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William Lindsey collection — 1940 NYT headlines

June 1940
Date Headline Page
06/01/1940 Roosevelt Warns War Imperils Whole World (Text, P. 6) 1
06/01/1940 ‘Kidnap Hitler’ Prize (Dr. Samuel Harden Church, Carnegie Institute) Passes Over Deadline ($1,000,000 Offered Anyone Delivering Him To The Proto-Un Powers For Trial As A War Criminal) 1
06/01/1940 U.S. Cruiser Is Sent South (Warning!); Uruguay Finds Nazi Plotting 1
06/01/1940 Mussolini Too Busy To Hear U.S. (Roosevelt) Plea (Letter) 1
06/01/1940 (Alexander C.) Kirk (U.S. Charge D’affairs, Berlin) Coming Home Soon 2
06/01/1940 Tax Rise Essential Says (Henry) Morgenthau (Jr. Treasury) 6
06/01/1940 (Adolf A.) Berle (Ass’t. U.S. Sec. Of State) Asks Labor To Aid In Defense-(David) Dubinsky Pledges Help 7
06/01/1940 E. Roosevelt Assails Mexican (‘Subversive’) 5th Column 7
06/01/1940 Dr. (William Lyon) Phelps Deplores Yale’s Peace Petition-Asks 1,400 Signers About Isolation If Hitler Wins 7
06/01/1940 Hunter Seniors See U.S. Entering War 7
06/01/1940 College Teachers (At Hobart & William Smith Colleges) Urge Aid To Allies 8
06/01/1940 Roosevelt Backs League (Of Nations) Work Here-Humanitarian (Refugee) And Non-Political Aims Held Essential World Duty 8
06/01/1940 Clipper, 21 On Board Puts In At Bermuda (21 Bags Of U.S. Mail Are Promptly Removed By British Censor-Cooperation ?) 8
06/01/1940 79 Leaders (Liberal ‘Intellectuals’) Unite To Aid Democracy (Albert Einstein, Harold Urey, Arthur Compton, Enrico Fermi, & Others) 16
06/01/1940 Ford Denies Using Thugs In Factory-Bias Laid To (National Labor Relations Board) Examiner (With Good Reason!) 32
06/02/1940 U.S. Is Studying Nazi Threat In South America 1
06/02/1940 Gort Called Home (From Flanders); Decorated By King (For What?) 1
06/02/1940 War Alarm Grows In South America-Nazis Admit Invasion Aim 1
06/02/1940 (Philadelphia Inquirer) Drops Isolation, (Openly) Backs Allied Aid-Would Extend Credit (To Allies) 8
06/02/1940 Military Training Gains Supporters-Drills In CCC (Non-Military Civilian Conservation Corps) Camps Backed(Gallup Poll) 11
06/02/1940 (U.S. Ass’t. Att’y. Gen.) Arnold Hits ‘Peril’ Of Alien Patents 15
06/02/1940 (Cardinal) Dougherty Urges Shunning Of War 20
06/02/1940 (N.Y. City) Rabbis Issue Call For National Unity-Allies’ Valor Is Hailed 20
06/02/1940 600 Yale Men Ask All Aid For Allies 20
06/02/1940 (James H. R. ‘My Dear Jim’) Cromwell (Former U.S. Minister To Canada, Resigned For Earlier Rabidly Pro-Allied Remarks) Warns Against ‘Appeasers’ (A Euphemism For Those Opposed To Roosevelt’s Course)-Terms Them A ‘Sixth Column’ And An ‘Umbrella Brigade’ 24
06/02/1940 War Here Is Seen If Germany Wins (Gallup Poll-65%) 24
06/02/1940 Mexicans Seeking Further Oil Deals 26
06/02/1940 (Dr. Samuel Harden Church, Carnegie Institute) Links Hitler (Kidnapping) Prize To ‘High Authority’ (Friend And Statesman In Europe) 28
06/02/1940 100 Huge Bombers Shipped To France-200 Planes Going Today 30
06/02/1940 Many Americans Stay On In Europe 34
06/02/1940 U.S. Embassy Aide (Tyler Kent, Picture) In London Spy Net-Charge Is Not Revealed (Kent Had Intercepted Mail From Roosevelt To Churchill, Promising Them Aid. Before He Could Release These Documents To The Press, Kennedy Removed His Diplomatic Immunity And He Was Arrested. He Was Released Shortly After The War Which He Might Have Prevented) 35
06/02/1940 Hitler To Release Netherland Foes-Normalcy Sought 39
06/02/1940 Picture: Scene Of First Bombing Of Civilians In England (North Riding Of Yorkshire) 40
06/02/1940 National Income Put At 75 Billion F-3
06/02/1940 American Public Opinion And The War E-3
06/02/1940 The Scope And Meaning Of The German Victory E-4
06/02/1940 If Hitler Wins-What It Might Mean To Us-The Threat Of Slavery Mag. 3
06/02/1940 Britain Goes Totalitarian-For The Duration Mag. 6
06/03/1940 Dunkerque Hold Off Assault By 200,000 1
06/03/1940 80% Of B. E. F. Safe, Eden Tells Nation (Is It Possible Britain Was Not As ‘Ready’ As They Thought?) 1
06/03/1940 Pleas To (Belgium’s) Leopold (Not To Surrender) Revealed By Aides 3
06/03/1940 Axis Peace Move Held A Possibility 3
06/03/1940 (British) Jail (Lord) ‘Haw Haw’s’ Brother (Frank Joyce-Defense Of The Realm Act) 3
06/03/1940 Belgians Lost Entire Air Force At Outset, Says Prince Xavier, Who Escaped Flanders 4
06/03/1940 Berlin Says Drive Has Split Allies 4
06/03/1940 Labor Unity Urged By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt 11
06/03/1940 (Rev. Robert) Woods Envisions Aggressor’s Fall 12
06/03/1940 (Thomas) Mann Says Morals End If Nazis Rule 30
06/04/1940 200 Planes Drop 1,100 Bombs On Paris, Kill 45; Swift Reprisals Forecast In Allied Capitals-R. A. F. Reply Seen 1
06/04/1940 President (Roosevelt) Moves For Firm Warning Against (Western Hemisphere [Canada Etc.]) Invasion (Any Change Of Sovereignty In The Western Hemisphere) 1
06/04/1940 ‘Better Learn German’; Nazi Says To A Brazilian 1
06/04/1940 Escape By Gort (Commander Of B. E. F.) From Nazi Tanks Is Related; British Chief Decided Never To Be Captured 3
06/04/1940 Dud German Bomb Hits Near (Ambassador William C.) Bullitt (Picture) 4
06/04/1940 Bombing Of Berlin Demanded In Paris 5
06/04/1940 Nazis Like Madmen In Cemetery Battle 5
06/04/1940 American Exports To Russia Rise 81% 6
06/04/1940 Canada Is Shipping Planes And Fliers (To England) 6
06/04/1940 World War Hinges On U.S., Is Nazi View-Conflict’s Spread Seen Only If We Enter, Or If Government Of Britain Flees To Canada (Hamburger Fremdenblatt) 9
