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William Lindsey collection — 1934 NYT headlines

May 1934
Date Headline Page
05/01/1934 Our Envoy (Joseph C. Grew) Informs Japan We Desire Treaties Be Kept; Affirms Our Rights In China No Pressure Is Planned Friendliness Is Stressed Text, P. 1 1
05/01/1934 Dollfuss (Patriotic Front) Becomes A Legal Dictator G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 1
05/01/1934 1,500 Police Put On Parade Guard Communists At Union Sq 2
05/01/1934 Nazis Inaugurate Labor Code Today Status of Jews An Issue 2
05/01/1934 Weekly Turns Critical And Nazis Suppress It 2
05/01/1934 Jewish Groups Deny Angola Colony Plan 2
05/01/1934 German Creditors Study Reich Data 2
05/01/1934 Troops Awe Paris On Eve of May Day Police To Be Kept Mobile 2
05/01/1934 Jewish Veterans Parade (New Rochelle) 2
05/01/1934 Patterson (New Jersey) Bans Red Flag 2
05/01/1934 Newark Forbids Parades 2
05/01/1934 (Prime Minister Ramsay) M’donald Sees Tie With U.S. Eternal 4
05/01/1934 Washington Lends $4,000,000 To Cuba Confer On Russian Debt 4
05/01/1934 Britain Will Drop Issue With Japan 5
05/01/1934 British Act Quickly On Rubber Accord Heavy Blow To Us Seen 6
05/01/1934 (Dr. William A.) Wirt Sees Nation Going To Socialism Assails New Deal 13
05/01/1934 (James P.) Warburg Assails ‘Planned Economy’ 16
05/01/1934 (Senator Gerald P.) Nye Assails Steps To Wage New Wars 16
05/02/1934 4,000 Reds In Barricades Defy The Police In Paris New York May Day Quiet 1
05/02/1934 Hitler Enthralls A Massed 2,000,000 (At Tempelhof Field) Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 2
05/02/1934 Mechanized Army Thrills Moscow Industry’s Feats Hailed Harold Denny, Moscow 2
05/02/1934 Red Flag Waves Briefly In London 2
05/02/1934 Red Flag Raised In Bridge Port Called Communist Stunt 3
05/02/1934 U.S. To Emphasize Amity With Japan Saito Deplores The Issue 11
05/02/1934 Nazis Blame Reds For Augsburg Fire 73 Taken Into Custody 12
05/02/1934 Zionist Leader (Louis Lipsky) Returns (From Palestine) 12
05/02/1934 Police Under Goering 12
05/02/1934 Suppressed (News) Organ Scored Goebbels 13
05/02/1934 Nazis Give Prizes For ‘Work of Brow’ Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 13
05/02/1934 (Walter Runciman) Denies British Arm Reich 13
05/02/1934 Place In (Dollfuss) Cabinet For (Prince Ernst Rudiger Von) Starhemberg (Of Heimwehr As Vice Chancellor) Socialist Rallies Barred 14
05/02/1934 Lays (Abraham) Lincoln’s Death To Plot By (‘Sound Money’) Bankers 14
05/02/1934 Ministers (20,870) Divided On Anti War Stand Most Want Us In League (Results of ‘A’ Questionaire) 23
05/03/1934 Japan To Dispute U.S. Note On China Will Reply She Cannot Allow Treaty Interpretations To Abrogate Her Freedom Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
05/03/1934 French Trap Spy Linked To Reich; Seize 3 As Aides Reds Riot Again In Paris 1
05/03/1934 (Dr. William A.) Wirt (Gary, Indiana Educator’s Accusation) Is Ruled Out In House Report MajorityTerms ‘Revolution’ Charge By Educator ‘Untrue’ 2
05/03/1934 3 More Socialists Flee From Austria 5
05/03/1934 Nazis Order Death For New Treasons (Propaganda & Other Activities) Sets Up Special (‘Peoples Court’) Tribunal Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 6
05/03/1934 Exile Congestion Ending In Europe 10,000 Now In Palestine J. G. Mc Donald Reports That German Refugees Are Finding Homes In Distant Lands (List of Countries!) 6
05/03/1934 Nazis Imprison (Hostile) Editor For Appeal To Goebbels 6
05/03/1934 Three Nazis Wounded In Storm Troop Row Polish Official Beaten In Danzig 6
05/03/1934 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Rushing Big Army To South Prisoners To Be Trained Hallett Abend, Shanghai 6
05/03/1934 Britain To Combat Japan Trade Quotas Are Expected 6
05/03/1934 (Col. Fulgencio) Batista Cuban Army Head, Faces Trial; Accused of Contempt In Military Slaying 7
05/03/1934 Paris Reds Routed In New Uprising 7
05/03/1934 Britons Condemn (London Treaty) Naval Restriction 8
05/03/1934 Roosevelt To See Air War Simulated 10
05/03/1934 Stand Against War Urged On Y. W. C. A. New Deal Aims Lauded 14
05/03/1934 Reich Criticized By U.S. Creditors Americans Ask What Germany Is Doing To Remove Causes of Hatred Abroad Raises Other Questions Berlin Says Responsibilities For Boycott To Governments That Tolerate It 33
05/04/1934 British Ask Japan To Avoid A Clash By Cut In Exports Quotas Are Alternative France Rebuffs Japan 1
05/04/1934 Picture: William Edward Boeing of Boeing Aircraft 6
05/04/1934 Relaxing Quotas For Exiles Fought Would Bar Non Whites (Later Article!) 7
05/04/1934 (U.S.) Fleet Is Dividing For New ‘Battle’ 9
05/04/1934 France Bids Japan Honor China Pacts Follows The United States And Britain In Answering Tokyo Warning 11
05/04/1934 China May Start Talks With Japan Manchukuo Is Ignored 11
05/04/1934 Jews Fight Tale of Plot On Hitler (Samuel Untermyer Scores Charge) 12
05/04/1934 France Considers Increase In Army 12
05/04/1934 Reich’s Gold Drain Cited To Creditors 13
05/04/1934 Germany Renews Dollfuss Derision 13
