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William Lindsey collection — 1940 NYT headlines

October 1940
Date Headline Page
10/01/1940 R. A. F. Bombers Over Berlin Five Hours 1
10/01/1940 Gov. (Herbert) Lehman Asks 3D Term (For F. D. Roosevelt) As Blow To The Dictators 1
10/01/1940 Senator King (Utah) Asks Loans To Britain For Pacific Isles-It Would Cut War Debt (World War I) 1
10/01/1940 R. A. F. Night Fighters Repel Nazi Planes 1
10/01/1940 Churchill Pledges Czech Deliverance 3
10/01/1940 Germans See Food Assured By Crops 3
10/01/1940 Japanese Say U.S. Let Britain Down (By Forcing Japan Into Axis) ‘History’s Greatest Betrayal’ 5
10/01/1940 Einstein Becomes U.S. Citizen Today 5
10/01/1940 Tokyo Is Held Duped Into Alliance That Aids Germany At Its Expense 5
10/01/1940 British Expecting Stiff Reply (From U.S.) To Axis 6
10/01/1940 Britain’s Expenses Trebled During Year 6
10/01/1940 Japan Indicts Ten Britons (For Spying) 6
10/01/1940 Japanese Bid High On Mexican Scrap (Iron)-Oil Deal Also Attempted 7
10/01/1940 Affront By Nazis Arouses Uruguay 8
10/01/1940 Dies (German-American Bund) Inquiry Calls 25 In New Jersey 9
10/01/1940 War Efforts Peak In Canada Year Off 10
10/01/1940 Col. Adler (Picture) Called To Duty At Fort Dix 12
10/01/1940 Army Reorganized In ‘Fighting’ Units-Gen. Marshall Puts Old Paper Plan Into Effect For Training Of 1,400,000 New Men-New Commanders Named (Picture: Maj. Gen. Walter C. Short) 13
10/01/1940 La Follette Recants; Supports Third Term 15
10/01/1940 (Columbia University Dean Young B. Smith) Says 3D Term Bars Freedom Of Vote-A President’s Power Must Be Curbed-Dictatorship Is Feared 15
10/01/1940 Advertisement; 2/3Ds Page; Allied Relief Fund: ‘Help Them See It Through’ (List Of Pro-British Officers) 19
10/01/1940 Army Buys Sacks, Gloves And Aprons 34
10/01/1940 Britain Sets Prices For Foreign (American & Egyptian) Cotton 35
10/02/1940 Berlin Raided; London Has Quiet Day 1
10/02/1940 Respite From Raids Enjoyed In London-Scattered Attacks Do Little Damage 1
10/02/1940 Karl, Grandson Of Ex-Kaiser Weds Latter’s Stepdaughter 3
10/02/1940 (U.S. State Department) Asks Germany To Pay U.S. (on WWI war debt) 3
10/02/1940 Nazis Demand U.S. Take A Stand Now-Want America-And Russia To State Position On ‘World Policy’ Of Axis Powers Roosevelt Under Attack 5
10/02/1940 Japan Gets (Copper & Chrome) Ores From Philippines-(U.S.) Embargo Does Not Apply 6
10/02/1940 President (Roosevelt) Silent On Son’s (Elliott’s) Captaincy (Instead Of Enjoying The Benefits Of Being Drafted) 7
10/02/1940 Vichy Drafts Plan To Deal With Jews-Some Curbs Are Applied 8
10/02/1940 New Ghq Created In The U.S. Army-Gen. Marshall Will Take Over Functions Of Chief Of Staff And Field Commander 8
10/02/1940 (Alfred M.) Landon Distrusts President (Roosevelt) On Peace-Says ‘None Can He Sure’ That He Won’t Lead Nation Into War After Election 13
10/02/1940 Dean Acheson (Former Under-Secretary Of Treasury Under Morgenthau) Supports Roosevelt Again 13
10/02/1940 Refugee Artists To Display Work 20
10/02/1940 Einstein Is Sworn As Citizen Of U.S. (Picture-Has Now Been German, Swiss, German & U.S.) 25
10/03/1940 R. A. F. Bombs Berlin And 20 Towns 1
10/03/1940 Chamberlain Plans-To Quit In Shake-Up-Former Prime Minister Is Ill Lloyd George May Get Post 1
10/03/1940 British Rename Ships (‘Old’ Destroyers) Obtained From Us 2
10/03/1940 Gouging Of Refugees Is Fought In Britain 2
10/03/1940 Soviets To Draft Huge Labor Army 3
10/03/1940 Jews Fight For Britain-Palestine Recruiting Already Above Quota And Closed 4
10/03/1940 Britain Pins Faith In Blockade Of Foe 5
10/03/1940 (Japanese) Ban Food For Britain 5
10/03/1940 Masaryk Exhorts Czechs (On Radio)-Russia Is Being Torn From Axis 5
10/03/1940 Reich Curbs Jews In Occupied France 7
10/03/1940 British Honduras Invites Refugees 8
10/03/1940 $594,975,389 Spent (By U.S. Treasury) To Speed Defenses-Outlay Rises Each Month 10
10/03/1940 Canada-U.S. Board Ponder Axis Move 12
10/03/1940 Board Of Scientists To Aid Britain In War (Headed By Lord Hankey, Picture) 15
10/03/1940 Move To Oust (Isolationist Representative, Hamilton) Fish Started Up-State 17
10/03/1940 Willkie Is Described As Churchill Of U.S. (By Arthur A. Ballantine) 20
10/03/1940 Advertisement; America First Committee; Full Page: ‘Peace Or War?’-’You Can Decide If You Act Now!’ (List Of Supporters) 21
10/03/1940 (U.S. Solicitor General, Francis) Beverley Biddle Is Accused Of Harming Paper-To Benefit Its Rival 22
10/03/1940 Foreign Born Held Loyal As Citizens (By 100 ‘Leaders’) 23
