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William Lindsey collection — 1934 NYT headlines

July 1934
Date Headline Page
07/01/1934 Hitler Crushes Revolt By Nazi Radicals; Von Schleicher Is Slain, Roehm A Suicide: Loyal Forces Hold Berlin In An Iron Grip (Pictures) — Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
07/01/1934 Hitler Commands Nazi Abstinences — Wants ‘Men Not Apes’ 1
07/01/1934 Hitler Alone Had Power To Order Shooting Of 7 (Voelkischer Beobachter Report) 1
07/01/1934 Nazi Chiefs Tell Of Ending Revolt-Raid Described By Party (Statement) 1
07/01/1934 Goering Police Net Catches Leaders-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
07/01/1934 Swift Blows By Nazi Leaders Crush Radical Plot In Reich 2
07/01/1934 Goering Is Noted For Truthlessness-Was Flier During War-Known As ‘Iron Man’ (Undisclosed Author) 2
07/01/1934 Vindication Is Seen For Dollfuss Policy 2
07/01/1934 Roehm Case Recalls 1907 Scandal 2
07/01/1934 Hitler Calm Amid Raids 2
07/01/1934 Men Who Played Noted Roles In Reich Are Victims As Nazis Check Revolt 3
07/01/1934 (Capt. Ernst) Roehm A Fanatic Rose With Hitler-A Soldier First Of All (Commanded ‘S.A.’-Sturm Abteilung) 3
07/01/1934 (Von) Papen’s Talk Linked With Reich Discontent 3
07/01/1934 Schleicher Defied World On (German Re-) Arming-Was ‘Peace Chancellor’ 3
07/01/1934 Persecution Of Jews Found Spreading (In U.S.)-Attacks Of Nazis Are Being Echoed In Other Countries, Rothenberg Tells Zionists 3
07/01/1934 Nazi (Unofficial Clarence Darrow ‘American’) Inquiry (‘Commission’) Here Protects Witnesses 3
07/01/1934 Third Pocket Battleship (‘Graf Von Spee’) Is Launched By Germany (Sister Ship Of ‘Deutschland’-Christened By The Daughter Of Graf Von Spee, Lost In Wwi Of Falkland Islands) 4
07/01/1934 London Paper Scores German Spectacle 4
07/01/1934 Goering Outlines Events For Press-Says Mutiny Plan, Watched For Weeks, Is Crushed 5
07/01/1934 French Pleased By Reich Mutiny-Italy Backs Nazi Move 5
07/01/1934 Reich Showdown No Surprise Here-Violence And Suddenness Of Events, However, Catches Washington Unawares 6
07/01/1934 German Catholics Score Nazi Ways-Strike At Persecution 6
07/01/1934 Nazis Attempt To Dispel Gloom With Lively Music 6
07/01/1934 (Kurt) Rosenfeld (Exile & Defense Lawyer At Reichstag Fire Trial) Sees Army Rule In Reich 6
07/01/1934 Future Of Hitler Declared At Stake-Direct Challenge Seen 7
07/01/1934 Pictures: Types Of Opposing Nazi Forces-Sturm Abteilung, ‘S.A.’ Vs. Schutzstaffel, ‘S.S.’-Difference In Uniforms) 8
07/01/1934 Heines Was Called Nazi ‘Strong Man’-Slain Hitler Aide Viewed As Most Merciless Of Storm Troop (‘S.A.’) Chiefs-Was Regarded By Many As Behind Setting Of Reichstag Fire 8
07/01/1934 Britain Postpones Debt Retaliation (Against Germany) 8
07/01/1934 Russian Industry Nearly Up To Plan-Harold Denny, Moscow 13
07/01/1934 (Alexander Troyanovsky, Soviet) Envoy Denies Russia Is Hostile To Jews 13
07/01/1934 Wide Starvation In Russia Feared-10,000,000 Face Death In Fall Unless Aid Is Given-Would Use Our Surplus 13
07/01/1934 Bids On 24 Warships To Be Opened Aug. 15 13
07/01/1934 Long Concealed Rivalry Breaks Bonds In Reich-Eugene J. Young E-1
07/01/1934 Nazis Renew Drive For Compulsory Labor E-1
07/01/1934 French Trade Pact Is Gain For Britain E-1
07/01/1934 Fascist Emblem (Red Arrow) Appears In France E-3
07/01/1934 The Balkans Illuminate Europe’s Feuds Mag. 4
07/01/1934 The Sword Of Lafayette Returns To France Roto.
07/01/1934 The World Unaware As (1914) War Closed In XX-2
07/01/1934 Left Vs. Reich In Germany-Emil Lengyel XX-3
07/01/1934 Gliders Are Nazi Wings XX-7
07/01/1934 Mexico In Today’s Election Votes On A Six-Year Program (Backed By Cardenes-Picture) XX-8
07/02/1934 Hitler Executes More Rebel Chiefs; Revolt Deaths Put As High As 200; Kaiser’s Son (August Wilhelm) And (Von) Papen Prisoners-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
07/02/1934 Hitler Forbids Berlin Troopers To Quit Homes; Meetings Banned 1
07/02/1934 Russian Example Unheeded By Nazis-Lenin Insisted On Compact Party Of Fully Obedient And Active Members-Called For ‘Cleansings’-Walter Duranty, Berlin 1
07/02/1934 Goebbels Relates How Hitler Struck-Swift Steps Taken By His ‘Deeply Grieved’ Leader 1
07/02/1934 Italy And France Believe Hitler Increased Power By ‘Cleansing’ 2
07/02/1934 French Mystified By Hitler’s Move 2
07/02/1934 Reich Coups Failure Pleases Italians 2
07/02/1934 (Julius) Streicher Assails U.S. Saar Official-Finds Miss Wambaugh, A Protestant, Is A ‘Member Of The Jewish Race’ 2
07/02/1934 Hitler Reported Planning More Moderate Course On Issues Pending In Reich 3
07/02/1934 (Franz Hollering) Predicts Red Rising Will Oust Hitler 3
07/02/1934 Pictures: Edmund Heines, Gregor Strasser & Many Others Involved In Revolt In This, Preceding & Following Issues) 3
07/02/1934 Hitler Held To Aim At ‘Taming’ Nazis 4
07/02/1934 Russians Believe Nazis’ Doom Is Near 4
07/02/1934 Austria Guarding German Frontier-Dollfuss Assails Foes 4
07/02/1934 French Acquit 5 Shot (On St. Mihiel Sector) For Mutiny In 1915; Widows Of 2 Men Win Awards Of 7 Cents Each 5
07/02/1934 Japanese (Civilians) Assault More Foreigners (In Shanghai) 5
07/02/1934 Yugoslav Fascism Seen As King’s Idea 6
07/02/1934 Cardenas Winner In Mexican Voting 6
07/02/1934 Wider Aims Urged For Zionist (Zionist Organization Of America) Group (37th Annual Convention, Atlantic City, N. J.) 20
07/02/1934 German Stocks Drop On Note Sent By Hull 29
07/02/1934 Mark Becomes Firm In World Markets-Strength Ascribed To Russian Buying 29
07/02/1934 Nazi Rebels’ Doom Echoes In 2 Towns-Drum Court Acts Swiftly 1
07/02/1934 Vatican Fearful Of German Curbs 1
07/02/1934 Developments In Reich 1
07/02/1934 British Sell War Planes After Air Show; Speedy Craft Go To Foreign Purchasers 1
07/02/1934 60 Storm Troop (‘S.A.’) Leaders Shot After Swift Trials, Says A Witness (Unidentified) 2
07/02/1934 Dream Of Empire Set Back By Nazis-Vienna Breaths Easier-G.E.R. Gedye, Berlin 2
