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William Lindsey collection — 1934 NYT headlines

December 1934
Date Headline Page
12/01/1934 Cardenas Becomes Mexican President (Picture, P. 7) 1
12/01/1934 (Pierre) Laval Bids Hitler To Show By Acts He Favors Peace-Invites Him To Enter Pact For Non-Aggression, Rejecting Bilateral (French-German) Treaty 1
12/01/1934 Soviet Will Raise Pay Of All 19 Per Cent To Compensate For Rise In Bread Prices 1
12/01/1934 (Wesleyan University) Sees A Bar To Jews In Medical Study-Anti-Semitism Is Denied 5
12/01/1934 New Naval Ideas Offered By Japan-Still Insist On Parity (With U.S.) 6
12/01/1934 Witness Boasts He Is A ‘Hitler’-Brags He Will Lead Fight On Jews 6
12/01/1934 Professor (Johannes Liesegang, University Of Jena) Jailed For Gibe At Hitler 6
12/01/1934 (2 Harvard) Professors Regret Hanfstangl Snub (Refusal Of James Bryant Conant To Accept A Scholarship From Him) 6
12/01/1934 Reich Forbids Critics Of (Reich Bishop Ludwig) Mueller To Speak 6
12/01/1934 Says A Store Here Boycotts Mexico 7
12/01/1934 New Deal Reform Praised To British (By Columbia University Professor, Allan Nevins)-(New Deal Not A Revolution But) ‘Accelerated Evolution’ 7
12/01/1934 200 Priests Declared Shot In Mexico In Past 10 Years 7
12/01/1934 Dr. (James Bryant) Conant (President Of Harvard University) Pleads For Aid To Student-Larger Scholarship Funds And Fewer College Admissions Held Vital To Nation (See P. 6 Above!) 15
12/01/1934 Columbia (University) Opens Its New Library; (Col. John) Buchan (Later Lord Tweedsmuir, Governor General Of Canada & Formerly David Lloyd George’s [1917] Director Of Information) Outlines Role Of College-Picture, John Buchan And Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, President Of Columbia University & Chairman Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace 15
12/01/1934 $12,973,000 Gold Is Received Here-$140,000,000 Is Still Due 19
12/01/1934 Reserve Reduces Its ‘Loans On Gold’ 19
12/01/1934 Imports Of Gold Most Since March 25
12/02/1934 U.S. And Britain Maintain Japan Rules Manchukuo In New Protests On Oil-Reject Tokyo’s Theory-Japanese Are Unyielding 1
12/02/1934 (U.S. Ambassador To England, Robert W.) Bingham Invite British-U.S. Unity-Offers Assurance Roosevelt Can Make ‘Binding, Lasting’ Understandings Now-He Sees A ‘New Situation’-Ambassador Believes That The Two Nations Cooperating, Could Bring Security 1
12/02/1934 (Naturalized American) Miss Steele Escapes Trial As Spy In Reich, But Will Be Deported For ‘Indiscretion’ 1
12/02/1934 Italy-France Near Final Settlement In Talks For Pact 1
12/02/1934 Nazi Newspapers Losing Circulation 27
12/02/1934 France Declines Japan’s Naval Bid (For Help) 28
12/02/1934 Laval Tells Saar It Can Vote Again (‘Later’)-If Territory Retains League Rule Now, It Can Rejoin Reich After Hitler-Trade Accord Is Renewed 30
12/02/1934 Czech Deputies Boo Anti-German (Student Demonstration) Leader 30
12/02/1934 Stahlhelm Worried By Trends In Reich 30
12/02/1934 Nazis Fail To Open ‘Aryan’ Emporium (In Nuernberg To Replace Strauss’s Which The Government Took Over) 30
12/02/1934 (U.S.) Professors Score CCC Book Censor-Academic Freedom Urged 33
12/02/1934 (U.S. Sec. Of Navy Claude A.) Swanson Demands (U.S. Build And Expand Navy To) Full Treaty Rights N-1
12/02/1934 (Swiss Theologian Dr. Karl) Barth (Under Fire For Refusing To Take Oath Of Allegiance To Hitler) Is Extolled (By Dr. S. Parkes Cadman & Dr. Henry Smith Leiper) For Defying Nazis-Liken To Calvin And Knox-Derided ‘Aryan’ Theories N-1
12/02/1934 Picture: Living Sons Of Former Kaiser Meet Again In Potsdam N-2
12/02/1934 (Saito) Warns Britain May Beat Us In Recognizing Manchukuo-Holds Japan Is Misunderstood E-1
12/02/1934 Paris Renews Efforts For Eastern Locarno-He Asks Hitler Again To Join-Edwin L. James E-1
12/02/1934 Austria And Italy Seen In Army Pact-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna E-1
12/02/1934 Germans Resent Our Trade Policy-Says We Ignore Burdens-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin (Doesn’t Mention Boycott) E-2
12/02/1934 (German) Newspapers Push Anti-Semitic Fight E-2
12/02/1934 France’s Position Confuses Europe E-3
12/02/1934 Picture: Arbiters Of Saar (Plebiscite Vote) Eligibility E-3
12/02/1934 Poland In The Role Of Assuring Paris E-3
12/02/1934 Mexico Launches New Deal For Poor-Church Seen As Obstacle-Harold B. Hinton, Mexico City E-8
12/02/1934 Riegel, O. W. Mobilizing For Chaos: The Story Of The New Propaganda, Yale Univ. Press, New Haven-Reviewed By Elmer Davis (Owi)-National Propaganda As Issued Abroad-(Riegel Active In Organizing U.S. Propaganda By Radio And At Washington And Lee Univ.-Which I Attended Three Days!) Book 3
12/02/1934 Speed-And More Speed-In War-Liddell Hart Mag. 3
12/02/1934 The Girls Of The ‘Youth Army’ Of Austria Roto.