10/03/1940 Faith In Destiny Urged Upon Jews-Rabbi S.S. Wise Says ‘Glory Of England In This Hour’ Long Has Been Glory Of Israel-Peace Seen In The Draft (Of U.S. Youths) 32
10/04/1940 Chamberlain Out In British Shuffle 1
10/04/1940 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Warns His Faculty Not To Abuse Academic Freedom-Saying Columbia (University) Has Enlisted In War, He Urges Those Whose Conduct Hampers Her ‘Lofty Aim’ To Resign (Text, P. 14) 1
10/04/1940 Hamburg Is Raided 2 Hours By British 1
10/04/1940 Britain To Reopen Burma-China Road-Hull Is For Such A Move 3
10/04/1940 Joint (Canada-U.S.) Board Tours Nova Scotia Bases-Our Over-Age Ships Seen (‘Halifax-Boston Defense Line’) 3
10/04/1940 (Hungary) Annexes Transylvania 3
10/04/1940 Chamberlain’s Farewell (Picture, Text & Churchill’s Answer) 6
10/04/1940 Mandel Acquittal Upsets Riom (Trial) Plans 7
10/04/1940 Child Refugees Here On 3 Ships-Picture Of H. G. Wells Who Arrived (With The Children) On Scythia 25
10/04/1940 British Appeasers’ Assailed By (H. G.) Wells 25
10/04/1940 Ball To Aid British Attended By 1,000 (‘Help England Ball’) 27
10/04/1940 Mrs. Fatman (Sister Of Herbert Lehman) Left $3,117,927 Estate 27
10/04/1940 Shippers Predict Upturn Next Year-Defense To Be Factor 37
10/04/1940 Flynn, John T., Country Squire In The White House, Doubleday, Doran & Co., Lnc., N.Y. (What Is Fdr Really Like?) 48
10/05/1940 Joint (Canada-U.S.) Board Urges ‘Ring Of Steel’ About United States And Canada 1
10/05/1940 Widening Of War Area Is Expected As Hitler And Mussolini Confer (At The Brenner Pass) 1
10/05/1940 Congress Action Threatened To Void (Punitive Acts By U.S. Resulting From Att’y. Gen. Robert H.) Jackson’s Ruling 1
10/05/1940 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler’s Edict (At Columbia University) Scored In Senate 1
10/05/1940 (H. G.) Wells Says Nazis Would Embroil Us 2
10/05/1940 Chamberlain Resigns Leadership Of (Conservative) Party 2
10/05/1940 President (Roosevelt) Amused By Axis Opposition (To Him As President) 3
10/05/1940 France Said To Give 2 Provinces (Alsace & Lorraine) To Reich Roosevelt Defines Air Aid To Canada 6
10/05/1940 Citizenship Loss-In War Clarified-(Robert H.) Jackson Ruling Is Cited (Earl Gray) Harrison Points Out Limitations Of The Repatriation Laws Passed By Congress 6
10/05/1940 Governor (Herbert Lehman) Orders Secret Spy Hunt (For Fifth Column) 7
10/05/1940 (Nelson) Rockefeller Picks Latin Board Staff 15
10/06/1940 Roosevelt Calls Our Free Schools A Bar To Tyranny-Defends Relief Projects 1
10/06/1940 Willkie Condemns Race Bias, Charges A ‘Whisper’ Drive (Against Him) 1
10/06/1940 U.S. Held To Face No Invasion Peril (From Either Germany Or Japan By Col. Frederick Palmer) 9
10/06/1940 New World Order Pledged To Jews (By Arthur Greenwood Of Churchill,S War Cabinet)-Righting Of Wrongs Seen-English Rabbi Delivers To Dr. S.S. Wise New Statement On Questions After War (A ‘Second’ Balfour Declaration?) 10
10/06/1940 Feeding Of Europe Stirs Sharp Words-Academy Of Sciences Hears Plea To Relax Barriers To Succor French 12
10/06/1940 British Get Small Arms-Gifts From U.S. (‘Citizens’) Distributed By Home Defense Group 12
10/06/1940 Unity Mitford Escapes Bomb 12
10/06/1940 Winter Of Waiting Seen British Peril 17
10/06/1940 6,000 Here Donate Blood (N. Y Chapter, American Red Cross) To Britons 20
10/06/1940 Bucharest Seizes All Jews’ Farms 24
10/06/1940 Yugoslavs Restrict Jews 24
10/06/1940 Brazilian Leader (Campos) For Dictatorships 31
10/06/1940 Comacho To Visit U.S., He Announces-Predicts Friendlier Ties 33
10/06/1940 Flight (To U.S.) Described By (Lion) Feuchtwanger-American ‘Kidnapped’ Him, Gave Him Women’s Clothes To Escape Nazis-Dramatic Story Bared (Picture-Wife Pictured In Later Story) 38
10/06/1940 Eight At Columbia (University) Challenge (Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler (On Suppression Of Academic Freedom Pertaining To Non-Support Of Allied War Aims)-Dr. (Harold) Urey Joins In Attack 39
10/06/1940 Foes Of War Push City Organization-Network Of ‘Councils’ Sought 41
10/06/1940 Knox Asserts War Will Find Us Ready-Fleet ‘Most Efficient’-(U.S. Att’y. Gen., Robert H.) Jackson’s Message To Officers Backs Secretary’s Stress On Averting Sabotage At Home 42
10/06/1940 Defeatism Spread Laid To New Deal (By Republican Bruce Barton)-Draft To War ‘Needless’ 43
10/06/1940 Hull (Trade Pacts) ‘Double Talk’ Scored By (Charles L.) M’nary-Trade Pact Called Device For Revising Tariffs In Guise Of Doing Something Else 45
10/06/1940 Third Term Scored As Step To Fascism (By Rev. Dr. M. E. Dodd) 46
