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William Lindsey collection — 1934 NYT headlines

August 1934
Date Headline Page
08/01/1934 Hindenburg Is Gravely Ill, Hitler Summons Cabinet; President Had A Stroke 1
08/01/1934 Dollfuss Slayers Hanged — 2 Rebels Hanged After Swift Trial — Vienna Puts To Death Killer Of Dollfuss (Otto Planetta) And Head Of Band That Held Chancellery (Granz Holzweber — Last Words Of Each Were Reported As ‘Heil Hitler’) 1
08/01/1934 Storm Troops (Sturmabteilung) End Furlough Today 2
08/01/1934 Italians Abandon Attacks On Reich 2
08/01/1934 Austrian Nazi Paper Predicted Violence — The Red Eagle, Sent From Munich, Said On July 16 Dollfuss Would ‘Find Well-Deserved End’ 2
08/01/1934 Picture: Otto Planetta 2
08/01/1934 Britain Preparing To Check Germany-Baldwin’s Remark That Rhine Is Frontier Signalizes A Change In Her Plans-Vienna Coup Last Straw 2
08/01/1934 Baldwin’s Speech Satisfies Holland; Belgian Papers See Curb On Germany 3
08/01/1934 British Rhine Policy Is Pleasing To Italy 3
08/01/1934 Washington Feels Baldwin Was Frank 3
08/01/1934 Reich Sees Britain Now Against Her-Haunted By War Threat 3
08/01/1934 Dollfuss’s Work To Go On, Dr. (Kurt) Schuschnigg Asserts 3
08/01/1934 Eastern Locarno Wins Baltic Favor-Soviet Uneasy Over Italy-Walter Duranty, Moscow 4
08/01/1934 U.S. To Ask Soviet To Take Back (Russian) Reds-88 ‘Agitators’ On List (A Preliminary ‘Keelhaul?’) 4
08/01/1934 Warns Of Typhus In Chile 4
08/01/1934 Scientist (Sir Grafton Elliot Smith) Assails ‘Aryan Fallacy’ 19
08/02/1934 (Paul) Von Hindenburg Dies At 86 After A Day Unconscious; Hitler Takes Presidency 1
08/02/1934 Hitler Consults Cabinet In Secret 1
08/02/1934 Socialist Support Sought By Austria 1
08/02/1934 20% Cut In Navies Urged By (Secretary Of Navy Claude A.) Swanson-Says 5-5-3 Ratio (For U.S.-England-Japan) Should Continue 1
08/02/1934 Death Watch Kept At (Paul Von Hindenburg) Neudeck Home-Hitler Pays Final Visit 2
08/02/1934 Hitler 43, Was Caustic About Hindenburg, 85 2
08/02/1934 Reich Marks Date Of Mobilization-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 2
08/02/1934 Picture: Franz Holzweber, Hanged For Insurrection In Vienna 2
08/02/1934 Storm Troops End Month’s Vacation (Sturmabteiliung) 2
08/02/1934 Says Britain Seeks Airdrome In Europe 2
08/02/1934 British Oil Rights Go To Government 3
08/02/1934 Hindenburg Won Fame In 2 Fields-He Served Three Reichs 3A
08/02/1934 Pictures: Taken During Paul Von Hindenburg’s Life 3A
08/02/1934 Hindenburg’s Life Vigorous Till End 3B
08/02/1934 Kings Were Guests Of Von Hindenburg 3B
08/02/1934 Man Freed In Spain In New York Killing 4
08/03/1934 Hitler Takes Presidential Power, Ending Title; Army Swears Fealty; Ratifying Election Set For Aug. 19-Nazi Chief Now Supreme 1
08/03/1934 Reich Mourns President-Hitler To Be The (Funeral) Orator 1
08/03/1934 Hitler To Be Only Fuehrer And Chancellor; Says ‘President’ Is For Hindenburg Alone 1
08/03/1934 Hitler’ New Role Troubles French 1
08/03/1934 Germans Anxious Over Nazi Course-Reaction Abroad Feared-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
08/03/1934 Japan Spurns (Sec. Of Navy Claude A.) Swanson’s 20% Navy Cuts; Says It Adds To Injustice Of 5-5-3 Ratio 1
08/03/1934 Hindenburg Death Ruled A Blow To Austria-Frederick T. Birchall, Salzburg 2
08/03/1934 Highlights In The Career Of Adolf Hitler In His Rise From Laborer To Reich Leader 2
