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William Lindsey collection — 1934 NYT headlines

April 1934
Date Headline Page
04/01/1934 British Treasury Is Ahead £31,148,000 In Economy Year 1
04/01/1934 Synagogue Bombed In Argentine Capital Jew Is Badly Beaten Anti-Semitism Spreads 10
04/01/1934 More Socialists Freed In Vienna 15 More Nazis Let Out 10
04/01/1934 Vossische Zeitung Critical As It Dies 14
04/01/1934 Nazis Renew Drive Against Jews’ Stores 14
04/01/1934 Liberty In World Ebbs, (N.Y. City) Rabbis Warn Hitlerism Held Defeated Dictatorship Fight Urged 15
04/01/1934 Reich To Pay 2,1/2% As ‘Token’ On Debt 15
04/01/1934 Business Men Nobles Flayed In Germany 15
04/01/1934 (Karl) Severing (‘The Little Red Napoleon’) Espouses Hitler’s Doctrines Denies He Is A Convert He Declares He Has Always Had Sympathy For Nazi Principles (See Testimony At Nuernberg Tribunals!) 16
04/01/1934 Air Neutrality Suggested For Belgium And Holland Augur, London E-1
04/01/1934 Rabid Nazis Push Drive On The Jews Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-1
04/01/1934 Britain’s New Air Policy Raises Many Big Issues Edwin L. James E-1
04/01/1934 Reich Goes In For Big Time Economy Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-2
04/01/1934 Nazis Tighten Grip On Youth Training E-2
04/01/1934 Armament Works Gaining In Britain E-3
04/01/1934 Arms Parley End Is Seen In Geneva E-3
04/01/1934 French Tribunals Clear Army Men (Executed In World War I) E-3
04/01/1934 A Nazi Answer To Oswald Spengler Book 7
04/01/1934 Ickes Defines The Task Ahead Mag. 1
04/01/1934 American Japanese Problems Attacked In A Friendlier Vein XX-3
04/01/1934 German Trade Based On Trade And Debts XX-5
04/02/1934 Hitler Bars Work of Carnegie (Endowment For International Peace [Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, Pres. of Columbia Univ.]) Fund Fostered Liberal Forum 1
04/02/1934 Nazis Herald Spring By Pagan Ceremonies 2
04/02/1934 German Arms Seen Far Beyond Limits (By Dr. Mildred S. Wertheimer, Foreign Policy Association) 8
04/02/1934 Nazis Persecute Blind (Basler National Zeitung Report) 8
04/02/1934 (U.S.) Socialists ‘Convict’ Dollfuss of Murder (700 of ‘Young Circle League of America’ At Town Hall Meeting) 8
04/02/1934 Reich Still Finds Churches Hostile 10
04/02/1934 Vienna’s Charter Ends Democracy 10
04/02/1934 Dictators Found Peril To Religion (By Henry Sloane Coffin) 14
04/02/1934 Passover Sermons Assail Hitlerism Rabbi S. S. (Stephen S.) Wise Says Nazi Head Stands For Principles Enunciated By Pharaoh Denounced By Dr. (De Sola) Pool 36
04/03/1934 Pope Backs Youth In Resisting Nazis Sees Trend To Paganism 1
04/03/1934 29 Trade Pacts Planned By Hull As A Basis For Barter 2
04/03/1934 (Russian Ambassador) Troyanovsky Sees Grave War Danger Holds World Peril Is Now As Great As It Was In 1914 3
04/03/1934 Our Foreign Trade Called Essential 5
04/03/1934 Socialist Revenge Stalks In Austria 10
04/03/1934 Soviet Youth Asks Wider Education Harold Denny, Moscow 10
04/03/1934 (Leo Gallagher, One of U.S. Defense Counsel For Bulgarian Communist & Reichstag Fire Figure, Georgi Dimitroff, In Berlin) Warns of Nazis Here 10
04/03/1934 Jews End Prison Fast (In Federal Penitentiary) Went Without Food Two Days 11
04/04/1934 Reich Deals Blow To Catholic Press Upholds Goering’s Paper Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
04/04/1934 Picture: Samuel Untermyer, Founder & Head of Non Sectarian Anti Nazi League For Human Rights 4
04/04/1934 (Karl) Severing (See Earlier Entry!) Denies Nazi Conversion Report Is Traced To Reds 5
04/04/1934 Nazis Said To Ship Arms To Morocco 5
04/04/1934 Picture: Three of Adolf Hitler’s Storm Troopers Former Crown Prince And Two Sons 5
04/04/1934 Nazis Flee Jail With Socialists 6
04/04/1934 Stories of Arming Stir Paris Again Reds Said To Plan Rising 6
04/04/1934 Planting In Soviet Starts With Rush Quality Now Stressed Harold Denny, Moscow 7
04/04/1934 (Maj. Gen. Benjamin D.) Foulois (Chief of The Air Corps) Criticized (By House Military Affairs Committee) On Airplane Deal (Part of Argument With Under Sec. of War, Harry H. Woodring) 11
04/05/1934 Soviet Amity Pacts Renewed Till 1945 By 3 Baltic States Harold Denny, Moscow 1
04/05/1934 Hindenburg Wins Return of Frau (Friedrich) Ebert’s Pension 1
04/05/1934 Hitler Lieutenant (Dr. Ernst Franz Hanfstangl, Class of ‘09) Refuses Bid As Harvard Commencement Aide (Decision Not To Attend)Follows A Storm of Protest (See Entry, March 31, 1934, P. 4) 1
04/05/1934 Catholic Defiance of Nazis Mounts Church Ready For Battle 10
04/05/1934 Leaning To Reich By Austria Seen 10
04/05/1934 Hitler Cheered Here By Lecture Audience Others (In Audience) Demand Money Back 10
04/05/1934 Reich Debt Moves Approach Climax Chief Creditors To Meet 10
04/05/1934 Labor Group (Jewish Labor Committee, American Jewish Committee And American Jewish Congress [Bernard S. Deutsch President & Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Honorary Chairman]) Maps Policy On Hitler 10
04/05/1934 Germany Expects Naval Parley Bid Denies Big Building Plan Guido Enderis, Berlin 11
04/05/1934 American Clergy (Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America & Universal Christian Council) Protest To Reich 11