12/02/1934 Germany Mobilizes On Economic Front-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin XX-5
12/02/1934 Terrorism Thrives Amid Dictatorships XX-6
12/02/1934 Twenty Years Ago: Into The Trenches XX-6
12/02/1934 ‘Child Mind’ Of The Dictators Blamed For Many World Ills XX-14
12/03/1934 Reich Held Ready To Strike Bargain On Arms At Geneva-Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 1
12/03/1934 Laval Receives Envoy Of Hitler 8
12/03/1934 New (U.S.) War Tank Races At 60 Miles An Hour; Army Is Expected To Ask Funds For A Fleet 8
12/03/1934 Austria Prohibits Anti-German News-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 10
12/03/1934 (U.S. Ambassador To England, Robert W.) Bingham Again Urges ‘Hands Across The Sea’ (For U.S. & Britain) 10
12/03/1934 France Will Train Troops Near Saar 10
12/03/1934 Nazi Catcalls Bar Service In Church-Hitler Considers Withholding Church Funds (Collected By State) 10
12/03/1934 Nazi Farm Project Of Military Value-Thousands Of Young MenCould Bear Arms Promptly (Maybe Like CCC?) 10
12/03/1934 Concession Changes Hands In Palestine-Lake Huleah Rights Transferred From Arab To Jewish Group 11
12/03/1934 (U.S. Ambassador To Mexico, Josephus) Daniels Is Assailed By American Priest (For Inaction In Mexican Church Problems) 11
12/03/1934 Catholics (Knights Of Columbus) Oppose (U.S.) Action On Mexico 11
12/03/1934 Hope For Future Seen In Roosevelt (By Rabbi Samuel H. Goldenson, Temple Emanu-El)-Finds He Prevents Hate 13
12/03/1934 (British-Born Episcopal Bishop William T.) Manning (Later One Of The Most Out-Spoken Advocates Of Intervention On The Side Of England) Sees World Asleep In Face Of Evil 13
12/03/1934 Jews Urged To War On Anti-Semitism-Dr. Goldstein Says Effort To Build Up Palestine Will Be An Aid In The Fight 13
12/03/1934 Reich Film Output Halted By (Joseph Goebbels) Attack 14
12/03/1934 Hindemith Center Of Nazi Music Row-Furtwaengler Makes Fervent Defense 15
12/03/1934 Steuben Society Meets (‘Friends Of New Germany’) Challenge 18
12/04/1934 France And Reich Agree On A Saar Payment Plan; Pact Protects Minorities 1
12/04/1934 Reich Forbids Heckling Of Speakers By Public 1
12/04/1934 Soviet Arrests 71 In War On ‘Terror;’ Bars Mercy Pleas 1
12/04/1934 Big Air War Games Are Conducted In Austria In Defiance Of Clauses Of The (Versailles) Peace Treaty-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 1
12/04/1934 Vienna Newspaper Shifts Saar Stand-Says The Area Belongs To Germany 12
12/04/1934 Safeguard ‘Aryan’ Purity 12
12/04/1934 Mrs. Kohut (President, World Congress Of Jewish Women) Praises Germany On Saar-Acclaims Guarantee Of Equal Rights For Jews-Mrs (Carrie Chapman) Catt (Vigorous Roosevelt Supporter, Feminist, ‘Pacifist’) Urges Fight On War 12
12/04/1934 Austria Has Hanged 24 12
12/04/1934 1935 (London) Naval Parley May Be Postponed-Hugh Byas, Tokyo 15
12/04/1934 Hull Says (U.S. Ambassador To England, Robert W.) Bingham Wars On (U.S.) Isolation-Wide Cooperation Is Aim 15
12/04/1934 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia University, Chairman, Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Pleads For Anti-War Pact-Proposes At Pilgrim’s Dinner That We And Britain Unite In Ban On Aggression-Would Outlaw Violators-(Col. John) Buchan Honored By Society, Also Urges More Definite Cooperation Of Nations 21
12/04/1934 Dr. (Col John) Buchan (See Entry, Dec. 1, 1934, P. 15) Receives (Honorary Lld.) Degree At Columbia (University) 21
12/04/1934 New Soviet Plan Is Held A Success (By Valery V. Obolensky-Ossinsky) 38
12/05/1934 Soviet Submarines In East Increased 1
12/05/1934 Hitler Ousts Governor Brueckner Of Silesia Who Threatened Violence To Catholic Clergy 1
12/05/1934 Council Barred In Soviet Trials-Executions Will Be Quick-Harold Denny, Moscow 3
12/05/1934 (Samuel) Untermyer (Founder And Head Of Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League To Champion Human Rights) Home (From London Non-Sectarian Conference) Scores (Franco-German) Saar Pact-Accord Threatens Both Catholic And Jewish Rights (See Entry, Dec. 4, 1934, P. 12)-Sees A World Boycott (Of German Goods) 8
12/05/1934 Munitions Makers (In 1908) Expected Big War (Nye, Senate Munitions Inquiry) 12
12/05/1934 Reich To Control All Credit Deals-Dividends Held To 6% 16
12/05/1934 (Unknown Source) Reveals (Karl Ernst) ‘Confession’ In The Reichstag Fire (Paris ‘Le Journal’ Report) 16
12/05/1934 France To Limit Sowing Of Wheat 18
12/05/1934 Die-Hards Beaten In India Bill Vote-Reforms Certain To Pass 20
12/05/1934 (250) German Jewish Boys Reported Sent Here 27
