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William Lindsey collection — 1934 NYT headlines

February 1934
Date Headline Page
02/01/1934 Germany Will Pay 77% To Creditors To End Favoritism Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
02/01/1934 Dollar Revalued At 59.06, Gold Put At $35 An Ounce; Stabilization Fund Set Up (President [Roosevelt’s] Statement, P. 12; Gold Regulations Text, P. 13) 1
02/01/1934 Gold Standard Back Say Bankers 1
02/01/1934 Dollar Drops Fast In Dramatic Shift 1
02/01/1934 Britain And Italy Offer Two Plans To Rearm Reich Both Urge Geneva Action 1
02/01/1934 Austrian Trade Mission Is Coming Here; Seeks More Sales As Aid In Fighting Nazis Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 1
02/01/1934 U.S. May Consult Japan As To Navies Japanese Navy Will Surpass Ours In Auxiliary Vessels By The End of 1936 Japan To Outrank U.S 4
02/01/1934 Speedy Destroyer (Uss Hull) Is Launched Here 4
02/01/1934 Italy Recognizes Reich Right To Arm 5
02/01/1934 Summary of British Arms Plan 5
02/01/1934 (Schneidmadl) Finds Heimwehr (Starhemberg) Quitting Dolfuss Socialist Says Fascist Leaders Are Tumbling Over Each Other To Make Peace With Nazis G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 6
02/01/1934 British War Drums Returned By Germans 6
02/01/1934 League Passports Asked For (German) Exiles (By James G. Mc Donald) 6
02/01/1934 Palace of (Michael, Cardinal) Falulhaber Is Fired On In Munich 6
02/01/1934 Japanese Troops Near Soviet Frontier; Only Smashing Bandits, War Office Says 6
02/01/1934 Reich To List Emigres (On Goering’s Order U.S. Quota For German Emigrants Utilized To About 10%) 6
02/01/1934 3 Russians Killed In Balloon Crash Walter Duranty, Moscow 8
02/01/1934 (Sec. Commerce Daniel C.) Roper Retorts To (Ogden L.) Mills Attack Congress Support (Of Roosevelt) Cited 11
02/01/1934 Beckett (Briton) Criticizes Stabilizing Fund 12
02/02/1934 Washington Acts To Avert Exchange War On Dollar 1
02/02/1934 London Heartened, Paris Is Confused 1
02/02/1934 Austria Rebuffed In German Reply; Vienna To Ask Aid 1
02/02/1934 (German) Consulate Tells (Naturalized Dutch) German It Will Make Him Report 1
02/02/1934 Paris Is Confused By Erratic Dollar Gold Currencies Weaken 2
02/02/1934 Canada Expects Gold To Come Here 2
02/02/1934 Diverse Views of Our Revaluation Plan Are Taken In Foreign Capitals 2
02/02/1934 Revalued Dollar Cuts Brazil’s Debt 3
02/02/1934 Dollar Is Higher; Rush To Buy Gold 3
02/02/1934 U.S. Prods Nations On Wheat Accords 6
02/02/1934 Poland And Germany Resume Trade Talks 9
02/02/1934 France To Rebuff Britain On Imports 9
02/02/1934 Army Men Assail Critics In Japan Hugh Byas, Tokyo 10
02/02/1934 Obstacles Hamper Our Austrian Trade 10
02/02/1934 Plan Russian Credits In White House Talks (Jesse H.) Jones of Rfc, (William C.) Bullitt (U.S. Ambassador To Russia) And (John) Wiley Discuss Methods of Financing Exports 10
02/02/1934 Britain Gloomy Over Arms Effort Italians Are Optimistic 11
02/02/1934 Reich Calls Off Saar Propaganda Threatens Prosecution 11
02/02/1934 New Arms Plans Opposed In France Note To Reich Published 11
02/02/1934 France Would Ban A Pacifist Group 11
02/02/1934 Nazis Plan Women Police 11
02/02/1934 Fritz Haber Dead; Noted As Chemist (Fixation of Nitrogen [Synthetic Ammonia] & Gas Warfare) 17
02/03/1934 London Considers Returning To Gold On Tentative Plan Gold Rush From Europe 1
02/03/1934 (Dr. Alfred) Rosenberg Made Nazi Philosophical Chief; Churches Fear Anti Christian Campaign 1
02/03/1934 Tidal Gold Flow Forces Dollar Up 4
02/03/1934 Paris ‘Gold Rush’ To America Begins 4
02/03/1934 Summary of German Reply To Austrian Note 6
02/03/1934 Text of Orders of Original Austrian Protest 6
02/03/1934 Poles See (British) Arms Plan As Scrap of Paper 6
02/03/1934 Germany Outlaws Monarchist Groups 6
02/03/1934 Four Red Prisoners Slain In Germany (Seeking To Escape) 6
02/03/1934 (‘American Palestine Campaign’) To Study Palestine Plan (For German Jews) 7
02/03/1934 Germans In Drive For Interest Cut Foreign Practices Cited Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 19
02/03/1934 Chile And Germany Linked By Trade Pact 21
02/03/1934 Reich Today Opens First Sea Air Mail (Germany To South America) 29
02/04/1934 $34,500,000 In Gold Starts Here On Two Fast Liners; French Resenting Drain 1
02/04/1934 Psalms Rewritten For Nazi Cult; Teutonic Gods In The New Version (Book By Wilhelm Teudt Associated Press Report, Author Not Listed Compares King James Version With Teudt Version) 1
