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William Lindsey collection — 1940 NYT headlines

July 1940
Date Headline Page
07/01/1940 Britain To Resist Southward Move By The Japanese 1
07/01/1940 Gandhi Conference Fails-Nationalist Leader Insists On India’s Rights Now 2
07/01/1940 U.S. Rhodes Scholars Asked To Aid Britons 8
07/01/1940 Brazil Is Anxious For Help Of U.S. 10
07/01/1940 (R. A. F.) Bombs Fall On Swiss Soil 11
07/01/1940 Bermuda Mail Censors Get Help From Britain (And Cooperation From The U.S. Government) 12
07/01/1940 (Jewish) Army In Palestine Offered To Britain 19
07/01/1940 Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Would Conscript Girls; Urges A Year Of Service For Both Sexes 21
07/01/1940 ‘Crusading’ For U.S. Is (Florida Senator Claude E.) Pepper’s Ideal-Pleads For (U.S.) Militancy 22
07/01/1940 London Believes French Gold (Is In) U.S. 29
07/02/1940 Zionists (Zionist Organization Of America Meeting In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Will Help Palestine (Jewish) Defense 8
07/02/1940 (Swedish) Say Willkie (Republican Presidential Candidate Against Roosevelt) Ends Isolation Here 12
07/02/1940 Defense Dominates Education Sessions (National Education Association, Milwaukee, Wis.) 19
07/03/1940 Nation’s Debt Is Now $42, 967,000,000 1
07/03/1940 Key (Industrial) Materials (Useful In Defense, Etc.) Put Under Export Ban (Roosevelt Order, List, P. 11) 1
07/03/1940 British Raid Kiel Navy Base; German Planes Retaliate 1
07/03/1940 Rumanians Mourn For Lost Province (Bessarabia, To Russia) 1
07/03/1940 (Col Frank) Knox Urges Every Possible Aid To Great Britain Short Of War 1
07/03/1940 Nazis Renewing U-Boat Warfare 2
07/03/1940 (U.S.) Ambassador (To France & Generally Dean Of U.S. European Diplomats, William C.) Bullitt Confers With Petain 3
07/03/1940 Reich Army Loss Placed At 156,492-16,822 Killed In France 5
07/03/1940 American (Philip Stegerer) Who Flew In The War For Canada, Loses Citizenship And Is Barred At Border 5
07/03/1940 Gandhi Appeals To Britain To Seek Peace With Nazis 6
07/03/1940 Youths Assemble For Peace Demand 13
07/03/1940 Zionists (Zionist Organization Of America In Pittsburgh Conference) Make Plea For Broad (U.S.) Support-(Chaim) Weizmann (Head Of Palestine Jewish Agency) Pledges Aid 17
07/03/1940 All In U.S. Urged To Aid Democracy (Meaning England, By Dr. Frank Kingdon, President Of University Of Newark, Chairman N.Y. Chapter Of [Interventionist] Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) 19
07/04/1940 British Forcible Seize French Warships (In British Ports)-Some (French Units) Resist 1
07/04/1940 Picture: Charles De Gaulle In London 2
07/04/1940 (John G.) Winant (American Director Of International Labor Office [‘Ilo’]) Leaves Geneva 2
07/04/1940 Drastic Jewish Ban Proposed In Hungary (Bill Before The Hungarian Parliament) 4
07/04/1940 (Holland) To Register Refugee Jews 4
07/04/1940 Nazis Claim Allies Mapped Baku Raid 6
07/04/1940 Says Reich May Feel Food Shortage Soon-Armour Executive Doubts It Can Carry On A Long War 6
07/04/1940 U.S. Cruisers (‘Wichita’ And ‘Quincy’) To Go To Rio (Another ‘Friendship’ Visit) 6
07/04/1940 Packard Assumes Rolls-Royce (Airplane Engine) Job (For England And U.S.) 7
07/05/1940 (Gen.) Pershing, (Dr. James Bryant) Conant Back (Compulsory U.S. Military) Training Bill (Text, P. 9) 9
07/05/1940 British Seize Or Sink Bulk Of French Fleet (At Oran); Resisting (French) Units Defeated In Furious Battle-French Defy Ultimatum (Of Former Ally) 200 Vessels Are Seized In English Ports-Churchill Grieved (Text, P. 4) 1
07/05/1940 3 (German-American) Bund Leaders Seized In Jersey For Anti-Uniform Law Violation 1
07/05/1940 France Protests (Attack Of Former Ally [Britain] On Its Ships) Through (William C.) Bullitt-She Will Seize British Cargo Ships (In Retaliation-But No Britains Are Killed!) 1
07/05/1940 Kinship Of Britain And U.S. Is Hailed (By Sir Gerald Campbell) 3
07/05/1940 Germans Furious At Britain’s Coup (Unexpected Attack On French War Vessels-To Keep Them Out Of German Hands) 4
07/05/1940 British Demands On French (Former Allies!) 4
07/05/1940 Nazis Charge A (British) Plot To Cut Off Soviet Oil (Supply To Germany) 4
07/05/1940 (Nevada Senator Key) Pittman Approves British Seizures (And Unprovoked Attacks On French Vessels) 5
07/05/1940 (Harold) Ickes Asks Scorn For ‘Superior Race’ (‘Germans’) 8
07/05/1940 Scientists Line Up For Aid To Allies (Sponsorship Of Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) 13
07/05/1940 Roosevelt Opens Negro World Fair 15
07/06/1940 Germany Rejects American Warning On Monroe Doctrine As Pointless-Hull Stands Firm 1
07/05/1940 France Ends Relations With Britain-Alliance Is Ended (See Unprovoked Attacked By British On French Fleet Above!) 1
07/05/1940 British Now Seek French Shipping (Vessels) 1
