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William Lindsey collection — 1934 NYT headlines

March 1934
Date Headline Page
03/01/1934 Pu Yi Ascends Throne of Manchukuo Empire In Centuries Old Ritual 1
03/01/1934 Roosevelt Decides To Ask For Tariff Powers Now; Plans Reciprocal Deals 1
03/01/1934 Prince (Youssoupoff) Tells How He Slew Rasputin 1
03/01/1934 Reich Gives Party For Foreign Press 8
03/01/1934 Embargo On Arms Is Voted By Senate 8
03/01/1934 (Sir Philip) Gibbs Says Hitler Has Cured Despair People ‘Can Hope Again’ 9
03/01/1934 Nazi Reich Uses Hapsburg Bogy Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 9
03/01/1934 (Bishop Ludwig) Mueller Demands Nazi Pastors Only 11
03/01/1934 Mayor Fiorello La Guardia) Denounces Nazi Persecution Hopes United States Will Lead World To Tolerance, He Says At Yeshiva Dinner Prof. (Bruno) Birnbaum Honored 11
03/01/1934 War Debt Queries Shelved In Senate 13
03/01/1934 New Ideals Urged By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 21
03/02/1934 Roosevelt Asks Free Hand On Money In Coming Year Requested By Morgenthau 1
03/02/1934 Panama Demands Gold For Our Debt 3
03/02/1934 China’s Refugees Totaled 65,000,000 Last Year 10
03/02/1934 French Give Eden No Reply On Arms Press Still Fears Reich 11
03/02/1934 ‘Real’ Revolution Dreaded In Reich Sir Philip Gibbs 12
03/02/1934 Nazis Report 8,000 Held (In Concentration Camps) For Politics New Total Acceptable 12
03/02/1934 Saar (Occupation) Regime Prohibits Uniforms And Marches 12
03/03/1934 World Peace Pact Urged By President (Roosevelt) In Note To Britain 1
03/03/1934 Italy Bars Naval Building For 1934, Britain Reveals 1
03/03/1934 Roosevelt Offers Philippines Plan Removing Army, Text, P. 2 1
03/03/1934 French And Germans Pool Ocean Air Mail (To South America) 3
03/03/1934 Germany Moderates Tactics In The Saar; Recalls Nazi Leader And Merges Parties 4
03/03/1934 (Sir Philip) Gibbs Sees Danger In The Nazi Youth Says Hitler Wants Peace 4
03/03/1934 500 (U.S.) Trade Leaders Hail Soviet Envoy (Troyanovsky) 4
03/03/1934 Put Faith In The Soviet 4
03/03/1934 Chief Reich Court Voids 10 Reds’ Death Sentence 4
03/03/1934 Trade Union Banned By Decree In Austria 4
03/03/1934 (Lord) Marley Charges Nazis (Germans) On U.S. Liner 4
03/04/1934 Mussolini To Seek Danubian Entente In Parley At Rome 1
03/04/1934 President (Roosevelt) Hails Interest of People In Government During His (First) Year In Office 1
03/04/1934 French Study Payment On (War) Debt To Win Our Aid In Arms Issue 1
03/04/1934 New Curbs Decreed For German Protestants; Synodes Are Gagged By (Bishop Ludwig) Mueller In Merger 1
03/04/1934 Berlin Is Gloomy On Arms Outlook Puts Issue Up To France 8
03/04/1934 (Rabbi Jonah B. Wise of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Denies Nazi Evil Wanes Says Persecution In Reich Has Not Abated 8
03/04/1934 Nazi Relief Woos Austrian Workers G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 8
03/04/1934 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Pres. of Columbia Univ. & Chairman, Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Praises Our Stand On Arms Roosevelt Policy As Given Out By State Department Is Held To Be ‘First Rate’ 9
03/04/1934 Europe Analyzes Roosevelt’s Year French View Critical 28
03/04/1934 Comment Cordial (On Roosevelt’s Speech) In British Papers Berlin Press Laudatory 28
03/04/1934 Brokers In Doubt On German Bonds N-7
03/04/1934 Nazis’ Grip Has Tightened In Year’s Control of Reich All Opposition Gone Except That of Church Unemployment Reduced, Currency Stable, Foreign Trade Aided Through Debts Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin E-1
03/04/1934 United States Proposes One More Peace Treaty Edwin L. James E-1
03/04/1934 Interest In NRA Grows In Britain E-1
03/04/1934 Roosevelt Score Even Up Against The Depression Arthur Krock E-1
03/04/1934 Picture: Representatives of Great Britain And France Confer E-3
03/04/1934 Cartoon: Anti NRA E-5
03/04/1934 First Year of The New Deal Reviewed By Watch Tower Correspondents of The Times E-7