10/06/1940 Vast Arms Output In U.S. Seen For ‘41-General Electric Heads Say Our Might Will Eventually Outstrip The World 47
10/06/1940 Women Urged (By Women’s Emergency Council, National Council Of Women) To Be Guardians Of Democracy d-4
10/06/1940 Nation’s Schools Held To Be Lax In Civic Work (By The Educational Policies Commission Of The National Education Association) D-5
10/06/1940 Rutgers Proffers Its Aid In Defense D-5
10/06/1940 Army Buying Shift Aid (Roosevelt’s) Social Aims F-7
10/06/1940 Europe’s Holdings Here Calculated (By U.S. Department Of Commerce F-8
10/06/1940 Another ‘Low’ Cartoon: Mr. Low Looks Inside ‘Hitler’s Lightning Factory’ E-3
10/06/1940 Will America Take A More Active Role In War?-Turner Catledge E-3
10/06/1940 Cartoon: A London Artist Points His Pen At The Axis E-4
10/06/1940 Empire Aid To Britain Now Rising To A Peak E-5
10/06/1940 Riom (Trials) Prepares A Strange Drama For France (Cartoon: Comedie Francaise) E-6
10/06/1940 Embargo On Japan-Advantage Seen (In Letter, Henry H. Douglas) In Cutting Off Vital Supplies Now E-9
10/06/1940 Litten, Irmgard, Beyond Tears, Alliance Book Corp’n., N.Y.-Anti-German Book Supported By Eleanor Roosevelt, Pierre Van Paassen, Dorothy Canfield Fisher And Others Book 17
10/06/1940 Poem: Edna St. Vincent Millay-Memory Of England (Sentimental Nonsense!) Mag. 7
10/06/1940 ‘Our Army In The Making’ Roto. 1
10/07/1940 (Herbert) Hoover Defends Feeding Of Europe-Says Those Who Would Send Food To Hungry Do Not Want To Injure Britain’s Cause 1
10/07/1940 R. A. F. Starts Fires In Reich In ‘Master Plan’ Of Havoc; Gale Balks London Raids (By Germany)-’War Machine’ Hit 1
10/07/1940 (Britain) Seeks Palestine Recruits (Trainees For Post-War Jewish-Arab War!) 2
10/07/1940 U.S. War Trend Scored-Father (James.M.) Gillis Says We Can Have Peace Now If We Want It 2
10/07/1940 French See Japan Facing Big (British-U.S.) Cordon 3
10/07/1940 British Divert Ships To Latin America-1,000,000 Tons Assigned To Press Drive For New (Ex-German) Markets 3
10/07/1940 Japanese Puppets (In China) Assail U.S. (Anti-Japanese) Policy 4
10/07/1940 U.S. Is Threatened By Press In Tokyo-Hochi Says World War Will Result If America Pushes Burma Road Opening (To Supply War Material To Chiang Kai-Shek)-Respect For Japan Urged 4
10/07/1940 Germany Blamed (By U.S. Department Of Agriculture-Henry A. Wallace) In (European) Food Shortages 5
10/07/1940 Rush Britain Help Is Plea By (N.Y. Governor, Herbert) Lehman (Text) 6
10/07/1940 Harvard Group Scores (Columbia University) Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler-Holds Freedom Of Speech Is Necessary To Our Civilization (Etc.)-It Puts Truth Foremost (Butler Had Implied Any Attempt To Stop U.S. Assistance To Britain Will Not Be Tolerated At Columbia University) 6
10/07/1940 23 Schools (In N.Y. City) To Give Defense Courses 7
10/07/1940 Local Red Cross Widens Activities-$447,634 Raised Through Roll-Call And $1,549.651 Contributed To War Relief (Presumably ‘Allied’ War Relief) 9
10/07/1940 War Horror Seen In Child (Refugee) Losses (Losses To German Submarines-Rev. Arthur Wild-Compared To Slaughter By King Herod-No Mention Of British Bombing Of Bethel Institute In Germany) 12
10/07/1940 Drive Starts Sunday For (116) Jewish Charities (Announced By Joseph M. Proskauer, Campaign Chairman) 14
10/08/1940 Congress Is Asked To Limit (Effect Of U.S. Att’y. Gen., Robert H.) Jackson Ruling 1
10/08/1940 R. A. F. Rakes Berlin 1
10/08/1940 (Sumner) Welles Sees Envoy-U.S. And Britain Sounding Out Russian-Talk With Oumansky Is Viewed As Move To Win Cooperation Of Soviet (Against Germany!) 1
10/08/1940 Nazi Troops Take Up Posts In Rumania 1
10/08/1940 (French) Envoy (Henry-Haye) Assures U.S. (Sumner Welles) On (Use Of) French Planes (Already Purchased From U.S.) 3
10/08/1940 50,000 French (Refugees) Jews Hit By New (German) Decrees (A 1930 French Census Showed 400,000 French Jews in France-Total Number Has Increased As A Result Of Refugees) 3
10/08/1940 200 Points Listed By R. A. F. As Bombed (List!)-Some Raided Many Times 8
10/08/1940 (U.S.) Fleet Admiral (Admiral James O. Richardson) Confers With Knox-Admiral To See President (Roosevelt) 7
10/08/1940 Picture: (National Conference Of Christians And Jews) Confer On Fight Against Racial And Religious Bias 12
10/08/1940 War Power Mass (For Allies) Seen With Our Aid-Beale At Boston Convention Says Hitler Cannot Defeat The British Empire-Roosevelt Asks Support 13
10/08/1940 (Nine Philadelphia Leaders) Say Sending Food (To Europe) Would Prolong War 14