02/04/1934 Japan Is Warned On War By Russia Sees Threat of Invasion Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
02/04/1934 Roosevelt Retains His Rugged Health Despite Increased Work And Long Hours 2
02/04/1934 Saito Makes Light of Issues With Us Sees New Understanding 9
02/04/1934 Four Americans Pardoned In Spain In Jail For Ten Weeks 9
02/04/1934 Roosevelt Data On Exhibit Here (N.Y. Historical Society) 18
02/04/1934 Germans Launch Air Mail To Brazil 20
02/04/1934 Reich Bares Reply To Paris On Arms 22
02/04/1934 (Dr. Frieda Wunderlich, Formerly Sociologist, Berlin Training College, Now With American ‘University In Exile’) Asserts Boys’ Gangs Swell Nazi Troops (Article In Newly Established Magazine, ‘Social Research’) 22
02/04/1934 (Lord Marley) Will Aid Nazi Victims (Announced By Columbia University Prof. John Dewey Sponsors Bernard S. Deutsch & Albert Einstein) 22
02/04/1934 Hindenburg Rights Go Gives Up Right To Pardon And To Discharge State Employees 23
02/04/1934 Naturalization At Lowest Rate In 16 Years; High Fees Are Held Bar To Americanization N-1
02/04/1934 (Temple) Emanu El Greets Rabbi (Samuel H.) Goldenson (Enemy of Germany, Originator & Disseminator of Anti German Propaganda) N-1
02/04/1934 Displeasure With The Nazis Is Growing Swiftly In Italy Arnaldo Cortesi, Rome E-1
02/04/1934 Gains For Peace Noted In Europe Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-1
02/04/1934 Dollfuss (Patriotic Front) Warns Hitler To Leave Austria Alone Edwin L. James E-1
02/04/1934 Arming By Reich Held Inevitable E-2
02/04/1934 British Anti German Cartoon: (Hitler) The Crazy (Pied) Piper E-2
02/04/1934 Nazi Coordinators Achieve Their Goal E-2
02/04/1934 Church Conflict Grows In Germany E-2
02/04/1934 France Convinced Hitler Is Hostile Jules Sauerwein, Paris (Le Soir) E-2
02/04/1934 Poles Skeptical On German Trade Jerzy Szapiro, Warsaw E-3
02/04/1934 Russian Industry Hurt By Low Pay Walter Duranty, Moscow E-3
02/04/1934 Wish For Change Pervades France, P. J. Philip, Paris E-3
02/04/1934 ‘Patriotic’ (Chinese) Bomber Absolved of Guilt E-8
02/04/1934 Mac Leish, Archibald, Poems: 1924 1933, Houghton Mifflin Co., N.Y. (Mac Leish A Stalwart Supporter And Lieutenant of Roosevelt) Book 4
02/04/1934 The Austrian Drama Approaches A Climax (Map) XX-1
02/04/1934 Mussolini Weighs His Program Against That of Roosevelt XX-1
02/05/1934 (Sir Josiah) Stamp Sees Peril In Exchange Funds He Urges Freer Trade 1
02/05/1934 Germany Likely To Force Vienna Climax In 6 Weeks Since Powers Avoid Issue Reich Ready For Union Intervention Is Unlikely Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 1
02/05/1934 Columbia (University) Report Praises New Deal Experts Named By (President) Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Warn of (Economic) Peril, However, In RNA Curb On Output Urge Economic Control World Action To Raise Prices And Reduce Barriers Asked In Program 1
02/05/1934 7 Gold Rush Ships To Sail This Week Caution By Britain Urged 4
02/05/1934 (‘Council of Jewish Organizations On Palestine’) Ask Jewish Unity In Aid To Refugees 1,000 Organizations’ Delegates Back Drive For $2,000,000 For Palestine Colony 8
02/05/1934 Germany Releases 13 Seized In Church Row 8
02/05/1934 Japan Discounts Soviet’s Attitude 8
02/05/1934 Americans (‘Pardoned’ In Spain) Kept In Jail 8
02/05/1934 Hitler Deeds Evoke Warnings In (U.S. Jewish) Pulpits 8
02/05/1934 Reich To Discuss Short Term Debts 9
02/05/1934 Psalms (Rewritten By Wilhelm Teudt) Conform To ‘German Soul’ In Nazis (Not Sanctioned By NSDAP!) Volume of ‘God Songs’ (N.Y. Times Report From Berlin) 9
02/05/1934 Danger To Austria Worrying Britain Help From Italy Sought Augur, London 9
02/05/1934 Von Papen Shows Desire For Franco Reich Amity 9
02/05/1934 (Utah) Senator (William H.) King Urges Protest To Germany Would Even Sever Relations Over Persecutions of Jews, He Tells Hias Meeting 9
02/05/1934 Inter Faith Group (National Conference of Jews & Christians) Plans A New Drive (Three Co Chairmen: Newton D. Baker [P]; Prof. J. H. Hayes of Columbia Univ. [C] & Roger W. Straus [J]) 17
02/05/1934 Dr. (Rev. Fulton J.) Sheen Scores Rise of Paganism 17
02/05/1934 Germany Fears Change In Dollar 25
02/06/1934 Austrian Cabinet Enables Dollfuss (Patriotic Front) To Ask League Aid Powers Not Encouraging Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 1
02/06/1934 Lend More Or Government Will, Jesse Jones Warns Bankers Here Text, P. 10 1
02/06/1934 (Episcopal Bishop, British Born, William T.) Manning Pledges Aid To La Guardia Mayor’s Courage Hailed 3