12/06/1934 Lord Lothian Asks Anglo-U.S. Accord-Berlin Newspaper Says ‘Pax Anglo-Saxonia’ Will Help To Guarantee Stability 1
12/06/1934 Britain Will Join League Saar Army; France Stays Out-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
12/06/1934 Treaty Violations Laid To Arms Firm (Nye Senate Munitions Inquiry)-Appeal Was Made To Nobel 1
12/06/1934 66 Are Executed By Soviet, Accused Of ‘Terrorist’ Plots-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
12/06/1934 Palestine (British) Deported 627 (Jews) 10
12/06/1934 Hands-Off Policy On Mexico Urged-(Rev.O’hara) Asks Crusade Of Prayer 11
12/06/1934 British Move Laid To New Saar Pact-Frederick T. Birchall, London 12
12/06/1934 Text Of Powers’ Declaration On Saar 12
12/06/1934 Reich Bars Street Music By Salvation Army Bands 12
12/06/1934 British To Question (Their) Ban On New Yorker 13
12/06/1934 Soviet Submarines Perturb Japanese-Push Their Own Program Here-Hugh Byas, Tokyo 14
12/06/1934 Huge Growth Seen In (Non-Sectarian) Anti-Nazi (League To Promote Human Rights) Drive-(Samuel Untermyer) Revealed As Main Backer (Of Group)-He Tells Of London (Non-Sectarian International Boycott Conference) Meeting, Stressing Non-Jewish Nature Of Move 20
12/06/1934 Brooklyn ‘Hitler’ Stirs New Uproar-As Dickstein And Healy Quarrel At Hearing (Dickstein’s House Inquiry Into Un-American Activities & Propaganda, John W. Mc Cormack, Mass., Chairman) 20
12/06/1934 U.S.-Reich Barter Is Believed Near-For 500,000 Bales Of Cotton 40
12/07/1934 (U.S. Ambassador-At-Large & Roosevelt’s Delegate To London Naval Conference, Norman H.) Davis Says Japan Upsets Security Of All In Pacific; Fears Costly Naval Race-Text, P. 20 1
12/07/1934 Saito Foresees No Naval Race Before 1942; Thinks New Pact Will Eventually Be Made 1
12/07/1934 France And Soviet In Diplomatic Pact-Want Germany In League-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
12/07/1934 Routed From Beds (Hungarian) Deportees (From Yugoslavia) Charge 15
12/07/1934 Russian Submarines In Orient Put At 16 15
12/07/1934 Germany Accepts League Saar Army-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 18
12/07/1934 Home Press Backs British Aid In Saar 18
12/07/1934 Nazis Drop (Gottfried Feder) As Economic Pilot 19
12/07/1934 Exiled Jews In Saar Relieved At Accord 19
12/07/1934 U.S. Sees Navy Talk In London Ending-Saito’s Stand Praised 20
12/08/1934 Big Powers Halt War Talk In Yugoslavia-Hungary Row 1
12/08/1934 Tokyo Blames Us For Impasse-Hugh Byas, Tokyo 1
12/08/1934 New (U.S.) Social Policy Urged On Wealthy (By Secretary Of Agriculture, Henry A. Wallace) 1
12/08/1934 Reich Bans Book Calling Italian People Half Ape 8
12/08/1934 (Hungarian) Suggests Slaying (Of King Alexander Of Yugoslavia) Was Plotted In U.S.-Was Announced In Youngstown, Ohio-Killing Hailed There 8
12/08/1934 British Again Urge Smaller Warships-Support (Norman H.) Davis On Treaty 9
12/08/1934 (Wilhelm) Frick Threatens German (Opposition) Churches (Free Confessional Synod)-Wont Allow Bickering 12
12/08/1934 All Faiths Asked To A Peace Parley (National Conference On The Churches And World Peace) 12
12/08/1934 Phone To Japan Opened By Hull 16
12/08/1934 Nazi Papers Score Dr. Furtwaengler (For His Support Of Paul Hindemith) 18
12/09/1934 Italy Will Seize External Credits Held By Citizens 1
12/09/1934 Britain And France Move For Balkan Compromise As Anger Rises At Geneva-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
12/09/1934 (Rudolf) Hess Predicts Franco-German Agreement; Says Paris No Longer Wants To Wreck Reich 1
12/09/1934 (Exile Gerhart) Seger (In U.S.) Calls Hitler ‘Public Enemy No. 1’-Also Upholds Boycott (At Foreign Policy Association Luncheon) 15
12/09/1934 Abyssinia Accuses Italians Of Attack-Strong Protest Ordered-Rome Terms These Reports ‘False’ 20
12/09/1934 Japanese Accuses Arizona Officials-Charges Bad Faith In Bombings (Of Japanese)-Holds Some Americans Barbarous (Not A Single Arrest Has Been Made!) 24
12/09/1934 Women Stage Rally Against Nazi Pagans (Koeln) 25
12/09/1934 Tale Of Nazi Rifts Attributed To (Karl) Ernst 25
12/09/1934 Denies Death Plot (Of King Alexander Of Yugoslavia) Was Hatched Here-Croats Accept Blame Gladly 25
12/09/1934 Chicagoans To Go To Saar (For Plebiscite Vote) 25
12/09/1934 U.S. Company Land Seized By Mexico 26
12/09/1934 Relief For Jews In Reich Doubted-Traced To Frick Speech (London Report) 27
12/09/1934 Nazi Leaders Hold Tin Boxes For Poor (Winterhilfe)-Schacht Gathers Most 28
12/09/1934 Nazi Storm Troops Absorbed By Police 28
12/09/1934 (Prince) Starhemberg Forecasts Austrian World Empire 28
