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William Lindsey collection — 1934 NYT headlines

October 1934
Date Headline Page
10/01/1934 Hitler Says Woes ‘Won’t Conquer Us’ 1
10/01/1934 Police Quell Riot Over (National) Fascist (Militia) Band 1
10/01/1934 Soviet Restores The Freedoms To Millions; Penitent Kulaks Will Regain Right To Vote 1
10/01/1934 Roosevelt’s Tribute (To Britain In Speech) Delights British; Tories See National Government Upheld-Text, P. 3 1
10/01/1934 Socialists Score New Deal As Old 5
10/01/1934 Hitler Is Angered By Vatican’s Note-Nazi Accused By Pacelli (Later Pius XII) 8
10/01/1934 (Samuel) Untermyer (Head And Founder Of Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League To Champion Human Rights & Leader Of Anti-German Trade Boycott) Fights Nazi Trade Treaty-Protests To Hull, Asks Ban On Any Agreement For The Exchange Of Goods-Defends Boycott Move-Holds Nation Has Lost On All German Dealings 8
10/01/1934 Reich Sets Lo-Mark Limit On Money Sent Abroad (To Conserve Foreign Exchange) 8
10/01/1934 Reich Paralyzes Its Foreign Trade-Boards Get No Exchange-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 9
10/01/1934 Germany’s Crisis Is Laid To Rearming (Dr. Mildred S. Wertheimer, ‘Foreign Policy Association’) 9
10/01/1934 Reich Import Law Faces Obstacles 25
10/01/1934 Home-Grown Food Ample In Germany (New York Times Berlin Report) 25
10/02/1934 British ‘New Deal’ Had 20-Year Start-Hailing Roosevelt’s Praise (In Speech), Press Notes Many ‘Radical’ Changes Over There 1
10/02/1934 Comment On Roosevelt (Pro-English) Speech 2
10/02/1934 (George) Creel (World War I Propagandist, Head Of Wilson’s Committee On Public Information, ‘CPI’) Sees Spread Of Economic Cults (In World War Ii, Creel Wrote Many Venomous Anti-German Articles In Colliers Magazine On ‘War Criminals’) 2
10/02/1934 (Two New Yorkers) Held As ‘Bribers’ In Scottsboro (Alabama Rape) Case 7
10/02/1934 Italy Will Train Youths For (Public) Office 8
10/02/1934 Japan’s Army Asks Socialist Program-More Armament Is Urged-U.S. Plans Are Listed With Those Of China And Russia As Potential Enemies 8
10/02/1934 Reich Student Group (Koesen League) Assails Regimentation 10
10/03/1934 British Prospering On Wary Polices Says (Neville) Chamberlain 1
10/03/1934 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University & And Chairman Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Urges Sympathy With Roosevelt And Assails Partisanship In Political Life 2
10/03/1934 New Nazi Interest In League Is Seen 10
10/03/1934 Dr. (S. Parkes) Cadman (President, Universal Council Of Christian Life & Numerous Other ‘Liberal’ Groups) Returns, Finds War Scare Less 17
10/04/1934 Harvard Refuses Hanfstaengl (Class Of 1909) Gift (A $1,000 Scholarship)-Scholarship Offer By Hitler Aide Is Rejected And Conant (Picture, P. 10) Writes A Sharp Note-Cites Reich Universities 1
10/03/1934 Nye Asks 98% Tax For War Incomes 5
10/03/1934 Submarine Danger Stressed By (Sir Roger) Keyes-Criticizes London Parley 6
10/03/1934 (Samuel) Leibowitz Threatens To Quit (Scottsboro, Alabama) Negro (Rape) Case-Unless Reds Are Ousted From Scottsboro Defense, He Will Not Go On 8
