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William Lindsey collection — 1934 NYT headlines

November 1934
Date Headline Page
11/01/1934 French Think Saar Will Need Troops — Laval Prepared For Step 2
11/01/1934 Nazis Said To Plan A New Drive Here (Viennese Newspaper Report) 2
11/01/1934 Reich Is Said To Be Near Its War Strength Of 1914 2
11/01/1934 Trial On ‘Protocols’ (Berne, Switzerland) Put Off For Month 2
11/01/1934 Morgans Protest German Default (On Loan) 5
11/01/1934 Clergy Is Reduced By Mexican State (Aguascalientes) 5
11/01/1934 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Has Manoeuvres 5
11/01/1934 (U.S. & England) To Discuss Arms Parley (Norman H. Davis, U.S. Ambassador-At-Large & Roosevelt’s Delegate To Naval Talks And Hugh R. Wilson, Roosevelt’s Minister To Switzerland [U.S. Unofficial Representative To League Of Nations] & Later After Dodd, U.S. Ambassador To Germany) 5
11/01/1934 2 Bishops (Dr. Hans Meiser & Dr. Theophil Wurm) Return To Posts In Reich-(Reich Bishop Ludwig) Mueller’s Rule Falters 6
11/02/1934 12,000 Put In Exile As Soviet Enemies-Inhabitants Along The Finnish Border Sent To Siberia-Distress Reported-Moscow Ousted Them Rather Than Permit Emigration 1
11/01/1934 Germany Will Pay British Exporters And Bond Holders 1
11/01/1934 Roosevelt Maps World Trade Aims 4
11/01/1934 More Trade Ships Urged At Parley 4
11/01/1934 U.S. Will Reject The Japanese Suggestion That We Deal With Manchukuo On Oil (Monopoly) Issue 4
11/01/1934 Turning Point Seen In The Naval Talks 5
11/02/1934 Reich Held To Bar Aid For Refugees-J. G. Mc Donald (League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany, Later Head Of Roosevelt’s President’s Commission For Refugees & First U.S. Ambassador To Israel) Charges-Assails Holding Of Funds 5
11/01/1934 (Anglo-German Debt Agreement) Accord Irks Washington 5
11/01/1934 (Ludwig) Mueller Clings To Post Of Bishop-Catholics Score Pagans 6
11/01/1934 Dollfuss Slayer Honored By (Austrian) Nazis-Toscanini Conducts Verdi’s ‘Requiem’ At Vienna Opera (To Honor Dolfuss)-Socialists Mourn Dead 6
11/01/1934 France’s Anxiety Over Saar Grows-German Paper Retorts 6
11/01/1934 Fordham Protests Mexican Church War 7
11/01/1934 Nazi Weaknesses Cited By Refugee (Gerhart Seger-See Earlier Entry) 18
11/03/1934 Japan Shuts Door To Any Compromise On Naval Equality-Britain And U.S. Are Firm 1
11/03/1934 Americans Seized As Spies In Reich-Two Students Are Stripped And Searched When One, A Girl, Has Camera At Drill Field (A ‘Forbidden Zone’-Picture, P. 2) 1
11/03/1934 Nazis Now Order New Score To Replace Mendelsohn’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ 1
11/03/1934 Berlin Bars Nazis From Saar Bonder-Denies Planning Putsch 2
11/03/1934 Restored Bishops Ignore Nazi Order 2
11/03/1934 Communist Chiefs Seized In Hungary-Leader A Bela Kun Aide 2
11/03/1934 Reich Bars Escape From Labor Draft 2
11/03/1934 Anglo-German Pact On Debt Studied Here 3
11/03/1934 J. A. Reed Asks End Of ‘Dictatorship’ 7
11/03/1934 Baron (Edmond De) Rothschild, Head Of House Dies (89) 15
11/03/1934 Educators Stress Specialized Study 17
11/04/1934 U.S. Orders Inquiry In Munich (Student) Arrests (For Photographing Forbidden Area) 2
11/04/1934 Garvin Says Japan Asks Double (Naval) Ratio 3
11/04/1934 Nazis Proscribe 28 Foes Who Fled 5
11/04/1934 Reports Mexico Burns Church Art 8
11/04/1934 Reich Adds A Ban On Payments To Us-Seen As Designed To Force America To Increase Trade With Germany (Quash Boycott!) 13
11/04/1934 Russia Will Be Second In Iron Output This Year 13
11/04/1934 Decline Predicted In Japanese Trade N-19
11/04/1934 Europeans Now Calling Saar Real War Danger-Germans Deny Alleged Plot-Edwin L. James E-1
11/04/1934 (U.S. Ambassador To Russia, William Christian) Bullitt Is A Hero Of Soviet Masses-Aided By Sense Of Humor-On Way Home, Shows No Sign Of Being Tired Of Post E-1
11/04/1934 Nazis Seek To End Housewives’ Fears-Guido Enderis, Berlin E-3
11/04/1934 Poland Bargains To Increase Trade-Cheaper Cars Are Needed E-3
11/04/1934 Japanese ‘Menace’ Worries Filipinos E-8
11/04/1934 Geneva Turns From Ideals To Realism Mag. 6
11/04/1934 Twenty Years Ago; War Races Winter (Map) XX-2
11/04/1934 Saito Says Japan’s People Insist On ‘Eventual Parity’ XX-3
