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William Lindsey collection — 1940 NYT headlines

January 1940
Date Headline Page
01/01/1940 1940 Born In Wild Revelry; Good Year For Nation Seen 11
01/01/1940 Finns Smash A Red Division; Halt Move To Cut Country-Win Major Victory-Vast War Booty Seized As Russians Flee In Two Defeats 1
01/01/1940 Uruguay Forces Nazi Ship (Tacoma) To Leave (After 24 Hours-British ‘Achilles’ & At Least Two Destroyers Waiting-Picture, P. 3) 1
01/01/1940 Procope Sees 1940 As Fateful Year (For Finns) 4
01/01/1940 Finns’ New Year Is Quiet And Grim-Cafes Celebrate Victory 6
01/01/1940 Londoners Are Gay Despite Dark City-But Scots Are Subdued 7
01/01/1940 Reich Is Enforcing Its Ban Upon News-Neutral Papers Barred-Listening To Any Foreigners (Radios) Banned 10
01/01/1940 (Dr. Josef) Goebbels Sees ‘39 As A ‘German Year’ 11
01/01/1940 (Czech) Benes Forecasts Nazi Peace Offer 14
01/01/1940 Soviet Drop In Favor In U.S.Found Sharp (Gallup Poll) 14
01/01/1940 Hull Voices Hope For Peace In 1940 15
01/01/1940 Blaze Path (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment) Urges U.S. 16
01/01/1940 (Herbert) Lehman Finds Hope In Roosevelt Plea (To Religious Leaders) 18
01/01/1940 Best In Armament Pledged For Army-Force Will Remain Small (About ¼ Million) 21
01/01/1940 Holland Gloomy On War And Peace 33
01/01/1940 Shipbuilding 74% Above A Year Ago 41
01/02/1940 Uruguay Interns German Freighter (‘Tacoma’) 1
01/02/1940 Britain To Call Up 2,000,000 More Men 5
01/02/1940 Nazis Watch U.S. On (Reaction To British U.S.) Mail Seizures 5
01/02/1940 Picture: Governor Of Puerto Rico Back To Ask Federal Aid-Admiral William D. Leahy 6
01/02/1940 Calls (U.S.) Army Year Busiest In Peace (Louis Johnson) 6
01/02/1940 Hitler Admirer (Unity Freeman-Mitford) Reported Shot (In Germany) 6
01/02/1940 France Expecting Real Test In 1940 (Lebrun) 7
01/02/1940 Allied Sea Power Is Still Dominant Despite Vigorous Blows By Nazis 8
01/02/1940 (Curran) Attacks Transfer (By U.S.) Of Ships To Norway (Registry Or To That Of Panama)-Cites Lusitania Disaster-Accuses United States Lines And Maritime Commission Of ‘Smoke Screen’ Tactics 8
01/02/1940 (British) Bishops Not Agreed On ‘War To A Finish’ 8
01/02/1940 Christians Share Jewish Exile Fund (Uja) 14
01/02/1940 Industrial Profit Spurred By War 35
01/02/1940 War Emergency Spur To Treasury (Henry Morgenthau) 45
01/02/1940 All Areas Topped 1938 Trade Volume 53
01/02/1940 Chemical Exports Increased By War 56
01/03/1940 U.S. Protests British (U.S.) Mail Seizures (On High Seas)-Hague Pact Cited-British Defend Practice-Say Interception Of Funds Sent To Reich Is Vital (And Profitable!) To Economic Blockade-Washington Holds Ban On Sea Search Applies To Control Ports (And There The Issue Remained!) 1
01/03/1940 Hull Disclaims White House Aims (Ambitions) 3
01/03/1940 Cold Rivals Finns As Russians’ Foes; Weather Kills As Many As Bullets-Soviet Lost 12,000 In Battle On Lake (Kianta) 4
01/03/1940 Reich Concerned Over Aid To Finns 4
01/03/1940 $101,073 Is Collected For Finnish Relief 5
01/03/1940 (Roosevelt-Inspired 500-Mile) Safety-Zone Plan (Around Americas) A ‘Joke’ Says (Senator Robert) Taft 6
01/03/1940 British Mined Areas Charted By U.S. Navy (Cooperation?) 6
01/03/1940 Plotted Black Tom (World War I Sabotage) Says Von Rintelen (Deserted Germans For British Side And Gave Them This Statement) 7
01/03/1940 French Deny Plan To Oust (‘Republican’ [Communist]) Spaniards (As A Result Of A Washington Query) 8