10/08/1940 Refugees At Baltimore (57 On ‘Hakone Maru’) 14
10/08/1940 Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler Silent On Faculty (Suppression Of Any Anti-Allied Activity At Columbia University) Letter 27
10/08/1940 Shipments Of (French) Art (Seized By British At Bermuda) Puzzle Treasury 27
10/08/1940 Bill Would Let Alien Employees At The (Worlds) Fair Stay In U.S. If War Bars Them From Home 30
10/08/1940 Reich Sees U.S. In Economic War (Against Axis And Japan-U.S. Attempting To Organize Western Hemisphere Against It) 37
10/09/1940 U.S. Prepares For Crisis In Orient; British Defy Japan, Will Aid China-Washington Acts 1
10/09/1940 Willkie Demands Roosevelt Tell If He Plans War 1
10/09/1940 100 Areas In England Hit In Raids-London Chief Goal 1
10/09/1940 Heavy Berlin Toll Reported By R. A. F 1
10/09/1940 Churchill To Open China’s Vital (Burma) Road 1
10/09/1940 Japan Is Startled By American Step 1
10/09/1940 Nazis Claim (They’re) Giving 36 For 1 In Bombs (Berlin Report) 3
10/09/1940 Algerian Jews Lose Vote 4
10/09/1940 Sofia Decree Limits Civil Rights Of Jews 4
10/09/1940 Shanghai Alarmed Over U.S. ‘Advice’ (For All Americans To Leave China) 5
10/09/1940 Japan Still Gets (Lower Octane Grades Of) Gasoline From U.S.-Some Airplane Fuel Sent 6
10/09/1940 Europe Wheat Crop Found Sharply Cut 6
10/09/1940 Britain Hangs On To Foreign Trade-Mexican Business Drops 8
10/09/1940 Italians Bid U.S. Join Axis Or Fight 9
10/09/1940 All-American Unit (‘Eagle Squadron’) Formed To Aid R. A. F. (Picture Of American Officers For Squadron) 10
10/09/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Warns Of Peril To Ideals 10
10/09/1940 Military Training For Children (Over And Above The Boy Scouts) Upheld (In England) 10
10/09/1940 Knudsen Attacks (U.S. Att’y. Gen., Robert H.) Jackson On Labor 11
10/09/1940 (Knox And Patterson) Set Arms Orders Outside Of NLRB 12
10/09/1940 Fort Dix Soldiers Get Modern Arms (Garands, M-L, Etc.) 14
10/09/1940 Reds And Bundists Liable For (Military) Service 14
10/09/1940 American College Held World’s Hope (By Dr. Robert M. Hutchins, University Of Chicago) 23
10/09/1940 La Guardia Warns U.S. Faces (Axis-Japanese) Attack 27
10/09/1940 2 Men On Clipper Held (By British) At Bermuda (They Are Norwegians) 27
10/09/1940 Dean At Barnard Defends (Columbia University’s) Dr. (Nicholas Murray) Butler (In His Decision To Suppress Any Anti-Allied Activity) 28
10/09/1940 Synthetic Rubber 18 Months Away-10 Months’ Supply Here38 ‘War Lssues’ Bring Warning On Fraud (By Robert E. Kline, Jr.) 40
10/10/1940 Smashing Raids Hit 50 Areas In London-Fires Rage In City 1
10/10/1940 R. A. F. Blasts Naval Bases, Krupp Plants-Reich Heavily Hit 1
10/10/1940 Knox Tells Plans-He Rejects Talk Of War 1
10/10/1940 Nazis Say London Has Worst Raid 2
10/10/1940 Bevin Says Future Belongs To Labor 2
10/10/1940 Norwegian Workers To He Sent To Reich 2
10/10/1940 Britain To Increase Dole 2
10/10/1940 Political Refugees (On Way To Western Hemisphere) To Get Vichy (Transit) Visas 2
10/10/1940 British (In Bermuda) Seize (French) Art As German Export 3
10/10/1940 Pictures: British And German Hospitals Bombed 3
10/10/1940 British Blockade Hits Madagascar-Vichy Says ‘Starvation’ Move Attempts To Force Colony To Join General De Gaulle 6
10/10/1940 Child Refugee Aid To Continue Here 10
10/10/1940 Child Safety Asked By Humane Groups 10
10/10/1940 3 (Anti-Nazi) Refugees (Hans Wachsmann, Emanuel Feldmar & Max Wasser) Indicted In Smuggling Scheme 12
10/10/1940 British (Military) Buyers See Morgenthau (Knudsen, Forrestal, Patterson, General Marshall, Brett Of Air Corps) 13
10/10/1940 Elliott Roosevelt Reaches Dayton For Duty (As Captain), Sacrificed Income Is Put At $76,000 A Year-James Roosevelt To ‘Stand By’ 15
10/10/1940 (U.S. Att’y. Gen., Robert H. Jackson) Asserts New Deal Foiled Dictators 18
10/10/1940 Senators Will Sift WPA Rolls Increase 19
10/10/1940 Caution Is Advised On Columbia (University Academic Freedom) Issue (Nicholas Murray Butler Says England Will Be Aided) 21
10/10/1940 City Schools Ban Pro-Fascist Book (‘Andiamo In Italy’ By A. Marinoni And L. A. Passarelli, Both Of University Of Arkansas) 27
10/10/1940 2,783,000 Blankets Offered To Army 38
10/10/1940 (Russell T. Fisher) Opposes Secrecy In Defense Buying 38
10/11/1940 Balkans Tense As Nazis Move Down Danube-British Burn Papers 1
10/11/1940 Willkie Pictures Powerful America If Republicans Win 1
10/11/1940 Sofia Mobilizing; U.S. Freezes Rumanian Funds 1
10/11/1940 Total War On, Germans Declare 1
10/11/1940 U.S., Britain Confer On Far East Move 1