07/02/1934 Paris Scornful Of German Charge (Of Complicity In Roehm Plot)-Does Not Even Merit A Denial-Violence Is Condemned-But Hitler Is Admitted To Have Done A Courageous Job In Suppressing His Foes 2
07/02/1934 Communist Reich Is Seen By Soviet-Harold Denny, Moscow 2
07/03/1934 Hitler Goes Out Heavily Guarded 2
07/02/1934 (Wartime U.S. Ambassador James W.) Gerard Sees Danger Of A Red Germany 2
07/02/1934 Doubts Nazi Plot Had A Foreign Link-Jules Sauerwein (Paris Soir), Berlin 3
07/02/1934 A Weaker Hitler Seen By British 3
07/02/1934 Germans Fearful Of Reign Of Terror-People Stunned By Severity Of Hitler-Walter Duranty, Berlin 3
07/02/1934 (U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Dr. William E.) Dodd Cables Washington 3
07/02/1934 Czechs Watching Reich 3
07/02/1934 Britain Gives Reich Debt-Grace Period 3
07/02/1934 Spirit Of Potsdam Is Guiding Goering-Bitter In His War On Reds 4
07/02/1934 Ex-Kaiser Sits At Radio To Hear Berlin Reports 4
07/02/1934 Reich Press Hailed For Its Discipline 4
07/02/1934 Gift Bearing Gives Hanfstaengle Woes-Able To Donate Only One (Most Refused) 4
07/02/1934 Exile (& Defense Council At Reichstag Fire Trial, Dr. Kurt Rosenfeld At ‘American Inquiry Commission’, N.Y.) Asks World To End Nazi Terror-Hitler’s Death Hoped For-(Clarence) Darrow On Visit To Mayor (La Guardia-Violently Anti-German!), Says Chancellor Is Too Dangerous And Should Be Destroyed 5
07/02/1934 New Deal Policies Urged In Palestine-Governor (Moore, N. J.) Assails (British) Immigration Ban (On Jews At Zionist Organization Of America At 37th Annual Conference, Atlantic City, N.J.) 6
07/02/1934 New Deal Begins For Puerto Ricans 6
07/02/1934 Brooklyn (Polish-American) Airmen Land At Warsaw 6
07/02/1934 New Deal Called Democracy’s Hope (At Virginia Institute Of Public Affairs, Charlottesville) 7
07/03/1934 New Deal Is Made Campaign Target-’Undemocratic’ He (Norman Fletcher) Says 8
07/03/1934 Army To Ask Bids On 7,500 Machines (Vehicles Etc) 12
07/03/1934 Implies Roosevelt Blocks (Federal) School Aid 15
07/04/1934 Hitler Flies To Consult Hindenburg After Getting (Von) Papen’s Resignation; Reich Facing Grave Economic Crisis-Trade.Weapon Is Forged-The President Is Cordial-Otto D. Tolischus & Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
07/04/1934 Nazis Defer Fight On Catholic Bodies-Need For Peace Urgent 1
07/04/1934 Fresh Perils Seen For Hitler Regime-Walter Duranty, Berlin 1
07/04/1934 Admiral (Keisuke Okada) Is Chosen As Tokyo Premier To Meet ‘35 Crisis 1
07/04/1934 Hitler Orders Summary Executions Stopped, Seeking Peace In Reich 2
07/04/1934 Nazi Plot Traced By Clash On Army-Official Says Roehm Aroused Suspicion When Storm Troops (‘S.A.’) Were Barred-He Was Then Sent Away-Jules Sauerwein (Paris Soir) 2
07/04/1934 Brown Shirts (Sturmabteilung) Face A Possible 80% Cut 2
07/04/1934 Silerian Governor Threatens To Kill Priests Who ‘Plot’ Against Hitler Government 2
07/04/1934 French Cautious Toward The Reich-Doubtful Of Nazi Regime 2
07/04/1934 Soviet Foresees Truculent Reich-Harold Denny, Moscow 2
07/04/1934 Germans Still Await Proof Of Revolutionary Plot As Total Of The Executed Rises 3
07/04/1934 Nazis Shot Down Men Denying Guilt 3
07/04/1934 Austria Rejects A Plea For Nazis-Terrorists Still Active 3
07/04/1934 Goering Adds 2 Titles To Already Long List 3
07/04/1934 (Goering Absolved Prince (August Wilhelm, As ‘Too Dumb’) 3
07/04/1934 Nazi Rule Likened To Our New Deal-W. W. Cumberland (At Virginia Institute Of Public Affairs) Calls Nation’s Counter-Parts, Even To Absence Of Friends-Found Germany Arming-Dr. (Karl F.) Geiser (Oberlin)Says War Against Reich Has Never Stopped 4
07/04/1934 Germans Furtively Voice Sympathy For Victims 4
07/04/1934 Plea Made For Red (German Communist Ernst Thaelmann, Killed In U.S. Bombing Of Buchenwald Concentration Camp Near End Of Ww Ii) By (Clarence Darrow Board (Unofficial [Anti-German] ‘American Inquiry Commission’) 6
07/04/1934 Hope For Jews Put In Reich Liberals-Dr. MargolisSays The Outlook Is Brighter In Germany-Fight On Atheism Urged 6
07/04/1934 ‘Defend Liberties’ Is (Dr.Nicholas Murray) Butler’s Plea-Columbia (Univ.) President (And Chairman Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Exhorts English-Speaking Peoples To Unite As Bulwark-Sees Peril From 2 Sides 8
07/04/1934 Zionists (At Zionists Organization Of America 37th Annual Convention, Atlantic City, N. J.) Request A Seat In League-Representation For The Jewish Home In Palestine Is Held To Be ‘Only Just’ 16
07/05/1934 Resentment At Executions Spreads Alarm In Germany; (Franz Von) Papen Keeps Nominal Post-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
07/05/1934 Nazis Pledge Aid To Vienna Allies-G.E.R. Gedye, Berlin 1
07/05/1934 Schleicher Rites Barred By Police-Bodies Of Executed (‘S.A.’) Troopers Will Be Burned 1
07/05/1934 Reich To Service Reparation Bonds Held By Britons-Trade War Averted 1
07/05/1934 Mme. Curie Is Dead; Martyr To Science 1
07/05/1934 Faith In The Nazis Is Shaken In Reich-Walter Duranty, Berlin 2
07/05/1934 Picture: Rudolf Hess Who Broke With Roehm A Month Ago (About When The Plot Was Discovered) 2
07/05/1934 4 Foes Of (Munich) Putsch Slain In Munich 2
07/05/1934 Prince ‘Auwi’ (August Wilhelm) Ejected From Storm Troops (Sturmabteilung) 2
07/05/1934 Mussolini Paper Backs Nazi Killings 2
07/05/1934 Simple Pleasures Urged On Nazi Troopers, But Mere ‘Lemonade Swillers’ Are Barred 2
07/05/1934 Envoys Ask Hitler To Disclose Plotter 2
07/05/1934 Reich Suppressed Catholic Protest 2
07/05/1934 Schacht’s Position Believed Shaken 3
07/05/1934 Roosevelt Hooks Large Barracuda 3
07/05/1934 U.S. Will Demand Payments By Reich 3
07/05/1934 Reich Bans Three (Foreign) Newspapers For (Unfavorable Or Derogatory) Accounts Of Revolt 3
07/05/1934 German Default Held Collapsing 3
07/05/1934 Hanfstaengl (A Personal Friend And Associate Of Adolf Hitler) Bears Gift To West Point-May Not Be Accepted 3
07/05/1934 German Refugees Flock To Frontier 3
07/05/1934 (U.S. Ambassador-At-Large, Norman H.) Davis And (Stanley) Baldwin Have (Pre-Conference) Naval Talk 4
07/05/1934 Tammany (Hall) Orators Praise Roosevelt 6