10/03/1934 Dollfuss’s Death Laid To Hitler-Dr. (Homer P.) Rainey, Bucknell Head (Later Pres. At Univ.Of Texas!), Says Reich Dictator ‘Lost Nerve’ And Tried To Call Off Coup-Austrian Brown Book Out 10
10/04/1934 (German-Jewish) Refugees Settling Zuyder Zee Land-(James G.) M’donald Praises Dutch 10
10/04/1934 Reich Bishop (Ludwig Mueller) Moves Against His Enemies 10
10/04/1934 (William O. Thompson, Clarence Darrow Associate) Says Nazi Pressure May Cost Saar Votes 10
10/04/1934 Gen. (Smedly D.) Butler Talk Is Cut Off Radio-Federal Rules Invoked 17
10/05/1934 Doumergue Warns Of Civil War Peril-Urges French Reforms As Sole Alternative To Strife 1
10/05/1934 (James P.) Warburg Attacks Our Trade Policies (Reciprocal Trade Agreements)-Warns Of Dictatorship 8
10/05/1934 His (Scholarship) Offer Stands Says Hanfstaengl 9
10/05/1934 Opposes U.S. Move On Ex-Soviet Fund 10
10/05/1934 Dutch Unearth Plot To Get Alien To U.S.-Said To Have Smuggled In Germans (See Oct. 4, 1934, P. 10!) 10
10/05/1934 (U.S. Ambassador-At-Large & Envoy To London Naval Conference Norman H.) Davis Gets Orders For (London) Naval Talks 12
10/05/1934 Appeal Is Denied In Scottsboro (Negro Rape) Case-Execution Set For Dec. 7 20
10/06/1934 85 Slain In Spanish Strife 1
10/06/1934 Reich Orders Home Production Of Gasoline Though It Costs Four Times World Price 1
10/06/1934 Soviet For Spain Is Socialist Aim 3
10/06/1934 Russia To Restore Rights To Outcasts-Ex-Clergy Too Affected 4
10/06/1934 Reich Professors Warned By Nazis-Einstein ‘Cult’ Scored 4
10/06/1934 Bavarian Pastors Demand Freedom-Ban Political Interference 4
10/06/1934 Sea Yields Gold In Chemist’s (Dow) Test-Silver Also Taken Out 17
10/07/1934 Mussolini Warns Yugoslavs To End Insults To Italy 1
10/07/1934 Catalonia State Secedes, Resisting Spanish Troops 1
10/07/1934 Hull Says French Distort Our Policy 1
10/07/1934 Bitter Fighting Seen Ahead For Spain-Edmond Taylor 3
10/07/1934 Alabama Denies Seizing 2 (Scottsboro Negro Rape Case) Lawyers 5
10/07/1934 Army To Weed Out ‘Armchair’ Pilots 9
10/07/1934 Leaders Named In Jewish Drive 12
10/07/1934 Germans Here Ask Place In Politics-20,000 At Madison Square Garden Hear Pleas For Greater Recognition-Gather In Nazi Setting-Flags And Uniforms Abound-Message From Roosevelt And Hitler’s Name Cheered 26
10/07/1934 Jews Seek Saar Rights 26
10/07/1934 New Deal Is Praised By Morgenthau Sr.-Averted A Revolution Here 31
10/07/1934 Germany Building Fast Auto Roads 37
10/07/1934 Future Of Saar Looms As Big Old World Issue-Edwin L. James E-1
10/07/1934 League Foresees Only 2 Outsiders-Clarence K. Streit, E-1
10/07/1934 See Hitler Holding To Goal In Austria-G.E.R. Gedye,-Vienna E-1
10/07/1934 Little Enthusiasm For (London) Naval Parley-Augur, London E-2
10/07/1934 Reich Dissenters Said To Seek Haven E-3
10/07/1934 Left Will Triumph In Spain, Says Seer-Forecasts Hitler’s Fall E-3
10/07/1934 French Disturbed By Reich Program-Alarmed By Polish Acts E-3
10/07/1934 British Are Blamed For Japan’s Enmity-Letter E-5
10/07/1934 Taming Man’s Instinct For War Mag. 1
10/07/1934 Exiles: A Symbol Of A World In Ferment Mag. 9
10/08/1934 Revolt Is Crushed In Spain; 500 Dead; Barcelona Yields 1
10/08/1934 Russian Peasants On Short Rations-But No Sign Of Famine-Harold Denny, Zaporazhze 2
10/08/1934 Austria Imprisons Many Minus Trial-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 2