08/03/1934 British See Hitler Ruled By His Army 2
08/03/1934 Lost ‘A Fatherly Friend.’ Hitler Tells Cabinet 2
08/03/1934 Italian Acclaim Hindenburg’s Life 2
08/03/1934 News From Reich Disquiets Moscow-Walter Duranty, Moscow 2
08/03/1934 Dr. (Hjalmar Horace Greeley) Schacht Is Named To German Cabinet; Succeeds (Dr. Karl) Schmitt, Foe To Extreme Nazis 2
08/03/1934 Czechs See Nazi Gains 2
08/03/1934 (General Werner Von) Blomberg Praises A Great Soldier-(Rudolf) Hess Terms Him Father 3
08/03/1934 Picture: Paul Von Hindenburg & Adolf Hitler 3
08/03/1934 Ex-Kaiser (Wilhelm Ii) Is Moved By News Of Death-He Mourns An ‘Immortal Hero’ 3
08/03/1934 Roosevelt Sends Hitler Message-Hull Joins In Mourning-Texts 4
08/03/1934 Picture: Tannenberg Memorial 4
08/03/1934 Hindenburg Curbed Anti-Semitic Campaign, (Dr. Jacob Gould) Schurman, Former (U.S.) Envoy To Berlin Reveals 4
08/03/1934 Old Hindenburg Home (At Posen) Is Memorial To Pole (Karol Marcinkowski) 4
08/03/1934 London Times Sees ‘Cruel’ Loss To Reich 4
08/03/1934 Vienna To Appeal For United Nation-Rejects A ‘Dictatorship’-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 6
08/04/1934 Hitler Plebiscite Likely To Reveal Hidden Hostility-Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
08/04/1934 Manchester Bars Sales To Germans-Yarn Mills Forced To Close Because There Is No Hope Of Receiving Pay 1
08/04/1934 Roosevelt Pledges Control Of Power For Whole People 1
08/04/1934 Austria Relaxes Demands On (Von) Papen 2
08/04/1934 French See Hitler Going To The Left 2
08/04/1934 Soviet Press Sees Trouble For Reich-Growing Isolation Cited-Walter Duranty, Moscow 2
08/04/1934 U.S. Gunboat (‘Sacramento’) Sent To Foochow, China 2
08/05/1934 Hitler Is Pressed To Give Assurance He Is Not Radical 1
08/05/1934 Von Papen Calls Hitler Hindenburg’s Trustee 1
08/05/1934 (Admiral) Earl Beatty Asks Britain To Break ‘Shackles’ On Navy-Secret Accord Is Dead-Spokesman Says Britain Will Enter 1935 (London Naval) Parley Without Understanding With Us 1
08/05/1934 Nazis To Continue Revolt In Austria 2
08/05/1934 Hitler Bans Nazi Weekly (‘Der Stuermer’) For Attack On (Czech. President, Thomas) Masaryk 2
08/05/1934 Austria Relaxes Its Martial Law 2
08/05/1934 Baptists (5th Congress Of The Baptist World Alliance) In Berlin Score Racial Hate-Christianity Bars Prejudice, Says Rev. Mc Laurin-Germans Extol Hitler 2
08/05/1934 Hotel Nazis Used Burns-Fire Ruining Meeting Place In Amsterdam Laid To Anti-Nazis 2
08/05/1934 Japanese General Finds Us ‘Insolent’-Demands Arms Equality 2
08/05/1934 (Los Angeles Enquirer) Says Armed Men Drill In Secret-Buy Navy Ammunition 8
08/05/1934 Hindenburg Burial To Be In (Tannenburg) Memorial-Guido Enderis, Berlin 24
08/05/1934 ‘Roosevelt Revolution’ Takes A Turn To Right E-1
08/05/1934 New Deal In Reich Seen In Recent Developments-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-1
08/05/1934 Germans Are Now Ruled By Reichsfuehrerschaft-Edwin L. James E-1
08/05/1934 Clear Course Set For Vienna Regime E-1
08/05/1934 Japan Wants Help In Chinese Trouble E-2
08/05/1934 Effect Of Nazism Upsets Palestine-Has Sent A Flood Of Immigrants There-Move For Illegal Entry E-2
08/05/1934 British Now Map Air-Raid Defense E-3
08/05/1934 The Shadow Of Middle Europe-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 1
08/05/1934 Pictures: Paul Von Hindenburg Roto.