10/11/1940 Shanghai On Edge As Puppet Mayor Is Slain; Japanese Seek The Killers In Foreign Areas 1
10/11/1940 Swedish Planes (Built In U.S. On Their Order) Await U.S. Action (May Go To England Instead) 2
10/11/1940 Axis Tie For Peace, Japanese Asserts (Matsuoka) 9
10/11/1940 Leaders Of Bund Indicted In Jersey-Kunze, National Fuehrer, Is Among Ten Accused Of Inciting Racial Hatred (1935 Statute) 12
10/11/1940 Hitler, Roosevelt Linked By (Republican, Bruce) Barton 15
10/11/1940 (Columbia University’s Dr. Nicholas Murray) Butler Reassures Faculty On (Academic) Rights (So Long As They Support England And Do Nothing To Aid Germany) 23
10/11/1940 25 Contracts Let On (361,232 Pair) Pants For Army 32
10/11/1940 War Orders Boost State Employment 33
10/12/1940 We Can Avoid War If We Speed Arms, President (Roosevelt) Asserts 1
10/12/1940 Willkie (German) Ancestry Is Raised As Issue (By Negro Democrats) 1
10/12/1940 (British) Fleet And R. A. F. Raid Cherbourg-French Port Afire 1
10/12/1940 London Scars Held Exaggerated Here (By William L. White, Son William Allen White-Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) 2
10/12/1940 (British) War Relief Fund Passes $1,000,000 Mrs. (Andrew) Carnegie Gives $2,500 2
10/12/1940 New Jewish Restrictions (Jewish Shops in Occupied France To Be Identified) 2
10/12/1940 Shortage Of Food Increasing Abroad (In Europe) 4
10/12/1940 Fritz Kuhn Appeal Eased (He Is Destitute) 8
10/12/1940 Taft Sees Nation Drifting To War 10
10/12/1940 (Henry A.) Wallace Acclaims Hemisphere Unity 11
10/12/1940 Emigre Musician Will Give Concerts (Friendship House Plan, Dorothy Thompson, Rex Stout, Etc.) 20
10/12/1940 Gold Inflow Here Found Slackening 23
10/12/1940 Dollar Hoarders In Europe Unload 23
10/13/1940 Russians Mass At Frontier; Nazi Troops Fill Bucharest 1
10/13/1940 R. A. F. Batters French Coast 1
10/13/1940 Tokyo Americans Heed U.S. Warning To Flee Far East 1
10/13/1940 Roosevelt Pledges Total Defense Of Americas And Adjacent Oceans (Text, P. 22) 1
10/13/1940 (William) Green (A. F. Of L.) Opposes Feeding Of Europe-Lauds Humane Motives 14
10/13/1940 (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) Supports President (Roosevelt) It Called Dictator (Earlier Editorial) 24
10/13/1940 17% Of U.S. Voters Seen Favoring War-More Urge Aid To Britain (Gallup Poll) 26
10/13/1940 Warsaw Shambles Seen By U.S. Writer (Alvln J. Steinkopf)-Jews Encircled By Wall-Nazis Call It Health Measure-58 Typhus Cases Noted 38
10/13/1940 Picture: British Train Machine-Gunned By Reich (Air) Raider 40
10/13/1940 U.S. Severs Tie (To Czechoslovakians) At Prague 44
10/13/1940 Arab-Jewish Units Train In Palestine 46
10/13/1940 Schools Revise Peace Program D-7
10/13/1940 Germans Getting Food Of Unoccupied France-American Supplies In Doubt E-3
10/13/1940 Russians Balked Now, May Enter War Later E-4
10/13/1940 R. A. F. Girds For Offensive (Against Germany) E-4
10/13/1940 Value Of Burma Road To China Is Cut Down-Japanese Fliers Expected To Bomb It Almost Daily E-5
10/13/1940 Britain Counts On Food Blockade-Nazis Have Iron And Oil But Rations May Have To Be Cut E-5
10/13/1940 Executive Authority Held Exceeded In (U.S.) Destroyer Deal (With England) E-6
10/14/1940 Treasury (Department-Morgenthau) Denies Delaying (U.S.) Defense (By Aiding England) 1
10/14/1940 U.S. Leasing Bases In Brazil And Chile 1
10/14/1940 American Oil Is Moved (From Hong Kong) To (British) Singapore 1
10/14/1940 R. A. F. Widens Raids, Blasts Nazi Cities 1
10/14/1940 Germans Say British Were Foiled In Plan To Attack Oil Fields Of Rumania 2
10/14/1940 U.S. Unit Of R. A. F. (‘Eagle Squadron’) To Join Foray Soon 3
10/14/1940 Two Gandhi Aides To Defy India (British War Aid) Law 3
10/14/1940 Matsuoka Invites U.S. To Join (Axis-Japanese) Pact-Disclaims Plunder As Japan’s Objective 4
10/14/1940 Mexicans Predict U.S. Defense Pact 4
10/14/1940 British See Widening Of Cooperation By U.S. 6
10/14/1940 President (Roosevelt) Hailed For Defiance Of Dictators 6
10/14/1940 Hoover Food Plan Backed (By 12 Members Of Clergy) 6
10/14/1940 (James P.) Warburg, Support Goes To Roosevelt 10
10/14/1940 Red Cross To Widen Aid To Army, Navy 14
10/14/1940 Authors (Franz Werfel & Heinrich Mann, Brother Of Thomas) Who Fled From Nazis Arrive (On ‘Nea Hellas’-Pictures) 16
10/14/1940 Nazis Denounced By Episcopalians (Convention In Kansas City) 19
10/14/1940 Oberlander (Trust Of The Carl Schurz Memorial Foundation) Aids Refugee Scholars (112 Grants Listed) 24
10/14/1940 Chaplin Discusses His ‘Dictator’ Film (Spoof Of Hitler) 25