06/04/1940 Army Of (250,000) Belgians (In France) Will Renew Fight (In Defiance Of King Leopold’s Orders) 10
06/04/1940 Roosevelt Hailed (By ‘Dear Alben’ W. Barkley At Hartford, Conn.) As Peace Leader 15
06/04/1940 Belgium Reopens Her (World’s) Fair Pavilion (Government-In-Exile) 18
06/04/1940 Alien Securities Face Strict Rule-Treasury (Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) Revises Regulations 41
06/05/1940 Churchill Pledges War Till Empire Ends-Surrender Barred (Text, P. 6-’The Speech!’ Which An Actor, Not Churchill, Gave) 1
06/05/1940 Air Fleets Raid Reich And French Cities-Reprisals Taken 1
06/05/1940 Italy Hesitates As Roosevelt Acts (Writes) Again-Mussolini Delays 1
06/05/1940 Allies Are Rushing Gold To U.S. 1
06/05/1940 Retreating Allies Wreck Dunkerque 4
06/05/1940 German Newspapers Ironic About (William C.) Bullitt (Almost Hit By Dud Bomb; German White Book & Start Of Polish Hostilities) 4
06/05/1940 Letter By Leopold Sent To Roosevelt 5
06/05/1940 Nazis Restrict Mail For Foreign Lands (No Mention Of British Censorship & U.S. Cooperation) 5
06/05/1940 Nazi Planes Weak, Paris Experts Say 9
06/05/1940 (Sir Stafford) Cripps Is Accepted By Soviet As Envoy 11
06/05/1940 Immediate Help For Allies Urged (By Mrs. Dwight W. Morrow, Charles A. Lindbergh’s Mother-In-law-Air ‘Short Of Actually Declaring War’) 13
06/05/1940 (Louis Johnson, Ass’t. Sec. Of War) Says Full Defense Requires 2 Years, But Plans Are Sound 16
06/05/1940 Hull Says New World Has Fence, But Urges A Congress Declaration 16
06/05/1940 Allied Powder Plant Planned At Memphis 16
06/05/1940 Army To Buy Goods To Clothe 500,000 16
06/05/1940 (Col Frank) Knox Sets 45,000 As Air Pilot Goal (William J. Donovan, Organizer Of Office Of Strategic Services & Head Of N.Y. Polish Relief, On The Committee) 16
06/05/1940 Open Aid To Allies Urged By Seymour (President Of Yale University) 16
06/05/1940 1,393 At Princeton Urge Aid For The Allies; Dodds Among Signers Of Plea To Barbour 17
06/05/1940 CCC War Training Put In Relief Bill 17
06/05/1940 (King) Leopold’s Statue Removed At (N.Y. World’s) Fair (By Allied-Sponsored ‘Belgian Government-In-Exile’) 31
06/06/1940 Our World War (I) Arms To Go To The Allies-Big Stores On Hand-(U.S. Att’y. General Robert H.) Jackson (U.S. Nuernberg War Crimes Prosecutor) Ruling Opens Way To Let Allies Get 2,000,000 Rifles-5,000 Field (Artillery) Pieces-(By Plundering The U.S. Arsenal, The Roosevelt Regime Rearmed The British Army Which Had Left All Its Equipment At Dunkerque) 1
06/06/1940 Nazi Plan To Seize Uruguay Indicated; Party Cells Are Operating At Key Points 1
06/06/1940 Daladier Dropped In French Shake-Up (Col. Charles De Gaulle Promoted To General And Made Chief Assistant To New Premier Paul Reynaud,, Probably On Petain’s [De Gaulle’s ‘Angel’] Recommendation) 1
06/06/1940 Picture: British Gunners Had The Range On This German Bomber 3
06/06/1940 Felled Nazi Plane (Ju-88) Is Termed Frail (By French) 6
06/06/1940 Soviet Now Seems Leaning To Allies 7
06/06/1940 Hitler Holds Peace Terms Ready, Washington Hears 9
06/06/1940 (Herbert) Lehman Demands Unity For Defense 14
06/06/1940 (Ass’t. Sec. Of State, Adolf A.) Berle Drops Out Of Lawyers Guild (Found To Have Been A Communist Organization) 27
06/07/1940 Italians Warn U.S. To Stay Out Of War 1
06/07/1940 Britons Bomb Foe In Four Countries 1
06/07/1940 1937 Hitler Decoration Is Returned By (T. J.) Watson (I. B. M.) 1
06/07/1940 Drive To Oust Chamberlain (Even From Council) Grows-Churchill Opposes Change 3
06/07/1940 Refugee (J. Van Johgh) Describes Dread-Says Gestapo Quickly Seized And Liquidated (‘Killed’ Implied) All Who Appeared On Blacklist 5
06/07/1940 German Prince Killed 6
06/07/1940 Britain Signs Trade Accord With Rumania; Move Is Toward Stable (Allied-Dominated) Relations For Allies 7
06/07/1940 Canada May Buy Any (Former U.S. Army) Rifles Here 10
06/07/1940 Chamber (Of Commerce) Favors Armed Aid By U.S. (For Allies) 10
06/07/1940 (Washington Officials) Seek To Bar Nazis In American’ Trade 13
06/07/1940 Congress Stirred By Help To Allies (Pepper & Bates) 14
06/07/1940 War To Determine Federal (Morgenthau-Treasury) Financing 33
06/08/1940 President (Roosevelt) Backs Plan To Put Our Old 75’s (Field Cannons) In Hands Of Allies-New Cannon For Us 1
06/07/1940 Nazi Planes Raid 12 British Counties-Little Damage Is Reported 1
06/07/1940 America-Made Bomber (B-17) Prepared For Action In France 4
06/08/1940 (Henry Morgenthau, Jr.) To Nip Securities Stolen (Held) By Nazis 8
06/08/1940 Selling Of Supplies (To Allies) Splits Congress (Formerly Were U.S. Army Stores) 8
06/08/1940 Allies Expending Billion On (War) Planes (From U.S.) 9
06/08/1940 Planes For Allies Swarm To Buffalo (N.Y., For Transport To Canada) 9
06/08/1940 Dr. (Alfred) Zimmermann Dies In Germany (‘Zimmermann Note’-Picture) 15
06/09/1940 Berlin Factories Bombed In Air Raid, Paris Reports 1
06/09/1940 Mid-West Backs Help For Allies 2
06/09/1940 Republicans Put Isolation Aside (William Allen White, ‘Head’ Of Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) 2
06/09/1940 (General John J.) Pershing Appeals For Aid To Allies 14
06/09/1940 U.S. Unity In Crisis Is Urged By (N.Y. City) Rabbis 15
06/09/1940 Church Group (An Emergency Committee Based In Geneva And Made Up Of Numerous Liberal Quasi-Religious Groups Including Y. M. C. A., Y. W. C. A., Etc.) Sees A New War Threat (If Germany Wins) 20
06/09/1940 Head Of (William Allen) White Group (Clark M. Eichelberger) Calls U.S. Aid Small (‘The Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies’) 20
06/09/1940 Air (Pilot) Training Quota Full 20
