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William Lindsey collection — 1934 NYT headlines

June 1934
Date Headline Page
06/01/1934 President Reviews Great Naval Pageant; 81 Warships, 185 Planes Sweep Up The Bay Thrilling City Throngs With Might of Fleet 1
06/01/1934 Roosevelt Stirred As Ships Pass; Signals ‘Well Done’ To The Navy 1
06/01/1934 Religious Freedom Defended In Reich (Confessional Or ‘Free’ Synod) ‘Dictatorship’ Assailed Warns (Bishop Ludwig) Mueller Methods Are A Peril To Church 2
06/01/1934 Reich Marks 18th Anniversary of Jutland; Strong Naval Defense Demanded By Admiral (Von Luezow) 2
06/01/1934 Nazis ‘Aryanize’ Big Liberal (News) Paper (‘Frankfurter Zeitung’) 2
06/01/1934 Polish Nazi Gains Disturb Warsaw Anti-Semitism Deplored 2
06/01/1934 Germany Warns France of An Arms Race If She Prevents Convention Reich Desires Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 3
06/01/1934 Soviet Condemns (Sir John) Simon As Pro Nazi Barthou’s Stand Praised Harold Denny, Moscow 3
06/01/1934 Barthou’s Speech Approved In Paris 3
06/01/1934 France To Guard Reparation Loans 4
06/01/1934 Roosevelt Asked To Act In Toledo (Ohio Strike) 9
06/02/1934 President (Roosevelt) Firm On Debt; Links Revision To Arms And Bars General Parley No Legislation Needed Debtors Budgets Count Our Aim To Be Fair ‘Nationalistic Expenditures’ Will Be Judged By Us Along With Recovery Outlay Text, P. 6, 1
06/02/1934 Parley Recesses In Arms Deadlock To Seek Solution Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 1
06/02/1934 Rush of Visitors Overwhelms Navy 3
06/02/1934 Nazi (‘Friends of New Germany’) Meeting Banned 3
06/02/1934 Two Debt Parleys Begun By Germany 6
06/02/1934 Congress Backs The (Roosevelt War) Debt Message 6
06/02/1934 Russia Hopes U.S. Backs Arms Move German, Japanese And British Groups Held To Be Fostering Aggressive Steps (By Soviet Foreign Commissar Maxim Litvinoff) 8
06/02/1934 Non Nazi Set Up New Free Church (At Barmen, Westphalia ‘Free’ Or Confessional Synod) Link With State Decried (Except For Financial Support) Decries Racial Issue 9
06/02/1934 Nazis Warn Jews To Stay At Home (To Avoid Attack By Unknown Groups) 9
06/02/1934 Plebiscite In Saar Is Set For Jan. 13 9
06/02/1934 Justice Department Denies Aiding Nazis Officials Say No Advice Was Given Regarding Curb On Boycott Propaganda Here 9
06/03/1934 Britain Will Pay Debt Token June 15 1
06/03/1934 Note Coverage Cut To 3.7% In Germany 18
06/03/1934 (Roosevelt) Message) On (War) Debts Disappoints Paris 18
06/03/1934 Nazis To Control Pastors’ Training 19
06/03/1934 (Bernhard Rust) Sees All The West (Eventually) Embracing Nazism 19
06/03/1934 Law Urged To Bar ‘Inferior’ Aliens (Dr. C. P. Armstrong) Would Raise Standards 23
06/03/1934 Mutiny of (World War I) Troops Reviewed In Paris (1915 On St. Mihiel Sector) 26
06/03/1934 10,000 At The (Madison Square) Garden Praise The Soviet Fascism Here Attacked 26
06/03/1934 France Is Pleased Over Saar Accord 28
06/03/1934 Germans Repress Joy On Saar Plan 28
06/03/1934 Mussolini Derides Alliances In War 28
06/03/1934 Developments Are Due In War Debts Problem Edwin L. James E-1
06/03/1934 Reich Is Preparing For Economic War Shift To Land Is Stressed Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-1
06/03/1934 Arms Conference Reflects Fading of A World Vision Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva E-1
06/03/1934 Italy’s Navy Plan A Reply To France E-1
06/03/1934 Spain Seeks Pact With U.S. On Trade William P. Carney, Madrid E-2
06/03/1934 Latvia’s Dictator Ended Nazi Threat E-3
06/03/1934 Lindsay, Philip, The Tragic King, Richard III, Robert M. Mc Bride & Co., N.Y. Book 5
06/03/1934 The Two Roosevelts; A Vivid Contrast Mag. 3
06/03/1934 Vast Air Fleet Race Likely If Disarmament Hopes Fail XX-3
06/03/1934 Japan, Her Trade Expanding Faces A Challenge On Labor XX-3
06/04/1934 France Now Likely To Make Payment ‘On Account’ To Us Revision Still Sought 1
06/04/1934 Clergy Hail Fleet As Force For Peace Ultra Pacifists Scored 3
06/04/1934 Shortage of Fliers In Navy Revealed 4
06/04/1934 (Louis K. Comstock) Urges Roosevelt Aid Soviet Trade 6
06/04/1934 (German Paper) Asks Nazis (Counter-) Boycott Woolworth Stores (Which Bowed To Samuel Untermyer’s Request For Boycott of German Goods) 8
06/04/1934 News Gatherers Warned (Of Expulsion) In Austria 9
06/04/1934 Student Pacifism Held Misdirected 11
