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William Lindsey collection — 1934 NYT headlines

September 1934
Date Headline Page
09/01/1934 2 Americans Seized By A Manchu (Bandit) Band — Ten Japanese Are Slain 3
09/01/1934 Soviet Held Wary Over Debt Accord-Walter Duranty, Berlin 6
09/01/1934 Washington Cold To Schacht Plan 6
09/01/1934 Reich Says We Bar Payment On Debts — Denies Unfairness To Us-Frederick T. Birchall, Berlin 6
09/01/1934 Ex-Saarites Here Get Offers Of Free Trips To Return To Vote In The January Plebiscite 6
09/01/1934 1,500 Reds Routed At Rally In Vienna-German Club Is Closed 6
09/02/1934 16,000 From Saar Training In Reich, League Body Says-(Geoffry G.) Knox Charges Seized Papers Shows Direct Link To The German Authorities 1
09/02/1934 (Senator Gerald P.) Nye Enumerates War Profit Rises (In The Course Of The World War) 12
09/02/1934 Big Powers’ Envoys To Avoid Nazi Parley; Japan Is Only Large Country To Accept 13
09/02/1934 (Reich Bishop Ludwig) Mueller Assails His Critics Abroad-Denounces Fanoe Parley 13
09/02/1934 Dutch To Get Less On German’s Debts 13
09/02/1934 Dr. (Rabbi Stephen S.) Wise Deplores Discord Among Jews-He Scores Critics For ‘Insult’ To Co-Religionists 15
09/02/1934 Nazi Education Stresses ‘Brawn’-Thinking Is For Leaders N-2
09/02/1934 Educator Assails Planned Economy N-2
09/02/1934 Russia’s Joining League Has Big Political Import-Edwin L. James E-1
09/02/1934 Nazis Move On Nuremberg For Their Annual Conclave E-1
09/02/1934 Vienna Thorough In Nazi ‘Purgings’ E-1
09/02/1934 Europe Keeps Eye On Russian Moves-Augur, London E-3
09/02/1934 Moscow Of Today Far Cry From 1921-Ruins Have Disappeared-Walter Duranty, Moscow E-3
09/02/1934 (Grand) Mufti’s Hand Seen In Palestine Rift-Joseph M. Levy E-3
09/02/1934 Anti-Hitler Cartoon E-5
09/02/1934 A German View Of Germany’s Future-Herman Stegemann, Berlin Book 8
09/02/1934 20 Years Ago: In Taxicabs To The Marne XX-2
09/02/1934 A Hard ‘Ersatz’ Winter Faces Germany XX-5
09/03/1934 Court Reinstates Nazi Bishop’s Foe (Dr. Buchholz, Tempelhof) 6
09/03/1934 (U.S.) Jewish Veterans Fight Reich Loans 6
09/03/1934 Nazi Here To Tell Of Reichstag Fire-Man Who Says He Was One Of 12 Who Set Blaze Will Be Heard By (Unofficial, Clarence Darrow) Inquiry Commission 6
09/03/1934 Nuremberg Plans For Nazi Congress 6
09/03/1934 Rabbi Stephen S.Wise) Asks Unity Against Nazis-Says Hitler Threatens Christians As Well As Jews 6
09/03/1934 France Attacked By Polish Press-Misunderstanding Seen 7
09/03/1934 3 Balt States Conclude A Pact-Anti-Nazi Front Possible 8
09/03/1934 Torture Reports Arouse Russians-Indignation High Over The Alleged Action Of Japanese Police In Manchukuo 8
09/04/1934 British (Trade) Union Head For 3-Nation Front-Solidarity With U.S. And Russia Aim Of Congress, President (Andrew Conley) Declares 12
09/04/1934 Reichswehr Men Join Nazi Meeting 15
09/05/1934 Submarine Sales Split By American And British Firms-Electric, Vickers Linked 1
09/05/1934 (Admiral Sir Roger) Keyes (Commandos?) Thinks Britain Will Quit Sea Pacts; Fears Fleet Will Fall Behind Otherwise 10