08/05/1934 After Hindenburg: Hitler’s Supreme Test XX-1
08/05/1934 A Triple Struggle Still Grips Austria XX-2
08/05/1934 Twenty Years Ago; The Germans Advance XX-2
08/05/1934 A German (‘Exiled Scholar’s’) View Of Us XX-4
08/05/1934 Germany’s Sterilization Law; What It Might Accomplish-(British) Doctor C. C. Hurst XX-8
08/06/1934 Hitler Bars War; Asserts That 1918 ‘Was Lesson To Us’-’We Shall Never Fight Again Except In Self-Defense,’ He Tells Interviewer 1
08/06/1934 Service Held Here For Hindenburg 4
08/06/1934 Putsch Mysteries Pile Up In Vienna-Despite Many Arrests, Police Have Not Found Leaders Of Attack On Chancellery-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 6
08/06/1934 Race Plea Urged On (Berlin) Baptist (World Alliance) Parley (By U.S. Negro) 6
08/06/1934 War Game To Test Mobilization Plan 13
08/07/1934 100 Slain, 300 Hurt As Arabs And Jews Clash In Algeria (A Number Of Articles Follow!) 1
08/07/1934 65 Miles Of Torches Light Route Of Von Hindenburg To Tomb At Tannenberg (Memorial) 1
08/07/1934 CCC Ranks Rise This Week To 360,000 Peak 1
08/07/1934 Mussolini Views Test Of His Fleet 2
08/07/1934 (Von) Ludendorff To Avoid Hindenburg Funeral; Friends Parted In 1925 Over The Presidency 2
08/07/1934 Text Of Adolf Hitler’s Address To The Reichstag 3
08/07/1934 Hitler Declares Marshal (Von Hindenburg) Lives On-Guido Enderis 3
08/07/1934 National Bigotry Scored In Berlin-(World Alliance Of) Baptists Hear Attack By American (Rev. Harold Philips, Cleveland, Ohio) On Moves To Limit Brotherhood By Boundaries 3
08/07/1934 French Mistrust Hitler Peace Plan 3
08/08/1934 (Paul Von) Hindenburg Rests On Site Of (Tannenberg) Victory After Hero’s Rites-Hitler Bids Marshal ‘Enter Valhala’-Pictures-Otto D. Tolischus, Tannenberg 1
08/08/1934 Arms Plot Is Laid To San Diego Nazis-German Consul Absent 1
08/08/1934 Austria Accepts (Von) Papan As Envoy 1
08/08/1934 Soldier (Ernst Feike) Is Hanged For Raid In Vienna-Shouts ‘Heil Hitler!’ On The Gallows 2
08/08/1934 British-Reich Pact Near Settlement 2
08/08/1934 Religious Confusion In Reich, Says Pope 2
08/08/1934 Cuba Will Deport American In Plot 4
08/08/1934 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia Univ. & Chairman Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Warns Of A World Revolt-Civilization Has Been Receding For The Last Six Years 10
08/09/1934 Hollywood Stars Said To Back Reds 1
08/09/1934 (Sir Maurice P. A. Hankey) Will Map Defense Of British Empire 11
08/09/1934 (General Werner Von) Blomberg Is Seen As Hitler’s Deputy 12
08/09/1934 Reich (Protestant) Pastors Must Swear Fealty To Hitler; Synod Today To Crush Nazi Bishop’s (Ludwig Mueller’s) Foes 12
08/09/1934 Police Aided Nazis In Vienna Revolt-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 12
08/09/1934 50 U.S. Professors End German Tour 12
08/09/1934 (Franz Von) Papen Sees His Job As Patriotic Duty 12
08/09/1934 More Nazis Flee (Austria) To Yugoslavia 12
08/09/1934 Nazis (‘Friends Of The New Germany’) Open Camp In Jersey For Boys (‘Wille Und Macht’) 12
08/09/1934 Baptists (World Alliance, Berlin) Ask Halt Of Race Prejudice-Nationalism Is Assailed 13
08/09/1934 (N.Y. Mayor Firello) La Guardia Outlines Air Defense Of City 15
08/10/1934 Roosevelt Nationalizes All Silver At A Price Of 50.01 Cents An Ounce 1
08/10/1934 Hitler Sets Free Minor Offenders (Contains ‘Over-Zealous’ National Socialists!)-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
08/10/1934 France To Deport 97 Striking) Polish Miners-Six Leaders Face Trial 6
08/10/1934 500,000 Starving In China’ Drought 7
08/10/1934 China Would Avoid Accord With Soviet 7
08/10/1934 Nazi Bishop (Ludwig Mueller) Voted Church Dictator-Opposition Still Defiant 8
08/10/1934 54,000 Fewer Idle Reported In Reich 8
08/10/1934 Austrian Nazi Office In Munich Is Banned 8
08/10/1934 Baptists (World Alliance, Berlin) Demand Body To Ban Wars 9
08/10/1934 Nazi Bayonets Irk U.S. College Girls (From Mount Holyoke) 9