11/05/1934 Nazis Defy Hitler On Church Truce; New Crisis Arises 1
11/05/1934 Japan Won’t Yield To U.S. And Britain On (Manchukuoan) Oil Monopoly 1
11/05/1934 Mexico Drops 48 Who Did Not March (In Demonstration Against The Church) 2
11/05/1934 Socialist Leaders Warn Of Fascism-(Norman) Thomas Scores New Deal 10
11/05/1934 Jewish Pattern Of Life Extolled (Rabbi Samuel H. Goldenson, Temple Emanu-El) 16
11/05/1934 War Is Denounced By Jewish (Hebrew Union) Group 19
11/06/1934 2 (Naturalized) Americans (Isabel Lillian Steele [Born Canada] & Richard Roiderer) Face Secret Reich Trial-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
11/06/1934 New Type Battleship Planned By Japan-’Pocket’ Battleships, With Great Speed And Power To Be Build If Naval Treaties Lapse 5
11/06/1934 Monkey Gland (Dr. Brinkley, Del Rio) Use Declared Failure-3 Transplantations Here 27
11/06/1934 Reich Gives Pledge Not To Invade Saar 28
11/06/1934 Reich Church Row Flares Up Afresh-Hitler Stand Discounted 29
11/06/1934 Kin Of Traitor Seized By Soviet-First Use Of ‘Hostage Decree’ 30
11/06/1934 Our Foreign Trade 30% Above 1933 40
11/07/1934 New Deal Scores Nation-Wide Victory 1
11/07/1934 Guffy And (George H.) Earl (Now Governor Of Pennsylvania, Formerly U.S. Minister To Austria, Roosevelt Dedicated Roosevelt Supporter, ‘Tester’ & ‘Mouthpiece’) Win In Pennsylvania 1&14
11/07/1934 Germans Push Case Of Miss Steele-Will Let No One See Her 28
11/07/1934 France Reassures Germany On Saar 28
11/07/1934 Japan Said (By Admiral H. I. Cone) To Have Merchant ‘Navy’-Secret Fleet Of Tankers 29
11/07/1934 Japan Bans New Chrysler Plant In Dairen 29
11/07/1934 Mexican Catholics Do Not Bar Reform 29
11/07/1934 (Sir Oswald) Mosley Wins Damages For Charge Of Sedition 29
11/07/1934 Lone Priest Is Left In Mexican State 29
11/08/1934 Reich Shuts Shops That Raise Prices 1
11/08/1934 Pictures; New Deal Democrats Elected To United States Senate (Includes Harry S. Truman) 3
11/08/1934 Picture: New Governors (George H. Earle) 5
11/08/1934 Anti-Fascist Fund (Started By Unions-$250,000 ‘Chest’ Of American Labor To Aid Fight Against Dictatorship Abroad-(Matthew) Wohl (A. F. Of L.) Denounces Nazis-He Urges Continued Boycott Against Reich 11
11/08/1934 Nation Going Left, Socialists Assert 11
11/08/1934 Reich Workers Hit By Ban On U.S. Cars 12
11/08/1934 Reich Fights Use Of French Troops (In Saar) 12
11/08/1934 ‘Pillory’ In Berlin Stirs Mob Attack 12
11/08/1934 U.S. Presses Berlin To Act On Prisoner (Richard Roiderer)-Also Seeks To Aid Miss Steele 12
11/08/1934 (Ludwig) Mueller Will Stay As The Reich Bishop 12
11/08/1934 Poland Reaffirms French Alliance 14
11/08/1934 Japan Is Adamant In Parity Demand 15
11/08/1934 Modified Entry (Of U.S.) Into League (Of Nations) Asked (By Newton Baker, Woodrow Wilson’s Secretary Of War) 18
11/09/1934 (Pierre-Etienne) Forms Ministry As Doumergue Steps Out 1
11/09/1934 Aaa Seeks To Ship Cotton To Reich, Cuts Crop Again 1
11/09/1934 Mexican Primate States His Case 1
11/09/1934 Bremen Sets Record For Northern Crossing 1
11/09/1934 (Admiral) Yamamoto Scores British Navy Plan 4
11/09/1934 U.S. (Nye, Senate) Arms Inquiry Scored In London-Bars An Investigation (By U.S.-Sir John Simon) 4
11/09/1934 Nazis Books Placed In German Schools 4
11/09/1934 (Non-Sectarian World Conference) Boycott Meeting Called In London (Samuel Untermyer, Head & Founder Of Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League To Champion Human Rights,Heads U.S. Delegation) 5
11/09/1934 Nazis Celebrate Beer Hall (‘Hofbraeuhaus’) Putsch 5
11/09/1934 Reich-Italy Amity Believed Sought 5
11/09/1934 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Tells Of Communist Rout 6
11/09/1934 Nazis’ Church Foes Decide To Recruit 6
11/09/1934 Zionists (Zionist Organization Of America) Celebrate Palestine Progress-Marks 17th Anniversary Of Declaration Made By Balfour 15
11/10/1934 (British Premier Ramsay) M’donald Pleads For Cut In Arms As Security Basis-Text, P. 6 1
11/10/1934 Unwed Clergymen Barred In Yucatan (Mexico) 1
11/10/1934 Terrorism In Saar Shown By League-10,000 Acting As Spies-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
11/10/1934 President (Roosevelt) Speeds Social Program 2
11/10/1934 Reich Cotton (Purchase) Deal Hinges On A (Special Currency Arrangement) Ruling 4