06/04/1934 Slaughter Cattle For Lack of Feed 31
06/05/1934 British ‘Suspend’ Payments Pending War Debt Revision; Note Denies Repudiation Text $4,713,783,000 Is Owed 1
06/05/1934 Einstein Attacks U.S. View On Debts Sees ‘Moral Decadence’ 2
06/05/1934 Congress Divided On British Action 2
06/05/1934 War Fear Brings Visitors To Fleet They Leave Reassured 3
06/05/1934 Nazi Church Group On The Defensive Frick Will Hear Protest 13
06/05/1934 New German Code Curbs Army Rights 13
06/05/1934 Dr. Hoover Decries Talk of A Dictator 20
06/06/1934 Dr. (Hans) Luther (German Ambassador To U.S.) Accused In (House Dickstein Committee) Inquiry On Nazis (‘Propaganda’) 1
06/06/1934 (Former German [Weimar] Chancellor, Heinrich) Bruening Returning To Reich Monastery; Forgets Nazi Hostility In (Unnamed!) Science Studies 1
06/06/1934 Default On (War) Debt By France Likely 2
06/06/1934 Editorial Comment On Britain’s Debt Default 2
06/06/1934 All British Press Backs Debt Move 2
06/06/1934 Reich Paper Scores The British On Arms 11
06/06/1934 Briton Links Official To Armament Firm 11
06/06/1934 Boycotts Abroad Incense Germans (Samuel) Untermyer (Head And Founder of Non Sectarian Anti Nazi League To Champion Human Rights & Organizer of Boycott) Is Denounced Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 12
06/06/1934 (Nobel Prize Winner, Thomas) Mann Aids Jewish (Refugee) Fund 12
06/06/1934 (Episcopal Bishop, Charles K. Gilbert) Calls On Churchmen To End War Causes 12
06/06/1934 Nazi Organ Hails ‘Defeat’ of (Victor F.) Ridder (Publisher of ‘New Yorker Staats Zeitung And Herold’ Later N.Y. Administrator of Harry L. Hopkin’s Wpa Was Not Reelected As President of German American Conference of Greater New York) 13
06/06/1934 Anti Nazi (‘Minute Men’) Rally Forced To Move (Wartime U.S. Ambassador James W.) Gerard Is A Speaker Reports (Jewish) Is Causing Germans To ‘Squeal’ 13
06/06/1934 (Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Pres.Of Columbia Univ.) Warns of Federal Power Text 16
06/07/1934 Arms Compromise Offered By France Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 1
06/07/1934 Our Navy Defended Canada In The (World) War (I) Is Revealed At Ottawa (Date This Began Not Given!) 9
06/07/1934 Prince (Konoye) Says Japan Wants China’s Aid Declares New Source of Supplies Is Needed 10
06/07/1934 British Debt Note Pleases Germans Other Debts Also Linked 12
06/07/1934 Nazi Letters Link Consuls And Clubs (House Un American And Propaganda Dickstein Inquiry) 13
06/07/1934 Germans Pressing Woolworth (Counter Boycott) Fight 14
06/07/1934 American Testifies At His Breslau Trial (Made) Disparaging Remarks About Hitler 14
06/07/1934 Harvard And Yale Support New Deal (Literary Digest Poll) 17
06/07/1934 Soviet Names Jew (Jacques Z. Suritz) Envoy To Germany 17
06/07/1934 (Dr. Karl) Compton (Mit) Praises Roosevelt’s Aims 20
06/07/1934 Max Reinhardt’s Castle Home Damaged By Bomb Hurled By Three Austrian Nazis 27
06/07/1934 Warsaw Confiscates Jewish Newspapers 27
06/07/1934 France Preparing For Mark’s Crash Threat To Hitler Seen 35
06/08/1934 U.S. Acts To Hold Reich War Claims Until We Are Paid To Tie Up Millions Due Under 1928 Settlement Roosevelt [Morgenthau] Would Decide He Would Have Full Power To Drop Ban When German Payments Came In 1
06/08/1934 Says Nazis Here Drill In Uniform (‘stahlhelm’ Says Frank Mutschinski To House Un American Activities, Propaganda Dickstein Committee) 1
06/08/1934 Nazi Paper (‘Der Angriff’) Bares New Jewish ‘Plot’ (Secret Meeting of Jews In Berlin Attendees Not Arrested!) 11
06/08/1934 Nazi Move Alarms Church of England 12
06/08/1934 Fists Fly In London At Fascist Meeting 12
06/08/1934 Archbishop (Canterbury) Scores French Arms View 13
06/08/1934 Reich Pushes Move For Arms Equality 13
06/08/1934 Soviet Says Japan Is Too Poor To War Harold Denny, Moscow 13
06/08/1934 Germans And Jews Fight (German) Boycott Here 13
06/08/1934 500 Union City Nazis (Friends of New Germany) Barred From Rally 13
06/08/1934 Scholarship Offer To Harvard By Nazi (Alumnus, Dr. Ernst Franz Hanfstaengle, Class ‘09) 14
06/09/1934 Little Entente Joins Soviet In Pacts To Encircle Reich Frederick T. Birchall 1
06/09/1934 Report On (Guy Rexford) Tugwell Ordered By Senate 1
06/09/1934 Laird Bell Sees Hitler Collapse Expects Inflation Move (‘The Jewish Boycott Has Done German Trade A Lot of Harm’) 6
06/09/1934 Last of Ullstein’s (Jewish Publishers) Likely To Get Out 6