05/04/1934 Bavarian Region Curbs Catholics 13
05/04/1934 (‘Anonymous Christian’) Gives L10,000 For Jews 13
05/04/1934 Nazis Try More In (Horst) Wessel Slaying ‘Red Plot’ To Be Charged (Quarrel Allegedly Over Woman [‘Lucie’ of Alexanderplatz] Whom He Had Apparently Befriended And Allegedly Helped) Poets Murder To Be PresentedAs Work of Communists Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 13
05/04/1934 H. G. Wells (Socialist) Here; Still Sees War 19
05/04/1934 (University of German) Exile’s Magazine (2Nd Issue of ‘Social Research’) Out 19
05/05/1934 Japan Bars Parley Over China Policy; Fears Joint (U.S. British) Action 1
05/05/1934 200 Soviet Troops Slain In Mongolia Chinese Profess Concern Hallett Abend, Shanghai 4
05/05/1934 Japanese Prepare For A Trade War (With Britain) 4
05/05/1934 Two Fugitives From Nazis Found Insane In Prague 4
05/05/1934 Steady Gain Made By Japan’s Trade Americas Buying More 5
05/05/1934 Britain Is Warned (By Lord Lothian) of (Trade) Clash With Us Sees Rift With Dominions 5
05/05/1934 German Exchange For Imports Cut Debt Parley Deadlocked Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 6
05/05/1934 American Woman (Miss Sarah Wambaugh) To Aid Saar Poll 6
05/05/1934 Nazis Plan To Lead ‘New Aryan World’ 6
05/05/1934 Unions Are Lauded By Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt 16
05/06/1934 Britain, 5 Other Nations Not In Default On Debts; Russia Held A Defaulter British Expected To Offer Another Token (Payment) 1
05/06/1934 Hull Calls Nation To Peace Standard Hails American Progress 10
05/06/1934 Soviet And Poland Extend Peace Pact 24
05/06/1934 Japanese Uneasy Over Trade Threat Hugh Byas, Tokyo 25
05/06/1934 Nazi Paper Warns Ullstein (Jewish Publishing) Concern Frederick T.Birchall, Berlin 26
05/06/1934 (American Jewish Congress) To Confer On Reich Jews (Speakers: Rabbi Stephen S. Wise [Honorary Chairman of Ajc], Bernard S. Deutsch [Chairman Ajc & N.Y. Aldermanic Council] Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum [Head of Joint Boycott Committee & Federation of Polish Jews In America] And Nathan D. Perlman) 26
05/06/1934 New Polish Ships Building Rapidly 33
05/06/1934 Surplus of Rubber A World Problem N-16
05/06/1934 Producers Urging Quotas For Japan N-19
05/06/1934 Problem of War Debts Is Coming To Fore Again Edwin L. James E-1
05/06/1934 Austria Lukewarm To The New Order G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna E-1
05/06/1934 French Radicals Freed of Socialist Domination E-1
05/06/1934 Few Nations Show Concern On China Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-1
05/06/1934 Japanese Leaders Inclined To Peace War With Us Unlikely Jules Sauerwein, Tokyo (Paris ‘Le Soir’) E-2
05/06/1934 Japan’s Move Seen As World Menace Augur, London E-2
05/06/1934 Voroshiloff Held A Man of Courage Harold Denny, Moscow E-2
05/06/1934 Poland Friendly With Big Powers (Picture) Jerzy Szapiro E-3
05/06/1934 Reds Still Worry Kiangsi Province Hallett Abend E-6
05/06/1934 Picture: Emil Ludwig (Jewish Exile From Germany Violently Anti German) Book 4
05/06/1934 Has Democracy Met The Test? Harold Callender Mag. 1
05/06/1934 Crisis In The League Brings Revision of Covenant Closer James T. Shotwell XX-3
05/07/1934 Washington Holds Reich Responsible For Debt Fairness 1
05/07/1934 Germany Now Submits Traveler To Thorough Search (For Foreign Currency) On Leaving (Certain To Effect Foreign Tourists Adversely! See Later Article Issued By Envoy!) Frederick T. Birchall, Paris 1
05/07/1934 State Chamber Assailed By Jews (Bernard S.) Deutsch And (Rabbi) S. S. Wise See Slur On Race In Eugenist’s (Dr. Harry H. Laughlin’s) Immigration Report (See Earlier Entry!) 7
05/07/1934 Reich Editor Held For Link To Jews Also Assailed As Poet 9
05/07/1934 Nazis Begin Drive To Win The Saar Plebiscite Victory Is Seen 9
05/07/1934 Nazism Is Decried At Y. W. C. A. Service World Head 10
05/07/1934 Anti-Semitic Leader (Julius Streicher) Deplores Violence Asserts Force Is No Solution 10
05/07/1934 (Samuel Untermyer, Organizer & President of Non Sectarian Anti Nazi League To Champion Human Rights) Chides Nazis On (German Boycott)Protest 10
05/07/1934 Default Is Denied By Soviet Envoy Issue Under Negotiation 11
05/07/1934 Poland Is Pleased By Pact With Soviet; Parley With Rumania Is Next Step 11
05/07/1934 War Debt Ruling Divides Congress 11
05/07/1934 Britain Bars Monk (Ignatius Trebitsch Lincoln) Who Was An M. P. Was A German (Jewish) Spy In War 11
05/07/1934 British Plan Curb On Tokyo Trouble 12
05/07/1934 Britain Maintains Gains In Industry 27
05/08/1934 Germans Prepare To Pay With Bonds 1
05/08/1934 Britain Opens Trade War With Japanese In Colonies; Cuts Textile Buying 57% 1
05/08/1934 Washington To Act Soon On (War Debt) Token Payments; Statement To Give Stand 1
05/08/1934 Japan Is Close To Reich In Spirit, Says Admiral (Matsushita) 1
05/08/1934 Anti War Pledge Given By (Dr. Harry Emerson) Fosdick 1
05/08/1934 Army’s Task of Carrying Air Mail Ended With A Record Coast To Coast Flight 1
05/08/1934 British Press Warmly Hails Roosevelt And His Leadership As His Book Appears 1