02/06/1934 Britain Unwilling To Defend Austria 4
02/06/1934 (Professors) Hold Christianity Is Not For Reich Many Substitutes Urged 4
02/06/1934 High Polish Official (Foreign Minister, Col. Josef Beck) Plans Moscow Visit 5
02/06/1934 Russia Bolsters Position In East 6
02/06/1934 Curb On Officers Is Seen In Japan Hugh Byas, Tokyo 6
02/06/1934 French See Peril As Franc Weakens 16
02/06/1934 Paris Asks Notice of Export of Gold 16
02/06/1934 Professors Held Foes of New Deal 16
02/07/1934 Reich Bans Ousting of Jews In Trade Frick Holds Businessmen Are Exempt From Interference Under Aryan Clause 1
02/07/1934 Shouting Mobs Riot All Night In Paris, Storm Chamber, Demand Government Resign; Police Fire At Them; 10 Killed, 500 Injured 1
02/07/1934 Paris In Ugly Mood As Rioting Spreads Herbert Matthew, Paris 1
02/07/1934 Air Fleet Speeds $25,000,000 Gold To London, Most of It From Paris 1
02/07/1934 Parisians Routed On Historic Spot (Place De La Concord ‘Place De La Guillotine’) 2
02/07/1934 Franc. Is Stronger In Paris Support 3
02/07/1934 Washington Scans French Gold Drain 3
02/07/1934 Picture: French Fascisti Group 3
02/07/1934 (Sir John) Simon Challenged (By Sir Austen Chamberlain) On Reich Equality 4
02/07/1934 (Socialist, George Bernard) Shaw Sees Britain Drifting Into War 4
02/07/1934 Lord Marley Here To Assail Hitler Urges Aid For Refugees (Reception Committee Headed By John Dewey, Columbia Univ James G. Mc Donald, League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany) 4
02/07/1934 Heimwehr Occupy Linz In Austria 4
02/07/1934 (Mrs. Simkhovitch, Jewish Philanthropic Society) Sees Peril In Hitler Rule 4
02/07/1934 Nazi ‘Propaganda’ (6 Burlap Sacks of German Pamphlets & Circulars) Is Seized (By U.S. Customs Officials) On Ship Was To Be Mailed Here One Booklet Discusses ‘Dominance of Jews’ 5
02/07/1934 America Hostile To Nazi Germany Professor (Friedrich Schoene Mann) Warns His Countrymen Says We Envisage ‘Madman Hitler Surrounded By Butchers’ Urges Intensive Propaganda To Meet This ‘Lack of Understanding’ 5
02/07/1934 Japan’s Navy Held Too Big A Burden Our Policy Questioned (By Japanese) 6
02/07/1934 New Era Is Seen In American Amity (By Dr. L. S. Rowe, Director General of Pan American Union) Hull’s Work (On Tour of South America) Is Praised 6
02/07/1934 President (Roosevelt) Named (Ecuador Peruvian) Boundary Arbiter 7
02/07/1934 1,000 (U.S.) Claims Against Soviets Settlement Plans Made 7
02/07/1934 Havana Students Shot By (Batista) Soldiers 8
02/07/1934 Boeing (Aircraft William E. Boeing) Admits $12,000,000 Profit 14
02/08/1934 Riots Subside As Daladier Quits And Doumergue Is Called To Paris 1
02/08/1934 500 Taxi Strikers Riot In Broadway And Wreck (Operating) Cabs 1
02/08/1934 American Officials Stay Off Paris Streets; (U.S. Ambassador) Straus Warns Against Getting Into Trouble 2
02/08/1934 Journals Disagree On Guilt In (Paris) Riots 3
02/08/1934 (Bishop Ludwig) Mueller Strikes At Rebel Pastors 4
02/08/1934 War Threat Seen By British House Baldwin Blames Us (For Lack of Support To British) 4
02/08/1934 (Pierre Van Paassen, Christian Former Concentration Camp Inmate, Virulent Wartime Anti German Propagandist) Tells of Nazi Attacks (In Camps) Speaks At Meeting In Temple Emanu El 4
02/08/1934 (Hein Schroeder) Asks Negro Sterilization (All Negroids In Reich Left Over From French [Colonials] Occupation) 4
02/08/1934 Students Must Aid Nazis (Must Be In Labor Camp & Storm Troops Before Becoming Student In College) 4
02/08/1934 Lord Marley (Chairman of ‘World Committee To Aid Victims of German Fascism’) Plea Aids Nazi Victims Heywood Brun (An Avowed Communist Writer) Hissed When He Declares Hate Must Not Be Fought With Hate 5
02/08/1934 Kellogg Pact Scored By Harold Nicholson 5
02/08/1934 War Moves By Us Are Seen In Tokyo 6
02/08/1934 (U.S. Ambassador To Russia William C.) Bullitt To Sail For Russia Feb. 15 6
02/08/1934 Note of Hate Sent To Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 21
02/09/1934 Austria Uncovers A Socialist ‘Plot’ Leaders Are Arrested 1
02/09/1934 Sugar Quotas Set On All Producers By The President (Roosevelt) Text, P. 12 1
02/09/1934 (Harold L.) Ickes (Sec. of Interior & PWA Administrator) Finds Power of Wealthy Ended Ridicules (Ogden L.) Mills’ Speech 1
02/09/1934 90% Profit Made On Army’s Planes ‘Plunder’ (Gen. ‘Billy’) Mitchell Says 2
02/09/1934 Washington Refuses Geneva’s Gold Plea 4
02/09/1934 Reprisal On French Planned In Britain 4