06/09/1940 Volunteers Ready If U.S. Is Attacked (Gallup Poll) 22
06/09/1940 Picture: Randolph Field, Texas: Where United States Is Busy Training Pilots 22
06/09/1940 (Jerzy) Potocki (Polish Ambassador To U.S. See ‘Potocki Papers’ Sees New Poland (After War-No Anti-Semitism, He Tells Federation Of Polish Jews) 25
06/09/1940 Documents To Depict (King) Leopold’s Defection (Presented By Pierlot, The Allies-Appointed Prime Minister Of The Belgium Government-In-Exile, Paris) 25
06/09/1940 100 (U.S.) Attack Planes Slated For Allies-Efficient In ‘Strafing’ 30
06/09/1940 Schools Pressing Peace Program In Face Of War D-4
06/09/1940 We Take Action ‘Short Of War’ To Aid Allies E-3
06/09/1940 Can We Stay Out?-Arthur Krock Mag. 3
06/09/1940 With The (Allied) Armies In France-Harold Denny Mag. 4
06/10/1940 Norway Gives Up-King Haakon Surrenders Homeland But Will Join The Allies 1
06/10/1940 (William C.) Bullitt Says All Pray For France 3
06/10/1940 Executed Nazi Spy Is Called American 3
06/10/1940 Nazis Free (Volunteer) Driver Of U.S. Ambulance 6
06/10/1940 (Senator Arthur) Vandenberg Urges Wide Aid To Allies-Short Of Going To War 7
06/10/1940 Move To Rid Canal Of Alien Workers 9
06/10/1940 Princeton Alumni Greet Men At War 18
06/10/1940 Wheat Buying Tied To Allied Success (?) 27
06/10/1940 Advertisement; Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies, Full Page; ‘Stop Hitler Now’ 36
06/11/1940 Italy At War, Ready To Attack; Stab In Back, Says Roosevelt; (French) Government Has Left Paris-Nazis Near Paris-Seine River Crossed (By Germans) 1
06/11/1940 Our Help Pledged-President (Roosevelt) Offers Our Full Material Aid To Allies’ Cause-America In Danger (Charlottesvill, Va. Speech, Text, P. 6) 1
06/11/1940 British Navy Guns Hammer At Nazis 1
06/11/1940 Canada Declares War Against Italy 4
06/11/1940 New York Lad Is Victim Of (‘Allied’-British) Air Bomb In Germany (Alfred Paul Ritter, 8 At Klingenstein/Ulm) 4
06/11/1940 Mussolini’s Speech (Text) On War Entry 4
06/11/1940 U.S. Mexican Relations Seen In Turn For Better 6
06/11/1940 Easing Of War Act Urged On Congress 6
06/11/1940 Oklahoma Democrats (At State Convention) Favor Declaring War (Against Germany) 6
06/11/1940 Roosevelt Pledge (Of Material Aid To Allies) Heartens British 7
06/11/1940 (Thomas E.) Dewey Assails (Belligerent) Tone Of Roosevelt Talk-(Gannett) Assails Roosevelt Talk 7
06/11/1940 (Solomon O.) Levinson Hailed (Roosevelt’s) Speech 7
06/11/1940 Congress Member Applaud The (Roosevelt) Speech 7
06/11/1940 (Newspaper) Editorials Praise Roosevelt Speech-No (U.S.) Compromise (With Germany) Possible (Survey Of Opinions) 7
06/11/1940 Mail Route To (Germany Via Gibraltar And) Italy Now Cut Off By War (British Blockade); Airline (Usually Stopping At Bermuda To Allow British Censoring) Is Sole U.S. Link With Europe 8
06/11/1940 Italy’s Move Jars U.S. Trade Sharply 10
06/11/1940 Review Of War Stand Asked By Socialists (Dislike Hitler But Want No Aid To The Allies) 10
06/11/1940 Picture: Crash Of U.S. Navy Plane Which Was Sold To Allies (Crashed Being Delivered To Canada) 11
06/11/1940 (French Premier Paul) Reynaud Predicts Ultimate Victory 12
06/11/1940 Refugee Aid Held Duty Of Congress (By Clarence Pickett, Sec. Of American Friends Service Committee In Speech To American Committee For Christian Refugees) 13
06/11/1940 Italian Tanker Held At Puerto Rico Dock (Awaits Orders From Rome) 13
06/11/1940 Uruguay Guarding Against Nazi Plot 15
06/11/1940 Sweden Looks To U.S.For New Turn In War-Threat Of Further Spread Seen In Entry Of Italy 15
06/11/1940 Britain Discloses Big Warship Loss (In Norwegian Involvement) 16
06/11/1940 U.S. Marines Guard Shanghai Streets 16
06/11/1940 Italy Is 14th Country Involved In Vast War 16
06/11/1940 Manhattan Brings 1,907 Fleeing War (1,052 Are U.S. Citizens) 18
06/11/1940 (Tom Wallace, Louisville Editor) Says Our War Entry Should Include Men 21
06/11/1940 Ford Is Developing New (British Rolls-Royce Type Air) Plane Motor 22
06/11/1940 Hospitals Prepare Bases For War Use 26
06/11/1940 (Chinese Ambassador To U.S.) Dr. Hu Shih Bids Educated ‘Think’ (Speech To Graduating Class Of Union College, Schenectady, N.Y.) 29
06/11/1940 (Dr. L. M. Gilbreth) Tells Mount Holyoke Graduates Women Must Help On Problems 29
06/11/1940 Send Allies Arms But Not Men Prof. (Dr. Sidney B.) Fay (Author Of The Origins Of The World War) Demands At Wheaton 30
06/11/1940 Nbc Asks To Double Short Wave Power-To Widen Latin And European Range (Preparation For ‘Voice Of America’) 33
06/11/1940 Stage People Unite In Plea We Aid Allies-Petitions Signed By 25,000 To Be Sent To President (Roosevelt-Petition Sponsored By N.Y. Chapter Of Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies, Dr. Frank Kingdon, Chairman) 33
06/12/1940 President Vargas (Brazil) Backs The ‘Virile’-His ‘Fascist’ Speech A Shock 1
06/12/1940 French Take Stand-Government Set Up At Tours 1
06/12/1940 British Are Hoping For New Miracle-No Word From B. E. F. (Article By Harold Denny) 1
06/12/1940 Submarine (First Unidentified, Later Found To Be German) Halts U.S. Liner-Unidentified Craft Threatens To Sink The Washington With 1,590 Aboard, But Relents 1
06/12/1940 Pope Is Sorrowful Over Italy’s Move (Into War)-Difficulties Foreseen 4
06/12/1940 Spain Is Described As Non-Belligerent (Supports Axis) 4
06/12/1940 Gibraltar (British Search Point For Ships Seized On The High Seas To Enforce British Blockade) Balks (Italians) Scuttling Of Ships 5
06/12/1940 Geneva Suburb Bombed (Unidentified Plane); One Killed, Six Injured 5