03/04/1934 Serenely Roosevelt Carries On Mag. 1
03/04/1934 Japan’s’ American Diplomat (Hiroshi Saito) In Action Mag. 3
03/04/1934 Even In Communism Women Are Women Walter Duranty, Moscow Mag. 3
03/04/1934 The Iron Willed Pilot of Nazi Finance (Schacht) Harold Callender Mag. 8
03/04/1934 Roosevelt’s First Year; The New Deal Gets Under Way XX-3
03/04/1934 How Jobless Germans Fare; A Report Made Ar First Hand (Voluntary Labor Camps) William Feeling XX-4
03/04/1934 The (Samuel) Dickstein Bill X-1
03/05/1934 Dollfuss (Patriotic Front) Cheered As He Tells Plans In Nazi Stronghold G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 1
03/05/1934 Reich Press Hails Roosevelt’s Year Rise In Prestige Is Cited 3
03/05/1934 Roosevelt’s (Paralytic) Ordeal Held New Deal Origin 3
03/05/1934 (Roosevelt) Sees Need For God’s Aid 3
03/05/1934 Soviet Is Friendly To Our Peace Plan Finds We Are Realistic 7
03/05/1934 Hitler Defended On Church Policy (By Rev. Ewart E. Turner, Pastor, American Church In Berlin Sermon Delivered In New York While On Visit) 9
03/05/1934 Nazi Persecution of Liberals Rises Jews Silent On Troubles (‘Nana’ Dispatch, Author Not Mentioned) 10
03/05/1934 Jewish Group (American Jewish Congress, Founded By Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Currently Led By Bernard S. Deutsch) Sends ‘Greeting’ To Hitler (‘The Sermon On The Mount’) 10
03/05/1934 Goebbels Asserts The Worst Is Over 10
03/05/1934 Nazi (Welfare) Collectors Gather Huge Sums Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 11
03/05/1934 $40,000 Asked To Aid Young German Jews (Emigrate To Palestine) 18
03/05/1934 Exports of Steel Rise In Germany 25
03/06/1934 Few Jews Appear As Reich Lawyers Big Names Disappear 8
03/06/1934 Nazi Church Opens A ‘Foreign Office’ 8
03/06/1934 Germans Say (Norman H.) Davis Seeks World Pact Pins Hope On Roosevelt 9
03/06/1934 Fears Nazi Disturbance (At American Jewish Congress Meeting To Be Held At Madison Square Garden) 9
03/06/1934 Britain To Keep Us Advised of Restrictions On Rubber 11
03/06/1934 A Mrs. Rockefeller On Socialist (Party) Rolls 11
03/07/1934 Secret Stabilization By Banks of Dollar, Pound And Franc Is Rumored In London 1
03/07/1934 Baldwin Warns of Peril of British Civil War If Communists Or Fascists Become Strong 1
03/07/1934 Protest On Nazis At (Madison Square) Garden Tonight Leaders In 22 Fields Will Present ‘The Case of Civilization Against Hitlerism’ 1,000 Groups Take Part Seabury, La Guardia, Smith And Tydings To Be Speakers(Under Auspices of American Jewish Congress, A. F. of L. And Other Liberal, ‘Anti Nazi’ And Jewish Groups) 3
03/07/1934 Nazis Pushing Ban On Jewish Actors Ban By Goebbels Hailed 3
03/07/1934 Austrians Insist Britain Must Act 3
03/07/1934 Picture: Crown Prince August Wilhelm Collecting For (NSDAP) Welfare 3
03/07/1934 Austria Decrees One Fascist Nation Workers Are Indignant 3
03/07/1934 German Nazis ‘Invade’ Dutch Town For Parade 3
03/07/1934 Goebbels Denies Return To League Scores Spirit of Revenge 4
03/07/1934 (Richard) Wagner Is Eulogized By Reich Chancellor 4
03/07/1934 France Advances 1934 Navy Plans 3 Other Craft Provided 8
03/07/1934 Four New Cruisers Planned In Britain Budget Rises L2,980,000 8
03/08/1934 Nazis ‘Convicted’ of World ‘Crime’ By 20,000 (N (Madison Square Garden) Rally (Preparation For Nuernberg Tribunals?) German People Absolved Addresses, Pp. 15 & 16 (Many Well Known Figures! Picture of Garden Large Police Force Present For Protection) 1
03/08/1934 Can’t Curb Reich Belgium Admits Urge New Arms Accord 1
03/08/1934 Reich And Poland End Tariff War Berlin Not Enthusiastic 3
03/08/1934 (U.S. Ambassador William C.) Bullitt In Russia Sees Trade For Us Gains In America Cited Walter Duranty, Moscow 3
03/08/1934 Britain May Assist Talks With Japanese 3
03/08/1934 (Sir Philip Gibbs Sees Trend Toward Dollfuss Discounts Gains By Nazis 4
03/08/1934 Socialist Errors In Austria Listed 4
03/08/1934 Britain Bans Book of Cabinet Secrets 5
