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William Lindsey collection — 1940 NYT headlines

September 1940
Date Headline Page
09/01/1940 Nazis Pound London In All-Day Raids, Bomb Northwest City For Six Hours 1
09/01/1940 R. A. F. Planes Renew Attack On Berlin (3 Hours) 1
09/01/1940 25 Dead In Crash Of Air Transport (Including Minnesota Senator Ernest) Lundeen Is Killed 1
09/01/1940 Text Of The President’s (Roosevelt’s) Talk At Hyde Park 2
09/01/1940 (Senator) Lundeen Noted As Isolationist 6
09/01/1940 Sending Food To Hitler Victims Opposed By Voters (Gallup) Survey Finds 9
09/01/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Backs Arming For Safety 10
09/01/1940 Peace Delegates Fight Draft Bill 10
09/01/1940 Team-Work Called Vital To Defense (By N.Y. City Rabbis) 11
09/01/1940 (Sir George) Paish (Accused By Senator Burton K. Wheeler As A British Agent) Leaves For Visit (In Connecticut) 11
09/01/1940 Exochorda Here With 166 Aboard (99, U.S. Citizens) 13
09/01/1940 (British, Armed) Merchant Cruiser Is Sunk By U-Boat (Other Ships Sunk Too) 14
09/01/1940 Dutch Defy Nazis And Honor Queen-Roosevelt Sends Greetings (To Wilhelmina-Not As Rabid As Later) 17
09/01/1940 American Planes Praised By British 18
09/01/1940 Pictures: Damage In London & Berlin 18
09/01/1940 Norwegian Spying For Britain Seen 19
09/01/1940 Czechs To Fight On (Worlds Fair Throng Hears (From Czech Col.) 20
09/01/1940 Draft Exception In College Asked By N.Y. U. Head D-6
09/01/1940 Schools To Aid Child Evacuees D-4
09/01/1940 Where Britain And Germany Give Blow For Blow E-1
09/01/1940 Anti-German Cartoon: ‘No Pushover This Time’ E-2
09/01/1940 Cartoon: As Mr. Low Sees The Efficiency Of The R.A.F. E-3
09/01/1940 A Year Of War Leaves Britain Facing Hitler E-3
09/01/1940 Britains Carry On Robert P. Frost E-3
09/01/1940 Opinion Here Reflects Rising Tempo Of War E-8
09/01/1940 Butler, N. M., Across The Busy Years: Recollections And Reflections, Vol Ii, Charles Scribners Sons, N.Y. (Picture) Dr. Nicholas Murry Butler’s (Columbia University & Carnegie Endowment For International Peace) Part In The Affairs Of Europe Book 3
09/01/1940 Sullivan, Lawrence, The Dead Hand Of Bureaucracy, Bobbs-Merrill, N. Y & Indianapolis Bureaucracy And The New Deal Book 10
09/01/1940 Chase, Stuart, Idle Money, Idle Men, Harcourt, Brace & Co., N.Y.-Stuart Chase On Government Spending Book 10
09/01/1940 Hitler’s Shadow Over South America Mag. 3
09/01/1940 ‘Die Stadt Paris’ (Appeal To American Francophile) Mag. 3
09/01/1940 Giants Of The Skies (Picture Of Planes) Roto. 1
09/01/1940 ‘Streamlined And Redecorated’ (Picture Of Goering Who Has Just Been Named Air Marshall Tone, Ridicule) Roto. 6
09/02/1940 Children’s Ship Torpedoed, But Refugees Are Saved 1
09/02/1940 London And Berlin Raided 1
09/02/1940 60,000 Guardsmen Summoned For Active Service Sept. 16 1
09/02/1940 Berlin Unscathed In Raid, Nazis Say-City Pounded, British Say 1
09/02/1940 R. A. F. Sends Nazis To Berlin Cellar Parties; Dress Strictly Informal At ‘Lights Out Club’ 2
09/02/1940 (Archbishop Of) Canterbury Appeals For Moral Aid Of U.S. 2
09/02/1940 Nazi Bombers Fail To Cripple Britain 3
09/02/1940 Big Cologne Fire Indicated By Nazi 3
09/02/1940 Goebbels Warns Showdown Is Near 4
09/02/1940 85 Swedish Vessels Lost In Year Of War 4
09/02/1940 Gasoline For Planes Being Sent To Japan (By British Firm) 4
09/02/1940 Anti-Americanism Seen in Columbia 5
09/02/1940 (U.S.) Destroyer Sale (To British) Attacked By (N. Dakota Senator, Gerald P.) Nye 6
09/02/1940 Dominican (Republic) Loan (To Them!) To Help U.S. Navy 7
09/02/1940 Knox Will Inspect Fleet At Hawaii 9
09/02/1940 (George) Creel (U.S. Propaganda Head In World War I) Denies Camp Idea 9
09/02/1940 (General John F.) O’ryan Asks (U.S.) War Entry 10
09/02/1940 La Follette (Senator, Wisconsin) Hits War 10
09/02/1940 (Univ. Of Columbia’s Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Sees Trap In Liberty’s Abuse 10
09/02/1940 Issues To Be Sifted By Psychologists-War Shock One Subject 10
09/02/1940 Alien Total In U.S. Cut Almost In Half (Now 3,595,338 Aliens) 10
09/02/1940 Willkie Is Backed As ‘True Democrat’ (By Democrats) 12
09/02/1940 New Deal Target Of Church League 13
09/02/1940 Peace In Balkans Seen As Aid To Axis 25
09/03/1940 Roosevelt Calls On Nation To Unite For Total Defense; Won’t Sacrifice Social Gains (Of His ‘New Deal’) 1&4
09/03/1940 Targets In Munich Bombed By British 1
09/03/1940 Moral Of British Firm Under Raids-Damage Not Really Vital 2
09/03/1940 Pope’s Peace Bids Mark Year Of War-Efforts Still Continue 5
09/03/1940 (New Zionist Organization) Plan Jewish Army To Battle Hitlerism 7
09/03/1940 Munich Blast (Attempt On Hitler’s Life) Laid (By U.S. And England) To Foes Of Hitler 8
09/03/1940 (U.S.) Plane Production Now 1,000 A Month 9
09/03/1940 Miss Perkins Sees 1,000,000 Jobs Again-Secretary (Of Labor) Asserts Employment (In U.S.) Is 9,000,000 Greater Than It Was 7 Years Ago 10
09/03/1940 (William) Green (A. F. Of L.) Cautions Against Strikes; Lewis Calls Jobs Key To Defense 10
09/03/1940 Government Says Defense Will Halve Idle By Making Jobs For 4,500,000 By July 1 11
09/03/1940 Meany Pledges Aid Of A. F. L. In Defense 11
09/03/1940 (James J. [Penn.]) Senator Davis Warns Of ‘Big Government’ 12
09/03/1940 43 Schools For Aliens (In N.Y. City) 12
09/03/1940 Borneo Oil Wells Put Under Guard-Pipe Lines Are All Mined 14
09/03/1940 Use Of Psychology In Hirings Is Urged 15
09/03/1940 Roosevelt Trades (‘Old’ U.S.) Destroyers (To England) For Sea Bases; Tells Congress He Acted On Own Authority (In A Ruling By His Appointee, U.S. Att’y. Gen. Robert H. Jackson-The ‘Trade’ Was For 50 ‘Old’ Vessels) 1
09/03/1940 Britain Pledges Never To Yield Or Sink Fleet-British Jubilant (Part Of The ‘Trade’?-Obviously To Keep It From Ever Falling Into German Hands!) 1
09/03/1940 Roosevelt Halls Gain Of New Bases 1
09/03/1940 Ship Trade Is Held Not Hostile Action (By U.S. State Dept.) 1
09/03/1940 Riom Busy Compiling War Guilt Evidence-Witnesses Heard In Secret 5
09/03/1940 Cuba’s War Aid (To U.S.) Pledged (By Former President Grau San Martin, Now Replaced By Fulgencio Batista Who Also Supports The U.S.) 6
09/04/1940 Roosevelt’s Message And The Diplomatic Exchanges (About 50 ‘Old’ Destroyers) 10
09/04/1940 Picture: One Of The (‘Old’) Destroyers Traded To England 10
09/04/1940 Britain In Year Ordered 2 Billion In Goods Here 10
09/04/1940 ‘Plenty Of Precedent’-Dr. Wild Of Harvard Says Basis For Act Of War Term (Resulting From U.S. Giving England 50 ‘Old’ Destroyers) Is Lacking 10
09/04/1940 Capital Sees Link Of Arms With Ships (Given To England) 11
09/04/1940 (Admiral Harold R. Stark, Chief Of U.S. Naval Operations) Calls 50 Old Ships Not Needed By U.S. 12
09/04/1940 La Guardia Hails Trade (Of 50 ‘Old’ Destroyers) For Bases 12