01/03/1940 Unity Mitford Ill, On Way To England 9
01/03/1940 Reich Renews Attack On Press Of Belgium (Attacked As ‘Pro-Allied’) 10
01/03/1940 Fumigation Fumes (Hcn-’Zyklon B Gas’) Kill Two On Ship-2 Exterminators Held 23
01/03/1940 Traders Grateful At Hills Protest (Of British Seizure Of U.S. Mail, Bound For Germany, On The High Seas)-Censorship Is Also Scored 40
01/03/1940 Shoes, Glove Makers In Reich Hit By War-Shortage Of Leather 40
01/04/1940 Roosevelt Hopes To Keep Us At Peace; Navy Wants War Power For President (Roosevelt)-For Emergency Use 1
01/04/1940 (U.S.) Debt $41,942,456,008 On Dec. 31 1
01/04/1940 Sustains $50,000.000 Black Tom Awards 8
01/04/1940 Miss Mitford (-Freeman) Back, Army Guards Pier 9
01/04/1940 Mexican Belittles Value Of (Mexican Oil) Seizures (Properties Confiscated From U.S. Oil Companies By Mexico) 11
01/04/1940 Roosevelt’s Annual Message On ‘The State Of The Union’ 12
01/04/1940 Roosevelt Evokes British Approval 13
01/04/1940 (Senator) Borah Eschews Opening, Fearing (The Irresistible Magic Of The) Roosevelt Voice 14
01/05/1940 (U.S. Att’y. Gen., Frank) Murphy Appointed To Supreme Court (Robert H.) Jackson Promoted (From Solicitor General To Att’y. Gen.-Francis Beverly Biddle Named New Solicitor General-Picture, P. 10-All Roosevelt-Appointed Handymen) 1
01/05/1940 Mexican Court Finds (U.S.) Oil Firms (Whose Property Was Confiscated By Mexico) Defaulted 3
01/05/1940 Britain To Allow Some Reich Trade-Washington Is Skeptical (But Cooperative!) 4
01/05/1940 Reich Names Staff For War Economy 5
01/05/1940 Unity Mitford Said Not To Know Of War 5
01/05/1940 Reich Acknowledges Americas’ (‘Roosevelt’s’ Safety Belt) Protest (The Declaration Of Panama) 6
01/05/1940 Panama Pact Held No Futile Gesture (By Hull, In Reply To Taft) 6
01/05/1940 All British Ships Are Requisitioned 6
01/05/1940 (Father) Coughlin Suit (Against Detroit Free Press) Dropped 7
01/05/1940 Red Menace Called Greater Than Nazis (Gallup Poll) 7
01/05/1940 Jews Lay Torture To Nazis In Poland 8
01/05/1940 France Welcomes Roosevelt (‘State Of The Union’) Speech-Berlin Sees Nothing New 9
01/05/1940 (Robert H.)Jackson, (Francis Beverly) Biddle Get Higher Posts 11
01/05/1940 Pictures: George S. Messersmith, Ambassador To Cuba; John Cudahy, Ambassador To Belgium, Breckinridge Long, Ass’t Secretary Of State (New Roosevelt Appointees) 11
01/06/1940 Chamberlain Shifts British Cabinet; Hore-Belisha Is Out As War Minister 1
01/06/1940 German Press Warns Scandinavians-Allied Plans Stressed 1
01/06/1940 Britain Takes Ship Of U.S. To War Zone (Text Of Resulting U.S. Note, P. 3) 1
01/06/1940 U.S. And Argentina End Trade Parley 1
01/06/1940 6 U.S. Ships (20-Year Old Freighters) Sold (By U.S.) To Great Britain 2
01/06/1940 Reich Established Ghettos In Poland (In Lieu Of Lublin Reserve) 2
01/06/1940 Text Of Hull Note To British 2
01/06/1940 Mexican Oil Head Accuses Workers-Nationalized (Oil) Industry (Property Expropriated From U.S. Oil Firms) Is In Disastrous State-Costs Up, Output Slack 5
01/07/1940 (U.S.) Liner Manhattan Held At Gibraltar (By British) 1
01/07/1940 Nazis Forbid Jews In Poland To Move 36
01/07/1940 Nazis Issue Booklet To Back Athenia Case 44
01/07/1940 (Fulgencio) Batista Projects Closer U.S. Bond 45
01/07/1940 Tokyo Envoy Seeks Temporary Pact (With U.S.)-Modus Vivendi (To Replace Expiring Trade Pact) Is Possible 46
01/07/1940 Palestine Called Polish Jews’ Hope-(Herbert) Lehman Acclaims Fund (United Palestine Appeal-3,000,000 Jews Need Help) 47