11/10/1934 Nine Jewish Boys Here (Apparently Permanently)-First Of A Group Of 250 To Be Educated By Families In The United States (Entered On German Not Jewish Quota!) 5
11/10/1934 French Are Firm To Reich On Saar-Laval Tells Envoy Paris Will Use Troops If Asked To Do So By League 7
11/10/1934 (Von) Papen Deplores Repute As Plotter (U.S. Allegation From World War I)-He Denies Anschluss Aim-Says Germany Seeks ‘Spiritual’ Unity 7
11/10/1934 Lessened Ardor Marks Nazi Fete 7
11/10/1934 Ivy Lee Dies At 57 Of Brain Ailment 15
11/11/1934 Congress To Get Airship Program 5
11/11/1934 Soviet Loan Quest Futile, British Say-Deal With U.S. Doubted 6
11/11/1934 Dead Put At 3,500 In Spanish Revolt 7
11/11/1934 Italy Inaugurates Managed Economy 9
11/11/1934 War Danger Seen By Lloyd George 12
11/11/1934 Accord On Navies Doubted In London 17
11/11/1934 Miss M’adoo (Woodrow Wilson’s Granddaughter) Weds Onate (A Negro) Film Actor (Not In California But In New Mexico) 20
11/11/1934 Activity Resumed By Austrian Nazis-Vienna Reds In Parades 24
11/11/1934 German Catholics Urge United Front-(Reich Bishop Ludwig) Mueller Declares War 25
11/11/1934 (League Of Nations Occupation) Board Tightens Saar Poll Rules-Acts To Insure Fairness 25
11/11/1934 Soviet Rebuilding Armenian Nation-Walter Duranty, Erivan 26
11/11/1934 Limit On Priests Relaxed In Mexico 28
11/11/1934 Hotel (New Chamberlin, Old Port Comfort, Virginia) Drops Ban On Jewish Guests (See Earlier Appeal To Roosevelt!) N-2
11/11/1934 ‘Radicals’ Found In Vassar Faculty N-3
11/11/1934 Frances New Premier (Pierre-Etienne Flandin) Takes On A Thorny Task-Position Of Franc Involved E-1
11/11/1934 Large Decrease Indicated In Our Exports To Germany-Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin E-1
11/11/1934 Moscow Changing Into Modern City-Harold Denny, Moscow E-2
11/11/1934 Birth Rate Increase Wanted In Germany E-2
11/11/1934 8 Church Factions In Reich Struggle E-3
11/11/1934 Britain Is Yielding To Japan On Navies-Backing Of U.S. Illusory E-3
11/11/1934 Armistice Day: The Clouded Sky-Frederick T.Birchall Mag. 1
11/11/1934 Centuries Clash In Many-Sided Mexico Mag. 9
11/11/1934 The Two Frances (‘Left’ & ‘Right’): A Sharpening Struggle XX-1
11/11/1934 Our Trade With Russia Lags After A Year Of Recognition XX-3
11/11/1934 General Staff Of The Army Is Ready For Emergencies (Picture Gen. Douglas Macarthur) XX-7
11/12/1934 Soviet Debt Pact Seen As American Bid For Vast Trade 1
11/12/1934 Roosevelt Ideas To Rule Congress (As Result Of Election)-’Greenbacks’ Are Doomed 1
11/12/1934 World Leaders Plead For Peace-Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Pres.Of Columbia Univ. & Chairman Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Is Chairman 2
11/12/1934 Pastors Here Seen New War Threats: Gen (Smedly D.) Butler Makes Plea 2
11/12/1934 Sedition In Mexico Laid To 2 Prelates 11
11/12/1934 U.S. Cotton Terms Assailed In Reich (U.S. Refuses To Make Any Kind Of Barter Deal With Germany) 11
11/12/1934 (Ludwig) Mueller Resists Pleas That He Quit-Defies The (‘Free Confessional Synod’) Opposition 12
11/12/1934 Nazis To Sterilize All Weak-Minded 12
11/12/1934 War Is Assailed As Mass Murder 13
11/12/1934 Socialists To Bar All Communists 14
11/12/1934 Nazis Are Worried By Rise In Prices 29
11/13/1934 France And Italy Back U.S. On Navies-Support The 5-5-3 Ratio For Us, Britain And Japan And Would Resist Increase To Tokyo-British Deny Any Secrecy 1
11/13/1934 France Would End Navy Ratio System-Points To Aerial Forces 10
11/13/1934 Smuts Asks Britain To Align With U.S.-Says In Any Test, Empire Must Face Future With Us 10
11/13/1934 Two Giant Airships (Dirigibles) Urged For The Navy-(Claude A.) Swanson Asks For Planes 10
11/13/1934 3-Power Air Pact Is Seen In London-German Planes Feared 11
11/13/1934 Mexico Is Urged To Ban All Priests 12
11/13/1934 Basle Is Gloomy Over Reich Debt 13
11/13/1934 British Ex-Officers Recruited (By League Of Nations) For The Saar (Occupation); (Ramsay) Macdonald Denies Government Is Involved 13
11/13/1934 Pastors Attacked By Group Of Nazis-Hitlerites Beat 12
11/13/1934 Clergymen Opposed To Bishop Mueller 13
11/13/1934 Poles Uphold Use Of ‘Heil, Hitler’ (In Poland) 13
11/13/1934 (J. B.) Priestly Here, Sings Our Praise 15