06/09/1934 Murder Verdict Stirs Palestine Stravsky Gets Death Sentence In The Ariosoroff Killing 6
06/09/1934 Roehm Warns Foes of Storm Troops (S. A. Sturm Abteilung) 6
06/09/1934 Soviet Sees Upset In Japan In A War German Parallel Drawn 7
06/09/1934 Soviet Dooms Six For Taking Graft Harold Denny, Moscow 7
06/09/1934 Brazil Shut To Refugees 7
06/09/1934 (Georgi) Dimitroff (Reichstag Fire Figure, Recently Released By Germans) Again Accused (Of Communist Activity) 7
06/09/1934 Denies Nazis Use State (National) Guard Guns (In Alleged M Military Training House Un American, Propaganda Dickstein Committee Chaired By Mc Cormack, Mass.) 16
06/09/1934 Soviet Is Praised For Its Child Aid 20
06/10/1934 Berlin Suspends Payment 2 Weeks On French Trade 1
06/10/1934 Roosevelt Program Hailed By La Guardia 2
06/10/1934 Anti Fascist Tide Rising In Britain Dictators Are Assailed 15
06/10/1934 German Jobless Drop To 2,525,000 22
06/10/1934 Nazi Limits Task of Writer Guests Hanfstaengl Assails Foreign Correspondents Whose ‘Chief Job’ Is Espionage 22
06/10/1934 New Woolworth Attack 22
06/10/1934 Germans Divided On Foreign Policy Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 23
06/10/1934 (George Sylvester) Viereck (Regarded As A Pro German Propagandist In Both World Wars) Questioned By Dickstein Here (Dickstein’s House Committee To Investigate Un American Activities & [German] Propaganda) 23
06/10/1934 Ullsteins (German Jewish Publishers) Forced To Quit Their Firm 23
06/10/1934 Austrian Bombing Increased By Nazis 23
06/10/1934 Reich Debt Linked To Our Exports N-9
06/10/1934 Menace of Armed Reich Dominate All Europe Edwin L. James E-1
06/10/1934 (Maxim) Litvinoff (Soviet Foreign Commissar) Forges Chain of Alliances Reich Is Being Isolated Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva E-1
06/10/1934 Nazis Resurrect Tribal Assembly Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-3
06/10/1934 Terrorism Taught To Austrian Nazis E-3
06/10/1934 Japanese Minister Denies War Looms Jules Sauerwein, Le Soir E-8
06/10/1934 Picture of A Regimented Land (Russia) Walter Duranty Mag. 1
06/10/1934 Our Era of ‘Imperialism’ (‘Manifest Destiny’) Nears Its End (‘End’ Or ‘Beginning?’) Mag. 4
06/10/1934 Congress Leaves Vast Issues To Roosevelt XX-1
06/10/1934 The Nazis Face A Dilemma In The Plebiscite of The Saar Harold Callender XX-3
06/11/1934 Europe Is Facing Peril In Arms Parley Fiasco With Basic Discord Rife Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 1
06/11/1934 French Reds Stone Police And Troops Riots Flare Elsewhere 1
06/11/1934 Spain’s Navy Ready For ‘War Games’ 6
06/11/1934 2 Warships Ready For Italy By 1940 Bigger Budget In Japan 7
06/11/1934 Nazi (Reinhardt) Promises Jobs For All In Germany 7
06/11/1934 Nazis To Disband Stahlhelm Force 8
06/11/1934 Slur On Hitler’s Troops Ground For Loss of Job 8
06/11/1934 Nazi Bishop (Ludwig Mueller) Defies Evangelical (‘Free’ Or Confessional Synod Martin Niemoeller) Foes 8
06/11/1934 Reich Orders Curb On ‘Buying Panic’ 8
06/11/1934 Vienna Acts To End Nazis’ Terrorism 9
06/11/1934 Two Jews Killed In Warsaw Riots 9
06/11/1934 Legitimists Call Starhemberg Foe 9
06/11/1934 Roosevelt Pledge of 1907 Recalled (Most Sympathetically) 15
06/12/1934 (Dr. Guy Rexford) Tugwell (Picture, P. 15) Is Conservative, He Tells Hearing; Confirmation Now Likely 1
06/12/1934 Reich Struggle To Bolster Mark Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
06/12/1934 Britain Said To Plan To Buy 600 Airplanes 2
06/12/1934 Nazi (Dickstein House Un American, Propaganda) Inquiry Costs Cause House Stir 10
06/12/1934 (Col Frank) Knox Finds Germany On The Down Grade Says If Hitler Fails The Next Step Will Be A Military Dictatorship 10
06/12/1934 Nazi Camps Formed For Reich Teachers 10
06/12/1934 Nazi Insignia Barred From Jersey Parade Hitler Salute Also Banned 10
06/12/1934 Bombings By Nazis Still Jar Austria 11
06/12/1934 (Dr. S. Parkes Cadman, Chairman, American National Christian Committee For German Refugees, Former Pres., Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America) Aids German Refugees 11
06/12/1934 Foes of Nazis (Samuel Untermyer’s Non Sectarian Anti Nazi League To Champion Human Rights) See Gain 11
06/12/1934 Berlin Hopeful of Aid From Rome 12
06/12/1934 Envoys Announce (Belgian & Czechoslovakian) War Debt Default 12