01/07/1940 (U.S.) Career Diplomats Go To War College 47
01/07/1940 New Nazi Ban On Jews 47
01/07/1940 The News Of The Week In Review-F. D. R. States His Case E-3
01/07/1940 Again Washing Sees A War For Democracy-Tragedy Of The Last Effort E-3
01/07/1940 Why The Russian Army Has Bogged In Finland E-5
01/07/1940 A Fair Nazi (Unity Mitford-Freeman) Back In England (Picture Plus Review Of Story) E-5
01/07/1940 Roosevelt Views Point To Aid In World Peace E-7
01/07/1940 Dictator For Us? No Need Is Seen Even If We Enter Into War E-9
01/08/1940 Bigotry Imperils All, (U.S. Att’y Gen. Frank) Murphy Says-Jews Only A ‘Smoke Screen’ 1
01/08/1940 Britain Releases Liner Manhattan (From Gibraltar After Having Searched It, Text, P. 4) 1
01/08/1940 New Group (American Committee For International Information, Dr. William Jay Schieffelin, Chairman-To ‘Neutralize Propaganda’) To Fight Foreign (Almost Always Means ‘German’) Propaganda 7
01/08/1940 Lord Marley (Jewish) Asks U.S. To Admit Refugees (In Speech To Ort At Temple Rodelph Shalom) 9
01/08/1940 Dictators Scored By Both Lehmans (Herbert & Irving) 17
01/09/1940 Ship Board Allows Sale Of 2 Vessels (To Canada & Holland) 2
01/09/1940 Swiftest Planes Forecast For U.S. 3
01/09/1940 Foreign (‘U.S.’) Credit Asked For Finland By Ryti 5
01/09/1940 Education By Nazis Started In Poland 6
01/09/1940 Our Imports From Reich Drop To 1 Per Cent 6
01/09/1940 (Admiral Harold R. Stark) Says A Coalition Might Beat (U.S.) Navy 8
01/09/1940 War Issues Board Set Up By Hull-Facing Of Probable Economic Shocks Stressed In Naming Of Group Headed By (Hull’s Enemy, Sumner) Welles 9
01/09/1940 Reich Bars Passage Of Planes To Finns 9
01/09/1940 Sharp Watch Kept On German Armies (By Allies)-Hitler’s Plans A Mystery 10
01/09/1940 Anti-Lynching Bill Up In House Today-(Representative Hamilton) Fish Denounces Mob Killings 13
01/09/1940 (New U.S. Att’y. Gen.) R. H. Jackson Urges President (Roosevelt) To Wait (On Third Term Decision) 14
01/09/1940 Wallace Declares For A Third Term (For Roosevelt, To No Ones Surprise) 16
01/10/1940 President (Roosevelt) Sets Up Peace Objectives And Bides His Time-All (Church Leaders) Pledged To Secrecy 1
01/10/1940 U.S. Relief In Poland Is Proposed By (Representative Hamilton) Fish 3
01/10/1940 Text Of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s Address On The Problems Of The War 4
01/10/1940 Picture: Shipping Starts On The New Adolf Hitler Canal (Near Gleiwitz) 5
01/10/1940 (Alf M.) Landon Condemns President’s (Roosevelt’s Jackson Day) Talk 14
01/11/1940 British Fliers Strike At Helgoland; Reported To Have Hit Breakwater 1
01/11/1940 Stimson Asks Curb On Arms To Japan (Text, P. 4) 1
01/11/1940 Germany Is Allowed (By Britain) To Get Rat Poison (And Spoiled Cheese Through British Blockade) 4
01/11/1940 British Seek To Buy Naval Mines Here-Our Production Is Ample 5
01/11/1940 Dominican Republic (President, General Leonidas Trujillo) To Sign Refugee Pact (Both Christians & Jews To Benefit-Dominican Republic Settlement Association, James N. Rosenberg, Pres.) 12
01/11/1940 Germans Settling In Czech Territory-Polish Scheme Is Model 14
01/11/1940 Picture: Mrs. Carolyn Agger (‘Honest Abe’) Fortas 24
01/12/1940 Allies Are To Buy 1,200 Planes Here-Two-Year Purchase Program (Arthur Purvis, Purchasing Agent) 1
01/12/1940 Our Proposed Navy Considers Change Of Allies’ Defeat 1