05/08/1934 Insists (Air Corp Gen. Benjamin) Foulois Violated The Law Declares He Sought To Buy Planes Without Competition 6
05/08/1934 Austrian Amnesty Will Be Observed 14
05/08/1934 Hungary Will Offer No Bar To (Austro German) Anschluss 14
05/08/1934 (German) Envoys Say Germany Facilitates Travel (Answer To Earlier Article By Frederick T. Birchall Article Designed Obviously To Hurt German Tourist Trade) 14
05/08/1934 Nazi Says Dollfuss Oppresses Peasants 15
05/08/1934 Nazis Claim Saar Is 92% German League Plot Is Charged 15
05/08/1934 Poland Threatens To Leave League Seeks Status of Great Power Before Russia Is Admitted Warsaw Also Hopes To Get Rid of Her Treaty Obligations To Protect Minorities Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 16
05/08/1934 Fascists In Chile Warn Red Leaders 16
05/08/1934 French Expect Us To Cut War Debt 17
05/08/1934 British Arms Policy Assailed In Lords Lord Ponsonby 17
05/08/1934 Picture: Frederick T. Birchall, Pulitzer Prize Winner 20
05/09/1934 Nazis Free Fault Finding Editor; Allow The Press Limited Liberty 1
05/09/1934 General Default On (World) War Debt Seen At Capital, June 15 1
05/09/1934 Talk of Saar Coup Put Before League Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 3
05/09/1934 Britain Uncertain On (Japanese) Trade War Gain 3
05/09/1934 British Quota War Alarms Singapore 3
05/09/1934 Reich Keeping Faith On Olympics, Says Official, Denying Bar To Jews 3
05/09/1934 Anti Nazi Clergy Push War On Foes Plan A National Synode 3
05/09/1934 (German American) Mixed (Claims Commission) Board Settles Many German Claims 4
05/09/1934 Nazis Forbid Sale of (‘Der Stuermer’) Attack On Jews 4
05/09/1934 Nazis Here Spur Counter Boycott Demonstrate In Madison Square Garden Is Set For May 17 Plans Kept Secret (‘Dawa’ Emblem) 4
05/09/1934 British Lose Hope For Arms Accord Paris Wants An Embargo 4
05/09/1934 Debt Compromise Nearer In Berlin 4
05/09/1934 Trade Groups To Aid Jewish Relief Drive 5
05/09/1934 (British) Bengal Governor Escapes Assassins 6
05/09/1934 Says Reich And Japan Fight Same Battle 6
05/09/1934 Russia Proclaims Jewish (‘Autonomous’) State Biro Bidjan In Siberia 7
05/09/1934 Favor Modifying Immigration Laws 9
05/10/1934 Roosevelt Leaves Door Open To Hear War Debtors’ Case Each Case On Its Own Merits 1
05/10/1934 Episcopalian In Heated Debate, Bar Extreme Stand On Pacifism 1
05/10/1934 Immigration Falls Far Below Quotas No Rush From Germany 7
05/10/1934 Lenin’s Widow (Nadejda Durpskaya) Again In Dispute With Reds 9
05/10/1934 Japanese Prepare For Trade Combat Adverse Balance Cited Hugh Byas, Tokyo 13
05/10/1934 Chinese (Chiang Kai-Shek) Military Seek Our Military 13
05/10/1934 Britain Expects Scaling of Debts Could Then Pay Lump Sum 14
05/10/1934 Soviet To Settle 12,000 (Jews) In Far East (Biro Bidjan, Autonomous Soviet Republic) 16
05/10/1934 Bombs In Vienna Injure 5 16
05/10/1934 Britons Seek Data On German Planes Paris Worried By Deals 17
05/10/1934 Henderson Sounds French On Arms 17
05/10/1934 German Societies Defend The Dawa President C. K. Froelich Replies To Letter of Samuel Untermyer Demanding Disavowment (Writer of Article Obviously Favors Untermyer & Boycott!) 22
05/10/1934 Dictatorship Plan Is Laid To Wallace 33
05/11/1934 Payment of (War) Debt Tokens Will Not Avert Default June 15, Envoys Are Told State Department Acts 1
05/11/1934 Reich To Be Armed In Air With Mighty Fleet By 1936 1
05/11/1934 Criminal Round Up Is Begun By Police Picked Squad Assigned 1
05/11/1934 France Views Us As A Bad Creditor Believes That We Discouraged Collection of Her Own Debts And Made It Hard To Pay Concerned Over Amity Frederick T. Birchall, Paris 8
05/11/1934 London Sees End of Baldwin (War Debt) Pact Revision Hope Abandoned 8
05/11/1934 British Turn Down Reich Arms Envoy (Von Ribbentrop) 9
05/11/1934 Nazis Offer Union To ‘Free Churches’ 10
05/11/1934 Paris Library For Banned Books Opens On First Anniversary of Nazi Bonfire (Heinrich Mann, Brother of Thomas Mann, President of Library, Long List of Banned Authors Present: Lion Feuchtwanger, Bertrand Russell, J. B. S. Haldane & H. Wickham Steed) 10
05/11/1934 Police Rout 3,000 In Anti Nazi Riot (‘United Anti Nazi Conference’) 11
05/11/1934 Bias Is Charged To German (‘Dawa’) Group (By Jewish Shopkeeper Who Alleges He Wanted To Join) 11
05/11/1934 Thomas Mann (Nobel Prize, Literature 1929 Stateless) Gets Visa (For U.S. Visit) 12
05/11/1934 Japan May Stress Warning To League 13
05/11/1934 300 Are Slain In Manchuria Farm Revolt; Japanese Suffer 50 Casualties Ending It Hallett Abend, Shanghai 13
05/11/1934 Dollfuss Escapes Bombs In 2 Cities 13
05/11/1934 Tokyo Welcomes Australian Group Praises Ottawa Pacts Hugh Byas, Tokyo 13
05/11/1934 Tried To Kidnap Kaiser (Wilhelm II) Col. Luke Lea (Picture) 14
05/11/1934 Leas Enter Prison: Fight On Law In Vain 14
05/12/1934 Britain Alarmed By Reich Planes; Plans Defenses Baldwin Repeats His Promise of Vast Air Fleet If Arms Conference Collapses 1
05/12/1934 Roosevelt Denies Attempt To Gag Press; Letters Praise Editors For Recovery Act 1