07/05/1934 (Viscount) Hailsham For World ‘New Deal’ 10
07/05/1934 Jews Are Warned Against (Samuel Untermyer) Boycott-Paper By Morris D. Waldman Read (By Rabbi J. Max Weiss, Of The American Jewish Committee [Not Congress!]) At Rabbinical Assembly Hits ‘United Action’ 15
07/05/1934 ‘New Deal’ Upheld In (Virginia) Institute (For Foreign Affairs) Talks-Churches Urged To Help-Roosevelt Program! In Harmony With Jefferson’s Ideas, Saws R. W. Moore 20
07/06/1934 Germany Faces Dispute With France Over (Roehm Revolt) ‘Plot;’ Nazis Seeking New Policy-Denied By French Envoy-Germans Repeat Charge-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
07/05/1934 Nazi Chiefs Weigh A Party Shake-Up-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
07/06/1934 2 Killed, 115 Are Injured In San Francisco Strike; Troops At Waterfront 1
07/06/1934 Reichswehr Aloof In Reich Quarrels; Storm Troops (Sturm-Abteilung) Trouble The Nazis 2
07/06/1934 Blomberg Is Held A Future Dictator-Is Of Intellectual Type 2
07/06/1934 German Charges Arouse French Ire-Jules Sauerwein (Paris Soir), Berlin 2
07/06/1934 Full Confidence Of Roehm Voiced On Eve Of Revolt 2
07/06/1934 Nazis Slaying Stirs Catholics In Saar-Proof Of (Klausener) Guilt Demanded 2
07/06/1934 False Tales Spread About Reich Events 2
07/06/1934 Nazi Relationship To State Obscure-Hitler Faces A Hard Task-Walter Duranty, Berlin 3
07/06/1934 (Mass. Rep. John W.) M’cormack (Chairman Of Dickstein’s House Un-American & Propaganda Inquiry) Ready To Bare Nazi Plots-Hints At Deportation 3
07/06/1934 U.S. Concern (Remington Rand-I Believe Henry Morgenthau Once Worked For A Typewriter Concern) Shuts Branches In Reich 3
07/06/1934 (Kurt) Schmitt Dictator Of Reich Business 4
07/06/1934 British See Reich Ruled By Industry 4
07/06/1934 Educators Attack Roosevelt Silence (On Federal Aid To Education) 12
07/06/1934 Interfaith Amity Seen In Film Fight 13
07/07/1934 Hitler To Reform The Storm Troops (Sturmabteilung), Chief Peril To Him-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
07/07/1934 Fear Of Alliance (With France) Shown In Britain 1
07/07/1934 Attack On France Ended In Germany-Good Feeling Is Restored-Frederick T. Birchall 4
07/07/1934 Shock Over Events Grows In Germany 4
07/07/1934 Breslau Threats Worry Catholics 4
07/07/1934 Imported Goods Hoarded In Germany As Government Calls For Substitutes 4
07/07/1934 Schleichers Laid In Nameless Grave-All Victims Cremated 4
07/07/1934 2 Religious Groups Back Hitler’s Action 4
07/07/1934 (German) Red Leader (Willi Muenzenberg, In U.S.) Sees German Revolt-Madison Square Garden Rally Sends Cablegram Demanding (Communist, Ernst) Thaelmann’s Release 5
07/07/1934 Nazis Ask Single Persons To Yield Jobs To Married 5
07/07/1934 Red Plots Bared In South America 5
07/07/1934 Soviet Amity Pact Rejected By U.S. (Project Of William C. Bullitt & Maxim Litvinoff) 5
07/07/1934 Two Nazi Bombers Get Life In Austria 5
07/07/1934 Army To Redraft Promotions Plan 14
07/07/1934 Socialism Called New Deal’s Basis-Warns Of Great Debt 14
07/07/1934 Britain To Move Arsenal To Spot Less Open To (Air) Raids 14
07/08/1934 Hitler Sets Truce For July In Reich, Leaves For A Rest 1
07/08/1934 Hull Again Raises Debt Issue In Note Thanking Finland 1
07/08/1934 Amsterdam Riots Finally Quelled 3
07/08/1934 To Launch Destroyer (‘Aylwin’) 3
07/08/1934 Poland Abolishes The Dollar Clause-Bonds Here Affected 5
07/08/1934 Resent ‘Belittling’ Of Hull (At Virginia Institute Of Public Affairs) By William R.) Castle 10
07/08/1934 Hanfstaengl Off (For Germany) Cheered By Crowd-Plans To Return In Fall 15
07/08/1934 Prague Police List The Nazi Refugees 15
07/08/1934 ‘It’s Not Over Yet,’ Reich Public Says-Plot Proofs Demanded-Frederick T. Birchell, Berlin 16
07/08/1934 Bavarian Groups Resent Slayings 16
07/08/1934 Germans Told Of Death Total For First Time; ‘Number Of Traitors Still Below 50’ (Partial List) 16
07/08/1934 ‘Hitler’s Screams’ Awakened Village-Tell Of Leader’s Fury 16
07/08/1934 Danzig Promises Fairness To Jews 16
07/08/1934 ‘My Police’ Thanked By Goering In Order 16
07/08/1934 Essen Mayor Curbs Potato Speculation 16
07/08/1934 Comment Alarms Nazis 16
07/08/1934 Has New Isolation Camp-Poland Interns 18 Men In Third Concentration (Camp) Centre 16
07/08/1934 Many Expect Hess To Eclipse Goering 17
07/08/1934 (Mendel) Beilus Dies At 62; In 1913 Kieff (‘Ritualistic [Jewish] Murder’ Of Christian Child) Trial-(Russian) Government Pressure-City Held Him Innocent 20
07/08/1934 Revolt In Britain Seen By Snowden 21
07/08/1934 Nazi Regime Faces Test; Odds Now Favor Hitler-Edwin L. James E-1
07/08/1934 Signs Of German Reaction To Nazis’ ‘Heroes’ Seen-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin E-1
07/08/1934 London And Paris May Reach Accord E-1
07/08/1934 Barthou’s Policies (In Balkans) Alarms Italians E-2
07/08/1934 French Foresight Held To Vex Reich-(Roehm Plot) Charge Called Absurd E-2
07/08/1934 Cartoon: Anti-Hitler E-5
07/08/1934 Potato Surplus Hits Three (U.S.) States E-6
07/08/1934 Alabama Wearies Of Our (Scottsboro Rape Case) Criticism E-7
07/08/1934 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Now Losing North China Grip-Hallett Abend, Shanghai E-8
07/08/1934 Roosevelt Surveys His Course-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Washington Mag. 1
07/08/1934 Harry L. Hopkins, WPA Administrator) Grappling The Vast Problem Of Relief Mag. 3
07/08/1934 Forces Behind Hitler-And Those Opposed (Sturmabteilung [‘S.A.’] Vs. Schutzstaffel [‘S.S.’])-Emil Lengyel XX-1
07/09/1934 (Rudolf) Hess Appeals To French To Keep Peace, But Dares Anyone To Attack Reich 1
07/09/1934 Hitler Greatest German, (Dr. Robert) Ley Tells Nazi Meeting 1
07/09/1934 60,000 (German) Catholics Hear Nazis Defied (By Cardinal Faulhaber)-Priests Urged To Resist 1
07/09/1934 Text Of Address By Rudolf Hess, Hitler Aid, To East-Prussian Nazis 2
07/09/1934 Dread Of French Seen In Hess Plea 2
07/09/1934 Pictures: Rudolf Hess & Munich Cardinal Faulhaber 2
07/09/1934 (Senator William) Borah Declares Hitler ‘Can’t Last Much Longer’ 2