04/05/1934 Russian (Partriarch of Moscow) Here To End Rift 12
04/06/1934 Pope Encourages Catholics In Reich Arnaldo Cortesi, Rome 1
04/06/1934 (Virgil) Jordan Finds Us Turning Bolshevik ‘We Still Have A Chance’ 3
04/06/1934 (Dr. .William A.) Wirt Ordered To Appear Tuesday (Before House Investigating Committee) 3
04/06/1934 Zionists Still Split After 12 Day Session (In Jerusalem Jewish Telegraphic [News] Agency) 9
04/06/1934 British Now Lean To Arms Pledges 12
04/06/1934 Silver Legion (William Dudley Pelly) Aims Attacks At Jews 12
04/06/1934 M’cormack Heads (Samuel Dickstein’s) House Nazi Inquiry Dickstein (Chairman of House Committee On Immigration And Naturalization) Refuses Chairmanship Wants The ‘Menace’ of Propaganda Brought Out 13
04/06/1934 Nazis Must Trace ‘Aryanism’ To 1800 13
04/06/1934 Brooklyn Nazi (Walter Reinhard, League of The Friends of New Germany) Summoned 13
04/06/1934 Soviet Still Sees Peril From Reich Harold Denny, Moscow 14
04/06/1934 Roosevelt Is Called ‘Spirit of Recovery’ (By Sir Frederick Whyte) 15
04/06/1934 (National Socialists) Protest On (Woellersdorf) Prison Camp 15
04/07/1934 U.S. Will Not Back Vague Arms Plan 1
04/07/1934 Rioting Minneapolis Mob Forces Council To Yield To Demands For Relief 1
04/07/1934 Cologne To Conduct Night Air Raid Defense, First On Rhein’s Demilitarized Left Bank 1
04/07/1934 Spy Story Revived In (World War I) Black Tom Blast (By James Larkin, An Irish Labor Leader Later, See Owen J. Roberts & John Jay Mc Cloy) 7
04/07/1934 Hitler To Punish Raid On Catholics 8
04/07/1934 Austrian Emigres Seized By Czechs 13 Are Ordered To Leave 8
04/07/1934 Foreign Papers Under Vienna Ban 8
04/07/1934 (Col. Ernst Roehm) Says Nazis Need 10 Years 8
04/07/1934 Germans Fight Boycotts 8
04/07/1934 Store (Kresge, Abraham Schindel) Bars Nazi Goods (In Letter To Untermyer’s Non Sectarian Anti Nazi League For Human Rights) 8
04/07/1934 Small Modern Army Is Proposed By (Sec. of War) Dern 9
04/07/1934 Teacher (Federal Monetary) Aid (Supported) By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 17
04/08/1934 Arms Conferences Plan Full Session In Geneva May 23 1
04/08/1934 War Spy (Franz Von Rintelen) At Wedding of Captor’s (Admiral Sir Reginald [‘Blinker’] Hall’s) Daughter 2
04/08/1934 (British Born Episcopal Bishop William T.) Manning For (U.S.) League Vote 5
04/08/1934 Minneapolis Riot Is Laid To Reds Party Leader Admits It 8
04/08/1934 British Moderate Arms Pact Views 26
04/08/1934 Cruel Jailers Put In Prison By Reich 27
04/08/1934 Reich’s Creditors Seek United Front Clarence K. Streit, Basle 27
04/08/1934 German Catholics Arming In Austria 27
04/08/1934 Restricts Jews Further 27
04/08/1934 Scottsboro (Alabama Rape Defendants) Negroes Reported Tortured (N.Y. Counsel, ‘Scottsboro’ Samuel S.) Leibowitz Asks An Inquiry Into Charges Men Are Beaten And Starved In Jail 30
04/08/1934 Czech Frontier Officer Kidnapped By Nazi Band 33
04/08/1934 Army Has Its Day As 40,000 Look On N-1
04/08/1934 113 Naval Vessels To Leave Pacific N-1
04/08/1934 Again Our Aid Is Sought In Peace Enforcement Edwin L. James E-1
04/08/1934 British Adamant Against Paying Us E-1
04/08/1934 France Struggles To Remain On Gold E-1
04/08/1934 Soviet Building Up Force In Far East Red Army Strengthened E-2
04/08/1934 Germans Keyed Up Over ‘Military Insecurity’ E-2
04/08/1934 Catholicism Aids Reich Protestants E-3
04/08/1934 Children Prepare For Rule In Italy 3,500,000 In Youth Camps E-3
04/08/1934 Geneva Sees Turn In The Arms Talks Clarence K. Streit E-3
04/08/1934 (James G.) Mc Donald Reports On Aid For Exiles XX-2
04/08/1934 Europe Casts Cautious Eyes On Africa (Map) XX-2
04/09/1934 Niemoeller Defies Nazi Suspension Challenges Nazi Bishop (Ludwig Mueller) 1
04/09/1934 Fists Fly At Rally of 9,000 Nazis Here Hitler Adherents Clash With Rival Groups 1
04/09/1934 France Will Order Pension Cut Today 1
04/09/1934 Nazis Ease Drive To Absorb Austria But Goal Remains Fixed Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 8
04/09/1934 Schacht For Delay On Long Term Debt Clarence K. Streit, Basle 8
04/09/1934 Stronger Boycott (Against Germany) Urged 8
04/09/1934 Hitler Ham Actor, Father Gillis Says 9
04/09/1934 (Mississippi Senator James A.) Reed Attacks Hitler 9
04/09/1934 Peace Leaders Bid Nation Aid League 9
04/09/1934 Soviet Sees Halt In Trade With U.S. Harold Denny, Moscow 10
04/09/1934 Nazism Held Inevitable It Is A Product of Inter Racial Capitalistic Aims J. W. (James Waterman) Wise (Son of Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Says 13
04/10/1934 Roosevelt ‘Vision’ On Prisons Hailed 4
04/10/1934 (Henry L.) Stimson Deplores ‘Chaos’ of World 4
04/10/1934 President (Roosevelt) Praises Aid of Red Cross 6
04/10/1934 President’s Wife (Eleanor Roosevelt) Sees A New Order 10
04/10/1934 Nazi Leader (Robert Ley) Warns He’ll Curb Church Bishop’s (Wuerzburg Dr. Matthas Ehrenfried) Raided 12
04/10/1934 Some Benefit Seen In Schacht Stand Clarence K. Streit, Basle 12
04/10/1934 Violence At Rally Laid To Nazi Group (By Edgar H. Burman, Chairman of Anti Nazi Boycott Committee of Jewish War Veterans It Isn’t Obvious Who Attacked Whom!) 12