10/15/1940 Lindbergh Assails ‘Present’ Leaders 1
10/15/1940 British Exodus From Rumania Begins-Two Trainloads Go 1
10/15/1940 London Is Rocked By Heaviest Raid 1
10/15/1940 R. A. F. Keeps Berlin Awake Six Hours-Two British Raids Stir Nazi Capital 1
10/15/1940 Berlin Still Ignores Roosevelt’s Attack (On Germany) 4
10/15/1940 More Destroyers (From U.S. In Roosevelt’s Transfer Deal) Cross To Britain 7
10/15/1940 Federal Tie (With Federal Council Of Churches Of Christ) Voted By Episcopalians (At Kansas City Convention) 48
10/16/1940 Americans’ Travel In Far East Restricted; Hull Extends Regulation On Passports 1
10/16/1940 President (Roosevelt) Moves To Limit War Sales 1
10/16/1940 Churchill Avoids Giving Peace Aims-Nettled At Questioning 4
10/16/1940 100,000 Overcoats Sought For British (In U.S.A.-Dubinsky Aiding) 4
10/16/1940 U.S. Red Cross Plans To Use Burma Road 6
10/16/1940 Roosevelt Leads To War, Nazi (Editor) Says 7
10/16/1940 Axis Powers Face Shortage Of Food 8
10/16/1940 Post-War Policing Of World Is Seen (By E. C. Morse, Chrysler Corporation) 41
10/16/1940 British Push Sales Of Cottons Here (Civilian Goods) 41
10/17/1940 10 Baltic Vessels Seized By Britain (Estonian & Latvian) 3
10/17/1940 Britain’s Crack Soldiers In Egypt (Anzacs ?) Said To Have Advantage Over Foe (British, Anzacs, Rhodesians, Cypriots, Indians, French & Czechs) 4
10/17/1940 (Sumner) Welles Talks Again With Russian Envoy 7
10/17/1940 Japanese Will Try To Cut Burma Road-American Trucks Ready 8
10/17/1940 Italians Warn U.S. Of Burma Road Peril 8
10/17/1940 Lindbergh Called Appeaser Of Axis (By Col. Louis A. Johnson, Former Ass’t. Sec. Of War) 10
10/17/1940 Picture: (Roosevelt) America’s No. 1 Stamp Collector Buys A New Issue 10
10/17/1940 (U.S. Att’y. Gen., Robert H.) Jackson Hits Lindbergh 10
10/17/1940 (U.S. Socialist Presidential Candidate, Norman Thomas) Will Try To Kill Selective Service 14
10/17/1940 (Thomas E. Dewey) Asserts New Deal Seeks Total Rule 16
10/17/1940 Advertisement: Full Page, Time; Where U.S. Newsmen Block The Road Of Japanese Ambition 22
10/17/1940 Advertisement, Full Page: St. Louis Post-Dispatch Walks Out On Wendell Willkie (Lt Favors Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ Over Willkie’s ‘Version Of The New Deal’-Cartoon) 29
10/18/1940 (U.S.) Trucks Race Up Burma Road To China As British, Defying Japan, Open Route-60 Trucks In First Group-Munitions In Cargo 1
10/18/1940 Japan To Get Oil From (Dutch) East Indies-U.S. And British Firms AgreeTo Fill 40% (Of Japanese) Needs For 6 Months 1
10/18/1940 U.S. To Aid China With More Loans 3
10/18/1940 Japan Aroused By Hong Kong Plan To Allow More Supplies Into China 3
10/18/1940 Matsuoka Is Called A ‘Blufflng Bulldog’ (By Senator Key Pittman Of Nevada, Chairman Of Senate Foreign Relations Committee) 3
10/18/1940 Exiles Form Group To Fight Hitlerism 4
10/18/1940 Actress (Madeleine Carroll) To ‘Fight Hitler’ (Sister Killed In London) 4
10/18/1940 Vichy To Penalize Jews For Defeat 5
10/18/1940 Civil Disobedience Is Launched In India (Against British) 6
10/18/1940 Willkie Asks President (Roosevelt) To Tell If He Delays More Aid To Britain 13
10/18/1940 New Negro (Anti-German) Attack On Willkie Scored 15
10/19/1940 Japanese Planes Bomb Burma Road 1
10/19/1940 Anti-Jewish Law Is Issued By Vichy (Exclusion From High Public Office, Press, Radio & Movies-Aliens (Non-French Jews) Face Prison Camp 2
10/19/1940 ‘Free’ Reich Radio (‘Freiheitsender’) Heard Here (By CBS) Again 3
10/19/1940 Roosevelt Tells Slovaks Conquered Must Be Freed 3
10/19/1940 Briton (Arthur Greenwood) Promises Berlin Double What London Got 3
10/19/1940 Reich Vice Consul (Friedhelm Draeger) Investigated Here (By Dies Committee) 4
10/19/1940 Stalin Is Reported As Confident British Will Win War In Long Run (London Report) 4
10/19/1940 Parisians Face Death If They Hide (Fugitive) Britons 4
10/19/1940 British Seize Mail (At Bermuda) For French Envoy 5
10/19/1940 Kirk (U.S. Charge D’affaires In Berlin) Home, Silent On Rome Mission 5
10/19/1940 Picture: Mrs Lion Feuchtwanger Arrives (In U.S. On ‘Exeter’-See Entry, Oct. 6, 1940, P. 38) 5
10/19/1940 Bermuda Libels Art (Art Seized By British) 5
10/20/1940 Roosevelt Is Host To Earl Of Athone (Canada) In Hyde Park Home 1
10/20/1940 (Leon) Blum Accused In War Guilt Court; Reynaud, Mandel Also Face Trial (Riom Trials) 1
10/20/1940 Women Educators Support President (Roosevelt) 12
10/20/1940 (Joseph M.) Proskauer Sees ‘Dictator’ Trend (Opposes F. D. Roosevelt) 13
10/20/1940 (U.S. Military) Draft As Symbol Hailed By (N.Y. City) Rabbis 24