06/12/1940 Air ‘Fortress’ (B-17’S) Sale To Allies Is Urged 6
06/12/1940 British Shut Gates Of Mediterranean 7
06/12/1940 Mexico Pro-Allied, U.S. Tie (Purchased At A High Price) Is Affirmed 8
06/12/1940 Roosevelt Praises (‘Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies’) ‘Stop Hitler’ Add (See June 10, 1940, P. 36-It Seems Possible This Committee May Have Been In Contact With Roosevelt To Serve As A Means Of Drumming Up Support For His As Yet Unannounced Positions Before He Made Them Public) 10
06/12/1940 Columbia Air Line Dismisses Germans 10
06/12/1940 Britons Are Told (By Future Prime Minister, Clement Attlee, See P. 7) We (The U.S.) Insure (British) Victory 12
06/12/1940 Nazis ‘Impatient’ At Roosevelt (Charlottesville, Va.) Talk 12
06/12/1940 Plea For Aid To Allies Wins Wide Support; 500 In City Volunteer, Committee (To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) Reports 15
06/12/1940 British Would Buy Destroyers Here 16
06/12/1940 Faithful To U.S., Italians Here Say 17
06/12/1940 Italian Workers Here Seen Loyal 18
06/12/1940 Workers Alliance Opposes War Aid (To Allies) 18
06/12/1940 (William) Green (A. F. Of L.) Says We May Go In-Tells Musicians U.S. Will Fight For Canada If British Lose 18
06/12/1940 (N. Dakota Senator, Gerald P.) Nye Sees Nation On Road To War 19
06/12/1940 (German-American Groups) Fight Aid To Allies 20
06/12/1940 U.S. Steel Sends Surplus To Allies-Buys War Department Equipment Worth $37,600,000 In ‘Short Of War’ Aid-5,000 French 75’s Of 1918 Are Thought To Be Included In Subsidiary’s Shipment 21
06/12/1940 25 Ambulances Sent To Allies By U.S. Gifts 21
06/12/1940 (Philadelphia Rifle Club) Bars Pro-Nazi Groups 21
06/12/1940 Princeton Ready To Aid (U.S. Defense) Dodds Says 22
06/12/1940 (Roosevelt) Asks $50,000,000 (From Congress) To Aid (‘Not Only Americans But People Who Are Destitute In Other Lands.’)-Refugees-Chiefly For Sending Food 25
06/12/1940 (Miss Gertrude Wilbert, Newspaper Reporter) Says Bishop Spoke Of Revolt In U.S. (And Extermination Of Jews) 26
06/12/1940 117,000 Physicians Put At Call Of U.S. 27
06/12/1940 Americans To Send Blood To Allies 27
06/12/1940 West Point Class Hears War Advice 29
06/12/1940 Little New In War Drew Class Hears 29
06/12/1940 Hitler Can Be Stopped Only By A Force Greater Than His Own, J. P. Warburg Says (At Memphis, Southwestern University-U.S. Won’t Be Safe If Hitler Wins) 29
06/13/1940 British Rush Reinforcements To France-Allied Drive Seen (Obviously Not Another B. E. F.) 1
06/13/1940 80 (U.S.) Army Bombers Released To Allies In ‘Full Speed’ Aid 1
06/13/1940 Churchill Meets Weygand In France 2
06/13/1940 Pictures: In Environs Of Paris After Nazi Planes Made Their First Bombing Attack On The Capital 3
06/13/1940 Britain Blockades Italy To The Full 5
06/13/1940 Nazi Organ (Das Schwarze Korps) Urges U.S. To Join Reich 5
06/13/1940 Envoys Of Allies (Cripps & Labonne) Arrive In Moscow 6
06/13/1940 U.S.-Italians Seen Supporting Duce 11
06/13/1940 22 New (U.S.) Warships Signed For In Hour (In Navy Department) 13
06/13/1940 (Matthew) Woll (Vice President Of A. F. Of L., Under William Green) Says Labor Is Solid For Allies 14
06/13/1940 (U. S). Ships Are Shifted From War Zones 15
06/13/1940 U.S. Maritime Commission) Lets Six Freighters Be Sold To British 15
06/13/1940 Dr. (James Bryant) Conant (Anti-German President Of Harvard) Urges Universal (Compulsory Military) Service (In U.S.) 18
06/14/1940 (William C.) Bullitt Reports Nazis Inside Paris Gates-Paris Is Open (Undefended) City 1
06/14/1940 (Premier Paul) Reynaud Asks U.S. For ‘Clouds Of Planes’ (Text Of Note To Roosevelt, P. 6) 1
06/14/1940 Nazi Body Disbands As Uruguay Acts 1
06/14/1940 35,000 Ton Battleship Is Launched Here; North Carolina Held Warning To Dictators 1
06/14/1940 R. A. F. Fliers Pour Fire On Wide Area (In Germany And On Front) 3
06/14/1940 (William C.) Bullitt Informs Nazis Paris Is An Open City; U.S. Envoy Acts At Request Of French Army 5
06/14/1940 Picture: Scene Of The Last To Leave Dunkerque (B. E. F. Evacuation-See June 13, 1940, P. 1) 5
06/14/1940 Picture: Ambulance Allegedly Machine-Gunned By Germans 5
06/14/1940 Reich Press Chief (Arthur Dietrich) Ousted By Mexico 8
06/14/1940 (Former U.S. Ambassador To Germany Under Wilson, James W.) Gerard Proposes General (Compulsory Military) Training 12
06/14/1940 Carnegie (World) Peace Union (Associated With Nicholas Murray Butler’s Carnegie Endowment For World Peace) Asks Aid For Allies; Plea Is Radical Change In Group’s Views (Or Is It?-Plea To Be Sent To Roosevelt) 12
06/14/1940 Speed On Defense Urged By (Governor Of N.Y., Herbert) Lehman 15
06/14/1940 Senate Votes Help For War Refugees (Roosevelt Given $50,000,000 Unconditionally To Help Allies) 15
06/14/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Scores Forced Enlisting (In Peace Time) 16
06/15/1940 Hitler Is Doubted-Roosevelt Skeptical Of Pledge He Will Not Cross Atlantic 1
06/15/1940 Tours Abandoned As French Capital 1
06/15/1940 British Call On U.S. For Munitions At Once; French Order 120 Bombers Here For 1941 1
06/15/1940 (Alf. M.) Landon Criticizes Roosevelt On War-Former Kansas Governor Warns That We Are Not Yet Well Equipped For Combat 2
06/15/1940 Latest Paris Surrender City’s 9th Since 52 Bc 2
06/15/1940 Aide (Otto Dietrich) Says Hitler Spurns (Sic) Peace Now (Since Previous Peace Offers Were Rejected) 2
06/15/1940 Washington Doubts (That William C.) Bullitt Is In (German) Custody 5
06/15/1940 (U.S.) Army Will Train 10,600 As Aviators 7
06/15/1940 ‘Clouds Of Planes’ (As Requested By Premier Paul Reynaud, See June 14, 1940, P. 1) Impossible Now 7