07/05/1940 Roosevelt Names 5 Basic Freedoms Of Any Just Peace (War Aims?) 1
07/05/1940 Anti-Jewish Acts Mount In Rumania 4
07/05/1940 Fate Of French Battle Fleet 4
07/06/1940 Iraq (Under British Control) Cuts Off Oil In Syrian Pipe Line (Supplying Lebanon Under French Sovereignty) 6
07/06/1940 U.S. Warns Reich Of Envoy’s Rights 6
07/06/1940 Dictators Scored By German Group (Workmen’s Benefit Fund )-54-Year-Old Association Had Inception When Founders Fled Bismark’s (Kaiser Wilhelm I’s) Rule 7
07/06/1940 Anti-Semitism In U.S. Condemned By (Republican Presidential Candidate Wendell Lewis) Willkie In A Plea For Tolerance And United Effort 7
07/06/1940 (Dr. Frank Lorimer Of Williams Institute, In Defense Of Britain’s Vicious Attack On Unsuspecting French Navy) Calls British Navy Democracy Guard-Say Nazis’ Supplies Are Limited, Citing Small Oil Resources Available (To Germany) 9
07/06/1940 Educators Combat Democracy’s Foes 15
07/06/1940 Isolation (Of U.S.) Is Urged By Youth Congress 17
07/06/1940 U.S. Acts To Oust ‘(Christian) Front Plot’ Head (William Geraldbishop, Claims To Be Citizen Of U.S., Born Salem, Mass.) 17
07/06/1940 Bermuda Lines Hit By (British) Passport (Limitation) Rule (U.S. Citizens May Not Land There Without The British Previously Stamping Their Passports) 29
07/06/1940 War To The Finish By China Pledged (By Chinese Ambassador, Dr. Hu Shih-Compare To Chiang Kai-Shek Statements In 1944-45) 30
07/07/1940 Roosevelt Urges Monroe Doctrines For European And Asiatic Continents-All Nations In Each Sphere Would Decide Territories’ Fate-Not Just Conqueror 1
07/07/1940 British Planes Bomb The (French Battleship) Dunkerque-British Make Sure Pride Of French Navy Will Not Fight Again-(French) Destroyer And Escort Vessel Reported Sunk (By British), Former After 2-Hour Battle 1
07/07/1940 U.S. Naval Vessels Watch (French) Martinique 1
07/07/1940 WPA (Peacetime) Construction (Under Harry Hopkins) As A Defense Aid-500 Airports Were Built-It Spent $346,000,000 In Five Years And More On Other Public Projects 4
07/07/1940 Red Propaganda In WPA Murals (By Thomas Corwin) At Floyd Bennett (Air) Field Charged (Mural Later Removed) 4
07/07/1940 States’ Education Secretaries (At National Education Association Convention In Milwaukee, Wis.) Pledge Help To Roosevelt 5
07/07/1940 Inventions Open To Army And Navy (New Law) 6
07/07/1940 Check-Up Ordered On Visiting Aliens (By U.S. Att’y. Gen. Robert H. Jackson) 7
07/07/1940 War Sentiment (In U.S.) Found Declining (Gallup Poll) 12
07/07/1940 Refugee Problem Taxing (Travellers Aid Society) Facilities (200 British Children Involved) 13
07/07/1940 Refugees Face Difficulty-State Department Rulings On Admission Are Obstacles 13
07/07/1940 President’s (Roosevelt’s) Views Derided By Berlin 15
07/07/1940 Plattsburg (Volunteer Military Group) Hears (Herbert) Lehman Warning-Governor Declares We Face Attack At Once (‘By Germany,’Understood) If Great Britain Is Defeated-Col. Julius Ochs) Adler (N.Y. Times) Presents Colors 18
07/07/1940 U.S.-Built Planes (Lockheed ‘Hudsons’) Are British Eyes 20
07/07/1940 R. A. F. Hammering At German Bases (Kiel, Wilhelmshafen) 21
07/07/1940 British Raids Harass Nazi Labor; Steady Alarms Disrupt Business (In Ruhr And Rhein Valleys) 21
07/07/1940 Nazi Army Warns The Netherlands-Declares Aid Has Been Given To R. A. F. (By Dutchmen)-Death PenaltyThreatened (To Those Involve-Many Later Sent To Mauthausen!) 15
07/07/1940 U.S. Army Testing Nazi ‘Chrome Gas’-Said To Kill Red Corpuscles 23
07/07/1940 WPA Writers Plan State ‘Facts Book’ 26
07/07/1940 (Dr. Alvin Johnson, New School For Social Research) Urges Open Gate For All Scholars Fleeing Europe-Would Add To American Culture D-4
07/07/1940 Import Of Rubber Organized By U.S. F-1
07/07/1940 Seek Post-War Use For New (Industrial) Capacity (Resulting From Production Capacity Created By War) F-3
07/07/1940 Camphor (Japanese Formosa) Deliveries Slow (Synthetic Camphor Made From Turpentine) F-3
07/07/1940 Quinine Substitute (I. G. Farbenindustrie’s ‘Atabrine’) Cuts (U.S.’ [And England’s]) Import Need (German Patent Later Confiscated By U.S.) F-7
07/07/1940 The (British-French) Entente Cordiale Ended After 36 Years (Over British Unprovoked Attacks On French Ships)-Petain Breaks With Britain-John Bull Tough Over (Confiscation And/Or Destruction Of Unsuspecting French Navy) Ships E-3
07/07/1940 French Aroused By (Unprovoked British) Naval Action (Against A Defeated Former Ally) E-4
07/07/1940 (Relief) Agencies Here Give $20,000,000 Abroad (National Refugee Service, Financed By U.S. State Department And Headed By Herbert Lehman One Of Many Agencies Mentioned) E-5
07/07/1940 Picture: S. K. Timoshenko, Commissar Of Defense Of The U.S.S.R.-Stalin’s Aide And Commander Of The Area In Which The Katyn Massacre Of Capture Polish POW Took Place E-5
07/07/1940 We Face Vast Changes In Foreign Relations E-6