01/12/1940 Nazis Say British (Search Of U.S. Mails On High Seas) Break Postal Law-Americans Are Affected (But Docilely Tolerate It) 2
01/12/1940 Roosevelt Move For Peace Praised (By Rabbi Dr. David De Sola Pool, Synagogue Council Of America) 3
01/12/1940 Text Of Secretary Hull’s Statements Upholding Trade Agreements As Vital For Peace 4
01/12/1940 (Dr. Joseph) Goebbels Denies Nazi Dictatorship 5
01/12/1940 Berlin Minus Coal In Grip Of Frost 5
01/12/1940 Group (Newly Formed, European & U.S. Branches !) 6
01/12/1940 Curfew For Jews Enforced In Prague 9
01/13/1940 130,000 Germans Of East Poland Suffering Record Cold In Exodus 2
01/13/1940 Relatives Barred (By U.S.) From (Seeing) Nazi Crew (Of Ship ‘Columbus’ By U.S. Authorities On Ellis Island) 4
01/13/1940 90 American Ships Laid Up By The War 29
01/14/1940 Crew Of (Scuttled) Columbus Starts Home Today (Via California, Vladivostok, Trans-Siberian Railway, Etc.) 1
01/14/1940 (American) Jewish Congress To Mark 21St Year (Speakers Include Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, ‘Dear Alben’ Barkley, Claude Pepper, Robert Wagner, Etc.) 22
01/14/1940 1939 Immigration Highest Since 1931 (James L. Houghteling, U.S. Immigration Commissioner [Before Earl G. Harrison]) 25
01/14/1940 Rabbis Optimistic About (New Deal) Democracy (& Palestine) 28
01/14/1940 Germany Tightens Jews’ Ration Cards 31
01/14/1940 Russia Described As Friend Of Peace (By Ex-Czarist General) 31
01/14/1940 Belgium Recalls Troops On Leave 32
01/14/1940 Visitor (German Correspondent) Finds Life In Warsaw Easier 34
01/14/1940 Germany Waging ‘Population War’-Unmarried Motherhood Hailed As Patriotic Duty Under ‘New’ Moral Concepts 38
01/14/1940 Russia Finding Finland Very Hard Nut To Crack E-3
01/14/1940 Cartoon: ‘For What We Are About To Receive-We Thank Thee Our Fuehrer’ E-5
01/14/1940 Should We Turn To Isolation?’-No, Says Adolf A. Berle (U.S. Ass’t. Secretary Of State); Yes, Says Senator Gerald P. Nye, Senator, South Dakota (Pictures) Mag. 1
01/14/1940 The Three Hitlers (Psycho-Analysis ‘From A Distance’) Mag. 3
01/14/1940 On The Wing With The (‘Heroic’) R. A. F Mag. 13
01/14/1940 Picture: Jackson Day Dinner, Eleanor Roosevelt Seated With Sumner Welles Roto. 1
01/15/1940 Belgium Orders Army Mobilized; Britain And Holland Cancel Leaves-Peril Kept Secret 1
01/15/1940 18 Seized In Plot To Overthrow U.S.; Arms Found Here (Anti-Semitic Group In ‘Christian Front’ Suspected 1
01/15/1940 Noted Reich Spy Reported Caught (On Scuttled ‘Columbus’s’ Crew)-Seized By Federal Men 3
01/15/1940 Peace Role For U.S. Seen By (U.S. Att’y. Gen. Frank) Murphy 77
01/15/1940 Ask Palestine Extension-(Jewish) National Fund Speakers Urge Caring For 100,000 Refugees (Chaim Weizmann In U.S. On A Special Mission) 8
01/15/1940 Reich Polish Bank To Defend Zloty 25
01/16/1940 17 Held In Plot Against U.S. Jeered, Cheered At Court 1
01/16/1940 Britain Rejects (Roosevelt’s) Sea Safety Zone (Western Hemisphere Protest, Text, P. 8) 1
01/16/1940 Roosevelt To Ask New Aid For Finns Today 1
01/16/1940 Sketches Of (17) Men Held As Plotters (Trying To Take Over U.S. [!?]) 3
01/16/1940 Saboteur Arrests In Boston Likely 3
01/16/1940 Suspects Recalled As ‘Awful’ Shots 3
01/16/1940 Picture: Miss Helen Harrison, Presumably American, Training Canadian Pilots 4
01/16/1940 Seizure Of Spy (Karl Schleuter, Supposedly On Crew Of Scuttled ‘Columbus’) Here Denied By U.S. Agent 4
01/16/1940 Reich Road System To Link Up Poland 5
01/16/1940 Finns Aided By (Father) Coughlin 5