04/10/1934 Reich Jobless Down 570,000 During March 12
04/10/1934 Britain Asks Reich About Rearming Aviation Issue Stressed 13
04/10/1934 Geneva Is In Dark On Britain’s Policy 13
04/10/1934 New Air Mail Record Is Made By Germans 14
04/10/1934 Japan Bids China Meet Truce Terms 16
04/10/1934 (Publisher) Says (Helen) Keller Books Escaped Nazi Fire (Were Not Burned!) But She Is Not Convinced 21
04/10/1934 100 Warships Off From California 45
04/11/1934 (Dr. William A.) Wirt Names ‘Satellites’ of (Roosevelt) Brain Trust As Source of His Revolution Story Talk At Dinner Party Young Woman Related Prof. (Guy Rexford) Tugwell’s Views(Pictures, P. 12) 1
04/11/1934 Soviet Officials’ Night Life Too Costly; Ogpu Siezes 31 In Moscow ‘On Business’ Harold Denny, Moscow 1
04/11/1934 War In 1936 Seen By N.Y. U. Seniors 7
04/11/1934 Prague Exiles See End of Hitlerism German SocialistsAre Hopeful And Active Frederick T. Birchall, Prague 8
04/11/1934 Reich Curbs Foreigners Seeking To Wed Germans 8
04/11/1934 Germans Prepare Plea For Debt Cut Hidden Assets Are Seen 9
04/11/1934 Saito Asks Lifting of Japanese (Immigration) Ban (By. U. S) 9
04/11/1934 (Harry L.) Stimson Says Reich Needs Outside Help 9
04/11/1934 Reichswehr To Get Nazi Instruction 9
04/11/1934 China Acts To Bar Japan From Loans Hallett Abend, Shanghai 10
04/11/1934 Germans Are ‘Heathen’ Says Princess (Marie Adelaide Von Lippe) In Reich 10
04/11/1934 Committee Insists On Arms Slashes Clarence K. Streit 10
04/11/1934 Dollfuss’s Party (Christian Social Party ‘Patriotic Front’) To Expire May 1 11
04/11/1934 Dr. (William A.) Wirt’s Targets Swift In Denials 12
04/11/1934 102 Vessels Open ‘30 Day War’ (Off Lower California) 14
04/11/1934 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Finds Liberty In Peril Democracy Now Derided Sees American Ideals Openly Challenged By Fascist And Communist Supporters 23
04/12/1934 (Dr. William A.) Wirth Challenged By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 8
04/12/1934 80 Years of Amity With Japan Hailed (By Cordell Hull & Ambassador Saito) War Called Impossible (Japanese Trade More With U.S. Than Anyone Else!) 12
04/12/1934 (Paul Herz, Exiled German Socialist In Prague) Warns Us Credits To Reich Mean War Sees Loan Vital To Nazis Frederick T. Birchall, Prague 14
04/12/1934 Rift With Germany Denied By Vatican 14
04/12/1934 Reich’s Creditors To Meet In Berlin Clarence K. Streit, Basle 14
04/12/1934 New Tactics Used To Aid Reich Trade Nazi (Anti Jewish, Anti Liberal) Policy Is Handicap Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 15
04/12/1934 Socialists Say Vienna Betrayer Vengeance Squad Abducts And Stabs Koerbel For Revealing Defense Plan In February Victim Is Avengers Loth 15
04/13/1934 Students Here Riot At Peace Rallies 1
04/13/1934 Plight of Reich Ports Held Catastrophic As Bremen Congress Stresses Export Need 1
04/13/1934 Investigation of ‘Munitions Trust’ Voted; Senate (Nye) Committee Gets Sweeping Power 1
04/13/1934 Red Cross Backs Recovery Effort Payne Hails Its Strength 6
04/13/1934 Germany Defends Rise In Arms Costs 10
04/13/1934 Feder, Chief Nazi Economist, Gets Minor Post, Strengthening Schmitt’s Control of Radicals 10
04/13/1934 (James G. Mc Donald) Reports Progress On Reich Refugees 10
04/13/1934 Methodist Leader (Rev. Dr. Lyon Harold Hough) Assails Hitlerism (At Annual Conference) 10
04/13/1934 British Support For France Urged Demands Faith In League 10
04/13/1934 (Dr. Wilhelm) Frick (On Honeymoon) Wrote (Souvenir Postcards) From Haifa 10
04/13/1934 Marne Treachery (By Von Moltke) Denied In Berlin 11
04/13/1934 Japan Is Speeding Gains of Industry Metal Purchases Heavy Hugh Byas, Tokyo 12
04/14/1934 Nation’s Students ‘Strike’ For One Hour In Protest On War 1
04/14/1934 Reich Again Accused of Saar Violation (By Chief Saar League Commissioner, Geoffrey G. Knox) 8
04/14/1934 Austria Is Lenient To Interned Nazis G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 8
04/14/1934 Poland To Renew French Alliance 8
04/14/1934 Nazi Church Chief (Bishop Ludwig Mueller) Warns Opposition 8
04/14/1934 (Spanish) Cortes Fails To Vote Amnesty For Rebels 8
04/14/1934 Estonia Sweeps Nazis From Official Posts; Will Charge Link With Berlin In Trial of 200 9
04/14/1934 Harvard Pacifists Routed By (Egg) Barrage 10
04/15/1934 Russia And Italy Slash Payrolls In Economy Drive Harold Denny, Moscow 1
04/15/1934 Nazis Drop Church Dictatorship Amnesty For Dissenting Pastors Under Pressure From Hitler 1
04/15/1934 Methodists (Annual Conference) Assail NRA As Too Limited Adopt Left Wing Policy 1
04/15/1934 Berlin Issues Bids To April 27 Talk On Reich Debts Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
04/15/1934 Fleet To ‘Defend’ Canal This Week 6
04/15/1934 Americas Forging Amity, Says Hull Urges Cultural Ties 23
04/15/1934 Roosevelt Praises Pan American Unity 23
04/15/1934 32 Vienna Socialists Seized In New Raids Train Wreckers Sought To Kill Fey 25
04/15/1934 Six War Neutrals For Security Plan Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 33
04/15/1934 Baldwin Is Doubtful of Accord On Arms 33
04/15/1934 Educators Assail Foes of New Deal N-1