08/10/1934 Gold Bloc Routed (Oklahoma Senator, Elmer) Thomas Declares 12
08/10/1934 Texts Of The Proclamation And Executive Order On Silver 12
08/10/1934 Dr. (Hans) Luther (German Ambassador To U.S.-Picture) Brings Message Of Peace-No Reason For (Jewish) Boycott 19
08/10/1934 Mrs. J. (James Or ‘Sarah Delano’) Roosevelt Delights French 19
08/11/1934 British To Get Pay On Sales To Reich; Unpaid Mills Balk 1
08/11/1934 Expansion Of Currency Under Silver Program Announced By Treasury (Morgenthau) 1
08/11/1934 Roosevelt Back, Immersed In Work 1
08/11/1934 Reinhardt Will Stage Jewish (Morality Play) Drama (By Franz Werfel) Here In A Huge Tabernacle With Cast Of 3,000 1
08/11/1934 Baptists (World Alliance, Berlin) Condemn Race Persecution-Oppose A State Church 5
08/11/1934 American Poles (At Warsaw Meeting) Bar World Union (‘First Americans, Then Poles’) 5
08/11/1934 Map Shows Reich Expanding In 1935 (Of Uncertain Yugoslavian Origin-Germany Expands Eastward & Westward) 5
08/11/1934 Reich Farms Have Shortage On Feed Grain; Use Of Food Cereals For Livestock Feared 6
08/11/1934 Fey Forewarned, Raid Trial (In Austria) Reveals 6
08/12/1934 Nazi-Soviet Clash Arises On Relief-Reich Press Asserts Ukraine Is Gripped By Acute Famine While Moscow Bars Aid 1
08/12/1934 Reich Bans Sales Of Grain For Food 12
08/12/1934 Poles And Danzig Settle Trade War 13
08/12/1934 Vienna Is Skeptical Of Nazi ‘Dissolutions’ 13
08/12/1934 Germans In Chile To Vote In The Reich Plebiscite 13
08/12/1934 Japan Denounced By Moscow Press-Harold Denny, Moscow 15
08/12/1934 Diction Of Roosevelt And New Deal Aides Recorded For Columbia (University) Language Study (Perhaps His Success Lay Rather Within The Skulls Of His Listeners!) N-2
08/12/1934 (German) Exile University To Add To Faculty-Unit Of New School For Social Research Engages Six More German Professors N-2
08/12/1934 Peace Is Hitler’s Theme As He Faces Home Issues-Snub By Austria Is Accepted-Eugene J. Young E-1
08/12/1934 Italian Distrust Of Hitler Remains E-1
08/12/1934 Nazis ‘Lie Low’ In Vienna Awaiting Rift In Cabinet-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna E-1
08/12/1934 Air Manoeuvres Worry The French E-2
08/12/1934 Soviet Espousing A Patriotic Creed-Walter Duranty, Moscow E-3
08/12/1934 The Three The World Watches (Roosevelt, Hitler & Mussolini)-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 1
08/12/1934 The World’s Efforts To Attain Peace-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva Mag. 5
08/12/1934 War Or Peace;-Europe’s Balance Sheet XX-1
08/12/1934 Japan’s Naval Parity Demand Made With An Eye On Russia-(Admiral Yates Stirling) XX-3
08/12/1934 (British) Anti-Japanese Cartoon XX-3
08/12/1934 Germany Depends Heavily On Her Huge Potato Crop XX-6
08/13/1934 Nazi Bishops Defied Again By Pastors (‘Council Of Brothers’); Arrests Reported 1
08/13/1934 Wives Speak Out Against Nazi Ways-Many Suing For Divorce-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
08/13/1934 Picture: Reich Bishop Ludwig Mueller 6
08/13/1934 260 Police Seized As Foes In Vienna-Col. Adam Accuses Reich-G.E.R. Gedye 6
08/13/1934 France Sees War In Hapsburg Move 8
08/13/1934 Russians Are Gay As Menaces Wane-Walter Duranty, Moscow 15
08/13/1934 Berlin Sees Hitler In Cautious Mood 21
08/13/1934 (Paul) Reynaud Insists On Cheaper Franc 21
08/14/1934 Churchmen (Barmen Confessional Synod) Unite To Fight Nazi Rule (National Synod Under Bishop Ludwig Mueller) 1
08/14/1934 Cheaper Dollars Asked By (Oklahoma Senator Elmer) Thomas 3
08/14/1934 Reich Fixes Limit On Racial Divorces-Must Have Been Filed By Oct. 15, 1933 7
08/14/1934 Vast New Empire Held Hitler Ideal-Henry Berenger, President Of Foreign Affairs Committee Of French Senate 8
08/14/1934 Germany Disperses The (Refugee) Austrian Nazis-Sends 15,000 To Labor Camps And Escorts 2 Broadcasters Out Of The Country 8