09/04/1940 W. A. White (Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) Approves (Destroyer Deal) 12
09/04/1940 Comment By Press (All Over U.S.) On British Accord (Destroyer Deal) 13
09/04/1940 U.S. Seen As Gainer In Destroyer Deal-Hanson W. Baldwin 14
09/04/1940 Axis Holds British Gain Little In Deal 15
09/04/1940 Renaming Of (Former U.S.) Destroyers Held Problem For British 15
09/04/1940 Hull-Lothian Correspondence On Pledge Made By Britain Never To Scuttle Her Fleet 15
09/04/1940 Bermuda Awaits U.S. Officers 15
09/04/1940 Canada Hails Gain Of 50 Destroyers-Canadians Ready To Sail 15
09/04/1940 Text Of Attorney General Jackson’s Opinion Upholding The Transfer Of Destroyers (From U.S. To England) 16
09/04/1940 Congress Ranks Split On Accord 16
09/04/1940 Editorial: St. Louis Post-Dispatch: ‘Dictator Roosevelt Commits An Act Of War’ 19
09/04/1940 U.S. War Crisis Would Help Roosevelt More Than Willkie, Gallup Survey Finds 20
09/04/1940 Picture: Rev. Paul Strasser, Brother Of Otto Strasser Arrives On Dixie Clipper 25
09/04/1940 Strasser Brother (Benedictine Monk) Here On Clipper 25
09/04/1940 ‘Heroic Man’ Myth Cause Of War-Psychologist (Edward Chace Tolman) Predicts Fall Of Types Like Mussolini, Hitler And Stalin 27
09/04/1940 Mme. (Sigrid) Undset Here, Warns On Hitler-Finds Us On ‘Right Track’ 28
09/04/1940 Trujillo (Dominican Republic) Flies Here; His Mission Secret 28
09/05/1940 Democrats Hail Action On Bases; Praise President (Roosevelt) 1
09/05/1940 Hitler Threatens To Raze Cities In Reprisal For British Bombing, R. A. F. Fires German Forest Plant (Forest Fires Set In Black Forest) 1
09/05/1940 Hull Warns Japan On Indo-China Case 1
09/05/1940 Only 300 Planes Of The First Line Now Held By (U.S.) Army 1
09/05/1940 Churchill Declares British Might Grows 2
09/05/1940 Damage Is Slight On British Coast 3
09/05/1940 Hitler Talk Unscheduled, Not Broadcast, Guarded 3
09/05/1940 Gibraltar Unharmed In First Year Of War 4
09/05/1940 3 Soviet Classes Called To Colors 4
09/05/1940 (Judge In Buffalo) Curbs Nazi Consuls Here 4
09/05/1940 (Fulgencio) Batista Asks Cubans To Aid Him In Crisis 5
09/05/1940 Berlin Holds (U.S.-English Destroyer) Deal Is Unneutral Act 10
09/05/1940 Three Over-Age Destroyers Leave Boston On Way To Britain, First In Transfer Of 50 (Picture) 10
09/05/1940 Japanese See Peril In U.S.-British (Destroyer) Deal 10
09/05/1940 British Are Eager For (Destroyer) Ship Delivery-Trade Regarded As Fair 11
09/05/1940 Bermuda To Greet U.S. Mission Today 12
09/05/1940 New Pacific Bases Sought, Knox Says 13
09/05/1940 U.S. To Keep Fleet At Pacific Bases-(U.S.-British) Accord Hinged On Issue 13
09/05/1940 Destroyer Trade Assailed By Pryor 14
09/05/1940 Vast Arms Supply To Britain Bared-One Man In Every 4 In (British) Service Equipped By U.S.,.Asserts Committee To Aid Allies-More Munitions And Secret Bomb Sight Sought From This Country 15
09/05/1940 Exchange Blows In House (Over Compulsory, Military Conscription Bill) 16
09/05/1940 Picture: Fort Dix Prepares To Welcome The National Guard 17
09/05/1940 (U.S.-British) Accord Courts War, Says Norman Thomas 20
09/05/1940 British Maintain (Peace-Time Goods) Shipments To U.S.-She Can Meet Her Orders 34
09/05/1940 British Trade Up 5.6% Over Year Ago In July 34
09/06/1940 Cocos Island Base Is Offered To U.S. (By Costa Rico) As Canal Defense 1
09/06/1940 Prime Minister Churchill’s Report To The House Of Commons On Progress Of The War 2
09/06/1940 Nazi Oil Base Hit (By R. A. F.) In Baltic Region 3
09/06/1940 Slovakia Amplifies Laws Against Jews-Aim Of Forcing Emigration 8
09/06/1940 U.S. To Try Growing Rubber In Latin America In Move To Cut Our Dependence On The Orient (As The Germans Did At Raisko [Auschwitz] With Koks Sagis) 10
09/06/1940 Hong Kong Ready To Defend Itself-2,000,000 In Colony 10
09/06/1940 Indo-China Gives In To Tokyo On Troops 10
09/06/1940 U.S. Experts Begin Bermuda Survey (For U.S. Base) 12
09/06/1940 Naval Deal Stirs Neighbors Of U.S. 12
09/06/1940 Ship Deal Backed in Gallup Survey (60% Favor It) 12
09/06/1940 9 Old Destroyers Depart Secretly 12
09/06/1940 Australia Skeptical Of (U.S.) Naval Alliance 13
09/06/1940 (Police) Evict 1,500 At Capitol (Protesting Draft) 13
09/06/1940 40,000 Reserve Officers In Army By Spring; Gen. Marshall Says, Expansion Requires Call 13
09/06/1940 (Alfred M.) Landon Hits (Destroyer) Swap Method 13
09/06/1940 Nazi Victims Offer Fair’s Riches To Us 23
09/06/1940 Ship (U.S. Maritime) Board Curbs Alien Charters 43
09/06/1940 Editorial: St. Louis Star-Times Reply To Post-Dispatch Editorial On 50 Destroyers Air And Naval Bases Trade 44
09/07/1940 German Planes Raid London All Day; British Bomb Berlin, Starting Fires 1
09/07/1940 U.S. Scrap Steel Faces An Embargo-Would Be A Heavy Blow To Japan 1
09/07/1940 British Submarine Rescues Captives 1
09/07/1940 $5,246,000,000 ‘Total Defense Bill’ Adopted Providing Enlarged Army, Planes, Warships 1
09/07/1940 Little Havoc Seen In Tour Of England-’Business As Usual’ Is Found 2
09/07/1940 Italian Writer Says Protest On (U.S.) Arms Deal (To England) Is Not Expected 2
09/07/1940 British Sell Nazi Planes (Messersmitts-Guaranteed Delivery To N. Y City) 2
09/07/1940 Pictures: British Naval Action Against French Fleet 3
09/07/1940 Fund For Refugees Ask-500 Jews, En Route To Palestine Turned Back (By Rumania) To Bulgarian Town 3
09/07/1940 (Myron C.) Taylor Sees U.S. Facing ‘Decisions’ (Picture) France Deprives 15 Of Their Citizenship (For Fleeing France) 5
09/07/1940 Picture: A Hospital ‘Somewhere In England’ Hit By A German Bomb 5
09/07/1940 Freemasons Banned In The Netherlands 5
09/07/1940 Japan To Reject Protest By Hull 5
09/07/1940 First 8 U.S. Ships Arrive In Canada 6
09/07/1940 Roosevelt Prods Congress On Draft 6
09/07/1940 Willkie Condemns Destroyer Trade (By U.S. To English) 8
09/07/1940 Wallace Charges Defense Sniping 8
09/07/1940 Schools Speed Up Defense Training 8
09/07/1940 Interfaith Group (National Conference Of Christians And Jews) Backs Peace Plea (Supports Roosevelt’s ‘Day Of Prayer For Peace’) 18
09/08/1940 1,500 Nazl Planes Bomb London; Industry And Services Damaged-Reich ‘Retaliating’ 1
09/08/1940 R. A. F. Scores Many Hits In Reich 1
09/08/1940 15 Officers Of Graf Spee Flee Island In Argentina 1
09/08/1940 House Votes Conscription; 60-Day Delay 1
09/08/1940 French War Chiefs Put Under Arrest (Riom Trial) 1
09/08/1940 Willkie Pledges A ‘No-War’ Policy 1
09/08/1940 R. A. F. Raids Blast Reich War Plants 1
09/08/1940 (Charles Michelson) Says Bigot Groups Support Willkie 8
09/08/1940 Intelligence Tests Called Ineffective (By Psychologists) 18
09/08/1940 Chemists To Study Needs Of Defense-Synthetic Rubber A Topic 22
09/08/1940 Educators Meet For Defense Aid 25