11/14/1934 Crisis In Belgium Brings New Fear For The Gold Bloc 1
11/14/1934 (American) Jewish (Congress-Deutsch Rabbi Stephen S. Wise Organization) Group Maps World Parley Plan 4
11/14/1934 Reich Cartels Put Under Price Rule-Middleman To Be Curbed 10
11/14/1934 Licensing Of Arms (Sales) Advocated By U.S. (Hull-See Latter Submission Of Plan To League Of Nations By Hugh R. Wilson) 12
11/14/1934 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Troops Capture Six-Year Capital Of Reds 12
11/14/1934 Dominions Obtain (London) Navy Talk Details 13
11/14/1934 (Marechal Philippe) Petain Is Restored To Defense Councils 13
11/14/1934 Polish Radicals Seized-50 Arrested Following Anti-Semitic Demonstrations 13
11/14/1934 (Ramsay) M;Donald Blocks War Debt Action-U.S. To Send Reminders 15
11/15/1934 Gold Bloc In Peril In Internal Clash; Exchanges Shaky 1
11/15/1934 Britain Resumes (Bilateral) Navy Talk With Us 3
11/15/1934 Navy Plan Scored As ‘War Policy’ (By ‘World Alliance For International Friendship Through The Churches’)-Our Aloofness Decried 3
11/15/1934 Zionists Plan ‘Roll Call’-In Support Of (Palestinian) Homeland 5
11/15/1934 Germany Tightens Control Of Students 9
11/15/1934 Government Opens A New Soviet Suit-Third Action Taken By The U.S. 9
11/15/1934 Reich Fines ‘Profiteers’-Also Confiscates Property Of A Jewish Firm 9
11/15/1934 German-Irish Plot Feared By Briton 10
11/15/1934 2 Britons Barred By Spanish Cortes 10
11/15/1934 Czechs Will Enter Race In Armaments 11
11/15/1934 Dr. (Dean William F.) Russell (Columbia Univ. Teachers’ College) Urges College For ‘Elite’-Proposes That Columbia Set Up A New School To Produce Educational Teachers 23
11/16/1934 Gold Bloc Studied By U.S. And Britain-War Debt Link Is Likely 1
11/16/1934 Britain Proposes New Navy Accord-With Actual Ratio Kept At 5-5-3 Level 1
11/16/1934 Briton Sees World Hope In Success Of Roosevelt 1
11/16/1934 Nazi Paper (‘Deutsche Zeitung’ Published By ‘Friends Of The New Germany’) Drops Attacks On Jews-Policy Changed And Apology Made To Goldstein (Who Was Represented In Court Action By Samuel Untermyer) As Required By Court 4
11/16/1934 Laval Won’t Deal With Reich In Saar 12
11/16/1934 Reich Again Gains A Trade Surplus-Year’s Deficit Rm250,000,000 12
11/16/1934 One Reich, One Leader And Now One Bread 12
11/16/1934 (Sir Oswald) Mosley Held As Rioter 12
11/16/1934 (George Karl Heller, Naturalized U.S. Citizen) Jailed In Reich (For Slur On Hitler) Asks (U.S.) Aid 12
11/16/1934 Japan Would Act As Oil Mediator-Sees No Discrimination 13
11/16/1934 Mexico Presses Trial Of Prelates-More Indictments Asked 15
11/16/1934 Organize (The American Scottsboro Committee, Inc.) To Enter Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape) Trial-To Aid Defense Of Negroes By Samuel Leibowitz 18
11/17/1934 Catholic Bishops Protest ‘Tyranny’ Of Mexican Laws-Our Envoy (Josephus Daniels) Is Criticized 1
11/17/1934 F. B. (Francis Beverley) Biddle (Latter Judge At Nurnberg Tribunal) Named (National) Labor (Relations) Board Head (By Roosevelt) 2
11/17/1934 Goering Now Aids Nazis’ Church Foes 6
11/17/1934 Japan Will Reject British Navy Plan 6
11/17/1934 France Hears U.S. Would Aid Franc 6
11/17/1934 Reich Pagan Head (Prof Hauer) Urges Ten Commandments’ End 6
11/17/1934 Greece Denies Haven To 318 (Czech & Polish) Jews On Ship (‘Velos’) 6
11/17/1934 Dr. Von Linde Dead; Liquid Air Pioneer 16
11/17/1934 Anne O’Hare McCormick Wins (Evening Post) Writing Prize 17
11/17/1934 Battle Cruisers Urged For Navy 29
11/18/1934 Italy And Austria Seek Reich Pledge (On Austrian Independence) 1
11/18/1934 $25,000,000 Is ‘Lent’ To Belgium By Us (To Shore Up Currency) 1
11/18/1934 Russian Atheists Renew Campaign-Religion In Soviet Rises-Harold Denny, Moscow 6
11/18/1934 Dooms 6 Soviet Farmers 6
11/18/1934 Reich Taking Back Many In Saar Vote-400 Due From New York 7
11/18/1934 Reich Taking Back Many In Saar Vote-400 Due From New York 7
11/18/1934 Hitler Promises To Accept Result Of Saar Plebiscite 7
11/18/1934 Protects Jewish Firms-Reich Forbids Interference With Selling Of Christmas Gifts 7
11/18/1934 (Bernhard) Rust Defines Ideal Of Nazi Education 8
11/18/1934 German (Julius Masur) Forbidden To Employ Labor 8
11/18/1934 Two Arms Plans Studied In Europe (League Of Nations)-Roosevelt Control Proposal-Paris Hears Soviet Idea 9