06/12/1934 Japan Stays Calm On Missing Consul Awaits Reports From Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) 14
06/12/1934 (Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt) Says We Should Lead In World Peace Move (‘Manifest Destiny’ In A New Direction?) 17
06/12/1934 Hull Asserts Nira Is ‘Jeffersonian’ Text 18
06/13/1934 Hull Proposes To Britain Debt Payment In Goods; Lays Basis For Negotiation 1
06/13/1934 France Decides Against (War) Debt Payment Though Cabinet Is Divided On Question 1
06/13/1934 Japanese Warning Is Sent To Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
06/13/1934 Arms Race Fervor Fills Reich Press All Newspapers Assert Whole World Arms, So ‘Peaceful’ German Must Too U.S. Included In Charges Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 11
06/13/1934 German Soldiers Reported In Rhine Zone In Violation of Terms of Versailles Treaty 11
06/13/1934 Boycott’s End Aim of Germans Here ‘Dawa’ Alliance Denied 11
06/13/1934 Reich Debt Halt Is Believe Near Materials Running Low Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 12
06/13/1934 Text of Hull’s Note On War Debts 12
06/13/1934 3 (Names) On Trial In Death of Horst Wessel Men Deny Completely(Mrs Elizabeth Salm, Wessel’s Housekeeper See Earlier Entry) 13
06/13/1934 Reich Payment Halt Brings Paris Protest Ready To Put Extra Duties On Goods From Germany 13
06/13/1934 (‘Harvard Crimson’) Urges Harvard Honor (1909 Alumnus, Ernst Franz) Hanfstaengl By Degree 13
06/14/1934 Hitler Will Meet Mussolini Today 1
06/14/1934 Japanese Consul Found By Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Hallett Abend 1
06/14/1934 Britain Opposes Payments In Kind More Buying Here (London) Urged 1
06/14/1934 Peek Shows 22 Billion Loss By Us In Foreign Accounts; Asserts We Must Buy More 1
06/14/1934 Germany Rejects Russian Pact Bid (Russia) Denies Encircling Policy Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 10
06/14/1934 Hirota Would Meet Roosevelt In Hawaii 10
06/14/1934 Goebbels Denies Expansion Aims (During Polish Visit) 11
06/14/1934 Dollfuss Is Alarmed Over Hitler ( Mussolini) Meeting 11
06/14/1934 Trial of 7 Pastors In Germany Is Ended 13
06/14/1934 Fight On Paganism Urged At Fordham 17
06/15/1934 Reich Suspends Payments On All Its Foreign Debts; British Retaliation Likely Berlin Blames Creditors Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
06/15/1934 Britain Planning Reprisal On Reich France Ready To Act Too 1
06/15/1934 All Debtors To Us Excepting Finland To Default Today 1
06/15/1934 Mussolini Greets Hitler Effusively; Long Talk Is Held (Picture, P. 5) 1
06/15/1934 Blast Reveals A Wide Bomb Plot In France 1
06/15/1934 (Prime Minister Ramsay) M’donald Appeals To Reich On Arms 2
06/15/1934 Announcement of The German Moratorium 2
06/15/1934 Wall Street Bitter On Reich Default German Bonds Firm Here 2
06/15/1934 France To Protect Citizens On Debts Ready For 3 Power Move 2
06/15/1934 Investors’ Chances Held To Hinge On Reich Export 2
06/15/1934 Reich Moratorium Stirs Washington 2
06/15/1934 Dollfuss Believed Prepared To Quit G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 5
06/15/1934 Poles Unstirred By Goebbels Visit Polish Nazis Are Banned 5
06/15/1934 Doumergue Upheld On Big Arms Fund 6
06/15/1934 (Marechal Philip) Petain Assails Reich War ‘Veneration,’ But Asserts France Is Ready And Unafraid 6
06/15/1934 Elliott Roosevelt (Picture) Gets Aviation Post Vice President For Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce 9
06/15/1934 Arms For Bolivia Held At Pier Here 10
06/15/1934 Protest By Germany Starts Riot Inquiry 11
06/15/1934 47 States Support New Deal In (Literary Digest) Poll 14
06/15/1934 (Prof. Henry J. Cadbury) Urges Good Will By Jews For Nazis Decries Boycott As ‘War’ 15
06/15/1934 New Deal Is Extolled By Sir Josiah Stamp 18
06/15/1934 Dr. Hanfstaengl Not To Be Queried (By House Dickstein Un American, Propaganda Inquiry Committee) Will Be Guarded Here 23
06/16/1934 Il Duce And Hitler Agree On Freedom For Austria; Oppose Rival Ententes 1
06/16/1934 Cuban President Wounded By Bomb 1
06/16/1934 Two To Be Decapitated For (Horst) Wessel Murder (Sol Epstein & Hans Ziegler); Reich Court Gives 3D ‘Lookout’ (Peter Stoll) 7,1/2 Years (Actual Murderer Was Ali Hoehler, Already Dead All Were Communists Woman Involved Was Apparently Horst Wessel’s Housekeeper Melody of ‘Horst Wessellied’ Apparently From An Old German [Fishing] Song) 1