07/09/1934 $1,554,256 Pledged To Aid Reich Jews (By United Jewish Appeal) 3
07/09/1934 Japan To Attend (1935 London) Naval Conference (U.S., England & France Already Planning!) 3
07/09/1934 Soviet Still Finds Nationalism In Ukraine; Some Reds Dismissed As Sympathizers-Harold Denny, Moscow 4
07/09/1934 Picture: Dr. Hanfstaengl Sails For Home 5
07/09/1934 London Welcomes Reich Debt Accord 23
07/10/1934 Hitler’s Storm Troops (‘S.A.’) To Be Disarmed, Reduced From 2,500,000 To 800,000-Will Serve As Ushers-Also To Act As ‘Bouncers’ At Meetings Of The Nazi Party-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
07/10/1934 Two Security Pacts Sought By French 1
07/10/1934 Nazi Leader Here (Hubert Schnuch, Friends Of New Germany) Defends Drilling And Ban On Jews-40 Unites Cover Nation (House Dickstein Inquiry Into Un-American Activities & Propaganda, Mc Cormack, Chairman) 1
07/10/1934 Paris (Switz) Spy Hunters Seek New York Woman; Group Said To Have Germ Warfare Secrets (See Earlier Accusation By H. Wickham Steed) 1
07/10/1934 Hess Plea Viewed As A Red Herring-German Press Diverted From Killings-Frederick T. Birchall 15
07/10/1934 9 Jews Listed Slain In German Disorders-Eight Were Killed In Silesia, Says Jewish Telegraphic Agency-Youth ‘Suicide’ In Berlin 15
07/10/1934 Berlin Bans Talk Of Church Issues 15
07/10/1934 Catholic Reports Big Gain In Silesia 15
07/10/1934 Germany Is Gagged; ‘Gossips’ Arrested 15
07/10/1934 (Miss Pauline Baerwald) Hails Young Jews In Reich 15
07/10/1934 Paris Suspicious Of Hess’s Speech-’German Trickery’ Seen 16
07/10/1934 Picture: Prof. Raymond Moley (Former Roosevelt Ass’t. Sec. Of State) Testifying Yesterday (Before Dickstein’s Inquiry-See P. 1) 16
07/10/1934 World Bank Asks Reich To Pay Debts 22
07/11/1934 Hitler Summons Reichstag To Hear Defense Of Policy-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
07/11/1934 President (Roosevelt) Is Hailed In Columbia (South America); Pictures ‘Live And Let Live’ Era 1
07/11/1934 Soviet Abolishes Its Secret Police (Ogpu) 1
07/11/1934 Tacit British Aid Won By Barthou 1
07/11/1934 Germany Records Increase In Gold-But Price Paid Is Heavy-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 9
07/11/1934 Goebbels Assails The Foreign Press-Expulsions Threatened 10
07/11/1934 Reich Bishop Gets Dictator’s Rights 10
07/11/1934 (George Sylvester) Viereck (Got $2,000 From Nazi Consul-For Advisory Services (Dickstein’s Mc Cormack Inquiry Into Un-American Activities & Propaganda) 11
07/11/1934 Ukrainians Seized In Poland Slaying 12
07/11/1934 Soviet Is Aloof On Naval Parley-Might Accept Invitation 13
07/12/1934 Ivy Lea, As Advisor To Nazis, Paid $25,000 By Dye Trust (Samuel Dickstein’s Mc Cormack Inquiry Into Un-American & Propaganda) 1
07/12/1934 Dolfuss Widens His Cabinet Power For Drive On Nazis-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 1
07/12/1934 Goering Is Blamed For Nazi Killings 1
07/12/1934 Nazis Halt Move To Rule Business-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 3
07/12/1934 (Conductor Otto) Klemperer (Jewish Exile Apparently In U.S.) Loses Property In Reich 4
07/12/1934 Germany Calls For Intervention In Memel; Neurath Sees Envoys Of Pact Guarantors 4
07/12/1934 Goebbels (Press) Charges To Be Challenged (By Berlin Foreign Press Association) 4
07/12/1934 Reich Holds Paris Now Rules Europe-Sees Full Encirclement-Frederick T.Birchall, Berlin 5
07/12/1934 French Say Peace Hinges On Hitler-Equality Held Assured 5
07/12/1934 Reich Turning (Jewish) ‘Boycott’ On U.S., Dickenson Says 5
07/12/1934 Hitler’s Coup Causes Big Decline In Tourists 5
07/12/1934 End Of Ogpu Hailed As Defeat Of Foes-Harold Denny, Moscow 6
07/12/1934 Debt Issue Blocks U.S.-Soviet Trade-Walter Duranty 6
07/12/1934 Battleship Plans Drawn Up By Navy-Action Awaits (1935, London Naval) Parley 9
07/13/1934 (Gen. Hugh S.) Johnson (Nra Administrator & Strong Roosevelt Supporter & ‘Mouthpiece’) Hits Nazi Killings; Says They Justify Fight For Free Press In America-’Shocked’ At Savagery-Sees No Such Thing Here 1
07/12/1934 All Reich To Hear Hitler Talk Today-White Book Is Rushed-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
07/12/1934 Bombings Answer Dollfuss Threat-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 2
07/13/1934 Exile Here Predicts Dominican (Republic) Uprising (Against Trujillo, Roosevelt Supporter) 2
07/13/1934 Hitler Is The Law, Goering Asserts 3
07/13/1934 Hitler Downfall Near, (George H.) Earle (Former U.S. Envoy To Austria, Later Penn. Governor, Strong Roosevelt Supporter And ‘Mouthpiece’) Says-Lauds Dollfuss Regime 3
07/13/1934 (Julius) Streicher Finds Jews ‘Turning America Red’ 3
07/13/1934 3 ([U.S.] ‘Anti-Nazi Minute Men’) Arrested At Store (Bambergers)-Nazi-Goods Protest Joseph Kaplin, Jacob Stacher & Hyman Trugman) 3
07/13/1934 Americans’ ‘Host’ (Dr. Adolf Morsbach) Put In Nazi Prison 3
07/13/1934 Reds Here Deny Rule By Moscow-Litvinoff Attack Bared Dickstein’s Mc Cormack Inquiry On Un-American Activities & Propaganda) 6
07/13/1934 Peasants Resisting Soviet Collecting-Crops Fed To Cattle-Harold Denny, Moscow 7
07/13/1934 Britain Will Push ‘Eastern Locarno’ 8
07/13/1934 French And British In Accord On Navies 8
07/13/1934 Treasury (Henry Morgenthau) Resumes Free Use Of Gold 25
07/13/1934 Roosevelt Names 2 Marine Generals 35
07/14/1934 Britain Discloses ‘Eastern Locarno’ Depends On Reich 1
07/14/1934 Hitler Justifies Killings As ‘Reich’s Supreme Judge;’ Defies Boycott By World-Scores Traitorous Aides-Puts Total At 75-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
07/14/1934 Reich Protests (General Hugh S.) Johnson’s Speech 1
07/14/1934 U.S. Demands Reich Give Debt Equality-British Accord Is Cited 1
07/14/1934 Points In Hitler’s Speech 1
07/14/1934 Text Of Hitler’s Address To The Reichstag Defending His Execution Of The Storm Troop (Sturmabteilung) Leaders-(Pictures) 4
07/14/1934 Hitler Is Acclaimed By Reichstag; Streets Are Closely Guarded By His Elite (Schutzstaffel-’S.S.’) Troops 1
07/14/1934 Austria To Launch Drive Upon Nazis 5