07/07/1940 Aliens Now Face A Closer Watch-’No Persecution’ The Aim (As Stated By U.S. Att’y. Gen. Robert H. Jackson, Later U.S. Chief Prosecutor At Nuernberg) E-6
07/07/1940 A Playwright (And Roosevelt Speech Writer, Robert E. Sherwood-See Sherwood, Robert E., Roosevelt And Hopkins, An Intimate History) Enlists In The War Of Ideas Mag. 8
07/08/1940 Youth Group (American Youth Congress [Joseph P. Lash]) Bars Naming Of Russia As A Dictatorship 1
07/08/1940 Britain Repulses Mass (German) Air Attacks 1
07/08/1940 ‘Torpedoed’ U.S. Destroyer Safe In Spain-Nation Hears Fake Story Of (Invariably ‘German’) U-Boat Attack 1
07/08/1940 Defense Plans Spurred Business In June; (Harry L.) Hopkins Reports Wide Continued Gains 1
07/08/1940 Student Soldiers (Volunteers At Plattsburg) Hear Call To Arms (By Chaplain-Social Register Well Represented In Ranks) 3
07/08/1940 Big Defense Role Seen For Youths 3
07/08/1940 71 Child Refugees Here On (British) Scythia-Many Accompanied By Parents-Stephan Zweig (Jewish Writer, And Wife) Arrives To Study The Americas 4
07/08/1940 (U.S. Solicitor General, Francis Beverley) Biddle Opposes State Alien Rule (Wants It Left Exclusively To Him In Washington) 4
07/08/1940 British Deny Lack Of (Military) Aid To France (During War)-(British-French) High Commands At Odds 6
07/08/1940 French Fall Laid To Vast Spy Plot-High (French) Politicians Said To Have Helped Nazis In Obtaining Information On Troops-German Bombers Guided (This Information From Two Americans In Bilbao, Spain) 6
07/08/1940 The Toll Of (War) Casualties (Killed, Missing And Prisoner And Wounded In Each Campaign So Far) 6
07/08/1940 Dying Nazi’s Good News (Concerns Gen. Detlof Von Winterfeldt Who Signed The 1918 Armistice At Compeigne, France) 6
07/08/1940 De Gaulle Is Sentenced (In Absentia To 4 Years In Prison And 100 Frank Fine At Toulouse For Disobeying Orders To Surrender And For Inciting French Soldiers To Disobedience In Not Laying Down Their Arms After The French-German Armistice) 6
07/08/1940 ‘Pseudo-American’ Viewed As Menace (By Judge Clare G. Fenerty, In An Anti-Communist, Anti-Spanish Loyalist Talk) 12
07/08/1940 German (-American) Printers (Newspapers) Warned By (Joseph E.) Ridder (Of Anti-German Hostility In U.S.) 15
07/09/1940 Chief Of U.S. Fleet (Admiral James O. Richardson, Soon To Be Replaced By Admiral Husband E. Kimmel) Makes Secret Trip To See Roosevelt (Picture, P. 4) 1
07/09/1940 Japan Complains That Our Marines Insulted Her Army 1
07/09/1940 France To Be Fascist State; (Pierre) Laval, (Maxime) Weygand In Power 1
07/09/1940 Wide (R. A. F.) Air Raids On Germany 1
07/09/1940 Burma Road (For U.S. Supplies To Chaing Kai-Shek) Reply (By British) Rejected By Japan 2
07/09/1940 (U.S. Ambassador To Cuba, George S. Messersmith At Havana, Preparing For Coming Conference Of Pan-American Foreign Ministers) Adjures Americas To Stand Together 3
07/09/1940 Educators Assail Peacetime Draft-Dictator Trend (In U.S.) Is Seen (List, Group Of 240) 4
07/09/1940 23 College Heads Back Defense Aims (List) 4
07/09/1940 (Women’s Clubs Federation Directors) Urged To Consider Aid To (European) Refugees 5
07/09/1940 $5,000,000 Sought For War Children 5
07/09/1940 (French Battleship) Richelieu Claimed (Disabled) By Britain’s Fleet 6
07/09/1940 British Deny (French) Martinique Blockade, But U.S. Warships Continue To Watch 6
07/09/1940 Vatican Paper Hails Petain 6
07/09/1940 Anglo-French Rift Now Made Formal 7
07/09/1940 British Housewife (Mrs. Daisy Cardwell See Movie, ‘Mrs. Minniver’) Seizes Nazi Flier 8
07/09/1940 British Army Adds 7,000 Men Each Day (Army Size Not Reported) 10
07/09/1940 Nazis Rebuilding Narvik (Norway) To Ship (Iron) Ore This Winter 10
07/09/1940 Poles Join Wavell (British) Army (In Egypt) 11
07/09/1940 Nazis Seek To Form Polish Puppet Rule 14
07/09/1940 Pictures: Chairman And Co-Chairman Of The U.S. Ambulance Drive (For Britain-Society Women) 18
07/09/1940 (German-American) Bund Is Denounced At Senate Hearing-(Senator Tom) Connally (Texas) Leads Attack 22
07/09/1940 Pictures: War Refugees Who Arrived Here Yesterday On The Liner Samaria (Baron Alphonse Rothschild & Wife Plus Other Relations) 23
07/09/1940 Refusal To Revive WPA Theater Laid To Red Rule Of Actor Unions 23
07/09/1940 Picture: Earl G. Harrison Takes Over New Duties-Director Of Registration In The Immigration And Naturalization Service 42
07/10/1940 British And Italian Navies Clash; Planes Fight In Mediterranean 1
07/10/1940 French (Naval Units) Give Up Alexandria (Egypt) Fleet (Taken From Them By The British) 1
07/10/1940 Japanese Demand American Apology (For Slight To Their Army By U.S. Marines) 1
07/10/1940 Nazis Hold (Lion) Feuchtwanger, Zurich Dispatch Declares (Picture) 4
07/10/1940 Picture: Son Of Polish Ex-President (Moscicki) Wounded In War 4
07/10/1940 Japan Welcomes Roosevelt (With His ‘Sphere Of Influence’) Stand 7