03/08/1934 ‘State of Alarm’ Decreed In Spain 5
03/08/1934 Rebel Reich Clergy Seek Church State Separation 5
03/08/1934 Morgenthau Is Hit For Displacing Aide Couzens In Senate Calls Naming of R. H. Jackson (Later U. S Prosecutor At The Nuernberg Tribunals!) To Treasury (As Counsellor of Internal Revenue Bureau) ‘Tricky’ 13
03/08/1934 250,000 New Men To Get Ccc Work Many Leave To Get Jobs 13
03/09/1934 British Will Build For Parity In Air, Failing An Accord 1&6
03/09/1934 Austen Chamberlain Scores Nazi Reich 3
03/09/1934 Paris Trial Balloon On War Debt Fails 3
03/09/1934 600 Challenge (Bishop Ludwig) Mueller 3
03/09/1934 Reich Police Head (Rudolf Diels) Explains To Press Secret Force Holds 9,000 In Concentration Camps Many Monarchists There System Will Be Retained Till The Nazi Regime Is Firmly Established Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 4
03/09/1934 Falkenhayn’s Son Jailed As A Spy In Berlin With Polish Baron And 12 Other Aristocrats 4
03/09/1934 Dr. (Hans) Luther (German Ambassador To U.S.) Protested Hitler ‘Trial’ Here, State Department Refused To Interfere, Holding That Meeting Had No Official Sanction 4
03/09/1934 Foreigners Shun The Leipzig Fair Boycott Also Effective Frederick T. Birchall, Leipzig 4
03/09/1934 Sterilization (For Congenitally Sick) Pressed (In Germany) 4
03/09/1934 Dutch To Aid (German Jewish) Refugees 4
03/09/1934 Cheap German Autos (‘Volksautos’) Are Urged By Hitler (Later Became ‘Volkswagens’) 4
03/09/1934 Dollfuss Pledges Rights To Toilers 5
03/09/1934 Japan Will Seek To Enlarge Navy Hugh Byas, Tokyo 6
03/09/1934 British Disclaim Belgian Arms Idea 6
03/09/1934 Leaders In France Debate Arms Plan 6
03/09/1934 Find Profits Fair On Navy Airplanes 15
03/09/1934 Spirit of Roosevelt Is Urged On Britain; Would Vitalize The World, Says Lord Trent 15
03/10/1934 Drastic Air Mail Bill .Is Introduced In Senate; Four Army Fliers Killed 1
03/10/1934 President (Roosevelt) Sets Up Cuba (Batista) Export Bank 1
03/10/1934 Idleness In Reich Shows A Decrease 6
03/10/1934 Reich Made Offer To Limit Strength 6
03/10/1934 Germany Jails 39 As Socialist Plotters 6
03/10/1934 Paris Seeks Funds To Add Defenses 6
03/10/1934 Schacht Wants 50% Cut In Debts 6
03/10/1934 Reich Bans Film ‘Catherine The Great,’ Starring Jewish Actress Elizabeth Bergner 6
03/10/1934 Seized For Aiding Vienna Worker G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 6
03/10/1934 Nazi Leipzig Fair Below Standard Frederick T. Birchall, Leipzig 6
03/10/1934 Nanking Gains Aid of Canton Rivals Hallett Abend, Shanghai 7 Nanking Asks U.S. For Treaty Equality 7
03/11/1934 President (Roosevelt) Orders The Army To Fly Mail Only On Routes That Don’t Imperil Fliers Says (Pilot) Deaths Must Stop 1
03/11/1934 Hitler (‘Volksauto’) Auto Plan Dismays Industry Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 26
03/11/1934 (Dr. Alfred) Rosenberg Defends Ban On British Film (‘Catherine The Great’) 26
03/11/1934 Goering Deplores Fear of His Police (Gestapo) Calls It ‘Peoples’ Body Declares ‘He Who Is of Goodwill’ Has No Reason To Be Afraid of Secret Police 26
03/11/1934 Dr. (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise To Be Honored (By La Guardia, Einstein, Rev. Harry Emerson Fosdick, Et Al.) 26
03/11/1934 B’nai B’rith Chief (Dr. Benno Walter) Seized In Germany 27
03/11/1934 (Dr. Kurt Schmitt) Says Reich Needs Exports The Most 27
03/11/1934 22,000 At (Madison Square Garden) Benefit Aid Israel (Orphan) Asylum 27
03/11/1934 Nazi Curb On Aid To Deaf Assailed N-1
03/11/1934 Business of Armament Making Large Progress Germany’s Aims Big Problem Edwin L. James E-1
03/11/1934 Hungarians Want A King But Will Not Risk War Sir Philip Gibbs E-1
03/11/1934 (Pastor Martin) Niemoeller Gains Stature In Reich Hugh Edell, Berlin E-2
03/11/1934 Nazi Church Rule Faces New Threat Rebel Pastors Subdued E-2
03/11/1934 Social Honor Basis of Nazi Labor Law Dr. Franz Seldte, Reich Minister of Labor E-2
03/11/1934 (U.S. Ambassador To Russia, William C.) Bullitt And Staff Zestful In Soviet Russians Are Helpful E-2