05/12/1934 207 Are Trapped In (N.Y. City) Drive On Crime 3
05/12/1934 Aviation Exports To Reich Mounting Sell Many Transports 4
05/12/1934 French Favor End of Arms Parley 4
05/12/1934 China May Invoke The 9-Power Pact 4
05/12/1934 Japan And Russia Ironing Out Issues Hugh Byas, Tokyo 4
05/12/1934 Woman Gets Six Months For Anti Nazi Outburst (In Germany) 4
05/12/1934 Roosevelt Opposes A General Debt Talk; Would Deal With Borrowers Individually 5
05/12/1934 (Sir John) Simon Says Britain Should Not Pay Us 5
05/12/1934 Uruguay And Japan Sign Commerce Pact 5
05/12/1934 Goebbels Utters Threats To Jews (On Boycott) Assails Catholics Also 6
05/12/1934 Nazi Police Stop Protestants (Anti Ludwig Mueller) Rally Bismarck’s Nephew Assails Violence English Bishop (?) Protests 6
05/12/1934 Interned Nazis Riot In Austrian (Concentration) Camp (Woellersdorf) 6
05/12/1934 (Polish Foreign Minister Josef) Beck Finds Rumania Agrees With Poland 6
05/12/1934 Reich Moratorium Void In This State Interest Here Held Due 23
05/13/1934 Britain To Hasten Her Debt Decision 1
05/13/1934 Japan To Observe Covenant On (Caroline & Marshall) Isles 6
05/13/1934 Austria Guarantees Her Supply of Bread 13
05/13/1934 Nazi Press Pushes New War On Jews Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 30
05/13/1934 Pictures: The Soviet Government Puts On Its Mechanized Army On Display In Moscow 30
05/13/1934 Paris Asks Reich To Prolong (Trade) Pact 30
05/13/1934 Paris Sees Reich In Arms Dilemma 30
05/13/1934 (United) Jewish (Appeal) Relief Drive ($3,000,000) Opens Here Tonight To Aid Refugees From Germany N-7
05/13/1934 (U.S.) Gold Hoarding Drop Stirs Speculation No Cause For Any Export (U.S. Treasury Implies It Is From Normal Stabilization) N-9
05/13/1934 Default Ruling May End War Debt Token System Edwin L. James E-1
05/13/1934 Hitler Conceived Boycott of Jews Goebbels In Diary Reveals Says He Carried It Out Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-1
05/13/1934 British Would Brand Us As ‘Defaulting Creditors’ Insist That Payment In Goods By Them Is The Only Possible Method London’s Attitude Toward Reich Held Different Matter E-1
05/13/1934 (Sir Austen Chamberlain) Sees Germany Hurt By Anti Jewish Acts Has Erased Good Points of Nazi Movement E-2
05/13/1934 Factions Sustain Unrest In France E-3
05/13/1934 Germany Seeking Allies In Balkans E-3
05/13/1934 Barthou Sends Us Message of Amity E-7
05/13/1934 Federal Employees Rising In Number XX-2
05/13/1934 Japan Faces A Double Duel, With Britain And The League XX-3
05/13/1934 The Rubber Pact Marks A New Kind of Control XX-5
05/14/1934 Berlin Debt Talks Deadlocked Anew By Anglo U.S. Rift Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
05/14/1934 Scottsboro (Alabama Rape Case) Mothers Call At White House 2
05/14/1934 Saar Opinion Split By Nazi Campaign 8
05/14/1934 Communists Gain In Chinese Areas 8
05/14/1934 (German Cleric) Sees Christianity Menaced In Reich 9
05/14/1934 ‘Battle Spirit’ Pressed By Nazis 9
05/14/1934 Austria To Crush Nazis’ Terrorism Heavy Penalties Ordered 9
05/14/1934 Bishop Mueller Asks (Clerical) Foe (Dr. Kock) To Join Cabinet 9
05/14/1934 League Official (James G. Mc Donald, League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany) Asks Aid For Jews (Raymond) Moley (A Roosevelt Appointee) Makes Plea Here 10
05/14/1934 Germans Consider Mark Devaluation 27
05/15/1934 (Sir John) Simon Sidesteps Question On (British) Debt 9
05/15/1934 Reich Air Imports Upheld By London 10
05/15/1934 World State Held Peace Guarantee John Haynes Holmes 11
05/15/1934 (Samuel Untermyer, Head of Non Sectarian Anti Nazi League To Champion Human Rights) Replies (Sardonically) To Dr. Goebbels (Praises The Effect of His Boycott Of. German Goods) 11
05/16/1934 Germany Restricts Movements of Peasants; Cities Allowed To Bar Those Seeking Work 1
05/16/1934 Harvard ‘Red’ Seized On German Cruiser With Anti Hitler Leaflets (Student Was Stuffing Leaflets Into Ventilators) 3
05/16/1934 Reich Army Balks At Nazi Control Steel Helmet (‘Stahlhelm’) Recovering Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 10
05/16/1934 Reich And Vatican Still Far Apart Church Bells Stilled 10
05/16/1934 Neutrals To Rule Plebiscite In Saar Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 11
05/16/1934 Heimwehr (Starhemberg) Routed By Austrian Nazis G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 11
05/16/1934 Dollfuss Party (Patriotic Or ‘Fatherland’ Front) Holds Monopoly On Patriotism 11
05/16/1934 2,000 Pay Tribute To Dr. J. L.(Judah) Magnes 15
05/16/1934 Germany Tightens Hold On Theaters 23
05/17/1934 (U.S.) World Court Foes See War Peril In It Stand By (Earlier) Reservations (The ‘Back Door’ To The League) 1
05/17/1934 Silver Program Decided, Adding Metal To Reserve At President’s (Roosevelt’s) Discretion 1
05/17/1934 Roosevelt Policies Favored 2 To 1 In First Returns of The (Literary) Digest Poll 1
05/17/1934 Soviet To Teach History And Geography In ‘Bourgeois’ Way Without Marxist Slant 1
05/17/1934 To Push Building of 20 War Vessels Navy Will Use $40,000,000 of Public Works Fund For Treaty Replacement Roosevelt Favors Plan 9