07/10/1940 Roosevelt Denies Refugee Red Tape 9
07/10/1940 National Leaders (List Of Names) Join Refugee Aid 9
07/10/1940 Jewish Institution Gets A WPA Mural (By William Karp) 16
07/11/1940 $4,848,171,957 More Is Asked By Roosevelt For Defense-Not To Send Men Off To Europe 1
07/11/1940 2 Ocean Navy Passed By Senate 1
07/11/1940 Britain Suggests (Common Resources) Pool To Americas (To Supply Resources For Their War Effort) 1
07/11/1940 Ireland Is Guarded By Vast Mine Field (Laid By British) 2
07/11/1940 Picture: London Stockbroker (Lt. Comdr. R. H. Bristowe), 33 Crippled The (French Battleship) Richelieu 3
07/11/1940 Swedish ‘Armada’ Raided By British-Attack Laid To Mistake 3
07/11/1940 Text Of Plea By Petain 4
07/11/1940 Rothschilds Bring $1,000,000 In Gems (From Lisbon) 6
07/11/1940 Japanese Foment Anti-Americanism 7
07/11/1940 German War Film Stirs Capitol Row (Origin Unstated) 14
07/11/1940 (‘Col.’ Frank) Knox Confirmed By Vote Of 66-16 (Stimson Confirmed The Previous Day) 12
07/11/1940 New Relief Plan Urged For Europe (By Morris C. Troper, European Chairman Of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee-Arrived On Yankee Clipper-The Entire European Continent Is ‘A Vast Concentration Camp.’-(No Mention Of Mass Killing Of Jews)-Holds America Must Help-Tells Of Plight Of Starving And Wandering Children (‘No Longer A Question Of Jewish Refugees.’-Prime Concern Seems To Be Trouble People Have In Being Required To Go Through Mozambique On The Way From Spain Or Portugal To Palestine) 13
07/11/1940 German (Herbert Hoehne) Is Indicted As A Foreign Agent 15
07/12/1940 Roosevelt Willing (To Serve 3D Term), Democrats Hear; They Start Draft 1
07/12/1940 Massed German Planes Raid Britain 1
07/12/1940 Hull Warns Nazis To Keep Hands Off The Pan-American Parley In Havana-Nazi Aides Accused-Secretary Denounces Apparent Attempt To Intimidate Nations-London Stands By Blockade 1
07/12/1940 Petain As Dictator Bids For Obedience (??) 1
07/12/1940 Nazi Drive Grows In South America 1
07/12/1940 Red Cross Guards Gifts To Refugees (Aid Chiefly To England-Elsewhere Gifts Sent Must Meet Restrictions Of British Blockade 2
07/12/1940 (C. J.) Hambro Belittles (Norway) Fifth-Column Idea-Absolves Countrymen-Charges Nazi Duplicity-Says (Attacking) Warships Flew French And British Flags (!) 4
07/12/1940 Nazi Press (Goering’s Newspaper) Warns Latin Republic (About The Dangers Of U.S. Leadership) 6
07/12/1940 Britain Is Groping For (Refugee) Evacuee Plan-(U.S.) State Department Asserts All Red Tape Was Cut-(Jospeh P.) Kennedy Backs Statement Fully (Arrivals On Excalibur) 7
07/12/1940 (Roosevelt’s) Defense Message Derided In Berlin 8
07/12/1940 Japanese Nearing Revision Of Policy 8
07/12/1940 $30,000,000 Planes Ordered By British 9
07/13/1940 Four Divisions Of National Guard To Be Called For Active Service 1
07/13/1940 Burma (U.S. Military Supply) Road (For Chiang Kai-Shek) Curb Pledged By Britain To Appease Japanese 1
07/13/1940 Petain Designates (Pierre) Laval As His Heir 1
07/13/1940 (U.S. Airplane) Engine Bottleneck Slows Planes For Britain; 70 To 100 Held Up At Curtiss Buffalo Plant (P-40’s) 1
07/13/1940 ‘Asia For Asiatics’ Opposed By Chiang (Kai-Shek, In Deference To Roosevelt)-Program Offered By Roosevelt Aide Will Help Japan, Says China’s Generalissimo 2
07/13/1940 British Recognize Ethiopia As Ally 2
07/13/1940 British At Trinidad Fired At U.S. Vessel (‘Flying Fish,’ A U.S. Freighter Trying To Enter Harbor-Blockade) 2
07/13/1940 Starvation Held Facing 35 Million (In Europe) 4
07/13/1940 (William C.) Bullitt In Madrid To Hasten Reports 4
07/13/1940 Talk Of U.S. Buying Americas’ Surplus (Raw Material To Keep It From Germany)-Resale Abroad (To England) Planned-System Ascribed To President (Roosevelt) 6
07/13/1940 Nazis Warn Of Reprisals Against Our Plane Sales (To England) 6
07/13/1940 Allegheny Steal Clears $1,008,121-Compares With $147,740 In The Same Period Of 1939 17
07/14/1940 U.S. Removes Curb On Child Refugees-Quota Limits AlteredAll Under 16 Able To Get Passage 1
07/13/1940 London Sees (German) Air War Failing-British Defenders Bag 12 Nazi Planes 1
07/13/1940 Pan-America (Sumner Welles) Backs Move To Protect New World Islands (French Possessions & British Possessions Should England Fall!) 1
07/13/1940 President (Roosevelt) Cruises, (Confidant, Judge Samuel I.) Rosenman A Guest 4
07/13/1940 (189) Educators (Listed) Favor Universal (Compulsory Military Service (For U.S.) 9
07/13/1940 Liner (‘Washington’) Brings 1,609 (Passengers) From British Isles (273 Are Americans) 22
07/13/1940 Rich Chileans Reported Seeking Nazis’ Help To Return To Power 23
07/13/1940 Nazi Propaganda Active In Brazil-Slurs On United States 24
07/13/1940 (William C.) Bullitt Recounts Seizure Of France-Calls German Army’s Behavior ‘Correct’-Says He Knew Of No Trouble For Americans 27