06/15/1940 German-Americans Form Anti-Nazi Unit (Names) 8
06/15/1940 Sharp Limit Is Set On Entry Of Aliens (Into U.S.)-He (U.S. Att’y. Gen. Robert H Jackson) Shelves Old (Immigration) Policy 9
06/15/1940 German Agent (Baron Edgar Von Spiegel, German Consul General, New Orleans) Says Reich Won’t Forget (U.S.Military Aid To Allies. He Was Called To Washington By Hull A Few Days Later, But I Never Found How Hull ‘Disciplined’ Him) 9
06/15/1940 (U.S. Att’y Gen. Robert H. Jackson, Also At Charlottesville, Va.) Warns Us To Gird For Any Challenge-Lauds New Deal System 11
06/15/1940 ‘Trojan Jackasses’ Held Defense Foes (By James H. R. [‘My Dear Jim’] Cromwell, One-Time Husband Of Doris Duke, Former Interventionist U.S. Minister To Canada, Now A Candidate For The U.S. Senate From New Jersey) 17
06/16/1940 U.S. To Quicken Aid (To Allies) 1
06/16/1940 Reds Seize Lithuania-President Reported Fled To Reich 1
06/16/1940 Lindbergh Charges War Designs Here (Text, P. 37) 1
06/16/1940 (Henry Agard Wallace) Warns New World Against Nazi ‘Grab’ (In The Western Hemisphere) 8
06/16/1940 Appeasement Here Assailed By (William Allen) White (Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies 8
06/16/1940 Two National Leaders Of (German-American) Bund Arrested; Pennsylvania Police Silent On Charges 12
06/16/1940 (James P.) Warburg Makes (New) Plea-Every Aid To Allies Urged, Even To Extent Of Going To War (Some Change In Policy!) 12
06/16/1940 U.S. Urged To Build Army Of 2,000,000 (By Col Frederick Palmer) 14
06/16/1940 Two-Fold Threat To U.S. Is Pictured (By Capt. Charles M. Cooke, U.S. Navy, War Plans Division, Charlottesville, Va.) 17
06/16/1940 (N.Y. City) Rabbis Warn U.S. Against Defeatism-Appeal Is Made To (Organized) Labor 18
06/16/1940 Italian Liner Attached (By U.S. Marshal) 18
06/16/1940 Hull Investigates Foreign Consuls 19
06/16/1940 No (War) Entry Planned, Pittman Declares-Nye Reads Other Meaning Into (Roosevelt’s) Message 21
06/16/1940 Soviet Move (Into Lithuania) Seen Directed At Reich (By Swedish Report) 24
06/16/1940 Vargas’ (Brazil’s) Loyalty Pledged Roosevelt 29
06/16/1940 Uruguay Exposes Two Nazi Threats (Fifth Column, Etc.) 29
06/16/1940 (Mexican) Workers Ask War On Nazis 29
06/16/1940 Pictures: Germans In Paris (Using Horse-Drawn Supply Wagons!) 32
06/16/1940 British Scornful Of Hitler’s Peace 36
06/16/1940 (Colorado Senator Johnson) Bolts Roosevelt Policy (Roosevelt Holds Up To Bitter Scorn Anyone Who Dares Think In Terms Of Isolation 37
06/16/1940 Nations ‘39 Income Was $70,000,000-’Real’ Income Equals ‘ 2940
06/16/1940 Our War Stocks Go To Aid The Allies (Picture: Arthur B. Purvis, Head Of Anglo-French Purchasing Commission) E-5
06/16/1940 British Expect To Win If They Can Gain Time-Expect U.S. In War E-5
06/16/1940 How Hitler Made Ready-The Fifth Column Mag. 3
06/16/1940 Young Pilots Of The Defiants (R. A. F.-Heroic Treatment) Mag. 6
06/16/1940 As America Prepares Roto. 3
06/17/1940 2 Soviet Invasions (Latvia & Estonia Invaded By Soviet) 1
06/17/1940 (French Premier Paul) Reynaud Resigns, Petain Is New Premier; New Cabinet Considers Fate Of France (Pictures, P. 4) 1
06/17/1940 British Resolute-Determined To Go On 1
06/17/1940 (Nevada Senator, Key Pittman) Tells Lindbergh To Serve Nation (Perhaps As Did He-’ Throw Aside All Of His False Political Advisors’-Text Of Pittman Appeal, P. 5 An Obvious Appeal To Join The Roosevelt ‘Winners’) 1
06/17/1940 20,000 At Boston (Organized By The Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) Ask (U.S.) Aid To Allies 5
06/17/1940 Hitler Book (Mein Kampf) Is Urged On U.S. Candidates By Columbia University Press Readers’ Poll (It Isn’t Clear If They Recommend The Authorized Version Or The One Pirated By Later California Senator Cranston) 7
06/17/1940 (Socialist Norman Thomas) Sees Fascism Here If We Enter War-Blanshard (In Opposition) Demands Arms-He Condemns ‘Old Socialist Gospel’ Of Disarmament As ‘Silly And Dangerous’ Now 8
06/17/1940 Refugee Parley Sought (Oswald Garrison Villard, Chairman Of New World Resettlement Fund Asks Roosevelt To Call A Conference) 9
06/17/1940 (Presbyterians) Asks Congress Give Ships (To Allies) 10
06/17/1940 Aid For Allies Urged-B’rith Sholom Head Says It Is Only Way To Save Jews (Hitler’s Defeat Will Not Solve Jewish Problem-Greetings From Roosevelt) 10
06/17/1940 (Francis Beverley Biddle, Solicitor General) Bars Nazi Methods In U.S. Spy Hunts 11
06/17/1940 (News Commentator, Raymond Gram) Swing Portrays Certainty Of War-We Must Fight Now Or Fight Later 15
06/17/1940 (16 Jehovah’s Witnesses) Beaten On Refusal To Salute The (U.S.) Flag 17
06/18/1940 France Asks Peace, But Is Fighting On; Hitler, Duce Meet Today To Set Terms; British Stand Firm For War To A Finish-British For A Union (With France To Keep Them In The War) 1
06/18/1940 Washington Acts To Keep Germany Out Of (Western) Hemisphere 1
06/18/1940 (Alf M.) Landon Advocates (Republican) Anti-Hitler Plank 1
06/18/1940 Uruguay Arrests 12 Nazi Chieftains 1
06/18/1940 French Liner (‘Pasteur’) Sails Under British Flag (From N.Y.-On French Orders?) 1
06/18/1940 Text Of Petain’s Message To Germany Requesting Armistice 4
06/18/1940 French Are Still Fighting 5
06/18/1940 Picture: Sir Bertram Ramsay, Director Of Dunkerque (B. E. F.) Evacuation 6
06/18/1940 Nazis’ Superiority In Equipment Too Great For Courageous French 6
06/18/1940 Text Of Anglo-French Union Proposal 9
06/18/1940 Picture: French Ambassador, Count Rene De Saint-Quentin And Sumner Welles At U.S. State Department 12