04/15/1934 Baptists Are Firm On Berlin (World Alliance) Parley (On Aug. 4 10) See Church Challenged N-2
04/15/1934 Educators Urged To Teach New Deal Strong Union Held Vital N-3
04/15/1934 Peace Hope Voiced Amid War Threats N-8
04/15/1934 Reich Calls Army Costs Strictly German Affair Edwin L. James E-1
04/15/1934 Pope Shows Clash In Reich Is Grave E-1
04/15/1934 Heavy Storm Clouds Gather Over Most of South America E-1
04/15/1934 Roosevelt On His Return (From Fishing Trip) Reasserts His Power E-1
04/15/1934 Japanese Exports Gained 63 Per Cent Rise Due To Lower Prices E-2
04/15/1934 Party Foes Held By Nazis Decline E-2
04/15/1934 Japanese Physique Said To Be Poorer Laid To Industrialization E-2
04/15/1934 Curbs On Brothels Praised In League E-3
04/15/1934 Increased Tension Over Reich Seen, Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-3
04/15/1934 Rumanians Resist Sweep of Fascism G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna E-3
04/15/1934 Roosevelt, Franklin D., On Our Way, The John Day Co., N.Y. The President On His Year Book 1
04/15/1934 After Austria’s Respite What Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna Mag. 1
04/15/1934 Long Struggle For Disarmament At Crisis XX-1
04/15/1934 History Aids (William E.) Dodd In His Berlin Task Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin XX-2
04/15/1934 Blast At Black Tom (World War I) Still Reverberates (Picture John J. Mc Cloy & Owen J. Roberts) XX-2
04/15/1934 Germany’s Church Struggle Proceeding On Two Fronts Emil Lengyel XX-3
04/15/1934 Picture: Reich Bishop Ludwig Mueller XX-3
04/15/1934 Negro Seen As Gainer In The Recovery Deal XX-10
04/15/1934 ‘Little Germany’ In Paris Gives Haven To (900) Exiles Margaret Hess XX-11
04/16/1934 Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Is Raided In Secret Retreat By French Police Still Plots Revolutions 1
04/16/1934 Secret Police Head (Dr. Rudolf Diels) Resigns In Prussia 8
04/16/1934 Reich Moratorium Seen On Dawes Young Loans 8
04/16/1934 Austrian Fascists Agree To Combine (With Patriotic Front Chancellor (Dollfuss) Avoids Eggs G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 8
04/16/1934 Hitler Youth Hold Great (Lustgarten) Labor Rally Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 9
04/16/1934 Ex-Envoy (George H. Earle, Austria) Assails Regime of Hitler (In Address To Union of American Hebrew Congregations) 9
04/16/1934 Poles Form Hitler Group (‘National Democratic Party,’ Warsaw) 9
04/16/1934 Judge (Irving) Lehman (Brother of Herbert) Asks Jews To Keep Ideals (Assails Germany) 9
04/16/1934 Pleads For Jewish Aid (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Felix M. Warburg) 9
04/16/1934 (Washington) Sees Naval Race If (Far East) Deadlock Lasts 11
04/16/1934 Unselfish Service Urged For Nation 13
04/16/1934 Roosevelt Power Seen In Religion President Will Succeed While Ruled By Christianity, Says (Methodist) Prof. Thomson 13
04/16/1934 (Rabbi Newman) Denies ‘Jewish Vote’ 13
04/16/1934 ‘Revolution’ Begun, Says Ex-Hoover Aide Roosevelt Is Leading Peaceful Changes Demanded By People, Dr. (Jesse F.) Steiner Holds 17
04/16/1934 Pig Iron Output Up Sharply In Germany 25
04/17/1934 Italians Kill 10 Greeks In Rhodes; Bombing By Planes Is Reported 1
04/17/1934 Nazis Plan To Forbid Divorce of Parents; Marriage Laws Will Guard Race Purity 1
04/17/1934 France Is Divided Over Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Raid 15
04/17/1934 Berlin Arms Reply Given To Commons 17
04/17/1934 Czechs Win Praise For Relief Effort (To Jews James G. Mc Donald) 17
04/17/1934 Pay Strikes Fail To Tie Up France 17
04/17/1934 Nazi Organ Claims Distribution Here (Article: ‘Winning America To Hitler’) 17
04/17/1934 Austria Bars Help For 2,000 Children Fears Propaganda 17
04/18/1934 War Debt Ignored In British Budget; Income Tax Is Cut 1
04/18/1934 Japan Warns Powers On China: Threatens Force To Put End To Aid 1
04/18/1934 (Dr. William A.) Wirt Story Denied By Fellow Diners (Picture) 3
04/18/1934 Revolution Here, (Governor William E.) Sweet Declares 6
04/18/1934 French Bar Deal On Reich Rearming Talks Believed Blocked 10
04/18/1934 Berlin And Vienna Protest (Czech) Cartoons 10
04/18/1934 Nazis Curb Books Issued As Party’s 10
04/18/1934 Jersey Assembly Votes A Nazi Ban Provides Jail Term For Propaganda Tending To Hurt Or Ridicule Any Group 10
04/18/1934 Nazis Here Plan A German Store Untermyer’s Name Booed 11
04/18/1934 Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Ordered To Leave France (For Political Activities) 13
04/18/1934 New Deal Scored By Col. (Theodore) Roosevelt 13
04/19/1934 War Debt Impasse Held Bar To Deals Under Tariff Bill 1
04/19/1934 Paris Breaks Off Arms Talks (With Germany), Asking Return To Geneva Text, P. 17 1
04/19/1934 City Is Preparing For Fleet’s Visit 9
04/19/1934 Washington Firm (With Japan) On Far East Pact No Idea of Dropping The Open Door Policy Is Seen Despite Tokyo Warning On China Situation Is Held Grave 10
04/19/1934 French To Sell Arms To Chinese Province (Alarming Nanking [Chiang Kai-Shek] Officials) 10
04/19/1934 Austria Arrests More Socialists Fascist Union Spurned 14
04/19/1934 Britain Criticized On (War) Debt (Payment) Omission 16