07/14/1940 France’s Fate Seen As Warning To Us (By N.Y. City Rabbis) 28
07/14/1940 Britain Can Keep Wheat From Nazis (And The Rest Of Europe!)-Our Exports Are Reduced-World Crop Estimates Indicate She Can Curb Flow Until Next Harvest 29
07/14/1940 Nazis Accuse (Eduard) Daladier-Charge He As Premier Justified Intervention (Of Allies) In Scandanavia 29
07/14/1940 Cartoon: Ape (‘Germany’) With Parachute & Swastika Carrying Sign ‘We Come As Friends’ E-3
07/14/1940 Problem Of Supply Facing Nazis-Germans Confronted With Task Of Feeding Themselves And Victims (Occupied Peoples) Through Winter-Effect Of (British) Blockade (Obviously The Hope Is That Germany Will Fail And That Famine And Revolution Will Result) E-4
07/14/1940 British Propaganda Cartoons E-5 & E-6
07/14/1940 Picture: Admiral Harold R. Stark, Chief Of Naval Operations (Supports A Two-Ocean U.S. Navy) E-6
07/15/1940 R. A. F. Beats Off Nazi Dive Bombers 1
07/15/1940 Col. (Fulgencio) Batista Claims Cuban Presidency; Clashes Mar Vote-’Terror’ Charged To Army-Opposition Is Barred At Polls, Grau, San Martin Asserts (Picture, P. 5) 1
07/15/1940 British Use Fish Vans To Carry Wounded (Funds Sought For More U.S. Ambulances Without Cost) 2
07/15/1940 Was Not Betrayed, Belgium Contends-All Reserves Exhausted 3
07/15/1940 Nazis Call U.S. Foe Of Latin America-’Protection’ (By U.S.) Held Peril 5
07/15/1940 German Propaganda Is Forced Into The Press And Radio Of Chile 5
07/15/1940 Advertisement, Full Page: Defense Now Needs Union Now (U.S. And British Empire Should Unify) 11
07/15/1940 (Col. Leonard F. Ayres) Ties Our Economy To Britain’s Fate 24
07/16/1940 22 Nazi Airdromes Raided By British 1
07/16/1940 Nazis Warn London On Churchill Dare-Berlin Holds British Leader’s Pledge Of Stubborn Defense Sacrifices ‘Open City’ (Status) 8
07/16/1940 Axis To Give Britain Chance To Join ‘Renovation’ Of Europe, Rome Hears 8
07/16/1940 U.S. Cruiser (‘Trenton’) Brings Royalty Of Dutchy (Of Luxembourg, To U.S.) 9
07/16/1940 627 (War) Tanks Ordered; Heavily Armored-A. C. F. Will Build Them 15
07/16/1940 Naval Vessels Quit Pearl Harbor Base-2 Columns Off To Maui; Stirring Rumor Of Patrol Mission 15
07/16/1940 Pictures: Refugees Arriving On Excambion (Darius Milhaud Amongpassengers) 19
07/17/1940 Roosevelt Leaves Third Term (‘Draft’) To Party; Releases Delegates For A Free Choice; Move To Draft Him Is Set For Tonight-(‘Dear Alben’ W.) Barkley Tells Delegates President (Roosevelt) Has ‘No Desire’ To Run 1
07/17/1940 U.S. Resists Closing Of The Burma Road (Supplying Armament To Chiang Kai-Shek From The U.S.), Hull Makes Clear 1
07/17/1940 Japanese Cabinet Forced To Resign 1
07/17/1940 German Jews Balked In Emigration Moves-Washington Stricter In Tests-Few Routes To U.S. 11
07/17/1940 Rotterdam Bombing (By Germans) Scored As ‘Fiendish’ (By Royal Netherlands Legation At Washington) 17
07/17/1940 War Aid To France Ample, British Say-415,Ooo Men Sent Over-Help Beyond Scale Of 1915 Exceeding Pledges 22
07/18/1940 Roosevelt Renominated On First Ballot; Strict Anti-War Platform Is Adopted; No Army Abroad Unless U.S. Is Attacked 1
07/18/1940 Army Of 2,000,000 A Minimum Need, (Gen. George C.) Marshall Insists 1
07/18/1940 Text Of The Declaration Of Principles As Adopted By The Democratic (Presidential) Convention 4
07/18/1940 ‘Draft’ Of Roosevelt Is Traced To Inner Circle Of The New Deal (Handily Controlled By Roosevelt)-Arthur Krock 5
07/18/1940 (Harry L.) Hopkins Operates Behind The Scenes-(U.S. Att’y. General, Robert H.) Jackson In Background 6
07/18/1940 (Herbert) Lehman Second (Roosevelt’s Nomination), Extols Roosevelt 7
07/18/1940 German Chemist (Dr. Emil Wolff) Is Held For Trial (In Panama As A German Agent) 8
07/18/1940 WPA Allots Work At Military Posts 9
07/18/1940 Rumania To Rush (3,000 Tank Cars Of) Gasoline To Nazis 13
07/18/1940 ‘Big Three’ (Konoye, Matsuoka & Yoshida) Named To Tokyo Cabinet (In Attempt To Deal With Intolerable U.S. Relations) 14
07/18/1940 Shanghai (U.S.) Marines Again Denounced (By Japan) 14
07/18/1940 Chinese Condemn (Threatened) Burma Road Ban (By British) 14
07/19/1940 ‘Draft’ (Of Roosevelt) Must Be Made By People, He Asserts As Convention Ends-Assails Conquest-Wins Fight For Wallace As His Running Mate 1
07/19/1940 British Hail Naming Of Roosevelt As Friendly To Them 4
07/19/1940 Nazis Say Planks Admit Revolution (In U.S.) 4
07/19/1940 Russia Is Warned (By Italy) Not To ‘Trick’ Axis 7
07/19/1940 U.S. Weighs Stand On Petain Regime-Morgenthau Says Disposition Of (French) Funds Hinges On ‘What Is French Government’-Vichy Is Not Recognized 8
07/19/1940 (30,000 Remaining Our Of 200,000) Paris Jews Await Their Fate Calmly-Jewish Homes Requisitioned 8
07/19/1940 Konoye Is Seeking Quick China Peace 9
07/19/1940 Americans Report Nazis Fill Spain (Reports From Passengers Arriving On ‘Manhattan’) 10