09/05/1934 U.S. Acts To Renew Soviet Debt Talks 11
09/05/1934 Hitler Welcome Opens Nazi (Nuernberg) Rally 12
09/05/1934 Americans Rode Past Nazi Fight (In Austria) 12
09/05/1934 Nazis Move To Oust ‘Non-Aryan’ (Protestant) Pastors 12
09/05/1934 French Offer Saar Political Equality 13
09/06/1934 Hitler Forecasts No Reich Overturn In Next 1,000 Years-(National Socialist) Revolution Held At End 1
09/06/1934 Roosevelt Names Board Of Three (One Of Whom Is John G. Winant) To Mediate In The Textile Strike; Two Dead, 24 Shot In Riots At Mills 1
09/07/1934 Reich Is Revealed Building U-Boats In Foreign Plants 1
09/07/1934 6 Dead, Score Shot In Carolina Battle 2
09/07/1934 Soviet Debt Talks Reach An Impasse-Loan Is Stumbling Block 10
09/07/1934 Wider Help Urged (By James G. Mc Donald) For Reich Exiles-Refugee Work Described 12
09/07/1934 250 Reich (Jewish) Children To Be Brought Here 12
09/07/1934 Nazi Bishop (Ludwig Mueller) Wins Power Over Foes 13
09/07/1934 Large Rise In Gold In Bank Of France (Earlier Shipments From U.S.?) 39
09/08/1934 Coolidge Aides Divulge Our Gun Designs To Help Produce Foreign (British) Orders 1
09/08/1934 Japan Will Insist On Sea Ratio’s End 1
09/08/1934 France And Italy Prepare For Pact-Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 1
09/08/1934 Mussolini Promises He Will March To War With The Italians People In Any Conflict-Charge Stirs Up British 1
09/08/1934 British Indignant At Linking Of (British) King (To U.S. The Senate Munitions Inquiry)-But Inquiry Is Expanded-’Incredible Story’ Brought Out At Washington Is Assailed By The London Post 4
09/08/1934 Hitler Proclaims God-Given Mission-Tells 180,000 Function-Aries Of Nazi Party To Be Examples For All Germany 6
09/08/1934 Paper War Ends; ‘Enemy Helpless’ 15
09/08/1934 (U.S.) Student Group Home, Pleased With Reich-Found (German) Nation Peaceful 17
09/09/1934 Morro Castle Burns Off Asbury Park 1
09/09/1934 Westchester Klan Revives, Backs Nazis-100 At First Meeting In 3 Years Hear Hitler Praised, Roosevelt Condemned For ‘Communism’ 5
09/09/1934 Abyssinian Attack Is Feared By Italy-Apprehensive Of Holy War By Ethiopia To Unite People-Japan Also Distrusted 6
09/09/1934 10,000 Freed In Prussia Under Hitler’s Amnesty (Aug. 9)-Petty Political Crimes Have Been Pardoned) 8
09/09/1934 Flandin Defends French Arms Plea-Gibe At Reich Seen 8
09/09/1934 Geneva Puzzled By Polish Stand (On Russia)-Warsaw Paper Hostile (Want Polish World Position Comparable To England, France & Italy) 11
09/09/1934 Hitler Condemns Women In Politics-Asks All To Be Mothers-Asserts Feminism Is A Jewish Product 12
09/09/1934 U.S. To Negotiate Five More (Reciprocal Trade) Treaties 13
09/09/1934 (U.S. Sec.Of War, George) Dern Praises Army In War Game Victory-He And Mac Arthur 16
09/09/1934 Charge Pwa (Administered By Harold L. Ickes) ‘Bribe’ In Maine Election N-1
09/09/1934 New Year Appeals Issued To Jews-For Relief Of Those In Distress In Germany And Elsewhere N-7
09/09/1934 Attorney Weighs German (Debt) Defaults N-11