08/14/1934 4 Police Officials Hanged In Austria-They Accompanied Rebels Who Slew Dollfuss-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 8
08/14/1934 Property Of Apold Is Seized By Austria 8
08/14/1934 Roosevelt Hailed As Hitler Disciple (By German Paper)-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 9
08/14/1934 Dutch Nazis’ Chief Named 9
08/14/1934 Tokyo Naval Men Ask Big Cut Here-Say Washington Has Shown It Does Not Need More Ships-Deny Japan Is Now Safe 12
08/14/1934 Draft 5-Year Plan For Nazi Aircraft-Fleet Of 2,100 Is Sought 12
08/14/1934 Basis Of New Deal Traced To Hoover 15
08/15/1934 Exporting Of Gold Resumed By U.S.-$L,000,000 Shipment Leaving Today For France(Morgenthau) 1
08/15/1934 Saar (Occupation) Board Asks For Foreign T Force 3
08/15/1934 3,000 Nazi Exiles Worry Yugoslavs 3
08/15/1934 Picture: Paul Von Hindenburg Funeral 3
08/15/1934 Nazi Police Warn Insurgent Clergy (Barmen ‘Confessional Synod’) 3
08/15/1934 Dutch Will Seize Reich Trade Funds 3
08/15/1934 Six Anti-Nazis Jailed (In Philadelphia-’American League Against War And Fascism’) 3
08/16/1934 Hindenburg ‘Will’ Hails Nazis’ Work, But Asks Accord-Text, P. 8 1
08/16/1934 Naval Vessels Bids Reach $72,000,000 7
08/16/1934 Torture In Vienna Charged By Nazis-All Deny Violent Plans 8
08/16/1934 Schacht Assails Republics’ Loans 8
08/16/1934 Nazi Strikes American-Professor Lepawski Of Chicago Failed To Salute Banner 8
08/16/1934 Czechs Gayly Greet Three Soviet Planes 9
08/16/1934 Cuban Army Chief (Col. Fulgencio Batista) Snubs Bid To Duel 10
08/17/1934 Reich Rigidly Curbs Use Of Foreign Metals; Bars Copper And Tin In Household Fittings 8
08/17/1934 Austria Receives (Von) Papen Cooly 8
08/17/1934 Farm Reform Held Key To New Russia-Walter Duranty, Moscow 8
08/17/1934 Reich (Winter) Relief Fund Set At $128,000,000 8
08/17/1934 Terrors Of Revolt In Vienna Pictured 9
08/17/1934 Hindenburg ‘Will’ Is Doubted Abroad 9
08/17/1934 Hitler Declares Hand Was Forced By Hostile World-Frederick T. Birchall, Hamburg 1
08/17/1934 Dr. Schacht Terms Hitler Economist 2
08/17/1934 Berlin Protests On Press In Saar-Asks End To ‘Excesses’ 2
08/17/1934 College Tourists Back From France 2
08/17/1934 Nazi Attack Arouses German Catholics 2
08/17/1934 War Games Planned At Nazi Boy’s Camp 2
08/17/1934 Berlin Jewish Group For A Unified Reich 2
08/17/1934 Soviet Cultivates Citizens In Army-Youths Welcome Service-Walter Duranty, Moscow 3
08/17/1934 Roosevelt Bars Politics For All Federal Aides 4
08/19/1934 Nazis See Treason In Hostile Ballots At Today’s Voting-’Unity Is Only Weapon Against Aggression,’ Is The Slogan 1
08/19/1934 Mussolini Directs Italy’s War Game 7
08/19/1934 Ninth Nazi Hanged For Vienna Uprising 8
08/19/1934 Hiemwehr (Headed By Prince Ernst Ruediger Von Starhemberg) Accused Of Torturing Nazis 8
08/19/1934 Czechs Say Hitler Must Face Critics 9
08/19/1934 Parley To Seek Aid For Jews In Reich-Congress Opening At Geneva Tomorrow Also Will Aim At Helping Those In Russia (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Et Al.) 9
08/19/1934 New Deal Hailed By 8,000 Lutherans-Roosevelt Message Read 22
08/19/1934 Dr. (Charles A.) Beard (Sympathetically) Assays Roosevelt Course-Republicans Found Weak N-2
08/19/1934 Politics May Play Role In Naval Powers’ Plans-British Might Welcome Cooperation With United States In Plan To Protect Common Interests E-1
08/19/1934 Fear Rules Reich As It Votes Today-Opposition Has Increased E-1
08/19/1934 Germans Active In Latin America E-2
08/19/1934 Police Are Linked To Vienna Putsch-G.E.R. Gedye E-3
08/19/1934 Anti-Hitler Cartoon E-5
08/19/1934 U.S. Winning Amity Of Latin America E-7
08/19/1934 Chamier, J. Daniel, Fabulous Monster, Longmans Green & Co., N.Y.-An Unconventional Portrait Of The Former Kaiser Book 3
08/19/1934 Again Germans Look To The Reichswehr-Emil Lengyel Mag. 3
08/19/1934 (Archbishops Of) Canterbury And York Swing Leftward Mag. 8
08/19/1934 Pictures: Paul Von Hindenburg’s Burial Roto.