09/08/1940 (Andrei) Vishinsky Named As Molotoff Aide-Prosecutor In The 1938 Soviet Purge(Molotoff Later Headed Soviet Propaganda) 28
09/08/1940 Jews In Luxembourg Hit (Activities Limited) 28
09/08/1940 Japan Is Alarmed By Trend Of U.S.-Nichi Nichi Sees Possibility Of Our Federating With Britain And The Dominions 34
09/08/1940 Men Of Two Navies (U.S. & England) Trim Navies 35
09/08/1940 (J. L.) Garvin Sees U.S. In War This Fall-Predicts Popular Cause 35
09/08/1940 Board Sifts Data On Bermuda Base (Picture: Admiral Greenslade, Head Of Board Later Took Over Iceland) 35
09/08/1940 All Americas Free To Use New Bases 36
09/08/1940 Deal On (‘Old, Outmoded’) Destroyers Hostile, Rome Holds 36
09/08/1940 Chiang Asks Steps By U.S. In Pacific 37
09/08/1940 Indo-China Says Chinese Attacked 39
09/08/1940 Unity Of Americas Hailed By Vargas (Brazil) 39
09/08/1940 Costa Rico Bars U.S. (Anti-German) Film 39
09/08/1940 Pictures: Destruction By R. A. F. In Berlin 40
09/08/1940 Industrial Group Aids Refugee Plan-Women Press (Children Refugee) Campaign 41
09/08/1940 British Army Trains For Offensive In 1941-Hopes To Have 1,000,000 Men With Big Air Force 41
09/08/1940 London Total War Rouses Cold Anger (In British) 42
09/08/1940 H. G. Wells Insists On British (Government) Shake-Up 43
09/08/1940 (Herschel) Grynszpan (Who Murdered Vom Rath) Given To Nazis By Vichy 44
09/08/1940 Anti-German Pictures Drawn By American Children, Aged 12 & 14 45
09/08/1940 Slovakia Extends Anti-Semltic Laws 45
09/08/1940 Oil Is Not Lacking In First War Year-Hydrogenation In Reich F-1
09/08/1940 Our Deal With Britain Affects A World’s Stategical Picture-Hanson W. Baldwin E-5
09/08/1940 Berlin Is Resentful (Of U.S. Destroyer Deal With England) E-5
09/08/1940 A Comparison Of The Naval Tonnage Of The Major Powers E-5
09/08/1940 A Twelve-Year Record Of (U.S.) Unemployment (Highest In 1933-High Again In 1918) E-8
09/08/1940 Is Our Way Of Life Doomed? By William Allen White, Chairman, Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies Mag. 3
09/08/1940 When Churchill Fights With Words-Robert P. Frost Mag. 7
09/09/1940 Mighty Nazi Air Fleets Again Bomb London; Goering Directing ‘New Phase Of The War’-Marshal In France 1
09/09/1940 All Of (U.S.) Army Found In Need Of Training And Modern Guns 1
09/09/1940 (Sec. Of Agriculture) Wickard Says No Famine Faces Europe Continent 2
09/09/1940 London Raid Havoc Awes Witness (Vincent Sheean) 3
09/09/1940 Daladier Arrested Under His Own Law (Riom Trial) 4
09/09/1940 Chinese See Hull As Curb On Japan 5
09/09/1940 Bolivian Bill To Bar Jews Wins Approval (First Reading Of Bill Approved) 5
09/09/1940 Gen. (Hugh A.) Drum Aids Drive For Child Refugees 6
09/09/1940 Roosevelt Joins Prayers For Peace-He Hears Hyde Park Rector Ask World Be Freed From ‘Hands Of Oppressors’ Warning Of Catastrophe 8
09/09/1940 All Creeds In State (Catholics, Protestants & Jews) Offer Peace Prayers 8
09/09/1940 Training Of (U.S.) Pilots Far Short Of Goal 9
09/09/1940 Many Precedents For War Recalled (By Catholic Rev. Dr. Philip J. Furlong) 11
09/09/1940 End Of Isms Seen In ‘Stronger Idea’ (By Episcopal, Rev. Dr. John Gass)-Battle Is Not Merely With Arms But With Intellect 11
09/09/1940 Peace Hope Held Vital-Without It Jews Will Cease To Be Religious People (Rabbi) Arzt Warns 11
09/09/1940 War Flying Talk Heard At Capital-Report Circulates That (U.S.) Air Officers Might Get Leaves To Serve With The R. A. F.-Like Axis Airmen In Spain 16
09/09/1940 Mrs. Trotsky Testifies 17
09/09/1940 Labor Inventory Made For Nation (By Sidney Hillman)-5,500,000 Men Are Registered And Number Available In Any Locality Recorded 33
09/10/1940 Center Of London Battered By Heavy Blows 1
09/10/1940 R. A. F. Wreaks Havoc In 3-Hour Raid On Hamburg-R. A. F. Retaliates, Berlin Raided Anew 1
09/10/1940 201 Ships Ordered For 2-Ocean Navy 1
09/10/1940 (U.S.) Bar Demands Protection Of Civil Rights But Not As ‘Screen’ For Foes Of Democracy 1
09/10/1940 Maps: London & Hamburg 2
09/10/1940 Pictures: London Damage 3
09/10/1940 Nazi Paper (National Sozialisticher Kurier, Stuttgart) Finds ‘Law’ For (German) Attack (On London-A Belligerent City & Not An ‘Open City’) 5
09/10/1940 Rumania Decrees Anti-Jewish Laws 6
09/10/1940 Bonnet Peace Aim A Year Ago Cited-Paper In Paris Says He Held Up French Entry (Into War) 6 Hours (Le Matin) 6
09/10/1940 (Herschel) Grynzpan Sentenced To 20 Years In France (For Murder Of Ernst Vom Rath) Nazis ‘Supervise’ Conviction Of Slayer Of Paris Embassy Aide 6
09/10/1940 La Guardia Warns (Would-Be) Invaders (Of U.S.) To Pause 7
09/10/1940 British Plane Output Reported Holding Up-Little Impaired By Nazi Raids 7
09/10/1940 British Tars Man American Destroyers; Transfer Quietly Made At Canadian Port (Supergratuitous Sentimentality & Emotionalism) 7
09/10/1940 Roosevelt Signs 5 Billion Arms Bill 10
09/10/1940 Army Not Prompt To Use New Funds 11
09/10/1940 War Games Show Army’s Muddling-Two Schools In Conflict 12
09/10/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Gives Students Advice-Urges They Arm Themselves With Worth-While Convictions Despite Opposition-Isaacs Asserts That (Father) Coughlin And Lindberg Are Enemies Of Democracy 18
09/10/1940 $212,000,000 Goes To (U.S.) Army Highways (75,000 Mile U.S. ‘Autobahn’ Network) 18
09/10/1940 Relief Aide Warns Of French Famine-Germans No Help-Dr. (Joseph) Stokes (Quaker!) Tells Of New Jewish Concentration Camps (Gurs & San Cyprien)-Complained Of British Censors At Bermuda, But Apparently Is Oblivious To Their Blockade Of Any Food Bound For France) 25
09/11/1940 British Bomb Berlin, Hit Reichstag Building And Other Landmarks In Center Of The City-Miss U.S. Embassy, Hit Brandenburg Gate (Right Next To It)-Aim Held Deliberate 1
09/11/1940 R. A. F. Hammers 25 Vital Points To Weaken Foe’s Offensive 1
09/11/1940 Germans Pound At London In 8-Hour Attack-Britons Carrying On 1
09/11/1940 Incendiary ‘Cards’ (Phosphorus) A British Weapon 1
09/11/1940 Nazis See Battle As Fight To Finish 1
09/11/1940 Weakness Is Seen In Moves By Nazis 2
09/11/1940 Pictures: When German Bombs Drop To Their Target-London And Its 7,000,000 Persons 3
09/11/1940 British Reassure Swiss-Express Regret Over Violation Of Neutrality By R. A. F. 3
09/11/1940 Chamberlain (Lord President Of The Council) Is Back At Work (After Operation) 3
09/11/1940 Property Damage Severe In London 4
09/11/1940 Picture: Where British Bombs Rocked Berlin In Early Morning Raid 4
09/11/1940 Refugee Booklet Issued-(‘How Can I Help’-Children) 4
09/11/1940 Pictures (German): Of Wreckage In Berlin And Hamm 5
09/11/1940 Feeding Of France Big Vichy Problem-Strict Rations Expected 7
09/11/1940 Peoples In Pacific Astir Over Britain-Prefer Occidental To Japanese Control 8
09/11/1940 Foreigners (Emigres) Face Seizure (Of Property) In France (As A Result Of Fleeing) 8