05/17/1934 Forced Labor Laid To Soviet Zealots Harold Denny, Moscow 9
05/17/1934 Says U.S. Will Take Fleet From Far East Bywater Asserts We Will Give Up Bases, Thus Promoting Peace With Japanese 9
05/17/1934 Move Made To End Arms Conference Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 10
05/17/1934 (Ambassador At Large, Norman H.) Davis To Restate U.S. Arms Policy Gets Final Instructions At Talk With Roosevelt Hopes For World Accord President Announces He Plans Communication To Congress On Trade In Munitions 10
05/17/1934 Britain To Press For Arms Accord 10
05/17/1934 Navy Race Is Seen As Peril To Japan Would Be Grave Financial Burden Attacks Big Borrowing Hugh Byas, Tokyo 11
05/17/1934 Britain Bars Move To Ban Black Shirts 11
05/17/1934 Saito Denies Japan Has ‘Monroe’ Policy Like Ours In The Americas 11
05/17/1934 Reich Debt Accord Hangs In Balance Germans Are Optimistic 12
05/17/1934 Germans Arrest British Reporter (Philip Pembroke Stephens, London Daily Express ‘Photographing’) 12
05/17/1934 Nazi Friends (‘Friends of New Germany’) Here To Be Heard Today (Madison Square Garden) Garden To Be Guarded 700 Police To Block Any Disturbance At Anti Boycott Rally 12
05/17/1934 Archbishop (Of Canterbury) Assails Reich War On Jews Dr. Lang And 40 Other British Christian Leaders Condemn Articles In Magazine (‘Der Stuermer’ Julius Streicher) 12
05/17/1934 Stahlhelm Leader (Goernemann) Arrested In Germany 12
05/17/1934 Hitler Champions Business Freedom Holds Soviet Dependent 13
05/17/1934 French Troops Go To Saar Frontier Poll Guarantees Urged 13
05/17/1934 British Clergy Men End ($50,000) Investment In (Vickers) Armament 13
05/17/1934 Anti Nazi Pastors Backed By U.S. Body Head of Federal Council of Churches (Of Christ In America) Warns Mueller Regime Must Alter Policy (Rev. Dr. Albert W. Beaven, Rochester, N.Y. [President] Writes To Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Chichester, Eng.) 15
05/17/1934 U.S. Concerns To Aid Reich Oil Projects (Socony Vacuum [Standard Oil, N. J. Rockefeller Interests] & Royal Dutch Shell) 15
05/18/1934 President (Roosevelt) To Ask Congress For Far Reaching Reforms Both Social And Economic 1
05/18/1934 20,000 Nazi Friends (Of New Germany) At Rally Here Denounce (Untermyer’s) Boycott (Of German Goods) Untermyer’s Name Booed Appeals To Roosevelt To Stop Illegal Movement 1
05/18/1934 Reds Riot In Court After Nazi (Friends of New Germany) Rally Sporadic Fights Follow 3
05/18/1934 Anti Nazi Woman (Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, Feminist, Pacifist [‘Father Roosevelt’]) Ask Roosevelt Aid ‘Must Protect Minority’ The Rev. E. R. Clinchy (Director of National Conference of Jews And Christians) Urges A ‘Scientific Approach’ In Dealing With Problem (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Also Involved!) 3
05/18/1934 Secret Hearing On Nazism Begin Here; Congressional Body (Samuel Dickstein Committee Under Chairmanship of Rep. John W. Mc Cormack, Mass.) Shields Witnesses 3
05/18/1934 Roosevelt To Link Arms And Chaco (Henry L.) Stimson At White House 9
05/18/1934 Treaties Are Bars To Arms Embargo 9
05/18/1934 U.S. College Girls Barred By France Until Good Conduct Certificates Are Obtained 9
05/18/1934 Japan To Seek End of Navy Ratio Plan Security Need Stressed Hugh Byas, Tokyo 11
05/18/1934 Give Passion Play In Oberammergau Frederick T. Birchall, Oberammergau 12
05/18/1934 Reich Exports Cut To New Low Level Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 12
05/18/1934 (Albert Bassermann) Quits Stage As (Jewish) Wife Is Banned 13
05/18/1934 Britain Keeps Duties On Iron And Steel 13
05/18/1934 Heimwehr (Starhemberg) Fooled In Socialist Camp 13
05/18/1934 Unexplained Loss of (U.S.) Gold Continues 33
05/18/1934 Reichsbank’s Gold Continues Decline Lowest Level Since War 35
05/19/1934 Grumbles Face Arrest In Reich Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
05/19/1934 Roosevelt Asks Control of Arms, Chaco Embargo; British Speed Air Defense 1
05/19/1934 Litvinoff Confers On (Russia’s) Entry In League Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
05/19/1934 (Sir John) Simon Denies Any Pledge To Protect China 2
05/19/1934 Hull’s Letter On Arms 2
05/19/1934 Neutral Rights Held In Danger 2
05/19/1934 Franco U.S. Amity Hailed By (Marechal Philip) Petain 3
05/19/1934 Reich’s Creditors Serve Ultimatum Conference Will Blow Up Unless He (Schacht) Submits Acceptable Plans Tuesday 6
05/19/1934 Nazi Rally Failed Says Untermyer (Founder And Leader of Non Sectarian Anti Nazi League To Champion Human Rights) Not One Prominent German American Spoke At (Madison Square) Garden Predicts A Wide (Unfavorable) Reaction 6
05/19/1934 Ban On Our Films Is Asked In Paris 6
05/19/1934 New Justice Head (Hans Frank) Puts Might First 6
05/19/1934 Nazi Regime Orders Severe Prison Life 6
05/19/1934 Borah Asks Support of (United) Jewish (Appeal) Fund Drive 6
05/19/1934 Hitler Halts (Der Stuermer) Attack 6
05/19/1934 Chile Sees Menace In Japanese Trade U.S. Japan Council Set Up 7
05/19/1934 Britain Has Plan To Avoid Default 7