03/11/1934 British Lay Ground For Arms Increase E-3
03/11/1934 Britain Bars Way To Reich In Air Augur, London E-3
03/11/1934 Wool Men Bless Roosevelt Regime E-3
03/11/1934 War Is Outlawed In Treaty Drafts Free Trade Is Proposed E-8
03/11/1934 The Ways of Three Dictators Walter Duranty, Moscow Mag. 1
03/11/1934 Roosevelt Begins To Shape A New Foreign Trade Policy XX-3
03/11/1934 Nazi Eugenics Policy Devised To Offset Increase of Slavs XX-9
03/12/1934 Army Grounds Mail Planes Gen. Foulois Gives Order 1
03/12/1934 French Veterans Turn To Fascism Communism To Be Fought 1
03/12/1934 Nazis Now Strive To Propitiate Us. Ministry Learns A Lesson Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 4
03/12/1934 Dr. (Benno) Walter (B’nai B’rith Officer) Is Held In A Berlin Prison Charges Not Revealed 4
03/12/1934 Ask German (Jewish) Refugee Aid 4
03/12/1934 Confer On Jewish Unity 4
03/12/1934 British Broadcast Stirs Spanish Ire 5
03/12/1934 Would Rally Foes of War 6
03/12/1934 $3,000,000 Sought For German Jews (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee James G. Mc Donald, League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany) 7
03/12/1934 (Dr. Stephen S.) Wise Reviews 40 Years As Rabbi (The Causes He Has Supported Etc.) 13
03/12/1934 Roosevelt And La Guardia Ideals Praised 13
03/12/1934 British Jobs Rise 71,159 For Month 32
03/13/1934 Reich Ousts Jews In Army And Navy End Compromises Law Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 16
03/13/1934 Nazi Youth Wars On Catholic Group 16
03/13/1934 Germany To End Aid For 2 (News) Papers Here 16
03/13/1934 German Youths Are Trained For Nazi State In Schools Stressing Work For Common Good 16
03/13/1934 Protests Nazi (B’nai B’rith) Moves 16
03/14/1934 German Business Is Unified By Nazis Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
03/14/1934 (Under Secretary of War Harry) Woodring Defends Buying For Army 3
03/14/1934 Jersey Fascists Organize 9
03/14/1934 Subsidies For Ships Advised By (Secretary of Commerce Daniel C.) Roper 11
03/14/1934 Many Promotions Made In The Army 11
03/14/1934 (NAACP) Scores Rule On Racial Issue 11
03/14/1934 Reich (Jewish) Ban Effects 120 Army Officers Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 14
03/14/1934 Bares ‘Nazi Order’ To Sway The News Advertising The Weapon 14
03/14/1934 City Tools Found ‘Made In Germany’ 14
03/14/1934 Faulhaber Book Banned 14
03/14/1934 Dr. Benno Walter (B’nai B’rith Official) Freed 14
03/14/1934 Germany Beheads Three 14
03/15/1934 Italy Asks France To Join A New Deal Mussolini Proposes They End Clashes, Isolating Germany By European Alliance Augur, London 1
03/15/1934 British End Talk With The Japanese 15
03/15/1934 Soviet Receives First Long Loan (From Sweden) Walter Duranty, Moscow 15
03/15/1934 Paris Keeps Open Door To Arms Cuts Berlin Adds Nothing New 16
03/15/1934 Mussolini Builds To Bar Anschluss 17
03/15/1934 Nazi (News) Papers Here Deny Official Aid ‘Propaganda’ Disavowed 18
03/15/1934 State Socialism Barred In Reich 18
03/15/1934 Stahlhelm Loses Fight For Identity Veterans Long Suspect 18
03/15/1934 Nazis Bar (Kaiser) Wilhelm As Troublemaker Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 18
03/15/1934 Roosevelt Urged (By B’nai B’rith) To Reprove Reich 18
03/16/1934 La Guardia Insists Aides Must Quit Politics; Action Disrupts Some Groups Backing Him 1
03/16/1934 Poland Is Defended By Danzig Official 13
03/16/1934 Reich Hit Harder In Trade Balance Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 18
03/16/1934 Hitler’s Strength Declared Growing 18
03/16/1934 Austria Is Held Key To Peace In Europe 18
03/16/1934 Czech Journalist Is Found In Nazi Jail 18
03/17/1934 Schacht Demands Debt Forgiveness Warns of Alternative Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 3
03/17/1934 Picture: Governor (Herbert) Lehman At White House 3
03/17/1934 Nazi Measures Hit Ex-Kaiser’s Finances 6