04/19/1934 French Arms Note Seen As A Challenge 17
04/19/1934 Nazis Back Attack On Catholic Paper 18
04/19/1934 11,000 In 9 Months Fled To Palestine $330,000 Spent For Them German Refugees Made Up Nearly A Third of Jews Who Entered Country Last Year 18
04/19/1934 Say German Organ (Article: ‘Winning America To Hitler’) Aims To Spur Travel Not For Propaganda 18
04/19/1934 (Synthetic) Fiber ‘Wool’ Devised (By I. G. Farbenindustrie) For Germans’ Attire Promotion of Domestic Fabrics For Clothing 18
04/19/1934 Nazi Troops Held Peace Guardians Bars Their External Use Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 19
04/19/1934 (James G.) M’donald In Poland On Refugee Problem Seeking Way To Aid 30,000 Jews Who Fled From Germany (95% of Whom Are Polish Nationals & Citizens & Have Lived In Germany For 15 To 20 Years) 19
04/19/1934 Germany Conceals Farm Camps For Women; 10,000 Said To Be Training For Agriculture (Under Richard Walther Duree, Minister of Agriculture) 19
04/19/1934 1,000,000 Jobless Normal, Says Hitler 19
04/19/1934 Royalists Admit Arming France 26
04/20/1934 China Is Enraged By Tokyo Warning World Challenge Is Seen Hallett Abend, Shanghai 1
04/20/1934 Army To Release Plan, Auto Funds 5
04/20/1934 Roosevelt Backs Brotherhood Day Letter To National Conference of Jews And Christians 5
04/20/1934 U.S. British Unity On Far East Seen Washington Thinks New Tokyo Policy Would Hurt Britain’s Interests More Than Ours Reply Held Unnecessary 10
04/20/1934 British Are Cold To Japan’s Move 10
04/20/1934 9-Power Pact Fixes Open Door In China 10
04/20/1934 81 Leftists Placed In Austrian Camp G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 11
04/20/1934 British Minister (Neville Chamberlain) Avoids (War) Debt Talk 11
04/20/1934 Germany Records An Export Surplus Subsidies Aid Showing 12
04/20/1934 Nazi Bureaus Put Reich Trade In Jam Funds Used To Oust Jews Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 13
04/20/1934 Hitler 45 Today, Bans State Fetes Hindenburg Thanks Him 13
04/20/1934 British Seek Basis of New Arms Move Hitler Seen As Tactless 14
04/20/1934 Washington Seeks Plan To Save Parley 14
04/20/1934 Turning Point Seen In Arms Situation 14
04/20/1934 French Arms Note Approved By Press 15
04/21/1934 6,000 Riot In Paris Against Economy; 1,000 Are Arrested P. J. Philip, Paris 1
04/21/1934 Roosevelt Backs World Silver Plan 1
04/21/1934 M’arthur Urges ‘Adequate’ Army 5
04/21/1934 Warning On China Stirs Tokyo Storm Hugh Byas, Tokyo 8
04/21/1934 Public of Britain Hostile To Japan 8
04/21/1934 Soviet Says Japan Offers Challenge Harold Denny, Moscow 8
04/21/1934 Kaiser’s 1908 Talk (N.Y. Times Interview By Bayard Hale) Finally Revealed Remarks Held Dangerous Was Suppressed At Berlin’s Request Called War ‘Necessary And Christian’ Scored Britain For Japanese Alliance (Why Was This Not Released Along With The ‘Zimmermann Note’ In World War I?) 9
04/21/1934 Reds Fight Police In Madrid Street 9
04/21/1934 Hitler Is Swamped By Birthday Gifts 9
04/21/1934 Secret Police Get On Chief In Reich (Heinrich) Himmler In Command Outside Prussia, Is Named Inspector General of Force There 9
04/21/1934 Jailed In Smuggling of Men Into Russia (H. Engelmann, S. Fischbein, H. Goldappel In Poland) 9
04/21/1934 Hitler Burned In Effigy (In Brooklyn) 9
04/21/1934 (James G. Mc Donald) Confers On Refugees (In Berlin) 9
04/21/1934 We Should ‘Live For Our Country,’ Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt Tells The D. A. R. Appeal For An Education That Would Prepare America To Lead The World For Peace 17
04/21/1934 (National Conference of Jews And Christians, New Haven, Conn.) Churchmen Assail Fascism, Nazism Seek To End Intolerance Jews And Christians Agree On Aim At Conference Held At Yale 18
04/21/1934 6 New Reich (Commercial) Ships Are Being Built Gain In Travel Expected 33
04/21/1934 Great Fleet Heads For Canal Attack 33
04/22/1934 (Dr. Guy Rexford Tugwell) Asserts New Deal Saved Democracy Says He Is A Conservative Text, P. 30 1
04/22/1934 Battle For Canal Results In A Draw 17
04/22/1934 Japanese Celebrate (Commodore Perry) Treaty Anniversary 17
04/22/1934 Reich Still Ruled By Anti-Semitism Jewish Blockade Is Seen Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 20
04/22/1934 Col. Emerson Denies Any Nazi Activities 20
04/22/1934 Pastors To Defy Nazi Bishop (Ludwig Mueller) Today 20
04/22/1934 German Y. M. C. A. To Have Restricted Independence 20
04/22/1934 Curb On Nazis (By N. J. Law) Fought By (American Civil Liberties Union) 20
04/22/1934 Soviet Shows Arms To Finnish Editors Aim Held To Be Display Strength (And Intimidate Finns) 21
04/22/1934 Ex-Kaiser Is Silent On (N.Y. Times) Hale Interview Recalls His Pledge To The Dutch Government To Refrain From Political Controversy 24
04/22/1934 Pwa Is Ridiculed By Col. (Theodore) Roosevelt 26
04/22/1934 World Trade Held Sole Aim of Japan N-6
04/22/1934 Japan Now Regards China As Her Private Problem Edwin L. James E-1
04/22/1934 Britain Has Fund For An Arms Race (But Nothing For Ww I War Debt Payments!) E-1
04/22/1934 German Exporters Strive To Evade (U.S.) Hitlerite Curbs Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin E-1