10/20/1940 $10,700,000 Given (In Contracts By U.S. Army Air Corps) To Help Boeing (Aircraft)-$1,060,000 For Du Pont (For Explosives) 27
10/20/1940 Diamond Center Here Opened By Exiles (Jewish?) 37
10/20/1940 Picture: Hitler, Milch, Sperrle, Goering & Kesselring 40
10/20/1940 Britain Gets Foodstuffs (Assured By U.S.) 40
10/20/1940 Sentiment Against Japan Seen Rising 41
10/20/1940 U.S. War Interests Seen In Far East 42
10/20/1940 Pope Makes Plea For World Peace 43
10/20/1940 French Schools Held Outmoded (By Andre Marois) D-7
10/20/1940 World Problems Put Up To All (By Dr. Edwin S. Burdell, Dir. Of Cooper’s Union) D-7
10/20/1940 How Food Is Rationed In Europe E-5
10/20/1940 Mr. Lion Feuchtwanger Talks Of His Work Book 2
10/20/1940 Program For A ‘Dynamic Democracy’-Geoffrey Crowther Mag. 3
10/21/1940 Italians Attack Anglo-U.S. Oil Field In Persian Gulf (Bahrein) In 2,800 Mile Flight-Targets All U.S. Owned-Americans Periled (Map, P. 2) 1
10/21/1940 Damage To Hamburg Is Held Exaggerated (Stockholm Report) 2
10/21/1940 Offers Of U.S. Food Declined By Britain 2
10/21/1940 Italy Says British Seek To Widen War 3
10/21/1940 French Press Avoids Anti-Jewish Statute 3
10/21/1940 Debate Sending Food To Europe-Helping Germany (Thereby) Is Issue 7
10/21/1940 Students To Start British Aid Today 15
10/21/1940 Registration Of Aliens Climb To 2,128,468 (Earl G. Harrison-Estimates That A Total Of 3,600,000 Are Actually Here) 19
10/21/1940 President (Roosevelt) Praises Negroes At (World) Fair 20
10/21/1940 Britain Spends L9,000,000 A Day, Almost Peak At Close Of Last War 27
10/22/1940 Mexico To Cancel Oil Grant To Japan-In Support Of Continental Solidarity 1
10/22/1940 Churchill Asks French To Aid Britain-Britain Broadcasts-Promises New Victories 1
10/22/1940 (U.S.) Oil Man Protests Bahrein Bombing (Of Source Of Oil For Britain) 4
10/22/1940 First Cairo Raids Stir City’s Anger-AttacksDuring Sacred Period 4
10/22/1940 Axis Pushes Plans For Post-War Europe 4
10/22/1940 Gandhi Follower Jailed (By British) 4
10/22/1940 (William. C.) Bullitt Stresses Our ‘No War’ Policy 12
10/22/1940 Lindbergh Calls For Avoiding War 12
10/22/1940 Knox Terms Navy Best In The World 13
10/22/1940 War Against Fascism Pledged By (Republican) Simpson 17
10/22/1940 New (Influenza) Vaccine (From Rockefeller Foundation) To Get Test (By British) In War Zones 25
10/22/1940 (John Harlan) Amen (Of Nuernberg Tribunals) Sees Inquiry Paying For Itself 25
10/22/1940 Du Pont’s Earnings For 9 Months Rise 38
10/22/1940 80 Billion Income Forecast For 1941 40
10/23/1940 Weygand Held Tricked By Nazis To Agree To France’s Surrender 3
10/23/1940 Britons In Japan Warned To Leave 4
10/23/1940 Italy Holds (Yugoslav) Ship With Ore For U.S. 5
10/23/1940 (Polish Col. Josef) Beck Is Arrested Fleeing Rumania (Pictures 7
10/23/1940 Knox Asserts War Is For Food And Oil 8
10/23/1940 Gibraltar Coup Feared By Knox 8
10/23/1940 President (Roosevelt) Takes (Confiscates) 110 Swede Planes (Made In U.S. Under Contract To Sweden) 13
10/23/1940 (U.S. Solicitor General Francis) Biddle Says Nazis ‘Detest’ Roosevelt (As Presidential Candidate) 19
10/23/1940 Disney Film To Aid British War Relief 20
10/24/1940 U.S. Will Dispatch Air Reinforcement To The Philippines 1
10/24/1940 (U.S.) Red Cross Head Denies Nazis Seize (Plunder) Supplies 1
10/24/1940 (American) Red Cross Denies Nazis Took Goods-’Not One Cent Seized’ 4
10/24/1940 Syria Gets Jewish Laws (Extension Of Vichy Decrees-Jews Barred From High Political Office, Press, Film & Radio) 4
10/24/1940 Push At Gibraltar Held Nazis’ Plan (London Report) 6
10/24/1940 Britain Calls Men Of 35 6
10/24/1940 Sweden Disturbed By Planes Seizure (By U.S.) 8
10/24/1940 (Archibald) M’leish Urges Mobilization Here To Create ‘Democracy In Action’ (Picture: Mac Leish, Nelson Rockefeller) 8
10/24/1940 New (Boeing B-17) ‘Fortresses’ Reach The Army (First Lot Delivered) 28
10/24/1940 Exports To Britain Up Sharply In War 46
10/24/1940 Army Wool Goods Up 37-1/2 C To 87-1/2 C 46
10/25/1940 R. A. F. Pounds Berlin In 2 Night Raids-Heavy Attack On Emden (Holland) 1
10/25/1940 Dictatorship Drift Charged By Hoover 1
10/25/1940 (Law) Suits Attack (Admiral William D.) Leahy Aides (In Puerto Rico-Leahy, A Roosevelt Appointee, ‘Dictatorial’) 2
10/25/1940 Morgenthau Lauds (U.S.) Plane Production 7
10/25/1940 (Admiral William D.) Leahy (A Roosevelt Appointee), Sailing Back To Puerto Rico), Tells Of Puerto Rico Bases 9
10/25/1940 (Joseph M.) Proskauer Makes Issue Of Democracy-Says ‘Americans Cannot Be New Dealers’ 10