05/20/1934 Bulgaria Turns Fascist In Coup Aided By King (Boris); Socialist Leaders Seized Troops Control Country Pictures, P. 28 1
05/20/1934 New Deal Trend Toward ‘Tyranny’ Scored By (Ogden L.) Mills Text, P. 24 1
05/20/1934 German Arms Proposal To France Seen; Von Ribbentrop Confers With Mussolini 1
05/20/1934 Bullet Halts Escape of Fleeing Suspect (In U.S.) 8
05/20/1934 Japan Plans Bank For China Policies Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Denies Talks 21
05/20/1934 Dr. Sze Says (British Sir John) Simon Forgets Covenant (Of League) London Is BoundTo Preserve The Integrity of China (By Article X of Covenant) 21
05/20/1934 Japanese Air Base To Counter Soviet (Map) 21
05/20/1934 Britain Will Call In Coins High In Silver 22
05/20/1934 Reich Bars Sermon of (Roman Catholic) Bishop (Nikolaus Bares) On Radio 23
05/20/1934 Germans In U.S. Claimed For Reich Frick Recognizes Only Swiss And Austria As Belong To Other Nations Preserving German Americans Loyalty To The Fatherland 23
05/20/1934 Non Aryan Society In Reich Watched 23
05/20/1934 Bank Books Yield Clue To Nazi Funds (According To Dickstein Committee) 23
05/20/1934 (George S.) Messersmith (Author of Many Affidavits At Nuernberg Tribunal) Feted In Berlin 23
05/20/1934 (I. A.,) Hirschmann (Intimate Associate And Collaborator With Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, World And American Jewish Congresses) Fears New Deal Results 25
05/20/1934 (Cuban Former President Ramon) Garu (San Martin) Lays Fall (From Power) To (Sumner) Welles’s Fight ‘Personal Animosity’ On Part of Our Former (Cuban) Envoy 26
05/20/1934 Guard Reich Envoy (Ambassador Hans Luther) In Visit To Boston 26
05/20/1934 U.S. Arms Moves Hearten Geneva Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 29
05/20/1934 France And Soviet Near A New (Non Aggression) Pact Only Poland Undecided 29
05/20/1934 10,000 Foes of War Parade Up 5th Ave 29
05/20/1934 Roosevelt Stand On Arms Praised (By Ref. Dr. Albert W. Beaven, President, Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America) 29
05/20/1934 Fascism Is Held Failure In Italy Dictators Are Decried N-2
05/20/1934 (German) Exiles’ University Adds 5 To Faculty N-2
05/20/1934 United States Isolation Again Proves Fallacy Edwin L. James E-1
05/20/1934 Clergy In Britain Drive Against War E-1
05/20/1934 Curb On Germany Advanced In Rome Armaldo Cortesi, Rome E-1
05/20/1934 French Regard Payment of Debt To Us As ‘Silly’ E-1
05/20/1934 Old Ideals Clash With New Japan E-2
05/20/1934 Big Birth Rate Aim of Nazi Land Ties Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-3
05/20/1934 (Nobles) Give Tract of Land To German Peasants E-3
05/20/1934 The Dark Land of The Soviets Book 1
05/20/1934 Roosevelt As Seen From Abroad Anne O’hare Mc Cormick, London Mag. 1
05/20/1934 Amid Dictators A Democracy (Czechoslovakia) Stands Firm Mag. 4
05/20/1934 Honor To Lafayette And To Revolution Mag. 8
05/20/1934 New Racial Ideas Taught XX-4
05/20/1934 Europe Tries New Ways To Assist Her Jobless William Teeling, London XX-5
05/20/1934 Paper Money Printing Total Four Tons Daily XX-5
05/21/1934 Pope Condemns Nazi Paganism As A German Saint Is Canonized 1
05/21/1934 President (Roosevelt) Shapes A Lasting New Deal 1
05/21/1934 (Czech. Foreign Minister, Eduard) Benes Sees Austria As Source of Danger Writes In Carnegie (Endowment For International Peace) Report That Her Independence Must Be Guaranteed To Prevent War 5
05/21/1934 (Sonora, A Mexican State) Bars Priestly Offices 5
05/21/1934 Japan Seen To Seek Support of Reich 6
05/21/1934 Borah Denounces Munitions Makers Demands World Action 10
05/21/1934 (Rev. Harry Emerson) Fosdick Sees Pacifist Martyrs 13
05/21/1934 A Godless Liberty Held No Blessing Weaknesses Are Cited 13
05/22/1934 British Bar Japan As Ruler In Pacific By Navy Strength Saito Deplores Fears 1
05/22/1934 Mob of 1,000 Raids Jersey Nazi (Friends of New Germany) Rally (The ‘Anti Nazis’ Were Invading!) 1
05/22/1934 (Roosevelt’s) ‘Brain Trust’ Held Menace To Liberty 8
05/22/1934 Saito Says Japan Wants Only Peace 11
05/22/1934 Tokyo Red Drive Nets 736, Including Briton (‘Bickerton’); Murder of Informer Is Among Charges Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
05/22/1934 Sonora Banishes Catholic Priests All Churches Are Closed In Mexican State By Order of Governor Calles Cathedral Is Besieged 11
05/22/1934 ‘Hitlerism’ Essay (Sponsored By General Federation of Women’s Clubs) Wins Club Contest 14
05/22/1934 Prisons In Austria Free 80 Socialists Close Watch To Be Kept 14
05/22/1934 Reich Aid Is Urged For Germans Here (Von) Papen Asks Racial Unity Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 15
05/22/1934 German ‘Neo Pagans’ Form Central Body 15
05/22/1934 All Faiths Move To Aid Refugees Dr. (S. Parkes) Cadman (Chairman, American Christian Committee For German Refugees & Former President of Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America) 15
05/22/1934 Chinese In Berlin To Study Fascism All Shout ‘Heil Hitler’ 15