03/17/1934 Dr. S. S. (Stephen S.) Wise At 60 Asks Jewish Unity (Jewish ‘Gleichschaltung’ ? See Jan. 28, 1934, Mag. 5) 16
03/18/1934 Power of Dictator Asked By British Columbia Premier 1
03/18/1934 Foreign Body (International Legal Committee) Aids Vienna Socialist 8
03/18/1934 Paris Again Spurns German Arms Plan Insists Upon Guarantees 30
03/18/1934 Dr. (Hans) Luther (German Ambassador To U.S.) Pledges Good Will In Trade Warns of Nationalism 30
03/18/1934 (Mueller Boedner) Opposes Reich Drive To Regain Colonies 30
03/18/1934 Warns Against Aims of Nazi Protestants 30
03/18/1934 Schacht’s Speech Sends Bonds Down Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 31
03/18/1934 Gimbel Store Stops Buying In Germany 31
03/18/1934 Mussolini Trying Again To Lead Central Europe Edwin L. James E-1
03/18/1934 British Supremacy In Trade Is Waning E-2
03/18/1934 Catholics Gaining Strength In Vienna Nazis Biding Their Time G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna E-3
03/18/1934 Feuchtwanger, Lion, The Oppermans, Viking Press, N.Y. The Fate of A German Family Consequences of Hitler’s Rise To Power Book 5
03/18/1934 (Dr. James Bryant) Conant (President of Harvard Univ.) States His Creed For Harvard Mag. 3
03/18/1934 Again The Russian Bear Walks Abroad Anne O’hare Mc Cormick, Moscow Mag. 4
03/19/1934 Mussolini Urges German Rearming To Avoid Disaster Asserts Armed Nations Violate Versailles Pact, So Cannot Impose Military Curbs Pledges Help To Austria Armaldo Cortesi, Rome 1
03/19/1934 Soviet Revives Gaiety And Games; Jazz Music And Baseball In Favor Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
03/19/1934 Navy Plane Buying Is Called Illegal 3
03/19/1934 20 New Ccc Centers Granted To State New York’s Total Raised To 66 To Enroll 14,000 In April 6
03/19/1934 (Rome (Italo Austro Hungarian) Pact Hailed By Austria Press Effect On Reich Awaited 9
03/19/1934 Heimwehr Rejects Dollfuss As Leader 9
03/19/1934 Tokyo Plans Curb On Role of Army Will Speak For Officers Hugh Byas, Tokyo 10
03/19/1934 Japanese Prepare For Trade Deals 10
03/19/1934 Big Army Budget Looms In Berlin May Not Be Made Public Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 11
03/19/1934 (Sir Philip) Gibbs Sees None In Europe For War Finds General Anxiety 11
03/19/1934 Haven Here Asked For Nazis’ Victims Women Led By Mrs. (Carrie Chapman) Catt, Urge Roosevelt To Ease Hoover’s Curb On Immigration Noted Men Back Appeal (Alfred E. Smith, Raymond Moley, Viscount Cecil [Paclfist!], Sir John Simon, Chamille Chautemps, Eduard Benes, Cordell Hull, Et Al.) 11
03/19/1934 (Governor Herbert) Lehman Asks Jews To Aid 11
03/19/1934 50 (Germans) Scorn Nazi Labor Camp 11
03/19/1934 Big Polish (Upper Silesian Coal & Steel) Concern Asks Receivership It Has A Total of 25,000 Employees 12
03/19/1934 Mayor (La Guardia) Offers Aid On Negroes’ Needs Lehman Tells His Needs 12
03/19/1934 (British Born, Episcopal Bishop William T.) Manning Decries (German Understood!) ‘Pagan’ Literature 14
03/19/1934 (Episcopalian Rev. Joseph P. Mc Comas Cites) Roosevelt As (Outstanding) Example 14
03/19/1934 Dr. S. S. (Stephen Samuel) Wise, 60, Honored By 4,500 Speakers Eulogize Him As A ‘Pathfinder’ For All The Rabbis of America 19
03/19/1934 Reich Trade Upset Attributed To Debts 25
03/19/1934 Frenchmen Protest Imports From U.S 32
03/20/1934 Mother And Baby Held In A Nazi Prison Camp (Roslau, Near Dessau See Later Articles!) 1
03/20/1934 Switzes Confess In Paris Spy Plot American Couple Questioned 10 Hours(The Beginning of Many Articles!) 1
03/20/1934 Tension Between Prague And Warsaw Grows; Poland Charges Czechs Persecute (Polish) Minority (‘Czechozation’ Charged) 1
03/20/1934 La Guardia Starts Own (Harlem [Scottsboro Alabama Rape Case]) Riot Inquiry 9
03/20/1934 Rabbi (Stephen S.) Wise Hailed As ‘Great Citizen’ (Einstein, La Guardia, Aldermanic Pres., Bernard S. Deutsch, Bainbridge Colby, Rev. Harry Emerson Fosdick, Julian Mack, Et Al.) 11
03/20/1934 Mussolini Speech Disturbs French P. J. Philips, Paris 13
03/20/1934 Nazis Warn Italy On Danube Plans 13