09/09/1934 Developments In Szechaen Mean Chinese Realignment (Nanking [Chiang Kai-Shek] Strengthened And Cantonese Weakened)-Hallett Abend E-1
09/09/1934 Nazis Press Drive For A Loyal Youth-Seek To Mold A Generation Imbued With Hitler Ideal E-1
09/09/1934 Italians Now Back Rise In Birth Rate E-1
09/09/1934 Plebiscite In Saar Has Wide Bearing-Result Seen As Uncertain-Dorothy Thompson E-2
09/09/1934 Nazi Government Plans To Build Network Of Roads (Paths) For Bicyclists In The Reich E-2
09/09/1934 Rift With London Rules Irish Mind E-2
09/09/1934 American Rescued Famous (Ehrenbreitstein) Fortress (From Being Razed By French [Foch]) E-2
09/09/1934 London Is Critical Of Hitler Letter-Says Reich Seeks Peace-Augur, London E-3
09/09/1934 Two Big Questions Are Posed In Paris-American Visitors Ask Whether War Is Coming And When France Will Go Off Gold-(French) More Hopeful Of Peace E-3
09/09/1934 Roosevelt Aim (In Berlin) Seen As New Democracy E-3
09/09/1934 (Nye Senate) Munitions Inquiry Intrigues Capital-Tales Of Dark Deeds Are Told E-7
09/09/1934 This America; A Re-Discovery-Anne O’Hare McCormick Mag. 1
09/09/1934 To End Strikes; Can Democracy Find A Way XX-1
09/09/1934 Twenty Years Ago; The Marne Climax (Map) XX-2
09/09/1934 Opposing Forces In The Saar Mobilize For The Plebiscite-Picture G. G. Knox League Of Nations Commissioner Of Saar Occupation ‘Administrator’ XX-3
09/09/1934 (U.S. Ambassador William E.) Dodd (In Bremen) Asks Return To Christian Ideal-Tells Germans Only Neighborly Love Can Save World Now-Attacks Old (Kaiser) Regime 8
09/09/1934 (Marechal Philippe) Petain Asks Reich Not To Extol War 8
09/09/1934 Hitler Denies Aim To End Nazi (Sturmabteilung-’Storm Troops’) Troops-Reviews Picked Squads 8
09/10/1934 Jews Mark Start Of Their Year 5,695-Universal Justice Urged-Anti-Semitism Is Assailed 7
09/10/1934 Foes Of Reich Bishop (Ludwig Mueller) Disagree On Policy-(Pastor Martin) Niemoeller Quits Post In (National Confessional Synod) As Protest On Tendency To Compromise With Mueller 8
09/10/1934 ‘War’ Basis Ordered For Austria (Catholic Storm Troop) Group 8
09/10/1934 Soviet’s Way Open For League Entry-Poland Drops Her Objection-Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 11
09/10/1934 League Body Hails Austrian Finances 11
09/10/1934 Japan Denies Italy Has Cause For Alarm 11
09/10/1934 Fight Against War Held Church Duty 13
09/10/1934 Nye (Senate Munitions) Inquiry Turns To War Planes-Two Du Ponts Summoned 18
09/10/1934 Explosive War Gas Produced At Mit-’Winds Of Death’ 20
09/10/1934 Trade In Germany Up For Half Year 25
09/11/1934 Hull Challenges (Chaco) Arms Testimony 10
09/11/1934 Reichswehr Show Ends Nazi (Nuernberg) Parley 12
09/11/1934 Hitler Is Elated By Wide Acclaim-He Explains His Appeal 13
09/11/1934 Challenge Issued To Reich Bishop (Ludwig Mueller By The ‘Brotherhood Council’ Of Confessional Synod) 13
09/11/1934 Germany Rejects Eastern Locarno-Sees Peril To Security 14
09/11/1934 British Criticize New Deal In U.S. 15
09/11/1934 (N.Y.City) Rabbis Urge Fight On Race Prejudice 17