06/18/1940 Washington Lets (War) Planes For Allies (Purchased In The U.S.) Be Flown (Directly Instead Of Towed) Over Border (To Canada On Way To England), Speeding Delivery 16
06/18/1940 (Generalissimo Rafael L.) Trujillo (Dominican Republic President) Extends Refugee Asylum-Agrees To Allow 1,000 More Youths And Children To Enter (Dominican Republic Settlement Association, James N. Rosenberg, President, Makes Announcement) 16
06/18/1940 U.S. Is Suffering From War Nerves 20
06/18/1940 Advertisement; One-Half Page, ‘An American Citizen:’ How To Out-Organize Hitler (Pro-Allied & Pro-Interventionist) 20
06/18/1940 Roosevelt Called ‘No. 1 Isolationist’ (By Lawrence Dennis) 23
06/18/1940 200 Enrolled Here In New Plattsburg (Volunteer Military Training) 24
06/19/1940 Republicans Name Pro-Allied Group On Defense Plank 1
06/19/1940 Nazis Raid Thames; British Bomb Reich-Biggest R. A. F. Foray Hits At 12 German Cities 1
06/19/1940 Baltic Steps (By Russia) Laid To Moscow Panic (Fear Of Germany-Stockholm Report) 1
06/19/1940 Last Of B. E. F. Reaches Home From France 1
06/19/1940 Rome Classes U.S. As Ally Of Britain 4
06/19/1940 Pictures: Printed Forms Used By Germany’s ‘Fifth Column’ In Uruguay 5
06/19/1940 Document On Nazis’ Uruguay Plot 5
06/19/1940 Uruguay Relieved By Cruiser’s (U.S.S. ‘Quincy’s’) Visit 5
06/19/1940 (Leon) Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) Predicts German Attack On Soviet With Support Of Japan 8
06/19/1940 21 Held In Mexico For Trotsky Attack (On His Home) 8
06/19/1940 Poles, Belgians Transfer Governments To Britain 8
06/19/1940 Refugee Millions (Unstated Nationality) Suffer In France-Aide From U.S. Suggested 9
06/19/1940 Can Britain Win: Hanson Baldwin 9
06/19/1940 Picture: Germans Saluting (French Unknown Soldier) At Arch De Triomphe 9
06/19/1940 Canada To Adopt Full Conscription (Sometime!) 10
06/19/1940 Roosevelt Proposes (Universal, Compulsory [Military]) Training (The Exact Type Is Unclear) For Youth In Vast Program 10
06/19/1940 Conscription Held Best Defense Plan (By Julius Ochs Adler) 11
06/19/1940 Use Of U.S. Forces In Canada Backed (Gallup Poll) 11
06/19/1940 6,000 (British Rolls-Royce) Air (Plane) Engines Ordered Of Ford (By British) 15
06/19/1940 (John L.) Lewis Defends The Hoover Regime, Lays ‘Chronic; Ills To The New Deal 16
06/19/1940 (Secretary Of War, Henry L.) Stimson Demands (Compulsory, Universal) Military Training 17
06/19/1940 First Lady (Eleanor Roosevelt) Joins (Service Bureau For Inter-Cultural) Education Panel-Means Of Promoting Democracy 19
06/19/1940 Dutch Seamen Ask Wages Be Tripled-Will Not Sail Otherwise On Ships Chartered By Allies 45
06/20/1940 U.S. Warns Dictators On Colonies Here-Stern Notes Sent-Republics To Act-21 Called To Parley On Problems Created By Nazi Victories 1
06/20/1940 England Is Raided-Heavy Damage To Reich Supplies And Plants Is Claimed By British 1
06/20/1940 Reich Threatens Uruguay Break 1
06/20/1940 Hull Is Reported Vexed At (William C.) Bullitt-Envoy Said To Have Ignored Orders To Quit Paris With French Government 3
06/20/1940 Picture: French Warship (Captured And) Returned (Forcibly) To Canada (By British Warship) Carrying Governor General 4
06/20/1940 Nazis Deny Ruining Cathedral Of Reims 6
06/20/1940 British Forecast Famine In Europe-London Determined To Keep Blockade (Especially Of Food!) In Force-All Blame Put On Enemy (Germany) 7
06/20/1940 Berlin Sees Laxity On Monroe Doctrine 8
06/20/1940 Italians Warn U.S. To Keep Out Of War-Monroe Doctrine Works Two Ways 8
06/20/1940 Immigration To U.S. Eased For Refugees-Lisbon Consulate (H. Claibourne Pell) Authorized To Control Travel Quotas (To U.S.) 11
06/20/1940 (Mass. Senator) Walsh Protests (U.S.) Release Of (Torpedo) Boats (And Submarine Chasers To British-’A Score Or More.’) 11
06/20/1940 (U.S. Att’y. Gen. Robert H.) Jackson Opposes (Harry R.) Bridges Ouster (Communist Head Of West Coast Longshoremen)-Guilty Of No Charge (Not A Citizen!) 12
06/20/1940 (Vladimir) Jabotinsky (Founder Of Irgun Zvai Leumi, Violence Advocate) Asks For Army Of 100,000-Zionist Leader Calls For Men To Fight As Unit-4,000 Hear Plea (The Real Purpose Was Apparent To Everyone After Germany Was Defeated) 12
06/20/1940 France Gives U.S. Rights To (Hispano-Suiza Airplane) Engines-(British) Rolls-Royce (Airplane Engine) Plans Here (To Be Built By Henry Ford) 13
06/20/1940 (Sidney) Hillman (Picture) Will Map (Draft Plan For Universal, Compulsory Military) Training Of U.S. Youth (At Roosevelt’s Request) 14
06/20/1940 Secret Nazi (German-American Settlement League) Meeting Forbidden By Court-Former Head Of Camp Siegfried Group Wins Restraining Order 15
06/20/1940 Hoover Warns U.S. Of Europe’s Errors 16
06/20/1940 (U.S.) Isolation Is Dead Chamber (Of Commerce) Is Told (By Perry Pipkin)-To Preserve Civilization 18
06/20/1940 Rule Of Dictators Held ‘Lesson’ To Us (By Dr. James C. Mc Donald 25
06/20/1940 (Lord) Lothian Warns Us Of Hitler Victory (Addressing Yale Alumni, Text) 26
06/20/1940 Harvard ‘40 Boos A ‘15 Call To Fight 27
06/21/1940 Knox And Stimson (Both ‘Republicans’) Are Named To (Roosevelt) Cabinet (Secretaries Of Navy And War Respectively) 1
06/21/1940 Stimson And Knox Are Disowned By (Republican) Party 1
06/21/1940 Compulsory Service Bill Before Senate-Giant Army Is Aim 1
06/21/1940 Hull, At Harvard Asks Facing Of Foe (Germany)-Calls On Free Nations To Unite And Hurl Back ‘Old Forces’ Seeking To Degrade Mankind (Text, P. 19) 1
06/21/1940 (50,000) Anzac Forces Land To Fight In Britain 1
06/21/1940 British Raid Reich-Dozen Industrial Centers And Air Bases Over A Wide Area Bombed-Germany Hits Back 1