01/16/1940 (Roosevelt’s 500-Mile) Safety Zone Held Right Of Americas (By Inter-American Neutrality Committee, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil) 8
01/16/1940 (General Henry H. [‘Hap’]) Arnold Pictures Air Menace To Us 9
01/16/1940 Johnson Asks Arms For A Million (Up From ¼ Million) Men 13
01/17/1940 Belisha Incident (Belisha-Chamberlain Controversy) Buried In Commons (Statements By Both Parties, P. 4-Paves The Way For Winston Churchill!) 1
01/16/1940 Pictures: Germans At Work On The Problem Of Supplies From And Through Soviet (Railroad & Oil) 3
01/16/1940 (John) Cudahy Reaches Belgium (Named U.S. Ambassador To Belgium) 4
01/16/1940 French Betrayal Alleged By Reich 7
01/17/1940 (Chaim) Weizmann Visions Palestine Growth (‘Fate Of The Polish Jews’) 1
01/17/1940 (Christian) ‘Front’ (See Above!) Once Again Hailed By Father Coughlin 14
01/17/1940 Four On (Scuttled) Columbus Seek To Stay Here 43
01/18/1940 Reich Pinch Like ‘16 Commons Is Told-Germany Is Gradually Being Brought To Her Knees By The Allies (Ronald H.) Cross Reports 1
01/17/1940 Congress Is Cool To Loan For Finns; Garner Against It 1
01/17/1940 Russian Retreat In North Reported; Finns Start Drive 1
01/17/1940 British Reject U.S. Protest On Main Search (Of Ships On The High Seas); (They) Wonder Why None Is Made To Germany 1
01/17/1940 Poles A Liability, German Declares 4
01/17/1940 Belgian King Gets Message From U.S. (Roosevelt-Iron Up His ‘Backside’ ?) 8
01/17/1940 (Finnish Baron) Mannerheim Warns Allies Aid May Arrive Too Late 8
01/17/1940 (Bertram) Reich Cardinal (Of Breslau) Opposes Nazi Plan For Babies; Bertram Says War Does Not Excuse Adultery 9
01/17/1940 Arabs And Jews Begin Cooperation 10
01/17/1940 57 Of Nazi Crew (Scuttled ‘Columbus’) Depart For Home 1
01/17/1940 Asserts Reich Tried To ‘Buy’ Polish Jews 11
01/17/1940 (Representative Wolcott, Michigan) Says WPA Used As ‘Secret Police’ (Harry L. Hopkins, WPA Administrator) 18
01/17/1940 War’s Basis Social Dr. (Frank) Kingdon Holds-Revolution Began 1914 He Tells Convention Of Jewish Women Here 24
01/19/1940 Bermuda (British) Censor Holds Up (American) Clipper 1
01/19/1940 (Frank) Murphy, (Robert H.)Jackson Inducted Together (Francis Beverley Biddle Named U.S. Solicitor General) 3
01/19/1940 ‘Aggressive’ U.S. Descried In Japan (By Newspaper Asahi) 4
01/19/1940 Germany Pressing For Rumanian Oil 4
01/19/1940 Sale Of Gasoline To Russia (By U.S.) Is Rising (Finnish Aid A La Roosevelt ?) 8
01/19/1940 Poles Gather Data On ‘Pillage’ By Foes (Allied-Organized Polish Government-In-Exile, Angiers, France)-Forced Labor Charged-18,000 Reported Executed 9
01/19/1940 Reich Note ‘Proves’ (Sic) French War Guilt 10
01/19/1940 War Of Principle Ascribed To Allies-World Liberty Held Aim 10
01/19/1940 Hitler Finishes 2D In U.S. Court Race 21
01/20/1940 William E. Borah, Senator 33 Years, Is Dead In Capital 1
01/19/1940 Hull Says (U.S.) Planes May Cut Bermuda (Censor Dispute With England-Fly Non-Stop?) 1
01/19/1940 Roosevelt Gets Pope’s Reply To Peace Plea 1
01/19/1940 Taft Doubts Roosevelt’s Ardor For Peace; Scores War Talk In Milwaukee Speech 2
01/19/1940 (Dr. Joseph) Goebbels Pledges ‘Watch To The East’ 5
01/19/1940 Nazis Said To Get Polish Oil Fields-Peril To Rumania Is Seen 6
01/19/1940 2,000 Jews Told (By Rumania) To Re-Enter Reich 6
01/19/1940 Japan Prepares To Reassure U.S. 7
01/19/1940 Sale Of Six Ships To British Granted (By U.S.Maritime Commission) 8