02/09/1934 Troops Now Guard Buildings In Paris 5
02/09/1934 Pretender (Duc De Guise) Urges Throne On France 5
02/09/1934 Lyon Rioting Continues 5
02/09/1934 Austria Is Listing Nazis’ Outrages Fredrick T. Birchall, Vienna 6
02/09/1934 Picture: Vice Chancellor of Austria, Emil Fey 6
02/09/1934 Man Takes Bride’s Name By Nazi Inheritance Law 6
02/09/1934 More Germans Employed 285,000 Taken Off List of Jobless In January 6
02/09/1934 James G. Mc Donald Is Hurrying Home 7
02/09/1934 Columbia Seeks Warships 7
02/09/1934 Sugar Quota Held Great Aid To Cuba (Batista) 13
02/09/1934 11,060 Loans Made To Jews On Farms (Jewish Agricultural Society, Inc., Founded 1900) 24
02/10/1934 Drastic Stock Market Bill Provides Federal Control; Outlaws 9 Types of Deals Text, Pp. 607 1
02/10/1934 Paris Riots Flare After Doumergue Forms A Cabinet 1
02/10/1934 Vienna Foes Unite Against Heimwehr Governor Balks Fascists G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 1
02/10/1934 Army Plane Profit Held Exaggerated (By Asst. Sec. of War, Harry H. Woodring) 4
02/10/1934 Russian Reds See Mechanized Army Walter Duranty, Moscow 4
02/10/1934 (U.S. Ambassador William C.) Bullitt To Have 24 On Moscow Staff 4
02/10/1934 6 Months’ Labor Needed To Enter Reich Colleges 4
02/10/1934 Japan’s New Envoy (Hiroshi Saito) Hopeful of Peace Makes Light of Issues 5
02/10/1934 (Roosevelt) Sugar Quota Plan Acclaimed In Cuba Army Status (Batista) Legalized 5
02/10/1934 Japan To Increase Navy Manoeuvres Grand Games Once Held Once In Three Years, To Be Conducted Annually In Future Hugh Byas, Tokyo 5
02/10/1934 Pictures: Outstanding Frenchmen Chosen For The Doumergue Cabinet Includes Pierre Laval & Philip Petain 16
02/10/1934 Doumergue Unites Rival In Cabinet Socialists Not Included 16
02/11/1934 Strikers Smash Hotel Windows; 1,500 Defy Police On Broadway 1
02/11/1934 Doumergue Moves To Rally Powers In Aid of Austria 1
02/11/1934 Devaluation Policy Announce By Czechs 3
02/11/1934 Soviet Plan Cuts Imports Sharply Walter Duranty, Moscow 5
02/11/1934 Christian Council (In Germany, Involved With [U.S.] Federal Council of Churches of Christ In America) Protests On Nazis Sympathy For (Jewish) Refugees 6
02/11/1934 Nazis Is Convicted On Ebert’s Charge 6
02/11/1934 (Reich Bishop Ludwig Mueller) Says Hitler Backs Nazi Protestants Split With Goering Seen Chancellor Opposes ‘Clubbing’ Church 7
02/11/1934 Kin of (Bulgarian Communist & Reichstag Fire Figure, Georgi) Dimitroff Forbidden To Talk (In Germany) 7
02/11/1934 (Germany) To Aid Unwed Mothers Without Condemning Them 8
02/11/1934 Cuba Sees Big Aid In (Roosevelt) Quota On Sugar 9
02/11/1934 Amnesty Granted To 35,000 In Japan 11
02/11/1934 French Treasury Is Again Depleted Gold Exodus Continues 14
02/11/1934 Roosevelt Urges (Boy) Scouts Aid Needy Boy Scouts Here Hail Roosevelt 28
02/11/1934 (Rabbi Jonah B. Wise, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) Calls Jews On Reich Aid 32
02/11/1934 Roosevelt Tells Tall Fish Stories 33
02/11/1934 Six Months Added To CCC Camp Life New Recruiting Planned 33
02/11/1934 Keel Is Laid For Destroyer Dale 34
02/11/1934 $11,472,000 More Gold Arrives From Abroad 42
02/11/1934 Munich Becoming ‘Capital’ of Nazis Anne O’hare Mc Cormick, Munich E-2
02/11/1934 World Peril Seen In Paris Situation Cites German Ambition E-9
02/11/1934 Spengler, Oswald, The Hour of Decision, Alfred Knopf, N.Y Book 1
02/11/1934 Hull Sets Our His Philosophy of Trade Mag. 4
02/11/1934 Brown Shirts Rule The German Campus Mag. 9
02/12/1934 Nazi State Fights Catholic Churce To Curb Its Power 200 Priests Held In Year Otto D. Tolischus, Munich 1
02/12/1934 (Gen. Vassily) Bluecher Charges Japan Plans War Walter Duranty, Moscow 1
02/12/1934 French Labor Out On General Strike To Warn Fascists 1
02/12/1934 Benefits To Nation In Ccc Work Told 2
02/12/1934 (Adolf A.) Berle Sr. In Church Talk Likens Problems of The New Deal To Early Obstacles of Christianity 3
02/12/1934 Vienna Completes Case Against Reich On All The Forms of Interference Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 8
02/12/1934 Dollfuss (Patriotic Front) To Meet Heimwehr Wishes 8
02/12/1934 Protestant War In Reich Quiescent Guido Enderis, Berlin 9
02/12/1934 Chiang (Kai-Shek Nanking) Prepares To Subdue Canton Momentous (Civil) War Is Seen 11
02/12/1934 France Threatens Britain On Quotas 16
02/13/1934 129 Austrians Killed In Civil War; Socialists Declare General Strike; Dolfus (Patriotic Front) Bans Party; Nazis (‘Heimwehr’) Lie Low Martial Law In Effect Socialists Loosing Fight Frederick T. Birchall & G.E.R. Gedye Both In Vienna 1