05/22/1934 Chemists Present (American Institute of Chemists) Medal To (President of Harvard, James Bryant) Conant To ‘Catalytic Prophet of New Humanism’ 20
05/22/1934 (Russian Consul) Sees Soviet Trade With Us Hampered Denies Competition Aim 20
05/22/1934 (Congregationalist Rev. Dr. S. Parkes) Cadman (See P. 15 Above) Arraigns Pulpit Leadership 23
05/23/1934 President (Roosevelt) Asks Silver Base Be ‘Ultimately; 1 To 3; Wants 50% Speculation Tax 1
05/23/1934 President’s Silver Message 1
05/23/1934 Wall Street Cold To Silver Program 1
05/23/1934 Canada Is Silent On Our Silver Plan 2
05/23/1934 Cuba Calls In Gold To Debase Coinage 3
05/23/1934 200 Plane Experts To Hold A Parley 10
05/23/1934 U.S. Sees Big Issue In 1935 (London) Naval Conference 12
05/23/1934 Drab Newspapers Hurt Reich Trade Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 14
05/23/1934 Americans Warn Schacht of Bolt (From Debt Conference) 14
05/23/1934 Vienna Rearrests Nazis As Hostages Hitlerite Chief (Alfred Frauenfeld) Flees 14
05/23/1934 5 Nazi Guards Held After Irvington Riot (Attacked By ‘Anti Nazi’ Crowd Jerome Radberg, Louis Halper, Harry Schwartz Et Al.) 14
05/24/1934 Monarchist ‘Plot’ Bared In Hanover Nazis Make ‘Great Conspiracy’ Excuse Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
05/24/1934 U.S. To ‘Consider’ More Pacific Fortifying If Japan Builds In Excess of Naval Ratios 1
05/24/1934 50 (Jews) Hurt In Clashes In Palestine Strike 6
05/24/1934 Baptist (World) Conference To Test Nazi Views (In Berlin) In August May Embarrass Germans 12
05/24/1934 Goering Is Snubbed On Balkan Journey; Drops Plan To Visit Bucharest And Sofia 12
05/24/1934 Silver Shirt Head (William Dudley Pelley) Indicted In South (An A ‘Blue Law’ Violation) 12
05/24/1934 (General John J.) Pershing (Picture) Off For France Will Make Survey of War Monuments There 15
05/24/1934 France Sentences Woman Publisher Printing Secret Papers 15
05/24/1934 Japan Seeks End of China Dispute Better Relations Seen Hugh Byas, Tokyo 16
05/24/1934 Japanese Protest Siberia Shooting Russia Voices Regrets 16
05/24/1934 Baptists Called To Fight Marxism 20
05/25/1934 British And U.S. Seeking Accord On Naval Issues (Between Themselves) Preliminary To Parley Britain And U.S. Confer (U.S. Sec. of Navy Claude A.) Swanson Stirs Japanese 1
05/25/1934 Stahlhelm Chiefs Arrested In Reich Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
05/25/1934 French Cruiser Is Here For Visit Officers Call On Mayor (La Guardia) 9
05/25/1934 Japan ‘Unworried’ On U.S. Navy Bases (In Pacific) Holds That We Are Welcome To Build Any Number If Ratio System Is Ended ‘Intimidation’ Resented 10
05/25/1934 Baldwin Praises U.S. Sees English Speaking Peoples In Fight For Their Life (In Talk Before Manchester Unity of Odd Fellows) 10
05/25/1934 Russians Hold NRA Is Losing Its Force Harold Denny, Moscow 11
05/25/1934 Swastika Flag Is Hoisted Over London County Hall (By ‘Imperial League of Fascists’ Unassociated With Mosley Assumed By Herbert Morrison To Be Followers of Hitler) 11
05/25/1934 (James G.) M’donald (Picture) Reports Gain In Jewish Aid 12
05/25/1934 2,000 Reich (Jews And Communists) Doctors (And Dentists) Deprived of Work 12
05/25/1934 (Dr. Albert Schnee) Denies Reich Bars Limitation of Arms 12
05/25/1934 Poland And Estonia Bar A Baltic Union Warsaw Diplomacy Is Successful In Isolating Lithuania 13
05/25/1934 Nazis Open Radio War Upon Reactionaries 15
05/25/1934 Creditors Reject Schacht Debt Plan 15
05/25/1934 Poles Bar Films of 3 Studios Here 24
05/25/1934 Treasury (Morgenthau) Using Free Gold Again 31
05/26/1934 Science Will Liberate All Mankind In Next Century Leaders Predict 1
05/26/1934 3 Countries Added To Navy Talk Plan; Japan Will Accept 1
05/26/1934 Nazis Left Pushes Anti Rich Crusade Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
05/26/1934 U.S. Accepts Bid For (London) Naval Talks 8
05/26/1934 Brazil Places Curb On Japanese Influx Resentment Is Aroused In Japan 8
05/26/1934 Reich Debt Parley Finds A Formula Agreed On A 50% Interest Payment After 6 Months 9
05/26/1934 (Sir Robert) Mond (Brother of Lord Melchett & Chairman of Jewish World Federation) Predicts Downfall of Hitler Says Boycott (Of German Goods) Will Break Up Financing of Nazis 9
05/26/1934 Nazis Dollfuss Row Wearies Frontier Each Side Wants Peace G.E.R. Gedye, Unkens 9
05/26/1934 Reichsbank’s Gold Continues Decline 27
05/27/1934 600 Rioters Here Battle 100 Police At Relief Bureau 1
05/27/1934 New Peace Plan Drawn At Toledo (Ohio) As Riots Continue Soldiers Use Tear Gas 1
05/27/1934 Italy Will Build Up Sea And Air Fleets Arnaldo Cortesi, Rome 1
05/27/1934 France And Soviet Reach Army Pact Assistance Treaty Next Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
05/27/1934 Baptists Abjure Aggressive Wars 9
05/27/1934 Insist On Restricting Roosevelt Spending 20
05/27/1934 ‘Nucleus’ For Army Is Urged By (Major Gen. John F.) O’ryan 20
05/27/1934 Japan Would Curb (London) Naval Conference 23
05/27/1934 French Busily Try To Extend (Anti German) Entente 23
05/27/1934 Europe’s Leaders To Join Arms Talks Soviet To Regain Status Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 23