07/19/1940 Churchill Frowns On (Child) Refugee Plans 19
07/20/1940 Yield Or Face Ruin, Hitler Demands; London Is Scornful Of His Threat-Britain Is Defiant-Hitler’s Peace Not Worthy Of Comment-But Churchill May Reply 1
07/20/1940 Germany Orders Reprisal On Dutch 2
07/20/1940 Text Of Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s ‘Last (Peace) Appeal’ To Britain For ‘Common Sense’ Peace 4&5
07/20/1940 Hitler’s Severe’ Speech Disappoints Washington (Sumner Welles) 5
07/20/1940 Hitler Says War Keeps Him From (Attaining) Goal In Reich 5
07/20/1940 U.S. Would Discuss The China Problem-(Sumner) Welles Reiterates We Are Willing To Negotiate To End Extra-Territoriality 6
07/20/1940 Picture; Eleanor Roosevelt & Mrs. Henry A. Wallace 8
07/20/1940 (Englishman A. C. Wickman) Says Our Plants Must Modernize (To Be Able To Provide England With Desired Armaments)-Calls Mass Output Best 30
07/20/1940 WPA Gives Program On Defense Training 30
07/21/1940 British Beat Off Mass Raids By Swarms Of Nazi Planes; R. A. F. Bombs German Bases-Sky Battles Fierce 1
07/21/1940 Roosevelt Signs 2-Ocean Navy Bill; Start Now Sought 1
07/21/1940 (William C.) Bullitt Back, Says France Of Petain (And Laval) Is No Fascist State 1
07/21/1940 Nazis Again Warn Britons To Give Up-Press And Radio Urge Ousting Of Churchill So Peace Can Be Reached Immediately 1
07/21/1940 Hull Is Acclaimed By Havana Throng (Pan-American Conference Of Foreign Ministers Called By Him) 1
07/21/1940 Embargo On Scrap Iron (Shipments) To Japan Studied Under May Defense Act 14
07/21/1940 Refugee Aid Plan (Dominican Republic Settlement Association, Inc. Of New York) Is Filed With Sec (Contract To Settle 100,000 Refugees, Mostly German Jews And Those From German-Occupied Countries In The Dominican Republic-Idea Grew Out Of The Roosevelt-Sponsored, Pre-War Evian Conference) 15
07/21/1940 Nazis Downfall Forecast By Rabbi (Louis I. Newman, N.Y. City)-Freedom Here Is Praised 21
07/21/1940 Severance Of Trade With Nazis Is Urged (By Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, Chairman Of Joint [German] Boycott Council Of The American Jewish Congress And The Jewish Labor Committee And Former Chairman Of The American Federation Of Polish Jews) 22
07/21/1940 Nazis Said To Revive Ukrainian Ambitions (Report From London) 23
07/21/1940 Petain In New Post, Keeps His Simplicity 24
07/21/1940 Reich Blacklists Mutual Radio System For 31 Stations’ Ban On Hitler’s Speech (In America) 25
07/21/1940 Picture; John G. Winant, Chairman Of The International Labor Office (‘Ilo’) Of The League Of Nations 25
07/21/1940 Nazis Need Of Oil Stirs British Hope-Blockade Will Increase-London Thinks A Few Months Will Bring Severe Lack Of Fuel For Axis Powers 26
07/21/1940 Big School Job Is Seen In Drive To Aid Defense D-4
07/21/1940 Hitler’s ‘Last Chance’ Leaves British Coolish-London Not Much Impressed E-3
07/21/1940 British Are Confident Of Power To Win War E-4
07/21/1940 U.S. In Pacific Held To Be Impregnable (Admiral J. O. Richardson, Commander Of U.S. Fleet, Soon To Be Replaced By Admiral Husband E. Kimmel) E-6
07/21/1940 The Nazi Regime As A Development Of German History-Reviews Of German Economy, 1870-1940 And Germany Rampant Book 3
07/22/1940 Halifax To Reject Hitler’s (Peace) Bid Today 1
07/22/1940 Stalin Seen Awaiting Nazi Check By Britain Before Turning Policy (Report From London) 3
07/22/1940 Picture; German Apartment Houses (Western Germany) Hit By British Bombs 4
07/22/1940 Roosevelt Hears (William C.) Bullitt’s Report 9
07/22/1940 Roosevelt Ask (By Italian, Virginio Gayda) To Study Fascism-Terms (His) Stand (Against Axis) Ignorance 18
07/22/1940 Educators Ponder Barriers To Negro 19
07/23/1940 Hull Asks Pan-American Trusteeship Of Europe’s Colonies In (This) Hemisphere (At Havana Pan-American Conference Of Foreign Ministers, Called By Hull)-Transfer (Of Sovereignty [To Germany Or Italy By A Conquered Allied Nation]) Opposed 1
07/23/1940 British Rebuff Hitler (Peace Offer) Defy Threats-Halifax Adamant (Text, P. 4) 1
07/23/1940 British Intensify Air Raids On Reich 1
07/23/1940 Roosevelt Urges Loans To Americas (Cooperating With U.S.-Text, P. 15) 1
07/23/1940 Panama (Registry) Ship Sunk (‘Frossoula’); Nazis Are Blamed (British Report) 3
07/23/1940 Roosevelt Incites Britain, Nazis Say 4
07/23/1940 British Aiding Us (U.S. !, Lord) Lothian Declares 4
07/23/1940 Barrier To Peace Imputed (Bucharest Report) To Hitler (Alleges Peace Offer Was Actually An ‘Avowal That Peace Was Impossible’) 7
07/23/1940 June Arms Buying (By England) Set A Record Here 17
07/23/1940 Schools Accused Of Coddling Aliens (By Prof. George T. Renner) 40
07/24/1940 Trial (Riom Trial) Of Daladier And His War Aides Ordered In France 1
07/23/1940 Nazis Are Infuriated By (Lord) Halifax; Threaten An Immediate Invasion 1
07/23/1940 Roosevelt Ironic On Former Backers Who Go To Willkie 1