04/22/1934 Neutral Air Zone (Belgium & Holland) Opposed In Europe Augur, London E-2
04/22/1934 War With Russia Looms Over Japan E-2
04/22/1934 Nazis Seek To Win Austrian Workers E-2
04/22/1934 Autonomy For Jews Found (By N.Y. Times Journalist, Jacques Altaroe) In Yugoslavia E-2
04/22/1934 Paris Arms Stand Pleases Country E-3
04/22/1934 Soviet Industries Raise Output 19% Harold Denny, Moscow E-3
04/22/1934 Immigrants Blamed For Our Delinquents E-5
04/22/1934 Revolutions And New Deals 1
04/22/1934 (Hitler) The Man Who Inflames The Nazi Crowds Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin Mag. 3
04/22/1934 France At The Crisis, Weighs Her Liberty Mag. 4
04/22/1934 Siberia Draws A New Race of Pioneers William C. White Mag. 11
04/22/1934 Advertisement: Ussr, A New Vacation Land, Intourist, Inc XX-9
04/22/1934 Greece Sends Red Agitators To Her Famed Aegean Islands XX-12
04/22/1934 10,000 Britons Hail Mosley’s Fascism In Test of Power Disclaim Religious Bias, But Warns Jews They Must Put Britain Before Jewry 1
04/22/1934 10,000 In Germany Defy Nazi Bishop ‘Evangelical Papacy’ of (Ludwig) Mueller Assailed At Big Gathering (Of Churchmen) At Ulm 1
04/22/1934 (Madame) Schumann Heink Defies Threat of Death At Anti Nazi Rally Here (Under Auspices of Samuel Untermyer’s Non Sectarian Anti Nazi League To Champion Human Rights, Inc.) 1
04/22/1934 (Joseph C.) Grew Tells Japan (Their Future) Acts Insure Amity U.S. Envoy Says Pledges Can Be Redeemed Only By A Nation’s Actions 7
04/23/1934 Denies Japan Plans To Halt Any Ships Tokyo’s Envoy Says Pressure Would Be Put On China To Curb Air Forces 7
04/23/1934 290 Bandits Executed By (Peiping) Chinese Firing Squad 7
04/23/1934 Bystanders Shot In Madrid Rioting As Extremists Try To Block Meeting of Catholics 8
04/23/1934 Socialists Retain One Vienna Forum G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 9
04/23/1934 Ex-Kaiser’s Views Ignored In Reich Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 9
04/23/1934 President (Roosevelt) Called Practical Dreamer (By Father Robert E. Woods, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, N. Y) 13
04/23/1934 Reich Market Run Laid To Alarmists 25
04/23/1934 Reich Loses Ground In Exports To Russia 25
04/24/1934 British Challenge Japanese Claims To Control China It Denies Japan Has Any Right To Supervision of Trade And Finance Upholds 9-Power Treaty 1
04/24/1934 Hull Says Nation Is Steering Safely Toward Recovery Text, P. 16 1
04/24/1934 Silver Bloc Votes To Defy President (Roosevelt) 1
04/24/1934 (U.S.) Fleet On Dash Through (Panama) Canal 4
04/24/1934 (Personal) Profits Are Denied By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 6
04/24/1934 Saito Says Japan Will Honor Pacts Holds Tokyo Seeks Merely To End Peril To China And To Far Eastern Peace ‘Incitement’ Is Deplored Washington Officials Say Our Attitude Is Expressed In The British Note 10
04/24/1934 Fascists Plan Corporate State In Britain, Mosley Declares 11
04/24/1934 Reds Voice Fears of Anti Nazi Bill 11
04/24/1934 Palestine Stirred By Murder Trial (Jews Murdering Jews A Number of Related Articles Follow) 11
04/24/1934 ‘Enemy of Germany’ Blamed (By German Consul General Dr. Hans Borchers, N.Y.) For Threat (Against Madame Ernestine Schumann Heink) 11
04/24/1934 (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Welcomes Suit Over (13 Year Old Jewish) Boy (To Remain In U.S.) 11
04/24/1934 Jewish Teaching Urged 11
04/24/1934 American Depicts Moscow (‘Subotnik’) Tube Toil Marion Child Sanger, Moscow 12
04/24/1934 (Franco-) Polish Pact Firm, Barthou Learns (From Pilsudski) 13
04/24/1934 (Gerald P.) Nye Heads (Senate) Inquiry of Arms Industry Will Cover All Phases (Until Things Get Woo Warm!) 14
04/24/1934 Germany Appoints (Joachim Von Ribbentrop) Arms Negotiator Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 15
04/24/1934 Sergeant of ‘Fighting Irish (165th Regiment)’ Gets D. S. C. For Capture of German Machine Gunners 15
04/24/1934 France Purchases American Plane (Lockheed ‘Electra’ Anthony H. G. Fokker [In Spanish Civil War An Associate of Elliott Roosevelt!] Agent, License To Construct) 15
04/24/1934 Italy And Britain Seek Arms Accord 15
04/24/1934 Democracy Held The Hope of Peace Sir Willmott H. Lewis) Urges At St. George’s Society, Anglo American Unity 21
04/25/1934 U.S. Makes Inquiry of Japan On Policy To Clarify Warning On China 1
04/25/1934 (Guy Rexford) Tugwell (Ass’t. Sec. Agriculture) Named To Fill New Post (‘Under Secretary of Agriculture’) 1
04/25/1934 Tourists of Many Nations Here On First ‘Cheap Dollar’ Odyssey Picture, P. 9 1
04/25/1934 (N.Y.) Anti Nazi Bill Held In Assembly 3
04/25/1934 List of Big Silver Holders 4
04/25/1934 Stuttgart Fights (Welfare) Influx 9
04/25/1934 China Asks Powers To Check Japanese 10
04/25/1934 Tokyo Would Shuna Dispute On China But It Is Pointed Out Japan Could Not Sit Idly By With Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Swiftly Arming Hugh Byas, Tokyo 10
04/25/1934 Naval Parity Move Pressed By Japan Envoy To Germany Says Tokyo Is Well Along Toward An Accord With U.S. And Britain 10