03/20/1934 Paris Reply Bars London Arms Plan 13
03/20/1934 Vienna Socialists Tell of (Dolfuss Government’s) Brutality Prisoners Say They Are Treated Well Now But Were Beaten When Arrested G. E. R.Gedye, Vienna 14
03/20/1934 Noted Paper (Vossische Zeitung) Near End In Berlin Was Disliked By Nazis 14
03/20/1934 Creditors May Pay For Reich Arming Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 15
03/20/1934 Czechs See Peril In New Rome Pact 15
03/20/1934 Dollfuss Expects Much From Accord Doubts Any Difficulties 16
03/20/1934 Russia And Japan Seek Lease Accord Hugh Byas, Tokyo 16
03/20/1934 French Conscripts Urged To Re Enlist 16
03/20/1934 Says French Reds Are Being Armed 18
03/20/1934 Soviet Leans More Toward League Stalin’s Attitude Cited, Walter Duranty, Moscow 18
03/21/1934 Paris Says (Switzes) Spy Ring Got Secrets Here 1
03/21/1934 Wide Nazi Inquiry Is Voted (At Insistence And Instigation of N.Y. Rep. Samuel Dickstein, Chairman of Immigration And Naturalization Committee) By House Hitler Regime Is Scored 1
03/21/1934 France Anxious Over Arming of (Political) Factions; Press Fearing (Internal) Strife, Asks Cabinet To Act 1
03/21/1934 New Drive Aimed At Jews In Reich Nazis Exert Moral And Physical Pressure To Make People Buy In ‘German’ Shops Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 10
03/21/1934 Reich Would Keep (Academic) Lecture Exchange (‘Roosevelt Exchange Professor’) 10
03/21/1934 Hitler To Reveal Job Plans Today 10
03/21/1934 Boo Jews In Yugoslavia 10
03/21/1934 (Columbia Univ. Prof. John Dewey) Scores Hitler As Peril Is Greatest Threat To Peace 10
03/21/1934 (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee & James G. Mc Donald) To Confer On German Refugees 10
03/21/1934 Woolworths Bans All German Goods Policy Is To Buy Here 11
03/21/1934 Russia Will Fine All Inefficient Workers; Quotas For Quantity And Quality Are Set Walter Duranty, Moscow 11
03/21/1934 Roosevelt Hailed By Lloyd George Britain Must Reconstruct In President’s ‘Bold Spirit’ 17
03/21/1934 1,000 (N.Y.) Taxi Strikers In A Riotous March 23
03/21/1934 $509,000,000 Taken Abroad For Debts (Balance of Payments, P. 37) 31
03/22/1934 Japan And U.S. Vow Amity In Messages Peace Aims Are Stressed Texts, P. 11 1
03/22/1934 Hitler Opens Drive For 2,000,000 Jobs Projects Begun Throughout Reich Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
03/22/1934 Benes Says Czechs Do Not Fear Anschluss, But Back Allies In Ban On Larger Reich 1
03/22/1934 President Declares 15,000 Postal Workers Are Kept Only For Humanitarian Reasons 1
03/22/1934 Unemployment Data of Three Nations (U.S., England & Germany For 1932 & 1933) Indicate Continued Recovery 4
03/22/1934 Saar Body (Saar Economic Association) Pleads For Curb On Nazis Urges League To Halt Germans; Interference With Those Who Favor Geneva Control 10
03/22/1934 Catholics Are Urged (By Breslau Bishop, Adolf Cardinal Bertram) To Fight Nazi Curbs 10
03/22/1934 Film Man’s (David Oliver, Austrian Jew) Auto Bombed In Berlin Jewish Owner of Theatre That Played (Banned) ‘Catherine The Great’ Has Narrow Escape 10
03/22/1934 (Ramsay) M;Donald For Plan To Bar Aggression Defends Naval Building 11
03/22/1934 Socialist Overtures To Dollfuss Bared Reveals They Repeatedly Urged A United Front Against The Nazis 11
03/22/1934 Caution On New Deal’s Course Is Urged Before The Academy of Political Science (Cornell University) 16
03/23/1934 Japan Favorable To (U.S.) Philippine Pact To Guarantee Independence And Neutrality of Islands Concessions Not Sought 1
03/23/1934 Treaty Bill Goes To The President (Roosevelt) Authorizing 102 Ships And 1,184 Planes 1
03/23/1934 Big Army Plane Base Is Urged For Alaska; Two Landing Fields (At Fairbanks & Anchorage) Are Proposed 8
03/23/1934 New Arms Outlay By Britain Hinted Holds Interest In Peace 11
03/23/1934 U.S. Asked (By French) To Hunt Woman In (Switz) Spy Plot 16
03/23/1934 $3,000,000 Drive On To Help Refugees (James G.) Mc Donald Appeals To Jews of America To Aid ‘Work of Mercy And Justice’ 60,000 Have Fled Germany 18