07/23/1940 Havana (Conference Of Pan-American Foreign Ministers, Controlled By U.S.) Parley Drafts Plan For Taking Over Colonies (Deemed) Threatened From Abroad-Nazi Rule Barred-Loophole For (Procrastinating) Argentina (A ‘Vice’ Never Forgotten By The U.S.-Only Nations Ratifying (‘Cooperating With U.S.’) Plan To Participate (Share In The Spoils Of War)-None Can Acquire Sovereignty 1
07/23/1940 U.S. (Sumner Welles) Lashes Soviet For Baltic Seizure (Of Estonia, Lithuania And Latvia) 1
07/23/1940 Poles (Sikorsky-See Death In Airplane Crash Later At Gibraltar-Never Satisfactorily Explained!) And British Sign Military Pact 2
07/23/1940 De Gaulle Says War On Nazis Is Resumed (By France) 2
07/23/1940 Germany Belittles (U.S. Supported) Havana Conference 4
07/23/1940 U.S. Marines On Good-Will Tour Of South America (From U.S. Cruiser ‘Phoenix’ Anchored At Valparaiso, Chile, A Nation Reported Leaning Toward Germany) 5
07/23/1940 Watch Ship To Trap Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Assailants 5
07/24/1940 Japanese Alliance To Axis Eschewed (By Prince Konoye) 9
07/24/1940 104 (Child) Refugees Get New Mass Visa (To U.S.) 12
07/24/1940 French ‘Sold Out’ (By Fifth Column) U.S. (Volunteer) Women Charge 13
07/24/1940 R. A. F. Widens Drive On Reich 1
07/24/1940 5th Column Curbs For The Americas Urged At Havana (Conference, Controlled By U.S.)-Hull Denies Rift 1
07/24/1940 R. A. F. Expects Of Us 3,000 Craft A Month 1
07/24/1940 British Beat Back Fierce Nazi Raids-Germans Use American Planes Captured In France 1
07/24/1940 Nazis Continue To Deride Havana Parley; Local Papers Diverge In Their Judgments 3
07/24/1940 Oil Outlook Good, Nazis’ Study Says-Russian Exports Needed 4
07/24/1940 Rumania Will Run Biggest Oil Works-British And Dutch Controlled Astra Romana Corporation Taken Over By Regime-Tank Cars Requisitioned 4
07/24/1940 R. A. F. Dropping (Propaganda) ‘News’ Leaflets In France In Hope Of Creating Trouble For Germans 5
07/24/1940 Daladier Is Facing Stern Punishment (Riom Trial) 6
07/24/1940 Japanese Hold Up American Supplies 7
07/24/1940 Sales Record Set By Glen L. Martin (Aircraft Corp’n.) 27
07/26/1940 Embargo Put On Oil, Scrap Metal In License Order By Roosevelt-Ban Affects Japan-Oil To Spain Stopped 1
07/26/1940 Johnson Resigns As Stimson Aide; (Robert Porter) Patterson (Now Attending Volunteer Plattsburg Military Training Camp) Named 1
07/26/1940 Argentina Blocks (U.S.) Trusteeship Plan (On Territory Seized To Keep It From Germany At U.S. Dominated Havana Pan-American Foreign Ministers Conference-Hull ‘Declined To Comment’) 1
07/26/1940 Britain To Extend Blockade To Spain-Portugal Will Be Included To Bar War Supplies, Chiefly Oil From All Europe 1
07/26/1940 Rumania Sends Jews (Refugees) Back To Bessarabia 2
07/26/1940 Special (Riom) Tribunal Will Try Daladier 3
07/26/1940 Ducal (Luxembourg) Refugees President’s (Roosevelt’s) Guests 3
07/26/1940 U.S. Is Decadent Says M. Marquet (Vichy Minister Of Interior) 3
07/26/1940 (Dr. Walther) Funk Warns U.S. On Trade Policies 6
07/26/1940 British Will Not Force Help Upon Ireland 6
07/26/1940 Bolivian Tin Mines Coveted By Hitler (And Others!)-Opportunity Offered U.S. 7
07/26/1940 Morgenthau Hails British Plane Aid (By U.S.)-3,000 A Month Means A Vast Expansion In Our Industry, Secretary Asserts-$7,000,000 Cost Seen 9
07/26/1940 40,000 Planes A Year Possible Says (Robert E.) Gross (Of Lockheed Aircraft Co.) 9
07/26/1940 Maine Gets WPA Aid In Defense Program 9
07/26/1940 Canal Zone Safe, (Admiral William D.) Leahy Tells (World) Fair 13
07/26/1940 Arming Is Favored By Episcopalians (Anglicans) 15
07/26/1940 Fight On Fascism Urged Of Teachers (By Dr. Walter Rudlin Of Sarah Lawrence College At N.Y. State Council For Social Studies) 19
07/26/1940 Miss (Frances, ‘Ma’) Perkins (U.S. Sec. Of Labor) Sees Job Rise For Year 20
07/26/1940 Threatens To Drop British Goods Here (Protest Of Export Tax Levied By British Government On Goods To Be Sold In U.S.) 31
07/27/1940 British Hold Rumanian Ships 1
07/27/1940 Three (Rumanian) Cargo Ships Seized At Port Said (By British) 1
07/27/1940 Roosevelt Urges Safety For Refugee Ships As House Group Approves Bill For Children (Refugees) 1
07/27/1940 Use Of U.S. Tanker Granted Russians 2
07/27/1940 Britain To Operate French Warships (Seized By Them In Military Action After France Surrendered) 2
07/27/1940 Irish Defend (Their Neutral) Policy Against U.S. Critics 3
07/27/1940 Reich (Peace) Terms Reported Offered Via Sweden; Alleged Peace Plan An ‘Ultimatum’ To British (Allegedly, A Report From Berlin-Terms Listed) 3
07/27/1940 Japan Is Aroused By U.S. Embargo 4
07/27/1940 4,000,000th Briton Will Register Today 4
07/27/1940 Rumanian Jews Uneasy 4
07/27/1940 President (Roosevelt) To View Arming Process 6
07/27/1940 (U.S. Red Cross Chairman) Says Nazis Spare (Do Not Confiscate) Red Cross Supplies 13