11/18/1934 Domination Of Nazis On (German) Campuses Curbed 9
11/18/1934 Japanese Reject Proposal On Navy-Anglo-U.S. Amity Urged (In London) 12
11/18/1934 Italy Protests Riot In Abyssinian Town-Attack On (Their) Consulate 15
11/18/1934 Scottsboro (Alabama Negro Rape Case) Plea In (U.S.) Supreme Court 29
11/18/1934 Plea Made To Aid Jews In Germany (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee-500,000 Jews Remaining In Germany-54,000 Have Already Left)-$1,011,332 Spent Abroad N-8
11/18/1934 $14,874,400 Of Gold Imported In Day N-13
11/18/1934 Our Soviet Sales Show Little Gain-British Sell Russia Most N-16
11/18/1934 Japan Seeks Warships To Dominate Far East-Edwin L. James E-1
11/18/1934 President (Roosevelt) Is Supported As Check To Radicalism-Arthur Krock E-1
11/18/1934 Britons Want U.S. In Accord On Se As-Japan Is Not Favored E-1
11/18/1934 Mr. (Geoffrey G.) Knox (President Of League Of Nations [Occupation] Commission) Of Saar Gets His Own Way-But France Will Do Work-Augur, London E-2
11/18/1934 Italy Held Model For All Nations-Arnaldo Cortesi E-2
11/18/1934 Naval Conference Held Vital To All E-2
11/18/1934 Hatred Of Albania Spreads In Greece-Invasion Is Threatened E-2
11/18/1934 Goering Expounds New German Law-Hitler’s Will Decisive E-3
11/18/1934 Soviet Now Turns To Fine Manners-Harold Denny, Moscow E-3
11/18/1934 Sweden To Curb Arms Producers E-3
11/18/1934 Behind Japan’s Demands; Three Vital Issues XX-1
11/18/1934 Diverse Fascist Groups At Work In Switzerland XX-6
11/19/1934 (Lammont) Du Pont Urges Curb On All War Profit And Arms Exports (Nye, Senate Inquiry) 1
11/19/1934 Poland Is Striking At Ukrainian Group 6
11/19/1934 (Samuel) Untermyer (Head Of Boycott On German Goods) Assails Dealings With Reich-New Protest To Hull Asserts Exchange Of Cotton Would Be Another Disaster (Would Be Used ‘Largely As War Material’) 6
11/19/1934 Germany Alters Anti-Soviet Stand-Moscow Is Studying Pact-Walter Duranty, Moscow 11
11/19/1934 (Bishop Ludwig) Mueller To Fight Removal In Reich-Church Battle Continues 11
11/19/1934 Darre Sees Clash Of Race Economics-Outlines ‘Aryan’ Concept 11
11/19/1934 Reich Bans ‘Saar Book’ 11
11/19/1934 Big Plane (Sikorsky S-42) To Plot Air Line To China 19
11/20/1934 Japan Asks Ratio Of 5-4-4 On Navies Favoring Britain-Admits British Need Big Fleet For Trade Routes, But Insists On Equality With Us 1
11/20/1934 Growth Is Noted In Anti-Semitism-Nazi Propaganda Blamed 7
11/20/1934 (James G.) M’donald Fears (Additional) Emigration (Under Reich Rule)-Sees Financial Trouble 15
11/20/1934 Reich Seen Raising ‘Army’ Of 5,500,000-Marshal (Franchet D’ Esperey) Gives Warning 15
11/20/1934 (Ludwig) Mueller Defies Foes To Oust Him-Reich Bishop Declares He Will Fight (‘Free’) Confessional Synod To His Last Breath 15
11/20/1934 U.S. Plan On Arms To Be Urged Today-Soviet To Press Own Idea (U.S. Plan To Be Presented By U.S. Minister To Switzerland, Hugh R. Wilson)-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 16
11/20/1934 Italy And Austria Cement Friendship 17
11/21/1934 U.S. Proposes Arms Pact For Control Of Traffic By A World Commission (To League Of Nations)-Plan Offered At Geneva (Just Like A ‘Real Live Member Of League’)-Provides For Licensing, Trade Reports And Inspections-Text, P. 2 1
11/21/1934 Japan Won’t Limit Navy Ships’ Types 1
11/21/1934 Gen. (Smedly D.) Butler Bares ‘Fascist Plot’ To Seize Government By Force-(Samuel) Dickstein Gets Charge-Picture (Butler), P. 5 1
11/21/1934 Soviet Sentences Five More ‘Kulaks’ To Die For Hindering The Cotton Picking Schedule-Harold Denny, Moscow 3
11/21/1934 Dr. (Edwin R. A.) Seligmann (Columbia University) Avoids (Carl) Schurz Foundation-Educator Says (U.S.!) General Whose Name It Bears Would Repudiate Germany Of Today 3
11/21/1934 (George N.) Peek Denounces (Roosevelt-Wallace) Crop Curb Policy 4
11/21/1934 Nazi (‘Friends Of The New Germany’) Incorporation Fought In Court Here-(N.Y. Rep. Samuel) Dickstein Opposes Approval 20
11/22/1934 Reich War Planes Held Better Than French; Gen. Denain Asks For Huge New Air Fund 1
11/22/1934 Inquiry Pressed In (Maj. Gen. Smedly Butler’s) ‘Fascist’ Plot 3
11/22/1934 Decision In The Gloria Vanderbilt (Child Custody) Case 6
11/22/1934 Aircraft Industry Hits ‘Propaganda’ 9