09/11/1934 Foch Tactics (World War I) Held ‘Massed Suicide’-Needless Millions Of Allied Soldiers Killed, Liddell Hart, English Expert Say-Germans And British Hit 19
09/11/1934 Reich Encouraged By Cut In Jobless-Many Labor For Little-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 36
09/12/1934 Reich To Control All Foreign Trade-U.S. Concerns To Suffer-Otto D. Tolischus 1
09/12/1934 Foreign Protests Fail To Moderate (Senator Nye Senate) Munitions Inquiry (Into Arms For Paraguay And Bolivian War) 1
09/12/1934 France Will Press For An Eastern Pact-Dropping Germany From The Project 10
09/12/1934 German Nazis Kidnap Austrian Troop Chief 10
09/12/1934 British Laborites Ask Arms Inquiry 14
09/12/1934 Churches To Press Anti-War Crusade-For ‘Christian Patriotism’ 23
09/12/1934 Reich Repudiation Of Loans Feared-Schacht For Freer Trade 36
09/12/1934 President Praised Over Naval Policy-Peace Guarantee Seen 48
09/13/1934 Nye Explanation Appeases British-Incident Involving Mention Of The King At (Senate) Munitions Hearing Is Closed 6
09/13/1934 Japan Asks Soviet For A ‘Peace Zone’-Walter Duranty, Berlin 11
09/13/1934 Hitler Disavows The Use Of Force-His ‘Unswerving Aim’ Is To Make Germany ‘Firm Refuge Of Peace’ 12
09/13/1934 Hull Denounces Reich Trade Curbs-Praises Efforts Of U.S. 13
09/13/1934 Two (German) Bishops (Wurm & Meisser) Attack Nazi Rune In Church 13
09/13/1934 3,350 (Political Prisoners) In Woellersdorf (Austrian Concentration Camp) 13
09/13/1934 Mme. Breshkovsky (‘Grandmother’ Of Russian Revolution, Noble Born) Dies In Exile (At Prague) At 90 23
09/14/1934 Poland Repudiates Minorities Pact (Of Versailles Treaty); League Is Shocked-Drift Toward Reich Seen-Warsaw Refuses To Continue To Submit To Present Form Of International Supervision-Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 1
09/14/1934 Moscow Asserts Reich Shuns Peace 10
09/14/1934 Soviet To Reject Japan’s (Peace) Proposal-Plan Called Shrewd-Walter Duranty, Berlin 11
09/15/1934 Du Ponts Prepared To Help Arm Reich ‘If U.S. Consented’ 1
09/15/1934 Hull To Conclude More Trade Pacts-Loan Method Denounced 1
09/15/1934 Dorothy Thompson Home From Berlin-Heard Many Complaints 15
09/15/1934 Far Eastern War Is Held Unlikely-Walter Duranty, Berlin 16
09/15/1934 3 Powers Rebuke Poland On (Repudiation Of Minorities) Treaty-Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 16
09/15/1934 Poland Hails ‘End’ Of Treaty On Minorities: Sees Herself Now Becoming A Great Power 16
09/15/1934 U.S. Cutters Chase A Japanese (Fishing) Vessel (In Philippine Area) 16
09/15/1934 Austria To Admit Hapsburg Family-Otto Must Give Pledge 16
09/15/1934 One Reich (Protestant) Church Set As Nazis’ Goal-Hostile Bishops Debarred 18
09/15/1934 Reich Now Admits (Rudolf) Hess Ban On Jews-Kaisers Hit As Pro-Jewish 18
09/16/1934 Russia To Become League Member With Council Seat-Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 1
09/16/1934 Mrs. (Anna Lederer) Rosenberg (A Hungarian Jewess) Succeeds (Nathan) Straus-Named Acting State Director Of National Emergency Council Of NRA (By Roosevelt) 22
09/16/1934 (Nye Senate) Munitions Inquiry To Bare (World) War (I) Deals 30