07/27/1940 Registering Aliens To Be Questioned 15
07/27/1940 Migrant Labor (In U.S.) To Be Fingerprinted (For Identification Of Southern Negro Workers) 15
07/28/1940 Roosevelt Moves To Help Red Cross And The Refugees-He Appoints Morgenthau And Wallace To Assist Agency’s $50,000,000 Buying 1
07/28/1940 Havana (Pan-American Foreign Ministers’) Parley (Dominated By U.S.) Reaches Full Accord On Colonies, Trade And 5th Column; Argentina Accepts Hull’s Program 1
07/28/1940 Nazi ‘Peace Drive’ Has 3 Objectives (Stockholm Report) 1
07/28/1940 Nazis Get Copper Of Big Bor (Yugoslavian) Mines 3
07/28/1940 British Reprisals May Hit Rumania-Blockade Issues Studied 8
07/28/1940 Gandhi Non-Violence Is Modified In India 9
07/28/1940 (Sumner) Welles Summons The Soviet Envoy-Export Ruling Explained-Acting Secretary (Of State) Calls Tokyo’s Ambassador 10
07/28/1940 Reich Denies Aim To Suppress Dutch 11
07/28/1940 Nazi Threat Minimized (By Bogota, Columbia Newspaper) 13
07/28/1940 Brazilians Opposed (Roosevelt’s Resource) Cartel As Unsound-Declare Inter-Americans Buying Up Of Surpluses May Lead To Post-War Dumping (Of These Same Resources)-U.S. Financing Favored 15
07/28/1940 Paraguay Seeking A Military Accord (With U.S.) 16
07/28/1940 Japanese Leaders Adopt New Policy 17
07/28/1940 U.S. Export Curbs (Against Japanese) Hailed By Chinese 17
07/28/1940 U.S. Invasion Fear Held Groundless (By Col. Frederick Palmer)-Hitler Unable To Attack Here Without Long And Difficult Preparation 18
07/28/1940 Another Low, British Cartoon E-3
07/28/1940 Soviet In March West, Steps On German Toes E-5
07/28/1940 Bewildered Poles Subsist Day By Day E-5
07/28/1940 Picture: Alfred Rosenberg-Sweden’s Neutrality A Test E-5
07/28/1940 Stephan Zweig (Recently Arrived From Europe On A Boat For Child Refugees) Talks On The Plight Of The European Artist Mag. 2
07/28/1940 Picture: In A British Arms Factory (Child Labor?) Mag. 1
07/29/1940 U.S. Ambassador (Joseph P. Kennedy) Gives An Ambulance To Great Britain 3
07/29/1940 Picture; Riflemen In England ‘Preparing To Bring Down Nazi Parachutists’ (Practicing On Parachutes Still In The Air!) 3
07/29/1940 British Send Warning To Rumania Of Blockade Over Pro-Axis Policy 3
07/29/1940 Costa Rica Puts Off Naturalizing Nazis-Germans Are Believed To Seek Citizenship To Aid Plots 5
07/29/1940 Socialist Economy Held Best For Defense (By Norman Thomas And Associates)-Urge U.S. To Avoid War 6
07/29/1940 College Teachers Back Defense Call-Polled By Harvard Group 6
07/29/1940 Aid To Aliens Laid To Miss (Frances) Perkins (U.S. Sec. Of Labor)-Use Of 1917 Law Is Cited 15
07/29/1940 Meeting In Havana (Dominated By Roosevelt) Worries Germany-Reich Sees In (Roosevelt-Sponsored) Cartel (To Deprive Germany Of Resources)A Weapon Forged By Washington For Long-Range Blockade-U.S. Termed Inconsistent 21
07/30/1940 British Repel Mass (German) Air Raids Over Dover; Bomb Cherbourg (France) Oil Tanks-German Bases Pounded 1
07/30/1940 ‘Economic Front’ Urged By Farrell (Of U.S. Steel)-Says British Might Join Us 1
07/30/1940 Two British Liners (‘Cameronia’ & ‘Britannic’) Bring 372 Children (Total Of 1,323 Passengers) 3
07/30/1940 Sale Of (60 ‘Overaged’ But Serviceable U.S.) Destroyers To Britain Is Urged (By Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies, William Allen White [Nominal] Chairman) 4
07/30/1940 Texts Of The Agreements Reached At (U.S.-Dominated) Pan-American Conference At Havana 8
07/30/1940 Reich Control Seen Over Rumanian Oil 8
07/30/1940 Tokyo Peace Offer Reported Rebuffed; Chiang (Kai-Shek) Said To Bar 5-Province Cession 10
07/30/1940 Japan Sees Easing Of (U.S.) Embargo Peril 10
07/30/1940 Poland Protests To U.S.-Seizure Of Vilna By Soviet Is Believed Basis Of Note (Delivered By Polish Envoy, Count Jerzy Potocki) 13
07/30/1940 Army Buys Diesels For Medium Tanks 26
07/31/1940 Britain Tightens Blockade To Cover All Of Continent; Fliers Again Smash At Reich 1
07/31/1940 (‘Free’) French (Those Commanded By De Gaulle) Help R. A. F. Bomb Germany — Ruhr A Chief Target 1
07/31/1940 U.S. To Keep (Armament Supply) Ships Running To Europe (Britain)-Despite Blockade 2
07/31/1940 Rumanian Offers Population Trade (To Eliminate Minorities) 3
07/31/1940 (Dr. Walther) Funk’s (Widely Publicized) Views On Gold Held Distorted Here (By Berlin) 3
07/31/1940 Red Cross Man Flies Today To Aid British 3
07/31/1940 (Sumner) Welles Cites View On Act Of Havana-Silent On French Status 4
07/31/1940 Text Of Hull’s Statement On Havana Result 4
07/31/1940 Picture: Hull And (U.S. Supporter, Col. Fulgencio Batista, Of Cuba, Listening Intently 4
07/31/1940 Henri-Haye Named Petain (French) Envoy Here (Picture)-Instructed U.S. Troops (In 1918) 8
07/31/1940 Form Unit To Make Synthetic Rubber 10
07/31/1940 Alien Registration To Cover 3,600,000-No ‘Witch Hunt’ Planned (Order Of Earl G. Harrison) 11