11/22/1934 British Concerned Over Unity With Us-(Ramsay) Mac Donald Will Be Asked In Commons Today If Naval Cooperation Is Planned 15
11/22/1934 Nazis Will Operate (Former Jewish) Department Store (‘Strauss’s,’ In Nuernberg) 16
11/22/1934 (Senator William) Borah Hails Saito For Anti-Jingoism-Nye Also Praises Him 16
11/22/1934 Austrian Nazi Exiles To Be Sent To Reich 17
11/22/1934 Established Church Falling Off In Reich 17
11/22/1934 Paris-Soviet Pact For Defense Seen 17
11/22/1934 (Dr. Karl Goerdeler, Later Hanged For His Part In The July 20, 1944 Attempt To Kill Hitler) To Rule All Reich Prices 17
11/22/1934 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Warned By Japanese Army-Envoy Hails Cooperation 18
11/22/1934 U.S. (League Of Nations) Arms Treaty Is Well Received-Geneva’s ReactionSatisfies Washington 18
11/22/1934 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (President Of Columbia Univ. & Chairman Of Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Appeals For Aid To League 18
11/22/1934 Land For Everyone Proposed In Spain 18
11/22/1934 20,000 (German-Jews) Fled To Palestine 18
11/23/1934 Record Arms Fund Approved In Tokyo 1
11/23/1934 British Will Hold Own (World War I) Arms Inquiry; Simon Reconsiders-Royal Commission Likely 1
11/23/1934 Little Entente Accuses Hungary In Formal Charges To League-(Regarding Assassination Of Yugoslavian King Alexander)-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 1
11/23/1934 Roosevelt Gives Day To (‘Brain Truster,’ Dr. Rexford Guy) Tugwell-Summoned By President 1
11/23/1934 Urges Roosevelt To Set Gold Price 3
11/23/1934 (George N.) Peek’s Trade Plan Is Barred By Hull-Barter Proposal Banned 5
11/23/1934 (James G.) M’donald Is Honored For Aid To Refugees (By ‘The American Hebrew’) 6
11/23/1934 (U.S.) Nazi Editor Retraces Attack On Rosenfeld (‘Deutsche Zeitung’ Litigation) 7
11/23/1934 12 Nations Notified Of (War) Debts Due Us 7
11/23/1934 Saito Is Expecting Navy Talks To Fail 8
11/23/1934 Manchukuoto Push Oil Monopoly Plans 9
11/23/1934 Palestine Trip Vain (For Czech-Polish Jews), 318 Land In (Constanta) Rumania (From ‘Velos’) 12
11/23/1934 Methodists Plan New Reich Church-Would Form Separate German Body 13
11/23/1934 Berlin Is Aroused By Saar (‘Muzzling’) Ordinance 13
11/23/1934 Nazis Curb Study Abroad 13
11/23/1934 150th Year Observed By German Society (Of The City Of New York)-800 At Dinner Hear Messages From Roosevelt, La Guardia, Lehman And Dr. Luther (German Ambassador) 15
11/24/1934 U.S. And Britain In Accord As Navy Talks Reach Crisis; Japan To Denounce Treaty-5-5-3 Ratio Is Upheld (By U.S.-England)-Pact Assailed By Saito 1
11/24/1934 Hull Encourages Unity With Britain-Hails British Cooperation In Naval Talks-Says We Reciprocate Attitude Of Friendliness 1
11/24/1934 Soviet Army To Aid In French Defense; Deputies Are Told 1
11/24/1934 200 Students Open Anti War Conference 5
11/24/1934 Text Of Ambassador Saito At Philadelphia On Far East Affairs 6
11/24/1934 Nazis See A Drive On All Big Stores-Otto D. Tolischus, Nuremberg 7
11/24/1934 Reich To Abandon Church Conflict-Opposition Grows Bolder 7
11/24/1934 (Samuel Untermyer At London Conference Of Non-Sectarian World Conference) To Aid Anti-Nazi Boycott 7
11/24/1934 Harvard Renews Rebuff To Nazis (Hanfstaengl Scholarship Refusal) 13
11/24/1934 Youth Stagnating Educator (Prof. Mark A. May) Warns 17
11/25/1934 U.S. Note Protests Reich’s Treatment Of Creditors Here-Hull Asks For An Early End Of Discrimination Against American Bond Holders-3 Specific Charges Made 1
11/25/1934 Nazis Threaten Gossips With Prompt Punishment 1
11/25/1934 (Von) Papen Gives Aims On Austrian Amity 24
11/25/1934 Nazi Group Shuns Seizure Of Stores 24
11/25/1934 Capital Vanishing Rapidly In Saar-Loans Impossible To Get 24
11/25/1934 German Students In Fight In Prague (See Later Entry) 24
11/25/1934 Nazis Refuse Return Of American’ (Roiderer’s) Funds 24
11/25/1934 Text Of Debt Note To Germany 25
11/25/1934 Navy Plan For U.S. And Britain Seen-Accord Talked Of If Japan Fails To Come To Any Terms With The Two Nations 26
11/25/1934 Tokyo Nay Stand Is Upheld By (Senator Gerald P.) Nye 26
11/25/1934 Navy Considers Flight To The Philippines; Big Patrol Planes Would Start From (Pearl Harbor?) Hawaii 26