01/21/1940 British Note On Mails (Searched On High Seas) Displeases U.S.; (Text Of Reply, P. 26)-Embassy Warned On Public Reaction-Washington Angry (Feigned, At Most!)-Hull Is Studying Action (As Usual!) 1
01/21/1940 (Thomas E.) Dewey Denounces Soviet Recognition (By U.S.)-However, New Deal Has Followed Foreign Policy Set By Republicans, He Says (Text, P. 22) 1
01/21/1940 Hoover Gets Pledge Of Industrial Leaders To Raise Second Million For Finnish Relief 1
01/21/1940 Churchill Urges Neutral Nations Of Europe To Join Allies In War (Against Germany As Allies!) 1
01/21/1940 115th Year By B’nai B’rith Jeshurun-Roosevelt, Lehman, La Guardia, Felicitate The Congregation-Intolerance Is Assailed 9
01/21/1940 Bigotry Deplored In (New York City) Rabbis Sermons-War Also Is A Subject 13
01/21/1940 India Compromise Sought By Gandhi 23
01/21/1940 German Oil Trains Jam Railroad Into Rumania 23
01/21/1940 New Deportations For Jews Reported (Deportations To Lublin-A Paris Report) 24
01/21/1940 Protectorate Ousts Slovak Jews 24
01/21/1940 (Lillian Hellman, Jewish Hollywood Script Writer) Sees Finnish Aid Imperilling Peace (U.S. Cooperation With Russia) 27
01/21/1940 Reich Lost Chance, Halifax Declares-Holds Victory (For Allies) Is Certain 31
01/21/1940 New Deal Termed Threat To Liberty (By Young Men’s Republican Clubs Of Westchester County) 32
01/21/1940 Urges Education To Teach Peace D-9
01/21/1940 Britain Spends $9,000,000 Weekly Here (In U.S.) On War Needs-Planes, Machine Tools, Lead (Arthur Purvis, Purchasing Agent) F-8
01/21/1940 Mr. (Herbert) Hoover Tackles Another Relief Job (Finland) Mag. 7
01/22/1940 London Trade Cut (Because Of War) Hurts Us-Buying Narrowed-Britain Seeks Dollars For Billion In Planes And Arms Here 1
01/22/1940 Britain Takes 21 Nazis Off Japanese Ship; Cruiser’s Shot (Across Bow) Halts Vessel Near Japan 1
01/22/1940 U.S. Aid To Finland Is Declared Vital 3
01/22/1940 Canadian Wheat Sale To Russia Draws Fire (More Finnish Aid!) 3
01/22/1940 Catholics (Cardinal Spellman) Aid The Poles 3
01/22/1940 (Father) Coughlin Is Assailed 3
01/22/1940 World Trip Gave U.S. Liner Glimpse Of War; Halted By Shot, Part Of Her Cargo Seized (By British) 5
01/22/1940 (Admiral William) Leahy Reports Need Great In Puerto Rico 5
01/22/1940 Roosevelt Lauded (By American Jewish Committee) For Peace Efforts 13
01/22/1940 Transport In Reich Harassed By Cold-Coal Shortage Puts Strain On The Railroads 23
01/23/1940 U.S. Demands British Cease Long (How Long Is Long?) Detentions Of (U.S.) Ships (Seized On The High Seas And Taken To British Ports For Search); Note Sees Discrimination-Hints (But Never Does More Than Hint Of) Retaliation-Warning Cites Britain’s Easier Treatment Of Italians At Gibraltar-Hull Summons Lothian 1
01/23/1940 Japanese Protest British Sea Arrest (Seizure Of 21 German Sailors On Japanese Ships On The High Seas) 1
01/23/1940 (Communist, Earl) Browder Gets 4-Year Term, Sees Betrayal By New Deal 1
01/23/1940 Vatican Denounces Atrocities In Poland; Germans Called Even Worse Than Russians (This Is Not So! Both Germany And Russia Were Criticized!) 1
01/23/1940 (Allied) Plane Purchasing Up To Morgenthau (And Arthur Purvis, The Canadian In Charge Of British Purchases In The U.S.) 3
01/23/1940 Intercepted Cable (Intercepted By British Censor) Caught Nazi Ore Ship (Contained A 2 Month Supply Of Ore For Germany) 3
01/23/1940 Food ‘Wirelessed’ To Reich From U.S. 4
01/23/1940 250,000 Jews Listed As Dead In Poland (By American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 5