06/16/1934 Britain Will Seize Reich Trade Funds Default To U.S. Ignored 1
06/16/1934 Reich In Warning On Debt Reprisals Threatens Counter Measures Asks For Export Outlets Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 2
06/16/1934 Washington Gets Reich Debt Note 2
06/16/1934 Germans Thrilled By (Hitler Mussolini) Venice Meeting Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 2
06/16/1934 American’s Death In China Protested Doctor Fought Robbers 3
06/16/1934 Only Finland Pays; 14 Others Default 5
06/16/1934 Goodwill Barred To Nazis By Rabbis (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise ) Wise Leads Wave of Objection To Advice By Cadbury, of Society of Friends Denies Boycott Is ‘War’ Says Jews Must Defend Their Rights 16
06/16/1934 Hitler Aide (Dr. Ernst Franz S. Hanfstaengl) Lands Here Under Guard Today 16
06/16/1934 15 Jewish Banks Help Float Loan For Reich 16
06/16/1934 1,000 (U.S.) Reds Protest (Ernst) Thaelmann (German Communist’s) Arrest (In Germany Killed When Buchenwald Concentration Camp Was Bombed In WWII) 16
06/16/1934 German Drought Cuts Crops 25% 26
06/17/1934 Dickstein Guarded As He Meets Reds Representative Is Booed 2
06/17/1934 Assail Nazi Tribute By Harvard Crimson Honoring (Of Hanfstaengl) ‘Barbarism’ 3
06/17/1934 Britain Is Warned of Fascist Danger (By Stanley Baldwin) 8
06/17/1934 Italy To Aid Reich Re Enter League Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 16
06/17/1934 French See Hitler Duping Mussolini 17
06/17/1934 Reich Moratorium Is Studied By Hull 17
06/17/1934 Penalty For Reich Studied By France 17
06/17/1934 Reich Seen In Deal On Debts To Swiss 17
06/17/1934 Nazi Ranks Split, Reich Survey Says Radicals Are Impatient 20
06/17/1934 Five Pastors Get Reich Jail Terms Six Months Is Maximum 20
06/17/1934 (Hanns) Kerrl Appointed To Reich Cabinet 20
06/17/1934 Judaism Message Held World Force N-8
06/17/1934 Moratorium Seen As Trick By Reich N-9
06/17/1934 Herr Hitler Discovers Second Year Is Harder Edwin L. James E-1
06/17/1934 Arms Race Starts Despite Defaults Statesmen Are Active E-1
06/17/1934 Reins of Recovery Left In Hands of Roosevelt Confident of His Moderation Arthur Krock E-1
06/17/1934 Polish Diplomacy Puzzle To Europe Lithuania Held To Be Key Augur, London E-2
06/17/1934 Reich Revolution In Education Due Brawn And Instinct Basis Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-3
06/17/1934 Geneva Sees U.S. In Labor Office (‘I. L. O.’) Senate Resolution Is Held To Presage Our Early Entry Into World Body (League of Nations) E-3
06/17/1934 China Will Evolve Its Own Salvation Troops Seen Everywhere Jules Sauerwein, Paris Soir E-8
06/17/1934 Just Before The Deluge; June 1918 Mag. 10
06/17/1934 Germany’s Economic Position; An Appraisal Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin XX-1
06/18/1934 Dismissal of (Maj.) Gen (Benjamin) Foulois (Picture, P. 2) Demanded In House Report 1
06/18/1934 (Franz Von) Papen Backs Right To Criticize Nazis; Asks Freer Press 1
06/18/1934 Revolt By Labor Faces Roosevelt 1
06/18/1934 French See Hitler Salvaging Regime Arms Equality Spurned 6
06/18/1934 Soviet Bid To Reich Revealed By Il Duce By (Soviet Foreign Commissar Maxim) Litvinoff On Eve of Hitler’s Visit To Mussolini 7
06/18/1934 Hitler Says Reich Stands For Peace ‘Day of Dictates Gone’ 7
06/18/1934 Nazis Face Attacks At (Pen) Writers’ Meeting (Emil Ludwig, Jewish Author, Exiled Present Plus Others) 7
06/18/1934 Rebel Pastors (‘Free’ Confessional Synod) Defy Reich Bishop (Ludwig Mueller) Again 7
06/18/1934 Poland To Curb Radicals 7
06/18/1934 Hanfstaengl Gives Multi Topic Talk 8
06/18/1934 Nanking Victories Are Won By Chiang (Kai-Shek) 9
06/18/1934 Germans Push Move To Regain Colonies 9
06/18/1934 $515,000 Raised Here For (German-) Jewish Relief Set Goal At $1,200,000 In This City 14
06/18/1934 Peace Aides Favor Nazis, Rabbis Hear Urges Aid To Nazi (Dickstein Un American, Propaganda House) Inquiry 18
06/18/1934 Jesus Portrayed As Great Fighter 22
06/18/1934 Reprisal On Debts Feared In Germany 27
06/19/1934 Navy Talk Opened By U.S. And Britain (Early!); Tokyo Aims Feared 1
06/19/1934 (Franz Von) Papen Talk Bares Factional Clash In Berlin Regime Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
06/19/1934 Reich Moratorium Protested By U.S. (U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Dr. William E.) Dodd Is Instructed To Act ‘Energetically’ 1