11/25/1934 Soviet Heartened By Internal Gains-Harold Denny, Moscow 27
11/25/1934 U.S. Draft Keeps Arms Parley Alive-Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-1
11/25/1934 Japan Would Keep Limit On Pacific Fortifications-Washington Ready To Refuse-Edwin L. James E-1
11/25/1934 Self-Government For India Is A ‘Colossal Experiment; E-1
11/25/1934 Fair Vote In Saar Is (American) Woman’s Task-She Began Career In 1919 E-3
11/25/1934 Spanish Catholics Prepare For Rule E-3
11/25/1934 Political Jokes, Many About Gen. Goering, Become A Favorite Pastime In Germany E-3
11/25/1934 Employment Gain Slackens In Reich E-3
11/25/1934 Reich Will Disband The Austrian Legion E-3
11/25/1934 Japanese Problem Worries Arizona E-6
11/25/1934 Germany Barters Good For (Central American) Coffee E-8
11/25/1934 John Bull Still Wonders At Uncle Sam-Harold Callender Mag. 1
11/25/1934 (Roosevelt) Still ‘A Little Left Of Centre’-Anne O’Hare McCormick, Washington Mag. 3
11/25/1934 Amid Alarms, Rural France Stays Calm Mag. 6
11/25/1934 Democracy Versus Absolutism; A World-Wide Survey-Clarence K. Streit (Strongly Pro-Roosevelt) XX-3
11/26/1934 Japan Tells U.S. Plan To End Pact; May Act On Dec. 10 1
11/26/1934 Nazis Secretly Cut Storm Troops (Sturmabteilung); Transfers Swell The Reich Army 1
11/26/1934 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Expects New Deal Support 2
11/26/1934 Nazi Boycott Body (Samuel Untermyer & Non-Sectarian World Conference) 4
11/26/1934 Reich Sees France Causing War Panic 4
11/26/1934 Jews Of Vienna Sue To Ban Ritual Tales 5
11/26/1934 Prague Crowds (Shouting Anti-German & Anti-Jewish Slogans) Routed By Police 5
11/26/1934 (Paul) Hindemith Defended From Nazi Criticism-(Conductor Wilhelm) Furtwaengler Denies Composer Is Jewish 6
11/26/1934 France Expels German Nudists 6
11/26/1934 Japan Maps Airline Network For Mandate; Provides Subsidy For Non-Military System 7
11/26/1934 Our Hour Is Nearing Says French Fascist 7
11/27/1934 Prof. Barth (Prominent Leftist, Anti NSDAP Swiss Theologian) Suspended At Bonn; Balked At Prescribed Hitler Oath 1
11/27/1934 (N.Y.) Police Get Orders To Terrorize Thugs-Promises Full Backing 1
11/27/1934 Three Faiths Unite In Plea To Mexico-Sign Joint Statement 1
11/27/1934 Czech Students Attacks Germans-Jews Also Victims(In Prague) 8
11/27/1934 Hitler Guards Vie With Army In Reich 8
11/27/1934 Reich Bans Atheist Group (League Of Free Religious Associations) 8
11/27/1934 (London Non-Sectarian World Conference [Samuel Untermyer]) Boycott Body Acts To End Hitlerism-Wide Campaign Begun 9
11/27/1934 U.S.-British Unity On Navies Growing 10
11/27/1934 Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) Displays Growing Strength-War Lord Of Szechwan Yields To Central (E. G. Nanking) Authorities 11
11/27/1934 Britain Dissatisfied On Japan’s Oil Stand 11
11/27/1934 Russia Sends Out A Buying Mission-Will Study Plants In U.S. 12
11/27/1934 Poland Pleased By French Reply-German Attitude Vital 12
11/27/1934 British Gift Hailed As Mark Of Amity-Roosevelt Letter Read 13
11/27/1934 (Gen. Smedly) Butler Plot Inquiry Not To Be Dropped-Dickstein Says 14
11/28/1934 Germany’s Arming Again Stirs British-Reich Forces Held Ready-Reichswehr-S.S. Feud 1
11/28/1934 Japan Asks France And Italy To Help End (1922 Washington) Naval Treaty-Vinson Stands On (5-5-3 Ratio) Naval Treaty 1
11/28/1934 (Rev. Henry Sloan) Coffin Sees Threat To Our Liberalism-Will Read Roosevelt Message (In Church) 4
11/28/1934 Town Government Vanishes In Russia-Harold Denny, Moscow 7
11/28/1934 China’s (Chiang Kai Shek’s) ‘New Deal’ Is Praised By (Chinese Minister, Dr. Sao-Ke Alfred) Sze 8
11/28/1934 U.S. Gunboat (‘Mindenao’) To Aid Americans In China-If Red Menace Increases 8
11/28/1934 Soviet Farm Heads Shot-Collectives And Party Purge Underway In Tashkent 8
11/28/1934 U.S. Navy To Lead Japan, Says Vinson (Chairman, House Naval Affairs Committee)-Positively Bars Parity (With Japan)-Hull Denies We Seek An Accord With Britain For Security In The Pacific 9
11/28/1934 Poles Fear Accord Of French And Reich-Feel That Agreement Might Be Reached At Their Expense 10
11/28/1934 Nazi Church Foes At Odds On (Swiss Theologian, Dr. Karl) Barth-He Has Been A Socialist 10
11/28/1934 Italians Indemnified In Abyssinian Row-Military Honors Also Paid To Flag In Amends For Attack On Consulate At Gondar 10