08/19/1934 Men Around Hitler Hold Diverse Views XX-2
08/19/1934 20 Years Ago; The War Strategy Develops XX-2
08/19/1934 Our Trade With Russia Lags Awaiting Credit Agreement-Walter Duranty, Moscow XX-3
08/19/1934 Citizens’ Army Training Camps Have Ended A Successful Year XX-9
08/20/1934 Hitler Endorsed By 9 To 1 On His Dictatorship; But Opposition Is Doubled-Frederick T. Birchall 1
08/20/1934 Hitler Now World’s Supreme Autocrat; Legally Answerable To Nobody For Acts 1
08/20/1934 German ‘No’ Vote Cheered In Britain-French Take Same View 4
08/20/1934 (Reich Bishop Ludwig) Mueller Hails Hitler’s Victory Over Jews-Says Anti-Semitism Is Christian Campaign 4
08/20/1934 War Game Banned At Nazi (Friends Of New Germany’s ‘Wille Und Macht’) Camp 4
08/20/1934 (Dr. Anton) Rintelen’s Property Seized By Austria 4
08/20/1934 Menace Of Ghetto In Palestine Seen (By Junior Hadassah) 8
08/20/1934 Rise Of Paganism Laid To Churches 11
08/20/1934 Mrs. Robt. Lansing (Born Eleanor Foster) Dead At Age Of 60 (Wife Of Wilson’s Sec. Of State, Aunt Of John Foster Dulles And Allen Dulles-Had Been Active In Ywca) 13
08/21/1934 Hitler Aims To Win 10% Who Voted ‘No’ To The Nazi Cause 1
08/21/1934 World Labor Body (‘Ilo’) Is Joined By U.S.-Roosevelt Notifies Geneva Of Acceptance Of Invitation Of (International Labor) Organization 1
08/21/1934 Schuschnigg Sees Mussolini Today 8
08/21/1934 Nazi Official Asks Change In Pastors’ Oath; Objects To Protestants’ Obedience To Bishop 8
08/21/1934 Paris Sees Rebuff For Hitler In (9:1) Vote But Press Admits Fuehrer Is Still ‘Master’ With Backing Of Enormous Majority 8
08/21/1934 Nazis Condemned At Jewish (Geneva) Parley-Dr. (Nahum) Goldmann Declares Jews Have Outlasted Foes Worse Than The Hitlerites-Urges 1935 Congress (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) 9
08/21/1934 Zionism Is Called Communal Concept (By Rabbi Samuel Wohl) 9
08/21/1934 Two Nazi Farmers Hanged In Austria-Convicted Of The Possession Of Explosives-Denied Knowing Contents Of Boxes 9
08/21/1934 U.S. And Cuba Sign Trade Pact Today 10
08/21/1934 Officers Work Out Army Mobilization-National Guard Has Part 13
08/22/1934 Brutality Is Laid To Austrian Nazis-Heimwehr Man Tells At Trial Of Killing Of Wounded 6
08/22/1934 (Membership) Campaign Planned By Junior Hadassah 6
08/22/1934 Berlin Enthuses Over (Milwaukee American) Legion Band-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 6
08/22/1934 (Geneva) Jewish Conferees To Push Boycott-Rabbi (Stephen S.) Wise Backs Policy-Untermyer Warns Wise (Boycott Is Not Confined To Just Jews) 7
08/23/1934 Cuban Officers’ Plot Crushed; One Leader Dead, 2 Await Trail-Colonel (Fulgencio) Batista, Army Chief Of Staff, Laments Treachery Of Close Friends Who Aided His Rise To Power 1
08/23/1934 Naval Scout Vessels Sent To West Coast; Will Stay There Until Conditions Change 1
08/23/1934 Destroyer Is Launched From Navy Dry Dock 5
08/23/1934 Awards Contracts For 24 Warships-Work Will Start At Once 5
08/23/1934 Russia Sees Peril In Japan’s Policy-Walter Duranty, Moscow 9
08/23/1934 Hitler Will Speak At Rally For Saar-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 10
08/23/1934 U.S.-Soviet Moves Worry Germans 10