10/08/1934 (British Jews) Ask London Admit More (Jews) To Palestine 3
10/08/1934 (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Finds Europe An ‘Armed Camp’-Only A Curb On Hitler Can Avert War 13
10/09/1934 Harlem’s ‘Hitler’ (A Negro, Sufi Abdal Hamid) Brought To Court 2
10/09/1934 Hitler To Appeal For Relief Funds-Winter Suffering Is Seen-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 6
10/09/1934 Japan Will Urge Big Cut In Navies-Stress Amity With Us 7
10/09/1934 British Unemployed Drop 54,591 In Month 7
10/09/1934 Freedom Of Press Is Held Menaced (By Col. Robert H. Mc Cormick-’Chicago Tribune’)-Laid To Roosevelt Acts 27
10/10/1934 Yugoslav King And Barthou Assassinated 1
10/10/1934 Hitler Plea Opens (Winter) Relief Fund-Hails Peace In Germany-’Jewish Boycotts’ To Learn ‘We Are Masters Of Our Fate,’ 11
10/10/1934 German Sympathy For France (Barthou) Shown-Hitler Sends Condolences 17
10/10/1934 Dictatorship Was ‘Fatal Step’ For (Yugoslavian King) Alexander, Says (H. Wickham) Steed 19
10/10/1934 Outbreaks Greet Fascist (Italian) Students (At N.Y. University) 25
10/10/1934 British (Trade Union Congress) Ask A. F. L. To Fight Fascism-(William) Green Pledges Support 26
10/11/1934 Saito Coming Here With A Peace Plan-Japanese Envoy Will Seek An Understanding In The Event The (London) Naval Parley Fails (As Everyone Thinks It Will) 1
10/11/1934 Italy Renews Offer Of Pact To Yugoslavia 1
10/11/1934 Reds Told To Drop Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape) Case 11
10/11/1934 Peasants Guard Bavarian Bishop (Hans Meisser-’Council Of Brothers, Free Confessional Synod’) 16
10/11/1934 Saar Groups Warn Of Coup By Nazis 16
10/11/1934 (Harvard) Students To ‘Try’ Hitler 16
10/11/1934 Moscow Protests Again To Japanese-Tokyo Attitude Scored 17
10/12/1934 Munich Police Use Sabers In Attack Upon Protestants 1
10/12/1934 Yugoslavs Stage Anti-Italian Riots 1
10/12/1934 Reich Press Angry At ‘Foreign Lies’ (Implying German Guilt In A Number Of Incidents)-Red Plot Is Suggested 18
10/12/1934 (Dr. Hugo Von) Eckener On Way To Parleys Here-Will Discuss Establishment Of A Regular Zeppelin Service Between Germany And U.S. 27
10/13/1934 Protestants Jeer Hitler In Munich; March In Protest 1
10/13/1934 Police Curb Reds At Fascist Games-Cry Of ‘Down With La Guardia’ Heard-Pictures, P.2 1
10/13/1934 Tolerance Urged By Mayor (Firello La Guardia) At Fete 3
10/13/1934 Germans Will Pay Interest In Part 4
10/13/1934 Munich Outburst Is Seen As Serious-Strongest Flare-Up Since Hitler Took Power-Weakened Rule Forecast 5
10/13/1934 German Girls Ordered To Follow Nazi Ideals (Bdm Or Jm ?) 5
10/13/1934 (Depauw President, Dr. G. Bromley Oxnam) Warns Methodism On Dictatorships-Calls Convention To Keep Democracy In Education 9
10/14/1934 Reich Denounces U.S. Trade Treaty; Asks A New Pact-Dr. Luther Notifies The State Department Of Aim To Drop Favored-Nation Clause-Washington Cool To Step-Discrimination Is Seen 1
10/14/1934 Picture: Pierre Laval, New Foreign Minister 28
10/14/1934 Nazis’ Foes Plan To Shut Churches (‘Council Of Brothers, Free Confessional Synod’) Synod To Make Decision-(Bishop Ludwig) Mueller (Leader Of ‘National Confessional Synod’) Called ‘Instrument Of Satan’ 29