06/19/1934 (Sec.Of War George H.) Dern Will Weigh (Gen.) Foulois Charges 3
06/19/1934 Jewish Relief Grows 4
06/19/1934 Poland To Isolate Radical Agitators 7
06/19/1934 Reich Bishop Fails In Move For Unity (Ludwig) Mueller Losing Ground 7
06/19/1934 France And Reich To Map Trade Pact 7
06/19/1934 Honors Are Denied For Hanfstaengl Anti Nazi Stickers Found 8
06/19/1934 Reich French Talk On Arms Put Off 8
06/19/1934 Five Britons Are Seized By Chinese Pirates; U.S. And British Warships Start Wide Hunt Hallett Abend 9
06/20/1934 (President Paul Von) Hindenburg Backs (Franz Von) Papen In Nazi Cabinet Dispute President Praises His Talk Hitler Endorses His Views Move For Monarchy Seen 1
06/20/1934 Chinese Pirates Elude (U.S. British) Warships (Apparently Operating As One Force) 7
06/20/1934 Outlook On Crops In Germany Worse ‘Frightful’ Food Shortage Seen 7
06/20/1934 Anti War Parley Sought By Berlin 8
06/20/1934 Hitler Wins Ban Against French Publisher; Ban Put On Unexpurgated Edition of Book (Mein Kampf) 8
06/20/1934 (Baron Maurice De) Rothschild Sees Hitler Downfall Hits Nazi Propaganda 8
06/20/1934 Reich Court Ordered Sterilization of 325 (For Congenital Defects) 8
06/20/1934 (Youth Division of American Jewish Congress Dominated By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Press Anti Nazi Boycott 8
06/20/1934 Dawes Trustees Protest To Reich (On Moratorium) 9
06/20/1934 Unity Is Stressed By Little Entente Russian Amity Is Hailed 9
06/20/1934 Hanfstaengl Hits (World War I) Lusitania ‘Myth’ Says He Was Robbed Here 13
06/21/1934 Britain Paves Way To Ask Bigger Navy France Will Join (Early) Talks 1
06/21/1934 Hitler And (Franz Von) Papen To See (Von) Hindenburg Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
06/21/1934 Court Knocks Out Gold Bond Clause 1
06/21/1934 Navy To Enlarge Aircraft Factory (In Philadelphia) Will Rush Plane Building 2
06/21/1934 Roosevelt Slogans Used By Canadians Helped Liberals Sweep Two Provinces 7
06/21/1934 British Bill Aims At Reich Default 8
06/21/1934 Six Britons Freed By Chinese Pirates Set Adrift In Small Boats 8
06/21/1934 Nazis Imprison Priest To Save Him From Attack 10
06/21/1934 Goering’s Wife (‘Karin’) Buried 10
06/21/1934 Poland Continues To Round Up Rebels To Be Sent To Camps 11
06/21/1934 Picture; Roosevelt, James B. Conant & James R. Angell 12
06/22/1934 Reich Threatens British Trade Ban Warns Other Nations Too Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
06/22/1934 Big Navy Increase Sought By Britain; U.S. Approval Seen 20 New Cruisers Desired 1
06/22/1934 Anti Nazis Break Into Harvard Yard Nine Disturbers Held 1
06/22/1934 Goebbels Berates ‘Gentlemen Critics’ 10
06/22/1934 Dr. (Bishop Ludwig) Mueller Faces Ousting By Nazis 10
06/22/1934 Shot At Hitler Denied 10
06/22/1934 (N.Y. Governor Herbert) Lehman Appeals For Reich Victims (United Jewish Appeal For German Jewish Relief) 11
06/22/1934 (Bernard) Baruch Quitting Wall St. Activity 21
06/22/1934 Reich Is Now Using Six Kinds of Marks 31
06/23/1934 Reich Limits Purchases To Daily Income As Trade War Threatens 1
06/23/1934 U.S. Regrets Haste By Britain On Navy 1
06/23/1934 150 of Goering’s Guards Held For Refusal To Drill 1
06/23/1934 (Ass’t. Sec.Of War Harry H.) Woodring Accused On Army Contract (Gen. Foulois Affair) Robert Jackson (Is This ‘The’ Robert H. Jackson of Nuernberg?) And Ralph O’neill Figure In Testimony On Military Purchases 2
06/23/1934 Britain Asks Reich To Confer On Debt Reprisals Due Otherwise 5
06/23/1934 Soviet Still Asks Reich Peace Pact Harold Denny, Moscow 5
06/23/1934 Reich Suppresses Dresden Pictures (A ‘Kraft Durch Freude’ Cruise Ship Which Sank) 5
06/23/1934 (Dr. Karl Compton, Mit) Holds Roosevelt Turns Back Chaos 14
06/24/1934 Nazi Troops Show Increasing Unrest Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
06/24/1934 (Soviet Foreign Commissar, Maxim) Litvinoff Advises Mutual Aid Pacts As Best Peace Aid 1
06/24/1934 Reich Will Accept British Debts Aid 3
06/24/1934 Picture: Communists In Demonstration At (N.Y. C.) German Consulate 3
06/24/1934 One Year of Labor Asked of Germans (By Government) 3
06/24/1934 Nazi Salute Loses Its Former Snap 3
06/24/1934 (Franz Von) Papen (A Catholic) Eulogizes Hitler In Speech Bids Them To Vote For Reich 3
06/24/1934 Reich To Half Staff Flags On Versailles Treaty Day 3
06/24/1934 Poor Crop Yields Now Face Berlin 33% Lower Output Due 4