02/13/1934 Britain Sees Disarmament Moves Nullified (By Austrian Events), Forcing Change In Her Continental Policy 1
02/13/1934 Germans See Gain By Austrian Nazis 1
02/13/1934 France Crippled By Orderly Strike 1
02/13/1934 Pictures: Leaders of The Suppressed (Austrian) Socialist Party 2
02/13/1934 Vienna Since 1918 A Socialist Center Cost To Taxpayers High 2
02/13/1934 Dollfuss Slated Doom of Socialists Vienna Feared Germany 2
02/13/1934 Vienna Tenements Turned Into Forts 3
02/13/1934 Writer Sees Fight In Vienna Streets 3
02/13/1934 Pictures: Dr. Engelbert Dollfuss (Patriotic Front) Austrian Chancellor 3
02/13/1934 Dollfuss Sends Greetings With His Trade Mission 3
02/13/1934 Firm Note On Arms Expected of France Rejection of Hitler’s Demands 3
02/13/1934 Nazi Leader (Hans Schlemm, Minister of Culture And Education) Sees Church In No Peril Hopes For End of Dispute Otto D. Tolischus, Munich 4
02/13/1934 (Charles Edward) Russell (Pro Palestine Federation of America), Nazi Foe, Hailed By Mayor (La Guardia) 4
02/13/1934 A. F. of L. Supports Anti Nazi Review (Madison Square Garden Extravaganza Co Sponsored With American Jewish Congress [Rabbi Stephen S. Wise] To Be Presented March 7 ‘The Case of Civilization Against Hitlerism’) 4
02/13/1934 France Denounces (Trade) Pacts With Britain 5
02/13/1934 Nazi Boycott Meeting Set (Samuel Untermyer’s Non Sectarian Anti Nazi League To Champion Human Rights & Grand Street Boys’ Association) 5
02/13/1934 Finland Tries 28 As Spies of Soviet 6
02/13/1934 Polish (Foreign) Minister (Col. Josef Beck) Off For Moscow To Allay Soviet Fears On Warsaw Berlin Pact Russia Praised In Press 6
02/13/1934 Wants Roosevelt To Give (Ww I War) Debt Data 8
02/13/1934 Free Speech Safe Says Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler New Deal Is Scrutinized 14
02/14/1934 Government Is Winning In Austria; Socialists Fight On, Nazis Alone Will Benefit, Hundreds Dead Frederick T. Birchall & G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 1
02/14/1934 Joint (French British Italian) Army Urged To Rescue Austria 1
02/14/1934 French Tone Sharp In Reply For Berlin Guarantee Demanded 1
02/14/1934 Nazi Regime Shuns Stand On Austria Dollfuss Is Assailed 2
02/14/1934 Britain Continues Policy On Austria 2
02/14/1934 Jews Are Permitted To Quit (Viennese) Battle Zone 3
02/14/1934 New Chief Marks End of ‘Red Vienna’ 3
02/14/1934 Nazis And Church Groping For Issue Otto D. Tolischus, Munich 4
02/14/1934 France Is Calmer; Returns To Work 600 Seized During Strike 4
02/14/1934 Pope Bans Books By 2 Nazi Leaders (Dr. Alfred Rosenberg & Ernst Bergmann) 4
02/14/1934 War Peril Wanes In Southern China Hallett Abend, Shanghai 5
02/14/1934 New Tokyo Envoy Makes Peace Plea (To U.S.) Roosevelt’s Reply Urges Mutual Confidence In Affairs In Pacific Region 5
02/14/1934 Scottsboro (Alabama Rape Trial) Drama (‘They Shall Not Die,’ A Drama By John Wexley) Barred In Capital 23
02/15/1934 Socialists Renew Fighting After Retreat In Vienna; Dollfuss Offers Amnesty 1
02/15/1934 Dollfuss Regime Betrays Anxiety Foreign Sympathy Wanes Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 1
02/15/1934 1,000 Riot In 5th Ave. In Austria Protest 1
02/15/1934 British Sympathy Lost By Dollfuss Nazi Action Is Feared 2
02/15/1934 Austria Hangs Two (One Captured Carrying Arms) In Vienna Revolt 2
02/15/1934 Metternich Horrors Again Seen In Vienna ‘Hanging General’ In Revolt of 1848 2
02/15/1934 Czechs Shun Vienna Row 2
02/15/1934 Dollfuss Inspects Troops At ‘Front’ Sees Revolt Near End 3
02/15/1934 Germans Condemn Austrian ‘Murder’ Leading Nazi Newspaper Says Dollfuss’s Bullets Will Make National Socialists 3
02/15/1934 New (U.S.) Trade Amity With Reich Seen (George S.) Messersmith (Deponent of Many Anti NSDAP Affidavits At The Nuernberg Trials) Retiring Consul At Berlin, Says Both Nations Must Increase Exports 4
02/15/1934 Mayor (La Guardia) And (William) Green (A. F. of L.) Press Nazi Ban (Boycott Samuel Untermyer’s Non Sectarian Anti Nazi League To Champion Human Rights Other Notables Present) 4
02/15/1934 Jews In Germany Summoned To Unite 4
02/15/1934 (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) Spurs ‘War’ On Hitler Tells Jewish Women It Is Fight In Self Defense 4
02/15/1934 Ban On Arms Sales Fails In Britain No Aid To Peace Is Seen 5
02/15/1934 Roosevelt Favors Frank Ship Subsidy Aid Is Held Essential 11
02/16/1934 Ickes Warns City To Push Jobs Or Lose Pwa Loans 1
