/1934 Gold From Abroad Faces Seizure At Rate of $20.67 14
01/19/1934 Charges Britain Put Us Off Gold 14
01/20/1934 American Lawyer (Leo Gallagher) Ordered To Quit Prussia After Trying To Get (Georgi) Dimitroff Out of Jail (Reichstag Fire Figure He Never The Less Stayed Around For Sometime After This Finishing Up Some of His Work For Dimitroff) 1
01/20/1934 R. H. Jackson (Recently Resigned Sec. of Democratic National Committee), Explain Action In NRA Case 2
01/20/1934 Reich Asks France To Disarm At Once Scorns Aviation Plan 8
01/20/1934 W. C. Bullitt (U.S. Ambassador To Moscow) Warns On Soviet Credits We Should Trade Only By Taking More (Soviet) Goods, He Asserts At Philadelphia Big Market There For Us 8
01/20/1934 Question of Admitting German Refugees Under Bond Studied By (U.S.) Labor Department 8
01/20/1934 500 Nazis Seized; Vienna Turbulent 8
01/21/1934 Japanese Resent Our ‘Interference’ Claims Hegemony In East Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
01/21/1934 Roosevelt (RNA) Order Aids ‘Little Men’ 1
01/21/1934 Stabilization Fund Target of Experts 1
01/21/1934 Nazi Inquiry Urged (By N.Y. Rep. Samuel Dickstein, Chairman, House of Rep. Immigration And Naturalization Committee, A Man Always Violently And Virulently Anti German!) In Report To House 12
01/21/1934 Italy Reassures Vienna On Backing 13
01/21/1934 Nazi Protestants Claim A Majority 15
01/21/1934 (Samuel Dickstein) Bares Nazi Propaganda 15
01/21/1934 League Official (Pierre De Lanux) Sees Peril In Reich Arms 16
01/21/1934 Arms Meeting Off Until Feb. 13 Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 19
01/21/1934 Free Philippines Seen As War Peril Distrustful of Tokyo 22
01/21/1934 Tardieu Finds France In A Sad Condition 24
01/21/1934 (University-In-) Exile’s Magazine (‘Social Research’) To Appear On Feb. 1 (A Group of Anti-German Refugees Accepted By U.S. Academics Founded Their Own ‘University’) 27
01/21/1934 Solution of Gold Question Is The Central Problem of Washington’s Activities 30
01/21/1934 President Charts Policy For A ‘Sound Currency’ Arthur Krock E-1
01/21/1934 British And Americans Hit Schacht Bond Plan E-1
01/21/1934 Gigantic Deficit Viewed As A Roosevelt Triumph E-1
01/21/1934 Racial Separation In Palestine Is Urged Joseph M. Levy, Jerusalem E-2
01/21/1934 Women of Reich Complain of Work E-2
01/21/1934 Goering (Picture) Supreme In Prussian State E-2
01/21/1934 Hitler Is Called Another Bismarck E-2
01/21/1934 Germany Is Seen Blocked On East Augur, London E-3
01/21/1934 Behind The Masks of Dictators Mag. 1
01/21/1934 Roosevelt’s Advisors (Pictures) Right Or Left? Mag. 5
01/21/1934 Britain Keeps An Eye On (Robert) Anthony Eden Mag. 9
01/21/1934 A New Monetary Program For The Nation Picture: Roosevelt & Morgenthau XX-1
01/21/1934 Germany Is Viewed By (Some Of) Her Scholars Harold Callender XX-2
01/21/1934 France At The Turning Point In Her Dealing With Germany XX-7
01/22/1934 Germans Flout League As Nazi Tide Threatens Austria, Saar And Danzig Geneva Now Powerless Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 1
01/22/1934 (Sir Oswald) Mosley Opens Drive For Fascist Britain 7
01/22/1934 Von Papen Denies Imperialistic Aim 7
01/22/1934 Monarchist Bogy Frays Nazi Nerves Guido Enderis, Berlin 7
01/22/1934 Unrest Grows In France 7
01/22/1934 Vladivostok Gets Huge War Stores (From Whom?) 8
01/22/1934 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Troops Push Toward Kwangtung 8
01/22/1934 Declares Singapore Is Now Armed Camp (‘Rivals Gibraltar’) 8
01/23/1934 Vienna Plans Plea To League To Stem German Incursion Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
01/23/1934 Hirota Says Japan Wants Our Amity Text, P. 5 1
01/23/1934 Reich Arms Note Displeases Paris Hitler Asks Equality Now 4
01/23/1934 Soviet Fear of War With Japan Grows British Accused of Plot Walter Duranty, Moscow 6
01/23/1934 Roosevelt Seeks Reich Debts Parity 7
01/23/1934 Nazis Jail Woman For Letter To Sister (In New York Spreading Rumors!) 7
01/23/1934 Gen. Goering Is Made Master of The Hunt Protection of Game (In Germany) 7
01/23/1934 Hand of Paris Seen In Rumanian Crisis G.E.R. Gedye, Bucharest 8