06/24/1934 German Captive In Russia Returns After 19 Years 5
06/24/1934 Baruch Would Ban ‘Big’ War Profits 20
06/24/1934 (Samuel) Dickstein Is Irked By Regiment’s (In-) Action 23
06/24/1934 British Begin Jockying For 1935 (London) Naval Meeting Edwin L. James E-1
06/24/1934 British Navy Plan For Larger Fleet 1914 Conditions Recalled E-1
06/24/1934 German Unrest Under Nazis Bared By (Franz Von) Papen’s Address Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-1
06/24/1934 Vice Chancellor Franz Von Papen’s Address Criticizing The Radical Nazi Tendencies E-2
06/24/1934 Picture: Hitler, Von Hindenburg & Von Papen E-2
06/24/1934 Poland Now Wars On Its Extremists Jerzy Szapiro E-3
06/24/1934 Germany’s Recovery Viewed As Insecure E-5
06/24/1934 Japan’s Plea For A Bigger Navy Scouted By An American Expert E-6
06/24/1934 Sarajevo Twenty Years After Anne O’hare Mc Cormick, Sarajevo Mag. 1
06/24/1934 (Oswald) Mosley’s Creed; A Revealing Interview Harold Callender Mag. 3
06/24/1934 Hitler’s Germany Encircled By Nations United In Fear (Map) Shepard Stone XX-3
06/25/1934 Hitler Threatens Counter Boycotts On Other Nations 1
06/25/1934 (U.S. Ambassador To Russia, William Christian) Bullitt Crashes In Embassy Plane Harold Denny, Moscow 3
06/25/1934 Soviet Seen Japan Agitating For War 5
06/25/1934 Attacks On Jews Stirs Protest In Ukraine 5
06/25/1934 German Catholics Hold Big Meeting 6
06/25/1934 Britain To Reject Reich Debt Terms 6
06/25/1934 Nazi Salutes Mark (N. J.) German Day Picnic 6
06/25/1934 Senator Costigan Joins Nazi Inquiry 6
06/25/1934 Hindenburg Extols War Heroism Spirit 6
06/25/1934 Goebbels Assails Foes Within Reich 7
06/25/1934 France To Opposes Reich Naval Gain 7
06/25/1934 Soviet Railways Assailed For Lagging On Repairs 7
06/25/1934 South China Seeking Anti Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Front 7
06/26/1934 British War Plan Demands Defense of Low Countries Requires Belgium And Holland Be Buffers Scheme Protects France Augur, London 1
06/26/1934 Gesture By Italy Disturbs Albania 1
06/26/1934 Spying On Press In Vienna Bared G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 9
06/26/1934 Nazi Row Spreads; Chief Warns Foes Hitler In Middle Course Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 10
06/26/1934 Nazis Battle Foes In (U.S.) Court Corridor 10
06/26/1934 Nazi Fight Voted By Jewish Labor (Jewish Labor Committee, B. Charney Vladeck, President, Voted To Raise $150,000 To Fight Germans) 10
06/26/1934 Reich Church Row Halts State Rule Nazis Show Moderation 11
06/26/1934 (U.S. Ambassador To Russia, After Plane Crash In Russia, William C.) Bullitt Awaits Daughter 11
06/26/1934 German Line Lost $843,717 In Year 39
06/27/1934 Gold Crisis Spurs Reich Buying Panic With Imports Cut Consumers Are Stocking Up On Goods Despite Warnings Against Such Sabotage Lack of Exchange Is Threatening Raw Material Supply, Hence Industry And Job Program Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
06/27/1934 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Mother Spends Hours At Palace In A Chat With The King And Queen 1
06/27/1934 British Will Send Polite Debt Reply (Refusal To Pay) 10
06/27/1934 Barthou Pledges Aid To Yugoslavia 10
06/27/1934 Nazis Block Hitler In Austria Pledge Habicht Is Recalcitrant 11
06/27/1934 Stahlhelm’s End Seen In Germany 11
06/27/1934 Reich Default Bill Passed In London Berlin Note Is Critical 11
06/27/1934 Liberalism Upheld (‘Preached) By (Anti German U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Dr. William E.) Dodd In Germany U.S. Envoy Says Principles of Democracy Will Continue To Influence The World 11
06/27/1934 (Wenzul Ottmar [Czech Citizen! & Political Prisoner]) Kills Reich Jailer, Frees 2 And Flees (Presumably To Czechoslovakia) 11
06/27/1934 Free Press Praised In London By (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler 12
06/27/1934 Our Trade Upturn Hailed By (British Economist, John Maynard) Keynes 12
06/27/1934 Picture: Dr. S. Parkes Cadman, Chairman, American National Christian Committee For German Refugees & Former President of Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America 17
06/27/1934 Reichsbank’s Gold Lowest Since War 33
06/28/1934 Hitler Halts Move To Ban Stahlhelm, (Von) Papen Aide Seized (Edgar Jung) Preparer of Speech Held 1
06/28/1934 British Note (To U.S.) Holds Debt Total Is Issue 1