02/16/1934 Heimwehr (Starhemberg) Turns On Dollfuss (Patriotic Front) Party Blames ‘Democratic Politicians’ For Austrian Strife 1
02/16/1934 Austrian Socialists Yield; Leaders Flee The Country Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 1
02/16/1934 Russians Admire (Socialist) Austrian Rebels Walter Duranty, Moscow 2
02/16/1934 Reds Had No Part In Austrian Rising Marxism Taken Over 2
02/16/1934 Many Jews Re Enter Poland From Austria 2
02/16/1934 Women Were Active In Austrian Warfare 2
02/16/1934 (U.S. Ambassador William C.) Bullitt Off For Moscow Gets Farewell From Russians 2
02/16/1934 Nazi Austria Sure Germans Are Told 3
02/16/1934 Paris Holds Reich Has Large Armies Insists Special Guards And The Storm Troops Are Really Military Units 4
02/16/1934 Vienna Firing Ends, Socialists Disarmed 4
02/16/1934 Kaiser In 2 Years Forecast In Reich Hitler One Possibility Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 5
02/16/1934 (The Central Trades And) Labor Council Votes To Boycott Germany Martin Plettl, Exiled Worker, Says Nazis Have Made Slaves of Employee Class 5
02/16/1934 (James G.) M’donald (League High Commissioner For Refugees From Germany) Is Back From Jewish Parley 5
02/16/1934 Nazi Chief (Frick) Explains Reich Curb On Jews 5
02/16/1934 British Commons Backs Trade War (With France) 6
02/16/1934 (New Deal ‘Braintruster,’ Guy Rexford) Tugwell Sees End of Laissez Faire New Deal Just A Start 15
02/16/1934 Navy Takes Over New Cruiser (‘New Orleans’) Here 10,000 Ton ‘Miniature Battleship’(New Match For German Pocket Battleships of Deutschland Class) 21
02/16/1934 Paris Gold Stocks Reach 2 Year Low 27
02/17/1934 Vienna Quiet Again; Nazis Woo Rebels Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 1
02/17/1934 $100,000,000 Gold (Receipts) Sets Day’s Record 1
02/17/1934 Reich Gets Grace of Year On Debts Interest Rate Unchanged 1
02/17/1934 5,000 Reds Battle With Socialists At (Madison Square) Garden (Socialist) Rally 1
02/17/1934 Soviet And Britain Sign Trade Treaty 1
02/17/1934 Deficit In Exports Shocks The Nazis Shift Is Laid To Boycott (By U.S. & Other Countries) 2
02/17/1934 3 Powers Discuss Warning To Nazis 3
02/17/1934 Socialists Swept From Vienna Posts 3
02/17/1934 Von Seeckt To Train Armies For Nanking (Chiang Kai-Shek) 3
02/17/1934 Hitler Said To Decry Dollfuss’s Violence 3
02/17/1934 3 More Austrians Hanged 3
02/17/1934 (Cardinal Faulhaber, Munich) Decries Sterilization Offends Conscience 3
02/18/1934 Nazi Germany Is Cautioned By Britain, France And Italy To Keep Hands Off Austria Text, P. 1 1
02/18/1934 Dollfuss Spurned Socialists; Aid Fugitive Party Leader Declares 1
02/18/1934 King Albert (Belgium) Falls To Death 1
02/18/1934 $87,000,000 In Gold Swells Flow Here 3
02/18/1934 French Bar Talks While Reich Arms Prompt Showdown Is Aim 26
02/18/1934 Czech Socialists Assail Dollfuss 26
02/18/1934 Germany Will Free 3 Bulgarian Reds (Georgi Dimitroff, Blagoi Popoff & Wassil Taneff) 26
02/18/1934 Socialists Joining Nazis For Revenge More Vienna Skirmishes 26
02/18/1934 Campaign of Nazis Reopens In Vienna Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 26
02/18/1934 Nazis Send Workmen To Alps For Vacation (Kraft Durch Freude) 26
02/18/1934 Polish Soviet Pact Reported Extended 26
02/18/1934 (John Dickenson, Ass’t. Sec. of Commerce) Holds Roosevelt Averted Dictator 29
02/18/1934 18 British Fascists Held In ‘Tithe War’ (Seizure of Live Stock For Church Payments) 29
02/18/1934 Leopold Succeeds To (Belgian) Throne At 32 Served In Ranks In War 31
02/18/1934 Reds Denounced For (Madison Square) Garden Raid 32
02/18/1934 Dollfuss Ends Lo Year Rule of The Socialists In Vienna G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna E-1
02/18/1934 Nervous Europe Awaits Move By Nazis In Austria Edwin L. James E-1
02/18/1934 Blood of Victims (Dead From Hydrogen Cyanide ‘Zyklon B Gas’) Used As Ink In Death Record (An Accident In The Fumigation of A House In Buffalo, N.Y.) E-1
02/18/1934 England Worried By ‘Unemployables’ E-2
02/18/1934 We Are Held Able To Stave Off War E-2
02/18/1934 Goebbels Orator In Varied Fields Guido Enderis, Berlin E-2
02/18/1934 Nazis Start Series of New Feast Days Abolish Jewish Holidays E-2
02/18/1934 Amity For France Urged On Britain Augur, London E-3
02/18/1934 Russia’s Trend To Main Street Anne O’hare Mc Cormick Mag. 1
02/18/1934 His Mother (Mrs. Sara Delano Roosevelt) Tells About The President Mag. 3
02/18/1934 Steering Britain Through Heavy Seas Sir Herbert Samuel (A Well Known Zionist, First [Jewish] High Commissioner For Palestine Under British Mandate) Mag. 6