12/09/1934 Soviet Urges Public Be Patient On Bread 29
12/09/1934 Dr. (Virgil) Jordan Holds (U.S.) Dictatorship Near 34
12/09/1934 (50) New Speed Planes Bought By Army-Will Outstrip Bombers 39
12/09/1934 Music In Germany Is Now At Low Ebb-Nazi Standards Supreme N-6
12/09/1934 British Are Eager For Unity With Us-(Formal) Alliance Is Impossible E-1
12/09/1934 Reich Begins Fight On Individualists-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-2
12/09/1934 Sees Hitler Trying To Shelve Junkers-Augur, London E-2
12/09/1934 British Impressed By (Jan) Smut’s Speech-For German Equality E-2
12/09/1934 Professor (Friedrich Kruger, Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio) Scores Newspapers Here-Boycott (Of German Goods) Called A ‘Crime’ E-2
12/09/1934 Reich Jews’ Plight Related In (Berlin Jewish Central Committee) Report-85,000 Have Quit Country E-2
12/09/1934 Iceland Is Called German Holy Land (By Dr. Bernard Kummers) E-2
12/09/1934 Saar Move Shows British Influence E-3
12/09/1934 Palestine Takes More Reich Goods E-3
12/09/1934 Pledge On Austria Seen In Saar Pact E-3
12/09/1934 Equality: The Japanese Mirage Mag. 2
12/10/1934 Japanese Warships Called Top-Heavy 1
12/10/1934 European Powers Set Against Want-Frederick T. Birchall, London 1
12/10/1934 Hamburg Menaced As A World Port-Anti-Nazi Trend Is Seen-Otto D. Tolischus, Hamburg 12
12/10/1934 $L,344,000 Is Raised In Reich (Winterhilfe) Relief 12
12/10/1934 Reich Persecution Of (Free Confessional) Synod Forecast-Pastor (Martin) Niemoeller Warns His Congregation-Assails (Reich Bishop Ludwig) Mueller’s Rule 12
12/10/1934 2,500 Nazis Freed By Austrian Camp (Woellersdorf-Extremely Unhealthful In Winter)-Von Papen Under Fire 12
12/10/1934 Japanese Propose Ocean Airship Line-Chinese Are Thrilled 13
12/10/1934 Private Selling Of Arms (By Fabricator) Scored (By Foreign Policy Association) 14
12/10/1934 More Men For Navy Asked By Admiral-(William H.) Standley Says Shortage Puts United States Fleet In A Critical Situation-Wants Ships Together 14
12/10/1934 (Rev. Dr. S. Parkes) Cadman Praised As Friend Of Jew-Rabbi (Stephen S.) Wise Describes Him As Foe Of Persecution At (Free) Synagogue Service-Prejudice Is Condemned 18
12/11/1934 U.S. Gets Refusal To Pay War Debts (From British) 1
12/11/1934 ‘Winking’ At Graft In Arms Declared Once Our Policy-Practice Of State Department Under (Frank B) Kellogg (World Court Member), Remington (Arms) Sales Agent Wrote-Bribery Abroad Alleged (Nye-Senate Munitions Inquiry) 1
12/11/1934 (Joseph M.) Proskauer Opposes Anti-Reich (Organized Boycott) Agitation 2
12/11/1934 Warlike Statement Repudiated By Saito 8
12/11/1934 Unemployment In Reich Is Increased By 86,000 9
12/11/1934 German Woman Is Arrested For Over Working Maids 10
12/11/1934 37 More Arrested In Russian (‘Anti-Terrorist’) Plot-Harold Denny, Moscow 10
12/11/1934 Britain Considers New Naval Move-(U.S. Ambassador-At-Large & Roosevelt’s Delegate To London Naval Conference, Norman H.) Davis’s Return Delayed 12
12/11/1934 Noted (British Military) Force To Go To Saar As Police 12
12/11/1934 (Naturalized) American (Isobel Steele) Released From German Jail 12
12/11/1934 Steuben Society Veers To Hitler-500 At Meeting Here Cheer Favorable Report On His Regime In Germany-Found Reich ‘Contented’ 17
12/11/1934 Miss (Ann) Morgan Decries Feminism As Futile 17
12/11/1934 Nobel Prizes Given To Two Britons-(Sir Norman) Angel And (Arthur) Henderson Take The 1933 And 1934 Peace Awards 21
12/12/1934 (Senator Gerald P.) Nye Hears Army And Navy Backed Powder To Japan 1
12/12/1934 110 More Planes Bought By Army 9
12/12/1934 British Inform Us Of Debt Default-Finland To Pay As Usual 12
12/12/1934 (Franklin D.) Roosevelt Urged Amity With Britain-Admiral (Sir Lewis) Bagly Says In London He Insisted That Navies Cooperate For Peace 13
12/12/1934 Tokyo Pushes Plan To End Naval Pact 13
12/12/1934 Chemical (Gas) Warfare Defended By Briton 13
12/12/1934 Mexican ‘Rebels’ Termed Bandits-Church Law Is Ignored 14
12/12/1934 Seagrams Heads (Abe, Allen, Earry & Sam Bronfman) Accused Of Fraud 14
12/12/1934 League Saar Army Shaped At Geneva 16
12/12/1934 Goering Refers To (Reichstag) Fire Charges-Tells Audience He Won’t Talk ‘Such Filth’ As Slain Nazi’s Alleged Testament-Says Court Decided Issue 16
12/12/1934 Miss Steele Sails Released By Reich 16
12/12/1934 ‘Terror’ Toll Is 75 As Soviet Shoots 9-Harold Denny, Moscow 18
12/12/1934 Germany Will Pay British This Week-Cottons Cheers News 41
12/13/1934 Russia’s Strength Held Bar To Attack By Japan Unaided-Austria Called Danger-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