08/23/1934 Hearst Is Quoted As Hailing Nazi Vote (For Hitler) 10
08/23/1934 (Geneva) Congress Of Jews Is Voted For 1935-Americans Win A Point 11
08/23/1934 Nazi Bishops’ Foes Seek Foreign Aid (Universal Christian Council-S. Parkes Cadman) 11
08/23/1934 Arizona To Guard Japanese Farmers 12
08/24/1934 Soviet Sharply Demands Japan Cease ‘Aggression’ And Free Seized Rail Men 1
08/24/1934 British And Irish Again Seek Accord 1
08/24/1934 Permanent Union Proposed By Jews (At Geneva Conference) 6
08/24/1934 (Samuel) Dickstein Questions Nazi (‘Friends Of New Germany’ About ‘Wille Und Macht’ Camp) Camp Leaders (In House Dickstein Committee Chaired By Mc Cormack, Mass. Inquiry Into Un-American Activities & Propaganda-Dickstein Says ‘An Out And Out Hitler Camp’) 6
08/24/1934 Church Peace Bid By Hitler Is Seen 7
08/24/1934 Schacht Controls Business Chambers 7
08/25/1934 Reciprocal Pact With Cuba (Col. Fulgencio Batista) Favors Island’s Sugar, Rum And Many Of Our Products-Treaty Summary, P. 4 1
08/25/1934 Benefits In Trade Treaty With (Batista) Cuba 1
08/25/1934 U.S.-Soviet Talks On Debts In Peril-Moscow Wants Credits 1
08/25/1934 Mussolini Warns Italy To Prepared For Warfare Soon-Hints Of Threat In East 1
08/25/1934 Federal ‘News’ Plan Denied By Roosevelt, Who Asks Explanation Of Schall’s Charge 2
08/25/1934 (General Benjamin) Foulois Requests House Testimony-General Asks (Sec.Of War George) Dern To Delay Action On Removal Until He Can Answer Charges 2
08/25/1934 Picture: Training Citizen Soldiers In Handling Of Big Guns 3
08/25/1934 Catholics Emphasize Nazis’ Infidel Trend 5
08/25/1934 Nazi Jail Term Ends For Brooklyn Woman 5
08/26/1934 Dorothy Thompson (Mrs. Sinclair Lewis) Expelled From Reich For ‘Slur’ On Hitler-More Expulsions Seen-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
08/25/1934 President (Roosevelt) Assails Schall On (News Control) Answer-Said Roosevelt Tried To ‘Mislead The Public’ 1
08/25/1934 Says Austrian Party Was Paid By Reich 2
08/25/1934 Austrian Nazis Expect Hitler’s ‘Order’ To Rebel 2
08/25/1934 Japan’s ‘Basic Policy’ End Of Naval Ratio 2
08/25/1934 Germans See War (Probably In The East) Soon 2
08/25/1934 Picture: Dorothy Thompson 3
08/25/1934 Anti-Nazi Pastors (‘Confessional Synod’) Reported Seized 3
08/25/1934 Foreign Churches Condemn (Reich Bishop Ludwig) Mueller 3
08/25/1934 Soviet Is Hopeful Over Tokyo Issue-Walter Duranty, Moscow 4
08/26/1934 Our Country Found (By American!) Least Provincial N-2
08/26/1934 Reichsbank’s Gold On Decline Again N-11
08/26/1934 Propaganda Silly Says Hanfstaengl E-2
08/26/1934 New Projects Aid Growth Of Odessa-Harold Denny, Odessa E-2
08/26/1934 Poles Now Hostile To Former Friend (France)-Jerzy Szapiro E-3
08/26/1934 Realism Is Urged In Soviet Writing-Walter Duranty, Moscow E-3
08/26/1934 Anti-German Cartoon (British) E-5
08/26/1934 Japan’s Destiny As She Sees It Mag. 1
08/26/1934 (Winston Churchill) A Lion In England’s Political Jungle Mag. 8
08/26/1934 America Embarks On A New (Reciprocal) Trade Policy-Adolf A. Berle, Jr XX-1
08/26/1934 20 Years Ago: The Germans Push Onward XX-2
08/26/1934 (Biro-Bidjan) A Jewish Republic Rises (In Siberia) With Soviet Russia’s Aid-Palestine Held Inadequate XX-13