02/18/1934 France Looks To A Prime Average Man Gastounet Gaston Doumergue Mag. 7
02/18/1934 All Europe Watches The Austrian Drama XX-1
02/19/1934 Tension of Soviet With Japan Eases Walter Duranty, Moscow 5
02/19/1934 (Japan) Hears China Is Using U.S. Loan For Arming 5
02/19/1934 Mgr. Ryan Assails Sterilization Aim 5
02/19/1934 Spain And Vatican In New Dispute 5
02/19/1934 (Jewish National Fund) Plans To Put $500,000 In Palestine Land (Purchases For Jewish Immigrants) 5
02/19/1934 Nazis To Curb Film Ideas Abroad Goebbels Made Dictator 6
02/19/1934 Nazis Would Unite Writers of The World 6
02/19/1934 Mock Trial of Hitler (By ‘Liberals, Anti Nazis & Jewish Representatives’) To Be Held At (Madison Square) Garden (Anti German Extravaganza A Preview of The Nuernberg Trials Perhaps?) 6
02/19/1934 Cardinal (Faulhaber, Munich) Nits Nazis Again 6
02/19/1934 Dollfuss Charges Fanatics’ Revolt He Denies Class War 7
02/19/1934 Fight On Dollfuss Will Be Continued Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 7
02/19/1934 Austrian Death Toll Is Still Put At 1,000 7
02/19/1934 Capt. (Robert Anthony) Eden Seeks 11 Power Meeting (Includes U.S.) Clarence K. Streit, Geneva 8
02/20/1934 Soviet Has Huge Army In Siberia; 600 Planes In Vladivostok Area 1
02/20/1934 Nazis Give Austria 8 Days To Submit Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 1
02/20/1934 Austrian Fascists Hang Bruck Mayor 2
02/20/1934 British Ask Mercy For Dollfuss Foes 2
02/20/1934 Italo German Rift Over Austria Seen 2
02/20/1934 Reich Army Adds Swastika Emblem 2
02/20/1934 Berlin Skeptical On Talk With Eden Guido Enderis 2
02/20/1934 U.S. May Halt Work For Disarmament (Norman H. Davis) 2
02/20/1934 Reich Bars Boy Scouts 2
02/20/1934 Incoming Gold Tide Swamps Assayers 5
02/20/1934 Text of The Code For Daily Newspapers As Finally Approved By President Roosevelt 8
02/20/1934 Text of Executive Order For Newspapers 8
02/21/1934 Jewish Leader (Sir Osmond D’avigdor Goldsmid, Chairman, Council of The Jewish Agency of England) Arrives (Met By Felix Warburg, Banker & Active In Joint Distribution Committee To Discuss Funds ‘For Jewish Exiles’) 7
02/21/1934 Soviet Warnings Alarm Japanese 12
02/21/1934 Germany Has Cut Foreign Debt 46% Devaluation Played Part United States Is Still Reich’s Chief Creditor 13
02/21/1934 British Disgusted By (Georgi) Dimitroff Case 13
02/21/1934 Eden Begins Talks On Arms In Berlin Reich Seeks Czech Pact 13
02/21/1934 284 Physicians of Berlin Have Left Nazi Germany (Statistics) 13
02/21/1934 $45,000,000 In Gold Comes Here In Day Assay Office Swamped 15
02/21/1934 Writer (Valentine Thompson) Calls Hitler King of Demagogues 15
02/21/1934 (Neville) Chamberlain Is Cool To Currency Parley 15
02/22/1934 Soviet Farm Work Showing Progress Walter Duranty, Moscow 13
02/22/1934 (Socialist) Prisoners Beaten Austrian Charges Says Heimwehr Men Used Butts of Rifles Five Socialists Left Say They Were Not Ill Treated There G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 14
02/22/1934 Picture: Dolfuss Sees Troops March Against Socialists 14
02/22/1934 Reich Church Gets Foreign Office 14
02/22/1934 Questions Innocence of Austrian (Socialist) Rebels 14
02/22/1934 Reich Curbs Emigrants Foreign Exchange Available For Jews Is Greatly Reduced 14
02/22/1934 Nazis Unify Ties Abroad 14
02/22/1934 Germans Consider Return To Geneva Guido Enderis, Berlin 15
02/22/1934 Count (Max) Hardegg Held As Nazi In Austria 15
02/22/1934 (French Company) Asserts Rights To ‘Mumm’ (Champaign Trade Mark In U.S. A. Treaty of Versailles Booty) 15
02/23/1934 Germany Modifies Demands On Areas Guido Enderis, Berlin 1
02/23/1934 Dolfuss Pledges Moderate Course Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 3
02/23/1934 Soviet Threatens Reprisal On Reich Goering Hitler Rift Seen 3
02/23/1934 Dutch Sentence A Writer (Heinz Liebmann, ‘A German’) For Insult To Hindenburg 3
02/23/1934 Denies Mistreating Socialist Captives 3
02/23/1934 Nation Cautioned On Dictator Trend (By British Born Episcopal Bishop William T. Manning & Dean Carl W. Ackerman, School of Journalism, Columbia University) 7
02/23/1934 Schacht Opposes Money Tampering 32
02/24/1934 President (Roosevelt) Calls Experts To Confer On Foreign Trade 1
02/24/1934 Leopold Ascends Belgian Throne 1
02/24/1934 Nazi Lull Shows Peril To Austria But Italy Bars The Way Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 1
02/24/1934 France Plans Big Expansion In Air Force; Italy Seeks Pact Preserving Arms Status 1