07/14/1934 Hitler Elects To Stand Alone In Crisis; Takes None Into His Confidence On Speech 5
07/14/1934 Berlin Names 32 To Treason Court 5
07/14/1934 German Catholics Honor Slain Klausener (Apparently Killed Accidentally); Bishop Of Berlin Praises Victim Of Hitler 5
07/14/1934 45 Seized In Nuremberg For Criticizing Killings 5
07/14/1934 Berlin (Foreign) Press (Association) Group Replies To Goebbels 5
07/14/1934 Reciprocal Security Pact For Eastern Europe Requires Germany’s Support 6
07/14/1934 Italy Now Backs East Europe Pact-Arnaldo Cortesi, Rome 6
07/14/1934 (U.S.) Press Comment On Hitler 6
07/14/1934 Britain Asks Reich To Sign New Pacts 6
07/14/1934 (Sir John) Simon On The ‘Eastern Locarno’ 6
07/14/1934 (German) Doctor Describes Executions Of Nazis 7
07/14/1934 Hitler Dropped Part Of Talk Paris Holds; Says Eastern Pact Move Surprised Him 7
07/14/1934 Store (Bambergers) Denies Buying German-Made Goods 7
07/15/1934 Reich In Deadlock With U.S. On Debt; Seeks More Trade-Germany Denies She Intends To Discriminate 1
07/15/1934 German Press Lauds Hitler’s Address And Tells The People That Other Nations Approve Of It 14
07/15/1934 Reich Won’t Give Details Of Deaths-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 14
07/15/1934 Points In Hitler’s Speech 14
07/15/1934 Hitler Is Weaker, Observers Thin 14
07/15/1934 American Editors’ Opinions Of Hitler 14
07/15/1934 Treason Tribunal Is Sworn In Reich 14
07/15/1934 Prague Hears Nazis Killed 500 In Purge-Otto Strasser’s Newspaper Is Quoted As Authority 14
07/15/1934 British To Press Germany On (‘Eastern Locarno’) Pact 15
07/15/1934 Paris Grows Cool To Ideas Of (Sir John) Simon-’Pactomania’ Is Assailed 16
07/15/1934 Bigger Navy Plea Is Made By Osumi-Act To Meet 1935 ‘Crisis’ (Foreseen By Japan) 18
07/15/1934 Picture: Army Aviators Who Will Make Flight To Alaska-Col. H. H.(Hap) Arnold Who Will Be In Command Of The Flight N-1
07/15/1934 Soviet Plan Fails To Expand Trade N-7
07/15/1934 ‘Ickes Ogpu’ Puts (Pwa) Clerks In A Furor N-13
07/15/1934 Nazis Fight Waste Of Raw Material N-13
07/15/1934 Nazi Imperialism Faces Real Political Boycott-Edwin L. James E-1
07/15/1934 Hitler Speech Strengthens Him In Followers’ Esteem-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin E-1
07/15/1934 New Treaty Plans Vital For Europe-To Decide Between Wilsonian SystemAnd Balance Of Power E-1
07/15/1934 British Find Ebb Of ‘Empire Spirit’ E-1
07/15/1934 Entente Indefinite But In Full Force-Augur, London E-2
07/15/1934 Mass Phase Ended In Nazi Revolution-An Autocracy Of The Few Now Rules People, Hitlerites Included, With Iron Hand-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-3
07/15/1934 Anti-German Cartoon E-3
07/15/1934 Vatican Condemns Nazis As Ruthless-Decries Denial Of Mercy E-3
07/15/1934 Seymour, Charles, American Diplomacy During The World War, Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore Book 3
07/15/1934 The Troubled Mind Of Germany-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 1
07/15/1934 Japan Revives The Feudal Spirit-Miriam Beard Mag. 10
07/15/1934 U.S. Attacks The World Trade Deadlock XX-1
07/15/1934 The Ogpu Closes Its Eventful History XX-1
07/15/1934 Our Berlin Envoy Exalts Democracy-Dr. William E. Dodd XX-2
07/16/1934 Hitler Is Menaced By Food Shortage; Curbs Profiteers 1
07/16/1934 British And Soviet To Exchange Army Aides 1
07/16/1934 Unions Will Ration San Francisco, Feeding City In Designated Cafes; General Strike On This Morning 1
07/16/1934 3 Austrian Socialists Killed By Police; Nazis Reply To Dolfuss By New Bombings 1
07/16/1934 Germans Alarmed At Regional Pacts-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 6
07/16/1934 Guatemala Ready To Settle German Jews; Offers Land And Citizenship To Refugees 6
07/16/1934 Nazis Seek Return To Austrian Home 6
07/16/1934 Criticism Of Hitler (Made By Rabbi) Suppressed At (Camp) Dix 6
07/16/1934 Accord With Reich Sought In Russia 6
07/16/1934 Barthou Stresses France Has Allies 7
07/16/1934 Japan Asks Delay For Naval Talks 7
07/16/1934 Nazi (Roehm) ‘Plot’ Likened To Reichstag Fire (By London Times) 7
07/16/1934 Nazis (Friends Of New Germany) Camp In Jersey 7
07/17/1934 Strike Paralyzes San Francisco Life, 1
07/17/1934 U.S. Bars Any Deal On German Debts 1
07/17/1934 Fraternity Men At Goettingen Fight Nazis; 10 Held In First Student Revolt Under Hitler 1
07/17/1934 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia Univ. & Chairman Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Warns Of New Arms Race-Predicts Nazi Collapse 8
07/17/1934 Reich Sees No Aid In New Peace Plan-Pacts Would Not Be Reciprocal With Germany Disarmed 10
07/17/1934 Germany’s Trade Piles Up Deficit-Devaluation Is Foreseen-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 11
07/17/1934 Britain Threatens Cut In Meat Quota 12
07/17/1934 Japan’s Attitude Halts (Coming London) Naval Talks-Davis Will Return Home 13
07/17/1934 Tokyo Navy Chiefs Ask Equal Treaty 13
07/18/1934 Germany Seizes Revenue Pledged For Dawes Loan-Denies Being In Default 1
07/18/1934 Nazi Brown Shirts (Sturmabteilung) Begin To Reappear-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 11
07/18/1934 Nazis Preoccupied So Jews Get Relief 11
07/18/1934 Young (Unmarried) Workers Get Nazi Order To Quit (Jobs Go To Married Men) 11
07/18/1934 Reich Sets Amounts Of Grain Deliveries 12
07/19/1934 Reich Looses Grip Of Storm Troops (Sturmabteilung-S.A.) On Life Of Nation-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
07/19/1934 Reich Loan Pledge Seen As Scrapped-Washington Holds Britain And Reich Nullified Dawes And Young Plan Contracts 1
07/19/1934 Reich Jews Slain After Hitler Coup-No Details Declared 11
07/19/1934 Goering Upbraids Foreign News Men-(Sir John) Simon Backs Journalists 11
07/19/1934 Germany Shocked By U.S. Debt Note-Nazis’ Course Criticized-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 11
07/19/1934 Hitler Reiterates Faith In (Reichsbishop Ludwig) Mueller 11
07/19/1934 Reich Groups Vie For Trade Power 12
07/19/1934 Japan Is Reported In Pact Overtures 13
07/19/1934 (Oswald) Mosley At Odds With (Lord) Rothermere 18