11/28/1934 Lutheran Envoys Back From Reich-Witnessed Church Row-They Are Enthusiastic In Praise Of Bishop Meiser Of Bavaria, Who Defied National (Confessional Synod) Prelate (Bishop Ludwig Mueller) 10
11/28/1934 $720,000,000 Voted To French Defense 10
11/28/1934 (British) Laborites (Herbert Morrison) Back German Boycott-In Undermining Nazi State’s Security 11
11/28/1934 (Newark Catholics) Vote Mexican Boycott 11
11/28/1934 Picture: Dr. Wilhelm Kleemann, German (Jewish) Banker Here (On Visit From Germany-To Return!) 11
11/28/1934 Vienna Students Hail Hitler In Riot-’Perish The Jews!’ Is Cry-G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 12
11/28/1934 Steuben Society And Nazis (‘Friends Of The New Germany’) At ‘War’-Clash Over Activities-J. S. Schuster Says Old Group Makes No Efforts In Behalf Of German Culture 12
11/28/1934 Hitler Bids Nazis Curb Saar Activity 12
11/28/1934 Extradition (Of Isaak Levin, Formerly Of Harvard, For Forgery And Associated Crimes In Germany) Refusal (By U.S.) Arouses German Ire-Proves (Extradition) Treaty A ‘Worthless Document’ 12
11/28/1934 (N.Y.) Lawyers (Daniel Swift & Sol Kone) Indicted (For Bribery) In Scottsboro (Alabama, Negro Rape) Case 14
11/28/1934 Asserts New Deal Hurts Puerto Rico-Sees Favoritism To Cuba 31
11/29/1934 President Ousted By Coup In Bolivia 1
11/29/1934 Commons Is Warned Germany Is Peril-Baldwin And Churchill (& Lloyd George) Tell Of Need For Keeping Ahead In Arms, Especially In Air-Texts, P. 28 1
11/29/1934 Fate Of (U.S.) ‘Public Enemies’ (During 1934) 1
11/29/1934 2 German Papers (New Yorker Staats-Zeitung & New Yorker Herold) Will Merge Here (Under Brothers Joseph & Victor Ridder-Later, Victor Ridder Will Become One Of Roosevelt’s [N.Y.] WPA Administrators [Under Hopkins]) 5
11/29/1934 President (Roosevelt) To Push Housing For Poor 23
11/29/1934 20,000 Pledge Fight On Fascist Regimes (Sponsored By Eleanor Roosevelt, Norman Thomas, Vito Marcantonio, Gov. Herbert Lehman, A. F. Of L. [William Green] Et Al.)-Mayor (La Guardia) Recieves Ovation 25
11/29/1934 Japan Will Offer A New Naval Plan 28
11/29/1934 Austria (Kurt Schuschnigg) Inaugurates Fascist Constitution 28
11/29/1934 (James G.) M’donald Reports On Refugee Plight-Critical Of Statesmen 31
11/29/1934 (Soviet Ambassador To U.S.) Off To U.S. Via Japan-Secretive About Debts 32
11/29/1934 Russia Abolishes Bread-Card Plan-Salaries To Be Increased-Harold Denny, Moscow 32
11/29/1934 Near East Germans (Palestine) Turn To The Nazis (Jerusalem Report) 32
11/29/1934 (Reich Bishop Ludwig) Mueller Suffers Another Setback 32
11/29/1934 Berlin Mayor Extols ‘Aryanism’ Of Persians 32
11/29/1934 2,168,000 Had (Draft Durch Freude) Tours At Reich’s Cut Rates 32
11/29/1934 2,000 Austrian Nazis Leave Yugoslav Soil 32
11/29/1934 Nazi (Dr. Arthur Greisser) Elected (President Of Senate) In Danzig 32
11/29/1934 Picture: Roosevelt-’America Gives Thanks Today’ 52
11/30/1934 Catholic Foe Seen As Cardenas Aide 1
11/30/1934 (Germans) Attack Czech Consulate (In Munich-Protesting Treatment Of Germans In Czechoslovakia) 4
11/30/1934 Russians Assured On Grain Supplies-Collections Above Plan-Harold Denny, Moscow 8
11/30/1934 Six Bishops Shun (Ludwig) Mueller’s Parley (Meiser, Wurm, Kuhlewein, Marahrens & Two Others) 9
11/30/1934 Huge Nazi Auditorium (‘German Hall’) Will Be Built In Berlin (Near Funkturm) 9
11/30/1934 Germans Restrain Trade Rise Hope-Despite Last Month’s Export Surplus 9
11/30/1934 Hirota Would Bar Aggression In East-Text 10
11/30/1934 Two Japanese Homes Bombed (By Americans) In Arizona-Alien Land War Blamed 10
11/30/1934 Britain Will Seek Reich Arms Accord 11
11/30/1934 Heimwehr (Prince Starhemberg) Opens War On Clericals 11
11/30/1934 Approach Of Reds Stirs Chinese Town-Canton Sends Troops-Chiang (Kai-Shek) Plans Fight 11
11/30/1934 Puerto Rican Thanksgiving Puts Hope In Roosevelt 14
11/30/1934 (Prof. Allan) Nevins (Columbia University, Speaking To American Society In London) Sees Cause For U.S. Gratitude (At ‘Thanksgiving,’ Because Of New Deal Progress) 14
11/30/1934 (U.S. Ambassador To France, Jesse Isador) Straus Lauds Roosevelt (In Paris Before American Legion) 15
11/30/1934 A. B. Roosevelt (Son Of Theodore Roosevelt) Asks ‘Mad Spending’ (By New Deal) Curb 32