01/23/1934 Paris Riots Grow; 750 Are Arrested 9
01/23/1934 1,300 Business Men Aid (Jewish) Nazi Boycott Merchandizing Council Is Organized 9
01/23/1934 German Intention To Pay Bonds Seen Holds Schacht In Error 31
01/24/1934 Vienna Is Guarded As Nazis Threaten A Coup G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 1
01/24/1934 Roosevelt Grants Cuba (Batista) Recognition 1
01/24/1934 (Ramsay) M’donald Urges Early (Currency) Stabilizing 1
01/24/1934 Reich Debt Total Said To Be False 4
01/24/1934 Reich Asks British To Join Arms Talks 4
01/24/1934 Germans (Berlin Carl Schurz Gesellschaft) Seek Our Aid 4
01/24/1934 Jews Pay Tribute To Toscanini Here (Father in law To Pianist Vladimir Horowitz) 20
01/25/1934 Japan Seeks Talk With Us To Settle Naval Problems Cries of Crisis Assailed Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
01/25/1934 A Neutral Austria Finds Wide Favor German Stand In Doubt Frederick T. Birchall, Paris 8
01/25/1934 12 Noted Pastors Desert (Bishop Ludwig) Mueller 8
01/25/1934 Schacht To Shun Berlin Debt Talks Discrimination Is Issue Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 9
01/25/1934 Reich Figures Err, Roosevelt Says 9
01/25/1934 Arms Concessions By French Likely 13
01/25/1934 French Navy Chief Ask Bigger Fleet Seeks A New Battleship 13
01/25/1934 (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (President of Columbia Univ. & Chairman of The Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Asks Union of English Races Hails Roosevelt’s Work 21
01/25/1934 Morgenthau Lifts Soviet Trade Bans 22
01/26/1934 Peace Efforts Hit By Naval Officer Says Pacifists Are Paid 8
01/26/1934 Reich Is Scornful of Aid To Austria Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 10
01/26/1934 Berlin (Bond) Talks Find Creditors Divided Dr. Schacht Remains Away 10
01/26/1934 Arms Treaty Hope Placed In Hitler Holds Nazism A Religion 10
01/26/1934 Nazi Banker Urges Ousting More Jews 10
01/26/1934 (Communist, Ernst) Torgler Denies Shift To Hitlerite Ranks 10
01/26/1934 Reichstag Called On States Reform Guido Enderis, Berlin 11
01/26/1934 China Treaty Talk Agreeable.To U.S 12
01/26/1934 Japan In Campaign Abroad To Attack Idea It Is ‘The Mikado’ Plus Prussian Sergeant 12
01/26/1934 Britain To Combat Japanese In Trade Oppose Our Methods 12
01/26/1934 Tokyo Critic of Us Rebuked By Hirota 12
01/27/1934 Reich And Poland Sign A Peace Pact League Is Out of Picture Guido Enderis 1
01/27/1934 Russia Sees Japan Adding To Tension 6
01/27/1934 New Constitution Adopted In Poland President’s Power Great 6
01/27/1934 All German Labor In New Nazi Body Employers Are Included Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 7
01/27/1934 Roosevelt Splits Germans On Debts But He Is Adamant On Cut 7
01/27/1934 52 Berlin Reds Jailed 7
01/27/1934 To Aid German Refugees (Nansen Passports James G. Mc Donald, League High Commissioner of Refugees From Germany) 7
01/28/1934 Grave Crisis In France As Government Resigns Over Bank Scandal Riots Mobs Battle Police 1
01/28/1934 Nazis Strike Hard At Hohenzollerns Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
01/28/1934 Stalin Fears War As Capitalist Way Out of Depression Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
01/28/1934 Japan Admits Plan To Ask For Bigger Navy; Admiral Osumi Is Heckled By Diet Members Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
01/28/1934 Ex-Kaiser Has A Regal Birthday Son With Swastika Arm Band Wilhelm Issues A Book (The Chinese Monad: Its History And Meaning) 22
01/28/1934 (Bishop Ludwig) Mueller Debars Defiant Pastors Victory For Nazis Is Seen 22
01/28/1934 Paris Hails Pact On Polish Issue 22
01/28/1934 German (Refugee) Scholars Get (Academic) Places Here (Through Efforts of ‘Emergency Committee In Aid of Displaced German Scholars’ Refugees Placed In Various U.S. Colleges List Ofcolleges!) 22
01/28/1934 Cuba (Col. Fulgencio Batista) Aid Offered By U.S N-1
01/28/1934 Disarmament By Example (By Whom?) Seen As A Dismal Failure Our Naval Policy Has Menaced World Peace, Says Representative Vinson E-1
01/28/1934 Austria Is Barrier To Nazi Push East G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna E-1