09/11/1940 Nazis Seen Trying To Lure Norwegian Ships (Seized By British); ‘Voice’ Of Owners Recorded, Sent By Radio 10
09/11/1940 1,000,000 Already Filed As Aliens-Only 2,500,000 Left-(U.S. Att’y. Gen. Robert H.) Jackson Warns Some Employers 11
09/11/1940 (New Jersey Sheriff) Lists (German-American) Bund Visitors (To ‘Nordland’) 14
09/11/1940 (Edward J.) Flynn Belittles (Roosevelt) Dictator Charge-Cites Roosevelt’s Acceptance Of Court Invalidation Of The National Recovery Act 16
09/11/1940 E. (Lliott) Roosevelt Tilts At Father’s Critic 16
09/11/1940 Only 180 Pwa Jobs Still Unfinished-Seven-Year Record Told 23
09/11/1940 300 Children Here (Arrived On ‘Cameronia’) From War Zone (German Exiles On Board, Norbert Feiwelsohn Had Been Interned In A British Internment Camp Before Coming To U.S.) 27
09/11/1940 Religion Of Good Urged By Einstein 30
09/11/1940 Ship Men Oppose Wheeler-Lea Bill-Defense Danger Is Seen 51
09/12/1940 Both London And Berlin Bombed Again-Fire Set In Berlin-London Guns Roar-Workers Homes Hit 1
09/12/1940 Palace In London Damaged By Bomb (Corner Of Buckingham Palace Wrecked) 1
09/12/1940 Roosevelt Backs Draft Of Industry; Hails Labor Gains 1
09/12/1940 Berlin Threatens New Fury In Raids 1
09/12/1940 Little Damage To Berlin 2
09/12/1940 Fascist Lauds (Father) Coughlin 2
09/12/1940 Picture: Damage At Buckingham Palace 3
09/12/1940 Blood For Britain Asked (Gen. Robert C. Davis, N.Y. Chapter, American Red Cross) 3
09/12/1940 Nazis Now Using Heavier Missiles 4
09/12/1940 Pictures: Damage At Berlin And Hamburg 5
09/12/1940 (Georges) Mandel Is Flown To French Prison 5
09/12/1940 France Praises Our (Red Cross) Aid 5
09/12/1940 80,000 Rlfles Bought From U.S. By Canada (Lee-Enfield Rifles) 8
09/12/1940 Tel Aviv’s Mayor Asks Help Of U.S. (To Stop Italian Air Raids) 9
09/12/1940 Plea To Roosevelt Sent By Indo-China (By French Governor General, Admiral Jean Decoux) 10
09/12/1940 Soviet Pact With Nazis Held Frail, Adopted In Face Of Doubted Allies 10
09/12/1940 British Blockade Lifted For Swiss 13
09/12/1940 U.S.-Canada Board Will Study Pacific-Bermuda Mission Reports 13
09/12/1940 Rabbis Issue Plea To Defend Democracy 14
09/12/1940 Students Chided (By Dr. William A. Nielson) For (Non-Interventionist) Views On War 23
09/12/1940 Gold Imports Up Billion This Year 39
09/12/1940 Guayule Rubber Seen As Defense Product 51
09/12/1940 Advertisement, Time Magazine: ‘The 90 Million Americans Who May Go To Work For Hitler’ (South Americans) 52
09/13/1940 London ‘Curtain Of Steel’ Again Balks Nazis-Nazi Bombs Fewer 1
09/13/1940 R. A. F. Bombs Berlin, Bremen And Channel Ports-Hamburg Under Heavy Attack For 4 Hours-Flames At Potsdam 1
09/13/1940 27 Dead, 25 Missing, 200 Hurt At-Jersey Plant-(Smokeless) Powder-Explodes (Hercules Powder Some Suspect German-American Bund Plant Had Contracts With U.S. And Britain) 1
09/13/1940 Russia Asks Berlin For Danube Voice 1
09/13/1940 Big Nazi Bombs Laid To Passenger Plane (Ju-52) 3
09/13/1940 Portugal Bars Entry To All Bound For U.S.-Frontier Closed Until Those Now Awaiting Transport (To U.S.) Have Left 3
09/13/1940 Unexploded Nazi Bomb At St. Paul’s Menaces Great London Cathedral (Picture) 3
09/13/1940 Picture: British (Phosphorus) ‘Calling Card’ Dropped By R. A. F. In Germany 4
09/13/1940 (French) Occupation Cost Half That Of War 6
09/13/1940 Tokyo Paper Sees Challenge By U.S. 7
09/13/1940 Chinese Guerrillas Start An Offensive 7
09/13/1940 Avila (Comacho) Confirmed As Mexican Victor 8
09/13/1940 Picture: Hercules Powder Co. Explosion At Kenvil, N. J 16
09/13/1940 Hercules Concern Expands Facilities 17
09/13/1940 List Of Dead And Injured In Kenvil, N.Y., Hercules Blast 17
09/13/1940 (Lana Turner) Divorces Artie Shaw 25
09/13/1940 Standard Oil Plan For Rubber, Toluol (‘Tnt’) 37
09/14/1940 Death Toll Is 42 In (Kenvil, N. J., Hercules) Powder Blast 1
09/14/1940 Soviet (Tass) Charges Nazi Paper With ‘Fabrication’ For Purpose Of Creating Alarm In Rumania 1
09/14/1940 All Vital Services In London Function-Food Supplies Adequate 2
09/14/1940 6 French Warships For Britain Seen 2
09/14/1940 (American) Red Cross Sends Aid To British Raid Area 2
09/14/1940 8 London Churches Hit By Nazi Bombs-Usual City Life Goes On (Map) 3
09/14/1940 Picture: Buckingham Palace Chapel Target Of German Bombers 3
09/14/1940 Britain Asks Gift Of Surgical Items 3
09/14/1940 Chemical Warfare Charged To British (By Italians) 4
09/14/1940 French Would Stymie Nazis On War Guilt (Riom Trials) 4
09/14/1940 (Paris Paper) Lists Rothschlld’s Losses (As A Result Of Fleeing France) 4
09/14/1940 Cuba To Seek Loan Of $50,000,000 Here 4
09/14/1940 Dr. Joy (Unitarian) To Aid Refugees 4
09/14/1940 Avila (Comacho) Is Welcome In U.S., Hull Says 5
09/14/1940 Picture: Goering In Northern France Directing Luftwaffe Raids On England 5
09/14/1940 Nazi Library Aided By (German) Consulate Here 5
09/14/1940 Panama Ship (‘Norseland’) Barred (From U.S. Port) For Using (Flying) U.S. Flag 5
09/14/1940 1,000-Pound Bombs Used By Japanese-German Embassy In Chungking Destroyed U.S. Mission Hit 8
09/14/1940 Pershing Honored On 80th Year, Urges Nation To Waken To Danger (Picture With Roosevelt) 19
09/14/1940 Propaganda Drive Aimed At Britain-Steuben Society Authorizes Raising Of $10,000 To Fight (British) Influence (Propaganda) 19
09/14/1940 Dean (Frederick W. Beekman) Maps Drive For Aid To Britain-He Sees Freedom In Peril 20
09/15/1940 Congress Votes For Selective Service 1
09/15/1940 Improved London Defenses Repel Nazi Raids 1
09/15/1940 Willkie Says That Roosevelt ‘Promoted’ The Munich Pact 1
09/15/1940 Leave For Jewish Troops (On Jewish High Holy Days) 26
09/15/1940 Text Of New Naval Policy Covering Two-Ocean Operation 27
09/15/1940 First Lady (Eleanor-Roosevelt) Assails Guild On The Draft (Guild Opposes It) Sees Too Much ‘Asking’ (And ‘Never Giving’) 28
09/15/1940 Many Americans Fear Nazi Invasion (Gallup Poll-40%) 29
09/15/1940 Text Of The Selective Service Measure As It Was Finally Passed By Congress Yesterday 30
09/15/1940 Knox Calls Fleet (Minus 50 ‘Old’ Destroyers) World’s Greatest-Links Security To Force 33
09/15/1940 Day’s War Buying Totals $241,722,438 33
09/15/1940 Poor Demand Refuge In Rich (Swanky) London Hotel 40
09/15/1940 ‘Dutch Ss’ Militia Fostered By Nazis (Mussert)-Anti-Semitism Is Allowed 41
09/15/1940 Picture: Direct Hit On Hamburg Apartment House 41
09/15/1940 Blockade To Stay Lothian Declares-Calls Germans Looters 42
09/15/1940 Philippine Vessel Halted By British (110 Miles Off San Francisco) 43
09/15/1940 Picture: Buckingham Palace Suffers Interior And Exterior Damage From German Bombs 44
09/15/1940 Half Chile’s Trade Now Done With U.S. 44
09/15/1940 Air Raids Minimized By British Children 45