04/25/1934 Nazis’ Arms To Be Conciliatory International Outlook Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 11
04/25/1934 Poland To Back France On Arms Barthou Ends Warsaw Visit With Cooperation Assured 11
04/25/1934 Nazis Hail Shakespeare As ‘German Dramatist’ 11
04/25/1934 (Paris) Reports Big Deals In German Bonds 11
04/25/1934 Nazis Bomb A House At Austrian Resort Mother And Child of Dollfuss Backer Escape Blast 11
04/25/1934 Conflict At Harvard (About Class Reunion) Stuns (Dr. Ernst Franz S.) Hanfstangl (Class ‘09) ‘Flabbergasted’ Over Storm He Caused, He Says To Attend Reunion If Duties Permit 11
04/25/1934 United States Said To Harbor Big Spy Ring, Surpassing The Finnish Or French Bands (Helsingfors Report) 13
04/25/1934 Blue Shirts Repudiated (By Jewish War Veterans of The U.S.) 14
04/25/1934 Last of (U.S.) War Fleet Leaves The Pacific 16
04/25/1934 U.S. And Mexico Sign Claims Pact Southern Republic (?) To Pay A Lump Sum For Damages In (1910 1920) Revolutionary Period 16
04/26/1934 Roosevelt Plans To Ask More Funds To Build Up Navy Department For 18 Ships 1
04/26/1934 Nazis Will Not Let Debts Hinder Arms Ready To Reject All Demands At Parley That Conflict With Carrying Out (Rearmament) Program Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
04/26/1934 U.S. Envoy (Joseph C. Grew) Queries Japan On Policies To Seek Clarification On Statement About China 1
04/26/1934 Spain Faces Perils As Cabinet Quits Martial Law Is Ordered William P. Carney, Madrid 1
04/26/1934 New Planes To Speed German Air (Mail & Passenger) Services 9
04/26/1934 Fleet Transits (Panama) Canal In Two Days 10
04/26/1934 China Asks League Not To Halt Help Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 12
04/26/1934 Hull May Ignore Tokyo Statement Officials Hesitate Lest They Attach Undue Weight To The Declaration On China Envoy (Asito) Asks Our Plans 13
04/26/1934 Germany Rejects Baltic Amity Pact Holds Step Superfluous 13
04/26/1934 Secret Balkan Pact Filed With Britain Protocol Guarantees Borders 14
04/26/1934 Tanks In Reserve During Paris Riot 15
04/26/1934 Britain Dislikes Italian Arms Plan 15
04/26/1934 Lutherans Asked To End Synod Pay (In U.S.) 16
04/27/1934 (Dr. William A.) Wirth’s Charges Are Held Unproved (By House Bulwinkle Committee) 3
04/27/1934 Defendants Gain In Palestine Trial Chief Rabbi And Other Leaders Ask Funds To Aid Alleged Killers of Arlosoroff 4
04/27/1934 Reich Questions Soviet Sincerity Overture To Poles Cited 9
04/27/1934 Russians Say Japan Could Fight For Year Without Foreign Supplies Harold Denny, Moscow 9
04/27/1934 President (Roosevelt) Confers With Hull On Asia 9
04/27/1934 Japan Sees Error In Action On China No Official Text Exists 9
04/27/1934 Japanese Say Our Aim Is Arms Sales, Not War 9
04/27/1934 Schacht Stresses Nazis Won’t Yield Voices Determination To Make Reich Do With Own Resources Rather Than Modify Policy (Rather Than Bow To Foreign Economic Pressure To Modify Internal Policy) Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 10
04/27/1934 Austrian Nazis Order Consumers; Strike: Ban Smoking And Theaters To Hurt Dollfuss 10
04/27/1934 Nazis Confiscate Catholic (Cardinal Faulhaber) Protest 10
04/27/1934 (British Labor) Sees Drift Toward War Asks Our Aid For The League 10
04/27/1934 (Hans Frank) To Head Nazi Law Group 10
04/27/1934 Opposes Reich Jew As Business Heads 11
04/27/1934 Cost of New Deal To Press Deplored Paper Monopoly Feared 12
04/27/1934 10 American Nations To Sign (Buenos Aires) Anti War Pact 13
04/27/1934 10,000 At Anti Nazi (‘Anti Fascist Action Committee’) Rally 22
04/27/1934 Guard Democracy (U.S. Anti German Envoy To Germany, Dr. William E) Dodd Pleads 23
04/28/1934 Japan Assures U.S. On Rights In China Gives British And Our Envoys Written Statement Pledging Adherence To Open Door Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) To Invoke Pact Will Ask Signatories of The 9-Power Treaty To Hold Conference On Issue Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
04/28/1934 Navy League (Of The United States) Calls Fleet ‘Third Rate’ 2
04/28/1934 Rolls of Idle Cut 500,000 In March 3
04/28/1934 (Norman H.) Davis Pessimistic On Disarmament Ambassador At Large Tells Roosevelt Prospects In Europe Are Poor 6
04/28/1934 13 Nations Adhere To (Buenos Aires) Anti War Pact Chaco Belligerants (Bolivia & Paraguay) Sign 6
04/28/1934 Germans Give Way On Priority Loans Stress Cessation of Payment Would Be Serious Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 7
04/28/1934 Austria Summons Rump Parliament 7
04/28/1934 Nazi Church Unity Urged By (August) Jaeger 7
04/28/1934 Soviet Debt Move Hinted In Capital Export Bank Ready To Grant Credits And Permit Quick Resumption When Agreement Is Reached 7
04/28/1934 Dutch Seek U.S. Trade 7
04/28/1934 Two Nazi Factions Fight In Germany 7
04/29/1934 Italy To Build Up Her Armed Forces, King Gives Notice 1
04/29/1934 Matsuoka Challenges The Critics of The Japanese Policy On China 1
04/29/1934 Tugwell Sees End of ‘Economy Chaos’ Calls Aaa ‘Bill of Rights’ 1
04/29/1934 Scottsboro (Alabama Rape Case) Mothers Fail To Arrive Here 5
04/29/1934 Senator (Robinson, Indiana) Attacks British (Non Payment of War) Debt View 12