01/23/1940 2,000 Refugees Saved 5
01/23/1940 Reich Lays Plans For Long War; Intimidation Of Neutrals (By British) Seen (By Germany) 8
01/24/1940 New Deal Means Ruin, Says (Thomas E.) Dewey 1
01/24/1940 U.S. Informs Japan Trade (With Is) Is To Rest On Day-To-Day Base-(Adolf A. Berle, U.S. State Dept., Ass’t. Sec., Says) No Immediate Embargo Move Expected After Expiration Of The Commercial Pact (On Jan. 26, 1940) 1
01/24/1940 Rumania Warned By Britain On Oil (Supplying It To Germany) 1
01/24/1940 Paderewski (In Paris) Vows Poland Will Live 1
01/24/1940 (Professors) Would Cease Help (Trading) To Warring Japan 2
01/24/1940 Allies Form Board Of Purchase Here (Arthur B. Purvis, Head Of British Purchasing Mission) 4
01/24/1940 Germans Want U.S. To Dump Allied Mail-Urge Reprisals For The Searches And Seizures (Of U.S. Mail On The High Seas) By British (More!-Fat Chance Of This Ever Happening) 6
01/24/1940 Shipping Reprisal (Against British For Seizure Of 21 Germans Off Japanese Ship On The High Seas) Debated In Tokyo 6
01/24/1940 British Fear Loss Of U.S. Good Will-Mail Issue More Thorny (But Acceptable To U.S. Gov’T & People!) 7
01/24/1940 Britain Is Warned By Senator Mead (Liberal Roosevelt Democrat, N.Y.) 7
01/24/1940 Separate Peace (Between Germany And South Africa) Urged By Hertzog-Plea Assailed By Smuts 8
01/24/1940 Vatican Amplifies Atrocity Reports-(Polish, August) Cardinal (Hlond) Compiled Data 8
01/24/1940 Morgenthau Heads Committee On Arms-Group Will Protect Our Needs In Face Of Foreign (‘Allied’) Orders 9
01/24/1940 200 Women Attend Interfaith Parley (National Conference Of Christians And Jews, Dr. Everett R. Clinchy, Director) 21
01/25/1940 Japanese Abandon (Futile) Talk On U.S. (Trade) Pact (With U.S.) 1
01/25/1940 British Say (U.S.) Mails Contain Big Sums (Of Money Implied Destined For Germany) 1
01/25/1940 Nazis Reported Counterfeiting U.S. Money To Get Exchange In Balkans And Near East (Washington Report-Actually The Germans Made Pound Notes Almost Indistinguishable From The Real Ones) 1
01/25/1940 Tokyo Worried By (British) Ship Searches (And Seizures On The High Seas) 1
01/25/1940 Vatican Continues Atrocity Charges (From ‘Authorized Vatican Circles’) 4
01/25/1940 Washington Lists 30 (Some Jewish) Safely Out Of Poland (U.S. Citizens) 4
01/25/1940 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (Columbia Univ. & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Warns Of Threat To U.S.-Basis Of European War 6
01/25/1940 Big Air Force Rise Promised By 1941 8
01/26/1940 Japan Makes Plea On U.S. Trade Pact On Eve Of Its Lapse 1
01/25/1940 U.S. Limits Clipper Mails-Washington Postal Ruling Bars Sending Of Goods To Belligerents 1
01/25/1940 New Deal (Roosevelt) Loyalty Pledged By (William) Green (A. F. Of L.) 1
01/25/1940 Japan More Irate At British (Search And Seizure) 3
01/25/1940 German Freighter (‘Albert Janus’) Scuttled By Crew 3
01/25/1940 (Czech, Jan Masaryk) Sees U.S. Drawn Into War 3
01/25/1940 Drive Opens Here To Aid (Allied) War Victims 4
01/25/1940 Time To End War, Netherlands Says 5
01/25/1940 Atrocities On Poles Denied In Germany-Maglione Revealed As Informant As Vatican Broadcasts End (Article Implies The Vatican Has More Evidence) 6
01/25/1940 U.S. Silent On (Expiration Of Trade) Pact With Japanese 10
01/25/1940 (Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) Warns Of Delays On (Allied) Plane Orders 10
01/25/1940 Roosevelt Holds Popularity Poll 11