10/14/1934 Hungary Aroused By Czech Charges 29
10/14/1934 Red International Aids Socialist Tie-Harold Denny, Moscow 29
10/14/1934 Estonia Adopts Dictatorial Rule-Extremists To Be Curbed 33
10/14/1934 Germans Warned To Help Needy-Would Show Foes Abroad-Guido Enderis, Berlin E-1
10/14/1934 Socialist Power Is Broken In Spain-Catholics In Ascendancy-William P. Carney, Madrid E-1
10/14/1934 Poland’s Position Studied In London-As Is Its German Policy-Augur, London E-3
10/14/1934 Yugoslavia Seen As Europe’s Pawn-Nazi Aspirations At Stake-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-3
10/14/1934 (Harold L.) Ickes (Sec.Of Commerce & Chief Administrator Of The Pwa) Hails National Planning Mag. 1
10/14/1934 (Col. Fulgencio) Batista (Picture) Links His Destiny With Cuba’s (And Roosevelt’s) Mag. 3
10/14/1934 Behind Spain’s Conflict; The Basic Issue Mag. 4
10/14/1934 Roosevelt Surveys The Recovery Course (1929-1934) XX-1
10/14/1934 For Peace And War: The Forces At Work XX-2
10/14/1934 20 Years Ago: Germans At The North Sea XX-2
10/14/1934 Again Balkan Drama Stirs Europe (Map) XX-3
10/14/1934 Holland’s Zuider Zee Now Supports (German-Jewish) Colonists XX-5
10/14/1934 Picture: Consolidated P-30 Two Place Pursuit Plane XX-7
10/15/1934 Poincare Is Dead (74); (World) War (I) Statesman 1
10/15/1934 Bavarian (‘Council Of Brothers, Free Confessional Synod,’ Protestant) Pastors Reject Nazi Rule; Backed By Crowds-Fight To Finished Promised-Otto D. Tolischus, Munich 1
10/15/1934 Manifesto Of The Bavarian (‘Free Confessional Synod’) Church 8
10/15/1934 (Julius) Streicher Denies Anti-Nazi Rumors-Says Hitler Did Not Take Away His Whip Or Beat Him With It-Tells Of Assassin’s Plots 8
10/15/1934 Einstein Backs Appeal (For Money For German-Jewish Refugees-As Usual, James G. Mc Donald Involved Also) 8
10/15/1934 New Test For Hitler Is Seen By (Rabbi) Newman 13
10/15/1934 Nazis Feel Doubt, Dr. (Ewart E.) Turner Finds 13
10/15/1934 Hadassah Starts A Palestine Fund-Termed Reply To Hitler 14
10/15/1934 (Episcopal) Bishop (Right Rev. Paul Matthews) Apologized For Russian Slur 18
10/16/1934 Nazi Church Body (National Confessional Synod) Is Facing A Crisis-Long Struggle Is Foreseen 10
10/16/1934 Germany’s Deficit In Trade Shrinks 10
10/16/1934 Berlin Is Not Inspired By Naming Of Laval (French Foreign Minister) 10
10/16/1934 Germans Confiscate (Issues Of) The London Times-Morning Post (Of Ullmann Empire) Also Seized 11
10/16/1934 Hitler Aide (Lammers) Predicts New Curb On Liberty 11
10/16/1934 Reich Tolerance Distant (James G. Mc Donald) 11
10/16/1934 Soviet Confronts No Mass Starving-Harold Denny, Moscow 12
10/16/1934 Picture: Evangeline Booth Aids Jewish (Philanthropic) Drive 25
10/16/1934 Hadassah Appeals For Palestine Aid 26
10/17/1934 Nazi Spy System Is Reported Here (By Dickstein House Inquiry Into Un-American Activities & Propaganda, John W. Mc Cormack, Mass. Chairman) 1
10/17/1934 Paris Backs Benes To Pacifiy Europe 4
10/17/1934 No Famine Found In North Ukraine-Harold Denny, Moscow 7
10/17/1934 Nazi Church (National Confessional Synod) Heads Take Milder Tone-Otto D. Tolischus, Nuremberg 8
10/17/1934 Deadlock Feared In Talks On Navies-Other Powers Are Firm 8
10/17/1934 (Reich Cabinet) Requires Oath To Hitler 9