08/27/1934 Hitler Opens Saar Drive, Urging France To Expect German Victory In Vote-Frederick T. Birchall, Coblenz 1
08/27/1934 70,000 In Saar Pledged To Vote Against Reich 1
08/27/1934 Schacht Decrees New Import Curb-Seeks Exchange Scheme-Guido Enderis, Leipzig 6
08/27/1934 Jews Voting For Hitler Said (By London Times) To Have Played Safe 6
08/27/1934 (Her) Ousting Mystifies Dorothy Thompson-Points To New Terrorism-Finds Hitler A Religion-Reich Is Becoming ‘Comfortable Prison,’ She Asserts 8
08/27/1934 Austrian Nazis Lose Jobs-Heimwehr (Under Prince Starhemberg) Drive To Oust Foes 8
08/27/1934 Finds Despotism Strangling World 11
08/28/1934 3,000 In Race Riot At Niagara Falls (Poles Vs. Negroes) 2
08/28/1934 U.S. Now Outlines Treaty With Haiti 5
08/28/1934 Nazi Church Defies All World Critics 6
08/28/1934 Paris Press Gibes At Hitler’s Talk 6
08/28/1934 Socialist Trend Observed In U.S. 6
08/28/1934 (Louis) Lipsky Sees Europe Forcing Jews Out 6
08/28/1934 Hitler Held Misleading-(Samuel) Untermyer (Leader Of U.S. Boycott Group) Says Boycott Of Reich Is Not Wholly Jewish 6
08/28/1934 Reich To Glorify Hunger As Virtue-Outside Forces Blamed (For Lack Of Food In Germany) 7
08/28/1934 Asks Aid For (3,000,000) Polish Jews 7
08/28/1934 Aryan Congress Delayed 7
08/28/1934 (U.S.) Army Fights ‘War’ On Paper Field 15
08/29/1934 Treasury (Morgenthau) To Use Profit Of $2,800,000,000 On Gold (Taken Out Of Circulation) In Balancing The Budget-Morgenthau Tells Plan-Text, P. 29 1
08/29/1934 Japan Threatens To End (Washington) Naval Pact 1
08/29/1934 Europe Preparing For War Of Speed-London Tests Fast Tanks 9
08/29/1934 Heimwehr (Under Starhemberg) Groups Clash In Austria 10
08/29/1934 Fears Of Paganism’s Spread 10
08/29/1934 Munitions’ Heads Called In (By Senator Gerald P. Nye) Arms Inquiry; 100 To Be Questioned On Ties With Europe (During World War I) 11
08/29/1934 Warns Of Perils In New World War 12
08/29/1934 $450,000 In Silver Here From China 25
08/30/1934 Hitler Understudy Likely To Be (Rudolf) Hess (Picture)-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
08/30/1934 U.S. Opposes Cut In Battleship Size 7
08/30/1934 Reich Bishop (Ludwig Mueller) Woos Foreign Churches 11
08/30/1934 (Lawyer, William O.) Thompson Assails Courts In Germany 11
08/30/1934 Saar Revolt Plot Alleged In Paris-Newspaper Man (Max Braun) Says Nazis Plan To Seize Region As Hitler Fears Result Of Plebiscite 11
08/30/1934 Invasion By Nazis Feared By Austria 12
08/30/1934 Expulsions Futile, Says Miss Thompson 13
08/31/1934 Reich Can’t Pay Any Debts For Years, Says Schacht; He Demands Cut In Total 1
08/31/1934 3 Big Powers Back Soviet For League-Seat In Council Likely 1
08/31/1934 World Council (Universal Christian Council For Life And Work, Fanoe, Dennmark) Demands Free Reich Church; Ringing Appeal Sets Forth A Bill Of Rights 1
08/31/1934 Japan Tries To Bar U.S.-Filipino Pact-Trade War Seen In Tokyo 3
08/31/1934 ‘Resist Japan,’ Plea Of Gen. Tsai Here 3
08/31/1934 (General Benjamin) Foulois Ouster Refused By (Sec. of War, George) Dern 6
08/31/1934 Germans Deny Hess Hit Back At Jews-Laid To Geneva (Convention, Jewish) Delegates 7