01/27/1940 Roosevelt Holds (U.S.) Volunteers (For Service In Foreign Armies) Legal-Americans Can Enlist Abroad 1
01/27/1940 Japanese Hit Back; Halt British Ship-Coastal Vessel Is Searched-(In Retaliation!) 2
01/27/1940 American Jews Unite In Help For Refugees (United Jewish Appeal & American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) 3
01/27/1940 Japanese Belittle U.S. Trade Threats-China Invaders See War 5
01/27/1940 Arms Order Here Doubled In A Year 6
01/27/1940 American (Florian Piskorski, Chicago) Describes Suffering Of Poles 6
01/27/1940 Methodism’s Role In Future Depicted-War Theme Is Stressed 8
01/28/1940 Fragments Of 4 (Russian) Divisions Flee Finns In (Lake) Ladoga Area; Soviet Dead Put At 5,000 1
01/28/1940 British Offensive Seen By Churchill (Excerpts, P. 2) 1
01/28/1940 (U.S. Ship, City Of) Flint Officer Tells Vivid Story Of Seizure By German Warship-Captain Praises (Chivalrous German) Prize Crew (Well Treated) 1
01/28/1940 Athenia’s Sinking Still Open (Contested) Issue 3
01/28/1940 Reich Reports Work Of Polish Prisoners (Of War) 3
01/28/1940 (Isidor Lubin) Credits Hull Pacts For 300,000 Jobs 13
01/28/1940 Tokyo Asks Balm For Hurt Dignity (Seizure Of 21 German Sailors Off Japanese Ship On High Seas) 16
01/28/1940 Japan To Expand Trade With Mexico 16
01/28/1940 Unity Mitford Shot Twice In Head, Memory Clouded 19
01/28/1940 Morrison Asserts Neutrals Must Aid (Allies)-Warns Of Ultimate Peril To All 19
01/28/1940 Hushing Up Talk Of War Decried (By John Lord O’brien)-Commends Roosevelt-No Neutrality In Morals 21
01/29/1940 Mass Shootings In Poland Laid To Nazis By (August) Cardinal (Hlond) 1&5
01/28/1940 Churchill Draws Renewed Nazi Ire 3
01/28/1940 Japanese Embargo By U.S. Is Doubted 4
01/28/1940 One Item (Patents) Remains Of U.S.-Japanese (Trade) Pact 4
01/28/1940 Exit Visas Banned In Russian Poland 4
01/28/1940 Picture: The Right Rev. Henry St. George Tucker, Protestant (Episcopal Church) Leader, Interventionist & Leader In ‘Fight For Freedom, Inc.’ 18
01/28/1940 Warner Brothers (Movies) Increases Profits (Anti-German Movies) 25
01/28/1940 Gifts For (Fritz) Kuhn (In Sing Sing Prison) Withheld 32
01/30/1940 Nazis Admit ‘Firm’ Polish Policy-Situation Growing Worse Says (August [Polish] Cardinal) Hlond (Refer To Post-War Kielce Pogroms) 1
01/28/1940 The Text Of Hlond’s Report To The Vatican On Persecution By The Nazis In Poland 8
01/28/1940 (Henry) Morgenthau (Jr.) Denies Aid To Russia On Gold 20
01/31/1940 Hitler Warns Of Total War; Now Extends Ire To France-Reich Held Ready 1
01/31/1940 (Dr. Hans) Borchers (German Consul General, In N.Y. City) Defends Reich As Humane 3
01/31/1940 Germans Restrict (Foreign) Reporters Sharply-None Permitted At Front Or In Poland 4
01/31/1940 U.S. Pilots To Train Canadian War Fliers Being Recruited In Preparedness Program 4
01/31/1940 Gasoline Shipment To Soviet Is Denied-For Laboratory Use Only-(From An ‘Unimpeachable Source Claiming To Have Had Complete Access To The American Oil Companies’ Export Figures Up To Date.’ Only Two Barrels Involved-Swedish Information Source!) 6
01/31/1940 Return Of 21 Nazis (Seized By British Off Japanese Ship On The High Sees [Reminiscent Of The War Of 1812!]) Vital, Says Japan 8
01/31/1940 Japan Increases Factory Closing (For Want Of Raw Materials)-Power Shut Down To Save Fuel-Vast Area Already Idle 8
01/31/1940 (Herbert) Lehman And Kelly Back (U.S.) Preparedness 8
01/31/1940 Picture: Motion Picture Stars In Washington For The President’s (Roosevelt’s) Birthday 21