09/15/1940 Arm For A (Military) Thrust (Apparently From Germany, Rear Admiral Clark H.) Woodward Warns-Tells Session Of Steuben Society ‘Splendid Isolation’ Is Ended 47
09/15/1940 Einstein’s Views On God Criticized (By Rabbi Goldstein) 47
09/15/1940 Gold Hoard Held At Stake In War (Valueless If Germany Wins) 47
09/15/1940 Nation’s Schools Unit In Defense D-9
09/15/1940 $963,000,000 Seen As (Rearmament) War Plant Cost F-2
09/15/1940 Huge Wool Stocks Coming (To U.S.) For Britain-Supply From Australia F-5
09/15/1940 British Use Loans On Stored Goods To Buy Munitions F-7
09/15/1940 London Life Goes On Amid Ruin And Terror (Map)-Raymond Daniell E-4
09/15/1940 Map: Berlin E-4
09/15/1940 How The U.S. Navy Will Be Increased (368 ‘New’ Destroyers) E-6
09/15/1940 FBI Trained For Sabotage Hunt E-6
09/15/1940 President’s Son (Elliott Roosevelt) Stirs Texas E-10
09/16/1940 R. A. F. Again Bombs Nazi (Coastal) Bases-Antwerp Is Fired 1
09/15/1940 Nazis Crash Into London Streets; Crowds Dance And Cheer R. A. F. On 1
09/15/1940 St. Paul’s Saved From Half-Ton Bomb 1
09/15/1940 Ex-Premier (Leon) Blum Seized In France (Vita) 3
09/15/1940 All-India Congress Shifts War Stand (It Decides To Stop Cooperating With England) 4
09/15/1940 Vatican Declares Nazis Broke Pact (Concordat Of 1933) 5
09/15/1940 Garrison For Palestine (400 Jews & 400 Arabs) 6
09/15/1940 Columbia’s Loyalty To U.S. Is Reiterated 8
09/15/1940 House Will Elect Rayburn Speaker (To Replace Bankhead) 10
09/15/1940 (General Douglas) Mac Arther Endorses More Aid To Britain 10
09/15/1940 Nazis To Free (Some French) Prisoners 10
09/15/1940 Advertisement, Allied Relief Fund, Full Page: ‘An Appeal To Every American From The Homeless Poor Of London’ Winthrop W. Aldrich, President 11
09/15/1940 Race Hate Scored By Bishop Welch-Urges Reading Of History-Integration Of Mankind Is A Reality If We See Slow Progress, He Contends 12
09/15/1940 Courage Of British Liken To That Of Paul, Their Faith Praised Highly By Dr. (Rorlif H.) Brooks (Episcopalian) 12
09/15/1940 ‘Debauching’ Wagner Charged To Hitler (By Rev. Dr. William Howard Melish) 12
09/15/1940 Retribution Seen Still Waiting Evil (Says Rev. Dr. Carl Rasmussen, Lutheran) 12
09/15/1940 Hull Congratulates Central American 14
09/15/1940 (Captain Richard) Llewellyn Sees War As One Of ‘Little Men’ 14
09/16/1940 Dr. (Charles) Seymour (President Of Yale University) Asks Tie With Britain Based On Nation’s SafetyJefferson’s ‘Anglo-American Control Of Ocean’ 15
09/16/1940 (Col. Arthur V.) M’dermott Warns U.S. Is In Danger-Selective Service Head Here Says Draft Is Answer To Threat Of Dictators 21
09/16/1940 Germans Envisage Colonial Empire (Berlin Report)-Expectation Of Early Return Of Old (Colonial) Possessions Booms Concerns Operating There-Banking Circles Critical 27
09/16/1940 (U.S.) Factory Stimulus Through 1942 Seen 27
09/16/1940 Steuben Society Reaffirms Stand-Pledges ‘Unswerving’ Battle On All Propaganda Designed To Involve Us In War-Draft Law Is Endorsed 36
09/17/1940 London Unleashes Fiercest (Anti-Aircraft) Fire Yet As Nazi Bombs Rock City Loth Night-Heart Of City Hit-Other Areas Also Struck (Wales, Midlands) 1
09/17/1940 R. A. F. Hammers At Invasion Bases-Ports Fired Anew-Tempelhof (Berlin) Is Bombed 1
09/17/1940 Willkle Predicts Dictatorship Here If Roosevelt Wins (Text, P. 10) 1
09/17/1940 Roosevelt Signs Draft Law, Sets Registration Oct. 16; Says We Will Fend Off War (Proclamation Text, P. 16-Picture, Roosevelt, Stimson, Sheppard, May & Marshall) 1
09/17/1940 Berlin Press Complains-Charges Swedish News Papers Insult Germany 3
09/17/1940 Picture: United States Women On War Duty In England (Medical Unit) 3
09/17/1940 Goering Reported On London Flight 4
09/17/1940 Roosevelt Gesture (Expression Of U.S. Sympathy For Plight Of France To French Ambassador, Gaston Henry-Haye) Applauded In Vichy (But No Food Sent!) 4
09/17/1940 Hero Of St. Paul’s Belittles Feat (Disarming Bomb); Calls Missile ‘Just Another Bomb’-London Applauds His Courage (A Canadian Serving In England) 5
09/17/1940 Soviet War Plan Remains A Puzzle-Foreign Sympathy Lost 6
09/17/1940 Slovak Jews Restricted (Curfew) Shopping Has Restricted Hours, Jewish Physicians Disqualified) 7
09/17/1940 Nazi Capital News Agency (Transocean News Service) Is Raided By Dies Attaches 8
09/17/1940 Daladier Aide Off For Trial In Vichy-(Guy La Chambre) Confident Of Vindication (See Riom Trials) 15
09/17/1940 President (Roosevelt) Depicts Richer Citizenship-Draft Broadens Concept Of Responsibilities And Equal Service, He Says Not An Uncharted Trail 17
09/17/1940 (Sam) Rayburn Elected (Speaker) In House Tradition 19
09/17/1940 6 Outfits Bought By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt-Two Dinner Costumes 21
09/17/1940 (Carl) Schurz Group Hits Nazis’ Brutality-Available Funds Are Now Used To Aid Refugees, Largely The Young Of Jewish Faith (Morgenthau Had Friends In Carl Schurz Society) 24
09/17/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Expands Her Views On Draft 25
09/17/1940 Quarantine War, Mayor (La Guardia) Bids At Fair 26
09/17/1940 New Army Orders Total $196,156,126-Chief Sums For Bombers 33
09/17/1940 (Dr. Albert Degner) Denies Nazi Threat To Our S.A. Markets 34
09/17/1940 21 Billion In Gold In U.S.-Treasury (Morgenthau) Puts Holdings Here At 70% Of World’s Total 35
09/17/1940 134 Refugees Sail Here From Panama (Germans-Largely German Jews, Poles & Czechs,-Sailed On Army Transport, ‘American Legion’ See Later Entry) 47
09/18/1940 Churchill Serene (‘Drunk’?), Reassures Nation 1
09/18/1940 British Ships Ply North Sea Freely 2
09/18/1940 Churchill To Be The Name Of Flotilla Leader Of First (‘Old’) U.S. Destroyers Traded To Britain 2
09/18/1940 No London Airdrome Bombed Out; War Industries Are Unimpaired (Picture) 3
09/18/1940 Sweden Gags Paper Criticizing Germany (A ‘Liberal Daily’) 4
09/18/1940 Germans Are Warned To Beware Of Poles (Leaflets Describing Germans As ‘Master Race’ And Poles As ‘Second Rate Beings’ Allegedly Distributed By Germans) 4
09/18/1940 Conscription In U.S. Rouses Tokyo Alarm 5
09/18/1940 Belgians (In London) Deny Yielding (To Germany)-Ministers In London Say Those In Vichy Delegated Their Powers 5
09/18/1940 Gandhi Wins By 192 To 7 (Advocates A Policy Of Non-Cooperation With England On War-Wants Independence For India) 5
09/18/1940 Stalin Arming Against Germany; Nazi Victories Held A Menace By G.E.R. Gedye, Bulgarian Report 6
09/18/1940 Swiss Admit Nazi Paper (‘Voelkischer Beobachter)-Earlier Banned) 6
09/18/1940 (Cordell Hull) Warns Nazi Consul (Baron Von Spiegel At New Orleans-Picture) On Activities 6
09/18/1940 None Yet Accused In Riom War Trial-Inquiry Advances Slowly 7
09/18/1940 Call For Sacrifice Made By (Herbert) Lehman-Strong Defense Urged-If England Were Defeated, He Warns We Could Not Evade Conflict Governor Tells Sleeping Car Porters, War Is Threat To Our Democracy 9