10/17/1934 Bias Held Danger For (Gerhard Richard) Hauptmann-Peril In Verdict Here (Lindbergh Kidnapping) 15
10/17/1934 Zionism Held Hope Of Jew In Europe (By Rabbi Milton Steinberg)-Mrs. Roosevelt Honored 18
10/17/1934 Dr. (William A.) Wirt Is Sued By ‘Brain Truster’-Rose Schneiderman Files A Libel Action Asking $400,000-Called ‘Rose Of Anarchy’ 25
10/17/1934 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Warns U.S. It May Go On Gold 33
10/18/1934 Jeering Nazis Pack (Samuel Dickstein Inquiry On Un-American Activities & Propaganda, John W. Mc Cormack, Mass., Chairman) 8
10/18/1934 Germans Hope U.S. Will Help Trade-See Lop-Sidedness Now 8
10/18/1934 Nazi Protestants Turn On (Ludwig) Mueller (National Confessional Synod) 8
10/18/1934 Saar Registration For Pool Too High-100,000 Held Fraudulent 8
10/18/1934 Spoilage Of Food Rouses Russians-Harold Denny, Moscow 9
10/18/1934 Big Cuts In Navies To Be Asked By U.S.-Favor Gesture To Japan-Might Drop Word ‘Ratio’ And Substitute ‘Relative Security’ 11
10/18/1934 Reich Tax Cut Provided To Add To Big Families 11
10/18/1934 Roosevelt Policy Is Assailed (In ‘Echos’) In Paris-Uncertainty Is Deplored 14
10/18/1934 (George N.) Peek Makes Plea For Foreign Trade 16
10/19/1934 U.S.Urges World To Cut Trade Bars With New Accords 1
10/19/1934 (Socialist, H. G.) Wells Cites Russia As ‘Awful Warning’ 11
10/19/1934 Jews’ Lot Easing (Arkansas Senator Joseph T.) Robinson Reports-Had Talk With Hitler 14
10/19/1934 (German Ambassador Dr. Hans) Luther Assailed By (John W. Mc Cormack, Mass. Chairman, Dickstein Inquiry Into Un-American Activities & Propaganda) Inquiry Head 15
10/19/1934 German Exports To Palestine Rose 15
10/20/1934 Ousting Of (Catholic) Bishops Is Voted In Mexico 1
10/20/1934 Gold Bloc Meets, Seeks Mutual Aid 1
10/20/1934 Japan Seen Urging 3-Party Peace Pact 6
10/20/1934 Churchmen (‘Free Confessional Synod’) Decide On Schism In Reich 7
10/20/1934 Columbia (University) Unable To Fill Reich Chair (Dr. Nicholas Murray,Butler, President, Refuses To Name An American To Position) 7
10/20/1934 Schacht Attacks Radical Economy 7
10/20/1934 (Gen.) Von Kluck Dies In Berlin At 88-Commanded First German Army, Which Swept To Within Sight Of Paris 15
10/21/1934 Roosevelt Wants National Thinking-(In Speech) At William And Mary, He Urges Broad And Liberal View Beyond Terms Of Locality-Text, P. 28 1
10/21/1934 War On Radicals Gains, Says Hayes 1
10/21/1934 (Samuel) Dickstein To Fight Charter For Nazis (‘Friends Of New Germany’)-Charges Sinister Aims-Holds Hitlerite Rule Here Is Ultimate Goal 7
10/21/1934 (Kurt) Schuschnigg Talks With Nazis Bared 7
10/21/1934 Free Reich Church (‘Free Synod’) Formed In Berlin-Hitler’s Approval Asked 9
10/21/1934 Soviet Hints Reich Inspired (Paris) Murders-Denies Terrorist Acts-Harold Denny, Moscow 16
10/21/1934 Nazi Group (‘Friends Of New Germany’) Finds A Haven In Jersey-Barred Elsewhere 27
10/21/1934 Says Japan Takes Junked (U.S.) Warships (For Scrap) 29
10/21/1934 Arms Pledges Of Reich Are Also In Our (1921) Treaty-Edwin L. James E-1
10/21/1934 Putsch Blamed On Germany In Austria’s Official Story (Brown Book)-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna E-1
10/21/1934 (Oswald) Mosely Fascists Weaken In Splits E-3
10/21/1934 Hitler Solidifies His Hold On Reich E-3