09/16/1934 Mussolini Holds New Deal Is Sound-Sees Cooperation Needed 36
09/16/1934 Poland’s (Minority Treaty) Action Opposed By Jews-Favor Its Extension (Rather Than Repudiation) 36
09/16/1934 Nazis Hold Rally In Vienna Woods-Hitler Professors Ousted 36
09/16/1934 Only 65 Warships In The Soviet Navy 36
09/16/1934 Britons To Dun Germans 36
09/16/1934 Nazi Flag On Jewish Ship 36
09/16/1934 Poles Quitting French, Tear Up Minorities Pact-Berlin 36
09/16/1934 Comforted By Move-Edwin L. James E-1
09/16/1934 Italy Is Striving For Era Of Peace E-1
09/16/1934 Britons Prepare For New Exodus (To Dominions) E-1
09/16/1934 Hitler Main Factor In Saar Plebiscite-Estimate Favors Reich-Dorothy Thompson E-2
09/16/1934 Picture: Member Of League Of Nations Saar Plebiscite Commission E-2
09/16/1934 Fuad’s (Egypt’s [Britain’s]) Move Seen As Favoring Jews-Great Development Due-Augur, London E-2
09/16/1934 Nuremberg Rally A Hitler Triumph E-3
09/16/1934 Picture: Germany Tests Its Battleships E-3
09/16/1934 Drift From League Is Noted In France E-3
09/16/1934 Soviet Theaters Win Wide Praise-Walter Duranty, Moscow E-3
09/16/1934 United States Leads List Of Gold Owners (7,000 Tons!)-France Is Second And Great Britain Is Third E-3
09/16/1934 Canada Is Moving Toward New Deal E-6
09/16/1934 Landau, Capt Henry, All’s Fair, The Story Of The British Secret Service Behind The German Lines, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, N.Y Book 9
09/16/1934 Twenty Years Ago: Facing Armies Dig In XX-2
09/16/1934 (British) King’s Name In (Nye-Senate) Arms Inquiry Touches A British Principle XX-2
09/16/1934 Nazi Germany Launched On A New Economic Course XX-3
09/17/1934 Berlin Asks Hull For Trade Treaty-Unofficially Requests Reciprocity To Get Raw Materials-Washington Cool To Plan 1
09/17/1934 Lutherans Sing Defiance Of Nazis-Resolution Backs (Dr. Theophil) Wurm 1
09/17/1934 Col. (Theodore) Roosevelt Asks Halt On New Deal-’Robbing Peter To Pay Paul’ 6
09/17/1934 (British-Born, Bishop William T. Manning, Later An Effective ‘Interventionist’) Finds Nazis Balk Unity Of Churches-Head Of Joint Commission (‘On Faith And Order Of The Protestant Episcopal Church’) 8
09/17/1934 Poland To Protect Jews 8
09/17/1934 Reich Sees Peril In Security Act-For Arms Equality First 9
09/17/1934 Religion In Peril, Dr. Beaven Warns-Attacks In Russia, Mexico And Germany Cited 14
09/17/1934 Control Of Imports Tightened In Reich 27
09/17/1934 (‘America First, Inc.’) Attacks Advisers Of The President (Roosevelt)-Charges ‘Red’ Affiliation 34
09/18/1934 League Committee Votes For Russia-Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 1
09/18/1934 Austria Guards Near Vienna Shot-Smuggling In Of Guns Used Laid To German Nazis 8
09/18/1934 Soviet Discounts League’s Powers-World Hatreds Stressed-Harold Denny, Moscow 9
09/18/1934 China Loses Post In League Council-Tokyo’s Group Jubilant 9
09/18/1934 New Church Curbs Expected In Reich 11
09/18/1934 New History Of Reich Is Started By Nazis 11
09/18/1934 Reich Buys Planes Here For Air Force-German Output Raised 12