06/21/1940 U.S. Group Formed To Aid Canada In Care Of British Child Refugees 1
06/21/1940 Text Of The Bill For Compulsory Military Training In This Country (Presumably Written By Sidney Hillman-How Long It Had Already Been On The Fire, No One Knows) 2
06/21/1940 Military Training Urged At Harvard 3
06/21/1940 (John P. Frey, A. F. Of L.) Assails Proposal For (Compulsory) Youth (Military) Training 3
06/21/1940 Pictures: Stimson And Knox 4
06/21/1940 Stimson Outspoken Against Dictators 4
06/21/1940 Chicago Publisher (‘Col.’ Frank Knox, As Opposed To ‘Col.’ Mc Cormick Of The Chicago ‘Tribune’) Has Been Strong Advocate Of Aid To Allies 4
06/21/1940 1,500,000 Ask (By Petition Circulated By The Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) For Aid To Be Sent To Allies 4
06/21/1940 (Henry) Morgenthau (Jr.) To Sift Rumor Of Sale By Nazis Of Silver From Invasion (‘Henry’ Was A Very Busy Man!) 7
06/21/1940 (Hoped-For) Famine (In Europe) Held Ally Of U.S. In War Crisis-(R. Leslie) Buell (Foreign Policy Association) Would Bar Relief To Nazi Conquered Countries (Former Allies Should Starve Apparently, And They Would Have Starved If Not For Germany!) 7
06/21/1940 Nazis Say Britain Is Now Blockaded 9
06/21/1940 British And Nazi Planes-Hanson Baldwin 10
06/21/1940 Polish Government (-In-Exile Gen. Wladislav Sikorsky) Arrives In London 10
06/21/1940 U.S. Speeds Action On (British) Child Refugees 13
06/21/1940 (Spanish Republican [‘Communists!’]) Asks Roosevelt Aid Flight Of (200,000 Interned Spanish ‘Republicans’) From France (To Escape Germans) 14
06/22/1940 Hitler Demands Full French Surrender (At Compiegne)-Ceremony Is Brief-(Gen. Wilhelm) Keitel (Hanged At Nuernberg) Reads Preamble To Demands In Presence Of Hitler And Others (Text, P. 3) 1
06/22/1940 (Thomas E.) Dewey Denounces Roosevelt On War-Charges ‘Deliberate Attempt’ To Plunge U.S. In Conflict To Hide (Domestic) Failures (But Failed To Use Pearl Harbor Information Against Roosevelt To Defeat Him In The Next Election-See Gen. Marshall’s Visit To Him) 1
06/22/1940 Both Parties Back Selective (Compulsory Military) Service 1
06/22/1940 Picture: Where Hitler Dictated His Peace Terms To French Representatives (The Same Place [Compeigne Railway Car] Where World War I Allies Dictated Peace To Germany In 1918!) 3
06/22/1940 Berlin To Receive The (1918 Compeigne) Armistice (Railway) Car 3
06/22/1940 Picture: Col. Gen. Wilhelm Keitel (After War, Hanged By U.N. At Nuernberg As A War Criminal!) 3
06/22/1940 (William Allen) White (Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) Hails Choice Of Knox, Stimson 6
06/22/1940 Many Offer Homes To Refugee Children-Group Headed By Mrs. (Eleanor) Roosevelt Deluged With Applications 7
06/22/1940 (Tamiment Liberal Group) Asks End Of Curbs On (Military) Help To Allies 8
06/22/1940 1,500 Planes Ordered By Allies In A Week 8
06/22/1940 Relief Supplies Packed For Europe (‘Bundles For Britain’) 9
06/23/1940 French Sign Reich Truce, Rome Pact Next 1
06/23/1940 General Summons French To Resist-(General Charles) De Gaulle (Close Friend Of Petain, In London) Offers To Organize Fight Abroad-Churchill Supports His Stand (As Does Roosevelt!) 1
06/23/1940 Jews, Christians Urged To ‘Save’ U.S. (By Independent Order Of B’rith Abraham-Herbert Lehman, Rabbi S.S. Wise, Israel Goldstein) 6
06/23/1940 (William Allen) White Urges U.S. To Defend Ideals (Committee To Defend America By Aiding The Allies) 7
06/23/1940 Air (Plane) Engines Output (In U.S.) Expanding Rapidly 7
06/23/1940 Hysteria Is Peril Rabbis Are Told-Central Conference-Dr. Berkowitz Asserts Hitler Threat To Us Forces Their Hand-Group Backs Defense 13
06/23/1940 (James) Forrestal (Later Secretary Of Defense Under Truman, A Suicide!-See Millis, The Forrestal Diaries) Named A Roosevelt Aid-Exact Duties Not Told 16
06/23/1940 France’s Defeat Is Laid To (French Government’s) Greed (Typical Newspaper Story-Reporters Who A Few Months Earlier Were Looking For ‘The War!’-Compare With Reasons The Poles Lost!) 25
06/23/1940 Winter Of Hunger Faces Europe (The Allies Hope! This Was To Be A Means Of Forcing Revolution Against German Rule In Europe!) E-4
06/24/1940 Britain And Petain Regime In Open Break (Roosevelt And Churchill Never Forgave Petain For This!) 1
06/24/1940 U.S. Aid Is Pledged In This Hemisphere 1
06/24/1940 Summary Of Nazi Terms (To France) 1&3
06/24/1940 Petain Is Grieved By Britain’s Stand (Condemned To Death & Imprisoned For The Rest Of His Life After The War) 3
06/24/1940 (De Gaulle, Having Flown To London) Loses Army Rank (In France For Collaborating With The British [And Americans] And Thus Creating Difficulties Between The Germans And Petain’s New Regime) 3
06/24/1940 (James H. R. [‘My Dear Jim’] Cromwell) Asks ‘Squeeze’ On Hitler 4
06/24/1940 Pan-American Block (Dominated By U.S.) Ridiculed By Nazis 13
06/25/1940 France Signs Italian Terms, Fighting Ceases-France To Mourn-Capital To Be Moved (From Paris To Vichy) 1
06/25/1940 Nazi Publicity Here Held Smoke Screen (Nahum Goldmann, Chairman [With Rabbi S.S. Wise] Of World Jewish Congress Says ‘Six Million Jews In Europe Are Doomed To Destruction.’-’Extermination’ ?) 4
06/25/1940 The Hitler Proclamation Giving Thanks To God (For Victory) 4
06/25/1940 Text Of French Statement On British Aid (Which Was Most Sparsely Given!) 4
06/25/1940 French Collapse Is Laid To Munich 5
06/25/1940 Final Hours In France Cap 1918 Pattern; Fighting Ends Hitler’s Armistice Reversals 6