03/23/1934 Balanced Budget Adopted In Reich 18
03/23/1934 Vienna Will Reduce Jewish City Doctors 24
03/23/1934 French Attitude On Gold Defended (By Louis Germaine Martin) Hails Faith In Roosevelt 35
03/24/1934 Many Groups Urge World Court Step Demand Early Adherence 1
03/24/1934 Britain Displeased As France Rejects Her Arms Formula German Move Attacked 1
03/24/1934 U.S. Won’t Change Its Stand On Arms Issue Is Held European 6
03/24/1934 $10,000,000 Silver Ordered By (‘Issued To’) Cuba Transaction Not A Loan 6
03/24/1934 Germany Limits Imports Further (Exchange Short!) 7
03/24/1934 Reich Forces Companies To Invest In Loans If They Declare Dividends of 6% Or More 7
03/24/1934 Nazi Chief (Hans Frank) Warns Jews’ Rabid Foes (‘Over Zealous Anti-Semitism Will Be Relentlessly Curbed.’) 7
03/24/1934 Soviet Farm Work Is Ahead of 1933 Walter Duranty, Moscow 7
03/24/1934 Nazi Kidnap Story Shown To Be False Are Held In Camp Until ‘Traitor Surrenders’ 7
03/24/1934 Socialists Tried In Vienna Revolt 8
03/24/1934 China Excited At Move For U.S. Japanese Amity 8
03/24/1934 Benes Backs (Economic) Aid For Central Europe 8
03/24/1934 (U.S. Ambassador To Germany, Dr. William E.) Dodd, Home, Sees No Threat of War Outlook In Reich Better 17
03/24/1934 15th Fascist Year Is Hailed In Italy 18
03/25/1934 Premier (Doumerigue) Warns France To End Civil War Threat; Sees Danger of (‘Foreign’) Invasion Some Urge Military Uprising 1
03/25/1934 London May Profit By U.S. Loan Curb 1
03/25/1934 German Embargo On (Foreign) Textile Fibres (In Attempt To Conserve Foreign Exchange Funds Which Are Short) 19
03/25/1934 German Situation Discussed By (U.S. Ambassador) Dodd (And Hull) Tariffs To Come Up German Ambassador (Dr. Hans Luther) Says No Anti Jewish Boycott Is Planned 19
03/25/1934 Soviet Is Skeptical of Japan’s Words Walter Duranty, Moscow 21
03/25/1934 (Marechal Philip) Petain Urges French Training For War; Would Teach Youth To Like Military Things 22
03/25/1934 French Arms Note Angers Nazi Press 24
03/25/1934 French Arms View Backed In Britain 24
03/25/1934 War Risk Weighed By Little Entente 24
03/25/1934 ‘American Hitler’ Pictured By (Dr. William A.) Wirt (Gary, Indiana The Beginning of Many Articles!) 26
03/25/1934 Government (New Deal) Agencies Are Charted N-4
03/25/1934 Trend To Fascism In France Is Seen N-5
03/25/1934 Italy Seen As Willing To Intervene For Austria Arnaldo Cortesi, Rome E-1
03/25/1934 Old World Statesmen Are Playing Big Politics Edwin L. James E-1
03/25/1934 (U.S. Ambassador William C.) Bullitt And Aides Find (Moscow) Living Costly E-2
03/25/1934 Berlin Americans Lose A Champion (George S. Messersmith The Author of Innumerable Affidavits At The Nuernberg Tribunals Submitted By Robert H. Jackson) Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin E-2
03/25/1934 Pilsudski Is Held Poland’s Bulwark Jerzy Szapiro E-3
03/25/1934 Moscow And Tokyo Talk Much of War Hugh Byas, Tokyo E-8
03/25/1934 Focus of The European Tragedy Anne O’hare Mccormick, Vienna Mag. 1
03/25/1934 Russia Now Sows The Seeds of Culture Walter Duranty, Moscow Mag. 6
03/25/1934 Picture: Walter C. Teagle, President of Standard Oil, N. J. (Rockefeller Interests See Ethiopian Oil Concessions In 1934) XX-1
03/26/1934 Nazis Put Industry On Wartime Basis In Financial Crisis Living Standard Menaced Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
03/26/1934 Extremists Fight In 2 French Cities (Tours & Toulon); More Riots Feared Shots Are Fired 1
03/26/1934 Solid Vote In Italy Cast For Fascisti Arnaldo Cortesi, Rome 1
03/26/1934 Scottsboro (Alabama Rape Case) Group Stays In Solitary 3
03/26/1934 Dr. (William A.) Wirt (Picture) Attacks New Deal Bills 5
03/26/1934 Singapore;S Arms Listed In Berlin 7
03/26/1934 Picture: New Jersey Officially Greets Professor Einstein 8
03/26/1934 Czechs Expelled In Polish Reprisal Punished For Prague’s ‘Persecutions of Minorities’ 12
03/26/1934 More Refugees (Immigrants) Opposed (By American Bar Associations) 12