09/18/1934 ‘Barter’ Treaties Opposed By Hull 33
09/18/1934 British Exporters Say Reich Must Pay 38
09/19/1934 Soviet Is Inducted As League Member; Pledges Peace Aid-(Soviet Foreign Commissar, Maxim) Litvinoff Is Conciliatory-Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 1
09/19/1934 Italy To Train Boys Of 8 Years For War 1
09/19/1934 Says Reich Arms On Foreign Funds-Hull Frowns On Trade 1
09/19/1934 Boycotts Opposed By Hull As Unwise-Frowns On Pure Barter 4
09/19/1934 Trade Aggression By Japan Denied 4
09/19/1934 French Mistrust Russia In League 6
09/19/1934 (Apparently German Czech) Sought Boycott Of Jews 6
09/19/1934 ‘Humiliation Day’ Observed In China-Third Anniversary Of Mukden Incident Marked 6
09/19/1934 Powers Disagree On Aid To Austria 7
09/19/1934 Britain Is Selling Arms To Reich 8
09/20/1934 Bishop (Dr. Theophil Wurm, ‘Brotherhood Council’) Arrested In Wuerttemberg For Defying Nazis-Pastors Must Join Party 1
09/20/1934 Many Jewish Stores Defaced In Yorkville 2
09/20/1934 Picture: (U.S.) Women Held In A (Georgia) Concentration Camp (Labor Agitation Etc.) 3
09/20/1934 Machine Gun Sold Here By Germans 8
09/20/1934 Tories In Britain Seek Big Defenses 10
09/20/1934 Cautions Jews On Poland-(Morris D.) Waldman (Secretary Of American Jewish Committee) Says End Of (Minorities) Pact Is Not Chiefly A Jewish Issue 10
09/20/1934 Reich Is Scornful Of League’s Russian) Action-Marks ‘Low Point In History Of European Culture’ 11
09/20/1934 ‘Hard’ Reich Vital, Neurath Asserts-’Discipline Within The Country Will Curb Hostility Abroad;-Lists Berlin’s Demands 12
09/20/1934 Germans Admit Need Of Foreign Material 12
09/20/1934 Full Treaty Navy Held Urgent (By Ass’t. Sec. Navy, Harry L. Roosevelt) 16
09/20/1934 Helen Keller Hits At Two Dictators-She Praises Roosevelt-Believes He Will Lead United States To ‘New Day’ 24
09/21/1934 Lindbergh Ransom Receiver Seized (Bruno Richard Hauptmann, Alien German-Came Here As Stowaway) 1
09/21/1934 Germans Defend Plane Purchases-American Deals Related-French Admit Sales Aid 9
09/21/1934 Nazi Plans Of U.S. Vex Japan’ Press 10
09/21/1934 League May Ease Minority Pacts-Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 11
09/21/1934 Soviet Plan Lags; Officials Spurred-Harold Denny, Moscow 12
09/21/1934 Rebel (German) Clergy (‘Council Of Brothers’) Push Fight On (Ludwig) Mueller-’Heretic’ Regime Assailed 14
09/21/1934 Italian Visitors Defy Anti-Fascists 25
09/21/1934 35,000 Hear Stars (At Yankee Stadium) To Aid Reich Jews-Receipts Exceed $75,000 (United Jewish Appeal For Relief And Rehabilitation Of German Jews) 28
09/21/1934 U.S. Limits Claims As Favored Nation-German Press Hails Hull 35
09/22/1934 Soviet Debt Talks With U.S. Are Resumed; Auspices Are More Favorable, Hull Says 1
09/22/1934 Roosevelt Toasts His Mother (Picture, Mrs. James [Sarah Delano] Roosevelt) At 80 17
09/22/1934 (Woodrow) Wilson Attacked By Lloyd George-Treaty Stand Assailed 17
09/22/1934 Nazis Shun Cross At Church Rally-Military Music Played-Reich Bishop (Ludwig) Mueller, Wildly Acclaimed 18