06/25/1940 Vatican Speaker Scores 1919 Peace-Calls Present War Consequence Of Failings (Allied Failings?) Of Versailles 6
06/25/1940 British Push Move To Rally French 7
06/25/1940 Torpedo Boat Sale To British Halted-Statement On Torpedo Boat Sale Ban 10
06/25/1940 (Florida Senator, Claude) Pepper Denounces Axis Peace Terms-Our Gold Hoard Menaced-Links Our Fate To Britain’s 11
06/25/1940 Curtiss To Double (Airplane) Propeller Output 11
06/25/1940 (U.S. Solicitor General Francis Beverley) Biddle (A Judge At The Nuernberg Tmwc U.N. Tribunals) For Adding Executive Power 13
06/25/1940 U.S. Cruiser (U.S.S.) Quincy Stays In Uruguay (‘Friendly Persuasion’) 14
06/25/1940 Advertisement; Full Page: The National Committee To Keep America Our Of Foreign Wars 19
06/26/1940 Britain Smashing At Reich From Air 1
06/26/1940 Bessarabia (Rumania) Linked (By Washington) To Red-Nazi Deal 1
06/26/1940 Text Of Agreement Between Germans And French 4
06/26/1940 Petain Says Nation Is Free With Honor-Flags At Half Staff 4
06/26/1940 Trotsky’s (Lev Bronstein’s) Guard Discovered Slain (In Mexico) 8
06/26/1940 Polish Troops Arrive To Defend Britain-(Gen. Wladislav) Sikorski Broadcasts Plan(‘Polish Government-In-Exile’) 8
06/26/1940 German Economic Planner (Maj. Gen. Fritz Loeb) Is Killed In Plane Mishap 12
06/26/1940 (Father Charles E.) Coughlin Praises Sedition Acquittal (Of Members Of His Christian Front) 12
06/26/1940 Many Homes In U.S. Open To Refugees-Sentiment To Revise (Immigration) LawsSubstantial (A Lesson In How Constant Pressure By Pressure Organizations And Press Reports Can Change Laws Regardless Of What The People Want) 12
06/26/1940 Nazi Threat Is Growing In Brazil, Study Of Fifth Column Reveals 14
06/27/1940 British Fear Move For Appeasement (German Peace Move) 1
06/27/1940 Equal Job Rights For Women Backed (At Republican Conventions) 1
06/27/1940 Russia Abandons 5-Day Work Week (Now 48 Hours, 6-Day Work Week) 1
06/27/1940 New Aid For (‘Anti-Fascist’ Refugees 8
06/27/1940 German Reprisal (Against British) In Air War Are Pledged 10
06/27/1940 Britain’s Blockade Applied To France (No Food To Be Imported!) 10
06/27/1940 British Offensive Promised By Eden (Without U.S. Aid?) 12
06/27/1940 Nazis Charge British Set Fire To (Louvain) Library-(British Propaganda Move) To Get U.S. Into War (Compare World War I Accusations-See Nuernberg Tribunal Accusations) 12
06/27/1940 Cession Of Gibraltar (By British) Is Demanded By Spain 12
06/27/1940 Packard (Motors) Called For (Rolls-Royce Air-) Plane Engines 17
06/27/1940 Rfc (Reconstruction Finance Corporation) Acts To Build (U.S.) Rubber, Tin Stocks (In Preparation For War) 17
06/27/1940 (A. F. Of L’s. William) Green Advocates Adequate Defense 19
06/27/1940 Newsreel Shows Hitler Jubilant At News Of Petain’s Request For Armistice Terms (A British Propaganda Film Shows Him ‘Dancing’) 19
06/27/1940 U.S. Sends Cruiser (U.S.S. ‘Phoenix’) On A (‘Friendship’) Visit To Chile 20
06/27/1940 Closer Ties To U.S. Seen For Brazil 20
06/27/1940 White, William Allen (Ed.) Defense For America, Mac Millan Co., N.Y. Contributors: Quincy Wright, Charles Seymour, Barry Bingham, Henry Sloan Coffin, Grenville Clark, Mrs Dwight Morrow, John A. Ryan, Frank Porter Graham, George Creel (World War I Propagandist), Lewis Williams Douglas, James Bryant Conant, Chester Harvey Rowell, Rupert Hughes, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise (Enough Said!) 21
06/28/1940 Rumania Gives Up Bessarabia (Heavy Jewish Population) To Russia-Hungary Threatens-Reds Are Fired On 1
06/28/1940 Vansittart Poem (About French) Mourns For Ally-Shows Shock Of Defeat (But The Blockade Goes On, And The Attack On The French Ships Moored At Oran Is To Come!) 6
06/28/1940 Polish Veterans Form In Britain (‘Polish Government-In-Exile’) 6
06/28/1940 Red Army Prisoners (Controlled By Marshal Semyon Timoshenko, The Commander Of The Soviet Army Which Invaded Poland & In Charge Of The Area Where The Katyn Massacre Of Polish Troops Took Place) Facing Harsher Lot 6
06/28/1940 France Must Give Up Political Refugees (Including Spanish ‘Reds,’ To Germany) 6
06/28/1940 Nazi Ship Leaves Mexico 6
06/28/1940 Moscow’s Statement On (Bessarabia-Bukovina) Rumania 8
06/28/1940 Chamberlain Denies Peace Moves; Says Struggle Is ‘Just Beginning’ 9
06/28/1940 Vatican Fears Final Peace Will Be Harsh; Notes Lack Of Limit To Conqueror’s Rule 9
06/28/1940 Germany (White Book) Explains Invasion (Of Lowlands By Germany) Of May 10 9
06/30/1940 Russia Limits Rumanian Invasion; Axis Aid To Bucharest Reported 1
06/30/1940 (U.S.) Tank Corps Set Up By Army On Lines Of German Tactics 1
06/30/1940 British Fliers Set Big Fires In Reich 1
06/30/1940 Our Isolation Over, London Papers Say 3
06/30/1940 Roosevelt Signs Bill To List Aliens 4
06/30/1940 (Ark. Senator John E. Miller) Says We May Occupy Allied Possessions (Only If ‘Forced’ To) 5
06/30/1940 Plattsburg ‘War’ To Involve 100,000 6
06/30/1940 U.S. Must Aid Britain (Newbold) Morris Says In Plea 8
06/30/1940 Peace Resolution Splits Scientists 11
06/30/1940 Firm U.S. Defense Urged By (N.Y. City) Rabbis 16
06/30/1940 (Cruiser) Wichita Due In Uruguay (‘Friendship, Friendship!’) 19
06/30/1940 Lady (Oswald) Mosley Held By Scotland Yard 24
06/30/1940 Nazis Admit Reprisal For Delayed (Fused) Bombs (Dropped First By British) 26
06/30/1940 Jewish Refugee Pact Reported At Vatican-Poland Said To Be Open To Them (Jewish Refugees In Rumania) If They Abstain From Politics 28
06/30/1940 Labor Chief Urges Chamberlain To Go (‘Leave’)-Hits ‘Appeasement’ Link 29
06/30/1940 Laval Seen Aiding French Nazis’ (Occupational Government) Rule 30