06/28/1934 Britain To Double Air Fleet, Finding Arms Talk Futile British Ask (U.S.) For Secrecy 1
06/28/1934 Roosevelt Bans ‘Politics’ To Aides During (His) Absence 1
06/28/1934 German Flags To Fly At Half Staff Today, The Day of Versailles Pact And Sarajevo 1
06/28/1934 (James A. Farley) Holds Roosevelt Decides Policies 2
06/28/1934 War Debt Default Boon (Lewis W.) Douglas (Director of Budget) Says 8
06/28/1934 2 Russians Die For (Moscow) Subway Graft Harold Denny, Moscow 12
06/28/1934 The British Debt Note 12
06/28/1934 Soviet Air Force Chiefs See Display In Britain 12
06/28/1934 Japanese (Civilians) Attack Police In Shanghai Hallett Abend, Shanghai 13
06/28/1934 Agreement Sought By China And Japan (Chiang Kai-Shek & Akira Ariyoshi) 13
06/28/1934 Thousands (In Philadelphia) Pledge Boycott On Nazis Hanfstaengl Is Attacked (Meeting Sponsored By Samuel Untermyer, Founder And Head of Non Sectarian Anti Nazi League To Promote Human Rights) 15
06/28/1934 Nazi Tax Plan Eases Big Families Burdens 15
06/28/1934 Reich Germ Plot Is Seen (By H. Wickham Steed, World War I Propaganda Figure & One Who First Reported United Nations Official Policy That Germany Intended To Kill All Jews In ‘Nineteenth Century Review’) 15
06/28/1934 Germany Fighting ‘Hunger Blockade’ (Jewish Boycott Supported By Anti German Nations) Saving of Rags, Old Paper And Scrap Metal Urged Growing Unemployment Feared Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 16
06/28/1934 Jews Quit German Cities 16
06/28/1934 Nazis Say All Have Right To Enter By Front Door 16
06/28/1934 Nazis Will Stop Drive On Critics Frederick T. Birchall, 17
06/28/1934 $704,000 Raised Here (United Jewish Appeal For German Jewish Relief) To Aid Reich Jews 17
06/28/1934 Anti Nazi (‘Women’s Division of American Committee Against Fascist Oppression In Germany’) Dinner Today 17
06/29/1934 (U.S. Sec.Of State, Cordell) Hull Puts Blame For Debt Default On Nazis’ Policies Cites Arms Expenditure Reprisals For Treatment of Jews And Liberals Hurt The German Trade, He Says Text, P. 14 1
06/29/1934 Austrian Nazis Use Bombs On Peace Day 1
06/29/1934 Polish ( American) Fliers Take Off For Warsaw 8
06/29/1934 Sarajevo Marks The Day Quietly Plotter (Gavrilo Princip) Still Boastful (Killed Archduke Ferdinand & Wife Sofie) 8
06/29/1934 Russians Predict War And Revolts Harold Denny, Moscow 11
06/29/1934 Britain And France Sign Trade Accord 12
06/29/1934 Britain Will Delay Meat Restrictions But She Holds Dominions Must Face Quotas Or Tariffs To Aid Home Producers 12
06/29/1934 (U.S. Ambassador At Large Norman H.) Davis Sees French On (Preparations For Coming) Naval Parley Japan Again Reassured (But Not At Preliminary Talks!) 13
06/29/1934 Barthou Sees War In (Versailles) Treaty Revision ‘Encirclement’ (Of Germany) Is Gaining 13
06/29/1934 French General Ends His Talks In Poland 13
06/29/1934 Text of The Official Translation of The German Note Announcing A Moratorium On Debts 14
06/29/1934 Bishop (Ludwig Mueller) Likens Nazis To Christ Amid Foes SaysWorld Attack On Germany Is Result of Jewish Hatred 14
06/29/1934 2 German Bishops (Meisser & Wurm) Again Shun Mueller 14
06/29/1934 Stahlhelm’s Role Is Nazi Catch Basin Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 15
06/29/1934 Berlin Increases Exchange Curbs Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 15
06/29/1934 R. W. Child Back (From Europe) Saw No War Signs Recovery Abroad Sighted 19
06/29/1934 Nation’s Gold Up $11,000,000 In Week 29
06/30/1934 Hitler Is Angered By Storm Troops (Sturm Abteilung); May Punish Chiefs (Capt. Ernst Roehm Now On Vacation) 1
06/30/1934 Embargo On Arms Ordered For Cuba 1
06/30/1934 Our Tone On Debts Alarms Germans Reich’s Isolation Made Clear To Few Who See Text of Washington Reply Note Kept Out of Press 6
06/30/1934 Catholics Reported In Pact With Nazis 6
06/30/1934 Terror In Austria Pressed By Nazis 6
06/30/1934 Argentina To Buy From Her Customers; American Exports To Suffer Under Policy 6
06/30/1934 Reich Disdains (H. Wickham Steed’s See Earlier Note On Same Subject!) Story of Germ War Plot Anti German Propaganda 6
06/30/1934 Germany Is Assured of Sufficient Grain 6
06/30/1934 Nazi Hearing (By [American Jurist, Clarence Darrow] ‘American Inquiry Commission’) Monday 400 To Attend Opening of The Unofficial Inquiry Here 6
06/30/1934 Germans Confiscate Jewish Newspaper (Jewish Centralverein Zeitung) 6