12/13/1934 Roosevelt Will Ask Laws To Take Profit Out Of War 1
12/13/1934 Points Of Commission Report Forming Basis For President’s Proposal To Curb War Profits 1
12/13/1934 President’s Move Stirs (Nye-Senate) Committee-Nye Sees In It Effort To Halt Its Investigation Of The Munitions Industry 1
12/13/1934 Munitions Inquiry Gets To Chemicals 2
12/13/1934 Inquiry On Arms Urged On British 2
12/13/1934 Britain Will Halt Parley On Navies 5
12/13/1934 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Rebukes Canton (Gen. Pei Chung-Hsi) Over Reds 5
12/13/1934 British Officers Leave For Saar-Armored Cars Included 6
12/13/1934 (Yugoslav) Expulsions (Of Hungarians) Ended At British Behest 8
12/13/1934 (Swiss Theologian Dr. Karl) Barth’s Students Rebel (Against Ludwig Mueller) 16
12/14/1934 War Profits Up To 800% Shown At (Nye) Senate Inquiry; 181 Had Million Incomes-List, P. 6 1
12/14/1934 U.S. Avoids Naval Impasse-Our Delegates Resist Move To Get Them To Leave London Before Japan Ends Treaty 1
12/14/1934 Borah And Nye Demand End Of ‘Big Business’ Tie In Republican ‘New Deal’ 1
12/14/1934 (John Jacob) Astor Denies Profit From Any War Source; Calls Committee’s Income Listing Unfair 7
12/14/1934 Austria Permits Nazi Paper’s Issue 10
12/14/1934 Reich Eases Laws On Rumor-Mongers 10
12/14/1934 Lithuania Charges Memel Coup Plot (By Germans) 10
12/14/1934 Lloyd George Hits British Boasting-Not To Talk Of Prosperity While Debt To U.S. Is Unpaid 15
12/14/1934 Chinese Reds Kill (Decapitate) American (Missionary) Couple 16
12/14/1934 (American) Jewish Congress (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise-Deutsch) Rebuffed By (Jewish) Labor (Committee-B. Charney Vladeck)-Refuses To Take Part In Enlargement Of American (Jewish Congress) Group-Policy Of Nazis Scored (Other Organizations Listed) 24
12/15/1934 Scientists Advise Federal (Financed) Research 1
12/15/1934 Hitler Is Imperiled As His Train Hits Bus; Badly Shaken As 14 In Vehicle Are Killed 1
12/15/1934 Japan Disputes U.S. On Defense Parity-Asks Huge Cut In Fleets-Japan Unsafe Under The 5-5-3 Ratio 4
12/15/1934 U.S. To Halt (London) Talks As (1922 Washington) Navy Pact Ends 4
12/15/1934 Abyssinia Reports Clash To Geneva-Situation Precipitated By Battle With Italians-Rome Bars Arbitration 4
12/15/1934 (Owed War) Debts To Be Paid President (Roosevelt) Thinks-Six More States Default 5
12/15/1934 More Laws To Curb Jews Urged In Reich-Death Penalty Is Proposed By (Julius) Streicher 5
12/15/1934 Nazi Pagan Faith (Dr. Alfred Rosenberg) Makes Church Rebel 5
12/15/1934 $1,000,000 Income Is Denied By (Ogden L.) Mills 6
12/16/1934 New Neutral Plan Is Drawn To Keep Nation Out Of War-Sea Freedom Involved 1
12/16/1934 End Of (London) Navy Talks Set For Thursday-Norman H.) Davis Voices U.S. Demand 1
12/16/1934 Clash In Africa Feared In Geneva-Abyssinia Accuses Italians Of Attacking Surveying Party 60 Miles From Frontier-Challenge By Rome Seen 1
12/16/1934 Russian Arrests Spreading Terror-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
12/16/1934 Bigger Pwa Fund Hinted By Ickes, Who Asks New Aide 1
12/16/1934 (U.S. Ambassador To Moscow, William C.) Bullitt In Washington (On Visit Via Siberia, Manchukuo, China & Japan) 13
12/16/1934 Jobless In France Reach New Record-386,481 Are Registered 32
12/16/1934 Longer Army Term Demanded In France 32
12/16/1934 2 Austrians Slain On German Border-Reich Version Different 33
12/16/1934 Air Attack On Hitler Reported By Tourist 33
12/16/1934 Hands Off Saar Is Vatican Policy 33
12/16/1934 Germans Prefer The Foreign Press 33
12/16/1934 (Col. Fulgencio) Batista (Cuba) Bids Foes Attempt No Rising 35
12/16/1934 Bubonic Plague In Brazil 35
12/16/1934 Roosevelt Makes Navy Promotion list N-5
12/16/1934 War Debts To Continue As International Poison-Edwin L. James E-1
12/16/1934 Hitler Sacrifices German Shipping E-1
12/16/1934 Laval Is Striving To Pacify Europe-Jules Sauerwein, Paris E-1
12/16/1934 Armament Debate Turned On Politics-Augur, London E-2
12/16/1934 Polls In Moscow Aided By Fanfare-Results Never In Doubt-Harold Denny, Moscow E-2
12/16/1934 Former Kaiser’s Yacht Seized As Rum-Runner E-2
12/16/1934 The Equality Issue Dissected-Harold Callender, London Mag. 3
12/16/1934 When (Czech, Eduard) Benes Speaks All Europe Listen Shepard Stone Mag. 4
12/16/1934 Mexico’s President (Cardenas) States His Creed Mag. 5
12/16/1934 Conflicting Ideals; Women Of The Third Reich And The Soviet XX-4
12/16/1934 The Treaty Of Versailles Softened For Germany XX-10
12/16/1934 Chaumont, Our G. H. Q. In War Honors Its Memories Of A. E. F XX-13