09/18/1940 (American) Red Cross (Norman H. Davis) Heeding All British Pleas 9
09/18/1940 $5,000 Relief Sent Abroad (To England By Methodist) Church 9
09/18/1940 Nazi Marines Occupy Rothschild Chateau (La Muette) 9
09/18/1940 Most Draft Aides To Be Volunteers 10
09/18/1940 Fort Dix Is Ready To Greet Soldiers 10
09/18/1940 (Rear Admiral Clark H.) Woodward (Commandant Of 3D Naval District) Warns Of Alien Concepts Asks Deportation Of Enemies 15
09/18/1940 $10,400,000 Of Gold Here From Abroad 33
09/18/1940 German Shares (50% Of Chemische Werke Odin, G. M. B. H.) Sold By Eastman Kodak 33
09/18/1940 3 Cargo Vessels Bought By Navy-More Ships Are Sought-Auxiliary Fleet Expanding 45
09/19/1940 Big R. A. F. Fleets Take Fight To Nazis 1
09/19/1940 Night Raids Kill Ninety In London (Map, P. 4) 1
09/19/1940 (Herbert) Hoover Holds War By Us Would Bring Nation A Dictator (Text, P. 14) 1
09/19/1940 Girls In Men’s Jobs Defy London Raids 3
09/19/1940 (Lion) Feuchtwanger In Berlin-Beheading In Paris Is Denied 4
09/19/1940 Daladier, Gamelin Accused At Riom-Charges Not Specified 5
09/19/1940 French Warships Passed By British (Through Strait Of Gibraltar-Possibly Enroute To North Africa And Not France) 6
09/19/1940 Appeal For U.S. Arms Supported By Quezon 6
09/19/1940 Gandhi Binds Aides Not To Vex Britain (In War Non-Cooperation Program) 7
09/19/1940 Medical Supplies Given For Britain 7
09/19/1940 British Use (Seized) German Ship (‘Duesseldorf’) 7
09/19/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Ready For Son’s Drafting 10
09/19/1940 Defense Program Backed By (Sleeping Car-Negro) Porters (Union) 10
09/19/1940 Pennsylvania Ban On (The) ‘Ramparts (We Watch) Film’-Censors Say One Reel Is Part Of Nazi ‘Fear Propaganda’ And Not ‘American Way’ 10
09/19/1940 U.S. Is Urged To Pray For Great Britain (By Rev. Henry St. George Tucker, Picture, & 14 Other Religious Leaders Supporting Him)-Common Heritage Cited (Active In Interventionist Groups See Later Entries) 11
09/19/1940 Government Selling Old War Devices Only-Has Several Secret Bomb Sights-Old Ones Sought 11
09/19/1940 (Rabbi E. L. Israel) Heads Synagogue Group 11
09/19/1940 Cuba (Fulgencio Batista) To Borrow ($50,000,000) Here 11
09/19/1940 (U.S.) Oil Firms In Mexico Protest (Mexico’s) Valuation (Of Their Expropriated Property) 12
09/19/1940 Dominicans Take Refugees Again (Evian Conference Set-Up Dominican Settlement Association, James N. Rosenberg, President) 13
09/19/1940 New Writers Give Odds To Roosevelt (In His Candidacy) 15
09/19/1940 Steuben Society Out For Willkie-It Fears Totalitarianism-German-American Unit Warns Of Dictatorship If Roosevelt Wins 19
09/20/1940 U.S. May Use British World Bases-Hull, Lothian Talk-Consider Sharing Bases In Australia And South Africa-For Mutual Defense 1
09/20/1940 Roosevelt Offers Aid To Two Child Refugees 1
09/20/1940 France Alone Cannot Balk Japan, Baudoin (Vichy) Says Of Indo-China Crisis 1
09/20/1940 Nazis Voice Rage Over R. A. F. Bombs (Hit Bethel Institute Near Bielefelde, A Hospital For Child Defectives-9 Children Killed) 2
09/20/1940 Pictures: Damage In London 3&4
09/20/1940 Argentina Places Ban On U.S. Goods-Deal On Loan Suggested 4
09/20/1940 Accord With Britain Is Sought By Mexico 4
09/20/1940 18 Refugees Sail (From N.Y.) For Sousa (Dominican Republic, Dominican Settlement Association, James N. Rosenberg, Pres. Picture) 5
09/20/1940 Hungary Charged With Atrocities-Massacres Are Alleged (In Cluj, By Rumanians) 5
09/20/1940 Palestine Increases Production Of Food-To Make Country Self Sufficient 6
09/20/1940 Nazi Agent (Director Of German Library In New York City) Freed (From U.S. Arrest) On (German) Embassy Plea 9
09/20/1940 (15) Ambulances For Britain (Gifts-Also N.Y. Chapter Of Red Cross Help) 10
09/20/1940 9,174 Army Planes Already Ordered (By U.S.) 12
09/20/1940 (U.S. Att’y. Gen. Robert H.) Jackson Bids Cities Unify Our Defense-We Must Not Let Law Get In The Hands Of Vigilante Groups 14
09/20/1940 Hu Shih (Chinese Ambassador To U.S.) Discounts U.S. Dictator Fears 15
09/20/1940 Science Creates New Power Source (U-235)-By William L. Lawrence 15
09/20/1940 (Pennsylvania) Censors Stand Pat On (‘The) ‘Ramparts’ (We Watch’) Film-Fear Of Its ‘Terrifying Effect On The Masses’(One Of The Reels Is Considered German Propaganda) 23
09/20/1940 Deportable Aliens Held Here By War (‘Hundreds’) 25
09/20/1940 Americas’ Solidarity Is Keynote At Fair 26
09/21/1940 President (Roosevelt) Voices Faith In The Many Rather Than ‘Elite’ (Text, P. 8) 1
09/21/1940 R. A. F. Bombs Dortmund-Ems Canal 1
09/21/1940 Nazis Attack London Again At Night; British Rout 200 Planes In Day Fight 1
09/21/1940 1,000 War Children Due In Few Weeks-Transportation Problem Seems To Have Been Solved 3
09/21/1940 Canadian Navy Gets 6 Of Our (‘Old’ Omitted Here) Destroyers 3
09/21/1940 Yugoslavia Curbs Jews (They May Not Trade In Food) 4
09/21/1940 Hull Seeks Ways To Aid Indo-China 5
09/21/1940 Rumanians Ridicule (Hungarian) Denial Of Atrocities (In Transylvania Which Was Ceded To Them) 5
09/21/1940 Knox Ranks Navy At Peak Efficiency 7
09/21/1940 Army Contracts Total $386,279,499-$10,863,000 Tnt Plant (To Be Built And Operated By Du Pont) 7
09/21/1940 (Roosevelt) Calls U. Of P. Reply To Dictators (Text, P. 8) 8
09/21/1940 Full Year (For U.S.) To Arm, Knudsen Cautions 34
09/22/1940 Willkie Charges New Deal Policies Helped Bring War (Text, P. 43) 1
09/22/1940 R. A. F. Blasts Military Objectives In Reich, Belgium, Holland, France 1
09/22/1940 London Is Bombed After Quiet Day 1
09/22/1940 Our Population Put At 131,409,881-Decade Gain Was Smallest In History-Low Birth Rate A Factor (Census Bureau Report) 1
09/22/1940 Navy Gets First Of New (Martin Pbm) Bombers-Range To Be 5,000 Mlles 11
09/22/1940 America Is Urged (By Yale Professor Robert D. French) To Act-’Grown Up’-Else It Will Lose Its Freedom And Its Greatness This Country As Savior-All The World Sees Hope Of A Better Life In Our Ways 12
09/22/1940 (Brig. Gen. George V.) Strong Predicts Long-Fought War 13
09/22/1940 2 War Prisoners Here On Clipper (A Polish Countess & Dr. Bruno Weil, President Of Jewish Centralverein Of Germany As A Result Of Morgenthau’s Intervention) 15
09/22/1940 Nazi Bombers Aim At Supply Plants-Threat To Food Is Cited 20
09/22/1940 Nazis Chide U.S. For Using Britain (Hamburger Fremdenblatt) 25
09/22/1940 Blood-Donor Drive Aided (For British Soldiers & Civilians By American Red Cross) 25
09/22/1940 Spanish Envoy Has Talk With (Sumner) Welles-U.S. Concern On Issue 26
09/22/1940 4 In Cabinet Quit As Egypt Bars War (As Ally Of Britain) 28
09/22/1940 Sentiment To Aid Britain Is Growing (52% Favor It, Gallup Poll) ‘Keep Out’ Backers Drop 34