07/20/1934 Nazi Secret Court Trying ‘Traitors;’ Prison Overflows-More Blame Upon Roehm 1
07/20/1934 Britain Will Build 460 Planes By 1939 1
07/20/1934 German Fraternities Win Fight With Nazis As Two Chief Student Leaders Quit Posts 1
07/20/1934 Bishop (Bares, Berlin) Asks Hitler To Explain Killing 8
07/20/1934 Saar Nazi Office Raided (By Saar Occupation Police) 8
07/20/1934 Reich Potato Imports Up 8
07/20/1934 Austria Warned On Munich Radio 8
07/21/1934 50 Are Shot In Minneapolis As Police Fire On Strikers; Gas Riots Seattle Pickets 1
07/21/1934 Reich Forced To Cut Mill Output; Hundreds Of Thousands Lose Jobs-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
07/21/1934 Britain Cedes Area In Africa To Italy 4
07/21/1934 Stravsky Is Freed In Zionist (Arlosoroff) Murder 4
07/21/1934 French Welcome Britain’s Air Plan-See Blow At Germany 4
07/21/1934 (Prime Minister Ramsay) M’donald Denies (British) Air Plan Means Armaments Race 4
07/21/1934 Secrecy Guarding Hitler’s Travels-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 5
07/21/1934 Refugee Commissioner (James G. Mc Donald, League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany) Wins German Aid; 60,000 To Receive Passport Information 5
07/21/1934 Hitler Expected At Wagner (Baireuth) Fete 5
07/21/1934 Rome Holds Truce On Austria Is Dead 5
07/21/1934 Germany To Delay Reply On Pact (With Russia & France) 5
07/21/1934 Hess To Moderate Student Leaders 5
07/21/1934 Goering Reaffirms Loyalty To Leader-Tells Audience That ‘Germany Is Adolf Hitler; And Foes Must Be Destroyed 5
07/21/1934 Nazis Tortured Poet (Erich Muehsam) To Death (In Concentration Camp), Says Wife-Body Bore Strangling Marks And Skull Was Crushed 5
07/22/1934 Nazis Strike Hard Against Criticism-Rumors Also Banned 6
07/22/1934 Scholars’ Plight Under Nazism Told 6
07/22/1934 Few Jews Practice In Prussian Courts 6
07/22/1934 Justice Impartial, Nazis Are Warned 7
07/22/1934 Germans Seeking Argentine Trade 8
07/22/1934 (Foreign) Troop Movements In China Irk Japan-Tokyo Sees An ‘Invasion’ 11
07/22/1934 British Arms Policy Laid To New Perils 11
07/22/1934 Plattsburg ‘Enemy’ Defeated By C. M. T. C N-3
07/22/1934 Britain’s New Air Plans Of World-Wide Interest-Edwin L. James E-1
07/22/1934 British Now Admit Fear For Security-Samuel Sees A New Race E-1
07/22/1934 Drought Confronts Hitler With A Perilous Choice-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin E-1
07/22/1934 Munich Hides Fear Behind Gay Flags-G.E.R. Gedye, Munich E-2
07/22/1934 Austria Interns Socialist Editor (In Woellersdorf) E-2
07/22/1934 Nazi Parties Ebb Outside Germany E-3
07/22/1934 Communists Hold World Seeks War E-3
07/22/1934 Eastern Locarno Pushed By Soviet E-3
07/22/1934 Henri, Ernst, Hitler Over Europe, Simon & Schuster, N.Y.-A Violent Vision Of Hitlerism Spreading Over Europe Book 3
07/22/1934 Man Of Steel (Fritz Thyssen) Who Looms Behind Hitler-Emil Lengyel 3
07/22/1934 Twenty Years Ago; The World War Begins XX-2
07/22/1934 Picture: ‘Cousins’-Wilhelm II And George V (‘Willie’ & ‘Georgie’) XX-2
07/22/1934 Europe’s Network Of Treaties Is Again Undergoing Revision XX-3
07/22/1934 Anti-German Cartoon XX-3
07/22/1934 (Cardinal) Faulhaber (Picture) Speaks Up XX-18
07/23/1934 Austria Sees Reich Arming Communists 4
07/23/1934 Orders Nazi Activity For German Lawyers 4
07/23/1934 (Marechal Philip) Petain Predicts War Will Come Suddenly 4
07/23/1934 American Bankers Seek To Aid Reich-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 5
07/23/1934 Nazi (‘E. Kruse’) Says He Aided At Reichstag Fire (Setting)-(Van Der) Lubbe Is Called Dupe 5
07/23/1934 Lithuania Is Still Ousting German-Born Officials 5
07/23/1934 Americans (Anglo-American Institute Of Moscow University) Begin Studies In Soviet-Native Youth Hails Them-Walter Duranty, Moscow 7
07/23/1934 Rabbi S.S. (Stephen S.) Wise Hailed By (John Haynes) Holmes 9
07/23/1934 Roosevelt Hailed In Latin America-Intellectuals Back Him 13
07/23/1934 Hitler Eclipses Opera (‘Parsifal’) In Baireuth (Sits With Winifred Wagner) 18
07/23/1934 Germany Increases Production Of Steel 25
07/23/1934 Germany Tightens Trade Regulations 25
07/24/1934 London ‘Bombed’ By 180 Aircraft 1
07/24/1934 Reich Is Mobilizing All Trade Forces To Fight ‘Blockade’-Industry Is Strangling-Otto D. Tolischus 1
07/24/1934 Reich Is Still Cold To ‘Locarno’ In East-Berlin Has Other Woes-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 8
07/24/1934 (U.S.) Church Goers Urged To Protest Nazi Rule (By Columbia University Chaplain) 8
07/24/1934 New British Amity Seen By Russian-Walter Duranty, Moscow 10
07/24/1934 Poland Turns Eyes To The Baltic States 10
07/24/1934 Vandals Destroy Books In Temple 15
07/24/1934 Army Demonstrates ‘War’ At Plattsburg 18
07/24/1934 Ukraine Averts Winter Of Famine-Harold Denny, Kiev 39
07/24/1934 Nazis Punish Head Of Student’s Group 39
07/25/1934 Austria Nervous, Hangs Terrorist 1
07/25/1934 Assassins Shoot At (Occupation) Police Chief In Saar; Germany Fears Bad Effect On Plebiscite 7
07/25/1934 Storm Troops (Sturmabteilung) Cut To 200,000 Likely-Nazis To Face The Courts-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 7
07/25/1934 70,000 German Jews Have Fled Nazi Rule-120,000 More Under 30 Could Depart If They Got Jobs 7
07/25/1934 Censorship Drive Revived By Reich 7
07/25/1934 Ukraine Presses Salvage Of Grain-Even Children Are Mobilized-Harold Denny, Kiev 8
07/25/1934 London Air Raids Do ‘Heavy Damage’ 10
07/25/1934 Japan Is Pressing Claim To Mandate-She Plans To Keep South Sea Islands 20
07/26/1934 Austrian Nazis Kill Dollfuss, Revolt Fails; 147 Plotters Held; Martial Law In Effect; Italian Army, Navy Planes Ready To Act 1
07/25/1934 Eight Nazis Hold Off 1,000 Men For Hours At Vienna Radio Plot-G.E.R. Gedye, Bratislava 1
07/25/1934 Berlin Declares Hands-Off Policy 1
07/25/1934 Germany Recalls Envoy For Action In Vienna 1
07/25/1934 Nazis Hold Ministers Pending Deal For Their Own Safety 2
07/25/1934 Italy, Britain And France Hold Independence Of Austria Must Be Assured 3