12/16/1934 Spanish Inquisition Died Out Just A Hundred Years Ago XX-17
12/16/1934 War Scares Stop Short Of Mobilization Stage XX-20
12/17/1934 Mussolini Rejects League Mediation In African Clash-Insists Upon Apology From Abyssinia-Attack Charged To Her 1
12/17/1934 British Saar Policeman Mobbed After His Auto Injures A Woman (And He Draws A Pistol) 1
12/17/1934 (F. W. Fallbehr, Under Investigation By Dickstein’s House Inquiry Into Un-American Activities & Propaganda, John W. Mc Cormack, Mass., Chairman) Absolved (German Ambassador Dr. Hans) Luther Of Nazi Activity (In U.S.) 5
12/17/1934 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Scores Rule By The Few-Sees Minority In Power 8
12/17/1934 Three Faiths (Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ In America And Others) Urge End Of Prejudice (Roosevelt, La Guardia, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Episcopal Bishop William T. Manning, Nicholas Murray Butler And Many Others) 10
12/17/1934 1,800 Back Protest On Mexico’s (Church) Policy 11
12/17/1934 2,000 Here Protest Soviet Executions 11
12/17/1934 (U.S. Sec. Of War, George H.) Dern Wants Army Increased 52,000-Asks 600 New Airplanes 12
12/17/1934 Mexico For Mexicans Is Cardenas Decree 12
12/17/1934 New Policy On War Seen For America-Departures From View That We Could Not Stay Out Of Major Conflict Indicated 13
12/17/1934 New Parity Offer Reported In Japan 13
12/17/1934 Reich Warns Protestants To End Conflict Threatening To Withdraw (State Financial) Aid Or Ban Church 16
12/17/1934 U.S. Held (By Berliner Tageblatt) To Block German Payments 33
12/18/1934 28 More Are Shot In Soviet Round-Up-Harold Denny, Moscow 1
12/18/1934 Reich Seizes 600 In Morals Drive; Berlin Police Make Secret Raids-Storm Troops (Sturmabteilung) Are Chief Target 1
12/18/1934 (Ramsay) Macdonald Deaf To Offer Of Nye (Armament Inquiry) 4
12/18/1934 Flandin Deplores Anti-German Talk 4
12/18/1934 Neutrality Ruling Promised By Hull-Latest Hint Of Possible Aims Found In Roosevelt Message To World On May 16, 1933 5
12/18/1934 Britain Approves Neutrality Plans 5
12/18/1934 Britain And Japan To Continue Talks-French Plan Bigger Navy 6
12/18/1934 Soviet Submarines In East Are Speedy 6
12/18/1934 Drive On Medicine Ban Opened In Soviet; Doctors And Atheists Fight Use Of Charms 7
12/18/1934 Ireland And Reich Seek Trade Pact 8
12/18/1934 Anti-Church Acts Laid To Nazi Youth 8
12/18/1934 Tenseness In Saar Follows (Auto Injury) Incident-(Sir John) Simon Discounts Affair 9
12/18/1934 Nazis Hold 2 For Sending Torn Clothes For Relief 9
12/18/1934 Britain Insisting On Peace In Africa-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 9
12/18/1934 Krupp’s Resignation Announced In Berlin 9
12/18/1934 (Zionist) Palestine Loan Hailed 12
12/19/1934 Tell Of Red Drive On Army And Navy (Dickstein Un-American Activities & Propaganda Inquiry John W. Mc Cormack, Mass., Chairman) 2
12/19/1934 Saar (League Of Nations) Police Chief Resigns His Post 7
12/19/1934 French Vote Funds To Increase Arms 8
12/19/1934 (Swiss Theologian, Prof. Dr. Karl) Barth Unsupported By Friends In Oath 8
12/19/1934 Berlin Denies A Tale Of A Shot At Hitler 9
12/19/1934 Nazis’ Intervention In Memel Admitted 9
12/19/1934 Nazi Groups Here (‘Friends Of New Germany’) Renew Warfare 14
12/19/1934 Hull’s Stand Perils (Cotton) Barter (Agreement) With Reich 20
12/19/1934 $8,000,000,000 Work Outlined By (Secretary Of War George H.) Dern 20
12/20/1934 (London) Navy Parley Ends With U.S. Policies Backed By Britain-Macdonald And Simon Declare Tokyo Parity Plan Would Not Mean Equal Security 1
12/20/1934 War Plans Provide Army Of 2,000,000 4
12/20/1934 (Ogden L.) Mills Sees Drift To Vast Inflation 5
12/20/1934 Abyssinians Cite Briton As To Clash-Adds Aggression As To Charge-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 8
12/20/1934 Reich Throws Light On Tannenberg (Von Hindenburg-Ludendorff) Issue 9
12/20/1934 Boycotts Jewish Shop (Despite Schacht Edict To Contrary) 9
12/20/1934 Germany Hopeful Of French Accord 10
12/20/1934 (Professor Dr. Karl) Barth Would Take The Oath To Hitler-Trial Won’t Be Dropped (By State) 10
12/20/1934 Geneva Welcomes U.S. Neutral Stand 10
12/20/1934 Germans Hold American (Erwin Schwarz) 10
12/20/1934 Soviet (Biro-Bidjian) Colony Is Held No Blow To Zionism 20
12/20/1934 Nazis (‘Friends Of New Germany’) To ‘Purge’ The League Here-Hecklers Are Ousted 27
12/20/1934 Nye (Senate Munitions Inquiry) Sees In Letter By Raskob ‘Birth’ Of Liberty League 1
12/20/1934 U.S.-British Accord On Navies Pushed 1
12/20/1934 War Is For Profit, Says Henry Ford 2