09/22/1940 (Swiss) Nazis Warn Switzerland (In Article In ‘Das Reich’) 35
09/22/1940 Aid To He Extended To 32,250 (Refugee) Children-Plea To Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 36
09/22/1940 La Chambre Jailed At Riom On Warrant 36
09/22/1940 Japanese Sentence Briton To 8 Years (For Spying) 36
09/22/1940 (De Gaulle-Supported) Revolt In Pacific (French Colonies) Conceded In Vichy 36
09/22/1940 University Women Send Funds Abroad-To Aid European Scholars 36
09/22/1940 778,000 Children Remain In London 38
09/22/1940 Smokers In Reich Told To Cut Down-Nazis Buy One (Cigarette) At A Time 39
09/22/1940 200 Foreign Born In Patriotic Fete (Opposing Fifth Column-U.S. Can Depend On Naturalized Foreign-Born) 39
09/22/1940 (U.S. Citizen) Gives Plane To Canada 40
09/22/1940 Roosevelt Names Advisors On Draft 41
09/22/1940 (Norman) Thomas Warns (U.S.) Of War 41
09/22/1940 ‘God Bless America’ Is Put (Translated) Into German (Text) 41
09/22/1940 Mayor (La Guardia) Is Assailed For ‘War Hysteria’ (By Irving A. Jennings) 42
09/22/1940 (N.Y. City) Rabbis In Sermons Praise Draft Bill 45
09/22/1940 New Citizenship Code Is Pushed; May Permit British Enlistments 46
09/22/1940 Chemists (Acs) Will Aid Defense Program 46
09/22/1940 E. (Lliott) Roosevelt Will Train (In Army Air Corps Reserve) 46
09/22/1940 The News Of The Week In Review-The Widening War E-1
09/22/1940 Our Aid For Britain Is Large And Growing E-5
09/22/1940 Now We Think Of Using Britain’s Pacific Bases (Picture: Lord Lothian, Use Bases With Dutch-Map-’Abcd’ Powers) E-5
09/22/1940 Winter Of Stern Rations For Reich E-5
09/22/1940 Call To Arms, American Style Mag. 4
09/22/1940 Mobilizing Our Man Power Roto. 2
09/22/1940 Picture: Eleanor Roosevelt, ‘White House Style Review’ Roto. 4
09/23/1940 Ship Torpedoed, 83 Children.Lost; 210 Others On Way To Canada Die 1
09/23/1940 Indo-China Invaded By Japanese 1
09/23/1940 (Archbishop) Spellman Pleads For Armed Nation To Save Our Peace (Text, P. 8) 1
09/23/1940 Uruguay To Try Nazis As Plotters 1
09/23/1940 Turks’ Shipments To Reich Stopped-Soviet Relations Better 2
09/23/1940 Egyptian Masses Wish No War Now 3
09/23/1940 Axis Peace Drive Seen In Geneva; Bid Would Follow The Fall Of Egypt 4
09/23/1940 Nazis Seek To Get More Russian Oil 4
09/23/1940 (Hungarian) Atrocities Again Charged (By Rumanians) 4
09/23/1940 Spain To Increase Axis Cooperation 4
09/23/1940 Daladier Testifies In War Guilt (Riom) Court-Hearing Held In Secret 5
09/23/1940 Reassurance Given To Jews In Rumania (By Premier Ion Antonescu To Willy Fildermann, Pres. Of Union Of Rumanian Jews-Quotas) 5
09/23/1940 Goering Paper (National Zeitung, Essen) Warns Of An (Impending) Economic War (By U.S. & England Against Germany) 5
09/23/1940 Refugees Arrive (On ‘American Legion,’ U.S. Troop Transport) From Canal Zone (See Earlier Entry) 6
09/23/1940 Group Of Writers Backs Roosevelt (Candidacy) 19
09/23/1940 Post-War Dangers Are Cited By (Harold W.) Dodds (President Of Princeton Univ.) 19
09/23/1940 ‘Hate’ Groups Seen As Traitors To U.S.-Lehman Among 100 Signers Of Message Scoring Use Of Totalitarian Methods 20
09/23/1940 Conversion Of Reich Railroads 7% Shares Eliminates Old Post-War Reparations Status (Wwi) 27
09/24/1940 British Ships Attack Dakar In French Africa; De Gaulle And Troops Prepare To Seize City 1
09/23/1940 U.S. Chides Japan-Hull Deplores Attack On Indo-China As Blow To Pacific Status Quo 1
09/24/1940 R. A. F. Bombs Berlin, Pounds At Channel Bases 1
09/24/1940 British Dive Low Into Reich Capital (Berlin) 1
09/24/1940 Berlin Warns Greece To Renounce Ties With Britain 1
09/24/1940 Tense Egypt Is Put Under Martial Law (By British) 1
09/24/1940 British Protest To Japan (Over Shelling Of British Ship) 4
09/24/1940 Sense Of Destiny Held Vital To U.S. (By Miss Katherine F. Lenroot) 6
09/24/1940 Riom Court Gets A Jail 6
09/24/1940 New York Lawyer (Rogers S. Lamont) Listed Among Dunkerque’s Dead (As Part Of British Expeditionary Force) 8
09/24/1940 Uruguay Rushes Trial Of 8 Nazis 8
09/24/1940 Elliott Roosevelt Joins Air Corps Reserve As A Captain Assigned To Procurement (Avoiding Draft) 10
09/24/1940 British Pact (‘Swap’ Of ‘Old’ Destroyers For Bases) To Go Before Congress-To End (After The Fact) Political Issue 11
09/24/1940 (Henry A.) Wallace Derides Talk Of (U.S.) Dictator 15
09/24/1940 (Joseph) Proskauer Heads Jewish Campaign-More Money Is Needed (116 Federated Jewish Institutions-Picture) 20
09/24/1940 2 Killed, 11 Hurt In Picatinny Blast-Salvaging World War (I) Shell Fuses 25
09/25/1940 British Shell Dakar, French Bomb Gibraltar 1
09/24/1940 London And Berlin Under Heavy Air Attacks 1
09/24/1940 English Mayor Asks Us To Help Stricken; Tells Of Nazi Bombers’ Havoc In Ramsgate 3
09/24/1940 Uruguay Sending Army Chief To U.S.-Argentines Coming Later 3
09/24/1940 Argentine Embargo On U.S. Goods Denied 5
09/24/1940 Berlin Said (By Bbc) To Hide Ruins (Created By R. A. F.) 7
09/24/1940 Berlin Minimizes Our Aid To Britain 8
09/25/1940 Army Will Expand Explosives Plant-Buys $909,799 Overcoats 9
09/25/1940 Gasoline (Prices) Up In Britain 9
09/25/1940 Japanese Expect U.S. To Retaliate-Embargo Held Likely Answer To Indo-China Invasion 11
09/25/1940 ‘Ruthless’ Defense Of Democracy Urged (By Dr. Nelson P. Mead, N.Y. City College) 13
09/25/1940 (Henry) Ford In (National Committee Of) America First (Others Listed Including Lessing J. Rosenwald) 13
09/25/1940 Non-British Children (In Britain, From Continent) Freed Of U.S. Quotas (For Immigration-Will Use Visitor Visas) 21
09/25/1940 Business Warned Of Post-War Tasks 27
09/25/1940 British Church Aid 18 Proposed Here (By Episcopalians) 33
09/26/1940 R. A. F. Fires Calais, Bombs Berlin For 5 Hours 1
09/26/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Votes In Guild Minority 1
09/26/1940 U.S. Backing China With A New ($25,000,000) Loan 1
09/26/1940 Nazi (Hamburger Fremdenblatt) Sees U.S. Aims Same As Germany’s 6
09/26/1940 (Socialite, Newbold) Morris Gives Blood (Through The American Red Cross) For British Cause 6
09/26/1940 Britain (Amery) Hopes Pact Will Come In India 6
09/26/1940 Jews’ Fate Is Seen Bound To Britain’s (By Lord Marley) 7
09/26/1940 $50,000 More Sent For British Relief 7
09/26/1940 Rumanians Are Accused (Of Persecuting Hungarians) 7
09/26/1940 (Robert M) Hutchins (University Of Chicago) For Draft Of College Students 8
09/26/1940 (American) Legion Supports All Aid To Britain-It Abandons Neutrality Stand 10
09/26/1940 Captaincy (Not Draft) Upheld By President’s Son (Elliott Roosevelt) 25
09/26/1940 Mrs. (Cordell) Hull (Nee, Frances Witz, Staunton, Va.) To Name President Hayes (A Ship, Picture) 47
09/26/1940 Warns Us On Latin Trade-Litchfield Urges America To Build Good-Will While There Is Time (Warns Of Germany And Japan) 47