10/21/1934 Political Exiles Serious Problem E-3
10/21/1934 Soviet Elections Are Safety Valve E-3
10/21/1934 Three Nations In Flux Are Reflected In Their Women (Italy, Germany & Russia) Mag. 10
10/21/1934 Church Struggle In Germany Still Baffles Nazi Leaders XX-3
10/21/1934 Picture: Prof R. H. Goddard (Rocket Expert) XX-5
10/22/1934 New Deal Robs Us, Cluett Declares 7
10/22/1934 (Reich Bishop Ludwig) Mueller (National Confessional Synod) Is Defied Again In Munich-Free Synod Ordains Five 8
10/22/1934 Germans Critical Of Imports Curb 23
10/22/1934 Germany’s Trade Is At Standstill 23
10/22/1934 4th Mexican State Made Churchless-State Legislature Flees 2
10/22/1934 Catholics Combat Threats Of Nazis 4
10/22/1934 National Equality Held Japan’s Aim-Ready For Arms Race 4
10/22/1934 ‘Lies’ About Goering Stir His Newspaper 4
10/22/1934 Bomb Shelter Drive Launched In Berlin 4
10/22/1934 Poor Crops Bring Soviet Migration-Harold Denny, Moscow 6
10/22/1934 Trend To ‘Slavery’ Seen In New Deal 13
10/24/1934 Britons Hail Work Of American Plane (Douglas Dc-3) 2
10/24/1934 Nazi Clergy Insist Hitler Aide Resign 13
10/24/1934 Lutheran Protest Is Sent To Hitler 13
10/24/1934 German Auto Plant Goes On Half Time 13
10/24/1934 Naval Ratio’s End Pressed By Japan-’Humiliation’ Is Stressed 15
10/25/1934 (U.S.) Bankers Greet Roosevelt With Ovation As He Offers Cooperation For Recovery 1
10/25/1934 U.S. And Britain Act To Bar Manchukuo From Oil Monopoly-Link To Navy Plans Seen 1
10/25/1934 (Panama) Canal ‘Defended’ From Naval Raid 3
10/25/1934 Mother Postpones Miss Mc Adoo’s Marriage (To Negro); Actor (Rafael Lopez De Onate) Says He Will Prove He Is Caucasian (Marriage Between Races Not Allowed In California-Miss Mc Adoo Is Granddaughter Of Woodrow Wilson) 12
10/25/1934 Armenia Blooming Under Soviet Rule-Contrasts Held Amazing-Walter Duranty, Erivan 13
10/25/1934 Hitler On Way Out (Walter M.) Citrine Says Here-British Labor Official Holds Boycott Will End Regime In Reich By Spring-Anti-Fascist Fund Begun-$50,000 Is Pledged By Garment Workers (David Dubinsky, A Left-Leaning, Strong Supporter Of Roosevelt) 13
10/25/1934 Nazi (Dr. August Jaeger) Denies Attempt To Unite Churches 13
10/25/1934 (Roosevelt Stalwart Dr. Guy Rexford) Tugwell Predicts Controlled Trade 14
10/25/1934 Big Gain In Grain Is Made By Soviet-Program Is 97.8% Complete-Harold Denny, Moscow 14
10/25/1934 Soviet Bars Gifts For (Ukraine) ‘Famine’ Relief-Irked By German Group 15
10/25/1934 Empty (U.S.) Treasury Feared By (Bainbridge) Colby-He Also Attacks The Aaa 17
10/25/1934 318 (Czech & Polish Jews) On Vessel (‘Velos’) Cannot Find Haven 19
10/25/1934 14 Nazi Organizers Seized-100 Other Persons At Elizabeth (N. J.) Rally Dispersed In Raid 19
10/26/1934 Japan Sidesteps (U.S.-British) Protests On (Manchukuoan) Oil 1
10/26/1934 Hitler Rebuffs His Reich Bishop-Seeks Way Out Of Clash 1
10/26/1934 U.S. Would Speed Parley On Navies-Our Delegates To London Ask That Talks Be Trilateral To Bring Quick Results-Japan To Clarify Plan 2
10/26/1934 Russia Executes 8 For Farm Conspiracies; Many Others Jailed For Blocking Program 3
10/26/1934 Whole ‘New Deal’ Attacked By (Ogdan L.) Mills 9
10/26/1934 Senator Byrd Moves In Hotel (New Chamberlin, Old Port Comfort, Va.) Ban On Jews-Asks Roosevelt To Take Action 13