12/20/1934 Giant (Glen L. Martin) Flying Boat Passes First Test 3
12/20/1934 (Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Sir Norman) Angell Sees Peace In Anglo-U.S.Unity 8
12/20/1934 Saar Poll Analyzed By Professor (Sidney B.) Fay 8
12/20/1934 (Swiss Theologian, Prof. Dr. Karl) Barth Loses Post By Court’s Verdict-Theologian Confesses He Said Men Could Differ On Prison Camp And Reichstag Fire 9
12/21/1934 Nazi Church Foes (Free Confessional Synod) Again Seeks Peace-Demand That (Reich Bishop Ludwig) Mueller Go 9
12/21/1934 Hitler Receives French Veterans 9
12/21/1934 Saar (League) Army’s Head Establishes Base 10
12/21/1934 Nazis Hunt Doctor (Fritz Meyer) As Joke Is Retold 10
12/22/1934 France To Reject Naval Pact Ratios After Japan Acts-Points To German Arming 1
12/22/1934 Britain Supports Our Aim On Money-(Neville) Chamberlain Hopes Roosevelt Will Bring Franc Into Accord With Dollar 1
12/22/1934 Saar Sees Troops; Others Near Basin 5
12/22/1934 Professor (Dr. Fritz) Meyer Under Nazi Arrest-DeniesRemarks (Made ‘.As Joke’)By American Girl 5
12/22/1934 Austrian Finds Nazis Arming A New Force 5
12/22/1934 Peace Move Fails In German Church 5
12/22/1934 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) And Canton (Chen Chi-Tang) Fail To Find Accord 5
12/22/1934 U.S. Still Hopeful Of New Navy Pact-Warlike Talk Is Opposed 6
12/22/1934 (Bernard) Baruch Urges Tin Be Bought For War-Would Take It For (War) Debt 8
12/22/1934 Austria Taken Off Debt Default List-Treasury’s (Morgenthau’s) Action 23
12/23/1934 Red (Soviet) Troops Cross Manchurian Line And Are Encircled-Ask Leave To Withdraw 1
12/23/1934 Japanese On Isle Destroy Churches 8
12/23/1934 Saar Is Occupied By Foreign (League) Army-Defiant Nazis Fly Flags 10
12/23/1934 (Prof. Fritz) Meyer Freed By Goering After American’s (‘Joke’ And Subsequent) Pleas 10
12/23/1934 Hitler Marks (His) Release (From Landsberg Prison) 10
12/23/1934 (Governor Herbert) Lehman Urges Unity Of Spirit For Jews 13
12/23/1934 France Also May Seek A Different Naval Ratio (As Did Japan)-Edwin L. James E-1
12/23/1934 Britain Would Let Naval Issues Cool E-1
12/23/1934 Hull Calls Freer Trade The Hope Of Civilization-Cordell Hull E-1
12/23/1934 France Seeks Way To A Wide Concord E-1
12/23/1934 Britain Is Swayed By Potent Power-Augur, London E-2
12/23/1934 Hitler Evokes A New Eagle For Germany; Swastika Replaces Old Heraldic Emblem E-2
12/23/1934 Cry For New Deal Is Rising In Canada E-7
12/23/1934 Picture: Admiral Sir Roger Keyes (Founder Of British Commandos & Father Of Col. Goeffrey Keyes, Killed Trying To Capture Or Kill Rommel In North Africa) Book 8
12/23/1934 Abyssinia Encircled By Covetous Powers-Joseph Israels XX-2
12/23/1934 Americas Course Toward Japan; A Momentous Decision XX-3
12/23/1934 Vivid Picture Of Arms Trade Disclosed In (Nye Senate) Capital Inquiry XX-4
12/23/1934 Economic Handicaps In Europe By Senator Robinson-Joseph T. Robinson, Senator From Arkansas XX-4
12/23/1934 Low Anti-German Cartoon (Typical Of Many To Come In The Future!) XX-4
12/24/1934 Nazis Strike Flags To League Troops 1
12/24/1934 Average Man Held Loser By New Deal (Methodist Survey) 3
12/24/1934 Reich’s Smuggling Of Planes Denied 6
12/24/1934 (Jewish) Reich Refugee (Frederic Rotter) Loses In Extradition Plea (Not In U.S.!) 6
12/24/1934 Priest Assails Churchless Humanitarianism As ‘Most Dangerous Of Modern Heresies’ 8
12/24/1934 (Father Charles ) Coughlin Condemns Our Policy In Mexico-’From Wilson To Roosevelt,’ We Have Tolerated Butchery And Atheism 9
12/24/1934 Europe’s War Cloud Gone, Dodd Says-Ambassador To Berlin Home For Holidays-Finds Conditions In Germany Better 13
12/25/1934 Germany Reverts To Yule Tradition-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 6
12/25/1934 General Chiang (Kai-Shek) Lists China’s (His) Gains In 1934 10
12/25/1934 71 New Air Planes Ordered For Army-All Of Observation Type 15
12/25/1934 France Less Hostile To Reich Rearmament; Government Attitude Rouses Diehard Range 21
12/25/1934 Fear Of Germany Fading In Europe-League Success A Factor-Augur. London 21
12/25/1934 Injunction Sought In Nazi Group (Friends Of New Germany) Row 21
12/25/1934 Returning Voters Boost U.S. In Saar-There’s No Place Like America-Sure Germany Will Win 21
12/26/1934 Abyssinia Charges New Italian Move 1
12/26/1934 Altruism Theme In City’s Churches 2
12/26/1934 Roosevelt Marks Day With Children (& Eleanor)-Picture 3
12/26/1934 War Metal Supply (Chrome) Seen In PhilippinesAre Most Important Under American Flag 9
12/26/1934 Pagan Rites Mark Reich Christmas-Huge Pyres Are Ignited-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 12