09/27/1940 U.S. Embargoes Scrap Iron, Hitting Japan-Roosevelt Moves-Effective Oct. 16 1
09/26/1940 British Ready To Bomb Berlin Nightly 1
09/26/1940 Nazi Cargo Vessel (‘Weser’) Seized Off Mexico (Picture, P. 5) 1
09/26/1940 Beaten In Rumania, Says U.S. Oil Man (H. L. Freeman) 3
09/26/1940 Heavy Bombs (Up To 1,800 Kg.) Used In (German) Raids On London 3
09/26/1940 Japan Undeterred By U.S. (Scrap Iron) Embargo 4
09/26/1940 Embargo (Of Scrap Iron To Japan) Is Praised By (U.S.) Steel Executives (Myron C. Taylor ?) 4
09/26/1940 Indo-China Allows Japanese To Enter 4
09/26/1940 U.S. Japan, Britain Urged To Form Tie (By Englishman In Japan) 4
09/26/1940 Scrap Ban Backed By Steel Trade; Embargo Held Aid To U.S. Market 4
09/26/1940 Buenos Aires Ends Ban On U.S. Goods (No Embargo?) 5
09/26/1940 Uruguay’s Cabinet In Anti-Nazi Drive-Branches To Defy Germany 6
09/26/1940 U.S. Loan To Back Brazil’s Own Steel-$20,000,000 To Be Advanced 7
09/26/1940 Guide Youth Right Mrs. (Charles A.-’Mary’) Beard Warns-Fate Of France Will Be Ours If Fascists Rule, She Says 9
09/26/1940 Reprints On 5th Column (From Col. William J. Donovan’s Recent Newspaper Articles Available In Pamphlet Form) 9
09/26/1940 Pro-British Move Scored In Senate (By Missouri Senator Clark)Attacks (William Allen) White’s Group (Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) 10
09/27/1940 (American) Legion Yells Down A Neutrality Call-Virtually All At Convention Shout ‘No’ To Keeping Still Over Aggressor Nations 12
09/27/1940 (Michigan Senator) Vandenberg Says War Peril Is Near-Asserts (Roosevelt) Administration Is ‘Needlessly’ Acting To Involve Us 12
09/27/1940 Advertisement; Full Page, Louisville Courier Journal: ‘We Know Not What Course Others,’ A Strong Anti-German Editorial-States ‘We Are In The Midst Of A World Revolution.’ 17
09/27/1940 59 Bata Shoe Aides-Ordered From U.S. (By U.S. Att’y. Gen. Robert H. Jackson] German Trade Link Seen 24
09/27/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Defends Son (Elliott On His Immediate Commission Rather Than Progressing Through Draft) 25
09/28/1940 Japan Joins Axis Alliance Seen Aimed At U.S.; Roosevelt Orders Study Of The Pacts Effect-Hull Sees No Shift (Text, P. 3) 1
09/28/1940 Warning To U.S. Is Seen in Tokyo 1
09/28/1940 (Americans) Petition President (Roosevelt) To Spur British Aid (Pictures, P. 2) 2
09/28/1940 Manila Fears War In Pacific Is Near 2
09/28/1940 Mexico Studies Seizure (Of German Vessel By Canadian Cruiser In Safety Zone’ Where Military Action Is Forbidden) 2
09/28/1940 London Views (Japanese-Axis) Pact As Warning To U.S. 3
09/28/1940 Italians Surprised By Pact With Japan 3
09/28/1940 Quicker Embargo On Scrap (Iron To Japan) Is Urged (In Washington) 4
09/28/1940 (Henry A.) Wallace Stresses Hemisphere Issue 6
09/28/1940 (American Legion) Veterans Assail Roosevelt’s Son (For Accepting Immediate Captaincy And Not Being Drafted) 6
09/28/1940 Submarines Found Active In Atlantic 6
09/28/1940 $6,000 Sent Abroad To Restore (London) Hospital 6
09/28/1940 (Retired Admiral) Stirling, At (World) Fair Sees Reich Main Foe 15
09/28/1940 President (Roosevelt) Creates 84 New Generals (List)-To Meet New Army’s Needs (No Mention Of Requirements On Captains) 17
09/29/1940 R. A. F. Batters Base In Brittany 1
09/29/1940 (Far East) Solution Possible (Sumner) Welles Declares 1
09/29/1940 Old U.S. Warships (Destroyers) Reach British Port-Vessels Win High Praise 5
09/29/1940 (N.Y. City) Rabbis Invoke Aid Of God For Britain-Religion (And Democratic Way Of Life) Seen At Stake 6
09/29/1940 ‘Stuffy’ Dowding (Chief Of Fighter Command) Savior Of Britain (Picture) 9
09/29/1940 Rothschild Art Held-Refugee’s Property Will Be Sold For Public Charity (Rothschild Fled France) 16
09/29/1940 Picture: American Planes Stalled (On Martinique) On Their Way To War 19
09/29/1940 Latin Trade Plans (Argentina) Oppose U.S. Policy 20
09/29/1940 Brazil Hails Gain From Steel Deal (Loan From U.S.) 21
09/29/1940 Caa And WPA Plan Airports (List) In State-$17,473,582 22
09/29/1940 $99,641,880 Award To Glenn L. Martin (Aircraft) 22
09/29/1940 (American Friends Of Jewish Palestine) Asks Aid For Refugees-500 Jews Detained On Danube (At Ruse, Bulgaria, On Way To Palestine) 28
09/29/1940 Brazil Condemns Axis-Tokyo Pact 30
09/29/1940 Uruguay Orders Census Of All Fifth Columnists (All Of Those Suspected Of Such Activity) 31
09/29/1940 (U.S.) Chemists Line Up For Defense Work (Picture: Roger Adams) 35
09/29/1940 (U.S. Teachers) To Study Propaganda-How To Detect Falsities 35
09/29/1940 Vichy Now Seems Wary Of Riom Sedition Trials-Diplomatic Issue Is Involved E-3
09/29/1940 Greece Stands By Old Ally, Britain E-4
09/29/1940 Britain Gets Plenty Of Food E-4
09/29/1940 Nazi Menace Met In South America (Uruguay)-Approves Aid To Britain E-5
09/29/1940 Japan’s Move Follows Our Increasing Curbs-Frank L. Kluckhohn E-5
09/29/1940 War Hears Down On Japanese Life E-5
09/29/1940 Orient War Clouds Worry West Coast E-8
09/29/1940 War’s Impact On The Campus Mag. 3
09/29/1940 Poland, A Year After Warsaw’s Fall-Princess Paula Sapieha Mag. 6
09/29/1940 Bombers Over Britain Roto. 2
09/30/1940 R. A. F. Fires Arms Plant, Raids Berlin-Nazi Bases Bombed 1
09/30/1940 (U.S.) Navy Must Treble Its Personnel, Lacks Funds To Man Larger Fleet 1
09/30/1940 Madagascans Defy British Ultimatum (To Surrender) 1
09/30/1940 German Bands In Paris Play For Public Daily 2
09/30/1940 Encirclement By U.S. Is Changed In Tokyo 2
09/30/1940 Greeks Delay Refugees-Bar Crew From Ship In Rumania With Jews (Bound For) Palestine 2
09/30/1940 Picture: Former United States Destroyers Arriving In England For War Duty 3
09/30/1940 French To Tighten Rationing Today 3
09/30/1940 Luxembourg Hailed As Part Of Germany (But Not Officially Annexed) 3
09/30/1940 Palestinian Force Home (Arabs & Jews, Soldiers) 3
09/30/1940 (Harvard Teachers) Urge Punishing Of Japan 3
09/30/1940 Spanish Newspapers Again Denounce U.S.-One Warns Our Aid To Britain May Be Cause For War 3
09/30/1940 War Record Is Set In Capital Inflow-French Gold Sales Heavy 4
09/30/1940 Turks See Stalin Turning To British 4
09/30/1940 Pravda Says Pact Will Spread War (Axis-Tokyo Pact) 4
09/30/1940 British Social Gains (From War) Praised As Example (By The American Association For Social Security) 4
09/30/1940 (Ecuadorian) Senator Lists Plots Of Ecuador Germans 5
09/30/1940 Picture: Uruguayan Army Chiefs Arrive For Conference With President Roosevelt 6
09/30/1940 Moslems (In India) Reject Bid Tendered By (English) Viceroy-Gandhi Assails British 6
09/30/1940 Pictures: Nazi Leaders After Arrest In Plot To Seize Uruguay 8
09/30/1940 (World) Fair Sends Britain Hopes For Victory-’Triumph Over Evil’ 12
09/30/1940 Methodists Raise 130,000 For Relief (In Parts Of Europe & China Not Occupied By Germany Or Japan) 12