02/24/1934 Japan Is Hopeful of Accord With Us. Seeks Our Friendship Hugh Byas, Tokyo 4
02/24/1934 (Bishop Ludwig) Mueller Defied In The Rhineland 5
02/24/1934 Prussia Bans Tuberculin; Scores Jewish Discoverer 5
02/24/1934 (Warsaw University Senate) Removes ‘Aryan’ Clause 5
02/25/1934 Heimwehr March On Vienna Is Seen; Fascists Mobilize 1
02/25/1934 Briton Says (British) Fascists Gave Him Castor Oil 9
02/25/1934 Prince Goal Is Seen For U.S. And Japan Talk of War Deplored (By Prince Tokugawa) Text, P. 20 20
02/25/1934 Soviet Submarines Ready For Action Fay Gittis, Vladivostok 21
02/25/1934 Pope Scores Move Toward Paganism Fight In Reich Expected 26
02/25/1934 Polish Reich (Non Aggression) Treaty Becomes Effective 26
02/25/1934 Hitler Binds Aides By An Oath Today Otto D. Tolischus, Berlin 27
02/25/1934 Hitler ‘Disdains’ Triumphs Abroad Hails Spirit of Army 27
02/25/1934 Spain Rejects Reich Bid To Police Saar Balloting 27
02/25/1934 Enthronement of Pu Yi Tests (Henry L.) Stimson’s Policy Edwin L. James E-1
02/25/1934 Air Mail Brings Break In Luck of Roosevelt (See Following Articles As They Apply To Army Pilots!) Arthur Krock E-1
02/25/1934 Victors In Austria Divided On Spoils G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna E-1
02/25/1934 Wide Insurrection In Europe Feared Sir Philip Gibb (First of A Number of Articles) E-2
02/25/1934 New Names Suggested For Jews In Yugoslavia E-2
02/25/1934 Reich Will Shorten Physicians’ Training E-2
02/25/1934 Black Shirt Ban Studied In Britain E-3
02/25/1934 Says Race Science Is Basic Nazi Creed E-3
02/25/1934 Geneva Grateful For Stimson Action Aggressiveness Feared Clarence K. Streit, Geneva E-3
02/25/1934 Beard, Charles A., The Idea of National Interest, The Mac Millan Co., N.Y. Charles A. Beard Surveys Our Foreign Relationships Book 3
02/25/1934 Duranty, Walter (Picture), Duranty Reports Russia. Viking Press, N.Y Book 3
02/25/1934 The Last Stronghold of Socialism In Europe Falls Before The Guns of The Austrian Government Roto.
02/26/1934 9 Students Found Dead In Dartmouth Fraternity From (Carbon) Monoxide Poisoning Gas From Poorly Banked Fire 1
02/26/1934 Nazis Tone Down Demand On Vienna Offers Trade Assistance Frederick T. Birchall, Vienna 8
02/26/1934 (Austria) Will Intern Socialists To Establish Camps For Them Like Germany 8
02/26/1934 1,000,000 Swear Fealty To Hitler 9
02/26/1934 Prince (Iyesato Tokugawa) Says Japan Needs Our Amity Isolation Not Desired Trade With Us Exceeds Figures of Any Other Country 11
02/27/1934 Monarchists Rally In Vienna With Heimwehr Chief Present G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 1
02/27/1934 Reich And Poland In ‘Propaganda Treaty’; Press And Radio To Implement Peace Pact 1
02/27/1934 President (Oscar Benavides) of Peru Urges Us As Model Asks Our Aid On Debts 5
02/27/1934 German Mill Director Held For Employing Jew 5
02/27/1934 Mussolini Agrees With Eden On Arms 6
02/27/1934 Italian Diplomacy Arouses Germans 6
02/27/1934 Socialism’s Revival In Austria Predicted 6
02/27/1934 Radek Sees Fascism As Leading To War; Soviet Writer Pictures Austria As ‘Cockpit’ 6
02/27/1934 Once Jailed As A Nazi (Under Weimar Republic) Now Arrested As A Red 6
02/27/1934 (Hearn Department Store Chain) Boycotts German Goods (Bernard S. Deutsch, Current President of American Jewish Congress & N.Y. City Functionary; Joseph Tenenbaum, Federation of Polish Jews In America & Chairman of Joint Boycott Committee) 6
02/27/1934 (Prince Starhemberg) Reassures Vienna Jews 6
02/27/1934 British Fleet (Largest Assemblage Since Ww I) Off For Atlantic Drill 7
02/28/1934 Austria Is Fascist, Says Starhemberg (Heimwehr Chief); Monarchy To Wait G.E.R. Gedye, Vienna 1
02/28/1934 Reich Frees Three (Bulgarian Communists Goergi Dimitroff Et Al.) At Soviet Demand Flown To Moscow Otto. D. Tolischus, Berlin 1
02/28/1934 Pope Makes (Munich, Michael) Cardinal Faulhaber An Envoy To Give Him Immunity From Nazi Arrest 1
02/28/1934 Increase In Arms Studied In France 5
02/28/1934 (Goergi) Dimitroff Defies Germans To Last Three Hailed In Moscow Walter Duranty, Moscow 6
02/28/1934 Act To Help Jews Settle In Russia Lord Marley Explains Calls Biro Bidjan ‘Safest Spot In World’ 6
02/28/1934 (Mrs. Gifford Pinchot) Sees (Christian) Obligation To Jews 6
02/28/1934 Japan Shuns War Says Tokugawa Hails Columbia (University) Influence 7
02/28/1934 Japan To Protest On Soviet Flights (Over Korea) 7
02/28/1934 Britain To Fight Japanese Imports Bicycles Are Boycotted 41