12/27/1934 Plot To Kill Stalin With Foreign Help Linked To Assassin 1
12/27/1934 Army Air Corps Is Centralized-Lt. Col F. M. Andrews (Picture) Will Direct The New Project, Supplanting (Maj. General Benjamin D.) Foulois 5
12/27/1934 Girl Held By Nazis 4 Months (Miss Isabel Lillian Steele-Picture) Returns-Refuses To Tell DetailsShe Has Sold The Story 7
12/27/1934 ‘Rebels’ Here Fight Nazi Friends’ Suit-Terrorism Is Charged 7
12/27/1934 Saar Border Shut Until After Poll 8
12/27/1934 4,838 Jews Enter Palestine (In November-Palestine Gazette) 8
12/27/1934 (Dr. John B. Andrews) Says People Want (Roosevelt’s) Social Laws Soon 11
12/27/1934 Roosevelt Backs (Nye-Senate) Munitions Inquiry 18
12/27/1934 Saar Foes Charge New Nazi Killings-Newspaper (‘Volkstimme’) Declares 100 Have Been Slain And 1,000 Seized In Hitler Clean-Up 1
12/27/1934 Austrian Nazi Exiles Clash With Bavarians; Shout ‘Down With Hitler!’ As Villager Is Slain 1
12/27/1934 U.S. Again Protests Japanese Oil Law-Britain Also Joins Move-Concerns Plan To Withdraw-Would Force Japan To Depend OnSoviet And Rumania (For Oil) 10
12/27/1934 Saar Vote Held Peril To U.S. Citizenship-But Hull Takes No Action 18
12/27/1934 Peace Move Rises In Central Europe-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 18
12/29/1934 Japan And Britain To Halt Navy Talk 4
12/29/1934 Italian Threats Alarm Abyssinia-Fresh Clash Is Reported 4
12/29/1934 Britain Will Seek Concord In Europe 4
12/29/1934 Saar Nazis Assail (League) Governing Board 4
12/29/1934 U.S. Girl (Elsa Sittel) Detained At Reich Frontier-Two German Girls Sent To Prison Camp For Honoring (‘Red Rosey’) Luxemburg At Grave 5
12/29/1934 Nazis Apologize To Briton-Express Regret That Picket Spat In Woman’s Face 5
12/29/1934 Capitalism Held (By Prof. John Dewey, Columbia University) Facing A Revolt 6
12/30/1934 Japan Denounces (1922 Washington Naval) Treaty-Saito Notifies Secretary-Hull Reaffirms Our Policy; Britain And U.S. In Accord-(Norman H.) Davis Leaves London 1
12/30/1934 U.S. Fleet To Hold Wide Pacific Game-Air Arm To Be Feature 1
12/30/1934 N.Y. Girl (Elsa Sittell) Detained As Critic Of Hitler-Picture, P. 6 1
12/30/1934 5,000,000 Enrolled In Reich Air League 3
12/30/1934 Nazi Prison Camp In Saar Charged-Torture Plan Alleged 6
12/30/1934 Reich Gets Along Despite Privation-Frederick T. Birchall 6
12/30/1934 Nazi Paper Attacks (Swiss Theologian Prof. Dr. Karl) Barth As Anarchist 6
12/30/1934 Baldwin For Vigil Against Dictators 6
12/30/1934 (Philippe Soupault) Sees Us Heading For Dictatorship-Finds ‘Demagogue Trend’ 11
12/30/1934 E. A. Filene (Boston) Urges Social Planning 11
12/30/1934 Texts Of Statements On The End Of The (1922 Washington) Naval Treaty 14
12/30/1934 (Japanese) Building Program Puzzles U.S. Navy 14
12/30/1934 Hirota Satisfies Tokyo Moderates 14
12/30/1934 Powers Make Pact To Guard Austria 15
12/30/1934 Japanese Denunciation Will Free All Navies-Edwin L. James E-1
12/30/1934 Britain Will Press Moves To Aid Security In Europe E-1
12/30/1934 Ground Already Broken For New Deal Congress-Arthur Krock E-1
12/30/1934 Hitler (Ironically) Nominated For Nobel (Peace) Prize-Hamilton Fish Armstrong E-2
12/30/1934 Britain Takes Note Of Its Air Defense-Augur, London E-3
12/30/1934 France Improves Situation In Year E-3
12/30/1934 Reich Church Wins Fight On Mueller-Seeks To Keep Position E-3
12/30/1934 What The Typical Nazi Thinks-And Why-Harold Callender, London Mag. 2
12/30/1934 Can Japan Carry On A Naval Arms Race? XX-2
12/30/1934 Great Difficulties Confront Germany, (Arkansas Senator Joseph T.) Robinson Reports XX-5
12/31/1934 N.Y. Girl (Elsa Sittell) Taunted Nazis In Uniforms-Doubt She Cast On Hitler’s ‘Aryan’ Stock Also Held Against Miss Sittell-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 1
12/30/1934 6 Killed, 30 Wounded In Mexico As Red Shirts Attack Catholics 1
12/30/1934 Personal Liberty Vanishes In Reich-Regimentation Complete-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 4
12/30/1934 Wide Aim Of Nazis Seen As Essential-Guido Enderis 4
12/30/1934 New Deal Winning Respect In Europe-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Paris 5
12/30/1934 Riot In Saar Ends Anti-Nazi Meeting 5
12/30/1934 Nazis Abolish Darre’s Newspaper Jan. 1; Agricultural Minister At Odds With Schacht 5
12/30/1934 Mussolini Balks At French Terms-Little Entente Is Firm 5
12/30/1934 German Recovery Slower This Year-Gloomy External Situation Laid By Nazis To ‘Foreign Malevolence’ (Boycott Etc.) 21
12/30/1934 Reich Will Continue Control Of Imports 21