10/25/1940 Advertisement, Colliers, Nearly Full Page: What Makes,Churchill The Hope Of The World? (His Brand Of Booze Not Mentioned) 44
10/26/1940 Japanese Bid High For Soviet Amity 1
10/26/1940 U.S. Asks France To State Her Aims; Hopes She Won’t Join War On Britain 1
10/26/1940 500 (Jewish) Refugees (En Route To Paraguay Under Auspices Of Jewish Refugee Committee, On Bulgarian Steamer, ‘Pentcho’) Rescued (Not Allowed To Land In Rumania, Turkey Or Greece) 4
10/26/1940 (Gen. Delos C.) Emmons Promoted As Army Air Head 4
10/26/1940 British Paid Poles (In Rumania-Col Beck) As Spies, Nazis Say 4
10/26/1940 (Herschel) Grynszpan (Murderer Of Vom Rath In Paris-His Paris Defense Supported By Dorothy Thompson) Penalty Near 4
10/26/1940 Picture: Hitler And Laval (Before Conference) 5
10/26/1940 China Is Called A U.S. Frontier (By Dr. Co Tui) 6
10/26/1940 Dr. (James Bryant) Conant (Harvard) Praises State Universities 18
10/27/1940 Americas To Hold French Areas If Vichy Aids Germany Militarily 1
10/27/1940 Italy Accuses Greeks Of Attack 1
10/27/1940 Son Of (Polish President) Moscicki (And Wife) Here As Refugee (Aboard ‘Exochorda’) 20
10/27/1940 700 Censors Study Mall At Bermuda-Secret Codes Discovered 25
10/27/1940 India Bans Anti-War Talk 25
10/27/1940 Hitler Said To Ask Japan To End War 28
10/27/1940 Concern Over U.S. Held To Sway Axis 31
10/27/1940 Hull Warns Nation Attack May Come (Seems To Imply From Germany Or Japan, Text) 34
10/27/1940 H. G. Wells Discusses Himself And His Work (Is In U.S.) Book 2
10/28/1940 Italy Invades Greece Starting Balkan Drive As Athens Rejects A Three-Hour Ultimatum; Metaxas Asks Greeks To Fight To The Death (Picture, P. 3) 1
10/28/1940 De Gaulle Forming Free ‘Government’ 1
10/28/1940 Kennedy Sees Roosevelt At White House; Envoy Is Silent On Arrival From London 1
10/28/1940 Britain May Obtain Big (B-17, Boeing) Bombers Here 2
10/28/1940 (William C.) Bullitt Accused By Germans Again (‘Potocki Letter’-U.S. Involvement In Initiation Of Polish Hostilities) 3
10/28/1940 Mexico To Lift Ban On War Exports To Japan; Threat To National Economy Cited As Reason 4
10/28/1940 Anti-U.S. Sentiment Seen Rising In Japan 4
10/28/1940 Peacemaker Role For Pope Seen Here-(Father Boland) Asks Just Ending To War 5
10/28/1940 Catholics Appeal For Aid To Britain 5
10/28/1940 25,000 Coats For British (War Relief) 5
10/28/1940 Mein Kampf Advertisement (Possibly A Pirated, Unauthorized Edition Such As The One Put Out By Later California Senator Cranston)-$1.89, Reynal & Hitchcock, Inc. Edition 36
10/29/1940 Tyler Kent Is Convicted-Ex-Aide Of U.S. Embassy (Under Joseph P. Kennedy) Guilty Under British Secrets Act (Kennedy Suspended His Diplomatic Immunity!) 3
10/29/1940 Treaty Binds Turks To Give Aid To Britain, But Bars Alliance If Russia Joins Foes 3
10/29/1940 Greek Ships Advised (By Bbc) To Seek Safe (U.S., British, Or Dutch East Indies) Ports (All Under British Control!) 3
10/29/1940 (U.S. Supreme Court) Keeps Scrap Cargo From The Japanese (Chinese Got A Court Order To Hold It Up) 9
10/29/1940 Picture: Petain & Hitler 10
10/29/1940 Syria Dismissing Jews (In Accordance With Vichy Decree) 10
10/29/1940 Morgenthau Denies Guggenheim Charges 22
10/29/1940 Neutrality Rules Altered (By U.S.) For Airline 31
10/30/1940 Mexico-U.S. Accord Seen By Cadenas 1
10/30/1940 R. A. F. Raids Widen Havoc In Germany 1
10/30/1940 Picture: Bombed Dwelling In Northern Berlin 3
10/30/1940 Rome Says British Got Greece In War 4
10/30/1940 Hull Emphasizes Hemisphere Unity 4
10/30/1940 French Who Fled (France) Lose Citizenship 7
10/30/1940 Miss Wolkoff (Associate Of U.S. Embassy Aide, Tyler Gatewood Kent) On Trial (‘In Camera’) 10
10/31/1940 Roosevelt Says He Seeks To Supply 12,000 Planes, Other Arms, To Britain-President Moves 1
10/31/1940 Talk Of Mediation Crops Up In Berlin 4
10/31/1940 French Food Lack Laid To Nazi ‘Grab’ (British Ministry Of Economic Warfare Report)-Champagne Bins Raided 6
10/31/1940 Argentines To Give Beef To British Warships Free 6
10/31/1940 Hadassah Backs Fight Of Britain-Status Of Jews Changing-Dr. Goldmann Says They Now Are Viewed As Problem For Philanthropy 10
10/31/1940 155 From Lisbon Here On Excalibur 11
10/31/1940 (Major) Gen. (John F.) O’ryan Urges U.S. Intervention (In War To England’s Advantage) 12
10/31/1940 (Gen. Robert E. Wood) Assails (Sumner) Welles Speech 13
10/31/1940 (N. Y Senator, Robert F.) Wagner Defends Roosevelt’s Policy 14
10/31/1940 Hull Denies Any Plan To Serve For Willkie 14
10/31/1940 Party Aids Allied Relief 30
10/31/1940 Morgenthau Aide Defends Finances 48