03/26/1934 Racial Purity Assailed (By John Haynes Holmes) 20
03/26/1934 Germany Enters Crisis On Bonds 27
03/27/1934 British Seek Pact On Air Neutrality For Five Nations Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
03/27/1934 Rfc (Reconstruction Finance Corporation) Cuts Its ($50,000,000) Loan To China $30,000,000 9
03/27/1934 China Slaughters Horde of Bandits (Map) 10
03/27/1934 Japan Wants Pact With Us On Trade 10
03/27/1934 Vickers Head Queried On Arms, Is Vague As To Whether Reich And Austria Get Them 11
03/27/1934 Arming In France Alarms Deputies Royalist Plot Charged 11
03/27/1934 3,500,000 In Prison (In Europe) For Political Acts G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 12
03/27/1934 Nazi Workers To Get Free Trips On Liners (‘Kraft Durch Freude’); The Navy Will Stage Manoeuvres For Them 12
03/27/1934 19 British Fascists Are Freed At (‘Tithe War’) Trial (Interfered With Forceful Confiscation of Livestock In Legal Tithe Collection) 12
03/27/1934 Reich Limits Action On ‘Mixed’ Marriages 12
03/27/1934 More Expulsions (By Poland) Agitate Prague 14
03/27/1934 German Library Planned In London To Preserve Books Nazis Ban Paris Archives A Model 19
03/27/1934 Reichsbank’s Gold Continues To Drop 35
03/28/1934 (Economic) Crisis Seen As Forcing Reich To Ease Policy of Anti-Semitism Slump In Exports Caused By Boycotts Will Be Determining Factor 1
03/28/1934 60,000 In France To Lose State Jobs Pay of Others To Be Reduced 15
03/28/1934 Soviet Is Nearer To League Entry Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 18
03/28/1934 Nazis Behead 3 Reds For Killing In 1932 18
03/28/1934 Brussels Upholds Paris Arms Stand 19
03/28/1934 Nazis Here Plan Counter Boycott 19
03/28/1934 Reich Puts Copper Under An Embargo Domestic Buying Curbed Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 19
03/28/1934 Schacht Assails Us 19
03/28/1934 Germany And Russia Agree On (Trade) Exchange 19
03/28/1934 Big Arms Outlay In German Budget 20
03/28/1934 29 Bible (‘Bibelforscher’) Students Cleared In Reich 20
03/29/1934 House Body Favors Dr. Wirt Inquiry 7
03/29/1934 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Picture) Assails Vote of Congress Saw No Desire For War 10
03/29/1934 Hitler Asks Peace In Church By May 1 12
03/29/1934 Nazi (Dr. Ernst Franz Hanfstangl, Class of ‘09) Will Attend Harvard Reunion 12
03/29/1934 Plea For Jewish Aid (United Jewish Appeal 12
03/29/1934 Deaths of Two Jews Laid To Nazi Raider (One A Suicide!) 12
03/29/1934 Czechs Release Poles 13
03/29/1934 New Arms Parley Sought For Europe 20
03/29/1934 Reich’s Creditors To Meet In Basle United Front Planned 33
03/30/1934 (U.S. Ambassador William C.) Bullitt Sees Ban On Credits To Russia If Johnson Bill On Debtor Loans Is Passed 1
03/30/1934 Britain Will Take Step Similar To NRA; Textile Code To Start Experiment 1
03/30/1934 Arms Sales Curbs Decreed In Paris 13
03/30/1934 100 Publications Banned In Austria (Partial List!) 14
03/30/1934 Jews Terrorized A Bavarian Town Gunzenhausen 14
03/30/1934 Nation Wide Plot By Nazis Charged (By Magazine Article) 14
03/30/1934 Bans Book On The Jews (My First Two Thousand Years) G. S. Viereck, Co Author, Pro Nazi 14
03/31/1934 Bid To Nazi (Alumnus, Dr. Ernst Franz Hanfstangl, Picture) Stirs Alumnus (Benjamin Halpern) 4
03/31/1934 (German) Prelate (Mgr. Nicholas Bares, Berlin) Assails Nazi Racial Books Anticipates Persecution 4
03/31/1934 Anti Jewish Trend In Vienna (Dollfuss Government) Assailed (By Zionist Newspaper, ‘Neuefeldt’) 4
03/31/1934 Hitlerism Invasion (Of U.S.) Denied By (Dr. Hans) Borchers (Consul General of N.Y.) 4
03/31/1934 Austria Denies Bans On Magazine Sales 4
03/31/1934 French Free Masons Assailed By Deputy 5
03/31/1934 Friendship Pledge Renewed To Japan (By Cordell Hull) 6
03/31/1934 Lincoln Campaign Book In German (Language) Found 9
03/31/1934 Reich Improving (Poultney) Bigelow (Kaiser’s Official Biographer) Reports Ex-Kaiser (Wilhelm II) Also Appreciates What Hitler Is Doing ‘No Misery In Germany’ 13