04/29/1934 (Dr. Otto Ender, Former Chancellor) Says Vienna Keeps Some Democracy 25
04/29/1934 Germans Resent ‘Threat’ On Loans Show of Indignation Follow British And French Protests On Reparation Issues Warning Called Useless Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 26
04/29/1934 Finns Say Soviet Had Spy Ring Here 26
04/29/1934 Nazis Place Ban On Catholic Paper (The Koelnische Volks Zeitung) 26
04/29/1934 Ban Urged On Film of Nazi Activities (Appeal To Mayor La Guardia From Theodor H. Hoffmann, National Head of Steuben Society of America) 26
04/29/1934 Haven Here Urged For All Refugees Immigration Inquiry Group (‘The Ellis Island Investigating Committee’ Formed By U.S. Secretary of Labor, Frances Perkins) Recommends Relaxing Quotas On Aliens ‘Tolerance’ Is Stressed Would Not Change Law But Leave Modification To President (Roosevelt) 28
04/29/1934 (Felix M. Warburg, United Jewish Appeal, & American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) To Aid German Jews 28
04/29/1934 Japanese See End of Clash On China Believe U.S. And Britain Will Be Satisfied With Tokyo’s New Assurances They Hold To Hegemony Hugh Byas, Tokyo 32
04/29/1934 (Peiping) Hears Russia Aids Sinkiang Faction 32
04/29/1934 Soviet (U.S.) Envoy Asks Aggressor Curbs Urges Precise Treaties 32
04/29/1934 War Training Set For Soviet Youths Harold Denny, Moscow 32
04/29/1934 Sees Gain By China In Army Air Fleet Oriental Ability Praised N-1
04/29/1934 Marines To Make Great Mass Flight Bound For Navy ‘Battle’ Largest American Overseas Venture N-1
04/29/1934 (Capt. Robert Falcon) Scott Polar Letter Is Presented To (Admiral Richard E.) Byrd N-2
04/29/1934 Japan Puts Soft Glove On Her New China Policy Principle Is Held Unchanged Edwin L. James E-1
04/29/1934 Fugitives From Nazis Find Haven In Czechoslovakia Some Return Clandestinely To Aid Move Against Hitlerism, Robert E. Kadich, Prague E-1
04/29/1934 Italy Holds Hope For Disarmament E-1
04/29/1934 Reich Seeks To Draw Visitors From Abroad E-2
04/29/1934 Hitler Seen As Aid To British Empire Influx of Jewish Refugees In To Palestine Viewed As Beneficial Prosperity Has Followed Country Is Called Outpost of Western Culture With Great Future Possibilities Augur, London E-3
04/29/1934 Pacifism Is Cause For Dismissal In Reich Court Sustains Employer Who Discharged Man For ‘Defeatism’ (Are These Terms Identical?) E-3
04/29/1934 Picture: France Launches New Destroyer E-3
04/29/1934 League Now Faced By 3 Big Problems War Danger Is Minimized Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-3
04/29/1934 Merchants of Death Who Profit When Men Go To War (Three Books) Book 3
04/29/1934 The Credit Side of The Hitler Ledger Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin Mag. 3
04/29/1934 Students Lay A Barrage Against War Mag. 5
04/29/1934 Amid Mystery, Trotsky (Lev Bronstein, A N.Y. City College Alumnus) Moves On Again Mag. 6
04/29/1934 Poland Makes A Bid As A World State Shepard Stone Mag. 10
04/29/1934 Again Japan’s Policy Agitates The World (Pictures: Koki Hirota & Chiang Kai-Shek [Nanking War Lord]) XX-1
04/29/1934 Traffic In Arms Is Increasing Despite Disarmament Parleys XX-3
04/29/1934 Our Tax Burden Nearly As Heavy As Britain’s XX-10
04/30/1934 Berlin Is Jammed For May Day Fete; 2,000,000 March Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
04/30/1934 French By Election Causes Riots; Doumerigue Cabinet Barely Upheld 1
04/30/1934 H. L. Stimson Urges Tariff Authority For The President (Roosevelt) Text, P. 3 1
04/30/1934 150,000 Demonstrate Against Fascism In Spain As ‘Reddist’ May Day Is Seen 3
04/30/1934 Paris Police Ready To Crush Disorder Troops To Be Available 3
04/30/1934 Moscow Bedecked With Red Banners Harold Denny, Moscow 3
04/30/1934 O’ryan Mobilizes (N.Y. City. Police) Force For May Day Anarchists Under Ban 3
04/30/1934 Boston Riot Drill Set For May Day 3
04/30/1934 Roosevelt Aloof In Tammany Fight To Avoid ‘Interference’ 4
04/30/1934 Jokes On Size of Dollfuss Arise Again; His Name Issued To Order Demi Tasse G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 9
04/30/1934 Teacher Called Arm In War On Prejudice (By Rabbi William F. Rosenblum) Says Church And Secular Schools Can Aid In Fight For Brotherhood 9
04/30/1934 Colony For Jews Planned In Angola 9
04/30/1934 Hitler Described As Modern Knight (Alfred) Rosenberg Calls Chancellor A ‘Herzog’ Leading German People of Today Party Is ‘Based On The Germanic Principles’ of The Medieval Teutonic Conquerors 9
04/30/1934 Nazis Stir New Rochelle 9
04/30/1934 French Disclaim (German) Encircling Policy Poland Proved Cautious Balked At Any Course That Would Expose Her To A Disagreement With Reich 10
04/30/1934 (British) India Sees Perils In Japanese Plans 10
04/30/1934 Use Carnegie (Endowment For International Peace) Fund In New Peace Role 12
04/30/1934 (Rev. John Walter) Houck Sees New Deal As Civilizing Force 12
04/30/1934 (Dr. Norman Vincent Peale) Scores Alien (‘German’ Understood) Agitators 12
04/30/1934 President (Roosevelt Et Al.) Asks End of Prejudice (Brother Hood Day Sponsored By National Conference of Jews And Christians) 17
04/30/1934 Germans Criticize Dollar Policy Here 23