09/23/1934 Nazi Church Rally Draws Only 5,000-Aide Of Reich Bishop (Ludwig Mueller) Warns Religion Must Not Be Used To Sabotage Government 1
09/23/1934 (Henry L.) Stimson Advises Coolness In Crisis-Sees World Cooperation 9
09/23/1934 (League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany, James G.) M’donald Praised For Refugee Work-Minorities Issue Revived-Frederick T.Birchall, Geneva 12
09/23/1934 Litvinoff Signs Plea For Women’s Rights (Geneva) 12
09/23/1934 Soviet Industries Are Ahead Of 1933-Plan Not Fulfilled-Harold Denny, Moscow 12
09/23/1934 Holland And Reich In (Trade) Transfer Pact 17
09/23/1934 Reich Puts Sharp Curbs On Jewish Youth Groups 17
09/23/1934 Reich Finds (Isidor) Fisch (Gerhard Richard Hauptmann’s Partner) Died Last March 24
09/23/1934 We Try Again To Make Debt Pact With Russia-Edwin L. James E-1
09/23/1934 Rise Of (Ludwig) Mueller Has Been Meteoric-Backed Hitler Since 1926-Was Unknown Army Chaplain 18 Months Ago E-3
09/23/1934 New Students Cut To 4,700 In Reich-(Labor) Duty Now A Prerequisite (To College)-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-3
09/23/1934 French Suspicious Of Russian Amity E-3
09/23/1934 School Curb Stirs Jews Of Austria-Discrimination Is Denied-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna E-3
09/23/1934 Germany’s Church Struggle Has Entered A Decisive Stage-Emil Lengyel XX-1
09/23/1934 20 Years Ago: War’s Terror In The Skies XX-2
09/23/1934 Again Europe’s Balance Is Shifting (Map)-Shepard Stone XX-3
09/23/1934 The Week In Science: Weapons For The ‘Next War’ XX-7
09/24/1934 (Ludwig) Mueller Elevated To Reich Primacy As Foes Defy Him-Opposition (‘Council Of Brothers’) Sees Heresy 1
09/24/1934 Soviet And Japan To Resume Talks 10
09/24/1934 Pacifist Women (‘Women’s International League For Peace And Freedom’) End Their Zurich Meeting 10
09/24/1934 State Of Alarm Decreed In SpaiN-1eft Warns Of Revolt (If Catholics Go Into Cabinet) 10
09/24/1934 (James G.) M’donald Moved By Refugees’ Lot-Sees New Burden In Saar-Frederick T.Birchall 12
09/24/1934 Text Of (‘Council Of Brothers, Free Confessional Synod’) Reich Pastors’(Opposing Mueller) Statement 12
09/24/1934 German-Americans Unite Politically-Pro-Nazi Units Excluded-Dr. L. A. Ewald Leads Move 19
09/24/1934 Reichsbank Credit Expanding Rapidly 25
09/24/1934 Gain In Europe Seen Dependent On U.S. 32
09/26/1934 Arrest Belittled In A Nazi Paper-Hitler Organ Sees A Plot To Discredit Germany In ‘Vast Propaganda’ On (Gerhard Richard Hauptmann Trial For Kidnapping) 2
09/26/1934 Italian Hegemony Opposed By Barthou 6
09/26/1934 Broadway Barred To Alien (Austrian) Actress (Greta Maren) 17
09/27/1934 U.S. Sues Here Over Soviet Funds Under Roosevelt-Litvinoff Pact 1
09/27/1934 New Ideals Urged By Mrs (Eleanor) Roosevelt-Asks Unselfish Conduct-(N.Y. City) Mayor (Firello La Guardia) Calls For Changes In Our Standards 9
09/27/1934 New Speed Plane In Sight For Army 10
09/27/1934 Germany Warned Of Cut In Harvest-Drought Is Widely Felt-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 21
09/28/1934 Gossip Mongers Scored By Roosevelt On Radio 1