05/27/1934 Nazis Now Turning On Intellectuals 23
05/27/1934 Officers of Fleet Officially Listed N-7
05/27/1934 Naval Powers Prepare For (London) Conference In 1935 Japanese Demands Big Issue Edwin L. James E-1
05/27/1934 European Tension Like That of 1913 Saar Is Danger Center E-1
05/27/1934 Border Austrians Seek Nazi Peace By Bombing Ruined By Ban On German Tourists, They Commit Outrages To Force Dollfuss To Come To Terms With Hitler G.E.R. Gedye, Salzburg E-1
05/27/1934 Wagner (Labor) Bill Advanced By Industrial Conflict Arthur Krock E-1
05/27/1934 France Will Withdraw Old Copper Sou Pieces E-1
05/27/1934 End of Naval Pact Feared By Britain E-1
05/27/1934 Supremacy In Air Seen As British Aim Secret Closely Guarded Augur, London E-3
05/27/1934 Soviet ‘Anti God’ Posters And Cartoon Shown In London Repellent To English (None Mentioned As Coming From Germany) E-3
05/27/1934 Germany Issues 9 Commandments Jobs For All Are Sought Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-3
05/27/1934 Where Is The Nation Heading? Harold L. Ickes (U.S. Sec. of The Interior & Pwa Administrator) Mag. 1
05/27/1934 Pennants Flying, The (U.S.) Fleet Comes In Mag. 8
05/27/1934 On The Cultural Front, The Nazis Drive Mag. 11
05/27/1934 Climax of The World Struggle Over Arms XX-1
05/27/1934 (German) Exiles Aid Study Here (‘University In Exile’) XX-4
05/28/1934 U.S. Envoy Escapes Shots Fired At Home In Cuba 1
05/28/1934 Paris And London Plan Joint Talks On Debts To U.S 1
05/28/1934 Nazis In Battle For Army Control Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 6
05/28/1934 Hitler Youth Roil Older Generation 6
05/28/1934 Nazi Bombs Wreck A Cafe In Vienna (Student Arrested) 6
05/28/1934 Berlin Alarmed By New (Franco Russian) Entente Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 6
05/28/1934 All Jews Quit Hersbruck 7
05/28/1934 Soviet Secretive On French Accord Alliance Is Not Denied Harold Denny, Moscow 8
05/28/1934 Gen. Weygand Firm Against Arms Cuts Says France Has Reached Limit of Her Concessions 8
05/28/1934 Soviet Planners Aided By American Architect 8
05/28/1934 Three Battleships To Be Built By Italy 9
05/28/1934 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Prepares To Rule Sinkiang American Automobiles ArriveFor Big Military Drive In The Northwest Fuel Is Stored For Trip 11
05/28/1934 (Methodist, Dr. Charles C. Cole) Charges Nations Prepare For War 23
05/28/1934 British Industry Continues To Grow 29
05/28/1934 Employment Rises Sharply In Germany In April Up 640,000 34
05/29/1934 Soviet Welcomes Bid To Join League Harold Denny, Moscow 1
05/29/1934 Roosevelt Bars The Sale of Arms To Foes In Chaco Move To Stop Warfare 1
05/29/1934 Reich Imports Cut More Drastically In Boycott Fight 1
05/29/1934 San Francisco Mob Charges On Police 1
05/29/1934 Feats of 2 Planes Thrill The French 7
05/29/1934 (U.S. Ambassador To Russia, William C.) Bullitt Off By Plane To Tour South Russia 10
05/29/1934 Nazis (Carl Schurz Gesellschaft of Berlin) To Be Guides For American Group 10
05/30/1934 Soviet Gives Plan On Arms Control; (U.S. Ambassador At Large Norman H.) Davis Seeks Cuts Text, P. 10 1
05/30/1934 U.S. And Cuba Sign Treaty Abrogating Platt Amendment Guantanamo Base Is Kept 1
05/30/1934 Debt Parley Ends With Reich Asking 6 Months Respite Preparations Loans Exempt Big Sacrifices By Creditors Satisfies None of Them Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
05/30/1934 Religion Among Jews Found To Be Waning 2
05/30/1934 170,000 Army Urged By (Sec. of War George H.) Dern And Baker Point To World Unrest 4
05/30/1934 All Annapolis Class To Get Commissions; Roosevelt Signs Bill Speeded By Congress 6
05/30/1934 Britain Seeks Way For (Token) Debt Payment Soviet Bonds Considered 9
05/30/1934 Germany Pleased By Our Arms Move Defensive Acts Admitted 10
05/30/1934 Nazi Chief (Dr. Hans Frank) Defies World On (Jewish) Boycott 10
05/30/1934 Socialism In Reich Rising, Says (Thomas) Mann 19
05/31/1934 Roosevelt Hails New Unity In Nation In Gettysburg Battlefield Speech; Reaches City To Review Fleet Today 1
05/31/1934 Simon And Barthou Clash Over Reich At Geneva Parley Britain For Compromise 1
05/31/1934 Picture: Roosevelt & La Guardia 1
05/31/1934 Wartime Courage Called Needed Now (By Nevada Senator Patrick A. Mc Carran) 2
05/31/1934 Germany Studies Litvinoff’s Plan Sees Possibility of Returning To League But Stick To Arms Demands 8
05/31/1934 Roosevelt Policies Lead In Chicago (Literary Digest) Poll 8
05/31/1934 Roosevelt Is Firm On Debt Question 9
05/31/1934 Briton Suggests Ways To Pay U.S 9
05/31/1934 Germans Now Ask Full Moratorium 9
05/31/1934 British M. P.’s Ask War Debts Stand 9
05/31/1934 Nazis; Foes Meet As A Reich Synod 10
05/31/1934 Reich Starts Mass Trials of Alleged Reds; 111 Appear At The Bar Together At Breslau 11
05/31/1934 Nazis In Munich Beat Jewish Businessman (S. A. Storm Troopers Responsible Could Show Victim No Credentials) 11
05/31/1934 Polish Nazis Fight Socialists And Jews Nine Young Men Are Wounded In Warsaw Clash 11
05/31/1934 (Goering) Seeks To Allay Fears On Germany’s Police 11