01/28/1934 Adolf Hitler’s Book (Mein Kampf) Most Popular In Reich E-1
01/28/1934 France Undecided On German Policy Playing For Time Seen Jules Sauerwein, Paris E-2
01/28/1934 Palestine (British) Regime Assailed As Weak Joseph M. Levy E-2
01/28/1934 Austrian Problem Held Our Concern Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-2
01/28/1934 Picture: Future Lawyers Turn To Labor (Labor Camps In Germany Participation Required For Future College Students) E-2
01/28/1934 ‘Friends of Europe’ Organized In London (By ‘Pacifists And Socialists’) E-3
01/28/1934 Nazi Island (Nordeney) Issues Anti Jewish Stamp E-3
01/28/1934 Soviet Marriages Attract Interest Walter Duranty, Moscow E-3
01/28/1934 Mason, Alpheus Thomas, Brandeis: Lawyer And Judge In The Modern State, Princeton Univ. Press,Princeton Brandeis The Prophet And Builder Book 4
01/28/1934 Church And State In Hitler’s Germany Book 9
01/28/1934 Air Armadas: A Growing Dread Capt. B. H. Liddell Hart Mag. 1
01/28/1934 (‘Gleichschaltung’) A Single Word That Sums Up A Nation Harold Callender (Rather Like ‘Unity’ Or ‘Solidarity ‘In The U.S. A.) Mag. 5
01/29/1934 Nazis Ease Budget By Forced ‘Gifts’ To Party Treasury No Accounting For Funds 1
01/29/1934 New Deal Sought By French Leaders As Rioting Ceases 1
01/29/1934 British Arms Plan Drawn By Cabinet 1
01/29/1934 Conant Plans To Make Harvard ‘A Truly National University’ 1
01/29/1934 Leaders (‘American Committee On Religious Rights And Minorities’) Protest Nazi ‘Persecution’ 4
01/29/1934 Scaap Aids Jewish Plan (For Palestine) 4
01/29/1934 Aid Asked For Refugees (By Bernard S. Deutsch) 4
01/29/1934 Nazis Arrest Head of Rebel Pastors (Martin Niemoeller) 5
01/29/1934 Heimwehr Leader (Prince Ernst Rudiger Von Starhemberg) In Offer To Hitler Voice of Dollfuss Seen 5
01/29/1934 Hindenburg To Give Back Drums To British General (Sir Ian Hamilton Relationship If Any To Duke of Hamilton Hess Attempted To Visit In 1941?) 5
01/29/1934 Roosevelt Takes Rest For First Time In A Week 6
01/30/1934 Gold (Seizure) Bill Passed: Goes To President (Roosevelt) Today For Signing Text, P. 15 1
01/30/1934 Nation Honors President Tonight, He Plans Birthday Radio Talk 1
01/30/1934 British Threaten France On Quotas Discrimination Charged 1
01/30/1934 House Group Votes 1,184 Naval Planes 1
01/30/1934 Alien Curb Backed By Miss Perkins Urges More Liberal Immigration Laws 6
01/30/1934 Draft Arms Plan Recast By British 7
01/30/1934 Russians Distrust Polish Reich Pact Walter Duranty, Moscow 7
01/30/1934 Four German Emigres On Harvard Faculty 8
01/30/1934 Sees Nazi Activities In South America (Dr. Samuel Guy) Inman Tells Jewish Leaders 8
01/30/1934 Women Divided On Nazi Boycott (N.Y. Federation of Women’s Clubs Favored It Supported Untermyer’s Non Sectarian Anti Nazi League For Human Rights) 9
01/30/1934 Reich Firm On Cut In Debt Payments Creditors Accept Defeat 9
01/30/1934 Uniforms Ordered For Nazi Children (Hitler Youth Uniforms) 9
01/30/1934 Text of Ogden L. Mill’s Address At Topeka Urging Slash In Tariffs And End of Isolation 10
01/31/1934 Reich Takes Over Rights of States; Hitler Warns Foes Chancellor Urges Peace Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
01/31/1934 Treaty Navy Voted As House Passes $475,000,000 Bill Cost Cuts Are Rejected 1
01/31/1934 Money Bill Signed; Reserve Bank Gold Goes To Treasury, Text, P. 11 1
01/31/1934 Altitude Mark Set By Soviet Balloon Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
01/31/1934 Unparalleled Flood of Greetings To President (Roosevelt) On Birthday 2
01/31/1934 Moderate Cabinet (Eduard Daladier) Formed In France Early Defeat Predicted 12
01/31/1934 Japanese Urge Us To Push Asia Trade Hugh Byas, Tokyo 12
01/31/1934 Vienna Nazi Coup Fails To Come Off (As Predicted By U.S. Newsmen!) Frederick T. Brichall, Vienna 13
01/31/1934 Dr. (Kurt) Schmitt Boasts Nazis Cut Idleness 13
01/31/1934 Reich Debt Talks Today Face Crisis 13
01/31/1934 Nazis’ Relation With Us Improve (U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Dr. William E. Dodd’s) Protest Halted Attacks (But Nothing Halted La Guardia’s Etc.!) 13
01/31/1934 Morgenthau Earns Degree of ‘Straight Shooter’ Arthur Krock 16