10/26/1934 Gen Chiang (Kai-Shek) Insists He Resisted Japan-Says He Was Restricted 14
10/26/1934 Vienna Jails 70 Reds For Inciting Trouble 14
10/26/1934 Hails Federal Aid To Steel Builders 31
10/27/1934 Japan Takes Firm Stand For Naval Equality Now; 1935 (London) Parley Is Imperiled-U.S. And Britain Stirred 1
10/27/1934 Nazi Church Chief (Actually An Aide, Dr. August Jaeger) Forced To Resign-Quits As (Reich Bishop Ludwig) Mueller Aide 1
10/27/1934 Oil Issue Menaces Accord On Navies-Our Treaty Right Upheld-Japanese Seen As Disturbed By Fact That Two Problems Came Up Simultaneously 1
10/27/1934 Plea For Vessels To Mark Navy Day-Aviation To Play Part 2
10/27/1934 Turrets To Protect British Air Gunners 2
10/27/1934 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Assails ‘New Deal’ Critics 4
10/27/1934 No (U.S.) Dictatorship Farley Declares 6
10/27/1934 Idlers (Work Shirkers) In Germany Face Terms In A Prison Camp (Dachau) 8
10/27/1934 Germany Removes Ban On Duel Corps 8
10/27/1934 A Mussolini Needed Declares Austria 8
10/27/1934 Pastors Here (Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America) Back German (‘Free Confessional Synode’) Insurgents 8
10/27/1934 Educators Stress Aim To Aid Society-(Robert Maynard) Hutchins (Univ.Of Chicago) Analyzes Job 17
10/27/1934 Mrs (Grace Morrison) Pool Urges New Fight On War 17
10/28/1934 A & P Shuts Stores, Quits Cleveland; Blames The Unions 1
10/28/1934 Nazi Police To Protect Women Who Rouge; Insults To Foreigners Bring The New Order 1
10/28/1934 British Are Pliant To Japan On Navies-(U.S. Ambassador-At-Large & Delegate To Naval Conference, Norman H.) Davis Said To Be Uneasy 5
10/28/1934 Zionist Leaders Sign Peace Pact-Asks ‘Civilized Conduct’-Among Various Jewish Groups 8
10/28/1934 Nazis Still Fight Jaeger In Church 12
10/28/1934 Hanfstaengl Irked By Harvard’s Bluff 12
10/28/1934 New Church Seen Likely In Germany-Dr. (S. Parkes) Cadman Predicts Emergence Of Distinct Group As Result Of Struggle With Nazis 12
10/28/1934 Nazis Seek Place In Vienna Regime 12
10/28/1934 Clashes In Mexico Today Are Feared-Plot Laid To Prelates 23
10/28/1934 Heads Of The Navy Demand Big Ships-(Claude A.) Swanson (U.S. Sec. Of Navy) Backs Up Stand N-1
10/28/1934 Foreign Musicians Face Rigid Tests (Daniel W. Mac Cormack, Commissioner Of Immigration And Naturalization) N-1
10/28/1934 Wesleyan Professor (Prof. Paul H. Curts, German Department) Backs (Some) Acts Of Hitler N-3
10/28/1934 U. S-Soviet Accord On Debt Expected-Russians Could Use More Than $30,000,000 Worth Of American Gold Mining Machinery-Harold Denny, Moscow N-7
10/28/1934 Oil Behaves Wrongly In London Navy Storm-Edwin L. James E-1
10/28/1934 Germany Pushing Ersatz Materials-To Offset Her Shortages-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-1
10/28/1934 New Reich Taxes Heavier For Most E-2
10/28/1934 Reich Propaganda’s Literary Chamber Recommends Six Books To Loyal Nazis (Mein Kampf Not Included!) E-2
10/28/1934 Soviet To Improve Biro-Bidjan (Siberian Jewish) Area-Industries To Be Built-Harold Denny, Moscow E-3
10/28/1934 Benefits Of Fascism Viewed On Birthday E-5
10/28/1934 The New Deal Goes To The Polls Mag. 1
10/28/1934 In A Nazi Labor Camp (Near Hanover-Not Political!): A Spartan Routine-G. S. Cox Mag. 7