09/28/1934 Suspects (Hauptmann’s) Landlady Queried By (Samuel) Dickstein (At Dickstein’s House Inquiry On Un-American Activities & Propaganda, Chairman, John W. Mc Cormack, Mass.) 3
09/28/1934 Setback For NRA Seen By Germans (From Hugh S. Johnson’s Resignation)-Nazis Regret ‘Defeat; (Picture: Sidney Hillman) 4
09/28/1934 Soviet Adds Taxes On Private Farms-Richer Are Pressed Hard-Harold Denny, Moscow 6
09/28/1934 Hsinking Mission By U.S. Forecast 7
09/28/1934 Soviet Arms Move Tabled In League-For U.S. Aid In Peace Body-Frederick T. Birchall, Geneva 8
09/28/1934 Signs Of Recovery Noted By League-U.S. And Germany Cited 8
09/28/1934 Vienna Jews Ask End Of Curb In Schools 9
09/28/1934 German Consul (General, Dr. Hans Borchers, N.Y. City) Back Warns On Boycott-’Double Edged’ Weapon 18
09/28/1934 The President’s (Roosevelt’s) Address To Women 18
09/29/1934 China (Dr. Sao-Ke Alfred Sze) Says Our Silver Policy Harms Her; Roosevelt Calls In Hull And Morgenthau 1
09/29/1934 High Official Held In Austria As Nazi-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 9
09/29/1934 French Exporters To Germany Warned-Commerce Minister Sees Danger Of Non-Payment 9
09/29/1934 Louis Ewald Quits New German (Unity) Group-After Inclusion Of Faction He Opposes 11
09/29/1934 Nazis Physicians Boycott Hospital Opposing Hitler 11
09/29/1934 Nazi (Church) Policy Causes Dearth Of Pastors 11
09/30/1934 Russia Again Sees A World Revolt-Bela Kun (Cohen!) Is A Speaker 1
09/30/1934 Italy And Ethiopia Avow Friendship-Amity Pact Is Reaffirmed 6
09/30/1934 Huge New Factory (At Kramatorsk) Hailed By Soviet-Harold Denny, Moscow 16
09/30/1934 Dutch Firms Hurt By Germany Treaty-Payments Are Suspended 20
09/30/1934 Opposition Clergy (‘Council Of Brothers, Free Confessional Synod’) Appeal To Hitler 20
09/30/1934 Nye (Senate Inquiry) Plans Wide Tour For Munitions’ Talks 24
09/30/1934 Jewish Problem Declared At Peak (By Dr. Julian Morgenstern) 31
09/30/1934 CCC In 18 Months Cared For 850,000 32
09/30/1934 Anti-Fascists Picket (National Fascist) Militia Band 32
09/30/1934 Fear Italo-Yugoslav Clash; Result Of Press Attacks-Arnaldo Cortesi, Rome E-1
09/30/1934 Roosevelt Taking Helm, Sets A New NRA Course (Sympathetic, Heroic Treatment)-Turner Catledge E-1
09/30/1934 Trade Wall Seen Girdling Germany-Schacht Held To Blame-Augur, London E-2
09/30/1934 Soviet Is Pressing To Fill Grain Plan-Harold Denny, Moscow E-3
09/30/1934 Anti-German Move Behind Yugoslavian) Sofia Visit E-3
09/30/1934 How Yugoslavs View Mussolini’s Policies E-5
09/30/1934 Nye (Senate Munitions) Investigation Sentiment Alters E-7
09/30/1934 A Planned Economy: Is It For Us?-James Truslow Adams Mag. 1
09/30/1934 (Felix Frankfurter) A Friend Of The Brain Trust Speaks Up Mag. 3
09/30/1934 Boys Of Europe Trained For War XX-2
09/30/1934 20 Years Ago: Lines Harden In The West XX-2
09/30/1934 France Seethes With Unrest As Her Parliament Returns XX-3
09/30/1934 Berlin Hides Its Woes With Bright Externals-Libby Benedict, Berlin XX-11
09/30/1934 Inside War Stories Are Still To Be Told XX-12