07/25/1934 British See Return To 1914 Condition 3
07/25/1934 Fey Tells Of Revolt In Radio Talk; Says Dollfuss Pleaded For His Family 3
07/26/1934 France Preparing To Act On Austria 3
07/26/1934 Dollfuss Died Alone With His Slayers, Who Refused Him Physician And Priest 3
07/26/1934 (Alfred) Frauenfeld (Exiled Austrian Leader Of National Socialists) Clears Nazis 3
07/26/1934 ‘Uprising’ In Vienna Eulogized In Berlin-’Victory’ For Germanism-Paper Holds It Result Of ‘Terrorism’ 3
07/26/1934 Schuschnigg Long Leader In Austria-Known As Foe Of Nazis 4
07/26/1934 Perils Long Beset Path Of Dollfuss-Showed Marked Courage 4
07/26/1934 Mussolini Conveys News To Frau Dollfuss (Picture) As She Waits For Her Husband In Riccione 4
07/26/1934 Dollfuss Target Of Assassins Several Times 4
07/26/1934 Revolt By Nazis In Austria Comes As Climax To Campaign Of Terror 5
07/26/1934 Woes Of Austria Laid To Anschluss-Third Reich’s Desire For Unity Led To Strife 5
07/26/1934 (Report That) Armed Nazis Leave Munich In Trucks (Allegedly Travelling Toward Austrian Border)-Vehicles Return Empty (Ergo, Germany Has To Be Supplying Armed Troops To Austrian Revolutionaries) 5
07/26/1934 Germany Pledges Equality On Debts-Demands No Concessions-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 6
07/26/1934 Guards Of Hitler Get Special Rank 6
07/26/1934 (London Daily Express) Says German Rabbi (Dr. Jona Frankel, Grand Rabbi Of Germany) Is In London Jail 6
07/26/1934 Events In Europe Today Parallel Those Of 1914 6
07/26/1934 War Methods Used In Soviet Harvest-Bread Is Chief Objective-Harold Denny, Kiev 7
07/26/1934 Russians Hopeful On East Locarno-Walter Duranty, Moscow 7
07/27/1934 Savage Fighting In South Austria; Starhemburg Orders Nazi Round-Up; Italy Holds 48,000 Men On Frontier 1
07/27/1934 (Von) Papen Will Go As Reich Envoy To Austria To Reestablish Amity And Appease Critics 1
07/27/1934 Hitler Prevented March On Austria 1
07/27/1934 Vienna Pays Honor To Its Dead Leader-His Widow In Collapse-Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 1
07/27/1934 Nazi Socialist And Red Leaders Rounded Up By Austrian Government 2
07/27/1934 Nazi Drama Of ‘Vienna Madness’ Acted With Daring And Cunning-Heimwehr Uniforms Used As Part Of Ruse In First Act, Got The Plotters Past The Chancellery Guard-Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 2
07/27/1934 ‘Tip’ Saved Many In Vienna Cabinet 2
07/27/1934 Paris Determined To Guard Austria 3
07/27/1934 No Move By Britain Likely At Present 3
07/27/1934 Reich Denies Any Part In Austrian Revolt, But Admits Indescret Munich Broadcast 3
07/27/1934 Dollfuss Slaying Shocks Roosevelt 3
07/27/1934 Soviet Press Links Germany To (Austrian) Putsch 3
07/27/1934 (Grand Rabbi) Dr. Frankel Quits London 3
07/27/1934 Starhemburg (Picture) Is Firm For Austrian Independence 4
07/27/1934 German Resents Foreign Suspicion-Berlin Is On Defensive-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 4
07/27/1934 New Chancellor (Prince Ernst Rudiger Von Starhemberg) Foe Of Anschluss-Also Is Enemy Of Democracy 4
07/27/1934 Austrian Official Accuses Germany-Links Berlin To Nazi Putsch 5
07/27/1934 Nazis Are Denounced As Degrading Europe (In London Times) 5
07/27/1934 (George H.) Earle Praises Dollfuss 5
07/27/1934 Picture: Dismissed Nazi Leader, Theodor Habicht, Austrian Nazi Leader In Germany 5
07/27/1934 New War In Europe Doubted By (U.S. Ambassador-At-Large, Norman H.) Davis 5
07/27/1934 Collectives Win Ukraine Peasants-Individualists Hit Hard-Harold Denny, Kiev 6
07/27/1934 Britain Completes Naval Base Shift-Bermuda Succeeds Halifax As America And West India Chief Station-Island Is More Central 6
07/27/1934 (Texas) Bars Voting By Mexicans-Are Not Of ‘White Race’ 6
07/27/1934 British Unity Of 1914 Cited By Baldwin 8
07/27/1934 61,000 Cattle Shot On Texas Ranges-To End Suffering From Thirst And Starvation 9
07/27/1934 First Polo Game Played In Russia; (U.S. Ambassador, William Christian) Bullitt Is Umpire; His Aide Coach-Walter Duranty, Moscow 19
07/27/1934 No Wilson Break, Says Col. (Edward Mandell) House (Father, Tomas Guiliam Huis)-President, After Paris Visit, Was In Hands Of ‘Bedroom Circle’ (His Wife), He States 19
07/27/1934 Rabbi Is Arrested In Charity Drive-Heads Of United Relief (Association) 36
07/28/1934 Austrian Nazis Routed In Provinces; Vienna Quiet, But Heavily Guarded; Italians Ready, Does Not Expect To Act 1
07/28/1934 Vienna Is Stirred By False Alarm-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 1
07/28/1934 Vienna Chancellor (Prince Ernst Rudiger Von Starhemberg) Warns Nazis On Radio He Will Never Compromise With Gunmen 1
07/28/1934 Austrians Suspicious Of (Von) Papen’s Mission-Pledge By Hitler Needed-Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 1
07/28/1934 (U.S.) Army Air Service ‘Second To None’ Planned For 1936-(Under-Sec. Of War) Woodring And Macarthur Map Program-General Staff Will Take Over Much Of Authority Now Held By (General Benjamin) Foulois 1
07/28/1934 One Killed, 20 Hurt As Deputies Crush Kohler (Wisconsin) Strike Riot 1
07/28/1934 Reich Withdraws Nazis On Frontier 2
07/28/1934 Rieth Denies He Acted As Envoy In Putsch; Holds Dollfuss Dying, Asked Rebels’ Safety 2
07/28/1934 Phyrn Pass Battle Cost 18 Lives; Nazis Fought Bitterly For Valley 2
07/28/1934 Austrian Socialists Hail Dollfuss Assassination (‘Fascists Murdered Fascists’) 2
07/28/1934 Body Of Dollfuss Viewed By Throng 2
07/28/1934 Austrian Nazis Keep Leadership Secret-Smuggled In From Germany And Identities Are Closely Guarded 2
07/28/1934 German Teachers Here (On Visit) 2
07/28/1934 Habicht Lost Nazi Post By A Slip Of The Tongue 3
07/28/1934 French See Nazis Injured By Odium 3
07/28/1934 (Von) Papen Selection Hailed In Berlin-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 3
07/28/1934 Communists Here Denounce Hitler-Roosevelt Also Scored 3
07/28/1934 Uneasiness Wanes Among The British 3
07/28/1934 Moscow Sees Aid To Pact In Putsch-No Regrets On Dollfuss-Walter Duranty, Moscow 3
07/28/1934 Hitler’s Legal Aide Approved (Sturmabteilung) Executions 3