10/28/1934 The Czar’s Diary As The War Began-Published By Soviet Authority XX-2
10/28/1934 CCC Carries On:The Record And Program XX-2
10/28/1934 Main Threat To Hitler Rule Found Within The Nazi Ranks XX-3
10/29/1934 German Workers Hail New Powers-Employers See Setback-Schmitt Warns Workers 6
10/29/1934 (Reich Bishop) Mueller Is Defied Again In Germany 6
10/29/1934 Starhemberg Doubts Sincerity Of Nazis 6
10/29/1934 Naval Differences Stressed In Reich 6
10/29/1934 (World Organization Of) Jewish Women Seek 40,000 New Members 6
10/29/1934 Swiss Jews Bring Nazi Suit Today (In Berne, Switzerland)-’Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion,’ Depicting ‘Jewish Peril,’ Basis Of Action-Plagiarism Is Alleged (Thus Begins A Long Series Of Articles!) 7
10/29/1934 (World) War (I) Delay (In Start) Bared In Poincare’s Will 9
10/29/1934 Anti-Church March Is Held In Mexico 9
10/29/1934 Dictators Termed A Threat To Peace (By Dr. Stephen Duggan, Director Of Institute Of International Education-Associated With The Carnegie Endowment For International Peace Somehow) 17
10/29/1934 (William) Green (A. F. Of L.) Says Idle Increased In Year 25
10/29/1934 Schacht Orders New (Synthetic) Motor Fuel 30
10/30/1934 U.S. And Japan Find No Basis For Pact To Restrict Navies 1
10/30/1934 Pwa (Harold L. Ickes) Asks $12,000,000,000 For 5-Year Works Outlay; $5,000,000,000 For (Federal) Housing 1
10/30/1934 ‘Jewish Protocols’ Laid To Czarist-Russian Agents Fabricated Them In Paris Library, Say Witnesses At Berne-Court Orders Expert Testimony 4
10/30/1934 Nazis Report Large Increase In Prisoners; 56,928 Were Held In Prussia Last Year 4
10/30/1934 Schacht Insistent Reich Cannot Pay-Other Countries Must Take Her Exports Or ‘Renounce Debts,’ He Declares-Says Culture Must Live 4
10/30/1934 All Church Power Is Lost By Jaeger-Free (‘Confessional’) Synod Still Hostile 4
10/30/1934 Name ‘Hitler’ Slanderous In Opinion Of (Prague) Czech Court 4
10/30/1934 Nazis Ask ‘Racial Purity; Storm Troops (Sturmabteilung) With Any Jewish Blood Must Resign 4
10/30/1934 Nazis Outlawed In (‘British’ Southwest) Africa 4
10/30/1934 Larger Arms Fund Is Sought In France 6
10/30/1934 Socialists Rebuff Reds’ Offer To Join 10
10/31/1934 Japanese To Keep Naval Talks Open 1
10/31/1934 French Army Set To Act In Saar-Petain Declares Troops Must Be Prepared To Strike In Event Of Nazi ‘Putsch’ 1
10/31/1934 Mexican President (Abelardo Rodriguez) Strikes At Church-Blow To Home Worship 1
10/31/1934 Poles Of 17 To 60 Liable For War Service; Auxiliary Work For Both Sexes Decreed 1
10/31/1934 Discovery Of (North) Pole By Peary Is Denied-Holds Cook’s Claims Are As Good 3
10/31/1934 Hitler Withdraws In Church Dispute 4
10/31/1934 Expert Denounces ‘Protocols Of Zion’-Describes Documents As ‘Apocryphal’ In Trial At Berne-Backs Plagiarism Claim 4
10/31/1934 Saito Says Parity Is An Eventual Aim-Sees Stigma In Ratio Idea 6
10/31/1934 Refugee (Gerhart Seger) Details Escape From Nazis (From Dessau Camp)-Made Prague In 23 Hours 6
10/31/1934 Czechs New Accord With Us In Film War 6
10/31/1934 Asserts N. H. Davis (U.S. Ambassador At Large & Roosevelt’s Delegate To Naval Talks) Aids Swedish (Match) Trust (Is This The Wallenberg [Raoul Wallenberg!] Trust?) 7