07/28/1934 Brownshirt (Sturmabteilung) Ranks To Be Cut By 50%-To Purge Personnel Of All Non-Party Members 3
07/28/1934 Hull Shuts Doors To Arms For Chaco 4
07/28/1934 Evacuation Of Cities In Wartime Proposed; French Hold Air Raid Defense Impossible 4
07/28/1934 Japan Bars Parley On Political Issues-But (U.S. Ambassador-At-Large, Norman H.) Davis Insist Subjects Are Not Yet Banned From The 1935 (London) Naval Conference (Which The U.S., England & France Have Been Planning!) 4
07/28/1934 W. A. (William Allen) White Assails Old World ‘Isms’-He Warns Of Tyrannies 14
07/29/1934 ‘Red=Baiting’ Laid To Miss (Frances) Perkins-Deportation Is Decried 16
07/29/1934 German Lines Bar Cut-Rate Marks 27
07/29/1934 Austria Rebuffs Germany By Inaction On Von Papen; Duce Reported Urging Him-Hitler Is Embarrassed-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 1
07/29/1934 Hostility To Italy Is Shown In Berlin-Nazis Threaten Austria-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
07/29/1934 Dollfuss Mourned By 500,000 At Rites (Picture)-Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 2
07/29/1934 Austria Mops Up Rebel Nazi Bands-German Colors Seized 3
07/29/1934 Frontiers Guarded As Nazis Flee Austria 3
07/29/1934 Rain Halts Anti-Nazis (‘Friends Of The Soviet Union’) 4
07/29/1934 Paris Asks Backing Of Austria By U.S.-Sees Nazis Opposed Here-Hopes To Strengthening Of ‘Moral Isolation’ Of Germany’s Position 5
07/29/1934 Nazis Assailed In Britain 5
07/29/1934 Italy And France Veto Hapsburgs-Otto Regarded As Weak 6
07/29/1934 Austrians In Reich Score Vienna Rule-They Assail Torturing 7
07/29/1934 Secret Nazi Radio Station Is Seized In Carinthia 7
07/29/1934 (German) Jailed For Insult To Nazi (Julius Streicher) 7
07/29/1934 Duesterberg Held (By Heinrich Himmler) In German Prison (Columbia Haus, Berlin) 7
07/29/1934 Soviet Will Urge Caution In Europe-Holds Gravest Peril Is That Hitler May Risk Conflict To Maintain Power-Walter Duranty, Moscow 9
07/29/1934 Germans Will Pay Coupons To France-Credit Given To Schacht 10
07/29/1934 Sail To Fight Fascism-35 Women Delegates Depart For Paris Conference (‘International Women’s Congress Against War And Fascism’-Carrie Chapman Catt) 11
07/29/1934 U.S. To Shun War Abroad, (Rep. Hamilton) Fish Says-No Munition To Be Sold 25
07/29/1934 Army Preparing Record War Game-Plans Are Kept Secret N-1
07/29/1934 Austrian Putsch Halts Hitler’s Pan-Germanism-Berlin Put On Defensive-Edwin L. James E-1
07/29/1934 British Will Bar Credits To Reich-But ‘Rescue’ Work, If Needed, Would Be Undertaken Only In Conjunction With U.S. E-1
07/29/1934 Pan-Germanism Of Today Likened To A Pan-Slav Move E-1
07/29/1934 Spain Asks Soviet For A Trade Pact-William P. Carney, Madrid E-1
07/29/1934 Japan Wins Trade In The Philippines-Filipinos Are Worried E-2
07/29/1934 Display Of Force Stirs Manchukuo-Foreigners Also Amazed E-2
07/29/1934 Poland Is Opposed For Regional Pact-For Lithuanian Accord E-3
07/29/1934 Joke Was Expensive For Barcelona Daily-Newspaper Suspended And Fined For Acrostic Slurring Of President Of Caladonia E-3
07/29/1934 Englebert Dollfuss-An Able Statesman (Letter) E-5
07/29/1934 Japan’s Colonies Face Difficulties E-8
07/29/1934 20 Years Ago: The Flaming Hell-Sir Philip Gibbs Mag. 1
07/29/1934 When The Storm Broke On The World Mag. 3
07/29/1934 Battle Tides That Swept Over Europe-Capt B. H. Liddell-Hart Mag. 4
07/29/1934 20 Years In America; Fevered Interlude Mag. 6
07/29/1934 20 Years In Europe; Sweeping Changes-Frederick T. Birchall, Paris Mag. 7
07/29/1934 America’s Part In The Titanic Conflict (Of 1914) Mag. 8
07/29/1934 Ten (New York Times) Headlines That Tell The Story Of The War Mag. 10
07/29/1934 Again The World’s Eyes Turn To Austria-Emil Lengyel XX-1
07/29/1934 When Paris Heard The Call To Arms XX-2
07/29/1934 Twenty Years Ago; Over War’s Niagara XX-2
07/29/1934 Growing Palestine The Scene Of Great Economic Activity-Sir Herbert Samuel (Picture-First League High Commissioner [Jewish!] For The Palestine Mandate) XX-7
07/30/1934 (Kurt) Schuschnigg (Strong Supporter Of Dollfuss) Head Of Vienna Cabinet, Foe Of The Nazis-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 1
07/30/1934 Free Rein Granted To (Von) Papen In Vienna-Will Curb Propaganda-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
07/30/1934 France And Italy United On Austria-German Isolation Seen 2
07/30/1934 Italians Opposed To (Von) Papen As Envoy 2
07/30/1934 (Sir Oswald) Mosley Asserts Fascism Averted War In Europe 2
07/30/1934 Nazi Bullying Fails, London Times, Says-Hitlerite Methods Likened To The Policy Of ‘Deliberate Ruthlessness Of (‘Germany’ Understood In) 1914’ 2
07/30/1934 ‘Disloyal Aliens’ Are Held Menace-(N.Y. Rep. Samuel) Dickstein Says Nation Must Awaken To Peril Of ‘Undemocratic Enemies’ (Feature Of ‘Jewish Community Day,’ Chicago) 3
07/30/1934 Russians To Stop Dazzling Visitors-Walter Duranty, Moscow 5
07/30/1934 Morgenthau (Sr.) Hits Roosevelt’s Foes-Pleads For Patriotism (Before Mixed Congregation Of Methodists And Congregationalists) 7
07/31/1934 Yugoslavia Cautions Italy On Intervention In Austria; Warning Issued In Berlin-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
07/31/1934 ‘British Frontiers; On Rhine-He Declares The Air Age Has Pushed Defense Line To Germany-Churchill Is Critical (Of Baldwin)-Text, P. 2) 1
07/31/1934 Austria Tries Two In Coup Of Nazis-Slayer (Otto Planetta) Declares Dollfuss Was Shot Accidentally And He Regrets Killing-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 1
07/31/1934 (Austrian) Coup Bulletin Put Suspicion On Reich 2
07/31/1934 Baldwin’s Speech On Air Forces 2
07/31/1934 Goebbels Bans Paper Of (Gottfried) Feder, Hitler Aide 2
07/31/1934 Pan-American Parley To Get U.S. Support (Whose?) 2
07/31/1934 Austrian Legion Dilemma To Reich-Frauenfeld Is In Hiding 3
07/31/1934 German Tension With Italy Eases-Viennese Cabinet Hailed 3
07/31/1934 Poles Remain Aloof On Austrian Events 3
07/31/1934 Vienna Will Send Rebels To (Concentration) Camps 3
07/31/1934 Nazi Order Puts Curb On Student Socialists 3